BTC@$142>100% from $70 low / George Galloway on Syria – heart & liver eating ‘rebel’

BTC@$142>100% from $70 low

That $70 low for BTC was on 7th July – less than 2 months ago.

George Galloway on Syria

3m20s “People can see the character of the Syrian opposition. They’ve seen the videos, horrific videos. Take a look at the video where one of the commanders of the Syrian revolution cutting open the chest of a human being and eating his heart and liver and video taping himself and putting it up on YouTube because he thought it might be considered attractive. Take a look at the videos of Christian priests having their heads sawn off – not chopped off – sawn off with bread knifes. Even a bishop in the Christian church was murdered by these people. Every religious minority in Syria – there are 23 of those – is petrified of victory of the Syrian rebels that the British Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary have been doing their utmost to supply weapons and money these last 2 years.”

Glenn Beck: Shocking Video- THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria?! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!

The heart and liver eating man.


“Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted to Associated Press journalist Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident which western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, revealing that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia.”

“Proof” Assad Used Chemical Weapons Is One Hundred YouTube Clips (exploding head)

In other words, America may be about to launch World War III on the basis of one hundred videos, which it believes “the Syrian opposition does not have the capability to fabricate.”

“God help us all.”

All this supposedly proves is that chemical weapons may have been released, it does not prove who released the chemical weapons – god help us all, indeed.
Don’t Show Obama This Report About Who Really Is Behind The Syrian Chemical Attacks

“Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.””

Saudi Arabia Goest To “DefCon 2”

“The UK may be out, but Saudi Arabia isn’t taking any chances. Moments ago, Reuters reported that the regime which as we reported is behind the entire conflict in Syria (hint: nat gas) has raised its level of military alertness in anticipation of a possible Western strike in Syria, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.”

Escalation: Vladimir Putin Reportedly Threatens Saudi Arabia With Massive Counter-Strike READ MORE

Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from western media

Flashback : Mercenaries Started Syrian Uprising – So What’s New!!

Many US wars based on ‘fabrications’

Silver Update 8/23/13 Problem Reaction Solution

9m25s “They’re obviously sending a signal to the people who have their savings and retirement in paper, just like they did with the flash crash, just like they did with other outages that they’ve had. They’re letting you know that they can bail in, shut down, close the market any time they want. These are completely rigged computer markets and they can do anything they want with them and they are letting you know that.”

REALIST NEWS – JP Morgan To Face $6 Billion Dollar Fine (video)

But still there isn’t any one going to jail.

NSA Has Been Spying On Members Of Congress For A Long Time

Exactly whose agenda is the NSA following ? That’s classified.

Watch: unelected UK parliamentarian attacks musician for speaking the truth

“World-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy has been attacked by Ruth Lynn DeechBaroness Deech, of Cumnor – a member of the unelected upper chamber of the British Parliament, for speaking the truth at a BBC Proms concert, featuring the Palestinian Strings, a group of talented young musicians aged between 12 and 23.”

The Truth About World War 3

How 1 Black Man Defeated The KKK

See how not racist the libertarian that runs this website is.

Nothing Better to Do – The NSA Goes After Parody T-Shirts READ MORE


Fracking fluid linked to fish die-off

“A new government study found that a 2007 fracking fluid spill in Kentucky killed off several species of fish, including two that were classified as “threatened.” Some of the surviving fish developed gill lesions, liver damage and spleen damage.”

Federal Judge Rules People on No-Fly List Have a Constitutional Right to Travel

This ruling couldn’t have come soon enough.

LED Shower Head to Regulate Length of Your Showers

Another play on the fake scarcity. We must all make do with less so the banksters can have more.

Is Our Leadership About To Commit Treason? – on the same side as al-Qa’ida ?

Is Our Leadership About To Commit Treason? READ MORE

“The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.”

“Many people throw around the word “Treason” with wild abandon, but it in fact has a rather-precise definition.  Treason is the act of waging war against one’s own nation or consciously and purposefully aiding its enemies in a time of war.


U.S. Admits It Has No Idea WHO Carried Out Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack


Syria asks UN to immediately investigate three new ‘chemical attacks’ by rebels

“The attacks took place on August 22, 24 and 25 in Jobar, Sahnaya, and al-Bahariya, Bashar Jaafari told journalists Wednesday.”


Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads

The recruitment of death squads is part of a well established US military-intelligence agenda. There is a long and gruesome US history of covert funding and support of  terror brigades and targeted assassinations going back to the Vietnam war. 

As government forces continue to confront the self-proclaimed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA),  the historical roots of  the West’s covert war on Syria –which has resulted in countless atrocities– must be fully revealed.

From the outset in March 2011, the US and its allies have supported the formation of death squads and the incursion of  terrorist brigades in a carefully planned undertaking.

“Under Negroponte’s helm at the US Embassy in Baghdad, a  wave of covert civilian killings and targeted assassinations had been unleashed. Engineers, medical  doctors, scientists and intellectuals were also targeted.”

F**K, F**K, F**K.

“Washington and its allies replicated in Syria the essential features of the “Iraq Salvador Option”, leading to the creation of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its various terrorist factions including the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra brigades.”

“As in Iraq, factional violence and ethnic cleansing were actively promoted. In Syria, the Alawite, Shiite and Christian communities have been the target of the US-NATO sponsored death squads.  The Alawite and the Christian community are the main targets of the assassination program. Confirmed by the Vatican News Service”

F**K, F**K, F**K.


CIA files implicate Washington in chemical weapons use against Iran – USA’s “moral obscenity”


Selective ‘obscenity’: US checkered record on chemical weapons


Moral Obscenity: Toxic background to US chemical ‘highground’


EU seeks proof on Syria chemical attack


Don’t Attack Syria

“Please ask your MP to vote against military action against Syria.”


Britons tell Cameron NO to war: Only EIGHT per cent want urgent strikes on Syria


Americans Oppose Criminal US Syrian Attack

“Only nine percent are in favor of the US launching an attack.”


Egypt Rejects Military Action in Syria, Will not Participate in It


Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna: “We reject any aggression on Syria”


Compilation of Church statements against military intervention in Syria

“Please see below a compiled list of Church positions against military intervention in Syria, you might find these of interest. I have compiled them in one blog along with a selection of other news stories related to Syrian Christians over the course of 2013. Although each of the links below are back to the specific blog each post has at the end the original link to a mainstream media website where they appeared. I do think there are important viewpoints here that should be referenced in the general discourse on the issue. Not sure if you will want to post them but just want to pass them on to you anyway.”


Syria: Obama’s Pretext for War? The “Rebels” are in Possession of Chemical Weapons

“The pathetic attempt at media “debate” surrounding Obama’s imminent plan to bomb Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack – which morphed from a couple of hours of feigning scepticism straight into accepting unsubstantiated western allegations as fact, and then repeating them verbatim – all have one common theme: that of a reluctant Obama, unwilling to sacrifice “boots on the ground” and desperate to avert wider regional conflict in another endless war in the Middle East. Yet, upon analysing the conflict from a realistic perspective – which was from the onset, a sectarian, foreign-funded insurgency – as opposed to the corporate-media, and western politician’s manufactured fantasy-narrative of a “democratic grass-roots uprising” – it becomes clear that the reluctant facade of Obama has also been manufactured from false media narratives – propagated by the government “sources” that shape them.”


US strike on Syria could touch off Russian counteroffensive: Afshin Rattanzi

“Press TV has conducted an interview with Afshin Rattanzi, an author and journalist in London, about the the US and its allies beating the drums of war on Syria as well as warnings by other countries that such a strike would have dire consequences. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.”


U.S. WC-135C nuclear radiation sniffing plane spotted over Europe. En-route to Syria?

“Is “someone” going to set off a nuke and blame Iran for it?”

A repeat of the USS Maine in Havana harbour, perhaps.


Help Stop Secret Trade Deals,  the TPP and TAFTA: the global Monsanto Protection Act on Steroids!


Massive Flight Of Physical Gold & Silver Out Of West Continues

“The mainstream media is trying to paint this rise in the gold price as related to the conflict in the Middle-East.  That’s bullsh*t.  The Middle-East hasn’t significantly moved the gold market in decades.  But this is the job of the mainstream media — to lie and deceive the public about why the price of gold is really rising.”


Equity Put-Call Ratio Plummets READ MORE

If This Is not a Data Glitch, it Is Remarkable


Jackson Hole Conclave: Central Bankers Plan Global Theft, Massive Pain


Mortgages Plunge 42% from Year Ago in Spain, 38th Consecutive Drop; Signs of Recovery? Spain Need Another Bailout? READ MORE


Presenting The Numerous, Undisputed And Very Clear Signs That India’s Currency Was Set For An Epic Crash

“sought to prevent the conversion of paper into hard currency. Gold. (Which also overnight hit a record high in rupee terms).


Gold is the best safe haven for Indian savers and they know it READ MORE


Chairman Of Zurich Insurance Quits Following CFO Suicide


Just cancelled my PayPal account. My feedback was: “I just use bitcoin now”. READ MORE


Bitcoin offers privacy—as long as you don’t cash out or spend it

“On the surface, Bitcoin seems to be a great way to hide cash. Actually, it’s a terrible way to launder money.”

“That’s the conclusion of a new academic study that analyzed Bitcoin’s blockchain, or the public ledger that records bitcoin transactions. The ledger shows how bitcoins move from one person to another, represented by 34-character alphanumeric addresses.”

When you hear someone say bitcoin is anonymous, it is NOT anonymous.


California students rally to kill school district’s unconstitutional social media policy

At least some Americans are not zombies.


Antipsychotic meds make children three times more likely to develop diabetes, increase suicide rates 20 fold


CrossCountry Trains forced children with special needs to sit on the floor beside the toilets for hours

Tell CrossCountry and its owner, German railway giant Deutsche Bahn, to treat all their customers fairly.


Former NSA Chief Was Worried About “Enemy Of The State” Reputation

“The 1998 Will Smith and Gene Hackman film Enemy of the State portrayed a rogue agency attempting to kill Smith’s character, a lawyer who they believe possesses information that would embarrass the agency.”


2,400 Year Old Wisdom On The NSA, Edward Snowden, And Gun Control

Aristotle attacks tyrants mercilessly in his book, and clearly spells out the criteria which make a leader tyrannical. You may recognize a few of them…


Harvard gun study concludes gun bans don’t reduce the murder rate READ MORE

AG@$25 >31% / WB WB Karen Hudes: Syria’s Assad in way of fascist bankster New World Order

Time to Tell these Crooks they’re Fired-Karen Hudes Read More

“Former World Bank attorney Karen Hudes says she is one of a group of global whistleblowers. Hudes contends, “We’re running out of time. It’s time to tell these thugs and crooks that they’re fired.””

“Hudes goes on to say, “We don’t have to wait for anybody to fire the Fed or Bank for International Settlements . . . some states have already started to recognize silver and gold, the precious metals, as currency . . . there are other alternatives like Bitcoin . . . We, the consumer, can choose which currency to use, and that’s what we’re going to do in very short order.” What’s really going on in Syria? Hudes, who was Senior Counsel and worked at the World Bank for 20 years, charges, “Qatar, who has all this natural gas, wanted to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria to reach the European market. Who’s supplying the European market with gas? Russia. . . . All this business about dead babies and sarin gas is just all to keep us confused.” Hudes says this is not a fight about money but survival of the planet. “We’re dealing with whether we can continue as humanity and have an earth or whether we blow ourselves up. . . . whether we love each other enough to save the world, or we all go to hell in a hand basket,” says Hudes. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes.”

Video of “Rebels” Arming & Firing A Sarin CW Shell Into A Syrian Village.

RF, China walk out of UN SC meeting after US call for immediate action in Syria

What’s the DAMN rush ? The bulls**t is not working as well as all the other times ?

Al Qaeda Rebels Used Sarin Nerve Gas in Syria Attack

“According to a report just released to Swiss TV from the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that the Al Qaeda linked Syrian Rebels used Sarin Nerve Gas.[1]”

“Many sources are reporting that all logic and evidence is pointing to the Syrian Rebels committing this War Crime in Syria”

Nigel Farage Warns “Military Intervention In Syria Could Lead To Something Far Bigger”

“Farage provides a few minutes of common sense”

Well done, Mr Farage, well done.

Syria asks UN to immediately investigate three new ‘chemical attacks’ by rebels

Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia if syria attacked Russian Government outraged by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultans terrorist threats READ MORE

‘Terrorists’ will hit Europe with chemical weapons: Syria READ MORE

“Syria’s deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday that the US, Britain and France helped “terrorists” use chemical weapons in Syria, and that the same groups would soon use them against Europe.”

CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence

“The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what many suspected, that the West’s so-called “evidence” of the latest alleged “chemical attacks” in Syria, pinned on the Syrian government are fabrications spun up from the West’s own dubious intelligence agencies.”

A Victory For Humanity: The American People Have Not Been Brainwashed By Pro-War/Anti-Assad Propaganda

The bulls**t is flying thick and fast.

Syria crisis: Do not send our troops into Syria, say British public

“No War With Syria” Rallies Happening This Saturday August 31 Worldwide

The general public should realise that this political class does NOT work for them.

We need people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Ron Paul and Nigel Farage.

Emergency protest: No attack on Syria

“London: Downing Street, 5—7pm, Wednesday 28th August”

I would be there if I was living in London.

Syria crisis: UK to put forward UN resolution

This much haste should make everyone smell a dirty rat.

The U.S. Has Repeatedly Falsely Accused Others of Chemical and Biological Weapons Use … while using CW themselves

Keiser Report: The Killing of Tony Blair (E489) (ft. George Galloway)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the U.S. regulator’s case against JP Morgan for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, known in polite circles as ‘client hires.’ In the second half, Max talks to George Galloway, a Member of Parliament, about the film, The Killing of Tony Blair, that he is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The film explores the financial killing the former prime minister has made on the mass killings in the various wars he started across the Middle East.”

Glenn Beck: ‘We Don’t Survive’ If We Go Into Syria

6m20s “When you sign your brain away to the two party system, you are signing a suicide pact.”

Benjamin Fulford 8-27-13… “Latest attempt to start world war 3 in Syria a sign of cabal desperation”

Financial Times: “World Is Doomed To An Endless Cycle Of Bubble, Financial Crisis And Currency Collapse”

“To wit: “A stable international financial system has eluded the world since the end of the gold standard.” Q.E.D.”

Indian Rupee Collapses By Most In Over 20 Years

CNBC Core Viewership Drops To Fresh 20 Year Low, Worst Nearly Since Inception

$2.5 Trillion- The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff×7004165

“Goldman Sachs (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS), BP (BP), Total (TOT), Shell (RDS.A), Deutsche Bank (DB) and Societe Generale (SCGLY.PK) founded the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in 2000. ICE is an online commodities and futures marketplace. It is outside the US and operates free from the constraints of US laws. The exchange was set up to facilitate “dark pool” trading in the commodities markets. Billions of dollars are being placed on oil futures contracts at the ICE and the beauty of this scam is that they NEVER take delivery, per se. They just ratchet up the price with leveraged speculation using your TARP money. This year alone they ratcheted up the global cost of oil from $40 to $80 per barrel.”

“A Congressional investigation into energy trading in 2003 discovered that ICE was being used to facilitate “round-trip” trades. ” Round-trip” trades occur when one firm sells energy to another and then the second firm simultaneously sells the same amount of energy back to the first company at exactly the same price. No commodity ever changes hands. But when done on an exchange, these transactions send a price signal to the market and they artificially boost revenue for the company. This is nothing more than a massive fraud, pure and simple.”

Targeting Journalists in Iraq is Pentagon Policy

“The Baghdad snuff video released by WikiLeaks has yet to receive much corporate media play. MSNBC, however, covered the video. In a discussion of the video, Brett McGurk of the Council on Foreign Relations and an NSC member for Bush and Obama, defended the mass murder episode. McGurk said the soldiers fired on journalists because they thought they saw an RPG launcher.”

“How is it trained soldiers mistook camera equipment for an RPG launcher?”

“In fact, part of the mission of the military in Iraq is to target journalists. This was admitted by Eason Jordan in 2005. Jordan at the time was the head of CNN’s news division. During a panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland, Jordan said “he knew of about 12 journalists who had not only been killed by American troops, but had been targeted as a matter of policy.””

“Prior to Jordan’s remarks, Pentagon publicist Victoria Clarke said that journalists who not vetted by the Pentagon were “putting themselves at risk.” In other words, they would be targeted.”

Driving On Portugal’s Ghost Roads: Traffic Crashes By 68% In First Quarter READ MORE

Family sues pharmaceutical company over child brain damaged by flu vaccine

“Johnson went on to say that the vaccine caused febrile convulsions in 0.09 percent of patients who received it in 2010, as well as a febrile reaction in more than half – 57 percent – of small children between the ages of 6-59 months.”

Public school is now officially a prison for your children; Parents not allowed to walk kids to class

“It doesn’t surprise me either, it just disappoints me. When we have become a society that requires parents to outsource the safety of their children to others – especially unarmed school officials – something is deeply, deeply wrong. If anything, schools ought to be allowing armed parents to take their kids to class. That is a “security measure” with teeth.”

No Soup for You America Read More

“I grew up at a time in American history where school children were taught that people in the Soviet Union could not grow food without the express permission of the government and we made fun of the Russians.”

“Now the United States is stating that its citizens may not grow food without the express permission of the government. The daily news media is replete with stories of government harassment against individuals attempting to grow their own food.”

“The two most notable examples of dictators using food a weapon in order to destroy the free will of their people comes from the regime of Stalin.”

“You Are Being Deceived”

“Without your knowledge, you were stolen from your parents at birth and automatically became the judicial propertyof a commercial company pretending to be your government. What you think of as “your” birth certificate is proof  of this action. The biggest secret is that your government is a collection of commercial companies whose only realpurpose is to take as much money from ordinary people as they can, using unlawful actions. Their sole intentionis to keep you poor, in fear and doing whatever they tell you to do.”

“Then there is the United Kingdom Corporation Ltd., formerly known as the “United Kingdom plc”. In passing,anyone who has a National Insurance Number, is automatically deemed to be an employee of the United KingdomCorporation Ltd. The Company policy of that corporation requires each employee, to pay tax and follow all the legislative rules (“statutes”) of that corporation. Anyone who breaks the rules of the corporation will be disciplinedunder the legislation of that corporation.”

So the people of Britain all work for the ‘government’, it’s not the case of the ‘government’ serving the people of Britain.

Freaky Friday: ISON COVER UP/May not be a Comet. Part 1.


Breaking The Silence – Truth And Lies In The War On Terror – John Pilger

Follow the money. A very well done and researched look into the financial reasons behind 9/11

How Americans Are Propagandized About Afghanistan (April 5, 2010)

“On February 12 of this year, U.S. forces entered a village in the Paktia Province in Afghanistan and, after surrounding a home where a celebration of a new birth was taking place, shot dead two male civilians (government officials) who exited the house in order to inquire why they had been surrounded.”

“But enough evidence has now emerged disproving those claims such that the Pentagon was forced yesterday to admit that their original version was totally false and that it was U.S. troops who killed the women”

REALIST NEWS – The John Titor Time Traveler Story Part 1 of 4

37m40s “Please describe in any details you can about the education system in 2036 … The education system has been through many changes. School in 2036 is no longer a political indoctrination system.”

38m55s “Students learn how to learn.”

Tails OS


“Tails is a live system that aims to preserve your privacy and anonymity. It helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer but leaving no trace unless you ask it to explicitly.”

Install Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-12 From PPA in Ubuntu/Linux Mint



Asian FX Bloodbath Re-ignites / WMD lie – 1st Iraq, now Syria / NASDAQ spammed / Gandhi: “Potential Terrorist” ?

Asian FX Bloodbath Re-ignites; Stocks/Bonds All Sliding

David Cameron recalls parliament over Syria crisis

Prime minister Dave can blow hot air out of his arse all day long, I need something called ‘evidence’.

Exactly who benefits from getting NATO and the USA to attack the government of Syria ? The so called Syrian ‘rebels’, that’s who.

Inspectors In Syria Forbidden From Finding Out Who Used Chemical Weapons, Only If They Were Used…

Only in the world of the absurd can the ‘who’ of this crime against humanity be of no concern.

Events will take place that suit the agenda of the criminal cartel that has hold over the western world.

Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies

“With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.”

Syria: Western Chemical Weapons Experts Cast Doubt on Obama Nerve Gas Claims

“Dan Kaszeta, a former officer in the US Army’s Chemical Corps, said tell-tale signs of a chemical weapons attack were conspicuously absent from footage shot in the aftermath of the attack.”

“He said medics treating the victims would have been expected to suffer serious health problems after coming into direct and prolonged contact with the victims, in the absence of protective clothing.”

US almost certain of Syria gas attack as inspectors prepare site visit

“The White House said Sunday it had “very little doubt” that the Syrian government was responsible for a chemical assault that killed hundreds of civilians, as U.N. inspectors prepared to access the site of the attack.”


Syrian Activist: Satellite imagery proves Syrian chemical weapons attack staged by rebels (video)

Big Lies launch wars

“From Al Jazeera America, Democracy Now, National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting, and the BBC, all the same: Misinformation.”

“Democracy Now manipulates viewers. Followers believe it’s a reliable alternative news and information source. At times it is. Too often it’s not. When it matters most, it’s on the wrong side of issues. Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Soros, MacArthur, and other corporate foundations provide funding. They expect payback in return. They’re not disappointed.”

Follow the f**king money.

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making — Paul Craig Roberts

Phone Intercept proves “Terrorists used Chemical Weapons in Homs”

“The recording of the telephone intercept provides critical evidence for the terrorist groups use of a chemical weapon in Deir Ballba, in the countryside of Homs and has been broadcast on Syrian National Television.”

“During the conversation, the member of the Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion told his Saudi Arabian liaison, that the group is comprised of 200 members, who have escaped from al-Bayadah to al-Daar al-Kabera through a tunnel. He added, that the group needs to buy weapons to launch attacks on the city of Homs.”

“The Cairo – based Saudi Arabian financier in return, asked the Syrian terrorists about details about the group and was told, that one of the achievements of the “Battaliaon” was the use of chemical weapons in Deir Ballba.”

Hardly a home grown rebellion if this group have a Saudi Arabian financier.

Look! Former al-Nusrah Rebel Leader ADMITS Chemical Weapons Use in Syria!

Britain’s Daily Mail: U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria”

“We are reproducing herewith from for the record the controversial Daily Mail article pertaining to a US sponsored intelligence operation to launch a chemical weapons attack on Syria and blame it on President Bashar al-Assad.”

“From the outset, the underlying objective was to provide a justification, on “humanitarian grounds”, for a military intervention directed against Syria.”

Angry yet?!?

Because if you are not, you should be!!

An Attack On Syria Would Be the Most Unpopular War Ever

“Support for an attack on Syria amongst Americans is more than three times lower than support for US involvement in Vietnam at the very lowest ebb of the war, illustrating how universally unpopular such a move would be despite the media claiming Obama would “lose credibility” if he does not launch a military assault.”

The War Against Syria Was Planned In 1991; A Nasty And Demonic America Was Born On 9/11

“An American attack on Syria should not surprise anyone. This evil mass murder campaign against the Syrian people and nation was planned over two decades ago, after the end of the Cold War. Syria was listed for regime change by the U.S. government before 9/11 and before the invasion of Iraq.”

“The decision to attack Syria was taken by the nutcases in Washington and their evil masters in Israel when many of us were barely out of the womb so this has been a long time coming, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. That is a lie.”

Syria’s President al-Assad sets the record straight on chemical weapons, UN inspections and Western terrorism

“In an interview with the Russian newspaper of Izvestia, President al-Assad stressed that “the majority of those we are fighting are Takfiris, who adopt the al-Qaeda doctrine, in addition to a small number of outlaws.””

US cannot afford to wait for UN to attack Syria: Officials

“Rep. Eliot Engel (NY), the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has said “this is time for us” to launch cruise missile strikes on Syria, and that the US government cannot afford to wait for the United Nations.”

“There are two reasons for the US to attack Syria without the UN (although doing so is a violation of international law). First, Russia will veto any Security Council resolution against Syria. Second, and most importantly, this USDA Choice bovine excrement about a chemical weapons attack has cratered and opposition to yet another was for the bankers is starting to organize. There is a race between cruise missiles falling on Damascus and Americans marching into Washington DC.”

US ‘banksters’ have Syria in sights

“They seek to “destroy” Syria and would like to see the country descend further into chaos like Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, he said. “Because in chaos they make a lot of money, they ‘rebuild’ a lot of stuff, and there is a lot of contracts.””

U.S. Prepares to Attack Syria — 60% of Americans Are Against It, Obama Has No UN Approval, and No Proof of Who Was Behind Gas Attacks

Senators: Bombing Syria “Responsibility of Civilized Nations Everywhere”

War is peace.

Anti-Syria Western axis coming apart

“As in all criminal conspiracies when results do not go according to plan, the protagonists start blaming one another; and because of the treacherous nature of the conspiracy, the partners-in-crime are eventually prone to feelings of distrust, resentment and paranoia.”

Media’s Reporting on Syria as Terrible as It Was on Iraq

Kerry Plays WMD Card in Next Step Toward War With Syria

“In an entirely hypocritical and factually incorrect official statement, Secretary of State John Kerry (of the Skull and Bones secret society) only one hour ago has made claims against the Syrian President Assad and the Syrian government in 2013 that are eerily similar to the claims made against Saddam Hussein and the government of Iraq in 2003…”

Remember bogus U.S. excuses for Iraq war before attacking Syria: China’s Xinhua

Syria’s Reichstag Moment

“All historians are familiar with how Hitler was able to seize and consolidate power within the German Reichstag. He simply had his henchmen burn the German legislative building to the ground and then blame the Communists, one of the Nazis’ chief rivals. Subsequently, Hitler assumed total dictatorial power, as a pretense to protect the German people, and he was able to eliminate the Communists and the rest, as they say, was history.”

Obama Is Under Immense Pressure

“Obama is under enormous pressure from the Banksters to take out the Iranian regime. The need to take down Iran is necessitated because the Petrodollar is in real trouble due to Iran’s insistence on selling oil to India, China and Russia in exchange for gold…”

President al-Assad: Syria will never become a western puppet state, we will fight terrorism and freely build relationships that best serve the interests of the Syrians

It looks like Syria is where the bankster New World Order will die it’s well deserved death.

Has The CIA’s Phoenix Program Been Resurrected In Syria?

“In 1964, the U.S. had for years been involved in covert operations in Vietnam designed to destabilize the North Vietnamese leadership and goad them into attacking American and South Vietnamese targets. On August 4th, U.S. naval authorities reported one of two recent “torpedo attacks” in the Gulf of Tonkin, torpedo attacks which were later admitted to be entirely faked in order to provide pretext for an open American invasion.”

Foreign Policy: CIA Documents Show the U.S. Helped Saddam Hussein Use Chemical Weapons READ MORE

reveal new details about the depth of the United States’ knowledge of how and when Iraq employed the deadly agents. They show that senior U.S. officials were being regularly informed about the scale of the nerve gas attacks. They are tantamount to an official American admission of complicity in some of the most gruesome chemical weapons attacks ever launched.

Train wreck of a foreign policy demolishes Iraq and now looks set to demolish Syria.

The Quote Blasts That Killed The NASDARK Caught On Tape

“The ‘line’ carrying AAPL’s ticker saw the largest and most egregious quote volumes (spamming perhaps) that eventualy ovehwlemed NASDARK’s creeking infrastructure.”

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

“Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner? Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order? Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times” or do you ever visit alternative news websites (such as this one)? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents.”

If he were alive today I wonder if Mahatma Gandhi would be considered a “potential terrorist”.

Asmussen/Merkel Double Whammy


Despite “Austerity” Greek Debt Is Rising At Its Fastest Rate Since March 2010

“The total amount of Greek government debt outstanding has grown so much over the last 15 months that it has retraced over 60% of the ‘haircut’-based reduction and has jumped a stunning 14.5% in that period. As KeepTalkingGreece notes, this is despite three years of strict austerity measures, incredible taxes and a debt haircut of 53% (~100billion euros in March 2012).”

Seven out of ten Norwegians say no to EU

“Seven out of ten Norwegians would say no in a referendum on joining the EU, according to a new poll by Sentio market research, which finds the opposition is consistent across all age-groups, regions and education levels.”

The Norwegians have good sense.

Holder pressed on U.S. drug agency use of hidden National Security Agency data evidence

“Eight Democratic senators and congressmen have asked Attorney General Eric Holder to answer questions about a Reuters report that the National Security Agency supplies the Drug Enforcement Administration with intelligence”

It’s just a complete free for all.

David Miranda’s detention is a threat to press freedom, say European editors

“In an open letter to David Cameron published in today’s Observer, the editors of Denmark’s Politiken, Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter, Norway’s Aftenposten and Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat describe the detention of David Miranda, the partner of the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, as harassment.”

“They say that the “events in Great Britain over the past week give rise to deep concern” and call on the British prime minister to “reinstall your government among the leading defenders of the free press”.”

“Al-Qaeda jihadist” attacks Million American March!

Hungary Breaks the Banksters Shackles Read More

International Monetary Fund told to vacate the country; nation now issuing debt-free money


Chinese btc market continues to take off, consistently over 50% of MtGox/BitStamp/BTCE aggregate volume

Why Bitcoin is a Better Way to do International Money Transfers (video)

Japan’s 2014 Debt Interest To Rise To Record $257 (billion), Same As Singapore GDP

More disturbing, this is a 14% increase in the debt interest cost in just one year.

Starting to hit escape velocity.

Our Banks Own Airports, Control Power Plants and Much More — How Can We Stop Them from Controlling the Lifelines of the Economy?

“Giant bank holding companies now own airports, toll roads, and ports; control power plants; and store and hoard vast quantities of commodities of all sorts. They are systematically buying up or gaining control of the essential lifelines of the economy. How have they pulled this off, and where have they gotten the money?”

Will Texas Voters Decide Secession at the Primary ballot Box in 2014?

“Even though the measure is non binding. If it is overwhelming in favor of secession. It will send shock waves.”

It is well past time that 330 million Americans should have told this federal government to f**k off.

The Italian government really screwed this poor woman Read More

“Then suddenly, the government changed the rules and required her to pay a day rate to the laborers. And naturally, they set the rate so high, it’s now become impossible for her to harvest at a profit.”

“Even though the workers would gladly and willingly take the same deal as last year, she is now in a position where she has to choose between violating the law, losing money, or just letting the crops deteriorate.”

“The home is another story altogether.”

“Due to its historical nature, the villa was awarded a special status as a sort of national monument years ago. This meant that she was able to make upgrades, improvements, and maintenance investments on a tax-free basis.”

“A few months ago, though, the government revoked this status, retroactively. And they’ve now presented her with a big tax bill that she was never expecting before.”

This is economic warfare.

Philippines:‘Million people march’ set at Luneta against pork barrel scam

“SERIOUS CALL A page from the diary of Peachy Rallonza-Bretaña. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines–Since the controversy surrounding the alleged P10-billion pork barrel scam broke out, there has been a torrent of articles and photos that have linked the now fugitive Janet Lim-Napoles to several legislators. Most of the articles—which first came out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer—allege that Napoles put up a number of non-government organizations or NGOs that accept financial allocations from certain legislators’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for projects. The NGOs turned out to be fake, with Napoles and the legislators themselves said to have pocketed the money.”

Beached Scapewhale: JPMorgan’s Javier Martin-Artajo Arrested In Madrid

The Real Risk at JPMorgan Isn’t Its Legal Mess

“Well, welcome to the Wall Street circa 2013. JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) seems to be mired in a perfect regulatory storm, with some of its European traders facing criminal charges in connection with the London Whale losses, its commodities operations still faced with uncertainty as its aluminum warehouse storage “scandal” continues, and now the “revelation” that the bank hired the children of top Chinese officials in hopes that this would help it win more business”

June Case Shiller Misses, Y/Y Growth Posts First Slowdown Since December 2011

Bob Shiller Warns “None Of This Is Real; The Housing Market Has Become Very Speculative”

Leak of Nations: Secret NSA docs show wiretapping of UN

“There’s a new leak from whistleblower Edward Snowden today – it says that the National Security Agency has been listening in on the United Nations. RT’s Marina Portnaya is in New York and can tell us more about this revelation.”

Still Report 93: Bank For International Settlements [BIS]

“You hear the so-called experts debate on whether or not the Fed will start to “taper” — that is, slowly reduce their money creating through buying government bonds. But if you read this speech made at the BIS it is clear where all central banks will soon be doing — that is reducing the money supply”

Keiser Report: Dutch Blues & Bubble Markets (E488)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Dutch blues and the pay per gaze advertising coming to a pair of glasses near you. Max proposes a scheme of mortgages collateralized by food stamps. In the second half, Max talks to Ann Pettifor of about the Alice in Wongaland economy in the United Kingdom where people borrow from payday lenders in order to live and, instead of lending to the economy, the economy is lending to banks. They also discuss interest rate apartheid, carry trades and public unrest.”

Parents charged with murder of baby that was actually killed by vaccines

Repeated symptoms following vaccinations should have been a clue

It Is Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Cities All Over The United States READ MORE

“What would you do if a police officer threatened to arrest you for trying to share a sandwich with a desperately hungry homeless woman that really needed it?  Such a notion sounds absolutely bizarre, but this is actually happening in major cities all over the United States.  More than 50 large U.S. cities have adopted “anti-camping” or “anti-food sharing” laws in recent years, and in many of these cities the police are strictly enforcing these laws.  Sometimes the goal appears to be to get the homeless people to go away.  Apparently the heartless politicians that are passing these laws believe that if the homeless can’t get any more free food and if they keep getting thrown into prison for “illegal camping” they will eventually decide to go somewhere else where they won’t be hassled so much.  This is yet another example of how heartless our society is becoming.  The middle class is being absolutely shredded and poverty is absolutely exploding, but meanwhile the hearts of many Americans are growing very cold.  If this continues, what is the future of America going to look like?”

The people of the USA must get a grip on their government DAMN quick.

You Inner Bad Ass

“Embrace your inner bad ass. Forget the inner child.  That was when you needed taking care of.  You can take care of yourself.”

“We were the Ones we were waiting for.”

The Human Race Is Dying: DNA Degeneration Would Eventually Lead To The Total Extinction Of Humanity READ MORE

“The human race is dying.  It certainly won’t happen this year or even this decade, but the steady degeneration of human DNA would eventually lead to the total extinction of humanity given enough time.  The reason that we are heading toward extinction is the increasing number of mutations that are being passed down from generation to generation.  According to Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University, every one of us already carries tens of thousands of harmful mutations, and each of us will pass on approximately 100 new mutations to future generations.  Humanity is degenerating at an accelerating pace, and at some point the number of mutations will become so great that we will no longer be able to produce viable offspring.  This is not going to happen in the immediate future, but already signs of DNA degeneration are all around us.  Despite all of our advanced technology, genetically-related diseases are absolutely exploding.  Our bodies are weak and frail, and with each passing generation it is getting even worse.”

NYPD officer charged with multiple felonies for fabricating the reasons for arresting a New York Times photographer

It is about damn time.

Police becoming law makers: NDAA-type Detentions Being Used in California?

“However, despite California’s apparent advancements toward transparency, the detention of 8 U.S. citizens in Oakland, California is raising concerns among civil liberties experts for its insistence on complete secrecy until the future release of information is determined solely by police.”

“On releasing the names, Quan’s spokesman, Sean Maher, said the mayor deferred to police to “protect the integrity of the investigation.” (emphasis added)”

“Deferring to police instead of the rule of law is what is called a Police State. The police have unilaterally created a program which seems to sidestep core legal principles and are enforcing it with little to no external oversight. But despite criticism, the department is defiant saying that the program will continue and more arrests will be made, with details being given at a future time of their choosing.”

“Perhaps this new program serves as an example of the trickle down tyranny that takes place amid a lawless environment where “authorities” are permitted to be the law makers, instead of law enforcers.”

Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet

“Built from a network of wireless rooftop antennas, the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) now has more than 1,000 members. Data moves “through” the AWMN mesh up to 30 times faster than it does on the telecom-provided Internet.”

Global Warming or Global Governance? 31,000 Scientists Disagree With Al Gore

Silver Bullet Silver Shield 2oz / 5oz Debt Death / Trivium / Freedom Girl BU pre-order request

This post is being made so that my subscribers can register, as a comment to this post, their request for the Silver Bullet Silver Shield 2oz / 5oz Debt Death / Trivium / Freedom Girl brilliant uncirculated.

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not listed yet is the 5 oz Freedom Girl.

2oz-5oz SBSS DD-Tr-FG

Separation of Bank and State, The wealth transfer effect of bitcoins / Syria false flag, again

Separation of Bank and State READ MORE

“Over four decades ago, F.A. Hayek made the same proposal but, at the time, it seemed to have little chance of  becoming a reality. He argued for the denationalization of money, an abolition of the government monopoly over the money supply, and the institution of a regime of competitive private issuers of currency. [1]”

“Hayek wanted to make it increasingly impossible for governments to restrict the international movement of individuals, money and capital, and thereby to safeguard the ability of dissidents to escape oppression. Another reason was stop the recurring bouts of acute inflation and deflation that result in banks foreclosing on family farms and homes. In addition to that, Hayek wanted to bring a full stop to inflation spending that robs the individual of their labor in order to finance unnecessary wars.”


The wealth transfer effect of bitcoins READ MORE


But of course: Israel Claims To Have Intercepted “Syrian Regime Chatter” Confirming Assad Behind Attack

“The planting and harvesting of false flags in Syria will need a crop rotation following the latest “revelation” by Germany’s Focus magazine (on Saturday), subsequently reported by the Times of Israel, that Israeli Defense Forces had listened in on senior Syrian officials discussing a chemical attack last Wednesday. TOI reports that “according to the report Saturday in Focus magazine”


As the government of Israel would like this to be true, we have to be sceptical.



It’s the same photograph of Palestinian claiming to be of Syrian.



Evidence Indicates that Syrian Government Did Not Launch a Chemical Weapon Attack Against Its People


Russia: Syrian rebels preventing probe into alleged chemical attack


The BBC: A Criminal Instrument in the War on Syria

“Evidently, the BBC was not satisfied with the propaganda pieces I referred to in yesterday’s article, so it’s come out with another, equally audacious piece of fiction that reiterates, again without any proof, the same drivel it peddled to us yesterday (and the day before).”


An Appeal Against Attacking Syria – Mairead Maguire, Nobel peace laureate

“Mairead Maguire, Nobel peace laureate, today appealed to the Rt. Hon. William Hague, British Foreign Minister, and M. Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, to stop calling for military action against Syria which, she said, will only lead the Middle East into even more violence and bloodshed for its people.”


BBC and Democracy Now! Syrian Chemical Weapons Coverage: An exercise in Imperial deception


Syria Information Minister: We have incontrovertible proof that terrorists used chemical weapons


Materials implicating Syrian govt in chemical attack prepared before incident


“Military Intervention In Syria”, US Training “Rebels” Since 2011 And The Complete Grand Plan – The March 2012 Leak


Stephen Lendman: False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack on Syria

“False flags are an American tradition. They’re an Israeli tradition. They’re used strategically.”

“They’re pretexts for militarism, wars, mass killing and destruction, occupations, domestic repression, and other extremist national security state measures.”


Americans Strongly Oppose U.S. Intervention In Syria’s (so called) Civil War Read More


That moment when you appreciate how useful Bitcoin really is..

“Yesterday I went to the bank to make a international wire transfer to Bitstamp. My account is with Bank of America.”

Cut out the bankster.


This batch of soap was made with bitcoins. We’re getting closer to a closed-loop economy!

Cut out the bankster.


Bitcoin & Mt.Gox was ridiculed when they had to stop trading. NASDAQ has an epic failure and noone says peep.


Chinese Bitcoin Investing Chinese Investors Flock to Bitcoins READ MORE


Canadian Startup CoinTap Sells Bitcoin Gift Cards to Help Adoption READ MORE


What’s Driving Treasury Yields?

“The 10Y Treasury yield has jumped nearly 130bp from its low point in early May. Given the tight ranges and low volatility of yields during the most of QE era, this kind of move in just over 3 months seemed stunning to some investors. Consequently, the question that has come up often recently is: what has been driving Treasury yields?


New Home Sales Crater To Lowest Since October; Biggest Drop Since May 2010; Median Home Price At 6 Month Low


“Hello Scotia Mocatta, It’s JPMorgan… Yes, Again… We Need More Gold”


JP Morgan Crimes Pile High Read More


Third bailout for debt-laden Greece ‘inevitable’, Eurogroup chief concedes as crisis rears its head again


Pentagon Prepping for ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ Read More

High level government documents reveal that the Pentagon is preparing in full force for ‘large scale economic meltdown’ and massive revolt via the US public — exactly what we are criticized for doing.

“You see the Pentagon and agencies like the Department of Defense (DoD) are in full scale emergency readiness in their own words for ‘cataclysmic’ events that are believed to ultimately ignite riots in the face of chaos and economic collapse, and it’s all out in the open. And it’s one of the reasons that we’re seeing such a massive amount of spying on activists of all kinds, alternative news writers and personalities, and basically anyone preparing for themselves.”

“What does this mean exactly, to engage in the activity necessary to quell large-scale civil disturbances? Well, for one it is the blank check ability to go ahead and stop major protests amid domestic turmoil. The kind of protests we’re seeing around the world, from Egypt to Brazil. The kind of protests where citizens have had enough.”

“And going by the Pentagon documents mixed with the DoD papers, it appears the military believes America may take to the streets amid an economic collapse or ‘domestic disturbance’ of large caliber. And you can be sure that virtually all citizens that question the government are the targets of military intervention, as we see in the DoD’s own Army Modernisation Strategy, detailing ‘anti-government and radical ideologies that potentially threaten government stability‘ as a major threat.”


Financial Calamity Is Coming: Be Worried, Be Careful — Jim Rogers

“Famed investor Jim Rogers says, “This is the first time in recorded history all the banks are printing money at the same time. This is the first time we’ve had massive debasement, and it’s going to end very badly no matter what they say.””


Could marijuana be GOOD for mental health? Breakthrough study claims the drug could be used to help treat depression


4 Year Old Girl’s Vegetable Garden Must Go, Says USDA


Company Charged for Covering Up Animal Deaths from GMO Corn

Can’t be Monsatan because the Congress passed a bill supposedly granting them judicial immunity.


Fracking Boom Slouching Toward Bust

“That’s right, we’re talking about The Biggest Development in the energy world since the birth of the sun, the Revolution that is freeing America forever from bondage to oil imports.”

“But here’s the thing: though this revolution is only a few years old, it’s already losing steam. There are two big reasons why.”


Groundwater Contamination May End the Gas-Fracking Boom


Prescription drug death epidemic continues: Can Big Pharma be stopped?

“Death by prescription drug continues to be a major health problem in the United States, as Big Pharma remains influential and dominant in traditional medical practice. But a noted neurosurgeon and contributing CNN health expert may represent the first chink in Big Pharma’s formidable armor, according to a recently published commentary he authored, in which he discussed the scope of the problem.”

“The most common occurrences; however, according to Franklin, involve men in their 40s or 50s who went to see a doctor for back pain, and who then walked out of the office with a prescription for painkillers. An average of three years later, many of those same men die in their sleep from taking too many pills and mixing them with alcohol.”

“They’re not trying to kill themselves, say the medical professionals, but some 20,000 times annually, or once every 19 minutes on average, that’s what happens.”


Big Pharma invents yet another disease to sell deadly drugs: ‘Shift Work Disorder’ now used to push medication that may kill you


NSA Agents Used Company Resources To Spy On Former Spouses

Assume that every abuse is taking place.


When governments use terrorism laws to silence journalists, anti-terrorism has run its course


Americans no longer buy what the government says

And the rest of the world.


Stop the Outrageous Lobbying Bill That Would Criminalize Campaigning!



Declassified FISA Court Opinion Shows NSA Lied Repeatedly To The Court As Well

When an ordinary member of the public lies to the government they go to jail so what do you suppose will happen to the NSA puke who lied to a court room judge ?

Nothing, because we have a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT. How could it be otherwise ?


Lavabit founder: ‘My own tax dollars are being used to spy on me’

Should I save tax by handing over all my personal effects ?


‘We don’t have kings in America’: Parents’ outrage forces elementary school to scrap policy requiring students to KNEEL before principal

If only there was a man dated punishment for behaving like nobility. Perhaps the original 13th amendment.


Did You Get the Memo? Be Afraid America! Read More

“We have grown accustomed to the tyranny at the Federal level. The CIA is the most efficient organized criminal operation on the planet. The spy tactics of the NSA would make the East German Stasi green with envy. With the NSA watching our every move, nobody should feel safe for fear of being branded an enemy of the state. Even journalists are feeling the brunt of the new found bravado of the globalists. The systematic murders of journalists such as Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings for getting “too close” are stark reminders that our republic democracy is a facade and has degenerated into a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


Now Egypt looks to ‘expose’ Obama

“The evidence is mounting that the military government currently ruling Egypt has decided to embarrass the Obama administration as part of a strategy to suppress Muslim Brotherhood activity in Egypt.”

“Last week, WND reported that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television that identified Malik Obama, the Kenyan half-brother of President Obama, as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.”

“In the speech, Gebali said she would like “open files” to expose nations like the United States that are resisting the current military-controlled government of Egypt by continuing to support “terrorist” groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Stand Up for Yourselves, You Can’t Remain Quiet

“If you could walk into the Capitol building and speak to Congress all at once, what would you say to them? Would you tell them that you know they’ve all been bribed to ignore us while they serve corporations, swear at them and tell them they’re all fired? That would sound pretty silly coming from one person, wouldn’t it. What if every one of us had that opportunity and we all said the same thing to them? They would still ignore us, individually, wouldn’t they.”


The Gangster State

“The term ‘Police-State’ has been replaced.”

“If we were living in a Police State there would still be laws.”

“Illegal laws, but there would still be some law.”

“Today Amerika is totally lawless,”

“Welcome to the Gangster State of Amerika!”


Liberty in transit: What the detention of David Miranda signifies for Britain

“To hear one set of commentators, the Intelligence Services have magical powers of insight into the world and what constitutes national security, and are devoid of self-interest or error. They should be free to arrest and question who they like, however they like, and have any power they say they need. So what if the law is bent a bit? Who cares if bad people get hurt?”


Coptic Christians March on Washington: ‘We Support the Egyptian Army’ Read More


DoD Training Manual: ‘Extremist’ Founding Fathers ‘Would Not Be Welcome In Today’s Military’

Material lists people concerned with “individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place” as potential extremists

Would Mahatma Gandhi be considered a potential extremist ?


FBI granted power to delay citizenship for Muslims, ACLU report says


Flashback: US forces ‘used chemical weapons’ during assault on city of Fallujah


Thousands of Bahrainis march peacefully for democratic reforms


Bloomberg’s Public Housing Fingerprinting Idea Stuns, Infuriates Residents

“The mayor wants to fingerprint more than 600,000 people who live in public housing. He said it would be done to make the projects safer.”


Forgotten fact: night of 9/11, Iran: spontaneous candlelight vigil to express sympathy and support for the American People


Private School in Arkansas Arms Its Teachers with Guns

Doing what they do in Switzerland and in Israel.


6 people shot overnight in Chicago

“At least six people were shot overnight in Chicago, including an 11-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy.”


15 people show up at Richmond Bloomberg anti-gun rally


CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve


University panel discusses cutting off food, bioweapons to reduce population

“Edible vaccine supporter and head of the Biodesign Institute for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, Dr. Charles Arntzen has recently responded to questions about the issue of overpopulation with the following sardonic remarks, “Has anybody seen Contagion? That’s the answer! Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus [to wipe out the population]“.”

AG@$24 >25% from $19 low / Million March Against Fear on 9/11/13 / WB Bradley Manning



One million Americans to march against fear on September 11

While a war on a tactic – terror being the tactic in question – does not make sense, a war on an emotion – fear being the tactic in question – as a countermeasure to the nonsensical war on terror, a march against fear makes perfect sense.


Zbigniew Brzezinski Still Admits The Global Political Awakening Proving Very Difficult For The Elite (Published on Oct 8, 2012)

“Here is Zbigniew Brzezinski once again admitting that the globalists are in fear of the global awakening that is currently happening across the world. People are waking up to the fact that the governments are all power hungry and corrupt and are not there to serve the interests of the people, but that of the global elite and the multi-billion dollar corporations. This lecture was given about a week ago in his home country of Poland.”

“Here are a few quotes from this globalist:”

“”We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans””

“”The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ” ― Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era”

‘DOMINATED BY AN ELITE’ – if anyone with a 3 second attention span missed it.

“”In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.” ― Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era”

‘TO MANIPULATE EMOTIONS AND CONTROL REASON’ – if anyone with a 3 second attention span missed it.


Syrian rebels’ Damascus chemical cache found by Assad army – State TV

“The Syrian army discovered a storehouse belonging to rebels in the Damascus area of Jobar, where toxic chemical substances – including chlorine – have been produced and kept.”

Military sources reported that the militants “were preparing to fire mortars in the suburbs of the capital and were going to pack missiles with chemical warheads.”

“It is now crucial to find out where the rebels are getting the chemicals from, defense consultant Moeen Raouff told RT.”

What would the so called rebels want with chemical weapons ?


Jackson Hole Presenter Warns: “Bottom Could Fall Out Of The Economy As It Did In The Great Depression”


International Law Required Manning to be a Whistleblower


Chris Hedges On Bradley Manning Being Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

5m “In my mind he is a political prisoner.”


Ann Wright On Bradley Manning Being Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

1m “prosecute those that actually committed the criminal acts and not Bradley Manning.”

1m30s “We don’t know what the government witnesses had said about the harm done to the united states. We have no idea about it because, again, it’s part of the secrecy of America”

2m “reveal criminal acts committed by the united states.”

2m40s “And it’s part of our life and culture that if we see something wrong, we should say something. As the government tells us

4m5s “a chilling effect on all others who might be thinking about exposing government malfeseance, government misuse of it’s own power and resources.”


Moody’s puts major U.S. Biggest banks on review for DOWNGRADE READ MORE




Singapore Source – West Is Now Running Out Of Physical Gold


Keiser Report: NSA-spread Digital AIDS (E487)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that banks are lobbying to force credit unions to become banks in order to destroy the Move Your Money competitive threat. They also discuss frontrunning the NSA and the digital AIDS they’ve spread. In the second half, Max talks to former government official, Catherine Austin Fitts of about extricating yourself from the tapeworm economy.”


American People to Barack Obama on Gun Control: “Our Eyes Are Wide Open!” READ MORE


US soldier apologizes for Afghan massacre that claimed 16 civilians


Child abuse ? School Pressured to Stop Making Kids Kneel Before the Principal READ MORE

“In San Bernardino County, southern California, parents got a rude awakening in the form of a flyer from an outraged parent. Yes, for some time, Calimesa Elementary School had a policy unbeknownst to parents that involved making the children kneel down on one knee with arms at the their sides at various times throughout the day.”


A British judge just let a man guilty of rape and child pornography walk free.

Click here to sign — it just takes a second.


10Y@2.94 / Nasdaq/NYSE halted / 3rd Greek bail-out aka insolvent foreign creditors aid / Fukushima / Fracking & earthquakes

How Soaring Yields Are About To Make A 5 Year Bond Auction Into A 7 Year Reopening

NASDAQ Halts Listed Securities, Options Trading

(Almost) Everything Halted Due To “Extraordinary Market”


So Far 1.3x Greeces Have Been Bailed Out… And More Is Coming

“Tepco Has Lost Control” – What Is Really Happening At Fukushima In Four Charts

What will become of us in this Fukushima irradiated world ?

New research shows that Fracking procedures caused 100 earthquakes in just 1 year

US Mint Silver/Gold Eagle Sales Ratio Explodes to Staggering 500/1!

Are You Prepared for the Economic Disaster Ahead Predicted by This Week’s POTUS & Banker Meeting? READ MORE

Financial SYSTEM is BANKRUPT, FED Turning Us Into SERFS: Gregory Mannarino & Jason Burack (video)

5m20s “If the bond market blows up every thing else is going to blow up.”

9m10s “The Chinese are on pace to buy over 100% of annual mine supply this year.”

13m5s “That’s why the debt problem is the largest problem facing mankind, greater than al qaeda, greater than terrorism, greater than a nuclear exchange.”

The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

“The Memo confirmed every conspiracy freak’s fantasy: that in the late 1990s, the top US Treasury officials secretly conspired with a small cabal of banker big-shots to rip apart financial regulation across the planet.”

Not so f**king confidential now, is it.

Reinventing Feudalism in America: How can existing home sales go up when mortgage applications are falling? READ MORE


Elizabeth Warren Reads Riot Act to Holder for Not Prosecuting Big Bank Mortgage Fraud

“Okay, so Senator Warren actually wrote a polite, detailed letter to Attorney General Holder. There was no shouting or acrimony.”

BOOM: FLAHERTY SAYS U.S. QE POLICY MAY BE TOPIC AT NEXT G-20 MEETING!!! Canada Is Not A Friend Of QE, May Throw Bernanke Under Bus At Next G-20!

Game Over: America Has Accepted Her Enslavement READ MORE

“I have concluded that Americans do not even know what has hit them as we continue our slide into third world status. Yes, America you have almost arrived to third world status. If one takes away the top 1% in our country, we are a third world country. When more of us are on welfare (101 million people) than are working (97 million people), we have become a welfare state. A welfare state is representative of absolute poverty. At this rate, our poverty will soon rival the poverty rates of any third world nation.”

News of chemical weapons attack in Syria published one day before massacre happened – Islamic Invitation Turkey

“The Islamic politics and cultural website Islamic Invitation Turkey claims that several videos were uploaded one day before the reports on chemical weapons use near Damascus in Syria. This evidence shows that the terrorists massacred people then recorded the scenes to deceive the world, but they gave themselves away. Terrorists in Syria uploaded the video of their crimes in East Ghouta, Damascus on August 20, 2013 and then blamed the Syrian government for the attack early on August 21, 2013, says the IIT website.”

These false flags are getting more and more incompetently executed.

US, Israel, Saudi Arabia real Axis of Evil

This is an alliance, this axis of evil. It is an alliance of countries that are attacking other countries unprovokingly trying to take them over and disrupt them.

It is desire for hegemony over petroleum interests; these are war machines that are making tons of money for a lot of people. You just need to do research and find out who is making the money; where the money is going to.

The detention of David Miranda was an unlawful use of the Terrorism Act

“Theresa May can try to justify the use of schedule 7, but officials knew Miranda was no terrorist and they held him anyway”

“However, it is also right that schedule 7 powers can only be used “for the purpose of determining” whether the detained person is a terrorist. The use of the power to detain and question someone who the examining officer knows is not a terrorist is plainly not for this purpose, so it would neither be within the spirit nor the letter of the law.”

“There is no suggestion that Miranda is a terrorist, or that his detention and questioning at Heathrow was for any other reason than his involvement in his partner Glenn Greenwald’s reporting of the Edward Snowden story. The state has not even hinted there is a justification beyond that involvement. While there may be relevant facts of which I know nothing, it is reasonable to proceed on the basis that was the reason for the powers being used.”

Coalition battle looms over anti-terror laws after Greenwald partner detention

“Nick Clegg and Theresa May are heading for a confrontation over the future of Britain’s anti-terror laws in the aftermath of the controversy over the detention of the partner of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald.”

“As Europe’s human rights watchdog warned that the treatment of David Miranda could have a “chilling effect” on press freedom, senior Liberal Democrat sources indicated they were prepared to press for major revisions to the Terrorism Act 2000.”

SFO joins investigation into JP Morgan’s £3.9bn ‘London Whale’ losses

About damn time.

SEC Whistleblower Gary Aguirre on the Fake Crackdown on Wall Street Crime

“In 2005, Gary Aguirre was senior council at the Securities Exchange Commission. He investigated a case involving insider trading at a major hedge fund, Pequot Capital Management.”

“After a little digging, it became apparent that the soon-to-be CEO of Morgan Stanley, John Mack, was involved. Mack also happened to be a major campaign contributor to George W. Bush. Mr. Aguirre’s supervisor warned him that Mack was untouchable due to his political connections. So Pequot’s attorneys met with the SEC Director of Enforcement. The result? The case would be — first “narrowed” — then Mack’s testimony was delayed. The statute of limitations for Mack eventually ran out, and Mr. Aguirre complained about Mack’s “political clout.” Big mistake. Because he was promptly fired. Bob speaks with Gary Aguirre about his experience at the SEC.”

It’s All About the Love…

[Ed. Note: A very small reminder that love has no borders and sees no differences. We are all in this mess together.]


White House Picks Creepy Panel to Review NSA Programs READ MORE

It’s the people of the world who will review the NSA programs.

“This Is Demolishing The Trust In The Government!” Dan Rather – “50% see him as a hero and 50% see him as a traitor”. Liar. It’s more like 90 -10

7m5s “The national security state has gone far too far.”

The highest law of the USA says it should be a free state.

7m25 “I think when you balance what the government needs to do in order to keep us safe…”

The highest law of the USA does NOT say the government should keep the people safe.

Celebrity arrests could soar after horrified police discover Jimmy Savile’s secret lair at record shop Read More @

Names and sexual details of hundreds of girls were scrawled across huge wall in a scene from a horror film

“raised fears Savile was at the centre of a “celebrity” [Ed. Note: **Think “Elites”] paedophile ring.”

In Berlin, bitcoins readily replace the euro READ MORE

More stores in the German capital are accepting bitcoin payments, the cyber currency until recently used primarily for online purchases. Its success lies in disgruntlement with conventional banks due to the crisis but also due to genuine financial advantages.

“For now, Florentina has not converted her bitcoins into euros. Everything she earns in bitcoins, she spends for herself in the neighbourhood.”

This is the way the euro currency will die.

“Because it is “decentralised”, the alternative currency, as well as being trendy, is seen as closer to the consumer,”

Why the Chinese Love Bitcoins

“Bitcoin isn’t controlled by any government. That’s part of why the virtual currency is so popular in China, a country where the government controls the flow of money overseas and keeps a tight rein on what it views as undesirable behavior at home. Chinese investors love having the option of buying Bitcoins in yuan and selling them in U.S. dollars or other hard currency.”

You’re Paying Interest on a Loan that Never Existed

“The Banking Fraud & Ponzi Scheme was exposed on New Zealand Television where a short exposē into where money is created has opened a small but ever so growing can of worms. Nice to see this slowly making it’s way into mainstream media. Money is created out of thin air. Banks have been scamming the people for many years and a few of us are fighting back.”

Viewpoint: Agenda 21 takes away the right to own property

“All of this began at the Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The gathering was chaired by Maurice Strong, a billionaire and long time employee of the United Nations.”

“Judi McCloud of the Canada Free Press wrote: “It was in an admiring way that CBC reporter Ann-Marie MacDonald described Strong as a sort of “cross between Rasputin and Machiavelli.” Strong has said “The Ten Commandments are out of date. They will be replaced by the 18 principles of the Earth Charter.” Several of the world’s wealthiest and powerful men crafted their own document, which they named the Earth Charter. That document abandoned the Ten Commandments, replacing it with a declaration of an environmental replacement.”

Of course these billionaires will be exempt from these 18 principles.

Child abuse ? SWAT team performs realistic hijacking drill on school bus filled with children

“The occupants of the bus were unaware of the details of the drill, for added terror and realism.”

Is anyone as absolutely outraged as I am ?

Sign the New Declaration of Independence

Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus Ltd. The Obeids of the federal government.

“Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, is estimated to be worth over $200 million via her company Ingeus Limited which she started in 1989 with Labor Party government contracts.”

“The evidence suggests that it was no rags-to-riches fairy tale and that Kevin Rudd had a huge hand in backroom government deals to help their company get rolling. As we know if it’s seems too good to be true then it probably is and some of the evidence leaves one very disturbed.”

Health Insurance: A Billion-Dollar Middleman

“With healthcare reform making the news almost every single day, the topic has politicians of all parties riled up, insurance companies crying panic, and the rest of us – well, mostly just confused. Are we supposed to dread the premiums that, the insurance companies tell us, will surely but inexplicably skyrocket?”

‘Let’s tax the sun’: Spain’s new tax on solar panels has shocked international publications like Forbes for its “stupidity”

Al Gore: Climate Change Deniers Like Racists, Homophobes, Alcoholics, Smokers

“Poor Al. He wanted to be the world’s first Carbon Billionaire and mother nature just didn’t get the memo. So Al and his fellow carbonazis are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ad hominem attacks on those people who actually looked at the data and asked questions for which Al Gore has no answers.”

Man-made global warming was all about the very few getting insanely rich by getting the rest of us to transfer our wealth to them.

Why Is The Government Leaving Our Most Critical Infrastructure Wide Open To Terror Attacks? READ MORE

If the government fails to protect the public then the public must give the government more power to protect – is that how the argument is supposed to work ?

False Flag Alert: U.S. intelligence Warns of Al Qaeda Train Attack


“Here is another type of genetically modified chicken. The big and large, six weeks to slaughter chicken. In this case the birds have been genetically modified to grow larger faster and fed with hormones, carcinogens, GMOs, corn pills, arsenic and drugs so they become so large they often cripple under their own weight. They suffer with ammonia, bronchitis, weakened immune system, failed organs and respiratory problems.[2]”

“Everything the chickens eat, we eat when we eat the chickens. In other words: consumers of factory farmed chickens partake of the same hormones, drugs, antibiotics, GMOs and carcinogens fed to the chickens. These birds are also fed caffeine to keep them awake and arsenic to calm them down.”

Why is Manning in jail why Bush and Cheney go free?

The US government is bankrolling the engineering of humans READ MORE

“If you still remember a piece of paper called the US Constitution, you might wonder under what section of that document the government is permitted to alter the human species.”

“A current Pentagon plan to create a biological platform inside the human body, using it to deliver new genetic information, and thus changing what the human body is and does…well, that is about as outrageous as you can get, when it comes to the violation of permitted federal powers.”

Meet “BOSS”: The Department of Homeland Security’s Facial Scanning Program Read More

“Did you catch that? This is the DHS, the ridiculously dangerous, cancerous, gargantuan waste of money our “leaders” foolishly created after 9/11 to prevent “terrorism.” Whereas in the beginning most people actually believed the DHS was there to stop cave dwellers with terroristic tendencies, it is now completely clear that its primary mission is to protect the oligarchs and political criminals from domestic dissent.”

Adolf Hitler was able to find psychopaths and sociopaths to do crimes for him, what makes people think today’s society doesn’t have psychopaths and sociopaths willing to do the crimes for the next Adolf Hitler type ?

League of Criminals: Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War Read More

“Plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, filed a complaint in March 2013 in San Francisco federal court alleging that the planning and waging of the war constituted a “crime of aggression” against Iraq, a legal theory that was used by the Nuremberg Tribunal to convict Nazi war criminals after World War II.

The government of the USA is now the modern equivalent of the government of 1940s Nazi Germany.

Official Rules for Success in John Boehner’s Office: “Don’t Talk to the Press” and “Always Say Yes” READ MORE

The Psychopath Next Door – Jodi Arias beneath the mask of sanity

Mother’s fury after police ‘shot dead her son with a Taser when they mistook him for prisoner on the run with the same name’

“Greater Manchester Police say they they were called to a disturbance involving a knife and the Independent Police Complaints Commission has confirmed the force has told them Jordan Begley was carrying a knife.”

“But Mrs Begley insists she never mentioned a weapon and her son was at no point holding a blade.”

Should it be established that there wasn’t an offensive knife, and not a kitchen knife, then will the lying police officer be punished ?

Georgia shooter gives ‘off his meds’ as reason for school shooting


Drugs not guns.

Teacher yells at student because of a question he asked about Obama

“North Rowan High School Teacher defends Obama in front of students. Don’t disrespect The President!!!”

Hey teacher, defending a politician is NOT, NOT your job.

Police taser man to get him off a roof (his own roof), choke & drag him face-down across a staircase, killing him

The non-Federal non-Reserve on Trial / journalism = terror / Syrian Chemical Attack – “False Flag”



MUST WATCH: Federal Judge Rules Bernanke MUST Testify: The Federal Reserve on Trial

2m55s “Perhaps will reveal the fed’s illegal operations and will be the beginning of dismantling the fed. The so called federal reserve, that has no reserve, it is not part of the federal government but enjoys federal protections.”


David Miranda’s detention had no basis in law, says former lord chancellor

“Lord Falconer, who helped introduce Terrorism Act 2000, criticises home secretary’s backing of police action at Heathrow”


Are David Miranda and Caroline Lucas victims or criminals?

“The detention of a journalist’s partner and a Green MP reopen the debate over state power”


Gangster State US/UK — Paul Craig Roberts

“On July 23 I wrote about how the US reversed roles with the USSR and became the tyrant that terrifies the world. We have now had further confirmation of that fact. It comes from two extraordinary actions by Washington’s British puppet state.”

“David Miranda, the Brazilian partner of Glenn Greenwald, who is reporting on the illegal and unconstitutional spying by the National Stasi Agency, was seized, no doubt on Washington’s orders, by the puppet British government from the international transit zone of a London airport. Miranda had not entered the UK, but he was seized by UK authorities.”


Guardian editor on Miranda detention: ‘Terror and journalism being aligned’

“The UK government created a “lawless bit of Britain” under the terror act which suspends all checks and balances, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger said in an interview, adding that the paper is financing David Miranda’s lawsuit against the Home Office.”


Can you take a few seconds to sign our open letter of support for The Guardian newspaper and its journalists?


Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years BEHIND BARS

This will not stand.


Hundreds Dead In Syrian Chemical Attack As Even Impartial Experts Allege “False Flag”


US-Led Incursion into Syria from Jordan Underway.


Mapped: The 7 Governments the U.S. Has Overthrown

“The era of CIA-supported coups dawned in dramatic fashion: An American general flies to Iran and meets with “old friends”; days later, the Shah orders Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh to step down. When the Iranian military hesitates, millions of dollars are funneled into Tehran to buy off Mossadegh’s supporters and finance street protests. The military, recognizing that the balance of power has shifted, seizes the prime minister, who will live the rest of his life under house arrest. It was, as one CIA history puts it, “an American operation from beginning to end,” and one of many U.S.-backed coups to take place around the world during the second half of the 20th century.”

The storm troopers of the Imperial Empire.


New Zealand Prime Minister Flees Press Conference When Confronted on Illegal Spying Read More

“You can just skip to minute 12 in the video below to get to the money shot.”


If You Have Nothing to Hide, Be Very Worried READ MORE

“The first reason why private information should remain private is that the state — the whole apparatus of government, all branches, all levels — has an incentive to use your information against you. There, as elsewhere, incentives matter.”


War court conducts secret hearing in 9/11 case

“An Army judge ordered alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his co-defendants removed from the war court Monday and held the first secret hearing of the 9/11 capital tribunal on a government motion that’s so secret the public cannot know what it was.”

Justice MUST be seen to be done, not this.


Concord NH Send Message to DHS: Not On Our Watch

“The DHS Grant application for the LENCO BearCat was resubmitted as a result of the overwhelming opposition, and have received approval with the controversial statements removed from the new application – all mention of the Free State Project, Occupy New Hampshire or the Sovereign Citizens would be removed.”

They’re making this s**t up, aren’t they ?


Keiser Report: US High Cathedral of Fraud (E486)

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Mom and Pop investors taken out on a slab and their wealth burnt to a crisp by the high cathedral of fraud that is the New York Stock Exchange and its degenerate priests of high finance. Max proposes a scheme of mortgages collateralized by food stamps. In the second half, Max talks to Owen Jones, a columnist at the Independent and author of Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, about the prejudice of George Osborne’s policies which takes nearly £12 billion from housing benefit for the poor and shifts it to property speculation schemes for the middle class.”

3m50s “Hank Paulson, I believe, met with a bunch of Goldman Sachs related hedge funds and he told that in fact that the U.S. government would bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when he was telling publicly and he told Congress and therefore the public of America that they would not that they definitely, definitely would not.”


Gold Standards Suck – Mike Maloney (Ep 3 Preview – Hidden Secrets Of Money)

“‘If we have gold standards, we’re going to get scammed again’.”


We Are Now On The Verge Of A Historic Meltdown & Collapse

“This surge in interest rates may have already seriously destabilized the entire financial system, and that’s why there is this meeting taking place in the White House today.  The fact is that the vast majority of derivatives in the global financial system are related to interest rates.”


The penny drops: Bank report acknowledges Bitcoin’s disruptive effect (Bitcoin: A Chapter in Digital Currency Adoption)

“Fiat money displaced commodity currencies, which had previously replaced barter. Nowadays, digital currencies are challenging conventional money just like plastic cards are favored over bills and coins. Soon electronic wallets may be preferred over debit cards. This reflects lower transaction costs and greater convenience. Digital currencies are easier to handle than cash, checks and plastic cards, and can be carried in mobile devices such as smartphones and handheld personal computers. In addition, worldwide acceptance of a digital currency would stimulate international transactions and increase the supply of financial services to a greater amount of people.”

“From an institutional perspective, even though today’s money is increasingly moving in an electronic environment, it is still managed by the banking industry. However, in its purest form, digital peer-topeer currencies eliminate the need of banking intermediation and sovereign guarantees. A decentralized digital currency challenges the entire monetary and banking system. For example, Ripple, created by a private company, was designed to serve a dual function as a currency and a payment system, allowing for faster processing times and lower fees.”


YC-Backed Buttercoin Uses Bitcoin To Attack The $500B-A-Year Remittances Economy READ MORE

“With Bitcoin’s promise of frictionless transactions, particularly across international borders, it’s inevitable that a team would use the math-based currency to attack the global remittances market.”

“The World Bank estimates that migrants will send about $515 billion to relatives in developing countries by 2015, which is about 10 times the size of the U.S.’s budget for foreign aid.”

“The old stand-bys like Western Union can charge around 10 percent for transactions in the market, an amount that Buttercoin co-founders Cedric Dahl and Bennett Hoffman find obscene.”


Bitcoinomics, Chapter 13: Hacking Bitcoin READ MORE

“With different nodes disagreeing about what transactions took place on the valid block, and which took place on the invalid, the system was thrown into seeming chaos.”

“There could have developed a much more urgent issue, but the developers and miners responded quickly to fix the problem. The decentralized network of people worked to quickly fix itself, in other words. As one Reddit commenter observed: “Look at how long it takes for governments and banks to fix major issues.””


Bitcoin Bull Market Still Going Strong. Bitcoin=Win FUD=Fail


Mesh Internet Allows Everybody Access To Free Peer-to-Peer Local Wireless Networks, Democratizing Free Speech and Free Information READ MORE

“Oh, and no more liar cartel corporations & centralized data collection.”


YouTube fearful of people awakening: Analyst


Ask the EU to stop banks speculating on food prices – and lengthen our tape by 10cm.


Thorium put to the test as policymakers rethink nuclear – Telegraph


Pharmaceutical Companies Rush To Patent Medical Marijuana

“It seems like one of the greatest fears of the medical marijuana community is slowly being realized, as corporations quickly adopt cannabinoids into their vast profile of patented medicines. Leading the charge is GW Pharmaceuticals (1), a UK- based pharmaceutical company who manufacturers Sativex, an outrageously overpriced oral spray that relies on THC and CBD for its medical effects.”

“Although Sativex is not currently available to patients in the U.S., it can be prescribed in Canada, the UK and other European countries, at a price of £175 per bottle. As crazy as it sounds, the only difference between a £175 bottle of Sativex and a $20 bottle of marijuana extract from your local dispensary are the patents that GW Pharma has been all-too-quick to file.”


GMO and Morgellons Disease


As antibiotics continue to fail, use garlic instead to kill MRSA and superbugs


Shaken Baby Syndrome often caused by vaccines, not parents


Mo. Police Tackle and Arrest Peaceful “Impeach Obama” Protestors

“In yet another example of political suppression overtaking Missouri, a startling video shows the Missouri Highway Patrol tackling and arresting peaceful protestors for refusing to leave a public area.”

Since when must a member of the public who is NOT committing any crime leave any public area ?

Silver Bullet Silver Shield Cannabis (second style) BU-proof pre-order request

This post is being made so that my subscribers can register, as a comment to this post, their request for second style Silver Bullet Silver Shield Cannabis either brilliant uncirculated or proof and when I have 50 coins requested I will ask for the funds to be sent to me upon which I will then place my order with Australia’s Bullion Bourse.

The order for 20 BUs and 10 proofs was placed on 2013-09-06 and the rates are as follows:

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Cannabis m2Cannabis m2 proof

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Total of 3 BUs and 2 proof.

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