“Take a percentage of people’s net worth, including equity in their homes” – got BTC ?

Jim Sinclair: Gold Will be $50,000 per Ounce, Gold Confiscation, Dollar Gets Hammered and More


11m35s “They would take a percentage of people’s net worth, including equity in their homes.”


FBI proves seizing bitcoins isn’t the same as owning them




Every time you are about to pay, ask if they take bitcoin. Ask if it is the most normal thing in the world.


“it’s like paypal without the paypal”


What the MSM Won’t Tell You: 83% of Private Practice Doctors May Be Quitting Due to Obamacare



Silver Update 10/19/13 Looming Riots



Thorium backed as a ‘future fuel’


“Nuclear scientists are being urged by the former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix to develop thorium as a new fuel.”


Bankrupt solar panel firm took stimulus money, left a toxic mess, says report


This is how you loot.


US Navy gets largest and most expensive destroyer ever



“But Food Stamps have to be cut.”

This is how you loot.


Citigroup Written Bankster Legislation Moves Through the House of Representatives

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/237976 READ MORE


With Stocks Soaring, Art Cashin Takes A Look Back At 1929



60-Year Market Veteran – People Missed Major News Today


““The chart below shows the explosion in the price of gold as stocks sank during the brutal bear market in stocks in the 1973/1974 time frame.  Gold soared from $35 to a peak of $204.  That’s nearly a six-times increase in the price of gold in a very short period of time (see chart below).”

KWN Rosen III 10 29 2013



Rebels conduct new chemical weapons attack in Syria near Turkish border – report



Why are we not demanding that the rebels give up their chemical stockpiles as well as the Syrian government?!?!


Government Gone Wild – EPA Shuts Cheerleaders Carwash Fundraiser – Regulation Nation



German Lawmakers Say They Will Give Edward Snowden Asylum For His Testimony



Federal Agents Raid Reporter’s Home In Search of Illegal Weapons and Allegedly Question Her About Prior Negative Stories And Seize Documents and Notes


“There is a troubling story outside of Washington where journalist Audrey Hudson’s home was searched by federal agents who took documents related to stories and reportedly asked her about stories that she had written that were critical of the Federal Air Marshal program. The agents had a search warrant to search for unregistered firearms and a “potato gun.” That apparently required a pre-dawn raid by armed agents of the U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland State Police and the Department of Homeland Security. Presumably, the family was believed to have a whole bushel of potatoes that were considered an arsenal.”


“Welcome to what dictatorship looks like in Obama’s Amerika, folks, where logical, factual criticism of any governmental agency is not tolerated.”

“IF the American government collectively believes that its actions against this woman were to teach other reporters of the independent media a “lesson”, that lesson learned is to be more overt and forthright about very publicly disclosing government dysfunction.
And if the facts are inconvenient or embarrassing, fix the bloody problem, already!!


EU Set to Monitor “Intolerant” Citizens


“According to the Gatestone Institute, the Statute represents an “unparalleled threat to free speech” and would have the impact of “effectively shutting down the right to free speech in Europe” by banning “all critical scrutiny of Islam and Islamic Sharia law, a key objective of Muslim activist groups for more than two decades.””




After a 16-year-old was violently raped in Kenya, the local police sentenced her attackers … to cut the grass outside of the police station. This is horrifying.



Is Bitcoin Real Capitalism? / “NSA Tapped The Pope”



Ben Swann: Is Bitcoin Real Capitalism?


Everyone on the bitcoin network knows what key holder is the proper owner if each fraction of BTC.


“NSA Tapped The Pope”, Spied On Vatican To Prevent “Threats To Financial System”


Would the NSA tap god almighty ?


UK bitcoin exchange Coinfloor opens for business

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/26004 READ MORE


New UK Bitcoin exchange to bar US clients


What is wrong with the USA ?


Welcome To The Non-Recovery: ADP Payrolls Miss Big, Plunge To Lowest Since April (With Infographic)



Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Head For Annual Record Over 40 Million

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/238283 READ MORE


I stand with the people against fracking.  Get the frackers out of New Brunswick.


Head Of World’s Largest Asset Manager Says Taper “Imperative” To End “Bubble-Like Markets”




Vaccine Dangers: BOMBSHELL Admissions from CDC’s 1999 Epidemiologist



CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism



Ginger Root Kills Ovarian & Prostate Cancer Cells Better than Chemo



Dick Cheney Calls for War on Iran



Santelli Stunned As Nobel Winner Fama Explains Fed Unwind “Is No Big Deal”



JPMorgan Slides On “Deal” Breakdown Chatter



“Evil, Populist” Nigel Farage Blasts Barroso: “We Don’t Want Political Union”


‘Wounds of Waziristan’: The Story of Drones As Told By the People Who Live Under Them




Click here to call on FIFA to help ensure construction for the Qatar World Cup does not use slave labour.


NSA vs Merkel / Detroit 16-cent Pensioners / euro bank union vs DE-centralised bitcoin / United States of Water Profiteers

Barack Obama ‘approved tapping Angela Merkel’s phone 3 years ago’


Did the NSA hear any terrorist chatter to or from Germany’s chancellor ?

The NSA is a complete laughing stock, complete fraud … I was nearly speechless, head in hands, mouth wide open – you get the idea.

Doesn’t this president usually feign ignorance of such treacherous behaviour ?

Detroit Pensioners Face Miserable 16 Cent On The Dollar Recovery



Greece Takes Aim at Pensioners Again


The IMF want all pensioners to hurry up and die, is that it ? I say, go f**k yourself, IMF.

EU leaders to set tight timetable on completing banking union

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/236990 READ MORE

For people using the euro there is the dead hand of more centralisation, for everyone else there’s DE-centralised bitcoin.

The EPA Legally Controls All Water, Food Production and Private Property


“Under the new guidelines, if you use well water, the EPA has jurisdiction over your property and can even forcibly evict you and your family. If it rained overnight, or you have runoff from a recent snowfall, and there is any resulting puddles on your property, this can result in the loss of the free use of your property. You are also subject to eviction from your land if your property resides above an underground water aquifer.”


“Most rural communities understand what is happening to them, but these events are receiving almost no attention except for the exceptional news blurb. The most dramatic reporting on this event occurred in the past week on FOX News in which Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on FOX and recounted many of the claims which I have identified here.”

“In Roberts County, TX., Pickens has purchased nearly 70,000 acres, as well as the water rights to personally remove up to half of the Ogallala Aquifer of which he plans to sell back to nearby residents in order to enrich himself. Much of this aquifer extends into prime farm land located in America’s bread basket. One man, T. Boone Pickens, is acquiring the ability to turn the American heartland into a dust bowl. Pickens will soon have the political power to charge so much for water, that farmers will be forced to abandon their farms and ranches in a Hunger Games rendition in which government sponsored interests will eventually become the sole purveyor of the nation’s food and water supply as the anti-humanist, Pickens, makes more money from water than he ever did with oil.”

“According to Business Week, Pickens is now the number one owner of water in the United States. He will soon possess the ability to create a waterless wasteland through the heartland of America and who is going to stop him, Obama or the corrupt Texas State Legislature?”

Welcome to these united states of Water Monopolists.

Garbage Warrior Full Length Documentary (Mike Reynolds’ sustainable living)


3m40s “Architecture as it stood then was worthless. Had nothing to do with the planet, had barely anything to do with the people and what they needed.”

5m45s “We know that in the future we are rendering this planet damn near uninhabitable so as we move closer toward that we’re trying to devise a method of living that allows people to take care of themselves.”

6m10s “There’s nothing coming into the house, no power lines, no gas lines, no sewage lines going out, no water lines coming in, no energy being used.”

14m35s “All of the glass is facing the sun and the low winter sun comes right in and floods the house and is absorbed into the massive walls of the tyres and just stored there. Just heating wise there’s just no heating bill.”

18m30s “I had my own power, I had food growing, I didn’t need heat, I was like Jesus Christ man, I am free, I am absolutely free.”

28m35s “We took thousands and thousands of dollars of expenses out of the equation and it worked.”

33m15s “Standardised design and construction is so important because it means safety.”

Has anyone come to any harm from these buildings in any way ?

37m55s Noah.

39m35s “Archaeologists had to walk the land and look for arrow heads – that cost $20,000.”

39m50s “Engineers had to engineer the terrain and make diagrams and drawings that nobody ever uses – that was $14,000. Just endless horses**t.”

Pay all of this money to cronies so that you may have shelter.

43m55s “They allowed for bombs, they test automobiles, they test aeroplanes, they should test housing.”

The Next Shot Heard Round the World Will Be in Northern California


“As I have highlighted before, there are three distinct stages of revolution. The 15 counties comprising Northern California have entered stage two on the path to revolution, namely, the civil disobedience stage. And two of the counties have entered the civil disobedience phase with a vengeance as their County Board of Supervisors have voted to secede from the state of California.”


Mike Reynolds’ sustainable living vs agenda 21’s so-called sustainable development.

Article IV [The States] (fat chance of secession from Cali for those 2 counties)


“New states may be admitted by the Congress into this union; but no new states shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the junction of two or more states, or parts of states, without the consent of the legislatures of the states concerned as well as of the Congress.”

Babylonian law


“The Code contemplates the whole population as falling into three classes: the amelu, the mushkenu and the ardu.”

“The amelu was originally a patrician, a man from an elite family, possessed of full civil rights, whose birth, marriage and death were registered. He had aristocratic privileges and responsibilities, and the right to exact retaliation for corporal injuries, but was liable to a heavier punishment for crimes and misdemeanours, higher fees and fines. To this class belonged the king and court, the higher officials, the professions and craftsmen. Over time, the term became a mere courtesy title—already in the Code, when status is not concerned, it is used to denote anyone. There was no property qualification, nor does the term appear to be racial.”

Are we under a form of amelu Babylonian law ?

1000s Stage Anti-Regime Protest in Bahrain



“IF they had not had their conscience surgically removed, all members of the US government and military should find this ethically and morally troubling in the extreme. After all, is the United States not the alleged “leader of the free world”, and all that that implies?!?”

For a population of only 50,000 this indicates that the regime in Bahrain has to go.

How about freeing the people of Bahrain ?

Killing us Softly: The Global Depopulation Agenda


“Since the end of the Second World War and with the formation of the United Nations in 1945, international peace and stability have been maintained by controlling population growth. Unbeknown to the masses, governments have used covert methods to limit births in developed and underdeveloped countries alike and to accelerate deaths in Africa and a few critically poor and overpopulated areas elsewhere.”

I am very angry for my African friends.

Israelis, Saudis Just Getting Started in Opposing U.S.-Iran Détente


Adelson’s Call For A Nuclear Strike On Iran Shows Need To Remove All Zionists From Positions Of Power


Israel blocks European parliament members from visiting besieged Gaza Strip


I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress



Nobody Should Shed a Tear for JP Morgan Chase


“So let’s not forget that – that even this $13 billion settlement, which is actually a $9 billion settlement (see below), came very close to never happening. But now it is happening, and the business press is going nuts about how unfair it all is.”


“JP Morgan made TRILLIONS in the mortgage-backed securities fraud, the biggest financial fraud since the Great South Seas Company fraud collapsed in 1720 (although now eclipsed by the LIBOR rigging fraud), and now they whine they have to give back $13 billion of that?”

The Fed Can Only Fail


Total-Credit-MD-10-24-2013 1-46-39

Ron Paul: The Ideal Global Monetary System Is One Without Government

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/237427 READ MORE

Rock Bottom: Recent UK poll shows politicians least trusted profession


I wouldn’t follow any of these politicians out of a burning building except for Ron Paul.

Behold The Face Of Central Banker Hubris


“We’re just supposed to trust that they’re good guys. Competent guys. That they know what they’re doing.  Fast forward almost two decades. Long Term Capital Management. The NASDAQ bubble. The real estate bubble. The credit crunch. The mortgage crisis. The banking crisis. The sovereign debt crisis.”

And the soon to arrive currency crisis.

Wouldn’t You Love To Own the Police In Your Town? Mike Maloney


David Stockman: Dems Defend Entitlements, Reps Defend Pentagon, Nobody Defends Taxpayers


Tag team wrestling.

Is A Massive Chinese Order Causing a Silver Shortage in Europe?!


“The refiners had been very busy during the last month trying to fulfill an “enormous” Chinese order.”

Maguire & Sprott Refute Allegations & Discuss War In Gold


“We saw evidence of $100 premiums last week that was reported by Reuters.  This week, demand for silver has been absolutely huge.  Shanghai silver premiums have been as high as 64 cents above December futures.  Think about that — that is an incredible amount.”

The markets for futures and physical are separating.

Andrew Maguire’s Employer Responds to Jeffrey Christian’s Fraud Allegations


“A final thought. It strikes me that the inability to shoot down the message has morphed into an attempt instead to shoot down the messenger…

Feds Confiscate Record $29 Million BitCoin Booty From Dread Pirate’s Hard Drive


Look Out Below: Home Sales Plunge: “Biggest Drop in 40 Months”

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/237571 READ MORE

The so called housing recovery has left the building.

Keiser Report: Silent but Violent Emissions (E515)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the impossibility of tapering a ponzi scheme, Alan Greenspan’s return to the hot airwaves and why QE has failed. In the second half, Max interviews Trond Andresen, a lecturer in control systems at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, about a digital crisis currency or bitcoin as a solution to a man-made disaster like Greece.”

“Horrific Consequences For the US & For The World”


“According to the Nobel Prize winner, Schiller, the inflation-adjusted S&P 500 Index is now at a P/E of 25, which is the highest at any time since 1929.  So, the reality is that, technically, the European markets look set up for a major and long-lasting decline, and the US is very near the end of a bull market, with horrific consequences for the US and for the world.”

“Greyerz added: “Looking at gold demand from India and China, it continues unabated.  Premiums in the Indian market reached $100 per ounce last week.  This is an indication of a massive shortage of supply.  Meanwhile, the UK has exported well over 1,000 tons of gold to Switzerland in just the first eight months of this year.  This was against only 85 tons last year.”

Your FASCIST Gov’t: Florida Woman’s Monthly Insurance Premium INCREASES 1,000% Under Obamacare


“One Florida woman is going from paying $54 a month to $591 under Obamacare, CBS reports.”

Federal War on the Press, Continued


“The current executive branch of the federal government claims to be the most transparent in history but actually shows unprecedented hostility toward the news-gathering process. That is not a Tea Party press release but an ongoing story that emerged in some detail in a recent CSPAN session headed by Leonard Downie Jr., former executive editor of the Washington Post.”

NSA Propaganda Video Among Highest Downvote Percentages in Youtube History – 4500 Downvotes!


Ray McGovern: “We Won’t Allow Constitution to be Vandalized!”


“A huge rally was held on Saturday morning, Oct. 26th, at Columbus Circle, directly in front of the historic Union Station in Washington, D.C. Stopping the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive spying/surveillance on its own citizens was the focus of the spirited protest action. Ray McGovern is a former analyst for the CIA. He said that he was encouraged by the large turnout for the protest action and how many young people showed-up.”

We Gather To Restore Our Freedom: RECLAIM The Constitution, REPEAL The Patriot Act & ABOLISH The NSA


3m55s “We reject the right of the state in the name of security to make everyone a suspect, no one a free citizen in a Orwellian surveillance society. We know the truth. We have to e protected from such a state not by it. The National Security State is government as a racket.”

The government is the suspect not the people.

Naomi Wolf: “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! I WANT IT BACK!” — Rally Against NSA Surveillance


Gary Johnson: “Edward Snowden, Thank You! THANK YOU!” — STOP WATCHING US NSA Protest Rally


Bob Woodward: “Secret” Government Under Obama Administration Needs To Be Reviewed


Thousands of Portuguese protest against austerity cuts


Unlimited clean power: Way to new energy?


“Winter’s on its way, which gives us the perfect excuse to head for warmer climates. On this month’s show, we see what’s new in one of largest international scientific collaborations ever, which hopes to create a star on Earth and produce unlimited clean power. However, none of it would be possible were it not for the imagination of a Red Army soldier, tune in to find out why.”

Amish Girl Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers with Natural Treatment

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/237511 READ MORE

“Although they do not know it yet, the hospital now has a big problem they must deal with. Sarah is completely recovered, as of October 23, according to Andy. The hospital told them and the news media that Sarah would die in a few months without the treatment they recommend. Three doctors that have treated her with a natural, biochemical protocol using nutrition, supplements and plant extracts have declared Sarah cancer free based on cat scans and blood tests—confirmed three times.”

Battle of the bulge: US food corporations fueling obesity epidemic with addictive ingredients


Two More Open Carry Activists Falsely Arrested, Near-Riot Ensues


When the law as written excludes what the officers claim is a firearm, they ‘arrest’ the guy anyway. Have they opened themselves up to a wrongful arrest lawsuit ?

These so-called public servants are simply silent when asked what the charge is against the guys being wrongfully arrested as they follow illegal orders, silent as a fence post. Hitler’s henchmen discovered what following illegal orders got them.

California Cops Impose Police State Following Shooting


What was that gun being shoved in the face of the member of public if they weren’t one of the suspects ?

What is going on in the USA with their so called public servants ?

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE – 86 min


http://CampFEMA.com | Support the filmmakers purchase your DVD today – Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in.”

“In a country born out of political dissent, we watch our leaders in Washington slowly pass bills that label ordinary Americans as thought criminals and potential domestic terrorists for simply questioning the actions of their government. We see third party candidates and their impassioned supporters listed in secret government reports that call their allegiance into question and brand them as fanatics and extremists.”

When will 300 million Americans stand up and say ‘no’ to FEMA ?

Partnership between Facebook and police could make planning protests impossible


“According to Lipp, the unnamed CPD officer said specifically that his agency was working with Facebook to block users’ by their individual account, IP address or device, such as a cell phone or computer.”

And where is the court order ?

Group Gathers to Protest “Urban Shield” Police State Drill in Oakland

http://sgtreport.com/2013/10/group-gathers-to-protest-urban-shield-police-state-drill-in-oakland/ Read More

“In 2012, DHS gave half a billion dollars to police departments in 31 metro regions across the US to“address the unique planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs of high-threat, high-density urban areas,” according to the DHS website.”

USA going broke what with spending like this.

13-year-old with replica assault rifle was shot 7 times in 10 seconds


You are more likely to shot by rampaging law enforcement jumping to the wrong conclusions than by rampaging SSRI-frazzle-brained gunmen.

End Of The Petrodollar?! meets Massive Global Political Awakening




Russell Brand, Human Being… Truth Teller.



They’re Coming For Your Savings



IMF Pushes Plan to Plunder Global Wealth


“A controversial report released this month by the International Monetary Fund outlines schemes to have big-spending governments with out-of-control debts plunder humanity’s wealth using a mix of much higher taxes and outright confiscation. The goal: Prop up Big Government. Because people and their assets are generally mobile, the radical IMF document, dubbed “Taxing Times,” also proposes measures to prevent them from escaping before they can be fleeced. Of course, the real problems — debt-based fiat currency, lawless bank bailouts, and a cartel-run monetary system — are virtually ignored.”


Elizabeth Warren to Wall Street Regulators: Put Big Bank CEOs in Jail



Here We Go: SocGen Warns There Is “Possibility” Fed May Increase QE Next Week



Judge Napolitano: The Government Violated Same Statute It’s Attempting To Prosecute Snowden For



NSA spied on phones of 35 world leaders


Did they hear any terrorist chatter to or from these 35 world leaders ?


Trade Agreements Are Designed To Give Companies Corporate Sovereignty


“One of the difficulties of making people aware of the huge impact that investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses in TPP and TAFTA/TTIP are likely to have on their lives, is that the name is so boring, and so they tend to assume that what it describes is also boring and not worth worrying about. And yet what began as an entirely reasonable system for protecting investments in emerging economies with weak judiciaries, through the use of independent tribunals, has turned into a monster that now allows companies to place themselves above national laws, as Techdirt has reported before.”

Serfs and aristocracy.


Gary Johnson: NSA Spying Reminiscent of Pre-WW2 Germany



China’s Gold Reserves At Least 2.5 Times Higher Than Reported, ‘De-Americanisation’ Continues



Pulling Back the Curtain on the Organized Crime Ring That Is the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel



Worldwide Protests Challenge Fracking Industry



My bank is denying my SEPA transfer to Bitstamp!


“I thought you might want to know that my bank, the Spanish branch of ING called ING Direct, is denying me a SEPA transfer to the Bitstamp bank account in Slovenia claiming it’s safeguarding “my own safety”.”


MEGA PUKE-SCALE 9.9 BEX ALERT – Report: Iran may be month from a bomb



Government Agency Seeks to Silence Not Only Citizen Activists, But Their Public Interest Lawyers, Too


“A government agency whose job it is to limit political debate is now seeking to drastically restrict free civil rights advocacy—advocacy that has guided our nation to live up to its ideals of freedom and justice.  A first-of-its-kind legal battle over the agency’s actions is now raging in Washington state and will answer important questions about the limits of government power, the right of free speech and political participation, and the ability of civil rights advocates to represent their clients against a government agency when that agency is violating constitutionally enshrined rights.”


Feds confiscate investigative reporter’s confidential files during raid


“A veteran Washington D.C. investigative journalist says the Department of Homeland Security confiscated a stack of her confidential files during a raid of her home in August — leading her to fear that a number of her sources inside the federal government have now been exposed.”


“The Warrant was for firearms, which means the Feds had no legal authority to take files.”


Diebold Charged With Bribery, Falsifying Docs, ‘Worldwide Pattern of Criminal Conduct’



Guantanamo detainees ‘can’t mention torture’


“Detainees could not file complaints under the UN Convention against Torture, their lawyers said, because their treatment in US detention was a classified matter.”

The words following the word ‘because’ could have been anything. What they really wanted to say there was ‘because we f**king said so you piece of s**t’.


Peter Hitchens: Young should leave UK while they can, whole system rigged by political elite



Tell CNN: Give your viewers more than one side of the nuclear debate. Make time for a rebuttal to Pandora’s Promise.


United Nations: Disarmament Commission Civilian Weapon Confiscation Study Group


Has the time come to disassociate ourselves from the United Nations ?


BTC@$233>232% / $200bn Liquidity Shortfall From Fed’s Bank Rules

Stocks Stumble On $200bn Liquidity Shortfall From Fed’s Tougher-Than-Expected Bank Rules


A few months of $85 billion QE and this problem should be fixed.


Mark Spitznagel Warns Today’s “Distorted” Market Is “Set Up For A Major Crash”



Keiser Report: Debtocholics Anonymous (E514)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss George Osborne in China from where he dissed the jumper class while refusing to come up with more than a 5 day plan for UK command and control economic and monetary policies favoring the bankster class. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about calls in China for a de-Americanization and a rapidly rising pot of savings.”


Diebold charged with bribing officials, falsifying records in China, Russia, Indonesia; fined nearly $50 million


The ballot machine company cannot be trusted with counting ballots.


Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind GMO Labeling Fight



Bitcoin’s Biggest Exchange is Now in China as the Price Tops $200/btc

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/25686 READ MORE

“I knew Baidu’s decision to accept Bitcoin for its Jiasule service was a big deal the moment I saw it, but I didn’t expect the move in price upward to be this powerful and this immediate.  There’s a new player in the global Bitcoin marketplace and that player is huge.”

BTC@$222>217% / Deutsche Bank Floats The “Why Bother With Tapering At All” Bubble



Deutsche Bank Floats The “Why Bother With Tapering At All” Bubble



This Has The “Money Masters” Of The World Truly Terrified


“The dangers in the background for the haves are the possibilities that (1) interest rates will begin to advance, and (2) inflation will rise and be so visible that even the common man will recognize it, and begin to protest, or even revolt and (3) the whole debt structure will rise so high that it will topple over of its own weight and take down the entire world economy with it.”


The Bitcoin revolution could change government

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/25612 READ MORE


Troika Wants To Strip Greece Of Defense, Auto Industries, Greece Balks: The Troika-Greece Can-Kicking Toxic Loop


“While the world awaits with bated breath until the moment that Greece can no longer afford to pretend it is solvent and has to apply for its third bailout from Europe, or else threaten to take down Deutsche Bank and its tens of trillions in gross derivatives, the world has to listen to the constant jawboning from the Troika which for the past nearly 4 years continues to express its displeasure with Greece, and yet still provides every Euro of funding the imploding country requests. In the latest iteration of this charade, the Troika has apparently flexed its muscles and made it clear that if Greece wants to receive the next round of cash, it will have to shutter the state-owned Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS) and the Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELVO). In short: shut down the domestic defense and auto industries, and we’ll talk. Oh, and if as a result you have to import your guns and cars from Germany (whose generous funding has kept you afloat so far), and have to take out Deutsche Bank loans to pay for them, so be it.”



Here Is The Shocking Reason Why Gold Is Soaring Today


“There is no rule that says when a price suppression scheme can’t be orchestrated any longer, and we are now getting to that point, that a major slingshot in the price of gold cannot come into play.  People could wake up to force majeure getting declared by the Comex, and essentially JP Morgan and the other bullion banks settling all of their contractual obligations outstanding for gold delivery in cash.”

“These bullion banks are allowed to do that, and this is certainly what’s going to happen, but then there is going to be a total panic.  There are roughly 90 – 1 claims for every ounce of physical gold in existence, and most of those claims are paper.  That cannot be reconciled.  It’s not possible.”

“So, when various entities wake up one day and realize they have been forced out of what they thought was exposure to gold by the Comex and the bullion banks, and they are settled in cash, there is going to be a mad scramble for physical gold around the globe — the likes of which the world has never seen in all of human history.  But this scramble for gold won’t be happening at anything close to existing prices.  This is where we will see gold soar to $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 an ounce and more.””

We have no idea how much chaos this will cause.


Is Bitcoin Responsible For Capital Controls In The US?


“JP Morgan Chase’s Business Banking Division sent a letter to account holders stating, from November 17, 2013 on, the bank would no longer offer international wire transfers. Any scheduled transfers or recurring transfers would be canceled.”

“Either way, if the major US financial institutions adopt a similar policy to JP Morgan, then the flight to Bitcoin will only quicken: the unintended consequence of US capital controls.”


DOLLAR’S DEMISE, “ULTIMATE Economic Power” Handed to China & Russia – Bill Murphy & Alasdair Macleod



What Will the Death of the Dollar FEEL Like?



Exclusive: The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Of 1918 Was Caused By Vaccinations



EPA redefining ‘water’ in unprecedented power grab and its Draconian effects – explained by Judge Andrew Napolitano


BTC@$205>192% / JPMorgan: fined $13b, stole $ trillions and 2 million people lost homes

JPMorgan: fined $13b, stole $ trillions and 2 million people lost homes


Divide a trillion by 7 billion human beings and that is what JPM stole on average from the human race.


What Fine? Why JP Morgan Is Laughing All the Way to the Bank



After Silk Road Closure, And With Baidu’s Blessing, Bitcoin Breaks $200 Again

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/25506 READ MORE

Think of it as the $ plunging in value versus BTC.


Facebook Blocks Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 4 – Michael Maloney


[Ed. Note: All the more reason to share this “abusive content” with everyone you care about]


Obamacare Directly Causing Health Insurance Premiums to Rise





Liberal Blogger Furious Over His Obamacare Premiums (What The Hell Kind Of Reform Is This?)


““My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be. Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150. We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who don’t go to the doctor often. I barely ever go. The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe. Well, now, because of Obamacare, my wife’s rate is gong to $302 per month and mine is jumping to $284. I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any penalty. What the hell kind of reform is this?”





Report: Obamacare provision will allow ‘forced’ home inspections by gov’t agents



Ex-French PM: Terrorism can’t justify spying on citizens!



Prism “Voice Collection”, SMS Messages, E-mail: New Evidence of Widespread NSA Spying on France, Mexico



Dianne Feinstein insists NSA’s massive snooping operations are ‘not surveillance’



Black is white.


Keiser Report: Bandits, Bankers & Brokers


“Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the bandits, banksters and brokers who will have taken all that we have got. No dollar, euro, yen or drachma will be left behind. And inflation, deflation and confiscation will take every last nickel and dime. They also discuss Americans turning their bodies into cash machines as they start selling off various organs to make ends meet. In the second half, Max interviews economist and professor, Constantin Gurdgiev, about Bail-Ins, Bail-outs and Troikas. They also discuss ‘second-rate’ Britain and a de-Americanizing rest of the world.”


The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth Is Coming



Amazing! Prediction Of Economic Crisis Comes True!



Jefferson vs. Hamilton


“This is a clip from the HBO series “John Adams” It depicts a conversation between President Washington’s cabinet members Alexander Hamilton (Treasury Sec.) and recently returned from France and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, regarding Hamilton’s proposed assumption of the revolutionary war debts of the individual States under the authority of the Federal government and the formation of a National bank. Effectively these are some of the fundamental and foundational ideological differences between the origins of the Democrat (known at the time as “Federalist”) and Republican (“Democratic-Republican”) parties.”

45s “I must admit, Mr Hamilton, I am a little uncertain as to the purpose of the Treasury department. No doubt it’s function will reveal itself to me in good time … The future prosperity of this nation rests chiefly in trade. Trade depends on among other things upon the willingness of other nations to lend us money … And how would you propose to establish international credit ? … The first step would be to incur a national debt. The greater the debt, the greater the credit. And to that end I have recommended to the president that congress adopt all the debts incurred by the individual states during the war through a national bank, the idea being that if the states owed congress money then other nations will feel more inclined to lend it to us.”

1m40s “If the states are indebted to a central authority, it increases the power of the central government.”

2m15s “I fear our revolution were to have been in vain if a Virginian farmer is to be held in hock to a New York stock jobber who in turn is in hock to a London banker. The opportunity for avarice and corruption would certainly prove to be irresistible … Well, there you have it. As I have heard said, if men were angels then no government would be necessary.”



UN climate chief’s tears over future generations


“Christiana Figueres told the BBC that the lack of an agreement was “condemning future generations before they are even born”.”

How about shedding tears for generations as yet unborn who will be required to pay toward the national debt ?


World Health Organization Covers Up Iraq War Crimes | Brainwash Update


“Abby Martin calls attention to the gross underestimation of Iraq War casualties, and calls out the WHO over a report that blatantly covers up the connection between the use of depleted uranium by occupation forces and congenital birth defects among Iraqis.”


Government Says Parents Cannot Send Lunches With Children To School Anymore Unless They Have A Doctor’s Note


Government butting in where there isn’t any health issue versus government ignoring the health issue of depleted uranium.


No Scientific Consensus on Safety of GMO Foods



The U.S.’s 64-Square-Foot “Torture Chambers”


“He has not had human contact or a good night’s sleep in nearly three decades. Every single day, he wakes to the sound of metal doors clanging open and a pair of disembodied hands pushing a tray of food through a slot into his 64-square-foot cell.”

“L to R: Kimberly Richardson (of the Peoples Institute for Survival), Robert King (who spent 31 years in isolation), and Theresa Shoatz, whose father Russell Maroon Shoatz is also in long-term solitary confinement. (Credit: Ann Harkness/cc by 2.0) For the next 23 hours, he will stare at the same four walls. If he is lucky, he’ll be escorted, shackled at his ankles and wrists, into a “yard” – an enclosure only slightly larger than his cell – for an hour of solitary exercise.”

“This is how Russell “Maroon” Shoatz, a prisoner in the restricted housing unit at the State Correctional Institute (SCI) Frackville in northern Pennsylvania, has spent the past 22 consecutive years.”

“This past August, a hunger strike involving over 30,000 prisoners protesting conditions in restricted housing units at the Pelican Bay State Prison in California prompted the rapporteur to make an urgent appeal to the U.S. government to “eliminate the use of prolonged or indefinite solitary confinement under all circumstances”, stressing that the average U.S. prisoners banished to the hole typically stays there roughly 7.5 years – “far beyond what is acceptable under international human rights law.””

This is horror.


EPA accused of ‘unprecedented’ power grab with proposed water rule that would give the agency “unprecedented control over private property across the nation.”


“Two Republican lawmakers on the House Science Committee are accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of pushing through a rule that could potentially expand the agency’s regulatory authority over streams, wetlands and other bodies under the Clean Water Act.”


Force President Obama to come clean about Mamana’s death and investigate this unlawful killing by a US drone.


Veterans Receiving Letters Prohibiting The Purchase, Possession, Receipt, Or Transport Of A Firearm/Ammunition



Ex-Child Protection Officer Told By Police Gunman to Ignore Paedophiles


“Young boys in care were allegedly taken there in the Eighties to be abused by high-profile MPs and other powerful establishment figures.””



Mask Off! The Mind of The Enemy Within (Obama)

http://sgtreport.com/2013/10/mask-off-the-mind-of-the-enemy-within-obama/ Read More

“If you remember correctly, after both World Trade Center towers were dropped, the American people were inundated with the fact that we were under attack by radical Muslims. While we were bombarded through the state-run media 24 hours a day, seven days a week with fear and oppression, our federal government was standing behind these propagandists asking us, the American people, to forfeit our rights and freedoms for more of their government control. They even went so far as to pass deceptive legislation called “The Patriot Act,” when it should in fact have been called “The Act of Tyranny.” This bill was passed at 3:30 in the morning, and not one of the U.S. representatives had time to read through this unconstitutional act.”

Laws needed to be passed in Nazi Germany to combat an enemy and we should all know how that turned out.

When the same thing happens in these American states united then it is only EVIL history repeating itself.

BTC@$197>180% JPM Criminal Case / LOCK DOWN of YOUR Cash / JFK Vs FRS / Mil-Ind Pundits Urged Syrian War

Bitcoin is to all forms of currency and payment systems as the internet and email is to earlier forms of communication.

As the closure of the Silk Road website and the associated bitcoins I understand is currently remaining UNSEIZED demonstrates, someone’s bitcoins are under the owner’s DIRECT control – absolutely priceless.

To defraud anyone’s bitcoin any single conspiracy would need to operate over 50% of the bitcoin network – simply genius.

Bitcoin Climbs To Highest Since April, Led By Chinese Actions


“Perhaps most important was the activity out of China. The Chinese government has recently been more vocal in its ongoing campaign to see the dollar removed from global reserve status. While such calls for an international reserve note are generally assumed to refer to Special Drawing Rights issued by the IMF, it may have bolstered enthusiasm for bitcoin’s apolitical nature. Also out of China was news that Baidu, the world’s fifth largest website, is now accepting bitcoin for certain services.”

It is time for the BTC first adopters to feed off the people who create the federal reserve note rather than the other way round.

Money that under YOUR control ? Priceless.

Why Bitcoin IS Intrinsically Valuable

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/25477 READ MORE

“Bitcoin is measured by its own finite quantity and valued for its intrinsically valuable function. The Bitcoin protocol has immense intrinsic valuable as a self-regulating frictionless payment network affordable to almost anyone.”

To the customers of BTC 24 Ltd. Bitcoin-24.com (2013-10-10)


“In this context, it must first be stated that the situation in Poland and the approach adopted by the Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office appears increasingly bleak and, from the perspective of the rule of law, no longer reconcilable.”

“The Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office has, till date, not permitted our clients Polish lawyers to scrutinise the files. We are, therefore,

dependent upon statements made by the Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Polish lawyers, since the former party comments on the state of affairs mostly in discussions – if at all. For this reason, it is also beyond difficult to draw legal inferences from these constantly changing statements and to develop strategies for subjecting the matter to definitive legal clarification and solution.”

“Nevertheless, the court has, for the time being, upheld the confiscation, noting that the Public Prosecutor should, in future, coordinate with the our client’s Polish lawyers and communicate more openly. However, the court appears not to be ready to reveal the real basis for the confiscation. These actions are hardly comprehensible and show the judiciary in Poland in a hugely unfavourable light.”

“It is gradually becoming evident that the Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office conjures up new allegations out of a hat whenever all reasons for confiscation are refuted and, thus, delays the matter.”

Translation: they are making this s**t up as they go along.

What, for the love of god, is happening to the rule of law ?

Keiser Report: Post-Kaboom Period (E512)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss post-kaboom period of a de-Americanized world where risk is redistributed and financial systems are re-architected away from the daisy chains of credit without collateral. In the second half, Max interviews Leo Johnson, co-author of Turnaround Challenge: Business and the City of the Future about the three possible cities of the future: Petropolis, Cyburbia or Distributed City.”

1m10s “As I’ve said right here on Keiser Report, many times, it’s time to re-architect this by starting our own true, global credit rating agency. Oh my god, Stacy Herbert, this is the beginning of the true insurrection.”

9m50s “Right, we covered bitcoin first of all new organisation going back several years.”

10m25s“Well, in fact you don’t need a credit rating agency, a corruptible one to monitor and rate any bitcoin transactions because the community, the global community does it with triple book entry accounting.”

11m25s “They saw that Silk Road had $100M of bitcoin so they went in there and they tried to steal it and the great thing is that the FBI and the NSA are incapable of cracking the protocol to steal that money which shows finally that bitcoin is bigger than any government, any central government, any NSA and this is why people now, the bitcoin price skyrocketed after the FBI did a mea culpa and said we’re too stupid to figure this thing out.”

JPMorgan To Pay Record $13 Billion Mortgage Settlement But Criminal Case Remains


$13 billion down… $22 billion still to go – as civil litigation and the full criminal case continues”

LOCK DOWN: Your Cash Is No Longer Your Own: “Everything Is Fine”


“We hope you’re paying attention.”

JFK Vs The Federal Reserve


“On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, <executiveorder11110.htm>Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The Christian Law Fellowship has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress. We can now safely conclude that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid.”



“Further research suggested by readers has shown a consistent pattern of assassinations and attempted assassinations against Presidents who opposed the creation of Private Central Banks.”

“I have added sections regarding Presidents Zachary Taylor, James Buchanan, James A. Garfield, and William McKinley.”

If you’re paying attention you know among other presidential targets were Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and JFK.

The Military Industrial Pundits: Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Who Urged Syrian War


I hope you’re paying attention to the warmongers.

Existing Home Sales Plunge At Fastest Pace In 15 Month As Affordability Drops To 5 Year Low




Maguire Predicted Gold Surge – Now Says West Is Collapsing


“So, this is an underpinning that paper traders simply don’t understand.  We are actually talking about the cash value of gold vs futures being at a premium.  China is going to continue to milk this discount window.  They are continuing to exchange dollar reserves for gold, without directly disrupting Treasury and gold prices.  But we are now very, very close to the point where China is the gold market.”


Billionaire Sprott – Stunning Surprise In The Silver Market


“Sprott:  “There is an interesting thing going on there, Eric.  We get data out of India.  They consumed slightly less than 2,000 tons of silver late year.  It would appear they are going to consume 6,000 tons this year….”

Billionaire Sprott Says Gold & China To Dominate The World


Gold & Silver Smashdown=Mining Industry Collapse


“The gold & silver mining industries are set for implosion and no one is talking about this. I discussed this trend in a video I put out months ago (below) and the circumstances or conditions that led to the making of that report have now become more serious. The power elite are attempting to acquire all the physical they can while depriving you of your holdings before they pull the plug!”

Podcast with Andy Hoffman


“Andy Hoffman joins Bix Weir to discuss JP Morgan, the economy, Fed, Al Greenspan and gold and silver.”

Deficit in Leadership


“I speak with Jeff Nielson of Bullionbullscanada and Woody O’Brien of Abolishfiatslavery about the recent farce in Congress and the coming collapse. We also speak about Hungary and their efforts to rid themselves of the Rothschild banking cabal and the IMF and the link is here http://www.darkmoondaily.com/article/… . The link to part 2 of this interview is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4lnGD… .”

Barclays fund ‘lowered’ Libor for profit – court papers


“An investment fund owned and run by Barclays attempted to manipulate UK borrowing rates for its own profit, according to an internal investigation conducted by the bank cited in court papers.”

“A Singapore-based trader at the Ricardo Master Fund, an investment vehicle whose only investor was Barclay, is alleged to have asked colleagues in London to lower the lender’s sterling-denominated Libor submissions to boost the fund’s returns.”

“According to a record of an internal investigation sent to the Singapore Monetary Authority, Mr Lee is alleged to have told Ian Pike and John Scammell, two London-based sterling Libor submitters, to “go get libor down”, to which Mr Pike responded “I’ll do my best boss”.”

Never in the field of human endeavour has so much wealth been transferred from so many to so few.

Who Sank Detroit – the “Hip Hop Mayor” or Wall Street? … the $1.4 billion derivatives deal


“Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit’s former “Hip Hop Mayor,” emerged from behind bars last week, just long enough to be re-embedded in the public mind as the burly, 6’4” personification of all that is wrong with “urban” – i.e. Black – America. The judge sentenced him to 28 years on two dozen counts of racketeering, extortion, bribery and fraud that may have cost the city some tens of millions of dollars during his eight years in office. Yet, the mega-swindle of his career, the $1.4 billion derivatives deal that that could cost Detroit twice that much over the next two decades and represents one-fifth of the city’s total obligations to creditors, appears nowhere in the indictment or sentencing.”

What a looting.

Power plant deal leaves the UK handing £90bn to France and paying DOUBLE the going price of electricity for 35 years


The looting continues.

Money Laundering and The Drug Trade: The Role of the Banks


“The American government maintains that there is no alternative but to vigorously prosecute their zero tolerance policy of arresting drug users and their dealers. This has led to the incarceration of over 500,000 Americans. Meanwhile the flood of illegal drugs into America continues unabated.”

UK Orders WSJ To Withold Names Of Implicated LIBOR Manipulators After Story Already Hits Wires


What dumb asses.

Is The HFT Scourge Ending?


Quote Spam (the number of quotes per actual trade) has dropped to a 3 year low today.”

NSA Accessed Mexican President’s Email


Did the NSA think the Mexican President was communicating with terrorists ?

What a f**king crock of s**t this is.

NSA Busted Conducting Industrial Espionage In France, Mexico, Brazil, China and All Around the World


NSA data center to use 1.7M gallons of water per day to keep computers cool


Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance


“If the federal government had access to every email you’ve ever written and every phone call you’ve ever made, it’s almost certain that they could find something you’ve done which violates a provision in the 27,000 pages of federal statues or 10,000 administrative regulations. You probably do have something to hide, you just don’t know it yet.”

Governments Have A Long History Of Calling Journalists ‘Traitors’ When They Publish Embarassing Materials


Troika Dictates: ‘Austerity worst is yet to come’


“Ireland’s set to leave its international bailout program – says the country’s Prime Minister. The 85-billion-euro emergency aid came after the banks collapsed in 2010, it meant tax rises and spending cuts to qualify for it. But even when relieved of the bailout burden, there are still years of punishing austerity ahead for Ireland.”

“Richard Boyd Barrett, a member of the Irish parliament for the People Before Profit Alliance thinks the public and the government are worlds apart.”

1m15s “At the moment 40,000 people are leaving the country a year.”

Bloody hell, bloody hell, bloody hell.

When Hyman Minsky Runs For The Hills: Japan Central Bank To “Own” 100% Of GDP In 5 Years


“The Bank of Japan will, for the first time in history, “own” all of Japan’s GDP on its balance sheet some time in 2018 when its “assets” as a percentage of GDP surpass 100%, and then proceed in linear fashion to add about 10% of GDP to its balance sheet with every passing year until everything inevitably comes crashing down.”

Economic Hitman John Perkins: Kill the Death Economy


“Abby Martin speaks with John Perkins, best-selling author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ & ‘Hoodwinked’, about the corporate takeover of world governments and the need to eradicate the death economy.”

25s “Through the guise of foreign aid the natural resources of the planet are seized and profits funnelled into the pockets of a few.”

Never in the field of human endeavour has so much wealth been transferred from so many to so few.

Still More France Economic Idiocies: New Rent Price Controls, Mandatory Rental Insurance, “Unfair Competition” Laws

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/234659 READ MORE

More than 10 million legal files snared in Megaupload shutdown


How much economic damage has this gigantic f**k up caused ?

Detroit Emergency Manager Eliminates Retiree Health Care Benefits


“Nearly 20,000 retired municipal workers in Detroit, Michigan will see their city-paid health care benefits disappear starting on January 1, 2014, according to a budget-cutting plan being implemented by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.”

The looting continues.

‘Washington drama, Circus Clown College in Congress a joke’ – Whistleblower


“Is the drama in Washington, a comedy or a tragedy? What’s a better term for American democracy? When will the debt time bomb detonate? Who can stand up against American exceptionalism? We discuss this and more with National Security whistleblower, Mark Novitsky.”

Thousands of citizens in India killed by reckless Big Pharma drug trials


“The second largest country in the world, India, has become a hotbed of pharmaceutical fraud, as unscrupulous drug companies, mostly from the West, continue to use India’s generally poorer populations as human guinea pigs in unethical and flat-out inhumane clinical trials. And India’s Supreme Court is finally taking action against this massive organized crime ring by ordering India’s health ministry to justify its approval of 162 global clinical trials to take place in the country.”

Millions Wrongly Treated for ‘Cancer,’ National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms


The Scale Of Australian Censorship Revealed by Schapelle Corby Case


“Ultimately, a whole raft of material surfaced, which proved, not only that she was entirely innocent, but that Australian ministers, and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), had wilfully withheld the vital primary evidence, had deprived her of the funds for an additional appeal, had managed public opinion to close the political aspects, and had embarked on a lengthy series of abusive and illegal acts against her.”

“As reported last week by Mathaba News, an entire cache of government documents has been published on the Internet, which conclusively confirms the validity of these statements. It is an astonishing collection of official data, which self-pens utter contempt for a human life, and the flagrant disregard of the integrity of state.”

“Incredibly, the existence of this raw material has never been reported in Australia.”

What, for the love of god, is happening to the rule of law ?

PIC : Suspected Undercover Informant Set Police Cruisers on Fire


I hope you’re paying attention to suspected agent provocateuring.

They came prepared for war: RCMP crackdown on peaceful Mik’maq protest


“In at least one instance, an RCMP officer attempted to incite a violent response from nearby protesters, saying “The Crown land belongs to the Govt, not the F*cking Natives.””

Violence is the preserve of a failed and illegitimate government.

RCMP defends response to New Brunswick shale gas protest, says explosives seized



“In the photo, she is kneeling in front of a line of armed Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers, holding an eagle feather.”

Police face legal challenge over secret files on protesters


“However, evidence gathered by the Guardian shows that many listed on the national domestic extremism database have never committed a crime.”

“Documents revealed that police spied on one campaigner while he was at the Glastonbury festival and, in another case, kept a detailed log of an 88-year-old pensioner with no criminal record when he attended 55 demonstrations over a four-year period.”

I am thinking that there isn’t any law enforcement basis for this crap.

Everyday Rebellion – Preview of Coming Documentary


“Everyday Rebellion is a documentary about the power of the peaceful protests and the new forms of civil disobedience in a time of global upheaval. The film by Arman and Arash T. Riahi is currently in production and is expected to be shown in cinemas end of 2013. The accompanying webseries “Creative Resistance” by ARTE Creative presents every week methods of peaceful protest that are presented by icons of the movements, activists, artists but also by creative users.”



“In a major reality blast to those who tote gun bans in the name of Mahatma Gandhi and other famous leaders, it is actually a little-known fact that Gandhi himself was openly opposed to gun bans. In fact, he proclaimed a nationwide gun disarmament to be the ‘blackest’ deed of the entire British ruling period in India.”

PHOTOS: Anti-Gun Rally Gets Virtually No Participants


Kenyan mall attack ‘deception’ continues as new terror suspect is revealed


DHS Security Measures Rolled Out For Detroit Marathon


“The new measures include a “clear bag” policy for all runners, a Homeland Security certified policy recently pushed on the NFL as well, also admittedly adopted in part as a response to the Boston bombing.”

“Activities including using maps or binoculars, taking pictures, recording video or taking notes are presented as suspicious activity. Ironically, another document presented provides a printable “Response Checklist” which includes sections to “take notes” on suspicious packages.”

Someone taking notes on suspicious packages will be thought of as suspicious by an observer – we have now a complete circle to this insanity.

UK: Step Up to Protect Women of Color


Military Insider Drops New Bombshell: “They Want The Collapse To Be Even More Severe”


“As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret “Armageddon nano device” that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.”

BTC@$166>137% familiarise yourself with alternative payment systems like bitcoin as we get this corruption licked



World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes


21m40s “What I would say to people right now is familiarise yourself with alternative payment systems like bitcoin because we don’t know when we’re going to get this corruption licked.”


Stop Thinking Like A Slave! Change yourself to make the world happy and free


5m25s “You must change yourself to make the world happy and free.”


Repeat After Me, “I Am A Slave.”


European Union: The European Court Of Justice Overturns, Unfreezes EU Iran Sanctions


This is very, very, very good news.


UK Prime Minister Urges Investigation Of The Guardian Over Snowden Leaks; There Shall Be No Free Press


“In the end, what Cameron is doing is making it clear that the UK can have no free press. It can only have stenographers. When the government threatens to have you investigated for reporting on the excesses of government, you’ve created massive chilling effects, and guaranteed much greater corruption and abuse, as you’ve wiped out a key factor in keeping those things in check. Cameron’s statements reflect poorly on the wider UK and its supposed belief in free speech and a free press.”

No, Mr Cameron, no, no, no.

Does Mr Cameron want to shut Karen Hudes up ?


SocGen: “Physical Gold Squeeze Returns”


SG GOFO squeeze_0


China’s Largest Conglomerate Buys The Building That Houses JPMorgan’s Gold Vault



Globalist Plantation: Journalists Find 12-Year-Old Girls Making Old Navy Jeans For ‘The GAP’ in Bangladeshi Factory


Depressing wages worldwide.


Shutdown: Gov’t Blocked Memorials But FDA Wouldn’t Send Out Dangerous Recall Info



Roundup is endocrine-disrupting, cancer-causing toxin at parts per trillion levels; GM soybeans also linked to causing cancer



Canadian First Nation anti-fracking protest: Arrests, pepper-spray, snipers, torched cars


‘I was only following orders’ was an excuse that didn’t work for Nazi Germany.


Harper Government Regime Of Canada Deploys Sniper Units On Peaceful Civilian Protesters



Shoot, shoot, shoot a peaceful civilian.


Obama administration caught in blatant software piracy; script powering Healthcare.gov ripped off from UK company



Obama Wants You to Ignore Bloggers, “Talking Heads”, and Activists

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/234449 READ MORE

While Obama DOES want you to ignore the profits that special interest lobbyists garner for their clients.

Never in the field of human endeavour has so much wealth been transferred from so many to so few.


Chemotherapy actually increases cancer growth, cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment: Study



Grocery Manufacturers Association caught running money laundering slush fund for GMO food companies to conceal their identities in opposing I-522



Kaua’i city council slaps down Monsanto with unprecedented new restrictions on GMOs and toxic pesticides


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