Voyager: ‘Earn up to 10%* interest APR 50+ Digital Assets’ / Declaration of Financial Independence

The information in this post should not be considered financial advise.

‘Earn up to 10%* interest APR 50+ Digital Assets Commission-Free** Crypto Made Simple’ is the slogan on the Voyager app’s website The opportunity for profit that is open to the public is through the token needed by the Voyager app, namely voyager (VGX). As the user base for this app grows these tokens have the potential to increase in value.

Right now, the voyager app is a minnow start-up and is not likely to be promoted heavily by the mainstream which means that the public will likely only hear about it through word of mouth such as what I am attempting here.

Voyager Token (VGX) gains 926% as mergers and acquisitions bring new users (link).

I fully expect it to surpass it’s January 2018 all-time dollar high of $10 and go many multiples higher sometime in 2021.

PART 1 – Voyager VGX to $50 in 2021? WHY YOU NEED TO BUY NOW! (link).

(@investvoyager) We apologize for the inconvenience, our app is experiencing intermittent outages due to unprecedented growth. All funds are safe. We’ve been seeing 100 new accounts a minute, and are increasing our capacity. (link).


‘This merger gives Voyager the ability to service the 750 million European population’

I think it is only Americans (excluding New York state residents) who can download the Voyager app to their phone, while there is a desktop version in beta test.

Earn 5% Interest on Ethos Tokens held on Voyager (Oct 14 2019, link).

Unfortunately, us in Europe will need to wait for the merger of the 2 tokens VGX and LGO into a new token that was promised in the previous post to take place during Q1 of 2021 before we can earn interest.

Voyager’s January Interest (APR) Rates (21 digital assets, link).

‘When you hold 10,000 VGX in your portfolio, you can earn up to 9.5% on USDC, 6.5% on BTC, & 5% on ETH’.

The whitepaper for Voyager when it was known as Bitquence (link).

The Voyager Token whitepaper (link).

The Seven Pillars of Bitcoin (link).

Visa Could Soon Introduce Cryptocurrencies to Its Payments Network, Its CEO Says (link).

Visa Signals Further Crypto Ambitions With API Pilot for Bank Customers to Buy Bitcoin (link).

Declaration of Financial Independence (link).

The traditional system of money we have today began in the 17th century, notably for England it was the year 1694 that saw the creation of the bank of England, which started out as privately owned until it was nationalised in 1946 (link).

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