It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned For U.S. And U.K. Depositors


Buchheit On Cyprus: “The Situation Is Spiralling Down”, And Why A Second Bailout May Be Needed

“one wonders just how cool and collected they will be when the implications of the cash crunch spread through the system, when hundreds of small and medium business are forced to lay everyone off overnight, when paychecks suddenly stop and when not only savings but ongoing cash grinds to a halt.”


Caught In The Cyprus Crossfire: Small Businesses Suddenly With Zero Cash

Laiki Bank account

“I Went To Sleep Friday A Rich Man, I Woke Up Poor”



CCB letter_0

Cyprus-Style Bank Account Confiscation Is In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget! READ MORE


Jim Willie: The Crimes in Cyprus Will Hurt All of Us

2m5s “The Russian energy firms including Gazprom are involved. It’s an absolute mammoth giant Russian natural gas company.”

2m50s “Russia uses Cyprus – this is not reported in the press – the Russians use it as an intermediary bank window to the entire Western banking system.”


Silver Update 3/28/13 Silver Fixed

2m “These criminal bankers trade fake silver back and forth with each other to rig the price and to manipulate markets.”

Silver trading volume increases



Senior SAC Trader Arrested, Given Perp Walk

“However, where things got interesting is that moments ago the Feds arrested long-time SAC suspect and PM Michael Steinberg, giving him a perp walk out of his Park Avenue apartment. This was the highest profile arrest so of any SAC employee and means that while the SEC may be trying to close the book on Cohen, the Feds are only now getting started.”


Bread and Circuses: The Last Days of the American Empire

“Pan et Circenses (Bread and Circuses) famously described the relationship between the Roman Emperor and his people in the decadent years of the Empire, and they seem fairly applied to America today. We have, in line with our technological advancement, upgraded (if that is the term) to food stamps (47.5 million and counting) and sports, but the broad scenario hasn’t changed.”

“The Romans devalued their denarius by reducing its silver content; we devalue our dollar by issuing more of them against an unchanged amount of real wealth. To wit: Gas was 20 cents a gallon in the early 1930?s; a new 1937 Chevrolet could be had for $725 and a 1940 haircut was $0.50. Imperial Rome failed to manage its finances; imperial America’s debt, deficits and inflation are just an updated rerun.”


Fracking chemicals to stay ‘trade secrets’

“A district judge in Wyoming has shot down a group of environmentalists who tried to gather information about the long-term effects of fracking, ruling that they do not have the right to know what ingredients are used in hydraulic fracturing fluids.”


‘Underwear bomber’ was working for the CIA


Homeland Security Demands “Obedience” in Message to Agents

“The word “obedience” was defined on the official TV screens as: “quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me.””

Who is responsible for me ? I am.


Home-schooling family who fled to U.S. from Germany face deportation: Parents face charges and $9,000 fine for taking kids out school as Obama officials prepare to send them back


Researchers find treatment that kills every kind of cancer tumor

“The drug works by blocking a protein called CD47 that is essentially a “do not eat” signal to the body’s immune system, according to Science Magazine.”


Autism Rates 1 in 50 Kids are Vaccines Responsible?


Obama Signature On Monsanto Protection Act Ignites Massive Activism

“Obama’s social media profiles are being blown up with thousands of enraged activists and concerned citizens who are demanding answers.”

“Thanks to the alternative news covering every angle of the Protection Act and the absurd fact that Monsanto actually wrote the rider itself, people have now come to fully understand just how deep the corruption goes when it comes to Monsanto’s Big Food monopoly. And it doesn’t exempt the President.”


Farmers and food safety advocates lead Monsanto backlash READ MORE

Monsanto can now legally poison consumers.


Supreme Court Rules that Citizens Can Hold Federal Government Liable for Abuse by Law Enforcement Officers (Police, Prison Guards)


Big Government: An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished READ MORE

“There are two types of people in this world; those who worship the ideal of centralized command authority, and those who do not.  Those who value freedom regardless of risk or pain, and those who value slavery in a desperate bid to avoid risk and pain.  When I consider the ultimate folly of man, in the end I look to the meek and unquestioning masses who strive to avoid risk, because it is they who always end up feeding the machines of war, despair, and tyranny.  The power thirsty halls of elitism surely instigate and manipulate the tides of this wretched ocean of quivering souls, but ultimately, the weak-hearted and weak minded make all terrible conquests possible.”


Jay Rockefeller Wants The FCC to Regulate The Internet “For The Children”


Terrorized by Drones, Afghan Civilians Increasingly Flee Homes


Jim Rogers “Get your money out of the Banks, they are going to loot it”

Jim Rogers on CNBC 3/28/13 – “Get your money out of the Banks, they are going to loot it”. WOW – CNBC agreed.

Marc Faber: “I Am Sure Governments Will One Day Take Away 20-30% Of My Wealth”

So Who Knew? In February Cyprus Deposit Outflows Soared To A Three Year High

That Physical Gold You Thought You Owned? You Didn’t

“But don’t worry: all the gold “held” by various brokers professing physical possession and not to mention thousands of assorted paper gold ETFs is certainly there. Where else can is possibly be.”

Arizona to Make Silver and Gold Money? Read More

If successful, SB 1439 will allow the metals to be used for the payment of debt and taxes and will prevent taxes from being imposed on conversions between paper currency and specie. Further, it is intended to prevent the metals from being taxed.”

What We Are Now Seeing Is Unprecedented In World History


“Greyerz: “We are in unprecedented times.  What we are seeing right now could be the end of a 2,000 year cycle, or possibly the end of a 300 year cycle.  We also have the end of the 100 year cycle which is based on the creation of the Fed in 1913.  The confluence of these cycles will cause unimaginable turmoil in the future.”


Climategate Leaker: Our Civilization Is Being Killed By Lying ‘Science’ Elitists

Food Fraud Hits New Low: Dog Meat In British Curry

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Government has right to ‘infringe on your freedom’

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Sunday: Sometimes government does know best. And in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights.”

““I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” Mr. Bloomberg said, during an appearance on NBC. He made the statement during discussion of his soda ban — just shot down by the courts — and insistence that his fight to control sugary drink portion sizes in the city would go forth”

Those times when government should infringe on your freedom are ONLY when there is a probable cause that you have committed a crime.

Eurozone Bank Crisis is Back on; Now Depositors are Robbed in Spain

Now Cyprus to block money transfers to prevent a bank run, is this legal in the EU? READ MORE

The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts

Free Trade and Unrestricted Capital Flow: How Billionaires Get Rich and Destroy the Rest of Us READ MORE

Some people will never suffer the imposition of capital controls.

Silver Update 3/26/13 Music Stops

As The World’s Fiat Currencies Collapse Bankers Trade Hundreds of Millions of Ounces of FAKE SILVER

Here We Go Again: Spain Says 2012 Budget Deficit “Will Be Bigger Than First Estimated”

Santelli On The End Of Paper Gold’s Reign

The Long Con by the Federal Reserve Amounting to 3.6 percent of the US GDP, or $518 billion, each year since 1913

Dr. Bob Christensen – FDA Is Public Health Enemy #1

Dr. Bob Christensen headed up a successful company that made jaw implants to treat jaw defects and arthritis. Then the FDA became his boss and forced the company out of business. While it is a long and tragic story, the lesson is clear. The FDA is not about protecting your health and promoting your welfare. They often have other agendas that act to prevent new drugs and devices from coming to market. The net result is that the public’s health is often diminshed by this devious agency. Ever wonder why it costs $1 billion to get a new drug approved. It’s because the FDA favors large drug companies with unlimited research budgets.”

Mafias are everywhere you look.

Cops Raid Wrong House, Threaten Children and Kill Their Dog

“The warrant clearly stated ‘The second floor apartment located at 10640 S. Prairie Ave.”

I am struggling to think if these police officers could have been more stupid than they actually are.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Causing Liver Damage

The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety – It Guaranteed Liberty

Firing On Fellow Citizens: “He never imagined he would ever hurt anyone, yet he did”

“One reader named Joe shared a story of his grandfather, a former police officer and soldier in Hitler’s Germany, who initially believed he was doing the right thing, until one night when his own actions led him to realize the extent of his Fuhrer’s lies:”

“Then there was a school bombing. His police unit was sent to get people who were believed responsible for the bombing. They raided many places and killed many criminals. They were told that they had lots more explosives and were planning to bomb more schools.”

The DC government is reading from the same play book.

Cyprus A Massive Train Wreck / Dijsselbloem: “Levy On Wealth Is Defendable In Principle”



Fleckenstein – Cyprus A Massive Train Wreck & Huge Catalyst


Dijsselbloem: “Levy On Wealth Is Defendable In Principle”


Cyprus Border Guards Confiscating Cash Over €10,000


Cypriot Youth Rise Up In Pictures: “They Just Got Rid Of All Our Dreams”


Capital controls for Cyprus = blocking people exiting building as it burns to the ground


The Great British Cash EUxodus Begins

“UK’s deVere advisory group reports, “more and more expats in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece are now not unreasonably worried for their deposits in these countries,” and are seeing a “surge” in the number of British expats seeking advice about moving funds out of eurozone’s most troubled economies.”


Twilight of Justice READ MORE

“…failed to monitor over $670 billion in wire transfers and over $9.4 billion in purchases of physical US dollars from HSBC Mexico from at least 2006 to 2009.”

““senior bank officials were complicit in the illegal activity.””

In the UK it was noted that during the time the laundering was going on, the chief executive of HSBC in 2003 who then became its chairman in 2006, was Lord Green, who is now the UK trade minister. So obviously no great concern to get to any truth about HSBC, in the hierarchy of the UK establishment.”

It was not a case of ACCIDENTLY engaged in illegal activity.

It was a case of INTENTIONALLY engaged in illegal activity.


BRICS Plan for New IMF: Trojan Horse for Western Agenda?

And like their moves made in September to provide an alternative to the 40 year domination of the petro-dollar, this newly formed development bank is the next step in offering the world a way to borrow money and capital, without leveraging their countries to the draconian demands of the IMF, and the forced austerity measures being introduced by central banks such as the ECB.

The BRICS nations, which have combined foreign-currency reserves of $4.4 trillion and account for 43 percent of the world’s population, are seeking greater sway in global finance to match their rising economic power. They have called for an overhaul of management of the World Bank and IMF, which were created in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944, and oppose the practice of their respective presidents being drawn from the U.S. and Europe.

Our money junkie behind-the-curtain rulers do not like this.


How Sheeple Get Fleeced – ‘I was a fool to trust Wall St.’


You Will NEVER Look At MONEY The Same AGAIN#


BEX ALERT – The Federal Reserve: CNBC Explains

“The Fed is the gatekeeper of the U.S. economy and is part of the federal government.”


Financial Strategist: “They Don’t Realize That They’re In a Bubble Yet… Until It Pops”


Still not sentenced, Liberty Dollar founder moves for acquittal or retrial

It’s been 2 years since Bernard was convicted of counterfeiting with gold and silver that was the 99.99% he claimed it was.


“I Believe…”


Rare Earth Is Not so Rare … Redux–Redux

Japan breaks China’s stranglehold on rare metals with sea-mud bonanza … Japanese scientists have found vast reserves of rare earth metals on the Pacific seabed that can be mined cheaply, a discovery that may break the Chinese monopoly on a crucial raw material needed in hi-tech industries and advanced weapons systems. The team have found deposits just two to four metres from the seabed surface at higher concentrations than anybody ever thought existed. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Incredible. Imagine that! Rare earth metals have been found in the sea. What luck!”

Free-Market Analysis: Gee, rare earth metals have been found in the sea. This is really a breakthrough, according to the UK Telegraph (above).”

“We’re supposed to be shocked by this occurrence. Or perhaps we are supposed to rejoice. Who knows?”

“Well … actually, we did predict this kind of occurrence just about a year ago in an article entitled “The Rare Earth Meme – Another Scarcity Hoax.””

Rare earth elements are not rare. You can count on it. Oil is not rare. Food is not rare. Water is not rare. These are all dominant social themes – scarcity memes – fear-based promotions of the power elite.

The idea is always the same. Manufacture the perception that something “critical” is running out and then bring in the “experts” – politicians, government generally – to “fix” the problem. Even if the problem is “unfixable” or drags on, the promotional meme is bolstered. The very act of politicians, experts, “leaders” arguing over an issue reinforces the idea that it is something too complex for ordinary people to fathom.


India moots common Gold,forex pool for BRICS Read More

“They added that these proposals stem from frustration among emerging market economies that rely on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for funds, which essentially serve the interests of the United States and other western countries.”

These private institutions serve their private shareholders.


JP Morgan Chase awarded ‘crisis management’ prize for disaster it created


CORRUPT ACROSS THE GLOBE: How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece Hide It’s National Debt

“But in the Greek case the US bankers devised a special kind of swap with fictional exchange rates. That enabled Greece to receive a far higher sum than the actual euro market value of 10 billion dollars or yen. In that way Goldman Sachs secretly arranged additional credit of up to $1 billion for the Greeks.”

“This credit disguised as a swap didn’t show up in the Greek debt statistics. Eurostat’s reporting rules don’t comprehensively record transactions involving financial derivatives. “The Maastricht rules can be circumvented quite legally through swaps,” says a German derivatives dealer.”


FDA now forcing supplement companies to censor consumer free speech on the internet

“”This goes too far. It means that even a sentence such as, ‘Living in a healthy way can help avoid cancer or heart attacks,’ will be disallowed,” the ANH said. “Certain words will be absolutely forbidden. This is a very slippery slope. Once this line is crossed, how far will the FDA go?””


Chuck Hagel: ‘The US Shouldn’t Even Be Thinking About the Option of Bombing Iran’


The New Hegelian Dialectic- Dollar vs Gold Standard

After hoarding all the gold the elite will allow the people to have it on loan to facilitate commerce. It will be more debt slavery.


Tunisia concerned about American, European neo-colonialism

“Activists, lawyers and politicians have attended the International Meeting to Resist the Dictatorship of Indebtedness and Support the Sovereignty of the People organized by the Tunisian Popular Front. Hama Hamemi, one of the leading opposition figures denounced the complicity between the former ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and foreign countries which facilitated the spread of corruption”

The ordinary people in North America and Europe are also debt serfs just like the ordinary people in Tunisia.


US Military Crimes — Attorney for Guantanamo Detainees Says, “Men Live In Animal Cages, Will Never Get Trials”

Cyprus to contribute $5.6B … then $6.7B … then $10B / IMF debt-for-sovereign-nation swap

CYPRUS BAILOUT DEAL: TROIKA Hiked Cyprus Contribution From $5.6 Billion To $6.7 Billion And Now It’s $10 Billion In Just 3 Days!

Are they making this s**t up as they go along ?


What A “Black Swan” Looks Like in Real Media Time


New Demands Every Half-Hour From IMF; Can Cyprus Be Saved? Impossible Math READ MORE


“A Brief History Of Money In Cyprus” As Gasoline “Runs” Are About To Be Unleashed

The various conquerors that ruled Cyprus throughout its history introduced their own monetary unit to the island.”

““There are some petrol stations that are still accepting credit cards today, but tomorrow no petrol station will do so,” he said, asking consumers to take cash with them to carry out transactions.”


Cyprus’ Laiki Bank Lowers ATM Withdrawal Limit To €100

“gas stations about to shut down due to lack of cash

“At this pace, in lieu of some grand bargain, we expect it is only hours before the final limit is imposed: withdrawals now limited to €0.”

So where are Cypriots supposed to get the cash from that gas stations are demanding payment in as they are due to be refusing credit cards ?

“Gasoline, of course, is just the beginning. Because if that fails to be the required incentive, the malevolent Cypriot “conquerors” will “turn off” the heat, electricity, food, and finally water, until the Cypriot slaves come begging the Troika to take their deposits just to put everything back as it was, no matter if it only lasts for a few more weeks or months before everything comes tumbling down.”

I am wondering if the limit on cash payments will also be reduced shortly.


World’s First Bitcoin ATM Launched…in Cyprus!

Accepting deposits.

“Bitcoin is a decentralized, relatively anonymous alternative currency developed by cryptographic experts. Bitcoin currency comes into being through “mining” on computers (solving complex mathematical problems that takes a long time and a lot of computer power). The total quantity of Bitcoin currency is limited by the foundational algorithms that brought it into being. Anyone and everyone who participates in the decentralized network of bitcoin transactions can, through their own software, cryptographically verify every single bitcoin transaction that takes place in the network. Thus all transactions are communally verified and validated and no central organization or entity has the power to exert arbitrary influence over the value of the currency. It is as close as the world currently gets to a perfectly free market currency.”


Cypriot President ‘warned his friends to move money abroad’ Before Financial Crisis Hit

“Italian media said 4.5 billion euros left the island in the week before the crisis”

Corruption stinks, doesn’t it ?


Cyprus exposure – Barclays £431m, RBS £377m,HSBC £265m, Lloyds £104m



“The big news of the day is Cyprus again. This morning we were greeted with news that all deals with Russia are now off the table. Cyprus is scrambling with Plan C to rape the private pension funds and replace them with worthless sovereign Cyprus bonds, and possibly sell their 13.9 tonnes of gold if indeed it is still there and not leased. It looks to me like Russia is waiting for Cyprus to fail and then they will swoop in and take the prize assets for pennies on the dollar.”

“Late in the day, Europe responded by raising the ante for poor Cyprus from 5.8 billion euros to 6.7 billion euros citing deteriorating conditions.
Cyprus, as a partner with the other 16 EMU nations supplied their share of money needed to fund Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain.  Now that they are in trouble, the EU are raping private property of Cypriot citizens.  Nice people, the EU!!”

Again trying to take what doesn’t belong to them.


Russian warning

“A web site on Friday claims to have seen an urgent bulletin from the Russian Foreign Ministry sent to its embassies all over the world advising both Russian citizens and companies to begin divesting their assets from Western banking and financial institutions “immediately”.”

“The site said the Kremlin feared grow that both the European Union and United States were preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history.”






Thirteen jewish families effectively control the central banks – just these guys are bad, forget about the other Jews

“The Phillipines is one example of what happened to Third World countries in the next stage of the plan. The international bankers went to President Marcos and presented him with a way out of the enormous debt his country faced. They said, “We will forgive your loans – you’ll have to pay none of the principal, none of the interest – if you will just sign this agreement: 1) do away with its national currency, 2) go to a debit-card system where each person is assigned a number and his purchases are debited from his account on a computerised system and 3) sign over perpetual rights to all natural resources in the country.”

“The offer was tempting since it would put much of the labor force back to work and solve many of the country’s economic problems. But Marcos realised that becasue of the word “perpetual”, he was virtually giving away the sovereignty of his country. He refused to sign the agreement. Weeks later he wass deposed and his country was torn apart by riots which Jonathon May says were incited by the internal bankers.”


This is the IMF debt-for-sovereign-nation swap. In other words, slavery for the citizens of said formerly sovereign nation.


Another Gold Shortage? Dutch ABN To Halt Physical Gold Delivery


University of Texas pension fund took delivery of its Comex gold Read More

Someone getting their gold into their own possession.


Texas Moves to Repatriate its Gold from the Federal Reserve Read More

Someone getting their gold into their own possession.


Texas Hoarding Gold in Its Own Fort Knox?


Tom Woods questions modern money … something for nothing

“Tom spells out his case on why he thinks The Greenbackers are wrong, also a subject of a paper discussed at this years conference. His clear and concise arguments are a pleasure to listen to and he seems to be able to cut through so much of the inconsistencies in the arguments, of those in favour of a debt based monetary system.”

“If the dollar is great, why does it need monopoly protection? Tom intelligently questions the current status and what needs to change. A hardworking intellectual whom is doing what he can to educate and inform people about the subject of money. Something which is so fundamentally important to our lives but not given much thought.”

If you think that a debt based monetary system is something for nothing for those who issue the ‘money’ then you’d be correct.


Bank Forecloses On Elderly Woman Over $49 in (supposedly) Unpaid Taxes

And the taxes were actually paid…

“Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, whose bank is implicated in the scandal, said this week in a conference call that there have been no accidental evictions. “We’re not evicting people who deserve to stay in their house,” the multimillionaire banker declared. ”

“A reverse mortgage is geared toward those who are 62 years and older, and essentially serves as a revolving credit line with title still held by the homeowner rather than with the lender as it would for a typical mortgage. Instead of the borrower making payments, the lender pays the borrower with the promise that the loan is to be paid at the time of death or sale.”

“”The only property to which the application could possibly refer were the taxes for 2012 – which were not due until January 31, 2013. Yet defendant intended to enforce its right to foreclose on Ms. Ridge’s home because she had not paid $49.00, which at the time the application was filed, was not due yet.””

“. . . actual and punitive damages, an injunction and declaratory relief for wrongful foreclosure, breach of contract, negligence, real estate fraud, unjust enrichment, attempted conversion and violations of the Unfair Debt Collection Act and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.”


Navigating gold, silver legal tender isn’t for the faint of heart Read More

Perhaps I can’t bend over backwards in my understanding that “make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts” and law of making federal reserve notes legal tender are not incompatible and not contradictory.


Silver Manipulators Hold Silver Trading Range Bound Using Massive Volume


San Fran Billionaires Boat Race Loses $111 Million Boondoggle—Where is Occupier Gang?


U.S., U.K. Chiefs To Hold Historic Strategy Meeting

“”We need to quit pussy-footing around and crank this world war into high gear, or we’re gonna lose our funding! We need a new terror attack or something right the heck now!” — U.S. Major General Mayhem”


US Civil War Started Because of Territorial Jurisdiction

“Dred Scott was an African-American slave who had asked a United States Circuit Court to award him his freedom because he and his master had resided in a state (Illinois) and a territory (Wisconsin Territory) where slavery had been banned. Chief Justice Roger Taney, writing for the court, held that Scott, as a person of African ancestry, was not a citizen of the United States and therefore had no right to sue in federal court. This holding was so off the wall and contrary to the whole concept of Territorial Jurisdiction.”

The war between the North American states was about retaining power at the level of each of the separate states and the individual that was being usurped by the federal government.


CA introduces “AB 666”, an evil scheme to fleece motorists and eviscerate their rights

“”…Think it’s not about money? When we explained to his legislative aid that the best way to stop burdening the courts is to extend the yellow lights to ensure less inadvertent red light violations, she responded they couldn’t do that because “it would cut down on the revenue collected by the State”. That’s an exact quote.


Senate Passes Monsanto Protection Act Granting Monsanto Power Over US Govt

How absurd is it that a corporation is being placed above the law ?

How many Americans suspect that they have traitors serving as senators ?


Communities in India Look to Prevent Fluoride Contamination as New Studies Link Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease


EPA Slapped With Lawsuit Over Ongoing Bee Deaths Read full article


Conventional Doctors Now Standing Against ADHD “Study Drugs”


Diplomat was banned from talking about Dr David Kelly when giving evidence at Iraq Inquiry

“Carne Ross told if he discussed Dr Kelly in testimony, he would be silenced ”

“A former British diplomat has revealed he was ‘warned’ by the senior civil servant running the Iraq Inquiry not to mention the late biological weapons expert Dr David Kelly when giving evidence.”

“It is understood the official who delivered the order was Margaret Aldred, secretary of the Iraq Inquiry chaired by Sir John Chilcot.”

I expect nothing less than the immediate resignation of Margaret Aldred and the bringing a charge of perverting the course of justice.

“A 2003 public inquiry found Dr Kelly committed suicide. But successive governments have refused to hold a full coroner’s inquest, making him the only person in modern English legal history to be denied a proper inquest and fuelling claims of a cover-up.”

Corruption breaks new ground by this denial of a proper inquest.


NRA: Bloomberg Is Going To Find Out Soon That This Country Is Of The People, ByThe People And For The People


Moscow to create database of Russian children with foreign families – Lavrov

“Russia is working on a database on all Russian children adopted by foreigners says Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Moscow will push for a US response to its requests into suspected cases of abuse of Russian kids in adoptive American families.”

“Lavrov addressed MPs on Friday after a string of scandals regarding Russian kids adopted by American families. In one of the most recent developments, three-year-old Maksim Kuzmin died in Texas at the end of January. Although US prosecutors have not laid any charges on Maksim’s adoptive parents due to the lack of evidence, Russia has launched its own investigation.”


Arrested oil tycoon passed shares to banker (November 2, 2003)

“Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky‘s shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker [the Rt Hon Lord] Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky’s arrest, the Sunday Times reported.”

The guy was an agent of Jacob Rothschild.


Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers From Russia


Man charged in multimillion-dollar foreclosure fraud scheme found competent to stand trial

“SAN DIEGO – A 60-year-old man charged in a multimillion-dollar foreclosure fraud scheme in which notaries’ identities were stolen and hundreds of deeds were forged around the state was found competent Friday to stand trial.”


Obamacare Doubles The Cost Of Premiums, It’s Forcing Someone To Buy I Fully Loaded Car – The Winners Are Again The Insurance Companies


Eric Holder: If the President Does It, It’s Legal

The Imperial Presidency.


Drones kill fewer terrorists & more civilians – John Prescott

Prescott now considers Iraq to be “regime change” ie a war crime, and the decision. He’s concerned that Blair is now advocating war against Syria, on the same pretext – and it’s a mistake, again.


Obama Now Global Head of Al-Qaeda

“The administration has sent nearly half a billion dollars ($365 million plus another $60 million) and is now using US Special Forces to train militants in Syria who have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and who continue to carry out grisly beheadingsterrorist bombings targeting innocent civilians and chemical weapons attacks against women and children.”

I’m sure you’re thinking this can’t be true.

These guys are terrorists on all other occasions except when they are doing the bidding of the president of the USA.


Department of Education Promotes Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong the mass murderer, that Mao Zedong.


Appalling Police Violence used on Single Guy

These police officers rather than one of them saying ‘you are under arrest on a charge of such and such’, one of them actually only said ‘put your hands behind your back’. Are they competent to be police officers ? Violence against a passive individual is their first resort not their last resort.


Tunisian Newspaper: 2000 Tunisians Are Fighting in Syria

How non-Syrian is the Free Syria Army ? 95%, don’t you know.


Syrian opposition leader resigns


Israeli Apartheid Week held in 215 cities throughout the world


Just a US Citizen, No Big Deal: Obama Doesn’t Demand Israeli Apology for Killing of an American Youth

“The American media is full of praise for President Obama for “brokering” a detente between Israel and Turkey, two former allies who have been at loggerheads since May 31, 2010 when heavily armed Israeli Defense Force fighters boarded the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish-flagged vessel seeking to break Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza with non-military supplies, and killed nine unarmed peace flotilla activists.”

“Dogan’s death has never even been protested or even questioned by the US government — an astonishing abrogation of this government’s oft-repeated promise to protect American lives.”


Police spend FOUR WEEKS tracking down mother, 45, after she made Facebook joke about egging PM

“They added that officers were satisfied there was no threat after making a visit.”

These public servants have really, really, really nothing better to do than waste time paid by taxpayers ?


Retired Army Capt.: DHS Announcing a ‘Bold Threat of War’ Against US Citizens

“To date, DHS has been unwilling to provide to you, the elected representatives of the People, justification for recent purchases of almost 3,000 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) armored personnel carriers, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (with associated weapons), and other weapons systems, when, in fact, the DHS has no war mission or war making authority within the limits of the United States of America.”


West Drops Syria WMD Narrative As Evidence Points to Western-Armed Terrorists


The Daily Mail: Fire Richard Littlejohn for victimizing Lucy Meadows, leading to her possible suicide


Farmer under attack for signs on semi trailers criticizing Obama

I no longer recognise the USA as the land of the free.


Former US Treasury Official – Banks Move To Enslave Humanity

“Eric King:  “You talked about the Cypriot government standing up against the arm-twisting from the IMF and the ECB, if they stand strong and this starts to spread to other countries, what does that mean for the European Union?””


Fallen Scottish Cardinal who called homosexuality ‘grotesque’ had ‘priest boyfriend for years who told the Vatican they were lovers’

Shameless hypocrisy.

Experiences with VAT


The customs declaration for silver must be 9705000000 for the correct rate of 5% VAT to be applied.

My recent orders from Australia’s Bullion Bourse they are describing 100 ounces of silver as ‘paperweight’ with a value of AUD 79 and the VAT I pay is £26.29 plus a £13.50 clearance fee.

On 11th March Fedex delivered my February 12th order from Australia’s Bullion Bourse for 30 SBSS Triviums and I never got the demand for VAT or duty.

On 10th March I have had 3 deliveries for SBSS silver.

The first was my January 1st order from Australia’s Bullion Bourse for Trviums – 3 BUs and 3 Proofs – costing AUD285 (£187) shipped February 7th and customs declared as AUD96 (£64) and the fee was £15.38 VAT – nuts, that’s 25% not 20%.

The second was my January 11th order from USA’s SBSS for 30 Slave Queens costing USD1,011 (£674) shipped February 18th and customs declared as USD380 (£255) and the fees were £49.89 VAT and £9.59 ‘customs’ – nuts, that’s 20% and 3.75%

The third from my January 30th from Australia’s Bullion Bourse for 20 Freedom Girls and 2 Triviums costing AUD792 (£546) shipped February 26th and customs declared as AUD86.42 (£57) and the fee was £14.22 VAT – nuts, that’s 25% not 20%.

And one each of these three I was charged £13.50 clearance fee.

What a right f**king mess.

ECB To Set “Fair” Cypriot Standard Of Living Via Capital Controls


Last Minute Withdrawals: Cyprian Politicians Plunder Bankaccounts

“In the week prior to the decision of the EU for a compulsory levy in Cyprus, almost 4.5 billion euros have left the country. Especially members of the government and people close to the government are implicated.”


ECB Enacts Capital Controls, Cypriot Savings Accounts Will Remain Frozen When (if) Banks Reopen!

and will require Central Bank approval for all bank transfers!

Any physical silver you might have can be exchanged for fiat currency and you wouldn’t need central bank approval.


All of the banks in Cyprus had passed each and every European bank stress test


Bank Manager Verifies Cash Withdrawal Limits and Reduced Hours coming to US Banks within 60 Days

“There is no plan (at least known) for automatic confiscation from accounts–yet, and he said that the banks hold the “ownership” authority and final disposition of any items found in safety deposit boxes. (Surprise, surprise!) Withholding mortgage payments could result in expedited (30) day foreclosures and 15 day Sheriff’s locks on your front door.”


WARREN: ‘How Many Billions Have To Be Laundered For Drug Lords Before We Consider Shutting Down A Bank?’

“During Senate testimony Liz Warren asks how much drug-laundered money it takes before banking regulators consider shutting down a bank.  Hilarity ensues. And no one ever answers the question.”


US Begins Regulating BitCoin, Will Apply “Money Laundering” Rules To Virtual Transactions

“defining what is permitted in a narrow regulatory sense”

Watch as government now gives bitcoin constipation.


The Hidden Face of Austerity: American Corporate Executives Cash In

“As the US government prepares to furlough 1 million federal workers and slash hundreds of billions in social spending, corporate executives in the United States are receiving among the highest payouts in history. USA Today reported Thursday that at least ten CEOs took in $50 million apiece in 2012, largely as a result of cashing in stocks that have soared in value with the rising market.”

“Even while the corporate CEOs and other members of the financial oligarchy rake in astronomical payouts, the constant refrain from the media and big business parties is that there is no money to pay for social spending, and that health care and retirement programs must be cut and workers’ incomes slashed.”


Guantanamo Hunger Strike Continues – No Legal Basis for Holding Prisoners Cleared of Crimes

“Michael Ratner: The Obama Admin. is responsible for the continued imprisonment of 86 men who were found not to have been involved in any crime or act of war”

We are living in a post Magna Carta age.


Obama makes a joke about heckler asking “who killed Rachel Corrie?”

The heroine who was crushed to death under a bulldozer.


In photos: On eve of Obama visit, Rafah children remember Rachel Corrie and protest US aid to Israel

“Corrie was crushed by a Caterpillar bulldozer while attempting to block its use by the Israeli army to demolish a Rafah home on March 16, 2003. Rafah’s Rachel Corrie Cultural Center for Children and Youth, named after her by the Union of Health Work Committees, holds an annual vigil on March 16. This year the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice, founded by her parents, Craig and Cindy Corrie, organized similar commemorations worldwide to mark the tenth anniversary.”

I would imagine that Obama would not being anything about Rachel Corrie and for that I call him a whore.


Happy Birthday Georgia Guidestones Read More

“The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehedge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. We will look at the numerous features of this monument, its message calling for a New World Order and explain how it is the work of an occult secret society.”


Investmentwatchblog – All Wars Are Bankers Wars makes it to the Big Time!


Cyprus says No to bank raid and turns to Russia: Two in three islanders now want to leave the eurozone

What more does the government of Cyprus need to begin exiting the eurozone ?


Israel to limit Gaza fishing zone after rocket fire

“Israel will reduce the Gaza fishing zone as punishment for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip following a rocket attack, the Israeli military announced Thursday.”

How utterly medieval the Israeli government is.


After UN Searches Inner City Press Offices, UNCA Snaps Photos: UN’s Censorship Alliance

“There are three independent media outlets working at the United Nations. The corporate media and UNCA correspondents assoc would like those independents out of there on whatever pretense. the above clip is of Matthew Lee who has been subjected to death threats and harrassment for his exposure of UN corruption from the official institution and especially from fellow “reporters” who are intelligence operatives. This “free press” behavior crossed a line this week when UN raided his workspace, went through personal & professional papers and even sifted through his garbage. The 3rd independent’s office was also searched this week and his electronics tampered with.”


CVS Tells Employees To Share Health Information Or Pay A Fine! – Judge Napolitano

2m10s “A human being who couldn’t possibly use, let’s say abortion coverage, is still paying for it in his or her insurance policy. You cannot tailor an insurance policy to your own particular needs.”


The New Rulers of the World

“In order to examine the true effects of globalization, Pilger turns the spotlight on Indonesia, a country described by the World Bank as a model pupil until its globalized economy collapsed in 1998. The film examines the use of sweatshop factories by famous brand names, and asks some penetrating questions. Who are the real beneficiaries of the globalized economy?”

“Who really rules the world now? Is it governments or a handful of huge companies? The Ford Motor Company alone is bigger than the economy of South Africa. Enormously rich men, like Bill Gates, have a wealth greater than all of Africa. Pilger goes behind the hype of the new global economy and reveals that the divisions between the rich and poor have never been greater — two thirds of the world’s children live in poverty — and the gulf is widening like never before.”

“The film looks at the new rulers of the world — the great multinationals and the governments and institutions that back them — the IMF and the World Bank. Under IMF rules, millions of people throughout the world lose their jobs and livelihood. The reality behind much of modern shopping and the famous brands is a sweatshop economy, which is being duplicated in country after country.”


Pollinating insects disappear as GMOs proliferate: What will become of our food supply?


Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence Is Slowly Declining

“The Water Supply, Fluoride is Lowering Your IQ”

“Pesticides are Diminishing Human Intelligence”

“Processed Foods, High Fructose Corn Syrup Making People ‘Stupid’”


Iraq War Anniversary: Birth Defects And Cancer Rates At Devastating High In Basra And Fallujah (VIDEO)



Sprott: Research Shows 4,500 Tonnes Of Unexplained US Gold Exports READ MORE


Massive hidden US gold sales by the Fed have kept the gold price down reveals Sprott study READ MORE


Now ‘chilling secret justice’ reaches the highest court in UK

“Liberty reacted with horror to a ruling by the Supreme Court that it was prepared to consider material delivered behind closed doors.”

How will we know when there has been a miscarriage of justice ?

The answer is: we won’t know.


How even the Kremlin and Iran scorn Britain for shackling a free Press


Fox News Found to be Least Informative – Study Takes Apart Fox Credibility


Never Submit


The GOP Must Not Adopt The Moral Vacuity And Historical Ignorance Of A Libertarian Foreign Policy

The imperial foreign policy that makes sure every nation of the world sells their goods and services for American dollars, that foreign policy.


By Fraud and deciet: The Money Junkies and Oligarchs Will Self Destruct on Their Own


Special Travel Status Given By United State To Saudi Arabia . Home Of Nearly All The 9\11 Hijackers


Allen West Denies Indefinite Detention in NDAA: ‘You keep talking about something that’s not there’


How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries

A theft that is not a theft when government does the thieving but what about devaluing currency ?




Germany Warns That Banks in Cyprus May NEVER Reopen Read More


Cyprus Banks To Reopen Next Tuesday At Earliest As Capital Controls Become Reality


Banks closing accounts of Arab-Americans


Gordon Campbell on the official emergency plan to steal from your bank account READ MORE


IMF’s Lagarde Flat Raided Over French ‘Payout’ Probe


Anti-corruption police raid the home of IMF chief Christine Lagarde after claims she ‘authorised £270m payout to a convicted fraudster’


India central bank may ban Gold coin sales by banks Read More


Factory Farm Animal Abuse Video Ban Pushed by Lobbyists

“make it a crime to film animal abuse at factory farms or lie on job applications, in hopes of shutting down animal rights activists who infiltrate slaughterhouses to expose ghastly conditions.”

This political class really does NOT serve the people.


Nigel Farage Message To Europeans: “Get Your Money Out While You Can”

1m15s “It can’t afford Cyprus to fail” but can it afford Cyprus to steal ?


The Other Thing JPMorgan Was Doing in Its Chief Investment Office: Profiting On the Death of Employees

“taking out life insurance policies on workers – even low wage workers – and naming the corporation the beneficiary of the death benefit.”


Celebrities, politicians and VIPs had their sex attack files hidden from investigating officers by police top brass


Iran to try 18 over nuclear assassinations

“Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Ja’fari Dowlatabadi says 18 people will be tried over their involvement in the assassination of the country’s nuclear scientists.”


Yes, I Need an AR-15 Rifle Read More

“The Indian Removal Act of 1830 led to what was called the Trail of Tears.  In 1500, there about 12 million Native Americans living in North America.   By 1900, there was less than 250,000 remaining.   But any objective measure, the North American Native American experienced what was called a genocide.   There was a policy throughout the 1700′s and 1800′s to force Native Americas off of productive, valuable land on onto poor quality land on what are now Indian reservations.”

“During the Philippine–American War from 1899 to 1902, the United States committed terrible atrocities upon the Philippine people    This includes concentration camps that became death camps.  It’s hard to graps, but yes, the United States is responsible for killing thousands of women and children during this time period.  Any of you remember this being taught in history class in high school or university?  Answer is likely no.  During a period of colonialism mentality in the United States, the Philippine people rose up to obtain their independence.   And the United States fought to maintain the Philippines as a colony.   The atrocities committed by the United States during this war is undefendable from any historical perspective.   I bet you are surprised by this little bit of history.”

Black slavery in the United States.   None can deny at this point that slavery in the United States was an act of evil.  From 1776 to 1964, 80% of the United States’ history, black americans were treated poorly by government laws and policies.  The United State has taken too long to evolve.   Just so that we properly remember history, it wasn’t until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that blacks were protected from outright discrimination.   While I’m not a fan of our current President for his policies, I respect Barak Obama as a public servant and a good family man.  It is a credit to the United States that a black man can be elected as President.  It is my personal belief that all people are equal under the eyes of God and nature.   The point I’m try to make here, the United States has a bad history with minorities.”

“During World War 2, the United States conducted internment of Japanese Americans.  While the people in this camps were relative well treated and had sufficient food, nevertheless, these were innocent people who were imprisoned without due process of law.”

“The United Status has a terrible history of supporting dictators around the world.  I’m not going to become expansive on this point.”

“Let’s suppose that only police and the military have AR-15 type rifles.   What would be the status of our country.  The answer, we’d have a complete police state.  The basic foundation of the United States are “all men (and women) are created equal“.  If suddenly there is a separation in the United States society where there is a privileged class, then all men (and women) are not created equal.”

3/4M Silver Eagles sold day of savers ‘haircut’ in Cyprus / Pope Francis Crimes Against Humanity



USMint Sells Nearly 3/4 Million Silver Eagles in 1 Day Post Cyprus Announcement!


Cyprus bank grab… Russian (oligarchs) seize £2bn

“FURY erupted yesterday as it emerged that rich Russians withdrew £2billion BEFORE a tax raid on bank savings in Cyprus was announced.”

Does this come as a surprise to anyone that we do not have a classless and thoroughly corrupt society ?

And that society is corrupted right at the very top of society.


Pope Francis & the Dirty War, Crimes Against Humanity – Michel Chossudovsky

“Last week over a billion Catholics around the world watched as the Vatican conclave elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the next Pope. But now, as researchers like Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization are pointing out, Bergoglio’s past points to his likely involvement in crimes against humanity. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest Professor Michel Chossudovsky.”

30s “Essentially, during the military government 1976 to 1983 Bergoglio was provincial of Argentina’s Society of Jesus. In other words, he was the top Jesuit official in the country.”


Nine people indicted in the biggest case of its kind

“Nine people have been indicted by the Special Prosecutor for their involvement in a general market manipulation by Kaupthing Bank with its own shares.”

I doubt very much if we will hear about this on the whore corporate news media,


Full Disclosure: Al Qaeda in Syria, the Story You Haven’t Heard


HSBC Faces More Money Laundering Accusations READ MORE


Now Argentina hits HSBC with fresh claims the bank laundered $100million

Is any of HSBC business not for laundering money ?


Cyprus – bank accounts were private property, were, past tense

“The problem with the bail in, is that it breaks the rule of law. Bank accounts are not bonds but are private property and our illustrious bankers, as they did in Greece, broke the sanctity of this important rule of law.”


Former Cyprus Central Bank Head Slams ‘Blackmailing’ European Leaders


Two Years Ago this Plan to Seize Bank Accounts was Proposed READ MORE

“The Swiss banking regulator previously published a paper two years ago proposing that to rescue the bankers in Switzerland the solution is to also just take money from accounts. This demonstrates what I have been warning about. ANYONE who has a career in government looks upon the people as absolute economic slaves. They stand up and pretend to care – but it is all bullshit. They care ONLY about maintaining power. Homeland Security does not need 1.6 billion of hollow point bullets that are illegal nor more than 2700 tanks to patrol our streets if they really cared about the people and were true REPRESENTATIVES. It is John McCain and Lindsey Graham who see no problem using drones against American citizen within the United States. These two guys have OVERSTAYED their welcome and these types of people have NO INTENTION of trying to fix anything – they simply want to maintain power they do not deserve.”


New Zealand putting plan together to do as Cyprus. Steal people’s money in the bank overnight without warning.


Ex-Chancellor Alistair Darling Warns of Bank Runs Across Europe

“Darling said that the unprecedented step of looting banks account of those with 100,000 euros or less could lead to a collapse in confidence because it “blows apart” the notion that such sums are protected.”


Ranting Andy Hoffman – Cyprus Was An Intentional Attack On The Monetary System

Ranting Andy Hoffman joined us for a followup to yesterday’s emergency report on the chaos enveloping Cyprus. While most Americans haven’t a clue where the island nation may be, they’re going to find out soon. Putin and his cronies are none to happy with the resolution either. Meanwhile, the Cypriot banks will remain closed until at least Thursday while their government tries to get enough votes to confirm this Faustian bargain. Gold is up, the Euro’s down and there’s much more to come.”

“The world is going to pay the piper for bing off the gold standard for 40 years.”


French Minister Tasked With Fighting Tax Fraud Resigns For Having A Secret Swiss Account

Can I get a secret Swiss account ?


Supreme Court issues major copyright ruling on foreign sales,0,5654337.story

“The Supreme Court, in a major ruling on copyright law, has given foreign buyers of textbooks, movies and other products a right to resell them in the United States without the permission of the copyright owner.”

Again with this copyright bulls**t.

How did such a ludicrous argument make its way all the way to the Supreme Court ?


“I’m Going To Prison For Arithmetic” Andrew Auernheimer aka Weev

“Auernheimer revealed a security flaw in AT&T’s iPad user database, allowing him to scrape the data from 114,000 iPad users. The information was later on given to a journalist. In January 2011, the FBI did an investigation and filed a criminal complaint.”

Again with this copyright bulls**t.


“The Shady World of Repair Manuals: Copyrighting for Planned Obsolescence

“Tim’s site now streams over 50 gigabytes of manuals every day. Or rather … it used to. In a recent strongly worded cease-and-desist letter, Toshiba’s lawyers forced Tim to remove manuals for over 300 Toshiba laptops.”

Again with this copyright bulls**t.


BBC journalists stage-manage political violence

“in Mbare with the aid of MDC-T officials which they then flighted on their channel in an attempt to trash the referendum and portray Zimbabwe as a country riddled with political violence.”


More parents refusing to get HPV vaccination for their children as they fear non-existent safety concerns, study claims

“I guess the DailyMail must be afraid of losing those juicy advertising contracts from the Pharmaceutical companies, because there are in fact numerous studies showing high risks involved with the HPV vaccines and numerous case studies of young girls permanently sickened by the shots. The latest study confirms that contrary to the manufacturers’ claims that the Gardasil vaccine contains no viral DNA, Gardasil does in fact contain HPV-11, HPV-16 and HPV-18 L1 DNA firmly attached to Merck’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant.


Obama administration: Warrantless GPS tracking needed to fight terrorism

“The Obama administration will argue before a federal appeals court on Tuesday that law enforcement must regain the ability to use GPS tracking devices without a warrant, which it says is necessary to continue the fight against terrorism.”

Is getting a search warrant so difficult ?


Flashback to ’12: Ron Paul Lectures Ben Bernanke with Silver Circle Coin

“He was against the Federal Reserve before being against the Federal Reserve became cool (largely due to his efforts). In honor of this, Silver Circle‘s own Megan and Pasha once presented Dr Paul with one of the commemorative Silver Circle coins that we offer as officially-licensed merchandise.”

“Little did they know at the time that this presentation would set up a historic turn of events. Apparently, former Congressman Paul kept the coin on hand, as it turned back up in a video of a congressional hearing in which he questioned Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.”

“His Cassandra-like warnings were ignored for years until nearly all of them came true.”

“Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke were destined to face off in epic debates over monetary policy, and the Fed’s recently-bankrupt balance sheet armed Austrian economists with excellent arguments against central banking.”

I hope you have been listening to Ron Paul.


Ron Paul Schools Bill Gates on Foreign Aid – It Often Gets Into the Wrong Hands

That guy – Bill Gates – needs a spanking and I think Dr Ron Paul just administered a spanking.


Riots in NY over black teen shot in back by cops

This white guy is a Ron Paul supporter and here he is not being racist.


The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight READ MORE

“Years ago while writing for Neithercorp Press I penned an article entitled “One Day Soon, We’ll All Be Homegrown Terrorists”.  In that piece I described a not so far off future in which martial law, economic collapse, and the destruction of civil liberties stood imminent.  I related my views on the propaganda rhetoric of the SPLC, and how they were using false association to tie liberty groups to any deviant organization they could think of, including racists and domestic terrorists, in order to condition the American public to react to our message with immediate contempt.”

“It became clear to me then that the SPLC, which had become the propaganda wing of the widely reviled Department Of Homeland Security, was helping set the stage for a paradigm shift in the U.S.  This shift would obviously include economic and social disruption, as well as political turmoil beyond anything our nation has seen for over 150 years.  But most importantly, it would pave the way for certain elements of the American populace, namely those who are awake, aware, and outspoken, to be labeled “enemy combatants” dangerous to the state.”

“Though posing as an anti-racist monitoring institution, the SPLC’s primary concern has never been the KKK or “White Identity”.  Rather, the SPLC’s job has been and always will be to marginalize and defame those who stand against centralized federal power, regardless of how corrupt that power has become.  They are not anti-racists, or liberals, or concerned citizens; they are STATISTS, who only care about maintaining the superiority of a government that has been bought and paid for many times over by a gaggle of international financiers with delusions of godhood.”

I see how they try to pin the racism card on Dr Ron Paul in the hope that all libertarians will be viewed as racist but the racist label has not stuck.


Top REPUBLICAN Leaders Say Iraq War Was Really about Oil Read More

“People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America’s national interest. What the hell do you think they’re talking about? We’re not there for figs.”

I’ve known for years its about colonising oil rich nations.


Parents of British Man Killed by US Drone Blames UK Government

“Although both were killed by the US, most of the allegations against Sakr and Berjawi remain secret.”

We have all become subjects of King John where the allegation is sufficient but today it’s worse because the allegation can be secrt.

“‘It says they took his freedom away because he knew Bilal! Does it mean that because I know a bad person it means I’m bad, or know good people that I’m good? He’d known Bilal since he was 12 years old!,’ says Mohamed’s mother.”

“In February 2012, news agencies reported that a high-ranking Egyptian al Qaeda official had been killed in a US drone strike in Somalia.”

“It would be days before the family realised those reports actually referred to their son.”

A high-ranking my f**king arse, MY F**KING ARSE.

“‘Intelligence killed millions of Iraqis on the basis of wrong information. If we go and kill everyone based on intelligence information, then we are not living in the world of democracy and justice. We are living in the world of “Who has the power and who has the weapons to kill,”’ Mr Sakr rails.”

“‘If you’re not happy about a dictator or about rules or freedom of speech, and then you come to a country like Britain which we know for hundreds and hundreds of years has talked of democracy and freedom, and laws and justice. And suddenly you find there’s no justice, no freedom of speech, no democracy.’”

When they say ‘engaged in combat’ what the government thinks constitutes ‘engaged in combat’ will be completely different to what you might think constitutes ‘engaged in combat’.


DoD Leaked Video: Drone Monitors Enemy Planting IED, U.S. Vehicle NOT WARNED — U.S. Soldiers Killed?

A group of American troops dead and Halliburton get to sell another $400,000 military vehicle to replace this wrecked one.


Inherent Autonomy Ignoring Whistleblowers READ MORE

“This characterization of morally challenged federal employees is a direct consequence of a system that protects the cover-ups, while punishing disclosure of conflicting evidence of outright corruption. The silent culture of concealment or the worse incentive system of collusion runs the governing bureaucracies.

The presstitutes in the establishment media enable the warmongering protection racket as a condition of employment. Their lack of investigative reporting is only superseded by their ominous distortion of real patriotic loyalty. Whistleblowers function as detectives doing the job that reporters abdicate. Woefully, so few citizens of conscience are willing to jeopardize their individual circumstance for the courage of genuine national security.”


Obama’s soldiers now opening fire with rubber bullets on Anaheim citizens.

What the bloody hell do these police officers think they are doing ?


Activists Attempt Citizens Arrest on Henry Kissinger

“Henry Kissinger is one of the most controversial statesman the United States has ever had. Known by some as the greatest diplomat for his work opening up relations between the Soviet and Chinese governments, Mr. Kissinger is also called a War Criminal by many others.”

“Kissinger has evaded questions and legal summons by investigators in France, Spain, Chile and Argentina. They seek answers about his involvement in disappearances of citizens in the US and other countries in regard to Operation Condor. Condor was a campaign of political repression and terror involving assassination and intelligence operations implemented in 1975 by the dictatorships of South America. The former Secretary of State was heavily involved in Operation Condor.”

“Henry Kissinger still roams free. These days he only travels with legal advice, ensuring that more attempts will not be  made to arrest him. After this event we hope Kissinger scratches Houston off his list of safe places to visit.”

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