Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-08-30. To be protected from the spread of the disease & the right to choice the form that protection takes

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

‘As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection’.

At the time of creating this blog post there were the following 3 sets of signatories.

797,721 concerned citizens.

14,879 medical and public health scientists.

43,804 medical practitioners.

It’s really, really simple: shelter the vulnerable from the infectious while the rest of us get on with living our lives.

World Doctors Alliance (link).

An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity’.

WDA represents a diverse range of opinions of health care professionals and does not have a consensus of opinions on the origin of covid-19 or the political ramifications of the lockdown per se. WDA is however committed to debate the causes of harm resulting from the coronavirus act measures and to raise issues that expose harmful medical and life limiting practices detrimental to the well being of all living men women and children’.

Prof Dolores Cahil, Dr Mohammad Adil, Dr R Zac Cox, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Heiko Schoning, Dr Heinrich Fiechtner, Dr Scott Jensen, Elke De Klerk, Dr Mikael Nordfors, Dr Hilde Smet, Dr Vernon Coleman and Dr Johan Denis.

WDA’s open letter raises questions on the following topics.

Collateral damage the cure is worse than the virus, Death certificates (1), Economic ruin, Censorship, Testing – False positives, Hydroxychloroquine, Prevention, ‘Vaccine’, Conflicts of interest, Cui bono? Who benefits?

Further Midazolam graph Attached is a graph showing cumulative and linear all cause mortality for over 65s vs cumulative and linear midazolam prescribing, both for period Jan 2020 to June 2021. Deaths scale is left hand side, midazolam scale right hand side. 1/5 (tweet).

What really happened to ‘Midazolam Matt’ Hancock? (link).

‘On 12th July 2020, UK Redtop The Sun ran a lead piece that was nothing short of astonishing’.

‘Official figures at the time showed 38,352 out-of-hospital prescriptions for Midazolam were issued in April 2020 – more than double the February figure. And over the previous five years in England, the total had rarely moved either side of around 15,000’.

The Mail also had the story, reporting that ‘anti-euthanasia campaigners last night said they suspected the spike was evidence that many people had been put on end-of-life protocols or ‘pathways’…..Whistleblowers also claimed to have witnessed misuse of sedatives’’.

‘A broad range of inexplicable events happened on Hancock’s watch: dodgy death certificates, care home dumping, perpetual contradicting of his boss, vital facts kept from colleagues, overstated PHE mortality stats, huge percentages of people who went into hospital for minor surgery yet wound up dead from SarsCov2, corrupt drug trials conducted by Oxford Recovery, evasion of questions about vaccination-related death, blatant lies to the commons about vaccine approvals, hard-sell vaccine marketing condemned as totalitarian, and both delays and groundless exaggerations in relation to the Indian/Delta variant’.

‘But there is something about the Midazolam story that has at last stirred the police into some kind of action. A threatening slate-grey and brown cloud of doubt hangs over it that can only be grasped if one accepts the reality of depraved people in public life. Such clouds follow Matt Hancock around like a Satanic travelling fair’.

The Evidence – ‘You stayed at home, to protect the NHS, but they gave Midazolam to the Elderly and told you they were Covid Deaths’ (link).

We Need To Talk About Midazolam – Clare Wills Harrison (link).

‘By way of a shocking insight into utterly compelling new evidence of genocide by government policy, procurement and administration, which the People’s Union of Britain [PUB], Scouse polymath and independent data cruncher, Mark Oakford, and fearsome probate solicitor, Clare Wills Harrison, are on the brink of filing in the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Four Horsemen of COVID-1984 and their shadowy accomplices, here lies Clare’s summary of the serious issues to be tried, which she published this evening on social media’.

Your Government has committed Democide since March 2020 by using fear, deception, and Midazolam… (link).

‘Whilst all this was happening Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty instructed hospitals to discharge as many patients as possible into care homes, the very place the patients loved ones were now banned from visiting, the very place a doctor was not required to visit to certify a death, the very place carers could not be held liable for a death as long as it was just suspected to be Covid-19’.

‘The very place where care home managers refused to call out a doctor to treat an illness. The very place that care home managers refused to call an ambulance to take a resident to hospital. The very place that any patient with the first signs of just a sniffle were put on do not resuscitate orders without informing the patient or their family’.

‘The very place where those do not resuscitate orders were used as permission to begin end of life care. End of life care which involved the refusal of medical treatment. End of life care which involved the withdrawal of existing medication. End of life care which involved the injection of lethal amounts of midazolam. End of life care which involved the deprivation of food and water, leading to the residents dying of drug overdose, starvation, and dehydration’.

‘Is it just a coincidence that midazolam causes the same symptoms as serious complications due to Covid-19?

As of 10 June 2021, Graph reveals correlation between ‘Covid deaths’ and use on old people of the dangerous respiratory-depressing drug Midazolam and between ‘Covid deaths’ and the fake ‘vaccine’ roll-out among the elderly at the start of 2021 (link).

As of May 31, 2021, Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’ (link).

‘‘Terrifying’ new research finds vaccine spike protein unexpectedly in bloodstream. The protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility’.

As of 29 March 2021, Do doctors have to have the (emergency use authorisation) covid-19 vaccine? (link).

‘Nevertheless, what I am currently struggling with is the failure to report the reality of the morbidity caused by our current vaccination program within the health service and staff population. The levels of sickness after vaccination is unprecedented and staff are getting very sick and some with neurological symptoms which is having a huge impact on the health service function. Even the young and healthy are off for days, some for weeks, and some requiring medical treatment. Whole teams are being taken out as they went to get vaccinated together’.

‘Mandatory vaccination in this instance is stupid, unethical and irresponsible when it comes to protecting our staff and public health. We are in the voluntary phase of vaccination, and encouraging staff to take an unlicensed product that is impacting on their immediate health, and I have direct experience of staff contracting Covid AFTER vaccination and probably transmitting it. In fact, it is clearly stated that these vaccine products do not offer immunity or stop transmission. In which case why are we doing it? There is no longitudinal safety data (a couple of months of trial data at best) available and these products are only under emergency licensing. What is to say that there are no longitudinal adverse effects that we may face that may put the entire health sector at risk?’

As of March 02, 2021, MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer (link).

‘scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe’.

We can expect cancers in those who have had the mRNA injectable to skyrocket.

As of 18 January 2021, COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (link).

Among the prion diseases are scrapie, transmissible mink encephalopathy (TME), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).

As of December, 2020, Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults (link).

Pfizer and Moderna using relative risk reduction in order to claim “95% effective” instead of using absolute risk reduction where they’d only be able to claim “0.7%” and “0.6%” effectiveness, respectively, is right out of Billy G’s favorite book “How to Lie With Statistics.” (tweet).

As of 19 March 2020, the UK gov website said that COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK (link).
‘They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)’

As of June 04, 2021, Epidemiologists Say CDC Exaggerated Outdoor COVID Risks (link).

Risk is 0.1%, it is not 10%. This is a whooping 100-fold exaggeration.

As of 13 November 2020, Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science (link).

As of 12 October 2020, WHO Flip-Flops: (Dr David Nabarro) Urges World Leaders To Stop Using Lockdowns To Fight COVID Contagion (link).

“New Zealand children falling ill in high numbers…children haven’t been exposed to range of bugs due to lockdowns, distancing and sanitiser and their immune systems are suffering…wards flooded by babies with a potentially-deadly respiratory virus.” (tweet, website).

Lockdowns (will) kill more people than COVID-19 (November 10, 2020 Dr Lidiya Angelova, link).

‘Locking everyone will decrease everyone’s immunity and make everyone susceptible to all pathogens. Immunity gets weaker by not being in contact with other harmless viruses but also by lack of natural vitamin D, fresh air and exercise’.

I dare say that Dr Lidiya Angelova takes no pleasure in being proven correct.

New research obliterates the entire justification behind vaccine passports, finding that public gatherings contribute NOTHING to the spread of covid (link).

I will never ask you. It’s your body & your choice. I will never tell you, because it’s my body & my choice. And I will absolutely never carry any form of domestic ID that marks me as safe or unsafe. A vaccine passport is not freedom, it’s tyranny. #NoVaccinePassports (tweet).

‘There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases’ was one outcome of Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening between May 14 and June 1, 2020 in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China (20 November 2020, link).

As of 01 December 2020, (British Medical Journal) Covid-19: Asymptomatic cases may not be infectious, Wuhan study indicates (link).

People who have no symptoms cannot spread disease – the GIGANTIC lie on which the scam is founded – doctors speak out (website, brand new tube).

Giant Study Disproves Myth Of Asymptomatic COVID Spread (link).

‘The study, published in the November issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, studied 9,899,828 residents of Wuhan, screening them between May 14, 2020 and June 1, 2020. The results provided clear evidence as to the possibility of any asymptomatic transmission of the virus’.

As of 15 Oct, 2020, Only poisoned monkey kidney cells ‘grew’ the SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’. SARS-CoV-2 non-infectious in CDC lab and of 30k genome, found 37 then computed the rest, which makes it 99.9987% a unicorn (link).

World Health Organisation guidelines say that “contact tracing” is “not recommended in any circumstances” (page 9 of link).


PCR inventor Kary Mullis- ‘can find almost anything in anybody’ (link).
A unicorn virus not able to be detected by a unicorn test, and to complete the set, I am calling the vaccine a unicorn too.

As of February 23, 2021, PCR Testing Saga: Were We Duped? (link).

‘Were federal health officials and experts at WHO really unaware that the recommended high cycle count (CT) for PCR tests would produce an exorbitant number of false positives for COVID?’

The ONS has admitted it has been reporting PCR tests as positive when only a single coronavirus gene is detected, despite this being against the manufacturer instructions that two or more genes must be found. (tweet, website).

As of 11/04/2021, Laboratories in US can’t find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests (link).

CDC sued for massive fraud: Tests at 7 universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have Covid, but just Influenza A or B – EU statistics: ‘Corona’ virtually disappeared, even under mortality’.

As of April 29, 2021, Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic (link).

As of 20 November 2020, Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful” (link).

‘Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world’
‘The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable. Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45. Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable’.

Austrian court overturns judgment: PCR test not suitable for diagnosis “The court states in several places that a PCR test is not suitable for determining infectivity.” Deutsch:

English: (tweet).

As of October 31, 2020, Government website reveals extensive “COVID cases” fraud – RT-PCR is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present (link).

NHS Manchester FOI request shows NHS are using cycles at 45 which is medical fraud & 97% false positive!!! (tweet).

Still running at 45 cycles Still NO pandemic (tweet).

Anything over 30 cycles and the false positives go up radically. At 35 cycles its around 97% false positives. Its a false positive PCR pandemic. (tweet).

Covid-19: Where is the virus? (link).

Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts (link).

S U R A M I N: How the COVID-1984 Global Control Regime Can Be Terminated (link).

As of 1 March 2021, A QUARTER of all UK Covid fatalities had dementia: Huge death toll among elderly is revealed (link).

As of 22 November 2020, “These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.” – John Hopkins Uni (link, archived copy of deleted doc).

As of February 1st 2021, COVID-19 Fatalities 16.7 Times Too High Due to ‘Illegal’ Inflation (link).

As of Jan 16, 2021, Massive public defiance in Italy as people flock to bars and restaurants, 50 000 of them pledging to open, to defy Government lockdowns (link).

You are 20 times less likely to die with/from COVID-19, if you don’t have pre-existing adverse health conditions.
All these pre-existing adverse health conditions are quite easily capable of being the dominant cause of death in any of these cases.
As reported for Italy on 19 March 2020, for Britain on 12 June 2020 and for the United States of America on 1 September 2020.

You are 100 times less likely to die with/from COVID-19, if you are vitamin D sufficient for T cell activation.
As reported on 18 June 2020 link.

Finally Confirmed! Vitamin D Nearly Abolishes ICU Risk in COVID-19 (link).

Data shows the average age of death from coronavirus is 82.4 years, writes DAVID ROSE as he argues for anti-lockdown plan to shield only the most vulnerable (link).

You are 33,333 times less likely to die with/from COVID-19, if you are under 20 years of age or 5,000 times if you are under 50 or 200 times if you are under 70. This was as of September 27, 2020 when the CDC reported that the infection fatality ratio for each age group was as follows: 0-19yo is 0.00003%, 20-49yo is 0.0002%, 50-69yo is 0.005% & 70+yo is 0.054% link.
Big pharma is not needed here.

University Of Florida Lab Finds Dangerous Pathogens On Children’s Face Masks (link, link).

‘A laboratory at the University of Florida that recently analyzed a small sample of face masks, detected the presence of 11 dangerous pathogens that included bacterias that cause diphtheria, pneumonia, and meningitis’.

CDC: masks don’t work (Originally published 6 February 2020 and updated May 2020, link).

As of 06 Oct 2020, German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’ (link).

As of Sep 20, 2020, A German children’s charity has commissioned a laboratory to examine a commercially available mask. The face mask was previously worn by a child in school for 8 hours. Examination findings: Detection of 82 bacterial colonies and 4 mold colonies (link).
You shouldn’t wear a face covering unless you want to give yourself bacterial pneumonia.

As of August 07, 2020, Dentists say ‘mask mouth’ can cause serious health complications, including strokes (link).
‘The dentists said that the face coverings increase mouth dryness and contribute to a buildup of bad bacteria’. 

As of February 4, 2021, Long-term mask wearing may contribute to advanced stage lung cancer, study finds (link).

Masking Danger? Are We Inhaling Disease-causing Microplastic Particles From Face Masks? (link).

Fact Check – Scientific studies prove you are more likely to catch Covid-19 if you wear a Face Covering (link).

This law got passed on the quiet yesterday (October 1) in the #UK, allowing the harvesting and retention of the DNA of anyone who does a #COVID-19 test. No mention in main stream #news. See link: (link).
I don’t want anyone’s DNA to be harvested or retained so I ask everyone reading this to not take a test or if they do take a test they first consult a lawyer to sue the government so that their DNA is not harvested or retained.

Another Covid Myth Dies the Death (link).

‘On April 5, however, the CDC page was replaced by a much-simplified set of instructions, which includes now this discreet note: “In most situations, the risk of infection from touching a surface is low.” Oh is that so?’


Can there be anything more personal than someone’s DNA?

World Economic Forum Claims Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines are ‘Probably Not’ a Violation of Human Rights (link).

‘The World Economic Forum (WEF) is claiming that mandatory vaccines are “probably not” a violation of human rights because “experts say” that “everyone has a fundamental right to be protected from the spread of the disease.”’

The choice as to the form that protection takes, that would be the actual fundamental right here.

Putin Opposes Mandatory Jabs, Says People Should Get Vaccinated Without Coercion (link).

‘Russian President Vladimir Putin says that while people need to get vaccinated to “overcome this pandemic,” nobody’s job should be on the line if they refuse’.

‘Speaking last weekend during a meeting with the governing United Russia party ahead of next month’s parliamentary elections, Putin said “We need to do everything we can to overcome this pandemic,” adding “and the best tool we have in this fight is vaccination.”’

‘”Vaccination is the main weapon against the spread of the virus. Importantly, no one should be forced to get a jab. Pressure, where people may lose their jobs, is even less acceptable. People must be convinced of the need to get the vaccine,” he said’.

‘”This must be done persistently and respectfully. People should be convinced of the need to get vaccinated in order to save their lives and health, and to protect their loved ones.”’

‘This Ends The Debate’ – Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta (link, tweet).

‘Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of President Biden’s COVID advisors have been proven wrong about “the science” of COVID vaccines yet again. After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a new study out of Israel suggests the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant than vaccines’.

‘The study was described by Bloomberg as “the largest real-world analysis comparing natural immunity – gained from an earlier infection – to the protection provided by one of the most potent vaccines currently in use.” A few days ago, we noted how remarkable it was that the mainstream press was finally giving voice to scientists to criticize President Biden’s push to start doling out booster jabs. Well, this study further questions the credibility of relying on vaccines, given that the study showed that the vaccinated were ultimately 13x as likely to be infected as those who were infected previously, and 27x more likely to be symptomatic’.

‘Alex Berenson, a science journalist who has repeatedly questioned the efficacy of vaccines and masks at preventing COVID, touted the study as enough to “end any debate over vaccines v natural immunity.”’

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Berenson After Viral COVID Tweets (link).

‘It was never a matter of if, but when’.

‘Science journalist Alex Berenson has been permanently suspended from Twitter, just one day after a viral series of tweets spotlighting an Israeli preprint study which showed that natural immunity from a prior Covid-19 infection is 13 times more effective than vaccines against the delta variant’.

Cases in Israel are 976% higher than Sweden (website, tweet).

What The Polio Vaccines Can Teach Us About The COVID Ones (link).

‘Prior to the 1950s, paralytic polio was a scourge.  FDR was crippled from it while in his 30s, the March of Dimes was started to combat it, and photos of rows and rows of children in iron lungs were common in the media.  From this situation, vaccines were developed to combat the disease’.

Polio is caused by one of three types of poliovirus that can cause paralysis and death.  In the 1950s, two vaccines were independently developed to combat it, one by Jonas Salk and the other by Albert Sabin.  Polio was eradicated, and today those vaccines are thought of as miracle drugs.  But were they?’

‘In the early 1950s, Salk was the first to come out with a vaccine.  His was designed to treat all three polio viruses at once.  His approach seemed basic enough.  It was to grow polioviruses in the lab, kill them, and then inject healthy children with the dead viruses.  The idea was that the dead viruses could not reproduce, so they could not harm the children.  The children’s immune system, however, would detect the injected viruses and produce effective antibodies against them, thus creating immunity against polio’.

‘Just prior to beginning mass inoculations, samples of the Salk vaccine were sent to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for safety testing’.

‘There, when bacteriologist Dr. Bernice Eddy injected the vaccine into her monkeys, some of them fell down paralyzed.  She concluded that the virus was not entirely dead as promised.  Instead, the virus was active and could reproduce in its host.  Eddy sounded the alarm and presented her findings.  A debate ensued in the corridors of power.  Advocates for caution were overruled, and the mass inoculation proceeded on schedule’.

‘The inoculation of children began in 1955.  Within days, some injected children were coming down with polio.  Some were even spreading the disease to family members.  Subsequent investigations determined that the vaccine had caused 40,000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and ten dead.  Alton Ochsner, a professor of surgery at Tulane Medical School, was such a strong proponent of proceeding with the inoculation program that he gave vaccine injections to his grandchildren to prove that it was safe.  Ochsner’s grandson died from polio a few months later, and his granddaughter contracted polio but survived’.

‘This fiasco has become known as the Cutter incident.  It’s named after the manufacturer of the vaccine.  The vaccine was recalled and retested for safety, but the damage had already been done in the mind of the public’.

‘Let’s continue to the second version of the polio vaccine, the Sabin’.

‘In 1957, inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) and live but weakened oral poliovirus vaccines (OPV) were prepared in primary cell cultures derived from rhesus monkey kidneys’.

‘According to the American Association for Cancer Research, it was later determined that the vaccines made from these cultures were contaminated with the infectious cancer-causing virus SV40.  The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that up to 30 percent of the polio vaccines administered from 1957 to 1963 contained this cancer-causing monkey virus.  Dr. Eddy was involved in the discovery of that, too, despite being shunted off to other research after her first discovery’.

‘Did this result in a cancer epidemic?  Some believe that it did, as there was a sharp rise in soft tissue cancer in the following decades.  The medical establishment disagrees, saying only a “small” number of cancer cases can be traced to the polio vaccines.  In any event, it was a fact that a cancer-causing virus was present in the polio vaccines and that the government kept the public in the dark.  This was done to avoid mass hysteria and to prevent the wrecking of the public’s confidence in medicine and vaccines in particular’.

‘One result of the damage caused by these initial polio vaccines is that strict new safety regulations and procedures were instituted.  Also, legislation was passed to exempt vaccine manufacturers from civil damages due to the side-effects of their vaccines.  42 U.S. Code 300aa-22 — Standard of responsibility states: “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988.”’

‘Polio is practically unknown today.  But is that because of the vaccines or other factors?  Note, polio is spread by contact with infected feces, which often happens from poor hand-washing.  It can be spread from eating or drinking contaminated food or water.  In some cases, it can be spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes infected droplets into the air.  It would seem that as hygiene improved and sanitation got better, polio would diminish.  This was all known in the 1950s’.

‘Whatever the case, a takeaway lesson from the early polio vaccines is that haste makes waste.  Back then, those vaccines were rushed out to the public without being adequately tested due to panic over the disease.  One has to wonder if the same sort of thing isn’t happening today with the COVID vaccines.  There are similarities between what happened then and what’s unfolding now, chief among them political pressure for a magic-bullet cure.  Is it possible or even likely that political pressure has compromised the safety protocols and standard procedures at the FDA and Big Pharma which are there to ensure only safe vaccines are issued for public use?  Time will tell’.

Do National COVID Mandates Fulfill The Public Good? (link, link).

‘A crisis has now darkened Western democracies just as surely as long-benighted dictatorships’.

Wherein does it lie? In the disdain with which its proud technocrats dismiss conscience. Conscience is no quantifiable thing; it has no weight or measure, and it cannot be listed among a nation’s assets. Science can’t prove it exists’.

‘Yet conscience is no mere trifle. Conscience distinguishes humanity from the brutes of creation. It is the little spark of celestial fire that motivated the obedience of our nations’ greatest heroes in their darkest hour. It is the voice of God in the soul’.

‘Over the past 18 months, our fundamental freedoms have all been assaulted by a virus. The public incursions against freedom have been protested, but the small private matter of conscience has received scant attention’.

‘Why? Because it is the casualty of “friendly fire”—by friends who never acknowledged it’.

Conscience was caught in the politicians’ war on COVID-19 and its variants. They confessed their faith in science to defeat it. Progress demanded it. Computer models predicted the threat to the control of “the system” of public health to be so terrible that to defend their Technopoly, as coined by Neil Postman in his book of the same name, politicians seized extraordinary emergency powers to aid science in its certain victory’.

This unwavering faith in science was completely irrational, if not unscientific. Science itself tells us that viruses are not living organisms. They cannot be killed. They also mutate. All the gains from rushing the slow safety protocols of science to contain last year’s virus were swiftly lost in subsequent variants’.

‘As the unflagging determination to win the war continues, the illogic of the position grows. That is because it never was a fight about science—it was a fight to defend the pride of the idol of technocracy and extend its dominance. That means more control for the technocrats’.

‘The Pfizer vaccine now fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is a marvel of speed and deployment. But its success rate of 39 percent against the dominant Delta variant would have never got it to trial a year ago. The FDA’s Aug. 23 approval seems more a participation trophy for “speed and application” than for actual success’.

‘But my concern is not to observe this evident absurdity. It is to note the moral consequence of fighting an extended, vain war against an immortal and invisible enemy, with no defined exit strategy’.

‘For it is now abundantly clear. Approving a failed vaccine while mandating passports allows for a permanent group of second-class citizens even after a state of emergency has ended. And it normalizes mandatory vaccinations for everyone, even when they are not useful’.

‘In September, Quebec and B.C. will require vaccination passports for non-essential activities, and some other provinces are considering following suit, while the federal government is planning to mandate vaccinations for commercial air, train, and cruise ship passengers as well as for all federal employees. We’d be naive to think it’ll stop there’.

Consciences are being crushed in the mission creep. Why do I cite conscience as a problem?

‘When politicians waived the legal liability of the vaccine manufacturers, they also demanded the medical community set aside its ethics, first through a sustained “campaign” of pressure to “take the shot” and now through mandates. If the campaign of pressure defied the bedrock ethical principle of informed consent established in the Nuremberg Code, then the mob’s call for mandates on doctors and patients to defend our idol of technocracy is in defiance of our very essence as human beings’.

‘Martin Luther once noted that “to go against conscience is neither right nor safe.” The great civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. echoed his words. In his autobiography, he writes:’

‘“On some positions, Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expedience asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ And Vanity comes along and asks the question ‘Is it popular?’ But Conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ … The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge, moments of great crisis and controversy.”’

The worth of individual conscience is the great legacy of the West, and its blessings have spread with the Nuremberg Code, and in political defences of conscience’.

But we are on the eve of its eclipse’.

‘We are rejecting the lesson of history. Individuals ignore their conscience at the peril of their own souls, and when technocratic science is given the lead over the conscience of the nation, so much greater is the ruin. This can however be avoided’.

‘English playwright George Bernard Shaw described a Native American elder’s account of his own struggles with conscience: “Inside of me there are two dogs.  One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, ‘the one I feed the most.’”

‘The moral goodness of the freedom of association, the freedom of peaceful assembly, the freedom of thought and expression, and the freedom of conscience and religion are enshrined as fundamental rights in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They have been set aside these last 18 months under the auspices of an emergency. The good dog has been deprived of his food’.

‘The question I would ask Canadians and our politicians is: What sort of nation is being preserved when fundamental civil liberties have been cast aside and the inviolability of conscience has been despoiled as a medical necessity, a casualty of war? What sort of country will we return to, and what will our children inherit when the freedoms our Charter calls “fundamental” give way to appeals to what is safe, or politic, or popular, rather than what is right?

‘It is indeed a time of crisis’.

Katie Hopkins: 12 Year olds Injected WITHOUT parental consent. Yet parents WILL own the outcomes (link).

Chicago Judge Strips Mother Of Parental Rights For Being Unvaccinated (link).

‘Out of the blue, Cook County Judge James Shapiro asked her whether she had been vaccinated’.

Whatever medical procedure this lady has had or not had is none of this judge’s business?

Parents who are suddenly shocked at the idea of children being vaccinated in school without consent for a disease which poses zero threat to them might now be looking for someone to blame. Take a look in the mirror. Your compliance at every step led us here. #LeaveOurKidsAlone (tweet).

Pfizer’s pregnancy outcome study is C4591022 (“Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Exposure during Pregnancy: A Non-Interventional Post-Approval Safety Study of Pregnancy and Infant Outcomes in the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)”). Due to FDA on 12/31/25. (tweet).

Saddest day of my life. Was expecting to be a father in 6 months time n now I have lost it. Had warned her not get the covid vaccine but she went ahead. (tweet).

My 25-wk pregnant daughter is under a vaccine mandate. She’s also highly sensitive to PEG and has multiple allergies, including anaphylaxis. Her OB refused to write a medical exemption. Told to go to get GP. Prayers appreciated that the GP will assist. (tweet).

Francis Hoar is acting for two children who are judicially reviewing the MHRA’s authorisation of the vaccine to children. Here is the pre-action letter with details of the claim: (tweet, pdf).

Lockdowns are the ‘single biggest mistake in public health history’: Stanford medical professor (link).

‘Asked directly if ‘lockdowns have killed more people than they have saved,’ Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford University Medical School epidemiologist and public health expert, responded, ‘Yes, I think that is actually true.’’

French Citizens Reportedly Boycott Vax Passports By Picnicking In Front of Empty Vax-Only Restaurants (link).

‘“The health pass will never be a right of access that discriminates among the French. It cannot be made compulsory for access to everyday places,” French President Emmanuel Macron pledged in April during an interview with the regional press. However, less than three months later and Macron conducted an about-face’.

‘In July, in full totalitarian form, Macron mandated the “health pass” or (pass sanitaire) that is mandatory in order to gain access to leisure and cultural venues with more than 50 people, including cinemas and museums. From the beginning of August, it has been necessary to show your health pass to have coffee or eat lunch at a restaurant – even on an outdoor terrace – or to shop at a mall’.

‘In order to have a coffee in France, citizens have to prove they’ve had the vaccine. According to the government’s draft bill, restaurants and businesses who refuse to comply will be fined up to €45,000 and proprietors face up to a year in prison’.

‘This new push is the most restrictive COVID tyranny in all of Europe and it has already begun spreading to the West in places like New York City, parts of California, and New Orleans. Naturally, it has inspired much-deserved outrage’.

‘Beginning with Macron’s announcement in July, thousands began protesting in Paris. They marched on government buildings and even took to vandalizing vaccine centers. More than 100,000 protesters took to the streets across the country over several weekends with some donning the famous “gilets jaunes” or “yellow vests.”’

‘Unfortunately, unlike other protests in the past, the French government hasn’t given in to the demands of protesters. But in true French spirit, the protesters haven’t given up either’.

‘A video was published to Twitter this week reportedly showing French citizens, en masse, boycotting the vaccine passports. In the video, titled, “French citizens boycott vaccine passports by eating right in front of nearly empty, vaxx-only bars and restaurants.” hundreds of French citizens are seen picnicking in the streets in front of multiple restaurants and bars’.

‘According to the OP, the bars and restaurants are “nearly empty” as the crowded streets show the French unwilling to surrender their freedom for the façade of safety’.

The absolute risk reduction of the vaccines is only 1% on average….this is the risk of getting severe symptoms from Covid. Take that in for a minute…1%! So where’s the upside for anyone apart from the most vulnerable groups? (tweet).

Japan discovers “magnetic” substance in Pfizer covid vaccines; journalists start DYING from the vax they pushed (link).

Japan: 1.6m Moderna Doses Pulled After Officials Discover Vials Contained ‘Foreign Matter’ That ‘Reacts to Magnets’ (link).

The mRNA Vaccine’s Poisonous Potions: Medical Malpractice or “Slow Motion Genocide”? (link).

The British Medical Journal [BMJ] announces that the FDA is set to grant full approval to the Pfizer vaccine without public discussion of data:’

‘“Transparency advocates have criticized the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval of its COVID-19 vaccine.”’

‘The original understanding was to hold a public discussion before approving the experimental mRNA gene therapy, falsely called vaccine, before that inoculation is fully approved as a vaccine’.

The approval of the Pfizer mRNA poison is a perfect precedent for approving all other mRNA poisonous potions – thereby making the attempt at reduction of human life (“depopulation”) on earth official – the eugenists have officially won the race’.

‘Although this was predictable, there was hope that counter-voices and real science, as expressed by hundreds and thousands of scientists, might prevail’.

‘So far, this diabolical agenda is overwhelming. It is overrunning the entire UN system, all 193 UN member countries, and foremost the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN-unit which people hope and trust will defend their interests’.

‘Wrong: The WHO was never created to defend the health interests of the people. It was from the beginning, from its inception in 1948, an instrument to control people from a eugenist perspective, as the creation of WHO was a Rockefeller idea. The Rockefellers and Gates are among the world’s foremost protagonists of depopulation’.

‘In the same vein, rather than an organization that seeks “preventive care”, the WHO was set up from the beginning as a “curative” body, meaning it is promoting pharmaceuticals to heal sick people, rather than preventing people from becoming sick. The curative means, pharmaceuticals, are based on petrochemicals – gradually killing traditional medicine’.

‘Why? The Rockefellers were the owners of the largest hydrocarbon corporation Standard Oil, established in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller and Henry Flagler. It was broken up in 1911 in the guise of US antitrust regulations, just to be reassembled to become in 1999 ExxonMobile, still the world’s largest Hydrocarbon corporation’.

‘The creation of WHO, as we see it today, was a brilliant idea – for the interest groups, Rockefellers, Gates, pharma-industry et al. The brilliance was exacerbated by making WHO a UN body, giving it worldwide authority about matters of health. Unlike other UN agencies which get the bulk of their budgets from the member country quotas, WHO receives 3 to 4 times more funding from the private sector, i.e. mostly pharma-corporations and from the Gates Foundation’.

‘With this background, it becomes clear what role WHO is playing in the defense of human health’.

‘One of the strongest programs is vaccination – a pharma bonanza – and also an obscure sector, because under the guise of vaccination in Africa, India and elsewhere, specific vaccination programs have resulted in rendering women infertile. (see this and this.  Several other articles about WHO-consented infertility drives by vaccination, were “fact-checked” out of the internet – the usual’.

Woman’s Skin Rot Due To Pfizer Shot: Look At What The CDC, The WHO, Anthony Fauci And The Federal And State Governments Mean To Conceal (Pictures) (link).

A recent case study of a woman from New York shows that at least one recipient of the Pfizer covid vaccine experienced Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which doctors have attributed to the vaccine’.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis is a life-threatening skin disorder characterized by a blistering and peeling of the skin’.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis usually presents as a fever initially, and other flu-like symptoms one to three weeks later, which is also followed by painful skin lesions that tend to coalescence. Erosions and vesiculobullous lesions and epidermal detachment over wide body surface area begin to develop after this according to the case study

The “Vaccinated” Are Still Panic-Stricken And Afraid “Science” Won’t Keep Up With Their Common Colds (link).

‘First, let’s just start with a little piece of truth many don’t like to hear: If it’s science, it can be questioned. If it cannot be questioned, it’s propaganda. Guess where we’re at with the gene therapy shot? But it doesn’t matter.  Those who have taken the jab are still living in a  state of panic-stricken fear over the virus that hasn’t even proved to exist’.

‘In fact, there’s more evidence to suggest the COVID-19 doesn’t exist (it’s a renaming of all respiratory colds, flu, and other illnesses) than there is to suggest that it does.  But that doesn’t matter, those who took the shot already are still afraid of their own shadow and worried that the “science” which is actually propaganda, won’t keep up with the invented scamdemic hoax’.

‘Covid’ hoax freak show in Australia as actors are used to pose as ‘Covid’ patients (website).

By law Pfizer need to disclose the contents of vials within 2wks from extn of emerg use surely they’re screwed either way?? This needs to be done by 6 Sept, same date kids start to be jabbed and Govt vote on vax passports..coincidence?? Let’s hope this is when it all crumbles! Folded hands (tweet).

Pfizer Scheme to Churn Out ‘Variant-Specific’ Vaccines Will Lead to More Variants, Experts Warn (link).

Physicians for Informed Consent Publishes Comprehensive Analysis of U.S. COVID-19 Infection-Fatality Rate by Age Group (link).

Gone are the days when health came from exercise and healthy eating. Now it only comes from a needle and a Big Pharma pill. (tweet).

I would add clean air and clean water to that.

For FDA approval a vaccine must be >50% efficacious and should last at least 12 months.  Pfizer is <40% and requires an injection every 6 months.  This by definition does not meet FDA approval. (tweet).

Ohio Judge Makes COVID Vaccination Condition Of Probation (link).

10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of August 2021 (link).

‘COVID Trends #1: Vaccine Mandates and Segregation of the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated’

‘COVID Trends #2: Blaming the Unvaccinated’

‘COVID Trends #3: Punishing the Unvaccinated’

‘COVID Trends #4: Tyrants Pushing It to the Extreme’

‘COVID Trends #5: Masking Children’

‘COVID Trends #6: Vaxxing Children’

‘COVID Trends #7: Forcing Mental Assessments and Psych Evaluations on Those Who Don’t Buy the Narrative’

‘COVID Trends #8: Heartless Rules and Heartless Rule-Followers’

‘COVID Trends #9: Inventing Scary-Sounding Variants Out of Thin Air’

‘COVID Trends #10: Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Mount Sky High’

COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Jump by 27,000 in One Week, FDA Pulls ‘Bait and Switch’ With Pfizer Vaccine Approval (link).

‘Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 20, 2021, a total of 623,343 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 13,627 deaths — an increase of 559 over the data released last week’.

‘There were 84,466 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 3,416 compared with the previous week’.

‘Excluding “foreign reports” filed in VAERS, 488,318 adverse events, including 6,128 deaths and 38,765 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 20, 2021’.

‘Of the 6,128 U.S. deaths reported as of Aug. 20, 13% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 18% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 32% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated’.

‘In the U.S., 360.3 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of Aug. 20. This includes: 203 million doses of Pfizer, 143 million doses of Moderna and 14 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J)’.

Why Vaccine Passports Must Be Rejected (link).

Story at-a-glance’

  • Illinois has launched Vax Verify, an online COVID jab verification portal for residents. Anyone over the age of 18 can use the portal to check and download their shot records for events and businesses that require it
  • Identity authentication on the Vax Verify portal is done using a one-time verification process through the financial credit score company Experian — a decision that suggests the vaccine passport will be connected with financial information in the future
  • At the end of July 2021, Thales announced a digital biometric ID wallet, designed to help you “access government services from anywhere.” Thales admits vaccination passports “will act as a precursor to the rollout of mobile digital IDs”
  • The plan is to collect and join together as much personal information as possible, and there’s no reason to think this data won’t be shared for control, social engineering and profit. That’s what Google, Facebook and other platforms have done for years
  • The Great Reset ties you to its new social control system through an electronic ID linked to your bank account, health records and social credit system, so that it can then be used to dictate every facet of your life

#Together (link).

‘We the undersigned reject vaccine passports or any similar form of medical certification in the United Kingdom and invite you to add your voice to ours by signing this open letter’.

‘Together, we represent more than 100 organisations, business groups, campaigners and professionals who have come together because we are gravely concerned about where the introduction of vaccine passports could lead’.

‘In the UK, we enjoy many hard-won liberties and rights, all fought for and defended by our ancestors. These rights are not only fundamental to our understanding of democracy, they are rights we believe all humans should have’.

More People Band Together Against Vaccine Passports As #Together Campaign Launches (link).

Neil Oliver: ‘The West is firmly in the grip, not of a virus, but of delusional madness’ (link).

‘Neil Oliver says ‘parents decide what does and does not happen to their children, their flesh and blood. Governments, if they know what’s good for them, stay the hell away from law abiding parents and their kids.’’


I want to be fully compliant but I shouldn’t have to die to be compliant.

This is how the ruling class thinks. Think about this in terms of the 4th industrial revolution. (tweet).

“Wellcamp: The Best Way To Keep You Safe” – Australian Health Officials Produce Creepy Dystopian Propaganda For New ‘Mandatory Quarantine Camps’ (Video) (link).

US intelligence is still SPLIT over whether ‘Covid’ leaked from a Wuhan lab or occurred naturally – They are quite happy for you to believe either. It’s when you say there is no virus that they wet their knickers (link, link).

Even the decision makers (who were not a party to the FDA approval, which is highly unusual) are concerned and spoke out: (tweet, website).

CDC report: The highest risk factor ratio for Covid mortality is obesity. (tweet, July 1, 2021, website).

Guys, Anyone who would like one, please DM me. Transvaccinated. I am not actually “vaccinated”, but I identify as someone who is “vaccinated” (tweet).

“The more we vaccinate, the more the virus will mutate“ … says our very own vaccine minister. #Think (tweet).

Funny CNN didn’t mention that anyone was hurt here, they also never shared what happened to the patients here! GEE I WONDER WHY!!!? (tweet, website).

Funny how covid came at the exact same time the flu disappeared… In flu season.. Whats the chances (link).

Nothing to see here. Flu cases plummet during pandemic. 1,822 during 2020-2021 flu season. 38,000,000 during 2019-2020 flu season. (tweet).

Breaking (good) news on legal front from @CoronaAusschuss session 67 today. In LA one third of police, one third of firefighters + other public services employees incl. postal workers in class action against vax mandate. LA Fire Chief spoken out against ‘tyranny’ of mandates. (tweet).

Why do so many of those who are vaccinated care so much about my vaccination status? Your vaccination is supposed to protect you. My “status” is none of your business. (tweet).

2020: Care home residents comprised around half of all deaths, despite making up less than 1% of the population. If you don’t believe this was an intentional cull of one of our most vulnerable groups, I’m not sure what else to say! (tweet).

Today in the UK Oxford University claim that having CV19 increases the risk of getting blood clots more than the jab. This news from Oxford, the PMs former uni claims the study is from data taken from 3 million patients. Coincidence this discover as the jab deaths pile up? (tweet).

Quarantine is when the movement of sick people is restricted. Tyranny is when the movement of healthy people is restricted. Propaganda is when the media deliberately deceive the public about that difference. (tweet).

Detained By 6 Armed Police and a Dog Unit for filming an Oil Refinery (link).

Tell them that you have your lawyer on speed dial and that you will call your lawyer so they can speak to your lawyer while you remain silent.

Watchdog Groups Voice Concern Over “Flaw” On Ballot Envelopes For Newsom Recall Election (link).

I Interviewed Extinction Rebellion And Learned That They Have No Idea About Their Own Agenda (link).

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