Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-02-05. UHP NHS: Nbr of deaths w/o pre-exist conds too low to disclose. 143 Brits die post-injection

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Deaths due to Covid-19 without pre-existing conditions since March 2020: University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust takes the view that the actual number requested is too low to be disclosed (link).

JAB SAFETY 143 Brits died shortly after their Covid jabs but vaccines ‘didn’t play a role’, say regulators (link).

Has there been sufficient time for an honest investigation?

Frontline Doctors: Experimental vaccines are ‘not safer’ than COVID-19 (link).

‘In an extraordinary recent presentation exposing “the serious and life-threatening disinformation campaign” being waged against the American people and the world, Dr. Simone Gold of the American Frontline Doctors (AFLD) laid out the facts on the Wuhan Virus, safe highly-effective treatments, and particularly what she calls “experimental biological agents,” otherwise referred to as the COVID-19 vaccines’.

‘Dr. Gold referred listeners to two AFLD websites where they can access a white paper produced by the AFLD physicians that provides thorough explanations and references for her presentation. Gold concluded her presentation with a passionate appeal for everyone to sign and spread a petition against authoritarian movements aimed at coercing individuals into receiving these injections’.

‘The group’s white paper brings an array of crucial information together and is clear, accessible and well-documented. It reflects not only a depth of competence and great facility on the topics but a resolute commitment to truth and a deep fidelity to the noble mission of providing sound medical care for patients while defending the common good at large’.

‘Highlights of the paper and Dr. Gold’s presentation include the following:’

‘Correct language is ‘critical’: Not COVID-19 ‘vaccines,’ but experimental biological agents’

Dr. Gold insists that even the designation of the new products as vaccines is inapprorpriate’.

‘“Definitely you should not be calling this the ‘COVID-19 vaccines,’” she says. “The reason is, whatever you call it, it’s experimental. It’s not been approved as a vaccine. It’s currently in its investigational stage.”’

‘The initial FAQ of the white paper explains, “According to the Food and Drug Administration, ‘An investigational drug can also be called an experimental drug and is being studied to see if your disease or medical condition improves while taking it.’  Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZeneca applications properly identify their new agents as ‘investigational,’ which is normal at this very early stage of development.”’

#Switzerland passes on the #astrazenecavaccine: “The Swiss medical regulator claimed there was a lack of data to reach conclusions on  the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.” (link, link).

Good for Switzerland.

Pfizer withdraws application for Covid-19 vaccine emergency use in India after regulator requests more data (link).

Good for India.

Can we remember the Pzifer and Moderna treatments are 95% successful in alleviation of minor symptoms, no effect on transmission, no effect on immunity. What is the point? (link).

Vaccination and Censorship: The Truth Will Set Us Free (link).

People who have not accepted vaccination offers could get knocks on the door from council staff in an attempt to convince sceptics “home by home”, the vaccines minister has suggested. Suicide squad knock knock (link, link).

We should get a legal opinion from a solicitor to see if these people at our door are in breach of doctor patient confidentiality and/or in breach of the GDPR legislation.

UK Column News – 5th February 2021. Pick N Mix highly experimental mRNA injectables. Daily Mail quietly removed Captain Tom from their 15 January 2021 Janet Street-Porter piece following his death a few days after receiving the mRNA injection. Surge testing is the dying strategy to discover Covid in the UK. Does Alexei Navalny have a MI6 link? Covid-occupied France ‘let me see your papers’ (website, youtube, bitchute).

MEDICAL CANNIBALISM: Aborted fetal tissue is routinely used in coronavirus vaccines to “code” spike proteins (link).

While the World is on a vaccine frenzy, the Indian Government is distributing a home Covid Kit with Zinc, Doxycycline and Ivermectin. The cost $2.65 per person. (link).

Good for India.

On the Public Health page of . . * The science shows #masks do not work against viral infections * COVID-19 is now known to be a lack of nutrients, exploited by a virus * Lockdowns failed to reduce deaths (link).

Mexico My word, another alleged Vax Reaction, seems to be a common theme, looks like definite neurological issues. Surely this has to start ringing alarm bells people, use some perspective, the vax vs a 99.5% recovery rate doesn’t seem worth the risk. Long Live the Truth (link).

These two doctors are knowledgeable about ivermectin, an off-patent (generic), low-cost & generally well-behaved oral molecule, with a long history (billions of doses) of use against parasites, which is proving “miraculous” in covid19. It must be made available ASAP. (link).

I don’t understand how he still has a job after lying about that vit D study. The gov purports to be looking after us, but such behaviours say otherwise. Why wasn’t he sacked for lying about something so important to our immune systems? (link, link).

He (Professor Chris Whitty) is admitting our immune systems can handle 99.9997% of all infections. The IVERMECTIN & HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE TREATMENTS Work for those that need help. Withholding cures has been A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. This is all planned – It’s A TECHNOCRACY T/OVER. There’s no PANDEMIC: (link).

Covid and Kids: The Evidence. (link).

‘A brief overview of the current scientific evidence regarding covid-19, children and schools’.

‘1. Summary’

  1. Covid in children remains mostly asymptomatic (about 40% of all cases) or mild.
  2. Both the risk of infection and the risk of transmission are significantly lower in children, but not in adolescents, compared to adults. Infection risk increases linearly with age from 10 to 20 years.
  3. Both children and adults get infected mostly by adults and adolescents, not by children.
  4. Transmission in school settings is low, even without masks, especially if symptomatic children stay at home. Teachers are not at higher risk of infection than people in other occupations.
  5. In contrast to influenza, children and schools are not major ‘drivers’ of the coronavirus pandemic, and school closures have had a very limited impact on overall infections.
  6. Among symptomatic children, about 10% experience prolonged symptoms or fatigue lasting several weeks or months (i.e. post-acute covid or post-viral fatigue).
  7. Covid-related multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is a serious but very rare condition, affecting only about 2 in 100,000 children (i.e. less than 0.01%).
  8. The cell receptors used by the novel coronavirus are regulated by sexual hormones and their expression is therefore age-dependent and significantly lower in children below 12.
  9. Studies and media reports claiming children and schools are major ‘drivers’ of the pandemic often don’t distinguish between school closures and other measures, or between children and adolescents, or between children infecting adults and adults infecting children.
  10. Nevertheless, cases of transmission at school and of children infecting their parents do occur regularly. Teachers and parents at risk should consider prophylactic treatment options.
  11. Many states and countries could drive down coronavirus infections without closing elementary schools, e.g. Florida, France, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland, among others.
  12. The social, psychological, educational and in some cases even physical impact of lockdowns and other restrictions is generally most severe in children and adolescents.

Horowitz: Ruling class openly saying fascism and masks will NEVER end. Will we FINALLY wake up? (link).

Fifteen days to flatten … something

‘You can’t blame people for not believing last March that “15 days to flatten the curve” would transmogrify into “restrict your breathing with a mask and lock you down until there is a vaccine.” Nobody could have imagined such an absurd conspiracy theory, especially after months of those measures failing to achieve the goal’.

‘Yet now that the vaccine is being administered swiftly and the fascists are doubling down on the masking – literally – if you still think this will end on its own, you are willfully blind. Either we make it end, or we will be masking our humanity for the rest of our lives’.

‘Consider the following:’

  • Despite the fact that we appear close to hitting the de facto herd immunity threshold with so many people already having had the virus, the government now has the perfect pretext to continue the fascism and move the goal posts. Dr. Fauci recently said that we are all at a very high risk of getting the new strains of the virus, particularly the South African variant, even if we already had the virus. Never mind the fact that cases dropped nearly 88% in South Africa over the past three weeks.
  • OK, so this is what the vaccine is for, right? Well, indeed, this is why Fauci is telling us to get the vaccine even if we had the virus. But have you ever heard of a virus whose slight mutation is somehow not covered by natural immunity but is covered by the vaccine?
  • Which brings us to the next step. Yes, they absolutely are pushing the vaccine because the cronies must get rich off it. But will they let you out of mask jail after receiving a dose? Not a chance. They are all openly saying you will need to keep the sacred rituals alive even after having gotten the vaccine and natural immunity.
  • Thus, we have lockdowns and masks, which are so effective … that they can’t work and require a vaccine to do their jobs, but even with a vaccine and natural immunity, they still don’t work, so this charade of mask-wearing must go on! Also, they are so effective that if you don’t wear one, you are almost murdering someone. Never mind the fact that the curve rises and falls at the same time by region, regardless of non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Not only haven’t they eased off on the mask religion, even as so many people have gotten the virus and have gotten the vaccine, they are doubling down and tripling down, which in itself is a tacit concession that one mask has failed miserably, as they themselves predicted before the issue became political. What started out as an insane conspiracy theory is now mainstream, with Fauci now floating the idea of the CDC recommending the absurdity of double and triple masking. Never mind that Biden’s own adviser, Dr. Michael Osterholm, explained the obvious fact that this will further weaken the already improperly worn seal on the first mask and further push the aerosols out the sides – all the while magnifying all the physical problems caused by long-term masking.

Disgrace we are still locked down England’s official Covid R rate falls below 1 for first time since July (link, link).

The Government should apply a greater sense of urgency to unwinding lockdown (link).

‘The outlook for the British economy, said the Bank of England yesterday, is “unusually uncertain”. Lockdown measures are expected to have knocked around 4 per cent off GDP at the beginning of 2021. The Bank anticipates the economy will recover “rapidly” towards pre-Covid levels later in the year, thanks to the vaccines, increased consumer spending and monetary and fiscal policy; momentum will reduce over time as the effects dissipate….’

Petition against Covid-19 ‘vaccine passports’ hits 37,000 signatures amid reports UK govt hatching travel scheme (link).

Lab Just Made a More Dangerous COVID Virus (link).

‘Story at-a-glance’

  • Scientists are already cooking up more virulent and lethal versions of SARS-CoV-2
  • By serial passaging live SARS-CoV-2 in plasma obtained from a recovered COVID-19 patient that had high amounts of neutralizing antibodies in it, the virus ended up mutating to evade the antibodies
  • The SARS-CoV-2 variant they created bypasses acquired immunity or negates the immunity you normally would have after recovering from the infection. As such, it could be extremely lethal
  • Since the virus can mutate to evade neutralizing antibodies, it could potentially mutate under the “selective pressure” of vaccination as well
  • Two prominent figures during the COVID-19 pandemic have been Dr. Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak, both of whom have much to gain by misleading the public and the world about SARS-CoV-2’s origin, as they may both have been involved in its creation

COVID, a disease in name only (link).

The official definition of a “COVID-19 case” is so broad, it allows pretty much anything through the door’.

‘A COUGH, or CHILLS AND FEVER, for example. Either of these is sufficient for a diagnosis of COVID’.

‘The requirement of a positive PCR test for the virus—even that isn’t absolutely necessary’.

‘Besides which—as I’ve been demonstrating in many articles—the PCR is riddled with irreparable flaws, leading to millions of false-positives’.

‘On top of all this, as I’ve been writing (with details), the very existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is unproven’.

‘So there is a perfect recipe for a false pandemic’.

‘A person who, in 2018, would be diagnosed with the flu turns into a person who, in 2020, is diagnosed with COVID-19’.

‘Ordinary pneumonia suddenly turns into COVID pneumonia’.

‘All sorts of other lung infections are now COVID’.

‘“I have a cold, Doctor.”’

‘“No, it’s COVID.”’

‘“It’s a sniffle.”’

‘“A COVID sniffle.”’

I know you were all waiting for a new #hospital #dance video from Austria (I told you, it’s a rising genre), this time from the University Clinic Graz, “People-are-dying-and-hospitals-are-warfields”-edition. (link).

Asymptomatic PCR positive pts are carrying small fragments of virus. Almost always too small to be infectious. They are spreading immunity not infection. (link).

What PCR cycles are being used in England? 45 in Wales would explain their high numbers of false positives. @BBCBreaking @Channel4News @DrHilaryJones @NeilDotObrien @IndependentSage @nervtag @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @MENnewsdesk @talkRADIO @EveningStandard @LBCNews @CebmOxford (link).

The flu abruptly disappeared in March of 2020. It disappeared at about the exact same time covid-19 testing and detection ramped up. See the timing overlay below (link).

WARMINGTON: Those held in COVID-detention preparing class-action suit (link).

‘First the Canadian government confined him to a hotel room from which he was not allowed to leave’.

‘Now Steve Duesing plans to sue’.

‘Some 24-hours out of his 60-hour hotel detention, the Scarborough man says he’ll join a class action lawsuit against the Trudeau government being prepared on behalf of anybody concerned about being held in quarantine against their will’.

‘“I would absolutely love to join that,” he said from isolation in his home Thursday’.

‘Duesing, 34, said he was taken under threat of arrest Sunday from Pearson airport and confined to a room at the Radisson Hotel for three nights’.

‘“There was a guard at the end of the hall making sure people didn’t leave their rooms,” he said’.

‘There have been several cases like this, including one of a Calgary women who was taken from the airport under police escort and put in quarantine’.

‘Now the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has told The Toronto Sun they intend to file a suit’.

Dr. Fauci Says ‘No Data’ to Indicate Wearing Multiple Masks Is More Effective (link).

David Icke – The Long Planned Agenda To Enslave Humanity (link, link).

India Shuts Down Internet Around New Delhi As The Corporate Takeover of Food Continues (link).

‘In Brief’

‘The Facts:’

‘Certain states surrounding New Delhi, India, have had their internet cut off. An attempt by the government, according to many, to try and discourage and shut-down protests that are currently happening regarding the corporate takeover of food’.

‘Reflect On:’

‘Did you know that India has experienced a wealth of problems for decades as a result of new rules and regulations imposed on farmers by major financial institutions and corporations like Monsanto?’

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill (link).

“Gates has a Napoleonic concept of himself, an appetite that derives from power and unalloyed success, with no leavening hard experience, no reverses.” — Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, presiding judge in the Gates/Microsoft antitrust-fraud case’

‘The global lockdowns that Bill Gates helped orchestrate and cheerlead have bankrupted more than 100,000 businesses in the U.S. alone and plunged a billion people into poverty and deadly food insecurity that, among other devastating harms, kill 10,000 African children monthly — while increasing Gates’ wealth by $20 billion. His $133 billion fortune makes him the world’s fourth wealthiest man’.

‘Gates has been using that newfound cash to expand his power over global populations by buying devalued assets at fire-sale prices and maneuvering for monopoly control over public health, privatizing prisons, online education and global communications while promoting digital currencies, high tech surveillance, data harvesting systems and artificial intelligence’.

For a man obsessed with monopoly control, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible’.

‘According to the newest issue of The Land Report, Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. Gates’ portfolio now comprises about 242,000 acres of American farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Florida, Washington and 18 other states’.

‘Thomas Jefferson believed that the success of America’s exemplary struggle to supplant the yoke of European feudalism with a noble experiment in self-governance depended on the perpetual control of the nation’s land base by tens of thousands of independent farmers, each with a stake in our democracy’.

‘So at best, Gates’ campaign to scarf up America’s agricultural real estate is a signal that feudalism may again be in vogue. At worst, his buying spree is a harbinger of something far more alarming — the control of global food supplies by a power-hungry megalomaniac with a Napoleon complex’.

‘Let’s explore the context of Gates’ stealth purchases as part of his long-term strategy of mastery over agriculture and food production globally’.

‘Beginning in 1994, Gates launched an international biopiracy campaign to achieve vertically integrated dominion over global agricultural production. His empire now includes vast agricultural lands and hefty investments in GMO crops, seed patents, synthetic foods, artificial intelligence including robotic farm workers, and commanding positions in food behemoths including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Philip Morris (Kraft, General Foods), Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble and Amazon (Whole Foods), and in multinationals like Monsanto and Bayer that market chemical pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers’.

‘As usual, Gates coordinates these personal investments with taxpayer-subsidized grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the richest and most powerful organization in all of international aid, his financial partnerships with Big Ag, Big Chemical, and Big Food, and his control of international agencies — including some of his own creation — with awesome power to create captive markets for his products’.

‘Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a protégé and partner to David Rockefeller, observed that, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.” In 2006, the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations launched the $424 million Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) promising to double crop productivity and boost incomes for 30 million small farmers by 2020 while cutting food insecurity in half’.

We Got It! TGP to Release SMOKING GUN Video from TCF Center in Detroit! …Update: OH BOY! Our Report WILL SHAKE the Political World! (link).

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