Bill Gross: “Credit Supernova!”


Santelli Tells the Bernank: “Whatever You’re Doing, It Isn’t Working”

““So let me get this straight. We borrowed $300 Billion in the 4th Quarter and we end up with a growth rate of DOWN one tenth of one percent.””


Germany’s gold at NY Fed may be impaired, Centennial’s analysts agree


MUST READ: Peak Silver? Read more

“I believe silver is the MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET of ALL TIME; and have ZERO doubt that whether “PEAK SILVER” has been passed, “peak cheap silver” certainly has…”


Kaye – Expect A Massive Silver Short Squeeze


London Whales Bet Against JP Morgan


94 Days After Sandy 1900 Homes are Still Without Heat, Power and Water Read More


Europe “Fixed” Facade Crumbling As German Retail Sales Implode

while on a year over year basis December imploded a whopping -4.7% vs expectations of -1.5%.


States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms

Some governments stopped serving the general public a long time ago.


Poll: 67% of Americans Don’t Believe Gun Ban Would Prevent Sandy Hook Read More


MSNBC Edit Deliberately Smears Gun Owners as Sandy Hook ‘Hecklers’


Connecticut: Overwhelming Support for the Second Amendment at Public Hearing Read More


Over 1000 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting Second Amendment


TSA Protester With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest


Your Blackmailable “Representatives”: Major networks mum on FBI raid of doctor office tied to Menendez underage prostitution scandal Read More


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