Welcome Back Recession: Chicago PMI Implodes To 49, First Sub-50 Print Since September 2009


Trust In The British Establishment Has Been Destroyed – 10%


Are the 90% suffering from a mental disorder ?

I think not.

Jim Sinclair – Media Blackout, Panic & A Major Short Squeeze


“Sinclair:  “There has been a total blackout in the Western mainstream media regarding what just took place in Cyprus.  Even where there was even scant reporting about Cyprus, they only reported approximately 1/3 of the amount of the assets that have effectively been stolen.”

“The takeaway I have, and the shock I have, is that the news is now so selective in the so-called free Western hemisphere….”

Turk – The Mother Of All Short Squeezes In Gold & Silver


“But also consider that according to its 31 March 2013 financial report, Barrick has hedged 65 million ounces of silver, which is 8% of the world’s annual silver production.  What is the bullion bank, who sold that hedge to Barrick, going to do if those 65 million ounces don’t get mined and delivered to it? ”

The Spot Price of Precious Metals Is Becoming Irrelevant


“On the gold side, I think if gold ever became truly mainstream, as Ed was talking about gold’s total market value is $5-6 trillion dollars. If 1-2% of the population wanted to buy some at current prices, there’s just not enough of it. So, two things happen: Either you have a gigantic price re-rating, or you don’t have supply. 

Will the last person out of the COMEX and LBMA please turn the lights off.

Here’s why Bitcoin is the future of money

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4442 READ MORE

“Yes, anything can be hacked. But it’s worth noting that Bitcoin itself has never been hacked. In fact, famed hacker Dan Kaminsky says he tried to hack it and failed. Some of the technologies around Bitcoin, including some of the exchange sites, have been hacked, but never the actual currency algorithms.”

The Bitcoin Card Worlds first Prepaid Mastercard to exchange Bitcoins

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4502 The Bitcoin Card

Should bitcoin’s price be determined by users or speculators?

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4449 READ MORE

“I was talking to a hedge fund manager I know here in London about setting up a UK based bitcoin exchange.”

“With or without a $100 billion market-maker, bitcoin will still continue to encroach on the ‘free lunch’ of the status quo of the current banking system who milk us with their rent seeking nickel and diming of every transaction made anywhere, anytime.”

Hackers are trying to create an untraceable and comprehensive financial system using bitcoin

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4465 READ MORE

“Bitcoin is, if anything, the opposite, perfectly transparent. A ledger of all transactions made on the bitcoin is broadly accessible—in fact, that publicness is what makes bitcoin work and maintains faith in the network. But people aren’t identified by name, just algorithmically generated public keys that serve as the user’s wallet.”

“A new initiative called Open Transactions, led by a programmer known only as FellowTraveler, is attempting to blend the anonymity of privacy networks like Tor with the openness of virtual currencies like bitcoin. The idea is to create decentralized transactions involving three completely blind parties: an issuer (who announces that he has some amount of currency up for sale), a server or network of servers (who manage the transaction), and a user (who wants to purchase the currency).”

No more centralised servers to be DDOSed.

“Moreover, bitcoin as an un-hackable payments system—with an indisputable record of irreversible transactions—clearly has a value. Just think, “internet gold” without the risk of shocks to supply.”

Special Report – How to Avoid Fake Silver & Counterfeit Gold Products


Keiser Report: No Illuminati, just those who swap, rig & fix (E438)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are off to see the price fixers, who rig and rig and rig and rig and rig – but only for Jamie, Lloyd and Blythe! They look at how amateur the Illuminati and Bilderbergers are compared to the modern day Fixers of Oz who control all prices from behind their golden kimono. In the second half of the show Max talks to Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about Japan’s extreme monetary policy and about extreme price fixing at the heart of the global economy.

“Who Is Ben Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare?” … answer Dr Ron Paul


What about Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy?

Oncologists Outraged By Big Pharma Price Gouging: Why Is Big Pharma Allowed To Financially RAPE Sick Americans So Horrendously!?


Welcome to the united soviet states of America.

The Great Awakening – stop living in fear


Connecticut Begins Gold Dealer Shutdown

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/163018 READ MORE

“The state will start to take strong action against gold and decentralized currencies. This is to be expected during The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It. Make sure to act before it’s too late. Get your gold and then secure it somewhere the US government won’t be able to steal it.”

A person’s wealth (after tax) is none of a government’s business

And to come at this from another angle: why over-regulate something because of isolated cases of misuse ?

By the same token we need to over-regulate spoons because of isolated cases of becoming obese from spoon misuse.

CNN: If You’re Not Doing Anything Wrong Why Should You Care If They’re Watching YOU?”


I’m sure King George III and King John would have said something like this.

Sheriff’s Department Takes Family’s Home and It’s Contents Using a Fake Eviction


“Although we were paying Sweet every month on the purchase of the property, she had not been paying the underlying mortgage and the home fell into foreclosure.”

“On a weekend Sweet knew that we would be out of town, she offered the contents of our home to her friends and coworkers at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department claiming we had abandoned the home and many took her up on her free offer deal and took over $55,000 dollars worth of our personal property.”

The looting continues.

Actual Footage Boston Bombing Suspects Fire Fight With Police, Watertown


Report: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s repeated requests for a lawyer were ignored


“As law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky explained in the Los Angeles Times last week, the Obama DOJ was already abusing the “public safety” exception by using it to delay Miranda warnings for hours, long after virtually every public official expressly said that there were no more threats to the public safety.”

I want this guy to have a lawyer because should I ever ask for a lawyer I would expect to get a lawyer.

“If you cheer when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s right to counsel is denied, then you’re enabling the institutionalization of that violation, and thus ensuring that you have no basis or ability to object when that right is denied to others whom you find more sympathetic (including yourself).”

THE example of transportation stasi stupidity


“”They just kept passing it around there were eight or nine or ten of them who handled it before it was over,” he said.”

“”I told them exactly what it was — I said, ‘That’s my Congressional Medal of Honor.´””




TO …

BE …

KIDDING ???!!!

First “Ag-Gag” Prosecution: Utah Woman Filmed a Slaughterhouse from the Public Street


“The first ag-gag prosecution should be a warning that these aren’t hypothetical concerns. These bills have one purpose: keep consumers in the dark”

John Stossel ~ Online Vet Silenced By Big, Out Of Control Gov’t


Making a stupid law for the sake of making a stupid law.

Baby returned to parents after mix-up over ‘neglect’


A good outcome at last.

BEX ALERT – Al-Qaeda and Iran ‘agree on the doctrine of jihad’


“”Al Qaeda” is the real world equivalent of Emmanuel Goldstein, the imaginary enemy created by the totalitarian government in George Orwell’s “1984”, on whom all evils were blamed and all justifications for war were based. “Al Qaeda” is simply a government label is slapped onto whatever nation is next on the list to be invaded.”


The Jersey City Police Dept … have disciplined various officers for their affiliation with an “Oath Keepers” group called the “Three-Percenters”.


“The police department has labeled these groups as “anti-government extremists””

“Roughly three percent of the population fought for liberty at any given time during the American war for Independence.”

Are they equating the people who fought against King George III during the American war for Independence as “anti-government extremists” ?

Let’s Use the Kids as a Propaganda Stage Props to Destroy the 2nd Amendment


“Additionally,  representatives inside the Scheamer camp, speaking off the record, indicated that a subsequent bill, the “5 Year Olds Eating Paste Bill” – designed to criminalize more children – is expected to pass the Democrud Senate National Security subcommittee shortly as well. Dept. of Homeland Security czar Jannut Mussolini-Napolitana indicated a “paste detection system,” manned by the TSA, and created by ObummerCronies Inc., should be in all schools by start of school year, 2014.”

This last paragraph had me laughing long and hard.



Note: The UV IXCHANGE at its very core is designed to safeguard your value and data and give you control of it all.  Any use you decide to share your data, requires an accommodation agreement with those you share it, so they legally cannot “OWN” your data or being without bearing the consequences of doing so.  This inverts the pyramid of control that has existed on this planet for eons.

Caleb’s Project XIII will have features that enable the use of this value in a format similar to Facebook without the pervasive invasion of privacy, contacts, network,  personal data, browsing habits, political and/or religious beliefs, and personal photos now found on Facebook.  Project XIII is but one tool of many that will emerge over time.  It combines features of the UCC, Facebook, and your personal Universal Value exchange.  -AK

Bags Of CIA Cash: Globalist Puppet Admits To Being On Secret US Payroll


“Afghan President Hamid Karzai admitted top Afghan officials are secretly on the payroll of the CIA after a NY Times report detailed corruption.”

The f**king CIA, again.

Tens of millions of U.S. dollars in cash were delivered by the CIA to the office of Afghanistan Pres Karzai for more than a decade


Egypt withdrawing from Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) talks over Israel’s Nukes


Cenk’s Speech at The Conference to Restore the Republic


How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/how-did-barack-obama-become-monsantos-man-in-washington/ Read More

“The man is a politician. He’s a liar. Different pols have different styles of lying. Some pretend they’re your friend before they screw you over and leave you in the dust. I’ve previously published Obama’s track record as Monsanto’s number-one political supporter in America.”

Government Funded Phone App Tracks “Vaccine Refusers”

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/government-funded-phone-app-tracks-vaccine-refusers/ Read More

Will there be an app for tracking those people who were vaccinated and who went on to suffer the full blown condition they were supposedly vaccinated against ?

Will there be an app for tracking how much money big pharma made from those people they sold vaccines to ?

Baby Dies after Routine Vaccination for Hep B, Polio, and DPT


“A one month old baby whose parents warned doctors that she was ill and had a cough, has died within hours of receiving routine vaccination for Hepatitis B, DPT and oral polio after doctors decided to proceed with immunization anyway.”

“The doctors told her parents that the cough was caused by a change in the weather and continued with the vaccinations despite their protest. This February 2013 case calls to mind the 2011 incident where a baby girl who had a cold was vaccinated by doctors anyway. Stacy died a short time later from meningitis, an illness she was vaccinated against.”

Who is going to stop this genocide of babies ?

Police Uncover 140 Cases Of (UK) Child Abuse


GMO multi-toxin crops continue to backfire as more insects become resistant to crop chemicals


“Promises made by the biotechnology industry about the alleged robustness of its genetically modified (GM) crops are proving to be false, as research out of the University of Arizona (UA)”

Pelosi: Gov’t Childcare Next ‘Pillar’ of America, ‘Children Learning, Parents Earning’

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/pelosi-govt-childcare-next-pillar-of-america-children-learning-parents-earning/ Read More

Healthcare is being wrecked by the un-Affordable Care Act and now it’s the turn of child care to be wrecked.

The Revolution That’s Not Being Televised


Background Checks For Pressure Cooker Purchases Because of The Boston Bombing


I cannot believe how dumb these people are who signed this petition.

FLASHBACK – U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’


“This article appeared some months back, and has now been expunged from the Daily Mail (imagine my shock).”

DHS ammo lies, Benghazi witnesses, Obama not qualified for ballot in Indiana says Court


“Mike covers DHS perjury statements made in house hearings. Why not ask what DHS is buying Hollow-Point Ammo for? Geneva Convention says it can’t be used and NO agency uses hollow-point for training, which is DHS’s excuse. Gowdy says Benghazi investigation will re-open with Witnesses previously hidden by DOS. Indiana court convicts 2 Dem election officials with forging petitions putting Obama AND Hillary on the ballot. Perfect excuse to bring in an ‘Independent Counsel’ to investigate this and why so many precincts had 100% Obama vote which is STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.”

Only in a banana republic does 100% of the vote go to one candidate. The USA is a banana republic without the bananas.

Judge Napolitano: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Right To Trial Vs. NDAA indefinite detention


The government is making the law up as they go along and I think government has been doing it for decades.

The CIA Has Paid The Afghan President’s Office Tens Of Million Of Dollars Over The Last 10 Years


Judge sentenced to 28 years incarceration for “selling” juvenile offenders to private prison over minor infractions


Thousands of lives destroyed by this piece of filth before they could be properly started.

Disgusted ICE Agent Faces Down ‘Gang of Eight’ in Dramatic Senate Testimony


The Propaganda System That Has Helped Create a Permanent Overclass Is Over a Century in the Making


Jeff Sachs (WB/IMF adviser) UNLOADS on (criminal) Wall St., D.C, & Obama



“Sachs was named one of the world’s 100 Most Influential people by Time magazine in 2004. His professional body of work speaks for itself. At a symposium held recently at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, Sachs dropped the gloves and unleashed the following:”

““What has been revealed, in my view, is prima facie criminal behavior,” he said.”

““It’s financial fraud on a very large extent,” the adviser to the World Bank and IMF added. “There’s also a tremendous amount of insider trading — you can even watch when you are living in New York how that works.””

“What’s behind this, says the high-profile academic twice named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, is “a docile president, a docile White House and a docile regulatory system that absolutely can’t find its voice.””


Dallas Fed Implodes: Biggest Drop And Miss On Record


“Dallas Fed reported its April General Business Activity report and in short it was the biggest miss to expectations on record, plummeting from 7.4 to -15.6, on expectations of a 5.0 print and the lowest since July 2012.”


No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation


“When a customer deposits money with his banker, the relationship that arises is one of creditor and debtor, with the banker liable to repay the money deposited when demanded by the customer. Once money has been paid to the banker, it belongs to the banker and he is free to use the money for his own purpose.

“The key words of the BIS guideline are:”

““without severe systemic disruptions” (i.e. bank runs),”

““while protecting vital economic functions” (i.e. protecting vested interests – bankers),”

““unsecured creditors” (i.e. your monies, you are the dummy),”

““respects the hierarchy of claims in liquidation” (i.e. you are last in the queue to be paid, after all secured creditors have been paid).”


Physical Silver Demand Explodes in Mexico-More Silver Sold in Past 2 Weeks Than Entire Q1!


The paper smash of the price of gold and silver is not having the reaction the criminals had hoped for.


In Crypto We Trust

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4336 READ MORE

“States around the world were able to enact all kinds of controls on people. This was because States were able to establish self sustaining systems of control. It started with money. By centrally controlling the money supply States can bribe large swaths of the population. By having a central issuing authority the State can issue dictates to the first receivers of money, who can then issue dictates to the second receivers of money, and so on. (note: State and Central Bank mean the same thing). Because those who receive money first are benefited most, and those who receive money last are hurt most businesses want to receive it first. If they refuse to play the game established by The State then they find their sources of capital cut off.”

“Why “In Crypto We Trust”? Because when you free the money, you free the people.”


Keiser Report: GDP Boosters


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss accidental hysterectomies and unexpected heart transplants as GDP boosters, the activist campaign from the Artist Taxi Driver – #wheresdaddyspig – as protest against privatization of the National Health Service in Britain and hospitals in America flying comatose patients out of the country to avoid having to treat them. In the second half of the show Max talks to Mark Melin of UncorrelatedInvestments.com about the latest on the MF Global cover up and the damaged financial system it left behind.”


Top Silicon Valley VC: I’m Investing In Bitcoin Startups

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4377 READ MORE


Physical Silver Counterattack: May 1st 2013!

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/physical-silver-counterattack-may-1st-2013/ Read more

“It’s rare that we – the GLOBAL, sound money community – can FIGHT BACK against our oppressors.  However, the recent “ALTERNATIVE CURRENCIES DESTRUCTION” has – inadvertently – created MASSIVE distortions in the “PAPER/PHYSICAL continuum”; as evidenced by surging demand…”

16% of US Annual Silver Supply Just Vaporized – Kennecott Mine Landslide

We are going to have to rip their face off, so to speak, by exchanging our slave money for real money.


On May 1st, We Fight Back!!



Fed Debate Moves From Tapering to Extending Bond Buying – doubling the $85B/month ?


Will they double the $85 billion a month ?


Bloomberg Reports: Fed. To EXTEND QE! By Gregory Mannarino



Roger Ver: “For the first time in history, anyone can transact with anyone else, anywhere in the world”

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4400 READ MORE

RV: All throughout history,  people (thieves, kings, tax collectors) not directly involved in a transaction, have forcibly interfered in other people’s transactions.  Bitcoin now gives everyone on the planet the option of removing themselves from the arbitrary control of others.”


Bitcoin: Regulations and Security

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4211 READ MORE

“Your Bitcoin Wallet is Actually Your Bank”

“If you can’t keep your Bitcoin wallet encrypted and split onto 3 different secure USB keys in 3 different safes like the Winklevoss twins, Bitcoin is probably not for you.”


Bitcoin’s real-world problem: Virtual currency facing bank backlash in Canada

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4240 READ MORE

“not regulated or closely supervised”

“The whole thing is run by powerful computer systems owned by people called “miners.” They keep the ledgers, recording every transaction that takes place and as a reward, they get periodic payments of Bitcoin.”


Bitcoins beat dollar exchange controls



No, Mr. Keiser, Bitcoin Should Not Peg Itself To The Dollar

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4283 READ MORE

“No single person or entity holds the authority to enact this change. Bitcoin relies on a distributed network of currency participants without a central control.”

“Since maintaining a currency peg requires constant control of the pegged currency’s forex flow, it also requires capital controls to prevent holders of the currency from selling too much into the market and devaluing it. That would be impossible, given that bitcoin is anonymous, instant and does not have to clear through institutions, making it the ultimate tool to fight capital controls and is already being used worldwide as a way to circumvent such limitations.”

“The point about volatility affecting the viability of bitcoin as a trade medium is fair, but rushing to achieve this through artificial market manipulation is not ideal. Volatility will subside over time as the market matures. If it happens naturally, we create a currency that is both usable for trade and trusted because it is priced by an honest, open market.”


BitcoinATM Goes Live in California

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4422 READ MORE


Canada to tax Bitcoin transactions

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4242 READ MORE

“When bitcoins are used as money to buy goods and services, the transaction is treated as barter and is taxable as such. When they are traded at a market for profit, they may be taxed as capital gains.”

So if I was to barter some eggs for some cheese I should pay a part of the cheese in tax ?

Keep exchanging your excess slave money for bitcoin and don’t look back.


PNN #107 Bitcoin Going Mainstream



Bitcoins beat dollar exchange controls


Is it the case that all a government is good for is restricting the people from engaging in voluntary exchange ?


The Elephant in the Payments Room

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4418 READ MORE

“Doesn’t anyone notice the elephant in the room? Growth rates of over 10,000% since inception, measured in transaction volume and amounts. Pervasive international market penetration with full digital and mobile platforms. A passionate and dedicated customer base.”

“Of course, I’m talking about the distributed payments network and cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which plays a dual role as a transaction confirmation network and independent floating unit of account.”


Study: 45 percent of Bitcoin exchanges end up closing

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4270 READ MORE

The central banksters don’t like competition the bitcoin represents to their monopoly.


Bitcoin provides an opportunity to expose financial regulation as political favoritism and not consumer protection

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4273 READ MORE

“In many ways, financial regulation for the sake of stability is like damming a river. You may succeed in stopping the yearly flood that ruins a couple of houses, but you also ensure that when it does eventually flood, that the river will probably wipe out the whole village.”

“When you deal in Bitcoin, you have to wear your big-boy pants. Nobody is there to help you if you make a poor decision.”

“If you follow the regulatory paper trail, you will often end up at the doorstep of large banks such as JP Morgan Chase or Goldman Sachs. This is because they have very effective lobby groups that know how to get legislation passed. Regulations are sold to the public as necessary for the protection of consumers and the ferreting out of fraud and money laundering. But you shouldn’t be surprised to notice that the side effects of many bills serve to make large financial institutions larger and to raise the barriers to enter and thus compete.”

With bitcoin you are escaping the modern day coin clippers.


Bitcoin dealers clash with banks, regulators

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4301 READ MORE

“Computers solve complex algorithms to verify transactions. And to prevent fraud, every Bitcoin trade is made public.”

Imagine every trade being made public whereas the non-federal non-reserve wants to keep secret who gets their loans.


Time to End Western Support for Terrorists in Syria: “Opposition” is Entirely Run by Al Qaeda


“In an astounding admission, the New York Times confirms that the so-called “Syrian opposition” is entirely run by Al Qaeda and literally states:”

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.”

“From the beginning, it was clear to geopolitical analysts that the conflict in Syria was not “pro-democracy” protesters rising up, but rather the fruition of a well-documented conspiracy between the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to arm and direct sectarian extremists affiliated with Al Qaeda against the Syrian government.”


U.S. Weighs Syria Response


“Lawmakers pressed the Obama administration to intervene in Syria’s civil war, citing the regime’s alleged chemical-weapons use, as the White House weighed its response against a sobering fact: Damascus has developed a world class air-defense system.”

“I recall one target bombed in Iraq was claimed to be a chemical weapons facility. Turned out to be a dairy. Worse, civilians were taking shelter inside the building at the time. Remember the “chemical weapons factory” Clinton bombed in Sudan on the day Monica Lewinsky testified? That turned out to be an aspirin factory that the US taxpayers had to pay to rebuild when the owners sued. Remember the Iraqi “Mobile Biological Weapons Laboratories” shown on TV that turned out to be balloon inflators (and the US knew that is what they were because Iraq bought them from Great Britain)?”

“How many times do you have to be lied to before you understand that ALL these arguments for war are lies?”


Multiple Polls: Americans Are More Afraid of the GOVERNMENT than TERRORISTS

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/multiple-polls-americans-are-more-afraid-of-the-government-than-terrorists/ Read More

Perhaps those Americans that responded pro-liberty should be telling their public servants to put the beast back in it’s cage.


Gut Flora Accounts for up to 80% of Immunity, Not Vaccinations


Your natural immune system doesn’t make lots of money for the giant pharmaceutical companies.


Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/liberty-was-also-attacked-in-boston/ Read More

“No, the suspect was not discovered by the paramilitary troops terrorizing the public. He was discovered by a private citizen, who then placed a call to the police. And he was identified not by government surveillance cameras, but by private citizens who willingly shared their photographs with the police.”

“Sadly, we have been conditioned to believe that the job of the government is to keep us safe, but in reality the job of the government is to protect our liberties. Once the government decides that its role is to keep us safe, whether economically or physically, they can only do so by taking away our liberties. That is what happened in Boston.”


Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States


“Prior to the passage of these laws, Douglas County, Colorado, conducted a study  a study on how rainwater collection affects aquifer and groundwater supplies. The study revealed that letting people collect rainwater on their properties actually reduces demand from water facilities and improves conservation.”

“Personally, I don’t think a study was even necessary to come to this obvious conclusion. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that using rainwater instead of tap water is a smart and useful way to conserve this valuable resource, especially in areas like the West where drought  is a major concern.”

“Because the same argument that’s now being used to restrict rainwater collection could, of course, be used to declare that you have no right to the air you breathe, either. After all, governments could declare that air to be somebody else’s air, and then they could charge you an “air tax” or an “air royalty” and demand you pay money for every breath that keeps you alive.”

The USSA needs another revolution because the Republic founded in 1776 has gone bye, bye.


8-Year Old Girl Told She Couldn’t Wear a ‘Girls With Guns’ T-Shirt


The slogan ‘girls with guns’ promotes violence as much as spoons promotes obesity.


Boston SWAT team describes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev throat wound as a knife cut.


Three of the other guys are looking forward but when their teammate talks about the knife cut they look at each other.


Syria nerve gas claims undermined by eyewitness accounts


Another piece of bulls**t from our criminal government crumbles to dust.


Bush’s Shrinking World: George W. Cancels Europe Trip as Human Rights Lawyers Threaten Legal Action over Torture



SPANISH CLASH against 14.000 Police blockade


Are we seeing this on the whore corporate news media ?

I have to wonder how many of these people agent provocateurs.


Boston Bombers: Role of CIA in Chechen Terror


“Fox predictably omits important facts as it works to establish a new radical Islamic threat – primarily that the so-called insurgency in Chechnya was largely a covert CIA initiative. Rebel leaders Shamil Basayev and Al Khattab were trained and indoctrinated in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, notes Michel Chossudovsky. Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) played a key role in organizing and training the Chechen rebel army. The ISI also played an instrumental role in supporting the Afghan Mujahideen, a Muslim paramilitary force that would eventually mature under the guiding hand of the CIA et al into the Taliban and al-Qaeda.”

“Despite all the evidence the United States, Britain, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia orchestrated efforts to undermine the Soviet Union – not only during its occupation of Afghanistan, but also in the Soviet Union’s Muslim states – and spread radical Sunni conflict throughout the region, we will be expected to believe brothers Anzor and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are part of a renewed effort by an international al-Qaeda to attack America. The effort by the CIA to shepherd this fanatical movement will, of course, be omitted.”


Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop


“Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports today (see English translation here). The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.”

“CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko were instrumental in creating the organization. Jamestown’s board of directors includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski, a high-level globalist operative, initiated the CIA’s recruitment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that ultimately produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban.”


Total Proof Boston Bombings Were A False Flag!



Germany’s Perspective: “How Europe’s Crisis Countries Hide their Wealth”


“As the following punchline from Spiegel summarizes, “It would be more sensible — and fairer — for the crisis-ridden countries to exercise their own power to reduce their debts, namely by reaching for the assets of their citizens more than they have so far. As the most recent ECB study shows, there is certainly enough money available to do this.” And that is the crux of the wealth-disparity demand of the European Disunion.”


Calm Down … You Are Much More Likely to Be Killed By Boring, Mundane Things than Terrorism

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/calm-down-you-are-much-more-likely-to-be-killed-by-boring-mundane-things-than-terrorism/ Read More

“– You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack”

“– You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack”

Anyone who is afraid of dying from an act of terrorism, I suggest that they grow the HELL up.


8 Revisions to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Bill That You Need to Know About


“In fact, it was recently disclosed that of the 22 terror related attacks since 9/11, 14 of them have been created and caused by the FBI themselves. [1]”

“Some new provisions such as investigative hearings and preventive detentions have been added to the new act and are creating quite a controversial stir as many begin to question the real intention behind the passing of these bills. These came after an suspected terror plot was foiled where two men were allegedly plotting to derail a train in Toronto. Another shady accusation.”

2. Preventive detentions are reinstated

“An individual can be held for up to three days on suspicion of being involved with terrorism. Upon release, he or she can be ordered to uphold probation-like conditions, such as not contacting certain people, for up to 12 months, without ever being charged with any offence.”

No, just as Bush used the binary thinking of ‘either you’re with us or you’re with the terrorist’; you either charge someone with an offense or f**k the hell off. Do you get me ?

If it’s claimed that someone is planning to detonate a bomb in a public place then they can be charged with the crime of conspiracy.

If you think these ‘laws’ are designed to be used only on brown people who supposedly hate our freedoms, you are painfully naïve.


Baby taken from parents who wanted 2nd doctor’s opinion


“For example, one day Anna asked why a nurse was giving her son antibiotics.”

“”I asked her, for what is that? And she’s like, ‘I don’t know.’ I’m like, ‘you’re working as a nurse, and you don’t even know what to give to my baby for what,'” Anna explained.”

Good god in heaven, the nurse didn’t know what she was injecting into the baby.

“Anna argued with doctors about getting a second opinion.”


Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting


“Dr. Kris Held tweeted during the meeting, “Doctors are literally walking out of this talk on implementing, complying with Obamacare. We are men and women of the mind not mindless drones.””

” Starting in 2014, consumers will be forced to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Naysayer’s noncompliance will be punished with an IRS tax penalty. The tax penalty in 2014 begins at the rate of $95 per individual or one percent of household income, whichever is greater.”

“When 2016 rolls around, the penalty grows to $695 per person or 2.5 percent of annual household income, whichever is greater.”


Incredible! NYT pushing toxic cancer drugs for healthy women who have no cancer


No doubt these drugs are not cheap.


Some force-fed captives are cleared for release from Guantánamo


“At least four of the captives being force-fed at Guantánamo were cleared for release years ago.”

In this justice-less world a human being whose guilt on a particular charge has not been, and most likely, never will be established or in the absence of any charges whatsoever.

I will consider such human beings as under illegal detention and as political prisoners.


A Warning from Guantánamo – Four Prisoners Are Close to Death, and the Authorities Don’t Care



Did the Military and Police Go Too Far in Locking Down Boston and Conducting Involuntary Door-to-Door Searches?

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/did-the-military-and-police-go-too-far-in-locking-down-boston-and-conducting-involuntary-door-to-door-searches/ Read More

“In fact, fear of terror makes people stupid … people are actually much more likely to be killed by much more boring and mundane causes than terrorism.”

Hell yes, they went too far.


Americans are 270 times more likely to die of a workplace accident than terrorism: Government shares information on terrorism but not workplace safety


Government action has absolutely nothing to do with people’s safety.


Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official


You, literally, could not make this s**t up.


Russia’s FSB Detains 140 in Moscow for Connection to Caucasus-Tied ‘Islamist Extremist Groups’


I suppose Russia will now let NATO invade Syria.


Dianne Feinstein: Inside Traitor


“Out of the entire universe of those who could have won the first phase construction contract for California’s high speed rail boondoggle, who would stand out as the last person who would win it if there were no political patronage.”

“Put another way, who is the most likely person to win it if there is political patronage?”

“Feinstein-one eyeBoth questions have the same answer: Richard Blum, the husband of California senator Diane Feinstein.”

“So, who won the contract? Blum, of course, as the principle owner of Tutor Perini, the lead firm in the three-firm consortium selected by the California High Speed Rail Authority.”

“Yes, Diane, it really does look that bad to us little people.”

The looting continues.


Medical racism: Israel hospital director complains that too many African babies are being born


What astounding racism.



http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/162063 READ MORE

“That seems insane in today’s world.  This is my point.  Humanity is progressing. Today, things have changed.  The Internet has awoken millions… and soon billions.  I heard from a distant friend that right after the Boston marathon bombings that his 10-year-old daughter walked past the TV and just mutterred, without hesitation, “probably a false flag”.  I still haven’t fully commented on it, but as usual the official story is full of so many holes it can’t possibly be totally true.”




“I am doing this as a campaign to shield our property rights, not because I am attempting to sell you some book that doesn’t have more than 5% as much research value.”

“They call themselves a “private organization,” this being a justifiable sounding appellation, versus the taboo designation “secret organization.” People I believe have a right to affiliate with each other without moral obligation to release a roster just on demand to anyone who importunes for it. However; when the group in question features the President and Secretary of State as “honorary” members, don’t you feel the public has an absolute right to be aware with whom our high officials are associated?”

“I will demonstrate how the office of the President has had the tentacles of The Pilgrims Society all over it for more than a century. If a second metals nationalization transpires, it will be The Pilgrims Society who planned it and not the President or other Federal official. If awareness of this organization and its influence over The White House can be spread to enough Americans, they will be inhibited from using the President to seize gold and silver a second time.”

Meet the people who want you. me and everyone else poor.

“Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act; the Fed has at all times been extraordinarily hateful against gold, and especially against silver”

“Dawes co-Nobel prize winner Chamberlain said “We have followed a policy that had for its purposes the destruction of silver values,” New York Times, April 23, 1933, section 2, page 7. Dawes was Comptroller of the Currency, 1897-1902”

“During the Coolidge and Hoover years, the Executive Branch had no complaint about British silver dumping out of India, which caused the Great Depression by destroying the purchasing power of the Far East, causing American export manufacturing firms to idle millions of workers—”

“Another excellent volume showing Rockefeller influence in the White House is “The Rockefeller File” (1976) by Gary Allen. Three men, all members of an organization unknown to the public, in literal essence constituting the master conspiracy of all the ages of history, had easily more influence over the President than the entire American public!”

“FDR has for over four generations been touted as an adversary of Wall Street; but his law office was at 52 Wall Street (Who’s Who 1928, page 1796). Basil O’ Connor, his law partner, later surfaced in leaked Pilgrims lists. During 1918-1924 Roosevelt was a Harvard University overseer. FDR’s grandfather, Warren Delano, was a big time operator in the Chinese opium trade http://www.minormusings.com/Drugs/Delanos.html for which silver was demanded in payment and Harvard as an institution was deeply linked to that “trade.””

“My efforts are noncompensated; my drive is to help the metals investors by raising awareness of this group that uses government power to squelch free markets!”


“For 141 years, the dollar had usually been as good as the metal it represented; it guaranteed the integrity of contracts and produced a prosperous, solvent, and ever expanding economy. That this should continue, however, was contrary to the plans of those who placed FDR in his position of power. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THIS FINANCIAL OLIGARCHY WANTED ALL THE GOLD FOR THEMSELVES AND NOTHING BUT FIAT CURRENCY FOR THE PEOPLE, THUS MADE INTO PAWNS TO BE MANIPULATED AT WILL.””

“JFK spoke of the “continued existence” of the “national emergency” declared on December 16, 1950, by President Harry Truman (Pilgrims Society), in relation to the outbreak of the Korean War! As long as there is still an acre of land, a pecan tree grove, a carat of diamonds, an aquifer or any other asset you can conceive of, which hasn’t yet been “seized” or “absorbed” by The Pilgrims Society or its subsidiary groups, the “national emergency” ruse will persist in the White House, which they over-reachingly control!”

“Most are unaware that under Executive Order 8840 on July 30, 1941, named Nelson Rockefeller Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. Through this office and with many strings pulled, Nelson became the largest landowner in Brazil, where he controlled vast coffee interests and huge landholdings in the state of Minas Gerais, known to be very valuable mineralogically.”

“It should be settled in the minds of reasonable thinkers that this Pilgrims Society has long since wrapped its near publicly invisible tentacles around the Presidency and the White House”

““SECRECY, being an instrument of CONSPIRACY, ought never to be the system of a regular government.” —Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) British philosopher”

We would be doing the greatest service to ourselves and to humanity by taking physical silver into our possession and collapsing the pyramid scheme of the Pilgrims Society.


Sibel Edmonds: CIA Ran Tsarnaev Brothers


1. The FBI claimed not to know who tsenevs were but one or both of them had been questioned by the FBI in 2011 and the aunt is on the record as saying the FBI had been in contact with them for 5 years.

2. Tamerlan had been stripped naked and taken into police custody and then he’s run over by a vehicle and shot to death.

3. Dzhokhar was unscathed when he climbed out of the boat to be arrested and then we see him with his throat ripped out.

This is some seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously f**ked up s**t.


Farmed and Dangerous – CFIA Destroys a Shepherd’s Life and Her Rare Sheep

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/farmed-and-dangerous-cfia-destroys-a-shepherds-life-and-her-rare-sheep/ Read More

“Worse yet, after a house raid, CIFA is convicting her and others in the same boat like Michael Schmidt for conspiracy among other criminal offenses. She faces 12 years in jail and $1.5 million in fines!”

“The above incidents stem from a CIFA claim three years ago that a ewe she sold years further back had scrapie. Hearsay. No signs, no symptoms, for a disease that poses no harm to humans – but they killed her ewes anyway. After death, tests came back negative as Montana knew they would.”

You cannot make this s**t up.


“In the past 15 years, 190 breeds of farm animals have gone extinct worldwide, and there are currently 1,500 others at risk of being wiped out. Within the last ten years alone, 60 breeds of cattle, goats, pigs, horses and poultry have become extinct.”

“Isn’t it also interesting that right around the same time America targets their heritage breeds, Canada places theirs in the cross-hairs?”

Coincidence or conspiracy ?


A Point Of View: Bitcoin’s freedom promise (BBC)

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/4167 READ MORE

“It has even been claimed that the price of gold has been manipulated, with some suggesting the current sell-off has been somehow orchestrated – an idea that may be mistaken but doesn’t seem quite so outlandish now that we know lending rates between banks were for a time rigged on an enormous scale. If you mistrust the financial system, it’s not obvious that gold can offer a way out.”

“The appeal of Bitcoin comes from the belief that it enables those who use it to step outside the shaky structures of global finance. But is this faith well-founded?”

I searched for the word ‘peer’ in this article and didn’t find it so the BBC have been unbelievably sloppy because bitcoin is peer-to-peer which is 100% outside the structure.

“How Bitcoin will develop cannot be known. Quite possibly it will crash and fail, be supplanted by rival virtual currencies or else shut down by governments because it is succeeding too well.”

How would government shut down bitcoin ?


Canadian news exposes truth about SSRI side effects



Thomas Sowell: Politicians Do Not Benefit the Public



One giant leap for mankind: £13bn Iter project makes breakthrough in quest for nuclear fusion, a solution to climate change and an age of clean, unlimited energy



Act of Terror – The British Police State



Louisiana Man Arrested Twice in One Month for Video Recording Cops


“ended up getting charged with “following a police officer,””

A totally crazy charge.


Patriot arrested by TSA, for our freedom, wins his case! its a Felony 15years Prison


This was over 2 years ago and the same s**t keeps happening.


How a veteran deals: Fallujah worse than Hiroshima


Depleted uranium, as if uranium is any less toxic for having become depleted, and white phosphorus are weapons of mass destruction.

JPMorgan Accounts For 99.3% Of The COMEX Gold Sales In The Last Three Months




Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/161711 READ MORE

“Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.”

“You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that’s trillion, with a “t”) worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it “dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets.””

“That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother. Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world’s largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess. Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world’s largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.”

“Interest-rate swaps are a tool used by big cities, major corporations and sovereign governments to manage their debt, and the scale of their use is almost unimaginably massive. It’s about a $379 trillion market, meaning that any manipulation would affect a pile of assets about 100 times the size of the United States federal budget.”





Lavrov Urges Caution Over Syria Chemical Weapons Reports


“He said Syria should not face the repetition of the so-called “Iraqi scenario” in which unconfirmed suspicions that Saddam Hussein’s regime possessed weapons of mass destruction were enough for invasion.”


‘Growing evidence’ of chemical weapons use in Syria – UK


“There is “limited but growing” evidence that Syrian government troops have used chemical weapons, UK Prime Minister David Cameron says.”

You will notice the double quotes in the above sentence. This is so that when it is discovered later to be a pack of lies then our political leaders can say

The job of our government is to care for the people of this nation.


Covert help for Syria’s rebels in Jordan


The 95% non-Syrian Free Syria Army is actually an international invasion force


Bush Boston Bombing Gaffe: “Another Consp…” Er, “Highly Organised Plot.”



Boston bombing: Phoney leg bone falls off…purported victim.

When every second wasted could mean death from loss of blood for the guy in the wheelchair they just had to stop and put the prosthetic back in place.


Officials: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Was Not Armed When Apprehended



‘US domestic security turned massive failure’


“Since 9/11 the United States spent over $700 billion on national security but as the Boston tragedy showed the money went to nothing, American lawyer Jesselyn Radack told RT.”


INTERVIEW: Perth Mint: ‘Our Business Has Doubled’



Sinclair – The Gold War & Unprecedented Financial Destruction


“Eric King:  “The Japanese are known as very savvy traders in these currency markets, but it’s like someone just flipped a switch and the whole country is stampeding into physical gold.””

“But remember that all of Asia has some had some very bad experiences with paper currencies.  They have had some extraordinary currency upsets.  Part of their experience has been to be attacked by prominent hedge fund traders such as George Soros.  Soros is at it once again in Japan where he has recently been attacking the yen.”

“People have to understand that Soros attacked Asian currencies 15 years ago and this memory is alive and well in many parts of Asia.  They have very strong memories of the wealth destruction that took place at that time.  This is having the side effect of pushing the country of Japan very heavily into physical gold.”

I loathe George Soros and his kind because they profit from human misery.


Janet’s Giant Bureaucracy Fails, Was That What It Was Meant To Do?


“Not only was the FBI given an alert about the Tsarnaev brothers by Russian intelligence, the CIA and Homeland Security also knew. Wasn’t that the rationale offered for creating Homeland Security 12 years ago? But was it incompetence? There are now reports that there was contact with a NGO that has ties to the CIA and Zbigniew Brzezinski.””

Not the CIA and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Why does the CIA and people like Zbig keep getting revealed as bulls**ters ?

The job of the DHS is to coordinate the various agencies but they spectacularly failed with the Boston bombing if indeed it was an organic terrorist plot, of which I have my doubts.


Forget Al Qaeda, Christians Are the Enemy Now: Military Blocks Web Access to Southern Baptist Convention For “Hostile Content”

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/forget-al-qaeda-christians-are-the-enemy-now-military-blocks-web-access-to-southern-baptist-convention/ Read More

“The U.S. Military has blocked access to the Southern Baptist Convention’s website on an unknown number of military bases because it contains “hostile content” — just weeks after an Army briefing labeled Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics as examples of religious extremism, Fox News has learned.”

So without a court order from a judge someone in the military has pulled this s**t.


The great Spanish nation can end its crucifixion at will by leaving EMU


“The mind goes numb. Spanish unemployment jumped by yet another 237,000 people in the first quarter to 6.2 million, or 27.2pc.


Violence flares as protesters ‘besiege’ Spanish parliament


“Police and the Interior Ministry said arrests were made ahead of the demo, including four members of an anarchist group who had been plotting to set fire to a bank.”

We shouldn’t be bothered that the banksters have set fire to the economy, should we ?


Bitcoin: world’s fastest growing currency migrates off the internet



Your CRIMINAL Gov’t: Robert Greenwald on the “War on Whistleblowers – Free Press and the National Security State”


“A new film directed by Robert Greenwald looks at four whistleblowers who had their lives practically destroyed after they went to the press with evidence of government wrongdoing. They are Michael DeKort, Thomas Drake, Franz Gayl and Thomas Tamm. Whistleblowers have come under unprecedented attack by the Obama administration. Evoking the Espionage Act of 1917, the administration has pressed criminal charges against no fewer than six government employees, more than all previous presidential administrations combined. In the film, Greenwald also interviews government oversight experts and investigative journalists who warn about the chilling effect prosecutions may have on potential whistleblowers and the journalists who help them.”

When there is wrongdoing in government, there is most assuredly is a public interest in knowing about it.

Do I need to say any more of this matter ?

Roll back this f**king damn national security state and roll it back now.


Bombers’ Mosque In Boston A Factory For Terrorists


When 17 of the recent 20 terror plots are driven by FBI informants then I’d say that the FBI is a factory for terrorists.


JPMorgan’s Eligible Gold Plummets 65% In 24 Hours To All Time Low



Jeff Steinberg on the Boston Marathon Bombing



Newtown Father Makes Another Great Gun Speech With Daughter

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/161568 READ MORE

3m45s “There are a lot of law abiding gun owners in Newtown you are sick and very darn tired of politicians using the tragedy in our town to promote a political agenda.”

5m50s “President Obama, get your agenda off of my rights.”




“In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.”


Lethality of Roundup ‘Weedkiller’ Extends Beyond Plants To Humans, Study Suggests


Not just harmful but lethal no less.

Web censorship: the net is closing in … horse and barn door



These politicians don’t understand that the world has changed and that the information gate keepers are finished.

These politicians don’t want to see the equines that are galloping around the pastures as they close the barn door.


Keiser Report: Stalinism of NYSE (E436)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the season for CRASH as algos reading Twitter cause a hack crash in New York; ghost traders in the shadow banking system cause gold ‘slaughters’ in the precious metals markets and Joe Weisenthal seeks smoke signals from the Pope of Fraud, Ben Bernanke. In the second half of the show Max talks to Andrew Maguire about precious metals markets, manipulation and failures to deliver.”


Boston bombing facts & fantasies: Tsarnaevs felonious or framed?



Mother-of-two medical director, 38, inexplicably lay down in slow lane of M4 after having a minor crash and was killed instantly by a lorry


SSRIs can melt someone’s brain.


“Prescription anti-depressants, in particular SSRIs, have along and well-documented history of triggering violence and suicide in patients who take them. Virtually all of the mass shooters being waved around to impose gun control in the US were either on or withdrawing from these dangerous medications. See ssristories.com for more information.”


Congressional leaders in both parties are engaged in talks about exempting lawmakers and aides from Obamacare


We will not have society where the public servants exempt themselves from the junk they inflict on every one else.


Artistic Algo Paints Smiley Face While Crashing Stock From $10 To $0 In Milliseconds


“In a mere 3 seconds, Qualys, a $350mm market cap company providing IT security solutions, was rendered worthless by a rogue algorithm with an apparent sense of humor.”

“Of course, in the meantime, every stop was triggered and any belief in the stability of the market was destroyed – but hey, the exchanges got their data fees.”


US Mint Gold Sales Surge To Highest Since 2009



Police state sting operations gone wild: Police arrest black woman for LOOKING at wad of cash


“After the driver of the bait car fled, Kenya went over to it and peered in the open door. She saw what looked like a wad of cash lying on the front seat. She called her mother over to show her when more police swooped in, instructing them both to get on the ground.”

“Her suit says officers took them both into custody, even though they had not even touched the money.”

My advice upon seeing unattended wad of cash would be to immediately call the police and ask the operator if this wad of cash is a sting operation rather than run the risk of being falsely arrested.


Now officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown – despite police account of firefight and him ‘shooting himself’


The police officers let loose with hundreds of rounds of ammunition without coming under fire themselves.


Snarling, Robotic Police in House-to-House Search


In the second video at 4m45s a police officer is searching a guy who isn’t the suspected Boston bomber, 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Does this police officer think that this guy is concealing Dzhokhar somewhere on his person ?


Evidence Mounts Boston Bombers Were FBI Assets



After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights,” 100 STUDENTS WEAR SHIRT TO SCHOOL!



Comex Physical Drain Accelerates—With Over $7.8B In Gold Disappearing From All Depositories


http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/160843 READ MORE

Hey, where did your backpack go?!?!?!?



US Business Cycle Index Plunges Most In 22 Months



Former CME CEO Refused Physical Delivery for 2 Gold Contracts!



Search Begins for Boston POLICE OFFICER! Could He Even be a “Lone Wolf”?


Realizing that ignoring the Bill of Rights in the search of a terrorist is worse than death by a terrorist.


United States Declaration of Independence


“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”

The people of Boston Massachusetts have the right to have guns shoved in their face by law enforcement.


Ronald Stoeferle: “Last Week We Were Really Close To A Default of The 130-to-1 Paper Gold Market”



Police Say The Naked Man Arrested In Boston Was Not Tamerlan Tsarnaev


You shouldn’t believe the aunt of Tamerlan when she said this guy was Tamerlan.

The death of this guy is far more suspect than Lee Harvey Oswalds death and he was shot by mobster Jack Ruby.


US Mint Halts Sales, Depletes Inventory Of One-Tenth Ounce Gold Coins



FBI Failed to Track Boston Terrorist’s Flight to Russia: Misspelled Name

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/160233 READ MORE

Boston bombing: both bombs were in black backpacks … so don’t look at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s white backpack




The Collapse in the Rule of Law

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/160197 READ MORE

“The Miranda decision is hated by police, prosecutors, right-wing judges, politicians and citizens, based that decision upon the history of the right not to be coerced that began with the famous trial of John Lilburn (1615-1657) before the English court of the Star Chamber in 1637 where he stood tall and objected to the King’s torture. Lilburn’s crime was handing out pamphlets against the king for he was the great leader in the Leveller Movement of the 1640s and was a prolific pamphleteer who defended religious and individual liberty of the people.”

We are all John Lilburn.


Three Tragedies – Boston bombing, Texas explosion and CISPA passed



CISPA Amendment Banning Employers From Asking For Facebook Passwords Blocked



Slovenia insists it’s not the next Cyprus

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/159387 READ MORE

You will go to bed one night and wake up to hear that Slovenia has stolen from depositors.


Merkel To Europe: “Prepare To Cede Sovereignty”


We need lots of local democracies that are better at responding to local needs not a centralised dictatorship that is the worst at responding to anyone’s needs.


Spain’s Rajoy Yields To Merkel, Agrees That EU Countries Must Cede Sovereignty



SaxoBank CEO: “We Must Re-Evaluate The European Union”


The people of the European nations will decide the future of the European Union not SaxoBank’s CEO.


To Central Bankers: You Are Golden Toast On A Silver Spoon

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/159352 READ MORE


Mass Protests Due To Heavy Currency Printing: Future Prophesy For Gold

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/159647 READ MORE

“Argentina is just the latest example of a nation who prints currency to pay for a government that has overtaken the free market private economy.”


Autopsy Of A Dead Market: The Google Flash-Crash


today’s flash crash in the stock not of some microcap but of nearly $300 billion market cap behemoth Google

Anyone who is in these markets, they are insane.


Hugo Salinas Price on Gold and the Potential for ‘500 Years of Darkness’


Hugo Salinas Price: If you talk to the average educated Mexican, he has never heard of “Austrian economics.” The boys and girls of the upper classes who go to the best universities are fed only the present economic garbage, and the brightest emerge from the universities quite confident that they know “economics” and with their degrees will be welcomed into the financial system and, if lucky, land a job in Government.”

Hugo Salinas Price: It is headed for worse than depression. It is headed for collapse, and the direct cause of this has been the idea that the world could manage quite well without gold money. In 1970, total international reserves, excluding gold, were about $50 billion dollars. Today, total international reserves, excluding gold, amount to just under $11 Trillion dollars.”


Keiser Report: Psyops & Debt Diets (E435)


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert follow the ounces not the prices in the precious metals market and discuss the psyops of the gold war where sales of 1100 tons (45% of annual new supply) is sold into the market at once in order to alter behavior. They observe crowds stampeding in the East for more physical gold while in the West, people are put on a restricted debt diet controlled by their governments based on needs not wants. Finally, they discuss the conflicts of interest at the heart of CISPA and Max starts his own hashtag – #AmericaFatigue. In the second half of the show, they talk to Wolf Richter of Testosteronepit.com about gold smashes, wealth grabs and government and Wall Street corruption.”


Reggie Middleton: 100,000 Euro Insurance Fund Not To Cover Irish Pensions?



Bitcoin Is Not Antisocial: A Rebuttal to Paul Krugman

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3314 READ MORE

“In the New York Times, columnist Paul Krugman has written a lengthy article criticizing Bitcoin from an economic point of view, entitled “The Antisocial Network”. This is the third article on Bitcoin that Krugman has written so far, following “Golden Cyberfetters” from September 2011 and “Adam Smith Hates Bitcoin” from April 12. Although he is far from the only economist to have a dim view of the currency, unlike the others his writings on the New York times are read by a large number of people, and the article is also a representative sample of what many who share his political ideology are likely to believe, and so it deserves some specific attention.”


Sinclair: Physical Gold Buyers Will Now Crush Central Planners


“The biggest mistake the central planners have made is to depress paper gold, which they thought would stop the physical run on gold.  They have ignored the fact that the Cyprus plan for confiscation of depositors’ funds, originally at all levels of wealth, plus their clear call for nationalization of retirement accounts and funds, has gone viral around the entire world.  No amount of denial will now stop the average person or the wealthiest of individuals from seeking other means to privatize and protect their wealth.”

“We live in evil times wherein there will be no hesitation for the sharks to attack the other sharks when a severe weakness has been exposed.  The Federal Reserve in NYC and Morgan may have a common tunnel between their precious metals depository, but given an opportunity, based on any weakness, either would attack the other for profit.”

There is no honour among these kings of thieves.


Freedom in Name Only: Statists Want To Control Our Children’s Names


“Much to the couple’s surprise though, the name was refused by government authorities. The response from the state was that “Lucía” was “legally unrecordable” and therefore not acceptable as a name. The parents were given the recommendation to name the girl Lucia, without the accented í, in order to be deemed acceptable by the government gatekeepers”

You can stick this “legally unrecordable” where the sun doesn’t shine out of – is what our public servants need to be told.


Eyewitness Boston Suspect was run over by police SUV , no bombs



Could the Cops Be Lying in Boston? Surely Not!


“During the occupation of Boston it was widely reported that the bombing suspects had robbed a 7/11. That turned out to be false. The robbery was perpetrated by others. That’s right; with a massive police state presence, criminals were undeterred. But how convenient for officials to let the story float for nearly a day?”


What’s the Price of Silver if There’s None to be Had?


Plenty of paper silver but physical silver is another matter.


Sinclair – Swiss Bank Just Refused To Give My Friend His Gold


“the amount was in excess of 200,000 Swiss francs and the central bank had instructed them not to do it because it has to do with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering precautions. ”

“The bottom line here is the paper market for gold may have just lit itself on fire, and served to burn the manipulators’ houses to the ground.  You’ve heard of the phrase, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’  Well, this is infinitely worse because it is finally being revealed that the paper market for gold, in fact, has no gold.””




“There’s really no other word that would accurately describe the behavior of the many agencies that stormed through Boston and its suburbs this week. Thousands of State and local police, sheriff’s deputies, FBI SWAT employees, Homeland Security Shock Troops, and National Guard soldiers conducted a massive search – virtually none of it in compliance with the 4th Amendment – in search of a single teenager. They practically ordered an entire city “locked down” and were presumably prepared to begin arresting residents who refused to comply with what amounted to martial law.”

“A number of commentators have mentioned this already, notably Scott Horton, that all of this despotic martial law was worthless in terms of actually apprehending the suspected bomber. (I hope you’ll forgive my quaint use of the word “suspected.” Indeed he’s more than likely to be treated as an enemy combatant without rights.) As it was reported in the news media, within minutes of the lock-down being lifted a man stepped outside for a cigarette and noticed the boy hiding in his boat. He immediately alerted the police, who then proceeded to engage in a spectacular show of force, throwing grenades and reportedly firing hundreds of rounds at the wounded suspect. Thankfully no one has been reported injured by the unnecessary gun battle.”



The EU-India Free Trade Agreement: India up “For Sale” to Western Corporate Capital



Ex-Bush Official Willing to Testify Bush, Cheney Knew Gitmo Prisoners Innocent


Do you think Bush or Cheney care at all that these people are innocent ?

If I ever was to come into contact with Bush or Cheney I think there would be felony charges coming my way because they are simply EVIL.

And when do you think these innocent people held at Gitmo will be released by president Obama ?


Terrorists “R” Us


“Howard Zinn once asked: “How can you make war on terrorism if war is terrorism?” Waging war on terrorism “gives government a perpetual war and a perpetual atmosphere of repression.””


MMR causes autism, proven in Italian court case



General Public Not Buying Governments Lies On Terroristic Acts Anymore



Exclusive from Bahrain: Interview with Human Rights Activist on Repression Against F1 Race Protest


5m50s “But the government don’t allow protests in the capital, Manama, at all.”

Every Bahraini should go to Manama and tell this criminal government to go.

2 years and counting for these people to abolish their criminal government.

And our government is criminal for being friends to the criminal government of Bahrain.

F**k the F1.


NJ Mother Told to Turn In Guns, Accused of ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading Constitution at Local Tax Meeting


“to complain that the ultimate valuation was arbitrary, since it doubled her home value (increasing her tax rates)”

The looting continues.

“Hart would not be quiet. Mindful of the fact that, in America, government is the employee, not the master, Hart told Glocker-Hammond “I have a right to speak out against this, this is a public place, my tax dollars pay your salary.””

“Apparently unfamiliar with the structure of our American political system, Glocker-Hammond replied, “I don’t work for you.””

“It turned out that Colavecchio had told the police that Hart was “yelling and screaming,” and that she threatened to come back to the meeting with a gun.”

Do you think this public servant will suffer the consequences for making a false statement to the police ?


Man Charged With Terrorism For Criticizing School Security


“he was worried that his granddaughter’s school wasn’t properly secured against gunmen.”


FBI Entraps US Citizen Attempting to Join US-funded Al Qaeda in Syria

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/fbi-entraps-us-citizen-attempting-to-join-us-funded-al-qaeda-in-syria/ Read More

“The irony is, as Tounisi is charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, the US State Department has announced an additional $123 million in military aid to these very same terrorists.”

You could not make this s**t up, could you.

It is fine for the state department to provide material support to terrorists but criminal for anyone else to provide material support.

Just what the hell is going on here ?


New edition of psychiatry manual pushes more ‘invented victims’ of fabricated diseases


“The latest edition of the psychiatry industry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-V), which is set for publication in May 2013, is expected to contain the most sweeping reclassification of essentially all human conditions, feelings, and emotions as mental disorders, based on official manuscripts recently approved by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). And what this portends for the future of society and the medical treatment of normal human behaviors is chilling, that is if the fraudulent document is even taken seriously.”

I suppose ridiculing these quacks will also be classified as a mental disorder.


Alert!! New Child Porn Planting Virus Maybe Setting People Up As Pedophiles


“Because of how grave the situation is, somebody whom is already under police criminal investigation is the source of the intel and won’t allow me to reveal his name for personal reasons. He has been telling me that he got into a operation where he was exposing political corruption then had the virus planted without his authorization while the police were harassing and surveilling him.”

“They took everything, his family threatened, and was forced to confess to wanting to harm little children out of a sense to protect his family from harm by the police.”




“He told the police since day one about the virus, as he conducted more of an investigation he remembered that the virus had three rogue programs, Ares.exe, Shareaza.exe, and emule.exe.”

Do you see how the criminal elements in our law enforcement work ?

“So whom would benefit off of sharing child porn and downloading it to set people up? Corrupt government elements as a greater moral crises on the Internet will lead to more controls, bans and restrictions on P2P as Cary Sherman (RIAA President whom bragged about child porn on P2P) would have dreamed of, corrupt police that need to fill their quotas, the private prison contractors that need a guaranteed occupancy and have no other way to convict people so they switch to setting people up with child porn, and politicians that need to kill their enemies characters so that they can get rid of them physically.”

Members of the public that recently exposed some paedophiles in Leicester and who have criticised for being amateurs, have nothing on these guys.


TSA agents harass three-year old girl in wheelchair


Who can watch this and not have their blood boil ?

Have we lost all sense ?

Oh, and how many terror plots begin and end with the FBI ?


AVN: What’s wrong with America? Are we slaves or Free Men? Learn why 90 Days must change the world


“Civil Disobedience can deliver our Nation to the rule of law.”

It worked for Gandhi, if it doesn’t work for the USA then it will be ruled by criminals.

43m5s “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add within the limit of the law because the law is often but the tyrant’s will. And always when it violates the rights of the individual.”

Is that a short enough passage from Thomas Jefferson for people with short attention spans to wrap their puny brain cell around ?


Three People Killed By U.S. Strike On Afghan School


Boston suspects: Aunt of Tamerlan (second hand) claim that he had been taken into custody



Suspect’s Aunt in Canada – Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Naked Man


“Maret Tsarnaeva the aunt of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the suspected Boston marathon bombers has revealed to me that she can positively identify the oldest nephew Tamerlan Tsarnaev as the man who was stripped naked and placed into a police cruiser during the manhunt for the suspects.”



VIDEO: Bomber suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev appears to be alive, naked and handcuffed


“Is this the same Tamerlan Tsarnaev that Federal authorities and Boston police say was shot and died at the scene of a shootout?”


Aunt of Boston Bombers thinks they were setup



FBI Caught in a Web of Lies in Boston


“Please help us ID them. Oops, we already knew exactly who they were.”

“Why did the FBI make a spectacle out of releasing the photos of the alleged Boston bombing suspects to the public feigning ignorance on who they were, asking for the public’s help to identify them, when they knew all along who they were? …”



Boston door to door searches by DOD, DHS and local police were not voluntary


All of these people, who were NOT 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were being frogmarched out of their home as if they were prisoners in a cell block.

What for the love of god is going in the USA ?

Are these public servants having a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN ?



DO …



AT …


OF …




AN …


IS …

A …


Public servants shouting at members of the public as if they were stray dogs on the street.
I trust there are some law suits to come out of this shameful episode.


Texas fertilizer plant explosion:14 bodies recovered from site


“Records also suggested that in 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a $2,300 fine for deficiencies in the plant’s risk management plan.”

The other recent event which is not receiving the press coverage it deserves.

Don’t look at that – muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim, muslim.


Video: Public cheers as Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev arrested


I wonder if any of these people were frogmarched out of their home by police with guns drawn as if they were prisoners in a cell block.


Chinese Gold Exchange Sold Out – Begins Importing From Switzerland



Silver Update 4/20/13 Silver Shortage



Switzerland Revises 1934 Banking Act to Allow Bail-in Deposit Confiscations!


If Switzerland, the once ultimate safe haven for banking deposits across the world is preparing to confiscate depositors funds, there truly is no protection anywhere other than physical gold and silver in your own possession!




When everyone’s savings can be ‘legally’ stolen at the stroke of a pen as happened in Cyprus but not the savings of insiders as also happened in Cyprus then don’t you think getting outside their system is what everyone should do ? Get gold and silver but not in bank safety deposit boxes and get bitcoin.


Mad Money

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3638 READ MORE

“Bitcoin, as Nakamoto (whose identity remains unknown) called it, would be “completely decentralized, with no central server or trusted parties, because everything is based on crypto proof instead of trust.” Governments couldn’t debase it. Banks couldn’t blow it. This was currency for a posttrust world.”


What is Bitcoin?


30s “Any time a transaction is made between bitcoin users it is recorded on a publicly shared log called a block chain. These transactions are checked and confirmed by miners.”

50s “With thousands of miners contributing, transactions run smoothly and the network is constantly secure. Thanks to miners and bitcoin’s large network, no coin can reproduced or double spent.”


Er…What Happened To The North Korean Crisis?

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/erwhat-happened-to-the-north-korean-crisis/ Read More


Boston marathon bombing: Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?


White guy f8b4e8bc6ce4b653ecac5442b556ee65

I have no idea why this guy is not in shock from the injury to his legs and the supposed loss of copious amounts of blood.

Unbloodied coloured lady 5wew6mm

Now bloodied coloured lady 2d1c4b60d453d6c2b6de52e90a76264c

Now bloodied white guy leg1

How can there be no blood on these people (the coloured lady on the left) in these post-explosion frames, only for the blood to appear as if by magic on these people in later post-explosion frames ?

3 people dead and Boston, a city of 600,000 people, goes into lockdown but how long before the 330,000,000 people of the USA have to go into lockdown ?


Boston Marathon Bombing by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


“The video shows numerous military type guys on the scene prior to the explosion in identical garb–black baseball hats with white insignia, black shirts or jackets, tan pants and combat boots with cell phones in their hands. All have identical backpacks.”

“Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.”

When a guy as connected as this guy is calls out the Boston marathon bombing, the false flaggers are done.



FBI tells America: believe us and no one else


Are supposed to believe someone who says the world is flat or gold is not money ?

Show me concrete evidence.


Other camera equipment may be sufficiently faulty to produce misleading images, is this what they mean ?

“Harken back, if you will, to another bombing incident. Oklahoma City, in 1995. The Murrah Federal Building. Remember? Tim McVeigh? The FBI was cooking the books on that one all the way.”

“Just one example: A secret Department of Justice report on the bombing was presented to a very select audience. This DOJ report wasn’t undertaken voluntarily. No. FBI whistleblower Frederic Whitehurst had forced it to happen, because he’d gone public and said the FBI lab had fabricated evidence in the McVeigh case.”

“Serious evidence. It turned out there was no reason to believe ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) had been the main explosive used to blow apart the Federal Building on the morning of April 19, 1995. A FBI lab supervisor named David Williams had decided ammonium nitrate was the substance because defendant Terry Nichols possessed a receipt for its purchase.”

“So Williams made the lab evidence look like it confirmed ammonium nitrate. But it didn’t.”

“The DOJ report detailing all this was so damning, the judge in the McVeigh trial ran away from it like a wild horse. He refused to allow the report into evidence. He forbade it from being discussed at all.”

Could Timothy McVeigh have been motivated to plead guilty for the 1995 bombing incident in Oklahoma City ?


Keiser Report: Correlation & Causation of Gold Price (E434, ft. Paul Craig Roberts)



Inside Ground Zero: Photos From The Suspects’ Apartment


“Most notably: not a trace of any explosive, incendiary or other bomb-preparing equipment or residue, no evidence of terrorist activity, and no weapons. So where did the two put together the numerous bombs they are said to have prepared?”

How much longer are we going to suffer this bulls**t story that these 2 guys were the bombers ?


Boston: Locking down the city where the American Revolution was born


Is Boston also the city where the American Revolution, in which anyone could choose to be independent of those wanting to impose their control by force, was just killed ?


Dzhokhar, the bombing suspect who got the whole city panicking, had time to tweet on the run… Spent Wednesday as typical student – Worked out at gym, slept in dorm…. Boston Manhunt cost 333 million dollars!


“DARTMOUTH — Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spent an apparently normal day Wednesday at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he was a sophomore, according to a school official, working out in the gym, then sleeping in his dorm room that night, while law enforcement officials frantically scanned photos trying to identify the men who planted deadly bombs at the Boston Marathon on Monday.”


Tsarnaev brothers’ mother: My sons are innocent, this is a setup


“Boston bombings suspects are 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who remains at large. His brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnayev, was killed after a police car chase. Their family originates from Russia’s North Caucasus – but settled in the United States more than a decade ago.”

2m “He was counselled by FBI like for 5 … 3, 5 years. They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on internet he was going.”

When the ‘FBI’ recruits their patsies they tell them not tell anyone except these guys told their mother – oops.

Has anyone seen any footage of any of these two guys actually putting the bomb-laden backpacks in place ?

And if they did, were they part of a drill ?


Video: Israeli soldiers use handcuffed Palestinian teen as human shield as they fire at protestors


You know what this is. This is a human shield, something that Saddam Hussein did. This is a crime against humanity.


Human Shield: Israeli police use cuffed teen to calm protests



Hitmen That Killed Cyprus

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/159030 READ MORE

“The EU Commission is now engaging in Financial Terrorism for they are the new Hit-Men. They deliberately targeted Cyprus from all the info we have coming from behind the curtain SOLELY because they wanted their banking system destroyed and amazingly, the politicians in Cyprus sold their own country out, after moving their own money to London in advance. All banking records HISTORICALLY belong to the Hit-Men in Brussels. This outrageous assault upon capital is destroying all economic growth. This type of attack upon capital is what started the ball rolling for the collapse of Rome thanks to Maximinus (235-238AD). All they think about is next week. There is no longer planning here.”


F1 Race Rage: Bahrain police use teargas in clashes with protesters


F1 Bahrain 2013


‘Bahrainis use the F1 race to expose the regime’s atrocities’



Swiss to Hold Referendum on Gold Reserves

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/158760 READ MORE

“A date for the referendum has not yet been set. However, it is not uncommon for the period between an initiative being accepted for referendum and a vote being held to extend to several years.”

This referendum can’t come too soon.


Refiners Can’t Keep Up With Massive Global Gold Demand




http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/158886 READ MORE

“Simultaneously, the available physical supplies of precious metals, especially silver, have suddenly nearly disappeared.  Some of the most extreme shortages for silver in memory have caused premiums for all types of bullion and coins to skyrocket.”


Have We Reached A Turning Point For Bitcoin Exchange DDoS?

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3730 READ MORE

“Unlike past DDoS attacks, something very interesting happened yesterday: nothing. Trades trickled through and prices barely moved, remaining in a tight band for hours. The implications of that could be tremendously positive.”


WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange schools Google’s Eric Schmidt on Bitcoin

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3740 READ MORE

“OK, Bitcoin is something that evolved out of the cypherpunks a couple of years ago, and it is an alternative… it is a stateless currency.”

“And very important, actually. It has a few problems. But its innovations exceed its problems. Now there has been innovations along these lines in many different paths of digital currencies, anonymous, untraceable etc. People have been experimenting with over the past 20 years. The Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives right, and that is why it is starting to take off. The different combination of these things. No central nodes. It is all point to point. One does not need to trust any central mint. If we look at traditional currencies such as gold, we can see that they have sort of interesting properties that make them valuable as a medium of exchange. Gold is divisible, it is easy to chop up, actually out of all metals it is the easiest to chop up into fine segments. You can test relatively easily whether it is true or whether it is fake. You can take chopped up segments and you can put them back together by melting the gold. So that is what makes it a good medium of exchange and it is also a good medium of value store, because you can take it and put it in the ground and it is not going to decay like apples or steaks. The problems with traditional digital currencies on the internet is that you have to trust the mint not to print too much of it.”


Fed Governor Stein Warns When A TBTF Bank Fails, Depositors Will Be Cyprus’ed


“if and when a TBTF fails, and since this time is not different, and a failure is only a matter of time, depositors will lose everything, which now that Cyprus is the template, is to be expected.”


BOE’s Carney’s DIESELBOOM: Policy-Makers Working Diligently to Devise an International “Bail-In” Regime



Sinclair – The US Will Be Cyprused & We Will See $50,000 Gold


“There is no gold there to deliver.  What first gave rise to this was the German situation, but then when ABN AMRO shut gold deliveries down it accelerated.  The reason they blasted the gold market was to camouflage the fact that the fractional reserve gold system, which is very important to financing and to the government, failed.”


Economic Armageddon Is Imminent: George Soros Knows Something Dreadful Is Coming And Goldman Sachs Opened The Gates to Hell



10 Signs The Takedown Of Paper Gold Has Unleashed An Unprecedented Global Run On Physical Gold And Silver

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/158312 READ MORE


Ignore COMEX Pricing – Silver Eagles Sold Out at Dealers, $33 on Ebay

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/157858 READ MORE

“So while we are being told that silver has dropped sharply to $23, the reality is that silver coins are selling closer to $33 per ounce. That is a 43% price difference between the rigged paper price and actual pricing for physical silver in the real world!”


Ann Barnhardt in 2011: When You See Metals Cash & Futures Price Decoupling, The End is Nigh!


“Watch for this. Watch for the gold and silver futures to sell off as people walk away from paper while the online cash dealers, seeing that market demand for their physical inventory is robust, begin to ignore the futures prices and hold their prices steady or even raise them. When you see this basis decoupling and absence of arbitrage, lo, the end is nigh. A parabolic spike is coming.


Bitcoin 2012 London: Max Keiser


7m55s “We talked to Paul Moore, who was formerly the top regulator at HSBC here in the UK and he was on the show and he said that because of a financial crisis that’s now 5 years in the making, there’s been 100 million people now been thrust into poverty. Of that 100 million people of course there are millions at death’s doorstep who have, many have already committed suicide, many have starved to death, many are dying. And I put it bluntly, I said isn’t this an equivalent to a financial holocaust ? And Paul Moore said yeah, that’s what we’re talking about.”


Bitcoins in Argentina: How to “beat” government’s dollar exchange controls



Argentina Revolts Against Government Push To Take Control Of Judicial System


“The streets of Buenos Aires are full of revolting Argentinians this evening as they protest President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s (CFdK) plans to ‘increase’ state control of the court system. CFdK’s proposal looks to limit the judicial system’s ability to bring actions against the state, as Bloomberg reports, leaving citizens and companies unprotected against state actions affecting their finance or assets (i.e. mass nationalization or confiscation). As the images below show, the people are angry, exclaiming “No to impunity.” CFdK’s actions follow previous attempts to take action against companies have failed or taken too long; but acting behind a facade of “increasing democracy and transparency,” it appears her intent is clear as the bankrupt nation struggles on. “The reform will do great damage,” warned one business leader, adding that limiting these injunctions, “undermines individual’s rights and freedom.”

if a law affects their finances or assets

I think the ‘if’ should be replaced with ‘when’.


Massive anti-Government protests take place around the country


“They marched towards the Plaza de Mayo and protested in front of the Government House and Congress, assuring that they are tired of “corruption, crime and inflation.””


Massive Anti-Government Demonstrations

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/159178 READ MORE

“Argentina seized all pensions. The people are getting to the point that all this socialism is really fascism. Those who keep pointing to hyperinflation better start looking in the opposite direction. Economics is like weather – you can die from too much heat or too much cold – both extremes will kill you. Hyperinflation is the nice way where politicians really try to meet their obligations because they care. Then there is the nasty way. The cling to authority, seize everything, lie, abandon every promise, and default pretending it is your own fault never their’s. This is a battle between the bondholders and the taxpayers every place you look. This is the Sovereign Debt Crisis in bloom around the globe.”


Governments Must Co-Opt Bitcoin to Avert Disaster

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3610 READ MORE

“And as for security – hello! Didn’t the banks themselves tell us that modern encryption technology can keep hackers prying for hundreds of years before cracking the walls of modern crypto castles?  Cryptography works everywhere it is used:  In every bank, and in every phone. Its protection is not based on legions of sentries armed with guns, but on mathematical certainty, and on logical immutability.  Bits are what cryptography works on. Bit money can be backed up multiple times, it can be encrypted for free, it can be stored on the fly, and it can be paid – cut and dried.”

Government involvement is the last thing bitcoin needs.

“Central banks and national treasuries should come forth with a requirements definition, or spec sheet, for a robust, trustworthy, durable and stable solution to digitize the national currency.”

Central bank and national treasuries involvement is the other last thing bitcoin needs.


Online Cash Bitcoin Could Challenge Governments, Banks

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3532 READ MORE

“Bitcoin is the first online currency to solve the so-called “double spending” problem without resorting to a third-party intermediary. The key is distributing the database of transactions across a peer-to-peer network. This allows a record to be kept of all transfers, so the same cash can’t be spent twice–because it’s distributed (a lot like BitTorrent), there’s no central authority. This makes digital bitcoins like cash dollars or euros: Hand them over directly to a payee, and you don’t have them anymore, all without the help of a third party.”


Fr33 Aid uses Bitcoin to avoid IRS



Obama Clinton and Bush Indicted For War Crimes While Media Exploits Boston False Flag


“On Tuesday, the Constitution Project, a Washington, DC think tank, released a 577-page report by its “Task Force on Detainee Treatment” documenting WAR CRIMES committed by Clinton, Bush and OBAMA including unthinkable atrocities punishable by life in prison or death.   (Complete  Report PDF)”


“A 15-month Video Documentary investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic reveals how retired US colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, played a key role in training and overseeing US-funded special police commandos who ran a network of torture centres in Iraq.  Another special forces veteran, Colonel James Coffman, worked with Steele and reported directly to General David Petraeus, who had been sent into Iraq to organize the Iraqi security services.”

“An Army pathologist’s report on the in-custody death of a detainee known only as Daliwar at Bagram Air Base found that the prisoner’s legs were beaten so savagely that they became “pulpified,” and that his injuries resembled those of someone who had been run over by a truck. Daliwar, a 22-year-old taxi driver, was innocent of any crime.”

The imperialists came for these innocent human beings but how soon will they be coming for this innocent human being ?

And I’ll bet you didn’t hear about this development what with the wall-to-wall reporting of the Boston bombing.





How is this 40-year-old guy showing his papers to the public servants going to help them find the 19-year-old suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ?


Boston Police Clash With Reporters As Hunt For Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Continues



Why Were Bomb Sniffing Dogs At Start & Finish Lines?



BATTLEFIELD USA: De Facto State of Martial Law Has Been Declared In Boston *Pics From the War Zone*


“By all accounts, law enforcement and military personnel have classified  Boston and surrounding towns a war-zone, especially after a gunfight yesterday evening that left one of the Boston Marathon Bombers dead and the other still at large. In a video of the early morning engagement, rapid gunfire and explosive detonations, believed to be more ‘pressure cooker’ bombs, can be heard as police and residents scrambled.”

This is get out of hand, don’t you think ?


The FBI Needs To Explain Why It Failed To Monitor Boston Bombing Suspect Despite A Clear Warning


“In response to this warning, the FBI says it checked databases and interviewed Tsarnaev and other family members in the summer of 2011 but found no evidence of “terrorism activity.””


FBI Casting Set Stage for Boston Marathon Bombing, Shootout, Charade


“Update: CBS reveals in their report, “CBS News: FBI Interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev 2 Years Ago,” that the FBI initially attempted to deny any contact prior to the Boston bombings with slain suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It was only after Russia’s RT publicly pursued the story that the FBI finally admitted officially it had.”

“The implications are that the FBI knows Russia both possesses information on the case and is prepared to go public with it. For those involved in America’s terror racket, now would be a good time to divest. For those involved specifically in the Boston Marathon bombing, now would be a good time to come forward with information. Any and all involved, in whatever capacity, wittingly or unwittingly, stand to become scapegoats in order to save the FBI, DHS, TSA, and other federal agencies clearly engaged in a massive coverup.”

The FBI has been caught in a lie, intentional or inadvertent.


After Boston, we should put Muslims under surveillance, says Rep. King


They came for the <insert name of group> ad infinitum.

Either the rule of law ensures everyone their day in court or we don’t have a day in court for anyone. It is binary, it is that simple.


Bombing Suspect Denied Miranda Rights


This 19-year-old kid is a patsy, he is not a treasure trove of information.


Why you should care no one’s reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his miranda rights


“But the memo continues, “there may be exceptional cases in which, although all relevant public safety questions have been asked, agents nonetheless conclude that continued unwarned interrogation is necessary to collect valuable and timely intelligence not related to any immediate threat, and that the government’s interest in obtaining this intelligence outweighs the disadvantages of proceeding with unwarned interrogation.””

Exception to miranda rights for public safety … and other purposes.

Don’t you just love the ‘and other purposes’ ?

Your public servants can accuse anyone of anything and then everyone won’t have any rights.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the “Right Balance” for the Bill of Rights

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/dzhokhar-tsarnaev-and-the-right-balance-for-the-bill-of-rights/ Read More

“On Sunday, Warren said federal prosecutors need to ‘‘find the right balance’’ in deciding whether to read Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights – in other words if he will be allowed to exercise, as an American citizen, the Fifth Amendment and be granted due process.”

“Ms. Warren is apparently confused about the Fifth Amendment. It states that no American shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” It doesn’t say this can be ignored in the case of supposed terrorists.”

Has this woman not read the treason clause ?

It says ‘Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.’

So someone accused of making war, accused of treason DOES get their day in court.


Lindsey Graham Calls For Boston Bombing Suspect To Be Held As ‘Enemy Combatant’



Cops caught pepper-spraying, punching Occupy Wall Street protesters will not be prosecuted: DA


“Bologna was seen firing the crowd-control spray liberally at a seemingly calm group of people near Union Square on Sept. 24”

This guy is not there to protect anyone who thinks they have the natural right to petition their government.


Free Energy is REAL! Jason Verbelli & Vinny Eastwood 11apr2013


Burning fossil fuels for energy is so last century.


Smart phone app ‘Fooducate’ could be the beginning of the end of GMO


The sooner GMO is consigned to the dustbin of history the better.


Aluminum in Vaccines Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease


“When examining the cornucopia of toxic chemicals that saturate the environment in which all human life exists, aluminum has become the weapon of choice for the current population reduction program being facilitated by vaccinations and immunizations. Aluminum, listed by the (EPA) Environmental Pollution Agency as a developmental neurotoxin, is used as an adjuvant in vaccinations to enhance the effects of the already toxic concoction. Aluminum has the ability to cross over the blood-brain barrier getting stuck inside the brain and building up over time eventually leading to Alzheimer’s disease and Central Nervous System disorders.”

“With all the evidence compounding on an exponential level, the toxicity of aluminum and its effects on the brain have become overwhelming if not undeniable. Senior citizens are most affected by Alzheimer’s disease with over 5 million Americans being diagnosed in 2013.”


Obama Drug Czar Says States Can’t Nullify Federal Drug Laws

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/obama-drug-czar-says-states-cant-nullify-federal-drug-laws/ Read More

“Furthermore, although the use of marijuana is considered by many (including the Obama administration) to be inadvisable and by many others to be immoral, the irrefutable fact is that the Constitution does not empower the federal government to make laws governing its use or cultivation. Regardless of one’s own feelings on the plant, constitutionalists understand that speaking only of sovereignty, the right to regulate in this area belongs to states, and not to the White House, the Department of Justice, or to any other agency or department of the federal government.”


CIA boss won’t rule out bombing U.S…even Ron Paul shocked


The CIA that is prohibited by law from operating inside the USA, that CIA ?

2m15s “In response to a recent ACLU freedom of information request regarding the CIAs drone program the department of justice replied ‘the very existence or non-existence of such documents is itself classified’. How’s that for government transparency.”

DO ..










Bombing Used To Slam Patriots As ‘Hate’ Group


“The current suspects being pursued for the bombing, however, have been identified as Islamic sympathizers, in part because of social media posts where one of the suspects listed his “worldview” as “Islam.””

Were these social media posts posted by either of these Tsarnaev brother ?




New Discovery: NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere



The True Story of Waco


“A 1995 expose, featuring Ted Nugent, about the 1993 massacre of the Branch Davidians at their Waco, Texas church.”


Americas End Predicted by Past History



EU Covertly Spending Millions to Censor Media


“Angered by the British media’s coverage of Brussels, the European Commission says it wants to be a “moral compass” against press misconduct, seeking new national and Europe-wide regulatory powers over journalists.”

“The EU has spent £2.3?million on the previously unpublicised “Mediadem” project to “reclaim a free and independent media”. In a “policy brief” co-authored by its lead British researcher, Rachael Craufurd Smith, Mediadem says it is “simplistic” to “see state influence [over the press] as inherently stifling”.”


Rabbis tell 60,000 in NY: Get rid of the Internet if you know what’s good for you


“Wachsmann singled out for special condemnation the damage caused by social media to the stature of rabbis and Jewish scholars. He was referring to the numerous blog posts in which leaders have been excoriated for their silence and inaction on such issues as child molestation in the Orthodox community.”


Diplomats: Top aide to UN nuke chief unexpectedly resigns, suggesting tensions up top



“Were I a betting woman, I would almost be willing to bet that Amano, the Director of the IAEA, wanted Grosso to make some accusations against Iran that he could not, in good conscience, do, so he resigned rather than compromise his integrity.”


Bulldozers flatten Bedouin village 49 times


These neo-imperialists cannot leave anyone in peace.


Report confirms US Government tortured detainees


The guilt of any of these detainees has not been established so these people are political prisoners of the neo-imperialists.

The terrorist is this federal government.


UK Column Live – 5th April 2013 – Another Child Stolen


“Please watch all of this, and then act. Many people will find this video disturbing and may feel they cannot watch it to the end. But if you don’t watch it you have become part of the problem of a society denying the reality of what is happening on a daily basis.”
“They took this baby on the grounds of “possible future emotional harm” because of the mother’s learning difficulties. The parents are good people, who have done nothing to cause harm to anyone.”
“This is an example of the precautionary principle in action. From wikipedia: “The formal concept [of the precautionary principle] evolved out of the German socio-legal tradition in the 1930s”. Does anything else need to be said?”

Who are these child stealers ?

Would that tall police officer like for someone to steal his child ?


UK Column Live – Interview With Father Of Last Weeks Child Snatch


“Brian Gerrish interviews Paul Roberts, the father of the baby stolen by social workers employed by Staffordshire Social Services. Paul explains the background to the case.”

32m40s “They call it child protection but they’re the ones that profit out of it.”

32m50s “All the public money going into these private foster agencies.

33m “And then you’ve got the family courts, how much money they make out of it as well. They make a living out of stealing children.”

33m55s “We calculated that the minimum amount of money circulating around the courts, the family courts is £20 billion.”

43m55s “Some of the judges are paedophiles.”

Why should it surprise anyone that some judges in the secretive family court system are paedophiles ?

Not just a child, not just a baby but a one day old baby.

I have known about the bulls**t child protection services for quite sometime and this child stealing is an abomination.


Teen Arrested – Pro-Second Amendment shirt turns in to fight over First Amendment


And charged. This is shocking bulls**t.

“Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation


“These men were unidentified, professional contractors apparently augmenting public servants at the Boston Marathon, present before and after the bomb blasts in the direct vicinity of the incident. After the blasts, whether it was their intended function or not, they appeared to be searching for something under the bleachers before being joined by what appears to be the FBI bomb squad. The FBI and the city of Boston has so far categorically failed to provide any information on these highly suspicious individuals.”

Total media blackout now under way on most likely suspects in Boston marathon bombing


Boston bombing suspets


How does this, Fit into that?



Chechen President Statement On Boston Bombers: “Seek The Roots Of Their Evil Inside America”


They grew up in the United States, their attitudes and beliefs were formed there.

First rule of assassination, kill the supposed assassins.

Did the false flaggers bungle by not killing the second supposed assassin ?

Will Box For Passport – photo album of Tamerlan Tsarnaev


“A guy with this much going for him; good education, scholarships, lovely girlfriend, heading for the Olympics, no prior indications of animosity against the American people, just doesn’t simply decide one day to carry out a mass bombing.”


The Secret World Of Gold


2nd video 9m10s “20,000 Morgan Stanley customers thought they were buying bars of silver, silver in a vault allocated or set aside in their name. Similar cases have arisen over gold.”

Of course there wasn’t any silver in the vaults.

1981 Article: 7,000 Tons of Gold Bullion Removed from Fort Knox From 1973-74!


7,000 tons of gold bullion were removed from Fort Knox from $1973-74

SILVER SCAM EXPOSED – BrotherJohnF & Chris Duane


1m10s “Eric Sprott has to wait 6 months to get his silver but these guys get their silver in a day.”

2m20s “One signature away from being confiscated.”

U.S. Mint’s Sales of Gold Coins Soar After Futures Slump


“The U.S. Mint in April has sold 153,000 ounces of American Eagle gold coins, the highest in almost three years, after futures prices started the week by plunging the most since 1980.”

“Sales have more than doubled from March and surged sevenfold from a year earlier, data on the Mint’s website showed. The amount for all of May 2010 was 190,000 ounce.”

Why Programmers Are Excited About Bitcoin

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/3558 READ MORE

“There’s another type of cryptography called asymmetric or public key cryptography. It involves a “public key” and a “private key.” It’s easy to derive the public key from the private key. But it’s practically impossible to derive the private key from the public key.”

Federal Reserve Refuses to Submit to an Audit of Germany’s Gold Held in U.S. Vaults


“Germany did finally send some staff to the FED, and they were permitted only into the vault’s anteroom where they were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as representative of their holdings, and were permitted nothing else.”

Major Precious Metals Retailer: “We Have Been Experiencing Astounding Volume”


Physical Bullion Demand on Fire


Keiser Report: Gold Theft in America


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss innuendo and paper causing a virtual theft of paper gold in America and a stampede into physical gold in India. They also discuss the five wise guys of Angela Merkel who plan on ‘bailing in’ some property owners in Spain should Spain require a sovereign bailout. In the second half of the show, they talk to Ed Harrison of CreditWritedowns.com about confiscation and German opinion on Europe.”

Hinde Capital: “One of These Days I Think Gold Will Go To $5000—But When It Does, Nobody Will Own It”

http://sgtreport.com/2013/04/hinde-capital-one-of-these-days-i-think-gold-will-go-to-5000-but-when-it-does-nobody-will-own-it/ Read More

The Next Seizure Coming – U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


“All the information we are getting is this is very real. There is almost $20 trillion in pension funds. That would pay off the national debt at $17 trillion. These people are actually discussing a FORCED loan whereby they will take over all pension funds to “protect” us with bureaucrats who know nothing about managing money. We are headed down the road of CONFISCATION of all assets – FASCISM in full bloom. There is of course no constitutional authority for that but with no rule of law left, that will no longer stop anybody.”

Nestle CEO declares water “food that should be privatized, and not a human right”


The Currency Act Newscast


IMF chief to face court grilling in corruption probe


Catastroika – ‘Privatization’ Exposed as Plundering of the State and Impoverishment of the People by (Mostly Zionist) Oligarchs


America Alarm: State of US infrastructure now national security issue


“The tragedy in Texas has highlighted risk management failures in the U.S. – and raised concerns over ageing infrastructure”

Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots


45s “The 17 that were interrupted by the feds were created by the feds.”

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Fights the System


“Abby Martin talks to former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, discussing her time spent confronting the establishment as a political insider, the Palestine-Israeli conflict and the never-ending War on Terror.”

3m10s “Dynacorp exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young woman and children.”

How the Obama Administration Destroyed A Whistleblower For Exposing Government Waste


“When the NSA wasted billions on a government contractor, Drake tried to do something about it. That was his first mistake.”

“The investigation that would ensnare Drake began in 2006, under the Bush administration. But he wasn’t charged until 2010, when the Obama administrationaccused him of providing information to Baltimore Sun reporter Siobhan Gorman. In 2006 and 2007, she wrote a series of articles on NSA inefficiencies sourced to as many as 18 people, including Drake, who contends that he did not provide any classified information to her.”

“Rather than charging him with leaking classified information, the government charged him with retaining classified information. Over the course of the investigation, however, the government admitted that some of the documents in question had subsequently either been declassified or were never classified to begin with. Between that embarrassing revelation and the attention of good government groups, the case against Drake fell apart.”

Was The Boston Bombing Another FBI-Assisted Plot That “Went Live?”


Switzerland To Buy A Stunning 1,000 Tons Of Physical Gold?




Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks


“Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western and Israeli powers? As tensions are building up for an unthinkable war with Iran, it is worth exploring Iran’s banking system compared to its U.S., British and Israeli counterparts.”

“Some researchers are pointing out that Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was established in Benghazi while the country was still at war.”

“The Rothschilds exert powerful influence over the world’s major news agencies. By repetition, the masses are duped into believing horror stories about evil villains. The Rothschilds control the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. Also they own most of the gold in the world as well as the London Gold Exchange, which sets the price of gold every day. It is said the family owns over half the wealth of the planet—estimated by Credit Suisse to be $231 trillion—and is controlled by Evelyn Rothschild, the current head of the family.”


Jeff Berwick and Jay Taylor: A world changing future for Bitcoin


If you thought the internet was revolutionary, you are wrong. Bitcoin will eclipse the internet.


Bitcoin 2012 London: Mike Hearn



“What’s a ‘False Flag’?” Google Trends Shows Search Term Spike



Mainstream Media: New Information ‘No Assault Riffle Used In Sandy Hook School Shooting’


The independent media confirmed this months ago.


Nuremberg in America


“The tide is turning for America, foreign operatives fronting for global banking interests have been discovered and exposed in high positions of the federal and many state governments. These operatives have been involved in sedition and treason for many years, but only recently has the American public been made aware of this situation.”

Gov favourability 82% to 28% / Bankster-less government / Farage Unleashed: “You Are Common Criminals”

Government Favorability Plummets

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/156877 READ MORE

In the Pew Research Center survey in November 2001, federal government favorability was at a high of 82 percent. Since then that has plummeted, and survey results released Monday showed favorability at a dismal 28%.


Central bankers and lackey bureaucrats should be tried for financial crimes (Godfrey Bloom MEP)


God bless Godfrey Bloom.


Farage Unleashed: “You Are Common Criminals”


 “And then we have a new German proposal that says that actually what we ought to do is confiscate some of the value of peoples’ properties in the southern Mediterranean eurozone states.”

Force Majeur Was the End Game All Along, COMEX Will Default in the Next Week!



The Roman Emperors of today

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/156845 READ MORE

This is the most serious financial crisis we’ve seen at least since the 1930s, if not ever,” Sir Mervyn King.

There are many academic studies that argue over what caused the Roman Empire to collapse – generally however it comes down to monetary, fiscal, political and military issues.


TDV: Jeff Berwick on Bloomberg TV talking about the World’s First Bitcoin ATM



Eighty-five percent of cops say gun control will have no effect on crime in America



Who Will Protect Us From the ‘Protectors’?


Each year, the horror stories of police raids gone badly are brought to our attention – and each year, the number of police home invasions increases, and this year there will be close to 80,000 such “raids,” often done against people for simple drug possession (and many don’t have drugs or any other illegal items in their homes). As for “protectors,” when police engage in these raids, they are protecting no one and certainly any legal doctrine that says police can invade anyone’s house for whatever reason they want is not a doctrine that “protects” the general public.

Police and prosecutors are fond of claiming they “protect” the public from “the bad guys.” There only is one problem with that; for the most part, police and prosecutors are the “bad guys,” and the government has said that we are not permitted to protect ourselves from these predators. As for a so-called War on Cops, there is a war, but it is not on the cops or prosecutors. No, these people are at war with Americans who are not politically or legally-connected.


The 9/11 Reichstag Fire


Reichstag fire, burning of the Reichstag (parliament) building in Berlin, on the night of Feb. 27, 1933, a key event in the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship and widely believed to have been contrived by the newly formed Nazi government itself to turn public opinion against its opponents and to assume emergency powers … his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is supposed to have devised the scheme. … On Feb. 28, 1933, the day after the fire, Hitler’s dictatorship began with the enactment of a decree “for the Protection of the People and the State,” which dispensed with all constitutional protection of political, personal, and property rights.

Once our liberty is surrendered so that the government can go after the ‘terrorists’ the government will go after the intended target. Hint, the ‘terrorists’ they will go after will be the politically independent.


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