Goodbye Langley mercenaries and war criminals, central banksters, euro, IMF, Monsatan, water-guzzling NSA

Ukrainian army fires the city Selydove incendiary shells

“Incendiary shells into civilian areas is a war crime.”

Goodbye Langley mercenaries and war criminals.


CIA Agent (Michael Scheuer) Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen’t Exist

10s “At one time he was the chief of the bin Laden unit.”

Goodbye Langley mercenaries.


America Seems to Be Losing Ukraine’s War READ MORE

“Reports coming in, both from professional analysts, and from well-informed residents of the Ukrainian areas where we are bombing the residents and assassinating their leaders (whom our government calls “terrorists”), suggest that Obama’s Ukrainian coup in February, which installed a regime that is now ethnically cleansing Ukraine’s southeast, is already producing blowback that will be far costlier to the United States than if we had not done it.”


Constitutional Lawyer Edwin Vieira: “The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is unconstitutional. The monetary system we have is unconstitutional and it is potentially extremely corrupt.”

Goodbye central banksters.


If 10% Of Humanity Turn Bitcoiners, Central Banking Goes Extinct

Goodbye central banksters.


JIM WILLIE Fingers Bush Regime For 9/11 False Flag: “These Are The Neo-Nazis Who Brought Us The 9/11 Attacks… And They Are Running Out of Cards To Play”

““They (Chinese) now own the future income from the Federal Reserve and the income taxes from the IRS. They own the IRS income stream. I believe it was transferred from the Vatican to China in the last year… we’re about to be colonized.” – Jim Wille”

5m20s “the U.S. went in there late March and stole 33 tons of it’s gold. Now that wasn’t on the news. Why should it be ? The ones who control the news are the ones who did the thefts.”

5m50s “the U.S. and it’s E.U. partners, the bankers, saw fit to remove 70 billion dollars of government money and family money from the former president and other unpopular oligarchs. And where’s all that 70 billion going ? It went and got parked in the Swiss banks. That money’s never coming back and the gold’s never coming back.”

15m50s “There are 2 militaries in the united states. One is pentagon regulars and the other is Langley mercenaries. They are about to encounter each other in Iraq.”


Europe Snubs Britain READ MORE

“It is increasingly becoming clear that the message to Britain is either join the euro or get out. Cameron took a stand that the EU had to reform after the rising tide in elections are clearly against the federalization of Europe that was witnessed in the UK and France. The agenda is to federalize Europe and the battle cry is now to save the Euro, everyone needs to yield sovereignty to Brussels. This real problem is that those demanding this result are all in Brussels and if the Euro goes, there goes their jobs. Hence, there is no unbiased position here and the refusal to reform at all is a serious crisis.”

Goodbye the euro.


Christine Lagarde – The Most Dangerous Woman in the World – IMF Advocates Taking Pensions & Extending Maturities of Gov’t Debt to Prevent Redemption READ MORE

Goodbye IMF.


Monsanto Tries to Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes

Goodbye Monsatan.


Aversion to GMO foods higher than ever, and growing

Goodbye Monsatan.


Seralini study on GMOs re-published after unprecedented scientific censorship

Goodbye Monsatan.


GM crops are deeply unpopular with European citizens, but the industry’s massive lobbying is finally paying off.

Tell MEPs to vote against allowing GM crops in Europe.

Our public servants must obey the public, not the lobbyists.

Goodbye Monsatan.


Shutting Off Water To 150k Residents – Ukraine? No, Detroit!


DETROIT COLLAPSES Into Third-World Ruin: Nearly HALF the Residents Can’t Afford to Pay For Running Water


Blimp hovers over NSA building in protest

Goodbye water-guzzling NSA.


In Photos: Israeli Bulldozers Raze Bedouin Community, Leave Children Without Water in High Temperatures

“Can you spot the terrorists?”


Endgame response to Karl Rove/1% ‘We’re an Empire creating our own reality for you to study’: Study’s over – you’re under arrest READ MORE

Goodbye oligarchy.


Brian Gerrish ( UK column ) Explains the whole planned destruction of British society

3m Chemtrails and the airline industry ruled by fear.

6m30s Traitor politicians and their bankster overlords.

8m30s The subversion process.

13m30s The European Union COLLECTIVE (but for the masses only, not for the elite).

15m Manipulation of information and thought.

19m Sex education for progressively younger and younger children and the age of consent will be removed.

23m30s Who was Jimmy Savile providing children for ?

35m30s Documentary about a dog that commits suicide produced by children and paid for with tax money.

36m30s Courts without a jury (misjustice).

45m Scottish “independence” but they will be nothing more than a region within Europe.

1h1m30s Celebrating diversity is actually we are all being using to attack each other.

Goodbye oligarchy and their playbook.


Opium Wars – 175 Years and Still Going Strong Read More

“This all started back in 1839 and has grown to become a global scourge. You can thank the banking cartel for their humanitarian efforts later, but now let’s look at one of their greatest contributions to man-kind. Not only have they dedicated themselves to destroying silver, but in the process they found a way to destroy neighborhoods, cities and entire regions around the world.”


Austerity-driven European politicians ‘whip up’ hostility towards minority groups

We should be hostile to the political class and the central banksters who have ruined the economy.


5 Ways that Mass Surveillance Destroys the Economy READ MORE


A Thin Rationale for Drone Killings

“Instead, the memo turns out to be a slapdash pastiche of legal theories — some based on obscure interpretations of British and Israeli law — that was clearly tailored to the desired result. Perhaps the administration held out so long to avoid exposing the thin foundation on which it based such a momentous decision.”

“This is not Great Britain. We fought a war back in 1776 not to BE Great Britain.”

Should we be shocked that the rationale is so full of s**t ?


“Authority Isn’t To Be Blindly Trusted At All Costs Universally!” – Cody Wilson


Are The Bankers Walking on Thin Ice?

“It is now common knowledge all the wars have been started by the bankers. It has been revealed in the past the oligarchs are behind the famines and artificial scarcity of natural resources as a means of controlling the populations. It has exposed over the decades that the ruling elite are behind the economic booms and bust. Now will the consequences come back on them for their misdeeds?”





Pineapple found to be five times more effective than cough syrup

“In one case, it was shown that a mixture of raw pineapple juice, raw honey, cayenne pepper and salt helped dissolve the mucus in the lungs of tuberculosis patients. (1) In another instance, researchers found that the raw extracts from pineapple had the ability to decrease mucus five times faster than over-the-counter cough syrup and help patients recover 4.8 times faster. (1) Overall, the fruit was found to offer relief across the board when it came to coughing symptoms, hacking in particular.”


NY Court Says, “Stop Sending Your Unvaccinated Kids to School”

“In New York City, parents will no longer have the right to send their unvaccinated kids to school.
According to a Brooklyn Federal District Court judge, in a ruling last week stated that a parent’s constitutional right to freely exercise their religion does not always make their children exempt from vaccination requirements.”


Toxic Light – The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs

What the hell is toxic mercury doing in a household product ?



The European Union prepares the ‘solidarity clause’ framework for military use against citizens


Graham Hancock Breaks the Set on TED Censorship, Lost Civilizations & War on Consciousness

12m40s “Unfortunately, healthcare is constantly being wheeled out as a reason to remove our sovereignty from us and the trend of freedom in western societies should be towards increased individual sovereignty rather than decreased individual sovereignty.”


GMN: Connecticut Police Invoke ‘Shelter in Place’ Over Neighborhood Burglary

We the sheeple in order to form a more abusively perfect police state.

Goodbye fake Al Qaeda, slave ticket, IMF/WB, Obama (aka Palpatine), no-fly list, criminal oligarchy



Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

Goodbye fake Al Qaeda.


Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles

Goodbye slave ticket.


The “World as we Know It” comes to an end, July 14-16, 2014. Part 1/2… “BRICS emerging nations close to launching bank”

Goodbye IMF, world bank.


Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s Murder

Goodbye Obama (aka Palpatine).



Goodbye the no-fly list.


Ex-CIA Officer Claims that Open Source Revolution is About to Overthrow Global Oligarchy READ MORE

I want to know what’s to stop this revolution from turning into a violent, destructive mess. Steele is characteristically optimistic. “I have struggled with this question. What I see happening is an end to national dictat and the emergence of bottom-up clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability. Individual towns across the USA are now nullifying federal and state regulations – for example gag laws on animal cruelty, blanket permissions for fracking. Those such as my colleague Parag Khanna that speak to a new era of city-states are correct in my view. Top down power has failed in a most spectacular manner, and bottom-up consensus power is emergent. ‘Not in my neighborhood’ is beginning to trump ‘Because I say so.’ The one unlimited resource we have on the planet is the human brain – the current strategy of 1% capitalism is failing because it is killing the Golden Goose at multiple levels. Unfortunately, the gap between those with money and power and those who actually know what they are talking about has grown catastrophic. The rich are surrounded by sycophants and pretenders whose continued employment demands that they not question the premises. As Larry Summers lectured Elizabeth Warren, ‘insiders do not criticize insiders.’”

Goodbye the criminal oligarchy.


Bitcoins to Become Legal Currency in California; Bill Awaits Signing by Gov. Brown; Commodities vs. Currencies READ MORE

Existing law prohibits a corporation, flexible purpose corporation, association, or individual from issuing or putting in circulation, as money, anything but the lawful money of the United States. AB-129 would repeal that provision.


Meet the Man Who Will Be In Charge of the UN Takeover of America READ MORE

“1. British Petroleum was the owner of the oil being removed from the floor of the Gulf. BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 40% of his BP holdings in the weeks prior to the spill and paid off his mortgage on his estate in Kent, England, avoided staggering losses. And true to form involving the pattern of perpetuating a false flag event with media complicity, on June 8, 2010, less than six weeks following the oil spill, BP bought Google and Yahoo Search Terms, related to the oil spill, in an obvious attempt to conceal as much of the truth as possible from the public.”

“2. Halliburton was drilling at the base of the Deepwater Horizon. Very coincidentally, only 11 days before, on April 9, 2010, Halliburton purchased Boots and Coots for a quarter of a billion dollars. Just who is Boots and Coots? Coincidentally, they are the largest oil clean up firm in the world And when the explosion took place 11 days later, wasn’t it fortunate that Halliburton was there armed with Boots and Coots as they capitalized on their timely good fortune. Subsequently, Halliburton’s profits increased 83% in just 3 months following the Gulf Oil Crisis subsequent to the clean-up efforts. It was simply raining coincidences!”

“3. Goldman Sachs and Transocean instituted a “put option” on Transocean’s stock for preferred Transocean insiders the very morning of the explosion. Transocean boldly walked away with a $270 million dollar profit immediately following the explosion because they had doubly indemnified the rig only weeks prior to the explosion through Lloyds of London. This alone should have been enough to trigger a massive investigation. The subsequent cover-up for this event began in 2007, three years before the event, as Goldman Sachs reorganized Transocean, the owner of the destroyed oil rig, into a Cayman Island corporation. In doing so, it made Transocean virtually impossible for Congress to investigate and  subsequently discipline the perpetrators.”


UK Column expose ATVOD, part of the UK’s Ministry of Truth

“Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson discuss the attempted ATVOD regulation/censorship of the UK Column video channel in a non-television-like way.  ATVOD is the UK’s Authority for Television on Demand, a part of the UK’s Ministry of Truth, OFCOM (Office of Communications).”


The Panic Behind The Propaganda: Why The Fed Wants You To Sell Your Bonds


ISIL is the RICHEST JIHADIST Group in the WORLD – Possibly Because Its Funded By CIA


Chairman Of China’s Largest Copper Producer Commits Suicide By Jumping From Hotel


Feds Threatening ‘Third Wounded Knee’ with Eminent Domain Land Grab on Sioux Indian Reservation

In the wake of a Bundy Ranch crisis sparked by a militarized federal land-grab effort in Nevada, it seems that the Department of Interior has set its sights on a new prize – this time targeting once protected Indian reservation land on Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

“The Oglala Sioux and Lakota Sioux of the reservation have been told by the Federal Government that the National Parks Service will be taking land that comprises the South Unit of the Badlands National Park as a new ‘Tribal National Park’, only the wording in the bill clearly indicates that it will be a federally managed national park under the Department of Interior, giving mere lip service to its tribal title. The Congressional bill has already been written, and if passed through Congress, both tribal members and non tribal members will be stripped of their deeded land – at a price set by the federal government. If owners do not accept Washington’s offer (expected to be a meager one), the land can be acquired at no cost because the measure has waived all appraisal rights and stipulates that Washington can simply take Indian land by force under eminent domain’.”


The Paper Silver Market is 250 Times the Size of the Physical Silver Market READ MORE


Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest

3m55s “The point of all of this is to make us afraid.”


Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water


Australian Supreme Court Rules Against Organic Farmer in GMO Contamination Case Read More


Trey Gowdy Eviscerates IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Over “Lost” Lois Lerner e-mails


Kiev Doubles The Price Of Cold Water, Shuts Off Hot Water


Ukraine tragedy: save Donbass people flash mob shows horrifying scale of hundreds dead


All The Presidents’ Bankers: The Mid-1910s: Bankers Go To War

Not wanting to leave war financing to chance, Wilson and Morgan kicked their power alliance into gear. At the request of high-ranking State Department officials, Morgan immediately immersed himself in war financing issues. On August 10, 1914, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan wrote Wilson that Morgan had asked whether there would be any objection if his bank made loans to the French government and the Rothschilds’ Bank (also intended for the French government). Bryan was concerned that approving such an extension of capital might detract from the neutrality position that Wilson had adopted and, worse, invite other requests for loans from nations less allied with the United States than France, such as Germany or Austria. The Morgan Bank was only interested in assisting the Allies.”


Lawsuit: Police Shot 95-year-old WWII Veteran to Death With Bean Bag Rounds

“The $5 million dollar lawsuit alleges that police should have known that the 190mph bean bag rounds would have caused injury or death to Wrana, with family members insisting that the 95-year-old was “not a threat to anyone.””


Obama says that we, the average Americans, are too small-minded to Handle our own affairs

“And I say that the government is only self serving…and has no interest in protecting the rights of the People. Can anyone think of anything the government has done for the People in protecting our rights in the past 100 yrs?????? They try to make us think that everything is for our own good…but it is for the corporations–the corporations that give kickbacks to the people in the government. When they say something is protected for “national security”, what they really mean is if what they are doing is exposed to the People, the government and all within it will be tarred, feathered and lynched, as well they should be!!!! Heck, even George Bush, Sr, stated that, “If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.””

Kiev Delivering on Rhetoric to ‘Cleanse Sub-Humans’ / 133 G77 Nations vow to destroy America’s New World Order


Kiev Delivering on Rhetoric to ‘Cleanse Sub-Humans’

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the US-installed prime minister of the fascist junta promised that military forces under the control of the Kiev junta would «cleanse sub-humans» from the country’s restive eastern regions. Using Final Solution rhetoric of his Nazi heroes, Yatsenyuk was referring to the ethnic Russian populations of the southeastern regions of Ukraine, who are refusing to acknowledge the US-backed coup in Kiev as legitimate.


133 G77 Nations vow to destroy America’s New World Order


US-backed wars leading to explosion in populations being displaced


So That’s Why They Kept the Drone Kill Memo Secret

“In the end, the memo admits that calling something a war isn’t good enough; the targeted victim has to have been an imminent threat to the United States. But who gets to decide whether he or she was that? Why, whoever does the killing of course. And what happens if nobody ever even makes an unsupported assertion to that effect? Nothing, of course.”

“This is not the rule of law. This is savage brute force in minimal disguise. I don’t want to see any more of these memos. I want to see the video footage of the drone murders on a television. I want to see law professors and revolving-door State Department / human rights group hacks argue that dead children fall under the public authority justification.


Over 40 Children Killed Amid Clashes in Battle-Stricken Eastern Ukraine


85% of measles outbreak victims already received vaccinations


Did Israel Just Start World War III? READ MORE

“Doug Hagmann and I have been very consistent in stating that World War III would begin in Syria. Further, my military sources have been telling me for 15 months that war in the Middle East, and possibly World War III, will commence in Syria for a variety of reasons. The world is beginning to witness the unfolding of this prediction. Historians may look back upon Israel’s recent attack upon nine military targets inside of Syria as a the Archduke moment for World War III.”


GMO Crops in India, The Profit Driven Destruction of Agriculture


Opt-Out of Common Core, Opt-In to The Ron Paul Curriculum,-opt-in-to-the-ron-paul-curriculum.aspx

“Oklahoma recently took action to protect the state’s children from the federal education bureaucracy by withdrawing from Common Core. Common Core is the latest attempt to bribe states, with money taken from the American people, into adopting a curriculum developed by federal bureaucrats and education “experts.” In exchange for federal funds, states must change their curriculum by, for example, replacing traditional mathematics with “reform math.” Reform math turns real mathematics on its head by focusing on “abstract thinking” instead of traditional concepts like addition and subtraction. Schools must also replace classic works of literature with  “informational” texts, such as studies by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Those poor kids!”


U.S. Neo-Cons Seek To Rewrite Iraq History (Again)

“While George Bush Jr. is the Cowboy Bully who loved to take credit for “taking-down Saddam Hussein”; it was Junior’s daddy, George Bush Sr. (and the neo-cons of his era) who created Saddam Hussein. Imposing Hussein upon the people of Iraq as their “strong-man” (puppet) was supposedly the antidote to the “radical” government in Iran.”

These f**kers worked with Saddam in the 1980s but later these f**kers said Saddam was evil. These f**kers cannot make their mind up.


Inside the FDA Mafia READ MORE

“In a stunning interview with Truthout’s Martha Rosenberg, former FDA drug reviewer, Ronald Kavanagh, exposes the FDA as a relentless criminal mafia protecting its client, Big Pharma, with a host of mob strategies.”


The Destruction of America


How The Disinformation War Was Won

How The Disinformation War Was Won

Modern day USA looks a lot like ancient Rome with Latin America, Africa and Asia as the provinces of ancient Rome.


The scaremongering has begun. Isis is no threat to Britain

“The security service trade union is now in full cry. It wants more money, more power, less oversight and will go to any lengths of scaremongering to get it.”


Are You A Dumb Ass Or MAD AS HELL!


Outrageous L.A. Court Tells Defendants: “Traffic Ticket Trials Not Allowed”

“In an outrageous illustration of government corruption gone mad, traffic court clerks in Los Angeles County have resorted to telling defendants who want to plead not guilty to traffic citations that traffic ticket trials are ‘not permitted due to budget cuts.’ Of course this is 100% insane, untrue and criminal for these government employees to make such a claim. But it is actually happening, and we have proof that it is an unspoken practice of court clerks across California to lie, mislead and discourage motorists from invoking their rights. We also have a video interview with defendant who tried to fight her cell phone ticket and was told that a trial is not allowed.”


FBI Raids Home of Dangerous Doomsday Prepper: Agents Find Legally Owned Firearms, Barrels of Food

“Senator Rand Paul warned Americans about this growing trend of demonizing innocent Americans in a speech he delivered to Congress three years ago in opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act noting that those who don’t subscribe to the status quo could be branded as extremists and terrorists. Paul’s prediction couldn’t have been more accurate, especially considering the manhunt and circumstances surrounding the ordeal with Martin Winters”


Foster Gamble (of “Thrive”) on Anarchy, Procter and Gamble, Censorship VIDEO

“I particularly was drawn to the part where he discussed Procter & Gamble, his involvement with it, his DE-volvement from it, and how the corporation today differs from what his great-great-grandfather started”

4m5s “then got coopted by the state intervention and turned into part of this monolithic military industrial complex.”

The secret government that was the mil ind complex Eisenhower warned us about swallows everything.


Police raid wrong home, throw innocent woman into yard half-naked

“”Sometimes innocent people are present and inconvenienced,” a county spokesman said, after a family was terrorized.”


Police brutality? Watch this YouTube video — It’s not meant for those with weak stomachs


GMN: Arizona Humanitarian Crisis Caused By US Gov’t – 1000’s of Guatemalan Refugees

This government could not care less for these refugees. These people have absolutely nothing and they are being left to fend for themselves. God in heaven help them because this craven government won’t help them.


Shock Vid: DHS Caught Dumping Refugees On Arizona Streets



Every Internet user in the UK can be spied on without a warrant


Human beings as corporate subjects / The Global Corporatocracy / The Lincoln conspiracy / Odessa massacre / DHS: ‘HANDS OFF’ These Terrorists



No Driver’s License Required – The Fraud Surrounding your Vehicle Title and Driver’s License

4m5s “I do not consent to these proceedings. I do not consent to entering into a contract with the state and therefore I am not a corporate subject.”

4m55s “They claimed I was a corporate entity and the state of Oregon states that to be a corporate entity you have to be registered with the corporations commission. I proved to them I don’t exist in their corporate records.”

6m30s “We are being scammed beyond belief, folks.


The Global Corporatocracy Is Nearing Completion READ MORE

“The main driver of this change are the bilateral and multilateral trade and investment treaties being negotiated in complete secrecy and behind closed doors between corporate lobbyists, free trade activists and our own elected “representatives” (a term I use in the loosest possible sense, especially given the context). The ultimate goal of these treaties is to reconfigure the legal apparatus and superstructures that govern national, regional and global trade and business – for the primary, if not exclusive, benefit of the world’s largest multinational corporations.”


#AskJesse: The Definition of a Patriot | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

3m20s “People don’t realise that John Wilkes Booth did not act alone. On the murder of Abraham Lincoln there were actually 8 people tried and convicted, 4 of them were sentenced to death. They were going to try to kill Lincoln, the vice president as well as Seward the secretary of state.”

Lincoln conspiracy

See how we have been mis-educated into the false history. Who knew John Wilkes Booth had accomplices ?


Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall!F3wdp

The patsy to cover up another conspiracy gets his star.


Obama’s Ugliest Crime Exposed in Just a 4-Minute Video

“It’s video showing inside the Odessa Trades Unions Building while hundreds of people who opposed Obama’s coup that had overthrown Ukraine’s freely elected President (the last President who was elected by the entire country) were murdered by Obama’s thugs, on May 2nd.”

“For the first time ever, the United States is sponsoring, even violently imposing, an ethnic-cleansing campaign upon a foreign country. It’s beneath despicable; there’s no appropriate word for it. This is a new low in American history, since at least 19 March 2003. Maybe even since slavery. And maybe even ever: because a nuclear war would be far worse than any of those.”

The people of eastern Ukraine would be insane to make peace with people who committed this crime against humanity.


DHS: ‘HANDS OFF’ These Terrorists – Senator Investigates List Of “U.S. Approved” Killers

When any terrorist gets in the news in the future the burning question I will have is: was this terrorist on the f**king DHS ‘hands off’ f**king list ?


BBC and press ignore massive demonstration against austerity in London

“It seems the BBC are capable of tracking down a single Scot in Brazil who cheered a goal against England but fail to notice 50,000 demonstrating on their doorstep.”

The British Bulls**t Corporation.


The Orwellian Daily Mail

“For by the next morning, the entire tone of the article had been turned around 180 degrees.  Instead of implicitly praising the brave youngsters who were joining their fathers and uncles in arms, the article did a U-turn and branded the ISIS militants evil monsters because they used child soldiers.”

The Daily Mail is just as whorish as the BBC.


America’s faith in media at all-time low

Because they are known to be liars and deceivers.


America Cleanses Southeastern Ukraine of Ethnic Russians (a crime against humanity) READ MORE

“The Western news media have not been showing the footage of this action by the U.S. Administration, but U.S. news media also covered up the Administration’s constant lies about “Saddam’s WMD” (which the U.N. had quietly verified were completely destroyed in 1998), and so Americans supported invading Iraq on the basis of outright lies, and we did so: the U.S. is no longer an authentic democracy, which requires an honest press. America is now doing something that might be even more shocking than that — outright modeled upon the Hitler-movement. The present news report is being distributed to all U.S. news media, so that we’ll all get to see which U.S. media suppress this information, and which ones break the U.S. silence about it — the first-ever blatant ethnic-cleansing program carried out in any foreign country by U.S. Government agents or under U.S. control.”

“Here are photos of what we (our nation’s appointed agents in Ukraine) have been doing since 18 February 2014, and which is being backed up by U.S. tax-dollars under the fake rubric of “national security.” These still-photos are all taken from live videos many of which the present reporter has previously provided the links to, and all of which have been checked thoroughly and verified to be authentic by this reporter, and none of these photos has been found to be doctored. The only organization that checks for doctored “evidence” regarding the situation in Ukraine is, a website that was recently established by an independent group of journalism students in order to defeat propaganda that is being created and spread by both sides (almost entirely by “our” side) in the Ukrainian civil war; these students are doing this so that honest news reporting can be separated out from that which is based upon, and spreading to the public, lies. They are performing a terrific service in this matter, and all honest journalists owe them a debt of gratitude. So: here are these still shots, of what we, through our national government, have been doing, while the U.S. “news” media have been focused on other matters, and have speculated wildly in order to suggest a very different reality in Ukraine than these pictures show. Please note that all bombs that are being dropped in Ukraine come from government planes and helicopters; the residents in southeastern Ukraine have no control over the Ukrainian military; this is quite simply a war upon the people who live there, and their attempt to form their own local governments there does not empower them with any such military — they simply don’t have that”


MM 8 – IRS Did Backup Emails


Under Stockman’s bill, “The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act,” allows taxpayers to use same lame excuses as IRS.

These guys are far too easy to ridicule mercilessly.


Keiser Report: Rise of Bondzilla (E617)


Many South Jersey bridges structurally deficient with little funding for repairs

All the money for the banksters and no money for the people.


Secret terror trial is threat to open justice, human rights campaigners warn

If this trial remains closed we MUST, MUST, MUST assume that the charges are ABSOLUTELY FULL OF S**T.


Ministers in meat label betrayal: Just a year after horsemeat scandal, they cave in to industry lobbying – so now you won’t know where your food comes from

The food industry interests apparently trump the public interest.


Recent Israeli airstrikes targeted Gaza infrastructure

“The Palestinian interior ministry said that the recent Israeli aerial attacks on the Gaza Strip directly targeted its infrastructure, factories and workshops.”

Does objecting to wanton destruction of infrastructure make me an anti-semite ?

I say meet the economic terrorists.


Groups Appeal to UN for ‘Humanity’ as Detroit Shuts Off Water to Thousands


Detroit retirees denounce plan to raid city workers’ savings accounts


Ukraine Peace D.O.A: Russian Border Guard ‘Severely Injured’ As Kremlin Calls Plan An “Ultimatum”

the shelling of the Russian territory


“End the Fed” Rallies are Exploding Throughout Germany READ MORE


“De-Dollarization” Continues – China Starts Direct Trade With UK


Vermont and the People are “Fighting Monsanto” for their Lives and For Now “They are Winning”

Goodbye Monsanto.


RoundUp Linked to Altered Testicular Function Just Days After Exposure Read More


More than 1 million Iraqis have fled their homes as ISIS continues armed siege

Look at the chaos that the USA has caused with their ‘liberation’ of Iraq in 2003 ?


Fourth Largest Bulgarian Bank Seized After Bank Run: “Let’s Not Tear Down Our House” Central Banker Begs


Syria’s Press Conference the United Nations Doesn’t Want You To See


The End Of Anglo-American Hegemony

“As Western dependence on Third World resources has increased, it has become increasingly necessary for the international bankers and their corporations to include local elite cliques in their capital accumulation schemes, making a small group of local people extremely wealthy so that this group will cooperate in selling local resources cheaply to the West.”


President Obama To (Re)Explain His Iraq Strategy


US Propaganda “Accidentally” Exposes Nazi Crimes in Ukraine


US, Pakistan Targeting of ‘Terrorists’ Leaves Tens of Thousands Fleeing


6 Spices that reduce the risk of cancer


CIA Barred From Using Vaccinations As Cover After Over 50 Doctors Killed!


John Adams – George Washington confronts the French

4m40s “He believes that man can only be governed through force and self-interest. The first is unavailable to him at present so he appeals to our baser instincts: fear and greed.”

Has fear and greed being the ruling humankind for thousands of years ?

5m20s “With this government I am not certain that we are a Republic.”

With public servants able to brutalise innocent people with impunity, an impunity not granted to ordinary people, means the USA is still not a Republic. And not forgetting all the secrecy in government circles.


King George’s response to the Olive Branch Petition read by John Hancock


John Adams. Liberty will reign

1m “The meanest and lowest of the people by the unalterable and indivisible laws of god and nature are as well entitled to the air to breathe, light to see, food to eat and clothes to wear as the nobles or the king.”

Thankfully the people do not yet have to buy the air to breathe from a corporation.

But the people have to buy the lighting equipment from a corporation.

And the people have to buy their food from a corporation.

And the people have to buy their clothes from a corporation.


John Adams The Boston Massacre trial


Deputies Drag Woman Out of Car for Trying to View Name Tag

Takes a f**king really manly man to claim battery when it’s nothing of the kind. My f**king arse f**king battery.


Cops Taser Chinese Woman Who Can’t Speak English For Trying To Buy Too Many iPhones

The police spokesman actually thinks it’s fine to use force on someone who does not speak the language a lawful order is given in. God in heaven save the public from such idiots.


DHS ransacks Florida couple’s home without explanation, strips woman naked

“The agents “trashed the house,” and reportedly smashed some clear glass shower doors and broke a vintage statue.”

“Ms. Edwards said a warrant was finally given to them after 2 hours. She said it lists her address and was signed by Jonathan Goodman, a federal magistrate judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The warrant says the agents were authorized to look for computers & electronic media.”

Perhaps these public servants thought that the vintage statue was a electronic equipment in disguise.

Are modern day Americans now back in the time when colonial Americans were being abused by British troops ?


Stripped, Sprayed, and Stranded: Police Humiliation Tactics

““They hold her down,” Landenwich said. “There are two male officers and two female officers and they forceably remove her pants, her shoes, her underwear and her shirt and bra.”

A police state is where the police can abuse the people with impunity.


DHS…America’s new Standing Army?
Given that Iraq was invaded in order (among other things) to make Haliburton huge profits should the DHS now stand for Department of Haliburton Security ?


The Second Wave: Senior Medical Official Issues Ebola Warning: “TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL”

Is this the globalists wet dream of depopulation coming true ?


Canadian Court to the Entire World: No Links For You!

“The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ordered Google to remove entire domains from its search results—a decision that could have enormous global implications on free expression. This is the latest of several instances of courts exercising dangerous jurisdictional overreach, where they have applied local laws to remove content on the Internet.”


9th top level banker found dead within weeks


PM Urged to Defend British Student Jailed After Torture in UAE


Paralyzed Flu Shot Victim Awarded $11 Million in Damages


Annual Retail Sales for Hemp at $581 Million, Growing by 24% Annually Read More

“While the battle to legalize medical or recreational marijuana rages on, with plans to treat pot like alcohol being introduced in 21 states and the District of Columbia this year alone, hemp, which is marijuana’s non-hallucinogenic cousin, is also gaining some much-deserved attention. In fact, annual retail sales for hemp are at approximately $581 million, growing by 24% annually.”


Virginia Congressman Admits to the Existence of Child Trafficking in Fairfax County Virginia READ MORE


U.S. forces used depleted uranium rounds in civilian areas in Iraq, reports finds

“The Democratic congressman, Jim McDermott, is now urging the US Department of Defence to publish all its DU firing coordinates. “These weapons have had terrible health ramifications for Iraqi civilians,” he said. “The least the US could do is provide the specific targeting data so the Iraqi government can begin the complex clean-up process.””

IRS: The Dog Ate My E-Mails, for Two Years / Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad




The Dog Ate My E-Mails, for Two Years

“Now we may know why. After months of delay in responding to congressional inquiries, the IRS now claims that, for the period of January 2009 to April 2011, all e-mails between Lois Lerner — the IRS official at the center of the scandal — and anyone outside the IRS were wiped out by a “computer crash.””

“I’m sure the NSA must have copies! If they don’t it confirms that the entire system was a total waste of taxpayer money!”


The IRS scandal explodes

“Norman Cillo, an Army veteran who worked in intelligence and a former program manager at Microsoft, argued it is very difficult to lose emails for good and laid out six reasons why he believes Congress is “being lied to” about the Lerner emails”


I’m sure the NSA must have copies! If they don’t it confirms that the entire system was a total waste of taxpayer money!


Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad


Iraq’s Popular Uprising Shadowed By U.S. Terrorism Propaganda


Ukraine-Russia Near “Serious Conflict” Following Explosion In Largest European Gas Transit Pipeline


U.S. Caught Training ISIS Terrorist At Secret Jordan Base


Study Finds Evidence for CDC Cover-Up of Link Between Autism and Mercury In Vaccines


Successfully Overturning the Fed’s Hemp Ban: 4 Uses for Hemp Read More




New Mass Movement in Berlin to End U.S Federal Reserve!


Two Brilliant Minds At Work: Mark Spitznagel And Nassim Taleb Discuss Inequality, Free Markets And Central Bank Enabled Crashes READ MORE


Democracy on the Docket

“I love the Constitution, but I hate the way the Supreme Court interprets it.”

“Sorry, but I don’t believe corporations are people. If they were, G.M. would be in jail for murder, and JPMorgan for grand larceny.”


NATO Allegations of Russian Tanks in Ukraine based on Fake Evidence / Fee for exiting from bonds



NATO Allegations of Russian Tanks in Ukraine based on Fake Evidence


Federal Reserve Wants to Charge You for Pulling Your Money Out of Bond Funds

That noise is the door of the theatre being slammed shut.


The Devil in the Details: The CIA and Saddam Hussein

“The CIA had a hand in it. They had funded the Ba’ath Party – of which Saddam Hussein was a young member – when it was in opposition.”

“US diplomat James Akins served in the Baghdad Embassy at the time. Mr. Akins said, “I knew all the Ba’ath Party leaders and I liked them”.”

If only JFK had lived he would have carried out the smashing of the CIA into a thousand pieces and perhaps Iraq wouldn’t be the bloodbath it is today.


CIA ‘helped Saddam Hussein carry out chemical weapons attack on Iran’ in 1988 under Ronald Reagan


Has War Criminal Tony Blair Finally Gone Mad?

“Tony Blair’s essay on how the Middle East should blame its own religious dynamics for its troubles – instead of Western attempts at intervention – has seen London Mayor Boris Johnson launch a scathing attack on the “unhinged” former PM.”

Please can someone tell Mr Blair to shut the f**k up.


Bank of England governor warns of threat to capitalism

“Last month, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney delivered a speech at a conference in London on “inclusive capitalism”. He issued a series of warnings on the danger confronting the profit system.”


Bill And Hillary Clinton Support The Estate Tax… They Just Don’t Want To Pay It

“Do as we say, not as we do” continues to be the policy of the ruling elites in America (and around the world). Having claimed in her book that the Clintons were ‘dead broke’ after leaving The White House and that she understood the financial struggles of Americans, Bloomberg reports that the Clintons are using financial planning strategies befitting the top 1% of U.S. households in wealth, creating residence trusts and shifting ownership. Crucially, this is all designed to shield their assets from the estate tax (that now tops out at 40% of assets upon death) – a tax that Bill and Hillary Clinton have long supported. “The estate tax has been historically part of our very fundamental belief that we should have a meritocracy,” Hillary Clinton said at a December 2007 appearance, as long as she doesn’t have to pay it, it seems.”


The Bank Of England Lost 487 Tonnes Of Gold In 2013 READ MORE


Russia Cuts Off All Gas Supplies To Ukraine READ MORE


‘Ukraine wants communism not capitalism when it comes to gas’


Pope tells super rich, bankers to find some ethics

Or the people will find some rope.


What We’ve Lost Since 9/11: Taking Down the First Amendment in the Post-Constitutional US

“America has entered its third great era: the post-constitutional one. In the first, in the colonial years, a unitary executive, the King of England, ruled without checks and balances, allowing no freedom of speech, due process, or privacy when it came to protecting his power.”


Parents shocked to learn ‘BPA-free’ baby bottles are loaded with other estrogen mimickers


Slavyansk before and after Kiev nazi revolution


In Explosive Scandal, Head Of Polish Central Bank Recorded Promising Assistance To Government If Minister Fired


Citizen Journalism is Winning the News War in Syria

“To give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps IOC is not aware of the blood attached to the money they have received. However, there is in fact a well-documented human rights scam that muddies the waters of all official reporting, even reports that come from seemingly well-intentioned NGOs. Tony Cartalucci’s excellent article “Soros Criminal Conviction Exposes Human Rights Scam” thoroughly addresses this issue.”

“Nevertheless, as the corporate/government media continues its attempts to outlaw independent journalism, continues to purchase and/or create NGO movements, and begins equating the denouncing of terrorism with terrorism itself (see the story of SyrianGirl here) it is of paramount importance that citizens step up and become the media that they wish to see in the world.”


Pentagon Studying Non-Violent Movements

“In this latest Orwellian revelation, the US military — one of the most active purveyors of “political violence” in the world, and much of it illegal Nuremberg violations — is now grouping together non-violent social movements with “terrorism.” But you already knew that, right? I mean, you should. It’s a longstanding pattern.”


Americans With Weapons of Mass Nutrition Defeating Monsanto Planting One Non GMO Plant at a Time.

“Get out there and start planting to produce your own food supply. This is how we will defeat Monsanto and the globalist peacefully resisting by planting our own Garden. Self Reliance is the key to defeating the New World Order with a sustainable garden. Our weapons of mass nutrition scares Monsanto daily. Fight the good fight of faith.”


Inventing terrorists: FBI sets up Muslims in terror plots

“Nearly 95 percent of terrorist arrests have been the result of FBI foiling its own entrapment plots as a part of the so-called post-9/11 War on Terror, a new study revealed.”


Arseniy Yatsenyuk calling Eastern Ukrainians “Subhumans” and wows to ethnically “Cleanse” Ukraine

Just like 1930s Nazi Germany.


White House Sidesteps Its Fire-bombings in Southeastern Ukraine Read More


“Cluster Of Central Banks” Have Secretly Invested $29 Trillion In The Market


Meet The “Minerva Research Initiative” – The Pentagon’s Preparation For “Mass Civil Breakdown”

“As the Guardian’s Nafeez Ahmed concludes, “Minerva is a prime example of the deeply narrow-minded and self-defeating nature of military ideology. Worse still, the unwillingness of DoD officials to answer the most basic questions is symptomatic of a simple fact – in their unswerving mission to defend an increasingly unpopular global system serving the interests of a tiny minority, security agencies have no qualms about painting the rest of us as potential terrorists.””

Someone is getting ready for oligarch security.


It’s Getting Harder to Hide Infants from Questionable Vaccinations Read More

“The Hepatitis-B, or Hep-B, vaccination is one of the most dangerous and useless vaccines existing. Imposing it on newborns is criminal, especially when knowledgeable parents decline it for their kids. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Erdem I. Cantekin, PhD of University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine had to say in an open letter to The Journal of the American Medical Association about the Hep-B vaccination that’s given at birth and repeated three more times in the next six month:”

There is no scientific evidence to justify HBV vaccination before the age when those risk factors associated with the HBV transmission (sex, needles, etc.) become relevant. Recent risk-benefit analysis show HBV vaccination among children carries one of the largest unjustified risks and substantial financial costs, second only to the new controversial conjugate pneumococcal vaccine. (Emphasis added)””

“Dr. Russell Blaylock constantly warned how even without the toxins that vaccines contain, repeated vaccinations in early ages damage the immune system and create autoimmune diseases. More on that here.”

Trash someone’s immune system and they will be forced to come to the pharmaceutical industry for their medicine.


Feds perform guns-drawn SWAT raid while investigating campaign finance allegation

“The raid occurred the evening of Monday, June 2nd, 2014. The FBI and Utah Department of Public Safety were investigating Shurtleff (as well as former A.G. John Swallow) on allegations of campaign finance fraud while in office. Shurtleff emphatically denies the allegations, saying that he is confident he will be cleared. “I’ve been offering to go in and talk to Sim Gill for a year,” he said.”

Are the police forces in the USA out of their f**king minds ? SWAT for allegations of campaign finance fraud ?


Two Mothers Arrested for Refusing Smart Meters and Filming Police

“Wireless smart meters emit radio frequency or microwave radiation. This radio frequency radiation is able to penetrate walls, metal, and concrete. It can also penetrate our bodies. The biological effects linked to these exposures are numerous, DNA damage, disturbed immune system, blood brain barrier damage, oxidative damage, and more.”

“In 2011 the World Health Organization classified the type of microwave radiation emitted by smart meters as a possible human carcinogen. Brain tumors, cardiovascular disease, ADHAD, Leukemia and a myriad of other disease are linked to these exposures.”


Sikorski and Dziewulski: The Strategy and Tactics of the Neo-Commonwealth

“As the war in the southeast of (former) Ukraine rages on, more proof is emerging of active Polish participation there. This participation has thus far been indirect (i.e. no official Polish military units), although this does not mean that it is no less lethal. Not only has Poland been complicit in training urban terrorists in the run-up to the EuroMaidan chaos, but it has also sent loads of mercenaries to forcibly put down the anti-coup protesters rising up against the junta. Now, photographic proof linking Poland to the Ukrainian madness has arisen. Jerzy Dziewulski, the security advisor to former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski [1], was photographed last week with Turchynov in Slavyansk.”


800 Irish babies bear marks of ritual killing / Dead bankster quotient 37 / Inventing Terrorists (aka. Manufacturing)

Breaking News from the Trial of Pope Francis issued by the Citizen Prosecutors’ Office

“The remains of nearly 800 babies found in a cistern at the Catholic St. Mary’s Mothers and Babies Home near Tuam “bear marks of ritual killing” according to a source within the Garda, Ireland’s police force.”

I will repeat that: bear marks of ritual killing.


Irish babies’ remains bear signs of ritual sacrifice; George Soros and royalty “hunting children”


The Dollar’s Demise & Dead Banker Update — ‘The Guerrilla Economist’

“‘V’ gives us a ‘dead banker’ update an informs us that top level guys are also getting ‘whacked’ as the number of dead goes up into the 35 to 37 range.”

Dead bankster quotient 37.

19m The MERS fraud transferring title over and over is causing foreclosures on fully paid up mortgages.

21m The DTCC’s state of the art vault gets flooded then has a fire and it’s owner Cede & Co is owned by the City of London Corporation.

31m The sham of the USA v USSR cold war.

33m The treasury bond rally while they are being dumped the world over.

37m The BRICS group and more nations are joining.

47m Narendra Modi new prime minister of India was set up by Kissinger (a piece of filth).

1h23m Scorched earth is planned by the Rothschilds for the northern hemisphere of the world and then have their ‘saviour’ step in to ‘save’ human kind.


Inventing Terrorists: US orchestrated most ‘terror-plots’?


Iraqi crisis: Terrorist attacks or popular uprising?

“BRUSSELS, June 14 (UPI) –The popular uprising continues unabated in Iraq, with the successive liberation of its cities and the collapse of Maliki’s forces as they retreat and desert en mass in the face of coordinated tribal opposition.”


Belgium: Money-Laundering Toilet For UNWANTED Treasuries


Nurse killed as Ukraine’s army shells hit Slavyansk hospitals


Cohen on Ukraine civil war: ‘Lincoln didn’t call Confederates terrorists’

“Historical analogies may be inaccurate, but Americans may need to look at their own civil war and compare it to what is happening in Ukraine now. Today the US supports a murderous criminal adventure that has little to do with unifying the country.”

I would suggest that the better analogy is the American colonists rebelling against the King George III.


We don’t have anything anymore!’ Despair as govt troops level Ukraine towns


China’s Collateral Rehypothecation Fraud Is Systemic


New York Times Says “Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth”


Prestigious Medical Journal “The Lancet”: Fluoride IS a Neurotoxin!


Focus Fusion: Has cheap, clean Earth-saving fusion power been right under our noses all along?

Good riddance to the petroleum cartel.


Good Riddance To Rep. Eric Cantor: Bagman For Wall Street And The War Party READ MORE


The roots of Eric Cantor’s defeat

“Virginia’s intraparty Republican war has pitted grass-roots activists — some of whom identify with the tea party movement and some of whom don’t — against the party establishment, peopled largely by big donors and Richmond’s lobbyist-consultant class.”

“FOX News is reporting that Cantor’s defeat will revive the debate over raising the debt ceiling for the Federal Government. This IS an issue all Americans need to pay attention to as we head into the November elections. But all Americans need to understand that the visible debate is a smokescreen for the real question every American needs to be asking right now.”


Yet Another 500,000 Acres Land Grab in New Mexico by Obama


‘The Iraq invasion was a cock-up. And it is a cock up we will be living with for the next 50 years’, says British Major General Julian Thompson


Obama Behind Al-Qaeda Invasion of Iraq

“Al Qaeda used by western powers as a destabilizing force to foment chaos and disorder and facilitate divide and conquer”


The Biggest Political Problem of All


Obama: Denying climate change is like saying the moon is made of cheese

Is the world flat too, president Obama ?


ANY Event that occurs Where People are Uprooted, Injured, or Killed… “It’s a False Flag”…

“This is the apocalypse (unveiling). This is the down fall of the cabal. They are indeed, “Going down with the ship”, no matter what pain they may cause.”


Jim Fetzer VT 6-13-14… “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”


No-knock SWAT raid leaves Texas father dead, family traumatized READ MORE

“Jermaine “DJ” Darden, 34, who had been startled awake by the intrusion, received particular attention from police. Darden, a large man who weighed over 300 pounds, was having physical difficulties after being forced to the ground with several officers on top of him. He was physically unable to breathe in that position due to his asthma condition, heart disease, and the weight of the police officers.”

Why is it necessary for a suspect to be placed on the ground face down ?

“It took months for the medical examiner to declare an official cause of death. While some expected the death to be a homicide, it was instead announced that Mr. Darden died of “natural causes.” No culpability was placed on the officers’ use of force or the multiple electrical shocks. Officially, it was just a coincidence that he died during the raid.”

So five people squashing somebody is a natural state is it ?

To save innocent life this vicious war on drugs has to come to an end.


Innocent man woke up to a SWAT team in his bedroom and a gun to his head

Did these public servants ever think to ask these residents for their names, their ids ?


PM Modi: Condemn this callous dismissal of rape and murder!


Man Uses Cannabis Oil to Successfully Treat Another Incurable Disease Read More

“COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, ranks third in disease death rates, behind only heart disease and cancer. COPD creates constricted airways in one’s lungs or renders small lung sacks within inelastic and unable to fully accommodate breathing cycles, thus the lungs are obstructed. The pharmaceuticals prescribed for treating symptoms often have side effects that cause more problems, so maybe it’s time to shed light on alternative solutions – marijuana.


5 Diseases Proven To Respond Better To Cannabis Than Prescription Drugs


Update about Ag-Gag Petition on


Don’t Let Congress Kill Net Neutrality. Thousands have already told Congress to reject this toxic bill. Join them by telling Congress to protect the open Internet.


Tell Nike: reinstate the ‘Nike Nine’ with full back pay, and clean up your supply chain so that joining a union is genuinely respected.


Watch a star explode 20,000 years ago: Time-lapse footage reveals beautiful burst that sent ‘light echoes’ around the universe


The Baltic Dry Index Is Having Its Worst Year Ever / Ukraine: ‘White phosphorus’ reports





The Baltic Dry Index Is Having Its Worst Year Ever


‘White phosphorus’ reports: Ukraine military ‘dropped incendiary bombs’ on Slavyansk

Son of a f**king bitch.


SEA CHANGE: Cantor’s $5 MILLION Crony Capitalism Gets SMOKED By Tea Party’s $200K Libertarian Candidate


Top 7 Natural Cures For Cancer That Got Buried By The FDA, AMA, CDC Read More


Louis T. McFadden’s Speech In the House of Representatives, 10 June 1932 [The Bankster Mafia Assassinated Him For This] Read More


Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar Read More


Australia Seizes $360 MILLION From “Dormant” Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too Read More




Currency War: 140 Years of Monetary History in Ten Minutes READ MORE


Federal court: TSA may read documents at checkpoints, threaten false arrest without recourse READ MORE


Meanwhile, In Greece…


In STARK CONTRAST to Obama’s LIE That Gun Violence is ‘Off the Charts’ — Gun Homicide Rate IS DOWN 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware Read More


17 Years After Gun Bans in Australia …Police Say Gun Crime is Out of Control


TYRANNY RED ALERT: Leaked Counter Terrorism Bulletin Warns Police of Impending ‘Far-Right Violence’ Read More


Why Should Anyone Trust a Government That Kills, Maims, Tortures, Lies, Spies, Cheats, and Treats Its Citizens Like Criminals? READ MORE

China’s “Evaporated” Collateral Scandal Spreads / Japan, Saudis & Germany to join Russian alliance ?

China’s “Evaporated” Collateral Scandal Spreads To Second Port




MUST WATCH: END of U.S. Economic Dominance & DEATH OF THE DOLLAR Update


No Drinking Water In Venezuela Until Bankers Get Paid Back


Government retaliates against 37 VA hospital whistleblowers who showed the courage to tell the truth


This Story Never Got National Attention: Las Vegas Cop Shot Wife, 5-Year-Old Son in Head, Before Killing Himself


CPS vs. The Preservation of the Family: Will You Help? Read More

“The American family and parental rights are under attack like no other time in our history. Under Obamacare, CPS workers now operate under the federally controlled Human Health Services and can enter your home  for no reason. For each child the CPS takes from a parent, the federal government pays the CPS $5,000, plus bonuses if the child is a minority or has a disability. And in each case, there is no due process for the parents.”


248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 30m / Gospel According to bankster Government

248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 30 million

The alternative news media has been demolishing the lies being told by the whore corporate news media, I only caught on in 2011 during the Libya love-bombs.


The Gospel According to Government (bankster government)

6m25s “Blessed are the bankers because for they shall embezzle the earth.”


Obama: “Order and Progress Can Only Come When Individuals Surrender Their Rights to an All-Powerful Sovereign” READ MORE


Roundup and Glyphosate Toxicity Have Been Grossly Underestimated

The true toxicity of glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup—is becoming increasingly clear as study after study is published demonstrating its devastating effects. In June, groundbreaking research was published detailing a newfound mechanism of harm for Roundup.

This was immediately followed by tests showing that people in 18 countries across Europe have glyphosate in their bodies,1 while yet another study revealed that the chemical has estrogenic properties and drives breast cancer proliferation in the parts-per-trillion range.2

This finding might help explain why rats fed Monsanto’s maize developed massive breast tumors in the first-ever lifetime feeding study published last year. Other recently published studies demonstrate glyphosate’s toxicity to cell lines, aquatic life, food animals, and humans.


Thousands Stage Anti-Monarchy Protests Across Spain

“Anti-monarchy demonstrations were held in over 50 cities across Spain Saturday in protest actions called by leftist groups. In Madrid over 15,000 people marched. Similar demonstrations were held in Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Oviedo and many other Spanish cities.”


Europe’s Good, Bad, & Ugly Reality (In 3 Simple Charts)


U.S. Perfidy in Ukraine and WWIV

“The Kiev government needs tens of billions of dollars in U.S. and E.U. aid, debt cancellations and loans to avoid bankruptcy and massive suffering of the Ukrainian people who have been stolen blind by the failed state run by the oligarchs, including the new Candy King president who has been one of the richest and most powerful oligarchs and ministers in both of the previously failed states that were ended by revolutions.”

“The U.S. and a few of its small E.U. puppets and the anti-Danish head of Nato are desperate to avoid becoming the Super Sugar Daddy to this failed state and the oligarchs who largely caused it to fail by robbing it.”

“But they are also desperate to use the Ukraine as a Media propaganda issue to get their ignorant publics to support their new WWIV against Russia, China and its many allies. They really want to end the soaring economic growth and power of these huge nations so  they cannot put an end to the U.S. Global Empire’s hegemonic control over the global currency [the dollar]. The U.S. Empire cannot survive without using dollar inflation to steal trillions of dollars from the whole world.”


If Corporations Are People, Can GM Be Charged with Murder? Read More

“General Motors made a batch of defective cars that occasionally stopped working mid-drive. That is, the key – with no prompting from the driver – would turn back into the ‘off’ or ‘accessory’ position.”


AMERICA’S NWO OLIGARCHY: Ukraine’s Burisma Hires JOE BIDEN’S SON as Company Lawyer Read More

“Hunter Biden’s employment means he will be working as a director and top lawyer for a Ukrainian energy company during the period when his father and others in the Obama administration attempt to influence the policies of Ukraine’s new government, especially on energy issues.”


Louisiana Gov. signs bill killing lawsuits against oil and gas companies


N.C. senators introduce bill to restrict information about fracking chemicals


Cop Filming Activists 1, Ticket Writing Cop 0

Tickets are revenue generating devices.


Libya and the stupidity of the US foreign policy

“Destroy a successful nation thru humanitarian love-bombs then claim they are too immature to develop without the US govt’s help! pretty much the story of imperialism thru all of history…”

Palestinian wedding interrupted by Israeli stun grenades, 1 hurt”


Palestinian wedding interrupted by Israeli stun grenades, 1 hurt

I don’t expect to see this on the whore corporate news media.


The Greatest Generation: Sacrificed for the Bankers

“Professor Antony C. Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler documents how key Wall Street financiers and other international bankers subsidized Hitler and the Nazis. Sutton documents how J.P. Morgan, T. W. Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, General Electric Company, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, and dozens of other business interests supported and subsidized Hitler and the Nazis.”

They make profits funding our enemies then make more profits as we fight those enemies.


Have We Been DECEIVED About What REALLY Happened on 9/11? — Christopher Bollyn

39m35s “That means that the demolition of the World Trade Centre was accompanied by large amounts of molten iron. Now, the government cannot explain this, the government version cannot explain why there’s molten iron in the dust because nothing in the government an account for such high temperatures.”

1h2m45s “If what happened on 9/11, if the government version of what happened on 9/11 is not true then that means that the entire war on terror is a fraud.”

1h7m55s “We have evidence of thermite. Osama bin Laden didn’t put thermite in the building.”

1h17m “He went down into the basement of building 6, he poked his camera down there and he saw that the door of the vault had been broken, the pad, the security pad area was completely cracked. He poked in there, he looked in there and he saw that the entire vault was empty. The vault is 15 metres by 15 metres, it’s evidence and gold. All that was in that vault, at any one time, was criminal evidence of very high cases and gold”

1h18m25s “9/11 is a crime inside of a crime inside of a crime inside of a crime.”

1h42m20s “Dancing Israelis.”

What Happened on 9-11

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