#FreeTommy, ‘secret’ conviction, justice disreputed & Orwellian media / Conspiracy History

Tommy Robinson arrested for ‘breach of the peace’ after chasing down accused child abusers
Where was this ‘breach of the peace’ ?

Brian Michael on twitter has commented ‘Harvey Weinstein and Tommy Robison were both in court today. One was charged as a sexual predator and the other was charged with reporting on sexual predators. You’ll never guess which one is already on their way to prison.’
Brian Michael on twitter has further commented ‘The fastest way to move power back into the hands of the people is to ban speech that’s critical of government injustice. Now, what are you Brits going to do about it?’

Ezra Levant: Tommy Robinson in prison (FULL STORY)

“Tommy Robinson was arrested today in Leeds, UK outside the court house. A few hours later he was sentenced to 13 months in prison. I’ve never heard of that before. Normally there’s an alleged offence and an arrest and a charges then lawyers get involved then a first court appearance and maybe bail then disclosure of documents and then a trial and then a conviction and then a sentence and then an appeal. Normally that takes months maybe years but this happened today in just a few hours from Tommy standing in the street laughing and talking to be sent to prison for 13 months. That happened in the united kingdom today and while Tommy Robinson is the man who was condemned, I think the UK courts, well, they committed murder of their own reputation for liberty and law.”
11m30s “Tommy was convicted and the judge ordered that it be kept secret.”
A speedy trial is one thing but this ‘trial’ was conducted at ludicrous speed and without a jury and without due process and I can only conclude that Tommy Robinson has become the latest political prisoner of the corrupt justice system.
As for the judge ordering that his conviction be kept secret, presumably using a bogus justification: F**K THAT, F**K THAT, F**K THAT, F**K THAT, F**K THAT, F**K THAT.
The original link has gone dead (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6w7MJZX5YU)



Perhaps if our disreputable justice system had not been so Orwelliian with Tommy then the British people would still be ignorant of these child grooming rape cases.

Today it was Tommy Robinson who has been made into a political prisoner, tomorrow it could be any one of us. Please tell me how you think I am incorrect in this assessment ?

The fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force them to act like one so that everyone can see it.

To quote Princess Leia of Star Wars: The more you tighten your grip, <insert name of tyrant>, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.

War is when your government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

Tommy Robinson Arrested and Imprisoned, Media Silenced | True News

Tommy Robinson Arrested Outside UK Court, Jailed For 13 Months As Judge Orders Orwellian Media Blackout
“Tommy Robinson was [REDACTED] for reporting on [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] months in [REDACTED]. Reporting on [REDACTED] in the United Kingdom is illegal until [REDACTED]. — Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux) May 26, 2018”

Rotherham Council Ordered to Apologize to Whistleblower Who Exposed Grooming Scandal
“City officials ignored warnings of horrific sex crimes against children”
“Jayne Senior, who has worked with grooming victims since 1999 and was made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2016 for services to child protection, helped to blow the lid off a long-running grooming gang scandal in the town.”
“She revealed how council officials, social services, and police — paralysed by fears of racism accusations — failed to act while at least 1,400 girls were abused.”
Please don’t tell me that they have not been ignoring this crimes for 20 years.

UK Conspiracy of Silence – Rape Gangs Exposed – Truth Teller’s Twitter Account Shut Down
“Apparently, Twitter believes hiding the truth is moral”
“’90% of grooming gang convictions are Muslims,’ Mr. Robinson wrote in a tweet on February 25th, rounding up the number identified by the Quilliam research, which found that 84 per cent of convicted groomers [since 2005] were Muslim in December last year.”
“Twitter decided the statement of fact ‘violated the Twitter rules’ and ‘temporarily limited some of your account features’, which included tweeting publicly on the website – effectively censoring him for a week.”
“Former UK government adviser Maajid Nawaz responded by messaging Twitter directly, informing them Mr. Robinson had stated a fact rather than saying anything defamatory, hateful, or untrue.”

The notion that the predominant sentiment in the political class wants to protect children at all costs should now be considered bulls**t given this conspiracy of silence over these child abuse cases.


Tommy Robinson Still in Jail For Covering Muslim Pedophile Grooming Trial
“In other words, the fact that the media, which used to be the bulwark of press freedom, is now falsely claiming free speech activism is exclusive to the so-called “far right” reveals there’s an establishment-led war against free speech that’s expanding worldwide. “

Media Blackout: British Govt Scrubs Reports Of Tommy Robinson Arrest
“Britain has gone full 1984”
“It seems the British government is more keen on arresting political dissidents than individuals who are known to have committed heinous sexual crimes against children. “

Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison (for 13 months)

Ex British police officer. Reaction to Tommy Robinson arrest in Leeds. 25-5-18.

2m5s “I have made a formal compliant to the West Yorkshire police.”

Ex Police Officer Reaction To Tommy Robinsons Prison Sentence.

20s “I think Tommy was arrested because of who he is and not what he (allegedly) did which was nothing. I believe that there a lot of police officers right now, serving police officers, who are just as shocked as I am and you are over what has happened to Tommy Robinson today.”

(From archive) Tommy Robinson arrested for ‘breach of the peace’ after chasing down accused child abusers

Tommy Robinson’s Arrest – A Gift To the World

50s “These are teachable moments and every act of government tyranny is its own way is a gift to the future of liberty.”
1m25s “The response to wikileaks spreading truth is Julian Assange becomes the most wanted man in the world, governments all over the world want Assange dead. And iif the greatest truth teller in the world is the most wanted man in the world then the world by its very nature is run by criminals.”

1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced Into Sex Slavery By “Migrant Background” Males In The Netherlands
These crimes were committed by these individuals who just happened to also be of migrant background, thee crimes were not committed by all those of migrant background. To generalise these things is to be stupid on these things.

Top adviser to Pope charged with sexual assault offenses
“Cardinal George Pell, a senior adviser to Pope Francis and the third-ranking official in the Holy See, is taking leave from the Vatican to fight historical sexual assault charges in his home country of Australia.
The case is the latest black mark against the Catholic Church, which has been reeling from sexual abuse scandals across several countries that date back decades. It could also have ramifications for Pope Francis, who counts Pell among his closest aides.”

A Conspiracy History of the World, Andy Thomas

4m30s Emperor Nero and the great fire of Rome.
9m30s The gunpowder plot of 1605 might have been sponsored by a group in government.
13m35s The 1666 great fire of London.
17m Secret society of 1776
18m30s The New World Order
21m30s Woodrow Wilson of 1913 and the creation of the federal reserve system which is none of those things.
23m15s World War 1, the Lusitania civilian ship carrying weapons of war and the escorting warships that vanished.
26m15s Reichstag fire of 1933 falsely blamed on an enemy of the Nazi party.
27m30s The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.
31m The Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964.
33m30s The Syrian Golan Heights in 1967 and the 1967 friendly fire attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.
37m30s Nixon watergate and the links to the JFK assassination.
45m Key witnesses to the JFK assassination mysterious deaths: 21.
47m45s Assassinations of RFK, MLK.
4m45s Paul McCartney look a like.
52m30s The moon landing.
1h5m Key NASA employees mysterious deaths: 13.
1h5m30s Princess Diana.
1h12m Doctor David Kelly supposed suicide that 90% of Britons think was murder. Who were the likely murderers ? Look inside the warmonger group.
1h4m The WTC/Pentagon attacks on 9/11/2001 and the WTC bombing of 1993.
1h17m15s Key witnesses to the WTC attack mysterious deaths: 12.
17m30s The attacks of 7/7/2005.
1h21m The 2012 ‘killing’ of bin Laden.
1h21m30s Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1979 creator of the Mujahideen which spawned al Qaeda and author of the 1997 book ‘The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives’ a fancy way of saying ‘empire’.
1h26m15s The bizarre ceremony at the Bohemian Grove.
1h28m30s Clinton ex-associates or investigators mysterious deaths: 50.
1h29m15s The Georgia guidestones suggests keeping the world’s human population under 500 million. If this is the parasitical elite’s genuine objective then I think the 7 billion people of planet earth need to eradicate the parasitical elite.

My hair continues to be on fire reading chapter 3 of the ‘Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf’ book by Dean Henderson describing 300% increase in water fees in Latin America and the subsequent climbdown but then $25m was extracted by a secret World Bank ‘court’ ‘judgement’. Have any nations through their people willingly consented to this ‘court’ of the world bank ? F**k this ‘court’, I say.

Yulia Skripal Speaks: “Difficult To Believe We Were Both Attacked”
If the Skripals, Yulia and Sergei, really had been exposed to an extremely toxic nerve agent of military grade then there is zero doubt in my mind that they would now be dead.

Decades Of Unconstitutional Wars
The transition that the ancient Roman republic undertook to become an empire run by a clique has been repeated with todays American republic.

Washington’s Pax Americana Cartel
“In 2016, Donald Trump distinguished himself from his chief Republican opponents and certainly from Hillary Clinton by saying out loud what many ordinary Americans already suspected: that in terms of immediate threats, it’s not some faraway axis of evil that we need to worry about so much as pervasive stupidity among the managers of Pax America in Washington. In memorable fashion, Trump vowed to “drain the swamp” and to formulate an “America First” approach to policy. If elected, Trump would end the reckless squandering of American power. So, at least, he said.”
The last president that wanted to do away with Pax Americana was JFK.

“When the Confederacy seceded from the United States, the bankers once again saw the opportunity for a rich harvest of debt, and offered to fund Lincoln’s efforts to bring the south back into the union, but at 30% interest. Lincoln remarked that he would not free the black man by enslaving the white man to the bankers and using his authority as President, issued a new government currency, the greenback. This was a direct threat to the wealth and power of the central bankers, who quickly responded.”
“”If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” — The London Times responding to Lincoln’s decision to issue government Greenbacks to finance the Civil War, rather than agree to private banker’s loans at 30% interest.”
“In 1872 New York bankers sent a letter to every bank in the United States, urging them to fund newspapers that opposed government-issued money (Lincoln’s greenbacks).”
“”Dear Sir: It is advisable to do all in your power to sustain such prominent daily and weekly newspapers… as will oppose the issuing of greenback paper money, and that you also withhold patronage or favors from all applicants who are not willing to oppose the Government issue of money. Let the Government issue the coin and the banks issue the paper money of the country… [T]o restore to circulation the Government issue of money, will be to provide the people with money, and will therefore seriously affect your individual profit as bankers and lenders.” — Triumphant plutocracy; the story of American public life from 1870 to 1920, by Lynn Wheeler”
“”It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that.” — Triumphant plutocracy; the story of American public life from 1870 to 1920, by Lynn Wheeler”
““Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power, and chattel slavery destroyed. This, I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care for the laborer, while the European plan, led on by England, is for capital to control labor by controlling the wages. THIS CAN BE DONE BY CONTROLLING THE MONEY.” — Triumphant plutocracy; the story of American public life from 1870 to 1920, by Lynn Wheeler”
This is why the invention of bitcoin is one of the greatest gifts to humankind.

TSB left man on hold as his wedding savings were stolen
“Ben says someone had called his mobile phone network pretending to be him. They had closed his account and got his mobile number transferred onto their own phone”
“It meant they would receive any text messages sent by TSB containing the passcodes needed to authorise changes to Ben’s bank account. “
This sort of s**t could never happen with bitcoin.

Furious Customers Leave in Droves after Botched IT Revamp at UK Bank TSB as Nightmare Drags on for a Month
Bitcoin does not have these problems.

The Necessity Of Bitcoin As A Reserve Asset

Argentine Bank To Use Bitcoin For Cross-Border Transactions

Can Bitcoin Become A Flight-To-Quality Asset?

Bank Of England Issues Working Paper On Central Bank Digital Currencies
“The paper constructs three models of CBDC depending on the sectors that have access to CBDC, from a narrow CBDC where access is limited to banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), to direct and indirect access extended to households and non-financial firms.”
Whereas everyone can access bitcoin.

“Abraham Lincoln 2 From this we see that the solution worked so well Lincoln was seriously considering adopting this emergency measure as a permanent policy. This would have been great for everyone except the money changers who quickly realised how dangerous this policy would be for them. They wasted no time in expressing their view in the London Times. Oddly enough, while the article seems to have been designed to discourage this creative financial policy, in its put down we’re clearly able to see the policies goodness. “If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” “

US Threatens Syria With “Firm And Appropriate Measures” After New Airstrikes
“The firefight was described by the Pentagon as an act of self-defense against a unit of pro-Syrian government forces”
The American military were not fighting terrorists, they were fighting a military force allied to the government of the sovereign nation of Syria within the borders of Syria. Since the American military have been told to leave Syria by the government of Syria their presence is an act of war and the Syrians are justified in taking any military action against them.

Mattis Tells Air Force Graduates To “Prepare For War”
War is when your government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie
10m10s “A republican with those number of character flaws, with that sort of behavioural problems and psychopathic psychology could not run or be elected to dog catcher if it were a republican.”
21m25s “Willing to do things that are beyond the pale of proper conduct. Proper conduct would not include using private investigators to intimidate. Those allegations come from several women involved with Bill Clinton including Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Grayson, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey.”
25m40s “I do not want that woman controlling the IRS or the DEA or the NSA or the FBI or the CIA, not in a democracy I don’t”

SEKULOW: Thousands of New Docs Show Pay-To-Play Between Hillary And Clinton Foundation…
“An email dated December 6, 2010 (tucked away at the very end of the State Department’s most recent production) reveals that Secretary Clinton, upon receiving information that we now know to be classified from a State Department employee, forwarded the classified information via her private email account (HDR22@clintonemail.com) on to various individuals outside the State Department including senior associates at the Clinton Foundation – Justin Cooper and Doug Band. She writes in her email to “print for Bill.””
“Of course most of the information contained in the email has been redacted (and won’t be unclassified until 2025) but it appears that the classified communications relate to the investigation into Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus’s alleged diversion of foreign aid from the non-profit Bank he chaired (a bank specifically fashioned to provide loans to the poorest of people on easy terms). It is of no surprise – given what we know about the former Secretary’s abuse of her office to grant favors to Foundation donors and supporters – that Yunus was also a donor to the Clinton Foundation.”
Did the people Hillary sent this classified information to have the security clearance to receive it ? Absolutely not.

Dr Rima Laibow Exclusive: “I Believe That Dementia Is In Fact The Late Onset Of Autism!”

12m aluminium helps to destroy the blood brain barrier.
16m culling of the ‘useless eaters’.

Tommy Robinson follower Mike Lane looks at Section 35 & the arrest of Sharon Binks

“Section 35 is the powers to disperse people even if these people are law abiding citizens excising their right to freedom of assembly. This repressive power can be used at a policeman discretion even if he is wrong. This video shows how the police overuse their powers. “
Sharon needs to lawyer up and sue over this wrongful arrest.

Patriot Arrested and Others Threatened With Arrest

“You are now threatened with arrest in the UK for putting yourself near violent Antifa… Polive Officer “You may be attacked” “
So being a potential victim to a violent attacker is now being criminalised under this section 35 power, do I have that correct ?
At 9m30s the lady police officer who is informing they guy of where he cannot now go behaves like he is not a threat at all and like this is all a bit of laugh.
I can tell you this though, these guys need to lawyer up.

Lady that questioned police over praying at Speakers Corner Arrested!

1m40s “This is very sinister.”
This is 100% sinister.
2m5s “I need to know what’re doing and why you are here and you can tell me through the door.”
They could have told her through the door, what’s their problem ?

YouTuber Alison Chabloz guilty over anti-Semitic songs
“The defence had told Judge Zani his ruling would set a precedent on the exercise of free speech.”
“Chabloz had claimed many Jewish people found her songs funny and that no-one was forced to listen to them.”
This is what a modern day book burning and witch burning looks like.

Bin Laden and the Deep State
“On September 24, 2001, a dying Osama bin Laden released his last statement to the world. It is published below, the full CIA transcript with no redactions or editing. In this now declassified but heavily suppressed document, bin Laden describes the role of the Deep State in 9/11:”
““President Bush or any other US President, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United Sates? That secret government must be asked as to who made the attacks.””
“The world has never been told the truth about Osama bin Laden and 9/11. On December 11, 2001, the Pakistan Observer published an article announcing bin Laden’s death. They are generally a respected news source and news agencies around the world, including Fox News and others in the US, reported the same.”
“Moreover, in 2009 I was given direct access to documents at the headquarters of Pakistan’s intelligence and information agencies, the ISPR and ISI, where I met with directors of both agencies.”
“We reviewed their files, along with other intelligence, and then had a roundtable discussion with their top analysts in a secure location in Rawalpindi.”
“They said bin Laden was dead, that they had captured and interrogated witnesses, as grim pictures raced through my mind, but they were clear.”
“Thus, when bin Laden showed up years later only to be “buried at sea” and his killers, a Navy SEAL team to suffer a catastrophic helicopter crash only days later, it became clear that the entire bin Laden story is a hoax.”

Owner of High Street chemist Boots is accused of ‘exploiting cancer patients’ by charging the NHS £3,220 for pain relieving mouthwash that can cost £93
“Boots’ parent company, whose biggest shareholder is Monaco billionaire Stefano Pessina, often supplies the Health Service with a mouthwash that relieves patients of painful sores left after chemotherapy.”
We now know whose mouth to wash out with tar and feathers, sorry, I mean soap.

Drug Companies Want To Use The State To Shut Down The Competition

WikiLeaks to Trump: ‘Obama Already Did it to the French’, Ordered CIA to Hack Le Pen and Other Candidates
“Responding to a tweet from President Donald Trump, WikiLeaks pointed out that the Obama administration ordered the CIA to hack Marine Le Pen and other candidates during the French election in 2012.”
Any candidate being interfered with is a crime against sovereignty.

Rank And File FBI Agents “Sickened” By Comey And McCabe Want To “Come Forward And Testify”

‘Russiagate’ Unveils The Depths Of Corruption In American Politics
“At this point, there is little doubt that the highest echelons of the FBI and the Justice Department broke their own rules to end the Hillary Clinton “matter,” but we can expect the inspector general to document what was done or, more pointedly, not done.”
“It is hard to see how a year-long investigation of this won’t come down hard on former FBI Director James Comey and perhaps even former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who definitely wasn’t playing mahjong in a secret “no aides allowed” meeting with former President Clinton on a Phoenix airport tarmac.”
“With this report on the way and congressional investigators beginning to zero in on the lack of hard, verified evidence for starting the Trump probe, current and former intelligence and Justice Department officials are dumping everything they can think of to save their reputations.”
“But it is backfiring.”

There Are 101 Americans With Over $1 Million In Student Loans

WATCH: Deputy Tortures Man in Restraint Chair, Repeatedly Tasers Him in the Groin—No Charges
“Disturbing footage has just been released this week showing the incident that led to a Georgia jail supervisor being charged multiple felonies. In the video, Deputy Harry Dallas Battle is seen repeatedly tasering a man in the mid section while he is strapped in a restraint chair—a clear act of torture.”
“The man being tortured, Brandon Coffman has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the jail after he was left permanently injured by the incident. After being seen on video torturing a restrained man on July 7, 2016, Battle was arrested the following August.”
“According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Battle was charged with battery, making a false statement, and violation of oath of office.”
“However, even though Battle was charged after investigators watched the video, when the Polk County Grand jury heard the matter, it did not return an indictment.”
I suppose the victim should be thankful that the police officer use his gun and him and shot him dead.

Three FBI Agents Set to Testify: Including Lead Investigator in Clinton Email Probe Who Quit in Protest Over Sham Investigation

A look into how George Soros steals elections. Happening NOW in San Diego!

WATCH: 96-Year-Old WWII Vet in a Wheelchair, Groped & Molested by TSA—For Freedom
It is the so called elite that need groping and molesting.

Scientists warn that 5G tech found in WiFi street lamps is causing insomnia, nosebleeds, and stillbirths

Home of scientists who discovered contaminants in vaccines RAIDED; documents confiscated for the “good of science”
“After publishing a study exposing nanoparticulate contaminants in vaccines, Dr. Antonietta Gatti and her husband, Dr. Stefano Montanari, attracted the attention of authorities in Italy, Europe and the U.S. Dr. Gatti showed that vaccines contain inorganic adjuvants such as steel, tungsten and copper – components that aren’t declared in the vaccine’s labels.”
Look at the s**t being pumped into our bodies.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries reveals the stunning fraud of the CDC and vaccine propagandists
“Vaccines are just “witch’s brew””

Pharmaceutical Murder – Mass Shootings Caused by Drugs!
“What is it we never see in the press about the tragic mass shootings that are happening now on a routine basis? What pharmaceutical drugs these shooters are on, their health history and who the doctors are who are responsible for the physical and mental health of of these mass murders, that’s what!”
“Twenty-seven drug regulatory agency warnings cite psychiatric drug side effects of mania, psychosis, violence and homicidal ideation; 1,531 cases of psychiatric drug induced homicide/homicidal ideation have been reported to the US FDA; 65 high profile cases of mass shootings/murder have been committed by individuals under the influence of these drugs, yet there has never been a federal investigation into the link between seemingly senseless acts of violence and the use of mind-altering psychotropic drugs.”

Troubleshooters: Pharmacist Gag Rule
“”I have never heard of this gag rule,” Dugan said.”
“Most consumers haven’t, so here’s what you need to know: The Gag Rule is a clause written into contracts between pharmacists and PBMs, pharmacy benefit managers.”
“”These people are outsourced by the insurance companies to handle their prescription programs,” said Matt Brodsky.”
“The rule forbids pharmacists from telling customers they could save money by paying out-of-pocket instead of using their insurance.“

Kanye Finally Said Something We Should Pay Attention To… And The Media Is Silent
“On Monday, concluding a string of tweets about people’s addictions to their phones, West shared a link to an in-depth documentary about the history of consumerism and how it became the fabric of American society. The Century of the Self is a four-hour BBC documentary from 2002 that explores the role of Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays — often considered the father of modern public relations (and propaganda) — in molding the collective mindset.”
The corporate news media do not want help Kanye wake up more Americans to people like Bernays.

To stop school shootings, use Israel’s approach to fighting terror: Texas attorney general
“American policymakers should look to Israel for guidance. Living constantly with the threat of terrorism, Israel solved the problem of school security long ago by hardening the target and tightening security practices. Every school with 100 or more students has at least one well-trained armed guard stationed at entrances to monitor who comes and goes.”

Are Draconian Limits On Supplements About to Hit the U.S. Thanks to NAS?
“Severe restrictions on vitamin doses in supplements are already well under way in the European Union, and it doesn’t look good. At one point, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) discussed setting the maximum level for beta carotene in a supplement to the amount provided by half a carrot, and the maximum level of selenium to what is found in one-third of a brazil nut.”

Deutsche Bank To Fire 10,000 Employees: 1 In Every 10
“Executives at the biggest German lender have “zeroed in” on plans to eliminate close to 10,000 jobs, about one in 10 employees, as part of the bank’s epic cost-cutting scramble.”

7 Reasons Why European Banks Are In Trouble
“Fourth, according to the ECB non-performing loans (NPLs), i.e. loans where borrowers have fallen behind in their payments, amount to €759 bn., that is 30% of the banks´ equity”
“As a result of these losses, banks will be forced to restrict credits as their equity shrinks. Ironically, the ECB´s zero interest rate policy designed to promote credit expansion will finally lead to a credit contraction. There will be a severe recession and a fall in the money supply. The crisis will not only endanger the banking system but the euro as such, because troubled Eurozone government will try to recapitalize their banks through a monetization of newly issued debts.”

American Prosperity Has Become American Poverty

One step away from being homeless.

BLUE CITY BLUES: Seattle created its homelessness crisis; now it’s trying to make it worse.

ALL Countries Are Selling Off ALL Assets To Corporations and Elite for Pennies On the Dollar!

Raising taxes on poor is a ‘good thing for those people’ – billionaire Michael Bloomberg

Fed Finds 22% Of American Adults Can’t Pay Their Monthly Bills; 41% Have Less Than $400 In Cash

ObamaCare architect: ‘Stupidity’ of voters helped bill pass

“It’s Ridiculous” – Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of “Boy” Or “Girl” In Books
“That is an example of the furious reaction from parents in Victoria, Australia where the local city council has announced plans to audit children’s books and toys with a plan to ban them from kindergartens, schools and libraries if they don’t meet strict gender guidelines.”
“The research suggests educators should “minimise the extent to which gender is labelled””
I thought book burning went out with the Nazis of the 1930s.
Insanity unbound.

Meanwhile in Sweden: Senior Citizen Faces 2 Years Jail Time For Factually Accurate Statement About Somali Immigrants’ Low IQ
“The sixty year old man from Kungsängen is accused of posting on a Facebook page called “Stand up for Sweden” (this sounds like hate speech to me by the way), let me quote: “Only every fifth Somalis have IQ over 70”. The defendant was charged with hate crimes by the Attunda District Court, and until now he neither acknowledged nor denied the thought-crime.”
“European courts have already ruled that the truthfulness of a statement is no defense. Do not dare to speak any forbidden truth, you must simply roll over in a supine position and accept what your masters have planned for you.”
More insanity unbound.

Supreme Court Rules That Employers Can Make Signing Away Your Right To Sue Them In A Class Action Suits A Condition Of Employment
“This means that in cases of wage-theft, unsafe working conditions and systematic harassment, workers would not be able to band together to sue gigantic corporations whose net worth dwarfs their own a millionfold or more, and would have to individually pay lawyers to argue each of their cases, one at a time.”

Video of police using a stun gun on Bucks’ Sterling Brown ‘concerns’ Milwaukee’s mayor
“Brown was arrested for resisting or obstructing an officer, but after the police department conducted an internal review and looked at body camera footage from the arrest, he was not charged.”

Watch: Border Patrol Agent in Montana Detains Two US Citizens Because They Spoke Spanish
“The agent kept the women in the parking lot for 35 to 40 minutes, despite showing him their IDs upon his request and their attempts to justify speaking Spanish.”
It was at this point that the encounter should have ended but this public servant has s**t for brains.

VIDEO: #Israeli #police employed extreme violence last night in #Haifa against #Palestinian citizens of #Israel demonstrating in support of #Gaza protesters

VIDEO: Police tells vehicle passengers to raise hands ‘like we’re going to shoot you’

9/11 crime, deception, cover-up, forever war & torture, checkmate motherf**ker moment


Why was September 11 chosen as the day of the attacks? Was there something specific about that day?
“David Slesinger, Studied the “war on terrorism scam” since 2002.
Answered Sep 27, 2016”
“Here is a possible reason. Poppy Bush and associates took out $240 billion in bonds to buy up important sectors of the Russian economy on 9/11/91.”

9/11 “One Sheet” (240 billion dollars laundered on that day)
“1. Why did the events of 9/11 happen on 9/11? Was this a “date specific” event?”
“Yes, the event was specific to 9/11/2001 – because on 9/12/2001, $240 billion dollars in fraudulent securities became due and payable by the US treasury and paying those securities would have exposed the necessary links in hundreds of massive, global international money laundering schemes and hundreds of elected (and non-elected) officials would have gone to prison based on hundreds of current/ongoing investigations at that time. Compiled evidence of money laundering, arms sales, drug sales, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and many more crimes were destroyed forever.”
“2. Hundreds of elected and non-elected officials would have gone to prison?”
“Yes. The FBI, the CIA, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Customs, the Secret Service, IRS, the Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI), banking regulators and global intelligence organizations as well as a number of other government agencies were tracking the money laundering activities related to gold market manipulation and global international money laundering. The “Eldorado Task Force” was a group of 55 intergovernmental agencies devoted to investigating international money laundering, whose headquarters in WTC 6 were destroyed in the attacks. These investigations all began after 1989 and were tracking years of fraudulent but very sophisticated money laundering schemes. ALL investigations were immediately halted on 9/12/2001 because not only was ALL of the evidence destroyed, but hundreds of government and non-government investigators were also killed.”
“3. Did anything unusual happen the day after 9/11?”
“Yes. For the first time in US history, the Federal Reserve cleared $240 billion dollars in securities *ANONYMOUSLY* thanks to the SEC. The SEC invoked its emergency powers under SEC Act Section 12(k) and eased regulatory restrictions for the clearance of international securities on 9/11/2001. Think about that – the Federal Reserve allowed an anonymous individual or individuals to be paid $240 billion dollars in US denominated funds without revealing their names, location or legal status. As a result of the events of 9/11 George Bush, the SEC, and the Federal Reserve approved the dispensing of “Securities Clearance” laws, for less then 15 days, a presidential approved breach of National Security, for the first time in history.”
“4. Why did George Bush and the Federal Reserve do this?”
“In 1989, a scheme was devised to end the Cold War and destroy the Soviet Union. This plan included crashing their currency and thus the economy, buying up the Soviet infrastructure at pennies on the dollar and leaving the Soviet Union a shell of its former self. The plan worked. In order to promote a sophisticated plan to crash the economy of the Soviet Union, a massive amount of money was needed – the Federal Reserve and the SEC (with the blessings of George Bush) approved the counterfeiting of $240 billion dollars in bearer bonds, commonly referred to as Brady Bonds. This scheme was covered fully under “National Security.” There were 4 parts to this “National Security” scheme:”
“A) Theft of the Soviet Treasury”
“B) Currency Destabilization of the Ruble”
“C) Funding the KGB Generals 1991 coup against Gorbachev”
“D) Takeover of key Soviet energy and defense industries by Western powers”
So the Bush family are a massive money laundering family as well as the second Bush president being a war criminal.

David Icke Do You REALLY Want to Know This??


Unlimited war powers to president under proposal

Rand Paul: Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers
“The new Kaine/Corker AUMF declares war on at least the following places and people: the Taliban, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, ISIS anywhere, al-Shabaab in Somalia and elsewhere, al-Qaeda in Syria, al-Nusra in Syria, the Haqqani network in Pakistan and Afghanistan, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, in Niger, Algeria, Libya, and Nigeria, and associated forces (as defined by the president) around the globe.”
“That is simply breathtaking. Previous AUMFs have never included “associated forces,” and with good reason.”

Rand: New AUMF Turns Constitution Upside Down & Creates “Forever War”

3m20s “And then it makes the burden on Congress not to declare war but to undeclare war.”
How f**ked up is America’s constitutional republic ? 100% f**ked up.

Congress Weighs Indefinite Detention of Americans
“A Senate bill under consideration could allow Donald Trump to indefinitely jail American citizens without charge if they oppose U.S. military action, says Marjorie Cohn.”
“Under the guise of exercising supervisory power over the president’s ability to use military force, Congress is considering writing Donald Trump a blank check to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens with no criminal charges. Alarmingly, this legislation could permit the president to lock up Americans who dissent against U.S. military policy.”

Netanyahu Claims ‘Iran Lied’ About Its Nuclear Program, but Israel Has Been Lying for Decades (regarding Israel’s nuclear program)
“When Benjamin Netanyahu proved with file folders that Iran lied about its nuclear program, not one person thought Israel was the last country on earth that should have had the nerve to complain about this. After all, how has Israel acted on this very same issue for decades? … Israel doesn’t sign conventions, it doesn’t allow inspections and it lies. It mocks and winks – 60 years of continuous nuclear lies. In fact, it has never said a single true word about its nuclear program … Netanyahu tried to shock the world by proving that Iran lied. But if the world had been shocked by Tehran’s lies, it would have had to be shocked by Jerusalem’s lies as well. For when it comes to nuclear lies, there’s no difference between them. In fact, Israel’s lie is bigger.”

Long before Trump became President, General Wesley Clark told us about the 7 countries
Those 7 countries are Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
“Two weeks ago a memo was leaked from inside the Trump administration showing how Secretary of State and DC neophyte Rex Tillerson was coached on how the US empire uses human rights as a pretense on which to attack and undermine noncompliant governments. Politico reports:”
“The May 17 memo reads like a crash course for a businessman-turned-diplomat, and its conclusion offers a starkly realist vision: that the US should use human rights as a club against its adversaries, like Iran, China and North Korea, while giving a pass to repressive allies like the Philippines, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”
And don’t forget about the repressive regime of Bahrain and the one toppled in Yemen by the Houthis.
“In October we learned from a former Qatari prime minister that there was a massive push from the US and its allies to topple the Syrian government from the very beginning of the protests which began in that country in 2011 as part of the so-called Arab Spring. This revelation came in the same week The Intercept finally released NSA documents confirming that foreign governments were in direct control of the “rebels” who began attacking Syria following those 2011 protests.”
Foreign controlled Syrian rebels.
“Trump is lying when he says Iran is “the Number One State of Sponsored Terror.” This is the same exact script they run over and over and over again, and people are falling for it again like Charlie Brown and the football. It is nonsensical to believe things asserted by the US intelligence and defense agencies on blind faith at this point, especially when they are clearly working to manufacture support for interventionism in a key strategic location. In a post-Iraq invasion world, nothing but the most intense skepticism of such behavior is acceptable.”
They need a bigger false flag that gets falsely blamed on Iran to get this war going.

The “Fake News” Story Is Fake News
“We’ve never had more good information than we have now; people are as well-informed as they want to be. There will always be outlets purveying lies; that is the nature of communication. And the insistence on the “fake news” issue is an effort to assign Trump’s victory not to those who brought it to us (the electorate, and the incompetence of the Clinton campaign) but on some nefarious agents.”
“The fact that we have more and better information today than ever almost goes without saying. When I started in the news business more than 40 years ago, few reporters carried tape recorders, largely because they worked for a guild and were never subject to correction. Today there are countless outlets, thanks to the internet, and important events are almost always recorded. The amount of data we have on public figures is vast compared to even ten years ago.”
“We can all argue about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing; but we are today awash in information. That information is more reliable than it has ever been before. My own work on Palestine and the Israel lobby has shown me that global consumers can get more accurate information about that conflict than they’ve ever had. Yes, as we assert here all the time, the mainstream US media is in the tank for Israel; but it’s not as if better information is not available at your fingertips, much of it from Europe and Palestine, often citizen video.”
“Before the internet, alternative sources were much harder to obtain. You had to subscribe to journals, or go to Hotaling’s newsstand in Times Square for out-of-town papers. The best example is sports. I had to hope the newsstand had the late edition of the Times, or that the Times carried the box score for my hometown team. Today I can find out any score and see videos of my team’s performance in an instant. And the destruction of the guilds by the internet has brought us sharp commentators who would never had access to the media traditionally (like this tweeter I turn to every morning to get the score).”

Essential history to understand the present: Lie-started and illegal wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, rhetoric for war on Iran

Western Media Writing Off Venezuela’s Elections – Unless Their Candidate Wins
“Despite the election and Venezuela’s democracy, host Brian Becker noted that the New York Times headline on the event heavily implied that Maduro is a dictator and that the election threatens to topple him.”

OH BOY! Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal
Iran shouldn’t threaten to release it, it should go ahead and release it.

Elite Now Bragging About Using Penis Skin Taken from Babies to Make Their Faces Look Younger
Is this a form of cannibalism ?

The TSA Has a New Secret Watch List — and You Could Soon Be Added to It
“The Times reports that while T.S.A. deputy chief counsel Kelly Wheaton says there are currently fewer than 50 people on the secret list, “two other government security officials who are familiar with the new watch list, describing it on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it, said that the number of names on the list could be higher, with travelers added daily.””
I would consider it an honour to be added to this secret watch list of this criminal government and I can just imagine the legal proceeding that would ensue as government lawyers try to claim that black is white.

US-Trained Special Forces Joined Police Crackdown on Dam Protesters in Honduras
“”People were scared,” said López. Nevertheless, she and a few other women made an attempt to stop the machinery, lying down in the road in front of the protest camp to try to stop the machinery’s passage. “That’s when they started firing tear gas at us,” she said. People scattered, ushering a 75-year-old protester and children to safety, but López and others maintained their permanent presence at the roadside resistance camp throughout the police operations that lasted two full days.”
“State violence against community resistance to natural resource exploitation projects continues unabated in Honduras. The recent crackdown in Pajuiles to impose a fiercely contested hydroelectric dam project is just one of the latest incidents, but it provides a clear example of the involvement of US-trained and -supported special forces in repression against community activists.”
I imagine this dam is of f**k all use to the general public of Honduras but they will be expected to pay for it through taxes and interest payments.

All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over “Absolutely Deplorable” Pedophile Priest Scandal
S**t really does float to the top.

The Vatican Has Paid Nearly $4 Billion To Settle For Children Harmed By Sexual Abuse

Voter Fraud: 3.5M more registered voters than adults in U.S.

Rigged? Circuit Judge Says Ballots Were Illegally Destroyed In Wasserman Schultz’ House Race
“Florida circuit court Judge Raag Singhal ruled the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office violated state and federal law Friday, after the office destroyed ballots from a 2016 House race for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s seat.”

Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin And Blockchain Will Achieve Full Potential In A Decade
“The blockchain and cryptocurrencies will achieve their full potential in a decade, according to Wozniak. Apple’s co-founder quoted CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, who had said in March that Bitcoin will become the world’s “single currency.””

Andreas Antonopoulos Panamchain – 2018 (decentralised globalisation)

9m55s “Globalisation is not something you and I readily participate in. It is something multi-national companies and powerful countries can use to set themselves outside the law, to arbitrage jurisdictions, to shop around for the most convenient corruptible lowest taxation environment where they can deliver financial colonialism wrapped as globalisation. globalisation has a negative connotation among most people because to the average person all it’s delivered is lawless corporations, exploitation and terrorists, ironically. What cryptocurrencies do is they change the nature of globalisation from something that is inherently centralised and available only to the most powerful, the most disinterested and distant corporations to you directly as individuals.”
19m45s “The ability to have an expensive, massively controlled, bank account in 1 currency only that requires them every day to jump over hurdles of corruption and bribery and coercion to trade in a currency that’s being inflated to s**t by their own government.”
20m55s “Let’s debank all of us.”
43m35s “The power over money is the most absolute power you can have over people.”
51m15s “Our ancestors said ‘it’s as good as written in stone’, our descendants will say ‘it’s as good as written on the blockchain’ because that will be the new standard for immutability.”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos _ Future of Bitcoin’s Can Reach 300k By 2018?

12m15s “Banking has a few centuries of operating without much competition and it’s never faced competition from the internet. The internet is coming, it’s called bitcoin and its just the first one and its going to take finance by storm. It’s going to disrupt more radically than most industries have been disrupted by the internet.”

John McAfee at Blockchain Nation Miami 2018 bcnation.com

German Bank Allows Users To Transfer Loans Anywhere In The World Using Bitcoin
“With the US set to blacklist Iran from global dollar-based transactions, here’s an idea for Tehran: use Bitcoin to make, and accept, payments from its trading partners. And, there’s even a bank ready to serve Iran when it comes knocking: according to Reuters, German Radoslav Albrecht has founded an online bank that allows clients to transfer loans anywhere in the world using Bitcoin.”
“That’s right: bitcoin’s money-laundering, capital-controls evading capabilities – the reason why we said it’s going much, much higher back in September 2015 when it was just above $200 – are finally going mainstream. And not only that, but in one move it is disintermediating the multi-trillion industry behind private money creation known as “banking.””
“It’s therefore hardly a surprise that the company’s motto is “see no bank, hear no bank, speak no bank.””

Iran And Russia Discuss Transacting In Crypto To Avoid International Sanctions

The Housing ATM Is Back (And It Won’t Work Any Better This Time)

The World Will Not Mourn The Decline Of US Hegemony
And with it the federal reserve note.

Activist, Independent Journalist Niko House Faces Eviction After Being Repeatedly Wrongly Arrested, Beaten By Police

New Bitcoin Documentary Shatters Mainstream Media’s Narrative [VIDEO]
A central bank blockchain is a pointless concept.

Goldman Sachs Hast Just Launched Their Own Cryptocurrency… JPMorgan Launches Crypto Strategy
A bank blockchain is a pointless concept.

Meet The 29-Year-Old In Charge Of JPMorgan’s Cryptocurrency Strategy

Telefónica Partners with Rivetz to Develop Blockchain-Based Security Solution for Mobile
No doubt the first many,

What is Rivetz: a complete guide
“The future of cybersecurity is where it is built-in by design, instead of tacked on as an afterthought.”

Media won’t investigate medically caused death numbers
“Starfield reported that the US medical system kills 225,000 Americans a year. 106,000 as a result of FDA-approved medical drugs, and 119,000 as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals. Extrapolate the numbers to a decade: that’s 2.25 million deaths. You might want to read that last number again.”
“I interviewed Starfield in 2009. I asked her whether she was aware of any overall effort by the US government to eliminate this holocaust, and whether she had ever been contacted by any government agency to consult on such an effort. She answered a resounding no to both questions.”
Somebody is more interested in making money then saving lives.
“To me, a logical question to ask is: “Why does the U.S. government need to pay interest to the Federal Reserve to have new currency put into circulation?” But in all my scraping and searching around the internet, I have not found a single, solitary answer from a proponent of the Federal Reserve System, not even a lame or bad answer.”
“The question is simply avoided. And for good reason, if the only possible conclusion I can come to is true: All of this interest goes into the hands of the hidden, private controllers of the Central Banking System. Can you even imagine the amount of money we are talking about? How is it possible that this continues to exist? Where is our outrage?”

Yemen – Massacres and Assassinations Trigger a New Phase of War
“After the recent assassination of their leaders the Houthis promised to directly attack Saudi and UAE leaders. This will be a new phase of the ongoing war. If the war continues for long the people of Yemen will turn their eyes towards the imperial powers behind those figures, the US and the UK.”
When the warmonger leaders in the west start getting whacked, it will mean fewer war criminals for the people of the west to have to deal with.

Arms trade campaigners crash annual BAE meeting with stark questions about Yemeni civilians
“I told them that people in #Yemen see them as war-criminals. The chair of BAE asked me if I wanted to be thrown out. I said it would be an honour to be ejected from a room of people complicit in war crimes.”

Disaster Looms in North Yemen as Pro-Saudi Forces near Hodeidah
“Successfully conquering Hodeidah would, after all, mean the Houthi territory, including the capital city and many millions of people, would have no access to food or medical aid. This would be an opportunity for the Saudi invading force to really crack down on them.”
“They envision it forcing a surrender, but it may also could bring millions of malnourished people into outright starvation. This is a known fact, with the UN special envoy warning about this for weeks. Still, Saudi officials have been desperate to break the stalemate in the war, and have also shown little concern for the consequences to civilians.”

UK Accidentally Admits use of Horrifying, Organ Rupturing Weapons in Syria
“At the beginning of the month (May 2018) the British Ministry of Defence seemingly on accident revealed for the first time that they are unloading horrifyingly inhumane, thermobaric weapons out of drones onto the people of Syria: and it wasn’t even in this recent April 2018 escalation of tension, but last year. They are doing it more often than they’d like to admit.”
“Somehow the use of thermobaric weapons seems less humane than ripping a person to shreds with shrapnel.”

Thermobaric weapon
“A Human Rights Watch report of 1 February 2000[15] quotes a study made by the US Defense Intelligence Agency:”
“The [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique–and unpleasant…. What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs…. If the fuel deflagrates but does not detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel. Since the most common FAE fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as most chemical agents.”
“According to a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency study,[15] “the effect of an FAE explosion within confined spaces is immense. Those near the ignition point are obliterated. Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, and thus invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness.” Another Defense Intelligence Agency document speculates that because the “shock and pressure waves cause minimal damage to brain tissue…it is possible that victims of FAEs are not rendered unconscious by the blast, but instead suffer for several seconds or minutes while they suffocate”.[16]”

Ken O’Keefe – Trump & Iran – ‘Baptism by Activism’

9m20s “We’re getting close to that checkmate motherf**ker moment, seriously, for all their power and their might the ‘powers that be’, they control the media, they control the police, they control the courts, they control the governments, they control the medical establishment, the so called health field, they control academia, they control it all, they have all the money, they have an infinite supply of money are they’re f**king losing.”

‘Iran has no reason to strike Golan’: Analysts dispute Israel’s ‘political’ claim of missile attack
“Staging a missile attack on the Golan Heights makes no sense for Tehran under the current circumstances, military experts told RT. They speculate that Israel’s claims about the attack lack solid proof and might be agenda-driven.”
False flag ?

Trump’s Pull Out Of Nuclear Deal Was Planned From The Beginning — One Step Closer To The “Path To Persia,” War With Iran

US Public Support For Iran Deal Reaches All-Time High
56% support Iran deal versus 26% which back in August 2015 was 27% versus 56%.

John Bolton snaps at Jake Tapper over Iran deal: ‘We’re not going it alone — we have the support of Israel’
President Trump and advisor Bolton don’t have the support of 56% of the American people.

MSM Is Frantically Attacking Dissenting Syria Narratives, And It Looks Really Bad
View at Medium.com
“I write a lot about how, in a political environment that is saturated in disinformation and propaganda, it’s important to ignore people’s words and watch their actions instead to get a clear picture of what’s really happening. You could not ask for a better illustration of this than the recent behavior of the mass media with regard to Syria.”
“The always excellent Moon of Alabama put out a piece yesterday detailing the immense deluge of attack editorials disguised as information that have been churned out recently about anyone who questions the establishment Syria narrative, including a single day in which no less than seven smear pieces were issued by prominent publications. Seven. In one day.”

U.S., France Setting The Stage For Another False Flag Chem Attack In Syria To Justify More Bombing
“As Israel sets the stage for a possible attack on Iranian forces inside Syria under the false pretext of “pre-emptive” self-defense against Iranian missiles, it appears that the United States and France are attempting to set a stage of their own. This stage, however, will be the same tired scene replayed repeatedly throughout the Syrian crisis – i.e. the alleged deployment of chemical weapons that will be blamed on the Syrian government in order to justify more airstrikes and missiles against the Syrian government and in defense of terrorist elements backed by the United States, Britain, and France…”

Project Veritas continues to release videos of the most protected part of the pedophile ring foundation of grooming and exploitation.

U.S. Treasury’s Mnuchin: Revoking Boeing, Airbus licenses to sell jets to Iran
Does this guy need to be told that Airbus is not American ?

OUTRAGEOUS: Retired CIA Official Ray McGovern Tackled & Roughed Up By 5 D.C. Cops For Protesting “BLOODY GINA” Haspel’s Torture
“”I’ll go on, but I wish you wouldn’t beat up an old man, huh?” McGovern tells the officers as he is led away after getting up off the ground.”
“A black officer who was involved in the initial scuffle responds “You decided that you were going to demonstrate,” as if ‘demonstrating,’ which is not illegal or violent, justifies such an aggressive and insane response by police.”

27-Year CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Discusses His Arrest On U.S. Senate Floor

Did Banks Get Bailed Out Because They Laundered Drug Money & Hide Elite Wealth?

‘Questions need answering’: Academics pull apart UK’s Skripal poisoning claims

The Skripals Will Most Likely Never be Allowed to Talk

The Skripal Affair: A Lie Too Far?
“On 12 March the foreign secretary summoned the Russian ambassador to inform him that a nerve agent, A-234, had been used against the Skripals. How did you do it, Johnson wanted to know, or did the Russian government lose control of its stocks of chemical weapons? He gave the Russian ambassador 24 hours to respond. In point of fact, the Russian government does not possess any stockpiles of chemical weapons or nerve agents, having destroyed them all as of September 2017.”
“The western modus operandi is the same in the Skripal case. The Tories rushed to conclusions and issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the Russian government to prove its innocence, or rather to admit its guilt. How was the so-called novichok delivered to London, did President Vladimir Putin authorise the attack, did Russia lose control of its stockpile? The prime minister and her foreign secretary had in effect declared Russia guilty as charged. No objective police investigation, no due process, no presumption of innocence, no evidence was necessary: it was “sentence first, verdict later”, as the Red Queen declared in Alice in Wonderland.”
“What I could not understand when I read the OPCW communiqué, is why the Skripals were still alive. The OPCW says that the toxic chemical used against the Skripals was “of high purity”. Was it a nerve agent? Oddly, the OPCW published report avoids a straight answer. If it was a nerve agent, being of “high purity,” it should have been instant acting and killed the Skripals almost immediately. Yet both have survived at the time of this writing. Something does not make sense. Of course, there could be a simple explanation for this puzzling mystery.”
“On 14 April, Minister Lavrov at a meeting in Moscow provided the answer. The substance used to attack the Skripals was laced with a substance know as BZ which incapacitates rather than kills and takes longer to work than an instant acting nerve agent which kills immediately. The United States, Britain and other NATO countries have developed this toxin and put it into service; the Soviet Union never did so. Traces of A-234 were also identified, but according to experts, such a concentration of the A-234 agent would cause death to anyone affected by it.”
“The secret assassin’s manual reminds me of the 1924 “Zinoviev Letter”, a counterfeit document produced by White Russians in Germany, purporting to demonstrate Soviet interference in British elections and planning for a socialist revolution. It was early days of “fake news”. Parliamentary elections were underway in October 1924 and the Tories used the letter to attack the credibility of the Labour party. It was whipping up the red scare, and it worked like a charm. The Tories won a majority government. Soviet authorities claimed that the letter was bogus and they demanded a third party, independent investigation to ascertain the truth, just as the Russian government has done now. In 1924, the Tories refused, and understandably so, since they had a lot to hide. It took seventy-five years to determine that “the letter” was in fact counterfeit.”

Thank God Sergei Skripal recovered… if we poisoned him he’d have died on the spot! Putin taunts Britain after poisoned Russian spy is released from hospital
“Britain has accused Russia of being behind the poisoning, saying it was caused by a type of nerve agent known as Novichok which was developed in the Soviet Union.”
“Putin wished Skripal ‘good health’ during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today. But he added: ‘God grant him good health… If a military-grade poison had been used, the man would have died on the spot. Thank God he recovered and that he left (hospital).’”

Why maintaining a healthy skepticism, especially for authority figures, is necessary for a working society and prevents us from becoming “sheeple”

‘Europe has LOST IT!’ Israeli MP EXPLODES at Brussels’ appeasing stance on Iran
“The attack on the Golan Heights – an Israeli occupied region of Syria – is the first time Iran has hit Israel from Syria.”
Syria’s Golan Heights is not part of Israel so it is incorrect to say ‘hit Israel’ when the attack is into the Golan Heights.

Assad: Why talk to Trump if he doesn’t control the US?
“Meeting with Donald Trump would be pointless because the deep state – not the president – controls the US, Bashar Assad said in an interview. He noted that the agenda of the deep state is to create conflict aimed against Russia.”
“In an exclusive interview with Athens daily Kathimerini, Assad said there was no reason to meet face-to-face with Trump, since the US president “says something today, and does the opposite tomorrow,” and is likely not even being in control of policy decisions.”

Saudi Airstrikes Target Yemen’s Presidential Compound in Busy Residential District
“The death toll following Saudi coalition airstrikes targeting the presidential in the densely populated neighborhood of Al-Tahrir in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, has risen to more than 90 people, including schoolchildren, according to a statement to MintPress by an official from Yemen’s Ministry of Health.”

RED ALERT: ‘76% of companies that went public in 2017 had negative earnings, the highest level since the peak of the dot-come era’
Sure looks like a bubble to me.

Can Families Isolate Themselves From the Coming Holocaust?
“Many of the people in the early days of Nazi Germany were distressed and concerned about Hitler’s obsession with the Jews. However, many people, including most Jews, believed that Hitler’s brand of totalitarianism was a passing fancy and would quickly fade away. However, many people, like Albert Einstein did recognize the danger and did subsequently flee and survived where many more ignored the warning signs until it was too late.”
“As with any history lesson, or life lesson ,and to borrow from the world of phonetics, there is always an “I before E”, exception to the rule. There is one time when I believe that it is wise to leave the US and that is when your children’s lives are on verge of being thrown away. If the US government ever reintroduces the military draft, ostensibly to fight in the Middle East, I would leave the country and take my soon-t0-be-draft age son with me. We should all take a pledge that none of our children will ever fight and die in a Rothschild’s war for banking profit, ever again.”
“For all the illegal immigrants that think it is so important that you obtain U.S. citizenship, I would advise you to look at the reasons on why so many Americans have already leftthe US, as well as the reasons I have listed in this article. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill. When you leave places like Mexico or Peru, you are trading one form of overt government and corporate corruption for another that is a little less obvious, but America will prove to be just as enslaving at the end of the day because that is the nature of every elite ruling class that has ever existed on this planet.”
Every free and open society needs a self-serving elite ruling class like they need a hole in the head.

An “Audible Gasp” Was Heard When The Chicago Fed Unveiled Its “Solution” To The Pension Problem
“Homeowners with houses worth $250,000 would pay an additional $2,500 per year in property taxes, those with homes worth $500,000 would pay an additional $5,000, and those with homes worth $1 million would pay an additional $10,000.”
“Is the Chicago Fed blind to human consequences? Confiscatory property tax rates have already robbed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Illinois families of their home equity — probably the lion’s share of whatever wealth they had.”
This is what happens when the money junkies run out of other peoples money.

Irish urged to house ‘refugees’ in their spare rooms
How about the money junkies open their palaces to the refugees ?

Nearly 51 Million Households In The United States ‘Can’t Afford Basics Like Rent And Food’

Why Are So Many People Moving Out Of California?
“Even though we are supposedly in an “economic recovery”, the number of homeless people in Los Angeles has risen by an astounding 50 percent over the last five years…”
Becoming homeless is not something Meghan Markle, who hails from Los Angeles, will ever worry about now that she is wife to prince Harry of whom I am a fan because his mother brought him up good.

Welcome to New Gilded Age: $500M mansion neighbors homeless encampment… 51 million households struggle with rent, food

Who are the 10 richest members of Congress? (October 25, 2012)
“9. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) – Calif. ($41.78 million)”
“2. Sen. John Kerry (D) – Mass. ($198.65 million)”

Alison Hartson EXPOSES Feinstein’s Corruption

I can only imagine that the people of California are ignorant of the Senator Feinstain’s corruption to corporations because they corporate news media don’t inform them.

Real News: ‘A System In Which Sociopaths Rise to the Top’
I would have used a 4 letter word.

Why Flint, Michigan Still Doesn’t Have Clean Water After 4 Years
“Dena Takruri returns to Flint for the 4-year anniversary of the water crisis. Officials here say the water is safe, but residents still don’t trust them. And since the state of Michigan stopped providing free bottled water, people here are forced to pay some of the highest bills in the country for water they don’t even use. When will this crisis be over?”
Because society is run for the benefit of the money junkies.

Flint workers treated water by feeding chemicals through ‘hole in the floor’
“A hand-written log book shows workers preparing to put the Flint water treatment plant into operation in 2013 didn’t use a standard pump but a hole in the floor of the building to feed chemicals into Flint River water.”

On US Imperialism, Capitalism and Fascism
“If you want to know the untold history of the U.S.A., then a good plac to start is with the history of US imperialism in Asia from the mid-19th century until today. Not only will that reveal the history of the criminality of US foreign policy, but it will also reveal the true nature of U.S. capitalism, imperialism, fascism and U.S. wars of aggression: past, present and future. For centuries the U.S. has preached that it believes in democracy, freedom and self-determination, but its actions towards other countries speak louder than words. Internationally the U.S. is a predator and a bully. It subjugates small countries, corrupts them by backing right-wing dictators, and enables death squads to commit mass murder of all suspected dissidents. During the First Cold War leftists, anti-colonialists, nationalists and intellectuals were called “communists” and imprisoned, tortured and executed. Now they are called “terrorists”.”
Plenty of money for foreign misadventures, no money for domestic essentials.

Petition to the president & congress to remove the privately owned federal reserve as our central bank

Iran Switches From Dollar To Euro – US Labels Bank Terrorist

Italy, A Parallel Currency, And Immigration – Merkel’s Worst Nightmare
“When the foreign bureaucracy demands enforced immigration to lower labor costs and destroy your culture on the altar of Marxism and globalism, it creates the perfect vehicle for the newly-elected rebel parties to gain tremendous political capital with its people by saying no more.”
“Creating an internal domestic currency to run the country on while settling cross-border payments in euros is the means by which to prove to the people what the euro has done to them.”

Independent UK Covers Skull And Bones, Leaves Out Key Facts
“Although perhaps the biggest piece of information missing from the article is a leaked tape of a Skull and Bones ritual that ABC exposed in 2001. Bonesmen can be seen and heard engaging in an occult ritual involving kissing human skulls, followed by what was described by the ABC host as “performing a mock killing” on one of the Neophytes.”

Swamp Drainage Update: Ex FCC Chairman Working AGAIN for Telecom Industry and Continuing to Promote Risky 5G and “Internet of Things” (IoT).
“Before being nominated and becoming FCC chairman in 2013, Tom Wheeler had a long history working for the Telecom Industry.”

Breathtaking arrogance of the House of Lords – EXPRESS COMMENT
“IN terms of unbelievable arrogance, the behaviour of the House of Lords takes some beating. Indeed, in their attempt to ride roughshod over the wishes of the British people, you could almost think that some members of the unelected second chamber think they are still living in feudal Britain.”
“Some members of the Lords have no regard for the ‘little people’”
“But what is for sure is this: when the people of this country voted to leave the European Union, they did not do so thinking the Lords would have any voice in this, let alone try to reverse the verdict.”
“The House of Lords exists to monitor legislation and provide guidance, not try to run some unelected dictatorship in which they clearly do not believe the “little people” are capable of thinking for themselves.”
“In addition to that, given that some members are receiving farming subsidies from the EU, there looks to be at least the possibility of a conflict of interest. Just who is keeping an eye on the Lords? This is a sideshow we do not need at a very delicate moment in our history and if the Lords are not careful, history is what they, too, will become. There are enough concerns already about the bloated size of the second chamber and about its relevance in the 21st century.”
“If they prove themselves to be anti-democratic practitioners intent only on following their own agenda, then they will be signing their own death warrant.”
The House of Lords can be more accurately be labelled as the house of money junkies.

REVEALED: Brexit wrecker’s EU handouts – Duke of Wellington pocketed farming subsidies
Chief money junkie.


The IRS Scandal, Day 1826: The Five Year Anniversary
“Imagine if liberal groups discovered that President Trump’s Internal Revenue Service was targeting them for heightened scrutiny or harassment. The media and Democrats would decry this assault on the First Amendment and declare the U.S. on the brink of autocracy. The scandal would dominate the midterms, and the legitimacy of the election would be called into question.”
“Strangely enough, the IRS did target organs of the opposition party during the last administration, but the episode has largely faded from public memory without resolution. May 10 marks the fifth anniversary of the revelation that President Obama’s IRS targeted conservative groups for more than two years prior to the 2012 presidential election.”

Autistic 5th-Grader Handcuffed, Arrested for Playing With ‘Imaginary Gun’ at School
“On Monday, 12-year-old David Sims, a 5th grader in Conroe Independent School District’s Bozman Intermediate school, was handcuffed, hauled away and charged with a crime for motioning his hands like he had a gun.”
This bulls**t has got out of control and if all of the parents move their children to other schools over this issue then it will this bulls**t will stop.

School Calls Police on Student Who Made Gun with Legos

Supreme Court to Rule on Your First Amendment Right to Silence
“Carrying the government’s message”
“The first case that will return this issue to the Supreme Court’s scrutiny in 2018 is National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra. It involves religiously based “crisis pregnancy centers” in California that try to discourage women from seeking an abortion.”
“New legislation requires those centers to post notices about other women’s health services available in the state, including abortions.”
“The pregnancy centers have sued the state, contending that the law forces them to speak the government’s message. California contends that the law is a reasonable regulation of licensed medical facilities.”
A license does not override rights.

ANALYSIS: How our leaders treat democracy as if it was a disposable nappy

Next Level SJW Stupid: Mothers Day Now Offensive. Anti-Defamation League – “Mother’s Day needs to be more inclusive”
If every special day was made more inclusive, at what point would the original intent disappear ? Crazy making.

Corrupt Transparency: Holding Congress Hostage to Special Interests
What the hell do these lobbyists spend these amounts of money on ?
16m “Had received from an intermediary in Lebanon the unconditional terms Saddam Hussein himself.”
Saddam had surrendered.
24m20s “In theory legislative transparency sounds good but the system has been hijacked by corporate interests. It gives the average citizen the illusion that they hold power over government when they simply do not.”

One family’s TWO YEAR nightmare of having their child taken by the state
“In other words, the judge stripped the baby away and shipped her off like cattle to another home. Permanently. The parents were no longer the parents.”
“Now, it took a looong time. But last week the appeal was finally settled, with a different judge in a higher court.”
“And the appeals court sided with the parents.”
“More importantly, the appeals court issued a scathing condemnation of the other judge’s behavior, calling it “abuse of discretion” among other choice phrases.”

“Will Serbia Hold NATO Responsible For Criminal Use Of Depleted Uranium?
“The Republic of Serbia appears to be making moves that would ultimately open the door to holding NATO responsible for the significant spike in cancer illnesses and deaths which followed NATO’s bombing of Serbia with depleted uranium shells.”
“President of the Serbian Parliament Maja Gojkovic drafted a resolution in parliament that would establish a commission charged with investigating the impact of the NATO bombing in 1999 on the health of citizens and the environment, with particular emphasis on the effects caused by the use of depleted uranium shells.”
“Previously, the Italian parliament, recognized that NATO’s use of these nuclear waste tainted weapons were the primary cause of illness and death for Italian NATO soldiers in the occupied southern Serbian region of Kosovo. Serbian officials are in an active conversation with the Italians, whose findings may better inform any Serbian investigation.”

‘Independent’ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights receives nearly £200k from UK – Peter Hitchens

Man took his kids to the Freedom of Speech March last Sunday – been reported to the police

Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance
“Balogun spoke to the Guardian this week in his first interview since he was released from prison after five months locked up and denied bail while US attorneys tried and failed to prosecute him, accusing him of being a threat to law enforcement and an illegal gun owner.”
“Balogun, who lost his home and more while incarcerated, is believed to be the first person targeted and prosecuted under a secretive US surveillance effort to track so-called “black identity extremists”. In a leaked August 2017 report from the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit, officials claimed that there had been a “resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity” stemming from African Americans’ “perceptions of police brutality”.”
“In a letter Balogun wrote to the Guardian from jail, he said he felt he had been “abducted” by the FBI, a “prisoner of war on free speech and the right to bear arms”. Authorities were targeting him for promoting black-led community groups and fighting “government abuse”, he wrote, adding he was never a threat to anyone: “Violence is the method of our oppressor, our method is hard work, love and unity.””

Every one in the chain of command that perpetrated this outrage are motherf*kers and this guy should sue them every which way.

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say (29 Feb 2012)
“Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.”
I am sure that these totally satanic motherf**kers would never contemplate murdering their own children, it’s only other people’s children that are ‘morally irrelevant’.

Journalists in Syria on the US Drone ‘Kill List’

5 Illinois Counties Declare Themselves ‘Sanctuary Counties’ for Gun Owners
Taking America back one county at a time.

Deep State 101: A Primer and Prescription
“Every nation worth its salt has a deep state, a loose network of rich and powerful players who ratify, veto or formulate state social, economic and military policies. Whether monarchy, dictatorship, or constitutional republic, no government worthy of the name lacks for a shadowy unelected elite with hands on the tiller and in the till, influential persons with inherited or recent wealth, upper crust social connections, and old school ties, often found sitting on boards of directors and golf carts in isolated settings.”

The Great Hope of the DNC to Take Down Trump Is Charged with Beating, Slapping, Choking, Threatening 4 Women
“It seems like it was just yesterday that Politico Magazine was cheering New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as the man who would take down Donald Trump.”
“Eric Shneiderman is celebrated on the left.”
“He is was the Democrat Party’s great hope to take down Donald Trump.”

US Gov. and Media Whitewash ‘Reformer’ Saudi Prince MBS as He Beheads Dissidents
“While top American officials and media outlets praise Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a “revolutionary,” 12 people are beheaded per month. Professor Asad AbuKhalil says the Saudi monarchy “has become far more repressive than it has ever been.””

Facebook Blocks Daily Caller Story On FBI Texts — Blames ‘Spam’ Algorithm
Can this company be this incompetent ?

Ex CIA Warns American People About the True Head of the Shadow Government
“Ex CIA officer Kevin Shipp gives a stark warning about how deeply entrenched the shadow government is and what it means to constitutional patriot Americans.”

Theresa May ‘shouldn’t be believed’ on alleged Syria chemical attack – John Pilger to RT (VIDEO)

$21 trillion in taxes reported by US military and HUD as ‘missing’ (~$200,000 per US household)

Proof American Wars Are All Lies & For Oil Resources
“By 3 minutes in, the humanitarian coverstory is already exposed as a farce, with video evidence of staged crises and horrible actors. 100 years of history shows it all boils down to OIL. In 1916 Rothschilds/UK’s began dividing up the mideast into markets. Their zionist colonies – US & IS – have since picked up, US supplying NATO Allies with 80% of oil to fight for more oil. More blood, more oil, more war.”

American Journalist Killed in Turkey for Revealing the Truth Regarding ISIS-Daesh
“No Investigation Two Years After Suspicious Death of American Journalist Serena Shim”
“Killing the Truth: In this article, first published by the Duran and GR in October 2016, the journalist who exposed the truth regarding the State sponsors of ISIS-Daesh is killed. Who are the state sponsors of ISIS-Daesh.”
“Although all signs point to foul play, indeed murder, by Turkish intelligence, until now the US government has neither conducted nor demanded an inquiry into the events of the alleged car accident which Turkish officials say was the cause of Shim’s death, let alone offer condolences to the family.”

Medical Industrial Complex
“I just watched this 60 minutes segment http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-problem-with-prescription-drug-prices/ that started with a problem in Rockford, Illinois. Rockford self insures medical expenses for their 1,000 employees and dependents. Because of drug prices (astronomical) increase on one drug in particular (Acthar,) it caused the city to severely downsize other key functions to pay these costs. (That one drug was used on only 2 dependent babies.)”
“In 2001 Acthar sold for about $40 a vial. Today, more than $40,000. An increase of 100,000%”

82-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Gets Her Memory Back After Changing Her Diet
“A change in diet, which was comprised of high amounts of blueberries and walnuts, has proven to have had a strong impact on Sylvia’s condition that her recipes are now being shared by the Alzheimer’s Society.”
“Sylvia also began incorporating other health foods, including broccoli, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, green tea, oats, sweet potatoes and even dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacoa. All of these foods are known to be beneficial for brain health.”

Stunned scientists find BLUEBERRIES are better at destroying cancer cells than conventional radiation therapy alone

Meria Heller “Trump Is A Dangerous Stooge Who Makes George W. Bush Look Like A Saint!”

We’re All Trespassers Now in the Face of the Government’s Land Grabs
“In Kelo, the City of New London, Conn., wanted to condemn private homes as “blighted” in order to tear them down and allow a developer to build higher-priced homes, a resort hotel, a conference center and retail complexes to complement a new Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in the area. Ironically, the developers in New London later backed out of the deal after the homes were seized and bulldozed, leaving the once quaint neighborhood a wasteland.”
“Nevertheless, a shortsighted Supreme Court gave city officials the go-ahead, ruling 5-4 that a city government—aligned with large corporate interests—could use the power of eminent domain to seize an entire neighborhood for development purposes, entire neighborhoods have been seized and bulldozed to make way for shopping malls, sports complexes and corporate offices.”
“In the wake of Kelo, at least 16 places of worship (which pay no taxes) were taken for private uses (which will generate tax dollars). Other attempted takings include the transfer of three family-owned seafood businesses to a larger private marina in Texas; the transfer of farmland to a shopping center anchored by a Lowe’s in Illinois; developing 233 low-income and elderly families’ properties into a senior community where townhouses cost more than $350,000 in New Jersey; and developing middle-income, single-family homes on the waterfront into more expensive condominiums in New Jersey.”
Non-eminent domain will turn us fall back into serfs.

Horrifying video shows US daycare teacher instructing kids to THROW ROCKS at their four-year-old classmate ‘to teach him a lesson’

Leaked Emails Reveal Clinton Collusion With the Russians
“The conservative group Citizens United has received emails from the Clinton Foundation that show the organization’s own dealings with the Russians.”
“While they don’t reveal anything criminal, they do showcase a relationship the Clintons had with the Russians that would be a front-page story on the New York Times had Trump done the same. The emails in question show Clinton Foundation staff pushing Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian oligarch.”

George Soros’ Right Hand Man Arrested For Rape And Human Trafficking
“Howard Rubin, widely known as George Soros’ right hand man, has been accused of leading a “human trafficking enterprise” in which he allegedly raped, brutally assaulted and enslaved women in a $8 million Manhattan sex dungeon, according to court documents.”

“Death Spiral”: Obamacare Premiums May Soar As Much As 91% Next Year

Food as medicine: 5 of the most powerful natural medicines that you should have in your kitchen
“White onion”

Lawmakers Introduce Farm Bill Amendment to Prohibit Federal Government Interference in Raw Milk Sales
Freeing America one state law at a time.

WATCH: Citizen Blows Up on Cops After Officer Threatens to Kill Him for Filming
“When the sergeant arrives, logic prevails and he gives the man back his camera. However, having just been assaulted with a deadly weapon by a public servant for doing nothing wrong set the man filming off and he demanded the officer be fired.”
“The law to which the man keeps referring, “pc148 g,” is the California penal code which explicitly permits the filming of police and explicitly bars the officer from acting in such a manner.”
“The fact that a person takes a photograph or makes an audio or video recording of a public officer or peace officer, while the officer is in a public place or the person taking the photograph or making the recording is in a place he or she has the right to be, does not constitute, in and of itself, a violation of subdivision (a), nor does it constitute reasonable suspicion to detain the person or probable cause to arrest the person.”
“When police refuse to have their public service documented and this refusal morphs into assault with a deadly weapon, something has gone seriously wrong. No one should ever face persecution for their freedom of expression—especially in the land of the free.”
Look at what lunatics are given a gun and look at what laws have to be enacted to permit something that is already be permitted.

Innocent Couple Raided by Cops for Facebook Post of LEGAL Morel Mushrooms
“Either way, both of those scenarios are undesirable and facilitated by the state’s immoral and violent drug war. Until the dinosaurs in the prison industrial complex—who keep the drug war alive to reap massive profits off of persecuting people for victimless crimes—are exposed, this madness will continue and others will not be as luck as John and Hope.”

Prominent Doctor Lifts Veil of Secrecy on Vaccine & Pharmaceutical Industries (Special Release)
3m10s “A lot of physicians in the united states burn out or are incredibly dissatisfied because we recognise that medicine in the united states is beholden to the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.”

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Has Tripled Cervical Cancer In North America

“So much bigger than Wakefield, and zero media coverage”
“In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield ended up crucified for a paper that only noted what some parents had reported–namely, that their children regressed into autism after the MMR vaccine. Dr. Yao’s second paper, on the other hand, conducted a thorough study of the Hepatitis B vaccine’s impact on the brains of mice, and did so versus a control group of mice who received a saline placebo. This is a “gold standard” animal study that you would typically do BEFORE a drug was introduced to the human population. In a world where vaccines were treated like other prescription drugs, Dr. Yao’s study would have sent up a giant red flag about the neurotoxicity of the Hepatitis B vaccine. Of course, that didn’t happen, and this is the first time you’ve probably ever heard of this study”

Merck Accused of Fraud, Deceit and Negligence in US Gardasil Case
“Merck’s aggressive agenda to increase HPV vaccine uptake rates, despite causing thousands of severe injuries, is hitting a stumbling block in a court case alleging blatant corruption.”
”There has been documented evidence that the HPV vaccine has caused more injuries than any other vaccination in history. Despite this evidence however, the HPV vaccination has continued to be hailed a success by the pharmaceutical industry and governments alike.”
“According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) VigiAccess database, as of April 09, 2018, a total of 85,329 reports of adverse reactions have been filed regarding the HPV vaccination. These reports include 37,699 reports of nervous system disorders; 2450 cardiac disorders, (including 38 cardiac arrests) 533 reports of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); over 3200 reports of seizures or epilepsy, 8453 syncope and 389 deaths.”

Rappoport: Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring

Vancouver chiropractor resigns from college board over anti-vaccine video
“Jassal’s live video, created in November, suggested that fruit smoothies are more effective than the flu shot at preventing influenza. Medical experts say that while good nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy immune system, it’s no replacement for vaccination.”
Stay on the big pharma plantation.

Europe under the vaccination gun: an expanding tragedy
“Europe is moving closer to mandatory vaccination. The drive is spearheaded by a collaboration between the European Union (EU) and Big Pharma companies.”
“Many citizens of EU member countries aren’t even aware of what is happening. Key high-level meetings are being held in secret.”
“Those who are aware, and object to what is on the planning table, are being ignored.”
“Robert F Kennedy Jr. and the World Mercury Project have a report”

“The principles of pH therapy are very simple. The metabolism of cancer cells has a very narrow pH tolerance for cellular proliferation (mitosis), which is between 6.5 and 7.5. As such, if you can interfere with cancer cell metabolism by either lowering or raising the internal cancer cell pH, you can theoretically stop cancer progression.[iv]”
“While lowering cancer cell pH (increasing acidity) is effective against cancer cell mitosis in the lab, increasing acid levels in the live body of a cancer patient puts stress on normal cells and causes a lot of pain. So the proposed alkaline therapy for people is a “high pH therapy” and has been developed to normalize the intracellular pH of the cancer patient’s body through elimination of latent acidosis, while increasing the pH of cancer cells to a range above 7.5. According to published research, it is at that pH they revert to a normal cellular apoptosis cycle (programed cell death).[v]”

Jordan Peterson – The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech

The #DayForFreedom March – MASSIVE rally for free speech in Britain. Liberty may not be thriving in the UK, but it’s not dead yet!

Police Union: Miami Cop Showed ‘Great Restraint’ By Kicking Handcuffed Suspect In The Head [VIDEO]
This guy should be lucky this rogue cop didn’t shot him dead, is that it ?

D-notice on Skripal’s handler Miller / Toxins of NWO / 2/3 Citing Corruption In Government


A dumb schmuck with a internet-connected computer can find all of these juicy snippets of news so what good is the corporate news media ?

Gov’t Forcing Media to Suppress Bombshell Skripal Case Details, Effectively Changing the Story

“Further indicative of something likely suspicious afoot, a D Notice, which effectively bans British media outlets and journalists from mentioning Pablo Miller, was put in place on the day of the Salisbury chemical attack.”
“Former British diplomat Craig Murray posted a screenshot of a tweet that he called a “vital confirmation from Channel 4 News (serial rebel Alex Thomson) of the D Notice in place on mention of Pablo Miller.””
The Westminster government being deceptive.

Netanyahu’s Evidence Wasn’t Just Old, Some of It Was Fabricated
Israel’s Prime Minister being deceptive.

Israel’s claims about Iran’s nuclear weapons program rejected as IAEA releases statement

45-minute claim on Iraq was hearsay
“Tony Blair’s headline-grabbing claim that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes of an order to do so was based on hearsay information, the Guardian has learned.”
“The revelation that the controversial claim is even weaker than ministers and officials have been saying will embarrass No 10, already reeling after the first week of the Hutton inquiry into the death of weapons expert David Kelly.”
The Westminster government being deceptive.

The BIG lie that led us (America) into WWI
“Neutral? Think again”
“US weapons on the Lusitania”
“Why did the US get involved with WWI? It was largely based on an emotional response to 128 American dying on the Lusitania.”
“The reason it outraged so many people was that it was full of civilians, and not thought to have been containing weapons.”
“The rules of war at the time were that ships containing weapons were free game.”
“When the shipwreck was discovered later on, tons of US-made weapons were found on the ship.”
When the American public and the British public were told that this civilian ship was not carrying tons of weapons of war, somebody in both the Washington D.C. government and the Westminster government was knowingly being deceptive.
The German military did what any military would do to a legitimate military target so the issue we all should have is that innocent civilians were deceived by their government.
Please tell me if you disagree.

48 Years Ago Today, US Troops Massacred Students in Ohio, Covered It Up and Got Away With It
“A crucial piece of the conspiracy was apparently uncovered in 2010 that played a pivotal role in exposing the crimes of the US government. Audio recordings were analyzed and subsequently found to record the Guardsmen being given orders to murder the protesters.”
It is the guns from people like this in government who follow illegal orders that need to be taken away. Furthermore, they should stand trial and, if found guilty, face death by firing squad.
The 5-decade-long war on pro-peace protestors.

OPCW corrects its own chief’s bizarre claim that ‘50-100 grams of Novichok’ were used on Skripals

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans (July 14, 2013)
U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans
“But if anyone needed a reminder of the dangers of domestic propaganda efforts, the past 12 months provided ample reasons. Last year, two USA Today journalists were ensnared in a propaganda campaign after reporting about millions of dollars in back taxes owed by the Pentagon’s top propaganda contractor in Afghanistan. Eventually, one of the co-owners of the firm confessed to creating phony websites and Twitter accounts to smear the journalists anonymously. Additionally, just this month, the Washington Post exposed a counter-propaganda program by the Pentagon that recommended posting comments on a U.S. website run by a Somali expat with readers opposing al-Shabab. “Today, the military is more focused on manipulating news and commentary on the Internet, especially social media, by posting material and images without necessarily claiming ownership,” reported the Post.”
An official narrative might be bulls**t if all of the corporate news media has begun pushing it within a few hours of the event.
The Washington D.C. government, ever since July 2013, can legally be deceptive.

From The Skripals To Douma, The Globalist Pravda Network Reveals Its True Face

Bush laughs at no WMD in Iraq

Nato invasion of Libya based on a tissue of lies (April 16 2014)
“The story then emerged that inflamed opinion across the world and in the minds of many came to symbolise the demented evil of the Gaddafi regime, of soldiers, libidos boosted by Viagra, raping children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children on the direct instructions of Gaddafi himself. Here, surely, was a regime which had to be destroyed by any means necessary.”
“Apparent confirmation of the story was supplied by the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo, who called journalists to his office at the Hague to announce that he had “convincing” evidence that Gaddafi had personally ordered “hundreds” of rapes by men provided with Viagra. He has not mentioned this in his recent demands for the trial of Gaddafi’s sons and aides to be held under ICC auspices.”
“One reason for his reticence will have been that, after the Gaddafi regime was routed, allowing human rights groups to investigate, not a single victim of, or witness to, the bestial events he had advertised in 2011 could be discovered.”

(July 27, 2011) Lies of the Libyan War
“As exposed here on CounterPunch the lies used to justify the NATO war against Libya have surpassed those created to justify the invasion of Iraq. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both had honest observers on the ground for months following the rebellion in eastern Libya and both have repudiated every major charge used to justify the NATO war on Libya.”
“According to the Amnesty observer, who is fluent in Arabic, there is not one confirmed instance of rape by the pro-Gadaffi fighters, not even a doctor who knew of one. All the Viagra mass rape stories were fabrications.”
“Amnesty could not verify a single “African mercenary” fighting for Gaddafi story, and the highly charged international satellite television accounts of African mercenaries raping women that were used to panic much of the eastern Libyan population into fleeing their homes were fabrications.”
“There were no confirmed accounts of helicopter gun ships attacking civilians and no jet fighters bombing people which completely invalidates any justification for the No-Fly Zone inSecurity Council resolution used as an excuse for NATO to launch its attacks on Libya.”
“After three months on the ground in rebel controlled territory, the Amnesty investigator could only confirm 110 deaths in Benghazi which included Gadaffi supporters.”
“Only 110 dead in Benghazi? Wait a minute, we were told thousands had died there, ten thousand even. No, only 110 lost their lives including pro-government people.”
“No rapes, no African mercenaries, no helicopter gun ships or bombers, and only 110 ten deaths prior to the launch of the NATO bombing campaign, every reason was based on a lie.”
“What seem to have finally tipped the balance in favor of direct western military intervention was the reported demand by Gadaffi that the USA oil companies who have long been major players in the Libyan petroleum industry were going to have to compensate Libya to the tune of tens of billions of dollars for the damage done to the Libyan economy by the USA instigated “Lockerbie Bombing” sanctions imposed by the UN inSecurity Council throughout the 1990’s into early 2000’s. This is based on the unearthing of evidence that the CIA paid millions of dollars to witnesses in the Lockerbie Bombing trial to change their stories to implicate Libya which was used as the basis for the very damaging UN sanctions against Libya. The government of the USA lied and damaged Libya so the USA oil companies were going to have to pay up to cover the cost of their governments actions. Not hard to see why Gadaffi had to go isn’t it?”

Lies behind the “Humanitarian War” in Libya: There is no evidence! (Part 1), NATO Crimes In Libya.

NGOs Behind the War on Libya – Julien Teil on GRTV

Libya: Destruction on a pack of lies (by Cynthia McKinney on 10 Nov 2011)
“Request from Cynthia McKinney”
“Hello. It’s really sad when journalists want to print the truth, but are prevented from doing so because of concerns about keeping their jobs. It seems that is the situation today with the video that shows that all of the Libya destruction was built on a pack of lies. The video done by Julien Teil, called “The Humanitarian War”, demonstrates, in the words of the author of the original lie, that there was no evidence at all to back up the allegation that thousands were killed by the Jamahiriya government, but that instead, a small circle of friends “worked” that lie throughout the various organs of the United Nations and the result is genocide of a people and contamination of a land.”

The widow of China’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo has said she is ready to die in protest at being held under house arrest by Chinese authorities
“The poet is said to be suffering from depression after spending years under heavy surveillance, and her friends and lawyer say they believe she is being held “incommunicado”. Journalists have been blocked from visiting her.”
“Advocacy groups have for years called on Beijing to free Liu Xia but the Chinese authorities insists that she is a free citizen, and that the grief induced by her husband’s death has prevented her from getting in touch.”
A free citizen would not be under heavy surveillance or be denied meeting journalists.

Corruption, Lies, Brutality, Murder: How UK Police Infiltrated Justice Campaigns
“In July 2014, British police acknowledged undercover officers from the top secret Special Demonstration Squad had spied on 18 campaign groups – bereaved families and friends of deceased individuals seeking justice and truth in exceptional cases. Sputnik looks at some pivotal cases subject to intense police spying.”
“Stephen Lawrence”
“In response, the Metropolitan Police dispatched undercover officers to infiltrate the group — among them was Peter Francis, who posed as ‘Pete Black’. He has revealed his mission was to find incriminating information about the campaign, and Lawrence’s family and friends, in order to discredit it and them in the eyes of the public.”
“Jean Charles de Menezes”
“On July 22 2005, Jean Charles, a 27 year old electrician, was executed by armed police on an underground train in South London.”
Were these infiltrations to protect the corrupt institutions, thereby subverting the public interest, or to protect the public interest ?

Weapons inspector refutes U.S. Syria chemical claims
“Ritter was one of the groundbreakers in developing on-site inspection techniques and methodologies. With this unique experience behind him, Ritter was asked in 1991, at the end of the Gulf War, to join the United Nations Special Commission, which was tasked by the Security Council to oversee the disarmament of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. From 1991 to 1998, Ritter served as a chief weapons inspector and led a number of teams into Iraq.”
“According to Ritter, in the following Flashpoints Radio interview with Dennis Bernstein conducted on April 23rd, US, British and French claims that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against civilians last month appear to be totally bogus.”

MUST SHARE: The sterilization agenda continues with LED lighting, fertility under attack and humanity under seige
“The human race is under attack. We are willingly being destroyed by consuming GMO food products, toxic sweeteners, while our health is being mined by allopathic medicine. We are forcibly being destroyed by decisions our leaders make on our behalf and in spite of the dire warnings given, they ignore them all.”
“Look folks, they could make LED computer screens, lights, TV’s, and street lights that emit in the 2700K range instead of the blue and white light range but they don’t. Look folks, they could hardwire the schools instead of using wireless but they don’t. Look folks, they could push sound nutrition and declare war on all the crap we are being force-fed and injected with but they don’t. Look, folks, they could end the dosing of our water with toxic halide compounds but they won’t.”
The toxic products of the Zionist NWO.

Eradicating Zionism with Truth – A Plan for Peace and Prosperity for All
“Zionism is a subversive force that includes global state-sponsored terrorism and global organized crime. It cannot and should not be confused with Judaism, the religion. Zionism is dominated by the Chabad Supremacist cult within Judaism, and Orthodox Jews as its “useful idiots.” Most Jews – and particularly Reform and Progressive Jews, want nothing to do with Zionism and understand that Zionist atrocities within Palestine – and Zionist bribery, blackmail, espionage, and financial crime all over the world but especially in the United States of America and the United Kingdom – are not the same as Judaism the religion. Zionism bad, Judaism good.”

The 60 Minutes Deception (full length, official documentary) How Clinton affects the media

So many lies regarding the death of deputy counsel to the White House Vince Foster.

Leaks, fake news, and hidden agendas
“Sometimes, both the WHO and the WHAT are censored. Such was the case with CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, who confessed publicly, in August of 2014, that he and colleagues at the CDC committed fraud in a 2004 study of the MMR vaccine, by covering up the vaccine’s connection to autism. Thompson admitted the study was cooked. The mainstream press put a chokehold on the story. Aside from scattered references, and official denials, the story faded quickly. The leaker and what he was leaking remained in the shadows. Independent news outlets (such as this one) kept the story percolating.”
The deafening silence from the corporate news media on this has now stretched to 2 years 9 months.

Federal Court Proves Gov’t Loyalty to Big Pharma, Rules CBD Has No Medical Value
“Interestingly, an advisory committee for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in mid-April approved the first pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD) medicine to treat severe epilepsy. In a unanimous decision, the committee voted to recommend GW Pharmaceuticals drug Epidiolex for approval.”
“There is a clear movement afoot to take a natural product like CBD oil and turn it into an FDA approved drug—something that clearly has the potential to limit the access people have to a natural medicine. Motherboard reported last year on the drug industry lobbying for legislation that would outlaw CBD oil by classifying it as a drug.”
“The report also noted that “corporate lobbyists in more than 20 states are currently pushing to make sure the pharmaceutical industry has the only legal supply of CBD.” Thus, it appears the Big Pharma takeover of CBD is well underway.”
The stranglehold that corporations have on government has to stop.
What was this judge promised by big pharma to lie about CBD ?

FBI Chaos: Comey Caught In Lie Over Flynn Investigation; Anti-Trump “Lovebird” Lisa Page Quits
“For starters, the redacted section of the report covers up the fact that former deputy director Andrew McCabe told Congressional investigators the FBI had virtually no case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.”
Where was the national security justification for redacting this snippet ?
Should this redactor now go to jail for this false national security justification ?
Can Flynn now sue everyone involved for this malicious prosecution ?

Catonsville Nine
“The Catonsville Nine were nine Catholic activists who burned draft files to protest the Vietnam War. On May 17, 1968, they went to the draft board in Catonsville,[1] in the U.S. state of Maryland, took 378 draft files, brought them to the parking lot in wire baskets, dumped them out, poured over them homemade napalm (an incendiary used extensively by the US military in Vietnam), and set them on fire.[2]”

Hopkins Students Fight Against ‘School to War Pipeline’

Edward Snowden on Bitcoin Interview 2018

18m55s “If you don’t have anything to hide, why do care ? But arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say. It misses the point, privacy isn’t abut something to hide, privacy is about something to protect. And that thing is an open society, a free society that understands the value of the individual.”
1h4m55s “Question people with the most power, just as frequently as you question those like myself who have the least.”

“This Is Terrible For PDVSA”: Conoco Begins Confiscating Venezuela Oil Assets, Infuriating China
“And now the question is what will China do after a US company has effectively crippled Venezuela’s oil output, forcing Beijing to look for much more expensive oil elsewhere.”
China could stop buying American treasury bonds and start selling the stockpile that they have.

Interview by Ronny Rydström with Gela Amini, one of the organizers of the march against Monsanto and GMO in Stockholm (25 maj 2013)
“Geliqua GelaTell me what you are doing here?”
“– The march against Monsanto actually started in the United States and spread all around the world. I think, if I’m not mistaken, 400 marches going on, all of them today on the 25/5 2013. We have three in Sweden – Falkenberg, Stockholm and Göteborg. We want to kick Monsanto out of Sweden. The main goal is to live as organic as possible for us to be able to be one with nature. Nobody has the right to patent nature, nobody has more right to it than anybody else. We all come from the same place, we all need to share it.”
“So what is wrong with GMO and Monsanto, if you would summarize it?”
“– It depends on what angle you want to look at it from. If you want to look at it from mother natures angle, the scientific aspects, or how it affects our children when it comes to family and domestic life. To summerize it I want to quote one of our other organizers, Sebastian Dawson:”
“”It’s simple, I don’t want to eat poison. I don’t want you to eat poison. I don’t want anybody else on this earth to eat poison.””

Opening Your Heart, Learning From Children and Being Vegan with Geliqua Amini

37m5s “I think it all comes right back down to self-governance at the end of the day and self-responsibility and self-love.”

Laura Loomer Tears A Hole In FBI’s Las Vegas Narrative…. AGAIN
“Citizen journalist Laura Loomer has once again scooped the mainstream media with her reporting on the Las Vegas shooting, and her latest revelation casts doubt on key details of authorities’ account of the massacre. Loomer, who recently exposed several inconsistencies in the FBI and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s public communications regarding the deadliest shooting in American history, is now challenging another aspect of the official narrative.”

The Octopus Of Global Control with Charlie Robinson

George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies
“Soros called the digital assets a ‘bubble’ in January”
Did he not know what he was talking about back in January ?

11,000 homeowners are at risk of losing their properties after being trapped on interest-only mortgages they can not afford to repay

Almost 2/3 Of Americans Have Given Up On Political Parties, Citing Corruption In Government
These 2/3 of Americans are absolutely correct. And of this two party duopoly I say: ’a pox on both your houses’.

This couple never missed a mortgage payment on their seaside retirement haven…. So why are they being taken to court by their bank and now face losing their home?
“The couple were forced to convert their mortgage to interest-only one after Val lost her job in 2007 to manage their repayments.”
“Len has not been able to work since 2011 because of an operation for lung cancer, and despite this the couple have never missed a payment.”
“Len and Val are among the 1.67million borrowers with an interest-only mortgage which means they only pay the interest on their loan each month.”
“This means that borrowers are left with a lump sum to pay when their mortgage deal comes to an end.”

Munger Massacres “Scumbag, Immoral” Bitcoin Traders, Gates “Would Short It” If He Could

Diamond & Silk Give Democrats A History Lesson…

Watch Diamond & Silk Testify Before Congress And All Hell Breaks Loose(VIDEO)!!!

Diamond and Silk Spar with Media Experts as Rep. Issa ask Questions April 26, 2018

8m15s “Free speech is a right to say things which people don’t like and which at the time people may say is inaccurate, such as the world is round.”
12m40s “Congress and this committee are going to have to make sure that first amendment rights of people who choice to use large scale very powerful medium that is theoretically open to everyone, we have to ensure that it is. We do that with broadcast and election, I mentioned Teddy Roosevelt. There was a time when Andrew Carnagie that it was just fine to decide whose ore he wanted to make sure couldn’t be delivered on his railroad until they went bankrupt and sold to him. Monopolies can gain a tremendous amount of power and advantage if they are not stopped early. And monopolies of freedom of speech is by definition the most dangerous.”
Mr Issa nailed it.

Cryptocurrencies Are The Most Important Technological Advance Since The Internet

Blind customers locked out by bank web upgrades
The legacy banking system is without innovation.

Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Slam Bitcoin Again, Resort To Elementary School Insults

Why Bitcoin Is So Important For The Future Of The World with Jimmy Song

1m10s “The two things I would say governments are good at are collecting taxes and killing people.”

‘First Chief of OPCW Said He Was Threatened by John Bolton’ – Analyst
“Chris Kanthan: Theoretically, the OPCW is a neutral group. But the fact is that it comes under a lot of political pressure. The first chief of the OPCW said he was threatened by John Bolton when no WMDs were found in Iraq. Bolton walked into his office and told him: “we know where your kids live.””

Vitamin D reduces inflammation caused by Type 2 diabetes

Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza
“Israel’s military fired white phosphorus over crowded areas of Gaza repeatedly and indiscriminately in its three-week war, killing and injuring civilians and committing war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today.”
“In a 71-page report, the rights group said the repeated use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells in populated areas of Gaza was not incidental or accidental, but revealed “a pattern or policy of conduct”.”
“It said the Israeli military used white phosphorus in a “deliberate or reckless” way. “
I guess Israel is allowed to use chemical weapons on civilians whereas it is a crime against humanity when everyone else does it.

Man Imprisoned For (8) YEARS With No Conviction

Behold the prison for profit system creating an injustice system.

Illinois Coroner Holds Remains “Hostage” Unless Families Can Pay $1000
The money junkies must have their pound of flesh from society.

Flint water flagged as poor weeks before free bottles ended
“Michigan environmental experts warned that Flint’s water system had “significant deficiencies” just weeks before Gov. Rick Snyder announced an end to bottled water service that was introduced to allay a lead-tainted water crisis.”

It is 1938 Again: But It’s the Neocons and Not Russia Who Are the Threat
“We are in a uncannily similar situation today. In the last 20 years the US and its closest allies have attacked/invaded a number of sovereign states, including the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. You could argue that this record of international aggression was actually worse than the Third Reich’s up to 1938, as there was no Versailles Treaty to undo. No one could claim for instance that in invading Iraq on the fraudulent basis that the country possessed WMDs, the US and its allies were entering their own ‘back garden’ as Lord Lothian remarked about the occupation of the Rhineland.”

A Financial Elite Who Left The Globalist System and is Now Trying To Destroy It – Mads Palsvig

Appeals court reverses one Schaeffer Cox conviction, affirms others
“Cox is serving his sentence at a federal prison in Illinois after an Anchorage jury convicted him in 2012 on charges including conspiracy to murder federal officials, solicitation to murder federal officials and charges of owning illegal weapons.”
“The three appeals court judges hinted during the oral arguments that they might reverse Cox’s murder solicitation conviction, which they did in Tuesday’s ruling while affirming the remaining convictions.”
“On the murder solicitation charge, the court agreed with Cox’s defense attorney, Michael Filipovic, in his argument that Cox didn’t really threaten the life of any federal employees in 2010 outside North Pole television station KJNP. When Cox went into the building to give an interview, he asked supporters to set up a security perimeter to protect him from a fictitious “federal hit team” that Cox said was trying to kill him.”
Conspiracy comes after solicitation which make me wonder if this prosecution was a crock of s**t.

MICHIGAN PARENTS: AFT Michigan Seeks to Prevent Publication of Project Veritas Videos
“The teachers unions are more concerned with protecting their institution, rather than the children in their schools.”
“That isn’t to say we won’t publish any of our materials regarding AFT. We’ll do everything we can to get that information out there because we believe that it is of national public interest. AFT may not want you to know what we’ve discovered about them, but I’m sure parents in Michigan do.”

Palestinians face explosive bullets, dangerous gas bombs
“Palestinians have also noted an unknown toxic gas launched at demonstrators, which provokes severe convulsions.”
“The yellow-green gas has caused many who were exposed to it to convulse, their legs and bodies thrashing violently as they lay on the ground.”

‘State of War’: Israel Argues Human Rights Law Doesn’t Apply to Gaza Protests
“In response to a High Court petition, Israeli authorities said the country’s government regards recent demonstrations by Palestinians along the Gaza fence line as a “state of war” and that the state of Israel opposes the application of human rights law during an armed conflict.”
“Israeli state attorneys on Sunday defended the army’s use of live ammunition during clashes with Palestinian protesters along the Gaza Strip’s eastern fence.”
“They said human rights laws are not applicable to the ongoing protests, which they argued cannot be considered civilian events. Thus, they said Israeli forces acted in line with both Israeli and international law in killing and wounding dozens of protesters, Haaretz reported Thursday.”
They mustn’t let their crimes against humanity stop for such a paltry issue of observing human rights law. They are killing humans who are not a military threat ?

UK opposition leader Corbyn condemns Gaza ‘outrage’


EMFs and RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is

The Red Cross has built exactly 6 homes in Haiti with 500 billion dollars in donations
“The Red Cross made a promise to Haiti to help provide homes following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the region.”
“They promised they would build hundreds of thousands of homes for people who had been left homeless by the destructive earthquake but they have failed massively. In fact, to date, they have built just six homes despite the fact that around half a billion dollars were donated.”

Cervical Cancer Increases Since HPV Vaccines, Per Swedish Study
“It seems there are more “correlation and causation” effects from vaccines, especially with the much-touted ‘cervical cancer prevention’ vaccines known as Gardasil®, Gardasil 9® and Cervarix® – the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines manufactured by Merck & Company and GlaxoSmithKline, respectively!”
“These vaccines are loaded with aluminum adjuvants…”

Miami Cop Caught Kicking Handcuffed Suspect in the Head (VIDEO)

Tesla, without any doubt, is on the verge of bankruptcy.
“Just a few days ago, shareholders of Tesla approved an almost comical pay package for their cult leader CEO Elon Musk that could potentially put $50 BILLION in his pocket over the next decade.”

Exposing the lies used to justify the recent western interventions

Lies of a rancid, stinking evil empire.

Hoisting the false flag
“BRAVE GUATEMALAN air force pilots rebelled against a leftist regime in 1954 and used their planes to bomb the regime’s bases. Army commanders also rebelled; Guatemalans could hear them directing troop movements over the radio. Finally these patriots won their revolution. The United States trumpeted their victory around the world.”
“This was a “false flag” operation — staged by one force but made to look as if someone else did it. Planes that bombed targets in Guatemala were painted with Guatemalan air force insignia, but the pilots were CIA contractors. Radio messages about troop movements had been pre-recorded at a CIA base in Florida. A revolution that seemed to be emerging from one country, Guatemala, was actually the project of another, the United States.”

Comedian Slams Whitehouse Press – Media Impotently Lashes Back

Comedian Handcuffed & Ejected From White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Comedian Owns NYT Reporter – Caught Lying About Jokes

European Parliament human rights delegation barred from Bahrain
“Bahraini authorities have barred members of a delegation from the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights from entering the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom as the ruling Al Khalifah regime presses ahead with its heavy-handed crackdown against pro-democracy activists and opposition figures.”
“Thousands of anti-regime protesters have held demonstrations in Bahrain on an almost daily basis ever since a popular uprising began in the country in mid-February 2011.”
“On March 5, 2017, Bahrain’s parliament approved the trial of civilians at military tribunals in a measure blasted by human rights campaigners as being tantamount to imposition of an undeclared martial law countrywide. “
“Bahraini monarch King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah ratified the constitutional amendment on April 3 last year.”
Their plight has been ongoing for 7 years and this martial law bulls**t for 12 months.

Bahraini court postpones trial of top dissident Rajab until May 8
“On February 21, a court in Bahrain sentenced the distinguished human rights activist to five years in prison over tweets deemed critical of the Manama regime and the deadly Saudi-led war against Yemen.”
I have criticised the government of my nation a dozen times each day and that’s even before I get out of bed, so this Bahraini court can shove this ‘conviction’ up my fat f**king arse.
How can the governments of western nations be friendly in any way to this monstrosity of a government ?

Reports: UAE ambassador embroiled in global corruption scandal
“Leaked emails show a long-term relationship between Al-Otaiba and Jho Low, a Malaysian financier who law enforcement officials accuse of embezzling $4.5 billion from the Malaysian 1MDB investment fund.”
“The emails highlight Al-Otaiba’s vast wealth, which includes millions of dollars of shares in Palantir, a data analysis firm that has contracts with the US intelligence, law enforcement community, and The Carlyle Group.”
“Al-Otaiba frequently gives advice to President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and counsellor, Jared Kushner, about Middle East policy.”
Is President Trump just as corrupt as the Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons ?

Top healing foods that fight cancer: Do you eat them often enough?

Homeschoolers Turn Out in Droves to Defeat Intrusive California Bill
“Homeschoolers prefer their privacy, however, so they trekked to Sacramento to inform their elected representatives. According to GVWire, “lines to speak wrapped around two floors of the Capitol and out the door.” The Desert Reviewnoted that the bill’s “opponents included a number of professionals, state-credentialed teachers, and self-described progressives and liberal Democrats.” Over the course of three hours, nearly 1,000 people told the committee in no uncertain terms to kill the bill. Only two people spoke in favor of it.”
“Medina claims he was motivated to introduce the legislation by the case of David and Louise Turpin, constituents of his who are accused of holding their 13 children captive and torturing them, claiming they were homeschooling the children. “When the Turpin case happened,” he said, “I, like many others in my district … looked in the law, looked for what may have been able to be done to avoid that incident.””

Dial ‘T’ For Tyranny: While America Feuds, the Police State Shifts Into High Gear

There Isn’t Enough Time To Tell Every Story Of Police Brutality Against African Americans

Speaking the Unspeakable: The Assassination and Martyrdom of Thomas Merton
“Third, because it greatly expands our understanding of that fateful year – 1968 – by adding the prophetic Merton’s name to the list of well-known anti-war leaders – MLK and RFK – who were slain that year by U.S. government operatives intent on crushing the growing opposition to their genocidal war waged on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The links between these assassinations are made manifest as one follows the authors’ brilliant analysis that allows an informed reader to see the template common to them all and one that clearly leads to intelligence agencies practiced in the arts of murder and cover-up.”

Tommy Robinson at #DayForFreedom: ‘I’m Taking Twitter to Court to Prove Facts Are Now Treated as Hate’
We must support everyone’s freedom of speech or we all don’t have freedom of speech.

74-Year-Old Swedish Woman Prosecuted For Criticizing Mass Immigration
“The pensioner was convicted for “breach of opinion against a public group” and will now have to pay a fine of 12,250 SEK (around $1500 dollars).”
How is an opinion a crime ?

Her “Little Pink House” Was Her Castle Until the Government Said It Wasn’t
“The tiny band of homeowners, represented by idealistic lawyers from the Institute for Justice, fought their eviction all the way to the Supreme Court—and lost. In one of the most infamous decisions in its history, the court ruled, 5-4, that property owners can be stripped of their land whenever the government decides that a wealthier owner would put it to more lucrative use.”
“The Appalling Use of Eminent Domain”
“Kelo v. City of New London effectively turned an explicit constitutional right into a nullity. Though the language of the Fifth Amendment is clear—”nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”—state and local governments for years had been getting away with using eminent domain to facilitate what amounted to private development. The New London case offered a perfect opportunity to end that abuse by reaffirming that when the Constitution says “public use,” it means public use. Instead, it did the opposite, and Americans were appalled.”
When private corporations are granted eminent domain by the people’s government which then tells the people getting shafted that they are just peons and serfs living at the whim of the wealthy in the American post-constitutional republic.
I guess the relevant part of the fifth amendment to the Constitution can be stricken from the record.
I think someone should compile a fresh list of grievances against the monstrosity that inhabits Washington D.C.

Stunning finding reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest vaccination rates

Court ruling confirms Gardasil vaccine kills people… scientific evidence beyond any doubt… so where is the outcry?

Activist Holds Up Sign Saying Police Hate Free Speech, So they Arrest Him to Prove Him Right
“After a few minutes in front of the courthouse, Picard was confronted by Police Chief Jon Fontneau, who warned the free speech activist to stop expressing himself, or go to jail.”
“Picard, knowing he was well within his rights to hold this sign up in front of a courthouse, refused. In response to Picard’s refusal to censor himself, Fontneau had him arrested and handcuffed. Picard was subsequently charged with breach of peace.”

French town of Vittel suffering water shortages as Nestle accused of ‘overusing’ resources – It is the source of one of the world’s most popular mineral waters, but the eastern French town of Vittel risks running dry.

Alyssa Milano branded a hypocrite for ‘armed security’ at anti-NRA rally (VIDEO)