Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2020-11-23. Asymptomatics do not spread. Phantom test. Was PV Trump 80m vs Biden 64m

Great Barrington Declaration – Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, Dr.Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician,epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert (link).

Wow! Just published, in Nature no less: Asymptomatic spread is not a thing. Our lockdowns of the healthy were largely for nothing, except to destroy societal health. The Chinese KNOW, and now WE do too So 2019 WHO guidelines were correct: no asymptomatic quarantine recommended (link, link).

‘There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases’.

Asymptomatic transmission is bullshit.The pandemic is a scam… it’s all about control! (link).

A number of people I know recently got “pinged” by the test & trace app so had to self-isolate after a positive Covid test of a contact. All received an app message at the end of their isolation saying “Your Covid test was negative”. None of them had taken tests. What’s going on? (link).

A total of 37,470 people in *England* have died with a Covid+ test 96% had a pre-existing health condition 54% were over 80yrs old. 92% were over 60 The total number of people under 60 with no underlying health problems who died with Covid this year: 339 @UKCovid19Stats (link).

Covid-19 vaccine trial protocols released (link).

‘We may not like what we read, but with real time sharing of full protocols comes an unprecedented space for translating critique into action to improve trial design mid-stream. And there is much to critique’.

‘The first question is whether the right endpoints are being studied. Contrary to prevailing assumptions (including those of a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner8), none of the vaccine trials are designed to detect a significant reduction in hospital admissions, admission to intensive care, or death.9 Rather than studying severe disease, these mega-trials all set a primary endpoint of symptomatic covid-19 of essentially any severity: a laboratory positive result plus mild symptoms such as cough and fever count as outcome events (table 1). These studies seem designed to answer the easiest question in the least amount of time, not the most clinically relevant questions’.

‘Sixty years after influenza vaccination became routinely recommended for people aged 65 or older in the US, we still don’t know if vaccination lowers mortality. Randomised trials with this outcome have never been done.9 Observational studies with results in both directions can be cited, and without definitive randomised evidence the debate will go on. Unless we act now, we risk repeating this sorry state of affairs with covid-19 vaccines’.

UK Column News – 23rd November 2020. The not so independent MHRA chair Stephen Lightfoot has GSK shareholding. Regulating video-sharing platforms. UK’s Stasi Government of Occupation (link, link).

Big Brother fury as the government uses Twitter as a propaganda tool to attack the Mail’s coronavirus analysis (link).

‘Anger at attack from Department of Health and Social Care’s Twitter account in effort to rubbish report’

‘Mail article raised questions about government’s handling of crisis and challenged official scaremongering’

‘Pointed out wildly inaccurate government predictions on the number of potential coronavirus deaths’

‘MPs said ‘this is what good journalism is about’ and ‘open debate is essential’ while criticising government’

‘Department of Health and Social Care  tried to rubbish article out of hand by calling it ‘misleading’’

UNICEF Finally Admits: “Schools Are Not Main Drivers Of COVID Among Children” (link).

Facebook Denies ‘Science’ – Blocks Danish Study Questioning Efficacy Of Masks (link).

New Study on Masks Shows…That NO ONE Knows What They’re Talking About…NO ONE. (link).

Boris warned there will be ‘clashes’ on the streets if coronavirus vaccine is compulsory (link).

Britain already has two war criminals, Tony Blair for the illegal Iraq war built on lies and David Cameroon for the illegal Libya war built on even bigger lies. Does Boris want to go before a Nuremberg style court for crimes against humanity, specifically where informed consent for any medical procedure must be freely given?

Not enough of the people have been sufficiently brainwashed.

Anti-Lockdown Protests All Across Europe (link).

‘Increasingly draconian lockdown measures, economic destitution, and sweeping police powers are evaporating public trust and eroding public patience’.

Basildon – People have had enough (link).

Human Rights Act 1998 (link).

‘Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law. No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally save in the execution of a sentence of a court following his conviction of a crime for which this penalty is provided by law’.

So when a would be murderer starts to murder you, you should say to them ‘stop, my right to life is protected by law’.

The national security excuse is present in clauses 8 Right to respect for private and family life, 10 Freedom of expression and 11 Freedom of assembly and association

The public safety excuse is present in clauses 8 Right to respect for private and family life, 9 Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, 10 Freedom of expression and 11 Freedom of assembly and association

The protection of health excuse is present in clauses 8 Right to respect for private and family life, 9 Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, 10 Freedom of expression and 11 Freedom of assembly and association.

Who gets to decide when national security comes before anyone’s human right?

Who gets to decide when public safety comes before anyone’s human right?

Who gets to decide when protection of health comes before anyone’s human right?

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, Nephrologist: I started questioning #vaccines after seeing kidney functions go down within 24h after the #FluShot. #InformedConsent #LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjured #FluVaccine #WakeUpAmerica #WakeUp #DoctorsSpeakUp (link).

Dangerous disinformation during a deadly pandemic goes beyond a free speech issue. The right to life trumps the right to free expression (link).

He has got it completely backwards. Does this guy not know the George Washington quote: the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter?

Scott Atlas About COVID-19 Shutdowns: ‘The Only Way This Stops Is If People Rise Up’ (link).

600 Physicians Say Lockdowns Are A ‘Mass Casualty Incident’ (May 22, 2020, link).

Irish MP Questions Covid-19 Entries on Death Certificates (May 20, 2020, link).

‘In Strabane, Ireland, an MP in Parliament questions the Health Minister why Covid-19 is entered on Death Certificates when clearly the deceased has died of something else. The Minister responds, claiming he has no idea’.

6 months on, has the Irish health minister still got no idea?

Autism is an epidemic. The first autism prevalence study (Treffert, 1970) showed an autism rate of less than 1 in 10,000 kids. Today the autism rate in the U.S. in 1 in 36 kids (Zablotsky et al., 2017). So we’ve experienced a 27,000% (277-fold) increase in 50 years. 1/ (link).

My dad died today in a nursing home. He was tested for Covid 3 times over the last 3 weeks. He was negative every time yet we are told Covid will be on his death certificate as the primary cause. Can anybody explain this to me? @niexecutive @RobinSwannMoH @mlchealth (link).

Who do you think is better placed to make decisions for your own life? You, gov, SAGE, MSM (link).

I’ve shared numerous Test and Trace recruitments over the last few months. Today alone SIX posts averaging £50-60k salary. This is the infrastructure of a biosecurity state, nothing temporary about it (link).

I’ve made a short video to explain that I have found no trace of a pandemic in Swedish total deaths. – A bad flu season definitely but not a “pandemic” even like the Asian flu or Hong Kong flu, let alone Spanish flu. (link).

Itv says there are 3.000 in North England  in hospital with coronvirus more lies again Watch “ITV interview I secretly filmed…..” on YouTube (link, link).

Still all this vaccine talk. Yet still not once anywhere has anybody given advice on boosting the immune system. Vitamin D, zinc, turmeric and a healthy balanced diet. (link).

“For the first time in the history of vaccination, this vaccine will alter the individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden and until then considered criminal.” (link, link).

Klaus Swab – LOL (link).

Ultimately, the Great Reset will result in two tiers or people: The technocratic elite, who have all the power and rule over all assets, and the rest of humanity, who have no power, no assets and no say-so in anything. (link).

French Peer-Reviewed Study: Our Treatment Cured 100% Of Coronavirus Patients (link).

‘He tweeted: “Full peer-reviewed study has been released by Didier Raoult MD, PhD. After 6 days 100% of patients treated with HCQ + Azithromycin were virologically cured.”’

BREAKING Per @SidneyPowell1 on @newsmax, @realDonaldTrump has at least 7,000,000 MORE votes than currently reported AND @JoeBiden has 10,000,000 LESS votes currently reported… R/T the truth! @DonaldJTrumpJr @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom @SteveGuest @SebGorka @RyanAFournier (link).

So the PV should be Trump 80m vs Biden 64m, from the fraudulent 70m vs 74m.

Dominion Voting ‘Lawyers Up’ Before Abruptly Backing Out Of Pennsylvania Fact-Finding Hearing (link).

Democrats made sure they studied this for Years! I bet the fraud Goes back to Al Gore if not before! (link).

Do Trump’s Lawyers Know What They Are Doing? (link).

One precinct had a 350% turnout.

@LLinWood posted the videos today of shredding trucks loading full of potentially ballots/evidence. This is the most obvious place of FRAUD in GA. 2016 Trump 153K (47%) Clinton 161K (49%) 2020 Trump 165K (42%) Joe 222K (56%) NO WAY, NOT POSSIBLE! (link).

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