Bill Gross: “Credit Supernova!”


Santelli Tells the Bernank: “Whatever You’re Doing, It Isn’t Working”

““So let me get this straight. We borrowed $300 Billion in the 4th Quarter and we end up with a growth rate of DOWN one tenth of one percent.””


Germany’s gold at NY Fed may be impaired, Centennial’s analysts agree


MUST READ: Peak Silver? Read more

“I believe silver is the MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET of ALL TIME; and have ZERO doubt that whether “PEAK SILVER” has been passed, “peak cheap silver” certainly has…”


Kaye – Expect A Massive Silver Short Squeeze


London Whales Bet Against JP Morgan


94 Days After Sandy 1900 Homes are Still Without Heat, Power and Water Read More


Europe “Fixed” Facade Crumbling As German Retail Sales Implode

while on a year over year basis December imploded a whopping -4.7% vs expectations of -1.5%.


States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms

Some governments stopped serving the general public a long time ago.


Poll: 67% of Americans Don’t Believe Gun Ban Would Prevent Sandy Hook Read More


MSNBC Edit Deliberately Smears Gun Owners as Sandy Hook ‘Hecklers’


Connecticut: Overwhelming Support for the Second Amendment at Public Hearing Read More


Over 1000 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting Second Amendment


TSA Protester With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest


Your Blackmailable “Representatives”: Major networks mum on FBI raid of doctor office tied to Menendez underage prostitution scandal Read More

Shrinkage: US Economy Declined By -0.1% In Q4


Super Mario Noose Tightens As Another Monte Paschi Derivative Emerges; Investigation Into Bank Of Italy Opened


China Just Threatened a Currency War If the Fed Doesn’t Stop Printing Read More


War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler

“In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.”


Santelli’s Paradox And Why The Fed’s Exit Will Be “Very, Very Messy”

“At the end of the day, when the Fed decides to exit, they will not be able to put the liquidity ‘toothpaste’ back in the tube.


The Age of Neo-Feudalism: A Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Corporationshe Age of Neo-Feudalism: A Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Corporations


Cancer Killed by Cannabis – Weed – Pot – Marijuana finds UCLA research and others Full-length Doc

“Please research Ottoman Warburg and High pH Diet also have a look at Vitamin D3”


Mothers Taking Antidepressants 2x more Likely to Have Autistic Child, Study Says


America after Sandy Hook, Disarmed and Silenced

“In the wake of the Sandy Hook terror attack, the United States is being subjected to a broad assault on its basic constitutional rights and freedoms.  This is a carefully planned and orchestrated attack, not just on gun ownership but now includes broad assaults on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and is aimed, quite specifically, not just to demonize gun ownership but to also demonize anyone who uses their mental acuity to question the mythology of the controlled “pop culture media.””

“Very genuine threats are now being made to end all independent internet communications, labeling it a hotbed of “hate speech” and “conspiracy theory.””

Are people with a functioning brain cell to become modern day Galileos ?


Hope For the Republic: Growing Number Of Sheriffs REFUSING To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

4m45s “It’s like arresting the gun for committing the murder.”


Seattle Mayor: “A Ban On Assault Weapons And High Capacity Clips Is Appropriate”

It is curious how this guy can read ‘shall not be infringed’ to mean ‘allowed to limit’.


Boy, 7, develops narcolepsy after being given swine flu jab leading him to sleep for 19 HOURS every day


Press Ignores (65,000) Lives Saved Because Of Firearms

“In The month following the tragic Newtown school shooting, more than 65,000 people used firearms in self-defense, yet the national news media has virtually ignored this important aspect of gun ownership, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.”

So 65,000 homicides if these law abiding people were without forearms.


Law Professor on CBS Says ‘Let’s Give Up On the Constitution’

“ has posted yet another scholar who advocates destroying a centuries-long battle to uphold protections for the individual and discourage despots.”


Why are AR-15’s ‘Personal Defense’ Weapons for the DHS but ‘Assault Rifles’ for Citizens?


Father of 6-Year old Sandy Hook Victim Against More Gun Control gets Standing Ovation

I bet the corporate news media didn’t like this.


Obama Makes Appeal to Law Enforcement to Support Push for Gun Control (VIDEO)

“But unfortunately for Obama, thus far, over 120 sheriffs from around the country have come out against his plan to curb gun-related violence, particularly those measures that are deemed to be unconstitutional as well as those that threaten to ban certain firearms and accessories.”

It’s up from 90 I see.


Massive Bomb Detonates Inside of Key Iranian Nuke Manufacturing Facility


Writs of Mandamus Served in Australian High Court!

“In an historic first for Australia, Prerogative Writs of Mandamus were served in the High Court in Canberra at about 3.48 PM this afternoon 23/1/13 pertaining to the illegal “corporations” that have been formed, and are being operated under the “Commonwealth of Australia” ABN122 104 616 and the America Securities Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157, and commanding that this fraudulent “corporation,” and all of the fraudulent subsidiary “companies” – being those in each of the States – be dissolved.”


Most 9/11 Commissioners Don’t Buy The Official Story, Why Do You?


Talk of CIA prisons censored at Guantanamo hearing

Financial Times: German Gold Repatriation Is Victory For Transparency And GATA Read More

“The Financial Times has said that the Bundesbank’s move to repatriate 674 tonnes of the German gold reserves from Paris and New York to Frankfurt is a victory for openness, transparency and for those who have campaigned for transparency in the gold market for years.”

“central banks should not have to reveal their trading strategies to the world”

What trading strategies could the FT be talking about ? How much of the CB gold has gone out on loan ?


US pushes for criminal charges for RBS over Libor

Does the bank pleading guilty to criminal charges mean that some executives could go to jail ?


Consumer Confidence Crashes To 2011 Levels After Biggest Plunge Since August 2011 Debt Ceiling Debacle

The non-recovery recovery continues.


Case-Shiller Home Price Index Posts Second Consecutive Monthly Decline, Average Home Prices Back To Fall 2003 Levels

The non-recovery recovery continues.


LEAKED: Mario Draghi And His Triumvirate Shut Up German Finance Minister To Keep Cyprus From Blowing Up The Eurozone READ MORE


Italian FinMin Grilli On Monte Paschi: Bank Is Solid; Aid Is Not Bailout

The mere fact that they said the aid is not bailout tells you that the aid is bailout.


Bank Of Israel Head Stanley Fischer Stepping Down

“Is this a harbinger of the change in the old brigade, and does it make Bernanke’s departure one year from today virtually assured


Santelli And Biderman Slam The Market’s Four Faltering Fallacies


Silver Slave Queen Unboxing – Keep Calm And Slave On.


(Silver) Freedom Girl Revealed


Gold & Silver COT Report 1/25: Commercials Add a Massive 27 Million Ounces to Silver Shorts!

That’s a 12% increase in the space of a week – CRAP, CRAP, CRAP.


Bill Murphy Says, “The Cartel is Finished!” — Is He Right?


Irish town resists bailout conditions


Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: New Obama Foreign Policy Scandal Bigger than Benghazi-Gate?

“Did Washington “approve” a plan to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria to be blamed on Assad? This could be a bigger scandal than Benghazi-Gate.”


Hagel Warned Obama Of Rogue Pentagon Leading A ‘New World Order’

“As Chuck Hagel seeks support for his nomination to become Secretary of Defense, Bob Woodward has released a story about a White House trip the former Senator made in 2009.”

““We are at a time where there is a new world order. We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats — “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using the military for.””



Final FDA Raid and Takeover of Morningland Raw Milk and Cheese Dairy

“January 25th, 2013 was a sad day that marked an end to the two-and-a-half-year battle for Morningland Dairy raw cheese farm. Supporters watched as state agents finally dispensed of $250,000 worth of their cheese, embargoed since the day of the initial government-sponsored raid August 26th, 2010.”

“Watch the beginning of the final raid take place with a large waste dump truck ready to haul the cheese to a garbage site and remember the phrase, “I’m just doing my job.” The families pull no punches letting the agents know of their wrongdoing. One of the agents laughs at the question “Do you enjoy destroying people’s lives?””

“Joseph and Denise Dixon worked hard to take on Morningland Dairy in the Missouri Ozarks in 2008. The company has been around for more than 30 years and during that time – not one consumer went ill from their cheese – no one complained. Moreover, they brought jobs to the impoverished area, jobs that have been dissipated by the FDA and Missouri Milk Board.”


Government to Dispose of Radioactive Waste By Putting It In Our SILVERWARE Read More

“The overwhelming scientific consensus is that any amount of radiation – no matter how small – can cause cancer and other serious health effects.”


Chinese Justice – Or Orwell Circa 2013?–Or-Orwell-Circa-2013

“Money, after all, is backed by assets currently and thus to some degree a nation-state – and those who run it – need to be able to claim domination over their “resources.” And these resources are people. One needs to prove clearly, for a variety of international purposes, then, that one has full control over one’s citizens and their earning power.”


Gun owners go ‘Gandhi’ in New York with plans for mass civil disobedience over Cuomo’s tyrannical gun grab

Then only criminals and law enforcement will have guns.


Social Security Death Index has Adam Lanza Dead on the 13th of January!??


EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Accosted by Security over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question Read More


Pro-constitution police and sheriff’s organization vows to uphold Bill of Rights


Wyoming Announces Anti-NDAA Legislation HB 114 Read More


“Dorothy In OZ” Script

“Deputy: Look – it is a Yes or a No – You are either Dorothy Gale or you are not. Are you DorothyGale? Yes or No…”

“Dorothy: Are you trying to compel me to contract without my unlimited right to counter-offer?[and, are you trying to entice me into white slavery, which would be a commercial crime accordingto 27 CFR 72.11?]”

“Officer: What is this? Is this a birth certificate?”

“Dorothy: Sir, are you the bailiff?

“Officer: I am not the bailiff.”

“Dorothy: You can have the bailiff convey to the plaintiff that I hereby surrender the defendant.”

Mr Demolition Man: Daniel Hannan Destroys The 3 Unquestionable Myths Of Our Crisis

“The past and present bailouts of each and every bank (and ‘important’ industry) will, one day, be seen as a generational offense is how MEP Daniel Hannan begins this thoroughly British demolition of the three critical myths surrounding the crisis”

Keiser Report: Plunderers Pumping Pelf (E398)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the American legal system that authorizes plunder, a moral code that glorifies it and a financial system that profits from it. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Professor Steven A. Ramirez, a former Enforcement Attorney at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, about the broken social contract, when that contract got broken and how to mend it.”

Max Keiser’s unpleasant facts on UK economy (25Jan13)

“Max Keiser deliveres some unpleasant truthes on the state of the UK economy. Questioned also by Mary Riddell from The Daily Telegraph and Craig Woodhouse from The Sun newspapers.”

On Andrew Neil’s ‘Daily Politics’ program no less.

JPM’s Tom Lee Announces His Dow Jones Industrial Average Price Target: 20,000

Is this guy taking the piss ?

The Gold Guarantee Blowing Up In Singapore? Today’s reminder of the importance of taking physical delivery of gold

Physical Gold is Being Looted All Over the World: 1.5 Tons of Ghana’s Gold Flown Out Without Proper Documentation Read More

“It was however realised that the information given to the authorities was not entirely true because nobody knew where the cargo originated from or where its destination was, even though the gold onboard the plane was, undeniably, gold carrying Ghanaian seal.”

Marc Faber Fears 1987 Redux As “Markets Will Punish Interventionists”

Italian Scandal Widens As Italy’s Third Largest Bank Set To Get Third Bailout In 3 Years; Draghi, Monti Implicated

House Of Rothschild Hoarding Gold In Face Of Coming Collapse? READ MORE

Alert: JPMorgan Chief Risk Manager in London…OUT!

Silver Panic Imminent? First the US Mint Suspends Sales… Now It’s Canada’s Turn! READ MORE

Forget Brussels: now we are ruled by the giants of Geneva

“As predicted, that speech on “Europe” delivered by David Cameron at eight o’clock on Wednesday morning put one in mind of the White Queen’s boast that she could “believe six impossible things before breakfast”.”

“He wanted us to believe that he could persuade the EU to change its nature and the purposes for which it has been built up over 60 years. He wanted us to believe that it could breach its core rule that powers of government once surrendered to Brussels are never handed back; and that he can somehow persuade Brussels, and the other 26 members, to allow us to retain full membership, while opting out of much else except the right to continue trading freely in the single market.”

“He would also have us believe that he can win the next election on the promise of such negotiations, and that they could be completed by 2017, to be part of a new treaty the EU is planning, for quite different purposes – even though the requirements for such a treaty, including a lengthy intergovernmental conference, could not possibly be completed by that date.”

It’s all a pantomime.

Taleb On “Skin In The Game” And His Disdain For Public Intellectuals

the likes of Krugman, Stiglitz, and Friedman

James Turk: Central Banks Are Losing The War to Suppress Gold & Silver Prices

“The process causes a transfer of wealth from those holding overvalued money to those who hold undervalued money. That’s what’s been going on for the past decade as the price of gold has steadily marched upwards versus fiat currencies.”

“But this process is not efficient. Mass awareness of this wealth transfer is low, so confidence in paper currencies is still high, supporting their perceived value. Market intervention by central banks and other parties conspires to keep the prices of precious metals artificially low and suspect.”

How Iceland Overthrew The Banks: The Only 3 Minutes Of Any Worth From Davos

Mass Exodus From 25 Biggest US Banks Amid Exponential Silver Demand

Apple’s Flash Dump In The Last Second Of Trading Caught On Tape

“it looks like a very premeditated unloading of some 800K shares (some $350 million worth) of AAPL in the last second”

Gold Market Manipulation – GATA Update at the VRIC13

GATA closing in on secrets behind gold cartel? GATA’s Chris Powell interview

Gold Manipulation and Auditing the Fed! Bill Murphy (GATA) on Cambridge House Live

7 years for Germany to get only 600 of their 1,500 tons held by the New York non-federal non-reserve.

COMEX non-inventory non-movement

“The total silver comex OI baffles just about everyone.  The bankers were hell bent on seeing major silver leaves fall from the silver tree.  They instead got many new- born babies reading to sprout.  The total silver OI for the complex rests this weekend at an astonishingly high 148,351.  As the Thursday level came in at 144,195 we gained a massive 4,156 contracts on a fall in silver price of 71 cents.  Somebody big was waiting in the wings ready to tackle JPMorgan and co- conspirator (Scotia).  To me it looks like we have some major players of Eastern persuasion using proxies to accumulate many longs.”

Frontline Gets Its Man: Lanny Breuer Leaves DOJ After Exposé Read More

The Man Who Should Be President — Ron Paul: I’m Waiting for the Fed to Self-Destruct

US banks shaken by biggest deposit withdrawals since 9/11

“­The first week of January 2013 has seen $114 billion withdrawn from 25 of the US’ biggest banks, pushing deposits down to $5.37 trillion, according to the US Fed. Financial analysts suggest it could be down to the Transaction Account Guarantee insurance program coming to an end on December 31 last year and clients moving their money that is no longer insured by the government.”

Katerina Jeleva’s Battle to See Her Son Will Take Place Monday

“Katerina Jeleva, the Utah mother whose son has been stolen from her via a corrupt DCFS and family court system, is coming up for trial this week.”

“Katerina is being forced to go to court at her own expense in order to defend herself against the termination of her parental rights even after she has been proven innocent of any wrongdoing on at least three occasions.”

How stupid were we to let our public servants set up the abomination known as the Family Court ?

Judge Dismisses Government Seizure Attempt Of Tewksbury Motel

“The owners of Motel Caswell have never been charged with any crimes and have never come under police suspicion. But in a trial last November, the U.S. attorney’s office sought to take the property because it alleged the motel — the building — had “facilitated” drug crimes.”

One bit of looting that’s been stopped.

Court to Obama: What Part of ‘The’ Do You Not Understand? Read More

“On Jan. 4, 2012, Obama unilaterally named three people to the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB). The Senate—by a unanimous agreement of all 100 senators—had said that it was in fact still in session that day and not in the recess.”

“Yet despite the Senate’s unanimous declaration that it was in session, Obama unilaterally determined the Senate was in fact in “recess” on Jan. 4, 2012 and that he could therefore use the Constitution’s recess appointment power to directly appoint his three choices to the five-member National Labor Relations Board, thus denying the Senate its constitutional power to confirm or reject them.”

He who would be King.

Before You Take the Flu Shot… Or ANY Shot… Do Some Research: from Rense:


Two top BA pilots die within days of each other after complaining of long-term health effects of breathing in toxic oil fumes while flying

Big Pharma exec turned Whistleblower – mentions SSRIs

“Dr. John Rengen Virapen, former Eli Lilly & Co executive who after 35 years of service decided to quit and speak out about Big Pharma’s method for profit and the benefit of symptomatic diseases that people live with for the duration of their lives.”

The Resistance Begins: New York Gun Owners Refuse to Register; “Largest Act of Civil Disobedience in State History”

Poll: 2/3 of Americans Would Defy Federal Gun Ban Read More

Federalist No. 46

“In an effort to further dissuade fears over a national military force, Madison indicates that, at any point, the maximum force that can be brought to bear by the government to enforce its mandates is but a small fraction of the might of an armed citizenry”

To serve but not protect

“He says he put his life on the line to stop a killer — and claims cops sat back and watched.”

“But city lawyers are arguing that the police had no legal duty to protect Joseph Lozito, the Long Island dad stabbed seven times trying to subdue madman Maksim Gelman — a courtroom maneuver the subway hero calls “disgraceful.””

Pathetic Anti-Gun News Anchor Destroyed During Interview with W. Virginia Citizen Defense Legue’s Keith Morgan

S. Carolina Sheriff Al Cannon Says He WON’T Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws, Pathetic Mockingbird CNN Host Can’t Believe Her Ears

House Gun Task Force Chair: ‘I’m not interested in giving up my firearms – and I’m not going to ask other law abiding Americans to give up theirs.’ Read More

Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: CIA torture WHISTLEBLOWER John Kiriakau Going to PRISON

“A former CIA agent who oversaw the capture of the man thought to be Al-Qaeda’s third-in-command, has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for leaking classified intelligence. John Kiriakou was the first to blow the whistle on Washington’s torture programme – later revealing the name of an alleged torturer at Guantanamo Bay. The CIA denied the accusations, referring instead to enhanced interrogation techniques. Kiriakou’s supporters praise him for exposing the extent of the CIA’s use of torture in prisons. Activist and author, Sibel Edmonds, says the U.S. classifies too much data – sometimes to cover-up wrongdoing, and that means insiders making a stand will keep going to jail.”

Another political prisoner of this criminal government.

ABC, CBS, NBC Admit No Assault Rifle Used at Sandy Hook

Congress needs to outlaw “assault weapons” because the police are overwhelmed by heavily-armed criminals

To someone already breaking one law what deterrence is one more law meant to disarm them going to be ?

Sandy Hook Shooter Dead Before Shooting???

New Hampshire Social Security shows the death on the day before – what is going on here ?

Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Unconstitutional Executive Orders in Arizona County

America has seen an even higher number of our citizens killed by impaired drivers involved in automobile collisions. Why are you not seeking to remove vehicles from our roadways?….it’s because you realize it’s the drivers who are at fault and not the vehicle they were driving. This same analogy holds true with these shootings….it’s not the gun that’s at fault but rather the criminals who use them.

Are too many people incapable of logical thinking ?

It’s not the fault of the inanimate object, be it a gun or a road vehicle, it’s the fault of the person pulling the trigger on the gun or driving the road vehicle.

The most important office in our republic is that of a private citizen. You are not a dictator or a king, who can act unilaterally and ignore our legislative process of law making. All elected leaders are empowered as a trustee of the people we are elected to serve. We are given designated and limited powers. Your actions and quest for unconstitutional power threatens the future of our sacred Republic and the Liberty we all hold so dear.

Did The European Bankers Cause the Texas War for Independence in 1836?

France impose media blackout on North Mali war

“France has in an unprecedented move called for a total media blackout in what many say is an attempt to save her image from damages caused upon her former colony Mali.”

“The ban on the media comes as the international Federation for Human rights issue a damning report accusing both the French and Malian troops of gross human rights violation. In a meeting called to sensitize local journalists about the war in the north, Malian army introduced what they call the rule of engagement for any journalist wishing to cover the war in the north.”

France sends troops to secure Niger uranium mines

Is Africa being recolonised ?

Extremists Attack Arab Children In Jerusalem For Boarding Israeli Bus

What are these children supposed to have f**ked done to deserve this s**t ?

UK lists Israel as human rights abuser

State of Israel Forced the Sterilization of Ethiopian Women

Oh No! Not Another Osama!

“Jihadist guerilla leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar, headlined as a new Great Islamic Satan by French media” – blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

“During a decade of savagery, over 200,000 Algerians died. Entire villages were massacred. Both sides committed frightful atrocities. The Algiers government used special forces disguised as rebels to stage mass murders. Pickup trucks with guillotines were used to chop off people’s heads.”

‘All warfare is based on deception’ – Sun Tzu.

Index for 2013

3rd January 2013

The Humiliation of Greece / The Sandy Hook Mystery Deepens

NY Paper Publishes Legal Gun Permit Holders Names in Print & Online!

Central Planning Doomed for Lack of Price Intelligence

Fiscal circus / blame central banking price distortions for the casino economy’s coming collapse

Lucky Mo Farah, double gold-winning Olympic athlete and unlucky Mahdi Hashi

Jim Sinclair: IMF Paper States That the Entire Derivatives Market is a TIME BOMB


10th January 2013

Anti-Gun Newspaper Hires Armed Guards – Reveals Its Own Hypocrisy

(Price) Inflation Hits Coffee as Brewers Secretly Swap (lower-grade) Robusta for Arabica

No funds to heat schools in Kastoria, Greece – close all 53 of them rather than let the children freeze

I CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT tell you my full and candid opinion about this without the air turning a bright shade of blue.
Meanwhile, we are supposed to concentrate on what happened to some of the children at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut and we are also supposed to forget about the children being killed by drone strikes on alleged ‘terrorists’ ordered by the 2009 Nobel peace prize winning president Obama.

Demonetizing silver in 1873 impoverished over 800,000,000 people – Senator Borah 1932

TARGET-2 (1T euro) Imbalances – “The Debt Crisis Is Eating Its Way Ever Further Into Europe’s Core”


17th January 2013

US Q4 GDP: From 2.5% To Sub 1% in Under Six Months

Banksters/Economists Agree: Market Collapse Will Strike in 2013 / Savile: Satanic Ring

Santelli Slams Keynesians: “The Answer Is Always More Money”

Bundesbank Official Statement On Gold Repatriation

Suspicion of impairment of German gold sneaks into Washington Post


 24th January 2013

Apple Contractor Claims New iMac Production Delayed Over Silver Shortage!

The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis – December 8, 1999

Satanist Pedo Network Unraveling? Cops seize VIP Pedo list: Politicians, MI5 agent, Royal aide and pop stars all named

Bank Of Italy Throws The Book At Monte Paschi For “Hiding Derivative Documents”

Constitutional crisis: ‘The two enemies of the people are criminals and government’ -Thomas Jefferson

Two national mints begin rationing silver meanwhile SBSS will source all the silver needed

Gold Bank Run Accelerating…Now the Swiss Want Their Gold Back- All 1040 Tons of It!

Are the Swiss going to be told to stretch the repatriation over 7 years ?


The Price of Silver in the Age of Broken Promises READ MORE

“For comparison purposes, and even when the concentration is calculated without removing swaps, the current level of short market concentration eclipses the amount of silver which the Hunt brothers held long so many years ago and were subsequently persecuted for.”

So concentration on the long side was illegal for the Hunt brothers but a larger concentration on the short side is somehow legal for the two market participants ?


Secret Libor list names top Barclays executives

“The names were disclosed on Thursday alongside emails which appeared to suggest that some of Barclays’ most senior managers were aware of the rigging.”

Of course they bloody were aware of the rigging.




Armed 11 year old Girl Defends Home from 3 armed Burglars: Armed Citizen


What does Detroit say about the working class in the US? READ MORE

“City has lost over 25 percent of its population since 2000. People take scrap metal from old buildings to export to China.”


This Is Why Big Money Keeps Buying Gold & Silver Smashes

“The West went over the spending cliff decades ago.  An economic and financial “Blue Screen of Death” lies in waiting.  The only question is what triggers it and the timing.”


Royal Canadian Mint Hits Silver Supply Shortage, Limits Dealer Allocation Read More


Guns and the President

“The president himself has more directly killed about 176 children in Pakistan by the use of CIA drones. These drones have been dispatched by him alone – not pursuant to any congressional declaration of war. At least two of these murdered children were Americans. But since the cameras were kept away, since all of this takes place 10,000 miles from America, and since the survivors are legally and politically helpless, no one here hears the Pakistani children’s cries of pain and anguish.”

The agency whose primary mission was to gather intelligence is now the killer of innocent children.


Court: Obama appointments are unconstitutional

You’re not a King yet Mr president.


Miniature Predator Drone Goes On Sale To Bipolar Public Reception

My son is very interested in joining the Imperial forces when he grows up. He says he’s not sure if he wants to help police the homeland or if he wants to invade foreign countries. So I thought a new Predator drone toy would be a nice gift for him. These drones are used both domestically and internationally, to spy on people and assassinate them at the Emperor’s discretion. He just loves flying his drone around our house, dropping Hellfire missiles on Scruffy, our dog. He kept saying that Scruffy was a terror suspect and needed to be taken out. I asked him if Scruffy should get a trial first, and he quoted Lindsay Graham, Imperial Senator: “Shut up Scruffy, you don’t get a trial!” I was so proud. I think I’ll buy him some video games that promote martial law for Christmas.


Low Energy Light Bulbs Not So “Green” After All? both CFLs and LEDs should be classified as hazardous waste Read More


CDC admits to flu vaccine’s ineffectiveness as huge influx of flu victims fills hospitals across the country


Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the new Emmanual Goldstien! (and why he’s nothing like Osama bin Laden)

“He at least has the advantage of not having died in 2001!”



Constitutional crisis: ‘The two enemies of the people are criminals and government’ -Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson – “The beauty of the Second Amendment (firearms) is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

‘The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”’

Take My Liberty And Give Me Money Read More

“I, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.”

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”-Thomas Jefferson”

“Even liberals are prone to being effusive about the intellect and perspicacity of Thomas Jefferson. That is, until they actually look at the results of that intellect, other than the magnificent but necessarily broad Declaration of Independence. JFK, when reasonably sober and taking a break from his non-stop sexual predation, once opined to his dinner guests that this was as intelligent a group as has ever been in this room, except when Thomas Jefferson dined alone. He was, of course, pretending to be erudite and witty, perhaps achieving the latter.”

“In any event, reading the Jefferson quotes above, even those “educated” in government schools must admit that he and the Founders feared an overbearing central government. Given that the federal government has and requires the powers enumerated in the Constitution, most of our trouble stems from “emergency” or other lamely-excused deviations and expansions therefrom.”

School Shootings Usually Involve Doctor Prescribed SSRI “Anti-Depressant” Drugs–duh, maybe it’s the SSRI drugs?

SSRIs are the problem you won’t hear about on the corporate news media because the agenda is victim disarmament.

Feinstein Rolls Out Draconian Attack on Second Amendment

Well, guess what ? They are coming for the republic. The Department of Homeland inSecurity is NOT the guardian of the republic, the 300 million Americans with access to firearms ARE the guardians of the republic.

Some Things Never Change? BMPS … these derivatives are now “coming due”

“The former chairman of BMPS, the worlds oldest bank resigned yesterday after Bloomberg reported on the derivatives they undertook back in 2008 to “hide” losses.  You see, these derivatives are now “coming due” and the losses must finally be booked.  Ooops!  How could this be?  I thought that the central banks had fixed everything by flooding the market with liquidity and we were saved?  Well, I guess we were until the “clock” started to run out which I guess is somewhere around now!  It makes sense because we are now 5 years+ out from the onset of the train wreck and many deals were done with 5 year maturities.  Back then I am sure that 5 years seemed like an eternity and allowed the losers to breath a sigh of relief but… it wasn’t long enough.”

Can you hear my laughter ?

The biggest news from this is that with so many people dropping out of the labor force, the January unemployment rate will truly plunge

A big drop in the unemployment rate not because so many people found work but that so many people stopping receiving weekly jobless claims benefits.

And The Reason For Today’s Five Years Initial Claims Low Is…

which estimated the claims numbers of 3 states, among which those of the most populous: California.

Head Of Greek Statistics Bureau Accused Of Falsifying Economic Data Puts Blame Where It Truly Lies

A Year After Declaring War On The Banks Read More

“On January 22, 2012, French presidential candidate François Hollande shook up the banks: “It has no name, no face, no party, it will never be candidate, it will therefore never be elected, yet it governs: that enemy is the world of finance,” he said. It “freed itself from all rules” and “took control of the economy, of society, and even our lives.” He’d fight it, he said, and promised some tough reforms.”

“But as the private sector in France sank deeper into an economic and fiscal quagmire, his words, designed to endear him to the left wing of his Socialist Party, were swept under the rug. And you’d think that since becoming President of France, he has been tutored by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.”

“A year later, Dimon had some choice words himself, while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where bankers, business leaders, politicians, and whoever was able to get in were hobnobbing for the better of the world.”


Riding The Silver Wave

Silver Steadily Climbs In Price In Special Drawing Rights (IMF’s funny ‘money’)

Last time SV checked in on the silver price in relation to special drawing rights, it cost 17.10 SDR in order to procure one ounce of silver. Now, eight months later, the price of silver in relation to the SDR has only creeped north, standing now at 20.80 SDR, marking an 21% increase in price. Those are great returns for a currency that’s been handed out by the IMF for free to multinational corporations.”

“The IMF received quite the injection from the Ukraine in 2012, as Ukraine’s payments to the international lender amounted to SDR 2.43 billion ($3.74 billion at the current exchange rates), including SDR 198 million in interest -a record for the Ukraine and the fund since 1994. According to the IMF’s materials, over 19 years of cooperation, the IMF had issued SDR 12.26 billion to Ukraine and has been repaid SDR 6.6 billion, including SDR 1.36 billion in interest.”

Silver Shortage Spreads to Canadian Maples, Canadian Mint Begins Rationing Maples!

Faber To Shiller: “You Keep Your U.S. Dollars And I’ll Keep My Gold”

Gordon Kerr: ‘I was on the grassy knoll’

“GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan talks to Gordon Kerr of Cobden Partners, a financial engineer and specialist in debt capital markets. They talk about Mr Kerr’s pivotal role in the leveraging of British and European banks prior to the crash of 2008, before moving on to discuss the Basel initiatives, designed by various global regulators to try to prevent systemic failures in the financial system. They discuss why these measures are ineffective. Gordon Kerr describes his view of the current financial situation, particularly of British and European banks, and how he sees banking and accounting regulations developing over the next few years.”

Jay Rockefeller Owns An AR-15 And Supports Obamas Gun Plan

A Peaceful Revolution More Than Violent With Little Instability. What is there to Fear with the Coming Collapse?

“There is nothing to fear from the coming collapse of the dollar and the economy. Why dread the end of a system built on lie. Why mourn over a government that is so big and bloated. Why fear the implosion of a corrupt political system that can no longer govern under the Constitution. Why fret over a system that is broken? There is nothing to fear. But it is something to look forward to.  Why cry when the Federal System goes belly up. I certainly will not miss a debt based currency that demand interest to be paid that is more then the money in circulation.”

Video: Mayor Backs Second Amendment After Councilman Tries to Eject Armed Veteran

Final Pulse May Be A Stunning $8,000 For Gold & $500 Silver$8,000_For_Gold_%26_$500_Silver.html

All Aboard!! The Repatriate train is leaving the station: Ghana may repatriate Gold reserves from US, Europe Read More

90 percent of whooping cough outbreak victims are already vaccinated against whooping cough

Jeremy Scahill tells the ugly truth: President Obama Murdered 21 Woman And 14 Children

Lanny Breuer Gets Testy With ABC’s Brian Ross Over HSBC

UN begins probe into civilian deaths in US and UK drone attacks

Assistant Attorney General Breuer Gets DOJ Boot In “Untouchables” Aftermath

Immunization Graphs: Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; and Immunization Dangers

DISCLOSURE: Huge Black Triangle UFO Photographed From International Space Station – Images Posted On NASA’s Web Site

Rand Paul: Benghazi A Judgement Failure By Hillary Clinton, Says He Would Have FIRED Her

Idiotic Federal Gov’t: “FEMA Won’t Let Us Rebuild Our Home”

Will the U.S. Follow Germany’s Freedom Killing Example? Read More

The country that invented Nazism sets up national gun registry. (I guess they never learn…)

CIA-Controlled Anonymous Declares War on United States?

Therefore, Anonymous along with the American people have decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms. We call upon the Citizens of the United States to stand beside us in overthrowing this corrupted body and call upon a new era. We refuse to be a police state, we refuse to be brutalized and dehumanized by the very people our tax dollars fund to protect our cities and streets, we will not allow the government to control our destiny, our right to build a life for ourselves. We demand freedom from government control, taxation, repossession and death. You will not come to our doors and take our guns, our property, you will not force the citizens of this great country to participate in the unlawful act of government mandated healthcare. We the people refuse to put in your control our health, our bodies, our minds, our lives. We will not grant permission for the government to deploy drones over our homes and communities. We must end the federal reserve. A private central bank should not issue our currency, set interest rates and run our economy. Rather, we need to return control over the currency to the American people where it belongs. – Anonymous

“Dominant Social Theme: The American People have declared war on their treasonous government.”

“Free-Market Analysis: The elites’ dominant social themes look more and more like fairy tales so far as we are concerned. It is difficult to tell where the movies leave off and “reality” begins.”

“Now we have “anonymous” on YouTube declaring war on the United States. We believe that Anonymous – whatever “anonymous” this is – is probably at this point yet another weary US Intel incitement … a kind of homegrown black op.”

“Why would we believe this? Because you simply do not go around formally declaring war on U.S. $ 3 trillion entities that control enough nuclear firepower to extinguish all life on Earth.”

“If you want to change the world, you need to do it one person at a time. Education is far more potent than violence – and violence for the most part yields unexpected results, for physical force is no substitute for reason.”

Anyone calling for violence is most likely an agent provocateur.

While You Were Watching The Super Bowl

Mom Says School Went Too Far Punishing Child For ‘Paper Gun’

“Her mom, Dianna Kelly, tells FOX 29?s Dave Kinchen that school staff even searched her, with other kids watching the whole time.”

Were they looking for paper bullets ?

Look what children are being taught these days.

Bank Of Italy Throws The Book At Monte Paschi For “Hiding Derivative Documents”

Would Bank of Italy be one of those central banks that hide gold loaned out (never to be returned) alongside the gold on deposit ?


Oldest Bank In The World Plunges, Halted As Chairman Resigns In Aftermath Of Latest Derivatives Fiasco

“Italy’s Monte Paschi (BMPS) bank (the oldest in the world)


Massive Squeeze Coming As WGC Confirms Gold-Backed Yuan


Benghazi-gate: A Clinton Scorned – “What Difference Does It Make”


Assistant Attorney General Admits On TV That In The US Justice Does Not Apply To The Banks

But in any given case, I think I and prosecutors around the country, being responsible, should speak to regulators, should speak to experts, because if I bring a case against institution A, and as a result of bringing that case, there’s some huge economic effect

Would it be a silly question to ask the regulators how they allowed such a situation to develop ?


BBC star with royal links charged with rape, sex offenses against children READ MORE

“Stuart Hall, 83, who was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth in 2012 for services to broadcasting and charity, was arrested Tuesday morning”


Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: CONGRESSWOMAN Emerson Re-Elected In November QUITS To Take Lobbying Job

To people who say ‘at least I voted’ I would say ‘you voted from a choice of s**theads. How is that a choice ?’
Are we seeing the failure of representative democracy ?


Silver Bars Being Secured By HSBC – Buys $876 Million Worth From Poland


Supreme Court & the Right To Discriminate Against Class READ MORE

“The famous golfer Phil Mickelson was forced to apologize for saying he would have to make “drastic changes” due to new U.S. and California tax laws. The 42-year-old golf champion said the comments should have remained private. He has been assailed as sponsors are intimidated by the government. God help us if we really ever had free speech in this country. Jefferson said God created us all equal in the Declaration of Independence. What happened to those ideals?”

“To set the record STRAIGHT, it is has been the Judiciary and NOT the people that has (1) claimed that it is constitutional to charge people income taxes on a proportional basis endorsing Karl Marx’s theories of communism, (2) applied income taxes to worldwide income when Congress did not expressly do so, and (3) broadly defined income as anything you get not requiring actual labor. I would like to see a store charge white people one price, Spanish-Speaking a different price, and different prices to Asians and Blacks based upon someone else’s theories and let the Supreme Court say that is constitutional. Would the Supreme Court say the equal protection of the law clause does  not apply? What is the difference between if one person pays 60% in taxes and another nothing from creating different prices in a store based upon race, religion, the way you are dressed, or upon the color of your hair?”


Revealed: An Inside Look at Ron Paul’s Portfolio Read More

“The first is his desire to audit and eliminate the Federal Reserve. Paul is a free-market capitalist and doesn’t believe a centrally controlled, non-elected entity should have the ability to dictate interest rates and change the trajectory of the economy.”

All the money goes to where it isn’t needed, the casino on Wall Street, and doesn’t were it is needed, the real economy of roads and physical infrastructure and providing for the needs of ordinary people.


The Death Throes of the United States

2m30s “By giving the power to coin money to private banks a new branch of government was created, one that is not at all accountable to the people, which cannot be voted out of office. This is the essence of fascism, the merger of corporate and government power.”


Legislation would require parents to notify school if they own a firearm READ MORE

The legislators do not know what ‘shall not infringe’ means.


Gun Free Zones Kill: “These Things Only Happen Where Guns Aren’t Allowed”


Gun Owners Of America, This Is Not “URBAN LEGEND” But Reality Coming To America.

“These men admitted readily that they knew their German troops were now in America, including at Fort Bliss, TX, and Holloman AFB, NM, and that they had been informed that MARTIAL LAW WAS COMING TO AMERICA.”

“American locals in Alamogordo, NM, admitted to me that the German Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (Air Force) stationed at Holloman AFB were boasting that they were there for martial law, and that they would not have a problem arresting or firing upon the American civilians under martial law. We are here to ARREST you, FIRE UPON you and SEIZE YOUR WEAPONS under martial law!””

“Aren’t these the same German Bundeswehr UN/Peacekeepers, training in Kosovo, who made the underground videos simulating rape, torture and execution of civilians under occupation??? Yes.”

“Aren’t these the same German Bundeswehr who have trained to participate in roadblocks, and weapons seizure/destruction, according to UN literature, that I have reported on earlier??? Yes.”

What will follow on from martial law ?


WATCH GUN HYPOCRISY ON DISPLAY – Harry Reid Attends Opening Of State Of The Art Las Vegas Shooting Park


Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres


Another FOX news story – Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction.

“The corporate media KNOWS there is a problem with SSRIs and violence. But the orders from the government are to blame the guns!”

“It is up to all of you to force this anti-depressant issue into the public eye. Let the government and corporate media know we know what the real problem is!”


Modern Wheat Really Isn’t Wheat At All

“Gluten intolerance is no longer a fringe medical concept. Researchers are fully aware there is a very big problem with modern wheat cultivation. Wheat is far from being a health food. It makes you fat, causes gas and makes your intestinal tract your enemy, or rather vice-versa. High-yielding and now genetically modified varieties of wheat are making this one cereal grain you’ll probably want to axe from your food list.”

“So what does all of this plant science have to do with what’s ailing us? Intense crossbreeding created significant changes in the amino acids in wheat’s glutenproteins, a potential cause for the 400 percent increase in celiac disease over the past 40 years. Wheat’s gliadin protein has also undergone changes, with what appears to be a dire consequence. “Compared to its pre-1960s predecessor, modern gliadin is a potent appetite stimulant,” explains Dr. Davis. “The new gliadin proteins may also account for the explosion in inflammatory diseases we’re seeing.””

Replace Wheat With Spelt


Coming soon, the car that runs on air: Peugeot Citroen unveil new 117mpg hybrid (and it’s £1,000 cheaper than a Prius)


Hospitals illegally firing nurses for refusing flu vaccines in violation of state law, Civil Rights Act


Insight: Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot READ MORE

Emelie Olsson falls asleep as he watches television in her apartment in Stockholm, January 17, 2013. Emelie is one of around 800 children in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe who developed narcolepsy, an incurable sleep disorder, after being immunised in 2009 with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine made by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline. Picture taken January 17, 2013. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins


Embry: Gold Super-Spike To Be Dwarfed By The Mania In Silver

“So the world chewed through billions of ounces of silver.  Now the inventories are way under one billion ounces in the world, and almost all of that is in strong hands.  The world produces less than one billion ounces of silver each year from mining and recycling, that’s less than $33 billion worth of silver.  It’s a rounding error.  It’s 10 days worth of US budget deficits.”


The Latest Evader Of The French Millionaire Tax: The Former French President


Democrats Vilify Guns While Owning Stock in Gun Companies Read More

Does the hypocrisy of some politicians know no limits ?



CIA Operative Takes Responsibility for Algerian Gas Plant Attack

“Belmokhtar was recruited and trained by the CIA in Afghanistan. He was an “Afghan Arab” recruit from North Africa and fought with the CIA and Pakistan ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) Mujahideen that would later splinter into al-Qaeda and the Taliban.”


What the West Involved in the Algeria attack … and How?–and-How

Terrorism in North Africa: Westerners are pulling the strings? English-speaking jihadis seen in Mali, as a Canadian is reported to have co-ordinated attack … Algeria Canada is investigating to allegation by the Algerian Prime Minister that one of its citizens co-ordinated the terror raid at the Saharan gas plant # in which dozens of hostages were killed. Westerners, including a man with blond hair and blue eyes, are Believed to have been among the Islamist militants who launched last week’s attack on the Tigantourine complex near Algeria’s border with Libya. A French jihadist, previously unknown to authorities, and two Canadians are suspected to have been involved in the hostage-taking, and reports thus claim that a man with a Western accent was among the extremists who lured terrified gas workers from their rooms during the hostage crisis. – Guardian

Dominant Social Theme: Al Qaeda is at it again and needs to be wiped out.”

Free-Market Analysis: The spectacular, tragic and bloody hostage-taking in Algeria that has now failed at the cost of almost all the lives of the hostages involved is widely reported as being organized by “veteran jihadist Mokhtar Belmokhtar.””

I do not believe these people are who we are being told they are.


Farmers Land Stolen for GM Food Production READ MORE

“The reality is very different. They are covertly supporting the multinational agribusiness interest in acquiring Polish land for the large scale production of genetically modified food – the very land you are protesting about – your land. Don’t go to Warsaw to talk with government. They will try to trick you into giving-up your resistance. They are accomplished liars.”


Sheila Jackson Lee is waxing eloquent about “innocent bystanders” hurt in the Texas college shooting.

“FLASHBACK – NYPD Gunfire In Empire State Building Shooting Wounded All Nine Bystanders, Says Ray Kelly”


Satanist Pedo Network Unraveling? Cops seize VIP Pedo list: Politicians, MI5 agent, Royal aide and pop stars all named Read More @


Shock Claim: “The New Litmus Test Of Leadership In The Military Is If They Will Fire On US Citizens Or Not”

The civil war on the American people can’t be far away.


List of children killed by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen

Hey Mr president, are you going to shed a tear for any of these children your drones have killed ?


Keiser Report: Threshold of Tyranny Passed (E396, ft. Alex Jones)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the closing of the American mind as intellectual troublemakers like Aaron Swartz are locked up for decades rather than set free to innovate. They look at the two tier justice system in which these intellectual troublemakers are persecuted while political benefactors on Wall Street are allowed to commit an endless array of financial crimes without any fear of prosecution. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Alex Jones about his appearance on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN. They also discuss the targeting of activists and the role of new media taking on the dinosaurs of media.”

Where the hell would we be if it wasn’t for intellectual troublemakers like Galileo ?


Please Welcome UK To The Global Currency Wars



Corruption Scandal Brought to Forefront in Spain


And Now For Your Daily Dose Of Morning Sunshine With Marc Faber



Ridiculously Low Silver Prices to Explode on Supply Crunch Read More

The mysterious not-for-profit seller of paper silvers can only suppress silver’s value for so long.


First-Hand Account of Gold & Silver Mania in China- Black Friday Style Mobs Scrambling for Bullion


This Exploding Grenade Will Create A Gold & Silver Surge


The Incredible Roadmap To $25,000 Gold$25,000_Gold.html


India Scrambles To Make Gold Purchases Ever More Difficult: Hikes Import Tax And Duties Again


January Richmond Fed Plunges, Quadruple Dips In Biggest Miss To Expectations Since 2009



Lies and the State

“I often hear questions like these: Why doesn’t the government address the issue of the link between psychotropic drugs and mass shootings? Why do they talk only about gun control as a means to “stop the violence”? Why don’t they get it? Why are they so dumb?”

“Listen: They are not dumb. They know exactly what they are doing. And when it comes to mass shootings, despite all the sympathetic things they say, they actually find such crises useful. “Problem-reaction-solution” is the traditional tool used by authoritarian regimes to expand their grip. This was once affirmed by Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff, when he said, in a rare moment of candor, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.””


Schools Gets Up To $1,000 Or More For Every Student Diagnosed As ADD/ADHD Here’s Why.

Give me a DAMN break will you.


Triggering Political Chaos: U.S., NATO to Destabilize Iraq Through Qatar, Turkey


NASA Admits LENR (Cold Fusion) Game Changer!

The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis – December 8, 1999

“According to a Memphis jury’s verdict on December 8, 1999, in the wrongful death lawsuit of the King family versus Loyd Jowers “and other unknown co-conspirators,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a conspiracy that included agencies of his own government. Almost 32 years after King’s murder at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis on April 4, 1968, a court extended the circle of responsibility for the assassination beyond the late scapegoat James Earl Ray to the United States government.”

“What I experienced in that courtroom ranged from inspiration at the courage of the Kings, their lawyer-investigator William F. Pepper, and the witnesses, to amazement at the government’s carefully interwoven plot to kill Dr. King. The seriousness with which U.S. intelligence agencies planned the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. speaks eloquently of the threat Kingian nonviolence represented to the powers that be in the spring of 1968.”

“The jury also heard a tape recording of a two-hour-long confession Jowers made at a fall 1998 meeting with Martin Luther King’s son Dexter and former UN Ambassador Andrew Young. On the tape Jowers says that meetings to plan the assassination occurred at Jim’s Grill. He said the planners included undercover Memphis Police Department officer Marrell McCollough (who now works for the Central Intelligence Agency, and who is referenced in the trial transcript as Merrell McCullough), MPD Lieutentant Earl Clark (who died in 1987), a third police officer, and two men Jowers did not know but thought were federal agents.”

The people in various levels of government who conspired to assassinate this man of peace are the vilest scum imaginable.


Who was the white jihadi? Algerian forces find ‘two Canadians and at least one Frenchman’ among bodies of gas plant gunmen

Mossad have a long history of using Canadian passports for cover.

These guys are not who we are being told they are.


‘Al-Qaeda threat used by NATO as smoke screen for re-colonization of Northern Africa’


Exposed: The regime of fear inside Barclays – and how the boss lied and shredded the evidence–boss-lied-shredded-evidence.html

“British executive at £184bn broking arm hid damning report on bullying”

“Intimidated staff forced to flout rules in pursuit of ‘revenue at all costs’”

Were there any laws broken ?


Keiser Report: Welcome Home German Gold (E395) March 17th, 2008

“In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the currency war masquerading as a ‘storage plan,’ the Bond Kings threatening the gold repatriating Germany with having a Libya done to them and the Mexican taco stand in Florida advising customers to invest in silver. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Doug Casey of about German gold, Glenn’s Gulch and future war.”


“Detonating The Japanese Debt Time Bomb” With Kyle Bass

every 1% rise in their cost of capital (or rates) costs them another 25% of revenue!.”


Economic shortage

“In most cases, a shortage will compel firms to increase the price of a product until it reaches market equilibrium. Sometimes, however, external forces cause more permanent shortages—in other words, there is something preventing prices from rising or otherwise keeping supply and demand balanced.”


Silver Update 1/18/13 Silver Glut

Pallet of silver 1

Pallet of silver 2

300 Trucks needed for 572 tons of silver


Last time the US Mint ran out of American eagles the silver price jumped from $34 to $49 an ounce READ MORE




Did Tim Geithner Leak Every Fed Announcement To The Banks?

“On August 17, 2007, the Fed’s Board of Governors announced a key change to primary credit lending terms, whereby the discount rate was cut by 50 bp — to 5.75% from 6.25% — and the term of loans was extended from overnight to up to thirty days. This reduced the spread of the primary credit rate over the fed funds rate from 100 basis points to 50 basis points. News of the emergency measure was supposed to be kept secret from market participants as it was substantially market moving. It wasn’t. And just when we thought our opinion of the outgoing Treasury Secretary and former NY Fed head Tim Geithner, whose TurboTax incompetence is now legendary, couldn’t get lower, it got lower. Much lower.

The guy is guilty of trillion dollar insider trading.


How would Glass-Steagall Change the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Discussion?


An Inside Look at the Rapidly Escalating Physical Silver Shortage Via SDBullion

Monday 1/21:  SDBullion’s primary suppliers are running out of 2013 Silver Maples due to massive demand, wholesale premiums have tripled on Silver Maples, and have already been raised twice today at our primary supplier!


EXCELLENT: Guns Across America, Illinois — “I am my own first responder.” Tom Shafer

A gun doesn’t fire bullets until someone pulls the trigger.


French Lies: The War on Mali is about Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, and Strategic Minerals


The Geopolitical Reordering of Africa: US-NATO Covert Funding and Arming Support to Al Qaeda in Northern Mali, France “Comes to the Rescue”

“What TIME elects not to tell readers is that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is closely allied to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG whom France intervened on behalf of during NATO’s 2011 proxy-invasion of Libya – providing weapons, training, special forces and even aircraft to support them in the overthrow of Libya’s government.”


France Launches War in Mali in Bid to Secure Resources, Stamp Out National Rights Struggles

“France, the former slave power of west Africa, has poured into Mali with a vengeance in a military attack launched on January 11. French warplanes are bombing towns and cities across the vast swath of northern Mali, a territory measuring some one thousand kilometers from south to north and east to west. French soldiers in armoured columns have launched a ground offensive, beginning with towns in the south of the northern territory, some 300 km north and east of the Malian capital of Bamako.”


US AFRICOM Underway With Mali (as predicted) Read More

“As we predicted this past week, the theatrical upheaval in Mali was merely a nudging exercise to move forward the stated objectives laid down in US AFRICOM policy. With no debate or questioning in foreign policy circles, and with Obama’s coronation and ceremonial pop concert in Washington DC keeping American eyes and ears glued to the corporate media punditry, NATO allies, led by the US, are carefully carving out a comprehensive military footprint in Africa in order to further evict Chinese influence from the continent. A convenient excuse in the short-term will be to ‘stop the spread of Islamic extremist, but as history has witnessed, this is merely a superficial justification for a comprehensive military and economic colonization of the region over the next two decades. Ironic that it would be America’s first ‘black’ President who would reside over the takeover of Africa. Expect more US bases to come in the near future, as well as more violent civil wars popping up regularly in the region.”

3m25s “The British and the French are only offering a 20/80 split to Mali for their gold business. I’m sure that China would probably offer them a better deal and give them infrastructure.”



Africa is going up in flames, previously Libya now Mali and Algeria and Somalia, the Middle East going up in flames, previously Afghanistan and Iraq and now Pakistan and Yemen.

With parts of two continents going up in flames are we already in world war 3 ?


Kindergartner Suspended For “Bubble-Gun Terrorism” READ MORE

“Now obviously, anyone with any common sense would react to this story with immediate shock and disbelief.  The 5 year old child merely discussed “shooting bubbles” with a bubble gun she didn’t even have with her, and she is immediately suspended?  How does this compute?  Have school districts gone completely insane?  Actually, I believe they are quite aware and cognizant of what they are doing…”

suggesting she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles


The Bankruptcy of The United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

“Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913)”

“”Hypothecated” all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a “beneficiary” of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their “subjects,” the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.”

“In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States corporation all the credit “money substitute” it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their “economic slaves”, the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.”

“Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the people have exchanged one master for another.”

“This has been going on for over eighty years without the “informed knowledge” of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it’s easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt.”

“Why don’t more people own their properties outright?”

“Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?”

“We are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it.”

“America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your Country.””



We are the people, we are awake now, we reclaim our destiny.


Must Watch: Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes’ Heartfelt ‘Guns Across America’ Speech


John Bad Elk v. United States – 177 U.S. 529 (1900)

“Three policemen in South Dakota attempted, under verbal orders, to arrest another policeman for an alleged violation of law when no charge had been formally made against him and no warrant had issued for his arrest. Those attempting to make the arrest carried arms, and when he refused to go, they tried to oblige him to do so by force. He fired and killed one of them. He was arrested, tried for murder, and convicted.”

“The Supreme Court overturned the conviction and ruled that Bad Elk had the right to use any force, including lethal force, to prevent his false arrest, even if the policeman was only trying to arrest him and not kill him.  Basically, the Supremes of the day ruled that as a citizen, you have the right to defend against your civil rights being violated using ANY force necessary to prevent the violation, even if the offending party isn’t trying to kill you.”

These three policemen acting lawlessly so it looks like they got what they deserved.


WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom)

“The PirateBox does not connect to the Internet, nor does it operate from your hard drive. It works entirely on the USB thumbdrive you install it on, simply using your computer’s WiFi to network all who are in range.”

I’m getting me a USB thumbdrive and getting PirateBox on it.


CNN airs fake Sandy Hook footage

Sandy Hook - fake vs real
West Point Think Tank Labels “Civil Activism, Individual Freedoms and Self-Government” As Terrorism


David Albright and Company Call for Intensifying War on the Iranian People

“The standoff between Iran and the Western powers led by the United States has created an entirely new “industry” in Washington, which consists of “pundits” on Iran, its political system, and its nuclear program. Some of them are not experts at all, as their “expertise” consists entirely of hollow rhetoric, great exaggerations about the “threat” posed by Iran, and half-truth, if not outright lies. One such pundit is Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the neoconservative-aligned Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). Before he became an “expert” on Iran, he was in the venture capital as well as software industries. How he became an Iran expert overnight is not clear to this author. He is now presented everywhere as an “expert” on sanctions against Iran, never mind that one does not need “expertise” to advocate economic war on a nation. He has taken some of the most hawkish positions regarding Iran.”


Waking Times – Those Who Refuse To Unlearn, Deschool and Deprogram Will Be This Generation’s Illiterate


American Milk Banned in Europe Because it Does No Body Good

When FOX News reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre wrote a story on the health dangers of rBGH, FOX News, which receives huge advertising contracts from Monsanto, ordered them to remove the health concerns and make the story a promotional piece for Monsanto’s rBGH. Steve and Jane refused and were fired. They sued FOX News and lost on appeal when the court ruled that since there is no law requiring the corporate media to tell the public the truth, FOX News can order their reporters to lie to the public, and if they refuse, legally fire them!

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