Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2020-12-07. Switzerland has not approved. Anti-vax sentiment rises O50% in France. Vaccine Damage

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr.Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician,epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

Coronavirus vaccine. However, there are doubts. Switzerland has not approved (translated from Szczepionka na koronawirusa. Jednak są wątpliwości. Szwajcaria nie zatwierdziła. Link).

Covid anti-vax sentiment rises above 50% in France (link).

‘A new poll shows that 59% of the French public ‘do not intend’ to get a Covid jab when it becomes possible, up from 46% a month ago’

UK government grants Pfizer civil legal indemnity for COVID-19 vaccine (link).

Government to add COVID-19 to Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme (link).

MHRA awarded over £980,000 for collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation (15 December 2017, link).

Watch the narrative shift… frontline workers will not be the first to get the vaccine. This is because if they refuse (and they will) there will be no recovery from the PR gaffe. 60% of nurses/40% of doctors in NJ said they will not take the vaccine. (link).

UK Column News – 7th December 2020. Switzerland has not approved. Most French now opposed to covid vaccine (link, link).

Head of pfizer research covid vaccine is female sterilization (link).

These are the adverse reactions that @US_FDA will be monitoring for once the vaccine begins its roll out. You’ll be called a crazy selfish person for not taking it. People don’t understand that you take on 100% of the risk. thanks for link @ozzyheather (link).

the endpoints were reduced to a minimum to rush the trial along. Disease symptoms not measured. PCR tests not proven. It’s a poorly designed trial and data has not been examined. No safety data released. Side effects already under-reported. (link).

Experts warn mRNA vaccines could cause irreversible genetic damage (link).

THIS IS HUGE!!! A (+) PCR test with Ct value of 37 or higher (level set by most labs) means the test is a FALSE POSITIVE. No Virus can be found or cultured. You are NOT sick. No quarantine. No shutdown. The CASE-DEMIC will be over. Should demand ALL labs release their Ct values (link).

Tested ‘Positive’ For COVID-19? Be Sure To Ask This Question (link).

The lockdowns are based on surging “cases” which are based on positive PCR test results’.

‘However, what exactly is a positive PCR test result? What does it mean? As Dr. Tommy Megremis summarized recently:’

‘If you are generally aware, the PCR test is used to amplify small amount of genetic material so as to recognize patterns of DNA by “cycling.” (Also, for RNA virus, the RNA is converted to DNA in order to be detected, it’s just the way the test works) This is how we have been able to recognize the genomes in Egyptian mummies and Wooly Mammoths. It works because if you amplify and cycle enough times to “grow” legitimate DNA fragments, you get something with with a fair amount of specificity. What is becoming more and more apparent is that the PCR test was not designed as a diagnostic tool for infection, and really cannot function as one without having a huge amount of false positives, period’.

When it comes to COVID, the presence of viral particles picked up by the PCR technique does not and has not been quantitatively linked to an active “symptomatic” infection. It simply cannot be so, because infection threshold as a result of viral load is different for each patient. It turns out, if you “cycle” over around 25 times, the false positivity of COVID infection starts getting very high’.

‘I and others have explained in blogs how people can be exposed to virus, and mount a simple innate immune response and never know any differently. When you test these people with very low viral loads, who are not sick, you can find the viral RNA code that is used to “diagnose” if you cycle enough times. The last I read, Labcorp cycles at least 40 times to detect viral genome fragments’. ‘The PCR test was never intended for diagnosis of infection but as a qualitative test for presence of parts of a virus genome. I know there has been some confusion circulating the net about what the inventor Kary Mullis had said about that. But we walk daily with people who have any number of parts of killer virus or bacterial genomes which one could pick up with a PCR test if one had the specific test for it. Would we claim that that individual was an infected patient? No!

‘So given all that, PeakProsperity’s Chris Martenson explains below, in great details, the answer to the most important question you should ask if you or a loved one gets a positive PCR test result’.

“What’s the Cycle Threshold (CT) value for that test?”

‘Sounds wonky but it’s actually really important to understand. A low CT value means someone is loaded with virus. A high value, oppositely, means less of a viral load’.

‘Beyond a certain level the load is insufficient to either infect someone else or be of any clinical or epidemiological relevance whatsoever’.

The problem? Governments all over the country and world are basing their decisions on CT values that are very high. Too high’.

The Spirit Of Freedom – ‘Virus’ Whistleblower Louise Hampton Talks With David Icke About Pandemic Lies (link).

Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective (link).

Every. Single. Person. On. Twitter. Needs. To. Watch. Face masks Don’t Work! (link).


Here is mask compliance percentage in those counties, meaning people who always or frequently wore masks, according to The NY Times. Every single county was 87% or higher “Science” said if 80% wore masks, infections would plummet How much longer do we have to pretend masks work (link).

Covid ‘freedom passes’ are breach of civil liberties, Maajid Nawaz insists (link).

Baroness Hale people have been wrongly fined and prosecuted under Covid regs (link).

ARRESTED for walking the dogs (North Yorkshire police!, link).

MONEY TALKS! No Isolation For High-Value Business Travellers | Carl Vernon (link).

Rich People & Journalists Made Exempt From Having To Enter COVID Quarantine In UK (link).

Journalists and rich people defined as “high value business travellers” will be made exempt from having to enter a 2 week COVID quarantine when they return to the UK under new rules announced by the government’             .

“From 4am on Saturday, people in a number of categories will no longer have to self-isolate upon returning to England, even if they are travelling from a country not on the travel corridors list,” reports Sky News’.

‘Those categories include journalists, “high value business travellers,” performing arts professionals and wealthy sports stars’.

‘Under current rules, anyone returning from a country not on the UK’s “travel corridor” list has to self-isolate at home for 14 days or face escalating fines’.

‘The rule change is being pitched as a way to help boost the economy, but many responded by framing it as a classic example of elitist privilege’.

‘“We are being governed by absolute fools, clowns and charlatans. If I’m rich enough to afford Business Class I’m immune to Covid?” asked one Twitter user’.

“Ah! One rule for “us” and another for all the “little people”. Shrewd move just when trust and social cohesion is needed,” remarked another’.

‘“What a load of rubbish. You mean those well off don’t need to follow “quarantine measures,” said another’.

“There will be some big businesses that are able to take advantage of it,” said Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy The PC Agency, underscoring once again how the rules favor large transnational corporations while small businesses continue to go bust’.

How much authoritarianism is each saved life worth? (link).

I have the view that this is more how much money is being spent with big pharma to save each saved life?

Animal #STUDY: #Aluminum Adjuvant, a Component of Many #Vaccines, Linked to Gulf War Illness, Induces Motor Neuron Death #LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety (link, February 2007, link).

There’s no law prohibiting people from travelling between tiers. And as we’ve warned for years, there’s not even a specific law for ANPR. This is not policing by consent. We must stop the growing surveillance state and this civil liberties landslide. (link, link).

Betcha can’t watch this without smiling – if you can I bet you think there’s a ‘deadly virus’: Home-schooled kids being free … (link).

70+ Mayors, Elected Officials in France Call for Moratorium on 5G (link).

‘Officials say the health risks of 5G haven’t been properly evaluated. They also cite concerns about the increase in electromagnetic pollution and the dehumanization of society’.

Corrupt Georgia Election Worker Seen Loading Same Ballots 3 Times into Machine (link).

Look at this picture from the Georgia video… HUGE SPIKE for Biden during the same time the suitcases of ballots started to be scanned. FRAUD. (link).

#TrumpCampaign attorney @JBinnall said the team is preparing to file a lawsuit soon alleging that 40,000 people voted twice in #Nevada, which, if true, could potentially erase Joe Biden’s lead. (link).

‘Host of election oddities’ point to ‘large-scale coup’ to bring down Trump (link).

Astaxanthin Shown to Slow Brain Aging (link).

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