Globalists Unipolarism vs Sovereignists Multipolarism / Clinton: back ol’ Boris (Y) again


Unipolarism Vs Multipolarism – The Real Russian Interference In US Politics
“All that seems to be over. The day of a new socialism may dawn unexpectedly, but today capitalism rules the world. Now the United States and Russia are engaged in a no-holds-barred fight between capitalists. At first glance, it may seem to be a classic clash between rival capitalists. And yet, once again an ideological conflict is emerging, one which divides capitalists themselves, even in Russia and in the United States itself. It is the conflict between globalists and sovereignists, between a unipolar and a multipolar world. The conflict will not be confined to the two main nuclear powers.”
“Loans For Shares”
“Those were the good old days in the 1990s when the Clinton administration was propping up Yeltsin as he let Russia be ripped off by the joint efforts of such ambitious well-placed Russians and their Western sponsors, notably using the “loans for shares” trick.”
“In a 2012 Vanity Fair article on her hero, Khodorkovsky, the vehemently anti-Putin journalist Masha Gessen frankly summed up how this worked:”
“The new oligarchs—a dozen men who had begun to exercise the power that money brought—concocted a scheme. They would lend the government money, which it badly needed, and in return the government would put up as collateral blocks of stock amounting to a controlling interest in the major state-owned companies. When the government defaulted, as both the oligarchs and the government knew it would, the oligarchs would take them over. By this maneuver the Yeltsin administration privatized oil, gas, minerals, and other enterprises without parliamentary approval.”
“’The Fixer in Chief’”
“To understand the way Washington works, nothing is more instructive than to examine the career of lawyer Jonathan M. Winer, who proudly repeats that in early 2017, the head of the Carnegie Endowment Bill Burns introduced him as “the Fixer in Chief”. Winer has long been unknown to the general public, but this may soon change.”
“Let’s see what the fixer has fixed.”
“Under the presidency of fellow Yalie Bill Clinton, Winer served as the State Department’s first Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Law Enforcement, from 1994-1999. One may question the selectivity of Bill Clinton’s concern for international law enforcement, which certainly did not cover violating international law by bombing defenseless countries. In any case, in 1999, Winer was awarded for “virtually unprecedented achievements”. Later we shall examine one of those important achievements.”
“At the end of the Clinton administration, from 2008 to 2013, the Fixer in Chief worked as high up consultant at one of the world’s most powerful PR and lobbying firms, APCO Worldwide. This is how the Washington revolving door functions: after a few years in government finding out how things work, one then goes into highly paid “consultancy” to sell this insider information and influential contacts to private clients.”
“APCO got off to a big start some thirty years ago lobbying for Philip Morris and the tobacco industry in general.”
“In 2002, APCO launched something called the “Friends of Science” to promote skepticism concerning the harmful effects of smoking. In 1993, the campaign described its goals and objectives “encouraging the public to question – from the grassroots up – the validity of scientific studies.””

How To Meddle In An Election – Washington Style
“The year was 1996. Russia was electing a president to succeed Boris Yeltsin, whose disastrous presidency, marked by the post-Soviet social collapse and a savage war in Chechnya, had brought his approval rating down to the single digits. President Bill Clinton decided that American interests would be best served by finding a way to re-elect Yeltsin despite his deep unpopularity. Yeltsin was ill, chronically alcoholic, and seen in Washington as easy to control. Clinton bonded with him. He was our “Manchurian Candidate.””
““I guess we’ve just got to pull up our socks and back ol’ Boris again,” Clinton told an aide.”

Watch: The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire Revealed (50 trillion of secret offshore trusts)
“At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands.”
“Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.”
32m “we are still plundering developing countries as former colonial powers.”
48m5s “With so much a stake for so many powerful and wealthy individuals it may come as no surprise that Britain’s offshore havens have developed their own curious mechanisms to prevent information from leaking out. For many people who work offshore and don’t like what they’re doing its very hard indeed to dissent because they will be targeted personal with a degree of viciousness which is quite extraordinary.”
55m40s “In public British politicians claim they are cracking down on secrecy jurisdictions and corruption but in practise they do the opposite. When I talk to politicians in Brussels they say that they’ve had more lobbyists from London including politicians who come to them to protect the city of London interests than they’ve had from any other member stats combined.”
1h1m55s “We have a new mafia in town. It does not actually shoot people or does not put bullets in their kneecaps but its trade is just as deadly, if deprives people of opportunities to have healthcare, education, security, justice and essentially a fulfilling life.”
1m6m55 “Britain’s financial services industry had penetrated the state and began to shape its laws for its own benefit.”
1m10m45s “Over a period of 30, 40 years the amounts of the repayment costs will be 3 or 4 times higher overall than if you’d borrowed it from central government in the first place, so (PFI) it’s basically a giant accounting scam.”
1m14m55s “Together they have transformed Britain and its dependencies into the world’s largest tax haven, harming development around the world and turning Britain itself into a country that serves above all the interests of its elites.”

End Of An Era: Swiss Banks Now Exposing Tax Cheats
When the 50 trillion dollar tax cheating going on in the corporate city of London offshore tax havens then that will be the end of an era.

97% Owned – Economic Truth documentary – How is Money Created

11m40s “At the moment in the UK money creation and control is largely in the hands of private banks. About 97 to 98% of money that’s created as bank ‘debt money’ you could call it, when banks issues money into circulation as loans essentially. This is a very poorly understood fact.”
1h11m50s “By the way the baking crisis drove more than a 100 million people back into poverty. The mortality statistics of people who go into poverty rise hugely for a whole range of reasons. So the banking crisis isn’t just about becoming poorer – it was about killing people as well.”
1h33m50s “I think it is a form of economic warfare. Much of the change in the way that the global economy works over the last thirty years results from this debt, this third world debt because its given rich countries and banks and the financial sector enormous amounts of power and control over the poorer bits of the world where a lot of the resources are that we like using. And that’s been used in a way that many people have e compare to a form of colonialism.”
1h45m20s “The system is designed to make certain people very rich at the expense of a nation’s citizens and taxpayers. The system lowers the standard of living of the majority and distributes this wealth amongst the privileged.”
Bitcoin is not ‘debt money’, is not a form of colonialism and this video does not show that the people of the world need bitcoin then I don’t know what will. Money must be the servant to the people not a master of them.

10 Years After Lehman. And Nothing Has Been Fixed
“The general storyline of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) goes about like this: funds from all over the world headed to the US, where the banks, to finance the housing market boom, developed unsound financial products which then brought down the global financial order. Although this description has some seeds of truth, the crisis was much larger in the sense that it could not have been possible without the whole system playing along.”
“Also, very little has been done to fix its ‘original sins’. Moreover, by pushing the debt-cycle even further, central bankers and political leaders have created an even more dangerous economic situation by their efforts to save and stimulate the economy.”

“It’s Bigger Than We Thought” – Danske Bank Money-Laundering Case Involved Staggering $150 Billion
Only the real criminals launder money at this epic level.

Danske Bank Plunges On News US Investigating Massive Money Laundering Fraud
“Just as we anticipated, the massive $150 billion money laundering scandal unfolding in the Estonian branch of Danske Bank has finally attracted the scrutiny of international regulators, who have seized on the opportunity to tighten the noose around the neck of criminals and corrupt oligarchs operating in the Commonwealth of Independent States.”
“According to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department, Treasury Department and Securities and Exchange Commission are each examining Danske Bank following a whistleblower complaint made two years ago. It’s unclear for how long the investigations have been ongoing, though the conduct being investigated took place through 2015. The complaint also named Deutsche Bank and Citigroup as potentially complicit in the fraud, with DB acting as a correspondent bank on some of the transactions while some of the funds were run through Citigroup’s Moscow branch.”

Danske Bank Scandal Could Cost Denmark Its ‘AAA’ Rating

Meet The Whistleblower Who Exposed A Record-Breaking $200BN Money Laundering Scheme
“Exactly one week after a Danish law firm published a 70+ page report claiming that roughly 200 billion euros ($235 billion) – nearly all of the money flowing through Danske Bank’s Estonia branch – qualified as suspect, a Danish newspaper has finally revealed the name of the whistleblower who set in motion one of the largest money laundering scandals in European history.”
“Highlighting the international nature of a scandal that has battered Denmark’s largest lender and has provoked speculation about lapses in pan-European AML controls, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday that UK-based corporate entities played a key role in the scandal. One British LLC that helped siphon money out of Russia via Danske’s Estonian branch has even been linked to the family of Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the FSB.”
Not only a case of profit before people but profit before obeying the law.

Danske Bank Shares Plummet As More Details On $234 Billion Money Laundering Scandal Emerge
The usual suspects.

Estonian Central Bank Exposed As $1 Trillion Money-Laundering Nexus

Danske Bank – Who Helped Them Launder?

A Carnival Of Claptrap: The Public Burning Of Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In As 114th Supreme Court Justice
What a disgraceful circus the Democratic party put on in their attempt to stop this confirmation.

“Hero” Survivors Who Confronted Jeff Flake Work For Soros-Funded Nonprofit

Kavanaugh “Gang Bang” Accuser Savaged By Ex-Weatherman Over “Penchant For Group Sex”

GOP Senator: Democratic Activists Participating In ‘Paid Soros Conspiracy’
“While the mainstream media has overlooked the fact that the two “hero” survivors who berated Arizona Senator Jeff Flake into calling for a one-week extended FBI background check were paid activists working on behalf of a nonprofit organization funded by George Soros, one Republican Senator brought up that fact during an interview with Laura Ingraham’s radio show.”

Bill Clinton’s Sexual Assault Allegations Are ‘Different’, Hillary Says
Bill is actually guilty of the sexual assault allegations while while Brett is innocent.

Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama
There is more to this scandal than is been let on.

Justice Elena Kagan: Legitimacy Of The Supreme Court Is Now At Risk
Says the ex-banker.

Paul Craig Roberts: Where Does Our Attention Belong – Kavanaugh Or Yemen?

New WikiLeaks Release Exposes Corruption In UAE Arms Deal Fueling War On Yemen

Paul Craig Roberts: How The American Media Was Destroyed

“Preplanned Murder”: Turkey Says 15-Member Saudi Hit Team Murdered Journalist Inside Consulate
“In a shocking twist to an already mysterious and bizarre saga, Turkish investigators say they believe that prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul after he entered on routine business four days ago.”
“Khashoggi’s fiance, who was waiting outside at the time of his disappearance on Tuesday, said he simply never came out. Since that time there’s been an international outcry and search for the missing journalist — a Washington Post columnist and former editor of a couple major Saudi newspapers — who had a reputation as an outspoken critic of Saudi Arabia’s rulers. He was initially widely reported “detained” inside the consul premises by Saudi authorities.”

WaPo Publishes CCTV Image Of Saudi Journalist Walking Into Istanbul Consulate

Turks Had Saudi Consulate Bugged With Audio: Khashoggi Death Chronology Details Leaked
Don’t they mean the crime of kidnap ?

Trump Says Blocking Saudi Arms Sales Would Be “Hurting Us” When Asked About Khashoggi

Trump Vows “Severe Punishment” If Saudis Killed Khashoggi

Investigative Journalist Probing EU Corruption Found Brutally Raped And Murdered

Hold The Front Page: The Reporters Are Missing And Journalism Is Dead
“Although journalism was always a loose extension of establishment power, something has changed in recent years. Dissent tolerated when I joined a national newspaper in Britain in the 1960s has regressed to a metaphoric underground as liberal capitalism moves towards a form of corporate dictatorship.”

Glenn Greenwald: The Mainstream Media’s “Allowed List” Of “Real Reporters”
“Glenn Greenwald, the well-known journalist for The Intercept and the reporter who worked closely with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to expose vast US government illegal domestic spying, explained this week how mainstream media ‘gate-keeping’ and suppressing alternate perspectives works, especially when it comes to reporting American foreign policy.”
“Greenwald slammed the corrupt state of the establishment media, explaining, “One of the favorite phrases the US media loves to recite to justify and elevate what they do, and to delegitimize their critics and those who do journalism outside of their structures, is ‘real reporting.’””
“As part of the clip that Greenwald resurrected from internet obscurity, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer railed against Senator Paul’s opposition to a proposed $1.1 billion US arms sale to Saudi Arabia by arguing that slaughter of Yemeni civilians was “worth it” so long as it benefits US jobs and defense contractors. “
“But when he got out of the hospital, the bills started coming, and the hospital claimed that he owed them more than a hundred thousand dollars…”
“But then more media scrutiny came, and the hospital decided that Calver only owed them $782.29…”
“If you ask me, $782.29 is still pretty outrageous, but it is a whole lot better than $108,951.31.”
A 99% reduction but of course the person who made up the $108,951.31 figure did so because the corporation has bills to pay, bills to government lobbyists.

The Dinosaur Media Learns of its Own Extinction

John Deere Just Swindled Farmers Out of Their Right to Repair
“Repair is a huge business. And repair monopolies are profitable. Just ask Apple, which has lobbied over and over against making repair parts and information available to third-party repair shops. That’s why Big Ag has been so reluctant to make any concessions to the growing right-to-repair movement.”
“At first blush, last week’s deal between the Farm Bureau and the equipment dealers might look like a win for farmers. The press release describes how equipment dealers have agreed to provide “access to service manuals, product guides, on-board diagnostics and other information that would help a farmer or rancher to identify or repair problems with the machinery.” Fair enough. These are all things fixers need.”
“But without access to parts and diagnostic software, it’s not enough to enable farmers to fix their own equipment. “I will gladly welcome more ways to fix the equipment on my farm. Let’s be clear, though, this is not right-to-repair,” explained San Luis Obispo rancher Jeff Buckingham. “At the end of the day, I bought this equipment, and I want everything I need to keep it running without relying on the manufacturer or dealer.””
Is this act of economic slavery a consequence of a rapacious monetary system ?


35m5s “Witness the woman who walked up to Ben Franklin and said ‘what kind of government have you given us’. Well, his response was ‘a republic, madam, if you can keep it’. I suspect it was more along the lines of ‘a republic, madam, (cough) if you can keep it’, meaning for you to even ask that question ‘what kind of government have you given us’ suggests you may be too weak to keep the government that we’ve given you.”

Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around The Corner:Robert David Steele

31m50s “I wanted to get you take on why the deep state uses false flags. Why do they need to push these types of events ? … That’s a great question. I mean let’s start with the fact that I ran a false flag for CIA. I’ve said that as a matter of record.”

Hill.TV poll: Voters split on whether Mueller has proof Trump colluded with Russia
39% yes, 36% no and 25% not sure is actually 61% not yes.

Poll: Most Americans Skeptical Of RussiaGate

Reports of Widespread Voter Suppression in New York State Democratic Primary
“In a series of tweets beginning mid-morning on Thursday, New York Magazine author Rebecca Traister detailed her own purge from Democratic Party voter rolls–despite the fact that she’s voted from the same address for the past four years. Traister noted that she wasn’t the only one experiencing such issues:”
Will the establishment blame Russia for this ?

N.Y. Progressive Voter Purge Happens Again

An American Prophet (Chris Hedges) Is Vindicated
“I’m not the only person to note that if Jesus ever actually showed up in America it would be our “Christians” who would shout him down — if, that is, he talked about peace and the horror of an imperial nation addicted to war. “Blessed are the peacemakers”? No thanks!”
“If you ever want to know what it looks like when a mob in love with far right nationalism and on fire with a lust for war, violence and empire is “answering” a reasoned appeal for Truth, Peace, Love and Tolerance there is a stunning visual document on YouTube you need to see. And it has become more relevant — and historically important — with time because the prophecy in it all came true.”
“In 2003 Chris Hedges the Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent and New York Times reporter gave a commencement address at Rockford College. He questioned America’s war in Iraq and laid out a moving call to find love and camaraderie in peace not war. He was booed off the stage in this “liberal” arts college. His mike was cut twice and later police had to escort him off campus.”
“His boss— The New York Times — reprimanded Hedges for standing up for peace because they had sold out and backed the war. He was more or less fired, though officially he resigned because he would not agree to shut up.”

Chris Hedges On Corporate Control Of The World

“Chris Hedges Addresses the corrupt oligarchy that runs and controls everything. He describes what America really is, an empire in decline and near death.”
44m5s “The corporate state, however, is in trouble. It has no credibility, all the promises of the (corporate controlled) free market: globalisation, trickle down economics have been exposed as a lie, an empty ideology used to satiate (corporate) greed. And the elites have no counter argument to their anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist critics. The attempt to blame the electoral insurgencies in the united states’ two ruling political parties on Russia interference rather than mass social inequality is a desperate ploy. The courtiers in the corporate press are working fervourishly day and night to distract us from reality. The moment the elites are forced to acknowledge social inequality is the root of our discontent is the moment they are forced to acknowledge their role in orchestrating this inequality.”
1h6m55s “Years later, after being the middle east bureau chief at the New York Times I was publicly denouncing Bush’s call to invade Iraq, I was booed off a commencement stage, lynched by right wing media, called in to the New York Times and given a formal written reprimand and told I was no longer allowed to speak about the war in Iraq.”

Digital Monitoring Of The Poor (Chris Hedges)

“Author, Virginia Eubanks, explains to Chris Hedges how the goals of Victorian-era poorhouses have evolved with 21st Century high-tech to exert control and surveillance of needy, poor and homeless people. Eubanks is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University Albany, SUNY. She is the author of Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police and Punish the Poor.”
Charles Dickens would have a field day with the ills of todays society.

ON CONTACT: America: The Farewell Tour

2m30s “All the signs are there. Roughly 70% of the population living in severe economic distress, the complete paralysation of the political system, its been captured by this corporate cabal and redirected all of the institutions and mechanisms of government to their own enrichment and consolidation of power.”
12m50s “Trump was not elected because of the Podesta emails or because of Russian bots on facebook. Trump was elected because of the massive social inequality and the sense of entrapment.”
18m50s “And you see this infusion of corporate money and corporate influence flooding every institution: the media, academia, the church, everywhere; to essentially shut out anyone who challenges the utopian ideology of neoliberalism, ‘the free market’, globalisation.”

Israel Starts Using DNA Tests to “Check for Jewishness of Immigrants” (August 11, 2013)
Can you imagine DNA tests being introduced across Europe and America as part of their immigration policy ?

Meet America’s First “Shipping Container” Apartment Building For Millennials

Mnuchin Lists Park Ave. Apartment For $33 Million, Three Times What He Paid For It
“The apartment is being listed by Warburg Realty and is located inside of 740 Park Ave., inside the historic Rosario Candela building. Other famous former tenants of this building include the Rockefellers and the Kochs.”
“The first floor of the apartment has six bathrooms and an 800 square-foot living room.”
“Upstairs, the apartment has a master suite, walk-in cupboards, study, two more bathrooms and three extra bedrooms. The apartment spans two levels in the building on both the eighth and the ninth floor and it also has a large kitchen with a “breakfast nook”.”
Behold the opposite end of the housing market to that of the shipping container apartment.

Rothschild properties in the home counties
Behold the opposite end of the housing market to that of the shipping container apartment.


On France, Greece, and the Never Ending Elites Ruling
“Indeed. Nossiter goes on to cite an aging merchant who says the Macron government is an effective one for the rich, which is entirely the point. I told you Macron was a Rothschild lackey all along, but all the warnings could not stick Marine Le Pen in office.”


North Korea’s Kim sets denuclearization time line, prompting thanks from Trump
If Trump pulls this off will Obama give him his 2009 nobel peace prize ?

How You’re Being Chemically Castrated By These Everyday Products
“Further, we have Obama’s Science and Tech Czar, John P. Holdren. He wrote in Ecoscience (1977) that “Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods” as an option. He adds that would “pose some very difficult political, legal, and social questions”.”
“No doubt.”
“Then there’s Ethinylestradiol, one of the main ingredients in birth control pills. This enters the waterways through our toilets, then back into the water supply and our bodies. Side effects in men include feminization and infertility.”

Israel Bans Ahed Al-Tamimi from Traveling Abroad
“They had planned to leave Friday morning, he said, adding the authorities did not provide a reason for the ban.”
This ban in indefensible and is a breach of human rights.

Israel Armed, Funded 12 Different Syrian Rebel Groups
To call the war in Syria a civil war is incorrect if it is being paid for by foreigners. The same goes for it being fought by foreigners.

Ron Paul Tells Truth On Syria – Immediately Smeared

14m30s “Anybody pushing war in Syria is a traitor. Anybody pushing war, if you’re pushing war in Syria, if you\re saying we need to take out Assad you’re a traitor to the united states.”

Putin Keeps Cool And Averts WWIII As Israeli-French Gamble In Syria Backfires Spectacularly
“What happened next is already well established: a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, which the Israeli fighter jets had reportedly used for cover, was shot down by an S-200 surface-to-air missile system operated by the Syrian Army. Fifteen Russian servicemen perished in the incident, which could have been avoided had Israel provided more than just one-minute warning before the attack. As a result, chaos ensued.”
“Israel moves to ‘damage control’”
“Although Israel has taken the rare move of acknowledging its involvement in the Syrian attack, even expressing “sorrow” for the loss of Russian life, it insists that Damascus should be held responsible for the tragedy. That is a highly debatable argument.”
The intention of Israeli forces was that if the Syrians fired on their jet the Russian aircraft would take that hit.

MIT Researcher: Syria WMD ‘Facts’ Were Manufactured to Fit U.S. Conclusion for Ghouta in 2013
False flags in Ghouta, Duoma and coming to Idlib.

Russia Challenges The US To Highlight Where There Are Chemical Weapons In Syria – US Remains SILENT
“The United States should release the list of facilities in Syria where chemical weapons are allegedly being stored and allow the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to inspect these sites, Russian ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told the UN Security Council on Thursday.”
Calling the bluff of the liars.

Criminalizing Childhood: School Safety Measures Aren’t Making Students Any Safer
“Welcome to Compliance 101: the police state’s primer in how to churn out compliant citizens and transform the nation’s school’s into quasi-prisons through the use of surveillance cameras, metal detectors, police patrols, zero tolerance policies, lock downs, drug sniffing dogs, strip searches and active shooter drills.”
“Zero tolerance policies that were intended to make schools safer by discouraging the use of actual drugs and weapons by students have turned students into suspects to be treated as criminals by school officials and law enforcement alike, while criminalizing childish behavior.”
“For instance, 9-year-old Patrick Timoney was sent to the principal’s office and threatened with suspension after school officials discovered that one of his LEGOs was holding a 2-inch toy gun. “
“David Morales, an 8-year-old Rhode Island student, ran afoul of his school’s zero tolerance policies after he wore a hat to school decorated with an American flag and tiny plastic Army figures in honor of American troops. School officials declared the hat out of bounds because the toy soldiers were carrying miniature guns.”
“A 7-year-old New Jersey boy, described by school officials as “a nice kid” and “a good student,” was reported to the police and charged with possessing an imitation firearm after he brought a toy Nerf-style gun to school. The gun shoots soft ping pong-type balls.”
The litany of nonsense goes and goes and this will migrate to the rest of the western world, if it hasn’t already.
We should consider this as child abuse and the parents must band together to get it to stop.

Greece’s “Bailout” Was a Disaster for Greece
“Some bailout that turned out to be.”
“The European Stability Mechanism disbursed its final tranche of loans to the Greek government on Aug. 6. On Aug. 20, the program officially ended, although the loans are not expected to be fully repaid for another half-century.”
“If their purpose was to support the Greek economy, the emergency loans must be considered a failure. Since 2008, the economy has shrunk by a quarter, and more than 400,000 Greeks have emigrated. House prices are down 43%. Bank credit to the private sector has contracted by a third. Fixed capital formation after depreciation has been consistently negative since 2010. More than €70 billion ($81.4 billion) worth of assets, including infrastructure, housing, and business plant and equipment, has been destroyed because of a lack of maintenance—a staggering loss for a €180 billion economy.”
“The outcome is less surprising when one realizes why the loans were originally made. The goal was never to help the people of Greece, or even the Greek government, but rather to help its creditors in the rest of Europe.”
“There was no political will in 2010 to spend hundreds of billions of euros to bail out Dutch, French, and German banks. To Greece’s eternal misfortune, however, there was enough “solidarity” to launder that Northern European bank bailout through the Greek government.”
Only the real criminals launder money at this epic level.

Pope Francis hits out at ‘killer’ money-centred culture that promotes ‘poverty, slavery and waste’
“Ummm, anyone here recall the Vatican bank scandal and how Roberto Calvini wound up dangling under a London bridge?”

One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex (except you are supposed to think he is independent)

“Many retired officers hold a perch in the world of military contracting, but General McCaffrey is among a select few who also command platforms in the news media and as government advisers on military matters. These overlapping roles offer them an array of opportunities to advance policy goals as well as business objectives. But with their business ties left undisclosed, it can be difficult for policy makers and the public to fully understand their interests.”
“On NBC and in other public forums, General McCaffrey has consistently advocated wartime policies and spending priorities that are in line with his corporate interests. But those interests are not described to NBC’s viewers. He is held out as a dispassionate expert, not someone who helps companies win contracts related to the wars he discusses on television.”
“General McCaffrey made his debut as a military analyst in the weeks after 9/11. NBC anchors typically introduced him by describing his medals or his exploits in the gulf war. Or they noted he was a West Point professor, or the youngest four-star general in the history of the Army.”
“They did not mention his work for military contractors, including a lucrative new role with Veritas Capital.”

Did Osama bin Laden Confess to the 9/11 Attacks, and Did He Die, in 2001?
“Writing with the Right Hand”
“Another problem mentioned in my book that Osseiran, as far as I know, has not addressed is the fact that, in the video in question, the bin Laden figure writes with his right hand, whereas the FBI’s webpage for “Usama bin Laden” as a “Most Wanted Terrorist” describes him as left-handed.48 “
“In the aforementioned essay, I summarized the evidence provided in my book, dividing it into two types: objective and testimonial. The objective evidence was summarized thus:”
““First, up until mid-December, 2001, the CIA had regularly been intercepting messages between bin Laden and his people. At that time, however, the messages suddenly stopped, and the CIA has never again intercepted a message.”
“”Second, on December 26, 2001, a leading Pakistani newspaper published a story reporting that bin Laden had died in mid-December, adding: ‘A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement . . . stated . . . that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial.”’”
““Third, bin Laden had kidney disease. He had been treated for it in the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001, at which time he reportedly ordered two dialysis machines to take home. If you have ever wondered what bin Laden was doing the night before the 9/11 attacks, CBS News reported that he was being given kidney dialysis treatment in a hospital in Pakistan. And in January of 2001, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said – based on a video of bin Laden that had been made in either late November or early December of 2001 – that he appeared to be in the last stages of kidney failure.”

CIA & ‘fake news’
“Moreover, according to French intelligence speaking with Le Figaro (picked up by the Guardian), Osama had visits with at least 2 CIA contacts during his 10 days in the hospital urology department in the summer of 2001, as well, Bin Laden met with the head of CIA allied Saudi intelligence. Hardly the behavior profile expected of an agency in relation to (at that time) a 12 years hunted terrorist per the legend of CIA asset Bin Laden turning on the agency; following on the CIA-Bin Laden-Saudi longtime anti-Soviet cooperation in 1980s Afghanistan.”
“Concerning Bin Laden’s 2001 state of Health; Pakistan has modern health care facilities and excellent doctors. Bin Laden traveling from Pakistan to Dubai for expert care in the American Hospital urology department speaks to a very serious health deterioration a few months prior to the American invasion. Bin Laden having a portable dialysis machine delivered to his base in Kadahar, Afghanistan, a year previous to this, poses serious complications for any narrative of his survival in the intense hardship Bin Laden supposedly survived at between the fall of Kabul and the conclusion of the battle of Tora Bora at the end of 2001”

Owned: Chuck Todd’s Conspiracy Tweet – Epic Fail

Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World

DEE SNIDER speaking to congress on censorship.
“In 1985, a Senate hearing was instigated by the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), who wanted to introduce a parental warning system that would label all albums containing offensive material. The system was to include letters identifying the type of objectionable content to be found in each album (e.g. O for occult themes, S for sex, D for drugs, V for violence, etc.). Dee Snider, John Denver, and Frank Zappa all testified against censorship and the proposed warning system. Such a system was never implemented, but the result of the hearing brought about what is now the generic “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” label.”
My uncensored response is: f**k you, government, you are my servant not my parent nor am I a child.

9/11 War Games
3m30s Peter Power 7/7 terror rehearsal using the same locations and times of the real attacks.
11m50s “In fact General Richard Myers, chairman of the joint chief of staffs from 2001 to 2005 went on to tell the 9/11 commission this precise scenario of a hijacked jet being flown into a high value target was drilled by NORAD not once or twice but 5 separate times in the run up to September 11.”
21m35s “And in NORAD’s combat operation centre at the Cheyenne mountain complex in Colorado military commanders are preparing themselves for one of the busiest day of war games and exercises in U.S. history.“
22m10s Operations Northern Vigilance, Vigilant Guardian (a hijack exercise) and Vigilant Warrior (a live fly hijack).”
33m20s “Remarkably, at 9.30am, a full hour and 10 minutes into the attacks, simulated aircraft were still being injected into the radar screens at Meads.”
34m55s “Even more incredibly, false radar injects continue to show up on radar screens at NORAD’s operation centre in Cheyenne mountain Colorado at 10.12am, a full 9 minutes after the attacks had ended.”
35m55s “Air traffic controllers and military personnel were not responding to 4 clearly reported hijacked aircraft as the public now imagines it but as many as 29 potential hijackings.”

Land of The Not So Free
“Mercedes lead the lobbying effort to get the 1988 law passed. The second hand auto industry calls it the “Mercedes Law.” It keeps scores of BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover and other models common in many developed countries out of the U.S.”
“The Land Rover Defender pictured above is “unsafe” because its 5-cylander Tdi diesel engine does not meet smog standards. It does however meet E.U. and Canadian standards proving that the U.S. law is a technicality.”

Jeremy Corbyn Smeared As Anti Semite For Attacking Bankers

Billionaire Blamed For Opioid Crisis Patents New Drug To Fight Opioid Addiction

1 In 4 Baltimore Hospital Admissions Are Babies Addicted To Opioids

Study Finds Doctors Had No Reason For Prescribing One-Third Of Opioid Prescription

“The Notorious Pill Mill:” Just One Doctor Wrote 335,000 Painkiller Prescriptions

Xanax Use Among Teens Skyrockets As Benzos Overtake Opioids
“Johns Hopkins psychiatrist and professor Marc Fishman says that benzos are rapidly overtaking opioids as the primary prescription drug of abuse among adolescent patients seen at Mountain Manor Treatment Centers in Baltimore and other locations throughout Maryland. Many, he says, are extreme, “high-dose users.””

The 10 Biggest Corporate Campaign Contributors in U.S. Politics (Oct 13th 2010)
“10. Lockheed Martin (LMT) — $19.3 million”
“9. Morgan Stanley(MS) — $19.8 million”
“8. Time Warner(TWX) — $20 million”
“7. JPMorgan (JPM) — $20.3 million”
“6. Microsoft(MSFT) — $21 million”
“5. Altria(MO) — $24.3 million (tobacco)”
“4. United Parcel Service (UPS) — $24.9 million”
“3. Citigroup(C) — $27.5 million”
“2. Goldman Sachs(GS) — $36.7 million”
“1. AT&T(T) — $45.6 million”
America having sent trillions of dollars on war in Iraq, Afghanistan, et. I’d say that’s a pretty good return on investment for those contributors who benefit from war.

This LA Musician Built $1,200 Tiny Houses for the Homeless. Then the City Seized Them.

“Elvis Summers crowdfunded $100,000 to build dozens of tiny homes. City officials looking to pass a $2 billion housing plan tried to shut him down.”
10m40s “Everything that they’ve been doing, doesn’t work. It’s just years of circles and bureaucratic holds and wait times and I would like them to care. 10, 20, 30, 40 years, I mean, where’s all the housing ?”

Tiny Home Rebel

“The mayor of Los Angeles has declared a homelessness crisis. As the city struggles to respond, one man has his own unique solution. But can he evade authorities to get people off the streets?”
21m20s “Like more and more Americans she’s trapped deep in the cycle of long term homelessness with no immediate way of getting out.”
Since the city forced me to take houses away from people, 3 people have died, mainly due to being stuck out in the elements and not having anywhere to go.”
28m “Most things I do in life are on principle. I was taught that when somebody falls down you pick them back up. That’s we should do in life.”

97% Owned – Economic Truth documentary – How is Money Created

11m40s “At the moment in the UK money creation and control is largely in the hands of private banks. About 97 to 98% of money that’s created as bank ‘debt money’ you could call it, when banks issues money into circulation as loans essentially. This is a very poorly understood fact.”

UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For Claiming 5G & WiFi Radiation Is Harmful To Health!

EU Does Nothing To Stop US Meddling In Its Elections
“George Soros, a US billionaire who became one of the world’s wealthiest people by managing hedge funds and betting on currency fluctuations, has meddled in European elections many times. The last Italian election is one example. His Open Society Foundations spend $940 million a year in 100 countries in pursuit of political goals. He has been asked to leave Russia and Hungary, the country of his birth, for interfering in politics. The “Soros network” has great influence in the European Parliament and in other European Union institutions. It’s an open secret that the billionaire is a vehicle used by the US State Department to meddle in other countries’ internal affairs. USAID and the Soros network often team up. Last year, six US senators signed a letter asking the State Department to look into government funding of Soros-backed organizations, but to no avail. The State Department always protects the financier.”

World Economic Forum 2018 (Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry)

Click to access Future_Scenarios_Implications_Industry_report_2018.pdf

“In business, we have experienced a significant reduction in trust, to the point where the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust is in crisis around the world.”
“2.2.1 Global context”
“Several decades after the 2007–2008 economic downturn, a new global financial crisis hits that is even more devastating.”
Government is not trust based, it is constitution based and besides for the who foolishly trust these people there wouldn’t be a crisis of trust if they had not been caught lying so much.
And as for a second global financial crisis, weren’t central banks supposed to magically avoid such things ?

9/11 Truth: War on Terror or “War on Democracy”? The Physical Intimidation of Legislatures
“This extremely dangerous legislation, “Authorization for Use of Military Force, 2001” was proposed to and passed by both House and Senate on September 14, 2001. There was only one vote against the bill—by Barbara Lee, later Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. The bill provided cover for the immediate invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and simultaneous preparations for the invasion of Iraq. It also handed to Bush the power to decide who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.”
“Remember: people who want war may purposely create a sense of threat and a feeling of unity. And they will typically do so in order to achieve a particular reaction. This is the triad I am drawing your attention to: Threat, Unity, Reaction.”
“There were two powerful Democratic senators whose actions were slowing down passage of the Patriot Act. One was Tom Daschle, whom I have mentioned previously. The second was Patrick Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Anthrax letters were sent out to Daschle and Leahy immediately after they resisted a deadline for passage of the bill proposed by Vice-President Dick Cheney.”
“How odd that al-Qaeda and Iraq would have had a special hatred of Democratic senators who slowed down the Patriot Act!””But, of course, the anthrax letters were not sent by al-Qaeda and Iraq. According to what we have since learned, no Muslim had anything whatsoever to do with the attacks.”
“Neither the entrapment of this couple, nor even the assistance in making a martyrdom video, involves creativity on the part of the RCMP. Canada’s federal police have for some years been aping the FBI, which has a long record of such operations and has made them central to the War on Terror. Those of you who wish to look into this should read Trevor Aaronson’s book, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism. If you do not have time to read the book, please watch Aaronson’s TED talk on the internet.”
“So MPs certainly felt threatened. The danger was emphasized by the CBC, which said on October 22 that the perpetrator may have fired 30 shots in the Hall of Honour. John Baird, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said on Anderson Cooper’s TV show on October 23 that if Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers had not killed Zehaf-Bibeau a dozen people might have been killed.”
“It turned out these statements were based on fantasy. The evidence we now have suggests that the suspect, Zehaf-Bibeau, ran into Centre Block with two bullets in his rifle. His firearm was a lever-action hunting rifle—a model first produced in 1894.”
“In the War on Terror deception and manipulation are exactly what we find.”
There wasn’t a real threat to the Canadian MPs on October 22, 2014.

Back-Door Martial Law Will Follow a False Flag Pandemic Release
“The rule also gives the CDC ultimate authority to carry out medical tests and treatments, stating that “the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to the exercise of any authority.” That’s medically unethical, says Hodge, since informed consent has been a bedrock of medicine for decades. “If you don’t get it, you could have additional quarantine, but you don’t get to force informed consent on people.”…”

CLINTON PAID PAULA JONES $850,000 TO GO AWAY – Don’t Remember FBI Raiding His Lawyer

Globalist Macron Vows to Kill Nationalism, While Italy’s Salvini Declares EU ‘Filth’
“Emmanuel Macron has vowed a globalist bloc determined to impose a progressive EU superstate on the continent will defeat “extremist” pro-national sovereignty conservatives at European Parliament elections next year.”
The more power gets centralsed the fewer politicians need to be bribed in order to bypass the will of the people.

Macron Tells Denmark ‘No Such Thing as a True Dane, True Frenchman’

MSM Struggles to Come to Terms with Populist Trump Beating Globalist Macron in Poll Ratings

One Unknown Family Rules the World; Two Dueling Branches; w/ Dr. Dave Janda Pt 1

13m20s “Well, president Reagan, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and big medicine, the AMA, are not going to like this because it creates a free market system and empowers people rather than insurance companies, big pharmaceutical companies, big medicine and here’s his response: I don’t care.”

You Thought Superdelegates Were Bad? DNC Invents Even More Ways to Block Bernie 2020
“Now the Democrats can end Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign before it even begins.”
“In an unanimous vote on June 8, the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee gave the Democratic Party the power to block Sen. Bernie Sanders and any other progressive from running in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.”
“Passed at a party meeting in Providence, the new rule allows the DNC to screen the candidates who apply to run for president as a Democrat and veto the ones it doesn’t approve of. The candidates that it decides against will be barred from running for president on the party’s ballot line.”
This is aimed at the guy Hillary-zilla stole the 2016 presidential nomination from, Senator Bernie Sanders.

DNC Will Take Fossil Fuel Money After All
The progressives are not welcome in the democrat party of corporate cock-suckers.

Democrat Reform Efforts Fall Short

Of the 3 so called reforms, the first is a fig leaf and the other 2 are only recommendations.
Time for the progressives to leave the democrat party and form a third party.

EXCLUSIVE: Amid Explosive DNC Revelations, Progressives Revolt Against Party
“”Donna Brazile confirmed the primary was rigged, and to such a substantial degree. The DNC essentially acted as a subsidiary to the Clinton campaign.”
“Nick Brana, Movement for a People’s Party”
“Brana cites DNC Chair Tom Perez’s decision to purge Sanders supporters from the DNC board as an example — something former DNC vice chair and US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard chastised the party for in a recent video calling for total reform of the DNC and its practices.”
“With support for the Democratic Party at a 25-year low, Republican support even lower, and polls indicating a broad desire for a new major party, Brana sees a perfect opportunity for his movement to form a coalition of like-minded groups to build the People’s Party.”

We Are In The Reset ~ Interview with Jim Willie ~ Part 1
28m30s “If you look at every disaster in the united states (of America), every unbelievably ugly project like immunity, legal immunity, for vaccines you’ll find the Rockerfellers, murders of doctors who have cancer cure you find the Rockerfellers, inclusion of debilitation for the immune system in vaccine you’ll find the Rockerfellers, the anti-nuclear movement you find the Rockerfellers, environmental control standards to elevate the cost and cripple united states industry you find the Rockerfellers … Let’s not forget about the education system, Jim, you find the Rockerfellers … Oh yeah, and the medical school system and no natural, what do you call it, natural solution and natural remedies you find the Rockerfellers, kicking out, what do you call it, stripping a medical license of a doctor who are simply recommending numeric for anti-inflammation you find the Rockerfellers.”
30m20s “There’s no mention of MSM glucosamine chondroitin by doctors, why is that ? It’s because if they do they lose their medical license, who’s responsible for that rule ? The Rockerfellers, who paid off the congress for creating tilted laws toward the medical industry and away from natural remedies ? It was the Rockerfellers.”

Saudi Coalition Attacks School Bus A Day After State Department Justifies Airstrikes On Yemeni Towns
“Meanwhile Washington’s stance of indifference toward civilian deaths, which according to recent reports and human rights groups includes upward of 70,000 killed, appears to have emboldened the Saudis.”

Watch Reporters Slam US For Refusing To Condemn Saudi-US Airstrike On Yemen School Bus In Live Briefing
“State Dept’s Heather Nauert is not willing to condemn the Saudis for their airstrike on a schoolbus earlier today that killed over 50 children in Northern #Yemen. She wants to wait for the Saudis to conduct their own investigation into the attack. Shameful.”
F**k the saudi investigation and f**k the state department response.

Leaked Memo Shows US Overlooked Mass Civilian Deaths In Yemen To Preserve Arms Sales
“On rare occasion a story is unearthed in the mainstream media which demonstrates in stunning clarity how major foreign policy decisions are really made in Washington, especially when it comes to waging perpetual war in the Middle East often under the official rhetorical guise of “protecting civilians”.”
“A bombshell Wall Street Journal report details a leaked classified memo which shows Secretary of State Mike Pompeo decided to continue US military involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen in order to preserve a massive $2 billion weapons deal with Riyadh.”
This shows that there is no such thing as protecting civilians.

Guided Bomb Fragments At Site Of Yemen Bus Airstrike Trace Back To Lockheed Martin

Another Coalition Strike On Yemen Civilian Bus Occurs The Same Day US Affirms It Stands By Saudis

Police ‘aware’ undercover officer was in relationship
How f**king stupid are this guy’s superiors ?

Now the Cops are Coming for Me

“I haven’t been the target of a malicious prosecution by the police in over 6 years. Now my time has come.”
What a staggering waste of police time. Let no one tell you that police forces who send officers on fool’s errands like this are overstretched.

JP Morgan’s top quant warns next crisis to have flash crashes and social unrest not seen in 50 years
The social unrest will be aimed at scoundrels like JP Morgan.

California MassResistance STOPS horrible anti-family bill AB 2943
“On the last day of the session, California State Assembly member Evan Low, sponsor of bill AB 2943, capitulated to pressure and pulled the bill from the floor. Low is considered the most aggressive member of the California LGBT Legislative caucus.”
“Absolutely everyone said that Bill AB 2943 bill was impossible to stop in the California Legislature. It was the crown jewel of the powerful LGBT lobby. Democrats supported it and Republicans were afraid to touch it. But MassResistance organized statewide and stopped it!”
“Bill AB 2943 would have banned all therapy or counseling for sexual orientation or “gender identity” issues, even promotion or descriptions of it. Legal groups said this would include Bible verses.”
God safe us from governments banning everything.

NSA Tries To Keep Its Water Use A Secret, But Drought-Stricken Utah Isn’t Buying It
“The Utah state records committee ordered the city of Bluffdale Wednesday to release records of the National Security Agency’s water use for its controversial data center, despite protests from the NSA that the information should be classified because of national security. The city redacted specific figures on the NSA’s water usage last year in response to a Salt Lake Tribune public records request. Estimates have ballparked the water usage of the agency’s new Bluffdale facility around 1.2 to 1.7 million gallons every day to cool an approximate 100,000 square feet of computer equipment.”

Millions Of Water Bottles Meant For Hurricane (Maria) Victims Rotting On Tarmac In Puerto Rico
“Carlos Mercader, the executive director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, said FEMA’s failures to distribute the bottles to victims on the island is obvious, they were in the agency’s possession.”
“He said the Ceiba airport is federally managed land, and that FEMA should have deemed the water bottles “excess inventory” many months ago.”
“The GSA administrator for Puerto Rico, Ottmar Chávez, said he only became aware of the bottled water on Tuesday and does not know why it is there, how it got there or how long it has been there. He adds that FEMA needs to take responsibility for the bottles because his agency has already received complaints about how the water is already contaminated.”

Al Gore poppycock: Rise of sea levels called ‘greatest lie ever told’

Marine Le Pen Must Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation, French Court Rules
What lunacy.

NBC Threatened to ‘Smear’ Journalist Who Was About to Break Harvey Weinstein Story: Report
“Citing “multiple sources familiar with the matter,” the Daily Beast reported that NBC News’ General Counsel Susan Weiner “made a series of phone calls to Farrow, threatening to smear him if he continued to report on Weinstein.””
That conversation should have recorded so this motherf**ker at NBC could be fully exposed.

Did Biden Save This Ukraine Firm Responsible for $1.8B in Missing Aid? His Son is on the Board…
“In the last days of the Obama administration, Vice President Joe Biden took a “swan song” trip to Ukraine, a notoriously corrupt country where he had been the administration’s “point person.” On the eve of this trip, the country announced it would end a criminal investigation into a company connected to the loss of $1.8 billion in aid funding — a company whose board of directors included Biden’s son Hunter.”

“Know what else is extraordinary? Hillary Clinton’s well-documented $84 million campaign finance scandal, which the liberal media simply refuses to cover. That’s right: $84 million — 647 times more money than is involved in the Daniels case, which amounts to an insignificant Federal Election Commission (FEC) reporting issue.”

If the Blue Wave Evaporates, Hillary Will Be at the Center of Any False Flag Attacks that Will Follow
“If later emails are released, I have no doubt, that we will see that Clinton was transmitting Stevens location up until the time of the attack upon the Benghazi compound and this explains why some of these emails are not being released. However, at some point, they will see the light of day.”
“The release of travel information, in any form, is a felony! Remember, the Stevens travel plans are classified and they came from Clinton’s private server. A casual Law and Order fan could make the causal connections between the release of these emails and Stevens death.”

China Hacked Clinton’s Private Email Server: Daily Caller
As no doubt did many others.

Senator Chris Murphy: “The Survival Of Our Democracy” Depends On More Censorship
America is a constitutional republic, America is not a democracy where 51% can vote to steal all the property of the 49%.

Denver Police Who Arrested Journalist For Doing Her Job Won’t Face Charges
“Essentially, once again, police made up laws that didn’t exist and won’t be reprimanded for their failure to understand the law they are sworn to uphold, all while mocking a woman, arresting her and possibly intentionally hurting her as a message to her during the confrontation.”

New Jersey: Man Arrested Because Riding a Bike Without a Bell On It Is Illegal
“No person shall operate a bicycle unless it is equipped with a bell or other device capable of giving a signal audible for a distance of at least one hundred feet, except that a bicycle shall not be equipped with nor shall any person use upon a bicycle any siren or whistle.”

Renowned Doctor Slams Medical Education & Says We Have “An Epidemic of Misinformed Doctors”
“Reflect On:Why do doctors continue to learn nothing about nutrition? It seems they are trained to prescribe medicine and do not question what they are prescribing. They risk losing their jobs by speaking out and educating themselves.”

Could matcha green tea be used to treat cancer? ‘Striking’ results show it kills cancer cells by stopping them from refuelling

Oncologists hide HALF of the funding they receive for clinical trials of cancer drugs, study suggests
“Oncologists don’t disclose nearly half of the funding they receive for clinical trials of cancer drugs, new research reveals.”
“Drug companies with deep pockets often provide funding for trials of their medicines and the practice is legal.”
“Doctors are not required by law to disclose these payments but are expected to hold themselves accountable.”
“Previous research has shown that doctors’ and scientists’ findings are influenced by where the money for their work comes from – and that can undermine their objectivity.”

Ongoing Disease Outbreaks In Highly Vaccinated Populations
“What if more people understood that infectious diseases are not to be feared because they are a natural phenomenon that are cyclical in nature? What if people knew about ongoing disease outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, from nursing homes, to schools, to the National Hockey League?”

Exposure to heavy metals raises heart risks by up to 80 percent – even at ‘low doses,’ international report warns

Tony Blair confirms receiving millions in donation from Saudi
“Accounts published yesterday by the Tony Blair Institute confirmed earlier reports that Blair had received donations of up to $12 million from the Kingdom.”

Betrayal of our nurses: Thousands have been forced to use food banks in the past year because they cannot afford to eat
I wonder how far $12 million will go for these nurses.

Council is slammed for ‘reigniting neighbourhood class war’ that dates back to 1930s after workers resurface ‘posh end’ of Oxfordshire road but leave the other completely untouched
A council for the whole community not just the well off.

The false flaggers have zero originality.

Local party votes to oust Labour MP who faked anti-Semitism charge

Israel’s smear campaign will not stop until Jeremy Corbyn fights back
“One of the pro-Israel Lobby’s most important bodies was quite frank about that fact this week. In a long, boring and arrogant letter to Labour’s General Secretary Jennie Formby (another strong supporter of Palestinian rights), the Jewish Leadership Council stated quite openly that it will continue with its campaign to smear Labour as “anti-Semitic” until the party commits to a “deep cultural change” towards “Zionism and Israel”. That is the reality of the situation.”

Jeremy Corbyn and the ‘Jewish Question’
“The truth of the matter is that Corbyn has managed to touch the most sensitive Jewish collective nerve. In Corbyn’s universalist egalitarian offering, there is no room for tribal exceptionalism. In Corbyn’s universe, Jews are just ordinary people and not God’s chosen people. Corbyn’ s ‘for the many, not the few’ doesn’t conform to chosenness, whether the Jewish or identify type. But we can see that this universalist perception of the ‘many’ is interpreted by British Jewish leadership as a casus belli – a call for a war.”

Al Jazeera documentary shows pro-Israeli lobby groups organising ‘fake protests’
“In the clips released by Electronic Intifada, students can be seen boasting about receiving $50,000 dollars “plus benefits” for taking part in fake grassroots protests against pro-Palestinian activists. One of the students described their presence at the demonstration as “astroturfing” – a term used to describe fake political activism, which pretends to be grassroots-based. The same students are later seen holding “pro-Israel” signs at the demonstration.”

Humiliation and Child Abuse at Israeli Borders and Airports (March 15, 2007)
“Sometimes mothers and children are strip-searched together, at other times little girls are taken from their parents and strip-searched alone. Women are required to remove sanitary napkins, sometimes with small daughters at their side. Sometimes women are strip searched in the presence of their young sons.”
“All report deep feelings of humiliation. Many describe weeping at the degradation they felt.”
“New Jersey stand-up comedian Maysoon Zayid describes being strip-searched at Ben Gurion Airport when she was “seven, eight, nine years old” on family trips to visit her parents’ original home in Palestine. On her most recent trip in July 2006, Maysoon, an American citizen, had her sanitary pad taken by officials in Ben Gurion Airport. When the search was completed, she says, the Israeli official in charge, Inbal Sharon, then refused to return her pad or allow her to get another.”
“Zayid, who has cerebral palsy and was sitting in a wheelchair, was then forced to bleed publicly for hours while she waited for her flight.”
“Zayid, a former class president and yearbook editor at New Jersey’s Cliffside Park High School known for her irreverent comedy routines and strong personality, describes sobbing uncontrollably. “No one spoke up,” she remembers. “There were several women, including the woman who was pushing my wheelchair, none of whom said a word.””
“When she boarded her flight, Zayid recalls, “The flight attendants looked at me in disgust.” She told them what had happened, and the attendants then gave her some of their own clothing to use.”
“In addition to taking her sanitary napkin, Israeli officials also confiscated medication that Zayid is required to take when flying. As a result, she vomited repeatedly throughout the 12-hour flight.”
Refused to return her pad – WTF!!!!
Other people did not say a word – WTF!!!!
Refused to return her medication – \WTF!!!!

Social Media (censorship) vs the Constitution

Got a License for that YouTube Channel?
“Every day, millions of Americans upload videos to YouTube and it is safe to speculate that a majority of these individuals do not have business licenses. For vloggers who have been able to monetize their channels, there is also no absolute certainty that they will reach the same levels of success as Chandler. In many cases, monetization means earning somewhere around $1 per 25 views.”
“If Cobb County believes that any amount of revenue constitutes a need to obtain a business license, as their own representative stated, then those bringing in only mediocre funds may also be forced to obtain licenses that may cost more than the revenue they are generating.”

EU Considering Requiring a Broadcaster License to have YouTube Channel
“Regulators still operate under the license regimes and impose their ownership limits to prevent monopolies.”
Except that 6 corporations have monopolised Americas media.

In “Historic Bombshell”, Vatican Official Accuses Pope Francis Of Covering Up Sexual Abuse, Calls For Resignation
“In an extraordinary 11-page written testament, one which the NYT’s Ross Douthat called a “truly historic bombshell”, a former papal nunco, or Vatican ambassador, to the US, it does what many have called for, and offers testimony concerning “who in the hierarchy knew what, and when,” about the crimes of Cardinal McCarrick. The testimony implicates a host of high-ranking churchmen. And the pope.”

Pope Dismisses Explosive Testimony Of Abuse Cover-Up: I Will “Not Say One Word”

Video: Israelis film themselves shooting unarmed Palestinian
“In other words, even by the standards of the occupying forces, this shooting was a gratuitous act of violence.”

Video: Palestinian woman shot, left to bleed by Israeli soldiers
“Instead of being given immediate medical treatment, the video shows her being pulled roughly out of the frame of the camera, her scarf coming off as her head drags on the ground.”
“Israeli settlers and soldiers can be seen standing around, and in some cases smiling and laughing in the background.”
“Wattan TV reported that the young woman was left to bleed for more than 30 minutes.”
Are Palestinians viewed as sub-human by these Israelis ?

The cars you can – and can’t – depend on revealed: Cheap and cheerful Suzuki tops reliability survey while Elon Musk’s Tesla is rock bottom

The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister Than You Imagined

“Prosecutor Lori Fellows had argued during closing arguments in the Juvenile Court trial last week that though the judge said police didn’t have lawful authority to stop Gurule, he still violated Oregon’s resisting arrest law. The statute states that a wrongful stop isn’t a defense to the crime of resisting arrest.”

“There’s such a thing in this country as the “school to prison pipeline.” That is what observers call the practice of pushing students—disproportionately minority students—out of school and into the criminal justice system for minor infractions which have traditionally not involved law enforcement. Think getting arrested on charges of disorderly conduct for using an iPad against school policy (it happens).”

5 Examples Showing America Has Become a State of Undeclared Martial Law

“In a war zone, you have no rights. When you are staring down the end of a police rifle, there can be no free speech. When you’re being held at bay by a militarized, weaponized mine-resistant tank, there can be no freedom of assembly. When you’re being surveilled with thermal imaging devices, facial recognition software and full-body scanners and the like, there can be no privacy. When you’re charged with disorderly conduct simply for daring to question or photograph or document the injustices you see, with the blessing of the courts no less, there can be no freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
““We the people” have now come full circle, from being held captive by the British police state to being held captive by the American police state.”
“A representative government means nothing when the average citizen has little to no access to their elected officials, while corporate lobbyists enjoy a revolving door relationship with everyone from the President on down. Indeed, while members of Congress hardly work for the taxpayer, they work hard at being wooed by corporations, which spend more to lobby our elected representatives than we spend on their collective salaries. For that matter, getting elected is no longer the high point it used to be. As one congressman noted, for many elected officials, “Congress is no longer a destination but a journey… [to a] more lucrative job as a K Street lobbyist… It’s become routine to see members of Congress drop their seat in Congress like a hot rock when a particularly lush vacancy opens up.””
“As for the courts, they have long since ceased being courts of justice. Instead, they have become courts of order, largely marching in lockstep with the government’s dictates, all the while helping to increase the largesse of government coffers. It’s called for-profit justice, and it runs the gamut of all manner of financial incentives in which the courts become cash cows for communities looking to make an extra buck. As journalist Chris Albin-Lackey details, “They deploy a crushing array of fines, court costs, and other fees to harvest revenues from minor offenders that these communities cannot or do not want to raise through taxation.” In this way, says Albin-Lackey, “A resident of Montgomery, Alabama who commits a simple noise violation faces only a $20 fine—but also awhopping $257 in court costs and user fees should they seek to have their day in court.””

What You Are Not Being Told About the Afghanistan War

Editors of medical journals confirm: HPV vaccines cause more harm than good… science author facing death threats
“We’ve long known that this vaccine is bad news, but now a study has shown that it can actually raise a woman’s risk of getting cervical cancer instead of preventing it as intended. Unfortunately, many people will never know about this as the study was officially retracted shortly after it was printed by the journal’s editors due to the author’s use of a pseudonym to protect himself from retaliation by those with vested interests in vaccines.”

Man arrested and imprisoned for filming a survey van filming him

Amnesty International facing pressure to act on the case of jailed child abuse whistleblower and political prisoner Melanie Shaw

Melanie Shaw

Melanie Shaw

Forensic Analysis of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum 2nd Page

Rothschild properties in the home counties

Rothschild family

“During the 19th century, the Rothschild family possessed the largest private fortune in the world, as well as the largest private fortune in modern world history.[4][5][6] The family’s wealth was divided among various descendants,[7]”

“The Rothschild family has frequently been the subject of conspiracy theories, many of which have antisemitic origins.[10]”

America – and Western Civilization As a Whole – Was Founded On a Conspiracy Theory

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative

Sophie Scholl

“She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich (LMU) with her brother, Hans. As a result, she was executed by guillotine. Since the 1970s, Scholl has been extensively commemorated for her anti-Nazi resistance work.”

How long before the censorship escalates to imprisonment and execution ?

Betsy DeVos’s summer home deserves a special place in McMansion Hell
“Two weeks ago, somebody untied Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s $40 million yacht from its mooring. It got me thinking about another opulent display of wealth owned by DeVos: her 22,000-square-foot nautical-themed summer mansion, located in Holland, Michigan.”
“While the repairs are underway on one of her 10 boats, maybe poor Betsy can spare some of her precious time (otherwise spent being the villain of a Charles Dickens novel) reading essays like M.H. Miller’s in The Baffler, which describes in detail the toll student loan debt repayment takes on working families. Or she could take a gander at a recent Time article about how an entire generation of people have negative wealth.”
Why have only 1 yacht when you can have 10 f**king yachts.

Greece’s Problems Are Far From Over
“Greece´s problem is not one of solidarity either. Greece has received the equivalent of 214% of its GDP in aid from the Eurozone, ten times more, relative to the gross domestic product, than Germany after the Second World War.”
“Greece’s challenge is and has always been one of competitiveness and bureaucratic impediments to create businesses and jobs.”
“Greece ranks number 81 in the Global Competitiveness Index, compared to Spain (35), Portugal (36) or Italy (49). In fact, it has the levels of competitiveness of Algeria or Iran, not of an OECD country. On top of that, Greece has one of the worst fiscal systems, with a very high tax wedge that limits job creation with a combination of agressive taxation on SMEs and high bureaucracy. Greece ranks among the worst countries of the OECD in ease of doing business (Doing Business, World Bank) at number 61, well below Spain, Italy or Portugal.”

To Understand America’s Neofeudal Economy, Start With Extortion
“Here is the result of America’s neofeudalism: soaring wealth and income inequality.”
“Let’s spin the time machine back to the late Middle Ages, at the height of feudalism, and imagine we’re trying to get a boatload of goods to the nearest city to sell. As we drift down the river, we’re constantly being stopped and charged a fee for transiting one small fiefdom after another. When we finally reach the city, there’s an entry fee for bringing our goods to market.”
“Note that none of these fees were payments for improvements to transport or for services rendered; they were simply extortion. This was the economic structure of feudalism: petty fiefdoms levied extortionate fees that funded the lifestyles of nobility.”
“This is why I have long called America’s economy neofeudal: we pay ever higher fees for services that are degrading, not improving. This is the essence of extortion: we don’t get any improvement in goods and services for the extra money we’re forced to pay.”

How Central Banks Enrich The Few, Harm The Many
“The message unanimously churned out by politicians, central bankers, and ‘mainstream’ economists is that central banks are there for the ‘greater good’. They provide the economy with sufficient money and credit, and they fight inflation, thereby supporting output and employment growth. What is more, central banks, are supposedly in a position to effectively fend off or at least mitigate financial and economic crises. However, unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.”
“Throughout history, central banks have been created, first and foremost, to fill governments’ coffers. To increase the king’s or elected government’s financial means through an inflationary scheme – usually too elaborate and too treacherous for most people to see through. Central banks are instrumental for putting the ruler — or the ruling class — into a position where they can plunder the people on a grand scale and, by way of redistributing the loot, making a growing number of people financially and socially dependent on it.”
“To that end, central banks have been assigned the monopoly of money production. This has made it possible to replace commodities, or “natural money” with unbacked paper or fiat money. Central banks provide commercial banks with fiat central bank money, and commercial banks are free to pyramid a multiple of fiat commercial bank money on top of it. This is what monetary experts typically call a “fractional reserve banking system,” which is a genuinely inflationary scheme.”
“Murray N. Rothbard even speaks of a cartel between the central bank and commercial banks. In practice, the central bank acts as a cartelizing agent: “to cartelize the private commercial banks, and to help them inflate money and credit together, pumping in reserves to the banks, and bailing them out if they get into trouble.” The fiat money cartel, formed between the central bank and commercial banks, has far-reaching economic and social-political consequences.”
“For instance, fiat money is inflationary in the sense that it loses its purchasing power over time; it cannot, and does not, serve as a much-needed store of value for savers. Also, the issue of fiat money sets into motion an artificial upswing (boom), which, however, must sooner or later flip to a downswing (bust). What is more, fiat money makes consumers, firms, and governments run into ever higher amounts of debt, pushing them towards a situation of over-indebtedness.”
“There is an additional severe problem with central banks’ fiat money: It affects income and wealth distribution, and it does so in a non-merit-based, anti-free market way. To understand this, we have to consider that if and when the quantity of money increases in an economy, the prices of different goods will be affected at different points in time and to a different degree. In other words: A rise in the quantity of money changes – and necessarily so – peoples’ relative income and wealth position.”
“The early receivers of the new money will be the beneficiaries, for they can purchase goods at still unchanged prices with their fresh money. As the new money is passed from hand to hand, prices are rising. The late receivers are put at a disadvantage: They can purchase only goods at elevated prices with their new money. In other words: The early receivers of the new money get rich(er), the late receivers get poor(er). Needless to say, those who do not receive any of the new money will be worst off.”

Here’s How We Ended Up With Predatory, Parasitic Elites
“Inequality grew both as a result of the rich getting richer (late imperial senators were 100 times wealthier than their Republican predecessors) and those of the middling wealth becoming poor.””

MSNBC Host Bravely Defends The Obscenely Wealthy

Boy Punished For Calling Teacher “Ma’am” And A Mother Was Investigated For Letting Her 8-Year-Old Walk The Dog

Saudi King Shelved Aramco IPO To Teach Son, Prince Bin Salman A Lesson
“Having been seemingly asleep for the prior two years, The king’s interlocutors told him that the IPO, far from helping the kingdom, would undermine it. Their main concern was that an IPO would bring full public disclosure of Aramco’s financial details, something we knew from prior reports on why the IPO was problematic.”

Transgender inmate charged with raping a woman sexually assaulted four fellow prisoners days after being remanded to an all-female jail

Twitter CEO Says “We Haven’t Banned Alex Jones As He Hasn’t Violated Our Rules”

“Twitter is reflective of real conversations happening in the world and that sometimes includes perspectives that may be offensive, controversial, and/or bigoted. While we welcome everyone to express themselves on our service, we prohibit targeted behavior that harasses, threatens, or uses fear to silence the voices of others.”

Can a twitter user block a harasser or anyone threatening them or anyone making them fearful so they never hear from them again ?

Raif Badawi

“Following the 2012 arrest, Amnesty International designated Badawi a prisoner of conscience, “detained solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression”, and said: “Even in Saudi Arabia where state repression is rife, it is beyond the pale to seek the death penalty for an activist whose only ‘crime’ was to enable social debate online”.[13] Calling for the government to drop the charges, Human Rights Watch stated: “The charges against him, based solely to Badawi’s involvement in setting up a website for peaceful discussion about religion and religious figures, violate his right to freedom of expression”.[2]”

“Charged with “setting up a website that undermines general security”, “ridiculing Islamic religious figures”, and “going beyond the realm of obedience”, Badawi appeared before a district court in Jeddah on 17 December 2012.[1] The judge referred the charge of apostasy to a higher court, saying he “could not give a verdict in a case of apostasy.”[14] On 22 December, the General Court in Jeddah decided to proceed with the apostasy case.[1] The higher court refused to hear the case and referred it to the lower court.[15]”

“On 30 July 2013, Saudi media reported that Badawi had been sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes for founding an Internet forum that “violates Islamic values and propagates liberal thought”. The court also ordered the website closed.[16]”

The Swiss central bank’s $90 billion stocks portfolio is insane

“The SNB holds more than $1 billion worth of seven companies: Apple, Alphabet (which owns Google), Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and Exxon. Its $3 billion position in Apple equals an ownership of 0.35% of the the company, larger than that held by Franklin Resources and Charles Schwab. That position is worth over $350 per person in Switzerland, enough to buy everyone in the country an Apple Watch.”

New report highlights massive pay gap between CEOs and typical workers

“The AFL-CIO’s annual Executive PayWatch database, released Tuesday, compiled that data and shows that in many cases, the pay for top executives is hundreds — or even thousands — of times that of the median worker at their companies.”

Why forcing companies to justify pay gap between bosses and staff matters

“The principle flaw with the Government’s plans to force all companies with more than 250 employees to publish and justify the ratio between the CEO’s pay and that of the average worker? It relies on shaming them into behaving better. Shame is not a commodity the average CEO, or company director, have an abundance of.”

Bill Binney In His Own Words: “A Collaborative Conspiracy To Subvert The US Government”

“William Edward Binney is a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistleblower who resigned on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency.”