All World Terrorism is linked to Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) / 71 dead banksters / Not guilty but jailed for being skint / Greece could beat UK to EU exit




Preston James VT 12-31-14… “Shock-Waves (Part II)”… “All Secrecy is now ending and everything will be screamed from the rooftops all around the World”

““Before this [Syria] Conference and Duff’s Historic Speech most of the World’s Leaders and Heads of their Security and Intel apparatus viewed Terrorism as individual unconnected acts all around the World. For the first time ever Duff and the other top VT Staff presented the hard cold fact that all World Terrorism is linked to this very large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) one way or another… an Organized Crime problem this large has never occurred anytime before in history”


Astonishing List of 71 Top Bankers Dead and No Natural Causes!


Couple thrown in JAIL for being unable to pay court fees on traffic ticket they received visiting dying son in hospital

“The couple told a judge about their gravely ill child and were both found not guilty, but the judge ruled they still had to pay $500 in court fees.”

Not guilty but skint.


Greece could beat UK to EU exit. Tsipras promises end to austerity. Eliminating surpluses would throw IMF’s debt reduction off track. Another haircut?


“When Greece has 1.5 mln unemployed, 700,000 families with no breadwinner, we cannot be polite to those who have caused the crisis” -Tsipras


“Non-Political” Draghi Demands Full Federalization Of Europe, Centralized Stock Market

“With GREXIT once again knocking on the Euro’s door, Mario Draghi has come out swinging (or jawboning). As Reuters reports, the non-political, non-meddling, completely independent central bank chief explains, structural reforms were needed to “ensure that each country is better off permanently belonging to the euro area,” adding that Euro zone countries must “complete” their monetary union by integrating economic policies further and working towards a capital markets union. Brussels Uber Alles… (or else “the threat of an exit (from the euro) whose consequences would ultimately hit all members”).”


The New York Federal Reserve Has Signaled the End of the Dollar Is Near

“When Goldman Sachs shorts anything, bad things are about to happen. Please remember that this is the same Goldman Sachs that shorted its airline stocks just prior to 9/11. This is also the same Goldman Sachs that placed put options on Transocean stock the morning of the 2010 Gulf oil explosion. This is the same Goldman Sachs that got caught shorting the housing market in advance of the housing bubble burst.  Basically, when Goldman Sachs starts shorting anything, we should all become apprehensive particularly if our individual investments are anywhere in the neighborhood of the commodities being impacted by shorting. Again, history clearly demonstrates that when Goldman Sachs begins to short anything, it is time to take your money, buy needed commodities and then run for the hills. That time would be now!”


Police In Scotland Tweet Out Plans To ‘Investigate’ Any ‘Offensive Comments’ On Social Media


AirAsia Bombshell! Alstom Energy Director, Involved In $4 Billion In Bribes, Was On QZ8501

4 billion motives.


‘You’re Either a Cop or Little People’: The American Police State in 2014 By John W. Whitehead


Overstock com CEO: How Bitcoin Will Change America




How The Elite Stay In Power


What Rule Of Law? WAKE UP!

“Congress correctly perceived that when it sought to outlaw alcohol production and consumption it had to pass an Amendment to the Constitution and not a “law”, because it sought not to regulate interstate commerce but all commerce throughout all 50 states, even that contained within a single instance of said state.  It thus required the explicit consent of the State Legislatures.”


Obama administration is becoming increasingly involved in what Americans put on their dinner plates and in their cereal bowls, and in their mouths.


The Insidious Response from SC Officers Who Tased Autistic Man


Bronx man beaten by NYPD after baseless stop & frisk

Are some American police already at war with the American people ?


The Prison State of America

“Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot formally complain about working conditions or safety hazards. If they are disobedient, or attempt to protest their pitiful wages, they lose their jobs and can be sent to isolation cells. The roughly 1 million prisoners who work for corporations and government industries in the American prison system are models for what the corporate state expects us all to become. And corporations have no intention of permitting prison reforms that would reduce the size of their bonded workforce. In fact, they are seeking to replicate these conditions throughout the society.”

JPM-BP-BoE rigging cartel / Bail-ins are beginning / DOJ was funding a “community” organization linked to music video glorifying the murder of NYC police officers



The Rigging Triangle Exposed: The JPMorgan-British Petroleum-Bank Of England Cartel Full Frontal

“Basically, BP’s energy operations were just a balance sheet funding cover: what its FX traders did in the front office was trade for a profit pure and simple, just like any prop trading desk or hedge fund anywhere else in the world. And it did so in collusion with a small group of market rigging individuals all located at the biggest, market-moving banks around the globe.”


American Bank Bail-Ins Are Beginning

“On Monday, one man that I personally know recently attempted to transfer a sizable sum of money (i.e. $110,000) from savings to checking to cover a check he had written for a large purchase. He attempted to move the money through online banking, which nobody should ever engage in, and was unsuccessful. He went to the bank and was subsequently told that there was a problem with his account and he could only transfer about 10% of what he intended to transfer from savings to checking. He inquired as to what the problem was and he was told that the branch did not have access to that information, only that he would not be permitted to make this transfer of funds “at this time”. Today, the charge will hit the bank and the check that he wrote is likely to bounce and will have serious ramifications to his credit. He told me that he is returning to his bank, Chase, with his attorney.”

“Just over 20 years ago, international banker George Soros made his most famous investment by shorting the British pound and pocketing a billion dollars in the process.  Following this watershed event, he has become well known for moving money and then betting on stock market crashes. In several instances, Soros has been known to rig various markets to fail for his own gain as well as the gain of the international banking cartel in Basel known as the Bank of International Settlements.”

“Several months ago, Soros made raised eyebrows by making  a billion dollar stock bet against the S&P 500. At that particular time, Soros proclaimed, through his actions, that there were warning signs of coming S&P 500 troubles which signaled dangerous times ahead for the US economy. Because Glass-Steagall has been repealed, many banks have a direct and indirect presence in the stock market as evidenced by the folly of the credit-swap derivatives market. Going into the final few days of the year, the American Stock Market has an unprecedented bubble which is reminding many of the months leading of the 1929 Stock Market crash.”



“A committee that includes senior Federal Reserve officials reviewed and overturned a bank examiner’s finding that Goldman Sachs lacked a firm-wide policy to prevent conflicts of interest, according to a top Fed official. Bill Dudley, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, disclosed the action by the “Operating Committee” in a little-noticed aspect of his testimony last month before the U.S. Senate. Dudley said the panel was part of a new effort by the Fed to raise standards across the board by comparing the practices and health of the nation’s banks against each other.”

“Segarra was not called to testify at the Senate hearing. And in his appearance, Dudley did not detail specifically what evidence the Operating Committee considered in overruling Segarra, on what basis the decision was made, or whether it considered any of Segarra’s documentation or examination findings.”

A decision that is full of bulls**t.


The 2.6 Billion Dollar Welfare Payment That The U.S. Government Gives To Wal-Mart


Your Profoundly CRIMINAL Gov’t: U.S. DOJ CAUGHT Running ‘Kill The Cop’ Race War Group

“As if the American people needed more evidence that the Obama administration’s Justice Department was out of control after six years of non-stop scandals, it was recently revealed that the DOJ was funding a “community” organization linked to a controversial rap music video glorifying the murder of New York City police officers. The group in question, Bronx Defenders,… has received at least $1.5 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars from the Department of Justice, and played a prominent role in the pro-cop killing music video. The link between the widely condemned rap production and the DOJ made headlines this week aftertwo New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers were murdered, execution style, under the guise of obtaining “revenge” for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.”


Russia-n SWIFT, BRICS Bank, China defends ruble: Revolt has begun. Independence from West’s global financial slavery, blackmail at hand READ MORE


Step Aside North Korea: According To New “Theory” Sony Hackers Are In Fact Russians

What f**king s**t is this ?


Obama Is in the Bankers’ Hip Pocket … as is everyone else

“Antonio F. Weiss (born 1966) is head of investment banking for Lazard”


The most censored health news stories of 2014 – here’s what the establishment doesn’t want you to remember

“Censored story #1) CDC whistleblower admits vaccines linked to autism”


Broken Countries Policing – Impossible to Preach Respect for the Rule of Law

“In the United States in 2014, you may be arrested for selling loose cigarettes, jumping turnstiles, dancing on the subways, and having small amounts of marijuana, but not for assassination, torture, anal rape, illegal surveillance, or invading, occupying and bombing sovereign countries.”


Two more ministers accused in the VIP child abuse scandal: MP wants Secrets Act lifted to let police speak out


School teachers forced to wear scarlet letter flu masks, gloves when they refuse flu shots that don’t even work


Australia Silences Criticism Of Vaccines, Benefits of Homeopathy

“When the facts surrounding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines begin to be brought into the light, the only option left for those who manufacture, promote, and/or force vaccines onto the general population is to silence the presentation of those facts. Indeed, it is also imperative that those same forces prevent any alternatives to vaccination and financially incentivized medical dogma from becoming known amongst the general public…”




A Final Warning from George Orwell



“Baltimore residents who settle lawsuits alleging police brutality or other misconduct must agree to an unusual stipulation that they keep silent about the incidents that sparked the suits, reports the Baltimore Sun. The clause specifically prohibits plaintiffs from discussing their case with the news media, except to say that the suit has been settled. Those that disobey the secrecy pact can be face attempts by the city to recoup settlement money.”

These people should reject the offer and go to trial.


Data Shows Cops Kill Three People a Day in America READ MORE


American police now “Israeli-DHS trained,” precursor to dictatorship (from 2012)

“As part of this training, there is an increased move to use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, illegal surveillance, lying to the people, press and courts and systematic interference in the electoral system.”

“The war has now spread to Lebanon. Overtly, the war is Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq standing against Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In reality this is something very new happening here, ISIS simply doesn’t exist, no more than MS 13, Al Shebab or Boko Harum. Those many years ago, when Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb tied the “Crips and Bloods” to CIA/White House drug running under Reagan’s watch, we saw only a part of a crime ring dating to the British royal family and the Opium Wars of the 1840s.”

“For those unaware, American ship owners got their start running drugs then, as required by British law, the “founding families” of the world narcotic empire are also the founding families of the CIA… (read more)”


Historical snapshot into Jewish terrorism: The bombing of the S.S. Patria

“On November 26, the bomb detonated and blew a massive hole in the ship’s hull. The ship sunk in 15 minutes, killing 260 innocent Jewish refugees and injuring another 172.”


How the “conspiracy theory” label is used to dismiss and discredit dissent


Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water


Palestine presents peace plan to the UN Council, Israel calls it an act of aggression,-Israel-calls-it-an-act-of-aggression-32996.html


New watchdog bans EU from being GM-free

When is Britain leaving the EU ?


How Bitcoin Will Succeed In Mobile Payments Where Square, Paypal & Google Have Failed


Study Links GMOs to Over 22 Different Diseases Yet More Evidence GMOs Should be Banned


HEY SHEEPLE, Time For Your Big Pharma Mercury-Filled Shots! CBS News Reports, Flu outbreak spreading rapidly in U.S. Read More

[Ed. Note: According to our friends at Experimental Vaccines, this year’s flu shot “is the worst ever” and is made with “dog cells”. Think we’re joking? Click here]


Cool Video: Where Does Water Come From?


Agent Provocateurs at Berkeley Protests? They’ve Done it Before.


17 Year Old Held Captive in Chicago Hospital: Denied Choice of Attorney – Protest & Rally Scheduled! READ MORE


Medical Kidnap: CPS Worker Makes False Medical Diagnosis to Seize 4 Year-old Child from Family


CPS & Police Taser, Handcuff Parents: Enter Home of Homeschool Family without Warrant READ MORE

“According to Doriane L. Coleman, a Duke University law professor, ignoring the Fourth Amendment rights of families during CPS investigations comes at a high cost to the very children government agents are supposed to be protecting. In her aptly-named article, Storming the Castle to Save the Children: The Ironic Costs of a Child-welfare Exception to the Fourth Amendment, Professor Coleman says that home investigations “epitomize deep intrusion[s] in both symbolic and actual respects.” They can shatter the innocence of even the youngest of children, causing a broad range of emotional responses, including “trauma, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, stigmatization, powerlessness, self-doubt, depression, and isolation.” (47 William and Mary Law Review 444 (2005)).”


Equivalent of the Dred Scott Decision READ MORE

“Although the government might like the law to be different, nothing in the law requires a symmetry of information in the nation’s securities markets.”

“Are you kidding me? Equal protection under the law? Who says we have to do that? We can do whatever we want, and just try and stop us. We own the lawmakers and we own the courts.”

“Symmetry of information, also known as a ‘level playing field,’ is the cornerstone and underlying principle of US Securities laws since 1933.”

Insider trading is excused and the rule of law becomes deader.


Here’s How The Obama Government Took Away Rule Of Law READ MORE


Texas SWAT team brutalizes innocent man in no-knock wellness check, concocts charges

Austerity & debt is to transfer all countries to global elites. It’s $ vs people, and don’t forget civil forfeiture / Ignorance of the law is no excuse … unless you are a public servant



Austerity & debt is to transfer all countries to global elites


Congress has been bought out. It’s not even an issue of left or right anymore. It’s $ vs people.


Civil Asset Forfeiture: The Final Stage Of Collapse Of Empire

“This is the final stage of the collapse of the Roman Empire. When the state runs out of money, it historically attacks the people. In Rome, whole armies began sacking their own cities to get paid. The police are doing just that. Whatever they can confiscate goes to funding their own pensions. This is a national problem that will only get much worse going into 2020. We have nobody in Washington representing the people any more.


Supreme Court Rules 8-1 Citizens Have No Protection Against 4th Amendment Violations by Police Ignorant of the Law

“But rest assured that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” will still be applied to YOU!”


No one should be above the law, especially those enforcing it. #PoliceState #AllLivesMatter


2015 Winning Time: 3 phases to 99.99%’s victory over .01% criminal psychopaths Read More

“Current humans empowered with “informed consent” are ending a viciously psychopathic history by a .01% upon the 99.99%. These 99.99% would never consent to what’s being done to them if empowered with accurate comprehensive information of their conditions. The informed are motivated to end the psychopathy, and create a new future of peace, technological advance, and cooperative happiness.”

“Another helpful perspective to consider the 99.99% have all the facts on our side: MIT’s Simon Johnson (and former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund) describes our economy being led by gambling oligarchs who have captured government as in banana republics (his words). He concludes fraud is the heart of Wall Street.

“His immediate best-selling book, 13 Bankers: The Wall Street takeover and the next financial meltdown, was discussed with President Johnson’s Press Secretary and journalist with over 30 Emmy Awards, Bill Moyers, to explain the oligarchy, loss of trillions of American taxpayer dollars to oligarchs’ manipulation as a matter of definitive fact, the oligarchs’ looting of America is protected by partners with political muscle, and all rational consideration of the facts prove massive crimes by the .01% against the 99.99%:”


David Stockman Debunks TARP Profit Claims: The Fed Runs A ‘No Banker Left Behind’ Program READ MORE

How did the general public get so stupid as to not realise that the ones being left behind are the people ?


David Stockman – This Will Trigger The Next Lehman Moment & Bank Bail-Ins READ MORE


‘Most Influential’ Media Jewess Sneers: There Is No Cabal Of Bankers Conspiring To Pick The President


The Cradle of Democracy Rocks the Autocrats

“Take a good look around, I defy you to point to a single socioeconomic construct in our supposedly enlightened and advanced society of today which is not essentially determined by that crude polarizing characterization.  Whether it be our bought and paid for Political Class, our rapacious Banking Sector, our completely captured Regulators, our entitled Multinational Corporations, our entrenched Governmental Agencies, our marauding Military Industrial Complex, our fleecing Healthcare Providers, our muzzled Free Press, our hijacked Justice System, or our grossly overpaid CEOs, Athletes, and Entertainers, they all have one thing in common, and I assure you that it’s not the common good that they share.  What they seek above all else is to expand existing institutional dominion and their own privileges within it.”

“Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the EU Commission, stated during a debatethat he does not want Syriza to assume power in Greece. “I think that the Greeks […] know very well what a wrong election result would mean for Greece and the Eurozone.””

“Apparently, Mr. Junker feels the EU’s own institutional interests should take precedence in determining the outcome of the Greek presidential elections over the Sovereignty of Greece itself.   Last I checked, the European Union was an association of Sovereign member States, not an official body presiding over internal domestic national elections.  Should the people of Greece decide they want a new government in Parliament to represent their objectives and aspirations, that’s entirely their prerogative, not Junker’s.”

“To add some additional insight, below is a brief profile on the EU establishment’s preferred candidate for the Greek presidency. Wikipedia brings you Stavros Dimas:”

“In 1968 he began working as a lawyer for a firm on Wall Street, moving to the World Bank the following year, where he worked on investments in Africa and the Middle East.[1] In 1975 he returned to Greece to take up the post of deputy governor of the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank(ETVA), while also being a member of the committee preparing Greek accession to the EEC.[1]

“Dimas served briefly in the Prodi Commission. He was appointed European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs in March 2004, taking over the role from the previous Greek Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou. A major focus of his work during this time involved making it more difficult for states to opt out of the Working Time Directive. The Greek government nominated Dimas for the incomingBarroso Commission which took office on 22 November 2004.”

“Offer to pass ownership and direct managerial control of Greek banks requiring recapitalisation to the ESM under certain conditions (see below). Such a transfer of ownership (i.e. common shares) and management will entail disbanding the GFSF (the Greek Financial Facility) and passing all its, newly acquired assets, onto its parent the ESM-EFSF, together with the responsibility for future recapitalisation phases.”

The evidence of the existence of a cabal that is as plain as the nose on your face.


The Matrix Revealed: the collective experiment on planet Earth READ MORE

“What constituted a triumph of good over evil at one moment is guided into yet another collective, whose aims are “a better kind of control.””


Greek Prime Minister: “It’s Best For The Country” To Do Away With Democracy

The Hellenic bankster Republic of Greece.


The Fed is leveraged 77:1 ratio from last I checked. What can go wrong?


The Same Revolt: Breathe, Occupy, Tea Party – What if these are variations of the same revolution?

“A better way to understand them, however, is to look for the unifying factor: they are all protesting against the massive and growing use of power against the people.”


Bill Sardi: Defending Health Against the Government

“And so I had set out and I had interviewed, as a journalist, David Sinclair at Harvard. From this, spawned a dietary supplement that I then marketed for 10 years, and then faced all of the road blocks that modern medicine imposed because they overdosed the lab animals and intentionally produced negative results. We had a clinical study scheduled for humans with Alzheimer’s disease at University of Wisconsin. You could still go to clinical trials and see the registrations. They failed to proceed and recruit patients. A drug company interfered with that trial. We’ve had laboratory samples destroyed in transit. We’ve had our lead researcher falsely accused of scientific fraud. This eventually led to his death due to the stress of it all. And, of course, it was outrageous because we had research centers in Italy and Canada that had duplicated his work, and yet they accused him of fraud. There was no evidence of it. He had, of course, been pilloried. So we’ve been living with this whole thing.”

“And you see this assault on dietary supplements at the same time because the dietary supplements pose a threat. The biological action of virtually every drug on the market can be duplicated with a dietary supplement — an amino acid, an herb, a vitamin. And this has gotten so bad. The drug companies are looking for Alzheimer’s disease. They’re trying to stop the beta amyloid plaque and what we call tau protein from developing in the brain. Turns out, if you use just Vitamin B1, it eradicates it. It’s been shown in humans. It’s been shown in animals. They won’t disclose this to the public. Vitamin B1 is called Thiamine.   It just eradicates that plaque in the brain of humans and animals. They will say nothing. It’s just outrageous what is going on here.”


Half of all children will be autistic by 2025, warns senior research scientist at MIT


US Government has prepared a “Patriot Act” for the Internet

An event happens, the gubermint proffers a P.O.S. bill prepared years ago and it gets passed into law.


‘Bomb something that looks valuable’ – Norwegian NATO pilots told in Libya – historian


Origins Of Today’s Middle East Cauldron: Machinations Of British & French Imperialists During WWI READ MORE


James H Fetzer Powerpoint Presentation on Sandy Hook – Shows no one died, it was a drill.


China Steps In as World’s New Bank

“Thanks to China, Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund, Jim Yong Kim of the World Bank and Takehiko Nakao of the Asian Development Bank may no longer have much meaningful work to do.

Goodbye IMF.


Yuan-ruble swap shows China challenging IMF as emergency lender Read More



How Goldman Sachs and D.C. Hosed AIG – and the Taxpayers READ MORE

“The public is finally getting a look inside the black box where the titans of Wall Street and their inside-jobbers in Congress and at the highest levels of the U.S. government plot their profiteering and pilfering schemes.”


60 Prominent Germans Appeal Against Another War In Europe: “It Is Not About Putin. What Is At Stake Is Europe”


The Federal Reserve Makes Ponzi And Madoff Look Like Boy Scouts

“Two days later Carter fired the Secretary of The Treasury, W. Michael Blumenthal, the man Wall Street believed to be their chief advocate in the Carter administration. Also fired were the Attorney General, the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and the Transportation and Energy Secretaries. But the most crucial change was the one that directly affected Wall Street. The resignation of G. William Miller, chairman of The Federal Reserve Board to fill the spot of the dismissed Secretary of The Treasury. The next Monday the dollar dropped like a bowling ball when European financial markets opened. So, as you can see, just the uncertainty of who might become chairman of The Fed has a profound affect on not only the financial markets of the United States, but the markets of the entire industrialized world.”


Beavercreek Police Arrest Photographers, Shove 8-Year-Old Boy, Threaten To Arrest 14-Year-Old For Photographing Protest

“This was not limited to the alternative media from Counter Current News, Alternative Media Syndicate and Greene County Herald who were on site, but also members of the mainstream local media who were repeatedly threatened with arrest even though they had broken no law.”


The central issue is whom the government is for.

The government is not for abusing 8 year old boys or for threatening people with arrest for photographing government misconduct.


5 Ways to Explain Bitcoin Over Christmas Dinner

Some are saying bitcoin is the money of the internet but the bitcoin protocol will be bigger than the internet, the bitcoin protocol will be the internet of things.


How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical)


Cops attack guy who was recording them and charge him with felony battery of a police officer. Surveillance video proves cop lied in police report.


Body cameras reduce police use-of-force, citizen complaints – study


UK police misuse pre-charge bail to ban activists from protesting – report


Anti-driving-ban activists in Saudi Arabia ‘to face terrorism tribunal’

Middle Ages of Saudi Arabia.


North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts who discredit FBI findings and reveal that a studio insider named ‘Lena’ may be responsible


Belarus President Tells “Retailers, Money-Grabbers And Thieves” That Capital Controls “Will Remain Forever”

Retailers can’t operate at a loss so Belarus can expect empty shelves from now on.


The secret GMO war: double agents, betrayal, greed? READ MORE


This Woman Did Not Have a Merry Christmas Because of Agenda 21


Citizenship Revoked, Beaten and Threatened With Sexual Abuse – For Refusing to Spy


Merry Christmas From the United Nations: The UN Arms Treaty Took Effect on December 24th

“After the rise of the Nazi’s, Germany established their version of gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves against the “Brown Shirts”, were arrested and exterminated. Interestingly, the Brown Shirts were eventually targeted for extermination themselves following their blind acts of allegiance to Hitler. Any American military and police would be wise to grasp the historical significance of the Brown Shirts’ fate.”


LEAKED: Secret Negotiations to Let Big Brother Go Global READ MORE

“If signed, the treaty would affect all services ranging from electronic transactions and data flow, to veterinary and architecture services. It would almost certainly open the floodgates to the final wave of privatization of public services, including the provision of healthcare, education and water. Meanwhile, already privatized companies would be prevented from a re-transfer to the public sector by a so-called barring “ratchet clause” – even if the privatization failed.”


The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword – James Corbett at TEDxGroningen

5m40 “This is the information bottleneck … This is why I never heard of Jekyll Island or Operation Northwoods or Edward Bernaise. Some guy in a suit in an office hundreds of miles away had decided I didn’t need to know that information.”


9/11 FALSE FLAG: American Traitors & Mossad – Where are the Oath Keepers? — Ken O’Keefe

2m25s “If these people do not, do not acknowledge the very direct support that so called ISIS, ISIL has gotten from the west then they’re not serious.”


Federal Court Gives “Early Christmas Present” to War Criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Others, Immunizing Them From Civil Inquiry Regarding Iraq War

“The case alleged that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz committed aggression in planning and waging the Iraq War. Specifically, the lawsuit claimed that high-ranking Bush officials used the fear of 9/11 to mislead the American public into supporting a war against Iraq, and that they issued knowingly false statements that Iraq was in league with Al-Qaeda and had weapons of mass destruction, when none of those things were true.”

““The decision guts Nuremberg,” Comar said. “Nuremberg said that domestic immunity was no defense to a claim of international aggression. This Court has said the opposite.””


Rove and Cheney Are Now Caught In Fitzgerald’s Web. Will they Go Down too?

“On Friday, after securing a five-count criminal indictment against Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, for lying to a grand jury about what he knew and when he knew it in regard to the outing of a covert CIA agent, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald plans to pursue broader conspiracy charges against Cheney senior White House officials, and top officials at the State Department and the National Security Council, that may finally shed light on how the Bush administration came to use erroneous intelligence that claimed Iraq tried to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger, lawyers involved in the two year old investigation said.”


100 Years Ago Today: The Christmas Truce of 1914 Was A Moment Of Hope Squelched By The War Party On Both Sides

“Unknown to the higher-echelon commanding officers – who were enjoying good food and drink in their warm bunkers out of the range of the artillery barrages and machine gun bursts – the grunts on either side of the battle line suddenly sensed the stupidity of killing someone who was just like them and who had never done them any harm.”

“Unbeknownst to the naive grunts on the front line, the ruling elites had ulterior motives. (The kings, queens, emperors, princes, nobles, kibitzers, veterans, the bankers that financed the wars, the weapons makers and assorted other captains of industry all felt that they would somehow profit from the war.) These war profiteers, too old or influential to go to war themselves, knew how much money could be made in wars, and, in addition, they had the assurance that they would be far from the killing fields.”

“French and British schoolchildren had been indoctrinated for years in the belief that the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm, was evil incarnate and therefore, if war were to come, the German soldier who took orders from him was deserving of death. German schoolchildren were taught the same about the French and the English rulers and soldiers. And each of the leaders, sensing that their honor was at stake, seemed to be spoiling for a fight.”

The working class of one set of nations told to kill the working class of another set of nations and all the while the banksters got rich.


Indiana Supreme Court upholds law prohibiting being ‘annoying’ while intoxicated

“The conviction was appealed on grounds that the law is overly vague.  “Behavior that annoys some people will not annoy others,” his attorney argued.”

This is the kind of s**t that passes for law ?


Rice Revolution: Non-GMO Super Strains Developed in Asia Require no Pesticides and Can Feed the World’s Poor READ MORE


Obama’s 1,200 New Regulations — Congress Has 15 Days to Protest READ MORE

I have no doubt that special interest have financed Obama to do a hatchet job on their competition.


Better World Order, an elite free zone / Over 8,000 Pedophile Priests / first dibs on your money / Fed Reserve [aka DTCC] is the owner of ALL stocks traded




The Long, Abusive History of Money Power(Part 1) READ MORE

If we win, as I’m confident we will, we will have a Better World Order, and I will love it since the current one is not worth saving! Unfortunately, a Better World Order is something that the Anglo-American elites are trying to oppose.

Better World Order, an elite free zone.


Vatican Reeling As Pope Francis Admits There Is An Army Of Over 8,000 Pedophile Priests Read More


Melanie Shaw Jailed for a crime that never happened because I exposed a VIP paedophile ring


California county routinely kidnaps thousands of babies without any warrant or reason, lawsuit claims


CPS Threatens Dad: Let Your Kids Play Outside and We’ll Take Them Away

More child abuse from CPS.


It’s Official: The Worldwide Bail-ins Are Coming

“On November 16, leaders of the G20 Group of Nations – the 20 largest economies – made an important decision. The world’s megabanks now have official permission to pledge depositor accounts as collateral to make leveraged derivative bets. And if they lose a bet, the counterparty to the contract has first dibs on your money.”


Fed Reserve [aka DTCC] is the owner of ALL stocks traded Read More

You are a “Beneficiary” of your Stocks, unless they decide you are not. MF Global Theft of Billions now makes sense.


Traders Are Getting That 1987-Feeling Again… Worse Than 1987 Is Coming Says Marc Faber

The depositors will pick up the tab.


Need to Know Basis: You Only Know What the TV Wants You to Know Read More

“It means a person makes reasoned judgements based on taking a factual assessment of any given situation before deciding to allow their brain cells to accept what they are told simply because someone with a suit, a fancy backdrop and a practiced intonation said it on a screen.”


We Can Conclusively Confirm North Korea Was Not Behind #Sony Hack

Merry Christmas, Crimea.


How Every American Can Fight Terrorism With Just One Finger



Health myth busted! Low-fat dairy promotes weight gain, heart disease and diabetes


The Marketing Campaign Is Now Complete: Sony To Release The Interview On December 25 After All

Thoroughly transparent.


The Bond Bubble’s Risk Hits an Unbelievable $555 TRILLION in Size

“You might have noticed that each successive crisis over the last 15 years has been both larger and involved more senior asset classes.”

We will be told that this crisis was unforeseen but that is bulls**t.


Ukraine Central Bank Conned Into Swapping Its Gold For Lead Bricks


Rust Contaminated Vaccines World Wide Recall


7 GMO Claims Debunked


Frank Serpico on Eric Garner: Cops cry wolf all the time

“This is the use of excessive force for no apparent reason on a guy who is selling loosie cigarettes; what is the threat to your well-being?”


Cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s mother: No idea he’d do this

“Shakuwra Dabre says her 28-year-old son made suicide attempts starting at age 13, was institutionalized and was on and off antidepressants for years.”

Antidepressants, again.


NYC Mayor de Blasio Slams Reporters For “Enabling” Racial Hatred

“inciting protesters to confront police – “you all [reporters] enable that [racial divide]… that’s how you want to portray the world.” Yep – all their fault…

The fault of trigger happy police.


Russians can now carry guns for ‘self-defense’

“The addendum to the law now lists self-defense as a legally acceptable reason for carrying a weapon.”


John Yoo on torture: Rectal violation is not allowed, crushing a child’s testicles is no problem


Grand jury praises SWAT team that nearly killed 19-month-old with grenade


Boston Bombing: Feds Admit No Evidence Tsarnaev Brothers Involved in the Slayings

Imagine my shock to learn that we were lied to when we were told these brothers were guilty ?


Sydney siege: Sydney commuters volunteer to ride by Muslims’ side, hashtag #illridewithyou trends on twitter


“ISIL completely fabricated enemy by USA”, former CIA contractor


One sentence that proves the American torture program was a national disgrace. “Hummus in a mans rectum”

The USA is an international disgrace.


Cleared in release in 2009… but still in jail: Guantanamo

Is there anyone competent in our governments ? Why does everything our governments touch turns to s**t ?


CIA tortured German it mistook for a terrorist


Teach them to comply with police officers, even if they feel it’s unjust

Would it have proper to comply with the unjust demands of Adolf Hitler’s Germnay ?


The Bill Clinton Murders – Bill Clinton Exposed

“A biography of former President William Jefferson Clinton that reveals his history of lies, womanizing, threats and likely murders of political opponents and close associates who might have revealed his misgivings. The Whitewater scandal, Hillary and Bill’s disdain for the police professionals who protected them, Bill’s affairs, Hillary’s fraudulent business deals, and countless other instances of corruption shed a stunning light on America’s former first family and the ring of power they assembled around them.”


Yet no apology: CIA’s mistaken detention destroyed German man’s life

“Khalid al Masri is a broken man today. A decade after the CIA snatched him by mistake, flew him half way around the world in secret, and questioned him as part of its detention and interrogation program, he’s yet to recover.”


Kansas Governor Proposes Using Pension Money to Cover Budget Gaps Created By His Tax Cuts (fascism)

Retirement ? What retirement ?


Fed Vice Chairman Shocked At Wall Street Influence After Jamie Dimon “Whips” Cromnibus Votes

Didn’t need a gun and a brown paper bag for this robbery.


The Congressional report on torture confirms that Al Qaeda was not involved in the attacks of September 11

“However, the real issues are elsewhere: Why did the CIA committed such crimes? Why did it fabricate confessions to link al-Qaeda artificially to the attacks of September 11? And therefore, al-Qaeda being unrelated to the attacks of Sept. 11, who has the CIA therefore sought to protect?”


Spain Criminalizes Protest Against EU Central Bankster Austerity

“Photographing cops and peaceful demos bring 3,000€ fine”

What a f**king disgrace.


Police asked university for list of attendees at fracking debate

What crime do they think has been committed ?


What If Bitcoin Could Replace SIM Cards? READ MORE


Homes of the Rothschilds – they are many, sumptuous and PRIVATE / The elephant in the room – derivative debt. 28 times the profit/loss



A List of BANKS Owned/Controlled by the Rothschild Family


Google Search – Homes of the Rothschilds

This world and it’s human inhabitants was bought and sold a long time ago.

It is liberating and life affirming to realise that there are certain people who are immensely, immensely, immensely rich with fortunes in the trillions of dollars and who could solve all of the world’s problems in a matter of weeks but they never will because that is who they are.

I have nothing but pity for this cabal that sits on top of the pile of s**t they have created out of our society and I am grateful that the rest of humanity is on a basic level, good to each other, while this small cabal is on a basic level, evil toward the rest of humanity. There really isn’t any other word for it.


The world has a monarchy and that monarchy is the network of central banks.


Chris Powell of GATA – Central Banks Destroy Our Markets & Democracy

“Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) says the evidence is clear that central banks are intervening in all futures markets. Powell charges, “The documents don’t prove that any particular central bank is trading any particular futures contract on any given day, but they do show the central banks are trading secretly in all U.S. futures markets. That means our market economy has been destroyed. It really means our democracy has been destroyed because they don’t tell us what they are doing. This is a real failure of financial journalism. In fact, I argue that the greatest asset of central banks is not their power of infinite money creation right now, it is their power to control financial journalism.””


Central Bankers suppressing Russian economy

“If Putin starts arresting the owners of their Central Bank, the US attack will not be far behind!”


RadioShack Kept Alive by $25 Billion of Swaps Side Bets

“After a 60 percent surge this year, the amount of credit-default swaps tied to RadioShack is 28 times its debt, more than any other U.S. company. When the retailer’s biggest shareholder arranged $585 million of funding in October to help it survive the holidays, much of the money came from hedge funds wagering on the company to avoid default, said people with knowledge of the trading. Those included DW Investment Management and Saba Capital Management, the people said.”

28 times the profit from a positive move but 28 times the loss from a negative move. This is insanity.


Ron Paul: Derivatives Bailout In Crominbus Bill An Omen Of Things To Come


A great deal of what the Fed has been doing is to prevent the derivatives market from imploding.


Oil producers to lose $1tn if price below $60 – Goldman Sachs


Iran to Australia: We warned you about the gunman

“Iran repeatedly warned Australia about the criminal past of the perpetrator of the Sydney cafe siege and called for him to be kept under surveillance, top officials in Tehran said.”

It was far too useful to have this guy commit his crime than to have stopped him.


The ”Shape-Shifting Sheik” and the ”Sydney Siege”

“Suspect had multiple aliases, granted political asylum by Australian government, interviewed by Australian media, spent years as fake pro-Western “Shia’a cleric” condemning Iran and Syria before recently “converting” to Sunni and supporting ISIS.”


Russia not fit to be part of international financial system – Cameron

“Okay, David. If you really feel that way, here’s your rifle, here’s you parachute, here’s your camo gear, etc. And take that Dodgy Dossier that got us into the mess in Iraq with you!


Westminster paedophile ring linked to murders of THREE young boys by detectives

Westminster is not fit to tie my shoelaces.


Why the Sony hack is unlikely to be the work of North Korea


Killed By Police 2014 (1,063 as of Dec 19)


Whitewashing a murder…

“He joined local and international protesters, armed with ‘olive saplings’ to commemorate the International Human Rights Day. They had planned to plant the symbols of peace on land owned by the Palestinian village of Turmus Aiya, which was earmarked for annexation to the Jewish-only colony of Shiloh.”

“The real Israeli sentiment regarding the incident came from Lt Col (ret) Meir Indor who was less inhibited when he declared that Abu Ein’s ‘death leaves Israel with one less enemy.’”

I judge the actions of these Israeli soldiers to be evil.


Over 1,000 Gun Owners Violate Washington’s I-594 – In Front Of Police!……..Is This The Catlyst We’ve Been Waiting For?

“Fed up with the passage of an 18½-page incoherent, rambling, unconstitutional gun control initiative that was bankrolled by billionaires, gun owners across Washington state held the largest felony civil disobedience rally in the nation’s history, brazenly titled “I Will Not Comply.” No one was hurt and no stores were looted. Between 1,000 and 3,000 lawful gun owners showed up openly armed at the state capitol in Olympia, Wash., on Saturday to defy the newly passed gun control law, I-594.”


Who’s Winning the Battle Over Gun Rights?

The more they tighten their grip, the more American minds will turn away.


Threatened New York Times journalist ordered to appear in court – report

“breach of his civil liberties and press freedom”

What a f**king disgrace it is to be not getting important news like this from the western media, what a f**king disgrace.


Former US Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged for the first time on Sunday that some of the men and boys detained as terrorism suspects after 9/11 were in fact innocent

Innocent and being tortured to death – welcome to the fascist USA.


The USA signed and ratified the United Nations Convention against Torture, which reads, in part: “No exceptional circumstances whatsoever


Did CIA torture violate Nuremberg ban on human experimentation?


The ‘Architect’ Of The CIA Torture Program Says Senate Report Put His Life In Danger

Not being the architect would have helped not putting his life in danger.


Wall Street Bank Regulator Issues Outrageous Press Release READ MORE

“In a sane financial world, of course, insured banks are not supposed to be trading; they are supposed to be receiving insured deposits backstopped by the U.S. taxpayer in return for making loans to worthy businesses and consumers in order to create jobs and grow our economy.”


Uncle Sam Does The Impossible: Loses $105 Million/Year Coining Money!

A new report from the U.S. Mint reveals that it’s still not cost-effective to make pennies and nickels.

Feel the inflation.


Charges dropped in Mrs. Lady’s cash seizure case

“Federal prosecutors are dropping an effort to seize nearly $33,000 from Carole Hinders, who operated Mrs. Lady’s Mexican Food restaurant in Arnolds Park for 38 years. The New York Times reports the IRS became suspicious of Hinders because of a pattern of cash deposits of less than $10,000. The law pertaining to cash deposits is designed to catch drug dealers, terrorists and money launderers.”

Common sense restored no doubt thanks to the publicity this case received.


How Washington Funded the Taliban


Utah Demands Feds Surrender Lands by Dec. 31

“With the federal government engaged in a de facto unconstitutional occupation of some two thirds of Utah’s territory, citizens of the state and their elected representatives have had just about enough. So, on December 31, the State of Utah is formally demanding that Washington, D.C., relinquish control over more than 30 million acres of valuable land currently controlled by various federal bureaucracies.”

It’s about bloody time.


Danny Glover Wins, FBI Loses 16-Yr Battle

“PCJF filed a federal lawsuit in addition to its multi-year investigation uncovering thousands of pages of documents related to a U.S. government operation in which it funded Miami “journalists” who presented themselves as independent reporters and who also saturated the Miami media with false, inflammatory and hostile stories during the prosecution and trial of the Cuban Five. This conduct, which would have influenced the jury pool and the un-sequestered jury, violated the fundamental right to a fair trial.”

More lying sacks of s**t in government circles.


Police chief denies permit for anti-police brutality event

“Citing public safety concerns, Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris on Tuesday denied a special event permit application for an anti-police brutality march planned to start at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center during the Lakota Nation Invitational on Friday afternoon.”

The right of the people to peaceably assemble is not subject to any waiver.


Spokane County Police Dept. Faces Protests Over Officer Recorded Saying MRAP Is For “Dealing With Constitutionalists”

Our governments need to know their place is within the law not outside the law like criminals.


Chemtrails: The Secret War


Ukrainian Soldier Confirms: Ukraine’s Military Shot Down Malaysian MH17 Plane


Claims that boys were murdered by VIP sex ring are credible and true – police

“Police said the alleged abuse by a Westminster-based paedophile ring lasted a decade at locations across London and the Home Counties, including military premises.”


$2 Trillion High-yield Debt Market On The Verge Of Default, Goldman Sachs Says 1 Trillion In Investments Just Went Poof Due To The Collapse Of Oil, Debt Defaults Have Already Begun To Hit In The North American Shale Oil/gas Industry!


Claims that Aleppo’s Synagogues have been destroyed are false

“In February of 2011, coincidentally the month before of the beginning of the current Syrian crisis, President Assad signed an executive order to repair the Al-Raqi Synagogue in the old Jewish quarter of Damascus by the end of the month as the renovation of 10 other synagogues in Syria’s major cities continued.


Israeli role in Syrian conflict brought into the open


Cafe in Leeds (UK) feeds 10,000 people on 20 tonnes of unwanted food, which would otherwise have been wasted


Busker Stands Up to NYPD, Becomes Newest EasyBitz Clien READ MORE

“Franco demanded that Kalleen stop playing and leave the subway. Kalleen calmly presented him with a copy of the state legalese that clearly permits such performances. Franco even read it out loud. But that didn’t matter.”

Law enforcement enforcing something other than the law.


Man pulled over at gunpoint in front of his house while trying to get to his wife in labor

“Taylor was handed a speeding ticket and a failure to yield for an emergency vehicle citation.”

“His wife ended up hospitalized due to complications and the police are of course, defending the officers actions and saying he followed protocol.”

Please tell me these public servants are not this stupid ?

If the wife had died from these complications would the police still be claiming protocol was followed ?


Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten and Fired


We’ve Known for 1,700 Years that Torture Produces False Confessions


Judge Napolitano: Senate Torture Report Exposes Multiple Crimes Committed By CIA


Secret WTO Trade Deal Threatens Internet Freedom, New Leak Reveals

“Global governments are secretly negotiating a little-known mega trade deal that poses a threat to internet freedoms and boon to corporate interests, analysts warned Wednesday, citing a just-leaked U.S. proposal.”


Cyber Attack on Sony is being used to demonize, place sanctions on North Korea. The other agenda is to get the Cyber Security Bill, and the Cyber Attack Insurance passed.

Kill two birds with one ‘false flag’ stone.


Oakland police: We had no idea CHP officers dressed as protesters

“An undercover California Highway Patrol officer points a gun at a crowd of protesters and photographers while his partner subdues a demonstrator who struck him in the head in Oakland on Dec. 10.”

I am so sick and tired of the practice of agent provocateuring.


US delays release of study on 1953 Iran coup

“WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is delaying the release of a volume from its U.S. foreign relations history that deals with the CIA-backed overthrow of an Iranian prime minister in the 1950s out of concern that publication could undermine nuclear diplomacy with the Islamic republic.”


Oklahoma, Nebraska ask Supreme Court to overturn Colorado marijuana law

The rule of the special interest in the USA.


Sony Hack/North Korea Psyop / Great Economic Collapse Is Coming / Historic Speech in Damascus Sends Shockwaves




More Sony Hack/North Korea Psyop Fun: Team America World Police Screenings Canceled

“Hey government and mainstream, lapdog establishment media: I thought we were supposed to be afraid of ISIS… Now it’s North Korea?”

“What a ridiculous reality we live in.”


MEGA BEX ALERT – FOX News: Evidence in Sony hack attack suggests possible involvement by Iran, China or Russia, intel source says


We are neck deep in an ocean of bulls**t.



“And now, this week, perhaps the biggest terrorist attack in years occurred when some hackers got into some of Sony’s emails and threatened to release more emails about what a bitch Angelie Jolie is if the movie, “The Interview”, was played in theaters!”


Spain Takes a Giant Step Backward, Towards Its Dark Past READ MORE

“Thousands of protestors, both young and old, took to the streets and central plazas of some thirty Spanish cities today to protest for the right to protest. It is a right that should be respected in any self-respecting democracy.”

The people of Spain becoming slaves to the government of Spain.

Am I now considered a criminal for criticising the government of Spain ?


There Is Hope In Understanding That A Great Economic Collapse Is Coming


Historic Speech in Damascus Sends Shockwaves

“Last week Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today delivered an Historic Keynote Address at the International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism held in Damascus, Syria. This speech is sending shock-waves around the World.”

Gordon Duff was part of a Veterans Today Senior Staff Delegation that traveled to Damascus and was in consultation with the Veterans Today Board and other like minded individuals within the American Military and Intelligence community and other such individuals from sixty-eight different nations around the World who were at the Conference.

“Why is his speech Historic? For a number of vitally important reasons. This speech is the first time in history an American Intelligence Team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key Military Leaders of diverse Tribal Forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, along with a Russian delegation and many others from around the world. Before this historic speech by Duff, no one has ever dared to speak the simple truth about the true problem, that it is not Terrorism in the Mideast, but it is the effects of large scale international Organized Crime.”

Duff also identified American Generals McInerney and Vallely as being involved in organizing Daisch along with Senator John McCain.
He also pointed out that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel [who has just resigned] was the one that prevented the American bombing of Syria in response to the False-Flag gas attack at Aleppo, Syria.



“Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday held his annual press conference, attended by 1,200 Russian and foreign journalists. The night before, he had spoken with French President Hollande, German Chancellor Merkel, and Ukrainian President Poroshenko about plans to advance the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine and resume the Minsk dialogue. Throughout more than three hours of questions and answers, Putin spoke as a head of state facing war. Putin made clear that Russia was not facing “retaliation” or “punishment” for the Crimea. He told the audience that factions in the West had targeted Russia for destruction from the moment that the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact collapsed. He cited the First Chechen War as the start of the conflict.”

“Putin is not wrong, Lyndon LaRouche told colleagues on Thursday. While the Russian leader is yet to follow LaRouche’s public call from earlier this week–now circulating in Russian–to adopt the “Mahathir solution” by imposing capital and exchange controls, as Malaysia did in 1998, when faced with an onslaught by Obama-backer George Soros and other ravenous hedge funds, Putin is totally aware of the targeting of Russia for regime-change. Since April, when Putin and other top Russian and Belarus officials told participants in the Moscow International Security Conference that “color revolutions” and “sanctions” are the new form of warfare, Russia has been crystal clear about the current state of war. This is not a new Cold War. This is a looming hot war that could very likely go thermonuclear!



“Certainly, Hearst and his Jewish rival at the New York World, Joseph Pulitzer, helped to poison the public mind towards Spain. But this idiotic and incomplete analysis ignores the “big picture” of the Globalist hand which moves the chess pieces. The Spanish-American War was neither “pointless”, nor insignificant. To the contrary, without the precedent-setting features, tactical acquisitions, and adverse side-effects of this unjust war, and the prolonged US-Philippines War which grew out of it, World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, World War II and all the other horror stories of the past 100 + years would not have been possible.”

The war conspiracy.


Is this speck in the Indian Ocean Britain’s Guantanamo? Chilling questions raised over secretive island as more disturbing allegations emerge over UK’s role in CIA torture

“Journalists are banned from Diego Garcia – the ‘Guantanamo of the east’”

“Jack Straw previously dismissed notion as stuff of ‘conspiracy theories’”

Conspiracy fact from so called conspiracy theory, I am laughing my head off right now.

Since president Obama has complained about the withdrawn film from Sony about the North Korean leader causing damage to freedom of speech I say the president should shut the hell up.


Independent Or Not, Scotland Is Building A Media For the 99% Read More

“ recently examined how Britain’s broadcaster has focused on creating news for the 1% on a broad range of issues, not least the Scottish referendum. Looking solely at the Scotland vote, ample evidence suggests the BBC was far from alone in pushing the Westminster establishment line. Only one newspaper backed the Yes vote, the weekly Sunday Herald, against a corporate media avalanche of No.”


Banker death toll hits 36 in 2014, what’s coming economically? Full list


Putin is Right

“Putin insisted today: “It’s not payback for Crimea. It’s the cost of our natural desire to preserve Russia as a nation, a civilization and a state.””


Forget ‘evil’ Putin – we are the bloodthirsty warmongers – Peter Hitchins

“The ACLU took up their cause and challenged the validity of the gag order in court.  The librarians became known as the Connecticut Four, but could not individually identified for many months.  In suing U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, they could only be named “John Doe” and were required to remain in silence about the case under threat of prison time.   The case was known as Doe v. Gonzales.”

“…The release of our identity would be considered a national security threat, because, they reasoned then, whoever they were interested in would realize that the FBI was closing in, although, with twenty-six libraries, I doubt they could really make that a case.”

Naming the individual they are interested in the search warrant is obviously too complicated for the FBI so they have to resort to searching all individuals using the library thanks to the ‘PATRIOT’ act.

Only a stupid, stupid, stupid law like the ‘PATRIOT’ act can produce nonsense like this.


MUST, MUST READ: SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 8: And Their Interesting Associates Read More

“HE HAD A PART IN DEFEATING BIMETALLISM and reached the conclusion that it is absurd to depend on a metal not possible of expansion or contraction as a standard of value.”

By deflation then inflation will the people be reduced to poverty.


Japan Considering Exit Tax to Leave the Country

“The trend on a global basis is getting really scary. Our forecasts have been computer generated and are by no means my PERSON opinion of what I would like to see. This is getting to be really horrible as government simply go after more and more money without any consideration what happens when you have extorted everyone and there is nothing left?  Japan is now moving to become the latest country to consider taxing wealthy individuals who move abroad to take advantage of lower rates or to simply guard their freedom.”

“Governments look upon the people as the great unwashed. We were born to serve their special interests and have no rights even to exist. What we earn and produce belongs to government and we should be grateful that they allow us to play with some toys. Now the Japanese ruling party lawmakers are proposing an “exit tax” under which people with over ¥100 million ($857,000) in financial assets would have to pay a tax on any unrealized capital gains on those assets if they moved out of Japan.”

“We are economic slaves – nothing more.”


GLOBAL sovereign debt crisis

“Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis. Award-winning youtube hit giving fresh insight into the greatest economic crisis of our age: the one still awaiting us.”

18m40s “After they did the dot COM bubble and that burst and they re-inflated it with the real estate credit crisis bubble and then that burst, now they’ve created the bubble of all bubbles, it’s not only in the united states, this is a global bubble, they’re all into it. It’s called the bail-out bubble.”

25m10s “The big guys on Wall Street, they can’t take their losses, they’re crybaby capitalists. Oh they preach capitalists for everybody but themselves.”

29m15s “These streets (Rodeo Drive) are to be re-paved to the tune of 1 million dollars.”

29m30s “We had a 787 billion dollar stimulus bill. But only about one third of it was truly stimulus. By that I mean timely, targeted and temporary.”

44m “But you have to put a face on it and to me I put my children’s and my grandchildren’s face on it. It’s their future that we’re mortgaging.”

The problem was to allow these loans to be taken out in the first place.


IMF holds back Cyprus bailout funds Read More

“The International Monetary Fund has said it will not release a further €88m (£69m/US$108m) in bailout money for Cyprus on Friday after the country’s parliament delayed a key foreclosure law that was due to take effect at the end of December.”

When will the Cypriots be given back their nation from the rapists IMF ?


Anatomy of a Debt Crisis that appears, only Julius Caesar ever understood.

“Caesar argued that to allow the consuls under dictatorship decree to impose the death penalty was contrary to law. The law of Gaius Gracchus of 123 BC was that any magistrate who had put Roman citizens to death without trial should be brought before the popular court and outlawed, and that never should a decision be made concerning the life of a citizen except by the people at trial. Cicero argued that once they were arrested as criminals on treason, they forfeited their citizenship even for a trial. Caesar stood his ground and admirably argued that this result was inconsistent with the Rule of Law and was a totally new kind of punishment and thus there was no good reason why to abandon the framework of the Rule of Law. He argued why they should not also propose flogging the guilty before executing, showing that also the lex Porcia forbade the flogging of citizens. Also under Roman law, the guilty could opt for the voluntary exile as criminal penalty that the death penalty would negate. He also argued that to execute such men of high rank would produce the image that the Senate was being ruled by its passions, rather than law, and that never had such thing ever taken place in Roman history.”

“Caesar was clearly a Popularis, a man of the people who stood against the corruption of the Republic. Like today, we have no real voting control over the fate of the nation, those who are in charge of the political machine control the real political state. We have no right to vote for judges, administration heads, or department heads. Obama brought in about 70% of those who served in the last Clinton administration. So there is no real fresh start. Likewise, had McCain won, the same thing would have happened. This is the normal course of the nature of all political states. This internal corruption was rising all the time within Rome and there was building a debt crisis of untold proportion. Just as today the state confiscates all property it can get its hands on this is the same that took place in Rome.”

Caesar was an enemy of the oligarchy of his day and was this why he was stabbed to death on the floor of the Senate ?

“There was much political maneuvering. There was even a proposal that Caesar would give up his legions if Pompey did the same. But the corrupt Oligarchy would not allow that. The clash in political circles was deepening. The later noted historian Gaius Sallustius Crispus lost his seat and sent a memorandum to Caesar warning him that the Senate was under an unbearable oppressive reign of absolute terror under the Oligarchy that surrounded Pompey. He argues that Caesar had to act to restore the government.”

“Had Caesar truly been seeking personal power to become a “king” within the Republic, he could have just invaded and avoided the foreplay. Yet he did not. He was a true man of the People and was faced with a government so inherently corrupt that Cato had counted on the honor of Caesar to simply disarm him and then Cato would have killed Caesar or declared him to be a criminal to neutralize any political future resistance in Rome.”

Why has Caesar been demonized as a tyrant all these centuries ?

The Westminster government thinks it should strip citizenship without a trial, how thinks have not changed since ancient Rome.


Massive Volume “Panic Selling” Cuts Warren Buffett’s Chinese Car Maker BYD In Half Overnight


World War III in Hawaii Update: Maui GMO Ban Wins a Skirmish

Goodbye Monsatan.


Bill Gates’ Human Experimentation with GM Bananas in Africa Condemned by Scientists


Plantain, a common driveway weed, is one of nature’s most powerful medicines


A Century Ago: Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans Read More

“Vaccine Manufacturers Inject Mercury, Aluminum, MSG and Formaldehyde Into Our Children”


Cop charged with choking and beating a HOSPITAL PATIENT – after he tried to claim the victim attacked him but was caught on video

“He then filed a police report claiming that the man started the fight by attacking him with the cane, according to authorities, who say surveillance video proves he was lying.”


Supreme Court: Police Can Make Up Laws And Violate Rights

“The Supreme Court ruled this week that police officers will not be held accountable for violating the rights of Americans if they have a “mistaken understanding” of legislation.”


Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Eric Garner´s Killer

4m30s “You hear Eric Garner say ‘I can’t breathe 11 times.”

6m55s “There was a video tape of the execution of Eric Garner.”


Innocent Man Tasered, Beaten While Naked In the Shower and Framed Later

“There is no freestanding constitutional right to be free from malicious prosecution.”

It is as if the 9th amendment guaranteeing non-enumerated rights does not exist.


Elderly Texas man bodyslammed, tased by police over vehicle inspection sticker

“The victim, 76-year-old Pete Vasquez, was followed into the parking lot of the Adams Auto Mart when an officer believed that he had an expired sticker on the rear of his car. However, since his vehicle was licensed with dealer plates, it was exempt from vehicle inspections and associated stickers.”


Federal Judge Strikes Down Amnesty: “Obama’s Unilateral Action Violates Separation of Powers… is Unconstitutional” READ MORE


Venezuela Is a Laboratory for Emerging Global Death Squads

“Some citizens, who are luckier than most are simply being arrested for “suspicion” of protest. Last week, government opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez surrendered to authorities. He is charged with inciting violence and opposition to the government. His arrest led to even more protesting. Venezuelan citizen, Gauber Venot, stated “It’s important we have foreign media here. Our media is censored; we learn about our own country from outside sources.” So is ours Mr. Venot, so is ours.”


Sandy Hook and the New World Order READ MORE

“Some time around 2010/11, George Soros said “China will be the leader of the New World Order. American citizens better not resist.”

Does he mean that China will kick the ass of any nation who tries to exercise the sovereign right of the people to form a new government ?


The Global Bankers’ Coup Coming to US with Bail-In Bill Read More

“On December 11, 2014, the US House passed a bill repealing the Dodd-Frank requirement that risky derivatives be pushed into big-bank subsidiaries, leaving our deposits and pensions exposed to massive derivatives losses. The bill was vigorously challenged by Senator Elizabeth Warren; but the tide turned when Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorganChase, stepped into the ring. Perhaps what prompted his intervention was the unanticipated $40 drop in the price of oil. As financial blogger Michael Snyder points out, that drop could trigger a derivatives payout that could bankrupt the biggest banks. And if the G20’s new “bail-in” rules are formalized, depositors and pensioners could be on the hook.”


Moyers: Democrats Bow Down To Wall Street READ MORE


Are All Americans potential anti-millionaires ? / Elena Bondarenko, Blocked Ukrainian Parliamentarian – for the censors I have two words, second is off



Presenting The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For

“Courtesy of the Cronybus(sic) last minute passage, government was provided a quid-pro-quo $1.1 trillion spending allowance with Wall Street’s blessing in exchange for assuring banks that taxpayers would be on the hook for yet another bailout, as a result of the swaps push-out provision, after incorporating explicit Citigroup language that allows financial institutions to trade certain financial derivatives from subsidiaries that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, explicitly putting taxpayers on the hook for losses caused by these contracts.”

To put this 303 trillion dollar figure into perspective, the economies of the world generate 60 trillion dollars annually. I think we should henceforth call this nation the united bankster states of America.

How nice it is that the banksters have been given a get-out-of-bankruptcy-free card for Christmas.

Thanks to this bill that has made 300 million Americans liable for any and all losses in the 303 trillion dollar derivate casino, are all Americans potential anti-millionaires ?


MUST READ: Open Letter to the World From a Blocked Ukrainian Parliamentarian — 100% TOTAL DESPOTISM IN UKRAINE

“I, Elena Bondarenko, People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions, finding myself in opposition to the current power in Ukraine, wish to declare that this administration has resorted to direct threats of physical elimination of the opposition in Ukraine; has resorted to suspending the right of freedom of speech, in parliament and out, and is implicated in complicity in crimes not just against politicians, but even against their children. The everyday life of an opposition deputy is this: constant threats, unofficial ban from the airwaves, targeted persecution. Everyone who calls for peace is immediately branded as an enemy of the people, just as in 1930’s Germany, or in McCarthyite US.”


Jack Ryan’s ‘Russia-Dollar Monetary War’ Park Bench Speech

Yep, dumping the derivative losses of 303 trillion dollars on the American taxpayer will keep the casino from going bankrupt while crashing the dollar.


Chris Hedges on “Hillary Clinton And The 2016 Elections”

Bush was a terrible president.

Clinton was more terrible.

Bush the son was even more terrible.

Clinton the wife would be unspeakably terrible.


Paul Craig Roberts-US Government Most Corrupt on Earth

“On the teetering economy and possible economic collapse, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “We know something serious is wrong. The only provision of Dodd-Frank that has any teeth is the provision that says if the big banks are going to be casinos and gamble on derivatives, they cannot do that in the depository institution where depositors have their accounts. They have to farm it out into subsidiaries. So, if the subsidiaries get into trouble, the subsidiaries have no access to depositor’s money. This is the only real reform part of Dodd-Frank. Citigroup got put into the recent spending bill, the repeal of this, so banks can gamble on derivatives, and taxpayers and depositors are on the hook for the losses. Why would you do that unless you had a lot of derivatives trouble. It could easily be the oil derivatives. . . . The banks can gamble all they want and they are covered by the FDIC, which has no money. . . . This gives the banks access to depositor’s money. . . . This is sick, and it shows the United States government is the most corrupt government on earth, far more corrupt than Russia or China.””


Treasury Department seeks survival kits to prepare employees at every major bank for coming collapse

The tin foil hat wearing people at the Treasury Department.


Are Government Health Authorities Taking Away Your Choice to Refuse Vaccines? READ MORE

“The Media Blackout: Vaccine News in Mainstream Media is One-sided”


Gardasil: I Should Have Researched First READ MORE


This Shocking Admission Has Just Rocked The Gold Market

““Here is the key quote for the move to close down the gold business: ‘Gunvor executives decided to abandon the precious metals trading business partly because of difficulties in finding steady supplies of gold where the origin could be well documented.’”

“It is of course hard to identify gold’s origin when central banks are surreptitiously involved in the gold market, and when central planners work hard at keeping their activity secret. Central planners always want to work behind closed doors. The reason they give for this desire for secrecy is just plain silly.”


Keiser Report: Debt Meteor Approaching Earth (E692)


The Global Bankers’ Coup Coming to US with Bail-In Bill Read More

“On December 11, 2014, the US House passed a bill repealing the Dodd-Frank requirement that risky derivatives be pushed into big-bank subsidiaries, leaving our deposits and pensions exposed to massive derivatives losses. The bill was vigorously challenged by Senator Elizabeth Warren; but the tide turned when Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorganChase, stepped into the ring. Perhaps what prompted his intervention was the unanticipated $40 drop in the price of oil. As financial blogger Michael Snyder points out, that drop could trigger a derivatives payout that could bankrupt the biggest banks. And if the G20’s new “bail-in” rules are formalized, depositors and pensioners could be on the hook.”


Moyers: Democrats Bow Down To Wall Street READ MORE


Agent Provocateurs at Berkeley Protests? They’ve Done it Before.


17 Year Old Held Captive in Chicago Hospital: Denied Choice of Attorney – Protest & Rally Scheduled! READ MORE


Bitcoin: Don’t write it off just yet READ MORE

“Putting the ability to create financial systems outside of the control of “corrupt” institutions and into the hands of individuals will be transformative for the roughly five billion people who have either no access or limited access to banking.”


Winklevoss Capital Launches Investor Syndicate with an Eye on Bitcoin READ MORE

“bitcoin and blockchain technology are going to prove to be two of the most significant and pervasive technologies the world has ever seen”

More pervasive no doubt than the internet.


American Express CEO Sees ‘Importance’ of Bitcoin


ZDNet’s Ken Hess Attacks Bitcoin as ‘Illegal’ READ MORE

“Hess’s problem with Bitcoin seems to be that it is being used as a form of currency and that, under “Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States, only the US Treasury can coin currency.””

Two misquotes here. One, ‘coin money’ not ‘coin currency’, two, the word ‘only’ is an addition. That same section says the congress has the power to establish post offices. This is not an exclusive power, hence the private company called federal express.


MasterCard Executive Argues Bitcoin Can’t Be Trusted READ MORE

“Driver argued that bitcoin’s design makes it difficult for individuals to both trust that their transactions are safe and have faith in the system at large. He asserted that the ability for individuals to “guarantee [their] anonymity” by using digital currencies is especially troubling, a notable comment given that bitcoin has long been recognized as a pseudonymous network.”

Mathematics is what makes bitcoin trustworthy.

Again, someone is confusing anonymity with pseudonymity.


Decentralization: Get ready for the Revolution


Bitcoin Exchange Igot Expands to Over 40 Countries READ MORE


Political Prisoner Barrett Brown to Be Sentenced Tomorrow – Why the Result Matters to Freedom in America READ MORE

“Brown has now served over two years in federal penitentiary without bail and his sentencing is tomorrow. He faces 10 years in jail for basically exposing the shady relationship between intelligence contractors and the U.S. government.”

America is definitely not the nation I am being told it is.


Germany Ready to Destroy Its Economy Tomorrow

“The country’s constitutional court will decide whether families can continue to transfer companies from one generation to the next without having to pay estate tax. This will wipe out potential growth in the country’s 3 million small- and medium-sized companies that are privately owned. These companies serve as the backbone of Europe’s largest economy and such a ruling will impact more than 130,000 family businesses with 1.6 million employees are set to change hands by 2018 alone.”


Are You Really Ready For The World To Be Ruled By Bankers?

“Explaining the rationale behind the move, Klugian told reporters, “Instead of constantly flying out from New York to give members of Congress their marching orders, Citigroup executives can be right on the floor with them, handing them legislation and telling them how to vote. This is going to result in tremendous cost savings going forward.”


Despite Sydney’s Gun Control, Gunman Holds Hostages For 16 Hours


DHS insider: Sydney to be the game changer

“According to this DHS source who is well-embedded at a fairly high level within this political leviathan inside the beltway, high level DHS briefings made late Sunday (Washington, DC time) confirmed that various police and intelligence agencies throughout New South Wales and Australia not only know the identity of the perpetrator at the Lindt Café, but “[they] have had numerous dealings with him over the last several months.” This source stated that “he is not just some random unknown perpetrator without a history, but has made his intentions known for some time. Once or if the truth comes out, you will see that he is also known by the CIA.””

Neo-feudal EU / Wrecking capitalism one law at a time / The depopulation agenda at work / Torture in the nazi united states of America


Saving the Planet One Slice at a Time READ MORE

“The emasculation of household appliances continues with a verve that betrays the utter tone-deafness of the EU bureaucracy, a neo-feudal administrative apparatus that taxes its citizens into penury and is seemingly dead set on regulating all fun and convenience out of their daily lives.”

Neo-feudal EU.


Italy coming Closer & Closer to Leaving EU

“In Italy, there are again serious protests against austerity measures. A major general strike has paralyzed Italy as public life style has simply collapsed. Nationally, 54 demonstrations were held around the country.Citizens are protesting against the austerity measures and labor market reforms the government has been compelled to implement because of Brussels.The German Chancellor Angela Merkel had recently called for a tightening of austerity in Italy and she simply cannot understand that the fears of inflation in Germany are unrealistic. She is imposing a new Great Depression on the rest of Europe. The very idea that one European government would prevent war is being proven to be dead wrong. The people do matter and they will tear Europe apart at the seams. German culture cannot be force fed to Southern Europe. This is laying the seeds for European internal war – not preventing it.”

All the nations of Europe will need to leave the corrupt European Union.


Changing Bankruptcy Laws for Banks

“Today, Congress is going to pass quietly behind the scenes changes to the BANKRUPTCY LAWS illustrating the growing fear that we are going to see a sharp economic decline ahead. The proposed new law would eliminate protections for certain financial contracts that made big bank bankruptcies nearly impossible in the past.”

Wrecking capitalism one law at a time.


Nearly 100 Indian women die after being ‘forced’ into government-run sterilization camps

The depopulation agenda at work.


Horrific Torture Report Shows Why Much Of The World Considers America To Be The Nazis Of The 21st Century

The nazi united states of America.


“Riddles” Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year

Another case of the opposite being true.


MD Bankruptcy Court Gives Homeowner 3 Day Notice for Hearing; Clerk Get’s Pissy When I Call Them on it.

What a sweet deal for the banks. They got bailed out and they are still get to take people’s property.


In Ferguson, black residents stand guard with AR-15 at white-owned store

Black/white undivided.


‘She’s having a heart attack, help her!’ Shocking moment Ferguson police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at crowd carrying an UNCONSCIOUS woman to safety


#Ferguson Protest Brings Parts Of Central #London To A Standstill


London to Ferguson: Crowd protesting police racism tears down Parliament Square barriers


Protestor incites “race war” at Ferguson solidarity rally, open carry activists keep peace


Ellen Brown-5 Big Banks will Survive Next Financial Calamity-Everybody Else Bankrupt


John Pilger–War by media and the triumph of propaganda

“Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers?”


The Growing American Police State Is Tightening Its Noose Around Our Necks

Your Camera Makes You a Criminal
If a police officer is performing their lawful duties with integrity and nobility, they should welcome being videotaped. Increasingly, police officers treat the videotaping public with a sense of indignation when they know they are caught on tape. Why? Don’t the authorities repeatedly tell the public that if you are not doing anything wrong, you should not mind being surveilled? Why should law enforcement be treated any differently?


Keiser Report: Unjust Road to Independence (E689)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the injustice which may lead to independence, from “embarrassed” RBS bankers getting away with mortgage fraud to the Washington DC police department scheduling future Civil Asset Forfeitures to meet budget requirements. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Chris Powell of GATA about negative GOFO rates in the gold market.”


When Goldman Writes The New York Fed’s Press Releases, Then All Is Lost

“Much has been said about Goldman’s control over the most important Federal Reserve of all, that of New York, where the all important Markets Group is located, which does as the name implies, “influences” markets.And while it is very clear by now that nothing will change under the current corrupt and compromised executive, legislative and judicial system, because at the end of the day, Goldman has indirect control over all three branches of government , here is the one anecdote which, in a non banana republic, would be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.”


Egalitarianism Without Equality Is Tyranny

“The cult of egalitarianism demands equal treatment of unequal circumstances, a model that can lead only to tyranny and oppression. We have to stop thinking of equality as a necessary feature of a healthy society. The only sense in which people are truly equal is in their right to life and the control of their own actions. Any interference with these must be closely guarded against, but the politically correct imposition of equal outcomes on diverse personalities destroys individualism and abolishes freedom.”

Except that the oligarchs will not be subject to the equal outcome bulls**t they thrust on the rest of society.


Citi Faces $270 Million Loss; “In Panic” Over Chinese Port Commodity Fraud

Coming to a warehouse and a central bank and a bank account near you very soon.


36,605 Reports of Brain Dysfunction from Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drugs READ MORE


Keiser Report: Dutch Gold Repatriation

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Liam Halligan of Business New Europe ( to discuss Martin Wolf’s analytical article in the Financial Times about the “radical measures” needed to combat our “unusual economic ills.” They also discuss Max’s response, published as the lead “Letters” item in the FT. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Powell of GATA about the failed Swiss Gold Initiative, the successful Dutch repatriation of 122 tons of gold and about the negative GOFO rates in the gold market.”


Disrupt Podcast — Ferguson Oathkeepers

“Oathkeepers in Ferguson, MO have successfully protected six businesses from burning. So why did local police surround them and demand they leave the roof of one of those buildings or be arrested?”

Is it that somebody wanted these six businesses to be burned to the ground ?

“The Government has also commenced a related civil action pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 981 and 18 U.S.C. § 492 seeking forfeiture in rem of Liberty coins made of copper, silver, and gold as well as the quantities of unminted silver, and the dies, molds, and casts seized at Sunshine Minting.”

Can someone explain how unminted 99.99% metal can be counterfeit ?


Seth Lipsky on Liberty Dollar founder: A monetary gadfly in an age of fiat money


Monsanto Pulling Illegal Vote Counters Into Oregon GMO Recount? Read More

Monsatan must have the correct result.


UK Regulator Shocked That Slapping Banker Wrists Achieves Nothing




You Tube Blocks ‘We Need to Talk About SANDY HOOK’ Video On Bogus Copyright Claim

Screw tube, more like.


They Know Something: Why Did The Treasury Department Just Purchase Thousands of Survival Kits For Bank Examiners? READ MORE


Another Government Scam – Small Business Administration (SBA) is Exposed as Corporate Welfare to Big Businesses READ MORE


$178 Billion In Government Kickbacks: Meet The World’s Biggest Organized Crime Syndicate

“The answer, courtesy of a new report by the Boston Consulting Group, which shows the transfer of some $178 billion in litigation costs into the pockets of government appartchiks in the past 6 years, is clear…”


Daniel Hannan Summarizes Europe’s Dead-End Policies In 70 Seconds

“It’s a funny thing… but if you start taxing countries for doing the right thing, in order to pay countries who are doing the wrong thing, you’re going to end up fewer of the former and more of the latter.”Europe’s perverse incentives to ‘not’ succeed exposed in just 70 seconds…”
Set Up? No Charges for NYPD Officer in Choking Death, But Charges for Man Who Filmed It


“Hell No”: Garner’s Wife Won’t Forgive as Protests Mount Over Choking Death READ MORE


“We Are All In A Ponzi-World Right Now, Hoping To Get Bailed-Out By The Next Person”



“The worldwide awakening is picking up steam and having an effect on major parts of our overall culture, including the dictionary. No longer is it a mystery to individuals how the world is run: government and business team up to plunder wealth (taxation) and pay off friends.  This system is called crony capitalism, and it is now in the Oxford dictionary.”



Brutal Footage From the Berkeley Protest Is Almost too Awful to Watch READ MORE

“While there have been many protests across the nation over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, most have petered out by now. Only the demonstrations in Berkeley are still ongoing, although they too are finally coming to an end. As I wrote about yesterday, both sides of the conflict have engaged in shortsighted and destructive tactics to achieve their goals. Neither the cops, the protesters, nor the looters, should win a medal for the actions they have taken over the past few days.”


From Republicanism To Tyranny: How Did We Lose Our Rights? READ MORE


Mainstream Media Finally Admits to Massive Gold Manipulation

They serve themselves and they serve the special interest and they never serve the public.


Italy suspends Fluad flu vaccine from Novartis after deaths


Soros: The European Union Is a “Failed” Experiment In “International Governance”



“Yet “experts” say central banks promote stability. It is practically baked into the Keynesian cake. When you search for central banks and stability, many telling reports and quotations pop up. There is an entire report by the Bank For International Settlements (the central banks’ bank) on the topic. The International Monetary Fund, as well, promotes the idea that central banks promote stability.”


This Sunday may mark the end of Western monetary dominance READ MORE


“Justifiable Homicides” by Police at Record High: Notes on Police Violence in America


FBI Report Accidentally Exposes The Severity Of The Police State

Unfortunately, the most important implication of the FBI report is the simple fact that the report exists. When the FBI takes the time to construct a meticulous report (you can read more details here) of all the ways that a tiny percentage of cops were killed–but cannot be bothered to officially count civilian deaths at the hands of cops, the reality is obvious:”

“The government places a higher priority on their own than on the lives of those they claim to “serve,” “protect,” and “work for.” It cares more about exonerating the police of their crimes than providing justice to those they abuse. There is no justice when the criminal is the cop.


Ferguson READ MORE

“The legions of victims of law enforcers. The nameless millions who’ve had their rights stomped on by America’s run-amok praetorians, who run amok because they know they’ll almost never be held accountable in any meaningful way (the way any of uswould be held accountable for doing far less).”


How to increase public approval for the police state READ MORE


Gold shortages so bad the spot price is meaningless as premiums reach 30-40% READ MORE


“An Unstoppable Zombie Holiday” – Humanity Shudders As America Exports Black Friday To the World