No chance in hell of R2P in Saudi Arabia / Telling you what to think & corporate ghost-writing for academics


Shocking Footage Of Saudi Siege Against Own Citizens
“And now the assault has reached a violent crescendo. On Thursday Al-Masdr News reported that Saudi regime forces fired upon a civilian bus as it tried to flee Awamiya, killing the bus driver (other unconfirmed reports further mention the wounding of women and children). A Reuters report, however, presented conflicting accounts of the incident, while also attempting to justify the whole brutal siege of Awamiya merely as Saudi security attempting to apprehend “gunmen behind attacks on police.” While details and the accuracy of various reports of atrocities are unclear, with activists citing dozens of civilians killed at the hands of the government and state-aligned media claiming Shia fighters have killed multiple police, lack of independent media access has made assessing the day to day situation difficult.”
“Meanwhile, Middle East Eye has obtained a document which activists say is being placed on homes in and around the besieged town. It is a property seizure notice ordering residents to relocate and is stamped by the Saudi government’s National Joint Counterterrorism Command (NJCC).”
No chance in hell of R2P in Saudi Arabia because these innocent civilians are simply the wrong type of innocent civilians for our bulls**t governments to intervene over with their asinine R2P bulls**t.

Saudi Regime Continues Brutal Siege Against Shia Minority
“At least 12 people are feared dead in the escalating government offensive against Awamiya, the Shia city in Saudi Arabia’s governorate of Qatif in the Eastern Province, amid the destruction of whole districts of the city. It brings the total killed in the months-long siege to 24.”


Saudi Arabia’s Orwellian “Development Plans” For The Shia Town It Just Flattened
“Meanwhile, The Independent (UK) reported the death of a three-year-old boy who was shot by Saudi forces as his family merely drove their car near a protest earlier this summer. The boy succumbed to his wounds while in a local intensive care unit on Wednesday.”
“So it appears there is a two-fold motive for the Saudi state’s aggressive military takeover: forcibly change the Shia demographic – a form of religiously motivated genocide, while at the same time claiming the area is needed for “property development” in a land grab that is sure to enrich developers close to the Saudi royal family. None of this, however, is taking place in secret or completely hidden from public view – video footage of armor enclosed government bulldozers operating in Almosara leveling what appears to be an entire city block amidst gunfire has spread widely on the internet, which we featured in our initial report of the siege.”

Do you the Independent newspaper will start censoring their coverage of Saudi Arabia ?

Why the Saudi War on Yemen Is Seen as US State Terrorism

Russia Sanctions And The Coming Crackdown On Americans
“The very Soviet-sounding “Alliance for Securing Democracy” project description ends with a suitably authoritarian warning, ripped from the pages of 1984, Darkness at Noon, or Erich Honecker’s “how-to” guide:”
“We are not telling you what to think, but we believe you should know when someone is trying to manipulate you. What you do with that information is up to you.”
Telling you what to think is exactly what they are doing.

New Documents Prove Mainstream Pro-Monsanto Article Was Actually Written by Monsanto
“According to other leaked internal emails exchanged about a month before the IARC decision in 2015, Monsanto Product Safety Assessment Strategy Lead William Heydens discussed ghost-writing research and having academics put their names on it.”

Monsanto finally exposed as the puppet master behind the effort to retract Seralini’s GMO study
“Just like many people thought was the case, the Monsanto corporation has been exposed for conspiring to have an indicating study on its popular Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide pulled from the scientific journals. Internal Monsanto documents recently released by attorneys reveal that Monsanto launched an aggressive campaign to have Gilles-Eric Séralini’s study showing that Roundup causes cancer censored from view.”

Monsanto leaks suggest it tried to ‘kill’ cancer research about notorious weed killer
I searched the BBC website in vain for their coverage of this leak.

“Deputy Director of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent “SARC” Branch in Raqqa Dina al-Asa’ad said as cited by Sana that the shelling of the National Hospital in Raqqa by the coalition with phosphorus bombs occurred on Thursday night.”
“Dina al-Assad reported that the warplanes carried out 20 combat sorties and targeted the hospital’s power generators, vehicles and wards.”

was Star Wars invented to show how 300 million Americans can’t recognize evil from .01% rogue state empire?

One of the Largest Banks in the World Just Accused of Laundering Millions for Drug Cartels
“Commonwealth Bank is in hot water, as civil penalties proceedings begin after an investigation found tens of thousands of violations of money laundering and terrorist financing laws.”
“Commonwealth Bank of Australia stands accused by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) of a stupefying 53,700 violations of money laundering and counter-terrorism-financing laws, in which the financial institution failed to notify in a timely fashion — and, sometimes, not at all — transactions topping a mountainous A$77 million.”

War on Cash Proposals in Australia: Microchip Expiring $100 Bills, Forcing People to Keep Receipts

It’s Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Account Freezes To Halt Bank Runs
I know what would work. A guy standing at the entrance to each branch of these banks waving a giant red flag.

Our European Tour – Part II – Seizing All Bank Accounts Throughout EU
“The EU Commission will freeze al bank accounts for one week and up to one month if the crisis continues. When Banco Popular went into crisis in Spain, there was a Bankrun which unfolded as a contagion against other banks in Spain. In Greece, accounts were frozen and cash withdrawals were limited for extended periods. This is an ongoing proposition since not all EU members agree. Some countries already have legislation allowing for a total bank freeze such as Germany. Instead of bailouts, we have now move even beyond bail-ins, and into the realm of just total seizure. It is more likely that such a freeze will not preserve banks, but will result in more bank failures.”


The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking in America
26m30s “And here is what Jefferson said about this. Hamilton was so bewitched and perverted by the British example as to be under thorough conviction that corruption was essential to the government of a nation and that is why wanted a central bank. You see, the bank would be a permanent engine of corruption like it was earlier. It could be used to fund politicians, to dish out all sorts of benefits, to provide cheap credit to politically connected business es who would then round up support for you.”

Yellen: “There Will Be No New Crisis In My Lifetime”
What utter hubris from the leader of the institution that blows bubbles all day long.



Aussie ‘War On Cash’ Tsar: “Consumers Are Part Of The Problem”
“Australia’s Black Economy Taskforce has come up with a list of 35 “consumer-focused” proposals to crack down on cash. The taskforce blames consumers for holding cash and for not getting receipts. Michael Andrew, the head of the taskforce, proposes nanochips in $50 and $100 notes so the government knows where the cash is, and suggests that cash should expire after a designated period of time.”

“We Emailed Billionaire Howard Marks About Bitcoin; Here’s His Response…”
“In his reply, he agreed with the value premise of cryptocurrency, saying “The dollar has value because people accord value to it. Bitcoin may be no different.””
“But he went on to conclude that”
“My issue is that (as I understand it), people can create their own bitcoin, whereas they can’t create their own dollars. . . To me, the idea that people can create currency and have it accepted as legal tender makes no sense. But maybe I just don’t understand.”
“It was an honest, thoughtful response. And one that Ben has probably heard a number of times before. I certainly have.”
“Marks is a highly accomplished, sophisticated investor. And he admits he doesn’t understand Bitcoin.”
People can create their own crypto-currency but only the market decides if it has value.

The Madness Is Back: Homeowners Take Out Mortgages To Buy Bitcoin, Cars And Wine


The Feds Are Terrified Of Cryptocurrencies… But They’re Powerless To Stop Them

BITCOIN ALL THE WAY UP – The Dollar Vigilante feat. Freenauts

55s “The question we now have to ask is: if technological its possible to make an impenetrable device or system where the encryption is so strong that there’s no key, there’s no door at all then what mechanisms do we have available to do even simple things like tax enforcement because …”
1m25 “… If in fact you can’t crack that at all, government can’t get in then everybody’s walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket.”

Europe’s Banking Dysfunction Worsens
“This week The Institutional Risk Analyst takes a look a the recent reports out of the EU regarding a proposal to “freeze” the retail accounts of failing European banks. The original story in Reuters suggests that our friends in Europe actually think that telling the public that they will not have access to their funds, even funds covered by official deposit insurance schemes, is somehow helpful to addressing Europe’s troubled banking system. Investors who think that Europe is close to adopting an effective approach to dealing with failing banks may want to think again.”

India’s Economy Crashes After “Mind-Bogglingly Inane” Tax System Strikes Back
“With just a hint of schadenfreude, we note that, following our discussion of “how to destroy an economy”, India’s Composite PMI collapsed to 46.0 in July – its lowest on record (well below the kneejerk lows after demonetization in November) as the “mind-bogglingly inane” new tax system and demonetization efforts continue to crush the poor and feed the wealthy.”

Judge Openly LAUGHS At Bundy Ranch Defendants Rights
“Navarro also stated in the courtroom that no one is guaranteed their first amendment rights or their second amendment rights. Additionally, she told everyone that there is Never a time when anyone is allowed to defend themselves against a Law Enforcement Officer, even if they caught him breaking into their home. If he even sees a gun near them, they are guilty of assaulting him.”
Why bother with a trial if the defendants are without rights ?
And aren’t American governments constitutionally mandated to protect the rights of the people as the declaration of independence says ?

Florida State Troopers told to write minimum of two citations per hour each shift.
Policing is an exercise in revenue generation.


Trump Saw A Disturbing Video, Then He Shut Down The CIA’s Covert Syria Program
“Trump pressed his most senior intelligence advisers, asking the basic question of how the CIA could have a relationship with a group that beheads a child and then uploads the video to the internet. He wasn’t satisfied with any of the responses”

Seymour Hersh: “RussiaGate Is A CIA-Planted Lie, Revenge Against Trump”

Philippines National Democratic Front Says CIA Working to Overthrow Duterte


Canadian Man Takes Gun from Home Invaders – Charged with Attempted Murder and Nine Other Crimes
“Attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, intent to discharge a firearm when being reckless, careless use of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing that possession is unauthorized, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.”
Each charge is a varying degree of bulls**tedness, not least the use, storage and possession of the thing the home intruder had brought to the scene to injure or murder the residents of the house.
I suppose if this guy had become a murder victim then he could avoided all these charges.


Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit

California Has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens
“In addition, Los Angeles County officials informed the project that “the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.””
I imagine that all these fake voters cast a ballot for Hillary-zilla.

Hillary Clinton’s pastor compared her election loss to Jesus’ death and resurrection
Is Hillary-zilla is the anti-christ ?


Israel harvested 18,000 organs from dead Syrians during the war
“Since the outbreak of war in 2012, 6.5 million people have been displaced within Syria and another 4.8 million have become refugees forced to flee to neighboring countries like Turkey and Lebanon or 10% have migrated to Europe. With another 386,000 estimated dead, that’s 11.7 million humans in Syria who have violently lost their lives or homes – stunningly over half the total prewar population of 22 million Syrians.”

The United States Has Become A Nation Of Sheeple
“You can either follow the herd of you can decide to find your own path. One of the things that greatly frustrates me is that so many Americans allow other people to do their thinking for them. We have become a nation of sheeple, and the vast majority of the shepherds that we are relying on for guidance are frauds and imposters. The blind are leading the blind, and we are slowly but surely committing national suicide. If a lot more of us don’t start to learn to think for ourselves, I fear that the vast majority of the population will never wake up until it is far too late.”

From Riches to Rags: A Journey Through the Venezuelan Institutions



Venezuela to Investigate Food Giant Kraft Heinz for ‘Sabotage’ (1 December 2015)
“The order came after three Heinz employees reportedly claimed the company’s factories are capable of operating at full capacity to meet the country’s shortage of certain food items—but that the owners do not want that to happen.”
“In November, Venezuelan authorities discovered 2,500 kilos of expired wheat flour at a Kraft Heinz factory. At the time, the company said the flour went bad because it lacked the raw materials necessary to convert the wheat into its food products.”
With Venezuela having an election July 30, the alternative media need to show the world the economic sabotage inflicted by the corporate fascist world on this nation.

They Have Been Putting SEX HORMONES Into Our Food For Decades and KNEW They Were Doing It!!


New FDA-approved Hepatitis B vaccine found to increase heart attack risk by 700%


REVEALED: Flint’s deadly water crisis which claimed 10 lives was caused by lead pipes with holes like SWISS CHEESE
“Researchers have discovered how lead from water pipe lines in Flint, Michigan leached into water supply, contaminating the city’s water supply with lead.”
“A study of the pipe lines revealed a Swiss cheese pattern in the pipes’ interior crust, with holes where the lead used to be.”
“The findings support the accepted understanding that lead leached into the water system because the water wasn’t treated to prevent corrosion.”
“The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, is the first to prevent direct evidence of this leaching mechanism, the researchers claim.”

Vaccine Rights Movement Needs a Worldwide United Front
“As Big Pharma gains more and more control over national governments, and authoritarianism becomes the order of the day, parents who are concerned about the safety of vaccines are watching their freedom and ability to protect their children from their harmful effects.”
“France, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania and Slovakia have all passed laws in one form or another mandating vaccinations.”
“If they can, however, then it is not only possible but likely that we can roll back the rising tide of medical totalitarianism in the Western world.”
Either we have a free society or a totalitarian society not both.

Lloyd’s of London EXCLUDES liability coverage for harm from RF-EMFs/wireless radiation (March 22, 2015)

Italy court ruling links mobile phone use to tumor
“The evidence was based on studies conducted between 2005-2009 by a group led by Lennart Hardell, a cancer specialist at the University Hospital in Orebro in Sweden. The court said the research was independent and “unlike some others, was not co-financed by the same companies that produce mobile telephones”. “

Amazon paid just £15m in tax on European revenues of £19.5bn
Taxes are for the little people.

MSNBC Host Caught Smearing Actual Journalist & Cries Wolf

Was it journalism for this MSNBC host to claim harassment when wikileaks accurately refuted their fake assertion ?
Who still gets their news from the corporate news media ?


Rachel Maddow Has Lost Her Mind & People Are Noticing

“A real progressive came along and revealed all those 30,000 a day millionaires at MSNBC to be what they are. They are the tools of the plutocrats manufacturing consent.”

Rachel Maddow Gets Called Out For Beating W-A-R Drum With Russia


Corporate Democrats Now Calling Progressives The “Alt-Left”

Cops Turn Off Body Cams, Knock Man Unconscious, But Street Cams Busted Them
“The video shows Deezia and his group of friends sitting and standing on an outside patio of a restaurant, when all of a sudden, police swarmed in and violently slammed Deezia into the restaurant’s windows and then forcefully took him to the ground.”
“He was knocked unconscious as his friends, rightfully so, panicked at what they were witnessing.”
“His only charges were that of “obstructing justice” and “resisting arrest,” two charges police frequently cite when they cannot find more serious violations to arrest someone for.”


Caught On Tape (Again): Baltimore Cops Keep Accidentally Recording Themselves Planting Drugs On People

Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” And “Mooching” Off “Civil Society”

It’s Been Exactly 80 Years Since The US Declared War On Weed – And Weed Is Still Winning


How The CIA Came To Doubt The Official Story Of JFK’s Murder
“But thousands of pages of long-secret, assassination-related documents released by the National Archives last week show that, within a few years of Kennedy’s murder, some in the CIA began to worry internally that the official story was wrong—an alarm the agency never sounded publicly.”

“On May 17, the day Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel charged with investigating possible “Russian collusion” with President Trump’s campaign, Julian Assange at WikiLeaks tweeted a WikiLeaks released State Department cable documenting that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered Mueller to deliver a sample of stolen Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia in 2009.”
“Assange’s email signaled an investigation is needed into Mueller and his complex involvement with Russia and Uranium One, the company Bill Clinton promoted with Canadian entrepreneur Frank Giustra while Hillary Clinton served as Obama secretary of state in a criminal saga that ended up with Secretary Clinton voting to give the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Energy Agency, Rosatom, control of approximately 20 percent of all uranium holdings in the United States.”

CRITIQUE OF “Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S. Debts.”
“Would China be satisfied to get the power of eminent domain as collateral for the new huge loan Sec. of State Hillary Clinton just managed to negotiate? Hillary was over there. Two public officials were on television a few nights ago, and one of them described Hillary “on her bended knee, begging China to give us another loan”. China had been unwilling to take on any more of our debts. The only backing we have for our money is the words “full faith and credit”.”


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