Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-02-08. 87k Doctors, nurses come out against narrative vs Appalling Science & Conflicts of Interest

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Twitter is saying that this video is unsafe but it is the mRNA injectables that we cannot know yet is safe in the long term.

The Appalling Science and Conflicts of Interest Behind the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine (link).

‘In the West, three drugs currently dominate the COVID-19 vaccine limelight: The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA drugs, and the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The latter, as the name indicates, is the result of a collaboration between Oxford University and multinational drug giant AstraZeneca’.

‘In my last post, I discussed the shady science behind the Pfizer-BioNTech drug, and how the new vaccine is increasingly associated with a most untoward side effect: Death’.

‘As of this writing, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drugs are the only ‘vaccines’ that have been granted “emergency use” authorization in the US. Between the two of them, they’ve racked up 288 deaths on the VAERS reporting system from their December rollout through to 21 January 2021 in the US and its territories’.

‘Both of these dubious drugs have also enjoyed “emergency use” approval in the UK, along with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. As of 24 January 2021, there have been 22,820 adverse events reported for COVID-19 vaccines on the UK’s MHRA Yellow Card reporting system; 16,756 of these were for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, 6,014 for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and 50 for unspecified brand/s’.

‘When it comes to deaths, during the same period the MHRA received 107 reports for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination, 34 reports for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and 2 where the brand was unspecified’.

‘That’s quite a feat, considering the first approved COVID vaccine jab in the UK was administered only 20 days earlier, on 4 January 2021’.

‘But while the UK authorities seem happy to label just about anybody that passes away as a COVID-19 victim, they are extremely reluctant to acknowledge the dangers associated with the poorly-tested COVID vaccines. Lung cancer victims, people with blood clots, and children with Kawasaki disease are among the unlikely patients who have been misdiagnosed with COVID in the UK. And when elderly people with other pre-existing conditions pass away after testing positive for COVID, the coronavirus – and not their far more serious co-morbidities – is listed as the cause of death’.

‘But when it comes to holding vaccines accountable for the damage they appear to be causing, the UK Government and MHRA suddenly becomes extremely reluctant to upset its very close friends at Big Pharma. And harbor no illusions: If the MHRA and pharmaceutical industry were any closer, they’d be joined at the hip. Since changes made by Margaret Thatcher in 1989, the MHRA has relied on the pharmaceutical industry for 100% of its funding’.

‘And just like the US FDA and other regulatory agencies around the world, the supposedly independent agency is plagued by the infamous “revolving door” phenomenon, in which staff routinely shift between employment at the agency and drug companies’.

‘Here’s but a mere sampling of the links between the drug industry and UK health authorities, who are supposed to be acting in the public interest:’

Sir Patrick Vallance is the Government Chief Scientific Adviser and also a key member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) which is steering the UK’s dystopian response to COVID-19’.

‘From 2006 to March 2018, Vallance worked for the corrupt GlaxoSmithKline. He began as head of drug discovery, and in 2012 was appointed head of research and development at GSK. He went directly from GSK to his post as the UK Government chief scientific adviser. Several months later, it emerged that Vallance owned 43,111 shares worth £600,000 (US $824,000) in GlaxoSmithKline, which is currently developing a COVID vaccine’.

Ian Hudson, MHRA chief executive from 2013 to 2019, is a former vice president of GSK (then SmithKline Beecham). In 2019, Hudson became Senior Advisor, Integrated Development, Global Health for the intensely pro-vaccine Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’.

‘Former MHRA Director of Inspection, Enforcement and Standards, Gerald Heddell, worked at UK’s National Health Service until 1978, then left to enjoy senior roles at The Wellcome Foundation, Glaxo Wellcome and GlaxoSmithKline. He then returned to bureaucratic life in 2005 with a senior posting at the MHRA’.

‘Prior to joining the MHRA in 2008, Senior Medical Assessor Dr Nithyanandan Nagercoil, worked for a generic pharmaceutical company and then a global contract research organization performing clinical trials on behalf of drug companies. During his time as a clinical researcher, he helped conduct trials for AstraZeneca and Pfizer, among others’.

‘MHRA documentation shows current MHRA Non-Executive Directors Anne-Toni Rodgers and Amanda Calvert are shareholders in AstraZeneca. The current Chair of the MHRA Board, Stephen Lightfoot, is a shareholder in GlaxoSmithKline, while MHRA Non-Executive Director Professor Liam Smeeth is the beneficiary of research grants from GlaxoSmithKline’.

‘Little surprise then, that instead of urging the public to be cautious of COVID vaccines, the MHRA bends over backwards to portray them as safe and to dismiss their reported adverse events as unrelated coincidences’.

Pakistan Minister says get vaccinated at own risk, as COVID-19 vaccine caused ‘deaths in some countries’ (link).

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Shows Alarming Evidence of Pathogenic Priming in Older Adults (link).

‘In the development of vaccines against coronaviruses like SARS-COV-1 and MERS in the early 2000’s, researchers found evidence of a serious problem. Teams of U.S. and foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs’.

‘This issue is well known. Early in the COVID-19 scenario, Dr. Peter Hotez, of Baylor College of Medicine, testified before Congress about the dangers of accelerating coronavirus vaccine development, saying  “(The) unique safety problem of coronavirus vaccines” was discovered 50 years ago while developing the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine.”’

‘He went to register that this “‘paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon’ means vaccinated people may still develop the disease, get sicker and die.”’

‘Researchers had seen this same “enhanced immune response” during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1950s.  The vaccines not only failed to prevent infection; 80% of the children infected required hospitalization, and two children challenged with the RSV died (see Openshaw, 2005). In April of 2020, Hotez told CNN, “If there is immune enhancement in animals, that’s a showstopper.”’

‘There’s been a serious terminology problem with this issue. The problem, of course, is not “immune enhancement,” which sounds like something helpful to the immune system.  In fact, it is quite the opposite. The problem is, in reality “disease enhancement”; in fact, that is what it was called in the original RSV study. Disease enhancement now appears to be caused by initial exposure to a pathogen’s proteins, or parts of proteins, which primes the body to autoimmunity. That is “pathogenic priming.” In COVID-19, every protein in the SARS-CoV-2 has at least one epitope that matches human proteins someplace in the human body. About one-third of the epitopes in SARS-CoV-2 virus that match human proteins match immune system proteins’.

‘The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Briefing Document on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains disturbing indications that might be a safety signal on pathogenic priming, especially in older adults. Before those are reviewed, there are fundamental issues with the classification of serious adverse events that reflect the short-term thinking and externalization-of-cost mindset of the vaccine safety science paradigm’.

‘The first issue is the categorization of “Serious vs. Non-Serious” adverse events in the study and in the report. To a person experiencing neurologic adverse events including Bell’s Palsy, neuroinflammatory and thrombotic events, these events are not “non-serious” and can, over time, develop into life-threatening conditions that require continuous medical intervention and repeated billable office visits for care. The short-term study excludes any means of detecting whether the initial exposure may play a fundamental root cause role in setting up patients for life-long chronic illness. The vaccine adverse events themselves seen in the Pfizer study may be indicative of pathogenic priming, especially since more serious adverse events were seen with the second dose’.

‘The second issue is that the design and analysis set-up of the study are biased against finding adverse events’.

pathogenic adjective (link).

‘causing or capable of causing disease’

COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca confirms 100% protection against severe disease, hospitalisation and death in the primary analysis of Phase III trials (link).

‘The primary analysis for efficacy was based on 17,177 participants accruing 332 symptomatic cases from the Phase III UK (COV002), Brazil (COV003) and South Africa (COV005) trials led by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, a further 201 cases than previously reported’.

The variants we hear about in the corporate news media are called the Kent UK, the Brazil and the South Africa variants. How curious.

UK Column News – 8th February 2021. Care Home Managers Reporting Post Vaccination Covid Cases: Nothing for 12 months, vaccines and then an outbreak a week later – I see a pattern emerging…it’s bizarre. The ONS Statistics that challenge ‘PANDEMIC’. VAERS reports 329 deaths. AstraZeneca Phase III trials in UK (COV002), Brazil (COV003) and South Africa (COV005) coincide with new variants. Where people haven’t been vaccinated, it becomes a public health risk. However, it is not clear how the vaccinated are at risk if the vaccine is effective. Freedom of Information Act vs Government Censorship Network (website, youtube, bitchute).

Extremely safe says MHRA….that’s what the MHRA said about Doxycline  Roaccutane, TG1R12, Efexor, Posicor, Radar  Kipoby, Trivan, Trygliterone, Radar to name bat a very few. The MHRA are NOT independent they are pharma & banking. (tweet, website).

FACTS Piers 🤬 “Minority Of 1% Die” 🤦‍♂️ Chris Whitty Reality Check MSM & BBC News Scaremongering🥊 (link).

What happened to “flu season?” In the age of COVID, “the flu” has been reclassified as coronavirus, says epidemiologist (link).

‘A few months ago, some infectious disease experts began warning that it would extremely difficult, as the COVID-19 pandemic lingered into the fall, for frontline healthcare providers to determine if sickness was due to the novel coronavirus or good, old-fashioned influenza’.

‘The reason, they said, is that in many respects, flu symptoms could and would mimic COVID-19 symptoms’.

‘But according to one epidemiologist, that problem has been solved by the ‘powers that be’: Simply reclassify flu cases as COVID-19 illnesses — that way, “flu cases” will go down this year while Joe Biden’s authoritarian Democrats get to continue ‘justifying’ perpetual lockdowns and theft of our liberty and freedom’.

Rates of influenza have remained persistently low through late 2020 and into 2021, cratering from levels a year ago and raising the puzzling specter of sharply reduced influenza transmission rates even as positive tests for COVID-19 have shattered numerous records over the last several weeks’.

Where have all the flu cases gone?

Epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski thinks he can answer the riddle’.

‘“Influenza has been renamed COVID in large part,” Wittkowski, theformer head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University, told the outlet’.

‘“There may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the ‘presumed COVID’ category of people who have COVID symptoms (which Influenza symptoms can be mistaken for), but are not tested for SARS RNA,” he added’.

‘Such patients, he explained, “also may have some SARS RNA sitting in their nose while being infected with Influenza, in which case the influenza would be ‘confirmed’ to be COVID.”’

‘You know, like when you die from a gunshot wound or a car accident but just happen to test positive for the novel coronavirus, it’s listed as a COVID death’.

Up to nine dead after being vaccinated at Marnel Lodge care home in Basingstoke. The residents received their vaccinations on the 1st January. 10 days later the deaths began. (tweet, website).

“Covid kills half of Sussex care home’s residents over Christmas” 13 out of 27 residents die with Covid in a single care home over a few days. None had symptoms. We’ve reached out to the home to ascertain when vaccinations commenced. (tweet, website).

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains precisely what informed consent means, why it’s important and why vaccines are the only drugs given without informed consent. For more unbiased information  please visit (tweet).

Katie Price’s son Harvey rushed to hospital hours after coronavirus vaccine (link).

‘Katie Price’s son Harvey has been taken to hospital after suffering with ‘uncontrollable shaking’’.

Jab Promotor Katie Price’s Son Harvey Suffers Severe Reaction To Toxic DNA-Manipulating Fake ‘Vaccine’ – more confirmation that ignorance is not bliss (link).

‘People are slating mum-of-five celeb Katie Price who, just two days ago, was gushing for joy about her son Harvey being the youngest person in Britain to get the new experimental Astra Zeneca Covid jab’.

‘According to Price, Harvey, 18, got the injection early because he’s “clinically vulnerable”, suffering from a series of disabilities including obesity’.

‘Shortly after being given the toxic shot, Harvey’s temperature rose to a starling 39.9 degrees and he started shaking uncontrollably. He was rushed to hospital but is home now’.

‘Katie, who put her name and face to the Sun newspaper’s Jabs Army campaign, promoting the new vaccine, is one of millions of Brits who are sucked in by the idea that vaccines are good’.

Respected Doctor and Bioweapons Researcher Believes Covid Vaccines Are a Form of ‘Weaponized Medicine’ (link).

‘An award winning spinal surgeon and former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons believes that current coronavirus vaccines are dangerous bioweapons being deployed against the people’.

Dr. Lee Merritt, who previously studied bioweapons while serving as an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Navy for 9 years, sat on the board of the Arizona Medical Association, and has published numerous peer-reviewed papers, believes that mRNA-altering coronavirus vaccines currently being distributed in the United States are rewriting our genetic code to make us vulnerable to a second virus later on’.

‘“I believed early on in February that this was a biologically manipulated bioweapon because the minute that anybody popped up with data suggesting that they were censored,” she said in an interview last month with The New America’.

‘Based on her time spent in bioweapons research, Merrit believes that we live in an era of ‘fifth-generational warfare’ where instead of using weapons on the battlefield, covert biological agents, economic warfare, and propaganda are most effective in turning the tables of power between nations’.

‘“We had a lot of bioweapons over the years and the one I was very worried about was smallpox. But most of these bioweapons were either hard to distribute or there was treatment for them,” she said. “I think that there is a host of evidence that shows coronavirus is a naturally occurring very benign virus that doesn’t even give most people the cold but at the most it’ll give you a common cold.”

‘Vaccines are most effective when used against an untreatable and deadly virus, she says. While diseases like smallpox and polio were effectively treated with immunizations, scientists have discovered promising treatments for coronavirus since the pandemic began such as Hydroxychloroquine and Intravenous Vitamin C’.

‘“If we are at biowarfare right now as a part of this multi-dimensional warfare, if you have a treatment in your back pocket they cannot terrorize you with viruses and that’s important because… [the vaccine] doesn’t prevent transmission by their own admission.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt

‘Although prevention and treatment reduce the need for a vaccine, such information is routinely censored by social media companies and demonized by the mainstream media. Even Sharyl Attkisson, a tenured former CBS journalist, had one of her reports removed from YouTube for relaying information which ran counter to the official position of the World Health Organization (WHO)’.

‘“We have vaccines because we didn’t have treatment for smallpox and it was a very deadly disease. That made sense to have a vaccine. We didn’t have treatment for polio so it made sense to have a vaccine, but this? Even without doing anything, this disease has a 99.991% chance of survival… as opposed to a standard viral flu season it’s 99.992%.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt

‘Coronavirus numbers are widely disputed, however, scores of doctors and scientists have been speaking out for the better part of a year about the disproportionate amount of harm done by lock downs and forced mask wearing. One Canadian researcher estimates that the long-term cost of lock downs will far exceed that of the virus itself by as much as ten times’.

‘Merritt explains the difference between coronavirus vaccines and regular immunizations:’

‘“[Coronavirus vaccines] are not giving you a pathogen … what they are doing is programming mRNA. mRNA is like DNA but it’s the messenger RNA. It’s what makes proteins in the body. It’s kind of like a computer chip that you put into a 3D printer and then you tell it what you want it to make and it prints it out. We have that in engineering and this is the biological equivalent’.

Well, in this case they’ve made a piece of this mRNA to create, in every cell of your body, that spike protein (or at least part of it) and you’re actually creating the pathogen in your body.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt

‘When you go to get your coronavirus vaccine, you are actually not getting a vaccine as we have always known them. Instead, messenger RNA is injected into your body which then alters your genetic code to begin producing its own modified version of the coronavirus, which your immune system then theoretically learns to combat’.

‘According to Merritt, no long-term studies to verify the safety of this form of vaccination in humans have been completed and animal studies have resulted in what she refers to as ‘antibody-dependent enhancement’ where the virus enters into the body undetected because the immune system now views it as belonging to the body, ultimately causing near-immediate death’.

‘“We have never made it through an animal study successfully for this type of virus. We have never done this in humans before,” she says. “The longest that they’ve really followed people after the vaccine is two months. Well you see, that’s not enough time to know that we won’t have that antibody enhancement problem.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt

‘Merritt speculates that this type of procedure is exactly what a foreign adversary would use if they wanted to wage clandestine biowarfare without having the process traced back to them’.

‘“This is a perfect binary weapon. There’s no way I know exactly what that mRNA is programmed to and neither do you and neither do most doctors. The doctors can’t get at that data. That’s for the guys at the very top of this project… If I were China and I wanted to take down our military, I’d just make an mRNA that I know it doesn’t exist in nature so nobody’s going to die from a vaccine and then two years later I release whatever it is that I made… and it causes this immune enhancement death.” ~Dr. Lee Merritt

‘Although Dr. Merritt does not recommend whether or not one should take the vaccine, she does give one uplifting piece of advice’.

‘“If you want to get out of the pandemic right now it’s really easy. You turn off your TV, you take off your mask, you reopen your business, and you live your life.”

‘Watch this recent interview with Dr. Lee Merrit and Alex Newman of The New American here, and please send an email to if you notice that this video has been removed’.

CDC: Teachers Don’t Need Virus Vaccine for Schools to Safely Reopen (tweet, website).

‘Anti-vaxxer’ – Definition; A person who cares what is injected into their body and doesn’t blindly trust what an industry with a track record for lying, deceit and injuring and killing people, tells them. Also not likely to blindly trust authority figures with vested interests. (link).

Israeli hospital says it may have found Covid-19 cure as all treated patients make full recovery (link).

‘A number of severely ill Covid-19 patients made a full recovery within five days after being treated with a relatively unknown cancer drug, according to multiple media reports in Israel today’.

‘Researchers at the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv told Israeli’s KAN News network that out of 30 seriously ill Covid-patients that were treated with the drug, 29 showed a significant improvement within two days and all were released within three to five days’.

‘One patient ultimately did recover but this took “a few days” longer, according to the hospital’s Covid-19 lead, professor Nadir Arber’.

Cancer drug

‘The medication, called EXO-CD24, is a targeted drug that was reportedly developed as a cure for certain types of cancer’.

Update from the Cafe Owner who got assaulted by a police officer in Manchester for daring to open his business. Retweet and share the love for this courageous man. #COVIDー19 #COVID #Manchester #Police #COVID19 (link).

More clues that this isn’t about a virus, but about the transformation of society into a technocratic, medical despotism, in which people are utterly dehumanised and their everyday lives controlled. Yet still people don’t get it: (tweet, website).

WATCH: COVID Detainment Facilities Go From ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to Official Govt Policy in 3 Months (link).

‘“I ask this government if people should prepare for internment camps,” Ontario provincial member of parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier asked the central Canadian province’s legislature during Question Period on October 7, 2020’.

‘During his inquiry over the country’s policy to detain citizens, Hillier’s microphone was cut and he was silenced and told to sit down. His words would not go unnoticed, however, and the internet picked up on it and the memes began to flow on how Canada was about to start involuntarily detaining COVID-19 patients in government facilities’.

‘It is important to note that Hillier’s claims were blown out of proportion online with disinformation flowing freely about children being taken from parents to people being held in these facilities “for the rest of their lives.” None of this is true’.

‘Predictably, the “Fact-Checkers” picked up on the obviously false claims and came out in full force referring to Hillier’s statements and the memes that followed as a “Conspiracy Theory” that is “Totally False.”’

‘Yes, many of the claims were totally false, however, government-run quarantine facilities are allowed in Canada under the Quarantine Act, passed in 2005 under prime minister Paul Martin. In June 2020, the federal government issued its third order requiring every person entering Canada to quarantine for 14 days’.

‘The pushback against the online “conspiracy theories” were that these quarantine sites were “voluntary” for Canadian citizens’.

‘The federal government has announced funding for voluntary quarantine sites for some of the country’s homeless and has made plans to expand self-isolation capacity for returning international travelers without suitable places to go, but Canadians will not be compelled to leave their homes for so-called COVID “camps,” a spokesperson for Health Minister Patty Hajdu told CBC News in October to dispel the conspiracy theories’.

‘In October, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even responded, saying that the claims of mandatory COVID-19 detainments were “harmful misinformation.”’

‘“Unfortunately there is a tremendous amount of noise and harmful misinformation about [the pandemic] on the Internet,” Trudeau said. “I had to explain that as we consume increasing amounts and various sources of information on line and around us, we need to continue to be attentive to source, we need to continue to be attentive to comparing various reports and looking for trusted sources.”’

‘“The answer is no, we’re not building containment or internment camps,” the Health Minister spokesperson said in a statement’.

‘That was in October and over the months, the government has moved the goal post on how travelers are treated. Now, even travelers with negative tests will be forced to quarantine at their home under government surveillance. While this is only for those engaging in international travel, as we’ve seen, the goal post moves’.

‘“Those with negative test results will then be able to quarantine at home under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement,” Trudeau said in a press conference last week. In regards to the “increased surveillance,” this will include home visits from private covid security personnel’.

‘“There will be increased security contractors that will do more, I would say, ‘door knocking’, to check on people who are in quarantine,” said Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, on Friday, adding that the contractors would start in 35 Canadian cities and would expand farther in the coming weeks’.

‘But it gets worse for those who test positive. Remember, three months ago, a positive test would mean a “voluntary” quarantine at a government facility. “Mandatory” confinement was a “conspiracy theory.” But it is not anymore’.

‘“Those with positive tests will be immediately required to quarantine in designated government facilities to make sure they’re not carrying variants of potential concern,” Trudeau said of the new measures’.

‘“Immediately required” does not mean “voluntarily.” It means that citizens will be forced into these facilities. Calling them “mandatory government facilities” instead of “internment camps” is a matter of semantics. Internment is defined as the state of being confined as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons. Does that not sound like what Trudeau said in the statement above?’

MUST-WATCH: Extraordinary lies of Canadian fascists as people are unlawfully imprisoned in ‘Covid’ Chinese-owned quarantine hotel while they claim it’s ’empty for construction’ and moronic automaton face-nappies police the lie and threaten to arrest those exposing it (website, youtube).

The Digital Police State Is Being Institutionalized Throughout the Western World (link).

‘The German extra-governmental Corona Commission, consisting of hundreds of medical doctors, virologists, immunologists, university professors – and lawyers, including Dr. Reiner Füllmich, co-founder of the Commission, has special concerns that the current Corona-Vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna), may include nano-particles that could be accessible to electro-magnetic radiation, i. e. 5G and the subsequent 6G’.

‘This is precisely what was foreseen in the design of Agenda ID2020, in which Bill Gates and GAVI had a major role, and in which case the ID2020 might be vaccine-implanted and be remote-accessible by EM-geared computers, robots or algorithms (see, in German “Wirkungsweise und Gefahren der aktuellen Corona-Impfungen in Deutschland mittels mit Nanopartikeln umhüllter mRNA-Impfstoffe – Corona Ausschuss Germany 37th Conference” (31 January 2021)’.

‘The adoption of Agenda ID2020 still has to be approved by the German Federal Council, but there is little chance the Council will reject it’.

Why COVID-19 Cases Will Instantly Drop (link).

‘COVID-19 cases will drop like a rock from here on, and the reason for that is simple. One hour after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, the World Health Organization suddenly and out of the blue lowered the recommended PCR cycle threshold (CT),1,2 which automatically guarantees that the number of “cases,” i.e., positive PCR test results, will plummet’.

‘For months, experts have warned that COVID-19 is not so much a viral pandemic as it is a “casedemic” or pandemic of false positive tests, and the thing that has kept this casedemic going this long is the fact that laboratories have been using excessively high CTs.3 I detailed this scheme in “COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens” and “Astonishing COVID-19 Testing Fraud Revealed.”’

‘Tests recommended by the World Health Organization used to be set to 45 cycles,4,5,6 yet the scientific consensus has long been that anything over 35 CTs renders the test useless,7,8,9 as the accuracy will be a measly 3% — 97% are false positives.10

‘·  Why in the world did it take them this long to fix this well-recognized problem, which fueled the false idea that asymptomatic people posed a health threat and had to be quarantined? As reported by former Fortune 500 executive and health care professional Stacey Lennox in a PJ Media column:11

After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset” (link).

With the USA Biden Presidency, Washington has rejoined the Global Warming agenda of the Paris Accords. With China making loud pledges about meeting strict CO2 emission standards by 2060, now the World Economic Forum is about to unveil what will transform the way we all live in what WEF head Klaus Schwab calls the Great Reset’.

‘Make no mistake. This all fits into an agenda that has been planned for decades by old wealth families such as Rockefeller and Rothschild. Brzezinski called it the end of the sovereign nation state. David Rockefeller called it “one world government.” George H.W. Bush in 1990 called it the New World Order. Now we can better see what they plan to impose if we allow’.

The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum is a 21st Century rollout for a new form of global total control’.

‘“We only have one planet and we know that climate change could be the next global disaster with even more dramatic consequences for humankind. We have to decarbonise the economy in the short window still remaining and bring our thinking and behaviour once more into harmony with nature,” declared WEF founder Schwab about the January 2021 agenda’.

‘The last time these actors did something at all similar in scope was in 1939 on the very eve of World War II’.

War & Peace Studies’

At that time the Rockefeller Foundation financed a top secret strategy group working out of the New York Council on Foreign Relations. It was known as the War and Peace Studies and headed by ‘America’s Haushofer,’ geographer Isaiah Bowman of Johns Hopkins University. Before German Panzer tanks had even rolled into Poland, they were planning a postwar world where the United States would emerge as the sole victor and replace the British as the global hegemonic power’.

‘Formulation of a US-dominated United Nations and Bretton Woods monetary order based on the dollar was part of their project. In 1941 as America formally entered the war, the CFR group sent a memo to the US State Department:’

‘“If war aims are stated which seem to be solely concerned with Anglo-American imperialism, they will offer little to people in the rest of the world. The interests of other peoples should be stressed. This would have a better propaganda effect.”’

‘That successful project has been the framework of what Henry Luce in 1941 called the American Century, and lasted until quite recently’.

‘Now those same families, again including the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschilds in the person of Lynn de Rothschild’s “Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican,” are moving to create the next generation in their pursuit of global domination. It’s being called the Great Reset. It requires global government, a plank significantly endorsed by the Jesuit Pope Francis. Its PR man, Klaus Schwab, is a self-admitted protégé of Rockefeller insider Henry Kissinger, from their days 50 years ago at Harvard’.

‘In May, 2020 as the coronavirus had caused global panic lockdowns far beyond the initial outbreak in Wuhan, the British Crown Prince Charles, together with the World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, unveiled what they gleefully named the Great Reset. Increasingly world political and business leaders are using terms such as “the Great Reset,” or “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and thecall to “Build Back Better” which the Biden Administration prefers. They all are anchored on the same set of dramatic global changes. The US Green New Deal and the EU European Green Deal are all part of it’.

‘The most striking fact about the agenda of the Great Reset is that it is being advanced by the same giga-rich plutocrat families responsible for the flaws of the present world economic model. They, not we, have created ruin of organic fields and nature with their Roundup glyphosate and toxic pesticides. They have ruined the air quality in our cities by the transportation models they force on us. They created the “free market” model of globalization that has ruined the industrial base of the United States and the industrial EU nations. Now, as they blame us for an alleged catastrophic emission of CO2, we’re being conditioned to accept guilt and be punished in order to “save the next generation” for Greta and friends’.

Government mulls emergency measures that would enable networks to SWITCH OFF your electricity without warning or compensation (link).

·        Ofgem reviewing plans to give energy networks the ability to shut down domestic electricity supplies 

·        A new sort of smart meter would need to be installed in every home in the UK 

·        Would have the ability to switch off high usage devices such as electric vehicle chargers and central heating systems 

·        Sources close to discussions told us that government is ‘open’ to proposing legislation to support these powers 

They escaped totalitarianism twice, only to see it again in America (link).

First from Soviet-occupied Poland then from ‘dirty war’ Argentina of the mid-70s, early-80s.

Hunter Biden Still Hasn’t Sold His Stake In Chinese Investment Fund (link).

IGNORED BY THE MEDIA ELITES AND FBI: List of 20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th – All Appear to be Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups (link).

New York Times Called For “Reality Czar” to Imprison Anyone they Claim is Stating Fake News? (link).

‘The New York Times has called on President Biden to create a “Reality Czar” to shut down all dissent, which they immediately label conspiracy theories without any real investigation. In 1924, the New York Times was pushing that we were heading into a new Ice Age. Was that disinformation? CNN has called on cable companies to drop Fox News as if everything CNN says is the gospel’.

‘The New York Times cheered Stalin and constantly reported that this was the way to the future – Stalinism. They seem to be preaching that again with a “Reality Czar” right out of Stalin’s handbook. They are supporting once again this move to a Marxist Utopia. The New York Times hid the truth about Stalin because they were in favor of Communism during the Great Depression. Stalin’s great economic miracle was achieved by taking all the food from Ukraine to pretend Communism was working in Russia causing over 7 million to starve to death’.

‘I strongly recommend you watch the movie, Mr. Jones. This exposes the TRUE STORY of how the New York Times tried to support Communism in the United States back then, with their top journalist, Walter Duranty (1884-1957), who was their main man in Moscow. The New York Times promoted him to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on how Communism was Utopia and our future. When Gareth Jones (1905-1935) in March 1933 reported this was all a lie, the truth finally began to appear’.

‘It took the New York Times until 1990 to admit that their reporting covered up the truth about Stalin and the massive starvation in an effort, like Schwab, once again, to sell “equality” as our salvation. The New York Times covered up the more than 7 million people who died of starvation in the Ukraine famine. The New York Times wrote that their reporting on the Russian Revolution constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” They never revoked his Pultizer Prize for writing fake news about Stalin’.

‘The Homeland Security and the FBI both said that Russia’s hack of the DNC did not involve altering the vote. In fact, it was his own paper that reported on November 25, 2016: “The Obama administration said on Friday that despite Russian attempts to undermine the presidential election, it has concluded that the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.” So was four years of stating the Russians put Trump in the White House, not misinformation?’

Salisbury attack reveals $70 million Pentagon program at Porton Down (link).

‘The Pentagon has spent at least $70 million on military experiments involving tests with deadly viruses and chemical agents at Porton Down – the UK military laboratory near the city of Salisbury. The secretive biological and chemical research facility is located just 13 km from where on 4th  March  former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found slumped on a bench following an alleged Novichok nerve agent poisoning’.

Porton Down scientists test chemical gas on London Tube passengers

‘Chemical gas was released on thousands of unsuspecting commuters during a military experiment on the London Underground, documents reveal. These chemical tests were performed in 2013 by scientist from Porton Down’.

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