Elite Motive for Libya Intervention / 99.9999% NSA’S DATA IRRELEVANT / Free state vs police state



Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention (Jan 6, 2016)
“Though this internal email aims to summarize the motivating factors driving France’s (and by implication NATO’s) intervention in Libya, it is interesting to note that saving civilian lives is conspicuously absent from the briefing.”
“Instead, the great fear reported is that Libya might lead North Africa into a high degree of economic independence with a new pan-African currency.”
How is the behaviour of the western nations toward Libya any different to that of Nazi Germany ?


CNN Files Criminally Incomplete Story On L-I-B-Y-A-N W-A-R.


Brute Force — The police state’s answer to free speech.
“A decade earlier, the NYPD engaged in mass arrests of peaceful protesters, bystanders, legal observers and journalists who had gathered for the 2004 Republican National Convention. The protesters were subjected to blanket fingerprinting and detained for more than 24 hours at a “filthy, toxic pier that had been a bus depot.” That particular exercise in police intimidation tactics cost New York City taxpayers nearly $18 million for what would become the largest protest settlement in history.”
“Demonstrators, journalists and legal observers who had gathered in North Dakota to peacefully protest the Dakota Access Pipeline reported being pepper sprayed, beaten with batons, and strip searched by police.”
“They want us silent, servile and compliant.”
“They certainly do not want us to remember that we have rights, let alone attempting to exercise those rights peaceably and lawfully.”
“And they definitely do not want us to engage in First Amendment activities that challenge the government’s power, reveal the government’s corruption, expose the government’s lies, and encourage the citizenry to push back against the government’s many injustices.”
“Either we live in a constitutional republic or a police state.”

Texas Police Promised to Drop Charges Against 2 Teens if Mom Surrendered Video Footage of Arrest, Activists Say
This mom needs to lawyer up to defend her right to free speech.

Millions of Muslims March Against ISIS During Pilgrimage and Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It (November 28, 2016)

Tens of Thousands of Muslims Gather to Denounce Islamist Terror – Mainstream Media Ignores It
“The Ahmadiyya is a sect of Islam that is regarded as heretical by orthodox Muslims, as the group does not believe that Mohammed was the final prophet. The group originated in northern India in the late 19th Century. Currently, the sect’s headquarters is in London, while it’s estimated that there are between 10 and 20 million followers globally.”
“Unsurprisingly, the mainstream mass media has paid scant attention to the conference. While the media froths at the mouth to run 24/7 fear porn of terrorist attacks, they seemingly loathe showing images of peaceful Muslims denouncing terrorism.”
Media Silent as US Ally Saudi Arabia Massacres Its Own People
“For the past 60 days, Saudi Arabia imposed a devastating siege on the Shiite town of Awamiya. And of course, mainstream western media remains silent.”
“These photos aren’t from Yemen, they’re from the Saudi Arabian eastern town of Awamiya. Where Saudi forces are waging war against an oppressed shia minority. Saudi Arabia adheres to the extreme fundamentalist and intolerant sect of Wahhabism. Making it the country’s religious majority. This ideology is also enforced through state tactics. Which make it illegal to publicly carry out any religious practice or teaching that conflicts with Wahhabism. Even other Muslims (especially Shiites) are considered infidels by the Saudi government. And thus, all religious minorities in Saudi Arabia remain an extremely oppressed group; often lacking the same health care, public services, and wages granted to their Wahhabi counterparts; if not facing death.”

Glenn Greenwald: CNN Has Basically Become State TV War Propaganda


Rachel Maddow Caught In Latest Fake News Scandal; Proof Her “Forged NSA Document” Segment Was A Hoax

Iraq: Will Tony Blair Finally Stand Trial for His Part in the “Supreme International Crime”?
“Deciding whether or not to illegally invade Iraq was a “finely balanced act”, fantasized Gove.”
“It was not. It was a pack of lies, many of which came from the Blair regime, as confirmed by Colin Powell’s delusionary address to the UN on 5th February 2003, in subsequently unearthed correspondence and of course, the Chilcot Inquiry.”
“In April this year the UK Attorney General, Jeremy Wright, intervened in an attempt to halt a private prosecution of the three brought by General Abdul-Wahid al-Ribat, former Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army under Saddam Hussein’s government.”
“The Attorney General argued that the basis of the case, the crime of aggression “the supreme international crime” as enshrined in the Nuremberg Tribunals, did not apply in British law”
Has this guy used the same defence as the war criminals of Nazi Germany ?


Grassley Confirms: Yes, Comey’s Memos He Shared With The Media Are Classified


Refugees to get seven-bed home while 1,132 wait on council list
“SYRIAN refugees will be given a seven-bedroom home in one of the most desirable parts of Britain, it was revealed last night.”
“The spacious property – worth an estimated £400,000 – is in Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s constituency of historic Rye, East Sussex.”

This is a ver dangerous woman.

After 1,379 Days, New York Times Finally Corrects Claim That Iran “Sponsored” 9/11 Attacks

California has 9 extra electoral votes due to illegal aliens. This disenfranchises all of South Carolina, or Alabama, or Montana + Wyoming + North Dakota, or Colorado. Entire States are cancelled out by illegal aliens, even if they don’t vote (they do).


“President Trump’s change in attitude towards Saudi Arabia has apparently had a trickle-down effect, as a federal judge in Miami has reversed her decision to push for the release of crucial documents revealing information on the funding of the 9/11 attacks.”
“Judge Cecilia Altonaga is now ruling in favor of the FBI, granting the agency’s request to keep large portions of a slide show titled “Overview of the 9/11 Investigation” secret from the public.”
“The presentation Altonaga is now helping to keep private, includes sections on “Funding of the 9/11 Attacks,” “Early to Mid-2001 Additional Funding,” “Early to Mid-2000: Pilots/Intended Pilots Arrive U.S.,” “Investigative Findings” regarding hijacker “Identification,” and “Financial: Ample Financing was provided.””

Italy swoops in to save another bank leaving taxpayers on the hook for over $25 billion
These same western governments are cutting money spent on essential social services.

IRS ‘wipes out’ elderly couple’s dress shop, sells everything — and the details are infuriating
“In 2015, the Institute for Justice, an organization that has actively fought against lenient IRS seizure policies, published a study showing from 2005 to 2012, the IRS took from people more than $43 million in 600 cases in which the people whose assets had been taken had not been suspected of any criminal activity except for having made deposits slightly below the $10,000 threshold.”
“In April, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration issued a report that revealed from 2012 to 2014, the IRS seized more than $17 million from people because they engaged in “suspicious” bank depositing patterns.”
An American is most likely equally damned for making deposits under $10,000 as they would be for making deposits over $10,000.
The IRS is doing a great job of destroying America one innocent American at a time.
If it is this dangerous to deposit funds in a bank then people should think about using bitcoin.

The Value Revolution: How Blockchain Will Change Money & the World | Galia Benartzi | TEDxWhiteCity

IMF Tells Governments How to Subvert Public Resistance Against Elimination of Cash
IMF Tells Governments How to Subvert Public Resistance Against Elimination of Cash
Bitcoin will abolish the IMF so I’m not worried what bull**t they pull.


In 18 YEARS a COLLEGE DEGREE will cost $463,812
That could what 1 bitcoin is valued at up from the current valuation of $2,600.

CFTC Approves Options Trading In Bitcoin
“The thinking here perhaps is that in a market starved for volatility, granting “big boys” the ability to trade with massive leverage on what is already the most volatile asset class in the market, is just what some funds need to make their year as they swing for the fences with 20x (or more in) margin. Instead, we fail to see how this turbocharged volatility – which will result in even more vol in the underlying the same way S&P options “traders” manipulate the underlying index – does not end in tears.”

A Subliminal Message Spotted At Yellen’s Hearing

Janet Yellen’s Bitcoin Troll Gets $15,000 In Donations


First Private Bank in Switzerland Begins Offering Customers Bitcoins Directly
“In a major event for Swiss banking and Bitcoin generally, Falcon Private Bank became the first Swiss bank to begin offering customers direct access to their Bitcoin and altcoin portfolios. Through a partnership with Bitcoin Suisse AG, the bank is able to provide the necessary infrastructure to allow clients access to their coin holdings.”


Illinois “Budget Deal” Is Likely The Death Knell For The State’s $130 Billion Underfunded Pensions

How Merkel’s Germany PROFITS from Greek debt misery with £1BILLION pocketed so far

Environmental Nightmare! Dozens Of Highly Toxic Substances Have Been Found In Tap Water All Over America
“Most Americans have generally assumed that the water coming out of our taps is perfectly safe, but the Flint water crisis and other similar incidents are starting to help people to understand that there are some very dangerous substances in our water. In particular, I am talking about things like arsenic, lead, atrazine, perchlorate and a whole host of pharmaceutical drugs. According to an absolutely stunning NRDC report, close to 77 million Americans received their water from systems “that violated federal protections” in 2015. And even if you get your water from a system that meets federal standards, that still does not mean that it is safe.”

City infrastructure crumbling as NY subway trains now being held together with ZIP TIES

Obamacare Death Spiral: At Least 2 Million Adults Ditch Coverage In 2017 Amid Soaring Premiums

Largest Montana health insurer plans another big rate hike

Magnesium found to treat DEPRESSION better than drugs!

Mercury And Autism Relationship Confirmed In Longitudinal Study
“The international journal Science of the Total Environment has just published a compelling study from the Republic of Korea, where autism prevalence is high. The study identifies a strong relationship between prenatal and early childhood exposure to mercury and autistic behaviors in five-year-olds.”

“Cyber Berkut” releases documents showing Hillary Clinton broke campaign finance laws, used IMF funds meant for Ukraine.
Is there nothing Hillary-zilla won’t steal ?

Trudeau committed $241.5 million Canadian TAXPAYER MONEY to the CLINTON FOUNDATION
Is there nothing Hillary-zilla won’t steal ?

New Zealand Prime Minister resigns after getting caught giving $13.7 million in taxpayer money to the Clinton Foundation.
“The big question is, why is our government sending millions of dollars overseas while at the same time cutting funding for crucial services which desperately need the money here in New Zealand?’”
“It was also been revealed the Clinton charities utilised the devastating Haiti earthquake to implement disaster capitalism, funneling funds into Haiti under the pretense of aid but only for the funds to flow away from the Haitians desperately in need and instead to companies who had made previously large donations to the Clinton Foundation.”
The idea that the Clinton ‘charitable’ Foundation amassed over $100B does now seem more plausible.

Remember When Bill Clinton And The DNC Received MILLIONS In Actual Contributions From Chinese Nationals And Janet Reno Refused To Appoint A Special Prosecutor?

HILLARY COLLUSION: Campaign Set Up “Private, Off the Record” Meeting with Chinese Ambassador


America Should Rule the World, Says Neocon Infested Think Tank Report
“The neocon infested Center for a New American Security (CNAS) promotes endless wars on the phony pretext of protecting US security at a time America’s only enemies are ones it invents.”
“Its aim is solidifying US global dominance by eliminating all sovereign independent states. Several CNAS members hold or previously held key Obama administration posts.”

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Needs New Leadership
“When members of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee question Fed Chair Janet Yellen this morning following her testimony on monetary policy, many Republicans on the panel will be posturing for their money masters who fund their political campaigns rather than asking questions that benefit the average American.”
“You can tell that there has been a Koch Network-corporate takeover of the House Financial Services Committee by the statement that its Chairman, Jeb Hensarling, plastered on the front page of the Committee’s web site following the heroic actions of the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, on Monday. Cordray reopened the nation’s courts to millions of Americans who have been the victims of predatory actions by the banks that fund Hensarling’s seat in Congress.”
Which politicians are not working for Wall Street banksters ?

Defend the value of Michigan water and deny Nestle permit for now
“For the past three years, thousands of people in Genesee County have been carting in cases of water bottles simply to bathe, cook and drink, as the water in their taps is too toxic to use. At a time when Flint residents are living off bottled water just to make it through the day, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality should not be giving away our state’s water for a nominal fee. We must protect Michigan’s precious water sources now, and for future generations.”

Sabotage? Assange #G20 talk in Hamburg last night has audience evacuated minutes before start by fake emergency [VIDEO]

George Soros admits to funding the Ukraine crisis
“George Soros told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend he is responsible for establishing a foundation in Ukraine that ultimately contributed to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the State Department.”

I know you’ve seen this video of Obama saying election influence/rigging is preposterous. But continue to spread it. It speaks volumes.
Except that Russia hacked the election

A Year Ago Today, Seth Rich Was Murdered & Those Who Question It Labeled as Kooks
What are they afraid of ?
Have they self-identified as propagandists ?


Ron Paul Goes on FOX, Exposes Both Parties, Calls for “REAL Revolution”
“Ron Paul just showed the world why he is still relevant as all the other washed up politicians fade out — years after his political career ended, he is still fighting for freedom and the people.”

“The intelligence reveals that ISIS has deployed laboratories and equipment for manufacturing chemical weapons from its capital of Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor, according to Zakharova.”

Clinton Foundation Got $100M From ‘Blood Minerals’ Firm




The FBI’s Increasingly Odd Silence on Boston Bombing
“As another mega-budget Hollywood movie about the Boston Marathon bombing nears release, the mainstream media are finally addressing the many unanswered questions concerning the mastermind of the bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.”


Up to a million Turks march for justice and the western MSM says nothing
“The key aims of the demonstration were to raise awareness for the plight of imprisoned journalist, opposition activists and others who have faced difficulties after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s large scale purges of Turkey’s judiciary, civil service and education sector.”


Magnesium to make depression drugs obsolete? New science finds magnesium safer, more affordable and more effective than SSRIs



Italy set to relax its controversial child vaccine law
“The Italian Senate has proposed a more relaxed version of a controversial law on vaccines for school children, with fewer vaccinations considered compulsory and reduced penalties for those who don’t comply.”
“The number of compulsory vaccinations will be reduced from 12 to ten, while financial penalties against parents who fail to vaccinate their children will be significantly reduced.”
“The amendments made in the Italian Senate also scrap the obligation to report parents who don’t comply with the law to authorities – a move which could, in extreme cases, have left parents at risk of losing custody.”
So the people of Italy will have their medical freedom screwed over slightly less than was other planned.
Is compelling someone to undergo a medical procedure compatible with a free society ?
Is imposing a financial penalty for not doing what a government tells you to do lawful ?
Will the proceeds of this financial penalty go to big pharma ?

New Study Warns of the Dangers of Multiple Vaccinations


France Makes Vaccines Mandatory in 2018
“Thankfully, for the French government, the country already has a robust police state completely unconcerned with individual rights so enforcing the law will be relatively simple.”

Government refuses to release report into Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremism in UK


3 Examples That Show How Common Core Is Destroying Math Education In America

No One Would Buy My Photos, So Here They Are For Free: Mosul 2017
“My name is Kainoa Little, and I am a Shoreline, Washington-based conflict photographer. I was in Mosul in April and May 2017, documenting Iraqi forces as they fought Islamic State militants to liberate the city.”
“I tried and failed to find newspapers and wire services who would purchase my photos. But the soldiers had fed me and given me a seat in their Humvees, and the refugees had tolerated my presence on some of the worst days of their lives. They very rightly expected that I would tell their story.”
Does not help with the anti-Assad narrative so the corporate news media ignore it.

CNN Guest Mocks Their Ratings Saying More People Watch Cartoons

DELINGPOLE: ‘Nearly All’ Recent Global Warming Is Fabricated, Study Finds

Monte dei Paschi – World’s Oldest Bank Bailed Out (545 Years Old)

Everything is a Remix – How copyright and patent laws went from benefiting society, to benefiting the rich. A must see documentary for every human.

Must See CNN The Cry Baby News Network Sweat As Judge Jeanine Details All Of The Potential Crimes
Coercion in the second degree, 18 U.S. code S 241 conspiracy against rights.

Loretta Lynch Denies Colluding With Clinton Camp Despite Super Obviously Doing So
“When Lynch testified last year about her decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified info, she said under oath that she never talked to “anyone” on the Clinton Campaign.”
“The Senate is investigating a document alleging that Lynch contacted Clinton Camp operative Amanda Renteria to offer assurances that the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email would would appear to refute Lynch’s statement.”
“Then, there’s Comey’s statement that Lynch gave him a “queasy feeling” when she asked him to refer to the Clinton investigation as a “matter.””

If there is still any question in your mind why Trump was elected and whether he “gets it”. Oh, he gets it. He gets it on a grand scale and obviously recognizes the big picture…the salvation of western civilization itself. These are powerful words.
“Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty”
“I know those words don’t seem like a big deal to us, but the fact that the leader of the free world is using rhetoric like this is truly a big deal.”
“Trump isn’t perfect but I sure am glad I voted for him.”

German Police Arrest ‘High Level Politicians’ In Major Pedophile Ring Bust
“German prosecutors said Thursday they had shut down a major platform used by “elite pedophiles” for organizing the sexual abuse of children, arresting its suspected ringleader and senior members of the “pedophile community” in Germany and abroad.”
“According to police, the arrests include “high level politicians” as well as entertainers, white-collar professionals, and high-ranking clergy members.”
“The sting, dubbed Operation Elysium, was launched on the eve of the G20 in Hamburg, throwing the global summit into disarray after key members of at least two European delegations were held by police.”

Judge strikes down Utah law banning undercover farm filming
“The Animal Legal Defense Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and several individuals claimed the law violated their rights to free speech and equal protection. They argued the law criminalizes undercover investigations and videography at slaughterhouses, factory farms and other agricultural operations, and silenced speech that is critical of the industry.”
“Friday’s ruling follows a 2015 federal decision striking down Idaho’s ag gag law. The Idaho ruling is being appealed. Nine states have similar laws.”
It is good news that this industry will be kept open to scrutiny but then these other nine states should have the similar ‘laws’ struck down.

Putin Arrives in Kennebunkport for 2-Day Visit With the Bushes (JULY 2, 2007)

The truth about SAS shoot-to-kill night raids, by the hero of 200 secret ops: Soldier breaks ranks to defend elite unit from witch-hunt but says illegal killings were ‘unwritten rule of our job’
“His account comes after claims emerged that SAS members killed unarmed civilians in cold blood and falsified mission reports”
“Unarmed Afghans were routinely killed but only after high-level intelligence confirmed their identity as Taliban commanders rather than civilians;”
“He also admitted civilians, including children, had died when operations went wrong but said: ‘Our accusers say that some of the killings which took place were unlawful but we only targeted those responsible for orchestrating the campaign of violence directed towards British troops across Helmand Province.”
“‘So when someone is that careful to cover their tracks, what do you do? Arresting them was pretty pointless because they would only be held for a few days before being released. So for me, the end justified the means.’”
So not bringing them freedom and the rule of law but rather bringing them illegal killings terror and the rule of a foreign military taking the law into their own hands as judge, jury and executioner.
As for the end justified the means, I would reply that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Mother Arrested for Letting 10-Year-Old Shop Alone at Lego Store
“Is a child of double digits “unattended” or simply “on their own” if they are out in public without an adult chaperone? One label implies negligence on the part of the parent; the other label implies a parent who has raised a competent young adult.”
The people need to put the nanny state into the dustbin of history.

Amazon has a death grip on the US economy capturing nearly $1 of every $2 Americans spend online

Who Knew? German Central Bank Has Been Selling Gold For More Than A Decade
“Jens Weidman, President of the Deutsche Bundesbank once famously said:”
““Indeed, the fact that central banks can create money out of thin air, so to speak, is something that many observers are likely to find surprising and strange, perhaps mystical and dreamlike, too – or even nightmarish.””

EU chief trolls Theresa May and UK over global Brexit vision as it seals Japan trade deal
“The EU Council boss said claims that it is easier to trade with the world outside the bloc than in it were “not true” and that eurocrats were “proving” this with their outward looking approach.”
Signing a trade deal is not the same as trading within that trade deal and I would ask what non-trade details were in this trade deal.

WATCH: Cop Trespasses, Shoots Family’s 2 Dogs In Front of Child for No Reason


Post-constitutional fiat ‘money’ empire ruling over a dependent world vs bitcoin: make world great again


FIAT EMPIRE: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
8m40s “The National Industrial Recovery Act (of 1933) was challenged as to its constitutionality and a case went to the Supreme Court in 1935, the scatter poultry case, and the Supreme Court unanimously declared it unconstitutional. They said this kind of delegation of power by congress to private parties is, and this is an exact quote, unknown to our law. You couldn’t find it anywhere, any method of interpretation – unknown. Well, the difference between the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Federal Reserve Act (of 1913) is essentially zero. The peculiarity here is that the Federal Reserve Act ha need gotten that question to the Supreme Court.”
12m10s “According to accidental releases of fed stockholders information as of 11:05 Tuesday, July 26, 1983, five member banks own 53% of the stock in the federal reserve bank of New York, the most major of the 12 federal reserve banks around the country. This is a controlling interest in the controlling bank. The major stock holders of the major banks, however, are confidential. No one, not even the government or the president of the united states knows who they are, not can they find out.”
33m10s “So we blindly give them this power to create money out of nothing because we trust them to use this power wisely. Nowhere in history has this ever been a justified trust.”
Post-constitutional fiat ‘money’ empire ruling over a dependent world vs bitcoin: make world great again.

Amish man slapped with six-year prison sentence for growing and selling his own herbal remedies
“Speaking to those gathered in the Kentucky courthouse, Girod, who chose to represent himself, stated that FDA regulations were not applicable to his products because they were herbal remedies, not drugs. Girod added that, as a member of the Old Order Amish faith, requiring the approval of the FDA was a violation of his religious freedom.”
Here is another way the people are dependent, but this time on big pharma empire, rather than the people being independent.

IRS Scales Back Tax Investigations Into Bitcoin Owners… for Now
“The Internal Revenue Service suggested it will scale back a sweeping probe of more than a million customer accounts at the popular digital currency exchange Coinbase, saying it will no longer seek password and security settings for the accounts.”
“The concession came during a legal skirmish last week between the IRS and anonymous bitcoin buyers at Coinbase, who are asking for the right to intervene in the case.”

Swim or Sink: Central Europe’s Largest Private Bank Embraces Blockchain
“Another milestone achieved by Blockchain is the testing of Coinfirm’s platform Trudatum by the largest bank in Central Europe, PKO BP.”

SWIFT Hyperledger-Backed (permissioned) Blockchain Project Nets 22 More Banks
A permissioned blockchain is not the innovation that is an open blockchain.

Holidaymakers Turn to Bitcoin to Beat Beach Inflation
“A growing number of citizens living in economically and politically troubled countries are turning to Bitcoin and other digital curries, FOX News reports. Citizens of countries such as Venezuela and India have lost faith in their local currencies and seek refuge in the digital currencies such as Bitcoin, DASH and others, as their local currencies gradually decrease in value.”

65% of Banks in the US Failed 2017 in Online Security Test by OTA
“Even though online banking sites are supposed to have the best security in place, the study shows failing grades for the majority of the top 100 financial institutions in the US.”

The Declaration of Independence: Still relevant today?
“”–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” — The Declaration of Independence”
“Lately, the purveyors of more war and dictatorship have taken to diismissing protests that various government actions violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by simply declaring those documents as irrelevent, being that they are almost 250 years old.”
“But the fact is that the Constituion does change over time, through the approved process of Amendment, and today’s Constitution bears little resemblance to the one signed in Congress all those years ago. Like the White House itself, little of the original actually remains. But the founding principle remains the same. For government to be legitimate and legal, it must constrain itself within the limits imposed by that Constitution.”

Just Like Our Founders 241 Years Ago, We Need To Unashamedly Declare That Our Rights Come To Us From God
“Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? If you were to ask average people on the street this question, many of them would mumble something about “independence”, but the truth is that most Americans would not be able to tell you clearly why it is a holiday. According to Wikipedia, the 4th of July “is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776.” Unfortunately, most Americans have never read the Declaration of Independence, and if a similar document was authored today it would be banned from our public schools because it mentions God four times. We have allowed the liberal elite to gain such a stranglehold over our society that even our most cherished founding principles have become politically incorrect.””

Ex-Goldman HFT Trader Makes Blockchain History Raising $200 Million In Tezos ICO In 4 Days

Italy ON BRINK: Now THIRD Italian bank demands cash injection as it sinks in bad loans

HSBC laundered $10 BILLION in OBVIOUS drug cartel money, Holder blocked ANY criminal charges, THEN Comey joined their BOARD?

India: Cash Is Back (But The Crisis Has Deepened)
“The national ID card, Aadhar, is now virtually compulsory. All your bank accounts, tax returns, utilities services, etc. must be linked to it, or you will find your accounts frozen and “services” (passport, driving license, etc.) provided by government monopolies will be denied to you.”
“There is no law that allows the government enforce such a requirement, and in the past India’s Supreme Court instructed the government that any such enforcement would be unlawful. But then the court suddenly went quiet, a sign that institutions are now toeing Modi’s line.”

MSNBC Host SHOCKS Panel: “Saudi Arabia Is Funding (wahhabist) Terrorists!’
8m19s “The failure to make the distinction between the Wahhabist sect that is funded through Saudi money and all other islam.”
11m30s “But it’s not the fact that they’re muslims that makes them terrorists, it is the fact that they are terrorists that makes them terrorists.”
Catch some ‘deer in the headlights’ looks from around the table and two other guests try to red herring the audience while Dylan hits the point dead centre three times.

What Makes America Different?
“Taxation With Representation”
“Thomas Jefferson complained, in the Declaration of Independence, that Britain had “erected a multitude of New Offices, and set hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.””
“Yet the swarms of officers sent by King George III would have barely filled a midsize regional office of the IRS or city zoning department today.”


“Prime Minister Theresa May is withholding a Home Office report on foreign funding of British terrorist organizations because exposing the truth could sour relations with the UK’s major trading and security partner, Saudi Arabia.”


Outpouring Of Anger Over Grenfell Tower Fire At London Anti-Austerity Rally
“Tens of thousands marched in an anti-Conservative government “Not One Day More” demonstration in London on Saturday.”

“The ultimate agenda of the Saudi-led alliance is to deter Qatar from continuing its relationship with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional arch rival. But even the Guardian notes that “cutting ties to Iran would prove incredibly difficult,” as Iran and Qatar share a massive offshore natural gas field that supplies Qatar with much of its wealth. In fact, Iran immediately came to Qatar’s aid and began supplying the country with food after the Saudi-led sanctions created a shortage within the country. Shaking off Iran and Turkey —the two countries that have stood by Qatar’s side during this feud — is almost unthinkable. Qatar would be left without a single ally on either side of the Middle East region.”
“Not long after Bashar al-Assad’s proposed deal with Iran and Iraq was announced, foreign fighters began to flood the country. Syria was demonized at the outset, even though then-Secretary of State John Kerry dined with Assad two years before the conflict erupted. It should be clear that Washington’s issues with Assad are not rooted in human rights concerns considering the dictator had been in power for 11 years and was notorious for human rights abuses in the period before the so-called revolution began.”
“Remember that Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails confirmed that the U.S. and France were so concerned with attacking Muammar Gaddafi in Libya not out of humanitarian concern, but rather, out of fear of his plan to unite Africa under a single gold-backed currency that would be used to buy and sell oil on the global markets.”
“Remember that in 2000, Saddam Hussein announced he would sell Iraqi oil in euros, and the Guardian reported in 2003 that Iraq had actually netted a handsome profit in doing so — at least until the U.S. invaded not long after and immediately switched the sale of oil back to U.S. dollars.”

The Story of the Journalist and Her (refuse) Truck Driver Husband
“The ironic thing about all this is that so many white-collar jobs employing highly educated ivy leaguers are, to borrow a phrase from David Graeber, total bullshit jobs. Jobs that exist for little obvious reason other than to keep people busy or extract rents from society. Then here’s a guy who’s performing a physically exhausting function that actually adds clear societal value, and he’s looked down upon. What does that tell you about our culture?”
“While the above is troubling, the following paragraph is the one that really stuck out in my head.”
“There’s a recurring theme in the work stories he shares with me. His routes take him all over the Bay Area. Through the nice neighborhoods of the upper middle class and the extremely well off gated communities. Through the working class communities, the rougher parts of Oakland and the areas where the businesses are surrounded by the homeless. It’s fascinating how people treat him based on only their knowledge that he is the trash guy. The vast majority of disrespect, rudeness and condescension happens in what many would call the nicer neighborhoods. Kindness and appreciation, people giving him a cold drink on a hot day or just saying thanks happens most in the rougher neighborhoods and the working class areas.”

Recordings Reveal FBI Gave Man A Rifle, Urged Him To Carry Out Mass Shooting To “Defend Islam”
“It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data shows, the majority of these cases involve psychologically diminished patsies who’ve been entirely groomed, armed, and entrapped by FBI agents. Simply put, the FBI manufactures terror threats and then takes credit for stopping them.”

A ‘Power-Down’ Took Place in the World Trade Center Just Days Before 9/11 Attacks
“WTC South Tower powered-down prior to attack offering window for explosives to be planted in building”
“MANHATTAN (INTELLIHUB) — A highly unusual and out of the ordinary electrical system power-down took place in the World Trade Center’s South Tower just days before the attacks which occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, possibly allowing for the placement of explosives in the building.”
“A Senior Database Administrator named Scott Forbes worked in the South Tower at the time and has confirmed, on record, that there was, in fact, a power-down that occurred and was witnessed by many.”
WTC ‘power-down’.

Loretta Lynch Plot Thickens As New Details Emerge Of Her Dealings With The Hillary Campaign
“After all the drama around the Clinton email investigation, which included multiple people being offered immunity and the revelation of what appeared to be numerous federal crimes committed by several people on Clinton’s staff, wouldn’t it be ironic if Obama’s Attorney General were the only one to take the fall? Scandal free administration indeed…”

Wikileaks Unveils CIA Implants that Steal SSH Credentials from Windows & Linux PCs
What if hackers acquire this hack ?



MSM, Still Living In Propaganda-Ville


Maria Bartiromo Was Right – John Podesta Lied about Russia Ties – Time to Open an Investigation

Americans Who Can’t Afford Their Homes Up 146 Percent

Report: Homelessness in NYC Spiked by Nearly 40 Percent in 2017

Rhode Island Had 150,000 FAKE Voters – And Hillary Won The State By 70,000
So Hillary-zilla should have lost Rhode Island.


Man Beaten on Video ‘Like Rodney King’ for Crossing the Street — Mass Protests Planned
“It all started June 19, when two Mesa police officers claim they witnessed Barton crossing the street while the hand was solid red, indicating it is not safe to cross. The two-man team of officers then did a u-turn to confront Barton. That’s when they say Barton attempted to run away.”
“When asked by reporters if he was sure he was not jaywalking, he said he noticed the time on the crosswalk signal read “12” seconds left before it goes all red. He also said he was already about 90 seconds down the street when they approached him. He said he never saw the police cruiser and believes police are lying about his alleged jaywalking.”

Insane Video Shows Gang of Cops Beat 2 Non-violent Men for Walking Across the Street
“When asked what crime they committed, one officer turned up and said, “crossed against the light.”
“This insanely violent response from police for crossing the street is the epitome of the divide in America today that continues to grow between the police and the policed. This is not how you treat people.”

Man Beaten by Cop in Viral Jaywalking Video, Beaten AGAIN, Stripped Naked, & Mocked by Cops
“As we reported previously, Nandi Cain Jr. was crossing the street when a Sacramento police officer approached him. As seen in the video, the pair exchanged some words just before the officer charged Cain and began choking and beating him. He was then arrested.”
“However, after he was arrested, according to a new federal lawsuit, the 24-year-old was also placed on psychiatric hold and taken to an isolation cell of a county jail, where the officer and other employees beat him repeatedly, stripped his clothes off and made obscene comments. Cain was then left in the cell, where he spent hours without food, medical attention or a chance to make a phone call, the lawsuit says.”
“Finally, after Mr. Cain was emasculated, naked and sobbing on the floor, the men released their grip. Apparently not satisfied by just stripping, abusing and humiliating Mr. Cain, the men began to call him a “bitch” and said that he was “crying like a bitch,” “

Eyewitness: Laredo Police Knew it was a BB Gun Before Firing 80 Rounds Into Schizophrenic Man
“Six officers opened fire on the schizophrenic man approximately five minutes after arriving on scene. While police will not confirm the number of shots fired, the family has spoken out saying he was shot at least 80 times, and that his injuries were so severe that they have decided to cremate him as he no longer has a face.”
“They are speaking about his criminal record and past convictions as if it some how relates to his gruesome fate. What we really need to be focusing on is the militarization and lack of due process becoming more and more apparent in this country.”




Nikki Haley: Warmonger Extraordinaire!
“Remember it was Madeleine Albright when asked about the US blockading Iraq which prevented medicine and medical equipment from entering the country that resulted in the estimated death of a half a million children who coldly responded: “I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.” Then there is Colin “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Powell who told a bald-face lie about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities which paved the way for the US destruction of the country.”
“In her brief tenure as UN ambassador, Nikki Haley is fulfilling these requirements quite nicely. Her latest crazed outburst came on the heels of the bizarre White House press release about another supposed Syrian government gas attack which warned President Assad that he would “pay a heavy price” if carried out.*”



‘Thankfully we left!’ EU negotiator reveals Brussels plots to force euro on ALL states
“He continued: “Yes, well every EU member state should be a member of the euro by 2025. It would be good for us to enlarge the eurozone.”
“”Of course, this depends on each country’s political will, but we will try. The euro has been a successful currency which has protected citizens.””
A third Italian bank on the verge of collapse does not look like the euro currency has been a success for Italy.

Goverment USA. UK. EU will Not Tell You About This! What will shock Happening… (chemtrails?)

27m5s “In a perfect world you shouldn’t have any aluminium, inorganic aluminium, in your body. And when that mark comes back high when cadmium comes back high when strontium comes back high and barium comes back high on babies, we have a toxic problem.”

Syria: One of Largest Oilfields in Deir Ezzur Destroyed in US-Led Coalition Air Raid
Syria’s only crime is not being part of the western corporate world.

Sheriff backs claims of FBI-lawbreaking in Oregon standoff
“Also, the video shows, Finicum’s gun, which he reportedly had been reaching for, wasn’t found for eight hours after the shooting.”
“The larger issue at hand – federal control over land in the American West – continues to loom large.”
“The federal government is the largest landowner in the Rocky Mountain and Western states, owning contiguous parcels of millions of acres.”
Distract from the land rights issue with a corrupt cop planting a drop gun on Lavoy.


Illinois Taxoholics Wear Down Rauner: Massive Tax Hikes In The Works
“Within one month of tax hikes, public unions will ask for more money. And people will leave the state. So will corporations.”

Pensions Timebomb In America – “Global Crisis” Cometh
Anyone who is dependent on the state for their pension has my condolences because they will end up being robbed.


Gestapo is Back: German Homes Raided Over Facebook Posts
“You would think that given Germany’s history they would understand the utmost importance of open discussion and debate.”
“There was a time when children were turning in their parents for what was said in their own homes against the German Nazi government. People were afraid to speak their minds, have political discussions, or debate important issues because there were so many spies around who would gladly turn them into the government.”

With a single warrant, US feds listened in on 3.3 million phone calls
“The order was signed to help authorities track 26 individuals suspected of involvement with illegal drug and narcotic-related activities in Pennsylvania.
The wiretap cost the authorities $335,000 to conduct and led to a dozen arrests.”
What a staggering waste of taxpayer funds.



The secret to longevity may be as simple as eating less sugar


Lavoy murder: 7 violent actions by police prevent compliance & escalate violence / Russia narrative is bulls**t


LaVoy Assassination forensic PROOF released!

FBI Agent Charged With Lying About His Role In Shooting An Activist During Oregon Wildlife Standoff
It is hard to see where the lies end and the truth begins in the narrative offered by the public servants involved in this tragedy.

Maria Bartiromo Gets into Heated Debate with John Podesta Over His Ties to Russia

CNN: Russia Narrative “Mostly bullshit right now”

Another CNN Producer Exposed By Project Veritas: American Voters “Are Stupid As Shit”

Yellen: “I Don’t Believe We Will See Another Crisis In Our Lifetime”
“Responding to a question on financial system stability, Yellen said post-crisis regulations (and $2.5 trillion in excess reserves which just happen to be fungible and give the banks the impression that they are safe) had made financial institutions much “safer and sounder.””
“”Will I say there will never, ever be another financial crisis? No, probably that would be going too far. But I do think we’re much safer and I hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and I don’t believe it will.””
“Some were quick to compare this statement to Neville Chamberlain infamous – and very, very wrong – 1938 prediction of “peace in our time.” “


These Teens Handcuffed for Selling Bottled Water Is Everything Wrong With Government
“Lemonade stands, paper routes, and bake sales seem yet destined for the dustbin of history, thanks to an imperious State, which — to its sanctimonious detriment — manages to pull off seemingly impossible PR predicaments of its own making, like the handcuffing of teenagers for selling bottled water on the National Mall without a permit Thursday evening.”
“Yes. Seriously.”
“To paraphrase a recently viral meme, “If you think you’re free in this country, ask yourself what you can do that isn’t taxed, regulated, or licensed?””
Arrested for selling bottled water without a license.

The Over-Criminalization of American Life


“From Horrific To Catastrophic”: Court Ruling Sends Illinois Into Financial Abyss
“Meanwhile, the state remains without a spending plan, its tax receipts and outlays mostly on “autopilot”, leaving it with a record $15 billion of unpaid bills as it spent over $6 billion more than it brought in over the past year, and with $800 million in interest on the unpaid bills alone. The impasse has devastated social-service providers, shuttering services for the homeless, disabled and poor. The lack of state aid has wrecked havoc on universities, putting their accreditation at risk.”
Why is it always the vulnerable who suffer the most when government begins to fail ?


U.S. Military Officials: There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria … Trump Bombed Syria DESPITE Advice From Military and Intelligence Chiefs
“A top U.S. missile and chemical weapons expert has documented for months that the Syrian government did not carry out a chemical weapons attack against civilians, and that contrary claims by the Trump White House, French intelligence services, the New York Times, CNN and other “mainstream” sources are wrong … and worthless propaganda.”
“Former top military and intelligence officials – including many who warned against the faulty Iraq intelligence in advance of the Iraq war – have long said that the claims that Assad carried out the chemical weapons attacks was bunkum.”
“Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh – who broke the stories of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Iraq prison torture scandals, which rightfully disgraced the Nixon and Bush administrations’ war-fighting tactics – reported yesterday in the large German publication Weld that U.S. military officials tried to tell Trump that a chemical weapons attack never occurred at all”

CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Flees Like a Coward When Confronted by James O’Keefe (VIDEO)


Vaccine industry says YOU DO NOT OWN your own body!
1m40s “The idea that the government can force you to take a vaccine is rooted in the same philosophy as slavery.”


“We Got A F*****’ Problem:” Security Analyst/Soldier Chat Reveals Chem Attack Lies, Secret U.S. Agenda
“AS: I don’t know. None of this makes any sense. We KNOW that there was no chemical attack. The Syrians struck a weapons cache (a legitimate military target) and there was collateral damage. That’s it. They did not conduct any sort of a chemical attack.”

Sy Hersh Bombshell: US Knew No Sarin in Syria ‘Gas Attack’, Trump Bombed Anyway
“Establishment media praised Trump when he was at his most moronic”

US warns Syria over ‘potential’ plan for chemical attack

More bulls**t being shouted at the top of their lungs.

US Baits ISIS to Stage False-Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Greater US Attack against Syria

Survivors of Grenfell fire barred from Kensington council meeting, ‘risk disruption’

Grenfell Tower: Cladding ‘changed to cheaper version’

A War On Globalism
“Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump is so deeply hated by the elite? It isn’t because he is a Republican. In fact, there are lots of Republicans out there that the elite absolutely love.”

New Nevada Law Legalizes Commercial Hemp Production Despite Federal Prohibition
“Tomorrow, a new Nevada law goes into effect legalizing commercial industrial hemp production in the state, despite a federal ban on the same. The new policy sets the foundation to nullify federal prohibition in practice and effect within the state.”
Nullifying the federal government one state at a time.

The DEA Just Admitted Weed Has Never Killed Anyone and Causes ‘Happiness’
“The Drug Enforcement Agency just admitted that cannabis has never killed anyone. Ever. They also acknowledged that the little green plant, which has been used across civilizations for thousands of years, causes “merriment” and “happiness.” But they still want to keep it illegal.”

Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child
“1. Begin by rearing children almost exclusively indoors”
“2. Never allow children to organise their own worlds of exploration of that which is interesting or challenging”
“3. Don’t risk allowing children to explore machines or encounter those who know and use them”
“4. Replace fairy tales with cliches and fads”
“5. Denigrate or discard the heroic and patriotic”
“6. Cut down all heroes to size”
“7. Reduce all talk of love to narcissism and sex”
“8. Level all distinctions between man and woman”
“9. Distract the child with the shallow or unreal”
“10. Deny the transcendent”

‘Unprecedented’ Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey resigns from Church of England role after ‘damning inquiry’ found he helped protect a paedophile bishop
“Lord Carey quit his Church of England role yesterday after a damning inquiry found he colluded with senior clergy to protect a paedophile bishop.”
“The former Archbishop of Canterbury resigned as honorary Assistant Bishop of Oxford after he was accused of helping to ‘deliberately conceal’ evidence which helped Peter Ball escape prosecution for 22 years.”
“Ball, the former Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester and a friend of Prince Charles, was finally jailed for 32 months in October 2015 after admitting sex offences against 18 teenagers and young men between the 1970s and 1990s.”


A third of all cancers could be prevented with these plant-based nutrients


House of Saudi Cards: The Inside Story
“Just when geopolitical practitioners were betting on regime change in Qatar – orchestrated by a desperate House of Saud – regime change ended up happening in Riyadh, orchestrated by Warrior Prince, Destroyer of Yemen and Blockader of Qatar, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS).”
“Considering the impenetrability of that desert petrodollar family oligarchy impersonating a nation it’s up to a few foreigners granted access to make sense of the latest Arabian Game of Thrones. It also does not help that the “largesse” of Saudi – and Emirati – lobbies in Washington reduces virtually every think tank and hack in sight to abject sycophancy.”

Wall Street Journal Reporter Fired for Covering Illegal CIA Gun Running for the Deep State
“The CIA is the main conduit for the 4 biggest economic activities of the deep state. The 4 endeavors are drug running, gun running, child-sex-trafficking, and organ harvesting. In this story, we take a look at how the CIA can hire and fire reporters for covering their illegal gun running operations.”

Rich people in America are too rich, says the world’s second-richest man, Warren Buffett
“One big problem in America is that while there is plenty of money, rich people have too much of it. So says the world’s second-richest man, Warren Buffett. The 86-year-old CEO of investing house Berkshire Hathaway has a net worth of $75.6 billion, according to Forbes, and he says massive sums like that are the reason why many people are struggling to get by.”

Bank of America’s Forecast Of When The Fed Will Crash The Market
“And here is the clearest signal yet that central banks are about to pull the trapdoor: “central banks in aggregate still printing: bought $350bn in April, $300bn in May, <$100bn in June…big 5 central banks buying less but not yet selling.””

AIG Issues First Insurance Policy Based on Blockchain Technology
“American International Group, also known as AIG, has recently announced its issuance of Blockchain-based insurance policy. The insurance giant pilots the first multinational smart contract-based insurance policy using Blockchain in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and IBM.”

UN Blockchain Tackles Undocumented Citizens With Microsoft & Accenture
“Placing essential documents such as birth records and education credentials on the Blockchain removes the dependence on paper records and subsequent trust in government entities to hold the information.”

Online Banking Shifts To Digital Identity Solutions: Survey
“Civic, the startup aiming to aid ease of access to identity material for the millions of global citizens without official documentation, successfully concluded its ICO last week in a highly oversubscribed release, easily reaching its $33 mln target.”
“LuxTrust last month partnered with Blockchain identity startup Cambridge Blockchain to develop a competitor platform specific for the EU.”
An Initial Coin Offering is decentralised version of the Initial Public Offering.

High Schooler Becomes Millionaire Thanks to Bitcoin

Like Internet, Blockchain is Encroaching into Every Part of Human Existence
“Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt and overcome all technological boundaries. Its inherent characteristics have made it much desired within several industries where data management is of utmost importance.”

Suddenly, Bitcoin to Be Officially Legal in India
“On June 20, CNBC India announced that the Indian government committee has ruled in favor of regulating Bitcoin and is currently establishing a task force to create various regulatory frameworks with the aim of fully legalizing Bitcoin in the short-term.”

New Application for Blockchain Implemented for SQL Developers, Users


Psilocybin Mushrooms Cure Depression, Only Scientists Are Surprised
“After decades of a drug war, authoritarianism and hundreds of billions of dollars, scientists are finally starting to discover what 20-year-old hippie kids bouncing from festival to festival could have told them all along: magic mushrooms help with depression. A study that was published in the Lancet details an experiment that involved…”

Italy Bails Out Two Failed Banks; Cost To Taxpayers: $17 Billion
“But where the rest of Europe will be infurated, is that unlike the recent bail-in of Popular in which billions in unsecured liabilities were wiped out, in the case of the Veneto banks the proposed bail out ensures that senior creditors and depositors of Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca would be protected in the wind-down under national insolvency law, and customers would see no interruption in service. Retail junior bondholders involved in the burden sharing – who can be reimbursed up to 80 percent according to rules – will be totally refunded because Intesa said it can fill the gap.”
“And, as the WSJ adds, “the decision over the weekend to spare two failed Italian lenders from the full force of those new rules raises questions about the effectiveness of the banking union.””

Big Banks Now Wanting to Bring in Bitcoin as Part of their Financial Services

Investing Legend Calls Cryptocurrencies “Biggest Bubble Of A Lifetime”… But There Is A Catch

Study: Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike Hurting City’s Most Vulnerable Workers
“The study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the city’s wild
hike in the wage to $13 last year caused employers to cut hours, layoff workers, and eliminate jobs”



How New Hampshire is Fighting for Independence
“Independence is not a strictly libertarian issue either, it is a local issue. In general, it is a positive to have your food come from local sources, to eat at local restaurants, and drink local beer. The closer government gets to the local level, the better it is. Unity on a national scale only creates controversy, violence, and resentment currently among people who don’t agree and shouldn’t have to.”

Trump Accuses Hillary Of “Colluding” With Democrats “To Beat Crazy Bernie Sanders”
“Trump is referring to the disclosures that emerged last summer when it was revealed by email leaks from hacker Guccifer 2.0 that the DNC had colluded with the Clinton campaign to prevent Bernie from winning the Democratic primary.”

Visa Is Hiring An Ethereum Blockchain Engineer


The blockchain revolution, the ultimate industry disruptor (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

Central Banks – An EXPLOSION Heard ‘Round The World
“Is it different this time? Sorry folks, it is never different not this time or anytime. Has the West learned anything from Japan’s nearly thirty-years massive policy failures? Nope. In fact, central banks have recklessly tripled down. Central banks have become nothing more than highly opaque, out-of-control hedge funds with unlimited balance sheets run by people who arrogantly believe they can control volatility and markets by distorting reality with no consequences. What’s next? We needed to rein in these rogue central banks years ago. But, it’s too late. When people do wake up they will realize how decades of central bank policy mistakes have caused the biggest financial collapse in history.”

Thousands in Jerusalem protest abduction of Yemenite babies following disclosure some were experimented on
“Over 2,000 Israeli Yemenite Jews and supporting activists gathered in Jerusalem last Wednesday to mark an annual day of awareness for what families say was a state-sponsored program to abduct Yemenite Jewish infants and other Israeli children born to parents who were recent immigrants from Arab countries.”

Children Full of Life – Important Documentary

Innocent Man Kidnapped & Caged for Months As Cops Mistake Drywall for Cocaine
“Criminally negligent police officers arrested an innocent man and kept him in a cage for 90 days after mistaking drywall for cocaine.”

Grenfell tower fire was avoidable / Blockchain bridges trust gap, separation of money & state / CIA drugs


Police consider manslaughter charges for London fire after cladding tiles fail safety tests

Police considering manslaughter charges in Grenfell Tower fire investigation (VIDEO)

Grenfell Tower was riddled with ASBESTOS which blew over neighbouring homes


Revealed: the tower block fire warnings that ministers ignored
“King, who was a chief fire officer for 20 years, said: “They seem to need a disaster to change regulations, rather than evidence and experience. It was the same with the King’s Cross fire and the Bradford City football club fire. They always seem to need a significant loss of life before things are changed.””
“Reports into a previous fire at Lakanal House in Camberwell, south London in 2009, in which six people died, and a subsequent coroner’s report led to urgent calls from the fire sector for action. But seven years later those calls had still not been acted on and a long-awaited review of building and safety regulations had not even begun.”

‘Killer’ cladding was TOXIC: Makers of insulation installed to ‘pimp up’ Grenfell Tower warned that it emitted noxious gases when burned

Two women feared dead in Grenfell Tower were ‘threatened with legal action’ after questioning fire safety
Bosses of company that installed Grenfell Tower cladding ‘pumped £2.5m into tax avoidance schemes’


The luxury homes on Grenfell Tower’s doorstep that have been left EMPTY by their wealthy owners: Multi-million-pound houses are among 1,300 unoccupied properties in Britain’s richest borough
Behold the perverse incentives of our society.


Grenfell Tower council is sitting on a £300MILLION reserve: Britain’s richest borough scrimped on social housing (but splashed £1.5million to host an OPERA in Holland Park)


London fire: A tale of two tower blocks
“Once you get past the sales brochure description of 3 Merchant Square’s walnut cutlery drawer inserts and integral wine coolers, the adjustable mood lighting and heated bathroom walls, you come to the fire safety details: Every flat has not only ceiling mounted smoke detectors but sprinklers.”
“The International Fire Sprinkler Association (IFSA) says that automatic fire sprinkler systems are the single most effective fire protection measure available, and are able to make up for a wide range of other fire protection deficiencies.”
“A 2012 report by the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) concluded that fire sprinklers could be retrofitted with tenants in place at a cost of about £1,150 a flat. Since the 24-storey Grenfell Tower contained 120 flats, it would have worked out at £138,000. That’s significantly less than the £2.6m spent on the cladding and replacement windows.”


Blockchain: Massively Simplified | Richie Etwaru | TEDxMorristown

The power of the blockchain to bridge the trust gap.


Why Bitcoin Is A BIG Deal

1) Digital scarcity, 2) Immutable database, 3) New layer of the internet, 4) Separation of money and state.

19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

1) Banking and payments, 2) cyber security, 3) supply chain management, 4) forecasting, 5) networking and internet of things, 6) insurance, 7) private transport and ride sharing, 8) cloud storage, 9) charity, 10) voting, 11) government, 12) public benefits, 13) healthcare, 14) energy management, 15) online music, 16) retail, 17) real estate, 18) crowd funding, 19) your industry.

Is Bitcoin Money?
“Once one understands that money needs to be able to exchange value in time and space, it is easier to see why bitcoin is so attractive”
“Given that bitcoin is better than gold in the short term and much better than the dollar in the long term across the dimensions we have described, it’s not surprising that people chose to diversify their money holdings into this independent currency due to frustration with the mismanagement of fiat money and manipulation of gold prices.”

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Took Interest in Bitcoin When It Was Still Priced at $700

U.S Judge Upholds Vote To Confiscate Family’s $80mln Gold Coins
“The family who found ten gold coins allegedly worth $80 mln has again lost the battle to stop the US government confiscating them. Acc Mag reported on Wednesday June 14 that Judge Legrome Davis of the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania upheld the position of the state: the coins originally belonged to the state, therefore the discoverers would not be offered compensation.”
“The story is a timely reminder about the lack of control over state-issued means of exchange in an age where decentralized assets are flourishing.”
How would a government go about confiscating someone’s bitcoins ?

India Hits 10 Percent Of Global Monthly Bitcoin/Dollar Trades
“Individual Indian Bitcoin exchanges preempted the positive figures, Zebpay reporting milestone downloads of its app, helping it reach number seven on Apple’s App Store in the local financial category.”

Fear of Contagion Feeds the Italian Banking Crisis
“Padoan has no choice but to deny all rumors of a bail-in; otherwise there would be a massive rush for the exits. In the weeks and even days leading up to Popular’s collapse, Spain’s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos repeatedly reassured investors that the bank was perfectly safe and solvent. All the while government agencies, including Spain’s social security fund, and regional government authorities were emptying the deposits they held with the bank as fast as they could. The total is unknown but it certain ran into billions of euros.”
“As Constâncio well knows, in Italy financial stability concerns are off the charts. So chronic and widespread are the banking sector’s structural problems that there is a very real risk that bailing in one or two midsize banks could prompt depositors and investors to move funds from weak banks to stronger ones (including banks outside the country), accelerating liquidity stress and even bank runs.”
“Even in Spain, which already restructured its banking sector years ago at a total cost to taxpayers of around €300 billion (including government guarantees), it didn’t take long for contagion to spread after Popular’s collapse. The most affected bank was Liberbank, Spain’s eighth largest lender, whose shares collapsed by a third in the three days following the bail-in of Popular. By Monday morning Spain’s stock market regulator, the CNMV, was sufficiently spooked to institute a one-month ban on shorting the bank’s shares, which, at least for now, seems to have stalled the rout.”
Bitcoin is immune from a financial crisis.

“There’s no mealy-mouthed truckling about what happened. The first episode opens with the voice of Lindsay Moran, a one-time clandestine CIA officer, declaring, “The agency was elbow deep with drug traffickers.””
“Then Richard Stratton, a marijuana smuggler turned writer and television producer, explains, “Most Americans would be utterly shocked if they knew the depth of involvement that the Central Intelligence Agency has had in the international drug trade.””


Tim Price: “The UK Today Feels Like A Very Strange & Disturbing Place”
“If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else’s expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves -Economist Thomas Sowell”
Or give it to the banksters, let’s not forget them.

Meanwhile – Israeli to Refugees: Go back to Africa or go to Prison
Other nations in the west will be expected to take refugees. Can you smell that ? The smell of hypocrisy.

Petrodollar doomed as Qatar breaks ranks and sells its oil in Yuan
Now the recent demonising of Qatar makes sense.

Matt Taibbi on JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare: The $9 Billion Witness
“In reality, there is nothing surprising in Matt Taibbi’s latest piece since returning to Rolling Stone from the Intercept, as it tells a story everyone is by now is all too familiar with: a former bank employee (in this case Alayne Fleischmann) who was a worker in a bank’s (in this case JPM) mortgage operations group, where she observed and engaged in what she describes as “massive criminal securities fraud” and who was fired after trying to bring the attention of those above her to said “criminal” activity.”
By using a bank we are associating ourselves with criminals.

Supreme Court unanimously reaffirms: There is no ‘hate speech’ exception to the First Amendment
“From today’s opinion by Justice Samuel Alito (for four justices) in Matal v. Tam, the “Slants” case:”
“[The idea that the government may restrict] speech expressing ideas that offend … strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.””
Who gets to decide what speech is hate speech ?

FBI Had Evidence That Loretta Lynch Intended To Obstruct Clinton Email Investigation… Why Is This Not Already Before A Grand Jury?

Power really DOES corrupt the mind: The brain activity of CEOs changes as they climb the career ladder and causes them to lose the ability to empathise

Colonialism in Tanzania, GMOs Enforced By Law, Farmers Face Prison for Traditional Seeds
“The NAFSN has forced the Tanzanian government to change its agricultural laws so that non-patented seeds (all the seeds Tanzanian people previously used; non-GMO seeds) are banned. Non-GMO seeds are now forbidden by law from being sold or even given to friends and family. Individuals who violate the law will face minimum of 12 years in prison and a $230,000 fine or both.”
Banning nature.

New bill would allow farmers to sue Monsanto if GMO crops invade their property
One small victory for the people.


700 EU laws introduced in Britain since EU referendum – and 1,200 expected before Brexit
“SEVEN-HUNDRED laws from the European Union have been introduced in Britain since the Brexit vote – adding to the estimated 19,000 EU regulations, directives and other rules already embedded in UK law.”
“Britain is set to officially break from the bloc in March 2019, but years of complications could follow when directives are untangled.”
“The Government will need to decide which legislation to keep, and which to throw out, after Brexit.”
“Before the leave date an estimated 1,260 rules might be embedded in British law.”

Hillary Clinton requested FBI Dir. Mueller deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009 in secret ‘plane-side tarmac meeting

So the world has endured a 6 month long lie that Russia hacked the presidential election.

Rand Paul HUMILIATES Trump & His Lackeys for Attempting to Arm Saudi Arabia

“The HPV vaccine is neither safe nor effective, this is an irrefutable fact. As the truth about the scientific research fraud and medical crimes done to hide the dangers of this shot continues to become public, the criminals are scurrying. The medical community at large is facing the gut check of a lifetime — to follow orders or not to follow orders, this is the question of the day. With the evidence at hand, massive legal action is now a possibility for those health care providers who continue to inject their patients with the HPV vaccine.”

Secret Report Contradicts US Position On Chelsea Manning Leaks
“Prosecutors said WikiLeaks’ disclosures about Iraq and Afghanistan posed a major threat to US national security. But it turns out the classified document they cited — newly obtained by BuzzFeed News — said almost the exact opposite.”

Trump Was Right: New Study Reveals Up to 5.7 Million Illegals Voted in Election

Reporters face 70 years in prison over anti-Trump march
“Two journalists are among more than 200 people facing felony charges after mass arrests at Inauguration Day rally.”


Dear Democrats / Media: ICYMI Last Night Was A Referendum On You, Not Trump
“Democrats lost despite CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Wapo, etc blasting out fake narratives on Russian hacking 24/7…an all out propaganda blitz…millions of dollars worth free air time for the Democrat cause…but it didn’t matter.”
“And Democrats lost depite their best efforts to once again use aggressive “oversamples” to rig polling data. As we pointed out last night, the Real Clear Politics average had Ossoff winning by 5 points just last week…for those keeping track that’s a roughly 10-point polling ‘error’ from how things actually turned out….but it didn’t matter.”
More mainstream candidates losing – I love it.

“If you ever had any doubt that democrats consider your money theirs, Nancy Pelosi just erased that. According to her, if you are “allowed” to keep the money you earn, that’s really stealing from poor people who didn’t earn it. I know this is some dizzying liberal logic, but that’s how they like things.”


The Passing Of The Pelosi Era
“The Pelosi factor has been a drag on Democrats in all four of the special elections the party has lost since Trump’s November triumph.”

Even many Democrats realize the Russian narrative is nonsense.




Conspiracy Theory No More: State Dept. Finally Admits The US Gov’t Planned 1953 Iranian Coup
“The newly declassified documents, titled “Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954, Iran, 1951–1954,” provide a notable difference from the State Department’s 1989 version of the coup, which left out any involvement from American and British intelligence.”

Iran intolerable for US as independent force in region
“The policy hasn’t expired. The US is unwilling to tolerate an independent force in the region. Furthermore, US leaders cannot forgive Iran for having overthrown the dictator it installed in the 1953 coup.”

Iowa Obamacare Insurer Hiking Rates 43.5 Percent

Here Are All the Ways Sugar Is Actually Killing You
“1. It’s replacing nutritious foods”
“2. It’s hurting your heart”
“3. It’s bad for your arteries”
“4. It could also be damaging your brain”
“5. It could destroy your liver”
“6. It’s making you store fat”
“7. Too much sugar makes you overeat”
“8. It could give you diabetes”
“9. You could be at a higher risk for cancer”
“10. The crash after the high can zap your energy”
“11. A diet high in sugar might make you depressed”
“12. It can lead to addiction”
“13. It could shorten your life”

The Cannabis Conspiracy and What They Don’t Want You To Know About This Miraculous Plant Medicine

Cannabinoids can successfully kill leukemia cells, reveals groundbreaking new study

Legalizing cannabis would dramatically improve public health while depriving criminal gangs of a major revenue source, says U.K. political leader


Pa. Supreme Court rules police dash cam videos are public

Oopsies: Gene Editing Now Admittedly Causes Hundreds of Mutations

REAL FASCISM: German police raid 36 homes looking for people that said something mean online

238 Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust
“The Department of Justice has just conducted a series of raids across Los Angeles and arrested 238 people in connection with a Hollywood pedophilia network.According to police, the arrests included some “major Hollywood players” as well as politicians, white-collar professionals, a monk, and other high-ranking clergy members.”


Execution by Firing Squad: The Militarized Police State Opens Fire
“The Second Amendment, in conjunction with the multitude of prohibitions on government overreach enshrined in the Bill of Rights, was supposed to serve as a clear shackle on the government’s powers. As 20th century libertarian Edmund A. Opitz observed in 1964, “No one can read our Constitution without concluding that the people who wrote it wanted their government severely limited; the words ‘no’ and ‘not’ employed in restraint of government power occur 24 times in the first seven articles of the Constitution and 22 more times in the Bill of Rights.””

Long-time Iowa farm cartoonist fired after creating this cartoon
Attach monsatan cartoon.

Dragnetting The Independent Media! All Hands On Deck!
Dragnetting The Independent Media! All Hands On Deck!
“Remember Fake News? Remember little Miss Melissa Zimdars who took up her pen and began to write? Remember how her list of Fake News sites went viral in November 2016?”
“Many people in Independent Media were most disappointed that they had not made it onto the original list and decided that they would just have to work harder telling the truth. Some of them to their relief, were added at a later date. Some even emailed little Miss Zim and asked to be added. If anything it became a badge of honour as opposed to the attempt to discredit them, especially amongst their readers and followers who have remained faithful and supportive for many years.”
“This is not ” capitalism”with checks and balances against monopolies and healthy competition, this is hegemonic corporate fascism and all the censorship that goes with that in order to eliminate alternative options.”

CNN Fact Check Confirms Clinton Destroyed iPhones, iPads and Blackberries With Hammer



A Former FBI Special Agent Has Just Exposed Robert Mueller and James Comey!
“Although these Hoover successors, now occupying center stage in the investigation of President Trump, have been hailed for their impeccable character by much of Official Washington, the truth is, as top law enforcement officials of the George W. Bush Administration (Mueller as FBI Director and James Comey as Deputy Attorney General), both presided over post-9/11 cover-ups and secret abuses of the Constitution, enabled Bush-Cheney fabrications used to launch wrongful wars, and exhibited plain vanilla incompetence.”

Assassination List Found On James Hodgkinson’s Body
And we know he wrote that list because ?

One Million Europeans Call For Ban Of Deadly Monsanto Products.


In 1871, Antonio Meucci Was So Poor He Could Not Afford To Pay $10 To Renew His Telephone Patent. 130 Years Later, Congress Votes A Resolution Crediting Him As The True Inventor of The Telephone And That Bell Stole It From Him

Grenfell Tower fire, a consequence of keeping houses vacant ? / 5 men own half world’s wealth


Blogger gagged by council after warning about Grenfell Tower fire threat
“As early as 2013, a man named Francis O’Connor, a member of the Grenfell Action Group (GAG), urged councillors and landlord Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization (KCTMO) to address the fire safety risks that new works on the building would cause.”

Experts warned government against cladding material used on Grenfell
“The government’s building safety experts warned last year that the drive for greater energy efficiency meant more and more buildings are being wrapped in materials that could go up in flames.”

Now Just Five Men Own Almost As Much Wealth As Half The World’s Population
“Last year it was 8 men, then down to 6, and now almost 5. An analysis of 2016 data found that the poorest five deciles of the world population own about $410 billion in total wealth.”
I am sure that most of the class that these 5 men come from get the government that they think their wealth entitles them to.

We Want A Government So Small That We Can Barely See It
“The reason why we want the federal government to be so limited is because there is an inverse correlation between the size of government and the level of freedom and liberty that we are able to enjoy.”

In Socialist Venezuela, Oppressed People Set Fire To Supreme Court Building
“The Supreme Court of Venezuela recently handed down a ruling in favor of the government of Nicolas Maduro which rejected a measure designed to prevent the dictator from rewriting that nation’s constitution. The current plan is for a group of people largely selected by Maduro to elect a “constituent assembly” to draft a new version of the document. The court’s ruling keeps that plan in place for the time being.”
(Darth Vader voice): I am altering the constitution, pray I don’t alter it any further.

Feinstein: “Congress Should Investigate If Lynch Pressured Comey To Cover For Hillary Clinton”

The Real Obstruction of Justice We Heard From Comey
“We heard quite a lot during Mr. Comey’s testimony to Congress on Thursday. But in what was yet another bombshell being downplayed by the mainstream media, we learned that President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to downplay the Hillary Clinton email investigation.”

FMR. FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation connection, $6M deal
“But Comey earned $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year.”

Senate To Make Warrantless Wiretapping Permanent

2m50s “They are going to continue fear mongering because they want you to willingly give up your rights.”

Is Corbyn the Most Amazing Triumph In UK History?

11m20s “And I think we are seeing beyond that. I think we are seeing the deterioration of a kind of top down politics to a sense where people are saying we ant to speak for ourselves, we want to think for ourselves, we don’t want to be dictated to.”
12m30s “We will stand in line for a bus for hours in the rain, we don’t complain in restaurants then the food is over done but eventually we will execute our king.”

The Political Revolution Now – Hon. Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator – The Peoples Summit 2017

1h13m5s “All over the world people are asking how does it happen that globally the top 1% now owns more wealth than the bottom 99%, how does it happen that the 8 wealthiest people on this planet own more wealth than the bottom half of the world’s population, 3.4 billion people ?”
1h50m35s “Trump didn’t win the election, the democratic party lost the election.”

HARDtalk Bernie Sanders (at the Hay literary festival in Wales)

A lot of youngsters in the audience and it is encouraging to see them give him rounds of applause for Bernie at 5m40s, 16m55s. 20m10s and 21m25s.

Senator Bernie Sanders | Full Address | Oxford Union

12m25s “In my country, in your country ad around the world we are moving toward oligarchic forms of society where a handful extraordinarily wealthy billionaires have increased control not only of our economic life but our political life as well.”
19m55s “Now the billionaire class and the oligarchy, they have enormous power, they own the media, they own a lot of politics that exists in my country and around the world.”
Again, a lot of youngsters in the audience and they treated Bernie like a rock star.


Russian collusion confirmed: Bill and Hillary Clinton personally made $2.85m selling US uranium to Russia
“According to Becker and McIntire: “Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.””
“And if that’s not enough, Mr. Clinton received an additional $500,000 from a Russian investment bank with ties to Uranium One, bringing the grand total influx from Russia to $2,800,000. To top it off, the donations went unreported by the Clinton Foundation.”

Bahrain Begins Jailing People for Not Endorsing Anti-Qatar Policy
“Following moves to further criminalize public dissent, the island nation of Bahrain has arrested at least two people today on charges of being “Qatar sympathizers,” based on public comments in which the two men were seen as opposed to the Saudi-led blockade on nearly Qatar.”
Zero democracy in Bahrain is how I would characterise the piece of s**t government that is in power in Bahrain. How is such a government not viewed as a pariah by the rest of the world ? This is behaviour we would expect from the government of North Korea.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV says it has come under cyber attack

Japan’s Terrible Anti-Terror Law Just Made ‘The Minority Report’ Reality
“Ironically, none of the 277 crimes have to do with terrorism, despite the name of the law. However, if you were planning to hunt mushrooms illegally or stage a boat race without a license—well think again, evildoers. You’ll be stopped in your tracks.””Giving police an arsenal of pretexts to arrest anyone is a recipe for crushing civil liberties, as Joseph Cannataci, United Nations special rapporteur on the right to privacy, pointed out in his letter to the Abe administration warning of the dangers of the legislation. The new law is remarkably similar to the 1925 Peace Preservation laws, which the fascist government of Japan used to round up its critics, all communists, and war dissenters. When those laws were passed, just as they are now, the Japanese government claimed the laws would never be used to target ordinary citizens.”

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Wants to Put a Bigger Blindfold on Consumers
“Wall Street’s fingerprints are all over the Treasury recommendations. The report has singled out for particular scalpel treatment the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which Wall Street loathes because of its independence. The acronym “CFPB” appears 315 times in the 147-page report.”
“The CFPB has done a Herculean job of preventing the little guy in America from being further fleeced by Wall Street, mortgage servicers and lenders, student loan purveyors, debt collectors, credit card companies and so forth.”
“The Treasury report has the following in mind for the CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database:”
““The CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database should be reformed to make the underlying data available only to federal and state agencies, and not to the general public.””
“In other words, put a blindfold on the consumer and gut their ability to share their negative experiences with a financial service provider with their fellow citizens.”

SYRIA: Sarin Attack Narrative Destroyed by MIT National Security Expert
“According to the White House and Western mainstream media, on the morning of April 4, 2017, the Syrian ‘regime’ of Bashar Al-Assad carried out a sarin gas airstrike on the town of Khan Sheikhoun. Although no proper investigation was carried out, the event resulted in the US launching a barrage of Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military airbase two days later. Two months have now passed, and there remains no proof that the Syrian government carried out this attack. In fact, none of the evidence supports that version of events.”

Court: Permits Allowing DAPL to Cross Missouri River Violated Rights — And the Law
“Left undetermined in the ruling is whether pipeline operations must be shut down — but the judge requested additional briefing and a status conference is slated to take place next week.”
Watch the law breakers carry on regardless.

Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel

FBI Asst Dir Kallstrom – Comey Conspired With Lynch to Cover for Clinton


Theresa May Tries To Push Forward With Plans To Kill Encryption, While Her Party Plots Via Encrypted Whatsapp
“This is both dumb and… hilarious. Because while all of this is going on, Theresa May’s own party has been trying to figure out what the hell they’re going to do. And, of course, the way they’re communicating with each other is with the encrypted Whatsapp software that Amber Rudd was trashing just months ago”

Canvassers charged in fake, fraudulent voter registrations
“Twelve employees of a Democrat-linked group focused on mobilizing black voters in Indiana are accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications ahead of last year’s general election in order to meet quotas, according to charging documents filed Friday.”
Must … steal … votes … for … Hillary-zilla.

“A week into the crisis Saudi Arabia instigated when it broke diplomatic relations with Qatar and imposed a land and air blockade of the tiny Gulf state, it is becoming clear that it is failing to bring Qatar to heel.”


Iran condemns Tillerson’s accusations of seeking hegemony
“Iran has condemned US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s accusations that the Islamic Republic had “aspirations of hegemony in the region,” saying the remarks violate international law.”
The world has already got one overbearing hegemony – America.

“Everybody Has To Die Of Something” Top Mich. Health Official Charged With Manslaughter In Flint Probe
“Specifically, Lyon is accused of failing to alert the public to the presence of Legionnaires’-causing bacteria in the water. He knew about the crisis in January 2015, but didn’t alert the public until a year later.”

Sessions ready to fill up the prisons with medical marijuana users
“As the Post notes, Sessions appears to be deliberately conflating medical marijuana use with the opioid epidemic, which is historic and devastating. However, research suggests that medical marijuana availability actually decreases opioid overdoses and deaths.”
“However, there has been broad bipartisan support for the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment in the past. And support among Americans for medical marijuana is at an all-time high, reaching as much as 94 percent in one poll.”

Sessions Asks Congress To Undo Medical Marijuana Protections
“U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking Congressional leaders not to renew a current federal law that prevents the Department of Justice from spending money to interfere with state medical marijuana laws.”
“But when President Trump signed a Fiscal Year 2017 omnibus appropriations bill into law last month, he issued a signing statement that essentially reserved the right to ignore the medical marijuana protections.”
The president either signs a bill or vetoes a bill, anything else including a signing statement is unconstitutional.
“This does make me wonder what a forensic accounting analysis of Session’s financial statements would reveal about support from the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries has been for him, over the years, that he is making these bone-headed pronouncements about marijuana.”

Holistic doctor gunned down outside organic restaurant in Colorado as war on natural health continues
“The pharmaceutical world will do everything in its power to protect its cash cow. Anything that stands in its way will be eliminated. In just over one year, more than 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead, most of them in suspicious circumstances.”
“Christopher Bayley King, 49, is the latest holistic doctor to be murdered in cold blood. He was eating at the Farm to Table Restaurant, Bramble & Hare, when he was approached by a man named Louis Joseph Sebastian, 32, and shot dead on Memorial Day, reported Your News Wire. Just before he got murdered, Dr. King was arguing with his killer. Then they went outside and Dr. King got shot.”


Is Another Spanish Bank about to Bite the Dust?
“Stockholders and junior bondholders fear a “bail-in.””
“But since the bail-in of Popular, Liberbank’s shares have seriously crashed as panicked investors fled. Scenting fresh blood, short sellers were piling in. On Friday alone, shares plunged another 17%.”

You Know It’s Bad In Spain’s Banking System When…
“…The regulator bans short sales.”

Banco Santander ‘saves’ Banco Popular: it smells
“What was bound to happen has now finally happened; a major European bank has collapsed. Despite not being one of the largest banks, Banco Popular definitely was one of the better-known names in Spain and Southern Europe as a whole.”

Coinbase Will Take IRS to Court Over Consumer Privacy Attack
“This attack on Coinbase’s wallet users is actually a good thing for Bitcoin’s ecosystem in the long run. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, etc. are all either are censoring and micromanaging users themselves or have government programs invading user privacy and violating constitutional rights at will.”


Nomi Prins: Breaking Up The Banks Is Easier Than You Might Think

You Won’t Believe This Stupid New Law Against Cash And Bitcoin
“You can probably already guess its contents.”
“Cash is evil.”
“Bitcoin is evil.”
“Now they’ve gone so far to include prepaid mobile phones, retail gift vouchers, or even electronic coupons. Evil, evil, and evil.”
These people are certifiably insane.
“Have too much cash? You’d better tell the government.”
“If not, they’re authorizing themselves in this bill to seize not just the money you didn’t report, but ALL of your assets and bank accounts.”
“Further, their bill wants to pull any business which “issues” cryptocurrency under the anti-money laundering regulatory umbrella.”
“Here’s where these people demonstrate that they have no idea what they’re talking about.”
“No one “issues” Bitcoin. There’s no Bitcoin central bank. There’s no Chairman of Bitcoin who decides on a whim to increase the supply.”

More Reasons Why Big Pharma’s Multinational Vaccine Manufacturers are not to be Trusted

‘Up to 15 tons of depleted uranium used in 1999 Serbia bombing’ – lead lawyer in suit against NATO
“An international legal team is preparing a lawsuit against NATO over the alliance’s alleged use of depleted uranium munitions during its bombing of Yugoslavia. These have allegedly caused a rise in cancer-related illnesses across the region over the years.”

“American Lookout reports, In a perfect example of irony, a scientific research study that intended to study global warming was cancelled after encountering large amounts of ice. Breitbart reported, A global warming research study in Canada has been cancelled because of “unprecedented” thick summer ice. Naturally, the scientist in charge has blamed it on ‘climate change.’”


Judge in Bundy Ranch Case Wants Defendants In Chains For Trial – Attorneys Challenge Rights Infringement
“The ruling by the court was emphatic in its rejection of routine shackling”
“Let’s see if the corrupt Judge Navarro, a woman who had absolutely no experience as a judge before being advanced to a federal judge position by the likes of former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, will follow the law and protect the rights of these men or continue down the totalitarian road she is traveling.”

Four Reasons Bitcoin is Not A Bubble: Analyst

Stanford Seminar – BTC: Bitcoin, a New Value Chain in China


Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US Based on Neurotoxicity Studies
“National Fluoridation Stats Show Tipping Point Has Been Reached”
“Progress is also being made on the political front. U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) fluoridation statistics for the U.S. have been released for 2014,14 and they show exactly why the fluoridation lobby has been pouring more money and resources into promoting the practice and fighting our efforts: WE ARE WINNING!”


Founder of Weather Channel Schools Stuttering CNN Anchor on Global Warming
“According to Coleman, who is a scientist himself, the scientists who are coming out and agreeing with climate change are basically paid (or should I say bribed) to say they agree with global warming. This in return gives the Democrats fuel for their fire, and they continue to profit off the ignorance of the people.”

Police body camera footage is becoming a state secret
“The report, released by one of the most respected law enforcement groups in the world, made it clear that body cameras could help police leaders build trust with the communities they served by documenting both the good and the bad.”

Deceitful use of iconic ‘Syrian Ambulance boy’ / Enemy of deceitful State / 1993 WTC bomb built by FBI CI


“The father of the iconic “Syrian Ambulance boy,” whose photograph was plastered all over the Western media as an excuse to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, says he supports Assad and his son was used by the media “for the sake of propaganda.””

It’s Not Terrorism When We Do It—Syrians Report US Use of Chemical Weapons on Town of 200K
“International outlets and witnesses on Twitter noted that some of the airstrikes resembled cluster bombs or white phosphorus, both of which are internationally banned on residential areas.”

Theresa May’s pledge to ‘rip up human rights laws’ won’t stop terrorism – critics
Who will get to decide who is a terrorist ?

Private Security Firm Used Mlitary-Syle Counterterrorism Measures On DAPL Protestors

5m35s “The government poisoning it’s citizens (in Flint, Michigan) or working with private military contractors that would be a threat to democracy.”
The deceitful government in America has already decided that peaceful native Americans protecting at DAPL are terrorists to justify government abuse.

“Evidence suggests that one of the London attackers, Rachid Redouane, was part of the broad UK-backed covert strategy to oust Syria’s Assad, following his similar role in Libya in 2011.”
“It is distinctly possible that Redouane was trained by Qatar special forces in Libya in 2011, as part of a broad UK-approved covert operation. Indeed, it is possible that this training was presided over by UK and US ‘liaison’ officers.”
When a guy who gets trained by a foreign military poses as a ‘rebel’ in both Libya and Syria then it would be more accurate to label that guy a mercenary.

Enemy of the (deceitful) State | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

The English Defence League should be renamed the Equal Rights Defence League.

Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union on why he started the English Defence League

36m10s “Our concept of nationalism was anyone is welcome to it, white, black, anyone, muslim, christian, if you’re proud to be english, you’re proud of the laws in this country, you’re proud of our freedom you are welcome.”
1h12m45s “We’ve been asking for muslims to get as outraged as us about what these fanatics are doing. We’ve been asking for a clear wedge and a difference, a clear difference between ordinary muslims and these wahabbist salafist extremists.”
1h13m35s “You want pedophile child rapist and groomists to face legal consequences. Is there anyone out there who has a big issue with that ? You want equal application under the law.”


WATCH the speech I’m barred from giving at UK universities Tommy Robinson Rebel Contributor
15m10s “They forensically investigated everything I had done in my life gong back 10 years. And when that didn’t work they forensically investigated everything my mum and dad had done, everything my wife had done, everything my brother-in-law had done, everything my cousins had done.”
46m10s “The judge, the prosecution and the defence all got it horribly wrong. That’s not a mistake.”
They got it all horribly wrong on purpose and Tommy Damn must damn well get a lawyer and sue the f**king arse of all these people for all these fraudulent arrests.
1h3m “You have been identified as being part of a group as potentially being involved in violence … Are you for real ? … Yes … My daughter is five, my son is seven.”
Just making complete bulls**t up.
1h17m15s “If they can do this to me, they can do this to you. Is this freedom ?”
The establishment has picked on the wrong man, big time.



3m20s “we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Centre. It was build by supervising, supervision from the bureau and the DA and we was all informed about it and we know that the bomb start to be built. By who ? By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case !”



There was a massive amount of election fraud during the 2016 Democratic Primary. We’ve witnessed the coordinated installation of a nominee against the will of the people
“-Voter Roll Purging (State by state… see Brooklyn alone, where over 125,000 people were seemingly kicked off the rolls. This nationwide phenomenon was almost entirely exclusive to potential Sanders voters.)”

5,500 Non-Citizens Discovered on Voter Rolls in Virginia

Establishment refuses to point out Saudi Arabia’s role in creating global terrorism
“It is time for an honest conversation about Wahhabism, specifically the part this Saudi-sponsored ideology plays in radicalizing young Muslims both across the Arab and Muslim world and in the West”
“In 2015 Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel came out in public and accused the Saudis of funding mosques in which extremism is regularly promoted. “

WHY (theocratic dictatorship) Saudi Arabia Is Our Friend And (democratic) Iran Is Our Enemy


BRITISH ARMY COLONEL: Good to see some London bystanders followed US Homeland Security advice “Act with physical aggression” rather than UK “Run, Hide, Tell”.
“Would have been much better if they’d been able to turn concealed handguns in large calibers on the Muslim terrorists.”


Terror funding report: Calls grow for release of ‘sensitive’ Home Office document ‘pointing finger at Saudi Arabia’
“Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron among voices urging prime minister to publish delayed inquiry thought to target major UK weapons buyer following latest terror attack on British soil”

Saudis ‘Shocked, Shocked!’ to Discover Qatar Funds Islamists Just as They Do
“The diplomatic conflict between Qatar and a number of other Arab states over the support for terrorist groups shows the hypocrisy of Riyadh, which has been repeatedly spotted funding extremists, analysts told Sputnik.”


George Soros letter reveals globalist plan to destroy the First World by eliminating national borders with global migrant blitzkreig invasions


Wikileaks Proves Hillary Disclosed Classified Secrets To Foreign Leaders For Cash!

Remember That Time Donald Trump Approved Sale Of 20% Of US Uranium To Russia? No, Wait…that Was Hillary

@Liz_Wheeler: We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia… and it is not Donald Trump!
5 “Remember that time Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government when Trump’s company received 35 million dollars from Russia, from a government investment fund named Rusnano that was personally started by Vladimir Putin and has been called Putin’s child ? Oh no, oh no wait, that was John Pedestal not Donald Trump.”
Also 1) a 500,000 speaking fee in Moscow for Bill Clinton, 2) 20% ownership in American uranium deposits sold to Russia approved by Hillary-zilla 3) she said she wasn’t involved in the approval but leaked emails showed that she was involved along with John Pedesta, 4) the $145 million received by the Clinton Foundation from the Russian companies who received 20% ownership of American uranium deposits, 5) the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from Russian oligarchs, 6) Hillary-zilla not disclosing these donations before she become Secretary of State.


Rita Katz; Better than Spielberg
“She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “Helps” her with her information. We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind.”

FBI committed TREASON under COMEY: Surveillance on Americans illegally leaked to other nations
“As the American media machine continues its baseless attacks against President Trump, lobbing unsubstantiated accusations against him on the daily regarding imaginary connections to Russia, there’s a much bigger story brewing that the public isn’t being told about shamed former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey. New evidence has emerged from classified government documents showing that, under Comey’s leadership, the FBI actually committed major acts of treason against the American people by sharing raw intelligence about American citizens with unauthorized third parties, including foreign entities.”

Vladimir Putin roasts the CIA, implicated them in the JFK murder, calls them out for interfering with democratically elected foreign governments, and all-in-all owns the shit out of Megyn Kelly. Golden.

NBC edited out Putin’s hard truths – here’s what you missed

Cut was Putin mentioning the militarisation of American police, the brutality heaped on Occupy Wall Street.

FAILING NEW YORK TIMES: The one sure loser of the (Comey) hearings is @nytimes. Basically they’ve gotten just about everything wrong.


Comey Indicted Himself, Lynch, and the Entire MSM…. Networks To Lose Millions During Today’s Comey Testimony

Rob Schneider: “Thank you Dems & biased/fake news for an ENORMOUS waste of MONEY & TIME! NO COLLUSION!


‘WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 cache shows US – not Russia – hacked past French elections’
“Now, the one thing we do know from this is that the one country that actually has hacked the French election was the USA, and that was back in the presidential election of 2012 where they were not only intercepting the electronic communications, they were actually running human agents in the political parties. We know this because of disclosures through the Vault 7 cache that WikiLeaks put out a month or two ago. For everyone to go around blaming the Russians, when in fact the Americans have been doing this for years, is rather rich?”

Seth Rich #7: It Is Not The Crime, But The Cover-Up


Bitcoin Documentary by Discovery Channel

25m40s “Payments without a middleman, investment without a broker, loans without a bank, insurance without an underwriter, charity without a trustee, escrow without an agent, betting without a bookie, record keeping without an accountant.”


The Math Of Bitcoin And Why One Analyst Says It’s Not Yet In A Bubble
“What makes Bitcoin a better store of value?”
“1. It is decentralized. This is huge! It means that it is not under the control of central banks, and thus cannot be manipulated directly by them.”
“2. Unlike tulips, dollars, or even precious metals, Bitcoin is strictly limited in its supply.”
“3. Bitcoin is a better store of value because it is secure.”
“4. Bitcoin transactions are stored on a public ledger, all confirmed transactions are included in the blockchain.”



‘Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of Democracy is idle and futile.’ — The Right Honourable W.L.MacKenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada (1934)

“Don’t Panic” Banco Popular Tells Employees After Stock Crashes Most On Record

“Banco Popular, until today Spain’s sixth biggest bank, is no more. Its assets, including a massive portfolio of small-business clients, now belong to Banco Santander, Spain’s biggest bank. The global giant now has 17 million customers in Spain, a country of just 45 million people. The price was €1.”



“Citing the aim to improve cooperation between Asset Recovery Offices of the Member States, the Parliament has also proposed setting up and maintaining a central database, “registering users’ identities and wallet addresses accessible to FIUs, as well as self-declaration forms for the use of virtual currency users.””

Hackers could use Amazon voice gadget to steal bank details: Warning electronic assistants pose security risk because they are always listening


A compound in cannabis is ‘significantly’ effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia, study reveals

The power of trace minerals: How tiny elements can do so much for the human body
“Zinc (Zn):”
“Manganese (Mn):”
“Selenium (Se)”

Raw milk on trial in Ontario, court could permanently shut down sales
“Though extra care is needed when handling raw milk, why is it that they ban raw milk while modern, conventional agricultural systems linked to a host of illnesses have not resulted in the banning of these Frankenfoods? There is only one answer to that question: We are being controlled by the government and powerful monopolies that put profits before people.”

Brave Police Save Town From Man Selling Veggies
“The Sheriff’s Department of Alameda County Florida responded on Facebook to the public outrage, including thousands of criticisms posted to their Facebook page.”
“Selling food on street corners violates county ordinances and public health codes. Persistent street vending harms local businesses, especially small, start-up food vendors…”
“There you have it, from the horse’s mouth in plain black and white: the p”int of licenses is protection. You pay to play, if you don’t pay off the city and county, they will send their hired thugs to rough you up and demand the protection money.”
“It harms local businesses: apparently it is the government’s job to make sure there is no competition for certain businesses. God forbid the consumer has a choice.”
“And why isn’t this guy’s produce selling operation considered a small, start-up street vendor?”
“Simple because he didn’t pay for his rights.”
“Yet the Ninth Amendment in the Bill of Rights says, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.””
“And the 24th Amendment outlawed the poll tax, saying the right to vote had been abridged by charging citizens money in order to exercise that right.”

Video Released Of Off-Duty Deputy’s Husband Choking Man To Death
“Newly released video shows the husband of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy applying a chokehold to a man who later died in hospital. Other people are seen threatening the videographer with arrest for recording the incident.”

WATCH: Cops Torture Innocent Disabled Man with a Taser, Break His Hip
“A severely disabled Syracuse man was tased, tackled, and badly injured by police for wanting to stand on the bus because sitting caused him pain.”


More Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016 than were casualties in the Vietnam or Korea wars
“More Americans died from an overdose in 2016 than there were US military casualties in either the Vietnam or Korean wars, according to new data.”

GM foods kept off the menu at Westminster
“The House of Commons is continuing to bar genetically modified food from its restaurants and cafés, despite a drive by ministers for the technology to be more widely accepted.”


Jury finds man guilty of jury tampering after passing out juror rights pamphlets
“A jury of six found Keith Wood guilty within 30 minutes Thursday, convicting him of attempting to influence a jury in Mecosta County.”
“The trial began Wednesday for Wood, who was initially charged with a five-year felony for obstructing justice after handing out juror rights pamphlets on the public sidewalk outside the Mecosta County courthouse.”
“On Nov. 24, 2015 Wood, now a father of eight and former pastor, was arrested after passing out about 50 Fully Informed Jury Association fliers on the sidewalk in front of the Mecosta County Courthouse on the day of another trial. The fliers discuss juror rights including those that are debated and often not read by judges in jury instructions: including a juror’s right to vote their conscience, or jury nullification.”
Apparently some information is verboten.

Financial Times Praises ‘Innovator’ Greek Lawyer For Bitcoin Use
““When capital controls were imposed during the Greek financial crisis last year, Panos Giannissis helped clients to stay in business by converting some of their working capital to Bitcoin, the virtual currency,” it writes.”



One-Third of FDA approved drugs found to have huge SAFETY problems!

Town Mortified As Govt Cuts Down, Destroys Community Fruit Forest Over Permit Issue
“Because the city claims ownership over the property in front of people’s homes where a sidewalk would go, they were required to get permits to have fruit trees in that space — most everyone did. However, because one resident didn’t apply for a permit, the entire area was leveled.”




Human Rights Crisis / Battlefield: DAPL / Brzezinski (RIH): Global Political Awakening


THE WOMEN’S COALITION Fighting for the Right to Our Children (Human Rights Crisis)
“Human Rights Crisis”
“​Children are being taken away ​from loving mothers and given to controlling, unfit and abusive fathers in epidemic numbers.”
“Women are being silenced through gag orders, incarceration and threats of loss of contact with children.”

Victoria Haigh “Mums Continue To Have Their Children Taken After They Report Sexual Abuse!”

“Explosive New Revelations in Victoria Haigh Interview Prime Minister Theresa May Covered Up Sexual Abuse of Daughter Threatened Reporter with Prison; Sent Vicky to Closed Prison”
““What I think is more bizarre is that the Prime Minister of our country has said, ‘Don’t show me anything like this [evidence of sexual abuse] again. I don’t want to see it.’”
– Julie Kelly, radio host”


Leaked Documents Reveal Counterterrorism Tactics Used at Standing Rock to “Defeat Pipeline Insurgencies”
“In an October 3 report, TigerSwan discusses how to use its knowledge of internal camp dynamics: “Exploitation of ongoing native versus non-native rifts, and tribal rifts between peaceful and violent elements is critical in our effort to delegitimize the anti-DAPL movement.”
“Perhaps one of the most striking revelations of the documents is the level of hostility displayed by TigerSwan toward the water protectors. TigerSwan consistently describes the peaceful demonstrators using military and tactical language more appropriate for counterterrorism operations in an armed conflict zone. At times, the military language verges on parody, as when agents write of protesters “stockpiling signs” or when they discuss the “caliber” of paintball pellets. More often, however, the way TigerSwan discusses protesters as “terrorists,” their direct actions as “attacks,” and the camps as a “battlefield,” reveals how the protesters’ dissent was not only criminalized but treated as a national security threat. A March 1 report states that protesters’ “operational weakness allows TS elements to further develop and dictate the battlespace.””
How dare these peaceful protestors think they could engage in protecting their community and environment from the ravages of an out of control corporate world.

Feds Say It’s Too Dangerous To Share Dakota Access Oil Spill Report

BP oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to natural resources, scientists find in first-ever financial evaluation of spill’s impact
“The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to the natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico, a team of scientists recently found after a six-year study of the impact of the largest oil spill in U.S. history.”


The Real Story of (Al-Qaeda’s Godfather) Zbigniew Brzezinski (died 26 May) That the Media Isn’t Telling
“this covert operation (in Afghanistan) began six months prior to the Soviet invasion with the actual intention of luring the Soviets into a Vietnam-style quagmire.”
“Brzezinski knew exactly what he was doing. The Soviets were then bogged down in Afghanistan for approximately ten years, fighting an endless supply of American-supplied weapons and trained fighters. At the time, the media even went so far as to laud Osama bin Laden — one of the most influential figures in Brzezinski’s covert operation. We all know how that story ended.”
“Brzezinski died safely in a hospital bed, unlike the millions of displaced and murdered civilians who were pawns in Brzezinski’s twisted, geopolitical chess games of blood and lunacy. His legacy is one of militant jihadism, the formation of al-Qaeda, the most devastating attack on U.S. soil by a foreign entity in our recent history”
Would Al Qaeda or ISIS exist today if America had not start funding the mujahideen of Afghanistan in July 1979 ?

What is Wahhabism? The reactionary branch of Islam from Saudi Arabia said to be ‘the main source of global terrorism’
“In the 1970s, with the help of funding from petroleum exports and other factors, Saudi charities started funding Wahhabi schools (madrassas) and mosques across the globe and the movement underwent “explosive growth”.”
“The US State Department has estimated that over the past four decades Riyadh has invested more than $10bn (£6bn) into charitable foundations in an attempt to replace mainstream Sunni Islam with the harsh intolerance of its Wahhabism. EU intelligence experts estimate that 15 to 20 per cent of this has been diverted to al-Qaida and other violent jihadists.”

New World Order Globalist and Grey Cardinal Zbigniew Brzezinski Dies at 89 (RIH)


Londo Mollari Technomage Prophecy

35s “You are touched by darkness, Ambassador.”
1m15s “And I hear sounds, the sound of billions of people calling your name … My followers ? … Your victims.”
Brzezinski was also touched by darkness with victims aplenty in reality.

Germany Raids Police Homes Amid Probe Into Berlin Attacker Cover Up
“On January 2017, Disobedient Media reported that German officials ignored multiple tips in September and October 2016 from Moroccan intelligence, warning them that Anis Amri was known to have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State and was meeting regularly with known ISIS operatives. This series of failures to properly investigate Amri and prevent the Berlin truck attack came on the heels of November 2016 reports that an intelligence officer working for Germany’s internal intelligence agency, the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) was arrested for taking part in a plot to bomb the BfV’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany. This news was given little to no attention by U.S. media.”
“German news source Der Spiegel reported that the 51 year-old intelligence officer made a “partial confession” to his role in plotting the attack following his arrest.”
“These failures to properly respond to warnings about the Berlin truck attack and the infiltration of intelligence organizations by ISIS operatives seem to indicate either a troubling level of incompetence or complicity within German police bodies as well as intelligence and anti-terror bureaus.”
Incompetence would be preferable because the alternative is duplicity and treason. These traitors should feel fortunate that Germany does not have the death penalty.



Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

UK Tories say they’ll exploit Manchester’s dead to ban working crypto in the UK

FBI ‘warned MI5 in January that the Manchester bomber was planning an attack on Britain’

Same media outraged over Manchester bombing of little girl totally SILENT when 100,000 U.S. children are maimed or killed by vaccines every year


The Fourth Turning’s Neil Howe Warns: We Are In The 1930s, “Winter Is Coming”
“Just 15% said they had a “great deal” of confidence in the US Supreme Court. Banks trailed behind at 11%, followed by the criminal justice system (9%), newspapers (8%), and big business (6%).”
“Meanwhile, just 16% expressed a “great deal” of confidence in the presidency, with that number plummeting to 3% for Congress.”

“Bitcoin is Saving My Family (and community) From Hunger”
““In 2014 Bitcoin was a new technology so we were very skeptical about it but we didn’t have any other options. Fast forward to 2017. The economy in Venezuela is dead. My father lost his air conditioning business and people like our neighbors that where middle and upper class a few years ago can’t afford food. Thanks to the rising price of Bitcoin and its relative stability (to the Venezuelan economy), my family is part of a very small fortunate minority that can afford to help feed their community and also potentially immigrate to another country.””

Is Your Cost Of Living Rising? Why The Elites Aren’t Worried About Inflation

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Stealing Gold’s Thunder (E 1076)

Fidelity Is Mining Bitcoin, CEO Abigail Johnson Admits

Visualizing The Expanding Universe Of Cryptocurrencies


Why Is The Media Ignoring America’s Drinking Water Crisis?
“America has a looming water health crisis and no one seems interested in talking about it.”
“Over the last year many Americans have likely heard of the lead poisoning affecting the drinking water of Flint, Michigan. We have heard the horror stories of children being sickened due to the failure of Flint’s bureaucracies and failing infrastructure. However, a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council reveals that Americans in every state are suffering because of failing infrastructure, under-reporting of violations, and lax enforcement of drinking water standards.”

The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease – coincidence?

‘Game-changer for autism’: 100-year-old drug reverses symptoms, study finds

Funding Corruption: Why the World Is ‘Better Off’ Without Western Aid and NGOs
“Around the world, Western aid is failing to fulfil its stated objectives. Nowhere is this more flagrant than Haiti, where despite billions flowing in to the ravaged country, little progress has been made since the 2010 earthquake. A former UN development expert has suggested the country – and others – may well fare better without.”

Police STate: Children Now Face Fines & Arrest If They Don’t Get a Permit to Mow Grass for Money

‘Very Sensitive’ UK Government Inquiry into Saudi Arabian Funding of Jihadi Groups May Never Be Published

Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Show Classified Information Sent to Clinton Foundation Employees
How in the hell is Hillary-zilla not in prison ?


Great EU gravy train exposed as hundreds pocket taxpayer cash on offices which don’t exist
“A total of 249 offices out of the potential 748 do not exist or could not be found.”
Does accountability exist within the political class ?

Girl, 12, CURED of life-threatening seizures by taking cannabis oil
“It is thought to act on the endocannabinoid system, a network of molecular receptors in the brain and nervous system that not only generates the cannabis ‘high’ but is linked to a wide range of physiological processes.”
“Around three million Americans and more than 600,000 people in the UK suffer with epilepsy and for a third of them drugs do not work to control their symptoms.”

Where The May Jobs Were: It Was All About Minimum Wage Again
“Combined, these three minimum-wage categories accounted for two-thirds of all April job gains.”
The McJobs economic recovery.

They Tried To Kill Bitcoin 129 Times; Each Time, It Came Back Even Stronger
“Newsletter writers, journalists, and academics have called it a “Ponzi scheme.””
“As I write, software developers across the world are building applications designed to piggyback off this network.”
The debt-based monitor system we have now is a pyramid ponzi scheme.
Pomegranate Strikes to the Heart of Cancer Malignancy
“Ever since chemotherapy and radiation became the ‘standard of care,’ oncology has been in the Dark Ages. Could the scientific community finally be waking up to the incomparable cancer-killing power of foods to cure what conventional treatment only makes worse? “

Judge Disagrees With NYPD Claims Its LRAD Sound Cannon Isn’t A Weapon
“In a 2010 briefing, the NYPD Disorder Control Unit described the Pittsburgh deployment by saying the LRAD was “used successfully.” However, as lawyers for the Black Lives Matter protesters note, Pittsburgh paid $200,000 to settle litigation stemming from its handling of the protest, including $72,000 to a bystander who suffered permanent hearing loss from the LRAD.”

7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to Dismiss the DNC Fraud Lawsuit
View story at Medium.com

Germany plans to introduce fines of $2,800 for parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated
People must be fired to buy big pharma’s vaccines.

Autism risk 420% higher in vaccinated children vs. non-vaccinated, published science confirms




Damning legislation would give corporations the power to forcibly vaccinate you and collect your DNA records
“A new bill, H.R. 1313, moving through Congress would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing and enroll in a mandatory vaccine program or risk losing their job. Today, laws including the 2008 Genetic Privacy and Nondiscrimination Act (known as GINA) prohibits giving employers such power over their employees.”


New vaccine study confirms that toxic vaccine ingredients harm BLACK babies twice as much as white babies


In Wake Of Global Cyberattacks, Calls For Bitlicensing Grow
“The Bitlicense includes several obligations including hiring a compliance officer, consumer protection, anti-money laundering (AML), cyber security, business continuity, disaster recovery and capital requirements.”
Obligations that come at immense cost which is what the complete opposite bitcoin

Coinbase CEO: Digital Currencies Like Bitcoin Will Become Reserve Currencies
“Independent, transparent, decentralized, secure”
“Both casual and institutional investors consider Bitcoin as a safe haven asset due to its decentralized nature and independent network. Within the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network, users can send and receive transactions without the existence of intermediaries and third party service providers. Because of this financial independence which Bitcoin represents, analysts and investors have recognized Bitcoin as the alternative to today’s existing banking and financial systems.”
“More importantly, mainstream media, prominent entrepreneurs and high-profile investors have suggested the possibility of Bitcoin potentially replacing reserve currencies in the future by providing an independent, transparent, decentralized and secure financial network for users.”

Irrefutable (WaPo Feb 6, 2003 is thrice fake: 1. Iraq’s WMD, 2. Iraq’s support for Al Qaeda and 3. Iraq’s mobile biological weapons labs)


Washington Post Caught Blatantly Lying To Their Readers Yet Again

35s “The owner of their paper has a 600 million dollar deal with the CIA.”

White House Petition To Investigate Seth Rich Murder Goes Viral As Reward Tops $345K
“With the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, asking questions about the bizarre killing of a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer in 2016, the murder mystery surrounding Seth Rich has taken an interesting turn. A White House Petition has been started demanding President Trump appoint a special prosecutor to find his killer.”

DNC Operatives now calling Seth Rich a “Heroin user” to try to paint his Death as a drug deal Gone Wrong. They are desperate and they are SCARED!

The Truth About Gun Control

25m10s “There is only centralising gun ownership in the hands of a small political elite and their minions. And if you think that is a safe approach to take, i’ve got a quarter of a billion dead people in the 20th century alone, outside of war, that were murdered by their own governments, almost exclusively after having been disarmed first, mostly by lies.”

Woman claims Delta Airlines held her puppy ‘hostage,’ demanded $3,000 for release
More bulls**t from the airline industry.

Trey Gowdy Roasts 7 Corporate Rejects Like A Boss

Trey Gowdy SNAPS On Susan Rice About Leaks And Lies

Trey Gowdy’s Top 5 Takedowns



Third Secret of Fatima Revelations and the truth about the Knights Templar (origin of Friday 13)
“With regard to the Knights Templar, the key here is Gold and Mary, the mother of Jesus.”
“The Templars established a Gold backed monetary system across Europe and were a direct threat to the usury ( compounding interest) banking system of the Del Banco bankers in Venice who had funded the sacking of the Orthodox Christian Church of the Haggia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) in Constantinople in 1204.”
“The Templars were arrested on Friday, 13 October 1307 and Jaques De Molay, the last Templar Grand Master, was burnt to death in Paris in 1314”

Gruesome Details Emerge In A Disturbing Iraqi Sex Trafficking Case
“Sex trafficking is a disturbing allegation. Sallyport Global had gotten wealthy off government contracts from the Department of Defense. Government funds ensured that this company could get away with corruption in it’s highest forms and it’s far from clear as to how they intend to “fix” this corruption.”

Divide and Ruin: The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis
“Originally published in The Guardian, Morning Star, Counterpunch, Z Magazine and Asia Times, Glazebrook has assembled these writings to illustrate a new strategy by U.S., British and other imperialist powers. This new strategy employs proxy military forces to achieve regime change in any country that resists imperialism.”
“Glazebrook shows the brutality of the West’s racist and exploitative foreign policy against the global South, citing examples from Libya, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.”
Iraq has been and is being ruined.
Afghanistan has been and is being ruined.
Syria has been and is being ruined.
Libya has been ruined and is being ruined.

Farmer Faces $2.8 Million Fine for… Plowing His Field!
“Farmers plowing their fields are specifically exempt from the Clean Water Act rules forbidding discharging material into U.S. waters, Francois said.”
“The government claims that Duarte did not plow but rather used a ripper, which dug 10 inches into the soil and they allege that it disturbed portions of the property that included wetland areas.”

Less Government. More Freedom.
“Just because there is no war to fight does not mean that the threat that we are facing is any less serious than what other generations of Americans have had to face. Over the last several decades, the U.S. Constitution has essentially been shredded, and at this point our republic is basically hanging by a thread. If we surrender to the left in this generation, the country that our forefathers envisioned may be gone for good.”

BBC Tries to Ambush Milo…With Exactly The Result You’d Expect



4m10s “If you don’t like something I say about feminism come to me with facts, with reason, with logic.”


Are Some Cancer Doctors Immorally Pocketing Money from Patients?
“More than a handful of doctor have been caught in the act of needlessly giving out or overcharging for cancer drugs to make a quick buck. It seems that some doctors are either intentionally or wrongfully diagnosing sickness, or are immorally pocketing cash from treatment costs.”

FROME MEDIA EVENT: Disarming the #FakeNews Media Giants – Media on Trial
“Some of the tactics used in propaganda include:”

selective stories
partial facts and background
exaggerating threats to people’s security and reinforcing reasons and motivations for them to respond to them
offering only a narrow range of insights into the situation, vouchsafed as undeniable (rather than one viewpoint among others that are not considered) and needing to be confirmed—viz, only official government sources or retired military personnel for conflicts
denigrating as “bad guys” and name-calling the opponent or the enemy for supposed dastardly acts
jumping to judgement based on inadequate information and before adequate or often any valid discussion, especially of the facts and the options available, has been considered.


World Leaders Gather In Beijing While The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy
“While vaudevillian comedy-like shouting matches broke out in the West Wing of the White House between President Donald Trump and his senior advisers and between the White House press secretary and various presidential aides, world leaders gathered in Beijing to discuss the creation of modern-day land and maritime «silk roads» to improve the economic conditions of nations around the world. Nothing more could have illustrated the massive divide between the concerns of many of the nations of the world and those of the United States, which is rapidly descending into second-rate power status, along with its NATO allies Britain, France, and Germany.”
“The one clear message the Beijing meeting sent out to the world is that America’s «unipolar» vision of the world was dead and buried.”
The Chinese are building economic infrastructure while America is engaged in wars around the world that as a byproduct damages economic infrastructure.

The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades
“What lots of Americans don’t realize, because it was kept secret from them for so long, is that what Trump has been enduring from the national-security establishment, the mainstream press, and the American right-wing for his outreach to, or “collusion with,” Russia pales in comparison to what Kennedy had to endure for committing the heinous “crime” of reaching out to Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union in a spirit of peace and friendship.”

“Secret” Russian Doc Influenced Comey’s Hillary Probe Even Though He Knew It Was Fake: CNN
Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
“In acknowledging Hannah’s injuries, the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had which didn’t “cause” her autism, but “resulted” in it. It’s unknown how many other children have similar undiagnosed mitochondrial disorder. All other autism “test cases” have been defeated at trial. Approximately 4,800 are awaiting disposition in federal vaccine court.”
“Then-director of the Centers for Disease Control Julie Gerberding (who is now President of Merck Vaccines) stated: “The government has made absolutely no statement indicating that vaccines are a cause of autism. This does not represent anything other than a very specific situation and a very sad situation as far as the family of the affected child.””
Is the vaccine manufacturer paying $1.5M or is the American tax payer ?


WATCH: Your Child ‘Belongs to the State’: Lawmakers Claim the State Owns Your Children
“Stickland challenged not only Wu but also Rep. Sarah Davis (R-West University Place), who sought to add an additional amendment in response to the amendment of Zedler’s, which would allow “cancer-preventing” vaccines to be administered, particularly the HPV vaccine.”
“Davis noted statistics related to cervical cancer deaths and low HPV vaccination rates in Texas and said that “the HPV vaccine will eliminate cervical cancer.” Stickland asked Davis if she believed that parents had the right to choose medical procedures for their children. Davis responded that she believed “children that have been taken from their parents and are in protective custody undergoing a medical examination should be given a vaccine that prevents them from developing cancer.””
“Stickland asked Davis if she understood that they were discussing the issue of children in temporary custody with no parental rights terminated during the medical exams. “Agreed, but cancer is not temporary,” Davis answered.”
“Stickland repeated his question of whether she thinks parents have the right to choose medical procedures for their children, and Davis said that “we have to find a balance because there is absolutely in my opinion zero science behind the fact that any vaccines are systematically harming children.””
There was zero science that the world was not flat until Galileo hypothesised that the world is round.

Has The Drug War Incentivized Police To Treat Citizens Like Terrorists?

73 Year Old Grandmother Mauled and Killed by Police K9 During Door to Door Search
“This is why it is very important to never consent to a search, or let police into your home, even if you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide.”
Is it better for the public if the police have to get a search warrant or have to explain how their incompetence resulted in the death of an innocent person ?

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 on Infant Daughter of a Man they Mistook for a Suspect
“Before Arenas-Alvarez makes it all the way to the vehicle, officers realized they had the wrong guy.”
“That’s not him, dude. That’s not a black man in a black shirt,” one officer said to another.”
“However, they continued the detainment.”

VIDEO: Cops Sic K9 on 81-Year-Old Grandma They Accused of Robbing Her Own House

‘Murder on Tape’: Cops Beat Unarmed Mentally Ill Man to Death for Being Scared of Them
“Joseph was unarmed and had not committed any crime when police arrived. However, their mere presence was enough to frighten the young man and caused him to run.”

Family Terrorized by Midnight Paramilitary Raid, Whoops Wrong House
“Gerst is a young black man. The police had his description, but they didn’t have his address. David Johnson is a middle-aged white man. This distinction was so obvious that it wouldn’t have been missed even by the typical police officer within a few seconds of the door breach.”

Acting on a Bogus Tip, Cops Raid Innocent Family, Execute Grandfather as He Lay Face Down

Cops Spray Family’s Home with Bullets, Nearly Kill them All, Handcuff Child – Offer No Explanation
“To add insult to the family’s terror at having been pulled from sleep and promptly fired upon, they were then handcuffed by Ocoee Police and seated on the curb outside — and weren’t allowed back into their home for 10 hours.”

Mayor Bloomberg: ‘I Have My Own Army’
““I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”
The public servants in the NYPD are there to fight crime and serve the public not to be an army for any politician.

State Prion Incarceration Rate (America)

An International Incarceration Rate Comparison (Blacks in prison in the America and South Africa)

Growth of private prisons

Private prison population 1987-2001

Police Reform Is Possible & Happening In America


Censoring You To “Protect” You
“Where once someone would invite you just to “shut up”, today they can appeal to the possibility that a non-existent lynch-mob might show up to murder anyone whose cause the censor of the day happens to be trying to protect.”

The Eye-Care Industry Wants Big Government to Crush the Competition

Legion of high crimes leaked by Manning / Death of Seth Rich / Autism vaxxed; Nature vs big pharma

What Bradley Manning Revealed (August 21, 2013)

There is an official policy to ignore torture in Iraq.
Defense contractors complicit in child trafficking activities.
Guantanamo prison has held mostly innocent people or low-level operatives.
There is an official tally of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan but presidents Bush and Obama falsely claim there isn’t.
Officials withheld information about the indiscriminate killing of Reuters journalists and innocent Iraqi civilians.
State department backed corporate opposition to a Haitian $5/day minimum wage law.
State department authorised the theft of U.N. secretary general’s DNA.

Chelsea Manning Free! Here Are Crimes She Revealed

Marine Le Pen: The French Election Was Rigged
“Up to one third of all ballots sent out to voters, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at the time of mailing.”

UK Government Moves Aggressively To Censor & Control The Internet
“The manifesto even suggests that the government might stop search engines like Google from directing people to pornographic websites. “We will put a responsibility on industry not to direct users – even unintentionally – to hate speech, pornography, or other sources of harm,” the Conservatives write.“
In other news Galileo has been banned for his theory that the world is round, not flat and to say the world is not flat is harmful.

Wall around Obama’s DC home complete
“As Barack Obama waxes eloquent about the supposed negative impact of walls on humanity, crews have completed the wall surrounding his Washington, DC home.”

Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report
Did anyone believe that this leak was done by the Russians ?

Russian Embassy Implicates Hillary In Tweet Asking: “Who Killed Seth Rich?”

Breaking: ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

CDC forced to release documents showing they Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism.

CDC pushing scare stories about RAW MILK, but won’t dare talk about the health risks of mercury in vaccines

Report: Medical marijuana could poach more than $4B from pharma sales annually
If you think that big pharma won’t lie, cheat and steal to protect their profits then you are completely out of your mind.


FOOD TYRANNY: One of the Nation’s Largest ORGANIC Farms is Under Attack — Being ORDERED by GOV’T to Use Noxious Chemicals Like Monsanto’s Glyphosate OR Be Shut Down!
How did a governmental system that is supposed to protect the rights of the people turn into this monstrosity ?

Oregon Officials Threaten To Seize 2,000 Acre Organic Farm, Spray It With Roundup

Oregon bureaucrats may be backing off forced glyphosate poisoning of 2,000-acre Azure organic farm
“Thanks to the global activism against government insanity, it now appears that officials in Sherman County, Oregon are backing off their recent threats to forcibly spray a 2,000-acre organic farm with toxic glyphosate weedkiller (Roundup).”
“With Natural News and other pro-organics organizations sounding the alarm, Sherman County officials were hit with over 40,000 emails denouncing their insanely destructive intention to spray a cancer-causing, soil-destroying poison on a large organic farm. David Cross, the Director of Marketing for Azure Farm, issued the following email.”

The Struggle For Health Freedom
“Like so many other tyrannies, this particular form of oppression, too, has been sold to the public in the name of “safety.” In this case, supposed concerns over the safety of foods and medical treatments have given rise to large, powerful bureaucratic agencies like the FDA that act as regulators. These bodies have been given broad legislative and judicial powers in the name of creating a regulatory framework for the country as a whole, powers that by their very nature are inherently tyrannical.”
“Bodies like the FDA are worrying because they have been granted broad powers to regulate what people can or cannot do with their bodies. The so-called self-proclaimed authorities are increasingly claiming the power to regulate and restrict the sale of alternative medicines, homegrown organic foods, and even raw milk. Even worse, they are increasingly attempting to cross the line into medical martial law by prepping the public to accept invasive medical procedures with a growing insistence on mandatory vaccinations.”

Health Ranger SCIENCE: Horsetail herb prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia by removing toxic ALUMINUM from your body

Russia Reacts To Trumpleaks: “We Want Nothing To Do With This Nonsense”

CA Dem Party Tells Progressives “Shut The F*ck Up”

Paid by lobbyists to screw the people.

Diane Feinstein Reveals How Evil Corporate Democrats Are

Paid by lobbyists to screw the people.

Chomsky “Bernie Would’ve Won” (against Trump)

India’s not-so-foolproof ID plan
“This month lawyers opposing Aadhaar argued before the Supreme Court that the government could not force Indians to share their biometric data. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi countered that Indians had no constitutional right to privacy and could not claim an “absolute right” over their bodies.”
Are humans being treated as cattle by their respective governments ?

Greek Authorities To Launch Mass Confiscation Of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities, Homes In Tax-Evasion Crackdown
“According to Kathimerini, Greek Finance Ministry inspectors are about to start seeking out the owners of all local undeclared properties, while the law will be amended to allow for financial products and the content of safe deposit boxes to be confiscated electronically. The plan for the identification of taxpayers who have “forgotten” to declare their properties to the tax authorities is expected to be ready by year-end, according to the timetable of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue.”
The looting continues.

Meanwhile… In Greece
“A day earlier, the Police Union had warned that the government will find them on the opposite side. According to Greek media, the government considers to add some last minutes modifications in the 4.90-billion euro omnibus bill to exempt the Armed Forces from further cuts in wages, pensions and some benefits.”
Ancient Rome made sure to treat the troops properly but in the end the ancient Roman empire fell.

Shadow Forces Behind Government

They Killed the Tsar – Now the Globalists Target Putin
“Evidence of perpetrators of Tsar Nicholas’ demise is abundant and easily discernable through already published works from George Katkov, Stefan Possony, and Michael Futrell. Their studies, and scores more, have shown that Lenin and the exiled Bolsheviks were funded and supported by the German government, and by many of the industrialists that still dominate world finance. Many of the names have remained the same, and even the strategies and propaganda are unchanged, in the current revolutionary redux so apparent in Russia today. Once again ousted oligarchs and nefarious political characters inside Russia are financed by the likes of the Rothschilds, George Soros’ NGOs, and some of the same industrialist families responsible for murdering the Romanovs.”

The Real Conspiracy: Conspiring to Cast Everything as a Conspiracy Theory
“Everything is a conspiracy, the elite globalists control us all, they will win, and resistance is futile.”
“Well, in that case, what’s the point of even fighting it? In fact, if all is so hopeless, why even bother pointing out how hopeless it is?”
“Or could it be–gasp, conspiracy!–that those ultra-pessimists are really themselves the agents of the controlling elite?”

A detailed cash map of how the Clintons have siphoned money into the corrupt Clinton Foundation

Michael Snyder Rages “The Federal Reserve Must Go”
“If you want to permanently fix America’s economy, there really is no other choice.  Even before Ron Paul’s rallying cry of “End The Fed” shook America during the peak of the Tea Party movement, I was a huge advocate of shutting down the Federal Reserve.  Because no matter how hard we try to patch it up otherwise, the truth is that our debt-based financial system has been fundamentally flawed from the very beginning, and the Federal Reserve is the very heart of that system.  The following is a free preview of an upcoming book that I am working on about how to turn this country is a more positive direction…”
“The Fed is an independent central bank that has even argued in court that it is not an agency of the federal government.  Yes, the president appoints the leadership of the Fed, but the Fed and other central banks around the world have always fiercely guarded their “independence”.  On the official Fed website, it is admitted that the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks are organized “much like private corporations”, and they very much operate like private entities.  They even issue shares of stock to the private banks that own them.”
Bitcoin will make all central banks irrelevant.

On Gold, Dollars, & Bitcoin
“When it comes to a store of value, however, the factors of production may choose to save in whatever form of money they want. If the general perception is that government-sponsored, bank system-created fiat currencies will have to be greatly diluted in the future so that systemic debts can be serviced and repaid, then savers will migrate to money forms with capped floats, like gold and Bitcoin.”

World Money: Five Hidden Signals From The IMF
“In his opening remarks Obstfeld identified, “There has been increasing debate over the role of the SDR since the global financial crisis. We in the Fund have been looking more intensively at the issue over whether an enhanced role for the SDR could improve the functioning of the international monetary system.””
The IMF can stick their debt-based SDR up their f**king arse.

A New Paradigm is Emerging And It Could Make Central Banks, Governments & Secret Societies Irrelevant
“However, suppose a trusted figure were to open up a company on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru with the specific purpose of offering global insurance in Bitcoin. They could be based anywhere, but they could take payments online, make assessments and pay out in Bitcoin as well. No rules from government, just the free market in operation.”
“Do you want a free market global insurance platform that will cover you from driving a hire car in Australia, cover illness for holiday travels and medical insurance in case your skiing trip to Aspen goes wrong? No problem. $100 worth of bitcoin to this wallet address. The possibilities are endless.”

Talking Of ‘Obstruction Of Justice’…
1. Operation Fast And Furious, 2. Spying on A.P. journalists, 3. Targeting journalist James Rosen, 4. Eric Holder contempt, 5. Obama intel leaks, 6. IRS scandal, 7. Benghazi, 8.Clinton emails.

Judicial Watch Congratulates President Trump For Firing James Comey. More Reasons Surface Incriminating James Comey.

Tom Fitton: Comey Has ‘Repeatedly and Improperly Protected Clinton and Her Top People From Consequences of Criminal Behavior’

The Real ‘Monster’ Eating The Nation
“The most curious feature of the current crisis, of course, is the idiotic Russia story that has been the fulcrum for levering Trump out of the White House.”

The American Dystopia Didn’t Begin With Trump
“Meinrath criticized Obama’s “schizophrenia” in calling upon his fellow citizens to reform surveillance laws and protect privacy even as he unilaterally expanded surveillance by granting “sweeping surveillance powers” to 17 government agencies through an executive order as he left office.”

The last president to fire an FBI director? Bill Clinton

DNC Lawsuit Process Server Shawn Lucas Dead
“Shawn Lucas, depicted in a viral video serving the DNC with a lawsuit in July 2016, died of accidental polypharmacy in August 2016.”

Why Is The Trump Administration Rewarding Saudi War Crimes With More Weapons?
“Last October the Saudi Arabia-led coalition bombed a funeral hall in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, killing and wounding hundreds of people.”

Former FBI Director the Ultimate Inside Man
“Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He only gained power and money by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton’s totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency. This is how Comey began his career as a creature of the “swamp” years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.”

WHO OWNS THE WORLD? Tracing Half the Corporate Giants’ Shares to 30 OWNERS

Congress Is Coming After Your 401(k)
“A proposal floating around in Republican circles in Washington would add insult to injury: They want to end the tax-deductibility of your pension contributions so they can give a $1.5 billion tax break to U.S. corporations.”
Stealing anything that is not nailed down.

Fake News, Fake Money

Standing Rock ‘felt like Gaza strip’ – Chase Iron Eyes

“Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, is now completing the biggest natural gas pipeline under construction in the US. The government ordered a halt to drilling after the company spilled more than 2 million gallons of drilling fluid in Ohio wetlands. However, activities continue even without authorization to resume from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.”

Visual proof: The Number of Foreclosures is Exploding… It’s Game Over!

Turkish NBA Player Has Passport Revoked by ‘the Hitler of our Century’
“Last month in the country’s constitutional referendum, Erdogan consolidated greater power by the slimmest majority – 51% of the votes, if the vote count is to be believed.”
“With that victory, Erdogan has near dictatorial powers, which is why he was able to unilaterally suspend Kanter’s passport.”
I suppose the Turkish people did not have this abuse of power in mind when they voted in favour of granting greater powers to their president.

“A Republic… Or A Monarchy?”
“As one delegate wrote, “Bill of Rights– useful, but not essential.””
“Once again, after months of bitter arguments, Congress finally reached a compromise in September 1789, approving ten Constitutional amendments that guaranteed certain freedoms for the people.”
“More than two centuries later it’s clear that most of what they worked to achieve has completely changed.””

LAWSUIT: College that jailed student for passing out Constitutions is still chilling speech
“In an encounter caught on video, an administrator told the group it was violating the solicitation policy by asking passers-by if they “like freedom and liberty” – a question that students from “rural farm areas” might feel compelled to answer.”
They do have the freedom to not answer. What the hell is this bulls**t ?

Brazil’s President Tells Supreme Court To Suspend Corruption Probe Of Brazil’s President
“In a move that will surely light the proverbial lightbulb over Donald Trump’s head, Brazilian President Michel Temer, having been officially dragged into Brazil’s massive corruption scandal last week, said on Saturday he would ask the Supreme Court to suspend its investigation into allegations he was also involved in the carwash corruption scheme, vowing to remain in power.”

Deutsche Bank Sued For Running An “International Criminal Organization” In Italian Court
“In the closely watched lawsuit, prosecutors used internal Deutsche Bank documents and emails to persuade a three-judge panel to rule that there were additional, aggravating circumstances to the charges the German lender already faces related to various derivatives transactions. As Bloomberg reported overnight, the material included a London trader’s “well done!” message to a banker who is now on trial.”

Condi Admits Another Iraq War Lie
“Last week, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made some surprising admissions about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, claiming U.S.-led interventions in the Middle East were not about spreading democracy but were instead about addressing security issues.”
Still lying.

Powell Calls His U.N. Speech a Lasting Blot on His Record (SEPT. 9, 2005)

“The former secretary of state, Colin L. Powell, says in a television interview to be broadcast Friday that his 2003 speech to the United Nations, in which he gave a detailed description of Iraqi weapons programs that turned out not to exist, was “painful” for him personally and would be a permanent “blot” on his record.”

Judith Miller: ‘No senior official spoon-fed me a line about WMD’
“Judith Miller, the correspondent whose mistaken reporting on Saddam Hussein’s supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program routinely decorated the front page of the New York Times in the run-up to the Iraq war, has launched a staunch defense of her work in a newspaper essay published Friday and in a forthcoming book.”

Why Brexit Is Good For Working People In Clear, Simple Terms


Corporate News Tool Gets Shut Down By Progressive

The Real Barack Obama Is Finally Exposed To Everyone
“I’ve been surprised by the number of people who lived in total denial about who Barack Obama actually was throughout his entire administration, suddenly pointing out the ethical and demoralizing implications of his recent decision to accept $400,000 for a speech to Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald.”

Barack Obama Reportedly Accepts $400,000 for a Wall Street Speech
“But still, Obama does not need this gig. And both his party — and his ideological kin the world over — could really use some distance from Wall Street, given that even the center-left’s own technocrats now recognize that the financial industry is an overgrown parasite whose rapacious rent-seeking immiserates working people.”

Obama Gives Finger To Country—Takes $400K From Wall Street

1m10s “You can’t be in bed with Wall Street and represent workers because Wall Street’s agenda is to screw over workers.”
3m “They had 10 million foreclosures while they bailed out Wall Street. Took 2 wars, turned them into 7.”
7m50s “Did you really avoid breaking up the big banks because you thought it would undermine financial stability, or were you on the take ?”

Trevor Noah: If You Oppose Obama’s $400k Wall St. Speech ‘Fúçk You’

2m5s “They do complain about it when it’s Howard Dean, who’s a massive sellout, when it’s John Kerry, who’s a massive sellout.”

Bernie Mocked For Not Being Corrupt (by supposed journalists)

Rick Santorum Tries Bashing Bernie Gets SHUT DOWN HARD!

8m10s “On the issue of trade there is alignment (with Bernie) but …” BOOM!!!

Ex DNC Chair Scolds Bernie Sanders “Mind His Own Business!”

6m35 “You want to know why the democrats are wiped out ? This, this, defending corruption at the top of your lungs.”

Roomful of Trump Supporters Cheer Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Hugs Desperate Woman After West Virginia Townhall

6m40s “Doesn’t every American deserve clean water, doesn’t every American deserve access to a healthy life and a healthy environment and aren’t our government officials that we vote for in office supposed to protect those rights and ensure that we thrive instead of creating one war after another war and destroy other countries. And can’t even take care of our people here in America.”

Bernie Sanders Rips CNN Host To Her Face

Why Don’t Americans Trust The Federal Government?

Top NSA Whistleblower: Ransomware Hack Caused by “Swindle of the Taxpayers” by Intelligence Agencies
“The bottom line is that our intelligence services should start concentrating on actually defending us, rather than focusing on offensive mischief.”

Spending like a drunken sailor.

French election stolen by NWO / NSA built hacking tools / IMF “suggesting” a 10% tax on all ‘money’

Thousands of torn Le Pen ballots discovered in the French presidential election, all invalid and disqualified
It looks like someone did interfere with the French presidential election, just not Russia.

France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges
“On Friday night, as news of what has been hashtagged as @MacronLeaks on twitter spread, Florian Philippot, deputy leader of the National Front, tweeted “Will Macronleaks teach us something that investigative journalism has deliberately kept silent?” In a tweeted response, Macron spokesman Sylvain Fort called Philippot’s tweet “vile”.”

Largest French Newspaper Explains Why It Won’t Cover The Macron Leaks
“One wonders if this embarrassingly pro-establishment behavior by an apparently ‘free press’ will smash France’s rankings in the World Press Freedom Index even further (already below Lithuiania and Slovenia and just above Belize…)”

“Worst-Ever Recorded” Ransomware Attack Strikes Over 57,000 Users Worldwide, Using NSA-Leaked Tools (demanding payment in bitcoin)
How secure is your data when the NSA hacking tools can breach the security protecting your data ?
I am waiting for the demonisation of bitcoin to start but if a ban is forthcoming it will not solve the problem cause the hackers will still be able to hack and they will respond to any ban on bitcoin by finding another method of payment.

Roomful Of Regular People Proclaim Disgust At Democrats

9m15s “These are the people who aren’t going to vote for your corporate bulls**t any more.”

“Iraq threatened the ability to American financial institutions and arms dealers to expand with impunity because Iraq by 2003 had been cut off from the western financial and corporate apparatus. Iraq didn’t threaten anyone’s security, but it did threaten the expansion of certain western interests in the region. Could this be the ‘security’ about which Miss. Rice spoke?”

Well Duh! 14 Years Later, Condoleezza Rice Reveals Real Reason for Iraq Invasion
All the recent wars are fought for economic imperialist reasons with the plunder going to the mega corporations.

IMF “suggesting” a 10% tax on all money on deposit in banks throughout Europe
“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is always the cheerleader to raise taxes to support government they are instructing Germany to raise taxes and also talking about just imposing a 10% tax on all money on deposit in banks throughout Europe. Yes – you read that one correctly.”

George Carlin – It’s a big club and you ain’t in it

Humanity needs to become independent of this big club which includes the IMF.
Thomas Jefferson: “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”

‘Brussels-ordered COUP’ Thousands REVOLT over ‘EU meddling’ in another European country

Martin Armstrong Asks “Is Soros At it Again…Trying To Overthrow The Polish Government?”

Federal Suit Hits Soros For $10 Billion For “Political Meddling…Motivated Solely By Malice”

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The (ultra low profile) Rothschild Family

1. Incest, 2. Financed the Napoleonic wars, 3. Have far more money than they’re willing to reveal, 4. Creepy secret parties, 5. Said to have manipulated the gold market for 2 centuries, 6. Beginnings were humble, 7. Nazis seized Rothschilds artwork, 8. Sold an estate of 35 farmhouses for £24m in 2015, 9. Nathan Rothschild referred to the king of England as a ‘puppet’, 10. Some believe that the Rothschilds are responsible for the recessions and depressions of the past 2 centuries, 11. Amschel Rothschild hanged himself after a meeting about a merger, 12. Kate Rothschild divorced Ben Rothschild, 13. Dave Mayer de Rothschild once sailed a boat made from plastic bottles from California to Sydney (rejected the family business), 14. Funded Britain’s stake in the Suez canal (in return for what I wonder), 15. Nathaniel Rothschild supposedly sharing a sauna with a Russian oligarch and 1 of Britain’s richest men.

Who Controls the Money Controls the World

6m5s “Only 16 years after the federal reserve was in power America experienced the great depression. My research revealed that before the big crash in 1929 the elite bankers pulled their money out of the stock market. After the crash they used that money to buy up cheap stocks and smaller failing banks for pennies on the dollar. Among the bankers who consolidated their wealth this way was the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and Morgans. A similar scenario played out in the 2008 collapse with the same bankers benefiting.”

The Curse of Cash
“The world is drowning in cash—and it is making us poorer and less safe. In The Curse of Cash, Kenneth Rogoff, one of the world’s leading economists, makes a persuasive and fascinating case for an idea that until recently would have seemed outlandish: getting rid of most paper money. — Princeton”
“As Rogoff shows, paper money can also cripple monetary policy. In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, central banks have been unable to stimulate growth and inflation by cutting interest rates below zero for fear that it would drive investors to abandon treasury bills and stockpile cash. This constraint has paralysed monetary policy in virtually every advanced economy, and is likely to be a recurring problem in the future.”
Bitcoin is a vote against the corrupt money junkies.

Illusion of choice: 6 corporations control 90% of US media outlets, 10 corporations control almost every product bought by consumers globally, 1 non-profit institution controls US presidential debates, 1 family owns the banks in all but 3 countries across the globe…

Republicans Busy Helping Banks Screw You

4m50s “The Financial Choice Act would remove the ability of the federal government to liquidate banks that are judged to be ‘to big to fail’.
5m “It would allow banks and credit card agencies to increase debit and credit card fees.”
Where are the choices being offered by the Financial Choice Act ?

Why you can’t ignore Puerto Rico’s ($75B) bankruptcy
“Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They are suffering under the weight of heavy debt, government bureaucracy, high taxes and poor access to economic opportunity.”
“This bankruptcy may lead to their pensions and health care insurance taking hits, while services could also suffer cuts. Fabian estimated that some pensioners may get cuts of up to 20%”
“The case could lead to a political eruption in Washington.”

Is this 1917 law suffocating Puerto Rico’s economy?
“The Jones Act, which requires everybody in Puerto Rico to buy goods from an American-made ship with an American crew, limits business owners and jacks up prices.”
Such an act constitutes government mandated monopoly.

On CPS And Other Examples Of Totalitarian Government Monopolies
“And take “Child Protective Services.” (Please.) CPS bureaucrats are really part of the judicial system, as everything else seems to be. This article on Activist Post describes the ordeal that Jeffrey and Erica Henderson went through. The government police broke into their home without a warrant, beat up Jeffrey and charged him with “resisting.” Eventually their kids were taken from them, their possessions and finances stolen from them. All this based on an anonymous tip from a “neighbor” who wanted to accuse them of “endangerment.” In the article, a statement from Mrs. Henderson includes: “The officers searched our home, strip searched and interviewed our children and found no evidence of abuse. I was never arrested or ticketed.””

YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS – George Carlin (just ask Japanese Americans interred in 1942)

George Carlin – List of people who ought to be killed

Central banks beat Bitcoin at own game with rival supercurrency (13 March 2016)
“The RSCoin is deemed more likely to gain to mass acceptance than Bitcoin since the ledger would remain exclusively in the hands of the central bank, with the ‘trust’ factor of state authority. It would have the incumbency benefits of an established currency behind it.”
What a load of s**t.

Bitcoin “Speculatory Object” From “Unknown Actors”: German Central Bank
What a load of s**t.

10 Major FBI Scandals on Comey’s Watch
“2. Shortly after the NSA scandal exploded in 2013, the FBI was exposed conducting its own data mining on innocent Americans; the agency, Bloomberg reported, retains that material for decades (even if no wrongdoing is found).”
In other words, the human right of being free from unreasonable searches supposedly guaranteed by the fourth amendment. This one is my favourite.

James Comey EXPOSED by Trey Gowdy – So Are You Gonna Lie to Our Faces?

What are the odds that Trey Gowdy will be the next FBI Director ?

INCREDIBLE! Trey Gowdy Replaces James Comey!

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure (D+, Obama’s legacy, Bush’s legacy, Clinton’s legacy)

Greek Stocks Soar To Longest Winning Streak Since ’99 (Despite Unconstitutional Bailout Demands)
“The pension cuts the government and its creditors have agreed on in the Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding on May 2 2017 will affect more than one million Greek pensioners who will see further cuts up to 18% in their main and the supplementary pensions respectively. The pensioners will suffer losses from 45 to 350 euros per month.The total annual loss could reach 3,000 euros, that is a loss of up to 2.5 to 3 monthly pensions per year.”
“Exempted from the cuts are neither low-pensions nor widow or invalidity pensions.”
“It will be the fourth or fifth cut in pensions since 2010 when the International Monetary Fund arrived in the country together with the first bailout.”
The banksters want all the pensioners dead.

Welcome To The Corporatocracy
“America’s large corporations and its government have merged. Or was it an acquisition? If the latter, who acquired whom? Unfortunately, the labels affixed to purely corporate combinations lose their analytical usefulness here. While the two retain their own distinct legal structures and managements, so to speak, such a close community of interest has evolved that it’s no longer possible to separate them or delineate their individual contours. Political labels are no help; the ones most often used have become hopelessly imprecise. The Wikipedia definition of “fascism” is over 8,000 words, with 43 notes and 16 references.”

Is The Blockchain About To Disrupt This $7 Trillion Industry?
“The traditional analogue solution involved hundreds of documents. And it took at least three hours to complete each trade.”
“But on this trip, each trade took less than 25 minutes.”
“The name of the project that made a 25-minute trade possible is Easy Trading Connect. It’s a partnership between Société Générale and ING.”
“And it works by moving the transactions to a private version of the Ethereum blockchain.”

America has always been in a constitutional crisis.

REPORT: Anti-Trump Senator Mark Warner Made $6 Million in 2012 From Russian Tech Business
“Hardcore anti-Trump Democrat Senator from Virginia and Russia conspiracy theorist, Mark Warner, made $6 million from Russian search engine and tech company Yandex back in 2012.”
“GotNews reports that the $6 million he pocketed represents 10% of his entire net worth. This is corroborated by the Christian Science Monitor, which reported his net worth to be around $80 million.”
Don’t you love the hypocrisy ?

Just When President Trump Launches Probe Into Fake Votes, A Brave Journalist To Hand Evidence Of Mass Voter Fraud To Him
13m45s “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do s**t.”

Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient (and one to massive fraud)
“Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.”

Ron Paul Warns “We Are In The Last Stages Of The Welfare-Warfare State”
“The root of the current crisis is neither political nor economic but philosophical. Too many have bought into the lie that government can protect us from life’s misfortunes and stamp out evil around the world without endangering our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity. Convincing a critical mass of people to reject big government is key to our success.”

United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons
Those 2 attacks in March 2013 and August 2013, they were both ‘rebel’ attacks.

‘Greatest threat to US democracy is its sham two-party system, not Russia’
“Annie Machon is a former intel­li­gence officer for MI5, the UK Secur­ity Ser­vice, who resigned in the late 1990s to blow the whistle on the spies’ incom­pet­ence and crimes”
“FBI Director James Comey also described Russia “the greatest threat” to US democracy. What are your thoughts about that?”
“AM: I think that in America some of the greatest threats to their democracy is, first of all, the two-party system which is actually a sham in a sense that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the same government administration will get in. And the fact that most of the candidates who are put up for election to president in the US tend to be very heavily backed by big lobby organizations, by Wall Street. So, vested interests tend to be running a very corporatists state in America.”

Wikileaks: “What CNN didn’t show you: CIA is known to have interfered in 81 national elections (not counting coups)”.

Julian Assange Just Destroyed The FBI, CIA And Fake News In An Epic Tweetstorm
“But when reporters confronted The Sun on the story’s apparent inaccuracies, the newspaper then changed the story as well as the author’s name. “Shortly after the correction was published, the article was heavily revised and Christodoulou’s name replaced with the name Eileen Weybridge,” writes Shootthemessenger.”

Comey Says (Hillary-zilla’s ex CoS) Huma Abedin Sent Anthony Weiner Classified Emails
“Kennedy then pressed Comey into admitting that if Weiner had read the emails, he would’ve been committing a crime. What comes next can only be described as pavement ape logic, where the FBI chief said he didn’t think Weiner “ever read the emails.””
Is this the leadership of the free world outdoing the worst of third world corruption ?

First on CNN: Rice declines Senate request to testify on Russian hacking
“Graham first told CNN before the letter was sent that he had invited Rice to address the Senate panel to determine whether the Obama administration “tried to politicize intelligence” — part of his broader investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections.”
Is this a replay of the ‘sexed-up’ intelligence on the non-existent WMD in Saddam’s Iraq ?

The Existential Question Of Who To Trust (the non-existent WMD in Saddam’s Iraq)
“Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the United Nations on Feb. 5. 2003, citing satellite photos which supposedly proved that Iraq had WMD, but the evidence proved bogus. CIA Director George Tenet is behind Powell to the left”

In Yemen, Shocked to His Bones
“Yemen stands as the worst-threatened of four countries where impending famine conditions have been said to comprise the single-worst humanitarian crisis since the founding of the U.N. On May 2nd, 2017, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs published a grim infographic detailing conditions in Yemen where 17 million Yemenis – or around 60 percent of the population – are unable to access food. The U.S. and its allies continue to bomb Yemen.”

Compound in turmeric found to suppress viruses, including hepatitis, herpes, chikungunya, influenza-A, HIV and HPV

“At the rate things are going, we might expect the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay out around $220 million or more by the close of FY 2017. To clarify, US Fiscal Year 2017 runs from October 1st, 2016 to September 30th, 2017 – there’s still over four months remaining to rack up more carnage.”

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism

First Vaccinated Versus Nonvaccinated Peer Review Study Published

School Bans Unvaccinated Kids After Immunized Children Start Chickenpox Outbreak

Forced Vaccinations Violate Constitutional Rights, Sweden’s Parliament Declares
“Furthermore, this must be noted by all countries forcing mandatory vaccinations of children and adults, especially the USA, where a police-state exists regarding fraudulent vaccine pseudoscience:”
“NHF Sweden also shows how frequent serious adverse reactions according to the rate at which FASS specifies in the package leaflet of the MMR vaccine, when you vaccinate an entire year group.”

HPV vaccine turns young woman into a shriveled, tortured vaccine victim with severe pain that never goes away

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has been ordered to return more than $100,000 seized from a medical marijuana businessman and his family, 15 months after drug agents raided the company and didn’t charge anyone with a crime.
“Hottot said Monday that law enforcement agencies exploited the asset-forfeiture rules to boost their own budgets. The rules allow police and sheriff’s departments and the District Attorney’s Office to retain a portion of assets they seize.”

Plants Native Americans Use To Cure Everything – Miracle Plant That Cures Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver, Kidneys
“Hummingbird Blossom (Buck Brush)”
“Qua lo ga (Sumac)”
“Big Stretch (Wild Ginger).”
“Jiddu Unigisdi (Wild Rose).”
“Squirrel Tail (Yarrow).”
“Kawi Iyusdi (Yellow Dock).”


Susan Sarandon Slams Chris Hayes: “You’re A Journalist, Right!?”

This is one woman I would love to see become president of these united states of America, you can forget Hillary-zilla.

Surf freely. No DNS redirects. No Logging.

Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick / Part 2

“They Know Something That We Don’t” – Corporate Insiders Are Dumping Their Stocks “At Levels Rarely Seen”
Do they know another 1929-style crash is coming ?

ISIS Apologized To Israel For Attacking IDF Soldiers (WTF)
Obamacare “Death Spiral”: Maryland Insurer Seeks 50% Premium Increase For 2018

Obamacare Implosion: Last Major Healthcare Provider Pulls Out Of Iowa Leaving No Options In 2018

How GOP Sides With Corporations To Destroy Internet Privacy (by selling user data they host)

“But what distinguishes this latest vote is that this pretext is unavailable. Nobody can claim with a straight face that allowing AT&T and Comcast to sell their users’ browser histories has any relationship to national security. Indeed, there’s no minimally persuasive rationale that can be concocted for this vote. It manifestly has only one purpose: maximizing the commercial interests of these telecom giants at the expense of ordinary citizens. It’s so blatant here that it cannot even be disguised.”
“That’s why, despite its devastating harm for individual privacy, there is a beneficial aspect to this episode. It illustrates – for those who haven’t yet realized it – who actually dominates Congress and owns its members: the corporate donor class.”
Has the swamp swallowed Trump ?

Corporate Democrats Inspire New Ride At Disneyland!

The political establishment in America is an absolute laughing stock.

Eurostar sold off (£757m) despite ministers believing its value would rise – report
“Labour said the NAO report showed the public purse had “suffered a considerable net loss”. Lilian Greenwood, the shadow transport secretary, said it was unacceptable the decision to sell was driven by the election and that taxpayers would never recoup their £3bn investment.”
“Mick Cash, the general secretary of the RMT said: “However you dress it up, the fire sale of the UK’s Eurostar stake before the election has cost the taxpayer billions in wasted investment and lost future profits.”
The British taxpayer was just looted of £2.2bn.

‘I’m an attorney, but also a human’: Police officer assaulting teen at high school caught on camera

Child tried to use her constitutional rights and the school says NO!

“I dont think taking a picture of you and your friend by the locker after class is a justifiable reason for the school to confiscate my childs phone for 14 days, because she chose not to allow illegal seizure she is being suspended for 3 days! She was not disrupting class. Yet she was charged with insubordination.”

United CEO Repeatedly Blames Passenger For Beating

This CEO needed 3 attempts at an ‘apology’ and the third ‘apology’ still has problems not least of which when he says ‘no one should ever be mistreated this way’. ‘Treated’ is the word not ‘mistreated’. Does this CEO need an english language lesson ?

Will You Flight United Airlines Again? Dragged Vietnamese Man Witnesses Asked in CNN Interview

The answer should be ‘no’ but then United Airlines is the third largest carrier in the world and there are only 5 other major carriers who might not have the route you want.

Delta Supervisor Threatens Parents With Jail Then Kicks Them Off Plane (and kids into foster care)

2m55s “He has to stay in your arms the whole time.”
The family agrees to this but they throw the family off the plane – WTF.

Adam Carolla on the Couple Kicked Off Delta Airlines with their 2-year old (After Being Told to Give Up Their Child’s Seat)

Mother sues American Airlines for losing her daughter’s ashes

Young Mom Dies in Jail Cell as Video Shows Officers Laugh & Gawk at Her — Lawsuit

In Oklahoma, an anti-protest law to bankrupt groups that organize political protests
“A section of the law defining “critical infrastructure” includes various types of fossil fuel facilities. Oklahoma is a center of the oil and gas industry and home of the self-styled “Pipeline Crossroads of the World” in Cushing. The state has seen a dramatic increase in earthquakes since the nation’s fracking boom began, as companies began pumping wastewater produced from hydraulic fracturing underground. The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association is a supporter of the legislation.”
These corporation must be allowed to make their profits at the expense of the people and the environment.

DEA Breaks the Law with Special Prosecutors to Rekindle Drug War
“According to National Public Radio, Uncle Sam’s leading drug enforcement hammers quietly announced a plan last month to recruit a slew of new special prosecutors for the sole purpose of nailing drug offenders to the wall. The agency said its intention was to employee as many as 20 legal eagles, all of whom would be paid through funds provided by the pharmaceutical industry, that “would be permitted to represent the United States in criminal and civil proceedings before the courts and apply for various legal orders.””
The merger of corporation with government.

American Academy of Pediatrics declares “no science” needed to prove vaccines are safe, because they BELIEVE
How very unscientific.

The Death Of Facts
“Of course, the students at Claremont go farther than this. They make claims about people that are lies, yet state them as though they are categorical truths. And then they declare that “truth” is a “construct” — and one that they do not believe in. Their letter makes that plain, without them having any need to state the fact. But that they have stated it is convenient; it saves any honest observer from having to expend much energy considering the validity of their other claims. Anyone studying the decline of education in privileged Western democracies in the early 21st century will find documents like this immensely rewarding as historical testaments, and also a warning of what can happen when the thinking goes wrong.”

The Cult Almost Everyone is a Part Of

1m35s “One group tells the other group where they can live, where they can work, what they can eat, what they can drink, what they can drive, who they can work for, what work they can do and other nonsense. One group takes and spends trillions of dollars of what the other group earns. One group consist entirely of economic parasite while the efforts of the other group produces all the wealth. It’s a big club ad you ain’t in it.”
‘We are the government’ is incorrect, it should always be ‘we are the people’.

Disbelieve deep state / Post-constitutional Kingdom of Crime / Destroying press freedom / Banking dynasty palaces

“The Brink Of War”: The Horror Of The Deep State’s Plan Exposed – Part 2
“The use of graphic images, electronically transmitted across the world in an instant, along with a consistent false narrative promoted by the captured corporate media, is the preferred means of appealing to the emotions of those who want to believe atrocity propaganda. Instigating a march to war through the use of unfounded fear, misinformation, staged photo ops, and appealing to passions and prejudices was as revolting to Albert Einstein  in the 1930s as it is today to normal thinking individuals.”
“In Part Three of this article I will discuss how Trump has been co-opted by the Deep State into doing their bidding with military intervention and bullying across the globe. It’s just a continuation of imperialism run rampant. Empires always decline and fall due to military overreach and economic bankruptcy. The American (corporate) empire will be no different.”

Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria (By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr 2/23/16, the Qatar pipeline, failed CIA coups in 1949, 1957, CIA asset Saddam installed in Iraq 1958)
“They don’t hate ‘our freedoms.’ They hate that we’ve betrayed our ideals in their own countries — for oil.”
“The so called “Bruce-Lovett Report,” to which he was a signatory, described CIA coup plots in Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Egypt, all common knowledge on the Arab street, but virtually unknown to the American people who believed, at face value, their government’s denials. The report blamed the CIA for the rampant anti-Americanism that was then mysteriously taking root “in the many countries in the world today.” The Bruce-Lovett Report pointed out that such interventions were antithetical to American values and had compromised America’s international leadership and moral authority without the knowledge of the American people. The report also said that the CIA never considered how we would treat such interventions if some foreign government were to engineer them in our country.”
“The CIA began its active meddling in Syria in 1949 — barely a year after the agency’s creation. Syrian patriots had declared war on the Nazis, expelled their Vichy French colonial rulers and crafted a fragile secularist democracy based on the American model. But in March 1949, Syria’s democratically elected president, Shukri-al-Quwatli, hesitated to approve the Trans-Arabian Pipeline, an American project intended to connect the oil fields of Saudi Arabia to the ports of Lebanon via Syria. In his book, Legacy of Ashes, CIA historian Tim Weiner recounts that in retaliation for Al-Quwatli’s lack of enthusiasm for the U.S. pipeline, the CIA engineered a coup replacing al-Quwatli with the CIA’s handpicked dictator, a convicted swindler named Husni al-Za’im. Al-Za’im barely had time to dissolve parliament and approve the American pipeline before his countrymen deposed him, four and a half months into his regime.”
“Secret cables and reports by the U.S., Saudi and Israeli intelligence agencies indicate that the moment Assad rejected the Qatari pipeline, military and intelligence planners quickly arrived at the consensus that fomenting a Sunni uprising in Syria to overthrow the uncooperative Bashar Assad was a feasible path to achieving the shared objective of completing the Qatar/Turkey gas link. In 2009, according to WikiLeaks, soon after Bashar Assad rejected the Qatar pipeline, the CIA began funding opposition groups in Syria. It is important to note that this was well before the Arab Spring-engendered uprising against Assad.”

The Real Reason We’re In Syria Is Enraging But Not Surprising

Why Are We In Syria? Shocking Facts Media Doesn’t Tell You

Everything You See About Syria On TV Is Fake News

Journalist Who Went To Syria Schools Colleague On Syrian Realities

You’re Being Lied To On Syria | United States The Real Terrorists

5m15s “101 of 193 U.N. member states have sent terrorists to Syria.”

John Kerry reveals Arab countries have offered to PAY America to carry out full-scale invasion of Syria (4 September 2013)
The Daly Mail breaking ranks with the war-mongering corporate news media.

A-R-A-B Countries Offered To Pay U.S. To INVADE S-Y-R-I-A

7m20s “Some of them have said that if the united states is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we’ve done it previously in other places they will carry that cost, that’s how dedicated they are to this.”

The Veneer of Justice in a (post-constitutional) Kingdom of Crime

8m15s “(Senator Barney Frank Speaker talking to Goldman Sachs CEO on television): Do you think they know that you think something is a piece of crap when you sell it them and then bet against it? Do you think they know that?”

GREECE DEBT DEAL IS OFF! Germany halts bail out demanding MORE austerity and pension cuts
“GERMANY says it will not support a bail out deal for Greece until it pushes through laws to cut pensions and inflict more austerity on its citizens.”
“The country issued a clarification yesterday saying that no deal had been reached until Greece passes laws to mandate up to 18 per cent in pension cuts.”
In place of he word ‘GERMANY’, it should say ‘Merkel’.
Pension cuts means they are throwing more pensioners on the bonfire.

Leaked: The UK’s secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors
“This act of stripping away safeguards on people’s private data is also fantastic news for hackers, criminals, and anyone else who wants to snoop on Brits. The seals are finally coming off.”
“The Home Office’s private consultation is open until 19 May. If you would like the UK government to know your views, then email investigatorypowers@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk.”
When hackers galore breach all of our systems supposedly protected by encryption, we will know who thank for providing them with the tools.

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection (Follow the money, it never fails)
“These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.”
A trifecta of s**t.

The FBI Director’s Unsettling Argument For Why WikiLeaks Doesn’t Deserve First Amendment Protection
“As part of President George W. Bush’s administration, Gonzales believed the Times’ publication of details exposing the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program could be a violation of the Espionage Act of 1917, a statute the Justice Department used routinely to prosecute leaks when Barack Obama was president. By revealing how the government conducted surveillance of “terrorists,” Bush administration officials argued journalists had helped enemies learn about a key method used to track them and so they would be able to circumvent it.”
“There was an exchange, where Comey asserted there was no plan to criminalize journalists at established outlets for asking intelligence employees to leak information. “Our focus is and should be on the leakers, not those that are obtaining it as part of legitimate news gathering,” Comey said.”
“In fact, Sasse’s office posted video of his exchange with the following description: “Let’s get this straight: a free and independent press is critical to our democracy and Julian Assange is an enemy of that democracy. If Assange was truly the free speech champion he claims to be, he wouldn’t be collaborating with a Russian thugocracy that murders journalists.””
If a terrorist was under surveillance then there is no doubt be a search warrant on them.
How expensive do you think a wiretapping program against everyone is that the resulting data has to be sifted through to separate the white noise from the terrorist chatter ?
One man does not get to decide what is or is not legitimate news gathering, that is for the people to decide.

(Constitutional crisis) Barrett Brown (journalist): I’ll leave ‘moral vacuum’ of US after probation ‒ EXCLUSIVE

4m10s “In fact I was in the hole that time when I won the national magazine award. I sort of hoped that after winning that award I would be a little bit more immune from outright first amendment violations by the state but that turns out to be incorrect.”
Destroying the freedom of the press one independent journalist at a time.

(Constitutional crisis) Texas Citizen Journalist Unlawfully Removed by State Rep for Legally Filming
Destroying the freedom of the press one independent journalist at a time.

(Constitutional crisis) If you didn’t prosecute NYT and WaPo, don’t go after Wikileaks – Alan Dershowitz

UK’s New ‘Digital Economy’ Law Somehow Now Gives Police The Power To Remotely Kill Phone Service
“Orders can apply if the user is “facilitating the commission by the user or another person of a drug dealing offense,” or “conduct of the user that is likely to facilitate the commission by the user or another person of a drug dealing offence (whether or not an offence is committed).””
This is a case of our courts of law becoming courts of likely-to law.

Has the government not got better things to do ?

Horrifying Video Shows Multiple Cops Kick, Taser, Crush Mentally Ill Man Until He Died
“When bringing him back to jail, Thompson appeared docile until a deputy grabs his face while trying to take a mugshot and shoves it to the side. Thompson, whose arms were chained to his waist, became agitated, slipped out onto the floor and a struggle began.”
“For the next 25 minutes, the video shows deputies slowly squeeze the air from Thompson’s lungs until he finally stopped breathing.”
The often repeated excuse that someone trying to inhale was them resisting arrest is getting old, old, old.

Swarm of deadly spiders crawl from banana, forcing mother & baby from home

Saudi Arabia’s expected military assault on Yemen will almost certainly cause mass starvation

Takedown of underground pedophile network nets 900 arrests: police
This is a good start.

EPIDEMIC: 38 States have reported toxic lead levels in children

Flint Threatens To Kick 8,000 Families Out Of Their Homes If They Don’t Pay For Poison Water
“For those who refuse to pay their bills in full by May 19, they city will foreclose on their homes and take them.”

It Is Becoming Illegal To Be Homeless In America As Houston, Dallas And Dozens Of Other Cities Pass Draconian Laws
Persecuting society’s most vulnerable is a disease spreading across the land of the free and will only be ended by patriotic Americans.

Trouble for Lockheed’s fusion reactor? Device that could ‘solve the world’s energy crisis’ is 100 times larger than first planned

Afghanistan, the Taliban and the Bush Oil Team (Jan 2002)
“According to Afghan, Iranian, and Turkish government sources, Hamid Karzai, the interim Prime Minister of Afghanistan, was a top adviser to the El Segundo, California-based UNOCAL Corporation which was negotiating with the Taliban to construct a Central Asia Gas (CentGas) pipeline from Turkmenistan through western Afghanistan to Pakistan.”
“Karzai, the leader of the southern Afghan Pashtun Durrani tribe, was a member of the mujaheddin that fought the Soviets during the 1980s. He was a top contact for the CIA and maintained close relations with CIA Director William Casey, Vice President George Bush, and their Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Service interlocutors. Later, Karzai and a number of his brothers moved to the United States under the auspices of the CIA. Karzai continued to serve the agency’s interests, as well as those of the Bush Family and their oil friends in negotiating the CentGas deal, according to Middle East and South Asian sources.”
“When one peers beyond all of the rhetoric of the White House and Pentagon concerning the Taliban, a clear pattern emerges showing that construction of the trans-Afghan pipeline was a top priority of the Bush administration from the outset. Although UNOCAL claims it abandoned the pipeline project in December 1998, the series of meetings held between U.S., Pakistani, and Taliban officials after 1998, indicates the project was never off the table.”

Bush, Enron, UNOCAL and the Taliban
“Maresca’s prayers have been answered with the Taliban’s replacement. As reported in Le Monde, the new Afghan government’s head, Hamid Karzai, formerly served as a UNOCAL consultant. Only nine days after Karzai’s ascension, President Bush nominated another UNOCAL consultant and former Taliban defender, Zalmay Khalilzad, as his special envoy to Afghanistan.”

Hamid Karzai
“Unocal connection”
“There has been much debate over Karzai’s alleged consultant work with Unocal (Union Oil Company of California since acquired by Chevron in 2005). “

French Prosecutors Open Probe Into “Slur” Macron Hid Offshore Bank Account

Norman Lamont
“Before entering Parliament he worked for N M Rothschild & Sons, the investment bank, and became director of Rothschild Asset Management.[3]”

Mr Lamont’s dark history
“He had set in place, after Black Wednesday, the new monetary policy for which the independence of the Bank of England would eventually be the icing on the cake. As he says, ‘it consisted of an inflation target, the institution of regular monthly meetings with the governor, and regular inflation reports’.”
“The ERM debacle was, he accepts, ‘undoubtedly politically very damaging to the government. On the other hand, there is an economically strong argument that we did get the best of both worlds – very rapid deceleration in inflation – from 10.6 per cent in November 1990 to below 2 per cent four or five months after I left office.”
I have to wonder if the bank of England is actually dependent on the Rothschilds and associates ?

The IRS Is Not A US Government Agency, They Are Slave Handlers

Did You Know the IRS and the Fed are Private Corporations?

The Viennese Rothschild Family and Adolf Hitler’s Final Revenge upon his Rothschild Cousins
“Rather than going into business, Nathaniel Anselm Rothschild spent his life as a socialite who built mansions and collected works of art. He built the Palais Rothschild at 14-16 Theresianumgasse in Vienna where his large collection of art was on display. In 1880, he purchased Enzesfeld Castle with its vast property from Graf Schönburg-Hartenstein. He also had Hinterleiten Palace in Reichenau an der Rax erected in 1887.”
“Over the years, five Palaces owned by the Rothschilds were built in Vienna.”
Who needs 5 palaces, let alone 5 palaces in the same metropolitan area ?

List of British royal residences
London has Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Kensington Palace and St. James’ Palace so the Austrian Rothschild banking dynasty of the late 19th century are beating the modern day British royal family by a score of 5 vs 4 – British royalty out-palaced by a banking dynasty.

Waddesdon Manor
“The house was built in the Neo-Renaissance style of a French château between 1874 and 1889 for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (1839–1898) as a weekend residence for grand entertaining.”
“The last member of the Rothschild family to own Waddesdon was James de Rothschild (1878–1957). He bequeathed the house and its contents to the National Trust. It is now administered by a Rothschild charitable trust that is overseen by Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild. It is one of the National Trust’s most visited properties, with around 390,000 visitors annually.[1] Waddesdon Manor won Visit England’s Large Visitor Attraction of the Year category in 2017.[2]”

The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait

The Complete History Of The ‘House Of Rothschild’
“Their bloodline  extends into the Royal Families of Europe, and the following family names: Astor; Bundy; Collins; duPont; Freeman; Kennedy; Morgan; Oppenheimer; Rockefeller; Sassoon; Schiff; Taft; and Van Duyn.”
“Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status”
These people are deplorable because they are money junkies while it is irrelevant if they also happen to be of Jewish descent just as much as if they also happen to be of any tother descent.

There’s More Oil in the Golan Heights Than in Saudi Arabia (‘owned’ by genie energy)
“QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong I live in Israel and today I listened to your podcast with Macrovoices. At some point you mentioned that there is more oil in Golan heights than in Saudi Arabia -and this oil belongs to genie energy. Is it true? How can it be that nobody knew nothing about this in Israel? Are you sure 100 % about this information? I will be happy to know more about this.”

Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment
“The French government announced that it has launched an investigation into the entire Swiss branch of the Rothschild’s banking empire.”
“The Rothschild empire has been instrumental in helping move the global elite’s wealth from traditional tax havens like the Bahamas, Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands to the U.S.”
“Last month, the Free Thought Project reported on the above the law tax haven established inside the United States by the Rothschilds.”
“After opening a trust company in Reno, Nev., Rothschild & Co. began ushering the massive fortunes of the world’s most wealthy individuals out of typical tax havens, and into the Rothschild run U.S. trusts, which are exempt from the international reporting requirements.”

Video: Whistleblower Christoph Meili: Swiss banks stole from Nazi victims, now fund Al Qaeda & ISIS

India’s War on Cash Increases Bitcoin Adoption
“Although “corruption” is the governments reasons for banning these notes, it follows a global trend on having a war on cash. Similar moves have been made to eliminate larger bills in Europe and the US. Anytime we see sweeping economic policies affecting multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, we can assume these decisions were made through centralized world powers. “

Andreas M. Antonopoulos | Our misunderstanding of the most ancient technology (currency creation)

Whatever happened to congress having the power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures ?

The Stories We Tell About Money (as they relate to bitcoin)

3m45s “With that trust comes power, enormous power, the power to refuse to take your transaction, the power to refuse to give you an account, the power to refuse you to participate in economic activity, the power to demand that you first identify yourself, show papers, provide credit worthiness.”
18m40s “Here is a system of trust without authority, a system of trust without a centre, a system of trust without hierarchy, a system of trust without control.”
39m15 “The rupee is not rare, it has no limit, it can be created in infinite quantity, it can be created in infinite quantity just like the dollar, the euro, the yen and all other ‘money’, these can be created in infinite quantity, and worse, the power to decide how much of that to create is vested in the people who have a direct conflict of interest. Because if you are a debtor you want the ‘money’ to worth less so you have to repay less, if you are a saver you want the ‘money’ to be worth more so you can earn more on it.”

How Bitcoin, The Internet, and The Startup Societies Foundation Got One Man Out of Venezuela
“Internet freelance, Bitcoin, Startup Societies Foundation and Guillermo’s defiance of the corrupt socialist powers controlling Venezuela made possible his escape from that socialist sinkhole.”
How big is the derivatives market? (Answer: $1,200,000,000,000,000)
Since there will only ever be 21,000,000 units of bitcoin issued, it has a long way to go from the current exchange rate of $1,600 for it to accept for the derivative market. $57,142,857.1428571 to be exact.

Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand Shut for Not Getting a $3,500 Permit (fee is $200)

Armed Agents Raid Park, Destroy Food, Seize Food Carts — Over Improper Permitting
The legal argument needs to be made that the government does not have the authority to demand a permit under the constitution.

Harvard Immunologist: Unvaccinated Children Pose Zero Risk

The Oil that Cures Prostate Cancer According to Science ( And The Diet that Prevents It)
“A number of safe and all-natural strategies have been shown effective against prostate cancer, including nutritional ketosis, exercise and supplements. Most recently, researchers discovered a bioactive compound in the neem plant (Azadirachta indica) appears to have potent ability to quell prostate cancer.”


Vaccine industry goes “nuclear” in push for new law that would deny you YOUR JOB if you aren’t vaccinated
“Based on the legislation’s open-ended language, employees could one day be refused the option of rejecting whatever their employers decide is appropriate for wellness and disease prevention, including government-recommended vaccines.”
A government dictating everything to the people is a disease spreading across the land of the free and will only be ended by patriotic Americans.

WATCH: Man Shows the Power of Remaining Silent While Being Harassed by Cops
“We encourage all of our readers to get cameras and film because photography is not a crime and is the best form of self-protection from badge abuse.”

One of the Best Truth Bomb Lectures You’ve EVER Seen (logical analysis of the cult of the conscienceless order-follower: place faith in authority, have rights that others don’t, government is god)

Abe Lincoln: What They WON’T Teach in School

“Among Lincoln’s unconstitutional acts were launching an invasion without the consent of congress, blockading southern ports before formally declaring war, unilaterally suspending the writ of haebus corpus, arresting and imprisoning thousands of northern citizens without a warrant, censoring telegraph communications.”
1m5 “Abraham Lincoln, named the great emancipator and champion of the constitution by government school text books, was more concerned with exercising federal control over sovereign states than he was in freeing the negro from the shackles of slavery. He himself made this clear in no uncertain terms, on March 4 186 Lincoln clarified his position on slavery in his first augural address on the east portico of the capitol building: ‘I have no purpose directly or indirectly to interfere wth the institution of slavery in the states where it exists’.”

The Biggest Lies Told in History

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