Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-01-11. Dutch court rules against mandatory PCR test. Guidelines vs inalienable rights. 70k made homeless

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr.Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

Coronavirus sceptic wins (Dutch) court case about mandatory PCR testing (link).

Don’t they know that the PCR technology has no business being used as a test for any virus infection?

Don’t they know that asymptomatic spread is a myth?

COVID Tests Gone Wild—An Epidemic of COVID Positive Tests (link).

What COVID tests mean and don’t mean

‘RT-PCR tests can be designed to be highly sensitive to the presence of the original viral RNA in a clinical sample. But a highly sensitive test risks poor specificity for actual infectious disease’.

‘Rapid antigen tests are different. They measure viral protein. They do so by reacting a clinical sample with one or two lab-created antibodies that are labeled with a measurable marker. These antigen tests are often poorly specific, meaning they can show as positive in the absence of any actual viral protein or any COVID disease’.

For a lab test, what does it mean to be sensitive? What does it mean to be specific?

‘I’ll use COVID to help explain these terms. In order to do this correctly, we need to avoid using the language of the media and government because those institutions tend to mislead us via language manipulation. For example, they’ve wrongly taught us that a COVID-positive test is synonymous with COVID- disease. It isn’t, as you will soon see’.

‘So for this article, I will use the term “Relevant Infectious COVID Disease” to mean a condition, caused by COVID-19, in which a patient is sickened by the virus or has (in their airways) living replicating virus capable of being transmitted to others. This seems a fair definition of what we should be caring about in this disease. If the patient isn’t sick and isn’t capable of transmitting the disease, then any COVID RNA or protein that may appear in a test is not relevant, nor infectious, and therefore of little to no consequence’.

I have inalienable rights I don’t follow any guidelines (link).

Guidelines vs inalienable rights.

70,000 households in UK made homeless during pandemic (link).

‘Increase comes despite government pledge that ‘no one should lose their home as a result of the coronavirus’’

It wasn’t the coronavirus that made these households homeless, it was either government incompetence or government malfeasance.

Most things a government touches turns to s**t.

UK Column News – 11th January 2021. Riches for Covid snitches aka march into a Stasi state. Personalised vaccine patch that should never come near anyone. No education without vaccination. Dormant Asset Scheme aka looting by government. BBC dismiss W6E6F Great Reset being exposed while promoting a reset, Dump Twitler. We are all Palestinians now (website, youtube, bitchute).

COVID-19 immunity could be long term (link).

😳 MP Slams Lockdowns & CONFIRMS Less Than 400 Died Under With No Pre-Existing Under 60 👏 (link).

After Edward Leigh MP made this excellent then went on to ruin it by advising people who do not have symptoms should get a test – facepalm. Asymptomatic spread is a myth.

VIDEO 🤬 2 Women Arrested Today For Sitting On A Bench Bournemouth 🎥 WE’VE LOST OUR MARBLES (link).

🇬🇧 Police 👮‍♀️ How To Deal With Lockdown Laws 🤷‍♂️ Your Rights & Advice (link).


‘TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL’ Shopper with anxiety threatens to sue Argos after staff threw him out of store for not wearing face mask (link).

‘However, he says that he was once again asked to leave for not wearing a mask and was told he had to show a medical exemption document’.

‘Yannis said: “I am determined to take this as far as it needs to go. I intend to take them to court.”

Government guidelines state: “Carrying an exemption card or badge is a personal choice and is not required by law.”’

STRONG ARM OF THE LAW Covid cops WILL move you on if you relax on park bench, Priti Patel says as police ask for power to force entry to homes (link).

I wonder who will be to blame when someone is having a dire medical need to take a rest and a police officer tells them to move on only for them to collapse.

To give the police power to force entry to home would be in clear violation of the Human Rights Act of 1998 article 5 the right to liberty and security The police would need a search warrant first and always.

COVID RAID Three people are charged with assaulting police after home ‘with too many people inside raided for Covid (link).

‘Police have powers to break up groups of more than 15 people meeting in houses under Covid laws’.

The suspicion was false as this home did not have more than 15 people in it but I don’t expect that to mean anything in this medical dictatorship we now live under.

SPEECHLESS 😳 Lewis Hamilton 36th Birthday HOLIDAY At British Caribbean Colony ✊🏿 Stay At Home??? (link).

When Dr. Fauci Said It Wasn’t a Virus (back in 1918, link).

‘It was October of 2008.  Dr. Anthony Fauci and colleagues at the National Institutes of Infectious Diseases in Maryland published a retrospective analysis of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu in the Journal of Infectious Diseases that said it was more likely that bacterial pneumonia rather than a flu virus killed many millions of people around the globe at that time’.

‘Fauci’s 2008 report was preceded by investigation done by University of California at Berkeley researchers’.

‘About 80 years after the 1918 pandemic demographers at the University of California at Berkeley reexamined that flu epidemic and found undetected tuberculosis (TB) may have actually caused most of the deaths in that pandemicDeath rates for TB fell dramatically in 1919 and 1920 and for decades thereafter, indicative of a massive die-off of TB patients in that period’.

Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots (link).

‘It is happening in nursing homes and, to a lesser degree, in hospitals, with employees expressing what experts say are unfounded fears of side effects from vaccines that were developed at record speed. More than three weeks into the campaign, some places are seeing as much as 80% of the staff holding back’.

‘“I don’t think anyone wants to be a guinea pig,” said Dr. Stephen Noble, a 42-year-old cardiothoracic surgeon in Portland, Oregon, who is postponing getting vaccinated. “At the end of the day, as a man of science, I just want to see what the data show. And give me the full data.”’

27-Year-Old Canadian Healthcare Worker Fainted and Suffered Multiple Seizures After Taking the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine (link).

A personal support worker feels the health-care system “failed” her after someone overlooked her allergies, she says, and let her get a COVID-19 vaccine’.


Doctor Stephen Malthouse hits every point that is being censored by the corporate news media including the fact the corporate news media is censoring and the reporter did not interpret him even one time.

Nearly Half Of U.S. Voters Believe Health Officials Have Been Misleading With COVID Data (link).

“Effect of calcifediol treatment and best available therapy versus best available therapy on intensive care unit admission and mortality among patients hospitalized for COVID-19: A pilot randomized clinical study” (link).

Studies show that the vast majority of covid victims have a blood vitamin D level below 35ng/ml. NHS says above 20ng/ml is not deficient. Most experts say 55-60ng/ml is optimal. NHS recommends 400iu daily winter only. Most experts say 4000iu daily all year. (link).

‘Government by decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution’: Lord Sumption (link).

This is what is going on folks, the left wants to get Rid of the Police, Bring in The United Nations and let them Police us! One world Government, Biden already has his Cabinet already, I don’t think anyone has ever had one put together that quick! This is all Pre Planned agenda! (link).


LIVE: Violent arrest for NOT proving your name ANTI LOCKDOWN PROTEST – LONDON Watch now: #LIVE #Livestream #Protest #Antilockdown #London #Freedom #arrest #arrested (link).

He was told to ‘calm down’ just because he raised his voice slightly to ask how he would pay the fine. Next second he was shoved down & told ‘stop resisting’ I couldn’t see he was resisting at all. I think the copper just got annoyed because the guy was standing up for his rights (link).


Their oath includes to uphold fundamental human rights. They must have had their fingers crossed when they took their oath.

Strange. COVID-Klaus of WEF says this is the least deadly pandemic of the past 2000 years… @WinterOakPress (link).


The W6E6F6 is the virus.

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, speaking at the White House yesterday. (link).

The Capitol Riot Wasn’t A Coup. It Wasn’t Even Close (link).

Breaking! Senior Judge of Italy Supreme Court, Alfio D’Urso, confirms US elections were RIGGED by defence contractor Leonardo #FreeSpeech #USElections (link, link).

This is the “Italian Job” And it is real. There’s already someone sitting in prison in Italy having pled guilty to doing precisely what Americans are now told is a thoughtcrime to believe. (link).

Italygate, part II: Obama and Renzi accused of being the masterminds of the US electoral fraud (link).

Guy in the video is the Italian lawyer. He is reading the affidavit. This is it in writing. It was given to some members of Congress on 6th or 7th. (link).


I believe it would look something like this, their Jackets would be like NASCAR! (link).

D.C. Cop Speaks Out, Says Cops Were Among Rioters Storming Capitol, Flashed Badges to Get In (link).

indigo revolt in bengal (link).

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