Circuses: CFTC/silver, Greece’s 3rd political party ‘criminal’, Syria ‘unweaponized’ CW, Iran / Awakening to REAL criminals

First it was the federal reserve behaving as a clown at the circus with the QE taper/non-taper bulls**t.

Since then we have the federal government behaving as clowns at the circus with the debt ceiling bulls**t.

Now we have the CFTC behaving as a clown at the circus with the silver market manipulation investigation bulls**t.

CFTC Stonewalls Hathaway’s Request For Information

Open Letter & Petition: Bart Chilton, RESIGN and become a Whistleblower Read More

Connivers Figuring To Cheat (CFTC) & What Will They Say When Silver Runs Out READ MORE

MUST WATCH Weekend Viewing: The Secret World of Gold — in HD

2m55s “Here on Wall Street at the American Museum of Finance the precious metal is commemorated by a gold monopoly set.”

A monopoly is bad for the general public but great for the banksters.

SD Weekly Metals & Markets: The End Game With GATA’s Bill Murphy

“1. CFTC formally closing down investigation into silver market manipulation”

1m50s “JPM themselves on August 4th have said that the justice department is investigating them for six different violations or manipulations of markets and I think there’s been 1 or 2 more since then. ”


Biggest Greek Crackdown In 39 Years: Leadership Of Far-Right Golden Dawn Party, Third Most Popular In Greece, Arrested

Was the party sympathiser who murdered Pavlos Fissas carrying out the wishes of the Golden Dawn party leadership ?

Caption Contest: Golden Dusk

“As we earlier noted, the leader of the third most popular Greek political party (pictured here) and a number of other Golden Dawn affiliates have been arrested. Whether guilty or not, the look of disgust on his face reflects well on the state of the world this weekend in general; as two of the three largest debtor nations in the world face massive political upheavals.”

My f**king arse Greece’s third most populous political party is a criminal organisation.

The non-taper from the non-federal non-reserve the other week made it an international laughing stock.

And now this Greek government is making itself an international laughing stock.

The f**king circus has come to Greece.

Syria chemical arsenal ‘unweaponized’

“A report says Russian and US officials assess that Syria’s chemical agents arsenal is mostly ‘unweaponized,’ enabling a faster removal of the stockpile than previously thought. On Thursday, the Washington Post cited a confidential assessment carried out by Washington and Moscow as saying that Russian and US officials believe Syria’s entire chemical arsenal could be dismantled in a nine-month time span.”

“”Unweaponized” is military speak for not being ready for use. That means that Syria’s chemical weapons are in storage tanks, and not yet installed into actual delivery systems. This further undermines the US claim that Assad carried out the August 21st attack, and raises the question of just how Israel is able to claim they intercepted Syrian military talking about using chemical weapons when the chemical weapons are not ready for use.”

Syrian Foreign Minister: ‘Terrorists from 83 countries fighting in Syria’ – to UN Assembly (FULL SPEECH)

“The Syrian government is fighting against “terrorist groups from 83 countries” as part of its “constitutional right” to protect the country’s people, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told the UN General Assembly in New York.”

Saudi Arabia “Outraged” At Obama’s Peace Overtures With Syria, Iran

‘Syria army confiscates Israeli-made missiles’

Rice: Sanctions stay until Iran proves it isn’t seeking a bomb

“The current US policy towards Iran is like a police officer writing you a traffic ticket because you can’t prove you won’t run a red light next week.”

Iranian president calls for abolition of all nuclear weapons

Iran/Syria Bashing

“A previous article called Iran bashing longstanding. It’s been ongoing for nearly 35 years. It’s unrelenting. Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure.”

“The same holds for Syria. Assad’s defending his country responsibly. He’s doing so against foreign invaders. He’s wrongfully blamed for Western-enlisted death squad crimes.”

Brian Williams’ Iran propaganda

“The NBC star tells his viewers that Iranian leaders are ‘suddenly claiming they don’t want nuclear weapons’, even though they’ve been saying it for years”

Mapping Iran’s Nuclear New Normal

“However, Obama’s declaration in his speech that Washington is not seeking regime change in Tehran was indeed a major development.


Moreover, Obama also recognized Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s recent fatwa against the use of nuclear weapons,” …


… “and the president acknowledged the CIA’s involvement in the 1953 coup that toppled a democratically elected Iranian leader.”


“These were not random observations; they were carefully worded statements that addressed key Iranian demands.”


Has the federal reserve empire just been stood down ?

Iran shows truth is winning out

“The contrast between Iranian President Rouhani’s speech to the UN and U.S. President Barack Obama’s was telling. The Iranian leader’s sentiments and aspirations matched the feelings of ordinary people everywhere – while Obama sounded like someone left behind, thrashing around in a bygone era.”

“Obama said, “Wherever possible…we will respect the sovereignty of nations.””
Wherever possible?

“Obama declared, “The United States of America is prepared to use all elements of our power, including military force to secure our [ruling elite’s] core interests [obscene profit].””

Rouhani said, “People all over the world are tired of war, violence and extremism. They hope for a change in the status quo,” he said, adding, “In recent years, a dominant voice has been repeatedly heard: ‘The military option is on the table.’ Against the backdrop of this illegal and ineffective contention, let me say loud and clear that ‘peace is within reach.’”

Bahrain unrest: 50 Shia Muslims sentenced to up to 15 years

“A court in Bahrain has sentenced 50 Shia Muslims to up to 15 years in prison on charges of forming a clandestine movement, reports say.”

“Bahrain, ruled by a Sunni Muslim royal family, accuses the youth movement of terrorism.”



“IF the President and the Pentagon, collectively, had any “male attributes”, they would find another Middle Eastern country to which they would move the 5th Fleet which doesn’t trample its people quite so intensely as does the Sunni Al-Khalifa government against its predominantly Shiite population.


US citizen sentenced to prison in Bahrain after anti-government protest

“Compared to other nations like Libya, Egypt, and Syria, Bahrain has received noticeably less criticism from the US for its brutal crackdowns on civilian protestors in a situation that has come to be known as “the Bahrain exception.””

The Bahrain exception is hypocrisy from this political class the size of the universe.

When we go to the polls at election time it only serves to encourage the hypocritical criminal political class.

Time to turn table on West warmongers

“The ultimate weapons are knowledge and intelligence; and these warmongers, while they are sneaky, are fatally weakened by their own stupid contradictions and lies. Let’s hit them with everything.”

Israel’s History of Chemical Weapons Use

Apparently not all chemical weapons use is evil.

SOLA 0.2 My Awakening

The Next Global Revolution

Baby panda will die if government doesn’t raise the debt ceiling

I’d much rather the Pentagon stop their imperial militarism around the world.

Your daily dose of BOOGA BOOGA! US intelligence claims al-Shabab planning new Kenya-like attacks

“They had to quit using “Al Qaeda” for their false-flag operation because too many people found out it means “toilet” in Arabic slang.”


Greg Mannarino-Debt Bubble is the Biggest Threat to Humanity

The Boxed-In Fed

“Where does it all end? However, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and there cannot be an ‘eternal boom’ by simply continuing to print, as once envisaged by Keynes. All that will happen is that the ultimate disaster will be even greater. In fact, is seems ever more likely that the next disaster will be the last one of the current monetary system.”

CEO Of Italy’s Largest Bank Surprisingly Resigns

HSBC and Morgan Stanley Control Of Money Laundering

Credit Markets Signal Bigger Fear Of Treasury Default Than In 2011

“A Scam Of Unmatchable Balls And Cruelty” – Matt Taibbi On Wall Street’s “Triple-Fucking Of Ordinary People”

““This is the third act in an improbable triple-fucking of ordinary people that Wall Street is seeking to pull off as a shocker epilogue to the crisis era. Five years ago this fall, an epidemic of fraud and thievery in the financial-services industry triggered the collapse of our economy. The resultant loss of tax revenue plunged states everywhere into spiraling fiscal crises, and local governments suffered huge losses in their retirement portfolios – remember, these public pension funds were some of the most frequently targeted suckers upon whom Wall Street dumped its fraud-riddled mortgage-backed securities in the pre-crash years…. It’s a scam of almost unmatchable balls and cruelty, accomplished with the aid of some singularly spineless politicians. And it hasn’t happened overnight. This has been in the works for decades, and the fighting has been dirty all the way.””

Keiser Report: Lynching America — Guest: George Galloway

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss whether banking bonus outrage is equivalent to the lynching of African Americans in the Deep South and the money, money, money, MONEY! of the ex-Presidents of the United States. In the second half, Max interviews George Galloway, a Member of Parliament, about his documentary film, The Killing of Tony Blair. They also discuss crowd funding democracy with Galloway’s run for Mayor of London.”

CNY-BTC exchange is reporting 80,000btc 24hr volume.

“This is a fairly fast change from 1-2K volume last week.”

Why You Should Care About Bitcoin

Bitcoin billionaires

“Stock market is passe. Mumbai’s youngsters are investing in an avant garde currency, even as the RBI keeps a close watch.”

“But as its popularity as a revolutionary currency increases, people like Kothari hope the rate touches $10,000 by 2020. “It’s the best investment I have made. I have to make sure more people join the Bitcoin network since that’s one way of pushing prices up,” he says, relaxing into the chair in front of his computer.”

As more people leave the public currencies for gold, silver and bitcoin.

The Snowden Affair: Denying President Morales’ Plane Fuel Seen As Attempted Assassination

“On July 2, the United States put pressure on several European countries to prevent a plane carrying Bolivian President Evo Morales from landing to refuel at any of their airports. The excuse for this unprecedented denial of landing rights was the unfounded claim that Morales was hiding American whistleblower Edward Snowden on board his presidential jet. The plane was running dangerously low on fuel by the time it was eventually permitted to land at an airport in Vienna. There is reason to believe this was actually an attempt to kill Morales as well as Snowden.”

Morales: Obama can invade any country for US energy needs

AUSTRIAN ELECTIONS: Austrians shocked on the election result!!! AUSTRIAN ELECTION OUTCOME SEEN AS ANTI-EURO!!!

Panicked MSM Begins Killing Off Comment Sections

“Desperate to cling onto their ability to dictate reality, the crumbling mainstream media is beginning to kill off article comment sections in a cynical bid to silence dissenting voices”


Seymour Hersh: Bin Laden Raid ‘One Big Lie’ — ‘Not one word of it is true’ Read More

Journalist Seymour Hersh won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War.

US admits African war crimes suspect Charles Taylor was CIA agent

Israel starts campaign to boost U.S. military aid

Dr. Larry McDonald on the New World Order

“Around May of 1983, approximately 4 months before being shot down in KAL007, Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden on Crossfire as they badger him about his new role as Chairman of the John Birch Society. He easily handles them and answers questions concerning the Elite’s Conspiracy for a One World Government.”

Who wants self-government rather than a one world government ?

The EPA Takes an Ax to Self-Sufficiency: Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal

“Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.”

The local air pollution agency says I can’t sell my old wood stove to help pay for an EPA-certified wood stove.  Why is that?

A government’s job is NOT to make everything illegal on the supposed premise of keeping us ‘safe’.

The EPA is making the shareholders of the companies that produce these EPA-certified wood stoves very, very happy.

Leaked Pentagon Video – Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

Now we know what else might be in that vaccine.

And if there are unfortunate unintended consequences these guys will say we had good intentions. Yeah, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Vaccine manufacturer’s documents show HPV vaccines may induce seizures


No. 2 US Nuke Commander Suspended Amid Probe

“The highly unusual action against a high-ranking officer at Strategic Command was made more than three weeks ago but not publicly announced at that time. The command is located at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Neb.”

“Three Stars don’t get canned without a damned good reason. And I find it alarming that this incident happened three weeks ago but was kept secret until now, because it was just about that time that a nuclear weapon was moved to the US east coast without the proper paper trail!

“This suggests that a plan to set off a nuclear weapon inside the US, to blame on Iran, is already underway.”

The US Military IS Exceptional!

Steven Greer – Sirius Film, Free Energy, ET’s and Freeing Humanity from the NOW

23m35s “The secrecy around this issue is so extraordinary because the technologies would enable the entire civilization to throw Bretton Woods away and the petrodollar away and oil and coal and gas and nuclear power away and we would have what Tesla told everyone we had, that is this infinite sea of energy that we could tap into for peaceful energy generation without pollution at zero cost.”

28m55s “Ultimately if someone had something that began to be operational they get the buzz saw, they get the whole of national security, not (just) here but anywhere in the world, they’re going to come after those folks.”


1h20m5s “We have civilizations, multiple of them, visiting us waiting for us to grow up and make peaceful contact. And we have technologies, provably legitimate, that have been suppressed for over 50 years that could give us a civilization without poverty.”

Maddow Says There Is “NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE” For Sandy Hook 911 Calls To Be Heard By The Public

Are we not going to think ourselves ?

Are we not going to ask questions ?

Republic of Good Hope

Big donors land top diplomatic assignments

[Ed. Note: The corruption in US government continues unabated…]

“Last week, President Barack Obama nominated his pick, Bruce Heyman, for the highly coveted ambassadorship to Canada. Heyman is a career investment banker, and currently serves as the managing director for Goldman Sachs‘ Private Wealth Management Group.”

NARCOLAND: Journalist Braves Death Threats to Reveal Ties Between Mexican Government & Drug Cartels

The DC government would pass a journalist shield law that would NOT shield journalists like this one.

“We Are Seeing An All-out Defense of the Status Quo” READ MORE

6th-Grader Suspended for Government Drawing READ MORE

A sixth-grader has been suspended for drawing an inappropriate picture. The drawing did not include any gun, but showed a checkpoint backed up by a SWAT team carrying flower pots while an unarmed drone hovered above.”

George Orwell is spinning in his grave.

Peer-to-Peer Economy Thrives as Activists Vacate the System

IMF Proposes Eurozone Fiscal Union, Banking Union, Harmonized Employment, Common Unemployment Scheme, Firewall Tax READ MORE

Eurozone Fiscal Union – no.

Banking Union – no.

Harmonized Employment – no.

Common Unemployment Scheme – no.

Firewall Tax – no.

What part of ‘no’ do they not understand ?

Anti-malaria drug endangers UK troops

“The British Ministry of Defence (MoD)’s refusal to ban a controversial anti-malarial drug is endangering thousands of UK troops because it has some killer side-effects such as psychosis and suicide, media reports said.”

Kenya host first yuan clearing in Africa … Kenya attacked / Hemp illegal = economic warfare / 9/11 Atta – CIA



Kenya to host first yuan clearing house in Africa

“Kenya made this announcement just 2 days BEFORE the attack on the mall in Nairobi!”


Hemp Could Free Us From Oil, Prevent Deforestation, Cure Cancer and It’s Environmentally Friendly – So Why Is It Illegal?

Done to make others insanely wealthy: the petroleum cartel, pharmaceutical cartel and on and on.


EVERYTHING You Never Knew About Mohammed Atta – The CIA Trained Asset

“For at least four years while living in Hamburg during the 1990’s terrorist ring­leader Mohamed Atta was part of a ‘joint venture’ between the U.S. and German Governments, the MadCowMorning News has learned, an elite international ‘exchange’ program run by a little-known private organization with close ties to powerful American political figures like David Rockefeller and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.”


EU calls for explanations from Israel over diplomat scuffle

“The British Consulate General in Jerusalem is “concerned at reports that the Israeli military authorities have prevented the affected community from receiving humanitarian assistance,” the consulate’s spokesman said.”

So these people are not getting the necessities of life – food, water, shelter and so on.

F**king hell, f**king hell, f**king hell.


George Galloway Blasts Obama & Defends Syrian Christians Town of Maaloula

“Obama, the Syrian Christian town of Maaloula is on fire this evening. This evening, its ancient Christian churches are on fire. Its priests and its parishioners are being butchered by Al Qaeda, paid by you. Churches in which the language of Jesus Himself is still spoken. The last churches in the world still speaking Aramaic. The language of Jesus are now on fire. The faithful Christians fleeing for their lives and being murdered by Al Qaeda paid for by you, and you are about to become their air force. You are a disgusting hypocrite Obama. You are a liar when you say you are a Christian. You care nothing about Christians. You care nothing about God. You don’t believe in the Prophets (peace be upon them), you just believe in the profits and how to get bigger piece of them from the people that backed you.”


Seymour Hersh: raid which killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is “one big lie”


Journalist Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘Pathetic’ American Media

“Seymour Hersh has got some extreme ideas on how to fix journalism – close down the news bureaus of NBC and ABC, sack 90% of editors in publishing and get back to the fundamental job of journalists which, he says, is to be an outsider.”


Kenyan Bloodbath: Reaping the “Benefits” of US AFRICOM Collaboration




“Two NIS officers who did not want their identities revealed yesterday told the Star that their organisation had given advance warning of the attack to Inspector General of Police Service David Kimaiyo and Criminal Investigations Department director Ndegwa Muhoro.”

“They sensationally claimed that Kimaiyo and Muhoro should be investigated for failing to act on intelligence briefs given to them.”

“They also claimed that some senior officers within the Office of the President should be investigated for “suppressing” intelligence reports.”

This false flag has crumbled so DAMN fast.


John Moore Insider Warns Of Nuke False Flag In The US … but this could be misinformation


Theft of US weapons in Libya involved hundreds of guns, sources say READ MORE


CIA’s Former Man In Central America: Assad Didn’t Do It


McCain’s moderates join al-Qaeda

“Senator John McCain was just sure he could pick moderates in Syria worth supporting. To prove his point he made a trip to Syria this spring to demonstrate how much the insurgents were just like us, struggling for democracy and equal rights for all.”

… except for the innocent civilians that are shown on YouTube being murdered by these so called rebels.


India Gives Voters “None Of The Above” Option

Can the rest of us have this ?

If the ‘none of the above’ party get into office, would that be direct democracy ?


Kerry: Iran deal possible in 3 months

“US Secretary of State John Kerry says a deal with Iran over its nuclear program could come in as little as three months, as Washington and Tehran hold their first high-level meeting in more than three decades.”

Don’t f**k this up, America.


Peace is Not Profitable


Major New Polls: Americans Are Sick of War


UK Government to make war more palatable to the public in wake of Syrian Parliamentary vote

How to sell war

F**king hell. Give peace a chance.


Oct-Taper!? How About FRANKEN-TAPER! The Fed. Is OUT OF OPTIONS..By Gregory Mannarino


Cyber attack warning: Banks beginning to delay payrolls and have extended electronic outages READ MORE


Where Is The Money Growth? READ MORE

“During the 1990’s boom M2 typically grew from 5% to 7% annually.”

We are now suffering the pain from this unsustainable level of increase.


(UK) Green Party passed a motion to place money creation into public hands and end fractional reserve banking


‘South Park’ NSA surveillance spoof gets big ratings


Prominent Critics of Vietnam War Targeted by NSA: Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Art Buchwald, Frank Church, et al.


Chicago Fed Crushes Recovery Dreams In 2 Tweets


Mouth wide open in shock. Five years on and the economy is getting killed, now more than ever.


When Bubbles Fail: Albert Edwards Explains What Happens When The Fed Can No Longer Contain The Fury Of The “99%”


Five Years Later: FHA Demands $1.7 Billion Treasury Bail Out


Surge In Shipping Rates Temporary – Growth Hopes Dashed (Again)


Consumer Sentiment Plunges To 5-Month Lows; Biggest Miss Of 2013


Italian GDP Slumps Fastest Since 1861’s Unification


Greece On The Verge? Military Special Forces Have 15 Demands… Or Else




Massive Gold Earthquake Now Shaking The Financial System

“Central banks hold a little more than 30,000 metric tons of gold or less than twenty percent of the above ground gold stocks.  United States is the largest holder at 8,000 tonnes with the IMF, Switzerland and now the Russians all now holding more than a thousand tonnes of gold each.  China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey are buying gold with their excess dollars.  Gold is an alternative investment to the dollar for these central banks.  Change is coming.  A stable international system has alluded the world since the end of the gold standard.  Perhaps the solution is back to the future.  Gold is the default currency.”


Staggering Demand For Austrian Silver Philharmonic Since April 2013, Says Mint Director

“The director says that it has been hard to keep up with demand since April 2013. There have been some months where “the production capacity was sold out the next day and they were loading machines 24 hours a day in three shifts.””


Three ways to easily buy Bitcoins in the UK and a new British exchange READ MORE


Bitcoin and the future of currency


The Truth About Bitcoin

The Truth About Bitcoin 1The Truth About Bitcoin 2


Another Doctor Testifies: ‘HPV Vaccine Does Not Protect Against Cancer’

“Yet another doctor is speaking out publicly about the fact that the HPV vaccine does not actually prevent cancer…”


Report Finds “Probable” Carcinogens in Every Tap Water Sample Tested


Data trends show correlations between increases in organ diseases and GMOs


Media Lumps In Whistleblowers With Mass Murderers

Manning revealed, among other things, the collateral murder of two Reuters employees and nearly a dozen other innocent human beings – an act of mass murder by government – and Snowden revealed murder of everyone’s rights by government.


Poll: Do you believe in global warming?


Do you think humans are causing global warming?


Mercury exposure linked to homosexuality in birds


Fire marshal: Exempt homeowners from hazardous material law

“All because of a small amount of mercury she hadn’t even realized was in her home.”

“”energy efficient” compact fluorescent bulbs, which also contain mercury”


Airsoft Gun Panic: Boy Faces Criminal Charges, School Locked Down Over Toy Weapon

“Following the news this week of two teen boys receiving a one year suspension from school for playing with a toy airsoft gun at home, two more incidents have been reported, in the continuing crackdown on kids playing with anything that even remotely resembles a gun.”

“The charge turned out to be unlawful possession of a weapon, even though police had admitted that the “weapon” was a toy, and the boy was summoned to appear in court.”


Reporters in Japan write about rise in birth defects for 2011 — University won’t publish data on malformed babies


Rape victim sentenced 200 lashes by Saudi court READ MORE


Friend of Chechen Man Executed by FBI, Arrested and Interrogated for Hours

“The Florida Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR FL), an organization built to challenge stereotypes of Islam and Muslims, says the FBI has been harassing friends of Ibragim Todashev since he was murdered by the FBI on May 22 in his Fla. home.”

Homemade sarin – Aug 21 / State Dept. Ships Arms Directly to al-Qaeda / Media controlled by six corporations

Homemade sarin was used in attack near Damascus – Lavrov

“Russia has enough evidence to assert that homemade sarin was used on August 21 in a chemical attack near Damascus, the same type but in higher concentration than in an Aleppo incident earlier this year, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said.”

The warmongers are BUSTED, BUSTED, BUSTED.


Whistleblower Reveals U.S. State Dept. Ships Arms Directly to al-Qaeda


Congress Moves To Outlaw the Alternative Media READ MORE

“The mainstream media is not the friend of people seeking the truth.  The media is largely controlled by six corporations representing the same people and corporations which are trying to install the New Worl”

“I have been a direct victim of these globalist lunatics and this is the story on why, I, a person who had no training as a journalist, subsequently decided to take matters into my own hands and try and make a difference through the use of the pen and the microphone.”

“My 300 neighbors, living peacefully on 1-2 acre homes surprisingly chose me to be the spokesperson of group in leading the fight to restore our lost property rights. Initially, the globalists and their mindless servants said that we were in the way of Luke Air Force Base over-flights and we should have never been permitted to move where we did and the globalists were going to use the force of law to move us.  But wait, Luke AFB is 30 miles from our community and they had to fly over a quarter of a million people to reach us and our builder received approval from all entities, including Luke AFB, before building our homes. So, we knew that the globalist excuses which were designed to force us off of our land was a lie. These unsavory people wanted us gone from the land in order to secure our precious resources for which they needed to support their globalist expansion plans.”

“After many lost battles and many frustrations, I was able to pull the right strings in the Libertarian Party and they subsequently convinced the attorneys at the Goldwater Institute to step in and they stopped the government from forcing us off our land without even needing to file a law suit. Like so many globalists, when you shine the light of day upon their criminal actions, they quickly run for cover.  In short, we won, and we won against all odds. This was a true case of David defeating the globalist Goliath.”



Say no to internet censorship


‘All Muslims leave’ order… blah blah blah


Fake in Kenya.


Iran: CNN falsified Rohani’s Holocaust comments


No nation should possess N-weapons

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for the œtotal elimination” of nuclear weapons and global nuclear disarmament, saying there are no right hands for such wrong weapons.”


‘We chose democracy & human rights over banks’ – Iceland president to RT




Economic Crisis 2013: The Fed Is Now Facing The True Cost Of Quantitative Easing, WAL-MART Is Cutting Orders (In Q3 & Q4) As Unsold Merchandise Piles Up In U.S.


Keiser Report: Trickle-Down Flamethrowers (E502)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss flamethrowers and jihadis in the banking world. They also note that houses in London earn more per day than the average worker in London. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of about the Fed’s balance sheet, housing bubbles around the world and putting lipstick on pigs.”


Andy Hoffman – Talk Of Tapering Is Tapering Off


UK detention of Reprieve activist consistent with NSA’s view of drone opponents as ‘threats’ and ‘adversaries’

“A top secret NSA document provides context for yesterday’s abusive detention of Baraa Shiban”

“A well-known and highly respected Yemeni anti-drone activist was detained yesterday by UK officials under that country’s “anti-terrorism” law at Gatwick Airport, where he had traveled to speak at an event. Baraa Shiban, the project co-ordinator for the London-based legal charity Reprieve, was held for an hour and a half and repeatedly questioned about his anti-drone work and political views regarding human rights abuses in Yemen.”

“When he objected that his political views had no relevance to security concerns, UK law enforcement officials threatened to detain him for the full nine hours allowed by the Terrorism Act of 2000, the same statute that was abused by UK officials last month to detain my partner, David Miranda, for nine hours.”

“To most of the world, opposition to drones is the norm, with a 2012 Pew poll finding overwhelming opposition in virtually every country surveyed. But for the US and its loyal servants called “UK officials”, such views are evidently reflective of national security threats or even, in London now, suggestive of “terrorism”.”

All grassroots political interaction with our public servants is being classified as potential terrorism.


Guinea warns of ‘danger from outside forces’

“A Guinean government minister said on Wednesday the country was “in danger” from outsiders plotting against it amid media reports that a coup was being planned in the capital Conakry.”

“Le Canard said the coup plot had been put together by “French, South African and Israeli mercenaries with links to Paris and Africa and backed by a diamond magnate”.”


Alert — One Step Closer To The Big Event, Be Prepared!! — Episode 172

20m20s “I wonder what’s in Guinea. Well, Guinea possesses 25 billion tonnes of bauxite which is aluminium ore and makes up about one half of the world’s reserves of aluminium. In addition Guinea also includes 4 billion tonnes of iron ore, significant diamond and gold deposits and there’s undetermined quantities of uranium. Something is going to happen in Guinea, something really big and what is really interesting is that they have tonnes and tonnes of natural resources.”


Bank Of England Experiencing Technical Difficulties

How is the bitcoin network looking now, eh ?


Mario Draghi’s Nightmare Gets Worse: European Loans Decline At Record Rate


How Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Sells Post Office Real Estate to His Friends on the Cheap

The looting never stops.


The Shocking Truth About Secret Documents & The CFTC

“Powell:  “I bumped into the Exchange Stabilization Fund and JP Morgan back in 2001, when we were underwriting Reg Howe’s lawsuit against the Bank for International Settlements, the Fed, the US Treasury, JP Morgan, and other bullion banks.  Reg was charging them with gold market manipulation.”

“In one hearing I attended in US District Court in Boston, an assistant US attorney got up, speaking on behalf of the US government, and he said that the US government under the Exchange Stabilization Fund Statute, the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, had precisely the power to interfere with the pricing of gold that the lawsuit complained of — that is, a US government lawyer declared in open court, in 2001, that rigging the gold market as government policy is totally authorized by law.”

“If you start looking at these secret government documents, it immediately leads to government intervention.  If the government intervention becomes known and understood, its utility collapses.  The concealment, the secretive nature are so vital to the rigging of the markets.  This is why it is such a struggle to expose the manipulation that is really going on in gold and silver as well as other markets because the most powerful governments on Earth are standing against you.””

Get as much gold and silver as you can and thank these criminals for making it so cheap.


The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention


Nationwide online banking glitch shows savings accounts as empty – just as customers look to switch from rival banks


Flash Trading Hits USTreasury Bonds READ MORE



Sen. Durbin: ‘Good News’ That Motel Housekeeper Is So Poor She Qualifies for Medicaid Under Obamacare

“Cruz said, “The Senator from Illinois made a reference to Judy not needing to be in first class, but being content to be in coach. You know, I think that analogy is a powerful one, but what it really highlights is the special exemption that’s been put in place for members of Congress, because President Obama has put an exemption in place for members of Congress that says members of Congress can fly first class, to use your airline analogy — but average Americans who are being forced onto exchanges where their employers can’t subsidize their premiuims — they’re not even flying coach, they’re being put in the baggage compartment.””


Media Attacks Ron Paul For Supporting Homeschooling

Ron is definitely on to something with homeschooling.


Stop SB 633: Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act





The looting continues.


Mother watching her kids ride their scooters arrested and detained for 18 hours after neighbor calls police stating children were unsupervised in the neighborhood.

The mom had them in sight the whole time – what madness.


Global warming believers are feeling the heat

“Al Gore’s “consensus” is about to be holed below the water-line – and those still aboard the SS Global Warming are adjusting their positions. Some, such as scientist Judith Curry of Georgia Tech, have abandoned ship. She describes the IPCC’s stance as “incomprehensible”. Others, such as the EU’s Climate Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, steam on oblivious. Interviewed last week by the Telegraph’s Bruno Waterfield, she said: “Let’s say that science, some decades from now, said: ‘We were wrong, it was not about climate’, would it not in any case have been good to do many of the things you have to do in order to combat climate change?” If she means needlessly driving up energy prices, carpeting the countryside with wind turbines and terrifying children about a problem that turns out to have been imaginary, then most of us would probably answer “No”.”


Homeowner is Arrested for Open Carrying an Empty Shotgun on His Own Property After Reporting a Tresspasser

“A military veteran in Crawford County, Michigan has been arrested and charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon even after HE was the one who called the cops in the first place when he found a man trespassing on his property.”

Not at all effective this deadly weapon if it was empty at the time.

Where did the police get this retard of a cop ?


27-Year-Old Man Gets “20 Years Hard Labor” for Half an Ounce of Pot



The dentistry holocaust: How America has been mercury poisoned by an industry in denial

“Last Friday, the city council of Berkeley, California, voted to keep mercury hidden in dental fillings, keeping consumers in the dark on the fact that they are all being poisoned with a deadly neurotoxin that causes permanent brain damage. This decision to keep consumers in the dark was, of course, supported by dentists and doctors — both of which have a long history of covertly poisoning their own patients while refusing to disclose the damaging effects of the deadly chemicals or toxic heavy metals they routinely (and profitably) use.”

“It turns out that “amalgam fillings” are intentionally and deliberately misnamed for the express purpose of misleading consumers. Those fillings are actually more than 50 percent mercury, and once installed in mouths, they off-gas mercury vapor which is then inhaled by the patient, entering their bloodstream and causing permanent cellular damage to heart, kidneys, liver and brain. Click here to see a video of mercury fillings off-gassing deadly mercury vapor.”

“There’s also a stunning video from the University of Calgary that provides visual proof of mercury damaging brain neurons. If you’ve never seen this video, click here to watch it now.”


New Poll Finds a Majority of Canadians Side with Ads Questioning 9/11


SILENCE OF THE LAMBS … a jury “would likely use improper reasoning processes”

“First they came for the trade unionists…”

“I, Vince Siemer, am going to prison tomorrow after the Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal ruling which in turn upheld two judges of the High Court decreeing I am in contempt of the Courts. I consider I can show no better respect for the rule of law than contempt for judges who pervert it. My ‘crime’ is publishing the secret December 2010 judgment of Justice Helen Winkelmann which denied the Urewera 18 defendants their statutory right to trial by jury on the basis a jury “would likely use improper reasoning processes”. The Chief Justice strongly dissented, recognising I disobeyed an unlawful order yet was denied the lawful right to challenge it in order to preserve my liberty.”

“I am believed to be the first person in the free world to be sentenced to prison for reporting a criminal court judgment. (Who says New Zealand does not lead the world?!) One reason I am the first is secret criminal court judgments are unlawful. In my case, the Courts roundly protected the unlawfulness of Winkelmann’s order by asserting they need not determine the lawfulness on the ground even unlawful orders need to be obeyed until overturned – the Crown claiming a message needed to be sent to the larger community of this. Interestingly, I invited the Attorney General to make submissions in the public interest regarding the lawfulness of Winkelmann’s orders and he responded that, if he made submissions at all, he would seek an increased order of costs against me.”

“Where Winkelmann’s order gave no reasons for the secrecy, the High Court Judges tripped over each other to retrofit the reason that justice required the secrecy. The Crown conceded at my trial no prejudice or harm was alleged as a result of my publication, but they still wanted me imprisoned. In a page out of a George Orwell novel, the Court of Appeal censored Winkelmann’s reason for negating the statutory right of trial when upholding my conviction out of fear the public would not take kindly to being called stupid in a secret judgment.”


Here We Go Again: State Department Issues New Worldwide Terrorist Threat Alert


Washington’s Farewell Address: Beware of “Tools and Dupes” Read More


Judge Napolitano on Our CRIMINAL Congress: What’s Good For Us is Good For THEM! Rand Paul’s Constitutional Obamacare Amendment Would Be Passed in Record Time


Record Gun Sales in Maryland as Tyrannical Law Looms

“The law signed by Maryland’s Democrat governor and former Baltimore mayor, Martin O’Malley, bans a large number of firearms the government has classified as “assault weapons,” imposes a ten round restriction on magazines, and forces handgun buyers to hand over their fingerprints to the state.”

‘Keep and bear arms’ is incompatible with differentiating one type of firearm from another – it isn’t ‘keep and bear some type of arms’.

‘Keep and bear arms’ is incompatible with restriction on magazine – it isn’t ‘keep and bear limited capacity arms’.

When law enforcement have such firearms you may find them referred to as ‘personal defense weapons’ not “assault weapons,”

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

‘Secure in their persons … but upon probable cause’ is incompatible with hand over their fingerprints to the state.



“The entire able-bodied population of a community, town, county, or state, available to be called to arms.”

So militia is the people.

Circuses: debt limit / NSA surveillance NOT stop Kenya Mall attack & why warn PUBLIC of more attacks ?

Seven Days In Hell With John Boehner Read More

“The next seven days will likely be the most difficult of the 113th Congress. You see, before the new fiscal year starts on October 1, the behemoth that is the U.S. government needs money so that its agencies can operate.”

“Congress’ most significant purpose is to prepare the annual budget. But as the government has exploded in size and complexity, it’s become increasingly difficult to manage. And, in fact, much of the government isn’t managed at all… It lives on because of inertia.”

“As a result of the increasing complexity, Congress has thrown all of the appropriations bills into a big pot called the Continuing Resolution (CR). The CR is so big that nobody reads it. Instead, members are briefed by their staff and told whether anything controversial is included.”


All of the NSA surveillance of everyone didn’t stop the Kenya Mall attack – well done, NSA (sarc).


And these days there is excessive secrecy in government but now we are being publicly warned of more attacks rather than government secretly going about the business of interdicting the supposed plotters of the attack.


And such public warnings are tipping off the supposed would-be attackers.


Why is it that we are being PUBLICLY warned of more attacks ?


Is it for the purposes of propaganda ?


Emergency Alert, Please Stand By … for a central bankster war but we the people want peace

34m30s “The great shakeout earth quake drill is set for October 17th.”


Lew Warns D(ebt-Ceiling)-Day Is Oct 17


Pentagon to invest over $1 billion to upgrade US drone base in Djibouti

Here is $1 billion that can be cut to help balance out the books.

Drone strike on a suspected terrorist is the modern day equivalent of drowning/burning a suspected witch.


Report says NSA planted bugs and snooped on India’s space, nuclear programs

What a place to look for terrorists.


“As For Kick Backs We Can Discuss That At Lunch” – Libor Manipulation Full Frontal

will buy you a ferrari next yr if you move 3m up and no change 6m

We were all scammed few pennies for this guy’s Ferrari.


CFTC Concludes Long-Running Silver Manipulation Investigation, Finds Nothing Wrong

“It is somehow fitting that on the day when even more undisputed evidence is revealed, surrounding the most brazen market manipulation scheme in history – one involving the “unmanipulable” Libor benchmark rate which serves as the foundation for hundreds of trillions in interest rate sensitive instruments – that the CFTC would also come out moments ago, and announce that in its long-running investigation of alleged manipulation in the silver market… there is absolutely nothing wrong.”


JPMorgan Settlement To Reach $11 Billion, AP Reports


Congressman: SWAT told ‘stand down’ at Navy Yard Rescue team could have responded immediately to mass shooting READ MORE



“The report admits that HRW did not have physical access to the site and had based its study on Skype interviews with ‘More than 10 witnesses and survivors’ made over a period of two weeks between 22 August and 6 September. These were supplemented by video and photo footage and other data from an unnamed source or sources.”


Obama to UN: World Needs US to Solve Syria, Iran Crises

WEB Notes: Obama has no proof of anything. even the U.N. has documented the foreign “rebels” used chemical weapons. Yet, this man goes on to slaughter by the thousands via drones and our troops. Aside from that the Syrian people already decided on Assad long ago and they support by 70% amongst the chaos according to NATO.


Rockets Used in Damascus CW Attack Fired from Makeshift Flatbeds, Not Military Vehicles


Time to Call the Syrian War What It Is

“As the cumulative number of Syrian internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees are reaching over seven million—one third of the country’s total population—we have to stop thinking about ‘Syrian civil war’ and start thinking about ‘Syrian genocide.’ With each spur of violence, more people joined the ranks of IDPs or refugees, with little to no hope of humanitarian living conditions, education, or future. Unless the international community can treat this crisis as genocide and ponder long and hard about its long-term effects, it is highly unlikely that they will realize the need for ceasing violence and restoring some kind of order.”

Is this was a popular so called civil war in Syria then how come one third of the population have fled ?

You’d think that the so called rebels would be welcomed with open arms by the Syrian people but not according to this.


Peter Schiff Was Right – ‘Taper’ Edition

“When Ben Bernanke announced that the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee is going to continue the money expansion program it calls Quantitative Easing apace, almost everyone in the financial media was taken by surprise. The decision “surprised almost everyone out there” they said. Well, not me. As I said, The Fed knows that the appearance of economic health would evaporate if stimulus were withdrawn. The Fed understands, as the market seems not to, that the current “recovery” could not survive without continuation of massive monetary stimulus.”


Peter Boockvar: “There Is 0% Chance That This Ends Smoothly”

cognitive dissonance of believing the market strength is unrelated to the Fed and yet a Fed unable to Taper even a few billion for fear of repercussions


James Rickards: “When The International Monetary System Collapses—It’s Going To Be About How Much Gold You Have” READ MORE


AIG’s Benmosche Is Sorry For Comparing Bank Bailing Out Taxpayers To A Lynch Mob


Deutsche Bank Plunges On Latest Debt Trading Revenue Warning

Jim Willie did say to watch DB.


Bitcoin – Simplified


The Smell of Collapse is in the Air – Part 2 READ MORE

Bottom line: Stalling growth in International Reserves tells me that a world financial collapse is in the offing.””


Opponents Score a Victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Read More

“Called “The Monsanto Protection Act” by opponents, the budget rider shields biotech behemoths like Monsanto, Cargill and others from the threat of lawsuits and bars federal courts from intervening to force an end to the sale of a GMO (genetically-modified organism) even if the genetically-engineered product causes damaging health effects.”

I don’t think this is getting coverage in the whore corporate news media.

The legislators who voted for this nonsensical piece of legislation think they can get away with any treachery.

Since when does a piece of legislation tell the judiciary who NOT to prosecute ?


The People Triumph Over Biotech: Monsanto Protection Act Defeated in Senate

All the senators and congressmen and congresswomen who voted for this provision should be recalled because placing anyone above the law is a treasonous act against the people.


Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Now Happening All Over The Globe


Kenyan Terror Attack Designed to Open Up New ‘War on Terror’ Front in East Africa Read More


Fmr. US Marine Redefines Patriotism | Interview with Ken O’Keefe

“Abby Martin speaks with former US marine, Ken O’Keefe, about Syria war hypocrisy, Israel’s non-compliance with the International Chemical Weapons Convention, and the dangers of being labeled un-American for questioning government narratives.”

4m45s “I understand citizenship for what it is. It’s a social contract between the individual, the citizen and the government, the nation and I don’t agree to the contract. I do not agree to a tax system that’s being used to murder my brothers and sisters half the way round the world based upon a pack of lies. I don’t agree to committing crimes against humanity, against my fellow human beings using depleted uranium, using white phosphorus, dropping millions of gallons of agent orange on people. This is all insanity. I want my name taken off that list. Ultimately the united states takes the position that we don’t have that right, I don’t have the right to determine who I am politically even though I’ve left the country 12 years, I don’t pay taxes in the united states, I don’t vote in the united states, they claim me as their property and think me a U.S. citizen so this actually gets to a deeper issue. Do we human beings have a right to self-determination ? Does the government determine my political status or do I ?”


SHOCKING CHARTS! – PROOF – QE Is Now NOT Working! Uh Ohhh!

Household incomes down, employment to population ratio staying underneath 59%


Chinese Housewives vs. Goldman Sachs: No Contest

“Goldman Sachs is once again predicting that gold will fall, setting a new near-term target of $1,050.”

“What’s even more astonishing: year-to-date deliveries on the SGE are close to global mine production. In the first six months, delivery reached 35.3 million ounces (1,098 tonnes), just 20% less than what all gold companies mined last year.”

The structure of the gold market is changing. Gold is moving from the so-called “weak hands”—those who saw gold as a “trade” and/or were seeking quick profits—to “strong hands,” who see the big picure and are buying for the long term.”


China Alone is Buying Enough Gold to Make Prices Soar

“2013 Chinese gold imports on the verge of DOUBLING versus 2012”


Fives Tonnes of Customer Gold Leave the HSBC Vault READ MORE


This Is Why The Price Of Gold Is Now Set To Super-Surge

“Fitzpatrick:  “The whole of the market expectation, as guided by the Fed, was that we were going to see some tapering of some sort.  As we saw data deteriorate going into the Fed meeting everybody thought that they were going to reduce, but nobody was ready for the ‘non-move.’….”


REALIST NEWS – Obamacare Call Center – Part Time Employees & No Health Insurance

I laughed my arse off for a few minutes seeing this headline.


Why is Obamacare so unaffordable? Because it was conceived as a political weapon of mass economic destruction

“Right now, all across America, employees are receiving notices that their insurance coverage is being dropped because it isn’t “compliant” with Obamacare. Simultaneously, employers everywhere are slashing jobs, cutting hours and downsizing their operations just to stay afloat by avoiding the most punishing requirements of Obamacare. Across the economy, Obamacare is devastating American workers and casting tens of millions of people into a state of despair.”


I suggested that my daughter read Animal Farm. A few days later I found this on my desk.


Should It Be Illegal To Hand Out The Constitution?

“”A college student in California who was handing out free copies of the U.S. Constitution was told by campus officials that he wasn’t allowed to do so without official permission. The incident occurred on Tuesday, Sept. 17, which happens to be Constitution Day.”

You might as well ask if it was illegal for Galileo to say he had a theory that the world was not flat. Conspiracy theorist they would have called him.


The latest in forfeiture abuse: The IRS seized the entire bank account from a family business, even though they haven’t been accused of any crime.

Civil Forfeiture vs Insuarnce

The looting continues.


Status of the Resistance Movement: Growing, Deepening, Succeeding

“So much has been accomplished by Occupy and other social justice movements in the past two years that it is incredible that the corporate media and their pundits cannot see the reality of what is happening around them; perhaps they don’t want to or don’t want to admit it. Despite the lack of corporate media coverage, the movement is deepening, building democratic institutions, stopping some of the worst policies pushed by the corporate duopoly and building a broad-based diverse movement whose greatest days are ahead of it.”



“The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.” – H. L. Mencken”

“I have often considered the possibility that I am the guy that Mencken described. But for those involved in the traditional political realm of left and right, I am simply delusional, labeled a “radical” by those on the right and a “reactionary” by those on the left. In fact, I am neither. Rather, I am the dreaded Libertarian that believes that government, if it must exist at all, must be structurally limited. And, it is clear that in that belief I am a part of a small minority.”


Doomsday Food & The Business of Eugenics — William Engdahl

“In this program, we discuss William’s book Seeds of Destruction in which he outlines the dark agenda to take control of the global food supply. He’ll talk about who the players are and how they have created the green movement to get the job done. Before Monsanto and Syngenta were formed, the Rockefeller Foundation together with The Ford Foundation and DuPont/Pioneer were instrumental in turning agriculture into agribusiness. The latest move in their plan has been to set up the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, also known as the Doomsday Vault. Engdahl explains how philanthropists like Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet have been involved in donating large amounts of money to this project. Do they know something we don’t?”

Humanity will be forced to pay these guys for the food that we all need to live.


ALERT: Mockingbird Media Makes the Case for Martial Law In Illinois — National Guard On Standby, Truck Loads of Thousands of Martial Law Signs Spotted

To remove the revolving door corporate lackeys from the positions in government and at regulatory agencies looking after their buddies in the industry they are supposed to be regulating, would this be why martial law appears to be planned ?

Or is it the criminals in government that are planning to step up the scale of the looting ?


Rouhani to UN: ‘Imaginary Iranian threat propaganda’ dangerous for world security


FBI: Questioning 9/11 makes you a potential terrorist

“A Department of Justice memo instructs local police, under a program named “communities against terrorism,” to consider anyone who harbors “conspiracy theories” about 9/11 to be a potential terrorist.”

Doesn’t the scientific approach involve questioning assumptions ?


Canada Forcing Wounded Vets To Sign Agreement Not To Criticize The Military On Social Media

These guys should all respond with something like get that ‘agreement’ out of my face.

Alternatively, they should get legal advice.


Gordon Brown ‘launched f-word tirade at former Bank Governor Mervyn King’, says Damian McBride

“Lord King, as Mervyn King, made the threat to disclose how America’s Central Intelligence Agency had been secretly accessing people’s financial information in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks at a meeting of the G7 finance ministers in Florida in February 2004.”

“Damian McBride, Mr Brown’s former spin doctor, said in his memoirs published on Tuesday that Lord King had felt uncomfortable about the CIA’s access to the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication system, known as Swift.”

“Mr McBride told how “Mervyn’s conscience told him that he had a duty to blow the gaff on the Swift deal, and tell the British people that the CIA had –with the Treasury’s connivance – been secretly accessing that financial data”.”

I can well imagine that the framers of the Constitution for the USA, the signatories to the Magna Carta are all spinning in their graves to think that the CIA should spy on all of us.

Gordon Brown was swearing at Mervyn King was he ? If I was face to face with Gordon Brown I’d be swearing at him until I was blue in the face.


60 Senators Sign Letter Protesting Japanese Currency Manipulation

Do I have to point out that the central banks of both of the USA and Japan are debasing their currency ?


Supreme Court could eliminate remaining restrictions on wealthy political donors

“The US Supreme Court may be poised to strike down one of the few remaining campaign finance laws when it reconvenes next month, potentially lending even greater influence to wealthy donors in the wake of the court’s landmark Citizens United ruling.”

“Both Republican and Democratic politicians increasingly rely on a small number of the wealthiest one percent of Americans to fund their campaign efforts. The funding, according to the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation, stems from the “elite class that serves as the gatekeepers of public office in the United States.””





Statin Drugs Are the Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time: Study Reports


Cancer Officially Number One Cause of Childhood Death in U.S.

And yet the DC politicians claim the guns have to be banned for the sake of the children. But what about these children ?


government authorities harassing journalists in the U.K. We’ve since learned that the same kind of thing is happening right here in the U.S.


Sheldan Nidle 9-24-13… “Incredible events and shocking announcements are about to take place”

“Heaven’s sure and steady hand has been guiding the multitude of changes which is driving your new reality into manifestation. Those who have long intended your harsh society to be replaced by a more Light-oriented one are jubilant about what is now to happen. We, too, are greatly looking forward to your present unwholesome regimes being terminated. As you know, the dark cabal was determined to make endless drudgery a permanent condition of life on Earth and has been pulling out all the stops to derail your rise in consciousness and all that the Light stands for.”


Council of One via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: You Hold the Geometries of What Is Sacred

“Within you is a programmed genetic coding to ‘seek’. You ask questions when many others do not even bother to think in that direction. You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the oneness of love that you know lives as a singular event within your heart and you look for that in the eyes of all that you meet. You are known in the universe as the ‘seekers’.”


The BBC are considering axing The Sky at Night. Join Karen’s campaign to save one of the channel’s oldest running programs.

Click here to sign Karen’s petition calling for The Sky at Night to be saved.

JPM’s $20B fine / Circuses: banker taper / HSOM3: Dollar crisis / strive for exceptionalism / Syria CW faked ?

JPMorgan’s Mortgage Settlement May Reach $20 Billion


Silver & Gold – Hidden Secrets Of Money 3 – Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity – Mike Maloney

HSOM - Dollar Crisis 1HSOM - Dollar Crisis 2HSOM - Dollar Crisis 3HSOM - Dollar Crisis 4

The Criminal Arm of JP Morgan is GOING DOWN

An American nobody

“President Putin, who is obviously very sharp, saw the strength and the rationale of our people in action and very respectfully addressed us personally via the NYT. Despite DC’s phony posturing, we got it. We understand his comment on exceptionalism. It is good we all strive for exceptionalism, but it is never good to think ourselves exceptional.”


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting

“To follow the energetic trail that calls us forth, empowering awakened hearts and minds across the country. To unite our human family by creating a safe, open space for people to connect, commune and share as One People in peace, love, absolute transparency and above all, limitless in our potential.”

‘US surveillance an affront’: Brazil’s Rousseff to UN Assembly 2013 (FULL SPEECH)

“Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff lambasted US spying on her country at Tuesday’s UN summit, calling it a “breach of international law.” She further warned that the NSA surveillance, revealed since June, threatened freedom of speech and democracy.”


Questions Plague UN Report on Syria … CW faked ?

“Buried in Appendix 7 of the U.N. Report on Syria, one reads that there is not a single environmental sample in Moadamiyah that tested positive for Sarin. The UN team found no traces of Sarin on the 140mm rocket identified as the source of the alleged CW attack – or in its immediate environment. Yet it is in Moadamiyah where alleged victims of a CW attack tested highest for Sarin exposure. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former commander of the British military’s chemical defense regiment, said that patients might have been “brought in from other areas.””

AFL/CIO Elizabeth Warren: “The American people know that the system is rigged against them.”

Record Number of Americans Think Government is Too Powerful

Keiser Report: The Banksters’ GOD Complex (E501)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the US Federal Reserve Bank as ‘the greatest hedge fund’ in history and ask whether or not their quantitative easing policy is like trying to pass pork off as a prime cut of beef. In the second half, Max interviews precious metals trader, Andrew Maguire, about JPMorgan whistleblowers and the Federal Reserve Bank taper hoax.”

6m5s “As a practitioner in markets, I love this stuff, okay. This is fantastic. It’s fantastic for every rich person. This is the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich, ever. Who owns assets ? The rich, the billionaires, you think Warren Buffett hates this stuff ? You think I hate this stuff ? I had a very good day yesterday, okay.”

Anti-ICC Kenyan President and his government appear to be the target of US-bolstered Al Qaeda attack.

“What are the chances that family members of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta just so happened to be visiting Nairobi’s Westgate Mall in the midst of an unprecedented cross-border attack by Al Qaeda Al Shabaab terrorists – and that these family members were successfully singled out and murdered?”

Six Americans Among Nairobi Mall Attackers

“Al-Shabaab has released the names of the attackers in the weekend mall siege in Nairobi, Kenya, and they include at least six Americans, two from Minnesota, one from Kansas City, as well as one each from Maine, Illinois, and Arizona.”

“Why on Earth would Al-Shabaab release the names of the attackers? Did “Al Qaeda” release the names of the 9-11 hijackers? More and more this is feeling like a propaganda “prequel” to a major false-flag attack here in the US, in FEMA Region III, the first of October.”

Kenya denies IMF access to secret mining agreements (July 21 2013)

And now the USA is going to shower DNA wrecking depleted uranium all over Kenya.

Is This The Start Of China’s Gold Miner Buying Spree?

Getting in at the basement level.

PM admits graves claim ‘untrue’ (July 18 2004)

“Downing Street has admitted to The Observer that repeated claims by Tony Blair that ‘400,000 bodies had been found in Iraqi mass graves’ is untrue, and only about 5,000 corpses have so far been uncovered.”

“The claims by Blair in November and December of last year, were given widespread credence, quoted by MPs and widely published, including in the introduction to a US government pamphlet on Iraq’s mass graves.”

Can you count the number of lies about Iraq on top of mother of all lies that was Saddam’s non-existent WMDs ?

But then what about the 500,000 Iraqi babies that died due to the medical sanctions internationally imposed on Iraq ?

Traitor Peter King Telegraphs the Next Potential US Flase Flag: Beware! Al Shabaab Around Every Corner “There’s Also A Large Somali-American Population in St Paul Minnesota & Portland Maine”

(Mock scary voice) be afraid, be very afraid (trademark USG)

Other people can listen to the clowns, I choose not to.

If there should be a big bang in the not too distant future and these clowns claim it was terrorist then we can ask the logical question: why didn’t all the NSA surveillance catch them ?

Intelligence Report on Boston Marathon Bombing Delayed Indefinitely READ MORE

Don’t need to show the sheeple all of the holes in the official story.

4-minute video: ‘How dare any American criticize legitimate resistance to illega (Video)

“Physician Dahlia Wasfi’s powerful speech featured in TheParadigmShift 2009 video. Our only apparent solution: the 99% demanding arrests of obvious US War Criminals (video has images of US war-murders):”

“”We have an obligation to every last victim of this illegal aggression because all of this carnage has been done in our name. Since World War 2, 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed civilians, one-third of them children. Our victims have done nothing to us. From Palestine to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Somalia, to wherever our next target may be, their murders are not collateral damage, they are the nature of modern warfare. They don’t hate us because of our freedoms. They hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called “war on terror” is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia.”

Samantha Power on Syria: ‘We Have Exhausted’ Diplomatic-Only Options

“America’s top diplomat at the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power, told an audience today that diplomacy alone is no longer enough to stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons.”

I don’t believe that Assad was the one who used chemical weapons on August 21st.

This week, Hassan Rouhani will attend the United Nations General Assembly for the first time as president of Iran. President Obama will be there too.

Exploding Global Debt Hyperinflation Means You MUST Own Gold & Silver. By Gregory Mannarino

Step Aside Trillion Dollar Coin, Here Comes The Trillion Dollar Bill

Trillion Dollar Bill

Two Astonishing Charts Show Gold & Silver Now Ready To Soar

“The government has voted on the debt limit roughly 106 different times since 1940, which is staggering to me because this inability to control its debt is clear evidence that the US government’s finances are out of control.  Because it has the Federal Reserve available, the government just keeps increasing the debt, and the Fed makes sure the debt gets bought, even if the Fed has to buy the debt itself.  It turns the government’s debt into currency, which is what Quantitative Easing is all about.  So QE transforms US government debt into currency, which debases the dollar.”

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

21m10s “In summary, Bitcoin is a mathematically protected digital currency that is maintained by a network of peers. Digitial signatures authorize individual transactions, ownership is passed via transaction chains, and the ordering of those transactions is protected in the block chain By requiring difficult math problems to be solved with each bloc, would-be attackers are pitted against the entire rest of the network in a computational race they’re unlikely to win. Bitcoin promising many interesting ideas, such as insulation from government meddling, anonymity and potentially lower transaction fees.”

What a work of genius the bitcoin protocol is.

Freedom fighters unite at LPAC, and the White House is their target

LPAC 2013: Ron Paul Speech Highlights

Gutting America with “Free” Healthcare: Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four Read More

UN-affordable healthcare.

Why did Gold and Silver Drop on Friday?

“Here is the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet for 2013.  Does this look stable and sustainable to you?”


The People’s Voice – The Facts Of Life

CDC: Painkillers Kill Four Times More than Cocaine and Heroin Combined

Children in Japan Now Testing Positive for Thyroid Cancer Read More

“Most recently it has been reported that the Japanese utility TEPCO has failed epically regarding its decontamination efforts after the decimation of several nuclear reactors at the TEPCO ran Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant which was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami, crippling it more than 2 years ago. Now we are seeing the brunt of the side effects.”

Son of a bitch.

Please send an urgent email to the Russian embassy to release our activists. More than 300,000 have been sent already, and every message counts.

repeal the Monsanto Protection Act! Help end Monsanto’s takeover of our government. Every voice counts!

Tell Google to Stop Reading Your Private Emails For Ads!

Jack Nicholson Explains the Last 70 Years…


“”According to my Jordanian source, the Jordanians had an agent inside the cell that operated inside Germany. The agent was the bomb maker.”

“”He made five bombs to go in transistor radios but informed his handlers that one was missing.”

What’s Next After the Firearms Freedom Act Ruling?

“The basis of this absurd notion of interstate commerce comes from the Wickard vs. Filburn ruling of 1942. The Supreme Court decided that a farmer was not able to keep wheat grown by himself for his own consumption, because his hoarding of wheat could potentially have an impact on the sales within the wheat market if other farmers were to follow his lead to self-reliance. Because judges are apparently unable to think for themselves, they mindlessly uphold this ridiculous ruling time and again, and then cower behind it as precedent.”

Keiser: jihadist to run federal reserve / JPM high treason / Monte Paschi “Bails In” / Fake Al Qaeda Adam & Yousef / NZ vs KDC

Keiser Report: Crimes & Cracks of Capitalism (E500)

“In this 500th episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss what the economy and financial sector look like five hundred episodes later. They find an economy where the wealth and income gap is the highest ever, median income has collapsed and the mainstream media alleges the government is ‘assaulting’ JP Morgan with all the fines for the bank’s many criminal activities. In the second half, Max interviews Professor Steve Keen about banking and leverage five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.”

2m15s “Then you have the crash of 2008 which was a crash of financialisation and securitization. To get out the crash the government decided along with the treasury and the federal reserve to increase financialization which increased the profits of the people who caused the crash to begin with.”


$3.39T Quantitative Explosion: Fed Owns More Treasuries and MBS Than Publicly Held Debt Amassed From Washington Through Clinton Read More


Jim Rickards: We’re Witnessing One of the Greatest Failed Experiments in Economic History

The taper/non-taper of Sept 18th has made the non-federal non-reserve the laughing stock of the world.


Fed’s Non-Taper Damage Control

“James Bullard successfully sells markets on an Oct. taper. When will traders learn that it’s not what Fed officials say that matters, but what they actually do? It reminds me of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. No matter how many times she assures him that she will hold the ball in place, she always yanks it away just before his foot makes contact. Yet Charlie Brown falls for it every time.”


Summing It All Up In One Cartoon


That guy’s briefcase should be bulging with freshly created bank notes.


Ted Butler: JP Morgan Holds 2 Corners In The Gold And Silver Market READ MORE

“In this interview with SprottMoney, Ted Butler comments on the latest evolutions in the gold and silver market. The conversation is focused on the current concentrated positions of JP Morgan and the evolution on the gold and silver price. Butler is not only convinced of the manipulation but also that it will end sooner or later with a huge upside impact on prices.”

“JP Morgan started out this year massively short in gold and silver. Their position was around 75,000 contracts net short in gold and 35,000 contracts net short in silver.”

“The whole reason behind the decline in the first half of the year was JP Morgan rigging prices through their monopoly in the COMEX to the point that prices came down. In doing so, they were able to buy back many of their short positions in silver and all of their short positions in gold. The company made about 3 billion dollars on closing out these shorts. In gold, they went long till they reached 85,000 contracts long in gold. In the August rally they made another 350 million dollar of profits.”

“JP Morgan was not able to get long in the silver market however. Right now they are sitting on a monopoly on the long side of the gold market and a concentration on the COMEX silver market.”

8m25s “It’s the most serious market crime possible. It’s the equivalent of high treason.”

The COMEX and CFTC have ZERO credibility.

Paper gold priced at $100/oz, paper silver priced at $4/oz, physical gold/silver: priceless.


It Begins: Monte Paschi “Bails In” Bondholders, Halts $650 Million In Coupon Payments

“Remember what Diesel-BOOM said about Cyprus – that it is a template? He wasn’t joking.”

The March 2013 Cyprus ‘bail in’, an early Sept 2013 Polish private pension ‘bail in’ and now a late Sept 2013 Italian bank ‘bail in’ – THE CRASH IS GATHERING PACE SO THE LOOTING MUST KEEP UP.


WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES! Inside Look At Nairobi Mall During After AL QAEDA Terrorist Attack

[Ed. Note: Hey McCain, are these the same type of “moderate” Al Qaeda scum bags you support and met with in Syria?]


Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

“Reposted in light of the latest “terror threat” from the US Government, as part of a distraction from NSA-gate, IRS-gate, EPA-gate, Benghazi, wars, economy, etc., etc., etc.”


About that stupid “Muslims killing all Christians at a mall” story

“The mall is Jewish owned, and the swat team that showed up was from the Israeli Mossad.”

“I’d like to ask a question here”

“Since false flag is the order of the day, could having the Mossad show up to “correct” this situation be ANY MORE PERFECT? How did they get permission to operate abroad out in the wide open public of a foreign country anyway?”

“So I am not the only one who sees this as a likely False-flag by Israel.”


Nairobi: Terror raid ‘led by white widow’: Gang mastermind in veil barked orders at gunmen in mall massacre that left three Britons dead

“Kenyan official reveals he suspects the involvement of fugitive 7/7 ‘white widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite”

Are the fascist corporate interests going to make a grab for the African continent ?


Nairobi – Post analysis of a bloody psy op

“I am just going to say it like it is. First of all, the thing in Kenya was a Mossad operation staged by Americans and other foreigners working for the Mossad.”

“Here is what logic says happened, based upon all the input I have received”

“The false flag wag the dog psy ops that they are fronting in the news – using crisis actors for the Boston bombing, and the phony Navy Yard shooting, are not taking lives. And there is a good reason for this – it is because the zio front, the local Jewish communities know that with the alternative media scrutinizing everything, they can’t get away with murder the way they did at Columbine. People are actually paying attention now, and they cannot keep a lid on it.”

The bulls**t is IMPLODING in real time.


NYPD Steps Up Security in Response to Kenya Attack READ MORE

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


Report: US military to hit targets in Kenya, other African states

Off to wreck another nation.


Look at ‘Liberated’ Libya and Despair

“Welcome to the new Libya, a country ‘liberated’ by NATO which now finds itself without the oil revenues which could make it rich, with no security, no stability and assassinations and corruption at unprecendented levels.”


F.B.I. Calls Half of US Population with “9/11 Doubts” Potential Terrorists

What will the F.B.I. be saying when 9/10 of the population have 9/11 doubts ?


The Corrupt Politicians & Financiers That Run NZ Exposed! … assets worth 6.4m, sold for 1.8m, to an undisclosed buyer, priceless

“When it comes to corruption, one can look at many examples in New Zealand, chief among them is the way the Alan Hubbard finance company debacle was handled.”

“The new Labour leader David Cunliffe knows about the scumbaggery surrounding this case and has done nothing about it, people look to him as the possible answer to John Key when he works for the same banksters and was finance spokesman at the same time that 19 finance companies collapsed in New Zealand, draining the life savings of many mum and dad investors.”

11m “South Canterbury Financing owed Westpac 3.1 million dollars on this asset, the lowest valuation they’d received on the asset was 6.4 million to 6.5 million dollars, they sold, the receivers sold to parties who are known to them – that’s a related party transaction that they did not declare – for 1.8 million dollars.”


12m35s “No we can’t have that enquiry, Bill English tells us because the sale of all the assets was ‘commercially sensitive’. Well, Kiwis, how can sit back and swallow that ? If the sale of the assets is commercially assets how come taxpayer money was used ?”

27m “I’ll tell you who’s starting a political party in this country that’s worth watching. That’s Kim Dotcom and I’ll tell you why. Wait until you see the policies that he brings out. Anyone who knows what’s good for this country would support straight away on his stated intention around the IMF for a start. He’s already hinted, I’ve seen it on facebook, he’s already hinted that he wants to take New Zealand down the same road as Iceland and Hungary.”

30m15s “Dozens and dozens of finance companies collapsed on Labour’s watch prior to John Key getting into power in 2008. It was totally unregulated the New Zealand market, virtually unregulated, companies office never did anything to stop it, the securities commission was completely useless, none of them actually did anything to control or regulate finance companies, they all took a completely passive approach. So just dozens of finance companies tipped over on Cunliff’s watch and then John Key comes in and says ‘don’t worry New Zealand, I’m going to save you from all these bad finance company people … because I used to work at one called the federal reserve … I’m going to save you from people like me and I’m going to use your money to do and you’re going to love for it”

Create the problem, wait for the reaction, offer the solution that furthers your agenda.

47m45s “The whole reason I stood up for this guy I was more interested in defending the integrity of the justice system than him, I wasn’t defending him, I was defending the integrity of the justice system.”

55m50s “How the hell can we sit back and allow John Key to use your taxpayer money and my taxpayer money to hang a New Zealand resident or a citizen – doesn’t really matter – Kim Dotcom out to dry. This case is a case of U.S. corporate interests being allowed to use the New Zealand, John Key has assisted U.S. corporate interests by using the New Zealand police as a private army to assist those U.S. corporate interests and he’s using the New Zealand justice system to assist those U.S. corporate interests to persecute a guy in a case that is being described to the New Zealand public as a criminal matter when in fact in the worst case scenario it should only be a civil case.”

57m “Don’t invade his house with 70 cops, 2 choppers, 16 cars and raid through the place when the day before you already sent a copper who got given a grand tour of the place.”

57m20s “Whoever authorised the expenditure even 1 dollar of New Zealand taxpayer money on the wild goose chase, which effectively to help U.S. corporate interests, and how they’ve got away with it so far is they’re trying to convince the public that it’s a criminal matter. It’s not a criminal matter, it is absolute corruption and misuse of New Zealand taxpayer money and whoever authorised it should be in jail  … If that’s the case, Paul, then it is a criminal matter except it’s not Kim Dotcom that’s the criminal … The criminal is whoever has authorised the use of New Zealand taxpayer money. I mean you had the head of State Services describing the guy that’s running the GCSB as ‘outstanding civil servant’. Well, the guy has had to apologise to Kim Dotcom and he’s wasted something like, it’s in the tens of millions of New Zealand dollars, our taxpayer money, basically fighting Kim Dotcom in court over this because Kim Dotcom’s rights were completely trashed.”

58m50s “This is one global syndicate mafia scum that are working against freedom and the human race as a whole.”

59m15s “But the problem is it’s called suspension of disbelief. It’s like when you’re presented with evidence that pure scumbaggery has gone on the problem is most people then go (gasp) no, they couldn’t be that bad. Oh no, John Key wouldn’t be that bad. But David Cunliffe so much nicer than John Key, he wouldn’t be that bad. And this is the problem you get, those people know you think like that and they’re milking it for everything it’s worth. Wake up.”


Mapping The Collapse Of European Democracy

Democracy has regressed in 15 out of the 17 euro-area countries since 2008, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s democracy index.

We are sure Nigel Farage will have something to say about this dismal loss of sovereign control.


The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business



Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Nothing left to cut in budget — ‘the cupboard is bare’

… except for the warfare spending.

… except for the surveillance spending.

… except for … you get the idea.


Still Report 99 – Bernanke Bubble Continues


Britain Considered Putting Troops on the Streets in 2008 Financial Crisis; Well, it’s Worse Now

If the banks are shutting their doors, and the cash points aren’t working, and people go to Tesco and their cards aren’t being accepted, the whole thing will just explode.

With the banks closed and debit/credit cards not being accepted I would ask, do you accept bitcoin ?


MUST WATCH! An Economic Collapse Of Biblical Proportions Is Coming. By Gregory Mannarino


World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes: The World Will Reject Central Bankers, Part II

“part II of the SmartKnowledgeU exclusive interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes, Ms. Hudes discusses the need to end an immoral fractional reserve banking system that continually drains the wealth of citizens without their consent and knowledge, the hope to establish open competition for money as the best money will rise to the top, how Central Bankers manipulate media and religion to deceive people into supporting their immoral actions, and the need for people to question what bankers have tricked them into believing through their control of media, education and religion.”

3m20s “But as Simon Johnson who is the former chief economist of the international monetary fund said that all governments today are basically run by bankers, it’s the money that drives the governments. So given the fact the bankers control the mass distribution channels of media, I think they also control, for the most part, the legal system in most countries, they also control the military and the police so don’t you think that there will be a backlash against growing competition because the way they control all of our capital markets is through fiat currencies so they will lose that power to get insanely wealthy with basically zero effort with competitive currencies ?”

6m35s “I have gotten through to the UK parliament, which is to say they have published 3 of my statements now on the rule of law.”

11m “You are a citizen, you have the right to a clean government, and just write your county officials, write your senators, demand a clean government and if everyone does that’s exactly what we’ll have.”

11m55s “Do you think it can be a decentralised effort or do we need someone like a Gandhi some figure to actually be the morale leader ? Because it seems like there are no other great morale leaders, of course they’re all assassinated over time but it doesn’t seem like we have that today … You’re looking at her and it’s not just me, it’s us group of whistleblowers.”

13m5s “The people in Israel are not in agreement that their government consists of thieves that are ripping off the world. They don’t know about what’s going on. I was in touch with the representative of Israel on the board of the world bank and we were working together to try and figure out how to bring all of the people of the middle east together so that it’s a happy place so it’s not a place ridden with conflict and these whacky . The freedom fighters in Syria are mercenaries, everybody knows this.”


From DOLLAR CRISIS To Golden Opportunity – Mike Maloney


The Doves Hit The Tape: Dudley, Lockart Plead For More QE


Another Fed President Confirms Fed Credibility Undermined


So It Wasn’t Demographics After All?



American Dependency: A Frightening, Eye Opening Micro-Doc About Wealth Redistribution Via ‘Food Stamps’

7m25s “With food stamps you can only buy food but with cash aid you can buy cigarettes and alcohol I’ve heard, is that correct ? … Yeah, you can but it’s wrong.”

10m215s “As you can see everyone from consumers to business to banks are now creating business and lifestyle models dependent on government assistance. When will it ever stop ?”

What the hell are 1 in 6 Americans going to do when their EBT cards stop working ?


Raw Milk: Freedom from Government Milk Tyranny

Raw milk


Slave Dollars: State Guarantee Private Prisons 96% Occupancy Read More

State and local governments have signed contracts that obligate them to keep a certain number of people in jail (with numbers around 96% occupancy) to bolster the profits of privately run prisons, a survey indicates.

If there aren’t enough criminals being locked away, what do you suppose will be done ?


New York police attack students protesting ex-CIA chief David Petraeus

“According to government documents provided to Wikileaks by Bradley Manning, and reported in the Guardian earlier this year, “US soldiers came across tortured detainees in a network of detention centres run by the police commandos across Iraq.””


Spy Agencies Are Doing WHAT?

mere claim that terrorists use the phone system is enough to show that all phone records are relevant

By the same logic because terrorists breathe oxygen is enough of a reason to spy on all oxygen breathers.


Solutions: Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome … to the criminal state

9m15s “What about for his assassination of a U.S. citizen for speech crimes ? … I mean, it’s a bad thing. Definitely a bad thing … Not impeachable ? … If I thought it was realistic or useful to the country to unseat the president right now, especially a year before an election. It’s a bad thing but is it really going to benefit the country, what concrete benefits do we achieve by impeachment ? … Well, we’d get a dangerous, violent, extremist out of office, at least … Yeah, but what happens to the country ? … Oh yes, friends. It’s my contention that a certain percentage of the population that is very much suffering from societal Stockholm Syndrome and have learned to love their captors, their abductors in positions of political power who have us all hostage in this societal prison that has been constructed around us.”

Solutions- Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome

23m45s “I remember having a conversation with a bunch of people at one conference on consciousness and one of the people there made a kind of blanket statement ‘I hear all conspiracy talk about mind control and stuff and she says ‘I don’t know anybody who is under any kind of mind control’ and I said ‘oh really that’s interesting because I’ve never meet anyone who wasn’t, myself included’.”


US Demands Syria Destroy Chemical Weapons Lickety-Split, But Says It Needs Decades to Safely Eliminate Its Own Chems

The amount of bulls**t being thrown at the general public is absolutely staggering.


Saudi Arabia Threatens to “End Career” of AP Reporter Over Chemical Weapons Story

“Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak has been threatened over her involvement in a story which exposed how Syrian rebels were responsible for the August 21st chemical weapons attack after being handed the weapons by Saudi intelligence agents.”

This reporter will have a career in the independent media.


The Ghouta chemical weapons came from the Turkish Army

“According to his report, the Turkish army was aiming to provoke an international intervention against Syria.”


British MP criticizes US double standards on Syria chemical weapons

“The British MP Sarah Wollaston criticized the US approach on the issue of chemical weapons in Syria, slamming its intentions to launch a military strike against it.”


Britain’s ex-envoy explains how Israel fabricated Syria intelligence

“A former British ambassador to Uzbekistan says the U.S. government has been deceived by the Israeli regime through fabricated evidence into believing that the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons in an attack on the suburbs of Damascus on August 21.”


Rogue State America

“Oxford Dictionaries call rogue states “nation(s) or state(s) regarded as breaking international law and posing a threat to the security of other nations.””

“They’re authoritarian or despotic and ruthless. They stop at nothing to achieve aims. They spurn human and civil rights. They possess weapons of mass destruction. They sponsor state terrorism.”

“William Blum’s done some of the best research. His books include “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower.””

“He documented how from 1945 through 2005, America tried or succeeded in toppling over 40 governments. It crushed dozens of popular movements. It slaughtered millions of people doing so.”


The Credit Bubble Is Not Only Back, It Is 94% Bigger Than In 2007


5 Years After the Financial Crisis, The Big Banks Are Still Committing Massive Crimes

Laundering money for terrorists (the HSBC employee who blew the whistle on the banks’ money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels says that the giant bank is still laundering money, saying:  “The public needs to know that money is still being funneled through HSBC to directly buy guns and bullets to kill our soldiers …. Banks financing … terrorists affects every single American.” He also said: “It is disgusting that our banks are STILL financing terror on 9/11 2013“.  And see this)”


Whistleblower: HSBC Still Laundering Money for Terrorists, Drug Cartels Read More

“As a former Anti-Money Laundering Officer at HSBC, Everett Stern was arguably never actually supposed to catch money laundering activity. Instead, with little training but an inclination to make a difference, Stern caught massive levels of fraud, and contacted CIA and FBI officials in the summer of 2010 to alert them of systematic financing for terrorist organization, drug cartels and other shady entities.”

“HSBC was eventually fined $1.9 billion dollars by the U.S. Treasury, but Stern recently joined Occupy Wall Streets’ Alt Banking protest (See video) – despite being a self-described conservative Republican – to call for criminal charges and accountability over what he says is continued money laundering on the part of HSBC officials.”

When will the customers of these big banks on Wall Street realise how criminal they are ?


Our Deposits, Pension Funds, etc. Vulnerable to Immediate Looting ??!! – Antidotes


This Week Was A Disaster And It Will Lead To More Tyranny

“Powell:  “It was a confession of complete and utter failure by the Federal Reserve for its quantitative easing policy.  It has not revived the US economy and it doesn’t seemed to have done much for the rest of the world either.”

“It is also a repudiation of Fed Chairman Bernanke’s so-called ‘forward guidance’ policy.  They have been telling us for months that they were likely to taper, and then when it came time to do it they decided they couldn’t do it.  I think this is really a disaster for the Federal Reserve as an institution….”


We are on a gold standard now, even though it is not recognized


140 Years Ago Today, The Great Panic Of 1873 Led To The First Market Closure


Agenda 21 & FEMA Camps — Depopulation Plans In America

6m20s “Fear of environmental crisis will be used to create a world government and UN central direction.”

Fear of a non-existent crisis. You shouldn’t need to hear much more of this 16m video to realise you are being fooled by those pushing Agenda 21.


Toxic glyphosate (Roundup) found to be harming dairy cows

“The environment, humans and now the cattle raised for food — the horror that is glyphosate apparently knows no bounds, as a new study out of Denmark shows that dairy cows everywhere are now being harmed by the pervasive agricultural poison. According to this latest indictment of the Monsanto-owned chemical, glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, was identified in 100 percent of urine samples collected from dairy cows all across Denmark, the health implications of which are immensely sobering for both the animals and humans.”


Attacks on Health Reporters and Their Readers Are Escalating

“Thinly veiled threats are issued not just by industry spokespersons (many of whom hide their industry ties from their readers), but also international organizations like UNICEF. It’s become very evident, very quickly, that now more than ever, we need your support to counter the increasingly dirty tactics of these industry players.”

“Simply by reporting the scientific evidence—which is published in peer-reviewed journals, mind you—I’ve been labeled as a top “anti-vaccine influencer” for my pro-safety stance on vaccines, and a “media supporter of domestic eco-terrorists” for my reporting on the hazards of Roundup and genetically engineered foods.”

“Why Is UNICEF Accusing Health Journalists of Lying?”

“A recently published report1 by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reveals that the organization is tracking “the rise of online pro-vaccine safety sentiments in Central and Eastern Europe,” and has identified the most influential pro-vaccine safety influencers” on the web.”

“UNICEF included me on the list, along with other independent health websites like, and, just to name a few.”

“Why does Mr. Byrne fail to mention in his bio that he was a former Monsanto executive?



Households now spending almost twice as much on gas and electricity than they were in 2000

I am sure there was broadly the same amount of gas and electricity these days as there was back in 2000 but there are plenty more slave tokens issued by the central banks of the world.

The economists can keep saying there isn’t any price inflation but of course if you need food and fuel then you will suffer plenty of price inflation.


So, has UKIP come of age? ROBERT HARDMAN, who attended the party’s first (shambolic) gathering twenty years ago, remains unimpressed

I would read what this guy had written if I thought he was impartial but I don’t so I didn’t.


Now hundreds of Syrian rebels defect to Al Qaeda: ‘Civil war within the civil war’ weakens the battle to topple Assad


Obama to demand Syria’s Assad removal at UN speech


Former Belgian official: Western intelligence may be behind fabricating chemical issue in Syria


How the Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged

Now, a new report on that footage finds troubling inconsistencies and manipulation with the video that calls the official narrative of the attack and its victims into question.



“Documents recently made public by the British government reveal that Israel played a direct role in the notorious hijacking of an Air France plane to Idi Amin’s Entebbe in 1976 and cooperated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in staging the event remembered today as “the Entebbe Incident.””

“In documents recently released and now sitting in the National Archives in London, D.H. Colvin—a British diplomat working in Paris—wrote that, according to sources he knew, “the hijacking was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet.””

“As Israelis take control of the situation in Nairobi, Kenya, it is starting to look more and more like the mall attack is one of Israel’s interminable false-flag hoaxes to demonize Muslims. as such, it is worth going back and examining every “terror” attack by the eeeeeevil Muslims that turned out to be an Israeli dirty trick.”

This is out of Israeli jurisdiction.


Israeli troops manhandle EU diplomats delivering aid to Palestinians

“The European diplomats, who were trying to deliver emergency aid to the residents of a demolished Palestinian village, were manhandled by Israeli troops and their truck was seized by the IDF.”


Iran’s new president delivers new freedoms to Iranians

“As newly-elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani prepares to visit the US next week, Iranian authorities unexpectedly released 11 of the country’s most prominent political prisoners from jail. The most notable of these prisoners is Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human rights lawyer, who represented people who protested against the Iranian government. In an interview earlier this week, Rouhani pledged to increase access to the free flow of information on the Internet for people in his country.”

No war with Iran.


Welcome to US…not! ‘Washington might wish to shut out Lat America voices in UN’

“Venezuela has sent a letter to the UN chief asking him to take measures against the United States over the denial of visas for some members of its delegation who are scheduled to attend the UN General Assembly in New York.”


Edward Snowden Nominated for Prestigious EU Humans Rights Award Read More


NSA Sends Letter to Its ‘Extended’ Family to Reassure Them That They Will ‘Weather’ This ‘Storm’

“The National Security Agency sent out a letter to all of its employees and affiliates, including contractors, that could be printed and shared with family, friends and colleagues. It was intended to reassure them that the NSA is not really the abusive and unchecked spying agency engaged in illegal activity that someone reading former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s disclosures might think it happens to be.”


Long-Time Clinton Official Arrested in Egypt as Member of Muslim Brotherhood Read More


George Galloway Vs Israeli General

14m30s “They want to continue to defend their settler gangster state which today stands in the opprobrium of the rest of the world and their days are numbered. He can talk about the offensive in the United Nations but the latest finding that Israel is a gangster terrorist state which murders people on the high seas, which steals other countries passports to murder Palestinian officials in Dubai.”


The Number One Reason Why the USA Has Been Conquered Read More

“Our Congress has an all-time low 9% approval rating, and Obama’s popularity is in the toilet. It has been 10 years since I declared war upon the central bankers. In that time, I have watched millions of our fellow countrymen show evidence that they are in various stages of waking up to the tyranny that is attacking every facet of our lives. The alternative media has done a marvelous job of reaching the masses despite being ridiculed and shut out of the mainstream media. The alternative media is being so effective that Congress is attempting to declare us to “not be journalists” in a bill that is in Committee. It is my considered opinion that we have awakened enough people who are collectively capable of making substantial fundamental differences. This begs the obvious question, then why don’t we see a massive revolution against the central bankers and their institutions of control? There is no simple answer which will explain all the fence-sitting we are witnessing in the country today. However, there is one social psychological factor which explains why the majority of the people who are awake to the present level of tyranny are not sufficiently motivated to act and that factor is called bystander apathy.”


Parent Arrested at Public Meeting for Asking Unscripted Questions About Common Core (WATCH)

“The parents’ questions had to be submitted prior to the event and no new questions would be discussed. This angered some residents who felt the need to ask tougher questions than those selected by superintendents.”

I continue to be horrified as to what is going in the USA.

Can’t the people answering the questions think on their feet when presented with a question not previously submitted ?


Poll: 48 Blame Mental Health System for Mass Shootings

“In addition, fewer Americans in the latest poll blamed easy access to guns for mass shootings — 40 percent, versus 46 percent two years ago — making the nation’s mental health system “the perceived top cause of such incidents,” Gallup said.”


Australian troops being readied for possible deployment into Syria and Iran

“Senator Johnston said that after 14 years of involvement in overseas conflicts from East Timor to Afghanistan, the Australian Defence Force had a strong fighting momentum that should not be lost as troops return from Afghanistan.”

It would be more accurate to describe it as the Australian Offence Banksters Force.


Bahrain arrests opposition leader; U.S. shrugs

“DURING A visit to Washington in February, Bahraini opposition leader Khalil al-Marzooq described for us how his al-Wefaqparty was seeking to bridge the growing polarization between the Persian Gulf nation’s Sunni ruling family and its restless, majority-Shiite population. In contrast to some of the groups that supported the popular uprising against the regime beginning in February 2011, al-Wefaq had firmly renounced violence and banned its members from advocating the overthrow or prosecution of the ruling al-Khalifa family. The party agreed to participate in a “national dialogue” with the government beginning in February, and Mr. Marzooq said its aim was a “power-sharing agreement” that would move the country toward constitutional monarchy.”

“His words offered a glimmer of hope that Bahrain, a U.S. ally that hosts the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, could achieve the political compromise that has eluded other Arab states since the 2011 revolutions. Since then, however, hard-liners on both sides have driven events. Anti-government demonstrations have grown more violent, several bombings have targeted police officers and a Sunni mosque, and the regime has responded with repressive measures, including a ban on demonstrations in the capital, a lawsuit aimed at outlawing a council of Shiite clerics and restrictions on contacts between opposition groups and foreign governments and organizations.”

“Now Mr. Marzooq has been arrested. On Tuesday he was charged with “inciting and advocating terrorism.””

The Bahraini regime is full of s**t and the Washington regime is full of s**t.


IRONY: ‘We’re Not Some Banana Republic’ – Barack Hussein Obama

Why would Obama say this if the USA was not a banana republic ?


New video exposes NYPD brutalizing students in protest against Petraeus’ professorship

“The footage supports the claim of the activists from the City University of New York (CUNY) that police were brutal in dispersing a rally on Tuesday, when 75 people took part in a demonstration protesting former CIA chief, David Petraeus, being given a teaching position at the school.”

“Six of the protesters were arrested that day and have been charged with obstruction of governmental administration, riot, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. One of them is 24-year-old Denise Ford, who spent 28 hours in police custody following the rally.”

I am sure that MLK and Gandhi were charge with such things as obstruction of governmental administration.

75 protesting this time, will that double next time ?

To see who rules over your society, see whose representatives you are not allowed to protest.


Congressman: Alexis’ drug may have had ‘problem’ side effect

“Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis may have been taking a prescription drug with a potentially dangerous side effect, according to one lawmaker.”

This guy just incurred the wrath of big pharma.


Ohio Cop Terrorizes Family: Witness Gets it on Video

Are all these mad cops like this one on SSRIs ?


James Holmes saw three mental health professionals before shooting

“Alleged Aurora, Colo, shooter James Holmes met with not one, but at least three mental health professionals at the University of Colorado prior to the massacre. How long he met with each one and the depth of their involvement is not clear, but it adds to the picture of Holmes being clearly on their radar in the time period leading up to the shootings. When contacted by CBS News, school spokesperson Jacque Montgomery declined comment, citing a judge’s gag order.”

This judge just pleased big pharma as these health professionals most assuredly prescribed James psychiatric drugs.


McCain attacks Los Angeles Dodgers: ‘No-class, arrogant, spoiled brats’

Can you imagine JFK saying such a thing ? And can you believe that McCain was the 2008 republican presidential candidate.


Practical Libertarianism: Peace Keepers vs. Police READ MORE


Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie – Debunking ‘The Last Days’


European Human Rights Court Upholds Nazi Ban on Homeschooling

“The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) does not protect European citizens against Hitler’s laws. On 11 September the Strasburg-based court ruled that the (German) State may deny parents the right to homeschool their children. The EU Court’s decision [pdf] states that the right to education “by its very nature calls for regulation by the State.””

“German parents are currently being prosecuted on the basis of a Nazi bill of 1938 which banned homeschooling. The court denied a request from the Konrad family to rule that Germany’s ban on homeschooling violates their human rights to educate their own children according to their own religious beliefs. Fritz and Marianna Konrad filed the human rights complaint in November 2003 arguing that Germany’s compulsory school attendance severely endangers their children’s religious upbringing, and promotes teaching inconsistent with their Christian faith, especially the State’s mandate of sexual education (what sex education in Europe is can be seen here).”

“The Konrads had appealed under Article 2 of Protocol No. 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights which states, “No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching is in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.””


Yes, Hitler Really Did Take the Guns (from Jews) Before Throwing Jews into Concentration Camps (or Gas Chambers)

If you read the 1938 Nazi gun laws closely and compare them to earlier 1928 Weimar gun legislation – as a straightforward exercise of statutory interpretation – several conclusions become clear. First, with regard to possession and carrying of firearms, the Nazi regime relaxed the gun laws that were in place in Germany at the time the Nazis seized power. Second, the Nazi gun laws of 1938 specifically banned Jewish persons from obtaining a license to manufacture firearms or ammunition. Third, approximately eight months after enacting the 1938 Nazi gun laws, Hitler imposed regulations prohibiting Jewish persons from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms.


How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

“The debate over Prescott Bush’s behaviour has been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet chatter about the “Bush/Nazi” connection, much of it inaccurate and unfair. But the new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis’ plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler’s rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.”


Pussy Riot denied parole – demand Maria and Nadezhda’s freedom now

7 in 10 know gov is bankster / Lies in Syria / Kleptocrats centralize, rest of us decentralize / JFK/RP no sock puppets

7 in 10 Americans Think Government Is For The Banks And Big Corps (Not The People)

The other 3 must do better.


Obama to nominate Goldman Sachs partner as new ambassador to Canada

The other 3 should see appointments such as this appointment.


Largest Bank In World Announces Crash

“The Bank for International Settlements, the most powerful bank in the entire world, has just announced ‘the crash’ according to this story below translated below from Germany. Is this why the US Federal Reserve has just decided on QE infinity? We appear to have reached a new era in the collapse of the US economy and our country, they aren’t even going to try to hide nor stop this any more. The crash has been announced by BIS.”

The eye of mordor is coming down – WOOHOO, WOOHOO, WOOHOO.



The placard saying ‘Shut Down Capitalism’ has it wrong. It should say ‘Shut Down CRONY capitalism’.

People must demand an end to the fox guarding the hen house form of capitalism we’ve had for decades and a return to properly regulated capitalism.


The Judas Kiss – who else but a bankster

“The Judas Kiss is defined as an act of betrayal, especially one that is disguised as a gesture of friendship.”

“Jack Speer-Williams details the kisses of Judas in geopolitical history:”

“1. When Saddam Hussein asked the U.S. what its opinion was of a potential invasion of Kuwait to stop slant drilling into Iraq, the U.S. said that it had no opinion, which was the kiss of Judas.”

“2. In the 1990’s, the tax-free Zionist think tank Project for a New American Century drew up plans to destroy seven sovereign nations, starting with another war on Iraq and ending with Iran. These wars were to be portrayed as vital to American interests, both domestically and internationally – they were the kisses of Judas.”

“3. The financing of Adolf Hitler and his war powers was largely handled by the old Max and Paul Warburg-controlled Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam (all Zionists), and the Schroeder Bank of Frankfort, London, and New York (all Zionists). The kiss of Judas.”



“This is Obama, Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey funded and supported handiwork.”

Headless Syrian Christian child




Western lies, criminality unraveling in Syria

More chilling is a study led by Syrian Christian figure, Mother Agnes Mariam, which cites relatives of the dead who claim that the children were abducted by militants during earlier attacks in the northwest Latakia area. In that case, the children may have been poisoned, not by rockets filled with Sarin, but by premeditated murder, with the purpose of fabricating a chemical gas attack.

Obama is telling us to think about the Syrian children that were killed by sarin the chemical weapon allegedly launched by Assad but does it make me a disloyal subject to the Emperor of the Free World for me to think about the thousands of children killed by missiles fired from drones targeted at suspected terrorists ? Or for me think about the half a million Iraqi children killed by sanctions on medical supplies during the 1990s ? Or for me think about the Iraqi babies born in post-2004 Fallujah with DU caused birth defects ?

These dead children are all still equally dead as each other, does it matter what killed them ?


Jihadi Blitzkrieg in Syria: Islamist militants are wiping out the moderate rebels Read More

John Kerry and John McCain should be pleased to know that following their humiliating gaff of pinning their policy statements on the fake PhD Middle East “expert” Elizabeth O’Bagy, the truth is literally bleeding out in Syria, as jihadists are over-running the remaining “moderate rebels” in Syria.


Israeli soldiers roughen up EU diplomat, confiscate aid supplies for Palestinians

“Israeli soldiers manhandled European diplomats on Friday and seized a truck full of tents and emergency aid they had been trying to deliver to Palestinians whose homes were demolished this week.”

“A Reuters reporter saw soldiers throw sound grenades at a group of diplomats, aid workers and locals in the occupied West Bank, and yank a French diplomat out of the truck before driving away with its contents.”

““This is how international law is being respected here,” she said, covered with dust.”

Israeli soldiers carry French diplomat Castaing after removing her from her truck containing emergency aid, in the Jordan Valley




Decentralized Bitcoin Exchanges Become a Reality As Coinsigner Launches Revolutionary Scalable Dispute Mediation Service Aiming to Service Frustrated Bitcoin Traders READ MORE

Another missing piece of the bitcoin world is falling into place.


The Beginning or the End of Banking? READ MORE

“Is Bitcoin the beginning or end of banks as we know it?”

“The fundamental effect of Bitcoin is the decentralization of value storage and payment processing, creating a more robust monetary system than existing fiat money systems of the past 100 years. As more individuals and businesses begin to adopt Bitcoin, people are starting to wonder: do we even need banks anymore?”


The System Of The World – An Infographic … imperial presidency occupied by SOCK PUPPETS

“The ultimate goal of the State is to cultivate absolute dependency on it by it’s subjects. This is because until this happens there is a real danger that those governed will one day wake up and realize that the State is not only entirely unnecessary but actually malignant; a malevolent force actively impoverishing society to the benefit of it’s elites”

When the Declaration of Independence is discussed I would ask what independence of the people is being referred to ?

The 1776 document wasn’t called Declaration of Independence from King George III and Forcing Kleptocratic Dependence. Perhaps it should have been.

There isn’t any independence of the people because one master – King George III – has been replaced by another master – an imperial presidency occupied by SOCK PUPPETS and the federal agencies.


MUST WATCH: How the Shadow Gov’t Took Over After Assassinating JFK — Neil Gallagher

“Neil Gallagher is the only man alive who not only was a close personal friend of John F. Kennedy, but fought the cartel associated with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, as a member of Congress. Miraculously, he was able to continue fighting, unlike others who joined him in the struggle. Even more miraculous, he is still alive today to tell the tale. Here he offers his personal insights into how the shadow government took over, following the assassination of JFK.”

JFK Assassination 1

22m55s “The whole security apparatus today relies on these stings where they get these moronic guys who say ‘hey, I want to blow this up, I want to blow that up’ and before you know it a whole (intel agency) team ‘oh, you want to blow something up. We’ll show you where to blow it, we’ll show you how to buy the truck, we’ll show you where to park the truck’. Like the first bombing of the world trade centre, you had an Egyptian colonel that they inserted into those guys that blew that up at that time. The FBI gave them a million bucks, 1 million dollars to show them how to make bombs and rent a farm here in New Jersey, rented a rider truck, and the colonel disappears and they blow up the basement of the world trade centre, what was that, ‘93 or something ?”

Who gave the lead 9/11 hijacker 100,000 dollars ?

23m50s “So the whole underground spook apparatus is based on stings and informants on it. And I am convinced to this day that Oswald became the designated patsy. Whether he wanted to kill the president or not ? Who the hell knows. Did he kill the president ? He probably did but was it paved for him ? Was it a set up with Jack Ruby ?”

31m40s “That particular president who when he became president inspired hope.”

No president since JFK inspired as much hope.

JFK Assassination 2

59m50s “Hoover was a cancer to this country and he was a cancer to the congress.”

1h7m15s “Mr Hoover wants him to know that when he comes before that committee keep his god damn mouth shut. I don’t like the impertinence of him asking me questions in there.”

1h7m40s “This is the congress of the united states that this terrible man is modifying our behaviour and our thinking and our ability to protect the people that elected us.”

Today’s NSA is a cancer to this world.

Let me say this about this shadow government s**t, we will have an open government or no government at all.

JFK had to be killed because he was not going to be a SOCK PUPPET president.


How & Why Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of the US Presidency — The Mockingbird Media is a Controlled Arm of the CRIMINAL Establishment

I have two words for all other politicians aside from Ron Paul and his associates and Nigel Farage and his associates and the second word is ‘off’.


Ron Paul ~ It’s The Monetary System We Need To Deal With Not The Particular Manager


Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism – Charlie Rose Interview (Full)


Senator Diane Feinstein’s Husband Selling Post Offices to Cronies on the Cheap Read More

The looting continues.


US denies Venezuelan presidential aircraft access to Atlantic airspace

Why the f**k would airspace be denied ?

I have long ago given up on the fascist federal government of the USA, long ago, long ago, long ago.


Bolivian president to sue US govt for crimes against humanity


A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

“Using a weighted average of the 4 studies, a lower limit of 210,000 deaths per year was associated with preventable harm in hospitals.”

1,000 times the deaths of those killed by Aaron Alexis, the DC navy yard gunman.


Benghazi Victims’ Parents Assail Administration for Lies, Lack of Information — as Democrats Leave the Room!

“Parents of two of the Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya, last year testified today before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Before these parents testified, however, most of the Democrats on the committee had left the room, refusing to even listen to these grieving parents. Only two Democratic members remained in the room.”

What a f**king disgrace these public servants are for leaving the room.


California College Tells Student He Can’t Hand Out Copies Of The Constitution On Constitution Day

“The blue on that map should represent areas where you can exercise your right to free speech. Unfortunately, for many college students, their “Free Speech Zone” shrinks considerably when on campus. One out of every six major colleges have designated “Free Speech Zones” where students are “permitted” to “enjoy” this Constitutional right, and even then there are restrictions. In these colleges, exercising your right to free speech means asking permission at least a couple of days in advance as well as having the administration “approve” your speech.”


Video: Cali. College Stops Student From Handing Out Constitutions On Constitution Day Read More

A college is where we go to exchange ideas but look at the college campus cage for everyone’s free speech – it looks DAMN small.

cage for free speech


Fed President Says Fed Credibility Now At Risk

What does he mean ‘at risk’ ?

Their credibility is already shot to hell.


Bullard Admits Tapering Is Tightening, Or “Stock” Is Dead, Long Live The “Flow” – Redux


Bullard Sees No Asset Bubble… Because All Previous Bubbles Were “No Secret”


Baupost Summarizes Today’s “Investment Process” In 50 Words

because none of this is real.



Keiser Report: Housing Bubble Ponzi (E499)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the triangle of fraud in the housing sector and the policy of Icarus economics in which banks can’t crash soon enough because then they can get their bailouts from the taxpayer. In the second half, Max interviews Simon Rose of about the George Osborne’s ‘New Deal’ of putting estate agents to work as flocks of pigs fly across the London sky. They also discuss the five years of unintended consequences, including that which has led to the idea being floated of a government cap on house price rises to correct the problem of government intervention in the mortgage market.”


Jim Rickards: Deflation Blowback Is Coming


Eleven reasons to switch to Thorium based Nuclear Power generation


US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document


TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, ‘food as medicine’ or natural healing

“In that letter, TED says that people who talk about GMOs are engaged in “pseudoscience.” Those who discuss the healing potential of foods are spreading “health hoaxes.””

We humans have been around certain foods for thousands of years and eating them has always kept a human healthy.


Bottled water found to contain over 24,000 chemicals, including endocrine disruptors


You’re Much More Likely to Be Killed By Lightning than by a Terrorist


Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence in Gulf Disaster


NSA Using Copyright Claims To Crush Free Speech


Bankers Are NOT Who You Think They Are, Part I


The GOP is a NIGHTMARE: Abandoning Conservatives — Surrendering to TYRANNY

“Mark Levin joined Glenn Beck on his show Thursday morning for a rare match-up of conservative titans. Levin talked about the plan in his book, The Liberty Amendments, to take back the Constitution, and both men ended up going after Republicans for abandoning conservative principles.”


House Votes To Taper Foodstamps

The most vulnerable in society being consumed from both ends – price inflation in food and fuel and disappearing benefits.


Art Cashin’s Take On Yesterday’s Chaos & Where We Are Now


Is Revolution Needed?


Ohio State University now has an armored fighting vehicle – “acquired at no cost from Military Surplus.” – ‘Free of Charge!’


Secret Space War II

There is an ongoing Secret Space War that the US Government has been engaged in since 1947.

“You are not allowed “to know” about it for certain, but you will be allowed “to believe” it exists.”

In fact, soon you will be encouraged to do so as the Old World Order, the International Zionist Criminal Conspiracy (IZCS), is thrown under the bus by the Third Force which is beginning to make its move to restructure the world and seat its NWO Caesar of the Ages.

“Controlled information leaks are now being orchestrated to help you believe UFOs and ETs are real without giving you actual verifiable proof or established public facts fully accepted and verified by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), necessary to “christen” or fully legitimize any such story.”

“This controlled leakage will provide the necessary cognitive dissonance to keep folks somewhat confused, suggestible and passive until such time that the Powers That Be (PTB) who run the world, the Old Black European Nobility (OBN) decide that full and factual disclosure will help them attain their NWO Globalist goals.”

This means that you can now gain access to numerous very credible seeming personal testimonies, but no official USG body nor the CMMM will carry such stories as established fact.  At least for now.

“But such stories verifying an “alien” or ET presence on planet Earth will come soon enough when the Third Force installs a New World Order Leader in Jerusalem, which has been the plan for the ages of those few at the top of the pyramid of control or world hierarchy going all the way to ancient Babylonia and perhaps even before. And this is one reason the Crusaders from Europe were so obsessed with taking and holding Jerusalem as is still the main goal of the British high freemasonry and Teutonic Zionist death cults, both esoteric occult networks linked to secret luciferian beliefs in their top circles and part of a worldwide luciferian network.”

“The Vatican has been building, buying up and leasing numerous observatories around the world and top Vatican astronomers have published papers that they are expecting a Savior to come to earth from space in a dramatic landing.  At mount Graham Observatory in SE Arizona, the Vatican astronomers operate a very large new telescope they call lucifer and they apparently believe lucifer is the “angel of light” that will come as an alien savior to rescue the world. Hmm, this is starting to sound very Biblical, like someone quite deceived.”


Secret Space War IV: Terra Forming


Secret Space War V: Exopolitics


Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions, the Real Alien Agenda?


Secret Space War VIII: Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?


Secret Space War X: The Third Force Begins Its take-down of Mystery Babylon

“Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., former Assistant secretary of the Treasury has written an important article, The West Dethroned, which clarifies the zionist hijacking of American and Israeli-firsters attempt to manipulate President Obama into being a war criminal. (3)”

“The USG, DHS, the Justice Department and almost all parts of the USG have now completely discredited themselves, and this has all been clearly exposed on the alternative media of the Internet.”

“The problem today is that most Americans just do not believe anything the USG says or testifies to in Congress, including anything from the Attorney General Eric Holder, DHS head Janet Napolitano, the heads of NSA, DHS, the FBI, the CIA or any other USG Agency or either Senators McCain or Graham or any other of their NeoCon zios or Israeli-firster crowd. The USG and American intel has completely and perhaps irretrievably discredited itself and smeared itself never to be trusted by the American people ever again on ANYTHING at all.”


DHS Secret Assassination Squads ?


Vel Nitrist – If You Lose In Court Sue The Judge

9/11 secrecy / Cannabis Destiny / Firearms for ‘security of a free state’, resists plutocracy, kleptocracy, Wizards of Oz / JFK

LaRouchePAC: Exposing the Enemy — The Saudis and the SECRET 28 Pages on 9/11

“Four members of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee report from Washington, D.C. after hitting the Congress hard on the Saudi Royal family’s role in funding global terrorism and organizing members of Congress to demand the declassification of the original 9/11 Commission’s 28 pages on the role of the Saudis.”

If we don’t have ALL THE INFORMATION relating to 9/11 then why should we believe what we are being told ?

I want evidence based determinations NOT, NOT, NOT belief based determinations.


History… Solutions: Ending the Drug War w/ Kevin Booth (ADW 2)

“Tonight, on History… So It Doesn’t Repeat: We explore the rich history and present value of Cannabis, featuring an interview with Kevin Booth, producer of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny. We’ll discover how this miracle plant can make us more self-reliant, healthy, and prosperous, by learning a few critical facts to dispel the fear and propaganda. Learning’s the Answer, What’s the Question? It’s all coming up next, on History So It Doesn’t Repeat.”



“ruled and dominated by the small minority of the top wealthiest citizens.”



“the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service.”


The American republican form of government has so many checks and balances – the people should check the congress, the congress should check the president, the judiciary should check the president – and the final check is firearms in the possession of the people. What else would stop a political class that thought a plutocratic government was a good idea or a kleptocratic government was a good idea or anything but a republican form of government was a good idea ?


This Is Who Runs the World? Seriously?

“On 12/12/72 Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, member of the most powerful elite family in the world, held a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s gigantic mansions. While these events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular Ball surfaced on the web. In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut”-style masked ball mixed with a Lady Gaga-style pop video.”

masked ball 1

This first picture is a bit weird but that’s still a mask.

masked ball 2

But what the f**k is going on with this second picture ?

masked ball 3

And this third picture is some f**ked up s**t.

These are the plutocrats, the kleptocrats, the parasites, these are the Wizards of Oz that Zbig is beholden to and he lamented the global political awakening because humanity is now seeing these people.

Are humanity going to embrace the leadership of these people or embrace the principles of JFK, MLK and Mahatma Gandhi ?

Humanity has no future with these people in charge.

We should step away from our current fetid cesspit of corruption that is our supposed representative governments and allow them to collapse.


George H. W. Bush & the JFK Assassination

“JFK II: The Bush Connection – A Thorough Documented Criminal Indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, Establishing Beyond a Reasonable Doubt His Guilt as a Supervisor in the Conspiracy to Assassinate John F. Kennedy.”

JFK Assassination


Of Princess Diana, Royals and The Law: Getting Away With Murder? Read More

Sixteen years after she died in Paris, the United Kingdom Metropolitan police have apparently reopened the investigation into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

I don’t know if these plutocrats, these kleptocrats, these parasites, these Wizards of Oz were NOT involved but it would not surprise in the slightest if it they were. I can only imagine the fury of the general public were their involvement to be confirmed.


John McCain Strikes Back With Pravda Op-Ed, Slams Putin, Says “Russians Deserve Better”

” You should be governed by a rule of law that is clear, consistently and impartially enforced and just.”

But America has the rule of the drone and the Patriot Act that is vague, inconsistent and partially enforced.

“They punish dissent and imprison opponents. They rig your elections. They control your media. They harass, threaten, and banish organizations that defend your right to self-governance.”

The Occupy Wall Street dissenters are always being punished and imprisoned (but only briefly).

Who owns the majority of the media in the USA ?

Putin was on the cover of recent editions of Time magazine but NOT the USA edition.

How self-governing is not being allowed medical use of marijuana ?

“Sergei Magnistky wasn’t a human rights activist. He was an accountant at a Moscow law firm. He was an ordinary Russian who did an extraordinary thing. He exposed one of the largest state thefts of private assets in Russian history.”

Bradley Manning exposed war crimes and crimes against humanity by the USA and has been found guilty of espionage.

Edward Snowden exposed the largest state witch-hunt search of private information in USA history and he is a wanted fugitive.

That was so damn easy to rip to shreds.


John McCain Wrote about the U.S. in a Russian Paper Op Ed? He described the U.S. government and not Russia perfectly! Examples of his Hypocrisy.


Syrian President Assad’s Fox News Interview

No war with Syria.


Oh Crap, Syria Just Became a Three-Way War

“Islamist rebels declare war on non-Islamist rebels, seize border town”

What for the love of god are our governments doing supporting these war criminals ?


Do you see Russia and Putin as a foe?

No, I do not see Russia and Putin as a foe.


Poll: U.S. sees Russia, Vladimir Putin as foe


A new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans do not trust polls


Joel Skousen on Syria, Iran, Russia & the Plan for Global Government

23m35s “Especially when you realise that the globalists have control of the fed. Why would they subject themselves to the blame of an economic collapse when they can simply postpone it, keep people fat, dumb and happy for another 10 years and wait till third world war brings on all the changes they want they want to do: new currency, world government. And you can’t have a new currency by the way without a world government. You have to have some entity that everyone agrees upon that’s going to manage this fiat money … Yeah, I always tell people there’s three variables for a totalitarian regime, it’s monetary, fiscal and force.”

28m55s “When you talk about the government threat, our globalist orientated government, this conspiracy against liberty is ultimately the threat we have to deal with.”

35m “Everybody feels like they’re the minority. I look at my neighbours and say I can’t talk to these people, they’re just clueless. And they really have blinders, they don’t want to know, don’t want to be disturbed.”


37m5s “I’m not real optimistic of being able to reform, recapture the entire nation on behalf, because of the power of these conspiring groups that control the courts, they control most of Congress, they control the dark side of the CIA, FBI, DEA all of the law enforcement and of course naturally, the executive. So I’m not real optimistic about being able to overturn that, even if we had a Ron Paul as president, he’d never be able to get the evidence on these people because they control the surveillance equipment. They would never deliver to him the goods on the surveillance proving treason by these globalists…”

38m15s “To your point, the cancer is systemic. Yeah, doesn’t matter who’s in there at this point, the corruption is so endemic, every branch of government    and so many agencies that I agree. That’s why I think the answer is to your point, decentralization, decentralize power and pockets of liberty and prosperity and ultimately people will go (there).”

What ever happened to self-government ?


HSBC Whistleblower Speaks, Uncovered Terrorist Financing

The crime was not unwittingly committed, it was committed with deliberate wantonness and as such the least we should have expected was for the CEO to have a custodial sentence.


SEC Head Recused Herself From JPM “Whale” Vote Due To Conflict Of Interest

“When the absolutely useless reign of the “captured” SEC head Mary Schapiro came to an end, only to be replaced with former Wall Street darling, former Debevoise lawyer Mary Jo White whose prior Wall Street clients were virtually all financial firms, many said her appointment was an epic blunder, since she would have no choice but to recuse herself out of the majority of SEC enforcement actions.”

Is this regulatory agency beyond salvaging ?


Fraud Fortress: JPM Settles London Whale, Admits To Violating Securities Laws

“More importantly, as the SEC noted, JPM has FINALLY admitted to violating securities laws. So much for Fortress Balance Sheet. More like “Fraud Fortress.””

Jamie Dimon lied to Congress.

“So, the question is, which market is JPM secretly cornering now, and will pay a settlement that amounts to one tenth or less of the total profit it rakes in from doing so?

Shouldn’t there be JPM executives going to jail right now ?

To paraphrase JD, that’s why he’s richer than the non-liars.


Report: Was Navy Yard Shooter Gangstalked with Mind Control Microwave Weapons? Read More

“Alexis reportedly told the officer that three people were sent to “follow him and keep him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body.””

So the voices we are told he was hearing may not have been hallucinations.


“Fed Credibility In Tatters”, Credit Agricole Laments: “Market In State Of Shock”

Is the federal reserve abolishing itself ?


Long End Treasury Retraces 50% Of Taperuption Gains


No tapering, no surprise READ MORE


Druckenmiller Blasts “This Is The Biggest Redistribution Of Wealth From The Poor To The Rich Ever”

Lifeboats gold, silver and bitcoin are still available to escape the sinking pyramid scheme.


Bank of America Closes Silver Short, Says Bearish Precious Metal View Was “Incorrect”



“Back in 2008, in testimony before Congress in the wake of the crash of Wall Street’s mortgage-backed securities scam, fromer Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan made the admission that his “ideology” had a flaw.”

“Greenspan and the members of Congress relied heavily on euphemisms like “ideology” and spoke in vague terms to obfuscate from the American people that there are fundamental flaws in the way the US Financial system works.”


“Maybe it is time to accept that allowing private bankers to control the nation’s money supply makes as much sense as allowing drug addicts to control the nation’s pharmacies!”


RED ALERT! 5 Years Out: The U.S. Economy Still In Crisis: NO TAPER! By Gregory Mannarino


Rick Santelli Reacts to Federal Reserve No Taper


No “Taper,” Larger Financial Bubble, Greater IMPLOSION – Andy Hoffman


In Bitcoin We Trust: UK Based Platform to Launch READ MORE


The first Bitcoin bank in the world is opening in Cyprus, curious about the community’s thoughts


Initial Claims Data Worthless For Second Week Due To Ongoing “Computer Upgrade” Glitches


There Is Now A Danger That “All Hell Is Going To Break Loose”

“Today is truly shocking to the people who have had it dead wrong.  This is shocking because the Fed had been laying the groundwork for tapering for so long.  But, remember, in 2009 the Fed was talking about ‘exit strategies.’  Now we are just talking about cutting back on a part of the stimulus and they can’t even do that.  So, one of these days people are going to realize that they are totally trapped.  I just can’t tell you when the crowd is going to change its mind.”


Fed Disaster To Destabilize Markets & Send Gold Soaring

“Hathaway:  “It shows you that they (the Fed) don’t know what they are doing.  This also shows how off-base mainstream media is on their commentary.  I was watching financial television today and they gave this virtually no chance of taking place….”


Local bankers note growth of Bitcoin digital currency READ MORE

“FinCEN and a number of federal agencies, including the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Internal Revenue Service, told the Bitcoin Foundation — which sets standards for use of the digital currency — that it must register with FinCEN and follow the same regulations as other money-service businesses.”

What role would the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. have in the bitcoin world ?

If someone was to have their bitcoin wallets offline then there isn’t any counterparty to present a bankruptcy risk.


Caller: Please Explain the Trans Pacific Partnership

3m5s “Apparently what is going to do is lower our standards for food safety, it’s going to lower our standards for pharmaceutical safety, it’s going to make patent protection more favourable to giant corporations, it’s going to, it may mess with the internet, a lot of it has nothing to do with internal trade, it has to do with business standards. This is not a good thing.”

So it is absolutely disadvantageous for the people. And you wonder why it’s details are being kept secret.


Nestle Water Takeover | Interview with Sheila Muxlow

“Abby Martin talks to Sheila Muxlow, campaign director of the WaterWealth Project, about Nestlé’s massive water extraction operation in Hope, Canada, what North Americans can do to protect this valuable resource from exploitation.”

Why doesn’t one of these fascist corporations extract my blood and sell it back to me ?


10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn’t Want You to Talk About

The federal government is TEN TIMES the hypocrite for whinging about Assad’s alleged chemical weapons use.


Americans Are 110 Times More Likely to Die from Contaminated Food Than Terrorism


Grassroots movement affirming right of individuals to deny vaccines gaining momentum across US


Freedom Of The Press For Everyone? No! Says Senators

Governments think they can get around a universal protection against arbitrary government action by the government saying who they think should NOT be protected.

Here, again, is government being arbitrary.


3 Arrests in 3 Minutes

Did anyone see those being arresting commit any crimes ?

The whole world are laughing at you NYPD.


CUNY Student Group: Six Students Violently Arrested Protesting Petraeus Await Charges

““Resolved: In light of the assault by the NYPD on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 against CUNY students who were protesting peacefully, in front of the CUNY Macaulay Honors College, the PSC Hunter Chapter and the Hunter FDA reaffirm their defense of students’ right to protest peacefully and call for all charges against the students to be dropped immediately.””

Update 2: Students have been released from jail after being arraigned. They have been charged with committing offenses and will be back in court on October 17.”

How dare they disturb His Majesty David Petraeus.

Corrupt police officers being used as an instrument of terror. The whole world is watching this bulls**t.


Judge Rules Against Release of Video of Guantanamo Prisoner?s Interrogations, Could Be Used as Propaganda

The camera never lies.


David Attenborough: Stop Feeding Third World Nations to Reduce Population

“Top globalist Sir David Attenborough, who last year described humans as a ‘plague on Earth’, has now gone on record in calling for nations of the world to stop sending food aid to starving nations in order to reduce the population of the world.”

Crime against humanity.

And why don’t these people lead by example by offering to suicide themselves ?


FED Says No Taper — We Need A War, Gun Confiscation And Control Of Internet First — Episode 166


Hoax? ‘Whistleblower’ Leaks ‘Michael Jackson’s Final Phone Call’

“During Michael Jackson’s alleged final phone call before his death, the pop star warns of a plot by powerful forces to murder him via a staged drugs overdose. “It’s not the government, it’s more than the government,” the voice on the clip states, during an alleged conversation with Jackson’s former manager Dieter Wiesner.”

NO TAPER / Athenians put people into two categories: 1) inquiring minds 2) living dead / lazy w/ socialism / BRICS “Indie Internet”

FOMC Shocker: No Taper – Full FOMC Statement Redline Comparison

Can they hear us all laughing our arses off at them ?

We will now have gold move 100 dollars a day.

The FED just admitted there is no ‘economy’ any more. Only FED.


Tavistock & The American Constitution

8m25s “That is why we have the 9th amendment, it is to prevent judges and law makers – congressmen, senators – from trying to twist and squeeze and their own predilections in between the lines of the U.S. Constitution.”

We the people retain any and all non-enumerated rights.

13m “And it is my belief that the powers of the new world order are constantly hurling themselves against our Constitution have got us to such a state.”

2nd part 6m55s “The way this media handles and programmes and structures the American psyche, people often come away thinking that the ideas they are spouting and spewing in their recorded messages re their own. There’s no proactive thinking that I can discern any more, it’s all reaction … No there isn’t, there isn’t. And of course this is a product of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.”

2nd part 8m45s “And that brought to mind the Athenians who put people into two categories, they said the people consisted of the people who accept great store by learning and who had inquiring minds and those who are what they called the living dead.”


In The Event Of “Possible” Government Tyranny, People Are Now Banding Together Nationwide

“There is nothing “illegal” about Americans preparing for the possibility. And no matter who the “Leader” is in the White House, it is something that needs to be addressed because the “possibility” of some wannabe dictator wanting to take over this country exists and has always existed. This is why the Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution the way they did.”

“Most of us don’t even know much about our own Constitution and the reasoning and brilliance behind its development. Read the Federalist Papers and other writings from our Founders; they knew we would want to move towards socialism, and so they wrote the Constitution the best they could to prevent that.”

We all become lazy under socialism so let’s not go there.


The BRICS “Independent Internet”. In Defiance of the “US-Centric Internet”

Can I have an independent internet too ?


What Happened At The Last Big Fed Announcement

“The HFT Machines Will Take Over (fake quotes will soar)

“Quote Spreads will Widen (but all that liquidity provision?)

“Quote Spreads will Become Unstable”

“The Number of Stocks Locked (Bid=Ask) or crossed (Bid>Ask) Will Soar”

Anyone who is in this market has to be certifiably insane.


Who Leaked The FOMC Statement To Gold Traders?

The sooner the federal reserve note goes away and takes the corrupt system it supports with it, the better.


Austerity Fury: Striking Greeks clash with police, teargased as crisis deepens

“A five-day nationwide strike by public sector workers in Greece is now entering entered day three with thousands flooding the streets to vent their anger over drastic state spending cuts. The country’s economy has shrunk by almost a quarter since 2008 and forecasts indicate a further decline this year. And despite having received 2 massive bailout packages from international lenders Athens still needs about 10 billion euros more.”

The current government of Greece has got to go. Insolvent foreign banks are being propped up by these funds paid to an insolvent Greek government. The creditors must take the hit because the people of Greece are sovereign, the creditors are NOT, NOT, NOT sovereign.


Operation Compliance: Detroit’s War on Small Business

1m45s “It’s taken me 3 years to get approval for an outside patio.”

The monopoly men disapprove this message.

Bankrupt Detroit has plenty of taxpayer funds for s**t like this.

Do you see a pattern here ?


CFTC Seeks Admission Of Market Manipulation From JPM; Jamie Balks

Has the age of taking the fine without admitting guilt, come to an end ?


CFTC Issues Subpoenas to Goldman, JPMorgan & Others READ MORE


‘Learn from the Holocaust evil to protect Syria,’ says David Cameron

What about all the innocent Syrians being killed by the so called rebels, Mr Cameron ?


Syria hands over “Physical Evidence” Rebels did it to Russia! Is this why Obama backed off?


‘Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria may have significant amounts of sarin’

“The US military have reportedly proved that sarin gas production is going on among some Sunni salafists in Iraq, and via Turkey, can reach Syrian rebels, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT, citing classified sources.”


WATCH Glenn Beck Call For Obama’s Impeachment For Arming Al‑Qaeda




9 Potential Mass Shootings That Were Stopped By Someone With A Personally Owned Firearm

You shouldn’t expect to see this on the whore corporate news media.


Navy Shooter Taking “Mass Murder Suicide Pills”?


Media Buries Psychiatric Drug Connection to Navy Shooter

The whore corporate media is not informing the people.


Like nearly all other mass shooters, ex-Navy shooter Aaron Alexis was also being treated with psychiatric drugs


A Very Sick Republic

“Over a month ago, CNN reported that Benghazi survivors had been forced to sign non-disclosure statements as part of a White House cover-up. This is vastly worse than anything Nixon did, and yet a month later, no one in the press has asked Obama about it.”


Major General Smedley Butler – The Military Industrial Complex’s Original Whistleblower


Rohani prepared to shut Iran nuclear plant if West lifts sanctions

No war with Iran.


Don’t Tell My Mother i’m in Iran

No war with Iran.


MUST WATCH: Gold Backwardation-The Meltdown of All Meltdowns-Karen Hudes

“Former World Bank Senior Counsel Karen Hudes says, “It’s pretty clear where we’re headed, and that is something called permanent gold backwardation.”

“That’s a fancy word for people losing confidence in paper currency. That means the value of currency in the future is less than today.” How bad is “permanent gold backwardation”? Hudes, who spent 20 years at the World Bank, says, “This is not just a bad event. This is like the meltdown of all meltdowns. What it means is you cannot finance international trade.” Hudes goes on to say, “Just think about what that would mean in terms of the jobless rate. It’s going to make any depression we ever had (the 30’s, 2008) pale in comparison.” Hudes says even though the credit ratings agencies rate U.S. debt high, they know just the opposite is true.”


Vacate Wall Street – Empty Out The Banks by Sept 2014

“Two years ago today Occupy Wall Street began (Sept 17th). Let’s finish what they started. Begin putting a dollar a day into bitcoin or other alternative currency, even gold. From this, a new economy will rise. By September 17th 2014 we can take all the cash out of banks & Wall Street will be empty. Vacated.”

“Bitcoin is for real. It is not a company. It is a revolution that anyone can join. It is owned & controlled by no one. Bitcoin is all of us. We are the 99%.”

Why wait til September 2014 ? Do it now.


BitPay, the ‘PayPal for Bitcoin,’ grows faster than Bitcoin itself READ MORE


Benefits at the Top, Sacrifice at the Bottom

“Five years after the beginning of the financial collapse and the Great Recession, where are we? This week, President Obama offered Americans a progress report. He hailed the damage to the slow recovery by manufacturing another unnecessary budget crisis.”


FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods, Threatens To Arrest Operators

“As you may have heard, Boulder, Colorado has been hit by massive flooding over the past week, and it’s been something of a mess. A local company, Falcon UAV, makers of special drones which are built for the government, approved by the FAA, and specialize in using GPS and cameras to generate highly accurate maps, started helping to map the damage with those drones. It was basically making very useful, near real-time maps showing the floods. You’d think that would be useful to, say, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency in charge of helping to coordinate the response to the floods. Instead, FEMA ordered the drones grounded or it would have people from Falcon UAV arrested.

Here we have the American people responding to an actual emergency and FEMA is shutting them down.

FEMA is utterly useless when it comes to responding to an actual emergency.

I’d be interested to know what crime these people were committing.


FEMA Readies 100,000 Person National Disaster Medical System Mobilization For 1,000 Locations (Video)


Supreme Court Weighs When Online Speech Becomes an Illegal Threat


11 Intelligence Killing Foods You Need To Avoid

“1. Sugary Products”

“2. Alcohol”

“3. Junk Food”

“4. Fried Foods”

“5. Processed Or Pre-Cooked Foods”

“6. Very Salty Foods”

“7. Grains, Except 100% Whole Grain”

“8. Processed Proteins”

“9. Avoid Trans Fats At All Costs”

“10. Artificial Sweeteners”

“11. Nicotine”


Where there is Government there is NO rule of law – Stefan Molyneux on Snowden and Aaron Swartz

Murderers and abusers in government get derisory custodial sentences or no custodial sentences at all and whistleblowers of government crimes get decades long custodial sentences – this is madness.


Labor union bosses now freaking out over Obamacare law they pushed for: Full repeal on the way?


Housing Mission Accomplished (?)

“To think it only took $3 trillion in bond and MBS purchases by the Fed and a 300% expansion in its balance sheet in five years to “push” housing starts to levels…  last seen at every recession bottom for the last five decades. The bad news: starts are already rolling over once again.”

$3 trillion is $10,000 for each of the 300 million Americans. What has most likely happened is that your average American has lost this much in purchasing power in the last five years.


Courageous TRUTH Advocate & Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on WE ARE CHANGE

Cynthia, lady of colour, for president of the USA.


Canadian Billionaire Predicts The End Of The Dollar As Reserve Currency; Warns “It’s Likely To Get Ugly”

“as Goodman details, “in the 1930s, everyone wanted USD (backed by silver),” but today, backed by nothing, “everyone wants to get rid of them.”


Silver Update 9/7/13 Silver Retirement


Silver Update 9/9/13 Tax Spin


Silver Update 9/11/13 Pumping Paper


decision by Barclays bank to close its money transfer service to Somalia

They should try bitcoin.


Does The NSA Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

Where there are witch hunts, witches will be found; where there are inquisitions, blasphemers will be found; and officials with unlimited authority to seek out wrong doing are going to find it.


Must Watch! 5 Years Of Fed. Stimulus: ZERO Real Recovery..By Gregory Mannarino


Fracking sparks food safety concern as expert warns of serious risk to livestock

“Professor Robert Oswald says his findings of deaths and deformities in American livestock are so alarming that Britain should halt the practice ‘until its impact is assessed’”


Sugar is ‘addictive and the most dangerous drug of the times’


Cosmetics causing an epidemic of allergies: Doctors urge firms to remove preservatives from products


Sunbathing in China: China’s Big Announcement And Its Staggering Implications for Silver Demand READ MORE


ABORTING THE “END GAME” OF The Treasury official playing the bankers’ secret End Game was


crazy toledo cop

“cop pulled somebody over and blocked neighbors driveway, neighbor comes home and asks cop to move vehicle..this is what happens.”

Is this what a member of the public gets for asking a public servant to clear the obstruction onto their property ?

When do people stop recording the unlawful actions of a police officer and make a citizens arrest of the police officer ?


Will Smith’s Kid Jaden: “School is the tool to brainwash the youth” – Media Goes Ballistic ~ Watch


Judge orders trial in allegedly missing Oklahoma City bombing video case


Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency


Elite Emergency Data – Lindsey Williams

35m15s “The global derivative market suffered, within 7 days, a staggering 300 trillion dollars in losses.”


David Wilcock Update 9-17-13… “Checkmate”


S.W.A.T. team fatally shoots “blind” and “deaf” 107-year-old Arkansas man

“Pine Bluff Police Lt., David Price, told KATV-TV that officers responded to Monroe Isadore’s residence after he brandished a weapon at two people inside his house.”

“Officers escorted the threatened pair from the home, but Isadore had locked himself in a bedroom. As officers approached, shots rang out. Isadore fired through the closed door, but nobody was injured.”

I am none the wiser as to what kind of brandishing took place. Was it Isadore showing the two people the firearm he keeps for self defense or was it Isadore pointing the firearm at the two people while telling them something like ‘I will shoot you’ ?

Is this what passes for proper journalism ?


Did DC gunmen, Aaron Alexis, know he wasn’t supposed to go into gun free zone with gun ? / TBTF is TSTABL

Logical and Critical Thinking of Gun Control due to Navy Yard Shooting. D.C. and Navy Yard are Gun Free Areas which Proves Gun Control Does NOT Work!

“Let’s think about this… D.C. is a gun free zone, the Navy Yard is a gun free zone. The military there are not allowed to carry weapons. So what happens in a ‘gun free zone’?”

“Someone with a weapon has free range of shooting who they want without the people being able to protect themselves. If someone else had a gun, they would have been able to stop the shooting!”

REALITY CHECK ~Bees Kill More People Than Mass Shooting

Was Navy Yard Killer on Anti-Depressant Meds?

The guy had mental problems – why is that not the end of discussion ? Another agenda, perhaps.

Another Mass Shooting as a Desperate Attempt to divert Attention From the Corrupt Scandals and Bad Laws being Passed in Congress.

Busted! Proof of Crisis Actors at D.C. Naval Yard False Flag Shooting!

Obama Denounces Guns, As He Sends Guns To Terrorists

Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition |

The president executes the legislation that Congress passes, the president does NOT waive the legislation that Congress passes.

The Financial Armageddon Looting Machine: Looming Mass Destruction from Derivatives

“Perotti says that liquidity-on-demand is guaranteed in the SBS through another, lesser-known form of government guarantee: “safe harbor” status in bankruptcy. Repos and derivatives, the stock in trade of shadow banks, have “superpriority” over all other claims.”

“The amendment to the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 that created this favored status for repos and derivatives was pushed through by the banking lobby with few questions asked. In a December 2011 article titled “Plan B – How to Loot Nations and Their Banks Legally,”…”

“Safe harbor status creates the sort of perverse incentives that make derivatives “financial weapons of mass destruction,” as Warren Buffett famously branded them. It is the equivalent of burning down the barn to collect the insurance.”

The Too-Big-To-Fail means those among the rest of us who trust our assets with these crooks are Too-Stupid-To-Avoid-Being-Looted.

India Escalates Gold Capital Controls, Hikes Duty On Gold Jewerly Imports To 15%

Good luck stopping the stampede, chumps.

HRW: ‘Bahrain children beaten & tortured’ for taking part in protests

What about these children, president Obama ?

Finian Cunningham: Syria deal seems to have just postponed US-led war

“In accordance with international law, the U.N. must demand the immediate halt to threats of war by the US, France and Britain.”

The Chemical Attacks in East Ghouta Used to Justify a Military Intervention in Syria

““From the moment when some families of abducted children contacted us to inform us that they recognized the children among those who are presented in the videos as victims of the Chemical Attacks of East Ghouta, we decided to examine the videos thoroughly. …”

Syria Undeniable PROOF SNC & Al Farok did Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria 8 21 2013

Syria 2013-08-21 1Syria 2013-08-21 2

CIA Employee Who Refused to Sign Non-Disclosure on Benghazi Suspended

“A CIA employee who refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement barring him from discussing the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, has been suspended as a result and forced to hire legal counsel, according to a top House lawmaker.”

Egypt Takes Path Toward Rejecting Globalist Control

“In what many analysts are considering a decided shift back toward Egyptian Nasserism (meaning Arab nationalism based upon the precedent set by former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser), the Egyptian Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Mounir Fkhry Abdel-Nour has stated that Egypt will no longer be seeking a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).”


Godfrey Bloom: “The central banks are all at it, counterfeiting money!”

SCIENCE IS BEING DESTROYED! Governments Conspire To Control Scientist Through Funding

Hey government, serve the people.

Brazil Bails On US State Visit Over Illegal Spying; Demands “Full Public Apology”

Snowden in Top Running for Prestigious EU Human Rights Award

First-time home buyers opt for longer mortgages in latest sign of new bubble

Homebuilder Sentiment Misses By Most Since April

US mortgage applications plunge to lowest since October 2008 in the last global financial crisis READ MORE

SWIFT CEO at Sibos: “I would not see why we at Swift could not send transactions in bitcoin as a currency”

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer so why would sender and receiver need SWIFT ?

Tech Companies: Why Global Banks Are Running Scared READ MORE

THE GREAT 2013 GOLD HEIST : Exploding Demand & Falling Supply READ MORE

Silver Manipulation Will End In A BANG!

Brown & Rothschilds

Queen of Babylon and New York City

“There she stands on her island in New York Harbor holding her torch of freedom; Americans believe she is the symbol of their liberty in the Land of the Free. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Statue of Liberty was given to America by French Freemasons, her mirror image stands on an island in the River Seine in Paris. These two statues are representations of Queen Semiramis, with the rays of the Sun around her head. Placing a crown of rays about the head was a way of showing sun worship. She is not holding the torch of liberty, but the torch of the illuminated ones, the ruling Elite. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol which says: ‘We control you and we are telling you so, but you are too stupid to see it’!”

David Icke The Murder of Princess Diana The Truth About The Royal FamilY

Diana crash CCTV operator: footage ’rounded up & destroyed’

No one can do crimes better than criminals in government.

EU policy on climate change is right even if science was wrong, says commissioner

Ultimate brain food – Increase memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and protect against multiple sclerosis with ginger

Colorado Flood Creates Fracking Chemical Spill : Report Read More

Residents near Colorado are reporting that the recent flood has taken out multiple fracking sites, releasing toxic chemicals.

Universal Value Exchange

Junk vs Real 1Junk vs Real 2

Unearthed emails show embattled IRS official knew her agency was secretly targeting conservative groups

“Lerner, the messages show, specifically singled out applications for tax-exempt status from organizations that described themselves as right-wing ‘tea party’ groups, and ordered that the politically sensitive requests should be held in limbo until the IRS could develop a coherent policy to address them.”

“Capitol Hill Democrats have countered that groups on both the right and left were targeted, but evidence made public to date suggests that almost all of the affected organizations opposed President Obama and his policies.”

“The ‘Tea Party Matter [is] very dangerous, Lerner instructed her IRS colleagues in February 2011. ‘This could be the vehicle to go to court,’ she added, on the question of whether a Supreme Court ruling about the status of political donations from corporations might also apply to nonprofit groups. ‘Counsel and Judy Kindell [Lerner’s top advisor] need to be in on this one … Cincy should probably NOT have these cases.’”

How is this woman not in jail right now ?

President Nixon was guilty of the same crap and he resigned and the same crap happens again.

Shocking New Research Reveals Obama’s Legacy Could Be an America of Aristocrats and Peons

“Inequality experts Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez reveal the biggest gap between rich and poor ever recorded by economists.”

Way to f**king go, president Obama.

The Day the Markets Died: ’5 years on, Wall St learned nothing’ (E7)

“This week Katie Pilbeam explores the Lehman’s legacy half a decade after the US investment bank collapsed the biggest bankruptcy in history – questioning whether or not the risks of an overinflated debt and property balloon have been learned. Plus — the virtual currency Bitcoin will soon be available at a ATM near you – Katie speaks to the brains behind the machines and also catches up with the CEO of Citroën at the Frankfurt Motor Show to discuss the rocky road ahead for the struggling European car market, as well as this week’s most exciting corporate news.”

Saudi Hypocrisy? Prince Owns $300 Million Of “Threat To National Unity” Twitter

“Just four short months ago, the Saudi religious police said “anyone using social media sites – and especially Twitter – “has lost this world and his afterlife.” This followed Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti, the kingdom’s most senior Muslim cleric, dismissing Twitter users as “fools”.”

National Farmers and Social Strike gets seeds control law 970 suspended

“In Colombia after 21 days of a nationwide strike by thousands of farmers, blocking more than 40 roads nationwide, protesting farmers forced the Colombian government to negotiate the rejection of a farm bill and the release of detained protesters.”

45s “agreed to suspend law 970, the one that gave the control over seeds to the government.”

1m45s “The destruction of the farmers right to stock seed since they were keeping for the following years planting time.”

6m5s “What started as a farmers and miners strike very soon turned into a general strike with bus drivers, truckers students and even general population claiming for their own demands.”

The corrupt Colombian government just got their arse kicked by the people they are supposedly representing.

Charles Hugh Smith: The Nearly Free University

12m45s “So the point here is that the innovations that actually increase learning are available digitally now for basically for free. So should an education that’s available for free cost £150,000 ?”

Why is California Jailing Landscapers? Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?!

“California suffers from one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation and the state is under court order to release 10,000 inmates, yet state agents are jailing people who manage to find home-improvement work. After placing ads on Craigslist, California State License Board investigators go undercover posing as homeowners, when landscapers, painters, and other contractors show up, the agents give them the “To Catch a Predator” treatment.”

Criminalising those looking for work.

Disabled Vet Arrested For Antique Gun

High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment

Noam Chomsky: US, A Top Terrorist State

“American academic Noam Chomsky says the United States would be recognized as a leading terrorist state if international law is applied.”

Obama May Be on ‘Road to Irrelevancy

Texas Man Arrested For Black Powder Pistol

25s “A firearm does not include a firearm …”



The Resident: Bogus Arrests, a national pastime

Benjamin Fulford – September 17, 2013: P2 Freemasons want Pope Francis to be new M1, the controller of money

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