Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2022-07-20. 9k ‘mystery’ excess deaths last 11 weeks doesn’t prompt ‘national health emergency’, bit of hot weather does

(At time of this blog post) 1174 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 779 Dead, After COVID Shot (link).

‘It is definitely not normal for young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. All of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause’.

‘The so-called health professionals running the COVID vaccine programs around the world keep repeating that “the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective.”

‘So in response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting them. They started happening after the first COVID vaccinations. The mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a heart attack. Many of those die – more than 50%’.

‘That is the current list … all these athletes have suffered heart problems after COVID shots. At the time of initial writing, 28 died. That was not normal, but then, 10 days later, 56 deaths were listed, and the numbers are climbing. Any other real vaccine would have been pulled off the market long before now. The media would be asking questions. They would be pressuring governments. But they are not. And governments are continuing on and running TV and radio and newspaper ads encouraging people to get their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th shot.  Perhaps that is why the mainstream media are saying little, because they are collecting government money for ads?’

‘The deaths and severe reactions will continue until so many people die that it becomes obvious the shot is 10x to 100x worse than the virus it is supposed to treat’.

‘These athletes are the canaries in the mine that warn us of imminent danger. They are being hidden so the people who are not paying attention do not see the warning’.

‘We only see the athletes because they are in the spotlight. The nobodies – i.e. most citizens – do not make the news’.

I think we need VAR on all these athlete collapses.

Novak made it onto the naughty list while avoiding making these post-jab lists.

As of 15 Oct, 2020, Only poisoned monkey kidney cells ‘grew’ the SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’. SARS-CoV-2 non-infectious in CDC lab and of 30k genome, found 37 then computed the rest, which makes it 99.9987% a unicorn (link).

This is a question of the virus not having been shown to exist, it is not a question of the virus not existing – I trust that everyone is fully aware of the distinction between the two.

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

‘As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection’.

At the time of creating this blog post there were the following 3 sets of signatories.

867,612 concerned citizens.

15,883 medical and public health scientists.

47,037 medical practitioners.

It’s really, really simple: shelter the vulnerable from the infectious while the rest of us get on with living our lives.

World Doctors Alliance (link).

An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity’.

WDA represents a diverse range of opinions of health care professionals and does not have a consensus of opinions on the origin of covid-19 or the political ramifications of the lockdown per se. WDA is however committed to debate the causes of harm resulting from the coronavirus act measures and to raise issues that expose harmful medical and life limiting practices detrimental to the well being of all living men women and children’.

Prof Dolores Cahil, Dr Mohammad Adil, Dr R Zac Cox, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Heiko Schoning, Dr Heinrich Fiechtner, Dr Scott Jensen, Elke De Klerk, Dr Mikael Nordfors, Dr Hilde Smet, Dr Vernon Coleman and Dr Johan Denis.

WDA’s open letter raises questions on the following topics.

Collateral damage the cure is worse than the virus, Death certificates (1), Economic ruin, Censorship, Testing – False positives, Hydroxychloroquine, Prevention, ‘Vaccine’, Conflicts of interest, Cui bono? Who benefits?

There have been 9,422 deaths registered above average in England and Wales from causes other than COVID-19 in the last 11 weeks, the latest official data show. Is the Government going to investigate why? (tweet), website).

Strange how 9,000 ‘mystery’ excess deaths doesn’t prompt a ‘national health emergency’, but a bit of hot weather does. (tweet).

279% spike in Miscarriages; 487% spike in Breast Cancer; 551% spike in Guillain-Barre Syndrome; 269% spike in Myocardial Infarction; 468% spike in Pulmonary Embolism; 291% spike in Bell’s Palsy; 437% spike in Ovarian Dysfunction; 680% spike in Multiple Sclerosis (tweet, 02-06-2022, website).

Twitter has censored and banned thousands of credentialed physicians and medical researchers in the past 2 years because they dared to speak out. Twitter should restore their accounts and apologize to the world for hindering free-thought, diversity and inclusion. (tweet).

Dr. Gold points out that “alarm bells” should have went off when you heard things that contraindicated your own life experiences and common sense.  Lock-downs, experimental genetic agents untested given to pregnant women with indemnity.  Should have disturbed everyone. @Daystar (tweet).

Consultant surgeon with 30 years working for the NHS. This media interview was his first – 14th May 2021. He has now lost his Twitter account. Are we not allowed to hear his views? Dr Tony Hinton Where is the debate – they’ve removed him? (tweet).

UK Column News – 20th July 2022.

(website, rumble, brandnewtube, odysee pending, bitchute pending, terminated from youtube, not livestreamed on or uploaded onto vimeo).

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.

00:29 – Hottest Day Ever?
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Mail Article 01: –
Mirror Article 02: –
Gardening Know How Article: –
Cams Fire and Rescue: –
Mail Article 03: –
Mail Article 04: –
AM Tweet: –
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ONS Mortality: –
Guardian Article 01: –
EN article: –
15:40 – BBC’s Alleged Documentary On the Unvaccinated
BBC Press Release: –
Committee report: –
NHS Eng BM 07-07-2022: –
ABC Article: –
CBS Article: –
Nes AU Article: –
Herald Article: –
Telegraph Article: –
CNN Article: –
Guardian Article: –
Flu Vaccine Schedule: –
27:42 – Inflation Figures
ONS Inflation Stats: –
Andrew Bailey Statement: –
Chancellors MH Speech: –
32:47 – Iran In Focus
Reuters Article: –
Ayatollah Khomeini Statement: –
AM Article: –
Euroactive Article: –
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EA Article: –
CG Article: –
AP Tweet: –
DO statement: –
56:08 – What Is Kwasi Droning On About?
Gov’t Announcement: –
Kwasi Kwarteng Profile: –
Gov’t Report: –
Altitude Angel: –
TR Article: –
DS Article: –
BBC Article: –
BBC Article 01: –

Whoa!  The Dutch people at a local event chanting in support of their farmers!  ‘Boeren, Boeren’  I’ve never seen anything like it.  🔥🔥🔥 (tweet).

At a music festival today, Dutch citizens cheered on the farmers. This isn’t a niche uprising, it has the legs to throw Rutte out of office. (tweet).

The alleged existence of an illness that almost exclusively kills people in their 80s and 90s, for which numerous safe, cheap and effective treatments already exist, is not the same thing as a pandemic. (tweet).

This is the New York health commissioner on camera admitting that she lied in order to push for a procedure that is particularly dangerous for young boys to take (tweet).

Just 50 children hospitalised.

Strange thing… every time I “follow the science”, I end up exactly where I started. Masks don’t work (tweet).

Mandating (forcing) people do something should require a very high bar of evidence not only that there is significant benefit but also that it will not cause harm. Just published in @Nature, this article gives just one example why mandatory mask laws were such a scandal. (tweet).

Do the math: Flu season cases in the USA. 2012-2013 – 34,000,000; 2013-2014 – 30,000,000; 2014-2015 – 30,000,000; 2015-2016 – 24,000,000; 2016-2017 – 29,000,000; 2017-2018 – 45,000,000; 2018-2019 – 36,000,000; 2020-2021 – 1,822 (tweet).

So now sleep can kill us too. Kind of like the sun, smiles, athletics, and hugs. Got it. Experts warn certain sleeping positions could increase risk of blood clots & heart problems (tweet).

Have been referred to cardiology because my GP suspects PoTS. So now I have a blood-clotting disorder and an autoimmune disease, both of which I did not have before (I happened to have been tested before), and a possible heart condition. #CanWeTalkAboutIt #vaccineinjuries (tweet).

Watch: John Hopkins Professor, Dr. @MartyMakary says this is why people at the NIH and CDC are leaving in droves right now. (tweet).

Dr. Paul Marik: EVERYTHING They Have Said Is a Big Fake Lie “The truth will come out; you can’t hide it forever. And everything they have said, everything, from masks from lockdowns, from social distancing from vaccination from remdesivir, from paxlovid, is a big fat lie.” (tweet).

This is the setup: The poison injection damage helps “them” create a real pandemic and… …get the masses to accept more restrictions later this year. (tweet).

No “vax” for HIV after 40 yrs of research. No vax for cancer after more than 100 yrs of research. No vax for common cold. And yet a virus mysteriously appears & within 12 months a “vax” is found by FOUR pharma companies all within 1 week & we are all mandated to take it. (tweet).

The Tory party in a nutshell. Know your enemies. (tweet).

Welcome to the Great Awakening (tweet).

Some people wouldn’t know tyranny if it covered their faces, locked them in their homes, enacted the biggest wealth transfer in history, censored them, made them show papers, and force medicated them (tweet, tweet).

These memes should be saying that the medication is experimental.

Look out for em: people wearing this badge, are destroying your future. #stopWEF #stopSDG (tweet).

Klaus Schwab: I will own nothing and I will be executed (tweet).

Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, explains the ‘job title’ he gave himself. [And how he’s engineering a global shift social dynamics with help from the WEF young global leaders in powerful roles.] (tweet).

The public would love to have a Prime Minister who hasn’t been penetrated by Klaus Schwab. That looks highly unlikely though without a revolution. (tweet).

The Great Reset is a conspiracy theory (tweet).

WEF – It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a published mission statement. People are beginning to see that governments are mostly following an agenda, laid out for them in bi lateral and global agreements, that they cannot or will not deviate from. And that you did not vote for. (tweet).

It’s uncanny. Take off the glasses, add a big grey beard & a grey wig shooting off in all directions and … Klaus Schwab is Karl Marx! Perhaps need a slightly more intelligent look on his stupid face, I grant you (tweet).

🇺🇳🌐United Nations announces  (back in 2019) Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres have signed an agreement to ‘accelerate’ Agenda 2030  Everyone should be on RED ALERT RIGHT NOW! (tweet).

If you can’t tell every side of the story you are not a journalist, you’re a propagandist. (tweet).

There’s been many cancer cures. All were suppressed with Gestapo-like thoroughness by the cancer industry. The Gerson Therapy is a life changing book for those seeking truth & needing hope. Educate & research. Surprised this book isn’t already banned: (tweet, The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program to Fight Cancer and Other Illnesses, amazon).

Saudi Prince Taunts Biden for Caring More About Khashoggi Than Shireen Abu Akleh (link).

Tens of thousands of old wind turbines could end up in landfills by the end of the decade. An estimated 40 million tonnes of wind power blade waste could end up in landfills by 2050. This is the diametric opposite of sustainable. (tweet).

The UN says the Earth’s population will soon reach 8 billion people  Here’s what 8 billion people standing 3 ft. apart in a grid (3 ft left to right, and 3 ft front to back) would look like,it’s a square only 50.8 miles on a side.  Every ‘problem’ we are faced with is FAKE😂😂😂 (tweet).

Did you know that people don’t actually control the climate? The SUN controls the climate & as powerful as they are l don’t think the Globalists can control the sun. They are pulling the wool over your eyes 🤬 (tweet).

Russian Ruble is at a 7 year high + euro at a 20 year low. People of #EU are struggling, compounded by Sanctions on Russia that do nothing for our citizens – We are letting the Warmongers ensure destruction of Ukraine, collapse of Living Standards in EU + hunger in Global South.. (tweet).

NOTPUTIN’S WAR…just business as usual in the INFERNAL SWAMP Pelosi’s Ukraine corruption, the same Kerry’s, Biden’s and Romney’s (tweet).

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