Bundesbank Has Repatriated Only 37 Tons Of Gold / China’s $24 trillion debt bubble


A Year Later, The Bundesbank Has Repatriated Only 37 Tons Of Gold (Of 700 Total)



There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and There Never Will Be

http://sgtreport.com/2013/12/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-safe-vaccine-and-there-never-will-be/ Read More

“Making vaccines safe by removing their toxins (greening), or telling people they have a right to look at vaccine ingredients before deciding whether to vaccinate or not may be the politically correct form of vaccination resistance. It does help avoid some of the wrath from vaccination high priests. However, the very nature of our immune systems and what vaccinations do to artificially stimulate immunity makes safe vaccinating an oxymoron.”


China bans journalists from writing about its $24 trillion debt bubble the biggest in history

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/253353 READ MORE

“The Financial Times reports that China has banned journalists from writing pessimistic articles about its economy, the latest in a desperate effort to prevent the $24 trillion Chinese debt mountain from imploding as local interest rates skyrocket.”


China’s Liquidity Crisis Worsens As Fed Vs PBOC “Taper” Wars Escalate



WTF Chart Of The Day: Fat Copperfinger


“Today, Copper futures just exploded 4.2% higher in a split second as huge volumes hit the COMEX. And then minutes later, it fades back.”

“We are sure it will be blamed on a “fat finger” but once again it suggests the algos are losing control of the asylum”


Push of a Button: This Is How Fast They Can Lock Down the Entire Banking System

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/253368 READ MORE

“This was probably one of the largest credit card thefts in history, though it is not at all surprising. Two years ago we noted that cyber attacks would soon be targeting America’s e-commerce systems and just a few months ago it was noted that rogue terrorist groups were specifically working on sabotage operation to bring down the U.S. economy. While this latest attack on Target stores and their customers fell far short of crashing our economy or financial system, it proves, as did recent breaches of Pentagon military networks, that even the most highly secured systems in the world can be compromised.”


Irish banking world rocked as three financiers in court


“A former chief executive of Irish Life & Permanent (IL&P) and two other former bankers will stand trial on charges of conspiring to mislead Anglo Irish Bank investors in the run-up to the banking crisis of September 2008.”


Obama Tried to Sign Up for Obamacare But “System Couldn’t Verify His Identity”


You just can’t make this stuff up – BrotherJohnF

Obama’s fake birth certificate didn’t fool this system like it fooled the American people.


Prosecutor says strip search of India diplomat ‘standard’


“Secretary of State John Kerry called a cabinet official in New Delhi on Wednesday to express regret over the arrest of India deputy consul general Devyani Khobragade, who was stripped- and cavity-searched during her arrest on charges that she didn’t pay her housekeeper enough money.”




Savers of national currencies getting crushed with ZIRP and QE.


A Bloomberg TV Host Gifted Bitcoin On Air And It Immediately Got Stolen

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/31146 READ MORE

“But as Johnson received the paper gift, he briefly exposed the QR code (see above). This act was effectively like sharing a bank account and PIN number.”

God help the viewers of the Bloomberg channel if this guy is a supposed expert on bitcoin.


(1913-2013) One Hundred Years of Darkness Ends: Bitcoin Breaks the Bank

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/31063 READ MORE

“Inventing ‘money’ borrowed into existence steals wealth in two primary ways. First, through interest payments on ‘money’ borrowed. Since no ‘money’ actually exists but is only printed or created as needed, the interest payments are payments for use of something non-existent.”

“The introduction of non-required interest payments means more money must be repaid than ‘borrowed’. Over time, interest payments will cause more borrowing, since there are always obligations for greater amounts of money than currently exists in the system. Again, because every dollar in the system has been borrowed, there can never be enough money to cover repayment of loans and the obligated interest; money therefore must be created to cover rising interest payments.”

“Theft occurs as money is transferred to bankers for doing absolutely nothing. These interest payments become claims against real property, so property is stolen by bankers demanding interest to cover use of money merely printed as needed. Note: This concept is applicable to all loans, including non commercial loans such as home loans.”

“The second reason is a corollary to the first: outright counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is borrowing and spending excess ‘money’, causing money supply growth beyond what is necessary for healthy market credit and stabilized prices. Counterfeiting results in increasing interest payments (stealing wealth through interest payments) and decreasing purchasing power of each existing dollar in the system (as more dollars are available for the same number of goods). Eventually counterfeiting will lead to gradual price increases affecting some groups far more than others.”


30+ Emmy winning journalist: 1% are ‘mercenary class, predators, looters.’ What do you say? What will you do?


“What’s missing from Bill’s analysis: the 1%’s main acts in war and money are illegal, demanding their immediate arrests to stop their war-murders of millions, harm to billions, and looting of trillions.”

“These crimes are as vicious as can be imagined, with strategy to “cover” these crimes with corporate media to keep the public in the dark.”

“Mr. Moyers is clear that the 1%, if exposed, would outrage the 99% to “tear the system apart with their bare hands.””


New TOP Secret Documents Reveal More NSA & UK Spying On EU Businesses & Politicians



Romania: Diesel fumes exhaust ‘Occupy Romania’ activists



When Even Bloomberg Is Saying The TPP Is A Dangerous ‘Corporatist Power Grab’ That Everyone Should Avoid…



GlaxoSmithKline Forced To Stop Paying Doctors To Promote Drugs After Major Bribery Investigation


“GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said this week it will respond to pressure to stop paying doctors to promote its products through speaking engagements and end linking compensation for its sales representatives to the number of prescriptions doctors write. The move comes amid a major bribery investigation in China.”

How do we know a given drug is good for a patient if the doctor has been paid by GSK to promote said drug ?


The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact



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