Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2022-11-09. Did entire world run PCR too high. HIV (Glycoprotein 120) inserted into spike protein – no other CV has

(At time of this blog post) 1451 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 990 Dead, After COVID Shot (link).

‘It is definitely not normal for young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. All of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause’.

‘The so-called health professionals running the COVID vaccine programs around the world keep repeating that “the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective.”

‘So in response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting them. They started happening after the first COVID vaccinations. The mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a heart attack. Many of those die – more than 50%’.

‘That is the current list … all these athletes have suffered heart problems after COVID shots. At the time of initial writing, 28 died. That was not normal, but then, 10 days later, 56 deaths were listed, and the numbers are climbing. Any other real vaccine would have been pulled off the market long before now. The media would be asking questions. They would be pressuring governments. But they are not. And governments are continuing on and running TV and radio and newspaper ads encouraging people to get their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th shot.  Perhaps that is why the mainstream media are saying little, because they are collecting government money for ads?’

‘The deaths and severe reactions will continue until so many people die that it becomes obvious the shot is 10x to 100x worse than the virus it is supposed to treat’.

‘These athletes are the canaries in the mine that warn us of imminent danger. They are being hidden so the people who are not paying attention do not see the warning’.

‘We only see the athletes because they are in the spotlight. The nobodies – i.e. most citizens – do not make the news’.

I think we need VAR on all these athlete collapses.

Novak made it onto the naughty list while avoiding making these post-jab lists.

As of 15 Oct, 2020, Only poisoned monkey kidney cells ‘grew’ the SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’. SARS-CoV-2 non-infectious in CDC lab and of 30k genome, found 37 then computed the rest, which makes it 99.9987% a unicorn (link).

This is a question of the virus not having been shown to exist, it is not a question of the virus not existing – I trust that everyone is fully aware of the distinction between the two.

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

‘As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection’.

At the time of creating this blog post there were the following 3 sets of signatories.

870,507 concerned citizens.

15,972 medical and public health scientists.

47,261 medical practitioners.

It’s really, really simple: shelter the vulnerable from the infectious while the rest of us get on with living our lives.


Up to 6 times the “safe” limit for carcinogenic Titanium Dioxide present in masks. Take this info and use it to create parents rights groups to fight the school mandates. (tweet).

Fauci’s NIH now lists IVERMECTIN as an antiviral therapy to treat COVID. The most recent study in Brazil of 88,012 people found Ivermectin cut the chance of COVID death by 92%. Now’s a good time to think about the censorship, pharmacy bans on it and hate people got for using it. (tweet, website).

World Doctors Alliance (link).

An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity’.

WDA represents a diverse range of opinions of health care professionals and does not have a consensus of opinions on the origin of covid-19 or the political ramifications of the lockdown per se. WDA is however committed to debate the causes of harm resulting from the coronavirus act measures and to raise issues that expose harmful medical and life limiting practices detrimental to the well being of all living men women and children’.

Prof Dolores Cahil, Dr Mohammad Adil, Dr R Zac Cox, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Heiko Schoning, Dr Heinrich Fiechtner, Dr Scott Jensen, Elke De Klerk, Dr Mikael Nordfors, Dr Hilde Smet, Dr Vernon Coleman and Dr Johan Denis.

WDA’s open letter raises questions on the following topics.

Collateral damage the cure is worse than the virus, Death certificates (1), Economic ruin, Censorship, Testing – False positives, Hydroxychloroquine, Prevention, ‘Vaccine’, Conflicts of interest, Cui bono? Who benefits?

Canada ran the PCR test at a cycle threshold over 40. A test which can find anything you want to find.   The entire thing is a fraud. (tweet).

We have the papers to prove that HIV (Glycoprotein 120) was inserted into the spike protein  PRRA insert; that insert is know as Furin and no other coronavirus has that insert.  The US Government owns the patent (tweet).

Spike proteins in the capillaries of the brain ~ presented by the fantastic Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (tweet).

Pfizer logged 1223 deaths in less than 90 days after roll out of vaccine. Many died soon after having vaccine as per date published.Therefore, vaccine should have been removed from the market. (tweet).

“Clotting of the arteries just does not happen, this has not been seen in the last 150 years of embalmers’ reports. These are being seen in the people who died suddenly post covid injection” ~ Dr Chris Shoemaker. Part 2 and full video in comments. (tweet).

UK Column News – 9th November 2022.

(website, rumble, odysee, brandnewtube pending, bitchute pending, terminated from youtube, not livestreamed on or uploaded onto vimeo).

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


00:30 NATO, the Bloc That Would Be A Country: Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg meets Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and becomes “the first international leader” (sic) to pay a call on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

01:41 British kit for Ukraine trumpeted by Ministry of Defence: not enough to turn the tide of the war

03:00 Ben Wallace meets Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur as the West plans a “Russian Government-in-Exile”, possibly to be based in neighbouring Latvia
— A recent Eastern Approaches Podcast covers Britain’s military presence in Estonia 

04:20 Col. Richard Kemp pleads for Britain to send fighter jets to Ukraine—”astonishing ignorance”

06:32 Monday recap: Ukrainian soldier bids emotional farewell under incessant Russian GRAD rocket launcher fire (commentary by Defense Politics Asia; subtitling by

11:43 Viewer e-mail: Was white phosphorus used by the Russians, or was it another type of GRAD warhead using thermite with magnesium caps (9N510)?
— Either way, phosphorus is not banned internationally for firing on troops in the field
OpIndia report

16:03 Britain’s Trident nuclear submarines lurching towards unseaworthiness: fire on board HMS Victorious forces abandonment of mission 

 British dictatorship

17:28 Public Order Bill as it relates to a raft of other legislation
Police officer injured today as Just Stop Oil activists block M25
— Just Stop Oil protestors on M25 near Hemel Hempstead: press photographer Rich Felgate unlawfully arrested and his colleague Tom Bowles’ house searched at night for three hours

22:59 Digital ID encroaching everywhere
Scottish Government event on 16 November; to ask questions, register here
— British pension funds trialling digital ID verification
— Forbes: UK Government moving forward with digital ID and a competent office, ODIA
26:34 Number of migrants crossing to Britain
— Daily Mail: Deal with France imminent
— Reminder from 2018: Why are Albanians migrating? 

UK Column mentions

27:05 Support from viewers
Tweet by Ku Li Dawei
Tweet by Jake Ready
Tweet by Terry
Big Gee’s Blog put on hold by Gwilym’s medical treatment

28:44 Assailed Richard D Hall is not alone amongst critical thinkers
— Merthyr Tydfil Council says the BBC did not ask it to close Hall’s market stall

30:00 UK Column interview with resigned NHS nurse Fran Anderson is widely shared

30:30 “Fact-checkers” (an inherently dodgy concept) now attack discussion of masks impeding children’s speech development
— Speech therapists beg to differ, even citing BBC report 


32:35 Lab-grown blood transfusions: to become the new NHS norm?
Science DailyRe-engineered red blood cells

36:02 Freedom of Information persistence by UK Column viewer reveals greatly increased heart failure numbers in Dorset

37:09 Viewer in Northern Territory of Australia reports monkeypox/smallpox jab trials with no efficacy data in humans, in largely Aboriginal regions
— Local press in Darwin reports ex-premier Michael Gunner is going green with the same zeal he brought to Zerocovidism

39:26 English GPs (family doctors) finally notified of Yellow Card reporting, two years too late

41:00 NHS England’s case for masking falls apart: The Critic | Daily Sceptic
42:00 Daily Mail: Government-advising professor of mechanical engineering (sic) from SAGE is apparently needed to warn of dangers of damp houses
43:00 Correction from 2 November: the Pfizer jab for RSV in the unborn is not called PH111 (as widely carried on social media) but is in Phase III trial
Belgian blog among many around Europe and East Asia that picked up on Debi Evans’ report
Independent sourcing from confirms the jab name: RSVpreF or PF-06928316


44:16 Brazil: various video footage and a compilation clip of the scale of activism by Jair Bolsonaro voters against the declaration of Lula’s victory; judiciary takes it upon itself to direct the federal police to arrest doubters

47:40 Vlaams Blok secessionist party in Belgium demands in Flemish Parliament that Flanders leave the WEF (English translation)

49:32 EU vaccination roadmap 2018–2022 outlined by Dr Robert Malone: not a conspiracy theory
— Westminster adjournment debate on Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 on 2 March 2022: Sir Christopher Chope and Danny Kruger are two MPs brave enough to defy conventional wisdom

 Welsh mothers’ Judicial Review

50:56 Cllr Beca Brown, in charge of education at Gwynedd Council, claims to the BBC to have been harassed as a “pedo lover” for supporting RSE sexualisation of primary school children
— When elected just last year, Brown said she would be representing her village, Llanrug

56:30 Public Child Protection Wales issues press release on Liberty Tactics significantly announcing that concerned Muslims have been granted a role in the 15–16 November judicial review of RSE, to be heard in Cardiff
— Previous UK Column interview with PCP Wales’ Kimberley Isherwood on why the mothers are going to court
— Background by David Scott on child molesters’ pronounced interest in writing the rules for how adults relate to children
Fundrazr page for the mothers’ cause

 Health (closing segment)

59:30 Patient Safety Commissioner, Dr Henrietta Hughes: follow-up on 2 November segment
— Correspondence on screen: Debi Evans and Charlet Crichton have been trying in vain to talk to Dr Hughes
— Dr Hughes has been in post for over two months and still seems to have no working office
— Her assistant, Rachel Downey, is a former nursing journalist
— Unaccountably, the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch is not showing any engagement with vaccine-injured people
— Clip: The quietly well-connected HSIB speaks well of itself but is a toothless tiger that will not apportion blame or find liability

1:07:41 Get your boosters, says the NHS, while spikes in deaths of newborn babies continue to cause concern in Scotland
— “Fact-checkers” (of poor reputationassure us that Covid vaccines aren’t comparable to the thalidomide scandal, but the Science Museum documents otherwise
1:09:00 Pfizer’s maternal vaccines for RSV (see above) now being reported in Israel and by LiveScience
— Even an international conference planned in Rome, a year from now, on mRNA vaccines in pregnancy: ICMIVVD 23
1:10:00 GlaxoSmithKline halts antibiotic trial and several manufacturers have shortage of key broad-spectrum antibiotic amoxicillin; antimicrobial resistance is the looming spectre

1:11:17 VacZine Analytics tease Debi Evans with a tweet noting her mention of them on UK Column News
— Debi invites VacZine Analytics to interview their founder Dr John Savopoulos; no response
— Debi finds content has started to go missing from VacZine Analytics’ website since she focused on them: Summer 2022 Company Brochure taken offline and placeholder says Winter 2022 Company Brochure is “comming soon!” (sic)
— Even VacZine Analytics found it odd in 2018 that Pfizer and BioNTech were partnering
— Screenshot page from now-offline VacZine Analytics Summer 2022 Company Brochure says “67 global pathogens/indications included in new vaccines category”, meaning “no current licensed vaccine exists” 1:13:36 Tumbleweed from BBC’s “Specialist Disinformation Correspondent” Marianna Spring in response to Debi’s invitation to discuss her hit piece on Richard Hall and introduce her to some other gaslit and trolled people, namely the Covid vaccine-injured
— Clip: Spring at work boasting of her easy conversion of a viewer to another worldview

Can any Australian doctors explain this.?.. because this is absolutely horrifying 💔 (tweet, website).

The creepiest part of being injured by the vaccine wasn’t friends or family not believing it, it was the 15 different doctors who believed me but still refused to treat me. And as i met more injured people across the world, 99.9% all had the same story. Its pure evil 🌀 (tweet).

Thanks @pfizer for this safe and effective vaccine, nearly one year bedridden and housebound-bound. #MedSafetyWeek (tweet).

My blood is boiling. My  daughters class today had a lecturer from The HSE. First she asked for a show of hands to see who was vaccinated and not vaccinated. How Dare She. She then said she will NEVER employ an unvaxed person. (tweet).

Nothing says ‘trust the science’ like ‘you cannot sue us if something goes wrong’ (tweet).

Remember this? Top: The photo was taken at Lampedusa Airport on October 5, 2013 with coffins of African migrants who died when a ship sank. Bottom: The same photo was widely circulated in March 2020 claiming it was coffins of people who died from Covid in Bergamo, Italy. (tweet).

All roads lead back to Fauci. Dr Shoemaker’s research shows the gain of function spike protein code for virus/inject were worked on in tandem  between 2015-2019  under Fauci. Now that Rand Paul has been elected ‘every last document’ will be subpoenaed!!! (tweet).

Pure sense from (Mervyn) King.  Vast money printing due to lockdowns, not covid, has resulted in the brutal inflation we’re seeing.  Watch and share this clip – it’s important! (tweet).

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