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NYTimes Journo Melts Down On Joe Rogan’s Show

15m40s “I don’t know if there is a word for that gal but does the word ‘smugnorent’ exist ?”

Venezuela’s Guaido readies to open up oil industry after years of nationalisation

Guaidó ATTACKED By Poor Venezuelans In Barrio

BBC Producer’s Syria Bombshell: Douma “Gas Attack” Footage “Was Staged”
“Now approaching nearly a year after the April 7, 2018 alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria — which the White House used as a pretext to bomb Syrian government facilities and bases throughout Damascus — a BBC reporter who investigated the incident on the ground has issued public statements saying the “Assad sarin attack” on Douma was indeed “staged”.”
“Riam Dalati is a well-known BBC Syria producer who has long reported from the region. He shocked his nearly 20,000 twitter followers on Wednesday, which includes other mainstream journalists from major outlets, by stating that after a “six month investigation” he has concluded, “I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged.””

Max Igan on the Christchurch massacre
“The only thing that I can say for certain is that the official narrative in this country is nothing but a crock of shit and both government and media are LYING.”
I imagine that the patsy’s handlers can be seen on the video of the Christchurch shooting because given all of the violent content available everywhere to have this video banned only makes sense so that narrative debunkers will be inconvenienced.

368 – Max Igan / The Christchurch Massacre – An Independent Analysis
If this guy was anti-islamic then why was he a visitor to Pakistan in October 2018 ?
Debunking the lies from government and corporate news media.

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, & The Mafia
“…virtually every alleged ‘leftist revolutionary’ group operating in Europe throughout the post-war years was, in truth, either a Gladio ‘secret army’ unit or else was subsequently being steered by them for Gladio-style state-terrorist ends.”
Was the Christchurch shooting a gladio-style operation ?

Max Igan Banned From Youtube For Exposing Christchurch Massacre


MEP Reveals TRUE Cost of the European Union | Janice Atkinson, MEP

When is government not a bottomless pit for taxpayer funds ?

Spanish study finds most fake news is created by governments, political parties and businesses
Of course the biggest fake news in recent times was that Saddam’s Iraq had WMD either nuclear, chemical or biological.

Teacher accused of ‘misgendering’ child was told by police that she committed a hate crime
“The teacher, who claimed they were a “grammatical purist”, refused to acknowledge that the pupil self-identified as a boy and failed to use the pupil’s preferred pronouns of “he” or “him”.”
“It comes after warnings that schools are “sowing confusion” in children’s minds by over-promoting transgender issues, and that children are being encouraged to “unlearn” the difference between boys and girls.”
“The pupil’s parents contacted Mermaids, and with their help, escalated the matter to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and the police.”
This brings out four responses from me.
One, there are many things to unlearn from modern schooling but the difference between boys and girls is most assuredly not one of them.
Two, since when should the free speech rights of the teacher be ignored just like it was back in Galileo’s day when Galileo was indicating the world might not be flat.
Three, the overstretched police have much more serious actual crime to deal with and since when should everyone else be denied the choose to hear such speech.
Four, we now live in a society where a spade cannot be called as spade, a society that is more and more looking like George Orwell’s ‘1984’ in which telling the truth is a revolutionary act and has been construed by this f**ked up society as a hateful act.
The truth of being a biological male is that this is one half of the story of natural reproduction and that a biological female is the necessary other half.
What am I missing here ?

Click to access 58_Oger_v_Whatcott_No_7_2019_BCHRT_58.pdf

Page 16: “Much has been made in this case about the impact of s. 7 on freedom of expression. However, I observe at the outset that speech which adversely impacts a person in connection with a characteristic protected by the Code is prohibited in all the social areas which the Code regulates: see e.g. Ismail v. British Columbia (Human Rights Tribunal), 2013 BCSC 1079at para. 194; Brito v. Affordable Housing Societies and another, 2017 BCHRT 270 at paras. 40‐45. Sexual and racial harassment are the most obvious examples of this. Whenever people use words in a way that substantively attacks and undermines a person’s dignity”
That anybody’s speech could make them guilty of the crime of undermining a persons’s dignity is an affront to my dignity.
Is everyone a f**king snowflake ?


Watch: US Drops Banned White Phosphorous On ISIS In East Syria
“The banned munition causes skin to melt down to the bone while sticking to clothing and the body.”
The propaganda from the western media is that chemical weapons are evil but white phosphorous is a chemical weapon and America has just used it in a residential area.

The Propaganda Multiplier: How Western Media Report On Geopolitics
“It is one of the most important aspects of our media system – and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies based in New York, London and Paris.”

Faith No More: America’s Trust In Mainstream Media Hits Rock Bottom
Good riddance.

The Day That TV News Died (March 25, 2013)
“I am not sure exactly when the death of television news took place. The descent was gradual — a slide into the tawdry, the trivial and the inane, into the charade on cable news channels such as Fox and MSNBC in which hosts hold up corporate political puppets to laud or ridicule, and treat celebrity foibles as legitimate news. But if I had to pick a date when commercial television decided amassing corporate money and providing entertainment were its central mission, when it consciously chose to become a carnival act, it would probably be Feb. 25, 2003, when MSNBC took Phil Donahue off the air because of his opposition to the calls for war in Iraq.”
Chris Hedges (Credit: Dale Robbins)
Donahue and Bill Moyers, the last honest men on national television, were the only two major TV news personalities who presented the viewpoints of those of us who challenged the rush to war in Iraq. General Electric and Microsoft — MSNBC’s founders and defense contractors that went on to make tremendous profits from the war — were not about to tolerate a dissenting voice. Donahue was fired, and at PBS Moyers was subjected to tremendous pressure. An internal MSNBC memo leaked to the press stated that Donahue was hurting the image of the network. He would be a “difficult public face for NBC in a time of war,” the memo read. Donahue never returned to the airwaves.”

The Conscious King


Veni, Vidi, Tweeti – An Obituary For The Republic

Big Tech Tries To Scare Independent Media Readers Into Compliance With Dire Warnings: Stealth Censorship Shutting Us Down One Voice At A Time
“Compare that exaggeration to the recent slew of “fake news” stories pushed by the MSM, such as the “racist MAGA hat” wearing Covington Catholic Students “surrounding” and “taunting, ” and “mocking” an elderly Indian man, the media spent weeks attacking, to which now we find out the students did none of which, as concluded by an independent investigative firm, which the media downplayed.”
“Or even the huge media mob story about the Empire actor Jussie Smollett who claimed he was attacked by two white men, who yelled “This is MAGA country,” which more and more is appearing to have been a huge hate hoax by Smollett, two of his black friends, who have just been arrested, with the false narrative pimped with the help of the liberal media.”
Two very recent cases of fake news from the corporate news media.

Gab Is Creating A Comment Section On Every Website That Could Change The Internet Forever
“Gab.com, known as the free speech alternative to Twitter, is creating a browser plugin to add a comment section to every website on the Internet.”
“Andrew Torba, who founded and runs Gab has shared a number of screenshots showing the plugin in action, commenting on websites with unavailable comment sections, and on websites with harsh moderating standards.”
It is long overdue that we consign the corporate news media to the dustbin of history.

American Farm Bureau Weighs in for Grower in Clean Water Act Suit
“John Duarte, the owner of Duarte Nursery, one of the largest grapevine and nut tree suppliers on the West Coast, recently gained a powerful ally in his battle against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is demanding more than $2.8 million in fines and damages related to his plowing of a Tehama County, CA, field in order to plant wheat.
“Anthony Francois, Senior Staff Attorney of the Pacific Legal Foundation, says the case is set for trial on Aug. 14, where Duarte is subject to a $2.8 million penalty. Francois says the judge has ruled the plowing – about 4 to 7 inches deep – required a Clean Water Act permit.”

Years after win, couple still battle EPA to build dream home (March 29, 2016)
“As for the Sacketts, “We’re coming up on the ninth anniversary of when they were told to stop work on their home,” said Anthony Francois, an attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation who is representing the Sacketts in the legal fight that’s now back in a federal district court in Idaho. “I think there’s some frustration that it takes this long to get judicial review,” Francois added.”
“In the Idaho district court, the Sacketts and EPA are waiting for a judge to determine whether EPA correctly found that the wetland on the Sacketts’ property is indeed subject to Clean Water Act permitting rules and that the agency therefore acted reasonably when it found the couple had illegally spread fill material without a permit.”

This Veteran, Who Supplied Water to Firefighters, Went to Prison for Digging Ponds
“The U.S. government prosecuted Robertson for digging in proximity to “navigable waters” without a permit, a violation of the Clean Water Act administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers.”
“The U.S. government prosecuted Robertson for digging in proximity to “navigable waters” without a permit, a violation of the Clean Water Act administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers.”
This is a very good example of proper journalism that is exposing government abuse.
North America can be characterised as the Permitted states of America in which applicants will be delayed, discouraged and bankrupted.
As well as presidents making up pretend law through executive orders, judges making up pretend through their judicial activism, numerous federal agencies are making up pretend law. What a f**king mess.

MSNBC “Terrified Of Anti-War Voices” Says Fired Anti-War Host Phil Donahue

OPCW Syria Report Crushes Western “Chemical Weapons” Narrative
“The OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) has presented its final report regarding an alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma, Syria on April 7, 2018. Despite attempts by the Western media to hail it as “proof” that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Douma – the report says nothing of the sort.”

Code Pink Owns War Criminal Hired By Trump


36m20s “Their heads will explode if they realise what was going on.”

NewsGuard’s Investor Has Partnered with George Soros on Several Occasions
I don’t want to get my news from any source that has been approved by George Soros.

MSNBC won’t tell you they fired the late Ed Schultz for wanting to cover Bernie Sanders
One very good reason not to trust MSNBC is giving you unbiased news.

Global Warming A “Hoax And Scam” Pushed By Greedy Government Scientists: Greenpeace Co-Founder

REPORT: Hope Not Hate ‘Exaggerated’ Jo Cox-Related Hate Speech by 3000 Per Cent
“The news mirrors the story of “anti-Islamophobia” group TellMAMA which lost government funding in 2013 for exaggerating the number of anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. Hope Not Hate has used TellMAMA as a source, even publishing opinion columns by its director Fiyaz Mughal.”
“The Economist also highlighted how “Britain’s largest newspapers leapt to publish the shocking findings” of Hope Not Hate’s flawed report”

#Panodrama – An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!

This panorama reporter continually claims that his comments (e.g. sexual thing against Tommy) are being taken out of context and yet the same reporter says that they will ‘clip’ material for their documentary so as to portray out of context otherwise innocent comments of the people they are defaming.
The establishment media continues its collapse as this documentary exposes their fakeness and bias.

BBC Panorama EXPOSED full Documentary LIVE!

Panodrama: Tommy Robinson Accuses Top BBC Journo of Fake News, Racism, Collusion with Far Left
“Robinson also claimed one of Sweeney’s statements indicated that he intended to create an impression of some “sexual” misconduct by him — which Sweeney denied was the case, claiming Robinson had “mischaracterised” him.”
Narratives are entirely built on false impressions such as these.

Delingpole: Has Tommy Robinson Exposed the BBC’s Dangerous, Far-Left Bias?

Brussels Exposes Its Fear Of Euroskeptics
“That third-rail, of course, is naming names. Naming the very person who controls so much of EU policy through his co-opting large swaths of the European parliament. That person, of course, is George Soros.”
The parliament of George Soros.

How CNN Led Facebook To Censor Pages Of Russia-Backed Video Company And Manufactured News Story
“The Atlantic Council is a militaristic think tank that receives funding from the U.S. government. In particular, Nimmo holds himself out as some bot hunter, who is an expert at exposing “Kremlin influence networks.” Yet, as journalist Max Blumenthal highlighted in 2018, Nimmo misidentified “several living, breathing individuals as Russian bots or Kremlin ‘influence accounts.’ Nimmo’s victims included Mariam Susli, a well-known Syrian-Australian social media personality, the famed Ukrainian concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa, and a British pensioner named Ian Shilling.””
“Khalek told Griffin why her journalism challenges U.S. foreign policy and the power of U.S. corporations.”
Her journalism is bang on target while CNN being a corporation means they might be targeting their advertisers and/or owners if they did the same.

Russiagate Grand Wizard Deceives Audience About Assange

Collusion? Russians Gave $35 Million to Company with John Podesta on Board

Chelsea E. Manning tomorrow i’m facing a sealed contempt hearing for refusing to testify at a secret grand jury over my 2010 disclosures

US Re-Imprisons Manning To Coerce Her To Testify Against WikiLeaks
View at Medium.com
“And of course the fauxgressives who’ve been shrieking about Trump’s “war on the press” for two years have nothing to say about this administration setting a horrifying precedent by throwing a whistleblower in jail in order to force a journalist’s source to testify against them. Of course the McResistance who’s been screaming bloody murder about Trump saying mean things about Jim Acosta has nothing whatsoever to say about this administration pursuing the arrest of a journalist in a precedent which would be devastating for press freedoms around the world.”
“The United States government has just re-imprisoned one of the nation’s greatest whistleblowers to coerce her into helping to destroy the world’s greatest leak publisher, both of whom exposed undeniably true facts about war crimes committed by that same United States government. Truth tellers are being actively persecuted by this same power structure which claims it has the moral authority to topple governments and interfere in international affairs around the world, exactly because they told the truth. Please take a moment to make sure you’re really appreciating this.”
Assange started a leak outlet on the premise that corrupt power can be fought with the light of truth, and corrupt power has responded by smearing, silencing, and persecuting him and doing everything it can to stomp out the light of truth, up to and including re-imprisoning an already viciously brutalized American hero like Chelsea Manning. This is as clear-cut an admission as you could possibly get that the most powerful forces in our world are not at all what they pretend to be. Those who run US government agencies and their collaborators are monsters, and they’re not even hiding it.”

Chelsea Manning Jailed Again For Protecting Journalism

Contact info:
Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Centre,
2001 Mill Road,
Alexandria, VA 22314.

Sweden’s War on Free Speech
“Denny, a 71-year-old pensioner, is currently on trial for “incitement to hatred” for having asked, “One can criticize fascism or Nazism, but why not Islam? Why should Islam have any protection status?””
WTF – where is the equal protection of the law ?
“During interrogations, he reportedly said that he has no intention of hurting anyone and that his post was merely about self-defense. The police questioned him about whether he has anything against Muslims: “I have nothing against Muslims…,” he said. “That is not what this is about. It is about Islam and the Koran that does not have the same values as us… It says in the Koran that all infidels must be killed…” He asked the police to deal with imams who preach hatred in the mosques instead.”
“Sweden is being swept by a strong wave of murder, violent assault, rape, gang rape and sexual assault, in addition to the ever-present terror threat. Instead of using its limited resources to protect its citizens from the violent onslaught against them, Sweden is waging a legal war on its pensioners for daring to speak out against the same violent onslaught from which the state is failing to protect them.”

Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISIS
“Fear of threats and harassment is not all that is causing Swedes to feel that expressing themselves on the internet is something to avoid. Many who have voiced “wrong” opinions on the internet have been charged by Swedish authorities for “incitement against an ethnic group” — a crime punishable under Swedish law. The “democratic problem” that Söderström describes, therefore, is twofold: the fear of threats and harassment from others, and the fear of prosecution from the state.”
“Swedish authorities clearly cannot — or will not — prosecute or convict the jihadists whom they so generously welcome to the country; yet they have no qualms charging and prosecuting harmless elderly pensioners. One might add that a culture that respects the human rights of returning ISIS fighters more than that of the elderly women who are afraid of them, is all but done.”

Facebook To Censor Anti-Vax Ads, Groups, And Pages That “Spread Misinformation”

David Stockman: The Undrainable Swamp & The Inevitable Recession

Biden Funneled $1.8 Billion To Ukraine While Son Bagged ‘Sweetheart’ Government Deal: Report
Keeping the corruption in the family.

New York Stonewalls Over Accounting Issues At $850M Mental Health Program Run By Mayor’s Wife
Keeping the corruption in the family.

“I Called For Diversity Of Thought… My Peers Compared Me To A Neo-Nazi”
“One student chided me that “debate” was too aggressive of a word, that I should use “discussion” instead. Another student, a College Democrat in the room, then compared me to a well-known peer from Boston University who is often regarded as a neo-Nazi and who went to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, noting “he has sat here in these seats asking for intellectual diversity as well.””
“I felt shocked and insulted. I waited to see if either the professor or administrator or any of the other students in the room would defend me. None did. One student suggested conservatives shouldn’t major in political science at Boston University, as they’d have a hard time. The room erupted in laughter.”
“I wish I could say I was surprised. But after years of experiencing liberal bias, both at Boston University as well as Lehigh University, where I attended before I transferred, it felt like just another day on campus.”
When diversity of thought means the exact opposite.

Gab’s Dissenter Plugin is a GAME CHANGER
A win for free speech and I reckon Gab’s million subscriber base should begin increasing massively.

Mark Meechan (convicted over dog video of nazi salute)
“Following Meechan’s conviction, British comedians Ricky Gervais and David Baddiel had made comments supporting Meechan.[18][8][19][15] Others who opposed the prosecution of Meechan included Kenan Malik, Tim Blair, Helen Dale, Douglas Murray, Tom Walker, Shappi Khorsandi and Stephen Fry.[20][21][22][23][24][25] Swedish YouTube comedian PewDiePie also supported Meechan.[26] Index on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg stated that the right to free expression must include the right to offend “otherwise the freedom is meaningless”.[11]”
When the law becomes less objective and more subjective, society become less free.

Mohan Singh is the Sikh version of Tommy Robinson — in fact they are friends.

Labour’s Tom Watson calls on YouTube to ban Tommy Robinson
This confirms Tom as a member of the corrupt establishment.

The (May 25, 2018) Stream That Got Tommy Robinson Arrested – Muslim Grooming Gang Court Case

Tommy Robinson’s Right to Free Speech Morally Trumps All Laws That Violate It. (Even That One.)
“During his seventy-five minute livestream (which I recommend watching), Robinson mostly talked quietly to himself and his viewers about the widespread problem of Muslims raping children throughout England. He also spoke to some of the defendants as they arrived at the courthouse, asking, “How are you feeling about your verdict?” and noting, “You’ve got your prison bag with you.” Robinson stayed off court property, as by the letter of the law he was required to do. He gave the police no reason to arrest him.1”

“He was actually arrested on the grounds of a “breach of the peace”, although all he was doing was talking to a camera, with no for or against crowds round him. There was then a rushed trial, within an hour, where the charge was changed to “contempt of court”. He was not given a chance to get his own lawyer to the court room, and the court defence lawyer advised him to plead guilty – which he did, in order to avoid an even longer sentence. But the 13 month sentence he got was pretty draconian!”

As Russia Collusion Narrative Collapses, The ‘Resistance’ Reaches New Depths Of Delusion
“And late this week, William Barr was confirmed as a new Attorney General, meaning the extreme case of bureaucratic constipation in that department may be resolving in a shitstorm of counter-revelations and prosecutions in what amounted to an attempted coup d’etat. A lot of the evidence for that is already public and overwhelming. It includes:”
“Using FBI counter-intelligence assets improperly and illegally.”
“Using fabricated “opposition research” provided by Mrs. Clinton to obtain warrants to spy on her election opponent, and failing to verify it as evidence (according to strict “Woods” procedures) submitted to FISA court judges.”
“Recruiting Britain’s MI6 to spy on US citizens as a work-around from US laws prohibiting US Intel from spying on Americans.”
“Setting up the notorious Trump Tower meeting to entrap Donald Trump Jr., using a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, in the employ of Fusion GPS, Mrs. Clintons oppo research contractor.”
“Orchestrating leaks of secret FBI proceedings to the news media to feed a Russia collusion hysteria.”
“Malicious prosecutions by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and egregious political conflicts-of-interest among Mr. Mueller’s team of prosecutors.”
“Coverup of the Uranium One scheme facilitated by Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”
“A scheme to surreptitiously and illegally record conversations with Mr. Trump once he became president.”
“Conspiring to bury multiple inquires into illegal conduct of Mrs. Clinton, her employees and associates by failing to obtain evidence and allowing it to be destroyed.”
“Misconduct in office by former CIA chief John Brennan, former National Security Director James Clapper, former AG Loretta Lynch, and members of President Obama’s White House inner circle.”



“A banknote (often known as a bill, paper money, or simply a note) is a type of negotiable promissory note, made by a bank, payable to the bearer on demand. Banknotes were originally issued by commercial banks, which were legally required to redeem the notes for legal tender (usually gold or silver coin) when presented to the chief cashier of the originating bank. These commercial banknotes only traded at face value in the market served by the issuing bank.[2] Commercial banknotes have primarily been replaced by national banknotes issued by central banks.”
“In Europe, the concept of banknotes was first introduced during the 13th century by travelers such as Marco Polo,[13][14] with European banknotes appearing in 1661 in Sweden.”

It Begins: Former UN Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency
“This year, the world commemorates the anniversaries of two key events in the development of the global monetary system. The first is the creation of the International Monetary Fund at the Bretton Woods conference 75 years ago. The second is the advent, 50 years ago, of the Special Drawing Right (SDR), the IMF’s global reserve asset.”
Let the IMF us their pretend money they call the SDR, the people of the world have alternatives like bitcoin.

Seigniorage (as a tax)
“Economists regard seigniorage as a form of inflation tax, returning resources to the currency issuer. Issuing new currency, rather than collecting taxes paid with existing money, is considered a tax on holders of existing currency.[4] Inflation of the money supply causes a general rise in prices, due to the currency’s reduced purchasing power.”
The people of the world can avoid this tax by quitting the national currencies for alternatives like bitcoin.

Fake Money’s Face Value Deceit
“The Fed’s currency debasement program, in addition to thieving the bank accounts of Americans and dollar holders the world over, is also extremely disruptive to commerce and personal wealth building.”

The Fed’s “Wealth Effect” Has Enriched The Haves At The Expense Of The Young

The Debt Accrued Through Dollar Hegemony Is Unpayable (Except In Hyperinflated Dollars)
“Until that time the Entity had been running a protection racket in the Middle East. But after the loss of Iraq these threats seemed a lot less plausible. The game was: oil had to be sold in dollars. Know as Dollar Hegemony, this racket allowed the Entity to print money. Oil backed the dollar just as gold once had. Governments had to maintain large supplies of dollars to protect against “emergencies,” that is, dollar shortages during speculative attacks on their currencies. “To prevent speculative and manipulative attacks on their currencies, the world’s central banks must acquire and hold dollar reserves in corresponding amounts to their currencies in circulation.” The Entity enforced dollar hegemony with military threats. One of the most important reasons for the Entity’s attack on Iraq was Saddam’s abandoning of dollar hegemony. He had begun to sell oil in euros. The Entity had to stop that. It invaded, and as soon as it was victorious, reversed that policy. Dollar hegemony restored. But the loss in Iraq revealed The Entity’s protection racket as a bluff. It’s threats were suddenly unconvincing.”

Cyprus, Six Years Later
“Depositors with more than EUR 100,000 lost 47.5% of their deposits. This was justified by pointing to the Russian connection in Cyprus—yes, Cypriot banks had Russian depositors. However, plenty of Cypriots also lost half their deposits.”
I have zero doubt this one-off event will happen many more times. The central bank monetary system issuing ‘money’ as a loan accruing interest is after all, a pyramid scheme.

Economic Historian Niall Ferguson: Crypto “Won’t Turn Out To Be A Complete Delusion”

From Bears to Bulls: Financial Advisors Change Opinions About Bitcoin After Crash Course

Op Ed: Bitcoin Is a Declaration of Our Monetary Independence

The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence (May 14, 2014)
“We have been brought to a point where it has become necessary to dissolve the bond between currency and institution. We are not required to declare the causes which impel us to push for the separation, but we will oblige.We hold these truths to be self-evident. We have been cyclically betrayed, lied to, stolen from, extorted from, taxed, monopolized, spied on, inspected, assessed, authorized, registered, deceived, and reformed. We have been economically disarmed, disabled, held hostage, impoverished, enervated, exhausted, and enslaved. And then there was bitcoin.But we are in an age of appropriation, and nothing is immune. Today bitcoin is not only volatile in its value, but in its very essence. Bitcoin is in the crucial stages of development. Its code can evolve in several directions. It’s under threat from those who don’t understand it; it’s under threat from those who do understand it, but fear it.The crusade to absorb bitcoin into the seams of the State has begun. There is a conscious effort to co-opt. The goal is to swallow bitcoin, process it, integrate it, devolve it, and keep it stagnant in the gears of a failed operating system. Bitcoin’s potential is being hijacked. They have their own idea of what they want bitcoin to be. They have their own plan for its potential, and they have an investment in that plan. But our consent is withdrawn and the power of our ideas is too strong.Do not underestimate DNA; nothing is born completely neutral. Follow the protocol: it has anarchistic implications. Bitcoin is inherently anti-establishment, anti-system, and anti-state. Bitcoin undermines governments and disrupts institutions because bitcoin is fundamentally humanitarian. There’s an elimination of 3rd party intrusion. It’s purely peer-to-peer. The blockchain is free speech. It’s decentralized, voluntary, and non-aggressive. Bitcoin is not supposed to work within our current mechanisms. Bitcoin needs not entities of authority to acknowledge it, incorporate it, regulate it, and tax it. Bitcoin does not pander to power structures, it undermines them.Bitcoin is an animal of anonymity. Bitcoin basks in shadow. Satoshi’s facelessness is symbolic of this. Privacy is the point. Bitcoin is meant to function outside of regulatory systems. It is not a cog.Bitcoin means to channel economic power directly through the individual. This is reflected by Satoshi’s symbolic birthday, which falls on the same day that Roosevelt signed the 6102 Executive Order, which forbade the hoarding of gold. We repeat. Bitcoin is not intended to be integrated; it’s intended to be a ghost outside the machine.The voices of the people who are working to preserve the purity of bitcoin’s ethos are being drowned out. But actions speak louder than words. Bitcoin is utility. The cypherpunks are building anonymous systems. The crypto-anarchists are making institutions arbitrary. The internet is anarchy. And cryptocurrencies are the printless fingers of the internet.Bitcoin is not just a currency, a commodity, or a convenience. Just like the internet gave information back to the people, Bitcoin will give financial freedom back to the people. But that’s only the first step. There will be a shift in the structure of enterprise, in the way we interact, in the way we voice our opinions, and in the way we fuel our action. Bitcoin will allow us to shape the world without having to ask for permission. We declare bitcoin’s independence. Bitcoin is sovereignty. Bitcoin is renaissance. Bitcoin is ours. Bitcoin is.”
This was published when bitcoin was at $440.

Unstoppable Code: The Difference Between Can’t and Won’t

4m25s “The most fearsome conglomerates of totalitarian governments in the world can kiss my 256-bit key and they won’t be able to brute force it.

Texas Wants to Ban Anonymous Crypto: Is This a Blow to Bitcoin as Well?
“And then comes the mother of all problems: loose overseas regulation. Users can transfer ownership of digital currencies to anyone in the world without any identification process. That’s the beauty of a decentralized public ledger – it removes roadblocks that are otherwise rampaged in the mainstream banking sector.”
The better question is: can it be banned ?
The answer to that question is: no.

Voyager & Ethos Merge to Create a Commission-Free Crypto Broker and Institutional Blockchain Platform
Ethos is pumping a bit.

Update on Guardian Nodes and announcement of the Guardian Node onboarding program
View at Medium.com
Theta has been pumping a lot recently.

BREAKING: JP Morgan Launching First-Ever US Bank-Backed Cryptocurrency
“Three main use-cases for JPM Coin”
“Moreover, Farooq pointed out three main applications for the JPM Coin. The first of these is international payments for sizable corporate clients. These are currently done using wire transfers, relying on old processing networks such as SWIFT. Using JPM Coin, these payments will reportedly settle in real time, as well as any time of day.”
“Secondly, JP Morgan’s token may also be used for securities transactions. JP Morgan has previously tested a debt issuance on the blockchain, and the token will allow institutional investors to buy the issuance. This would eliminate the time gap connected to settling the transaction.”
“Finally, corporations could also use JP Morgan’s treasury services business in order to take the place of dollar holdings in their subsidiaries all over the world. This could dramatically simplify large corporations’ money flows.”
Bitcoin does not have a single point of failure, whereas if JPM were to fail so would their blockchain and its token.

One Year After Dimon Slammed Bitcoin As A “Fraud”, JPM Launches Own Cryptocurrency
“It seems like just yesterday that JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon bashed bitcoin as “a fraud” and warned it “won’t end well” for investors (though he failed to mention that the bank had been buying bitcoin-linked ETNs traded on a Scandinavian exchange). But in a sign that banks are still seriously exploring applications for blockchain technology despite the blowup in the prices of crypto tokens, JPM announced that it would be rolling out the first cryptocurrency launched by a US bank, according to CNBC.”
“After banning the purchase of cryptocurrencies by its credit card customers last year, JPM said it will soon begin testing a stablecoin technology in its wholesale payments business now that its engineers have produced a finished product.”
“The bank said “JPM Coin” will be used to offer instantaneous settlement for transactions in the bank’s large corporate clients in its $6 trillion-a-day payments business for large corporations and institutions. Unlike bitcoin, JPM Coin’s value won’t be subject to the whims of a secondary market; instead, ‘JPM Coin’ will join the ranks of so-called “stable coins” where its value will be pegged to the dollar.”
JPM is launching a centralised cryptocurrency tied to the inflating dollar – boring, boring boring.

“A big unanswered question here is what value is added by doing this as a blockchain network rather than a conventional database running on JPMorgan servers. The selling point of a conventional blockchain network like bitcoin or Ethereum is that it’s open for anyone to participate and therefore can enable cooperation among people who don’t otherwise trust each other.”
“But JPM Coin is only going to be open to JPMorgan customers. And two parties who are both JPMorgan customers can already rely on JPMorgan as a trusted intermediary for any financial transactions they might want to undertake. So it’s not clear how using a blockchain is helpful.”

Argentina Settles Export Deal With Paraguay Using Bitcoin
“In a reported first for both countries, Paraguay has bought pesticides and fumigation products worth $7,100 from Argentina, using cryptocurrency to settle the deal. The purchase was paid for in BTC and then converted into Argentine peso to settle accounts with the exporter of the agricultural chemicals.”
“To proceed with the payments, Argentina applied to Bitex — a Latin American financial services provider that supports Bitcoin payments.”
And not a mafia-like federal reserve note in sight.
Baby steps. The next such transaction between these guys might come tomorrow and who knows who else might be watching and thinking of doing the same with much larger amounts.

Apple Hints at Behind-the-Scenes Blockchain Work in New SEC Filing
If what apple will offer is not open and decentralised it is boring.

Japanese Banks Unite to Launch DLT Finance Platform Services
“At the same time, Daiwa, the country’s second-largest securities brokerage, confirmed it had completed a trial of a blockchain post-trade processing solution.”
“According Fitting Hub’s website, the new interbank project will likewise incorporate financial authentication and settlement functionality.”

Browder Says $1 Trillion in Dirty Money May Be Running Around Europe
How much of this trillion dollars of this dirty money is in bitcoin ?

Ban Anonymous Cryptocurrencies, Says French National Assembly’s Finance Head
“The report itself recommends an international regulatory framework at the points where crypto assets and the traditional financial system meet, adding that physical cash is still king in terms of criminal finances.”
With the traditional financial system there is the party that is bidding and the party that is offering and the trusted third party that facilitates the transaction.
With the bitcoin systems like bitcoin there is only the party that is bidding and the party that is offering while the trusted third party takes a hike.

Visualizing The 7 Major Flaws Of The Global Financial System
“Since the invention of banking, the global financial system has become increasingly centralized.”
“1. Billions of people globally remain unbanked”
“2. Global financial literacy remains low”
“3. High intermediary costs and slow transactions”
“4. Low trust in financial institutions and governments”
“5. Rising global inequality”
“6. Currency manipulation and censorship”
“7. The build-up of systemic risk”

The Case Against Bitcoin
“It might not be scalable.”
“Mining consumes too much energy.”
“It should not be bought as an investment.”
“The technology is limited compared to other cryptocurrencies.”
1. A layer on top of bitcoin such as the lightning network can provide the scalability.
2. Surely securing traditional banking and finance consumes too much resources.
3. Bitcoin should be exchanged for depreciating fiat currencies to prevent your wealth being stolen through inflation.
4. The technology of the fiat monetary system has not changed much since 1660s, the fiat banking system has not changed much since 1950s.

Don’t Fret! Bitcoin Has Undergone A Decade Of Sustained Growth
“Bitcoin yearly lows.”
“2012: $4”
“2013: $65”
“2014: $200”
“2015: $185”
“2016: $365”
“2017: $780”
“2018: $3,200”

Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P currency (Posted by Satoshi Nakamoto on February 11, 2009 at 22:27)

“It Is Unimaginable to Establish a System In Which We Trust Only One Code”, Says Nobel Prize Winner
“Romer made the remark at a presentation at the Institutional Money Congress in Frankfurt on Wednesday, and derided the fact that there are some instances in which Bitcoin can be double spent, such as in a recent Bitcoin ATM attack in Canada.”
“For many, the fact that Bitcoin relies on pure code and not on any human interaction is the most salient feature of the technology, as it avoids all the centralization weaknesses that come with human interaction. Cryptographic proofs are all that are required to ensure trust, these advocates believe.”

Cryptocurrencies Pose Risks to Banks, Warns Basel Committee
“The risk management framework should be “fully integrated” into banks’ overall risks management processes, including those relating to anti-money laundering (AML), combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) and evasion of sanctions, the committee said.”
I have no intention of using my bitcoins to help anyone money launder, finance terrorism, evade sanctions so holding bitcoin holds zero risk for me.

As a centre bank, we can create money to buy assets

Major US Retailer Ditches Visa – Now Considering Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
“Kroger is the largest supermarket chain by revenue and the third largest employer in the United States, along with the third largest retailer in the world. As of December 2018, it operated 2,765 supermarkets and multi-department stores, either directly or through subsidiaries.”

Visa Hiring Blockchain Expert for ‘Visa Crypto’

Switzerland’s Biggest Online Retailer Starts Accepting Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple, BCH, Litecoin, BNB and Even OMG

‘Bitcoin Is Not Money’ Because We Cannot Print It – Banks
Thanks be to god that you motherf**kers canot print it.

Cisco Reports: By 2027 Blockchain Will Capture 10 Trillion of the Worlds Wealth
“According to Cisco, “the true innovation of blockchain is its ability to automate trust among the parties using it. – This embedded trust allows consumers, enterprises, and governments to automate how they manage any transactional relationship.”

Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom
“To circumvent this bureaucracy, some Venezuelans have started to receive bitcoin from their relatives abroad. It’s now possible to send a text message to your family asking for bitcoin, and receive it minutes later for a tiny fee. Government censorship isn’t possible, as bitcoin isn’t routed through a bank or third party and instead arrives into your phone wallet in a peer-to-peer way.”

Crypto Brokerage Firm Voyager From Uber’s Former CTO Acquires Wallet Startup Ethos
“The acquisition is expected to take place at the end of March and the price will not be paid fully upfront, as 3.3 million shares will reportedly be handed over immediately and 1 million held in escrow and released over two years, while 2.6 million will be withheld for 24 months. Coindesk writes that Voyager will also reportedly gain some Ethos tokens, which were issued in its initial coin offering (ICO) in July 2017 — when the company was known as Bituence — raising nearly $1.7 million.”
This should set the value of the ethos token going up which is good news for people like me who have a s**tload of them.

JP Morgan Is Quietly Moving Bank Branches Out Of Lower Income Areas
With bitcoin your smart phone installed bitcoin wallet is your entire banking industry in your pocket.

HSBC and the world’s oldest drug cartel
“HSBC’s core values are under scrutiny. The bank has been implicated in one scandal after another, and the current leadership claims to be wanting to restore the bank’s reputation. But what reputation do they aim to restore? Is it the airbrushed version of a bank rooted in “Scottish banking principles”, or is it an altogether darker reputation reflecting HSBC’s original role as a source of funding for the giant trade of opium into the Chinese markets in the nineteeth century? As one blogger, based in Rochester, USA, put it in 2013: “When HSBC executives were caught late last year financing the Mexican and other drug cartels, they were returning to the company’s historic roots.””

HSBC Made $120 Million In One Day As Turkish Lira Imploded

Currency Wars
“According to the book, the western countries in general and the US in particular are controlled by a clique of international bankers, which use currency manipulation (hence the title) to gain wealth by first loaning money in USD to developing nations and then shorting their currency. The Japanese Lost decade, the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the Latin American financial crisis and others are attributed to this cause. It also claims that the Rothschild Family has the wealth of 5 trillion dollars whereas Bill Gates only has 40 billion dollars.[14]”
“Song also is of the opinion that the famous U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, is not a department of state functions, but several private banks operated by the private sector, and that these private banks are loyal to the ubiquitous Rothschild family.[15][16][17] “

French Schools Replace “Mother” And “Father” With “Parent 1” And “Parent 2”
Let the merciless trolling ensue.

Montana CPS Takes Child Without Due Process – Mom Speaks Out
The American people should all be demanding that this mother be reunited with her kidnapped son.

Lock Her Up: Nancy Pelosi Earned Fortune on IPO Stock Through ‘Illegal’ Insider Trading
“Nancy Pelosi earned a fortune buying IPO stocks using “illegal” insider trading techniques that would result in years of jail time for the average person, a newly resurfaced investigation found.”
“Pelosi reportedly used the information she had exclusive access to as Speaker of the House to make trades on stocks, allegedly netting the senior Democrat up to $100,000 in 48 hours on a single trade.”
“As the battle continues between President Donald Trump and Pelosi’s Democrats over funding for additional border security, the House speaker’s own home often gets brought into the argument. In January Pelosi declared walls to be “an immorality,” yet many have asked if walls are “immoral,” then why is the Pelosis’ mansion surrounded by a wall?”
“When these questions are asked, it draws attention to lavish property Nancy and Paul Pelosi call home, yet questions as to how the couple has amounted the vast wealth required to live such a lifestyle are never adequately answered.”

New Study Finds 41% Increase In Cancer Risk From Roundup’s Glyphosate

Gold & Silver: Why I’m Buying THE Safe-Haven Assets, Right Now.

Central Bank Buying Of S&P 500 Futures Extended Until End Of 2015 (12/03/2014)

Obviously Not A Bubble (09/04/2014)

Comedian Gets Visited By Homeland Security For Tweet w/Jake Flores

Incredibly creepy.

Crony Congress – Rep. Mike Rogers Has Links to the Benghazi Scandal Yet is in Charge of the Investigation (Apr 9, 2014)
“Incredibly, Dick Morris points out that until recently Mike Rogers’ wife was the president and the CEO of the company that was contracted by the State Department to provide intelligence-based and physical security services. While this sort of crony capitalism is seen as “business as usual” in the cesspool that is D.C., the really crazy part of this story is that as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rogers is charged with investigating the adequacy of security at the Benghazi compound prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack.”
“You can’t find a bigger conflict of interest than that…”
“Dick Morris writes:”
“Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is charged with investigating the adequacy of security at the Benghazi compound prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack.”
“His wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers was the president and the CEO of the company that was contracted by the State Department to provide that security!”

Benghazi Whistleblower: The Stand Down & Cover Up

‘Israel Is the Nation-state of Jews Alone’: Netanyahu Responds to TV Star Who Said Arabs Are Equal Citizens
In other words: apartheid.

Department of INjustice: The Untold Story of Schaeffer Cox

“I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me.”

The Deeper the Love, the Deeper the Pain: 4-10-18 CMU PRISON — SCHAEFFER COX
“Immediately after that motion showed up on the docket, CTU blocked Angela Clemons, who was in the middle of getting that very suit served on all 14 defendants and counting. The people who blocked her were the same people about to have their crime exposed.”
“If they are not guilty of helping the FBI and Terry Dodd steal my defense fund, they should come into court and make THEIR case. Instead, they are blocking Angela in an attempt to block ME from coming into court and making MY case.”
“I don’t even know what to say. How on earth can I get a fair shake with dirty gangsters who play like this? And I see the same stuff being done to Trump right now. Trump had one attorney he could trust – Cohen – and the Deep State just blocked him. Just like they just blocked Angela for me. Maybe Trump will recognize what’s being done to me, since it’s being done to him right now too. Let’s double our efforts to somehow get Trump to hear about me. I need more than a pardon; I need a rescue. God could use a guy like him, or someone in his staff. In strange times, we can expect strange things.”

The Most SECRET/ILLEGAL Prison in America! Guess Who’s in There!

18m50s “Last month one of the judges in Schaeffer’s case ordered all the expulatory evidence that Angela referenced earlier, he ordered all of it to be released. So this is a major win in this case because all of the evidence is what got his first case thrown out for lack of evidence. There is no evidence against Schaeffer, it doesn’t exist.”
Schaeffer should sue the living s**t out of all of the people involved in his malicious prosecution, the prosecutors, the law enforcement, the prosecution witnesses who knowingly perjured themselves.

Schaeffer Cox – The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

7m10s “You’ve got to understand your enemy and you’ve got to be honest about who your enemy is. And that is anyone who would take away from us the freedom that god gave us, anybody who when you ask them what their authority is their only answer is ‘because I said so’ is tyranny and that’s our enemy.”
15m “And so you’ve got this sheriff with this torn allegiance because we are no longer a free republic, we’re a monetary inflationary empire.”
17m20s “Now, why is this good for politicians ? Because they can inject where their friends are, they can inject to where they need votes, they can inject to where they need donors for their campaign.”
2010s “These unidentified species of government they consolidate all three functions of government into one. They create regulations that have the force of law, they have their own enforcers that come out and kick your door in to make you’re doing it. So that’s a legislative function, to make the rules, its an executive function, to kick in your door, and when you get dragged out there with zip ties on your hands you go before them, and you have a judicial function, they review it themselves in an administrative hearing. That is the consolidation of all 3 of those powers, it’s a loophole, its’ a way to get around the checks and balances.”
1h30m55s “You’e got to put right and wrong above legal and illegal because when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. And it is not rebellion at all, it is submission to the higher law, that our government is in rebellion.”

“”Anarchy” arises from ancient Greek “An,” meaning without and “Archos” meaning leader.”

Video Shows Police Raid On Stage 4 Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room For Medical Marijuana
“A shocking viral video showing a team of police entering and then searching the hospital room of man with stage 4 pancreatic cancer is fueling outrage in Bolivar, Missouri, where the incident took place and is renewing nation-wide debate over medical marijuana.“
“Ironically Missouri voters late last year voted to legalize medical marijuana, a law which has yet to take effect (until July 4, 2019). USA Today presents one of the more outrageous moments of the video where police actually acknowledge this, but shrug it off and say “then it’s still illegal”,”
“One might also reasonably assume that the police had real criminals they could have been pursuing instead of launching a multiple officer invasive search of a cancer patient’s belongings. “
“Near the end of the video the doctor can be heard telling Sousley after consulting with police to stop the “live” recording, or else “nobody’s going to help you out if you do this”.”
Can the public expect a prompt police response when they become the victim of a crime ?
I think not and I wonder if these public institutions are worthless and beyond saving.
And to this (expletive deleted) of a doctor whoring for big pharma and their addictive opioids I would say this guy gets to film the police in their bulls**t search.

Backlash: Hedge Fund Kicks Out Family That Makes OxyContin
“As backlash against America’s painkiller addiction grows, hedge fund Hildene Capital Management has cut ties with the billionaire family that controls the OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma. According to The Wall Street Journal, Hildene fund manager Brett Jefferson forced the Sackler family who is invested in the $10 billion fund to start redeeming their investments.”
“The Sacklers, who control Purdue which is considering filing for bankruptcy to limit its mounting legal liabilities, have come under immense pressure amid hundreds of pages of courts documents released as part of lawsuits filed by Connecticut and Massachusetts.”
“Connecticut and Massachusetts are the first two states to sue Purdue and Sackler family members simultaneously. Their lawsuit alleges that eight Sacklers sparked the opioid crisis with misleading marketing of OxyContin in the late 1990s, which allowed Purdue and the family to reap billions of dollars from flooding every state with highly addictive prescription drugs.”
“Since the Sascklers launched OxyContin in the late 1990s, deaths involving prescription and illegal opioids have quadrupled from 2.9 per 100,000 in 1999 to 13.3 per 100,000 in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
How many Americans have died so that these opioid pushers could become rich ?
According to the CDC figure for 2016, these guys are responsible for some of the 40,000 opioid deaths that year.

The American Catastrophe: Drug, Alcohol, & Suicide Deaths Hit Record Levels
“The national rate for deaths from alcohol, drugs, and suicide rose from 43.9 to 46.6 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017, a 6 percent increase, the Trust for America’s Health and the Well Being Trust reported Tuesday. That was a slower increase than in the previous two years, but it was greater than the 4 percent average annual increase since 1999, reported USA Today.”
“Perhaps most disturbing, is that the deaths from suicides rose from 13.9 to 14.5 per 100,000, which amounted to a 4 percent increase. That was double the average annual pace over the previous decade. Psychologist Benjamin Miller, chief strategy officer of the Well Being Trust, says broader efforts are needed to address the underlying causes of alcohol and drug use and suicide. “It’s almost a joke how simple we’re trying to make these issues,” he says. “We’re not changing direction and it’s getting worse.””
“That’s because people have no control over their lives anymore. The government controls every aspect of everyone’s lives and social media helps to compound the issue by often making people feel like they don’t have enough or can’t “keep up with the Joneses.” Human beings need to and deserve to be free; it’s a basic human right. Once that right and free will are taken away, there’s not much left for anyone to live for. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be a popular vein of thought, but it needs to be said. And problems caused by government control cannot be fixed by more government control.”
“The truth is that big government is not going to save us. People don’t need more government bureaucrats telling them how to run their lives. Instead, what people really need is to find meaning and purpose in life, and that is not something that big government is going to provide. –Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse”

One Man’s Commute Through West Philadelphia: 30 Blocks Of Potholes, Shitholes, & Assholes
“I’ve been making a daily trek through the pigsty of West Philly through three presidential administrations (Bush, Obama, Trump) and the mayoral stints of John Street (only 15 associates went to prison for corruption), Michael Nutter (left office with a city pension plan underfunded by $5.7 billion), and Jim “beak nose” Kenney (Mr. Soda tax and under FBI investigation).”
“Over the course of the last 12 years (and many years prior) the list of Philadelphia politicians shipped off to Federal prison has been endless, including congressman Chaka Fattah, DA Seth Williams, State senator Vince Fumo, councilman Rick Mariano, and now union boss Johnny Dougherty and councilman Bobby Henon. A slew of lesser lights has also been shipped off to the penitentiary. Corruption is the common theme tying all Philly Democrat politicians together. They effortlessly fulfill the roles of ass in this article about holes.”
“The narrative pushed by the Democrat politicians and the left-wing rag – Phila Inquirer is Philadelphia is rising, attracting new businesses, and is the place to be for nightlife and millennials. Of course, the narrative is bullshit. Facts are always inconvenient to welfare state Democrats, but the ignorance of their constituents is what keeps them in power. The narrative of Philadelphia getting safer is obliterated by the 351 murders in 2018, up 43% since 2013, and the highest level since 2007.”
“Assaults involving a gun totaled 2,327, up 13% since 2014. There were over 14,000 violent crimes and 63,000 robberies and thefts in 2018. The vast majority of these crimes occur in West and North Philadelphia, as local news stories lead with multiple murders and shootings every night (average of 4 shootings per day). Over 80% of murder victims are young black men, murdered by other young black over drugs.”
“The 2016 Mantua unemployment rate was little changed at 12.3% (actually closer to 20% as those classified as Not in the Labor Force rose), more than twice the recent city-wide rate of 5.8%.”
“Mantua median household income in 2016 was $17,969, up slightly from $17,170 when the Promise Zone was announced. Still 70% below the national median.”
“With a $6.2 billion shortfall (entire city budget is $4.7 billion), the scumbags running the city still allow the DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) program to reward politicians and union leaders with criminally large payoffs as the infrastructure crumbles. This outrage allows eligible politicians to “retire” for a day at the end of their terms, collect six-figure cash bonuses, and then, upon winning reelection (and making a quick trip to the bank), go right back to work the next day. Six City Council members took DROP money — president Anna Verna ($566,039), Jack Kelly ($384,828), Donna Miller ($185,572), Frank DiCicco ($421,123), Frank Rizzo Jr. ($195,052), and Marian Tasco ($478,057) and were then eligible for their regular gold-plated pensions. All of these corrupt politicians were Democrats.”
The wealth inequality in the supposed richest nation in the world is absolutely staggering.
This guy tears the establishment a new asshole, not that they don’t already have many assholes.

Thousands Of Medical Professionals Are Losing Their Licenses For Not Paying Their Student Debt
“Attorney Christie Arkovich, based out of Tampa, says that the laws go too far. “We’re not saying that people shouldn’t repay their loan. We’re just saying that getting them fired probably isn’t the best way to go about that,” she commented, although she did not provide a suitable enforcement alternative.”
“Following suit, Dr. Gabriel Picone, an economics professor at University of South Florida, said that suspending licenses for nonpayment of student loans puts a strain on both employers and patients: “it’s trying to take too much away. This person may end up on Medicaid, receive food stamps. All this is more money that we will have to pay.””
Such an action virtually guarantees that these student debtors will be dumped out of productive society.
Is it the case that debt will more and more come to rule over all of us ?

Covert chemical warfare: 100,000 deaths a year
“On January 8th, 2001, the LA Times published an article by one of the best medical reporters in the business, Linda Marsa: “When Good Drugs Do Harm.” Marsa quoted researcher Dr. David Bates, who indicated that, in the US, there are 36 million serious adverse reactions to medical drugs per year.”
“On July 26, 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the most stunning mainstream estimate of medical-drug damage in history: “Is US health really the best in the world?” The author was Dr. Barbara Starfield, a respected public-health researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.”
“Starfield concluded that medical drugs were killing Americans at the rate of 106,000 per year.”

CBS: 12-year-old boy received his flu shot, then dies of the flu

The Association Of American Physicians & Surgeons “Strongly Opposes” Mandatory Vaccines

Government vaccine expert witness turns whistleblower, tells truth about vaccines causing autism… total media cover-up
“Environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. convinced Dr. Zimmerman to document what happened. In a sworn affidavit, he says that he told Department of Justice lawyers back in 2007 that he had discovered cases where vaccines could cause autism. For example, in a certain subset of children, he said that fever and immune stimulation induced by vaccines was responsible for causing regressive brain disease in children with autism spectrum disorder features.”
“After raising his concern, he says he was promptly fired in an attempt to silence him. He alleges that they continued to misrepresent his opinion after that. In fact, one Department of Justice attorney said in a vaccine court hearing a few days later: “We know [Dr. Zimmerman’s] views on the issue… There is no scientific basis for a connection between vaccines and autism.” Zimmerman called that statement “highly misleading.””

Federal Judge Bans Healthy Children from School for Being Unvaccinated
“As of March 7, there have only been 228 cases of measles in the entire United States illustrating that this “epidemic” really only exists in the media.”
“What’s more, most people who get the measles make a full recovery within a week or so. Although some studies do link unvaccinated people to measles cases, according to multiple other studies, the MMR vaccine is likely worse than getting measles.”
“In 2017, the Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) reported in the British Medical Journal that every year, approximately 5,700 U.S. children suffer from seizures as a direct result of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine.”

Kids got 11 vaccines in 1986 and 53 in 2017… why? The answer is all about Big Pharma profits

Raw Milk: In Montana, big business decides what the citizens can drink

3m20s “The dairy rep at the time said ‘Well, you guys can make twice as much money as we can’.”
It’s all about more money for the big business.

Holistic MD decimates prominent BBC reporter in measles debate
It’s all about more money for the big business.

Poisoning The Public: Toxic Agrochemicals And Regulators’ Collusion With Industry
“Up to that point, Dr Mason had been writing to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the EU Commission for an 18-month period, challenging them about ECHA’s positive assessment of glyphosate. Many people around the world had struggled to understand how and why the US EPA and the EFSA concluded that glyphosate is not genotoxic (damaging to DNA) or carcinogenic, whereas the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency, the IARC, came to the opposite conclusion.”
“The IARC stated that the evidence for glyphosate’s genotoxic potential is “strong” and that glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen. While IARC referenced only peer-reviewed studies and reports available in the public literature, the EPA relied heavily on unpublished regulatory studies commissioned by pesticide manufacturers.”
It’s all about more money for the big business.

Medical doctors across the U.S. speak out against mandatory vaccination laws
“The largest medical association in the world is the American Medical Association (AMA), which has strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry and probably represents more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than any other trade group.”
“And yet, less than 25% of the licensed medical doctors in the United States are members of the AMA, down from 75% in the late 1950s.”
“So it would be incorrect to believe that the AMA represents the views of most of the physicians in the U.S. They do not.”
“Two other medical associations have come out with statements against mandatory vaccinations in the past couple of days, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and Physicians for Informed Consent.”
It’s all about more money for the big business.

As Gov’t Pushes Mandatory Vaccination, Contaminated Vaccines Found in 3 States Causing Infections
It’s all about more money for the big business.

CNN & Facebook Coordinate To Silence Dissenting Voices

19m45s “We do reporting here, we almost have 500,000 followers for a f**king jagoff night club comedian. You know why, because I see right through CNN.”

Transgender Prof: Excluding Men (who identify as women) From Women’s Sports Is Like Excluding Black Women
“As BigLeaguePoilitcs.com reports, a British rapper briefly identified as female in order to break a weightlifting record and prove a point about transgender athletes.”
Just as men and women have separate competitions, let’s create a third competition for transwomen – problem solved.

Report: Jamal Khashoggi’s Body Incinerated In Oven At Saudi Home
“According to the Al Jazeera report, Turkish authorities monitored the body burning from outside the residence. They recorded large suitcases, thought to contain Khashoggi’s dismembered body, carried inside. They said the cremation took place over three days.”
“On the third day, the cover-up began: “Large quantities of barbeque meat were grilled in the oven after the killing in order to cover up the cremation,” Turkish authorities told Al Jazeera.”

Seven Things Saudi Women Still Can’t Do, Despite Driving Ban Lift
“1. Eat freely in public”
“2. Dress ‘for beauty’”
“3. Freely socialise with non-relative males”
“4. Marry whomever they like”
“5. Travel”
“6. Open a bank account”
“7. Get a job”
As opposed to faux exclusion, here is some actual exclusion of women that appears medieval.

Google, Apple Condemned For Continuing To Carry Saudi Wife-Tracking App

An American Citizen Is Trapped In Saudi Arabia Due To Male Guardianship Laws
“And now one of the more notoriously backwards and oppressive Saudi policies has taken center stage after an American woman and her 4-year daughter old have become trapped inside the country, thanks to restrictive laws which give her ex-husband total power over her ability to travel. The nightmare scenario has prevented US citizen Bethany Vierra from leaving the country due to the kingdom’s so-called guardianship laws, which allow male guardians — especially husbands — power to dictate travel, bank account usage, or even access to legal counsel for women.”

Day Drinking & Sexual Harassment “Are Thriving” At 330-Year-Old Lloyds Of London
“She wrote in 2017: “Women at Lloyd’s boxes [are] still being called a host of names including ‘totty’ and they’re rated ‘from 1-10 on ‘shagability.’ ” Traders have been known to still call women at the exchange “box bitches”.”
I wonder how these women would rate these men from 1-10 on ‘shagability’.
It’s pieces of s**t like these that are giving men in general a bad name or should I say a bad taste in the mouth.

9/11 Inside Out – What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal

Attach 4.
14m15s “In May 2001 the port authority fo New York and New Jersey, which technically owned the World Trade Centre complex, lost a 10 year court battle with its insurance companies leaving it fund a 1 billion dollar asbestos removal project with money it didn’t have. Two months later real estate tycoon Larry Silverstein for some reason decided to purchase the ageing liabilities and promptly insures them for billions of dollars just in case of total destruction by terrorists. 9/11 happened just 6 weeks later and Silverstein was awarded a 9.2 billion dollar settlement which more than compensated him for the loss of his buildings.”
Absolutely astounding foresight.

Great Bengal famine of 1770 (first victims of globalism)
“British East India Company responsibilities”
“As a trading body, the first remit of the company was to maximise its profits and with taxation rights, the profits to be obtained from Bengal came from land tax as well as trade tariffs. It has been suggested that the Company increased tax rates from 10 percent to up to 50 percent of the value of the agricultural produce, citing the pioneering work of R.C. Dutt, but in reality he makes no such claim.[12] In the first years of the rule of the British East India Company, the total land tax income was doubled and most of this revenue flowed out of the country.[13][fn 1] As the famine approached its height in April 1770, the Company announced that the land tax for the following year was to be increased by a further 10 percent.”
“The historian William Dalrymple has called Robert Clive an “unstable sociopath” due to these harmful policies and actions that resulted in famines and atrocities towards local native Indians and peasants. Changes caused by Clive to the revenue system and existing agricultural practices to maximize profits for the company partially led to the famine of 1770.[15]”
“Sushil Chaudhury writes that the destruction of food crops in Bengal to make way for opium poppy cultivation for export reduced food availability and contributed to the famine.[16] The company is also criticised for forbidding the “hoarding” of rice.[citation needed] This prevented traders and dealers from laying in reserves that in other times would have tided the population over lean periods.”
“By the time of the famine, monopolies in grain trading had been established by the company and its agents.[citation needed] The company had no plan for dealing with the grain shortage, and actions were only taken insofar as they affected the mercantile and trading classes.”

Entire Police Dept. SUSPENDED for What They Did to This Innocent Family!

One of these cops was quoting miranda rights to this guy but surely it was unlawful to not show this guy the search warrant when he asked to see it. Even more unlawful was the false claim that the gun taken from a neighbouring apartment had been found in this guy’s apartment. That sounds like that cop should be charged with criminal misconduct. An Oklahoma cop said that these cops were within their rights on the search warrant but does that include not showing the search warrant ? This guy should smack them with a lawsuit.
This guy is ‘not in charge’ so said the cop but that doesn’t mean that the cop is in charge. In actuality it is the constitution which these cops swore an oath to that most assuredly is in charge. If these cops think they are in charge then they are all oath breakers.

Caribbean Spring: Haitians Revolt Against Their US Puppet Leader
“Many Haitians regard the Moise government as a US-installed puppet regime, and have been calling for his ouster.”

Poetic Justice For The Aristocracy
“For an easy-to-grasp example of how this works, look at interest rates. Over the past couple of decades, the world’s central banks have been pushing rates lower in each cycle, impoverishing small savers and retirees who depend on income from bonds and bank accounts while enriching the already rich by raising the prices of stocks and real estate. The following two charts (from Charles Hugh Smith’s recent Who Killed The Middle Class?) illustrate the widening gap between the pay and assets of the haves and the used-to-haves. To put this in economist-speak, capital is gobbling up labor.”

‘I do not recognize my country’: Yellow Vests who have lost eyes, limbs demand justice from Macron
“The police “began shooting ‘Flash Balls’ and throwing grenades in all directions,” during which the couple spent two hours “penned in between a line of gendarmes and a wall, with no chance to flee.””
“Lignier said the last thing she remembers was the cries of cops clearing the way for firemen, then a gas grenade hit her on the head, and she was on the ground.”
“When she woke up, her nose was broken, her face swollen from fractures, and she couldn’t see through her left eye. Over the next 16 days, Lignier underwent two surgeries, and is still waiting for two more.”
“In fact, no policemen have been reprimanded for a single one of the injuries sustained on the streets, and a mere 100 Yellow Vest cases are being investigated, which includes non-violent and relatively trivial incidents.”

Interview with a French Yellow Vest protester: “We will fight until the elites fall”
“Last weekend was messy, Pierre confirms, a group of maybe 100 Antifa supporters were looking to pick a fight. “They are useful idiots of the elite and the police ignore them, and at the same time they attack us peaceful protesters.””

UN demands France investigates ‘excessive force’ against yellow vests
“Bachelet also spoke broadly about people worldwide who have taken “to the streets to protest inequalities and deteriorating economic and social conditions.””

‘Stop shooting rubber bullets at yellow vest protesters’, France told
“She also urged the government to review its regulations soon on the use of so-called intermediate weapons for riot control, to ensure they respect law enforcement’s primary task of protecting “citizens and their human rights.””
“In Toulouse, southern France, on Monday 14 protesters, with injuries including a broken jaw or a missing eye, filed complaints against the police charging “unprecedented police and judicial repression,” lawyer Claire Dujardin told a press conference.”
If these injuries continue I can only conclude that this French government knows only brute force and that there will be a reckoning. We should hope to not see a repeat of what started in 1789.

Fresh casualties as France’s ‘yellow vest’ protests march
“Elsewhere in the country, in Bordeaux, an MP from the far-left France Unbowed party, Loic Prud’homme, said police had assaulted him with batons on the edges of a march and that he had filed a formal complaint.”
“The local regional governor insisted police had intervened to stop protesters taking an unauthorised route and had done their job correctly.”
Are the people cattle to corralled through ‘authorised’ routes ?
If it is a public path then it is an authorised route.

French police’s use of force against ‘yellow vests’ in spotlight

Spectacular Violence As A Weapon Of War Against The Yellow Vests
“In this moment of the spectacularization of the damage caused to insured private property of the commercial and luxury industry, which is presented as the quintessence of “violence,” it is notable that the General Secretary of the Unsa police union, Philippe Capon, has publicly explained that the police received the order on Saturday to notintervene, because there was an explicit choice to “let a certain number of things be broken.””
A government of deceivers.

French Military Authorized To Use Deadly Force On Yellow Vests If Lives Threatened
The role of any military force is to destroy a nation’s enemies on a battlefield and any attempt to use them for any police purpose will likely cause them to view the people of their nation as the enemy.

The OUTRAGEOUS Extra Footage Behind the Viral Nurse Video People NEED to SEE!

When public servants get it all wrong.

Utah Cop Who Arrested Nurse Fired From 2nd Job!