Yen Spikes On News Japan Set To Impose New Forex Margin Trading Rules

David Stockman: “The Error Of Central Banking Has Become Universal”


Establishment MOCKINGBIRDS: Virtually Entire US Media Boycotts “Off The Record” Meeting With Eric Holder
How do you like this style of transparency ?

Turkey Seizes Sarin from Al-Qaeda Suspects
“Major reports by two Turkish daily newspapers detail the arrest of twelve suspects linked to the Reyhanl? bombings on May 11 in which 51 people were killed and 140 injured. The 12 suspected Al-Qaeda members were arrested in Adana, southern Turkey and anti-terrorist police seized among other items, 2 pounds of the sarin nerve agent.”
These chemical weapons are not in Syria and these non-Syrian Syria rebels are not in Syria right now.

BRICS Development Bank to Compete with the World Bank
[Ed. Note: This is the BRICS Development Fund that Jim Willie has been discussing and which was discussed in the UNBOUND interview dated 5/26/2013]
They are doing this because the World Bank is a piece of s**t that doesn’t finance income generating infrastructure projects.

Gibson Guitars CEO: I’ve ‘Committed Myself To Fighting’ Unjust Targeting By ‘Executive Branch’
“Appearing on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, the CEO of Gibson Guitars lambasted the federal government for targeting his firm “inappropriately.” He said that the American system currently allows people linked to the executive branch to take sweeping actions for “very bad reasons,” and added that he has committed to fighting that injustice “for years to come.””

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not guns
“the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past”

Raw Milk Victory: Vernon Hershberger Acquitted on 3 od 4 Charges
“In what Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund vice president Elizabeth Rich called a victory for the food rights movement, a Sauk County jury acquitted dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger on three of four criminal charges for violations of the Wisconsin food and dairy code after a contentious five-day trial.”
A five day trial but three years in the making and four government lawyers attending every court hearing. How much taxpayer funds have been wasted on this farce ?

A journey through Iran: Eye-opening photographs reveal an enchanting, mysterious and rarely seen side of the country
“A commemorative plate of the former Shah of Iran in an antique store in Shiraz. The Shah was given an Authoritarian hold on power thanks to an MI6 and CIA-backed coup in 1953 which deposed Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and cost the lives of several hundreds of Iranian citizens. “Operation Ajax” was actioned after Mosaddegh nationalized the petroleum industry of Iran, thus shutting out British dominance of an industry they had controlled since 1913. That Mosaddeqh had been a democratically-elected leader, with wide popular support fueled resentment at the Shah, who many saw as a brutal puppet for the west.”

Ron Paul: Nanny state brings police state

The New American Bill of Rights Effective Immediately


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