Why should government know everything about us when we don’t know everything central banks ?



Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt


“Anti-capitalist protesters”

If only we had capitalism, we don’t, we have cronyism, we have corporatism, we have an oligarchy.

And you will notice that no expense was spared protecting the ECB, austerity is only for the general public.

“The court said if the number of protestors in the terminal exceeds 200, police can break up the gathering. Felix Gottwald, a pilot, tweeted that security had been stepped up at Frankfurt airport in anticipation of the arrival of Blockupy protesters.”

Will a crowd of 200,000 be broken up ?


$5000 SILVER & the BIGGEST SCAM in HISTORY! – BrotherJohnF & Woody O’Brien


1m “The IRS is a corrupt organisation that basically collects interest for the bankers.”

1m30s “If you’re going to have a (private) central bank that’s going to issue money and get paid interest and because no rational person would borrow money that they could print.”

2m10s “a river of money that goes to the government which a great deal goes to pay the interest on the debt that shouldn’t exist in the first place.”

2m40s “We don’t really have an audit of the federal reserve. We don’t know what money is passed back to shareholders, what money’s being paid in dividends, we don’t even know who the owners of the federal reserve are in terms of it’s shareholders.”

2m55s “I’m sure that there are 100s of billions of dollars going to other places.”


Stocks Slide On Hindenburg Omen Sighting


“Third, and perhaps more important to some, based on intraday data, the much-discussed Hindenburg Omen has been spotted. The last time we were this high in stocks and the Hindenburg was spotted was October 2007…

A crash approaches. Quick, grab your popcorn and get comfortable for the big show.


‘Chemical weapons is absolutely inadmissible’ – Lukashevich about capture of sarin gas by Turkish forces


“Russia has expressed concerns about yesterdays’ reports by Turkish media that the country’s security forces had found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of Syrian militants from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front.”








Moscow expects Turkey’s explanations for Syrian rebels’ sarin – Lavrov



Britain To Arm Syrian Rebels; Russia Retaliates By Shipping 10 MiGs To Assad



Meanwhile, In Turkey…


Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannon on Friday at demonstrators in central Istanbul, wounding scores of people and prompting rallies in other cities in the fiercest anti-government protests for years.”

The people of Turkey need to tell their government that the people are the boss of the government.


Sprott – This Is Why There Is Such A Massive Shortage Of Gold


“Even before the April 12th and 15th crash, the tonnages were already rolling out of the GLD.  It’s my belief that that gold was being drained out of the GLD in order to supply the demand in Asia.”

“Therefore, the whole of gold that went out of GLD, rather than being a sign of weakness which is what everyone was pointing to, it was not a sign of weakness.  It was a sign that banks had no gold.”


India may try anything to reduce gold imports — except stabilize the rupee


“He didn’t elaborate what steps the government may take, but said there is no plan to ban gold imports or to further raise the import tax.”

“India will also sell from next month government bonds that will adjust returns based on the rate of inflation, a move aimed in part at weaning away small investors from buying gold as a hedge against high inflation.”

I am sure that these bonds will go down like a lead balloon.


Barrick’s Pascua-Lama gold project frozen for at least 1-2 years: Chile regulator


Bad news for shorts of gold and silver.


The FBI Changes Its Story (Again) on the Ibragim Todashev Shooting



The FBI Murder of Ibragim Todashev: The Boston Witness “Who Knew Too Much”?


How high will the body count from this false flag operation rise to ?


FBI used Photoshop in Boston bombings evidence: Investigative journalist



Obama Appoints Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar


Monsanto and the government will make sure that the only food Americans can eat will be Monsanto’s toxic GMO food.


North Carolina Law Would Make It Illegal to Expose Monsanto


“Most recently Amnesty International called the bills an affront to human rights:”

““What at first might appear to be exclusively an animal abuse issue is, on closer inspection, clearly also a freedom of expression issue, a workers’ rights issue, an environmental issue and a public health issue,” said Vienna Colucci, Director of Policy at Amnesty International USA. “And this is why such a diverse coalition has come together to oppose ‘ag-gag’ bills.””

“And on top of that, the first ag-gag prosecution in the nation was a complete failure after it became a public relations disaster.”


US Attorney General Eric Holder Personally Approved Obama’s Secret Effort to Seize Email and Phone Records of News Reporters


So Eric Holder lied when he claimed no knowledge of the seizure.


The pointless Afghanistan war has cost Britain more than £37 billion


There was a point to the Afghanistan war, just not the one most people think.

The pipeline was one point and the transferring of wealth from fooled taxpayer to the makers of weapons of war


‘I don’t feel sorry for them’: Bush risks wrath of injured veterans saying he has no sympathy because they volunteered their service



US Muslim sues FBI over ‘months of torture on unspecified charges’


“A US Muslim alleges he was held illegally for 106 days by FBI agents and was subjected to severe beatings. The plaintiff said he was abused when he refused to become an informant at the Portland Mosque he attended while living in the US.”

It seems to me that a muslim has to choose between being the chump in a FBI sting or


All Time Record Gold Transactions Reported By LBMA


No bear market in physical gold in evidence here.


Apple Hikes Japanese iPad, iPod Prices By 16%

Price inflation spreading from food and fuel to other things.


Risk of Bank Failures Is Rising in Europe, E.C.B. Warns … bail-ins coming



Doug Kass Goes For Gold – This Is An Absolute Must Watch !


“Gold is like a religion.”

No, fiat paper currency is the religion.

“The Japanese thing is a potential black swan.”


Grant Williams: Difference Between Gold Price And The Price Of Gold


“The gold price is essentially the price of a future paper conveying upon the buyer of that piece of paper the right to take delivery from the seller of a stipulated amount of gold in the contract, in this case a 100 troy ounces in good delivery form. All the gold that has physically settled as a result of the futures transaction must conform the good delivery standards in terms of purity, and it must be an approved hallmark.”

“The price of gold on the other hand is whatever you have to pay to actually get your hands on an ounce of physical metal, and it is very different: it differs from day to day, it differs from city to city, even within those cities it differs from dealer to dealer, but it is nearly always higher than the gold price. Traditionally physical gold traded at a premium to the futures price, and that premium fluctuates depending on the level of demand for the physical mental.”

“So far the gold price action. What about the price of gold? In the aftermath, as a reaction to the decline in the gold price the public did not rush to sell like they did with their equities in the crash of 1987 or 2000. In fact, they did the exact opposite. The public stampeded to buy the physical metal at a 20% discount. Of course, the price of gold was definitely not the same as the gold price. Premiums have been quoted as much as 25% above the spot price which completely negated the entire downward move of the price of gold in the futures market.”

The gold price has declined but the price of gold has increased.

“If the buyers will increase their holdings from the current 2.6% to a hardly extravagant 15% it will create demand for 17,359 tonnes (indicated in red in the chart below). That is about 15 to 20 years of global gold production.”



New Record European Unemployment, 101 USDJPY “Tractor Beam” Breach Bring Early Selling


“the key 100 support level, below which all hell breaks loose, Abenomics starts being unwound, hedge funds – short the yen and long the Nikkei – have no choice but to unwind once profitable positions, the wealth effect craters”



April Core Retail Sales Were Just Revised From A 100% Beat To A Miss



Couple arrested at Liberty Bell by park police for handing out “End The Fed” pamphlets


Wow, outside Independence Hall there isn’t any independence. The American people have only exchanged one master – King George III – for another master.


‘Abyss of Autocracy’: A Protest Movement Simmers in Kuwait


“It’s a dangerous thing to do. “The speech” refers to a handful of thoughts expressed out loud last October by a former member of the Kuwaiti parliament. Too loudly, perhaps. The politician, Musallam al-Barrak, was sentenced in April to five years in prison.”


FBI must return Kim Dotcom’s illegally seized property: New Zealand High Court


It only took them months and months and months and months.


New Study Shows Cannabinoids Improve Efficiency Of Mitochondria And Remove Damaged Brain Cells



CIA whistleblower imprisoned despite prosecutor’s promise


“The former CIA analyst who spoke out against the agency’s use of torture says he’s been deemed a “threat to public safety” and is serving his prison sentence in a crowded jail cell despite being promised admission to a federal work camp.”

Bulls**t this guy’s a threat to public safety.


ObamaCare To Begin Automatically Canceling Private Health Insurance Policies



Israeli commandos stormed the ships and killed eight Turkish citizens and 18-year-old U.S. citizen Furkan Dogan aboard the Mavi Marmara



Osama Bin Laden ‘blew himself up with suicide belt after Navy SEAL shot him in the thigh’ claims terror leader’s former bodyguard


Fable after fable.


Brooklyn DA ‘arrested’ people and held them until they testified in ‘private jail system’


“Brooklyn’s District Attorney has been accused of using locked hotel rooms as ‘private jails’ to interrogate witnesses and pressure them into giving false testimony in court.”

USA is out of control.


After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” Shirt,100 Students Wear Shirt to School



British taxpayers to pay ‘millions’ towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security


Bow down to your overlords, you lowly serf.


Bilderberg 2013: Attendees Scared as Protestors Accumulate


“Locals are not happy with the expenditures.”


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