Free speech gets fined in modern Europe / Failing cover ups: MH17, TWA800, Clinton, E.T., free energy, 9/11, NWO / Obedience Problem


German Police Fine and Ban Man For Passing Out Anti-Bilderberg Flyers

“Only in the former Eastern Bloc would you get fined and banned from a town square for passing out pieces of paper with information on a secretive meeting by elected officials. That is exactly what happened to Austrian citizen Helmut who was trying to educated German citizens about the power broker cabal meeting in secret in Dresden Germany.”


Child Horrified as Mother Taken by Bilderberg Police

“Infowars reporter Rob Dew is outside the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, Germany when Police drag a woman into a secluded area for simply holding a cardboard sign with statements that US Army General Wesley Clark made regarding the extreme takeover policy in the United States.”


Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”

“Video Interview with General Wesley Clark”

Originally published in March 2007. This interview serves as a reminder regarding the diabolical timeline of America’s hegemonic project.

What this woman was showing on her cardboard sign is what Army General Wesley Clark had said.


Infowars And Alt Media Reporters Detained by Police In Dresden, Germany

Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous independent media journalists.


Bilderberg group meeting: What actually happens at the world’s most secretive gathering of global elites, and who is attending?

“The list of the rich and powerful attending this year’s Bilderberg Conference has been released – it includes bankers, prime ministers and former heads of the CIA and MI6”

“By their own admission, those organising the Bilderberg meetings have “never sought any public attention”, while always denying conspiracy theories that they are a global ruling class that can start wars and decide who becomes the next US President. They just refer to it as forum for informal discussions about the world’s “megatrends” and a chance for participants to “reflect and gather insights”.”

Except that a global ruling class that can start wars and decide who becomes the next US President – see link


Journalist Threatened With Violence By Police For Reporting On Bilderberg


Reporters Surrounded & Detained by German Police


Police Threaten To Sue Journalists For Covering Bilderberg


Bilderberg Battle Tanks & Water Cannons Prepped for Protesters


German Citizens Ask Police About Bilderberg


The “Crime” Of Offending Islam & Death Of Free Speech In Europe

“Across Europe, cartoonists, artists and writers are forced to live under police protection, and also often face criminal prosecution – all for the “crime” of offending Islam. “‘Respect’ means, for them, submission.” It starts with censoring cartoons…


CANADA: The Ambiguous concept of “Hate Propaganda” as a “criminal offence”

“The concept of “Hate Propaganda” as a “criminal offence” is nothing less than a blatant example of government mind control; one that, here in Canada, has proven itself over the last half century of contentious litigation, to be extremely controversial, provocative and unjust and a clear and present danger to freedom of expression or “free speech” as defined by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All it takes are judges and justices who will lend credence to subjective definitions of nebulous terms such as “hatred” so that they may then shapeshift into whatever meaning the Crown wishes in order to fit the charge.”

Criticism based in logic will be labelled ‘hate speech’.



Vaccine cover-up. BREXIT poll shows 80% for Leave….then abruptly disappears


Fearful of EU Disintegration and Mired in Crisis, France Wants Britain Punished for Brexit Revolt

An exit from the European Union is the people exercising their sovereign right to choose their own destiny.


France shuns Europe as Brexit revolt spreads


Unelected government minister tells voters not to ‘overrule their democratically elected MPs’ by backing Brexit


Our export boom OUTSIDE the EU: Leave campaign reveals Britain is exporting a record £14billion to non-European countries – as JCB boss says ‘we have little to fear’


Bilderberg Agenda 2016 | The World’s Elite are Scared to Death of the “Precariat” – the ‘Awakening Ones’

“If there’s one thing to take away from this years Bilderberg meeting it is that the elite is scared to death of the precariat.”

“That’s a term coined by the British economist Guy Standing, referring to a class of people who feel less confident about society in general, either because of underemployment, poor economic conditions, political disenfranchisement, or to be perfectly frank, because they realize modern civilization is a fraud.”

“In other words, the precariat are people who are beaten down by the system and who have woken up to some degree as a result. If you are reading these words, you are most likely considered part of the precariat, and the elite is afraid of this group of people arguably more than anything else.”


Greediest snouts in the EU trough: Not sure how to vote? Read about the stinking wealth and hypocrisy of those Brussels fat cats the Kinnocks and it may help you decide


Bilderberg Elites: Stop Trump, Boost Hillary; Stop Brexit, Boost Migration


SHOCK POLL: British Support for EU FALLS in Wake of Jo Cox Murder


EU lightbulb SHOCK: Households will be forced having to pay £275 on replacements by 2018

“A new EU law will ban the sale of many halogen lightbulbs and homes will have to be fitted with energy saving LED bulbs instead, which cost around 25 times more.”

“Homes in Britain have an average of 11 spotlight bulbs, which means it would cost up to £275 in replacement costs, according to the Association for the Conservation of Energy.”

“This latest piece of bureaucracy is set to take effect in 2018.”


No, Thank You! Switzerland Withdraws Application To Join European Union


Scaremonger Alert! Brexit could trigger economic recession in UK: IMF


Brexit Update: Remain MPs Say “Vote Doesn’t Matter”, UK Won’t Leave

The English were the people who in the 1640s dealt with an abusive, traitorous monarch by chopping his head off.


The Fire Rises: Can France’s Hollande Ban Protests That Involve Millions?

“”[Hollande] may actually do it, but people will just start breaking the law. [Hollande] should start negotiating and stop making idle threats,” Hedley tells Loud & Clear host Brian Becker, referring to the French president’s threat to ban mass protests is real.”


Free Speech Under Attack

Offending People Left and Right

“Bill Bonner, whose Diaries we republish here, is well-known for being an equal opportunity offender  – meaning that political affiliation, gender, age, or any other defining characteristics won’t save worthy targets from getting offended. As far as we are concerned, we generally try not to be unnecessarily rude to people, but occasionally giving offense is not exactly beneath us either.”

“Some people really deserve it after all…which is why we often refer to modern-day central bankers as lunatics, politicians as psychopaths, governments as gangs  of highway robbers waving a flag, and so forth. On one occasion we even provided a translation of Mr. Böhmermann’s “abusive criticism” of Mr. Erdogan, which fell afoul of a 19thcentury lèse majesté law on Germany’s statute books.”

“That poem really was rude and insulting, no doubt about it. However, locking up journalists and opposition politicians under the pretext that they “threaten national security”, or bombing and suppressing ethnic minorities (for narrow and selfish political goals to boot) seems a lot worse to us.”

“The person responsible actually deserves to be insulted day and night, and given how thin-skinned Mr. Erdogan is, insulting him is great fun to boot. Admittedly, only as long as one is not within grabbing distance of his enforcers.”


A Critical and Ignored 2008 Email by Ben Bernanke on the Lehman Collapse

“A little noticed 2008 email from former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, raises serious questions about his official narrative on the collapse of Lehman Brothers. We’ll get to the email in detail, but first some necessary background.”

“A lot of eyes rolled on Wall Street last October when Ben Bernanke, who chaired the Federal Reserve in the lead up to and during the financial collapse in 2008, released his memoir of the financial crisis with the title: “The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and its Aftermath.” Many Wall Street observers felt the title would have more correctly captured the facts on the ground had it read: “The Lack of Fed Courage to Supervise Mega Banks Led to an Epic Collapse.” (In the leadup to the crisis, the Fed allowed Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill and JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, to sit on the Board of its Federal Reserve Bank of New York, among numerous other conflicts of interest.)”


This Is a Usurper, Not a Candidate: California Primary Was Stolen, And Hillary’s “Nomination a Coup”

“It’s lights out for democracy. No surprise for those who have been paying attention. But if this is your first time through it, this election has been totally rigged. From the start, it was clear that Hillary had been chosen and given a path. Possibly it was a concession forged back in 2008 in which she agreed to stand aside for Obama in exchange for “her turn.” — Antithetical to our deeply held democratic processes, the entire 2016 contest is and has been rigged so that one person’s quest for power can be satisfied. 2008 was an embarrassing stumble. 2016 is the last pageant she’s willing to go through, and she was determined to win. This time, the title is hers. Period.”


Trump To Bernie Voters: ‘You Got Screwed!’


Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel”

“In addition, over 250,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict, which has spread to Iraq—all thanks to Clinton and the Obama administration backing the “rebels” and stoking the fires of war in Syria.”

“The real and disturbing possibility that a psychopath like Clinton—whose policy has inflicted death and misery upon millions of people—could become the next president of America is the most deeply shocking thought of all.”


21 New ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations That Have Imperiled Hillary Clinton’s Campaign



Newly released Crooked Hillary emails reveal how a huge Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a highly sensitive nuclear intelligence board even though he had absolutely no experience in the field. Instead he made his living as a high-frequency stock trader. And when other members of the board started to ask questions about the appointment, the Clinton team went into overdrive ‘to protect the name of the Secretary in this matter.’


White House calls FBI probe into Clinton’s classified emails a ‘criminal investigation’

“Barack Obama’s spokesman described the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s classified email scandal as a ‘criminal investigation’ on Thursday, less than an hour after the president endorsed his embattled former secretary of state to succeed him.”


OBAMA ENDORSES CLINTON: The First Candidate In History Under An Active FBI Criminal Investigation


Judy Woodruff Asks Hillary About Clinton Foundation Corruption


Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS


U.S. Demands Russia Stop Bombing Al-Qaeda … Is War On Terror Over? Can We Have Our Rights Back?


Fortified ISIS Positions Within METERS of Turkish Border, Ignored by Coalition Jets


2004 Flashback: Elizabeth Warren Describes Hillary Clinton As A Puppet For Wall Street



Woodhull ran under the banner of the Equal Rights Party—formerly the People’s Party—which supported equal rights for women and women’s suffrage. The party nominated her in May 1872 in New York City”


Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Polls Ahead of Hillary Clinton Amongst Independents


Censored Images from Venezuela Reveal Economic Collapse Is Only for the Poor


“The truth about economic collapse and government corruption is universal and enduring: it is simply not for the ruling class and wealthy elite. This has and always will be the case, unless some major shift can move us away from centralized, managed economies and the typical state of government corruption we see around the world today.”


Matt Taibbi: Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

“Democratic voters tried to express these frustrations through the Sanders campaign, but the party leaders have been and probably will continue to be too dense to listen. Instead, they’ll convince themselves that, as Hohmann’s Post article put it, Hillary’s latest victories mean any “pressure” they might have felt to change has now been “ameliorated.””

“The maddening thing about the Democrats is that they refuse to see how easy they could have it. If the party threw its weight behind a truly populist platform, if it stood behind unions and prosecuted Wall Street criminals and stopped taking giant gobs of cash from every crooked transnational bank and job-exporting manufacturer in the world, they would win every election season in a landslide.”

“The twin insurgencies of Trump and Sanders this year were equally a blistering referendum on Beltway politics. But the major-party leaders and the media mouthpieces they hang out with can’t see this, because of what that friend of mine talked about over a decade ago: Washington culture is too far up its own backside to see much of anything at all.”


A Note to My Friend Bernie Sanders

“At the start they labeled you a “fringe” candidate – a 74-year-old, political Independent, Jewish, self-described democratic socialist, who stood zero chance against the Democratic political establishment, the mainstream media, and the moneyed interests.”

“Then you won 22 states.”


SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer – Original Full-Length Documentary Film (FREE!)

6m40s “When I was with Laurance Rockefeller at his ranch in 1993 he turned to me and he said the implications of this are so vast and so profound that no aspect of life on earth will be unchanged by its disclosure. I said yes, Laurance. That’s why its been kept secret. It’s not because its trivial, its because the implications are so profound. So there have been attempts to bring this information out for over 60 years. And here we sit in 2012 with the world still burning oil and gas and coal when we have had technologies, sciences and all the information we need to have had a completely new civilisation.”

17m20s “Astronomer J. Allen Hynek developed the scale to identify the types of human and E.T. encounters. From his original 3 categories a fourth more controversial has been added CE 4. Even more controversial Steve Greer has added a fifth kind of encounter CE 5, human initiated contact.”

27m35s SIRIUS- from Dr. Steven Greer 1

37m40s SIRIUS- from Dr. Steven Greer 2

1h “The concept of freedom, this sort of idea of people having the liberty to pursue happiness and to pursue abundance, this has been completely in a sense turned upside down.” We actually reprinted a report on the military involvement in the department of energy and its so extensive that it’s the major operation that goes on there. There have been over 5,000 patents that have been sequestered by the National Security state, taken out of the public domain, many of them deal with energy technologies.”

1h1m35s “Cold fusion patents have not been approved, they will not get through. American citizens are being denied their constitutional rights. I was inadvertently looking through some piles of paper that had been given to me in a casual manner by all these hot fusion physicists and they were trying to do their calametric repeat of the Ponse Fleischmann experiment and I was stunned, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it looked like monkey business to me at the time and it has turned out to be exactly that. It was represented as a negative result when it was a positive. That data is scientific fraud as far as I am concerned.”

1h15m35s “99 percent of all the information out in the public on this subject is well crafted disinformation designed to scare people to support the next phase in global warfare.”

1h21m45s “This is a document talking about the current program at the CIA. It says that the PAO, the Public Affairs Office, has relationships with reporters from every underlying major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation. In many instances we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected ‘national security’. Now, what’s the purpose of this ? The CIA has no mandate for anything domestic, the FBI is domestic, what the hell is this ?”

1h34m55s SIRIUS- from Dr. Steven Greer 3

1h39m35s “These sciences have been around for decades, they have been ruthlessly kept secret because of the kleptocracy of what I call the petro fascists, the people who are hell bent on maintaining the power of a centralised petro dollar, oil, gas, coal system. So that does create scarcity because that is a zero sum game but when you take us off that system onto this new system, its an entirely new macro-economic order and scarcity becomes non existent.”

Failing cover up of E.T.s of free energy.


Dr. Steven Greer Announces: The Campaign to End Illegal Free Energy Secrecy

Are there secret projects in existence that could literally change the world overnight?

Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project and creator of the smash-hit documentary film Sirius, has announced a new campaign that is specifically seeking to end the secrecy surrounding free energy technology.”

“The new documentary film will be called: “Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History”.”

The attempted cover up of free energy has failed miserably.



“For example, it was revealed last week that the judge overseeing the trial of surviving 9/11 suspects conspired with the prosecution to destroy evidence relevant to a key suspect’s defense. And see this.”

“(The Defense Department has also farmed out most of the work of bothprosecuting and defending the surviving 9/11 suspects to the same privatecompany.  And the heads of the military tribunal prosecuting the 9/11 suspects said that the trials must be rigged so that there are no acquittals.)”

The truth will not be found in the court room that is prosecuting these suspects, the only thing that will be found is deception .

The attempted cover up of 9/11 has failed miserably.


NWO Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan in 1969

“Dr. Day died shortly thereafter, in 1989. It could be a coincidence since Dr. Day was elderly when he died. In tape #3, recorded by Randy Engel, Dunegan details Dr. Day’s credentials and it is clear that Dr. Day was an Establishment insider privy to the overarching plan of an Elite Group that rules the Western World for the creation of a World Dictatorship. A Global Tyranny usually called the New World Order containing a secular and a spiritual component, the One World Government and the One World Religion.”


Paul Craig Roberts: “Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix”

“Fellow Americans, if you care to avoid vaporization and, assuming we do avoid it, live a life other than serfdom, you must wake up and realize that your most deadly enemy is Washington, not the hoax of “Russian aggression,” not the hoax of “Muslim terrorism,” not the hoax of “domestic extremism,” not the hoax of welfare bankrupting America, not the hoax of democracy voting away your wealth, which Wall Street and the corporations have already stolen and stuck in their pockets. If you cannot wake up and escape The Matrix, your doom will bring the doom of the planet.


The Milgram Experiment

“65% (two-thirds) of participants (i.e. teachers) continued to the highest level of 450 volts. All the participants continued to 300 volts.”

“Milgram did more than one experiment – he carried out 18 variations of his study. All he did was alter the situation (IV) to see how this affected obedience (DV).”

The obedience problem.


TWA 800: What the CIA Did to Mike Wire, Witness 571

“I do not know who generated this false interview to fit their scenario, but I stand by my original approved statement made to agent Lash. No other statement exists as there were none. The CIA built its case-closing animation around an interview that never took place. I would learn later that the CIA manufactured interviews with several other key witnesses.”

“This whole experience has left me disillusioned with the FBI, disillusioned with the CIA, and totally disillusioned with the news media that bought this whole story without ever questioning it — even after the truth about the fake interviews had become impossible to deny.”

The obedience problem.


Dong Energy becomes Europe’s biggest initial public offering in 2016 with $15bn valuation

“The Danish state will remain Dong’s biggest owner, with just over 50 per cent of the shares, followed by Goldman Sachs.”


Citing Officials’ “Impunity” on Child Sex Abuse, UN Whistleblower Quits


Soros Destroys EU Through Migrant Crisis, Acts to Profit Off Collapse


Brzezinski’s NeoColonial Strategic Vision

“A reader forwarded to me Brzezinski’s latest missive, where he attempts to play the grand chess master who thinks he is a move or two ahead of the competition. But he is not. Sadly Ziggy is behind the curve, not being able to give up his old ways, and yet wanting to play the old wise man passing his wisdom on to the rest us, who frankly are tired of his endless machinations.”


Utah Senator threatens to yank U.S. peace money from Colombia after nation tries to make expensive leukemia drug more affordable

This Utah senator serves the pharmaceutical industry not the people of Utah.



Pakistan has registered a case against unnamed US officials for the drone strike that killed Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, and a taxi driver.


Emergency Staff at Orlando Regional Medical Center Being FORCED to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

Why is a NDA necessary ?!



New Intel CPUs Have NSA Exploitable Secret Hidden Backdoor

“New Intel CPUs come with a hidden backdoor that can allow hackers or the NSA to control your computer remotely even while PC is turned off.”

“Hardware security export Damien Zammit revealed some startling revelations in a recent SoftPedia about the secret backdoor built in to new Intel CPUs that no one can touch or disable.”

“The backdoor, called the Intel Management Engine (ME) is works as a secret subsystem inside your computer’s CPU and runs constantly even when your computer is not turned on.”

“It works but setting up a TCP/IP server and since the subsystem has complete uncontrolled access to your computer’s hardware, including the network card and memory, it works without the knowledge of your computers operating system and can not be disabled by the OS or by your computer’s firewall.”



“Matt Agorist for DC Clothesline reports Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts recently had a run-in with the law and were threatened with daily fines for their illegal activity. Carroll and Ricketts weren’t robbing banks, or trafficking humans, or running some other criminal enterprise — they were growing their own food.”

1m40s “Their yards must be covered in grass – that is the law.”

Since none of the 17 granted authorities of the constitution can be twisted to allow a government to ban someone growing their own food, this ‘law’ does not trump the non-enumerated rights of the ninth amendment.


Clement Freud the child abuser: Former Liberal MP MOLESTED girls as young as 10 as two victims tell of their pain in TV documentary

“Sylvia Woolsey said she was just 11 when Sir Clement – described as a national treasure by Gordon Brown at his funeral in 2009 – began abusing her.”

The tsunami of paedophilia continues.


‘The floodgates are opened’: Clement Freud could have had DOZENS more victims fear campaigners as the former MP is accused of decades of child sexual abuse


McCann family friend, Clement Freud, exposed as pedophile

“Former broadcaster and politician Sir Clement Freud, who befriended the McCann family following the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine in 2007, has been exposed as a pedophile, who sexually abused young girls for decades.”


University Drops Math Requirement, Considers New “Diversity” Requirement

“At Wayne State University in Detroit, diversity courses may soon take precedence over mathematics.”

What job demands diversity in its skill set ?


Violent, Bloody Scenes From Tuesday’s Massive Protests In Paris

“Martinez was correct. On Tuesday, police used dozens of rounds of teargas and rolled out the water cannons in order to disburse the massive crowds that gathered to protest labor reforms. Police said the turnout was 75,000 – 80,000 just in Paris alone according to Reuters. Predictably, the protests quickly turned violent, as gangs of masked youths threw stones and makeshift firebombs at police, ransacked store fronts, and caused other general chaos in the streets. The protests led to a reported 58 arrests, with 24 police and 17 protesters injured.”

Will the police attempt to disburse a gathering of 750,000 ?


How Corrupt America Is


The End of the Republic? — Money and the criminal Congress

“In 2015, lobbyists spent $3.22 billion lobbying Congress. In 2013 and 2014, just 10 chemical companies and allied organizations spent more than $154 million lobbying the federal government. The Center for Responsive Politics in 2013 reported that The Dow Chemical Co. “posted record lobbying expenditures” in 2012, “spending nearly $12 million,” and was “on pace to eclipse” that amount. Fourteen labor unions were among the top 25 political campaign contributors between 1989 and 2014.”


Executive order signed by Bill Clinton legalized medical experimentation on military servicemen without their knowledge


Winning! Majority of adults now reject government’s pro-vaccine narrative


U.S. Ally Bahrain Suspends Largest Opposition Group a Day After Imprisoning Human Rights Activist

“Dear President Obama,”

“I write to you from a Bahraini jail cell, and this message was never meant to go beyond its walls. Even though I have never advocated for violence nor harmed another living soul, I have spent 28 of the last 36 months in a Bahraini prison for actions that can only be counted as crimes in a nation that stifles free expression and criminalizes open assembly. I have documented my government’s use of torture. I have reported on civilian casualties in Yemen. I have held a different opinion than that of a king. In retaliation, I may spend the next ten years of my life in jail.”


Police Investigation Reveals Orlando Shooting An ‘Inside Job’

Reports are surfacing that Omar Mateen was working with multiple co-ordinated accomplices, pointing to the Orlando shooting being an inside job by security agencies, and discrediting the government and mainstream media ‘lone wolf’ agenda.


“Currently the mainstream media has created a narrative. Omar Mateen acted alone when he shot up the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. This “lone wolf” killed over 50 people and maimed 53. That’s a casualty count of over 100.”


As It Shapes ISIS-Centric Narrative, Orlando Police Reject Freedom of Information Request for Audio of Nightclub Shooter’s 911 Call

By: Ethan Allen and…

“Hours after Omar Mateen opened fire in the LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the Orlando Police Department informed the media that Mateen had sworn allegiance to ISIS in a call to its 911 emergency line.”

“According to FBI officials, Mateen previously pledged simultaneous allegiance to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, two militant groups fighting on opposite sides of the Syrian civil war, and whose members have battled ISIS at various intervals.”

“On June 13, AlterNet’s Grayzone Project submitted a request under Florida’s public records law for a written transcript and/or an audio recording of any and all phone calls that Mateen made to Orlando’s 911 emergency line on the date of the Pulse Nightclub mass killing.”

Could it be the case that this 911 call does not contain what we are being told it contains ?


Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times

“In a surprising discovery, the Palm Beach Post first reported that according to state records, Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was employed by the US subsidiary of G4S plc, the world’s largest security company by revenue. The problem is that according to Judicial Watch this is the same G4S who has been contracted by DHS to drive Other Than Mexican illegal immigrants across the Mexican border to Phoenix where they are then released without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents.


EXPLAIN THIS: Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK News Story 6 HOURS BEFORE attack took place!

Another false flag collapses in a heap.


New Orlando Shooter Eyewitness Emerges: Testifies That 5 People Were Involved In Pulse Attack


Orlando shooter: Deeper hidden ties to the FBI?


CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to “Informants”


Thieves Held At Gunpoint By Armed Citizen Until Police Arrive


Cops Now Using a New Device Allowing them to Steal Cash From Innocent Citizens Like an ATM

““If you can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we’ve done that in the past,” Vincent added.”

“This reasoning turns the very concept of innocent until proven guilty on its head. And State Sen. Kyle Loveless said cases where police abused this new system have already come to light, including single mothers, a cancer survivor who had their medication seized, a Christian band, and a number of other completely innocent people.”


9 Year Old Banned From Wearing Trump “Make America Great Again” Hat In School

What the f**king hell is this bulls**t ?


Family of Autism Specialist Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet Says Forensic Evidence Points to Murder, Impossible for Bullet Entry to be Self-Inflicted

“Nearly one year has passed since Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, a renowned physician known for his skepticism of immunizations (particularly the MMR vaccine) and his progressive autism research was found dead, floating in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot wound.”
“Leading up to his death, Bradstreet was working with a highly controversial molecule that occurs naturally within the human body and is believed to be capable of treating and reversing autism.”
“Researchers claim that GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), which becomes the GC protein after combining with vitamin D in the body, is effective for treating HIV, diabetes and diseases of the liver and kidneys. More importantly, GcMAF experts predict that the natural molecule has the potential to be a universal cure for cancer.
“Due to the controversial nature of Bradstreet’s research, as well as the fact that his office was raided by officials with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the days leading up his death, the physician’s family hired a private investigator in hopes of finding the truth about Bradstreet’s untimely demise.”


Big Pharma ordered to pay $70M after concealing adverse effects of cancer drugs and misleading doctors




“Atomic Bomb In the Works for July”: Someone VERY BIG Is Standing For Gold & Silver!

Starting with gold, last month (May) saw 221,000 ounces stand for delivery. This amount actually grew during the month which is highly unusual as the amount standing has ALWAYS dropped during delivery periods, this is the first time to my knowledge that the amount standing actually increased.”


*****What I have been afraid to blog about: THE ESF AND ITS HISTORY (Part 1-5)*****

“It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA’s black budget, and is the architect of the world’s monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse…”


The REAL EU agenda : The David Icke Videocast/Podcast Trailer


Winston Churchill on Germany’s Unforgivable “Crime”

“Germany’s most unforgivable crime before the Second World War was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”


Expect more ‘terror busts’ as FBI steps up its use of “ISIS stings”

More patsies who cannot tie their own shoelaces.


It’s Happening… Carrying a Gun Can Now Be BANNED in These 9 States

“An 11-judge panel voted 7-4 to uphold an anti-gun law in California that requires those seeking a concealed carry permit to show a “good reason” above and beyond their natural right of self-defense in order to be approved for the carry permit, despite a federal judge recently striking down an almost identical law in Washington, D.C.”


Las Vegas PD Jailed Paraplegic for “Fleeing” From a Robbery

“Antwine was in jail for two weeks before he saw his day in court. There the judge, the UPS driver, and the prosecutor realized that he was innocent, and he was finally released. However, the prosecutor cautioned that just because he didn’t commit this crime “That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t live a life of crime,” and the judge ruled that Antwine could still be charged if any new evidence linking him to the robbery comes to light.”

“These authoritarians sound pretty embarrassed don’t they?”


Cops Go to Wrong House, Shoot and Kill Beloved Dog, Claim “No Other Reasonable Option”

“Police act like cops are just getting eaten by dogs every other two seconds in the US, but in fact as previously reported, there are no records of any police officer being killed by a dog in the past 70 years:


Where to Invade Next – official trailer

“January 2, 2015. A secret memo from the Pentagon was intercepted. All future invasions will be carried out by one man. From Director Michael Moore. No casualties. No PTSD. No prisoners.”

Not spending our tax funds on the people of the nation.


Syrian Forces Sever Main Daesh Route Into Turkey

“In the fight against Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State, Syrian forces have cut off a major road that the terrorists group used to access Turkey.”

“That means the Turkish officers leading the terrorist groups are cut off from escape. The next step is to capture them and show the world that Turkey has been assisting the US in their not-very-covert war against Assad.”


NATO Will Suppress Protests In Poland

“The concept of hybrid war or hybrid actions has blossomed as a definition of the activities of Russia following the Ukrainian revolution of 2014. But what is interesting is that to this day it has not attained any unambiguous academic interpretation and various authors and experts define its scope in different ways. In The Financial Times, however, we read that the NATO spearhead has the right to take action in the case of the destabilization of the international situation in the country triggered by, for example, public protests.”


.01%’s Bozo ‘democracy’: War Criminal lying Clinton v. Racist WrestleMania Trump! America’s choice: Staged fear-show for slaves OR arrests to end Wars of Aggression, bankster economics, corporate media lies, and implement OBVIOUS solutions


US illegal: History of rogue empire REQUIRING arrests in the present. All US/Israel ‘reasons’ for war on Iran are known lies as they are told (11 of 11)


Garlic’s healing properties are so intense that it is 100 times more effective than antibiotic treatments


It Took $10 In New Debt To Create $1 Of Growth In The First Quarter


British ThinkTank Boss Rages Against “Generation Snowflake”

It illustrated this generation’s almost belligerent sense of entitlement. They assume their emotional suffering takes precedence. Express a view they disagree with and you must immediately recant and apologise.

But as I argue in my new book – I Find That Offensive! – Generation Snowflake believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable.

“This mindset is particularly rife in universities. The examples are beyond parody: a National Union of Students conference banning clapping as it might trigger trauma (‘please use jazz hands’, delegates were told); the Edinburgh University student threatened with expulsion from a meeting after raising her hand in disagreement. Last year, students at the University of East Anglia banned a Mexican restaurant from giving out sombreros because of racist stereotyping. In March, Cambridge University banned an ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ themed party over fears wearing ethnic costumes might cause offence.”


NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting its citizenry is a “mental illness;” 10,000-plus crazies banding together, paranoid

FBI documents and defense authorizations show citizens are being actively targeted


Government Had Muhammad Ali Under Surveillance Before Death

So Muhammad Ali was a Targeted Individual of the American government except that the NY Times says the American government does not target individuals.


U.S. Supreme Court says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Highways/Streets

““The right of a citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but a common right which he has under his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Under this constitutional guaranty one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing another’s rights, he will be protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct.””



IRS Steals $68,382, Returns It After 3 Years, And Now Wants The Owners In Jail

“The business, Vocatura’s Bakery, has been in their family since 1919 when their grandfather started it.”

This bulls**t is way out of control.


Medical journal openly admits 50% of people on antidepressants don’t even have depression



Cannabis Saved This Man From One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in US History

“Desperate for relief — and in spite of fears of getting “high” — Stein took a recommendation from a family member that he try CBD oil. “I really needed my constant, daily pain to be gone – it was limiting my life,” he said. Stein was unable to read the newspaper or even look at screens, and he was consistently waking up in the middle of the night due to the pain. Out of safe options, he obtained a license for medical cannabis in the state of California.”

“To ensure he did not get high, Stein purchased concentrated CBD oil produced by Pop Naturals, deemed “Super CBD” for its very low ratio of psychoactive THC — and the results were nothing short of miraculous. “I was very glad that the CBD oil’s rumored effectiveness as a pain vanquisher was right on the money,” he said. He eventually found the ACDC strain of CBD oil, another low THC, high CBD extract.”


Turmeric for Cancer? Study Says the Spice Shows Promise


What is triclosan in toothpaste? Learn about this carcinogenic substance so you can get it out of your daily routine


Helps Maintain Cardiovascular Health and Reduce Blood Lipid levels (Cholesterol) In Adults

“Ingredients: Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorne, Valerian, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry.”


5 Secret Places Censored on Google Maps: “Military Secrets Blacked Out”

“Our world is more complicated than most anyone thought possible. The version of government and society presented to you on television is a good distance away from the reality of what they have been constructing behind the scenes.”

“It is entirely possible, and even probable, that most if not all of these clandestine black sites are part of a breakaway civilization where elites have access to longer lifespans and hidden technologies never shared with the world.”


‘The law has been broken routinely’: Scientist who identified lead contamination in Flint to RT

“Water departments in at least 33 cities across 17 states were found to have “cheated” for over a decade on tests to conceal dangerous levels of lead in their water supplies. The scientist who discovered the Flint water contamination joined RT to discuss.”


Community Wins as Nestle Drops Water Extraction Plans

“After facing community resistance, bottled beverage giant Nestlé Waters North America this week ditched its plans to extract water from a Monroe County, Penn. spring.”


DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think “Anyone Should Have A Gun”

Only the criminals and the police should have guns, is that it ?


A Concealed Carrier Helped Stop A Mass Shooting Over Memorial Day Weekend, And The Media Is Silent

“A good guy with a gun tried to stop a mass shooting which took place over Memorial Day weekend at a car wash and tire store in Houston. The news has been strangely mum about it and the details surrounding the story seem awash with obvious omissions.”


Homeowner Sues Police After Pursuit Of Shoplifter Leaves Him With No Home To Own

“The police continue to insist this couldn’t have been handled any other way, but arrests of armed, barricaded suspects happen all the time without having to completely destroy the building surrounding them. What happened to Lech’s house appears to be the end result of a PD with lots of surplus military gear and an excuse to use it.”


Senate Democrats Introduce We The People Act Seeking to Reverse Citizens United

“Fighting to reverse the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, curtail dark money, and close the revolving door between Wall Street and the government, several Senate Democrats joined together on Thursday to announce the 2016 We The People Act. Besides disclosing the names of donors who contribute more than $10,000 during an election cycle, the legislation also seeks to permanently ban former members of Congress from lobbying.”




Questions raised over accuracy of speed cameras after driver doing 29mph was clocked reaching 85mph

“Questions have been raised by lawyers over the accuracy of speed cameras after a driver doing just 29 miles an hour was clocked as reaching 85 mph.”

“Delivery driver Thomas Baird was sent a court summons accusing him of speeding in a 30 mph zone in Talke, Staffs.”



French protests of 2016 biggest, longest since 1789 Revolution / Satan’s Money Hoax / Government by blackmail / Crooked Hillary


FRANCE IN CHAOS – Biggest and longest protests & riots since French Revolution

“The first collaborative protest against the Socialist government since Hollande came to power in 2012, kicked off on 9 March. On March 31, nearly 400,000 people took to the streets, disagreeing with the sweeping changes to labor laws; though organizers put the number at 1.2 million.”

“On April 9, about 120,000 people marched in Paris and across France for a sixth time, protesting against contested labor reforms. Organizers called for yet another strike on April 28, and a massive protest on May 1, Labor Day. Reports of police officers clashing with protesters, deploying tear gas in several French cities, and protesters burning vehicles, smashing windows flooded the Internet.”

“An online petition against the proposed changes has gathered over 1 million signatures, a record in France. According to a recent Le Parisien poll, a majority of French people favor labor reforms, but 70% oppose the government’s way of going about it.”

It is the duty of the French people to make irrelevant any French government that is in rebellion against the people, and make no mistake, this government is in rebellion against the people.


France (In Their Own Words: social explosion, decline, immobilism, decadence)


David Icke – The Money Hoax

1m15s “It can be summed up in one short sentence: you lend people money that doesn’t exist and you charge interest on it.”

Satan’s Money Hoax.


Has Putin Banned The Rothschilds From Russia?

Brave Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.”

“Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.””

“This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.”

““They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.””

“It is understood that the Rothschild banking racket was a noose tied around the neck of the Russian economy. Once the knot was tightened, the economy would struggle and choke.

Early in his presidency he made a priority of uniting Russia socially, spiritually, and economically. He ordered the arrest of the Rothschild backed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had made Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and Arthur Hartman directors of the Open Russia foundation.”

“He was so upset with the banksters in his temple, he tipped over their tables and drove them out with a whip.”

“A keen student of history, well versed in world affairs, the Russian President has studied the history of the world’s most elusive organisation and understands the central role their financial collaborators have played in fomenting the major international conflicts of the 20th century.”


Putin: Russia Will Never Become A NEW WORLD ORDER Cashless Society (March 4, 2016)

“The Rothschild controlled global banking lobby want a digital cashless system because this will give them even more control over us. They want to monitor and control every single transaction, while destroying real world currencies so they can issue money that doesn’t exist, creating impossible financial burdens for the masses, all the while accumulating extraordinary real wealth and power for themselves.”


Putin: Russia Is Ready To Show Proof 9/11 Was An Inside Job (April 12, 2016) Read More

“Earlier this month, it was revealed that Moussaoui had further testified that members of the Saudi royal family financially supported al Qaeda in the lead up to the 9/11 attacks.”

If Washington DC is claiming that the unreleased 28 pages show that Saudi Arabia had an involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks then it is a categorical admission that the 9/11 commission did not establish the whole truth.


9/11’s Conspiracy Trio Falling Apart

“Israel is also concerned that it, too, could face lawsuits under the provisions of JASTA. WMR has previously reported that some of the footnotes in the classified 28 pages provide links that lead to Israeli involvement in 9/11. It is noteworthy that the Saudis are blaming the George W. Bush administration for carrying out 9/11 and are leaving Israel out of the equation. Schumer’s actions on behalf of the Saudis are a clear indication that the Saudi-Israeli alliance remains intact.”


This Financial Bubble Is 8 Times Bigger Than The 2008 Subprime Crisis


Why The Fed Is Trapped: A 1% Increase In Rates Would Result In Up To $2.4 Trillion Of Losses


SHOCK STUDY: Countries with highest vaccination rates have highest infant mortality rates, too


US Taxpayers Forced to Pay $3 Billion for Damages in Vaccine Lawsuits — Not the Drug Companies


Hunt for Taxes: Safe-Deposit Boxes Under Attack

“HSBC is altering its oversight of safe-deposit boxes in Hong Kong. Governments are targeting safe-deposit boxes to look for cash that is hiding from taxation. HSBC, a U.K. bank, is now moving against claimed financial crimes by altering conditions for safe-deposit boxes. This is becoming a global trend. Anything of value that is stored in a safe-deposit box is now considered money laundering. Governments want their taxes and all the laws are changing to ensure they get their money.”

The world is going mad if keeping your valuables safe is considered money laundering.


Bondholders Stunned As Puerto Rico Finds $4.4 Billion In Outstanding Debt “Unconstitutional”

If bondholders were angry with Puerto Rico before, they’ll surely be pissed now that there is a reasonable chance that they’ll end up with nothing at all as 1 17 member audit commission found some of the nation’s debt “unconstitutional.” In other words, the government may now just declare the bonds invalid.

Worthless paper.


Police search Santander’s Madrid HQ in money-laundering inquiry

“The case involves the continuing investigation into the Falciani list of accounts from HSBC’s Swiss private bank in Geneva, leaked by IT worker Hervé Falciani in 2008. The list included the names of some 130,000 suspected tax evaders, 659 of whom were Spanish. The Spanish tax office believes that as much as €6bn was concealed in these 659 accounts.”

“A large number of the 659 people named regularised their affairs with the taxman but several decided to fight in the courts on the grounds that Falciani had obtained the information illegally and it was therefore not admissible as evidence.”

“Emilio Botín, then chief executive of Santander, was the most prominent Spanish name on Falciani’s list, along with several members of his family. The Botín family has run the bank since 1909. Botín made a €200m settlement with the Spanish tax agency, which represented 10% of the sum involved, but tax evasion charges were dropped after he made the settlement. His daughter Ana Patricia became CEO when he died in 2014 – she previously ran Santander in the UK.”

The biggest enablers of criminals appear to be your average bank, criminals including a former CEO of this bank.


Here Comes Random Audits For Homeschoolers

“Clinton County schools are losing around $300,000 a year in funding from the state due to the homeschool students not being in public school, district Finance Director Mike Reeves told the board. HSLDA said that figure is likely closer to $435,000.”

Money, money, money.


School sends sheriff to order child to stop sharing Bible verses

“They say the teacher told Mrs. Zavala that her son “could no longer read or share Bible verses or stories at lunch” – citing “separation of church and state.””

““The deputy sheriff said he had been sent by the school,” Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast told me. “The deputy went on to tell the parents that the school was worried that someone might be offended by the Bible verses.””

What the representative of the state is doing here is separating independent actors that the state is supposed to serve, separating them from the church.

Who would be offended by a message showing Christ’s love for humanity ?



Oklahoma Cops Unveil New Device Enabling Direct Seizure Of Bank Accounts, Credit Cards

“Here’s how it works. If a trooper suspects you may have money tied to some type of crime, the highway patrol can scan any cards you have and seize the money.

Money, money, money.


Soros and other billionaire controllers fund Muslim refugee invasion of U.S. to drive down worker wages and inspire domestic terror attacks

“U.S. set to become a vast wasteland as George Soros and other controlling elites plan drive it into the ground to gain far cheaper labor”



BUSTED! State Dept Iran Cover-Up Exposed In Firestorm Of Lies

State Dept Admits To Deliberately Deleting Video And Lying To The American People


State Dept. on Censored Video: Excised Portion Was Not ‘All That Sensitive’

That is the property of the people the state department has just censored and their job does not allow them to conduct any censorship.


Wolf Blitzer hammers Jen Psaki on State Department Lies over Briefing Video Deletion


Jeremy Corbyn Pledges To Veto TTIP If He Becomes PM, Calling It ‘Irreversible’ Privatization

“Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promises to veto the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between the EU and US owing to concerns over “irreversible” privatization and “watered down consumer rights.””

Government by corporation.


Angela Merkel warning as she urges UK to stay in EU

“But she’s understood to be concerned about how any comments might be interpreted by British voters. Which is why today’s intervention is interesting. Mrs Merkel was relatively cautious. She was careful to emphasise that this is, after all, a British decision.”

“She stressed the importance of the single market – a free trade area which also includes the free movement of goods, people and capital – and said countries outside the EU “will never get a really good result in negotiations”.”

Being outside the European Union sure as heck benefits Switzerland, so much so every nation shackled to the European Union needs to exit.


Merkel Panics! Tells British Voters That They Would Be Punished If They Vote Brexit


#1 Reason To Vote Brexit: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, & The IMF Seek Remain

Reasons 1, 2 and 3.


Beyond Brexit: Favorable Opinion Of EU Plunges Everywhere, Especially France


Electoral Fraud Discovered In Austrian Presidential Election

I have every confidence that the riggers will try to steal the British referendum on the exit of the European Union, just like they did with the Scottish independence referendum.


We want Brexit! Our big EU referendum survey results revealed

“A whopping 80 per cent of almost 8,000 readers who took part in the survey indicated that they will be voting for Britain to leave the EU in the June 23 referendum, while Boris Johnson was rated as the politician most likely to influence voters’ decisions.”

“Our poll also saw immigration come out as the key issue for voters in the Black Country and Staffordshire, and more than eight in 10 people said they were not impressed with David Cameron’s EU renegotiation deal.”

“The week-long online survey saw 7,538 online entrants, while 441 people sent in postal entries, with 96 per cent of respondents saying they intend to vote in the referendum.”


Ex-London mayor pledges jobs boost after Brexit vote

““If we Vote Leave we will be able to forge bold new trade deals with growing economies around the world. These are deals that the EU has tried and failed to achieve due to protectionist forces in Europe,” said Johnson at a Brexit campaign rally in London on Saturday, adding that, “After we liberate ourselves from the shackles of Brussels we will be able to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs right across the UK.””


BREXIT WINNING 39% to 30% in latest polls. 21% undecided.


Second German woman evicted from her home to make way for refugees

“A woman in Germany is being evicted from her home of 23 years to make way for asylum-seekers, in the second such case to emerge.

The needs of the people of a nation come last in the view of their government.


Swedish Government Kicks Local Family Out of Home, Gives it to Muslim Migrants

“Rustan lives with his teenage sons Rasmus (15) and Linus (17), all of whom were born in Lidingö. He rents the home from the city and has been living in it for less than a year.”

“Germany is spending €600 million euros per year housing migrants in upmarket Berlin hotels at a cost of €18,000 per “refugee,” while the city’s 10,000 homeless population will remain on the streets.”

The needs of the people of a nation come last in the view of their government.



I am sure that Donald Trump will say Britain must leave the European Union as other nations must leave also.


David Icke On The Eve Of World Speaking Tour Explains Why Britain MUST Leave The EU

42m “No country can be independent in the European Union because independence is being sucked away by the week.”


Bizarre Opening Ceremony For Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland

“On June 1, 2016, 17 years after the first blast in the main shaft, the world’s longest railway tunnel officially opened. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Switzerland invited guests of honor from Switzerland and abroad to a very strange opening ceremony.”

This ceremony is the height of bulls**t.


The Biggest Illuminati Tunnel Ritual Of Gotthard Base Tunnel

The Biggest Illuminati Tunnel Ritual Of Gotthard Base Tunnel 1


MUST WATCH: Disturbing ‘Demonic’ Events Happening Worldwide

“WORLD LEADERS meet in Switzerland for a blatantly Satanic ceremony featuring the shattering of the veil, horns of Baphomet, the Satanic corruption of humankind & much more.”

Disturbing ‘Demonic’ Events Happening Worldwide 1false-flag-meme-goes-global-700x478

The satanic all-seeing eye is itself being seen by the spiritually good among humanity.


Why Is There Suddenly Such A Huge Push For ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Technology?

“We always knew that it was coming.  All over the world, governments and big corporations are pushing us toward a fundamentally different way of doing things.  They insist that this new way will be more safe, more secure and more efficient.  They are telling us that we should embrace new technology and be open to new ways of buying and selling.  And they assure us that new methods of identification will not be intrusive and will simply allow them to crack down on criminals such as identity thieves, tax evaders and terrorists.  But could it be possible that there is more going on here than we are being told?  Could it be possible that we should actually be highly alarmed by this huge push for “Mark of the Beast” technology?”

“This week, we learned that a new form of identification for the Internet is being proposed in the European Union.  When I first came across this story, I was absolutely horrified…”

A central point of failure and a central point that is outside of your own control.


Preston James & Mike Harris, VT 5-31-16… “Time to hunt down and capture the World’s Biggest Terrorists”

It’s also time to cut through all the lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the Khazarian Mafia’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) News Cartel (an illegal monopoly).
“The Establishment Hierarchy (EH) can only cry wolf so much and the masses start catching on and begin to really get serious about eliminating International Terrorism and its root cause no matter where its fingerprints lead.”

And interestingly, many Americans have now discovered its fingerprints lead right into a covert but well organized worldwide Organized Crime Cabal that is located inside the last several USG administrations beginning with GHWB, deep inside American Intel and the City of London, NATO command, and especially  inside Israel with its Likudists and its Mossad.

“We now know for certain without any reasonable doubt that all wars are ***”Bankster Wars” set up and run by the Rothschild Zionist KM in order to lend money to both sides to access other nations natural resources for little or nothing, all done in order to make massive profits terrorism and these staged wars.”


US Requests Protection for Al Qaeda as Terrorist Atrocities in Aleppo Escalate

“This morning as the US, NATO & Gulf backed terrorists continue to rain missiles down upon the Syrian people besieged [by the terrorists] in the western sectors of Aleppo that are refuge to the majority of Aleppo’s population, a further 8 Syrian Arab Army soldiers have been taken prisoner and paraded on camera, blindfolded and shackled. Their fate is in the hands of drug fuelled terrorists supported, armed and defended by the US who has just requested that Russia desists from targeting Al Qaeda in Syria, Al Nusra.”

“The US is now overtly supporting Al Qaeda!”


WHAT? U.S. politely asks Russia to take a break, stop hitting ISIS in Syria


The Saudi government arbitrarily arrested Murtaja Al- Algariras (14 years old)

“The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) expressed its deep concern due to the continuity of the Saudi government in violating the rights of children. On the 20th of September 2014 the Saudi government arrested the Child Murtaja Abdullah Algariras (24/10/2000) aged 14 years. He was arrested during a time when more than 60 children arrested since 2011, some of whom are still in custody, and the prosecution has demanded the execution of some of them. Where one of those children arrested was sentenced to death before the court of appeal revoked the first ruling.”

“The Saudi government violates the convention on the rights of a Child, that it signed in 1996, such as Article 16 (paragraph “1” may not be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with the child in his or her privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honor or reputation. paragraph “2” the child has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks). Where the arrested child Murtaja on King Fahd Causeway (arbitrary) and in a rude manner , when he was on his way to bid farewell to his father, traveling with members of his family, without prior notification. The customs officer said that the child Murtaja was required by the detective only, without clarifying the charges or showing any legal request.”

Russia Today is reporting that Saudi Arabia may decide to murder Murtaja, who is the world’s youngest political prisoner, and who is being held without charge, which is kidnapping.

The motivation of the Saudi government in the treatment of Murtaja has clearly nothing to do with justice.


‘Saudi violence in Yemen can’t be ignored any longer’

“The UN has blacklisted Saudi-led coalition for killing and maiming thousands of children in Yemen. But will there be any consequences or sanctions for the House of Saud? Will their allies reconsider their support for Riyadh?”


UN Admits Extortion Behind Removal Of Saudi Arabia From Child-Killer Blacklist

No indications for what – if anything – will result from the secretary general’s acknowledgement that extortion played a key factor in the highly contentious removal of the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed coalition from the blacklist. Considering the enormity of the announcement and the heft of the financial weapon wielded, that question is imperative going forward.”


Al-Nusra Front

Al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra (Arabic: جبهة النصرة لأهل الشام‎‎ Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-Ahli ash-Shām, “The Support Front for the People of Al-Sham“, often abbreviated to JN or JaN), sometimes called al-Qaeda in Syria or al-Qaeda in the Levant,[47] is a Sunni Islamist militia fighting against Syrian Government forces in the Syrian Civil War, with the aim of establishing an Islamist state in the country.[48] It is the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda,[49] and also operates in neighbouring Lebanon.[50] In early 2015, the group became one of the major components of the powerful jihadist joint operations room named the Army of Conquest, which took over large territories in Northwestern Syria, although by late 2015, al-Nusra’s role in the alliance became unclear.”


Over 40,000 foreign militants from 100 countries fighting in Syria – US State Department

The war in Syria most assuredly is still not a civil war of Syrian against Syrian, not today and not back in 2011 when all this bulls**t started.


VIDEO – Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO

“Please watch or re-watch this short video I made about Libya before and after NATO. The world cannot forget the horrible atrocities committed using a lie/false flag against the sovereign nation of Libya. These crimes continue today.”

Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO 1 Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO 2 Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO 3 Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO 4 Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO 5 Beautiful Libya and Her Illegal Destruction by NATO 6

Fully one third of the Libyan population have been forced into self-exile following the 2011 destruction by NATO exercising the ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine when in actuality it has been a ‘return to purgatory’.


Satanic Occult Symbols In Washington D.C.



9m10s “This horrific flooding is not an act of god, that this is weather being used as a weapon, just one of the many, the various methods that they have in destroying Americans and destroying this country.”


The Case For A Super Glass-Steagall  (separate casino banks from retail banks)

By embracing this kind of Super Glass-Steagall Trump would consolidate his base in the flyover zones and reel in some of the Bernie Sanders throng, too. The latter will never forgive Clinton for her Goldman Sachs speech whoring. And that’s to say nothing of her full-throated support for the 2008 bank bailouts and the Fed’s subsequent giant gifts of QE and ZIRP to the Wall Street gamblers.”


European Banks Are Crashing

“From Deutsche Bank to Credit Suisse and from Barclays to Banco Popolare, the European banking system is getting battered this week with today’s plunge the biggest in 4 months…”


Bitcoin Vs Federal Reserve, Which is Safer?

The US Federal Reserve is not as safe as it was expected to be. The US central bank has had over 50 cyber security breaches in a span of 5 years.


Former Federal Reserve Chairman: global economy is headed for disaster



The 2016 Halving: What To Expect

In just a few weeks the much-anticipated reward halving will be taking place within the Bitcoin network. Many people wonder what will happen during this particular halving event, and there is speculation that the sudden spike in price has a lot to do with this coming reward change. Sometime in the month of July, the mining reward miners receive for securing the network and finding blocks will change from 25 bitcoins to 12.5 per block found. The monetary base of the system’s supply can never be expanded, and the reward change could have economic implications that will affect the value of the cryptocurrency over the course of the next few years.

“It is estimated that roughly around the week of July 10th the halving will occur, and the reward change will reduce the number of bitcoins found daily from 3,600 to 1,800. Many people believe this set of rules applied to the network will help the deflationary aspect of the cryptocurrency and bring the value up. This, however, has been argued by Keynesian economists for many years explaining that deflation is not good and may even lead to what’s called deflationary spirals. On the other hand, economists from the Austrian School of thought believe deflation is beneficial to an economy and deflationary spirals are considered a myth.”


The Rise and rise of Bitcoin

“Bitcoin, much like the internet in 1994, is not easily explained or understood. Its advocates compare the technical innovation with that of the World Wide Web. But while the internet changed the way people communicate, Bitcoin changes the way people view and use money.”

“Bitcoin was created to provide an alternative to the banking system. It is an open accounting system that allows thousands of computers from around the world to track ownership of digital tokens – the Bitcoin – as part of a purchase transaction.”

“All transactions are visible to Bitcoin users and, once verified, are logged in a public ledger called the “blockchain”. The “blockchain” records every Bitcoin transaction since the launch of the system and every user has a copy of the transactions.”


Venture Capitalist: Banks Are Oblivious to Bitcoin’s Best Feature

“Wilson, a successful investor who has invested in Coinbase, Twitter and other technology companies, compared private blockchains to those who choose Compuserve over the Internet. “The transformative value of virtual currency will come from “a globally distributed, public blockchain,” he said.”


Bitcoin and Blockchain Foster the Evolution of Commerce in Greece


Venezuelan freelancers bank upon bitcoin payments during financial recession

“Many freelancers who work remotely by telecommuting are embracing the digital currency as it allows them to safely store their money, even with its highly volatile price. Bitcoin operations in the country are majorly done by bitcoin exchange Surbitcoin, which uses BlikTrade’s platform to match-make orders. Apart from this, people also resort to LocalBitcoins and P2P transactions.”


PayPal Stops Operating in Turkey, Online Payment Sector Turns to Bitcoin

“However, an existing Bitcoin exchange in the country has claimed it recorded a higher trade volume in the days of the week after the PayPal announcement. Between May 28th and June 3rd,BTCTurk claimed an unprecedented 4696 BTC, or roughly $2.7 million in total volume, according to BTCTurk’s Twitter page.”


BIP 151: The End-To-End Encryption Bitcoin Never Had – but Soon Will


“Bitcoin right now is not really anonymous. While Bitcoin addresses aren’t necessarily linked to real-world identities, they can be. Monitoring the unencrypted peer-to-peer network, analysis of the public blockchain, and Know Your Customer (KYC) policy or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation can reveal a lot about who’s using Bitcoin, and for what.”

“This is not great from a privacy perspective. Bitcoin users might not necessarily want the world to know where they spend their money, what they earn or how much they own, while businesses may not want to leak transaction details to competitors – to name some examples.”

“Additionally, bitcoins being traceable, possibly “tainted,” and potentially worth less than other bitcoins is at odds with fungibility. This could even challenge Bitcoin’s value proposition as money.”


Inventor of the Web Creates Identity on Bitcoin Blockchain

“It is definitely positive for the Bitcoin community to see mainstream technology figures like Berners-Lee to utilize the Bitcoin blockchain to discover other interesting use-cases of the Bitcoin blockchain other than the decentralized digital currency.”


Central banks beat Bitcoin at own game with rival supercurrency

“The purpose would be turned upside down. RSCoin would be a tool of state control, allowing the central bank to keep a tight grip on the money supply and respond to crises. It would erode the exorbitant privilege of commercial banks of creating money out of thin air under a fractional reserve financial system.”

“Bitcoin is inherently limited, a niche for aficionados and the ideological heir’s of the 19th Century ‘free banking’ movement. Its code restricts it to a limit of 21 million Bitcoins, and it can handle only seven transactions per second.  “It is a Peter Pan system, and it doesn’t really grow up,” said Dr Danezis.”

“Critics say it is also vulnerable to “double spending attacks”, a form of manipulation where the same money is paid to two different people. One of them is tricked and receives nothing. The victim has no legal recourse.”

When unlimited amounts of fresh units of RScoin come into existence the holders of existing units of RScoin are robbed of value so, no, this is just the same old s**t the central banksters are doing today with dollars, yen, euros and pounds.


MIT Media Lab Uses the Bitcoin Blockchain for Digital Certificates


How Blockchain Could Help Refugees with Proof of Identity

Blockchain technology may help refugees maintain legal identity and have access to relief services when they cross borders, according to Staci Warden, executive director of the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute, writing in The Wall Street Journal.

“Refugees often have their IDs confiscated when they leave their country of origin. Without proof of citizenship, they find themselves in legal limbo. Their problems are compounded by having bank accounts confiscated when they leave their home country.”


Bitcoin, Meet China. May You Have Many Happy Days Together.

“Tyler Cowen points me to this from the Economist:

“Most trading in bitcoin takes place in China: Huobi and OKCoin, two Chinese exchanges, are thought to account for more than 90% of transactions. The currency seems to have become an outlet for Chinese savers frustrated with their limited investment options and searching for high-yielding assets. The Chinese authorities are worried enough to have banned banks from dealing in bitcoin, but individuals are still free to speculate and have been doing so with gusto.”


Ready to bypass the dollar and buy into bitcoin?

“The fact that there’s a currency that operates outside of the governments of the world is a concept I am on board with. I think it’s disturbing and humbling to government leaders and central bankers.”

“Here’s a currency that eludes their manipulations, their taxations and their scrutiny: a private, democratic currency that is about as free market as it gets.”


Andreas Antonopoulos Explains Why Blockchain is Nothing without Bitcoin

“What makes Bitcoin unique is how it uses the open blockchain, connecting the underbanked and unbanked of the world. Rather than requiring significant investments, all these people need to be connected to the internet is a smartphone. There is only one open blockchain that matters, which is Bitcoin. It may not remain the dominant one indefinitely, though, as it is not perfect either.”

“Banks are looking to build exciting applications for the blockchain they want to adapt. But having  just a blockchain is not the answer, as there will be a flawed consensus algorithm, There are a lot of questions to be answered when banks claim they “have a blockchain”, but they do not necessarily understand the limitations. A blockchain itself will not take everything people want it to do automatically.”

“Many financial experts see custom-built blockchains as a solution to ensure everything is tamper-proof. However, that particular trait is guaranteed through proof-of-work, which is not something most private blockchains will use. Immutability, censorship-resistance, and permissionless innovation are only found in the open blockchain, used by cryptocurrency.”


The Capital Control Starvation Scheme

“Locked into a system of constant devaluation, the people have few options if they want to avoid slowly losing their life savings. Luckily, this task is made far easier with the advent of new technology, namely cryptocurrency.”

“Because it is very difficult to trace when done properly, and it can be easily and instantly sent to anyone anywhere in the world, the difficulty in acquiring and using cryptocurrency (under both legal and extralegal circumstances) is far lower than that of other alternatives to local currency such as foreign money, precious metals, insurance policies, etc.”

“As such, we can expect to see the flight from controlled, devaluing currency to crypto, and to a certain extent we have.”

“Earlier this year, tightening capital controls in China, coupled with a depreciating yuan, pushed an influx of traffic to the Bitcoin exchanges, driving the price up by more than 25%.”

“Iceland, fairly fresh off the heels of a major banking collapse, experienced an even more significant price spike in Auroracoin after it was distributed to the Icelandic people. However, now that an online exchange is operational and other infrastructural improvements are being developed, we may see a more lasting capital flight occur in the near future.”

“Use Bitcoin to avoid capital starvation”

“The central banking system is broken. It serves a system that starves the people by devaluing their earnings, and citizens of countries with strict capital controls have no escape from the slow destruction of their life savings. Bitcoin can provide a much-needed escape from this starvation scheme, an escape that is not easily blocked.”


Auroracoin Makes a Comeback in Iceland, the Country Mired in Financial Scandals

PA: Iceland is the perfect place to conduct such an experiment. The country is closed behind capital controls which means that its citizens are not allowed to buy foreign currency. Iceland has the highest internet usage in the world and are technically inclined and we experienced a full blown bank collapse in 2008 making the people of Iceland more aware of the dangers that we face with the banks and the current monetary system. Most importantly is the size of Iceland’s population. There are only 330.000 people living in Iceland. Contrary to most other altcoins who are trying to conquer the world, Auroracoin has a clear and reasonable goal.”

HB: The 2008 banking collapse created fertile ground for crypto. The bad part of the perfect storm is that the people here can’t buy Bitcoin due to the currency controls.”

HB: During the airdrop a price drop for Auroracoin was expected, when the airdropped coins came to the market. Since there was no exchange operating in Iceland where people could buy the coins others wanted to sell it was a one way market only sellers and no buyers. It is estimated that 10% of the airdropped coins ended on foreign crypto exchanges and were traded for Bitcoin. Icelanders interested in the project were unable to buy those coins because of the currency controls. Now this is about to change. An Icelandic exchange (ISX) is opening in Iceland that will trade Auroracoin / Icelandic krona. This will be the second birth for Auroracoin and give Icelanders a chance to buy and sell the coin without the currency controls being in the way. We hope this will lead to new price discovery for the coin and jumpstart an economy around the coin in Iceland.”

PA: Another factor was the fact that an the developers were unknown and holding enormous funds in their hands. This created some uncertainty and distrust. Then you have the absence of an exchange. An exchange is an essential part if you want to jump start an cryptocurrency economy. To begin with, merchants and others willing to accept a cryptocurrency need to have the option to convert the cryptocurrency back into fiat as they need that to purchase their stock, pay bills and salaries. As the economy evolves the merchant should have less and less incentive to trade the crypto back to fiat as he would start to be able to use it for his expenses.”


Berlin’s government legislates against Airbnb

“But a 48-year-old woman who did not want to give her name expressed fury about the change, having rented out four apartments near the city centre via Airbnb. She claimed the city was making Berliners pay for its failed housing policy while serving the needs of the hotel industry.”


Silver: The Strategic Metal

“This week I talk about silver not just being a currency or commodity but more importantly a strategic metal as classified by the U.S. Government. You can find the link to War and Silver by Charles Savoie here… . The link to Jeff Nielson’s article is here… . U.S. strategic silver stockpile information is here . Thanks for listening!”


Mervyn King’s Alarmist Warning: “All China’s Assets In The US Might Be Annulled”

“China and other countries do not want to be in a situation where all their international assets are in effect dependent on the US. Of course the US would not want to renege on its debts, but if some awful conflagration occurred, then all China’s assets in the US might be annulled.”



“The court document states:”

““Epstein trafficked Jane Doe #3 for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders.”

““Epstein required Jane Doe 3 to describe the events that she had with these men so that he could potentially blackmail them.””

Government by blackmail.


Stunning Emails Reveal How Clinton Foundation Donor Bought Seat As Hillary’s Nuclear Weapons Advisor

“A new trove of State Department emails reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor – and HFT trader – was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no experience in the field. The emails further reveal how, after inquiries from ABC News, the Clinton staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter and ultimately accept the resignation of the donor just two days later.”

Crooked Hillary.


The FBI Leaks Begin: Emails At Center Of Hillary Criminal Probe Revealed

“The ongoing criminal probe surrounding Hillary’s email server has been marked by opacity and lack of virtually any disclosure, not to mention a major turf war between the FBI and the DOJ, which is why many were surprised when overnight the WSJ revealed that at the center of the probe over Hillary’s handling of classified information are a series of emails between American diplomats in Islamabad and their superiors in Washington about whether to oppose specific drone strikes in Pakistan.”


How Hillary Clinton “Clinched “The Nomination On A Day Nobody Voted



Was Hillary Caught Colluding With AP To Announce Delegate Win Before California


The Clinton Crime Foundation is “organized crime” at its finest.

“The Clinton Crime Foundation is “organized crime” at its finest. Take two minutes to carefully read the facts!”

“Here is a clear, concise summary of how the Clinton Crime Foundation works as a tax free international money laundering scheme. It may eventually prove to be the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. history. This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage it to be used for your own purposes. All tax free.”


Hillary Clinton did not have a password on her email account

“Not only did Hillary Clinton violate the law when she was Obama’s secretary of state by using a private email server to conduct official business — including matters pertaining to state secrets and names of CIA spies — this woman was so cavalier about it, holding herself above the law, that she didn’t even bother to have a password on her email account.”

“Let that sink in: She did not have a password for her email account . . . .”


Hillary Has Buried Documents for Decades: “First Lady’s Fingerprints Found on Missing Files”

“We’re talking about compulsive, psychopathic behavior here.”

“While so much attention is directed towards presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s classified email scandal from her days as Secretary of State, it is worth dredging up the career-long history that the former First Lady and Arkansas lawyer has with losing, withholding or misplacing important records pertaining to scandals that she, her husband and affiliates have been involved in.”

“The NY Post discussed the conspicuous document controversies that surrounded the Clinton’s time at the White House:”

While the State Department’s own internal probe found former Secretary Hillary Clinton violated federal recordkeeping laws, it’s not the first time she and her top aides shielded her email from public disclosure while serving in a government position.

“As first lady, Hillary was embroiled in another scheme to bury sensitive White House emails, known internally as “Project X.””



Clinton Pollster Predicts Sanders Win In California Will Finish Hillary




Clinton IT aide Pagliano ordered to produce DOJ immunity agreement

“A federal judge ordered the man who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server Friday to produce the immunity agreement he had reportedly struck with the Department of Justice as part of her investigation.”

“According to The Hill, the judge’s order postpones Bryan Pagliano’s deposition with the watchdog group Judicial Watch indefinitely. The interview had been scheduled to take place Monday.”

“Pagliano planned to assert his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refuse to answers questions over an open records lawsuit, according to court documents obtained Wednesday by Fox News. His lawyers also asked a federal judge to block Judicial Watch from recording his deposition, stating that a written transcription should be enough.”


Catherine Austin Fitts: Trump Has A Greenlight From The US Military-Intelligence Services

““Hillary has to go to jail.” Donald Trump”

“Catherine Austin Fitts told Greg Hunter that Donald Trump could not go after Hillary without the permission of the US Military and Intelligence services. She also said that her personal experience with Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charlie Black convinces her that Trump has the best men in American politics at dishing dirt. Catherine is a former managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank and served as Housing Commissioner under George H W Bush. Catherine suffered from excessive honesty and was run out of Washington. She was subsequently been sued and investigated at least 19 times.”


Anti-Establishment Revulsion Hits Italy As 5-Star Candidate Takes Lead In Rome Mayoral Election



“On November 19th, Obama praised Ali as “a force for reconciliation and peace around the world.” On Tuesday the Nobel Peace Prize winner, reconciled himself with war.”



“My favorite Ali line is not him saying, “I hospitalized a rock. I beat up a brick. I’m so bad I make medicine sick” or anything of the sort. It was when he was suspended from boxing for refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War. He was attending a rally for fair housing in Louisville when he said, “Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on Brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights? No I’m not going 10,000 miles from home to help murder and burn another poor nation simply to continue the domination of white slave masters of the darker people the world over. This is the day when such evils must come to an end. I have been warned that to take such a stand would cost me millions of dollars. But I have said it once and I will say it again. The real enemy of my people is here. I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality…. If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn’t have to draft me, I’d jointomorrow. I have nothing to lose by standing up for my beliefs. So I’ll go to jail, so what? We’ve been in jail for 400 years.””



Fear Of ‘Rocking The Boat’: Why BBC Refused To Speak On Rotherham’s Child Sex Abuse Scandal

“Rotherham was at the center of a child sex abuse scandal which saw systematic molestation of more than 1400 children as young as 12 from 1997 to 2013.”


Welcome to the Future: Your ABC Guide to Newspeak

“In these hectic, shifting modern times it can be hard to keep track of exactly what modern journalists are trying to say. As we move beyond the archaic concept of language, into a more enlightened age where meaning is subjective and feeling-based, we have to learn to embrace a more sensitive and expressive English lexicon. To that end we present a handy guide – an interpreter’s bible, for tourists in this Brave New World.”


“Highly trustworthy and peerlessly benign institutions who have total control over the value, production and distribution of your currency. They help drive the economy by creating fake money, out of thin air, and lending it to you at high rates of interest. It should be noted that they insist the money you give them back is real.”


“An American oligarch.”


“Something which never happens here and always happens over there.”


“Something which never happens here and always happens over there.”

“Conspiracy Theorist”

“A man, woman or child who believes (falsely) that a “conspiracy” could happen here.”

Sarcasm will defeat the New World Order.


UN Adopts “Education” Plan to Indoctrinate Children in Globalism

“A United Nations summit in Korea this week adopted a global “action plan” demanding a planetary “education” regime to transform children around the world into social-justice warriors and sustainability-minded “global citizens.” Among other elements, that means the UN-directed global education must promote “integrated development” of the “whole person,” including the formation of their ethics, values, and spirituality, the final document declared. The global-citizenship programs, with definitions to be incorporated in curricula worldwide, should also indoctrinate children so that they understand their responsibilities to “protect the planet,” and promote what the UN and its member governments consider to be the “common good.””

“Among other points, this education for global citizenship must promote “integrated development of the whole person emotionally, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually,” the action plan declares. (Emphasis added.) Of course, parents, families, communities, tribes, churches, and more have traditionally been responsible for much of that. When or under what authority government-run, UN-approved schools became responsible for children’s physical, ethical, spiritual, emotional, and social development was not made clear. The implications, though, should trouble anyone who values liberty, diversity, national sovereignty, and parental rights.”

“those not well-versed in globalist-speak, that all might sound fine and dandy. However, when the UN’s agenda is examined more closely, the real agenda becomes more clear. Consider, as just one point among many, what the UN means when it speaks of “human rights.” In Article 29 of the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the government signatories claim “rights” can be limited “by law” under the guise of everything from “public order” to “the general welfare.” In other words, you have no rights, only privileges. Separately, the same article claims that everyone has “duties to the community” and that “rights and freedoms” may “in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” Compare that to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which outline and protect God-given, inalienable rights.”

“There is a good reason the UN is ridiculed by critics as the “dictators club.” Most of its member governments cannot be considered “free,” even under the most generous definition of the term. Allowing the UN to make and shape education policy is not just dangerous, then, it is crazy. Instead, education should be a job for families, communities, churches, charities, schools, and more — but primarily parents. The future of liberty literally depends on it.”

Sustainable development means economic development that is sustainable for the self-proclaimed elite so they can have more and humanity have much less.

Not only does every nation in the European Union need to leave it, every nation in the United Nations needs to leave it.



Kochs Building Their Version Of America

“As suggested by Jane Mayer in Dark Money, never have two members of one American family spent so much time and money to control our democracy, and in their effort, foster economic damage for most Americans. The guilty parties: Charles and David Koch. It is also likely that self-delusion and insularity from the less-fortunate have rendered both impervious to any recognition that their course is detrimental to the well-being of a great majority of Americans.”


Jeff Nielson: Single Digit Silver, Confiscation, Golden Black Market

22m “I don’t have a crystal ball and unfortunately the bankers won’t send me a copy of their script so I don’t have much more to go by than what other people see but I listen to the liars themselves for clues.”

26m “What happens when that final inventory crash occurs and there is some formal default event in bullion markets. What do you think the mainstream media is going to say ? Are they going to say ‘oh jey, it’s the big banks fault for underpricing these metals by ridiculous amounts, year after year, decade after decade. No. What they’re going to do is they are going to point to ordinary people like you and me and they’re going to say look it’s those silver investors that are responsible for the default in the silver maket, they’ve been hoarding quote unquote all this silver and that’s why there’s been this collapse in the silver market, its not the thirty years of radical underpricing that’s caused us to burn through billions of ounces of inventory.”


“Marxist Dream” Crushed – In Landslide Vote, Swiss Reject Proposal To Hand Out Free Money To Everyone

The Free Lunch – A Fantasy as Old as Methuselah

The promise of a free lunch is by no means a new thing in politics. Getting “something for nothing” is an age-old shiny trinket that has been dangled before the eyes of the public since time immemorial. In fact, it has appeared so excruciatingly often in our political history, for centuries on end, that one would think that it wouldn’t work anymore; not in 2016, surely. And yet it does. UBI is the proof that there are still people who choose to believe that “no strings attached” freebies and gifts are promises one can rely on and build an economy on, especially when they are coming from their government and rulers.


The Rise Of The Meta Criminal: Is The NSA Manipulating The Stock Market?

“Embedded deep in the much-heralded December 2013 White House task force report on spying and snooping, under recommendations, is this nugget: “Governments should not use their offensive cyber capabilities to change the amounts held in financial accounts or otherwise manipulate financial systems.” We quite rightly wondered: why were these warnings in the report?

Government telling itself that it should not be criminal but they were not being sarcastic. That’s the public’s job.


Worst Jobs Report In Nearly 6 Years – 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs

“This is exactly what we have been expecting to happen. On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the U.S. economy only added 38,000 jobs in May. This was way below the 158,000 jobs that analysts were projecting, and it is also way below what is needed just to keep up with population growth. In addition, the number of jobs created in April was revised down by 37,000 and the number of jobs created in March was revised down by 22,000. This was the worst jobs report in almost six years, and the consensus on Wall Street is that it was an unmitigated disaster.”

When you add the number of working age Americans that are “officially unemployed” (7.4 million) to the number of working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force” (an all-time record high of 94.7 million), you get a grand total of 102.1 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.”

With 323 million Americans this makes for a 31.5% unemployment.


Since 2014 The US Has Added 455,000 Waiters And Bartenders, And Lost 10,000 Manufacturing Workers


Rio Olympics Summed Up In Symbolic Six-Second Clip

The pothole that caused this guy to lose his footing shows us that Brazil is another nation that cannot fix the infrastructure of a nation.



Pentagon: Special Ops killing of two pregnant Afghan women was “appropriate” use of force

“Initial reports by US military officials said that the victims had been found “tied up, gagged and killed” by the insurgents, but this story was called into question by survivors and Afghan investigators, who allege that soldiers dug bullets out of the victims’ bodies.”

“While an internal investigation by the US military never accepted that attempts at a cover-up occurred, it did admit that the civilians were killed by the military.”



Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Zero Justification

“The justification for going to war in Iraq thirteen years ago, was based on a 93-page classified document that allegedly contained “specific information” on former Iraqi leader President Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs he was apparently running. Now that document has been declassified and it reveals that there was virtually zero justification for the Iraq war.”


I was Offered Millions to Leave Syrian Government – Assad Adviser Shaaban


Monsanto Must Pay $46.5 Million in Damages in PCB-Lymphoma Case

“Last week, a St. Louis Circuit Court jury awarded $46.5 million to 3 plaintiffs who alleged that PCBs made by Monsanto caused cancer. The plaintiffs alleged in the suit that Monsanto and the other defendants – Solutia, Pharmacia, and Pfizer – were negligent in their handling of PCBs.”

“PCB stands for polychlorinated biphenyls, a highly toxic and carcinogenic group of chemicals. Decades ago, PCBs were used in many different products, including electrical equipment, surface coatings, inks, adhesives, flame-retardants, and paints. Before morphing into the agritech giant it is today, Monsanto was the sole manufacturer of PCBs from 1935 to 1997.”

“The EPA banned PCBs in 1979, after the compound was linked to birth defects and cancer in laboratory animals. PCBs can affect the skin and liver in humans. It can also linger in the environment for decades.”


Parroting Monsanto: Boston Globe says GMO labels are ‘misleading,’ ‘burdensome’ and a waste of money

Of course, the exact opposite is true as always is the case with corporate propaganda.


So-called ‘Trillion Meal Study’ of GMO safety is junk

“A new study about the purported safety of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, was released to the public this month by former Monsanto employee Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam. The Monsanto Company is best known for creating and marketing genetically modified seeds that contain their own pesticides or which are designed to withstand applications of the company’s flagship herbicide Roundup (active ingredient: glyphosate).”

“Dr. Van Eenennaam’s study has been loudly touted by pro-GMO talking-heads, who claim it has “ended the debate” about the safety of GMOs in the food chain. The claim is impressive: over 100 billion animals consuming a total exceeding 1 trillion meals of genetically modified grain over a 19-year period show no statistical difference in health when compared with livestock fed a conventional diet.”

“Unfortunately for Van Eenennaam (and the circus of biotech industry bloggers promoting her), the claim is not supported by the evidence in her meta-analysis of livestock data.”


Bayer’s Bid to Buy Monsanto: An Attempt to Hide Company’s ‘Monsatan’ Past?

“There are few companies on this planet which are hated as zealously as Monsanto. The company has faced opposition from a plethora of environmental groups, governments, civil societies, celebrities, concerned citizens, and even former employees, for decades. With a track record for creating multiple health-damaging poisons — from Agent Orange, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), to saccharin, genetically modified terminator seeds, and RoundUp — the company may have finally painted itself into a corner.”


Genetically modified Golden Rice falls short on lifesaving promises – new study


Low fat, low cholesterol diet advice from doctors causing ‘disastrous’ harm to public health… Drug-pushing doctors are clueless about nutrition


Use of Term “FDA” Should Always Trigger a Warning

“The use of the term “FDA” should be the trigger for immediate investigation, whenever it appears. For example, “The FDA has ruled (name of drug) is safe and effective.” Boom. Probe.”

“Why? Obviously, the FDA is a rogue criminal organization, which is guilty of massive RICO felonies. That’s why…”




Peanut allergy associated with vaccinations leads to profit for patch-peddling pharmaceutical company


How Does The Health of Vaccinated Children Compare to Unvaccinated Children?

“One of the most comprehensive studies is an ongoing comparative survey by German homeopathic physician Andreas Bachmair. Bachmair is conducting an independent study comparing the health of vaccinated to unvaccinated children with 17,461 participants.”

“This research has found a significant increase in the following diseases in those vaccinated: asthma, allergies, bronchitis, otitis media (ear infections), hay fever, herpes, neurodermatitis, hyperactivity, scoliosis, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, autism and diabetes. Furthermore, Bachmair discovered three other studies which substantiated his findings. To see the chart with the comparison in diseases, visit this link provided by the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.”




Social Security Cut To Autistic Children


The U.S. Military Personnel’s Smoking Gun Documentation Regarding the Anthrax Vaccine

“If readers thought information a CDC whistleblower revealed in the movie VAXXED was disturbingly shocking, absolutely regrettable, and pure scientific fraud, what you are about to learn regarding the Anthrax vaccines given to U.S. military personnel, plus how the U.S. government and armed services top brass reacted regarding Anthrax-vaccine injuries, aka “Gulf War Syndrome,” and subsequently neglected vaccine-damaged service people ought to have everyone in this country, regardless of your stand on vaccinations—and especially the U.S. Congress—literally “up in arms” demanding ALL vaccinations be stopped as “crimes against humanity.””

“Readers won’t believe the in-person testimonials they hear! Furthermore, as mentioned in this Democracy Now 45 minute exposé “Direct Order”, even the Hitler regime didn’t do that to its military personnel!”


Total pharma quackery: Antidepressant drugs prescribed for nearly everything… even conditions they don’t work for


NO TREATMENT NEEDED: The U.S. population could cut cancer deaths in HALF just by adopting healthier lifestyles


This is why the US is in decline….High School Students Not Allowed to Wear/Display Honors at Graduation Because Others Might ‘Feel Excluded’



Roger Stone – Cleveland Banning Free Speech

3m15s “Katheline Wiley, Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones. They all got IRS audits, all the women sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton got IRS audits.”


Israeli Woman Lied About Rape, Palestinian Kid Still Faces Prison

“The actual rape victim, a young Palestinian under the age of consent, will face prison time for unlawfully entering Israel while the perpetrator walks away free after making false accusations.”


FLASHBACK – New Twist in Kennedy Mystery : Photo Negatives of Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassination Disappear

“Did they show the crucial seconds when bullets felled the presidential candidate in a pantry at the Ambassador Hotel on June 5, 1968, as claimed by the photographer, Jamie Scott Enyart? Or did they show nothing of the assassination, as alleged by the city attorney’s office?”

“Could they have been destroyed, along with other evidence, after the official assassination investigation, as suggested by Enyart? Or were they simply misplaced, only to turn up in state archives more than 25 years later, as claimed by city and state officials?”

“And was a manila envelope containing the recently rediscovered negatives stolen from a courier’s car in Inglewood last Friday, as claimed by the courier? Even attorneys for the city, who may soon have to mount a defense in Enyart’s $2-million lawsuit over the missing negatives, admit that the circumstances surrounding the alleged theft are “highly unusual.””


FLASHBACK – Simple Facts about the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

“Powder burns on Kennedy’s clothing reveal that all three of his wounds were from a gun fired from 0 to 1-1/2 inches away. And yet, all witnesses claim that Sirhan’s gun could not possibly have done this, for not one person places Sirhan’s gun that close, and according to the general consensus Sirhan’s gun never got closer than three feet away.”


FLASHBACK – RFK assassination witness tells CNN: There was a second shooter

“As a federal court prepares to rule on a challenge to Sirhan Sirhan’s conviction in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, a long overlooked witness to the murder is telling her story: She heard two guns firing during the 1968 shooting and authorities altered her account of the crime.”

“Nina Rhodes-Hughes wants the world to know that, despite what history says, Sirhan was not the only gunman firing shots when Kennedy was murdered a few feet away from her at a Los Angeles hotel.”


What Did the Death of Bobby Kennedy Mean? And Who Was the Second Shooter?

“In commemoration of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination on this day nearly half a century ago, WhoWhatWhy offers a real treat to students of history. In an extensive podcast, Kennedy confidante Paul Schrade, who was also shot that fateful night, talks about his relationship to RFK and reveals insights never heard before. The 91-year-old Schrade begins with a leisurely reminiscence on early labor and political days, of special interest to those with some background in those issues. Starting nine minutes in, he turns to the RFK assassination.”

“Paul Schrade had known Bobby Kennedy for years. They had worked in the political trenches, helped organize the farmworkers in California and developed a close bond. That night in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel, Schrade was shot in the head and Kennedy was killed. For years Schrade has maintained that Sirhan Sirhan was not the lone shooter. He has devoted himself to proving that assertion.”


Propaganda Bill In Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of “Truth”

In the true Orwellian fashion now typifying 2016, a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth has been quietly introduced in Congress – its lack of fanfare appropriate given the bill’s equally subtle language. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight, however, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information.


Charlie Daniels: There Are No Stop Signs Between Hate Speech Laws and Totalitarianism


DiLorenzo Is Right About Lincoln

“Lincoln’s intentions, as well as those of many Northern politicians, were summarized by Stephen Douglas during the senatorial debates. Douglas accused Lincoln of wanting to “impose on the nation a uniformity of local laws and institutions and a moral homogeneity dictated by the central government” that would “place at defiance the intentions of the republic’s founders.” Douglas was right, and Lincoln’s vision for our nation has now been accomplished beyond anything he could have possibly dreamed.”


More than 100,000 People Can’t Drink the Contaminated Tap Water in Alabama…Until September!


Global Gun Control Advocates to Meet in NYC to Set UN Disarmament Agenda

“From June 6-10 delegates from around the world will attend the Sixth Biennial Meeting of States (BMS6) of the PoA. This latest planning meeting will give delegates an opportunity to move the ball closer to the goal of ridding the world’s civilian population of the small arms and ammunition that could challenge the ability of UN-approved governments to carry out the will of the world body.”


Turkey declares (round-the-clock) curfew in Diyarbakir

1m25s “It would not be so bad if the Turks had not started outlawing Kurdish language and dress and folklore back as far as the 1930s. And they’ve been systemically ethnically cleansing the Kurds as well as the Armenians.”


‘It’s Time to Leave NATO Now!’ Europeans Launch New Anti-War Campaign

“While NATO officials are preparing for a July summit in Warsaw, European social activists and prominent politicians have launched a new anti-NATO campaign, protesting against the bloc’s nuclear buildup and anti-Russia provocations, French journalist Karel Vereycken told Sputnik.”


YOU are America’s immune system against political corruption, media malfeasance and government criminality… and you’ve just been activated

“America is being destroyed by a cancer. That cancer winds its way through the politics of the federal government, the sleazebag lying media (that hates America, by the way) and the runaway criminality of regulators like the EPA, FDA and CDC.”

Add the BATF and the CIA to the list.


Microsoft’s Deceptive Tactics Push Customers to Mac, Linux

“Last summer, Microsoft announced that anyone currently running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 would be able to upgrade to the new and “improved” Windows 10 for free. Many wondered why the company would give away licenses to use the new operating system, especially considering that in the past users have paid good money to purchase new iterations of Windows. Within days of the release of Windows 10, the reason was clear: greater data-mining opportunities. The entire operating system is designed to harvest users’ data for Microsoft’s financial gain.

“That is not the only dirty trick Microsoft has played to increase its Windows 10 numbers, either. In March, the company rolled out a “security update” to fix a problem it had created with another update. The problem was that Bitlocker — the built-in encryption software for Windows — was crashing on machines running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The update (KB3133977) began causing a Secure Boot error on any system that includes an ASUS-based motherboard. Asus has been around for nearly three decades and provides motherboards for some of the biggest names in computer manufacturing. That is a lot of computers. The good news is that KB3133977 was an optional update instead of a recommended update. Because of this, it would not be a problem for many users. Then in May, Microsoft — though aware of the problem — inexplicably upgraded the update from optional to recommended, guaranteeing it would affect a much larger number of computers. Computer users all over the world began reporting that their computers would not boot after the update.”

Is Microsoft harvesting user data illegal ?


Even in remotest Africa, Windows 10 nagware ruins your day: Update burns satellite link cash

“The Chinko Project manages roughly 17,600 square kilometres (6,795 square miles) of rainforest and savannah in the east of the CAR, near the border with South Sudan. Money is tight, and so is internet bandwidth. So the staff was more than a little displeased when one of the donated laptops the team uses began upgrading to Windows 10 automatically, pulling in gigabytes of data over a radio link.”


In Hitler’s Steps: Huge US Military Convoy to Advance From Germany to Russia’s Border

“Well say hello to 2016. This time it’s an entire regiment of 1,200 American troops with 400 vehicles which has hit the road — and in the opposite direction. Yupp that’s right. A Regiment of US troops has driven out from their Germany bases en route to Estonia and the neighborhood of Russia old imperial capital of Sankt Petersburg (once Leningrad) in the Baltics — ie they are retracing the steps taken by the Third Reich’s Army Group North taken during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Once there they will join a 14,000 strong multinational NATO military exercise.”


REALIST NEWS – Nothing Is Real, It’s all Fake

2m50s “Bad news, oh this is bad over here in this country or America ? Markets rally. Oh, good news ? Of course, markets rally. Oh, I’m sorry, no news ? Markets rally. This is completely irrational, makes no sense.”



Rothschilds defeat / Treasonous Brazilian elites frame Rousseff / AMI smart meters: not green, healthy, safe / CDC: thimerasol & autism


Rothschild holds $100,000 a plate dinner for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser



“Bix Weir is back to help recount the crimes and misdemeanors of the Clinton crime family and their puppet masters the Rothschilds, who just held a $100,000 per head fundraiser for their globalist minion Hillary. Bix says the 2016 Presidential election is the most important in the history of the United States.”


Who Are The Rothschild’s, A Look Into The Corporate Dynasty

“Who are the Rothschild Family? This wealthy and influential family has funded wars, and helps sculpt the face of history. The 300 year old family line has become a corporate family dynasty, their wealth and influence are incalculable.”


Hillary Clinton did not have a password on her email account

Without Password Clinton.


Goldman Sachs Financed Hillary Clinton’s Son-in-Law to Make Bullish Greek Bets After It Structured Unseemly Greek Debt Deals that Hobbled that Country


Crooked Hillary Clinton War Monger Totally Exposed

“It can now be reported that former Assistant U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has testified and supplied evidence inside the U.S. Military Grand Jury operating in Washington, D.C. fingering Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with Bush Crime Family crony James Baker III and then Democratic Congressman, extortion-friendly, Nazi Jew, crooked bank stooge, Barney Frank, for blackmailing and issuing death threats against Holder and then U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno in regards to 17 criminal referrals dealing with massive vote fraud and violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 regarding 70,000 African-American legally registered voters in the State of Florida that were not allowed to vote in the year 2000 presidential election aka a massive coup d’état versus the American People.”


Charity Fraud at the Clinton Foundation

100 billion dollar fraud that is the charitable Clinton Foundation.


Craigslist Ad: Get Paid $15 an Hour to Protest at a Trump Rally




“Bill Clinton Was Here”: The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed

“If you can name it — it has likely taken place this the lavish private island off the coast of Puerto Rico which boasts a beautifully landscaped plush luxury estate complete with its own helipad, privy only to certain members of the global elite.”


Libertarian Party Chairman Candidate Strips To His Underwear On Stage

No more ridiculous than what Bill Clinton got up to on that ‘orgy’ island off the coast of Puerto Rico.


Thousands Call on DNC to Oust ‘Corporatist Tool’ Wasserman Schultz

“More than 40,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to remove embattled chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has faced increasing criticism over her leadership of the party in the 2016 election cycle.”

“The petition, organized by the grassroots group, castigates Wasserman Schultz for what the group describes as an attempt to “minimize competition for her candidate Hillary Clinton” and for her actions in U.S. Congress as “a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders.””

Either the ‘tool’ leadership have to go or the membership will go elsewhere.



Benjamin Fulford 5-30-16… “New York branch of Khazarian mafia now final obstacle to world peace”

“Another new weekly report from Ben. Came out earlier than I expected. Lots going on. Perhaps we are nearing the end of this long dark dream.”

““When Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild, hiding out at Mark Rich’s house on the hill in Zog, Switzerland was identified as the head of the Khazarian mafia, Rothschild reached out to the White Dragon Society via a nephew to negotiate a peace settlement involving and exchange of gold for money and the establishment of a future planning agency. This is now on hold because the New York branch of the Khazarian mafia, headed by the Cohen crime family, blocked it…”

““What these people need to understand is that on May 2nd , 2016 the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION went bankrupt when its Puerto Rico subsidiary defaulted on a 422 million dollar payment. Legally the United States Corporate government is now under the control of the United Nations Corporation headed by Baron Rothschild. However, the status of the United Nations Corporation itself is doubtful…”


The Worst Congress Money Can Buy

“There’s no limit to the money Washington Republicans are willing to spend on crony capitalism, the military industrial complex, or in subsidies for oil, pharmaceutical, and agribusiness corporations. But when it comes to rebuilding the nation’s bridges, roads, and water systems, or programs that benefit working people like paid leave, raising the minimum wage, or subsidized child care, then they start screaming about taxes, “big government,” and budget deficits.”


10 Truth Related Murders We Should Remember This Memorial Day

1 – Barry Jennings

“On September 11, 2001 Barry Jennings, who was the Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department of New York City Housing Authority, spoke with ABC News explaining exactly what he experienced on that day while trapped inside of World Trade Center Building 7.  Jennings described in detail how the lobby of the building was blown up by explosives taking out the very ground he was standing on.”

2 – Michael Hastings

“Many people by now may have forgotten about Michael Hastings who at the time of his death was considered a premier investigative journalist who famously profiled NATO Commander General Stanley McChrystal in an award-winning Rolling Stone article titled ‘The Runaway General‘ in such a way that the general was forced to resign.”

3 – William Cooper

“I probably should have listed William Cooper first from the standpoint of his murder being one of the very first post-9/11 murders of truth seekers. On November 5, 2001 shortly after the globalist attack on America on September 11, 2001 outspoken government critic, radio host, author (of the book Behold a Pale Horse) and freedom lover William Cooper was murdered at his own home by sheriffs who came to his home in civilian clothes claiming they were there to serve a warrant on Cooper based on an anonymous complaint that Cooper had drawn a semi-automatic weapon on them.”

“Let’s do everything we can to come up with tangible real solutions that could reverse the trends we are seeing today where truth seekers are being profiled, targeted and even murdered as we can see here for posing a threat to the controllers in the information war we find ourselves in.”


There Has Been A Coup In Brazil — Paul Craig Roberts

“In Brazil the country’s largest newspaper has published a transcript of a secret recording leaked to the newspaper. The words recorded are the plot by the rich Brazilian elite, involving both the US-corrupted Brazilian military and Supreme Court, to remove the democratically elected president of Brazil under false charges in order to stop the investigations of the corrupt elites who inhabit Brazil’s senate and bring to an end Brazil’s membership in BRICS. The Russian-Chinese attempt to organize an economic bloc independent of Washington has now lost 20% of its membership.”

“Democracy has been overthrown in Brazil as in Ukraine, Honduras—indeed, everywhere the dirty evil hand of Washington falls, including the US itself.”

“Glenn Greenwald reports on the extraordinary leak of the 75-minute recording of the conversations between Brazilian elites laying out the plot to frame the President of Brazil in order to protect themselves.

“The Government of President Dilma Rousseff was dealing with the corrupt Brazilian elite in a legal, not a revolutionary, way. This was a strategic error, as neither the Brazilian elites nor their backers in Washington care a hoot about legality. For them power is the only effective force.”

“The transcripts provide proof for virtually every suspicion and accusation impeachment opponents have long expressed about those plotting to remove Dilma from office. For months, supporters of Brazil’s democracy have made two arguments about the attempt to remove the country’s democratically elected president: (1) the core purpose of Dilma’s impeachment is not to stop corruption or punish lawbreaking, but rather the exact opposite: to protect the actual thieves by empowering them with Dilma’s exit, thus enabling them to kill the Car Wash investigation; and (2) the impeachment advocates (led by the country’s oligarchical media) have zero interest in clean government, but only in seizing power that they could never obtain democratically, in order to impose a right-wing, oligarch-serving agenda that the Brazilian population would never accept.”

“The first two weeks of Temer’s newly installed government provided abundant evidence for both of these claims. He appointed multiple ministers directly implicated in corruption scandals. A key ally in the lower house who will lead his government’s coalition there — André Moura — is one of the most corrupt politicians in the country, the target of multiple, active criminal probes not only for corruption but also attempted homicide. Temer himself is deeply enmeshed in corruption (he faces an eight-year ban on running for any office) and is rushing to implement a series of radical right-wing changes that Brazilians would never democratically allow, including measures, as The Guardian detailed, “to soften the definition of slavery, roll back the demarcation of indigenous land, trim housebuilding programs and sell off state assets in airports, utilities and the post office.””


Brazil’s New Anti-Corruption Minister Quits After Leak Exposes His Involvement In Corruption Scandal

“Things for the new, just as corrupt as his predecessor president, Michel Temer got particularly awkward, not to mention painfully ironic, when none other than Brazil’s Transparency and Anti-Corruption Minister, Fabiano Silveira resigned on Monday after leaked recordings suggested he tried to derail a sprawling corruption probe, the latest cabinet casualty impacting interim President Michel Temer’s administration.”


Utility Smart Meters – A Probable Terrorist Connection Unveiled?

“All throughout the USA—plus globally—informed and concerned citizens are refusing AMI smart meters for electric, natural gas, and municipal water utility services, which are provided using a Marxist-draconian-like edict and rollout by utility companies that want to cash in on the funding they can receive from the feds to institute what amounts to an apparent ‘first leg’ push for the global smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT) [1].”

“The IoT is designed to track everyone’s every interaction at all times—in your car (transponders and E-Z Pass); on your computers—specifically Windows 10 backdoors that apparently allow the feds access to your computer; through your ‘smart’ home appliances—especially TVs [2]; plus a human RFID microchip [3] surgically imbedded somewhere inside your body to enforce a cashless society, tracking, and an obvious ultimate control mechanism over every human! That IoT sure beats what Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin visualized and enforced! Why aren’t consumers waking up to what’s being done to us?”

Here’s the story of activist Phil Mocek’s request for smart meter information that ran into legal troubles.  However, I’d like to cut to what may be the real deal about not releasing those plans, etc.:”

“[T]he smart meter suppliers objected to the release of the information on the grounds that the unredacted documents would disclose their trade secrets and open the public to terrorist attacks on their infrastructure. [8]  [CJF emphasis added]”

“You no doubt have heard about people who live in glass houses and their vulnerabilities.  Well, your house, no matter what it’s made of, will become a crystal clear, see-through structure to all who want to know about your every moment, movement, occupancy times, and use of smart gadgets and, in turn, broadcast that information via hackable cell phone technology in smart meters and, ultimately, sell that personal information without your knowledge and permission to third parties; plus open your privacy, life, and home to burglars, thieves, and government or foreign hackers.”


CDC forced to release documents showing they Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism

“Dr. Hooker, a PhD scientist, worked with two members of Congress to craft the letter to the CDC that recently resulted in his obtaining long-awaited data from the CDC, the significance of which is historic. According to Hooker, the data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997, which was analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD, “proves unequivocally that in 2000, CDC officials were informed internally of the very high risk of autism, non-organic sleep disorder and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.””


Who Owns the Zika Virus?

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on Monday (February 1) without providing much detail on the disease.

“And who owns the patent on the virus? The Rockefeller Foundation!”


Top Expert: Zika Virus A Bioweapon

International law professor Francis A. Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, revealed the Zika virus was souped up as a bioweapon by world governments and non-government organizations during a Jan. 29 interview on the Alex Jones Show.


Global Financial Crisis – G7 Warning Of “Lehman-Scale” From Japan

“Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned his Group of Seven counterparts today that the world may on the brink of a global financial crisis on the scale of Lehman Brothers.”

The same crisis that was supposed to be fixed back in 2008 ?


Trickle-Down Crash? Trophy Assets Suddenly Tanking

“The slump extends even to the Gulfstream G650 — just two years ago an aircraft so coveted by well-heeled buyers that some would pay $10 million above list for a used jet rather than wait four years for a new model. Now there are 19 G650s for sale, about 11 percent of the global fleet in operation. One 2013 plane that first was posted for sale in June at $68 million has had its asking price cut twice, to $58.8 million.”

But excess begets its opposite, and now the 1% is running scared as the realization dawns that no one is left to buy their trophies.


Billionaire Gross: Jubilee Debt Relief as Prelude to New Global Economic Order

“Bill Gross just made headlines by explaining that Japan was bankrupt and its central bank would have to acquire the nation’s debt and then “forego repayment.””

“What billionaire Gross is talking about here is a debt jubilee. And we’re not surprised. We’ve predicted this after all.  I’ve often said that Japan will be the first to fall.”


Bitcoin Skyrockets and is Now Up More Than 100% This Jubilee Year

“For the video on how to profit from the Bitcoin halving event go to:


Freedom is Rising: Jeff Berwick on FreedomFest TV


Surging Bitcoin Price Is Appealing To Chinese Depositors

Bitcoin is immune to a bail out and to a bail in.


Why ABN Amro Wants to Separate Bitcoin from the Blockchain

“The proof-of-concept is currently being built on the Ethereum blockchain.”

“”You have to make a basis choice per application if you want open-source or closed-source technology, but we want to make valuable applications which are relevant for our customer base,” she said.”


ECB Policy-Failure On Display: European Businesses Aren’t Planning To Invest

As if further evidence were needed of monetary-policy failure with the central banks’ textbook mechanisms to stimulate the economy impotent in a debt-saturated world – we turn to a recent survey done by Intrum Justitia AB, which looked at whether or not negative interest rates were changing encouraging the minds of Europe’s companies on investment decisions (CapEx) – the answer is a resounding no.


Italy’s broken banks show the dangers behind the euro

“This isn’t “Project Fear”. This is “Project look at the facts, however uncomfortable”. The Italian economy has done extremely badly under the euro, suffering second only to Greece. Italy has grown, on average, by just 0.2pc a year since the single currency was launched in 1999.”

“Locked in a high-currency strait-jacket, it has lost 30pc in terms of unit labour cost competitiveness against Germany over that period, a loss that would previously have been significantly eased by gradual depreciation of the lira.”


Michael Moore – Where To Invade Next

“PROVOCATIVE, HILARIOUSLY FUNNY…MOORE’S LATEST FILM IS HIS MOST BOLD AND MOST SOPHISTICATED. Instead of pointing out our flaws, he imagines our possibilities. And instead of wallowing in fear and panic, he offers practical ideas for productive change.”


What If We Are The ‘Bad Guys?’

““We were told to just shoot people, and the officers would take care of us.” – Iraqi War Vet”

“Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, was a 14-year-old girl who was gang-raped by U.S. Soldiers while they killed her family before ending her life. It was all pre-meditated, and they targeted her because there was only one male living in that house.”

“In 1953, the United States overthrew the Iran government after they tried to nationalize and profit off their own resources, oil. This led to oppression and torture of the Iran people, while foreign powers took over control of their oil.”

“Similarly in Guatemala, the democratically elected government was seeking to nationalize the United Fruit Company. The United States turned this into a death field under the disguise of Soviet threat, in reality had huge commercial interests in the United Fruit Company.”

“The same things happened if you were neutral in the Cold War, you would soon get paid a visit by the United States to provide you “Freedom.” It happened in Italy, Greece, Albania, Indonesia, and the list goes on. Of course the Korean War and Vietnam Wars in which our history books seem to miss. The “Secret Wars” in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand during the Vietnam War.”

“In the Congo, their first democratically elected president called for economic liberation which was later deemed as communism. Eleven days later he was assassinated by the request of President Eisenhower. The area is one of the richest in the world with natural resources, but the people live in extreme poverty as there is constant genocide in the area as people work in the mines to sell diamonds and cobalt to Western powers.”

“This list goes on-and-on (Indonesia, Chile, Nicaragua, Libya, El Savlador, Haiti, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) with more than 70 different countries in which we have intervened with in the past seventy years. That is on average of one country per year we have invaded for nearly a century to support American interests, not protect my freedoms.”

Too many followers of orders that originate from a monstrous lie.


Obama Says “Big Nations Should Not Bully Small Ones” As U.S. Bullies Small Nations Across The World


Controversial Free Speech Zones Finally Being Banned From College Campuses

The bullies finally on the retreat.


Was Britain Taken Into The EU Illegally?

“Precedents show that the British constitution (which may not be written and formalised in the same way as the American constitution is presented) but which is, nevertheless, enshrined and codified in the Magna Carta (1215), the Petition of Right (1628), the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Act of Settlement (1701) requires Parliament to consult the electorate directly where constitutional change which would affect their political sovereignty is in prospect. (The 1689 Bill of Rights contains the following oath: `I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority within this Realm.’ Since this Bill has not been repealed it is clear that every treaty Britain has signed with the EU has been illegal.)”


EU Becomes Increasingly Orwellian in Preparation for Possible Brexit

“Europe is essentially unfinished business. It is a work in progress.  It needs an army and a political structure to turn into a full-fledged United States of Europe.”

“And the US? An expanded union is still planned from what we can tell, one that will include Mexico, Canada, etc.”

“Orwell was surely privy to such plans. He may even have had an affiliation with MI5 or  MI6.”


Seems like they all want out… 5-28-16… “Now French voters call for FREXIT after Germany face demands for EU referendum”


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2016 : Vote BREXIT – End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation


EU Cites Terrorism by Muslims They Let In as Reason to Ban Right-Wing’s Free Speech



“The European Commission has today announced a partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft in order to crack down on what it classes as “illegal hate speech” while “criminaliz[ing]” perpetrators and “promoting independent counter-narratives” that the European Union favours.”

“A press release from the Commission this morning claims the new initiative has been set up “to respond to the challenge of ensuring that online platforms do not offer opportunities for illegal online hate speech to spread virally”.”

“The move has been branded “Orwellian” by Members of the European Parliament, and digital freedom groups have already pulled out of any further discussions with the Commission, calling the new policy “lamentable”.”

“Forgive me, but you have to know where this is going; to tell the truth in the EU, by any electronic method, is going to be deemed “illegal”.”

“And these alleged “trusted reporters”; who are they, except those pushing the EU agenda, and removing anything which could possibly not be in sync with that agenda, even if what they are removing about potential negative aspects of the EU happens to be the truth?!?”

George Orwell, the author of “1984” was not only a great writer; Unfortunately, in the 21st century, he has also been proven to be a prophet as well.

Government lies courtesy of the ministry of truth.


Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours

“U.S. Internet giants Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Google and Microsoft Corp. pledged to tackle online hate speech in less than 24 hours as part of a joint commitment with the European Union to combat the use of social media by terrorists.”

“Beyond national laws that criminalize hate speech, there is a need to ensure such activity by Internet users is “expeditiously reviewed by online intermediaries and social media platforms, upon receipt of a valid notification, in an appropriate time-frame,” the companies and the European Commission said in a joint statement on Tuesday.”

“Winston Smith, white courtesy phone. Winston Smith, white courtesy phone! :)”


Europe To Send Conspiracy Theorists To ‘Reeducation Camps’




“JPMadoff: The Unholy Alliance Between America’s Biggest Bank and America’s Biggest Crook”


Christopher Bollyn “War On Terror Created At 1979 Jerusalem Conference By Bibi Netanyahu & Bush Sr!”


The Road to a Police State: How ‘Anti-terrorism’ is Destroying Democracy

“The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has the right to seek warrants that allow the detention of someone suspected or someone related to someone suspected of considering a terror offence. This person can be detained in custody with no right to confidential legal counsel and no right to see the evidence brought against them.”

“Furthermore, the Terrorism Act 2002 makes it a crime to “provide or receive training, to possess a ‘thing’, or to collect or make a document, if (in each case) that conduct was connected with preparation for, the engagement of a person in, or assistance in a terrorist act”.”

“In 2010, these laws resulted in the conviction of three men for “preparing to prepare” an attack on the Holsworthy Army Base. One of the men visited the barracks and another had a phone conversation with a sheikh, seeking religious counsel about the moral virtues of possibly committing an act.”

“It would be unthinkable, if not constitutionally impossible, in nations such as the US and Canada to restrict freedom of speech in the manner achieved by Australia’s 2005 sedition laws.”

“The sheikh eventually answered in the negative and advised the men against any action. Even the Victorian Supreme Court judge responsible for sentencing the men, justice King, admitted that “the conspiracy was not that much further along than just sitting and thinking about it”. She nevertheless sentenced them to 18 years’ jail. For thought crime.”

“What’s more shocking is that, legally, these “preparatory” offences are committed if the person either “knows or is reckless as to the fact that they relate to a terrorist act”. Being “reckless” can mean a whole range of things. It can mean that you say or write something that may inadvertently encourage someone else to engage in terrorist activity.”

“If these laws had been enacted in the past they would have meant that the author of an article supporting the actions of Nelson Mandela in his struggle against apartheid in South Africa would become liable if someone might have read that article and acted upon it in a manner deemed terrorist by the state.”

What the f**k does ‘preparing to prepare’ look like ?


9 In 10 Americans Are Disillusioned With Democracy

Recent polls exposed Americans lack of trust when it comes to government. But there is another aspect to this eye-opening poll. The poll provides a devastating picture of American fidelity to the larger US system. Americans don’t believe in their political system anymore. People don’t trust their government and they don’t trust elections either.


Deutsche Bank Derivatives Ready For Failure, “European Biggest Domino” About To Go Down!


Tom Hanks blames himself for Type 2 diabetes diagnosis – knows he can reverse it naturally


“A Spectacular Breach Of Trust” – Former CalPERS CEO Sentenced To Prison For Bribery


US had no income tax and no Federal Reserve in 1912 and managed to generate a $3 million surplus



9/11 Revisited: Israel’s Involvement — DR. ALAN SABROSKY’S SHOCKING PRESS TV INTERVIEW

[Ed. Note: We’ve posted this incredible interview before. But given that the House of Saud recently turned on the Neocon Zionists by telling the world that “The U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create War On Terror”, we thought folks should know about the other nation that was involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 false flag attacks: Israel.  Former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College Dr. Alan Sabrosky lays out the hardcore evidence implicating the Israelis. ~SGT]




From Natural News 5-13-16… “The 12 biggest SCIENCE LIES you’ve been told by corporations, government and the corrupt media”

“SCIENCE LIE #1: Weed killer is safe to eat”

“TRUTH: Glyphosate weed killer causes cancer, infertility, kidney damage and birth defects. And it’s found in instant oatmeal!”

“SCIENCE LIE #2: Statin drugs are good for you”

“TRUTH: Statins destroy brain function and cause dementia and memory loss. They also cause muscle fatigue and crippling weakness.”

“SCIENCE LIE #3: Food and nutrients cannot treat, cure or prevent any disease”

“TRUTH: Many foods contain powerful anti-cancer medicines that can destroy tumors far better than chemotherapy. Try turmeric!”

“SCIENCE LIE #4: Biosolids are “organic fertilizers” that are safe to use on home gardens.”

“TRUTH: Biosolids are actually recycled human sewage and industrial waste from cities. They’re extremely toxic and loaded with heavy metals, industrial chemicals and prescription drugs.”


GMOs, forced vaccination and global warming – three population reduction schemes being pushed on the masses for ‘health’ reasons


Doctors Name MONSANTO Larvicide As Cause of Brazilian Microcephaly Outbreak

“The increase in this birth defect, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head and often has brain damage, was quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, according to the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, the Ministry failed to recognise that in the area where most sick people live, a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled programme aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes.”


Orthorexia nervosa: How becoming obsessed with healthy eating can lead to malnutrition

“Despite seemingly glowing with health, Younger was struggling. Her lethargy increased and her periods stopped. She also began to be anxious about her routine, panicking when faced with eating a meal she hadn’t planned, or something that didn’t fit in with her rules. Younger gradually began to realise that there was something distinctly unhealthy about her restrictive diet.”

How can it be distinctly nutritionally unhealthy to be on a nutritionally healthy diet ?



Pharmacist Speaks Out: Get Off Prescription Drugs, Avoid Vaccines

“Margaret is a pharmacist. With a Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, and over two decades working in the field of pharmacy, she’s seen firsthand how “guideline-driven” medicine has artificially forced every patient into the same clinical box, thereby hooking them on drugs. The result is that “Doctors don’t THINK anymore — they just do what they’re told, which is to put people on meds. So many people in medicine (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) don’t really question anything,” says Margaret. “They’re so busy that they just do what the ‘guidelines’ say to do, rather than look at individuals and what makes sense.””


Britain’s Secret Drug-Running Operations in Colombia

“Since the 1980s, when Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service started operating in Colombia, special forces on all sides have been killing rival drug gangs and even counter-narcotics police units. This amounts to a proxy drug-smuggling network, which Britain has aided for decades. Cocaine is a huge industry, worth some $60 billion per annum. Coke is mainly a middle-class drug, used by politicians, models, film stars, and people in music, media, and other industries. More importantly, coke and other drug monies are untraceable and can be used for military black ops. A great deal is known about the US Central Intelligence Agency’s s role in drug running. Alfred McCoy’s The Politics of Heroin , Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance, and Douglas Valentine’s The Strength of the Wolf are vital exposés. Much less is known about MI6’s role.”


9 Uses For Hemp You Won’t Learn From Mainstream Media



Paglia: ‘Transgender Mania is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse’

“Author and academic Camille Paglia has branded the rise of what she calls ‘transgender mania’, as a ‘symptom of cultural collapse’.”


GROVELLING Merkel and Hollande launch thinly-veiled ATTACK on Brexit

“ANGELA Merkel and Francois Hollande have launched a desperate plea for European unity ahead of Britain’s once-in-a-generation referendum.”

Unity not with a dictatorship that is the European Union, but with the European people.


George Soros wants to destroy Macedonia, its name, language and identity

“These protests were of course organized by Soros. I stick with this statement, because we as the electorate have paid for a so-called color revolution. Such color revolutions started, as you know, in North Africa. We know what then happened in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya. This organization, this so-called, self-proclaimed “open society organization” organized the protests in Macedonia. They have followed the same scenario as in Ukraine.”


Critical flaws on HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and Lenovo laptops let hackers take over in 10 minutes

“All the laptops come with automatic updaters developed by the computer’s manufacturer to update system drivers or the BIOs, as well as the bloatware, and the researchers discovered that every single manufacturer’s updater had security vulnerabilities that put millions of consumers at risk.”

Time to switch to a mac or linux.


Snowden Performed ‘Public Service’ To US: Eric Holder

“Former US Attorney General Eric Holder has praised former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, saying he performed a valuable “public service” by leaking surveillance programs.”



Chief Of The CIA’s ‘Bin-Laden’ Unit Tells The World That Al-Qaeda Never Existed

“Again, this idea has been expressed numerous times. Another great example comes from former British foreign secretary, Robin Cook ,who told us that:”

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism.”

“The list is long one. Below is a video of Michael Scheuer being interviewed by RT news. Scheuer is a former CIA intelligence officer of 20 years. He is also an author, foreign policy critic, and a political analyst. Currently, he works as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. One of his assignments during his long career was serving as the CIA’s Chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station.”

Where do the lies of this government end of the truth begin ?


‘Quickest Way’ 62yo Lost Spanish Tourist Triggers Security Red Alert At Cologne Airport

“The man who caused part of Cologne Bonn Airport to be shut down after entering a restricted area turned out to be a lost Spanish tourist, police confirmed.”

All this hysteria over the fake war on terror.


Saudi Arabia Refuses To Take Even A Single Syrian Refugee


Jim Caviezel warns world of END TIMES (2016)

1m45s “Every generation of Americans needs to know that freedom exists not to do what you like but having the right to do what you ought.”


EXITUS ACTA PROBAT: The Outcome Justifies The Deed [PARTS 1 – 5]



Compensation for lawyer after wrongful arrest for photographing police (AU)

“The senior constable told her she was being arrested for taking a photograph of an officer in the execution of her duty.”

“Ms Turner denied taking a photograph and pointed out it was not an offence to do so. As was her legal right, she again declined to provide identification.”

“Ms Turner successfully sued the state of NSW for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment in the District Court, telling theHerald: ”How could I have backed down when I tell my own clients, ‘That is thuggery, that is unlawful behaviour and you can’t let them get away with it’?””


NSW Police – Its good to film crime in action, as long as its not police commiting the crime


Woman ‘detained’ for filming police search launches high court challenge

“Gemma Atkinson claims she was handcuffed after recording search of boyfriend on her mobile phone”

“A woman is to challenge the Metropolitan police in the high court, claiming she was handcuffed, detained and threatened with arrest for filming officers on her mobile phone.”

“Lawyers for Gemma Atkinson, a 27-year-old who was detained after filming police officers conduct a routine stop and search on her boyfriend, believe her case is the latest example of how police are misusing counterterrorism powers to restrict photography.”

2m50s “We’re here to protect you. I told them he wasn’t protecting me, but in fact he was protecting himself.”

So rogue public servants can do all kinds of s**t without fear of being discovered.

Millions of government cameras filming the public but a member of the public filming public servants is illegal – what f**king bollocks is this ?


Photographers’ rights in the UK – Act of Terror animation details the law

“After the police settled the case in 2010, Gemma Atkinson used the money from the settlement to fund the production of this film, getting together with NFTS graduate Adem Ay to write a script.”


Woman is forcefully arrested for trespassing on her own property –

“Audio Clip: Dawn Welsh thought her house was paid off. She received paperwork from her bank showing it was paid off, but due to the mortgage being bought and sold by several banks, Wachovia Bank was the final owner of the mortgage and claimed Welsh was still under on her home despite papers showing otherwise.”

“Today, Hillsboro, Missouri police came onto her property and broke her door down to remove her from her property near St. Louis. They used a battering ram to enter her home, despite her showing evidence in the past that she owned the property. She had gone to court previously and showed a judge the mortgage was paid in full, and it is a record of the court. However, these are desperate times for Wachovia who continued to threaten the 54-year-old woman.”

“These paperwork problems arent uncommon. In fact many people wind up in court after they are told they owe more money on their homes after a series of mortgages being pushed back and forth through the mortgage process.”

“Wachovia Mortgage took over the mortgage and said they werent going to honor the paperwork from the previous mortgage and continued to harass this woman. So we have a woman with the proper papers showing her house is paid off with the police and the courts ignoring the paperwork according to the story.”


police harassment on man waiting friend

2m15s “I got a guy and young kid down here that are refusing to give me any information and apparently don’t have any reason to be here.”

Someone has to have a reason to be in a public place in what appears to be broad daylight – what the f**k is this guy on about ?



What is the likelihood that these public servants put that obstacle on the sidewalk ?


Merkel’s TTIP policy is ‘wrong:’ German Vice Chancellor criticizes US-EU free trade deal


Anti-Austerity protests sweep across Italy, Spain


Ex-CEO Of Largest Swiss Insurer Commits Suicide, Three Years After CFO Hanged Himself

“In the latest tragic news from the world of finance, earlier today Zurich Insurance, the largest Swiss insurer which employs 55,000 people and provides general insurance and life insurance products in more than 170 countries, reported that Martin Senn, the company’s former chief executive officer who stepped down in a December reshuffle, has committed suicide. He was 59.”


Former Zurich Insurance CEO killed himself, says company

“The death of Martin Senn, who was born in 1957, takes the number of suicides by executives at Switzerland’s biggest companies to five in just eight years.”



Do Democrats Have Reason to be Worried-When the party backs a dishonest candidate,it risks the entire “Democrat” brand. It translates to systemic corruption. If the FBI throws more fuel on this fire, you can bet the entire ticket, up and down, will burn

“Democrats, by contrast, are still divided between Hillary and Bernie Sanders. In the same poll, only about two-thirds of Sanders voters were willing to say they would vote for Hillary in November if she wins the nomination. Her support among Democrats has actually declined slightly, from 87 per cent a month ago to 84 per cent now, and so has her backing among independents.”




John Embry: Housing Market Implosion from Dallas to Toronto


Bill Gates says we need higher taxes to help the poor. Jeremy Paxman asks why Microsoft have comitted to Tax Avoidance. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Mr Gates should keep his mouth shut that way he can avoid putting his foot in it.


Welcome to Crony America: Hedge Fund with $146 Billion in Assets Gets $22 Million Government Subsidy

Where is the government subsidy for we the people ?


Congressman on Lobbyist Who Tried to Buy Him: “It Was One of the Scummiest Meetings I’ve Ever Been In”

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) recently admitted that he was faced with a proposal from a lobbyist that said he could help him raise enough money to be placed on the House Ways and Means Committee and recounted, “It was one of the scummiest meetings I’ve ever been in.”



“In 1961, well after the advent of lithium and thorazine, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted what is now one of the world’s most famous psychological experiments. So critical it is supposed to be to our understanding of human nature that it is taught in nearly every psychology class.”


Homeland Insecurity



Collective Evolution 4-19-16… “‘Voting Is Rigged & Used To Pacify The Public’ Says Three-Time US Presidential Candidate Ron Paul”


Viral Video: Watch How This Anarchist Paid His Speeding Ticket In Pennies





“This Is Not The America My Parents Immigrated To In 1957”

But, even as late as 1957, there wasn’t enough work in Austria. They felt their future would be better elsewhere. So, they came to America … for work.

You do understand the meaning of that last sentence? It means my parents came to America for a selfish reason, as all immigrants do. Sure, the stated reason for most immigrants may be for economic betterment, to escape political repression, or flee religious persecution, and such. But, the ultimate motivating factor is always for the betterment of one’s self, and/or family. In other words, no immigrant has ever arrived at these shores in order to make America great. On the contrary, they came because they believed America was already great, and a land of opportunity.

This quest for “opportunity” is one of the key distinguishing characteristics of the “old world” immigrants. Not all, but a great many of the current horde invading this country come not because America is great and offers opportunities, but because America has become the Land Of Entitlements — a concept unknown to old world immigrants.”


Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967]



Sen. Rand Paul Hoping the Prospect of President Trump Might Push Congress to Reclaim War Powers

“Rand says: My amendment will state that it is the sense of the Senate that the 2001 9/11 AUMF and the 2002 Iraq war AUMF do not apply to today’s war in Iraq and Syria and that if war is to continue there must be a new declaration of war by Congress. One generation cannot bind another generation to perpetual war. Our Constitution mandates that war be authorized by Congress. Period.””


Detroit police acted like ‘dog death squad,’ lawsuit says

“”Should we shoot that one too?” an officer allegedly said after cracking the bathroom door to verify the third dog was inside.”

“Officers listed in the lawsuit as John Gaines and John Paul then fired repeatedly through the door.”

“”Officer Gaines laughed and said … ‘Did you see that? I got that one good,'” says the complaint. “A police officer next said to (Smith), ‘I should have killed you, too.’”

“The lawsuit includes photos of bullet holes in the bathroom door.”


The Last Days are Upon Us-Michael Snyder-Pt2

“Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog is back on the show today for Part 2 or our discussion. We cover the headlines that suggest the end may be near and the growing technology that is bringing us closer to a global cashless currency and the Mark-of-the-beast system of the final world empire.”

1m40s “Everyone’s got to participate in the cashless system to buy or sell or get a job or open up a back account but in order to participate, okay, this is the condition, you’ve got, there’s a loyalty oath or you’ve got to take a certain form of identification or mark or chip or whatever it is but we’re seeing this big move. In fact there was recently a secret meeting in New York City, the offices of Nasdaq right off Times square.”

9m45s “In fact for the first 1800 years of history the church always taught that we’re going to go through everything anti-christ and at the very end Jesus comes back when it’s all over but then 200 years ago in the British Isles this kind of new doctrine emerged and started growing in popularity and today has become dominant in the western world.”

The only oath anyone should take is to their fellow human beings at large.

Was this 200 year old doctrine a plant ?

The last days of the global self-proclaimed elite criminal cabal are upon us and a freed humanity will chase them to the ends of the earth.


Uncle Sam’s Support for Terrorism Laid Bare

“The McClatchy news service scoop that Labib al-Nahhas, the Syrian foreign affairs director of al-Qaeda’s ally Ahrar ash-Sham, visited Washington, DC in December 2015 should have created a huge political stir in a presidential election year.”

“However, the fact that the Obama administration has been consorting with terrorist allies of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other countries has received little to no coverage in the American media. More astoundingly, Ahrar ash-Sham, which, along with the al-Nusra Front massacred 19 Alawite Muslims in the Syrian village of Zara in May, is not designated a terrorist group by the US State Department.”

“The simple fact is that from CIA director John Brennan to national security adviser Susan Rice and US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel to Senate Armed Services Committee chairman Senator John McCain, the Obama administration and the Republicans who control Congress have consorted with Islamist terrorists. These groups have included those who have executed Americans and who help finance and plan terrorist attacks against civilians around the world. The visit of al-Nahhas to Washington follows a long tradition of the US government consorting with Sunni Mujahideen (called the «muj» by their CIA overseers), jihadists, and Salafists starting with the support for Muslim insurgents in Afghanistan and continuing with the provision of military training and weapons to Sunni Arab guerrillas in Iraq.”


VA Cops Attack 71-Year-Old Vietnam Veteran for Walking Through Metal Detector Without Showing ID

“Our Police Service takes seriously its role to safeguard our Veterans, family members, volunteers and employees while they are on our campus.”

This veteran is lucky to have survived being ‘safeguarded’ by these public servants.