Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-05-28. Spike protein variants that may cause thromboembolic events with vector-based ‘vaccines’

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

‘As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection’.

At the time of creating this blog post there were the following 3 sets of signatories.

792,303 concerned citizens.

14,173 medical and public health scientists.

43,123 medical practitioners.

It’s really, really simple: shelter the vulnerable from the infectious while the rest of us get on with living our lives.

As of 29 March 2021, Do doctors have to have the (emergency use authorisation) covid-19 vaccine? (link).

‘Nevertheless, what I am currently struggling with is the failure to report the reality of the morbidity caused by our current vaccination program within the health service and staff population. The levels of sickness after vaccination is unprecedented and staff are getting very sick and some with neurological symptoms which is having a huge impact on the health service function. Even the young and healthy are off for days, some for weeks, and some requiring medical treatment. Whole teams are being taken out as they went to get vaccinated together’.

‘Mandatory vaccination in this instance is stupid, unethical and irresponsible when it comes to protecting our staff and public health. We are in the voluntary phase of vaccination, and encouraging staff to take an unlicensed product that is impacting on their immediate health, and I have direct experience of staff contracting Covid AFTER vaccination and probably transmitting it. In fact, it is clearly stated that these vaccine products do not offer immunity or stop transmission. In which case why are we doing it? There is no longitudinal safety data (a couple of months of trial data at best) available and these products are only under emergency licensing. What is to say that there are no longitudinal adverse effects that we may face that may put the entire health sector at risk?’

As of March 02, 2021, MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer (link).

‘scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe’.

We can expect cancers in those who have had the mRNA injectable to skyrocket.

As of 18 January 2021, COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (link).

Among the prion diseases are scrapie, transmissible mink encephalopathy (TME), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).

As of December, 2020, Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults (link).

Pfizer and Moderna using relative risk reduction in order to claim “95% effective” instead of using absolute risk reduction where they’d only be able to claim “0.7%” and “0.6%” effectiveness, respectively, is right out of Billy G’s favorite book “How to Lie With Statistics.” (tweet).

As of 19 March 2020, the UK gov website said that COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK (link).
‘They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)’

As of 13 November 2020, Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science (link).

As of 12 October 2020, WHO Flip-Flops: (Dr David Nabarro) Urges World Leaders To Stop Using Lockdowns To Fight COVID Contagion (link).

‘There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases’ was one outcome of Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening between May 14 and June 1, 2020 in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China (20 November 2020, link).

As of 01 December 2020, (British Medical Journal) Covid-19: Asymptomatic cases may not be infectious, Wuhan study indicates (link).

People who have no symptoms cannot spread disease – the GIGANTIC lie on which the scam is founded – doctors speak out (website, brand new tube).

As of 15 Oct, 2020, SARS-CoV-2 non-infectious in CDC lab and of 30k genome, found 37 then computed the rest, which makes it 99.9987% a unicorn (link).

World Health Organisation guidelines say that “contact tracing” is “not recommended in any circumstances” (page 9 of link).


PCR inventor Kary Mullis- ‘can find almost anything in anybody’ (link).
A unicorn virus not able to be detected by a unicorn test, and to complete the set, I am calling the vaccine a unicorn too.

As of February 23, 2021, PCR Testing Saga: Were We Duped? (link).

‘Were federal health officials and experts at WHO really unaware that the recommended high cycle count (CT) for PCR tests would produce an exorbitant number of false positives for COVID?’

The ONS has admitted it has been reporting PCR tests as positive when only a single coronavirus gene is detected, despite this being against the manufacturer instructions that two or more genes must be found. (tweet, website).

As of 11/04/2021, Laboratories in US can’t find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests (link).

CDC sued for massive fraud: Tests at 7 universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have Covid, but just Influenza A or B – EU statistics: ‘Corona’ virtually disappeared, even under mortality’. –

As of April 29, 2021, Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic (link). –

As of 20 November 2020, Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful” (link).

‘Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world’
‘The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable. Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45. Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable’.

Austrian court overturns judgment: PCR test not suitable for diagnosis “The court states in several places that a PCR test is not suitable for determining infectivity.” Deutsch:

English: (tweet).

As of October 31, 2020, Government website reveals extensive “COVID cases” fraud – RT-PCR is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present (link).

Covid-19: Where is the virus? (link).

As of 1 March 2021, A QUARTER of all UK Covid fatalities had dementia: Huge death toll among elderly is revealed (link).

As of 22 November 2020, “These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.” – John Hopkins Uni (link, archived copy of deleted doc).

As of February 1st 2021, COVID-19 Fatalities 16.7 Times Too High Due to ‘Illegal’ Inflation (link).

As of Jan 16, 2021, Massive public defiance in Italy as people flock to bars and restaurants, 50 000 of them pledging to open, to defy Government lockdowns (link).

You are 20 times less likely to die with/from COVID-19, if you don’t have pre-existing adverse health conditions.
All these pre-existing adverse health conditions are quite easily capable of being the dominant cause of death in any of these cases.
As reported for Italy on 19 March 2020, for Britain on 12 June 2020 and for the United States of America on 1 September 2020.

You are 100 times less likely to die with/from COVID-19, if you are vitamin D sufficient for T cell activation.
As reported on 18 June 2020 link.

Finally Confirmed! Vitamin D Nearly Abolishes ICU Risk in COVID-19 (link).

Data shows the average age of death from coronavirus is 82.4 years, writes DAVID ROSE as he argues for anti-lockdown plan to shield only the most vulnerable (link).

You are 33,333 times less likely to die with/from COVID-19, if you are under 20 years of age or 5,000 times if you are under 50 or 200 times if you are under 70. This was as of September 27, 2020 when the CDC reported that the infection fatality ratio for each age group was as follows: 0-19yo is 0.00003%, 20-49yo is 0.0002%, 50-69yo is 0.005% & 70+yo is 0.054% link.
Big pharma is not needed here.

CDC: masks don’t work (Originally published 6 February 2020 and updated May 2020, link).

As of 06 Oct 2020, German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’ (link).

As of Sep 20, 2020, A German children’s charity has commissioned a laboratory to examine a commercially available mask. The face mask was previously worn by a child in school for 8 hours. Examination findings: Detection of 82 bacterial colonies and 4 mold colonies (link).
You shouldn’t wear a face covering unless you want to give yourself bacterial pneumonia.

As of August 07, 2020, Dentists say ‘mask mouth’ can cause serious health complications, including strokes (link).
‘The dentists said that the face coverings increase mouth dryness and contribute to a buildup of bad bacteria’. 

As of February 4, 2021, Long-term mask wearing may contribute to advanced stage lung cancer, study finds (link).

Masking Danger? Are We Inhaling Disease-causing Microplastic Particles From Face Masks? (link).

Fact Check – Scientific studies prove you are more likely to catch Covid-19 if you wear a Face Covering (link).

This law got passed on the quiet yesterday (October 1) in the #UK, allowing the harvesting and retention of the DNA of anyone who does a #COVID-19 test. No mention in main stream #news. See link: (link).
I don’t want anyone’s DNA to be harvested or retained so I ask everyone reading this to not take a test or if they do take a test they first consult a lawyer to sue the government so that their DNA is not harvested or retained.

Another Covid Myth Dies the Death (link).

‘On April 5, however, the CDC page was replaced by a much-simplified set of instructions, which includes now this discreet note: “In most situations, the risk of infection from touching a surface is low.” Oh is that so?’


Can there be anything more personal than someone’s DNA?

“Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry” Syndrome: Splice reactions within the SARS-CoV-2 Spike open reading frame result in Spike protein variants that may cause thromboembolic events in patients immunized with vector-based vaccines (link).

UK Column News – 28th May 2021. Daily psy-op: Indian surge leaves end to restrictions in doubt; Variant fears threaten end of lockdown on 21 June; Boris: we may need to wait for our freedom; Don’t steal our summer. ‘Zero COVID’ cult = zero brains. Australian city enters it’s fourth lockdown as virus returns: Melbourne has 26 “cases”. “‘Vaccine’-induced Covid-19 mimicry” syndrome: Splice reactions within the SARS-CoV-2 Spike open reading frame result in Spike protein variants that may cause thromboembolic events in patients immunized with vector-based ‘vaccines’: This paper demonstrates that the latter approach gives rise to errors in producing the proteins, errors that can cause severe side effects, specifically creation soluble spike protein fragments that bind to epithelial cells (e.g. blood vessel lining), which in turn cause inflammatory, and coagulant, activity, which leads to the lethal side effects that are sometimes seen. Two facebook insiders reveal internal company documents detailing a plan to curb “Vaccine Hesitancy” (VH) on a global scale. Stated goal of system is to “drastically reduce user exposure” to VH comments and to decrease engagement with VH comments including create, likes, reports [and] replies. “True events or facts” that raise concern about Covid ‘vaccine’ are fair game to be demoted and hidden – despite their authenticity or capacity to contribute to the public good. America’s Frontline Doctors files motion for temporary restraining order against use of COVID ‘vaccine’ in children: virus with survivability of 99.8% globally and 99.97% under age 70; under age 20 it is 99.997% – ‘statistical zero’. Legal brief: all U.S. employees are protected from mandated COVID injections. The total numbers of admissions for Stockport’s Stepping Hill hospital in the following years are: 2018 – 88,351; 2019 – 87,627; 2020 – 65,306. COVID-19 child ‘vaccination’: safety and ethical concerns; an open letter from UK doctors to Dr June Raine, Chief Executive, MHRA. We call upon our governments and the regulators not to repeat mistakes from history, and to reject calls to ‘vaccinate’ children against COVID-19 … we must not be the generation of adults that, through unnecessary haste and fear, risks the health of children. NHSX – COVID-19 ‘Vaccination’ Certification Programme: published date 14 May 2021, value of contract 21,000,000. Gavin Newsom: Let’s do this CA. VAX FOR THE WIN. Over $116 MILLION IN PRIZES. Unite For Freedom, Peace & Human Rights, London 29.5.2021 @ 1PM. Loving the old normal, we’re all essential (website, odysee, bitchute, not on youtube).

Fauci In 2012: Gain-Of-Function Research ‘Worth Risk Of Lab Accident Sparking Pandemic’ (link).

‘America’s top virologist, Anthony Fauci, argued in 2012 that the risks of a lab accident sparking a pandemic are outweighed by the potential benefits of manipulating viruses via gain-of-function research, according to previously unsurfaced remarks reported by Sharri Markson via The Australian’.

What Are They Hiding? Biden Administration Shuts Down Trump Administration’s Investigation Into the Origins of the China Coronavirus (COVID-19) (link).

The Insidious Agenda Of The Global Elite Is Moving Forward Very Rapidly (link).

‘The global elite have an entirely different perspective on things than most of the rest of us.  Most people are not focused on “global issues” because they have enough to deal with just trying to run their own day to day lives.  But the global elite have so much money that they don’t have to endlessly work long hours in order to “make a living”, and others take care of mundane daily tasks for them.  So the global elite are able to pour an inordinate amount of time and energy into the issues that they consider to be important, and population issues are right at the top of the list for many of them’.

‘There is a consensus among the global elite that climate change is the number one threat to our planet by a wide margin, and that humanity is doing far more to cause climate change than any other source.  They endlessly push this narrative through the news and entertainment companies that they control, and most people have bought into their propaganda on at least some level’.

‘The global elite would like all of us to radically alter our behavior in order to combat climate change, but they also acknowledge that this will not nearly be enough.  The long-term solution, in their view, is to dramatically decrease the size of the human population until it has reached a level where climate change is no longer a major threat’.

‘Throughout the 20th century, the population of the globe absolutely exploded.  It is now over 7 billion, and the global elite needed to find a way to slow that down.  So their news and entertainment companies started to encourage women to wait longer in life to have children and to have fewer children when they finally did decide to have families’.

‘In addition, the toxic environment that has been created by the products that their corporations endlessly produce has made it more difficult for couples to have children.  As I have detailed in previous articles, male sperm levels in the western world have declined catastrophically in recent decades’.

‘Of course if a pregnancy does occur, the global elite have worked very hard to promote abortion as a “choice” all over the planet’.

‘They aren’t doing this because they care about women.  They are doing this because they want to keep the population in check’.

Good News: Even A Mild COVID Infection Develops Antibody Protection That Could Last A Lifetime (link).

Luc Warned You All Over A Year Ago And You Ignored It! (website, youtube).

18 Cases of Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination Reported in Connecticut (link).

How Bill Gates-Funded NGO Killed Tribal Girls in India and Got Away With It (link).

This is the untold story of how Bill Gates funded NGO PATH killed tribal girls in India in unauthorised clinical trials and got away with it’.

‘We’ve seen a lot of India in the news recently. A lot more than we usually do’.

‘There’s an apocalypse of sorts going on there, if the popular media is to be believed. But as is often the case, these reports are devoid of any context or perspective’.

‘While the world’s media can’t get enough of India today, in its rush to support a narrative of terror about Covid-19, twelve years ago when there was a real story going on there, the world’s media was nowhere to be seen’.

‘The Unauthorised Clinical Trials’

‘In 2009, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) funded NGO carried out unauthorised clinical trials of a vaccine on some of the poorest, most vulnerable children in the world. It did so without providing information about the risks involved, without the informed consent of the children or their parents and without even declaring that it was conducting a clinical trial’.

‘After vaccination, many of the participating children became ill and seven of them died. Such were the findings of a parliamentary committee charged with investigating this wretched affair. The committee accused the NGO of “child abuse” and produced a raft of evidence to back up its claim. This entire incident barely registered on the radar of Western media’.

‘PATH (formerly the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) is a Seattle based NGO, heavily funded by BMGF but which also receives significant grants from the US government. Between 1995 and the time of writing (May 2021), PATH had received more than $2.5bn from BMGF’.

‘In 2009, PATH carried out a project to administer the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine’.

The project’s aim was, in PATH’s own words, “to generate and disseminate evidence for informed public sector introduction of HPV vaccines”’.

It was conducted in four countries: India, Uganda, Peru and Vietnam’.

Another Gates-funded organization, Gavi, had originally been considered to run the project, but responsibility was ultimately delegated to PATH. The project was directly funded by BMGF’.

COVID in India (link).

Scavengers Out in Full Force

‘I have just returned from a visit to my family in India. It was hard to escape. To get to the US from India, I needed a COVID test. The Indian government has seriously restricted who can provide COVID testing, treatment, and vaccination. Private doctors and hospitals that are not approved face brutal legal consequences if they provide COVID treatment’.

‘Emergency powers were centralized early last year in the hands of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He gave himself direct control over the bureaucrats of the states, making local governments largely impotent and dependent on him’.

‘In their supreme wisdom, government bureaucrats concluded that because the prefix “COVID-” exists in treatment, vaccination, and testing, they must all be performed at the same place. For my test, I sat in a petri dish of COVID, with those coming out positive sitting right next to me. Desperate, vulnerable old people, who merely wanted to get their jabs, sat among us. Those who were sick for reasons other than COVID were among us too, for the government has required everyone who is sick to be tested for COVID first’.

‘A microcosm of how everything is done in India, the tests were given haphazardly, with samples getting mixed up, nurses spending most of their time fighting among themselves, and — lacking a lineup system — people crowded together, pushing and breathing into the mouths of one another’.

‘A few days earlier, the government had given notice of the rate of tests and further restricted where they could be performed. A bribe-taking system would have been my preference to bypass government restrictions, but no such system has evolved yet. Nevertheless, corruption has exploded, and self-centeredness, apathy, a dog-eat-dog environment has come to the surface. You see this everywhere; the scavengers are out in full force’.

‘I went to a private COVID hospital. The situation in government hospitals is far worse, beyond my capacity to cope with it’.

The World’s Worst Lockdown’

Yet the story of COVID in India is hardly about COVID as such, which is nothing more than a trigger. More than twice as many people died of fairly easily treatable tuberculosis in 2020 than of COVID. Instead, this is a story of foolish rulers, completely hollowed out institutions, and a pathetically irrational and tribal society’.

‘The lockdown that India declared in March 2020 was the world’s most atrocious. It was a nationwide curfew, with no-one allowed to leave home, not even to shop for groceries. The police destroyed grocery shops that dared to open. It took the government a couple of days to realize that people needed to buy food — the original decision had been a shot from the hip, completely bereft of any effort to think things through. During the four-month curfew, the police ruthlessly beat up people, particularly those who looked poor. Trains, flights, and all transportation had come to a complete, grinding halt’.

‘Many people relished to no end that they were allowed to restrict and abuse others, doing so by masquerading as do-gooders with the support of the law, inflicting pain on those who did not resist and taking the appalling results in stride. They then experienced elevated, sadistic, perhaps even sexual pleasure. As always, the exploiters and the exploited were two sides of the same coin, though forever interchangeable — the reason why India never finds an escape from its drudgery’.

‘When people were allowed to go out grocery shopping, the government required shops to open for limited hours each day, as if the virus were more dangerous at other hours. This led to overcrowding — so the opening hours were restricted further! Soon shops were instructed to open only for a limited number of days each week. After a year of this policy, the government is still unsure why crowding has continued to worsen’.

‘The country has actually been barricaded, making it look like a war zone, with many roads and highways entirely closed off. The remaining streets have only one side open for two-way traffic, leading to numerous head-on collisions. The barricades are not fluorescent, a technology that Indian safety experts have yet to appreciate’.

‘Train services are minimal, and only a very limited number of security lineups is open at airports. The government believes this promotes social distancing. Wherever one is permitted to go, one is facing neck-to-neck over-crowding’.

‘With the city barricaded, it took me forever to get to the airport. To protect politicians (from COVID and increasingly from irate citizens), large areas where they live have been completely closed off. Sick people cannot find a way to get to the hospital, although only those keen on dying should actually go there’.

Shortages Everywhere’

No hospital that is allowed to dispense COVID treatment has the beds, oxygen, or medicine available. Not one. A single dose of critical medicine, otherwise sold for $10, is selling for as much as $1,000. I even heard a price of $7,000. Oxygen cylinders, usually priced at around $10, today go for as much as $1,000, if you can find them. It is worth remembering that more than 80% of Indians live on less than $2 a day’.

‘While people are desperately looking for oxygen cylinders, those savvy enough have stockpiled them and medicines at home. What would have been a slight shortage has snowballed into a complete disappearance from the market. So bad is the situation that people in top political positions are pleading for them on social media. One person I know had to get the governor of his state to let his relative be given priority in cremation’.

‘Getting an ambulance (which is no more than a broken taxi with a metallic stretcher) for a short ride, can cost many hundreds of dollars, in some cases running into thousands. Those who haven’t lived in India may find it hard to imagine, but this is not unique to these COVID days. India has never had a functioning ambulance system. That is why hundreds of thousands lacking help to get to the hospital die in the streets every year’.

‘But this is not a compassionate country. I was brought up in India, but I learned the meaning of “compassion” only when I left the country. During the past year, the police have brutalized many people in India, but not one Indian court has taken a suo motu interest in charging the police. Justice is merely some words scribbled on parchment’.

‘Early this year, when Indian COVID cases were falling rapidly, there were talks about how the use of turmeric in Indian food, cow urine and dung in “treatment,” the “goodness of Indian genes,” and India’s “ancient, spiritual civilization” were behind the success. India was advertising itself as the savior of the world’.

‘In fact – if facts mean anything –  the Indian diet is among the worst in the world, full of carbohydrates, sugar and oil, and poor in nutrients and proteins. It is the kind of diet that makes one susceptible to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. And a year of lockdown has seriously reduced the health of everyone. Those who could afford to sit at home gained weight, lost general immunity, and did not exercise. Poor people became much poorer, victims of massive unemployment and relatively high inflation. The beggars on the street remind one of the impoverished 1980s’.

Hospitals Are For Dying’

India has 0.5 hospital beds per 1,000 people, a fraction of what is required — only 5% of hospital beds are in ICUs. Even before COVID hit, Indian hospitals were overflowing with patients. They occupied every single bed, often with more than one person in every bed, and the space in corridors and between the gate and the buildings. I have never seen this any other way’.

Poland rejected vaccines in 2010 & was proved correct (link).

The FDA cover-up that led to the approval of the Pfizer vaccine (link).

‘As I’ve been documenting for the past year, the COVID experts have been contradicting themselves six ways from Sunday. As charlatans, they’re abject failures. They can’t keep their own story straight’.

‘Thanks to an alert reader, I’ve come across a new blockbuster’.

‘BY THEIR OWN STANDARDS, the FDA should never have allowed the Pfizer COVID vaccine to be shot into a single arm. The Agency’s Emergency Use Authorization was a crime—according to their own data’.

‘Here we go’.

The document, posted on the FDA website, is titled, “Vaccines and Related Biological Products; Advisory Committee Meeting; FDA Briefing Document Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.” [1]’

‘It is dated December 10, 2020. The date tells us that all the information in the document is taken from the Pfizer clinical trial, based on which the FDA authorized the vaccine for public use’.

‘A key quote is buried on page 42: “Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group [who received a saltwater shot].”’

‘Those shocking numbers have never seen the light of day in news media’.

‘The comparative numbers reveal that the vaccine was not effective at preventing COVID-19. It was certainly not 50% more effective than no vaccine at all—the standard for FDA Emergency Use Authorization’.

(81-year-old William Shakespeare) First Man to Get COVID Vaccine Dies of a Stroke (link).

Catholic church in St. Louis ROPES OFF unvaccinated members like cattle, bans them from parish hall (link).

‘St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Cottleville, Mo., near St. Louis is reportedly segregating its unvaccinated members from the rest of the congregation by forcing them to worship and take communion in their own separate area of the building’.

‘All non-vaccinated members of St. Joseph’s are now prohibited from using the parish hall and must wear a mask at all times when elsewhere inside the facility. Members who received a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection, on the other hand, have full worshipping privileges and can participate in all religious ceremonies and rituals as normal’.

‘In accordance with guidance issued from the Archdiocese of St. Louis, any Roman Catholic who receives either an experimental mRNA (messenger RNA) injection from Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, or a viral vector injection from AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson (J&J), is welcome with open arms at St. Joseph’s. Everyone else will have to sit at the back of the bus’.

‘A schematic of the new sanctuary layout – see this link – shows that two roped-off sections have been reserved for the “filthy” unvaccinated to sit “socially distanced” from others. The rest of the sanctuary, which is open and free, is reserved exclusively for the vaccinated’.

‘The body of Christ has now become two bodies: injection and non-injected’

‘The initial plan from Msgr. James Callahan was to force the unvaccinated into two winged sections of the sanctuary that would have disallowed them access to Holy Communion. After outcry from congregants, the unvaccinated section was moved to the back of the room so communion can be administered to these people separately’.

‘Hilariously, the “updated” plan massively expanded the unvaccinated section of the sanctuary, suggesting that most of the congregation at St. Joseph’s is not getting the vaccine. It would appear as though a small handful of whiny vaccinated congregants demanded separate seating areas because they seemingly do not trust that the vaccinations they received provide adequate protection’.

Chicago restaurants echo “no colored people” chapter of history by pushing unvaccinated people into designated areas, treating them like vermin (link).


‘Follow The Science’ Crowd Finally Admits Their COVID-19 Censorship Was Political (link).

‘Now that the coronavirus origin lab-leak theory is gaining credibility, members of the “follow the science” crowd are finally admitting they chose not to cover – or in some cases actively “debunked” – the theory because former President Donald Trump pushed it’.

‘“It has become evident that some corners of the mainstream media overcorrected when it came to one particular theory from Trump and his allies: that the coronavirus emanated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, rather than naturally,” Washington Post Senior Reporter Aaron Blake wrote in an analysis piece published Monday. “It’s also true that many criticisms of the coverage are overwrought and that Trump’s and his allies claims invited and deserved skepticism.”’

‘And members of the media from various outlets have come out and stated their reluctance to cover the theory or desire to “debunk” it without evidence stemmed, in large part, from Trump’s alleged record of floating false claims’.

‘J. Stephen Morrison, Center for Strategic and International Studies said in an NPR interview that the theory was dismissed not because of scientific evidence, but because it got grouped in with other “crazy” theories promoted by Trump’.

‘“It got jumbled up together with some of the more crazy aspects of Trump, and scientists recoiled against that and went in favor of the theory that COVID-19 had emerged out of a natural process versus a lab escape.”’

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