Why should government know everything about us when we don’t know everything central banks ?



Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt


“Anti-capitalist protesters”

If only we had capitalism, we don’t, we have cronyism, we have corporatism, we have an oligarchy.

And you will notice that no expense was spared protecting the ECB, austerity is only for the general public.

“The court said if the number of protestors in the terminal exceeds 200, police can break up the gathering. Felix Gottwald, a pilot, tweeted that security had been stepped up at Frankfurt airport in anticipation of the arrival of Blockupy protesters.”

Will a crowd of 200,000 be broken up ?


$5000 SILVER & the BIGGEST SCAM in HISTORY! – BrotherJohnF & Woody O’Brien


1m “The IRS is a corrupt organisation that basically collects interest for the bankers.”

1m30s “If you’re going to have a (private) central bank that’s going to issue money and get paid interest and because no rational person would borrow money that they could print.”

2m10s “a river of money that goes to the government which a great deal goes to pay the interest on the debt that shouldn’t exist in the first place.”

2m40s “We don’t really have an audit of the federal reserve. We don’t know what money is passed back to shareholders, what money’s being paid in dividends, we don’t even know who the owners of the federal reserve are in terms of it’s shareholders.”

2m55s “I’m sure that there are 100s of billions of dollars going to other places.”


Stocks Slide On Hindenburg Omen Sighting


“Third, and perhaps more important to some, based on intraday data, the much-discussed Hindenburg Omen has been spotted. The last time we were this high in stocks and the Hindenburg was spotted was October 2007…

A crash approaches. Quick, grab your popcorn and get comfortable for the big show.


‘Chemical weapons is absolutely inadmissible’ – Lukashevich about capture of sarin gas by Turkish forces


“Russia has expressed concerns about yesterdays’ reports by Turkish media that the country’s security forces had found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front.”








Moscow expects Turkey’s explanations for Syrian rebels’ sarin – Lavrov



Britain To Arm Syrian Rebels; Russia Retaliates By Shipping 10 MiGs To Assad



Meanwhile, In Turkey…


Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannon on Friday at demonstrators in central Istanbul, wounding scores of people and prompting rallies in other cities in the fiercest anti-government protests for years.”

The people of Turkey need to tell their government that the people are the boss of the government.


Sprott – This Is Why There Is Such A Massive Shortage Of Gold


“Even before the April 12th and 15th crash, the tonnages were already rolling out of the GLD.  It’s my belief that that gold was being drained out of the GLD in order to supply the demand in Asia.”

“Therefore, the whole of gold that went out of GLD, rather than being a sign of weakness which is what everyone was pointing to, it was not a sign of weakness.  It was a sign that banks had no gold.”


India may try anything to reduce gold imports — except stabilize the rupee


“He didn’t elaborate what steps the government may take, but said there is no plan to ban gold imports or to further raise the import tax.”

“India will also sell from next month government bonds that will adjust returns based on the rate of inflation, a move aimed in part at weaning away small investors from buying gold as a hedge against high inflation.”

I am sure that these bonds will go down like a lead balloon.


Barrick’s Pascua-Lama gold project frozen for at least 1-2 years: Chile regulator


Bad news for shorts of gold and silver.


The FBI Changes Its Story (Again) on the Ibragim Todashev Shooting



The FBI Murder of Ibragim Todashev: The Boston Witness “Who Knew Too Much”?


How high will the body count from this false flag operation rise to ?


FBI used Photoshop in Boston bombings evidence: Investigative journalist



Obama Appoints Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar


Monsanto and the government will make sure that the only food Americans can eat will be Monsanto’s toxic GMO food.


North Carolina Law Would Make It Illegal to Expose Monsanto


“Most recently Amnesty International called the bills an affront to human rights:”

““What at first might appear to be exclusively an animal abuse issue is, on closer inspection, clearly also a freedom of expression issue, a workers’ rights issue, an environmental issue and a public health issue,” said Vienna Colucci, Director of Policy at Amnesty International USA. “And this is why such a diverse coalition has come together to oppose ‘ag-gag’ bills.””

“And on top of that, the first ag-gag prosecution in the nation was a complete failure after it became a public relations disaster.”


US Attorney General Eric Holder Personally Approved Obama’s Secret Effort to Seize Email and Phone Records of News Reporters


So Eric Holder lied when he claimed no knowledge of the seizure.


The pointless Afghanistan war has cost Britain more than £37 billion


There was a point to the Afghanistan war, just not the one most people think.

The pipeline was one point and the transferring of wealth from fooled taxpayer to the makers of weapons of war


‘I don’t feel sorry for them’: Bush risks wrath of injured veterans saying he has no sympathy because they volunteered their service



US Muslim sues FBI over ‘months of torture on unspecified charges’


“A US Muslim alleges he was held illegally for 106 days by FBI agents and was subjected to severe beatings. The plaintiff said he was abused when he refused to become an informant at the Portland Mosque he attended while living in the US.”

It seems to me that a muslim has to choose between being the chump in a FBI sting or


All Time Record Gold Transactions Reported By LBMA


No bear market in physical gold in evidence here.


Apple Hikes Japanese iPad, iPod Prices By 16%

Price inflation spreading from food and fuel to other things.


Risk of Bank Failures Is Rising in Europe, E.C.B. Warns … bail-ins coming



Doug Kass Goes For Gold – This Is An Absolute Must Watch !


“Gold is like a religion.”

No, fiat paper currency is the religion.

“The Japanese thing is a potential black swan.”


Grant Williams: Difference Between Gold Price And The Price Of Gold


“The gold price is essentially the price of a future paper conveying upon the buyer of that piece of paper the right to take delivery from the seller of a stipulated amount of gold in the contract, in this case a 100 troy ounces in good delivery form. All the gold that has physically settled as a result of the futures transaction must conform the good delivery standards in terms of purity, and it must be an approved hallmark.”

“The price of gold on the other hand is whatever you have to pay to actually get your hands on an ounce of physical metal, and it is very different: it differs from day to day, it differs from city to city, even within those cities it differs from dealer to dealer, but it is nearly always higher than the gold price. Traditionally physical gold traded at a premium to the futures price, and that premium fluctuates depending on the level of demand for the physical mental.”

“So far the gold price action. What about the price of gold? In the aftermath, as a reaction to the decline in the gold price the public did not rush to sell like they did with their equities in the crash of 1987 or 2000. In fact, they did the exact opposite. The public stampeded to buy the physical metal at a 20% discount. Of course, the price of gold was definitely not the same as the gold price. Premiums have been quoted as much as 25% above the spot price which completely negated the entire downward move of the price of gold in the futures market.”

The gold price has declined but the price of gold has increased.

“If the buyers will increase their holdings from the current 2.6% to a hardly extravagant 15% it will create demand for 17,359 tonnes (indicated in red in the chart below). That is about 15 to 20 years of global gold production.”



New Record European Unemployment, 101 USDJPY “Tractor Beam” Breach Bring Early Selling


“the key 100 support level, below which all hell breaks loose, Abenomics starts being unwound, hedge funds – short the yen and long the Nikkei – have no choice but to unwind once profitable positions, the wealth effect craters”



April Core Retail Sales Were Just Revised From A 100% Beat To A Miss



Couple arrested at Liberty Bell by park police for handing out “End The Fed” pamphlets


Wow, outside Independence Hall there isn’t any independence. The American people have only exchanged one master – King George III – for another master.


‘Abyss of Autocracy’: A Protest Movement Simmers in Kuwait


“It’s a dangerous thing to do. “The speech” refers to a handful of thoughts expressed out loud last October by a former member of the Kuwaiti parliament. Too loudly, perhaps. The politician, Musallam al-Barrak, was sentenced in April to five years in prison.”


FBI must return Kim Dotcom’s illegally seized property: New Zealand High Court


It only took them months and months and months and months.


New Study Shows Cannabinoids Improve Efficiency Of Mitochondria And Remove Damaged Brain Cells



CIA whistleblower imprisoned despite prosecutor’s promise


“The former CIA analyst who spoke out against the agency’s use of torture says he’s been deemed a “threat to public safety” and is serving his prison sentence in a crowded jail cell despite being promised admission to a federal work camp.”

Bulls**t this guy’s a threat to public safety.


ObamaCare To Begin Automatically Canceling Private Health Insurance Policies



Israeli commandos stormed the ships and killed eight Turkish citizens and 18-year-old U.S. citizen Furkan Dogan aboard the Mavi Marmara



Osama Bin Laden ‘blew himself up with suicide belt after Navy SEAL shot him in the thigh’ claims terror leader’s former bodyguard


Fable after fable.


Brooklyn DA ‘arrested’ people and held them until they testified in ‘private jail system’


“Brooklyn’s District Attorney has been accused of using locked hotel rooms as ‘private jails’ to interrogate witnesses and pressure them into giving false testimony in court.”

USA is out of control.


After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” Shirt,100 Students Wear Shirt to School



British taxpayers to pay ‘millions’ towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security


Bow down to your overlords, you lowly serf.


Bilderberg 2013: Attendees Scared as Protestors Accumulate


“Locals are not happy with the expenditures.”

Yen Spikes On News Japan Set To Impose New Forex Margin Trading Rules


David Stockman: “The Error Of Central Banking Has Become Universal”



Establishment MOCKINGBIRDS: Virtually Entire US Media Boycotts “Off The Record” Meeting With Eric Holder
How do you like this style of transparency ?

Turkey Seizes Sarin from Al-Qaeda Suspects
“Major reports by two Turkish daily newspapers detail the arrest of twelve suspects linked to the Reyhanl? bombings on May 11 in which 51 people were killed and 140 injured. The 12 suspected Al-Qaeda members were arrested in Adana, southern Turkey and anti-terrorist police seized among other items, 2 pounds of the sarin nerve agent.”
These chemical weapons are not in Syria and these non-Syrian Syria rebels are not in Syria right now.

BRICS Development Bank to Compete with the World Bank
[Ed. Note: This is the BRICS Development Fund that Jim Willie has been discussing and which was discussed in the UNBOUND interview dated 5/26/2013]
They are doing this because the World Bank is a piece of s**t that doesn’t finance income generating infrastructure projects.

Gibson Guitars CEO: I’ve ‘Committed Myself To Fighting’ Unjust Targeting By ‘Executive Branch’
“Appearing on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, the CEO of Gibson Guitars lambasted the federal government for targeting his firm “inappropriately.” He said that the American system currently allows people linked to the executive branch to take sweeping actions for “very bad reasons,” and added that he has committed to fighting that injustice “for years to come.””

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not guns
“the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past”

Raw Milk Victory: Vernon Hershberger Acquitted on 3 od 4 Charges
“In what Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund vice president Elizabeth Rich called a victory for the food rights movement, a Sauk County jury acquitted dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger on three of four criminal charges for violations of the Wisconsin food and dairy code after a contentious five-day trial.”
A five day trial but three years in the making and four government lawyers attending every court hearing. How much taxpayer funds have been wasted on this farce ?

A journey through Iran: Eye-opening photographs reveal an enchanting, mysterious and rarely seen side of the country
“A commemorative plate of the former Shah of Iran in an antique store in Shiraz. The Shah was given an Authoritarian hold on power thanks to an MI6 and CIA-backed coup in 1953 which deposed Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and cost the lives of several hundreds of Iranian citizens. “Operation Ajax” was actioned after Mosaddegh nationalized the petroleum industry of Iran, thus shutting out British dominance of an industry they had controlled since 1913. That Mosaddeqh had been a democratically-elected leader, with wide popular support fueled resentment at the Shah, who many saw as a brutal puppet for the west.”

Ron Paul: Nanny state brings police state

The New American Bill of Rights Effective Immediately

WB Whistleblower / Corporate Imperialism: Iraq War For Oil … Syrian War for Natural Gas

World Bank Whistleblower Attacked By DOJ (who seem to want to allow corruption)
“Senior Counsel for the World Bank legal department reports corruption to US Congress, the World Bank’s other member countries, and the public.”
55s “In the first years of the World Bank, from 1944 to 1968, it was mostly financing income producing infrastructure in countries. Then from 68 to 80 there was a change.”
1m15s “They started financing social services and a result third world debt soared, increasing at an average annual rate of 20% a year. And in the next phase we see the World Bank coming in and offering loans to these same third world banks that have been impoverished in debt, we see them coming in and offering to service that debt for them.”
8m20s “And they also took very much to heart the warning that I had given them which was that the U.S. had lost it’s credibility with 188 Ministers of Finance.”
9m10s “There were 16 staff members who were members of the Institutional Integrity Department that tried to tell Paul Volcker what was going on and they got retaliated against and they ended up being compensated for how they were being retaliated against.”
9m35s “They’re doing questionable loan procedures for hundreds of millions of dollars, billions in many cases, and whenever there’s corruption and people blow the whistle on it they’re getting fired, Congress is sending them letters saying they can’t retaliate against people and they’re ignoring that. And yet the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on this at all.”

10m15s “The Audit Committee have commissioned an external audit of the controls and that auditor, that was KPMG, did not follow the audit standards.”
11m20s “Our media is absolutely dominated by these crooks.”
11m50s “This is much, much bigger than the bank scandals, banking failures that we had in 2008 and yet there’s total silence from the mainstream media.”
13m30s “It is the entities that own the federal reserve and the central banks in these other countries.”
The central banks are not state owned but are privately owned.
22m35s “The global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power hungry figures centred around the privately owned federal reserve.”
23m15s “Millions and millions of dollars that ought to go to fight corruption in the Philippines is going to line Estrada’s pocket”
25m45s “The Germans didn’t like to get a paper audit when all they wanted to do was to see their gold which was in storage at the federal reserve.”
26m “The Germans asked for their gold back and what the Germans were told was you can have it back maybe in 7 years. Now this is an act of war.”
27m “In November Secretary Geithner lied to Congress.”

30m35s “Although when I testified in the U.K. parliament, that told me that the chances that I was going to break through this conspiracy of silence were excellent.”

30m55s “And the fact that the cover up went to this extent was actually quite helpful because what it did was it diagnosed the state capture, it diagnosed the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission that there were two kinds of investors, the big investors who could do insider trading including the federal reserve and the little ones who would have to pick up the pieces.”


35m40s “And I’ve gone to the Joint Chiefs of Staff about this, that’s what I was talking to them: what’s your plan here ? Do you want to go into gold backwardation ? Do you want to go back into the Middle Ages with bartered trade ? Is this where you’re headed ? And they said ‘are you asking us whether we want to have martial law ?”


Bush’s Invasion of Iraq was Criminal … Obama’s About to Do the Same Thing In Syria
“Bush Launched the Iraq War For Oil … Obama Is Launching the Syrian War for Natural Gas”
Corporate imperialism.

Central Banks’ Central Bank Warns About Rehypothecation Threats
“rehypothecation should be allowed only for the purpose of financing the long position of clients and not for financing the own-account activities of the intermediary”

Forbes: Somebody Is Messing With The Gold Market

Cyprus Bank Deposits Plunge By Most Ever During “Capital Controls” Month
“In a month in which deposit flight should have been largely contained, Cyprus banks saw a record outflow of 6.4 billion, or 10% of its entire deposit base, in one month! ”

Engineering Empire: An Introduction to the Intellectuals and Institutions of American Imperialism
“Educating yourself about empire can be a challenging endeavor, especially since so much of the educational system is dedicated to avoiding the topic or justifying the actions of imperialism in the modern era. If one studies political science or economics, the subject might be discussed in a historical context, but rarely as a modern reality; media and government voices rarely speak on the subject, and even more rarely speak of it with direct and honest language. Instead, we exist in a society where institutions and individuals of power speak in coded language, using deceptive rhetoric with abstract meaning. We hear about ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘security,’ but so rarely about imperialism, domination, and exploitation.”

Russia warns Obama about Syngenta and Monsanto on “bee apocalypse”. Syngenta puts out response.
“Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.””

IRS to Tea Party: ‘State the Reasons You Did Not Have a Candidate Rally for Lone Democratic Candidate’

Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto

Facebook Bolstering Efforts to Address Hate Speech
Do f**kbook mean Andrea Lalama’s autistic children who protested GMOs ?

Rand Paul: You Will Be Voting To FUND And SEND ARMS To Allies Of Al-Qaeda
The non-Syrian Sryian rebels, who else.
The federal government of the USA inhabits an alternate reality.

‘It’s not your job to defend me. It’s your job to protect the constitution and to protect my rights to defend myself.’

Government To The People: “Do As We Say, Not As We Do”
“It’s aim? “To prohibit the use of unmanned aircraft systems by private individuals to conduct surveillance of other private persons.””
This is the ‘Do As We Say, Not As We Do’ government.

Government And Collapsed Bridges
“less than two dozen of the state’s 172 “structurally deficient” bridges have been made whole.”

Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice
“As you will see, Flight 800 was ac­tu­al­ly de­stroyed by a sur­face-?to-?air mis­sile.”

F**kbook wages censorship war against moms of autistic children who protest GMOs

Will the British government censor my website as part of their snoopers charter ?

Facebook wages censorship war against moms of autistic children who protest GMOs: Exclusive interview with Andrea Lalama
I have only two words for f**kbook and the second word is ‘off’.
Oh and I have the same two words for Monsatan.
F**kbook do not know how much they have just f**ked up by messing with a mother defending her children.
Media Coverage Blackout Over Anti-Monsanto Protests
I’d much prefer people called it Declaring Food Sovereignty.


‘The enemy is everywhere’: Former MI5 head calls for people to spy on their neighbours following murder of soldier Lee Rigby

Medicines kill 18,000 in France yearly
Should we care about this holocaust or ‘the enemy is everywhere’ according to MI5 ?

Monsanto hires infamous mercenary firm Blackwater to track activists around the world
This shows that Monsanto have already lost.

Eric Holder Under Investigation By House Judiciary Committee For Lying Under Oath

Online Service Is Accused in Laundering of $6 Billion
Never mind that HSBC had $60 TRILLION suspected to be laundered.

Armed Rebels Massacre Entire Population of Christian Village in Syria
These are the pieces of human excrement that our governments want to help take over Syria.

Qatar seeks to send Yemen’s military elite to fight alongside the Free Syrian Army

US Mint Resumes Selling One-Tenth Ounce Gold Coins… At A 40% Premium To Spot
That makes physical gold $1,960/oz.

In Internet Age, Do We Need Representative Government? Is Congress Out of Date?

Beforeitsnews Is Being Censored By Internet ‘Police’ & Social Media Websites

HKMEx Scandal Widens As 4 Officials Arrested With $1/2 B in False Bank Documents

Bitcoin Report Volume 50 (Bitcoin Dollar Devaluation)

“Military Industrial Complex Is A Trillion Dollar Banker Bailout EVERY YEAR That We Never Get Back!”

Groups Slam Trade Deal for Choosing “Private Interests and Profits” over People and Planet
“Following the most recent round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Lima, Peru, more than 130 organizations have come out against such international trade agreements calling them a “deadly weapon” against democratic rule, the protection of individual rights and environmental justice.”

‘I didn’t think of Iraqis as humans,’ says U.S. soldier who raped 14-year-old girl before killing her and her family
Your indoctrinated average American.

A woman was choked and raped following a 911 call to police in which the dispatcher told her to ask her attacker to “go away”.

G20 gold trade settlement / the internet is the largest threat to corrupt government officials

TFMR Podcast #44 – Jackass on the Barbie
17m10s “And then with the COMEX gold raid Russia and China said we’ve had enough of your games. Your bullshit is done. We’re tired of you playing games with the banks, confiscating. we’re tired o you devaluating our gold reserves in unilateral action, bond monetization, QE, hyper monetary inflation, setting zero percent, wrecking the markets, ruined price of money, we’ve had it. We’re done. The G20 is to implement now, top priority, implement gold trade settlement and push the dollar aside.”

Banking insider: The Japanese have lost control of their bond market
“if the bond market goes bust, you’re going to see the Nikkei go bust with it, as well as real estate.”

Nikkei 225 2013-05-25
This index has increased by over 50% in the last 6 months so unless the bank of Japan throws an increased amount of QE at government bonds we may see the index cut in half and more and in a much quicker timeframe than 6 months.

The Japan Implosion Is Progressing
“Remember:  Japan was using almost 25% of their tax revenue to service their national debt before this spike started.  They are in a debt trap and the noose is tightening.  Rapidly.”

Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

I wouldn’t be able to learn about the global food freedom movement without the internet. See this.

#MarchAgainstMonsanto: The Grassroots Uprising
“Monsanto is a company feared and reviled by the public in equal measure. But whatever cases Monsanto has lost in the court of public opinion it has made up for in the courts of justice thanks to its revolving door with the upper reaches of Washington. Now, a new movement is seeking to galvanize grassroots resistance to the corporation, and derail its agenda. Find out more in this week’s Backgrounder from Global Research TV.”
1m5s “Many are familiar with the companies sordid past including it’s role in the development of agent orange and it’s contribution to the epidemic of farmer suicides in India.”
3m “I have a contract here from Monsanto and I’ll just give you some of the clauses in that contract.”
3m10s “A farmer must always buy his seed from Monsanto.”
“He must only buy the chemicals from Monsanto.”
3m15s “He can never use his seesds.”
3m20s “He must pay Monsanto about $40 license fee on each hectare he owns each year.”
3m50s “And if a farmer commits some violation of the contract Monsanto can take his profit or Monsanto can make him destroy his crop and the farmer is not allowed to say anything to anybody about it.”

2 Million People In 52 Countries March Against Monsanto

Protesters in over 400 cities march vs Monsanto
Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case
“A French farmer who can no longer perform his routine farming duties because of permanent pesticide injuries has had his day in court, literally, and the perpetrator of his injuries found guilty of chemical poisoning. The French court in Lyon ruled that Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller formula, which contains the active ingredient alachlor, caused Paul Francois to develop lifelong neurological damage that manifests as persistent memory loss, headaches, and stuttering during speech.”

‘Monsanto monopoly pushes farmers to suicide’

Dairy farmer acquitted on three of four charges in raw milk trial
“Earlier in the day, the farmer testified that he felt betrayed by state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection officials who raided his farm in June 2010 and intentionally destroyed 2,000 pounds of milk.”
Is the farmer going to be reimbursed for this destruction of his stock ?
“He was afraid that DATCP would destroy other food as well, Hershberger said about why he violated the hold order, took some food for his family and allowed members of the farm’s buying club to remove items for their use.”
“This is a place where you go to purchase things.”
No, only if you are a member of the buying club can you purchase things.
“”It’s a lot of sales,” Defort said, adding that even members of a buying club are considered members of the general public – meaning the Grazin’ Acres store was a retail operation.”
Can this guy sound any more stupid ?
Members of the general public apply to join the buying club. One large group and one smaller group – D’OH.

Hershberger Verdict In After Judge Orders Jury NOT to Vote With Conscience
“The judge looked at the jury and around 7 pm said: “(you) must base your verdict on the law I give you.” So the judge thinks he gives the law. Can’t even put into words what an assassination of justice it is that a judge would even say that. Later the judge read “instruction NOT to be swayed by conscience.””

GMO Labeling Bill Shot Down In Senate Just Days Before March Against Monsanto
“Just days before the massive worldwide event know as March Against Monsanto, the Senate has once again sided with Monsanto by overwhelmingly voting against a bill that would have allowed individual states to choose whether or not to label GMO foods.”
“With a vote count of 71 to 27, the Senate denied the right of the people to know what is in the food they eat. The Senate also took a direct shot at the 10th Amendment in denying individual states the right to make their own decision in regards to GMO labeling.”
Since when can the federal government dictate to all 50 states what laws they cannot pass.

Monsanto Are Industrial Waste! 25May2013 (Auckland, New Zealand)

Monsanto Can Control The Media, 25May2013

Occupy Monsanto: Shopping for the Truth

“Thom Hartmann talks with Adam Eidinger, spokesperson for Occupy Monsanto, http://www.occupy-monsanto.com, about protests against Monsanto corporation slated for Saturday, may 25, 2013.”

Hell No, GMO! Anti-Monsanto protests sweep US

Challenging Monsanto: 200,000 in 40 countries to rally against GMO
“The ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ was co-authored by a senator who has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the company — a revelation that did not surprise many, given that another important figure in Washington, Justice Clarence Thomas, served as an attorney for the corporation before he was nominated to the Supreme Court, only to eventually preside over a case involving his former employer. ”
This government is going to have to go because it serves the big corporations not the people.

Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs during global March Against Monsanto
See the photo of two children that Facebook says is “abusive”

More Than 300 Soldier Deaths Due to Drug Toxicity Since 2006, Many Linked to PTSD Medications Army Reports

Scotland: Every Child to Have “State Guardian” From Birth
“Dystopian plan would see government social worker assigned to spy on every family”

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods
“We are being bombarded on a daily basis by an astronomical level of toxicity, all controlled by chemical terrorists on behalf of the food industry. Morever, many of these toxins affect our fertility and those of successive generations.”

Greece Considering Labor Camp for Those Who Can’t Pay Their Taxes

The energy-boosting supplement that could HALVE the number of deaths from heart failure

When Herding Cats Fails: A Visual Tale Of Two QEs

The Chart That The BoJ Is Most Worried About (And So Should You Be)
“As JPMorgan notes, the number of JGB ‘fails’ – where a repo deal breaks down – has more than doubled in the last week.”

Contain uncontrolled passion for gold: Chidambaram to countrymen
“Finance Minister P Chidambaram today asked countrymen to contain their “uncontrolled passion” for gold and instead save in financial instruments. “Have faith in our financial sector. Unfortunately, we have difficulty shedding our old habits and put our money in gold,” he said while speaking at an event to mark the platinum anniversary celebrations of state-run Dena Bank.”

British Ministers Call For Mass Government Snooping In Wake Of Woolwich Attack
What a non-surprise.

Shadow Justice: Secret UK courts break up families

Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government
The government is suposed to be the servant of the people so who came with this label civil disobedience

block sick websites of hatred
I suppose this will be subjective not objective and there will not be a court order that can someone could refute the label.

Woolwich attack: MI5 ‘offered job to suspect’
I mourn for the guy murdered and rather than being furious at MI5, I am just laughing my head off right now because we continue to see the emperor has no clothes.
And yet William Hague was in Jordan at the time giiving our austerity money to the guys in Syria who chop out the heart and other organs from a slain soldier and eat them.
I condemn these non-Syrian Syria rebels and I condemn the collateral murders perpetrated by drone bombings.

COMEX non-inventory non-movement
“Japan stabilized Thursday night but not before the yen increased in value sending holders of the Yen carry trade in a tizzy. The high volatility in the Japanese bond yields are causing massive derivative blowups at the Japanese banks. Also remember that the higher yields causes tier 1 asset  to deteriorate which forces the banks to call in massive loans. Japan is one big mess!!”
“In Europe we had problems in Spain where banking officials stated that they now need an additional 10 billion euros.  The shares of Bankia plummeted by 51% as they came to realize that there is no sovereign guarantee. Already 133 billion euros have been pumped into the Spanish banks all guaranteed by the sovereign and also remember that none of these loans has been included in sovereign Spain’s total debt to GDP figures.  They view this as a contingency liability and thus the authorities over there do not include it in official figures.”
“Over in Italy we are now witnessing a big increase in their non performing loans.
This has caused yields in the 10 yr Italy bonds (as well as Spain) to increase  (lower prices). The NPL’s of course create additional havoc to our bankers balance sheets.”
“Friday afternoon, we witnessed a surprise Bloomberg article suggesting that the Europe was ready to abandon the shadow banking industry. The shadow banking industry is huge and if you outlaw this practice, you suck the entire oxygen from the financial world.  The world would immediately go into hyper-deflation as the entire world would stop functioning.”
“Then why would these guys announce this?  Something sinister is rearing its ugly head.”

The Bank of Japan must crush all resistance, and will do so
“It certainly worked. It allowed the US to whittle away its wartime debt through inflation and negative real rates. The creditors paid the price. It was an “inflation tax”, or covert debt restructuring.”
“That is what lies in store for Japan, and it will be horrible for pensioners, savers, and those expecting an annuity. Whether the authorities can pull it off it without capital controls is an interesting question. My guess is that controls will be part of the mix in the end, and much else besides. Tough. Leaders don’t run countries for the benefit of markets.”
With capital controls coming, Bitcoin looks really attractive.

Gold market report: bullion banks going net-long

Wall Street is writing its own regulation bill
Not only do the legislators NOT read the bills before the pass them, they do NOT write the bills either.

Internet Forces Global Warming into Retreat?

Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon
“At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.”
We the people must be dumping our politicians on their butt for the bee apocalypse.

Ben Swann Exposes the IRS’ Premeditated Crimes & Culpability
Part 1 1m10s “Does your organisation support the existence of the land of Israel … ?”
Part 1 2m45s Watch Lois Lerner flap her lips in relation to the IRS scandal then invoke her right not to incriminate herself.
But you shouldnt forget about the murder of the ambassador and others at Benghazi.

Jack Lew’s Triple Whammy – IRS Ignorance, Corzine Corruption, And The ‘War On The Poor’
The Fed’s Hands Are Tied… Right as the Financial System Begins to Crack

Keiser Report: Narcissists’ Rally (E448)

Keiser Report: Drowning In Central Banking Abyss (E449)
“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert in the second part of a two part currency war special focus on George Osborne hoping a rising stock market will convince voters his economic policies are working and the new front in the South Pacific as New Zealand launches defensive measures against global currency devaluations. In the second half, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, for the second half of their interview focusing on currency wars and hot wars.”

Continuity of Government Redefined to Suspend US Constitution
If a government suspends the instrument that is its contract with the people then they have signed their resignation letter.

Banks Win Big As Regulators Refuse to Rein in $700 Trillion Derivatives Market
When the big, big, big crash comes, you should know what and who is to blame.

Forget Prayer, It’s Lamb Slaughter Time: A Rational Man’s Response To All Time High Gold Shorts
“Two days ago we suggested that ”they better pray there is no short squeeze.” Today, following the just released latest CFTC Commitment of Traders data which showed that the Comex gold short position grew once again to a new all time high of 79,416 shorts, all prayers are now off. If we may be so bold as to we suggest, the time has come to upgrade to the sacrificial slaughtering of at least a lamb on the altar of Saint Ben, because even the tiniest hint of a forced cover will now result in the biggest rip your face off levered short squeeze seen in the history of the yellow metal. Maybe throw in an ink cartridge or two for good measure…”
The bank of Japan will likely double down on the quantity of QE after the Japanese government bond market has flashed the red warning light on May 23rd and May 24th.

JPMorgan exposed: Company found guilty of masterminding ‘manipulative schemes’

Government by Eurocrats: The Olive-Oil Dispenser Debacle
“The small producer would be cut out.”
Monopolies are created and sustained in such ways and the consumer is screwed over.

Rand Paul: Beyond the Left-Right Paradigm

1m35s “The facebook generation can detect falseness and hypocrisy a mile away.”

Cancer Treatment: Conventional Versus Natural – “If Pharmaceutical Companies Can’t Make Profits Off of It, You Won’t Hear About It”

Infowars too Popular for Rachel Maddow

3m30s “We’re tired of your divide and conquer. We know what you’re doing. Political correctness is dead.”
3m45 “The thinkers are thinking and they’re getting smarter and more aware every day. And now the collective of individuals is watching everything you do and disdaining you and exposing you.”
Why inforwars ? Because of Sun Tzu’s saying ‘all warfare is deception’. Defeat your enemies piecemeal, one at a time and don’t let them present a united front against you.
The Powers That Should Never Have Been will be coming to an end.

Nwo Dead on Arrival (conspiracy against life)

The guys who are deliberately crashing this market MUST be told NO when they say they can fix what they broke.

Cops Trained To Treat Cell Phones Like Guns To Stop From Being Recorded
If these public servants have done nothing wrong then they should have nothing to fear from being recorded.

Bush cancels Europe trip amid calls for his arrest
“A planned trip by Bush to speak at the Switzerland-based United Israel Appeal later this week has been canceled after several human rights groups called for Swiss authorities to arrest Bush and investigate him for authorizing torture. Bush has traveled widely since leaving office, but not to Europe, where there is a strong tradition of international prosecutions.”

Police swoop on the homeless taking sleeping bags and food parcels in co-ordinated raids in Redbridge
Do you see how the people at the bottom of society are treated ? When will the same treatment be dished out to the people on the next rung up the ladder ?

Marine arrested for Facebook posts sues government

“Brandon Raub, a 26-year-old decorated Marine veteran, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan was arrested and put into a psychiatric institution in August last year for some his Facebook posts. He was detained without charges and was ordered to spend up to 30 days in the psych ward — but, that court order was later dismissed. Now, Brandon Raub is suing the government for infringing on his First Amendment rights”

POLICE STATE – Cops Fine Man $500 For Laughing (in his own home)

1m40s “I think the police did what they thought was best.”
That thudding you can hear is my head striking the wall, repeatedly.
God in heaven help this world.

Jailed for silence?

“24-year-old New York anarchist Jerry Koch gets jailed for up to 18 months for refusing to testify as a witness in the Times Square bicycle bombing case of 2008 at a federal grand jury hearing. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports from the federal court house in the Big Apple.”
1m45s “There really are echoes of the red scare and the green scare.”
2m5s “person who’s doing a lot of political good against the (criminal) state.”

Five Undercover Police Cars Sent To Arrest Single Alleged Movie Pirate
“TorrentFreak has seen copies of the issued bail sheets. Surprisingly they do not state any law under which the man was arrested, instead referring only to “Miscellaneous Offense”, apparently due to the police being unclear on what to write down.”
Miscellaneous justice.

Substituting financialization for sustainable economic expansion

What If Stocks, Bonds and Housing All Go Down Together?
“The problem with trying to solve all our structural problems by injecting “free money” liquidity into financial Elites is that all the money sloshing around seeks a high-yield home, and in doing so it inflates bubbles that inevitably pop with devastating consequences.”
“As noted yesterday, the Grand Narrative of the U.S. economy is a global empire that has substituted financialization for sustainable economic expansion. In shorthand, those people with access to near-zero-cost central bank-issued credit can take advantage of the many asset bubbles financialization inflates.”

Despite ‘Promises’, Japanese Market Chaos Continues

Nikkei Futures Resume Plunge

Kyle Bass – Bank of Japan’s 2013 QE dry powder only 1% of Govt bond market
“Bass: It doesn’t look to me like BOJ’s (QE) plan is big enough.”

CME Hikes Nikkei-Associated Margins By 33%

“Beginning Of The End” For Japanese Economy
“The surge in Japanese long-term interest rates is likely causing some lost sleep among bond market participants and policymakers (despite their ignorance of the moves in the BoJ minutes) as Nomura’s Richard Koo notes, if this trend continues (now added to by the collapse in stock prices) it could well mark the “beginning of the end” for the Japanese economy. Although the stock market has (until now) welcomed the yen’s continued slide against the dollar, Koo warns that this trend needs to be carefully monitored, as simultaneous declines in JGBs and the yen can be interpreted as a loss of faith in the Japanese government and the Bank of Japan. The biggest concerns are that the extreme volatility in Japanese stocks and bonds is occurring at a time when the BOJ was buying large quantities of government bonds. It is now clear that even large-scale BOJ purchases of JGBs cannot stop yields from rising. Simply put, Koo notes, the BoJ needs to rein itself in and state it will not stand for overshooting inflation expectations or the ‘bad’ rise in rates could crush both the nascent recovery and the nation’s banking system.”

Bass On Japan’s Turbo QE: “It Won’t Be Enough”

Europe Opens $80 Trillion Shadow Banking Pandora’s Box: Will Seek To Collapse “Collateral Chains”
“making wanton asset rehypothecation a thing of the past”
“scramble to obtain the true underlying assets finally begins.”
I’ve got my physical silver so I’ll just st back and watch the fireworks.

HSBC’s $1.9bn money laundering settlement could be rejected
No mention of the fact that the suspected sums of laundered money  was $60 TRILLION – THAT’S TRILLION WITH A ‘T’.

Spot The Trend In US Durable Goods And CapEx Spending

The Housing UnRecovery Is Here: Architectural Billings Plunge Most Since 2008

Wells Fargo Forecloses On Homeowner For Making Early Mortgage Payments

The Rout In Spain
“Spain has already gone bankrupt. It is not spoken of in this fashion, no one mentions it in public but that is the truth of it. The money, some $172 billion, was funneled to the banks and not to the sovereign in one more European ruse to distract everyone but the results are the same. Now it is becoming apparent that even this amount of money was not enough so more will have to be given. The money will go to the Spanish banks, the debt will be guaranteed by Spain, the contingent liability will not be counted as part of Spain’s debt to GDP ratio but we will know the truth of it. Whatever direct money from Spain that goes into their banks will be called an “investment” and put on the left side of their balance sheet as an asset and the mockery will continue but I can still read a ledger; thank you very much.”

Hong Kong Police Investigate Failed Mercantile Exchange (2)
http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/173848 READ MORE
“Police began probing the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Ltd., owner of the failed commodities market set up by a member of the city’s cabinet, after the securities regulator found suspected financial irregularities.”

Turk – We Are Witnessing Extraordinary Events In Gold & Silver

Monetary Rapture: The Incredible Disappearing Gold Inventory
http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/174081 READ MORE

Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition to US Attacking Syria

Lords Call To Revive Internet Monitoring Bill After Woolwich Killing
“Internet monitoring ‘back on the agenda’”
Do we ban bath tubs when someone slips in the bath ?

Muslim connected to British intelligence says there will be more “lone wolf” attacks
Again with the fear porn.

Britain’s MI5 agency knows about Woolwich suspects

“I know the busker who watched it all. “He said they put chalk marks on the ground where the actors, sorry terrorists, involved had to stand. “He said it was so obviously fake; the police threatened to beat him up unless he moved and kept his mouth shut.”

London Beheading Hoax Confirmed?
“The world is all a stage. Call me jaded, cynical, skeptical or even out right crazy but this event has all of the same earmarks as the Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon Bombing and so many recent events. The stage is a some-what well organized area, actors seem to be placed in strategic areas waiting for their cue and once again we see the remarkable absence of blood. The story as reported by Sky News and the BBC are also full of anti-Islamic propaganda, even going so far as to claim the “perpetrator” yelled“Allahu akbar,” just before beheading the man.”

Rand Paul: Obama Embroiled In ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ Of Scandals

Every Plant on Earth has been Programmed over 50 Million Years of Evolving – Along with Us! – to Grow Key Chemicals Critical to Our Health…

Scientists Discover Bt Toxins Found In Monsanto Crops Damage Red Blood Cells
Is this the kind of thing that Monsanto needs immunity for ?
Should anyone die from damaged red blood cells that lead back to Monsanto, a court of law would supposedly not be allowed to hold Monsanto responsible for manslaughter.

Monsanto-Federal revolving door

Under Obamacare, cancer patients could pay thousands of dollars a month out of pocket for treatment

Terracide and the Terrarists: Destroying the Planet for Record Profits
“We have a word for the conscious slaughter of a racial or ethnic group: genocide.  And one for the conscious destruction of aspects of the environment: ecocide.  But we don’t have a word for the conscious act of destroying the planet we live on, the world as humanity had known it until, historically speaking, late last night.  A possibility might be “terracide” from the Latin word for earth.  It has the right ring, given its similarity to the commonplace danger word of our era: terrorist.”

Activist calls for ‘Pure Food Movement’ among GMO fears

The trial of Vernon Hershberger, another raw milk farmer facing prison time for producing real food
“In case you missed it, Vernon is one of many family-scale farmers that in recent years has been illegally targeted by both the state and federal government for producing clean food and sharing it with his friends and neighbors. Vernon has been operating a private food club that distributes raw, unpasteurized milk and other goods from his farm to local shareholders, a setup that does not require, and actually prohibits, the uninvited involvement and interference of state and local governments.”

No Mention of “Liberty” Allowed During Hershberger Raw Milk Trial
“Simply put, the government would like to eradicate “herd share” type agreements that act outside the State. But, that would be similar to outlawing horse boarding, co-ops and Craigslist interactions. Agents twist this practice so that it magically becomes a “retail establishment.” There seems to be a major bias from the court against Vernon, but he remains in good spirits and can be seen on Facebook pages smiling with his supporters.”
It’s as if the declaration of independence has been repealed.
“The First Amendment was the first casualty in the case. Although it sounds like it comes from a Monty Python movie (The Life of Brian), the words “raw milk” are not allowed to be spoken during the trial. Mark McAffe was ordered to cover his shirt because it said: “get raw milk.” A teenager wearing a “Raw Milk Me” button was asked to remove it before entering.”
“Hershberger judge OKs prosecution objections to defense atty saying WI farmer’s “liberty” be at stake — no more mention of “liberty” allowed. [emphasis added]”
So where the declaration of independence say ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, this court has just stripped out the liberty part of it.

Modern Wheat Is The ‘Perfect Chronic Poison’ Says Expert
“At some point in our history, this ancient grain was nutritious in some respects, however modern wheat really isn’t wheat at all. Once agribusiness took over to develop a higher-yielding crop, wheat became hybridized to such an extent that it has been completely transformed from it’s prehistorical genetic configuration. All nutrient content of modern wheat depreciated more than 30% in its natural unrefined state compared to its ancestral genetic line. The balance and ratio that mother nature created for wheat was also modified and human digestion and physiology could simply could not adapt quick enough to the changes.”
““If three people lost eight pounds, big deal,” he said. “But we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of people losing 30, 80, 150 pounds. Diabetics become no longer diabetic; people with arthritis having dramatic relief. People losing leg swelling, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and on and on every day.””
“To avoid these wheat-oriented products, Davis suggests eating “real food,” such as avocados, olives, olive oil, meats, and vegetables. “(It’s) the stuff that is least likely to have been changed by agribusiness,” he said. “Certainly not grains. When I say grains, of course, over 90 percent of all grains we eat will be wheat, it’s not barley… or flax. It’s going to be wheat.”

Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks while Stockholm Burns
“When questioned, the officer explained that the ticket was issued because the vehicle lacked a tag showing its time of arrival. The fact that the vehicle had been effectively destroyed – its windshield smashed and the interior heavily damaged by fire – was irrelevant according to the meter maid, who asked Fria Tider’s photographer to destroy the photos he had taken. Her employer, the parking company P-service, refused to comment when Fria Tider contacted them on Wednesday afternoon.”
How can the vehicle owner drive away a vehicle that has been destroyed ?
Some people really are so f**king stupid.
I suppose they are falling back on the ‘following orders’ defense that didn’t work out to well for the leaders of Nazi Germany.

Japanese Stocks Halted; Plunge 1500 Points To Close Down 7.3% – Biggest Drop In 26 Months



Their price stability efforts are creating increasing wilder price instability.

This shows what happens when everyone is on one side of the boat and then suddenly move to the other side.


SocGen: “Hedge Funds Have Already Started To Unload Nikkei”


Japan’s money printing now in deep trouble as shares and bonds crash together

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/173549 READ MORE


Julian Assange and Others Sue the U.S. Government Over Secret Courts


“Many people exhibited extreme apathy with regard to the aggressive manner in which the U.S. government went after Julian Assange and Wikileaks for merely doing basic journalism.  Now, after the revelations of widespread spying on mainstream journalists in the AP case, and the criminalization of the profession itself in the case of Fox New’s James Rosen, many people are finally starting to wake up as the chickens come home to roost, as they always do eventually.”

“As such, I think this is a great moment to turn our attention to the Kafkaesque trial about to get underway right here in the “land of the free.”  In this case, I am referring to the trial of Bradley Manning.  If you are still unaware of this case, I suggest you watch this extremely powerful 5 minute micro-doc called Providence. 

Bradley Manning may be a private in the army but he is showing the world that the emperor has no clothes.

In reply to the charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ levelled at Bradley Manning, I would reply that the two Reuters employees torn the shreds by cannon fire were not the enemy.

May 22, 2013, New York –Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed a complaint and motion for preliminary injunction asking a federal district court in Baltimore to order the military judge in the court-martial of Bradley Manning to grant the public and press access to the government’s filings, the court’s own orders, and transcripts of the proceedings, none of which have been made public to date.  In addition, the lawsuit challenges the fact that substantive legal matters in the court martial – including a pretrial publicity order – have been argued and decided in secret.


IMF boss Christine Lagarde to be formally charged TODAY after ‘abusing position with £270million fraud and embezzlement scam’


CNBC have not mentioned this.


Incredibly Important Developments In Many Key Markets


“Imagine a bona fide hedger attempting to institute a risk management program for his or her firm and trying to read this crap and formulate a sound plan to insulate their company from financial havoc!  I will go as far as to state for the record that the Fed itself has now become the greatest source of market instability and volatility that any risk manager must reckon with in this day and age.”


Silver Update 5/22/13 Bernanke Boxed



Japan Stock Market Crash Leads To Global Sell Off


Could May 22nd be the day the massive global sell off begins ? A 50% global sell off over the next 3 months ?


World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve

http://sgtreport.com/2013/05/world-bank-insider-blows-whistle-on-corruption-federal-reserve/ Read More

“A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained. In an interview with The New American, Hudes said that when she tried to blow the whistle on multiple problems at the World Bank, she was fired for her efforts. Now, along with a network of fellow whistleblowers, Hudes is determined to expose and end the corruption. And she is confident of success. ”

“The shadowy but immensely powerful Bank for International Settlements serves as “the club of these private central bankers,” Hudes continued. “Now, are people going to want interest on their country’s debts to continue to be paid to that group when they find out the secret tricks that that group has been doing? Don’t forget how they’ve enriched themselves extraordinarily and how they’ve taken taxpayer money for the bailout.””

“As far as intervening in the gold price, Hudes said it was an effort by the powerful network and its central banks to “hold onto its paper currency” — a suspicion shared by many analysts and even senior government officials. The World Bank whistleblower also said that contrary to official claims, she did not believe there was any gold being held in Fort Knox. Even congressmen and foreign governments have tried to find out if the precious metals were still there, but they met with little success. Hudes, however, believes the scam will eventually come undone.”


Why won’t Bitcoin die? (I notice that bitcoin has NOT joined the global sell off)


“Math, or the underlying ingenuity of the Bitcoin protocol, is a big part of the reason for its resilience. Bitcoin is basically a ledger system in which every transaction in the economy must be logged in a central public record called the blockchain. New transactions are checked against the blockchain to ensure that a specific user hasn’t tried to spend that Bitcoin before, eliminating the “double-spend” problem. The system depends on users to provide the computing power to do this logging and checking. These users are called miners because they’re rewarded for their work with new Bitcoins; this also means the money supply will gradually increase until it hits a cap of 21 million. Once that happens, miners will be compensated with transaction fees just like those charged by PayPal or Visa.”

“The Winklevoss twins structured their presentation around a quote attributed to Gandhi: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.””

“Bitcoin can no longer be ignored.”

“Supposedly there were a lot of bankers at Bitcoin 2013, but I only met one, a 24-year-old New Yorker who works for one of the biggest investment banks in the world. “I’m a trader. I make shit go up and down,” he said, by way of introduction. He asked that I not use his name or the name of his bank because of his employer’s high profile.”

Traders, and their manipulations, must be kept out of bitcoin.

“”What is the definition of the death of Bitcoin?” said Mike Caldwell, the creator of Casascius Coins. “Bitcoin is two things. It’s a community, and it’s a technology. The only way for Bitcoin to die is for people to lose interest in using it. No matter what the attacks are, there’s always going to be a way around them. Because Bitcoin is just today’s embodiment of the idea that we now have the technology to democratize money. So long as there is a demand for that, the only way I see Bitcoin dying is for it to be a predecessor to something else that does a better job.””


Greek Prostitution Soars By 150% As Youth Unempoyment Hits 75% In Some Areas


Does youth unemployment have to get to 99% before this bulls**t ends ?


U.N.: Afghan’s $61B drug trade funding terrorism



Kerry Complains About Hezbollah Fighters in Syria


“The State Department declarations about Hezbollah fighters and Iranian assistance ignores the fact that the CIA is arming and supporting foreign mercenaries in Syria. In addition to CIA sponsored mercenaries, the presence of British and Qatari troops have been reported in Syria.”

“In April, Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service Director Viktor Ivanov said around 20,000 foreign mercenaries financed by Afghan drug trafficking are attempting to overthrow the al-Assad regime in Syria.”

“Afghanistan’s drug trade “is funding insurgency, international terrorism and wider destabilization,” United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in 2011.”


Corporate and social welfare courtesy of crony capitalism



London “Terror Attack” Blamed on Anti-Government Sentiment


Hello, mr government man. This is one of your bosses talking now. I think our government has the wrong policy in regard to x, y, z. Does this make me anti-government ?


HSBC Couldn’t Track $60 Trillion in Suspicious Activity?


Not just a few dollars, not a few million dollars, not a few billion dollars but tens of TRILLIONS of dollars.

The 1.2 billion dollar fine works out at 0.00002% of 60 trillion dollars but if this was you or I we’d be in jail and the whole amount would be forfeited with compounded interest.

You wonder if from among all of the terrorists that moved their money through HSBC, could one of them be associated with the guy who just committed murder in the ‘terror’ attack in Woolwich, London ?


Obama Admits to Killing Four Americans with Drones


“In other words, the administration admits to deliberately killing a U.S. citizen without due process. The target was merely suspected of being a terror threat and this president clearly ignored his rights under the Constitution. No evidence has ever been provided to prove his guilt. It was all done in secret.”

Try the suspect in absentia, DAMN IT, and if they are found guilty by a jury of their peers THEN AND ONLY THEN does the government get to pass sentence.

I have no doubt that King John of 13th century England would have sure liked to exercise such power.

Does anyone else think this is well f**ked up s**t ?


Eric Holder Admits To First Americans Killed By Drone Strikes


Mr Holder mentions the Christmas Day bomber. Didn’t he get on the plane without a passport ?

The law of war principles they have used here will be switched onto 300 million Americans in due course.


100 Days of Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Special Coverage


“May 16 marks a dark milestone in the history of the world’s most maligned prison – 100 days of a mass hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay. Out of 166 inmates – 130 are on strike according to prisoners, while the military only admits to 102. At least a third of them are being force fed – a procedure recognized by various medical organizations as painful enough to constitute torture. And by all accounts – there’s no end in sight to the protest.”


Provocative Portrayal of Monsanto in Support of the Worldwide March Against Them




Rand Paul On IRS Scandal: “Someone Needs To Go To Jail”



CBS News star hacked: the big chill


“Sharyl Atkisson is the one thing CBS News has going for it. She’s the real article. As real as you can be in the current news climate, while still working for a major media outlet.”

“She crashed the credibility of the CDC, as it was lying through its teeth about numbers of Swine Flu cases and overplaying the fake “epidemic.””

“She’s taken on the horrific effects of vaccines, to the point where her Wikipedia page, through a series of unethical maneuvers, continues to characterize her as irrationally “anti-vaccine.””

“She broke key elements of Fast&Furious. She’s a hound on Benghazi, and the Obama administration’s funding of “green programs.””

“Now, she states that her computer was compromised in 2011, as she was covering Fast&Furious. She’s still working to find out what happened.”


Well Worth a Listen: Got Gold Report — May 20, 2013



Ken O’Keefe in Tehran – “Iran is not the threat, we are.” – American Patriots Rise




2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s Arrest “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die


“One? Maybe. Two? Someone is cleaning house!”

Yep, dead men tell no tales.


Homeland Security Monitors Tea Party Protests at Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis IRS Offices


Many of our 300 tea party folks were approached immediately by Homeland Security and told they could not be on federal property.

Federal property whose maintenance is paid for by the American taxpayer, mein Fuhrer


Afghan Officials: Body of US Torture Video Victim Found Near Base


Torturing people to death to extract politically useful ‘confessions’.

May 25th Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ / GAD Ben / The Cold Fusion Conspiracy



Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th


“It’s all being organized online via an open Google Document, where you can find the protest nearest to you and be a part of it.”

When everyone’s food is nothing but toxic GMO, can you say that you did your part to stop Monsanto ?


Global Assured Destruction, Or How Bernanke Now Holds The Entire World Hostage


“The one headline we have been waiting for for over four years has just hit:”



Cold fusion reactor independently verified, has 10,000 times the energy density of gas


“Against all probability, a device that purports to use cold fusion to generate vast amounts of power has been verified by a panel of independent scientists. The research paper, which hasn’t yet undergone peer review, seems to confirm both the existence of cold fusion, and its potency: The cold fusion device being tested has roughly 10,000 times the energy density and 1,000 times the power density of gasoline. Even allowing for a massively conservative margin of error, the scientists say that the cold fusion device they tested is 10 times more powerful than gasoline — which is currently the best fuel readily available to mankind.”


The Cold Fusion Conspiracy


“Despite the “war on cold fusion” waged by scientists and the media, Cold Fusion could still possibly become a practical reality and become the greatest energy revolution of the 21st century. This film examines the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion, a process by which abundant energy can be generated from simple materials.”


Keiser Report: Down is New Up, Up is New Down (E447)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine whether the markets are soaring or crashing but find it impossible to determine as long standing data patterns have broken down. They discuss feeding the ducks while they’re quacking and bitcoin vigilantes fighting the Fed. In the second half, Max talks to Sandeep Jaitly of FeketeResearch.com about the imminent extinction of the price of gold as well as the permanent backwardation in both gold and silver markets.”





Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: Rep. Trey Gowdy Goes Off on IRS Official Lois Lerner, After She Refuses To Be Questioned


“The audience erupted today after Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) went off on IRS official Lois Lerner today. Lerner, the director of the IRS division that singled out hundreds of conservative groups, delivered an opening statement today on how proud she was of her work and then pleaded the Fifth Amendment and clammed up. Gowdy didn’t like this much.”


Report: ‘Rogue’ IRS Agent Claim Unraveling


“An investigation by Cincinnati Fox 19 reporter Ben Swann finds that Obama Administration claims that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups was the work of two “rogue” low-level employees in Cincinnati, Ohio, strain credulity and are “falling apart.””


(House’s investigative committee) Democrat raises prospect of special prosecutor for IRS


“A Democrat on the House’s investigative committee raised the specter of a special prosecutor on Wednesday to investigate political targeting of conservative groups at the IRS from 2010 to 2012.”


Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide—Featuring the Darth Vader Chemical


“It was “supposed” to be harmless to humans and animals—the perfect weed killer. Now a groundbreaking article just published in the journal Entropy points to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, and more specifically its active ingredient glyphosate, as devastating—possibly “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies.””

“That’s right. The herbicide sprayed on most of the world’s genetically engineered crops—and gets soaked into the food portion—is now linked to “autism … gastrointestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, colitis and Crohn’s disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer, cachexia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and ALS, among others.””

It’s too bad that Monsanto has been placed outside the purview of the law by the so called Monsanto Protection Act.


Over 800 world scientists agree: GM crops are nothing short of a bio-war on our food



MUST HEAR: Bullion Bank Run IN PROGRESS NOW!! — Jim Willie


“Hang on to your gold [and silver], don’t even watch the corrupt gold price, because I can guarantee you in the next several months, or a year or more, there will be NO COMEX GOLD PRICE. Because they will have no inventory; they will offer no more futures contracts, because the line up for lawsuits and prosecution will be so long…”

“by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:

“Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, says the recent gold price take-down has caused, “A bank run in gold bullion banks.”

“It’s a vault run. . . Wealthy investors are asking for their gold, and some are finding out it’s not there.” Jim Willie, who holds a PhD in statistics, says things are getting worse. Dr. Willie contends, “Back in 2011 and 2012, you had an important event every three of four months. Now, it’s every two or three weeks. So, the mean time between failures is rapidly declining.” Dr. Willie goes on to predict, “Before, they were talking about stress tests. Now, they realize that all of them in the past were a fraud. So, they are talking about ‘bail-ins’ because they are expecting failures.” Dr. Willie contends, “It’s all coming to a climax where gold is going to be central with a gold-trade central bank and gold priced at $7,000 per ounce.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie of GoldenJackass.com.”

12m40s “JP Morgan has 2 years worth of silver annual global production, they’re short. They need to cover.”

With the natural of gold to silver ratio being 10 silver to 1 gold a $7,000 per ounce for gold would mean $700 per ounce for silver.

However, the stockpile of 99.9% silver in existence is smaller than the stockpile of 99.9% gold so silver should reach the same value as gold. That’s 280 times it’s current $25/oz.


Spain’s Bitcoin Reaction to the Cyprus Crisis Government Grab of Deposits

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/8275 READ MORE


Big Banks: The New Morality Police

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/172773 READ MORE

“In the US, financial institutions are acting as morality police, rejecting individuals from acquiring bank accounts due to the nature of their careers.”

“This naturally leaves them little choice, and will likely lead many individuals to grow open-minded towards alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, gold and silver.”


AMA wants to force widespread mandatory vaccine trials due to lack of volunteer participation


“The medical establishment is having trouble getting people to volunteer for new vaccine trials these days, which has prompted some in the medical industry to suggest that unwilling members of the public actually be forced to participate in order to promote the “greater good.” This is the deranged opinion of two U.K.-based researchers, Susanne Sheehy and Joel Meyer, who wrote in a recent paper published by the American Medical Association (AMA) that a policy of “compulsory vaccination” may be necessary in order to achieve the long-term goals of the vaccine cartel in achieving total vaccine compliance.”

People will have mercury and who knows what other junk contained in a vaccine injected into their body.


Study Finds Vitamin C Kills Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis



Fox News Targeted By DOJ – Free Press Is Now Under Attack By The Obama Admin – Wake Up America


4m “and asked him to provide state department actions and intelligence on a foreign country now identified as North Korea. All this, says the FBI, in a 36 page affidavit is in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy to divulge classified information.”

A giant stretch to claim that divulging particulars regarding North Korea are a threat to national security.


Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere



THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Fallout Among Thieves


“This is a must listen 30-minute world events update with Harley Schlanger, historian and national Spokesperson for LaRouchePAC. Harley gives us good news about the progress of reimplementing the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act in the United States, where 20 States have introduced legislation to tie the Banksters down and prevent further crimes against humanity. Harley tells us that as the criminality continues and deepens, there is a fracture among the criminals – a fallout among thieves. The system is crumbling, and it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to save ourselves and take our system back. We also cover the Pentagon re-writing the Constitution, the false right-left paradigm which motors tyranny and the crimes of Barack Obama, a most impeachable President.”





Coumo to State Sheriffs: Shut Up About Gun Law or Risk Termination


“One individual briefed on the meeting claimed that Cuomo had threatened to remove some sheriffs from office.”

The people in the country get to vote in or out their sheriff, the governor does not get to do any such thing as remove a sheriff.


The Pentagon Admits: The “War On Terror” Will Never End


Last Thursday at a hearing held by the Senate Armed Services Committee, we found out what many of us already knew.  That the “war on terror” is never going to end.  Indeed, it was never supposed to end.  This never-ending “war” on a fantastical enemy provides the American oligarch class with too much money and too much power to ever make it worthwhile for the establishment to shut down. “Nobody really even knows with whom the US is at war, or where. Everyone just knows that it is vital that it continue in unlimited form indefinitely.” 1984 really was an instruction manual for the people in power.”

When the USA wants to invade another nation the people of the world are told that some ‘terrorists’ associated with al qaeda are there and in go the military.

Are the people of the world really this stupid ? Apparently so.

And USA’s declaration of independence doesn’t say ‘That to secure these , Governments are instituted among Men’, rather it says ‘That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men’.


Antiwar.com Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance


“According to the suit, the ACLU has made several futile attempts to obtain the FBI files since a reader alerted Garris and Raimondo to this lengthy FBI memo in 2011. The details in question begin at page 62 of the heavily redacted 94-page document. It’s clear from these documents, the suit alleges, that the FBI has files on Garris and Raimondo, and at one point the FBI agent writing the April 30, 2004 memo on Antiwar.com recommends further monitoring of the website in the form of opening a “preliminary investigation …to determine if [redaction] are engaging in, or have engaged in, activities which constitute a threat to national security.””

“The website was also targeted, according to the FBI memo, for links it published to counter-terrorism watch lists (which were already in the public domain), and for the people who were visiting Antiwar.com and/or talking it up at rallies. The FBI noted at least two of Raimondo’s columns and wondered openly, “who are (Antiwar.com’s) contributors and what are the funds utilized for?” This, after acknowledging there was no evidence of any crime being plotted or committed.”


“The strange and unsettling story of Antiwar.com’s debut into the domestic War on Terror came in the summer of 2011, when a reader warned Garris and Raimondo that the website had been mentioned as a target of surveillance by the FBI in the batch of documents the reader said he obtained through a FOIA request and had subsequently posted on his blog.”

“The documents mostly concern a 2001 investigation of five Israeli nationals who were witnessed smiling and celebrating and taking pictures of the burning Twin Towers from a rooftop perch across the river from Manhattan in Union City, New Jersey, on 9/11. After witnesses called the police, the individuals, who all worked for a local moving company, were taken into custody and grilled by FBI and CIA for two months after it was deemed their work visas had expired, and there was a big wad of cash, box cutters and other items that raised red flags found in a search of their work van. Questions revolved around whether the Israelis were spies connected to the Israeli government, and whether they had foreknowledge of the tragic events.”

“The heavily redacted memo says the men were eventually deported back to Israel without charge, and the case closed. However, the FBI still had an interest in tracking evidence gleaned from the case and this is where Antiwar.com comes into the picture. Raimondo, in writing about the case of the five Israelis in 2002, linked to an American-generated terror watchlist (which had been published elsewhere on the Internet) that went out to Italian financial institutions and it included the name of the man who owned the New Jersey moving company in question.”

Could it be that these guys were and are getting too close to what really happened on 9/11 and national security is threatened by someone revealing the real guilty parties for 9/11 ?

“– That a special agent’s review of hard drives seized during an investigation of an unnamed subject, revealed that the subject had visited Antiwar.com between July 25, 2002 and June 15, 2003, “among many other websites.””

Does this mean that if this unnamed subject had visited amazon.com then that the FBI would investigate amazon.com ?

“The unidentified agent writing the memo concludes, “it is recommended that ECAU (Electronic Communications Analysis Unit) further monitor the postings on the website … it is recommended that a PI (preliminary investigation) is opened to determine if [line redacted] have engaged in, or are engaging in, activities which constitute a threat to national security on behalf of a foreign power.””

I had to chuckle at the ‘on behalf of a foreign power’ part.


Adam Kokesh Charged With “Assaulting a Federal Officer”


“Incarcerated political activist Adam Kokesh, arrested by police for exercising his First Amendment rights during a pro-marijuana legalization protest on Saturday, has been charged with “assaulting a federal police officer,” despite the fact that the video of the incident shows him not resisting arrest.”

“Video of the incident shows Kokesh holding up his hands as he is dragged away. Not only did Kokesh not resist arrest, he made no aggressive moves to any police officer, as the footage clearly shows.”

“The United States district court filing (PDF) claims that Kokesh “physically blocked and obstructed the Ranger” and also “grabbed the Ranger by the arm to hold him back.” The video does not appear to show any of this.”

“If he is charged with assaulting an officer, Kokesh will become the latest of a plethora of Americans who have been hit with such a charge despite acting in a totally peaceful and compliant manner. In some cases, people who have received brutal beat downs at the hands of police have later been charged with assaulting a cop.”





http://sgtreport.com/2013/05/operation-citizens-arrest/ Read More

The government works for the people not the other way round.


TSA Detain & Traumatize Suspected Taliban Extremist …A Little Three Year Old Girl In Wheelchair



Collapsing pyramid scheme: Goldman Confirms ‘Recovery’ Hopes Have Gone As ‘Slowdown’ Deepens


Why the whole banking system is a scam – Godfrey Bloom


IMF Tells Central Europe to Spend More (WSJ)

Nigel Farage: I hope taxpayers all over Europe listen to this…


Clients Denied Gold At Major Banks As Shortage Intensifies


“Then, last week we had an investor being refused to take his physical gold out of a major Swiss bank.  They told him that the regulatory authority prevented the bank from giving the client his physical gold.  That is of course total nonsense, and eventually we helped the client to get his gold out of the bank.”

“Another of our clients was told by a major Swiss bank that he can only take out 100,000 Swiss francs of physical gold every six months.  They blamed money laundering and terrorist activity for this decision.  Yet another client was again told by a major Swiss bank that his storage fees would be going up substantially.  When he complained he was told that he should convert to paper gold.”

It is a house of cards and it is coming down.

YOU ARE CRAZY: New Psychiatric Guidelines Target Hoarding, Child Temper Tantrums, and a Host of Other “Illnesses”


“Do you stockpile food, supplies or other items in anticipation of a disaster? If so, you may have what’s called an obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder.”

No doubt there are some obsessive compulsive hoarders doing better than most in Oklahoma in the aftermath of the tornado that has just struck there.

If someone isn’t putting aside some physical silver while its price is being suppressed then when the shortage really hits, where is the physical silver going to come from ?

Pentagon Seeks Another $79 Billion for Afghan War


Monopolising the harvest of illegal drugs.

Afghan poppy field

List of dangerous antidepressants that cause sudden death is rapidly expanding


“The list of antidepressants that can cause sudden death is growing exponentially, with citalopram – under the brand names Celexa and Cipramil – the latest such drug to be added, according to a new study.”

“The research, published recently in the British Medical Journal, revealed that the drug tends to cause a lengthening of the Q-T interval, a part of the cycle of heart beat measured by an electrocardiogram, or what is more commonly known as an EKG or ECG. Indeed, a number of drugs are known for creating this phenomenon, the most notable among them being methadone, which has been documented as causing sudden death in some patients, especially when dosages are increased too rapidly.”

Australia’s unannounced ‘totalitarian’ web filter causes alarm


“That might have been the end of it, but no — instead of going through legislative channels, it looks like web censorship is back, and this time it’s taking advantage of a legal loophole. On 4 April, more than 1,200 sites were suddenty unavailable to Australian web users”

It would not surprise me in the slightest if these 1,200 sites had nothing at all to do with child pornography.

Fabian Society: Pay for Permission to Use the Earth


The Mother of All Rules Governing US Media: Censor & Cover-Up US Government Criminality

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/171970 READ MORE

“In January 2008 The Sunday Times published the second report of its four-part investigative series concerning the U.S. government’s direct role in international terrorism networks and organized crime involving nuclear espionage: For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets

High Crimes: Half Of Americans Want Obama Impeached (Including Democrats!)


A trifecta of government scandals: DOJ-gate, Benghazi-gate, IRS-gate but what about Gitmo ?

100 Days of Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Special Coverage


“May 16 marks a dark milestone in the history of the world’s most maligned prison – 100 days of a mass hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay. Out of 166 inmates – 130 are on strike according to prisoners, while the military only admits to 102. At least a third of them are being force fed – a procedure recognized by various medical organizations as painful enough to constitute torture. And by all accounts – there’s no end in sight to the protest.”

“RT discusses the stand-off with former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, who’s now the Director of the Cageprisoners activist group, Attorney Pardiss Kebriaei, the legal representative of 8 Guantanamo detainees, military attorney Lt. Col Barry Wingard on the line from the detention camp, and Col. Morris Davis, former Chief Prosecutor for the Terrorism Trials at Guantanamo Bay.”

These 166 human beings MUST either be CHARGED or RELEASED.

86 of human beings have been CLEARED for RELEASE.

These 166 human beings are of brown skin so they must be guilty of something, is that it ?

I say BULLS**T.

This is an ABSOLUTE HORROR STORY inflicted by the warfare-welfare parties of the USA. The neocon Republican party started it and the Democrat party has continued it. Both of them are FULL OF S**T.

Why have we put up with this s**t for 11 YEARS ?

HKMEX to Cease Trading, Will Close Out & Cash Settle Open Contracts Monday!


No metal to deliver.

Visualizing The Silver Squeeze


Roger Ver tells bitcoiners, ‘Spread the word’

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/7728 READ MORE

“While merchants pay credit-card companies 2 to 3 percent — sometimes even as much as 9 percent — to process payments, Ver said, “with bitcoin, you can send and receive money anywhere in the world essentially for free.””

“Merchants that don’t want to hold bitcoins can convert payments into their local currency for a fee of about 1 percent, he added.”

Bitcoin is legal, but mainstream adoption will mandate playing by the rules

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/7723 READ MORE

“For the first time in memory, the world seems captivated with the idea of a virtual currency. Not only are many smart and credible people investing their time and money in the sector, but coverage on mainstream nightly news suggests that the curiosity of general public has been peaked.”

Bill Gross Enters Political Activism


“Gross: AP, IRS? Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do TO you.”

He should have said ‘what your government can do TO you’.




Gold Bug Hedge Funds Collectively Report Over $183mm In New Call Option Positions On Miners

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/171112 READ MORE

“Starting out with, George Soros, billionaire financier and chairman of Soros Fund Manangement LLC, was the target of bearish gold commentary this week issued by Bloomberg. While Bloomberg journalists correctly reported that he’s been cutting his stake in gold, what they failed to mention (which was articulated here on May 16th), was how he reallocated the proceeds.”

The Gold & Silver Bull Market Is Dead! Long Live The Gold & Silver Bull Market!


10m30s “Here you have Soros Fund Management making a very leveraged bet to the increase in the price of gold which mining shares represent and all the while if you go to google news right now and type in Soros gold the only stories you’re going to see are discussing how Soros is a bear and everybody needs to sell all their gold.”


Soros Gold

Jamie Dimon’s power struggle is a watershed moment for Wall Street


“Viewpoint: Katherine Rushton on perplexing jargon, high-fiving bankers, and why Jamie Dimon’s battle with JP Morgan shareholders signals a changing mood in America”

Timothy Geithner Is Key To IRS Scandal

http://sgtreport.com/2013/05/timothy-geithner-is-key-to-irs-scandal/ Read More

“Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller was forced by to resign, predominantly due to the July 7, 2011 memorandum that I published last weekend in my report, IRS HAD ENEMIES LIST IN 2010 & 2012. The document, written on U.S. Treasury Department stationary, demanded that senior IRS management terminate attempts to have donations to selected tax-exempt groups be fully taxed as gifts.”

“Steven T. Miller is a career civil servant at the IRS. He holds a Juris Doctorate law degree from George Washington University and a Master of Laws in taxation from Georgetown University. He has held several senior positions at the IRS and worked for a number of years as an attorney in the IRS Chief Counsel’s office. He also served as a Congressional staff member for the Joint Committee on Taxation. Holding prestigious law degrees and having given harsh warnings to senior IRS staff in 2011 to ban predatory examinations, it is doubtful Mr. Miller would have authorized continued examinations unless ordered to by his direct boss, former IRA Commissioner Douglas H Shulman.”

Benghazi: What Did the CIA Know, and When Did it Know it? Forget the Talk. The CIA’s Cover Up May be the Real Mystery.


California Bill to Make Bribery Legal for UC Officials Passes Through Committee


Imperial president Obama War Powers Under 2001 Law ‘Astoundingly Disturbing,’ Senators Say


Auditing The IRS: “Is There Any Limit To The Scope Where You Folks Can Go?”


‘Are you not bound by the Constitution ?’ I think is what he meant to ask.

Keiser Report: Whimsical Price Tyranny (E446)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine stories about those who, using spoof trades, bogus securities and fictitious capital, steal real wealth and income. They discuss how it is that every benchmark index is rigged and introduce the concept of the ‘bonus benchmark.’ In the second half, Max talks to Dr. Michael Hudson, author of The Bubble and Beyond, about debt and wage deflation and about the intersection of interest rates and wages going back to David Ricardo when wages were measured against the price of bread to today when they are measured against the price of debt.”

Only 6% of Americans Think Marijuana Possession Should Be Punished With Jail Time


Gold & Silver Price – The True Story Is All About Time. Be Prepared.

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/170975 READ MORE


Record appetite for physical gold buying – new poll results


“In a recent press release we dissected our new poll results on the gold price smash. Amazingly over 72% of our readers and clients from around the world believed drops in gold prices represented a gold buying opportunity. An overwhelming result there from gold investing individuals around the world in over 60 different countries. Only 2% of those holding gold bullion told us they were actively selling gold.”

The private central banking cabal are finished.

‘Bitcoin bomb may blow up banks’ bondage, hence US attacks’


“The cyber currency, Bitcoin, has suffered another setback – after US authorities seized the accounts of its major operator. It now hampers the process of exchanging Bitcoins, which now stand at about 120 dollars per unit. So why is the US Government so worried about the currency, and is the Bitcoin able to beat traditional currencies? Amir Taaki, a Bitcoin software developer, says the digital currency gives you total control of your assets, as there are no middle men involved.”





OF …



Spot The Odd Continent Out: Total Bank Assets As % Of GDP


Global bank assets % of GDP_0

Europe definitely has to be the first to take deposits.

‘Video shows Israeli special forces in Syria’


“The American news network added that it “captured, for the very first time, Israeli commandos coming back from inside Syria on a mission.””

Up to no good.

Piers Morgan: Now I See U.S. Government Tyranny


Italy’s New Government Approval Rating Plummets From 43% To 34% In Three Weeks, Protests Return


How The British Banking Industry Became An Organised Crime Enterprise


“I know it. You know it. We all know it. It’s the elephant in the room that the subservient cowards in the mainstream media are too afraid to mention; the banking industry is run and controlled by criminals.”

“Among the growing mountain of evidence that has been gathered over the decades to prove this accusation, a former Scotland Yard Fraud Squad detective has now spoken out.”

Poll : Half of Britons Want EU Exit


Britons have taken the red pill and want out of the matrix.

Monsanto Protection Act May Soon Be Repealed Thanks to Activism


Genetically modified democracy: Monsanto moves to obliterate states’ rights to label GMOs


Portugal bankers warn EU to stop ‘playing with fire’


“The heads of Portugal’s biggest banks Millenium BCP and Banco Espirito Santo, have called on European leaders to stop “playing with fire” and alarming depositors in Eurozone economies.”

Rise Up or Die


“Corporations write our legislation. They control our systems of information. They manage the political theater of electoral politics and impose our educational curriculum. They have turned the judiciary into one of their wholly owned subsidiaries. They have decimated labor unions and other independent mass organizations, as well as having bought off the Democratic Party, which once defended the rights of workers. With the evisceration of piecemeal and incremental reform—the primary role of liberal, democratic institutions—we are left defenseless against corporate power.”

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy – Communism, Socialism, and Wall Street


Biden calls for ‘new world order’ ,updated global rules, prosperous China, level playing field


US government claims 100% ownership over all your DNA and reproductive rights; genetic slavery is already here


“To date, 20 percent of your genetic code is owned by someone else. About two-thirds of these patents belong to private companies, and one-third belong to universities. The company that owns the most patents is called Incyte, a drug company based in California which “owns” the patents on 2,000 human genes.”

“Virtually no one is aware of the fact that 20 percent of their genes are currently “owned” by corporations and universities. This ownership is, of course, a form of genetic enslavement that seeks to dominate and control all humans. How, exactly?”

GoldSeek.com Radio- May 17, 2013


57m40s “The elite are not god, they just think they are.”



Lew Rockwell: The Police State


2m40s “As in the whole shutting down of Boston suburbs and roosting people out of their houses, ordering everybody to stay off the streets and not allowed to even walk your dog. People were not allowed to take their dog out of the house to urinate, etc. Even Hitler and Stalin didn’t do that.”


16m10s “Ron Paul is pointing out the emperor has no clothes on or rather the emperors dressed in body armour and has a machine gun pointed at your head.”

Angry JP Morgan shareholders seek to strip Jamie Dimon of chairmanship


Why are these shareholders not becoming former shareholders ?

Shareholders Denied Access to JPMorgan Vote Results


Slovenian Banks Cause a Downgrade to BBB+ by Fitch

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/171205 READ MORE

“The news from Europe and the so-called successful European Union continues on a dire path, now with the tiny nation of Slovenia following in the footsteps to slavery and a Panzerbank march to seize control of the nation’s wealth. The economic Blitzkrieg that Germany’s favorite Marxist, Herr Merkel, is executing would make Rommel jealous as now Slovenia is in precisely the same danger as Greece was in 2009. This is not a surprise as I warned on March 27th of this year in the article “Slovenia is the Next Crisis for the Dysfunctional European Union“, that indeed Slovenia was next on the list of European nations to fall. Of course Hungary still has a chance to beat them to the punch.”

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed “Confessed” To Attacking Bank Founded After His Arrest


“Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s alleged confession testimony has been thoroughly discredited after it emerged that one of the targets he identified, the Plaza Bank, was not founded until 2006, four years after the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind’s arrest.”


The false choice between security and civil liberties


“The fallacy of state provided security – who exactly is protected?”

“It is safe to say – governments cannot provide any more than token safety and protection no matter what steps are taken to the contrary.”

Jeff Gundlach: “We Are Drowning In Central Banking”


Germany bans Monsanto’s maize


“The German Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, said “I have come to the conclusion that there are legitimate grounds to accept that genetically modified corn from the MON810 strain constitutes a danger to the environment.””

IRS sued for seizing 60 million medical records


“A healthcare provider has sued the Internal Revenue Service and 15 of its agents, charging they wrongfully seized 60 million medical records from 10 million Americans.”

“The name of the provider is not yet known, United Press International said. But Courthouse News Service said the suit claims the agency violated the Fourth Amendment in 2011, when agents executed a search warrant for financial data on one employee – and that led to the seizure of information on 10 million, including state judges.”

Are the 300 million people living in the USSA slaves to the IRS ?

Dr. Kevin Barrett – “Unfreedom Tower casts a dark shadow over ‘Gulag America’”


“Nearly 1,000 American military bases occupy every corner of the planet. US troops have killed more than a million people in various countries during the past decade. Officially, this is all being done in the name of “freedom.””

“Yet the USA, once one of the most free countries on earth, is no longer free. It is rapidly becoming a militarized gulag society – a giant open air prison.”

“The faster Americans lose their freedom, the louder their leaders chant empty, Orwellian freedom slogans. And the loudest and most Orwellian symbol of American unfreedom is the new World Trade Center skyscraper officially named the Freedom Tower, which might more appropriately be called the Unfreedom Tower.”

How Russia deals with Banksters…


“The Head of Societe Generale, a french bank, in Russia gets arrested for taking bribes.”

CIA Officer: Israel Gets Away with Murder of 34 US Sailors – USS Liberty


Can’t have Marijuana in plant form, but you can buy the expensive medicine made of it.


It’s all about monopoly, medical monopoly, money monopoly, you name it, it’s probably being monopolised.

Revealed Government Documents Show Vaccine Injured Children in Small African Village Used Like Lab Rats


“Five hundred children were locked into their school, threatened that if they did not agree to being force-vaccinated with a meningitis A vaccine, they would receive no further education. Within hours, one hundred six children began to suffer from headaches, vomiting, severe uncontrollable convulsions and paralysis…”

The vaccine genocide goes on.

TSA Staff Get Radiated by Their Masters Machines

http://sgtreport.com/2013/05/tsa-staff-get-radiated-by-their-masters-machines/ Read More

“It’s now coming down to the wire as TSA employees are even ready to opt out (of their jobs), fearing that they might be getting sick from radiation released from the body scanners at airports.”

This was always destined to end in tears.

Cops beat, teargas Turkish protesters angry at govt stance on Syria


You will love your imperial war-mongering government, you Turkish slave.

A bitcoin bubble could be good for everyone

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/7747 READ MORE

“The president of Western Union scoffed at the invention of the telephone, calling it little more than an “electric toy,” and the company informed Alexander Graham Bell that his brainchild to place one in every home was “utterly out of the question.” A couple of years later, Oxford University professor Erasmus Wilson predicted that when the 1878 Paris Exhibition closed, the electric light would “close with it and no more will be heard of it.” When Henry Ford sought investors for his car company in 1903 a Michigan banker advised his client against it, forecasting that “the horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty.” In 1946, Darryl Zanuck, president of 20th Century Fox, said, “Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.””

“It does have all the characteristics. Since February 2009, when it was first introduced, bitcoin has overcome initial skepticism and gone from mere curiosity to a billion-dollar market. About 11 million bitcoin have been mined since the crypto-based currency was introduced, and at a price of $115, it has a combined value of $1.3 billion. As the money supply has increased, so too have the number of businesses that will accept bitcoin. Investment is beginning to flow to companies trafficking in the currency. Recently Union Square Ventures announced a $5 million investment in Coinbase, which operates as an exchange. Liberty City Ventures, another New York-based VC firm, has a $15 million bitcoin fund to invest in startups. Boost VC plans a Bitcoin-related seed fund. Peter Thiel’s Founder’s Fund, is leading a $2 million round for BitPay, a businesses payments processor that works with bitcoin.”

“Chris Dixon, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, thinks that bitcoin could be the next big thing. At the recent Pandomonthly in New York, he claimed it had the potential to revolutionize online commerce, which is plagued with fraud.”

“In the next few years, if the US government doesn’t try to stamp out bitcoin, it will follow a similar course. And when the bubble bursts – if it manages to get to that point – an entirely new currency will have taken root with a vast infrastructure to support it.”

Media Now Openly Admitting The Government Controls The News


“A trio of Obama scandals has forced the corporate media admit its own reports are nothing more than the government-controlled talking points and not the product of a free and open press.”

“If you have been following the news lately you’ll notice there are 3 government scandals that the media is focusing on 1) The DOJ spying on the AP reporters 2) Benghazi gate 3) IRS targeting of activist groups.”

“While each of these are truly a damning indictment of the widespread corruption in our now gone rogue federal government, combing these three stories reveals an even bigger story which is recurring open admission by the media that the news they report is being controlled government.”

“By now just about every news organization has repeatedly reported the story about how those CIA issued talking points were edited 12 times by various people in the shadow government before they were given to figureheads to relay to the press who in turned echoed them to the masses.”

“This is a direct admission that the false narrative about Benghazi that has been shoved down our throat as fact by the corporate media was nothing more than CIA issued talking points.”



Michael Rivero of Aiea, HI is the Webmaster of www.whatreallyhappened.com, a non-partisan, pro-peace, and anti-corruption website.  wrh@whatreallyhappened.com

Maintained website www.whatreallyhappened.com and wrote blogs to expose deceptions used to justify wars and question official reports on successes and costs of wars, 1992-2013.”

Political talk-radio host discussing various topics including war and peace, currently with Republic Broadcasting www.republicbroadcasting.org, 2007-2013.”

Pentagon Engaging in a Power Grab Against the Civilian Leadership

http://sgtreport.com/2013/05/pentagon-engaging-in-a-power-grab-against-the-civilian-leadership/ Read More

Military Tries to Take More Power Away from Civilian Leadership

“But it goes well beyond the war zones. In concert with the Executive’s new claims on extra-judicial assassinations via drone strikes, even if the target is an American citizen, JSOC goes around the world murdering suspects without the oversight of a judge or, god forbid, granting those unfortunate souls the right to defend themselves in court against secret, evidence-less government decrees about their guilt. As Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh said at a speaking event in 2009:”

“Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on.”

How do we end the imperial powers of the presidency ?

Can America Endure Even More Obama Absurdities?

http://sgtreport.com/2013/05/can-america-endure-even-more-obama-absurdities/ Read More

“The Tsarnaev brothers could have been deported the moment it was known that they returned to the country they sought asylum from (or when Tamerlan was arrested and convicted for domestic violence in 2009.) Neither brother was given the boot.”

Private Security Force To Subject Bilderberg Protesters To Pat-Downs


“A spokesman for the Hertfordshire police, responsible for managing the protests from June 6-9 outside the Grove Hotel, has stated that reporters and protesters will be allowed inside the outer gates of the Grove Hotel, giving them a fairly good view of all incoming- and outgoing Bilderberg participants. The downside is, that the people who are allowed in must first undergo a pat down by a private security firm named G4S.”

When will the British people be able to grope the members of the Bilderberg group ?

Cops Shoot Unarmed Man In The Chest, Then Kick Him Multiple Times While Restrained Outside Walmart


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