Britain looted $45T from India / homelessness up 24% / Breaking brainwashing

How Britain stole $45 trillion from India
“There is a story that is commonly told in Britain that the colonisation of India – as horrible as it may have been – was not of any major economic benefit to Britain itself. If anything, the administration of India was a cost to Britain. So the fact that the empire was sustained for so long – the story goes – was a gesture of Britain’s benevolence.”
“New research by the renowned economist Utsa Patnaik – just published by Columbia University Press – deals a crushing blow to this narrative. Drawing on nearly two centuries of detailed data on tax and trade, Patnaik calculated that Britain drained a total of nearly $45 trillion from India during the period 1765 to 1938.”
It would not surprise me in the slightest that if a full audit of the ‘federal reserve system’ was ever come to pass, it would reveal a far higher amount the $45 trillion has been stolen from the American republic since 1913 and from the rest of the world since 1944, the year of the Bretton Woods agreement linked all the world’s currencies to the ‘federal reserve system’.
Both the £45 trillion stolen from India and the untold trillions stolen by the ‘federal reserve system’ have ended up in the pockets of the 0.01%.
It seems clear that Henry Ford knew exactly what he was talking about when he said ‘It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning’.

UK looted $45 TRILLION from India over 173 colonial years; US/UK looting $??TRILLION now with neo/warcolonialism

‘We should be ashamed’: British govt slammed over 24 percent rise in homelessness
24% rise in homelessness

Priorities? Only 14 MPs showed up to debate ‘extreme poverty’ in the UK
To the other MPs who could to be bothered to turn up I say: f**k off. And I ask you were you to busy counting your 30 pieces of silver ?

T R U T H .
7m30s “I was in my liberal ivory tower academic institution and I am, I was brainwashed and we will talk about how I woke up to that. And it started out with, I knew some things about the deep state, I knew things about the federal reserve, I knew things about drug trafficking and I knew things about the CIA and economic hitmen and some topics that mainstream media doesn’t talk about but I didn’t realise that I jut thought it was greed.”
Breaking the brainwashing one human at a time.
9m40s “I realised that they’re open bragging about sacrificing to Moloch and I lost it, broke down crying, started researching as much as I could, going evil’s real.”
Sacrificing humans to Moloch ? F**k that, f**k that, f**k that.
40m10s “They’re running blackmail operations, they’re called brownstone operations where they’re trying to corrupt our politicians, to get dirt on them, to use them as puppets.”

A New Neocon-Backed Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media
“2. NewsGuard’s advisory board reads like the fellowships list of a neocon think tank, and indeed one of its CEOs, Louis Gordon Crovitz, is a Council on Foreign Relations member who has worked with the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage Foundation. Members of the advisory board include George W Bush’s Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, deep intelligence community insider Michael Hayden, and the Obama administration’s Richard Stengel, who once publicly supported the need for domestic propaganda in the US. All of these men have appeared in influential think tanks geared toward putting a public smiley face on sociopathic warmongering agendas.”
So an organisation with Richard Stengel, who thought that domestic propaganda was a good idea, among its advisors is going to guard the public against propaganda. Yeah (scoff), right.


Populists Have Elites On The Run & 2019 Might Deliver The Coup De Grace
“In the West in 2018, we witnessed the intensification of a new conflict – that between anti-populist political elites and a growing grassroots movement that is hostile to these elites.”

The War On Populism
“But, seriously, all that actually happened back in the Summer of 2016 was the global capitalist ruling classes recognized that they had a problem. The problem that they recognized they had (and continue to have, and are now acutely aware of) is that no one is enjoying global capitalism … except the global capitalist ruling classes. The whole smiley-happy, supranational, neo-feudal corporate empire concept is not going over very well with the masses, or at least not with the unwashed masses.”

$21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government. That is $65,000 for every person in America. That is more than our entire national debt!
“What’s going on? Where is the money? How could this happen? How much has really gone missing? What would happen if a corporation failed to pass an audit like this? Or a taxpayer?”
“This means the Fed and their member banks are transacting government money outside the law. So are the corporate contractors that run the payment systems. So are the Wall Street firms who are selling government securities without full disclosure. Would your banks continue to handle your bank account if you behaved like this? Would your investors continue to buy your securities if you behaved like this? Would your accountant be silent?”
“This is the reason that there is such a strong push to change or tear up the US Constitution. This is why members of the establishment say it is “old,” “outdated!” This is why there is such a push for gun control. Don’t buy it! We can use the Constitution to get our money and our government back. It is time to enforce the US Constitution. “

No One Hates Free Markets Like the Banksters
“But here’s a puzzler for the socialists in the crowd: Why is it that the very banksters that they so rightfully rage against are in fact their biggest allies in the fight against the free market?”
“I know this perfectly straightforward observation will come as a shock to some of my readers, so let’s break it down.”
“As I’ve already stated, we know that the very raison d’être of government is to undermine, skew, and otherwise hamper free exchange among its citizens. Government, after all, is a claim of ownership over a geographical territory by a cartel of crooks. That claim (according to the cartel and its defenders) gives the mafia the right to set rules for and impose restrictions on the inhabitants of that region. To understand how the gang of crook wields this power over the free market, one merely has to examine the history of the creation of the FDA or the ugly truth about the minimum wage or the nitty gritty details of how the financial regulators really operate.”
“But it would be folly to conclude from the simple observation that government is put in place to fleece the public that the politicians are the ones who benefit from this extortion scheme. Quite the contrary. The politicians are the punching bags that are put out for the public to lay into, expendable fall guys who are put in place merely to allow an enraged populace to let off steam without ever threatening the real rulers of the system.”

French News Channel Caught Doctoring & Changing Sign Of Yellow Vest Protester
“The Facts:French mainstream news channel, France3, has been caught doctoring a photo of the Yellow Vests movement. They completely erased a word from a sign that was calling for the Macron to resign. They blamed it on ‘human error.’”

Human error my f**king fat arse.
This is a recent example of why I do not automatically accept what the corporate mainstream news media shows its audience as being anything remotely truthful. In fact it has been about a decade since I turned away from corporate mainstream news media towards the internet and I will never be going back.
These are billionaire owners employing millionaire talking heads to shovel bovine excrement down the throats of their audience.

Political Nightmares Multiply For Europe Ahead Of Davos
“And that team is now staring at a full-scale revolt against the one parliamentary body that gives them legitimacy in the eyes of the world, that of the European Union’s.”
“It’s no secret that a large swatch of MEP’s are in the pay of George Soros. It’s no secret that they introduce legislation and formal rebukes to punish countries for not towing The Davos Crowd’s party line.”
The day that these self-proclaimed ‘masters of the universe’ are dethroned cannot come soon enough.
Here is one of the proper targets for the yellow vest movement to protest.

Gilets Jaunes stage ninth round of protests in France
“French President Emmanuel Macron has said a national debate is due to kick off on 15 January in response to weeks of protests by the “gilets jaunes” – so-called because of the high-visibility jackets they wear.”
Suicide watch on the Marcon presidency.

Watch Absolute Mayhem As Yellow Vests Battle French Riot Police In 9th Week Of Protests
“Mainstream media: ‘a few protesters’”

Police in Netherlands Caught on Video Arresting Young Mother with Baby Stroller for Not Removing Yellow Protest Vest
What law has she broken ?
Refusing to obey a police officer ?
Was the baby under arrest to ?
What f**king nonsense is this ?
She can bring charges of false arrest, battery and false imprisonment against these 3 police officers but, of course, the taxpayer will end up paying this victim of police misconduct.


Why France’s Yellow Vest Protests Have Been Ignored By “The Resistance” In The US
“The media oligopoly initially attempted to ignore the insurrection altogether, but when forced to reckon with the yellow vests they maligned the incendiary marchers using horseshoe theory to suggest a confluence between far left and far right supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen. To the surprise of no one, mainstream pundits have also stoked fears of ‘Russian interference’ behind the unrest. We can assume that if the safety vests were ready-made off the assembly line of NGOs like the raised fist flags of Serbia’s OTPOR! movement, the presstitutes would be telling a different story.”
“It turned out that a crisis was not averted but merely postponed when Macron defeated his demagogue opponent Le Pen in the 2017 French election. While it is true that the gilets jaunes were partly impelled by an increase on fuel prices, contrary to the prevailing narrative their official demands are not limited to a carbon tax. They also consist of explicit ultimatums to increase the minimum wage, improve the standard of living, and an end to austerity, among other legitimate grievances. Since taking office, Macron has declared war on trade unions while pushing through enormous tax breaks for the wealthy (like himself) — it was just a matter of time until the French people had enough of the country’s privatization. It is only a shock to the oblivious establishment why the former Rothschild banker-turned-politician, who addressed the nation seated at a gold desk while Paris was ablaze, is suddenly in jeopardy of losing power. The status quo’s incognizance is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette who during the 18th century when told the peasants had no bread famously replied, “let them eat cake” as the masses starved under her husband Louis XIV.”
The top-down ‘resistance’ is tone deaf to the plight of ordinary people while the yellow vest movement appears grassroots.

@Lukewearechange if you watch one video from my recent reporting in Paris with the yellow vests, this should be it.

The Demands of the Yellow Vest Movement are Heading Towards Real Systemic Change


France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vest Movement Has Spread Like Wildfire Across the World
“The power of the people has been mightily illustrated by individuals coming together to say “enough is enough.””

Macron May Trigger Debt Crisis With Yellow Vest Crackdown


French police should be allowed to use LIVE bullets and ‘shoot-to-kill’ tactics on Yellow Vest protesters, the country’s former education minister says

France AWAKENS 2019: Weaponized Bank Runs Incoming

Yellow Vests Plan Protest Outside Rothschild Bank In France
“In 1973, after intense lobbying from the Rothschild Bank of France, French President George Pompidou signed legislation preventing the government from taking 0 percent interest loans from the Bank of France, the country’s central bank. Instead, the Bank of France is required to loan money to private banks, such as the Rothschild Bank of France, which can then lend money to the French government with interest.”
The yellow vest movement have the absolute correct target.

An Idiot’s Guide To The Federal Reserve SCAM

The Strangest Loyalty Oath You Probably Never Heard Of
“Bahia Amawi works as children’s speech pathologist for the Pflugerville Independent School District in Texas. Or, rather, she used to work as a children’s speech pathologist for the district. After nine years, Glenn Greenwald reports at The Intercept, the district’s administration declined to renew her contract because she refused to sign a loyalty oath.”
“Not a loyalty oath to the United States. Not a loyalty oath to the state of Texas. Not a loyalty oath to Pflugerville Independent School District, nor to its students.”
“A loyalty oath to Israel.”

U.S. Senate’s First Bill, in the Midst of the Shutdown, Is a Bipartisan Defense of the Israeli Government From Boycotts
“Congress is gaveled into session, the chambers attach symbolic importance to the first piece of legislation to be considered. For that reason, it bears the lofty designation of H.R.1 in the House and S.1 in the Senate.”
“Punishment aimed at companies that choose to boycott Israel can also sweep up individual American citizens in its punitive net because individual contractors often work for state or local governments under the auspices of a sole proprietorship or some other business entity. That was the case with Texas elementary school speech pathologist Bahia Amawi, who lost her job working with autistic and speech-impaired children in Austin because she refused to promise not to boycott goods produced in Israel and/or illegal Israeli settlements.”
This is a tacit admission that the government of Israel is doing something worthy of boycott by anyone with any morals.
What does it say to the American people that the first bill out of both the house and the senate is in service to a foreign nation ?

Coventry police operation: Man shot dead by officers
“The two men, both aged 26, were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the production of cannabis and remain in custody, a force spokesman said.”
Another pointless death resulting from the prohibition of cannabis.

Cannabinoids (CBDs) found to treat a “wide range of skin diseases” researchers discover, including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

Nature’s Miracle: Everything You Need to Know About CBD
“The list of health concerns and conditions CBD has been shown to benefit include:”
“Chronic pain and inflammation”
“Arthritis (including rheumatoid and psoriatic)
“Epileptic seizures”
“Neuropathic pain (as seen in conditions like multiple sclerosis)”
“Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)”
“Cancer (see here, here, here, and here)”
“Serious neurological conditions including “Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s”
“Diabetes (see here and here)”
“Cardiovascular protection”

More proof that cannabis is an anti-aging powerhouse: THC found to rapidly restore memory performance of older mice
“Keeping the brain healthy throughout the aging process is a top concern these days. With rates of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia on the rise, it is no small wonder that researchers are looking for novel ways to combat brain aging and support cognitive function across the life span. New research has shown that cannabis may just be the answer we’ve been looking for, with scientists discovering that the plant has incredible restorative benefits for the brain.”
“Estimates suggest that some 14 million Americans will be living with some form of dementia by the year 2050. For 2018, dementia and Alzheimer’s are expected to have cost the country $227 billion. Within the next thirty years, experts posit that the cost of dementia will reach up to $1.1 trillion. As pharmaceutical treatments continuously fail to provide relief, it is no surprise that scientists are now turning to natural, plant medicines like cannabis and turmeric.”
The prohibition on THC is condemning the human race to dementia and Alzheimers.

Former pharma CEO pleads guilty to bribing doctors to prescribe addictive opioids
I wonder how many of the patients to these doctors got addicted to opioid and how many of those subsequently overdosed and how of those subsequently died.

Opioid Crisis Leaves 700,000 Americans Dead: “Epidemic Continues To Worsen And Evolve”
How many deaths does prohibited cannabis cause ?

Police Are Seizing Cars At State-Licensed Marijuana Dispensaries
“Police are still seizing cars in Wayne County (Detroit) even though the government has “decriminalized” marijuana there. For example, sheriff’s deputies seized and impounded Crystal Sisson’s car because she was carrying $10 worth of legal marijuana.”

Cannabinoids (CBDs) found to treat a “wide range of skin diseases” researchers discover, including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

Cancer is a near $200 Billion/year business in the US alone. It might be the biggest business in the world. Cancer is too profitable to ever cure.
This makes for 200 billion reasons to deny the things that would cure cancer.

Doctor takes on FBI, ATF after being denied second amendment rights over his legal medical cannabis use
“There is no substantial evidence linking medical cannabis use to violence, yet marijuana users are continually denied the fundamental right to own a firearm and protect themselves. Ironically, individuals can purchase a firearm and still abuse alcohol. Worse yet, individuals can take prescription drugs that have violent side effects and still enjoy legal access to firearms.”

Reporter Quits NBC Citing Network’s Support For Endless War

University of South Carolina: Student Free Speech Rally Violated Campus Speech Codes
“An extensive inquisitorial process like the one here has a chilling effect on speech. That is, people are less likely to exercise their First Amendment rights due to fear of reprisal. It is the epitome of state censorship for people not to be free to discuss even the very concept of free speech without facing investigation. The process itself is a punishment; not only is it extensive and undefined, but it also leaves the door open for future persecution.”
Being investigated for wanting to discuss even the very concept of free speech – how the f**k does that work ?

Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax ‘loophole’ address with 285,000 firms
“This squat, yellow brick office building just north of Wilmington’s rundown downtown is the registered address of more than 285,000 companies. That’s more than any other known address in the world, and 15 times more than the 18,000 registered in Ugland House, a five-storey building in the Cayman Islands that Barack Obama called “either the biggest building in the world, or the biggest tax scam on record”.”

Lawsuit reveals LA County has more registered voters than US citizens, forcing California to clean up its lists
I am sure that somebody voted multiple times per registered voter and did so for Hillary-zilla.

Seattle TV Station Caught Doctoring Trump’s Face During National Address
This is the reverse of putting lipstick on a pig.

The Death of Academic Freedom: Prof James Tracy Denied First Amendment Rights by Federal Court
“FAU’s current “rules” require that faculty submit forms listing “outside activities” to be vetted for administrative approval, whether the activities are compensated or not. Tracy and other professors at FAU had argued that the policy is vague and confusing, constituting a form of prior restraint forbidden by the First Amendment, and leading to a climate of “fear and uncertainty” among the faculty. Aside from the fact that “outside activities” can reach into all aspects of a professor’s life and therefore be difficult if not impossible to list, such activities must not be subject to bureaucratic approval. And certainly, no tenured professor can be fired for not filling out a form, even at Florida Atlantic University.[2]”
Who the f**k does this university think they are and what country do they think they are in ?

BBC Admits Peshawar Victim Photo is alleged Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner

“Moreover, as my ANSWER explains, these documents are not the same in every material respect, where the official copy has a file number which the copy given to Kelley Watt lacks and has a state seal which the copy given to Kelley Watt also lacks. There are other differences that may be expected to emerge at trial, but over and beyond the direct proof that the copy given to Kelley Watt is a fabrication, there is a mountain of indirect proof that the copy given to Kelley Watt–and the state certified copy–cannot possibly be authentic because nobody died at Sandy Hook.”
“If nobody died at Sandy Hook, then any death certificate for victims of the purported shooing must be fabrications. This is not rocket science. Moreover, research conducted since the publication of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2nd edition, 2016), has confirmed the conjecture initially advanced by Kelley Watt that the party called “N.P.” (for “Noah Pozner”) in the Complaint is a fiction made up out of photographs of one Michael Vabner, said to be the older step-brother of Noah but one-and-the-same person shown in many photographs published by the Plaintiff himself:”

Father Of World Wide Web Launches Platform Which Aims To Radically Decentralize The Internet
“The man who created the world wide web by implementing the first ever successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the internet in 1989 lamented that his creation has been abused by powerful entities for everything mass surveillance to fake news to psychological manipulation to corporations commodifying individuals’ information.”

The Secret Logistics Of America’s Global Deep State
“The 200-page, December 2017, study, “Weapons of the Islamic State: A three-year investigation”, by Conflict Armament Research Ltd., states in its Conclusion:”
“IS forces, like most non-state armed groups, acquire significant quantities of weapons and ammunition on the battlefield… Evidence presented in this report, however, confirms that many of the group’s weapons — and notably its ammunition — are newly manufactured, having been delivered to the region since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011. These weapons originate in transfers made by external parties, including Saudi Arabia and the United States, to disparate Syrian opposition forces arrayed against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.”
“Here are just a few of the details that this passage in the summary was based upon and summarizing:”
“On pages 36-9, it says:”
“CAR has documented and traced numerous weapon systems in service with IS forces. Many derive from shipments made to the US government, or to entities operating under US government contracts. The United States has acknowledged its support to Syrian opposition forces, orchestrated primarily through resupply from the territories of Jordan and Turkey.26 All of the shipments originated in EU Member States; in most cases, US retransfers (exports made after purchase by the United States) contravened clauses in end-user certificates (EUCs) issued by the United States to EU supplier governments. The United States signed these certificates prior to transfer, stated that it was the sole end user of the materiel, and committed not to retransfer the materiel without the supplier government’s prior consent. It did not notify the supplier states concerned before [violating that, and] retransferring the materiel. …”
“On 21 December 2016, Jaysh al-Nasr, a Syrian armed opposition faction active in the Hama Governorate of Syria, published a set of photographs of its fighters.29 In one of these, Jaysh al-Nasr fighters are operating a 9M111MB-1 ATGW30 bearing an identical lot number and a serial number (365) close in sequence to the one CAR documented (286) in Iraq, suggesting both were part of the same supply chain. …”
“In May 2015, Syrian YPG forces recovered a PG-7T 40 mm rocket from IS forces near Al Hasakah, Syria, where CAR documented it on 20 May 2015. The Government of Bulgaria confirmed that it exported the item to the US Department of the Army through the US company Kiesler Police Supply. The application for the export licence was accompanied by the original EUC issued by the US Department of the Army (with a non-re-export clause) as well as a delivery verification certificate. The item was exported on 23 June 2014.32 … CAR has yet to receive a reply to a trace request sent to the United States regarding these rockets.|

Trump Orders US Withdrawal From Syria In 30 Days

Cue a false flag.

As US leaves Syria, Bolton threatens Damascus with ‘strong response’ in case of chemical attack
Someone needs to tell Mr Bolton that we are already expecting another false flag.

Genie Oil: The Real Reason Syria Is A World War III Flashpoint
“Genie Oil & Gas may be run by crooks, but that’s where the similarity ends.”
“This is because Genie Oil & Gas has extraction rights over a 153 square-mile region in the Golan Heights, a disputed piece of territory between Israel and Syria. Which happens to have more proven oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.”
Crooks like Richard Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild and Larrie Summers.
Can anyone tell me how Mr Murdochs ‘news’ channels can be unbiased regarding Syria in light of his vested interest in the occupied Golan Heights of Syria ?

Genie Energy
“Human rights groups have said the drilling violates international law as Golan Heights is an occupied territory.”
Like I said, crooks.

Citizen Murdoch’s critical grip on democracy
“As for Australia, where Murdoch owns 70% of the country’s print media, unsurprisingly we read very little of the impact of Citizen Murdoch’s singular contribution to the political disembowelling of the American and British democracies. That’s because his Australian mastheads, by and large run by a sycophantic “broederbund” of editors always seeking to out-compete one another for their master’s affections, will rarely cover any news story, foreign or domestic, that might give offence to Rupert Central”

ISIS ‘kills’ five UK soldiers in Syria rocket attack – report

The Syrian War Is Over – It Never Should Have Started
“Nonetheless, the US has claimed as a vital reason for being in Syria that they need to roll back Iran and get all Iranian troops out of Syria. It was surprising, then, to hear Trump declare, not only that the US can now withdraw from Syria, but that “Iran . . . can frankly do whatever they want there.” Once again, Iran’s presence is not a problem now because it was not a problem then.”
“The United States has long known that its ally, Saudi Arabia, and not its enemy, Iran, is the largest problem in the region, since it is the leading state sponsor of terror. All recent attempts to link Iran to terrorism have failed. Even America’s own reports on terrorism don’t list Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism. The State Department’s Patterns of Global Terrorisms “rarely identifies a terrorist incident as an act by or on behalf of Iran.” And, the recent Global Terrorism Index from the Department of Homeland Security clearly states that, not Iran, but “ISIL, Boko Haram, the Taliban and al-Qaeda” are the biggest terrorist threats. None of these four groups is Shiite and none is aligned with Iran, but combined they are “responsible for 74 per cent of all deaths from terrorism.” The Index also clearly identifies “ISIL,” not Iran “as the deadliest terrorist group.””


Who Was Secretly Behind America’s Invading And Occupying Syria?
“From the moment the C.I.A. operation was started, Saudi money supported it.””
This demonstrates that Saudi Arabia is a vassal state of the American empire.

The Decade-Long U.S. Campaign to Foment Syria’s “Revolution” and Unseat Assad
“The fingerprints of U.S. imperialism can be found all over the manufactured insurrection in Syria, in keeping with the ultimate goal of destabilization and eventual “regime change” through fomenting a sectarian civil war. Former NATO commander Wesley Clark has gone on record as stating that Syria was on a list of targeted nations to be toppled by the U.S. as early as 2001. In 2002, former Secretary of State John Bolton gave a speech titled “Beyond the Axis of Evil” that listed Syria as a handful of nations that could expect to be targeted.”
“Fast forward to 2011, when an uprising was manufactured in the Syrian city of Dara’a, and Syrians desperate for economic change joined the calls for “freedom.” Mainstream media outlets have largely described the uprisings as being part of a “protest movement” made up of demonstrators who demand the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

Do Documents of the Government Belong to the Government or the People?
“I totally disagree with the attempt to prosecute Julian Assange of Wikileaks or Snowden. The argument for his prosecution is based upon this notion that the documents are stolen and therefore should not be protected by the First Amendment. This interjects the very problem that Thomas Paine wrote in his Common Sense. The government is NOT the legal sovereign of the nation – that is the people. Therefore, any document that the government may have does NOT belong to it, for the government is a representative of the people. Anyone who obtains a document from the government and publishes it which demonstrates the government is acting illegally cannot be TREASON or a crime.”

Ecuador considering a $10bn IMF bailout with conditions — handing over WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

RAC warns drivers who leave their car running to de-ice the windscreen that they face a £40 fine for breaking the law in UK’s cold snap
“The RAC pointed to rule 123 of the Highway Code to explain why it is against the law to use the defrosting technique.”
“The rule states: ‘You must not leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road.’”
“But an RAC spokesperson said: ‘The important bit here is the interpretation of the word ‘unnecessarily’.”
Running the engine is **necessary** to allow for heat up and melt the ice covering the windows.
The law can sometimes be a f**king pile of s**t.

GENDER – NEUTRAL LANGUAGE in the European Parliament

Click to access GNL_Guidelines_EN.pdf

“The purpose of gender – neutral language is to avoid word choices which may be interpreted as biased, discriminatory or demeaning by implying that one sex or social gender is the norm.”
Social gender ? How about biological gender ? The mind boggles.

‘I am not conforming to their racist and gendered policies’: Furious mother lashes out at her six-year-old son’s elementary school for demanding he cut his beloved DREADLOCKS after returning from the holidays
F**k their demand.

Israel’s ‘Sea Wall’ Complete Along Gaza For Total Air, Sea and Land Blockade
Some nations having a wall is good but America having a wall is bad.

Saudi Arabia facing mounting opposition in occupied parts of Yemen
Yemen needs to be for the Yemeni.

Phoenix Program
“Targeted killings”
“Phoenix operations often aimed to assassinate targets, or resulted in their deaths through other means. PRU units often anticipated resistance in disputed areas, and often operated on a shoot-first basis.[26] Innocent civilians were also sometimes killed. William Colby claimed that the program never sanctioned the “premeditated killing of a civilian in a non-combat situation”, and other military personnel stated that capturing VC members was more important than killing them.[20][27][28] Lieutenant Vincent Okamoto, an intelligence-liaison officer for the Phoenix Program for two months in 1968 and a recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross said the following:[29]”
“The problem was, how do you find the people on the blacklist? It’s not like you had their address and telephone number. The normal procedure would be to go into a village and just grab someone and say, “Where’s Nguyen so-and-so?” Half the time the people were so afraid they would not say anything. Then a Phoenix team would take the informant, put a sandbag over his head, poke out two holes so he could see, put commo wire around his neck like a long leash, and walk him through the village and say, “When we go by Nguyen’s house scratch your head.” Then that night Phoenix would come back, knock on the door, and say, “April Fool, motherfucker.” Whoever answered the door would get wasted. As far as they were concerned whoever answered was a Communist, including family members. Sometimes they’d come back to camp with ears to prove that they killed people.”
I have no doubt that the CIA and Saudi Arabia has done far worse in Syria than the crimes against humanity that took place in Vietnam.

MH17 Turnabout: Ukraine’s Guilt Now Proven
“Four months later, on 17 September 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense youtubed its response, which is titled “Briefing on newly discovered evidence pertaining to the crash of the MH17 flight”. It presented the actual history of the Buk missile and launcher which Ukraine and the other Governments on the JIT said had brought down the MH17. (The JIT includes four countries, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium, and Australia, with a fifth, Malaysia, having been brought in only later, after it finally agreed to allow Ukraine a veto over any conclusions that the team will publish. Malaysia’s participation started on 4 December 2014; but whether Malaysia has actually been allowed to play a role in the ‘investigation’ isn’t clear.) Russia, during the intervening months after the JIT’s May 24th presentation, had tracked down all of those serial numbers, 8868720, and 1318869032, and 9M38, and found (as you can see there by clicking on each, especially onto the “Briefing” itself) that after the acquisition of the launcher and missile, by Ukraine in 1986, from Russia, that missile and its launcher had always, and constantly since their transfer to Ukraine in 1986, remained in Ukraine, and never again were located in Russia. So: if the JIT’s supplied evidence is authentic — which the Ukrainian team asserts it to be — then it outright convicts Ukraine. This is an evidentiary checkmate, against the Ukrainian side.”
“Also entirely ignored in the Ukrainain team’s ‘explanation’ of the event is why Ukraine’s air-traffic control had guided the MH17’s pilot to fly over the conflict-zone where Ukraine’s civil war was being waged and where Ukraine’s war-planes were bombing. The MH17’s pilot was instructed by Ukraine’s air-traffic control to take that path instead of the one that the airline had planned and that had become normal during the civil war. This was highly abnormal, and it doomed the MH17. Clearly, only Ukraine’s Government could, and did, do that — change the route, and for only that one plane. Yet, still, the Netherlands-headed team blames Russia and is trusted in The West, but Russia is not. (Now, why would that be?)”

Lesbians Who Filed Complaint Against Baker for Not Making Wedding Cake Wore Hidden Microphones: Report
“Miller’s attorneys say that they learned during the investigation stage of the case that the women had come prepared with hidden microphones, which raised questions about their motives.”

Prosecutors Investigate Legality of Dutch Christians Affirming Traditional Marriage
“The authors asserted traditional sexual morality based on biblical norms, declaring that the path to full and lasting joy is found by embracing God’s good design for his creatures rather than “the path of shortsighted alternatives that, sooner or later, ruin human life and dishonor God.””
“Although the Nashville Statement went no further than to restate what Christians have always believed about marriage and sexual morality, it immediately came under fire from LGBT activists as well as the mainstream media, who portrayed the document as bigoted, prejudiced, and antiquated.”
Let’s legalise freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Federal Court Strikes Down Iowa’s ‘Ag Gag’ Law as Unconstitutional
A rare victory for the freedom of speech.

Watching The Arctic Sea Ice Scam Unravel

Man Tries Robbing Woman At Chicago Bus Stop. She Fatally Shoots Him.
I have some of the gun-grabbers say that there is no such thing as a good guy with a gun. Well, I beg to differ.

‘Red Flag’ Laws are False Flags
“‘Red Flag Gun Laws’, or ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders’ are becoming increasingly popular among opponents of the right to keep and bear arms. Politicians from both major parties seem anxious to use these laws strip Americans of their right to armed self defense guaranteed by the Second Amendment, as well as their right to due process, guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.”
For a gun to be seized by a ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders’ when it has not been involved in gun violence makes zero sense.

Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home
“You could be in violation of the impaired driving laws even two hours after you’ve been driving. Now, the onus is on drivers to prove they weren’t impaired when they were on the road.”
How would someone prove that exactly ?

NEWSFLASH! Data Shows Illegal Aliens Kill More People Each Year In the U.S. Than AR-15s
“Picture this: according to the numbers, illegal immigration is far more deadly to Americans than AR-15s. Which is ironic, considering which of these Democrats love to rant against, and which one they so desperately want to protect.”

Samsung users CAN’T delete Facebook app: Furious customers take to social media after being unable to remove the software in the wake of revelations over the firm’s handling of data
“Jake Hamby also wrote: ‘I totally understand why people who buy Android phones get mad that they can’t delete the Facebook app or some other bloatware from the system. ‘“
It seems like Facebook thinks these Samsung phones belong to Facebook.

Inside Facebook’s ‘cult-like’ workplace: 12 whistleblowers reveal how staff are ‘ranked using cutthroat evaluations that mean dissent is discouraged, leaving workers wandering around feigning happiness’

The “Right to Repair” Movement Is Fighting Planned Obsolescence

Mueller Must Be Investigated For Destruction Of FBI Evidence: Giuliani
Destroying evidence is a crime so Mueller is an unindicted criminal.

Wealth Inequality, Vacant Homes, And Homicides Plague Baltimore

The 10 Most Expensive Manhattan Apartments Sold For $500 Million In 2018
“A sudden and sharp drop in luxury home valuations in Manhattan has baffled brokers and alarmed analysts who have begun warning about the possibility that softness in the high end of the market could soon spread throughout the market or portend a broader downturn nationwide, according to Bloomberg.”
Look how the 0.01% live.

“A Perfect Storm”: Manhattan Home Prices Fall Below $1 Million For First Time In Years

Monetary Policy ‘Reset’: From Rhetoric To Actuality
“Behind national governments sit the central banks, who Lagarde said would begin a gradual process of reversing six years of ‘unconventional‘ monetary policy methods. This would later become widely known as ‘normalisation’.”
“The ‘reset‘ of monetary policy works primarily as a vehicle for the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements to position themselves as the beneficiaries of the inevitable economic downturn that will ensue.”
“As I will be exploring in an upcoming series of articles, the IMF are agitating to reform their quota subscriptions (the institution’s prime source of funding) and in turn the weighting of their Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies.”
“Conditions in the global economy – namely rising trade protectionism that pits the United States and China into economic conflict – has put the world reserve status of the dollar in increased jeopardy. For the IMF to achieve their goals, the dominance of the dollar as the payment of choice throughout global trade must not only be jeopardized. It must ultimately be dismantled, so as to gradually move the world nearer to the globalist utopia of assimilating national currencies through the SDR with the aim of creating a digitised global currency.”
The people don’t elect central banks or the IMF or the BIS, the people elect governments.

2019: The Beginning Of The End
“Eventually all the of the highly leveraged trading strategies have to pack up shop and go home and that’s when we discover that these “markets” are as fake as a spray on sun tan. No actual liquidity, only the appearance of such as temporarily afforded by all the computer algos out there.”

Paul Joseph Watson nails it yet again – they HATE the working classes

Doug Casey’s REAL State of the Union: The First Amendment
“The Bill of Rights is one of the most important—perhaps the most important—political documents ever written. It’s the first time, to my knowledge, the rights of an individual were spelled out clearly, and the actions of the State clearly limited. Of course there’s the English Magna Carta. But it dealt with only a few rights for a few people.”
What’s changed is that, first of all, almost everybody goes to college today. And college itself has become a corrupting influence. Instead of learning things, the emphasis has become PC indoctrination. And almost universally, the professors are hardcore leftists, neo-Marxists, socialists, SJW’s, and the like.”
“So not only has the character of college changed, but many more people—in both relative and absolute terms—are going to it, and being indoctrinated. After students graduate, the political, economic, social, and philosophical views they’ve picked up are reinforced by through movies, TV, newspapers, and all their friends that have been indoctrinated.”

Doug Casey’s REAL State of the Union – Freedom of the Press
“But you know, it’s actually Google and Facebook that have become enemies of the freedom of the press, as much as the US Government. That’s nothing new, in a way. A hundred years ago everybody was afraid that Hearst would buy every paper in the country, and totally control the news. But, as has always been the case, technology—not laws—saved the day.”
“Technology not only made the cost of printing cheaper, but it made radio and television possible, making papers less important. Now the Internet has done the same. Doubtless something will obviate the Internet too. And soon.”
“Since Seymour Hersh—who did the expose on the My Lai massacre, among other things– left the fray, investigative reporters have apparently ceased to exist. Reporters have a leftist view of the world because they’ve all been college educated, in soft subjects like journalism, political science, English, sociology, and the like– and that’s the way they think the world works. That absolutely includes the people that run and work for Google and Facebook.”
“That being the case, the press clause of the First Amendment has lost a lot of its meaning, from a practical point of view. People think of the press as newspapers, not Google, Facebook, etc. But even though these companies are privately owned, they’re really arms of the Deep State—though not the US Government itself. It’s quite perverse.”
“But I don’t automatically believe anything these days, just like Kolya. I suspect that will increasingly be the case for most people.”

Doug Casey’s REAL State of the Union – Freedom of Speech
“Although we can’t know for sure, we might feel reasonably confident that terms like “trigger warning,” “micro-aggression,” “safe space” and “hate speech” were not on the minds of the founding fathers when they drafted the second provision of the first amendment, that concerning Freedom of Speech.”

Casey’s REAL State of the Union – Freedom of Assembly
“DC: Like you Joel, I’m opposed the very existence of the State. I’m opposed to it on moral grounds, because its essence is coercion. I’m opposed to it on economic grounds, because it’s more a threat to everyone’s property than a guardian of it. On practical grounds, since it’s necessarily inefficient in doing what it’s supposed to do, and does everything it’s not supposed to do. On aesthetic grounds, since it inevitably draws the worst kind of people to its employment. On evidential grounds, since its main products are wars, taxes, regulations, inflation, pogroms, and the like.”
“But that’s just scratching the surface. We could write a book about why the State is the worst idea anybody has ever had.”
Government seems to be the institution where s**t has the nasty habit of floating to the top.

Doug Casey’s REAL State of the Union – The Second Amendment
“DC: Because historically, starting in ancient times, one of the major differences between a slave and a freeman, was that a freeman had the right to be armed. If you don’t have the right to be armed, if someone can tell you that you can’t defend yourself or your property, then you’re effectively no better than a slave.”
“What’s at stake here isn’t the interpretation of some legal document. It’s much more important—it’s a basic philosophical principle. It’s a view of what it means to be a free man.”
“It’s as basic as something can possibly be. If you’re prohibited from having proper arms, you’re really being treated like a slave. And if you accept that others have a right to prohibit you from defending yourself, then you have a slave mentality. If that’s the case, you’re just getting what you deserve. A person who accepts being treated like a slave isn’t worthy of respect.”
Without the right to the defend yourself, all that remains is the right to have your brutal murder investigated, that is if the police can be bothered to investigate when they aren’t busy ticketing speeding motorists or providing back up to debt collectors.

Doug Casey’s REAL State of the Union – The Second Amendment, Part II
“DC: That’s absolutely right. Gun control discriminates against small people. Entirely apart from the fact that my definition of gun control is an ability to hit the target, we can’t have discrimination, not in today’s world, can we?”
“JB: The ultimate hypocrisy is that many of those people, the so-called “Limousine Liberals” and their self-righteous celebrity friends, participate in marches to ban guns… so long as they are surrounded by armed bodyguards themselves.”

Doug Casey on the 3rd Amendment – Part I
“Of course, rights don’t magically arise from pieces of paper signed by long-dead men, however noble their intentions may have been. And anyone who relies on a government to uphold his individual rights will likely find he’s in direct opposition to the State’s own agenda. Which means he’s probably wasting his time—or, more likely, painting a target on himself.”
“Governments look after their own interests. It’s up to individuals to look after themselves and their associates.”
“A bit of historical background might be in order. Under the Quartering Act, which the British parliament passed in 1765, the colonists were required to furnish provisions and assorted other necessaries for billeting troops, the redcoats. That included shelter and bedding, but also food, firewood and even beer. It’s not hard to imagine why the Americans might have felt imposed upon.”

The Jeffersonian Perspective. Commentary on Today’s Social and Political Issues. Based on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson
“The purpose of government is to protect our equal rights, and Jefferson reiterated this on many occasions.”

The American Right, the Purpose of Government, and the Future of Liberty
“The proper purpose of government is, as the Founding Fathers recognized, to protect people’s inalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Government fulfills this vital function, as Ayn Rand put it, by banning the use of physical force from social relationships and by using force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use. Insofar as an individual respects rights—that is, insofar as he refrains from assault, robbery, rape, fraud, extortion, and the like—a proper government leaves him fully free to act on his own judgment and to keep and use the product of his effort. Insofar as an individual violates rights—whether by direct force (e.g., assault) or indirect force (e.g., fraud)—a proper government employs the police and courts as necessary to stop him, to seek restitution for his victims, and/or to punish him. Likewise for international relations: So long as a foreign country refrains from using (or calling for) physical force against our citizens, our government properly leaves that country alone. But if a foreign country (or gang) attacks or calls for others to attack us, our government properly employs our military to eliminate that threat. As Thomas Jefferson summed up, a proper government “shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.””

An Off-Duty Cop Pulled a Gun on Teen Waiting for a Bus, How Will the City Respond?

“The nearly deadly encounter between an unarmed teen and an off-duty Baltimore police officer still haunts the family, but the recent controversy involving the city’s civilian review board may leave them with nowhere to turn”
8m5s “And with nowhere to turn this tight knit family can only wait and hope that a system that seems intent on protecting police will some day answer to the people.”
Where the hell is the government by the people and for the people that Abraham Lincoln talked about ?

Anti-Second Amendment Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Charged With Extortion: Surprise – Had 23 Guns In Office
This is an example of supposedly equal rights for one of the chosen ones.
Should we give this guy the first prize in hypocrisy.

Soros ‘Person Of The Year’ Indeed – The Year Globalists Pushed People’s Patience To The Edge
“Since 2015, the proponents of neoliberalism have been pushing ahead with their plans for open borders and globalist agenda without the consent of the people. The last 365 days saw that destructive agenda greatly challenged.”
“In light of the epic events that shaped our world in 2018, it seems the Yellow Vests – the thousands of French citizens who took to the streets of Paris to protest austerity and the rise of inequality – would have been a nice choice for the Financial Times’ ‘person of the year’ award. Instead, that title was bestowed upon the billionaire globalist, George Soros, who has arguably done more meddling in the affairs of modern democratic states than any other person on the planet.”
“Perhaps FT’s controversial nomination was an attempt to rally the forces of neoliberalism at a time when populism and nascent nationalism is sweeping the planet. Indeed, the shocking images coming out of France provide a grim wake-up call as to where we may be heading if the globalists continue to undermine the power of the nation-state.”
“It is no secret that neoliberalism relentlessly pursues a globalized, borderless world where labor, products, and services obey the hidden hand of the free market. What is less often mentioned, however, is that this system is far more concerned with promoting the well-being of corporations and cowboy capitalists than assisting the average person on the street. Indeed, many of the world’s most powerful companies today have mutated into “stateless superpowers,” while consumers are forced to endure crippling austerity measures amid plummeting standards of living. The year 2018 could be seen as the tipping point when the grass-roots movement against these dire conditions took off.”

After spending $13B for a NWO, George soros GETS EXPOSED By Tom fitton

Hillary Clinton Calling For A Wall On The Border (video)

FBI/VAULT/Uranium one transaction
“Many people think the Uranium one transaction is just a made up story. A fabrication to distract the public from President Trumps involvement with Russia, “Russian collusion”. Fortunately for those people I have found evidence that should put their minds to rest. I doubt that it’s the answer they wanted but it should save them from further humiliation.”
“My last story on Bob Mueller is directly connected the individuals in these documents. These documents come directly from the FBI. You will find some of our modern day traitors in these documents. Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, etc.”

New Jerusalem ‘Apartheid Road’ Opens, Separating Palestinians and Jewish Settlers

Another Black Man Found Dead in Home of Clinton and Obama Mega-Donor—Still NO ARRESTS

Clinton Foundation reportedly made millions running guns with Obama
“A former Law Enforcement Officer named Roscoe B. Davis unveiled a number or tweets over the weekend tying the attack in Benghazi to the Clinton Foundation. The foundation reportedly made millions gun running and General Flynn was allegedly attacked because he knew too much.”

France prepares ‘last resort’ chemical weapon that can be smothered around Paris to keep Yellow Vest rioters away from key buildings as anti-Macron protests continue
I thought chemical weapons were bad and only used by tyrants.

Macron’s Approval Rating Shrinks To 25% Despite Concessions To Protesters
“While Macron tried to portray his “En Marche” movement as fundamentally populist, he has endured criticisms that he is a “president for the rich” by refusing to raise wealth taxes. The destructive “Yellow Vest” protests, which broke out back in November amid widespread outrage over the proposed gas tax hikes, led to the sacking of Macron’s capital city – and cities across the country – as well as a handful of deaths. Instead of listening to the people, Macron has sought to instead blame the protests on Russia, once again demonstrating just how out of touch he is with the people he governs.”

Happy De-Platforming: Truth Is The New ‘Hate-Speech’
“That lockdown is in the process of being reasserted. It is being done by suppressing dissenting or just different viewpoints via what is styled (in the hideous jargon of technocratic tyranny) “de-platforming,” which means barring any person who produces “objectionable” material from making it available through entities such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and so on – all of them owned, it is important to point out, by the same cartel or might as well be – as in the case of the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times.”
“It’s not censorship, per se – since the offending material hasn’t (yet) been characterized as illegal.”

Microsoft Wants to Kill Passwords, Starting With Windows 10
“The next version of Windows 10 will support passwordless Microsoft accounts. Microsoft will just text a code to your phone number when you sign in. It’s all part of Microsoft’s stated goal: “a world without passwords.””
What if microsoft decides to cancel somebody access to their password-less world ?

Mueller Must Be Investigated For Destruction Of FBI Evidence: Giuliani

Judge Confirms: Oregon Engineer Has a First Amendment Right to Call Himself an Engineer

Consensus? 500+ Scientific Papers Published In 2018 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

Graduation SHOCKERS! 4 Valedictorian’s SAVAGE Anti-Public Education RED PILL Speeches

Turkish TV Broadcasts Footage of Jamal Khashoggi’s Body Being Removed By Saudis

Appeals Court: Officer Who Shot and Killed Innocent Man in His Own Home Cannot Be Sued
“The court’s reasoning? Qualified immunity, a constitutionally dubious doctrine that bars individuals from suing the government for violating their rights unless those rights were “clearly established.” And what, exactly, constitutes a “clearly established” right? It’s almost always possible to argue the point either way.”
“In dissent, Judge Beverly Martin shattered this sophistry with painful precision. “Under no standard,” she wrote, “was it reasonable for the police to kill Mr. Scott when he answered the knock at the door to his home. He was not suspected of any crime (much less a violent crime) and he was standing inside his own house without threatening them.” The police, she explained “were not engaged in a permissible ‘knock and talk’ when they killed Mr. Scott.” In fact, “there was no talk here. This was a knock and shoot.” Sylvester had no warrant and no reasonable suspicion that Scott had committed a crime. Martin thus concluded that he clearly violated Scott’s Fourth Amendment rights by conducting a warrantless raid and using excessive force.”
“The most fascinating part of Martin’s analysis centered around Sylvester’s insistence that the shooting was justified because Scott opened the door while holding a firearm. This “conclusion that deadly force was reasonable here,” Martin noted, “plainly infringes on the Second Amendment right to ‘keep and bear arms.’ ” Citing the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller, which affirmed an individual right to handgun ownership under the Second Amendment, Martin wrote:”
“If Mr. Scott was subject to being shot and killed, simply because (as the District Court put it) he made the “fateful decision” to answer a late-night disturbance at the door to his house, and did so while holding his firearm pointed safely at the ground, then the Second Amendment (and Heller) had little effect.”

Is YOUR doorbell spying on you? Amazon’s Ring let employees watch live footage from customers’ cameras, report claims

Atlanta Prosecutor Sues DOJ For Blocking Investigation Of Incident Where Cops Shot A Man 59 Times

Court rules gov’t can keep money seized in drug bust, even after suspect acquitted
“The initial confiscation was allowed based on legitimate probable cause, according to the Court.”
The guy was acquitted so was there any illegal drugs found ?
Not beyond a reasonable doubt this money was the proceeds of crime but just on legitimate probable cause. Oh, if its legitimate probable cause as opposed to simple probable cause then that makes it all right.

Anti-GMO activist found dead in hotel pool, hours before planned delivery of 200,000 petition signatures to the EPA
Do you suppose someone was protecting profits by murdering this activist ?

Break The Cycle: In 2019, Say No To The Government’s Cruelty, Brutality. And Abuse
“Here’s just a small sampling of what we suffered through in 2018.”
“The government failed to protect our lives, liberty and happiness. The predators of the police state wreaked havoc on our freedoms, our communities, and our lives. The government didn’t listen to the citizenry, refused to abide by the Constitution, and treated the citizenry as a source of funding and little else. Police officers shot unarmed citizens and their household pets. Government agents—including local police—were armed to the teeth and encouraged to act like soldiers on a battlefield. Bloated government agencies were allowed to fleece taxpayers. Government technicians spied on our emails and phone calls. And government contractors made a killing by waging endless wars abroad.”
“The president became more imperial. Although the Constitution invests the President with very specific, limited powers, in recent years, American presidents (Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc.) have claimed the power to completely and almost unilaterally alter the landscape of this country for good or for ill. The powers amassed by each successive president through the negligence of Congress and the courts—powers which add up to a toolbox of terror for an imperial ruler—empower whomever occupies the Oval Office to act as a dictator, above the law and beyond any real accountability. The presidency itself has become an imperial one with permanent powers.”
“Police became a power unto themselves. Lacking in transparency and accountability, protected by the courts and legislators, and rife with misconduct, America’s police forces were a growing menace to the citizenry and the rule of law. Shootings of unarmed citizens, police misconduct and the use of excessive force continued to claim lives and make headlines. One investigative report found that police shoot Americans more than twice as often as previously known, a number that is underreported and undercounted. That doesn’t account for the alarming number of unarmed individuals who died from police using tasers on them.”

Pelosi: The Constitution Considers Me Trump’s Equal
You are third in line, Ms Pelosi.

Clinton Crony Says Bernie Supporters Must Be Silenced For 2020 Primaries
“It is unclear what “character attacks” Brock is claiming Sanders made; the entirety of criticisms leveled by Sanders and the overwhelming majority of his supporters were directed at the policy decisions Clinton made in her political career and the shady places she took money from. What is clear is that the pro-Hillary SuperPAC he is referring to was the infamous “Correct the Record” troll operation, which employed literal shills to deceitfully pose as grassroots Hillary supporters online whose job was to attack anyone who criticized her. This despicable tactic was incalculably disruptive to online political discourse in 2016, and Brock clearly wants to implement a far more aggressive version of his operation in the 2020 primaries.”
Perhaps the Clinton campaign shouldn’t be so disgustingly deceitful.

WOW! When Joe Biden was asked to speak at the University of Utah, he demanded that the University pay him $100,000, fly him in on a Gulfstream Private Jet and buy 1,000 copies of his book
Man of the 0.01%.

FITTON:ANGRY: DOJ lawyers STILL protecting Hillary Clinton and colluding with Clinton email witnesses to stop Judicial Watch efforts to take their sworn testimony on Clinton email scandal!
What have they got to hide ?

Arkansas law requiring state contractors pledge not to boycott Israel has court challenge
There is either the right to associate, not to associate or no right to – which is it ? That it is Israel is completely irrelevant.

Pro-vaccine medical journal admits there is conclusive scientific evidence that vaccines can and do kill some children

TRIPLETS all become autistic within hours of vaccination… see shocking video that has the vaccine industry doubling down on lies and disinfo

Flu shot lands man in hospital, unable to speak, walk, see or even BREATHE
“Doctors at Centennial Hills Hospital diagnosed Shane with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a known vaccine adverse reaction characterized by the CDC as an “autoimmune disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages the nerves, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.””

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: Vaccine Big Pharma Has Total Legal Immunity.
This immunity is in place because it is absolutely needed.

CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Court Witness Confirmed Vaccines Can Cause Autism, So They Fired Him Immediately

Childhood Arthritis Linked to Vaccines

FDA Approves AXELIS Combo Vaccine Despite Infant Mortality

Video Shows What Mercury Does To A Brain Neuron In Just 20 Minutes

Same excitotoxin that damages brain cells is also being deliberately added to vaccines, reveals CDC document

Another vaccine cover-up revealed: Sharyl Attkisson drops bombshell on “Full Measure” broadcast – see banned video here

Drugmakers kicked off 2019 with price increases in the United States on more than 250 prescription drugs, including the world’s top-selling medicine, Humira
“Allergan Plc was particularly aggressive. It raised list prices on more than 50 drugs, and more than half of those by 9.5 percent, according to the Rx Savings data”

$3.5 Trillion A Year: Is America’s Health Care System The World’s Largest Money-Making Scam?
“If the U.S. health care system was a country, it would have the fifth largest GDP on the entire planet. At this point only the United States, China, Japan and Germany have a GDP that is larger than the 3.5 trillion dollar U.S. health care market. If that sounds obscene to you, that is because it is obscene. We should want people to be attracted to the health care industry because they truly want to help people that are suffering, but instead the primary reason why people are drawn to the health care industry these days is because of the giant mountains of money that are being made. Like so many other things in our society, the health care industry is all about the pursuit of the almighty dollar, and that is just wrong.”
“Just consider the example of 24-year-old Nina Dang. She broke her arm while riding her bicycle in San Francisco, and so she went to the emergency room.”
“The hospital that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated so much money to definitely fixed her arm, but later they broke her bank account when they hit her with a $24,000 bill…”

Mark Zuckerberg’s San Francisco hospital REFUSES private health plans leaving patients with $20,000 bill for bike crash and $10,000 for a migraine

The Feds Are Using a Gag Order To Censor a Critique of Its Prosecutions. Bring on the Lawsuits.
“Jaimie Cavanaugh, an Institute for Justice attorney working on the case, tells Reason that these SEC actions start with the agency threatening their targets with massive prosecutions and then settling for fines and allowing the person to forego an admission of wrongdoing. Those fines seem to correspond with the amount of money that person or company’s insurance will cover, Cavanaugh says. That should raise concerns over whether these enforcement mechanisms are being used for revenue generation—a white-collar version of asset forfeiture, if you will. The censorship keeps the public from evaluating the extent that this might be happening.”
Justice should be seen to be done but in these cases you have to assume that an injustice is being covered up and it is an exercise in revenue generation.

Lawsuit Claims SPLC Abetted Theft, Spread Lies to Destroy Lawyer for ‘Thought Crime’
“Allen’s suit claims that the SPLC should have its 501c3 tax-exempt status revoked, that it owes him restitution for racketeering, and that it should pay $6.5 million in damages. It also references Allen’s pro bono work on behalf of African-Americans and his mentorship of an African-American teen, powerfully rebutting claims that he is a racist. Allen told PJ Media he now regrets his NA support, and an African-American friend of his laughed at the idea of this lawyer being branded a racist.”
Nothing but lies from the SPLC.

New York: Fail To Send Your Child To a Public Indoctrination Center & Government Will Take Them From You
“The New York State Department of Education now threatens to shut down Jewish schools and report parents who refuse to send their children to leftist government schools to child protection authorities. As in the Soviet Union, giving a child a Jewish education would be treated as evidence of child abuse. The government would be able to abduct children for the crime of receiving a Jewish education.”
“The new “Indian Residential Schools” had arrived.”

After Years Of Refusal, Utah Will Now Implement The REAL ID Act
“After nearly eight years of refusing to implement the REAL ID Act of 2005, Utah has flip-flopped and will now participate in the unconstitutional national ID program.”
“In 2010, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill into law prohibiting the state from implementing or participating in the Real ID Act. At the time, the legislature found that the enactment of the Real ID Act:”
“(a) is inimical to the security and well-being of the people of this state;”
“(b) will cause unneeded expense and inconvenience to the people of this state; and”
“(c) was adopted in violation of the principles of federalism contained in the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Government Shutdown Shows Why We Need To Decentralize National Parks
“The whole thing illustrates the danger of allowing the federal government to exercise control over vast swaths of the American landscape, while minimizing the influence of those who are impacted most by federal decisions. Besides, there’s certainly no justification for having an entire national system of parks dependent on Washington, DC. The very idea that access to an outhouse in rural California should depend on a backroom deal in Washington DC should strike every reasonable person as utterly absurd.”
“Maybe, just maybe, the use of a pit toilet in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona ought to be a decision of the people who live within 500 miles of it.”

Brandon Smith: The Fed Is A Suicide Bomber With A Deeper Agenda
“I believe according to the evidence that the central banks are motivated by ideological zealotry with the core purpose of total global centralization of economic and political power into the hands of a select group of elitists. This agenda is really just a modern “reboot” of feudalism or totalitarianism. They sometimes refer to the plan in public as the “new world order,” or the “global economic reset.” I often refer to the encompassing ideology as “globalism” for the sake of expediency.”
Bitcoin is the nemesis of the central banks.

BIS: 70% of Central Banks Involved in CBDC Research, Only Several Have Concrete Plans
“As the BIS outlines, CBDCs are classed as either “wholesale” — i.e. restricted-access digital tokens for wholesale settlements such as interbank payments and securities settlements — or “retail.””
“The latter category is further subdivided by BIS into “general purpose” and “account-based” — i.e. those extensively available and aimed at retail transactions — or “general purpose” and “token- or value-based.” These are a form of central bank-issued digital cash available for the general public, which has similar availability to an account-based retail CBDC, but is distributed and transferred in a different way.”
Because they are not open access, not controlled by software protocol and not using a token that needs actual work to come into existence then they are all boring, boring, boring. Have I said they are boring ?

Money: How Its Past Predicts Its Future
“Greed, however, took over, and the goldsmiths wanted to make more money. Actually, the first documented case of fraud by a “banker” dates back to the year 393 BC. Isocrates describes in a speech how the banker “Passio” used bribes, deceived and falsified documents to misappropriate the gold which was entrusted to his “bank”. It became a widely used practice of these goldsmiths (and other depositories) to lend out the gold which was handed to them for safekeeping; earning interest on lending out gold in the form of receipts; which wasn’t legally theirs. As the receipts were perceived to be as good as gold, by increasing the amount of receipts, they actually created money out of thin air and were earning interest on it. This Ponzi scheme worked well as long as the people had confidence in the bank and didn’t all demand to retrieve their gold at the same time.”

Chinese Netizens are Using Blockchain to Bypass Censorship
“Chinese citizens are using this newfound freedom to good use, reportedly. A college sexual assault story which normally would have been censored, became viral after the information was converted to the metadata of a blockchain. Also, the exposing of a Chinese department scandal involving injecting babies with fake vaccines also got enough traction due to Blockchain. These scandals would have been easily removed or modified with a government version if they were using WeChat or Weibo, but the government cannot censor a story something that is made part of a blockchain.”
Bitcoin is the nemesis of the censors.

Rothschild worried about new world economic order

Australia Inserting Nano-Chips in $50 & $100 Bills to Track Underground Economy & Coming Barter System
Bitcoin continually tracks all units of bitcoin on what is called the blockchain.

Steve Keen Exposes The Delusional ‘Leaders’ Of The Eurozone
“I was looking forward to chilling with family and friends in Sydney this New Years Day, but Phil Dobbie ruined it for me with this tweet:”
“I had forgotten that this was the 20th anniversary of the start of the Euro. But the Eurocrats in Brussels hadn’t. Some hours before the New Year commenced, Juncker and friends put out a press release extoling the virtues of the Euro. Virtues such as “unity, sovereignty, and stability … prosperity”.”
The euro currency is 20 years old and bitcoin is 10 years old but of the 2 the one that will last is bitcoin because it is way more sovereign than the euro.

Bitcoin ATM Producer Moves to Switzerland Due to Regulatory Difficulties
“Lamassu revealed in the post that its applications to open an account were rejected by 15 banks because it produces terminals for Bitcoin, while not taking part in trading or storing digital currencies. Additionally, the company was purportedly rejected by payment processor Stripe for having the word Bitcoin on their site.”
It seems that the stupidity of some businesses is centralising the bitcoin industry.

Founder of Romanian Crypto Exchange Coinflux to Be Extradited to US on Multiple Allegations
“According to the most recent report by Mediafax, Anatol Pânzaru, Călin’s lawyer, has declared before the Bucharest Court of Appeal that the conditions of the treaty on judicial cooperation between Romania and the United States have not been met.”
“Furthermore, Pânzaru has claimed that his client had no way of knowing that the cryptocurrency in question was earned via fraudulent activity. He also demanded from the court to reject the extradition request.”

Cop Goes Nuts on Driver’s Window for Refusal to Exit Vehicle

Journalist Shane Dowling has been jailed for exposing paedophile judges and judicial bribery
Journalist Shane Dowling has been jailed for exposing paedophile judges and judicial bribery

California Devastated Utility Proposes $2 Billion Rate Hike To Fund “Wildfire Safety”
“After infuriating its investors, California scandal-plagued utility PG&E is now set to reap the ire of its clients after a demand for a rate hike of almost $2 billion from customers, saying more than half will go toward wildfire safety.”

The Use of False Flags to Increase Power

A Judge Says Cops Have No Duty To Protect Kids From School Shootings. This Is Why We Need The Second Amendment.
“A federal judge ruled this week that neither the police nor the school system had any duty to protect students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High during the shooting that claimed 17 lives last year.”

The US Boogeyman Is Coming For You…No Matter Where In The World You Are

Israel Tampered With Video of Strike That Killed Two Palestinian Boys, Investigators Say

Sheku Bayoh: Fresh questions over death in police custody
“Mr Baskind said: “The quality of the footage is not very good, but you can certainly make out what’s going on, and I can see no evidence at all of two stamping attacks on the officer on the ground, let alone two very violent ones, that is described in the papers.”
A bloodlust and a litany of lies.

“The Central Election Commission of Ukraine decided to cancel the elections of deputies of local councils and mayors of cities planned for December 23rd in 10 regions of the country where martial law was imposed.”
“This was reported by the Ukrainian media, and confirmed by FRN. As we have covered, numerous critics and analysts have concluded that one of the aims of Poroshenko’s drive for martial law was precisely to prevent electoral processes from taking place. Analyst Sergey Mirkin also wrote in an op-ed published by FRN in recent days, that even while the martial law is limited to 30 days, Poroshenko has nevertheless strategically set the stage to seize dictatorial powers in the future.”
If it f**king looks like a duck, f**king quacks like a duck, you can it call a duck or in this case a f**king dictatorship.

CORRUPTION: Mueller Deleted All Strozk Texts Before Giving Phone To Inspector General