G20 gold trade settlement / the internet is the largest threat to corrupt government officials

TFMR Podcast #44 – Jackass on the Barbie
17m10s “And then with the COMEX gold raid Russia and China said we’ve had enough of your games. Your bullshit is done. We’re tired of you playing games with the banks, confiscating. we’re tired o you devaluating our gold reserves in unilateral action, bond monetization, QE, hyper monetary inflation, setting zero percent, wrecking the markets, ruined price of money, we’ve had it. We’re done. The G20 is to implement now, top priority, implement gold trade settlement and push the dollar aside.”

Banking insider: The Japanese have lost control of their bond market
“if the bond market goes bust, you’re going to see the Nikkei go bust with it, as well as real estate.”

Nikkei 225 2013-05-25
This index has increased by over 50% in the last 6 months so unless the bank of Japan throws an increased amount of QE at government bonds we may see the index cut in half and more and in a much quicker timeframe than 6 months.

The Japan Implosion Is Progressing
“Remember:  Japan was using almost 25% of their tax revenue to service their national debt before this spike started.  They are in a debt trap and the noose is tightening.  Rapidly.”

Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

I wouldn’t be able to learn about the global food freedom movement without the internet. See this.

#MarchAgainstMonsanto: The Grassroots Uprising
“Monsanto is a company feared and reviled by the public in equal measure. But whatever cases Monsanto has lost in the court of public opinion it has made up for in the courts of justice thanks to its revolving door with the upper reaches of Washington. Now, a new movement is seeking to galvanize grassroots resistance to the corporation, and derail its agenda. Find out more in this week’s Backgrounder from Global Research TV.”
1m5s “Many are familiar with the companies sordid past including it’s role in the development of agent orange and it’s contribution to the epidemic of farmer suicides in India.”
3m “I have a contract here from Monsanto and I’ll just give you some of the clauses in that contract.”
3m10s “A farmer must always buy his seed from Monsanto.”
“He must only buy the chemicals from Monsanto.”
3m15s “He can never use his seesds.”
3m20s “He must pay Monsanto about $40 license fee on each hectare he owns each year.”
3m50s “And if a farmer commits some violation of the contract Monsanto can take his profit or Monsanto can make him destroy his crop and the farmer is not allowed to say anything to anybody about it.”

2 Million People In 52 Countries March Against Monsanto

Protesters in over 400 cities march vs Monsanto
Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case
“A French farmer who can no longer perform his routine farming duties because of permanent pesticide injuries has had his day in court, literally, and the perpetrator of his injuries found guilty of chemical poisoning. The French court in Lyon ruled that Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller formula, which contains the active ingredient alachlor, caused Paul Francois to develop lifelong neurological damage that manifests as persistent memory loss, headaches, and stuttering during speech.”

‘Monsanto monopoly pushes farmers to suicide’

Dairy farmer acquitted on three of four charges in raw milk trial
“Earlier in the day, the farmer testified that he felt betrayed by state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection officials who raided his farm in June 2010 and intentionally destroyed 2,000 pounds of milk.”
Is the farmer going to be reimbursed for this destruction of his stock ?
“He was afraid that DATCP would destroy other food as well, Hershberger said about why he violated the hold order, took some food for his family and allowed members of the farm’s buying club to remove items for their use.”
“This is a place where you go to purchase things.”
No, only if you are a member of the buying club can you purchase things.
“”It’s a lot of sales,” Defort said, adding that even members of a buying club are considered members of the general public – meaning the Grazin’ Acres store was a retail operation.”
Can this guy sound any more stupid ?
Members of the general public apply to join the buying club. One large group and one smaller group – D’OH.

Hershberger Verdict In After Judge Orders Jury NOT to Vote With Conscience
“The judge looked at the jury and around 7 pm said: “(you) must base your verdict on the law I give you.” So the judge thinks he gives the law. Can’t even put into words what an assassination of justice it is that a judge would even say that. Later the judge read “instruction NOT to be swayed by conscience.””

GMO Labeling Bill Shot Down In Senate Just Days Before March Against Monsanto
“Just days before the massive worldwide event know as March Against Monsanto, the Senate has once again sided with Monsanto by overwhelmingly voting against a bill that would have allowed individual states to choose whether or not to label GMO foods.”
“With a vote count of 71 to 27, the Senate denied the right of the people to know what is in the food they eat. The Senate also took a direct shot at the 10th Amendment in denying individual states the right to make their own decision in regards to GMO labeling.”
Since when can the federal government dictate to all 50 states what laws they cannot pass.

Monsanto Are Industrial Waste! 25May2013 (Auckland, New Zealand)

Monsanto Can Control The Media, 25May2013

Occupy Monsanto: Shopping for the Truth

“Thom Hartmann talks with Adam Eidinger, spokesperson for Occupy Monsanto, http://www.occupy-monsanto.com, about protests against Monsanto corporation slated for Saturday, may 25, 2013.”

Hell No, GMO! Anti-Monsanto protests sweep US

Challenging Monsanto: 200,000 in 40 countries to rally against GMO
“The ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ was co-authored by a senator who has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the company — a revelation that did not surprise many, given that another important figure in Washington, Justice Clarence Thomas, served as an attorney for the corporation before he was nominated to the Supreme Court, only to eventually preside over a case involving his former employer. ”
This government is going to have to go because it serves the big corporations not the people.

Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs during global March Against Monsanto
See the photo of two children that Facebook says is “abusive”

More Than 300 Soldier Deaths Due to Drug Toxicity Since 2006, Many Linked to PTSD Medications Army Reports

Scotland: Every Child to Have “State Guardian” From Birth
“Dystopian plan would see government social worker assigned to spy on every family”

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods
“We are being bombarded on a daily basis by an astronomical level of toxicity, all controlled by chemical terrorists on behalf of the food industry. Morever, many of these toxins affect our fertility and those of successive generations.”

Greece Considering Labor Camp for Those Who Can’t Pay Their Taxes

The energy-boosting supplement that could HALVE the number of deaths from heart failure

When Herding Cats Fails: A Visual Tale Of Two QEs

The Chart That The BoJ Is Most Worried About (And So Should You Be)
“As JPMorgan notes, the number of JGB ‘fails’ – where a repo deal breaks down – has more than doubled in the last week.”

Contain uncontrolled passion for gold: Chidambaram to countrymen
“Finance Minister P Chidambaram today asked countrymen to contain their “uncontrolled passion” for gold and instead save in financial instruments. “Have faith in our financial sector. Unfortunately, we have difficulty shedding our old habits and put our money in gold,” he said while speaking at an event to mark the platinum anniversary celebrations of state-run Dena Bank.”

British Ministers Call For Mass Government Snooping In Wake Of Woolwich Attack
What a non-surprise.

Shadow Justice: Secret UK courts break up families

Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government
The government is suposed to be the servant of the people so who came with this label civil disobedience

block sick websites of hatred
I suppose this will be subjective not objective and there will not be a court order that can someone could refute the label.

Woolwich attack: MI5 ‘offered job to suspect’
I mourn for the guy murdered and rather than being furious at MI5, I am just laughing my head off right now because we continue to see the emperor has no clothes.
And yet William Hague was in Jordan at the time giiving our austerity money to the guys in Syria who chop out the heart and other organs from a slain soldier and eat them.
I condemn these non-Syrian Syria rebels and I condemn the collateral murders perpetrated by drone bombings.

COMEX non-inventory non-movement
“Japan stabilized Thursday night but not before the yen increased in value sending holders of the Yen carry trade in a tizzy. The high volatility in the Japanese bond yields are causing massive derivative blowups at the Japanese banks. Also remember that the higher yields causes tier 1 asset  to deteriorate which forces the banks to call in massive loans. Japan is one big mess!!”
“In Europe we had problems in Spain where banking officials stated that they now need an additional 10 billion euros.  The shares of Bankia plummeted by 51% as they came to realize that there is no sovereign guarantee. Already 133 billion euros have been pumped into the Spanish banks all guaranteed by the sovereign and also remember that none of these loans has been included in sovereign Spain’s total debt to GDP figures.  They view this as a contingency liability and thus the authorities over there do not include it in official figures.”
“Over in Italy we are now witnessing a big increase in their non performing loans.
This has caused yields in the 10 yr Italy bonds (as well as Spain) to increase  (lower prices). The NPL’s of course create additional havoc to our bankers balance sheets.”
“Friday afternoon, we witnessed a surprise Bloomberg article suggesting that the Europe was ready to abandon the shadow banking industry. The shadow banking industry is huge and if you outlaw this practice, you suck the entire oxygen from the financial world.  The world would immediately go into hyper-deflation as the entire world would stop functioning.”
“Then why would these guys announce this?  Something sinister is rearing its ugly head.”

The Bank of Japan must crush all resistance, and will do so
“It certainly worked. It allowed the US to whittle away its wartime debt through inflation and negative real rates. The creditors paid the price. It was an “inflation tax”, or covert debt restructuring.”
“That is what lies in store for Japan, and it will be horrible for pensioners, savers, and those expecting an annuity. Whether the authorities can pull it off it without capital controls is an interesting question. My guess is that controls will be part of the mix in the end, and much else besides. Tough. Leaders don’t run countries for the benefit of markets.”
With capital controls coming, Bitcoin looks really attractive.

Gold market report: bullion banks going net-long

Wall Street is writing its own regulation bill
Not only do the legislators NOT read the bills before the pass them, they do NOT write the bills either.

Internet Forces Global Warming into Retreat?

Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon
“At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.”
We the people must be dumping our politicians on their butt for the bee apocalypse.

Ben Swann Exposes the IRS’ Premeditated Crimes & Culpability
Part 1 1m10s “Does your organisation support the existence of the land of Israel … ?”
Part 1 2m45s Watch Lois Lerner flap her lips in relation to the IRS scandal then invoke her right not to incriminate herself.
But you shouldnt forget about the murder of the ambassador and others at Benghazi.

Jack Lew’s Triple Whammy – IRS Ignorance, Corzine Corruption, And The ‘War On The Poor’
The Fed’s Hands Are Tied… Right as the Financial System Begins to Crack

Keiser Report: Narcissists’ Rally (E448)

Keiser Report: Drowning In Central Banking Abyss (E449)
“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert in the second part of a two part currency war special focus on George Osborne hoping a rising stock market will convince voters his economic policies are working and the new front in the South Pacific as New Zealand launches defensive measures against global currency devaluations. In the second half, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, for the second half of their interview focusing on currency wars and hot wars.”

Continuity of Government Redefined to Suspend US Constitution
If a government suspends the instrument that is its contract with the people then they have signed their resignation letter.

Banks Win Big As Regulators Refuse to Rein in $700 Trillion Derivatives Market
When the big, big, big crash comes, you should know what and who is to blame.

Forget Prayer, It’s Lamb Slaughter Time: A Rational Man’s Response To All Time High Gold Shorts
“Two days ago we suggested that ”they better pray there is no short squeeze.” Today, following the just released latest CFTC Commitment of Traders data which showed that the Comex gold short position grew once again to a new all time high of 79,416 shorts, all prayers are now off. If we may be so bold as to we suggest, the time has come to upgrade to the sacrificial slaughtering of at least a lamb on the altar of Saint Ben, because even the tiniest hint of a forced cover will now result in the biggest rip your face off levered short squeeze seen in the history of the yellow metal. Maybe throw in an ink cartridge or two for good measure…”
The bank of Japan will likely double down on the quantity of QE after the Japanese government bond market has flashed the red warning light on May 23rd and May 24th.

JPMorgan exposed: Company found guilty of masterminding ‘manipulative schemes’

Government by Eurocrats: The Olive-Oil Dispenser Debacle
“The small producer would be cut out.”
Monopolies are created and sustained in such ways and the consumer is screwed over.

Rand Paul: Beyond the Left-Right Paradigm

1m35s “The facebook generation can detect falseness and hypocrisy a mile away.”

Cancer Treatment: Conventional Versus Natural – “If Pharmaceutical Companies Can’t Make Profits Off of It, You Won’t Hear About It”

Infowars too Popular for Rachel Maddow

3m30s “We’re tired of your divide and conquer. We know what you’re doing. Political correctness is dead.”
3m45 “The thinkers are thinking and they’re getting smarter and more aware every day. And now the collective of individuals is watching everything you do and disdaining you and exposing you.”
Why inforwars ? Because of Sun Tzu’s saying ‘all warfare is deception’. Defeat your enemies piecemeal, one at a time and don’t let them present a united front against you.
The Powers That Should Never Have Been will be coming to an end.

Nwo Dead on Arrival (conspiracy against life)

The guys who are deliberately crashing this market MUST be told NO when they say they can fix what they broke.

Cops Trained To Treat Cell Phones Like Guns To Stop From Being Recorded
If these public servants have done nothing wrong then they should have nothing to fear from being recorded.

Bush cancels Europe trip amid calls for his arrest
“A planned trip by Bush to speak at the Switzerland-based United Israel Appeal later this week has been canceled after several human rights groups called for Swiss authorities to arrest Bush and investigate him for authorizing torture. Bush has traveled widely since leaving office, but not to Europe, where there is a strong tradition of international prosecutions.”

Police swoop on the homeless taking sleeping bags and food parcels in co-ordinated raids in Redbridge
Do you see how the people at the bottom of society are treated ? When will the same treatment be dished out to the people on the next rung up the ladder ?

Marine arrested for Facebook posts sues government

“Brandon Raub, a 26-year-old decorated Marine veteran, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan was arrested and put into a psychiatric institution in August last year for some his Facebook posts. He was detained without charges and was ordered to spend up to 30 days in the psych ward — but, that court order was later dismissed. Now, Brandon Raub is suing the government for infringing on his First Amendment rights”

POLICE STATE – Cops Fine Man $500 For Laughing (in his own home)

1m40s “I think the police did what they thought was best.”
That thudding you can hear is my head striking the wall, repeatedly.
God in heaven help this world.

Jailed for silence?

“24-year-old New York anarchist Jerry Koch gets jailed for up to 18 months for refusing to testify as a witness in the Times Square bicycle bombing case of 2008 at a federal grand jury hearing. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports from the federal court house in the Big Apple.”
1m45s “There really are echoes of the red scare and the green scare.”
2m5s “person who’s doing a lot of political good against the (criminal) state.”

Five Undercover Police Cars Sent To Arrest Single Alleged Movie Pirate
“TorrentFreak has seen copies of the issued bail sheets. Surprisingly they do not state any law under which the man was arrested, instead referring only to “Miscellaneous Offense”, apparently due to the police being unclear on what to write down.”
Miscellaneous justice.


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