Deceitful use of iconic ‘Syrian Ambulance boy’ / Enemy of deceitful State / 1993 WTC bomb built by FBI CI


“The father of the iconic “Syrian Ambulance boy,” whose photograph was plastered all over the Western media as an excuse to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, says he supports Assad and his son was used by the media “for the sake of propaganda.””

It’s Not Terrorism When We Do It—Syrians Report US Use of Chemical Weapons on Town of 200K
“International outlets and witnesses on Twitter noted that some of the airstrikes resembled cluster bombs or white phosphorus, both of which are internationally banned on residential areas.”

Theresa May’s pledge to ‘rip up human rights laws’ won’t stop terrorism – critics
Who will get to decide who is a terrorist ?

Private Security Firm Used Mlitary-Syle Counterterrorism Measures On DAPL Protestors

5m35s “The government poisoning it’s citizens (in Flint, Michigan) or working with private military contractors that would be a threat to democracy.”
The deceitful government in America has already decided that peaceful native Americans protecting at DAPL are terrorists to justify government abuse.

“Evidence suggests that one of the London attackers, Rachid Redouane, was part of the broad UK-backed covert strategy to oust Syria’s Assad, following his similar role in Libya in 2011.”
“It is distinctly possible that Redouane was trained by Qatar special forces in Libya in 2011, as part of a broad UK-approved covert operation. Indeed, it is possible that this training was presided over by UK and US ‘liaison’ officers.”
When a guy who gets trained by a foreign military poses as a ‘rebel’ in both Libya and Syria then it would be more accurate to label that guy a mercenary.

Enemy of the (deceitful) State | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

The English Defence League should be renamed the Equal Rights Defence League.

Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union on why he started the English Defence League

36m10s “Our concept of nationalism was anyone is welcome to it, white, black, anyone, muslim, christian, if you’re proud to be english, you’re proud of the laws in this country, you’re proud of our freedom you are welcome.”
1h12m45s “We’ve been asking for muslims to get as outraged as us about what these fanatics are doing. We’ve been asking for a clear wedge and a difference, a clear difference between ordinary muslims and these wahabbist salafist extremists.”
1h13m35s “You want pedophile child rapist and groomists to face legal consequences. Is there anyone out there who has a big issue with that ? You want equal application under the law.”


WATCH the speech I’m barred from giving at UK universities Tommy Robinson Rebel Contributor
15m10s “They forensically investigated everything I had done in my life gong back 10 years. And when that didn’t work they forensically investigated everything my mum and dad had done, everything my wife had done, everything my brother-in-law had done, everything my cousins had done.”
46m10s “The judge, the prosecution and the defence all got it horribly wrong. That’s not a mistake.”
They got it all horribly wrong on purpose and Tommy Damn must damn well get a lawyer and sue the f**king arse of all these people for all these fraudulent arrests.
1h3m “You have been identified as being part of a group as potentially being involved in violence … Are you for real ? … Yes … My daughter is five, my son is seven.”
Just making complete bulls**t up.
1h17m15s “If they can do this to me, they can do this to you. Is this freedom ?”
The establishment has picked on the wrong man, big time.



3m20s “we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Centre. It was build by supervising, supervision from the bureau and the DA and we was all informed about it and we know that the bomb start to be built. By who ? By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case !”



There was a massive amount of election fraud during the 2016 Democratic Primary. We’ve witnessed the coordinated installation of a nominee against the will of the people
“-Voter Roll Purging (State by state… see Brooklyn alone, where over 125,000 people were seemingly kicked off the rolls. This nationwide phenomenon was almost entirely exclusive to potential Sanders voters.)”

5,500 Non-Citizens Discovered on Voter Rolls in Virginia

Establishment refuses to point out Saudi Arabia’s role in creating global terrorism
“It is time for an honest conversation about Wahhabism, specifically the part this Saudi-sponsored ideology plays in radicalizing young Muslims both across the Arab and Muslim world and in the West”
“In 2015 Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel came out in public and accused the Saudis of funding mosques in which extremism is regularly promoted. “

WHY (theocratic dictatorship) Saudi Arabia Is Our Friend And (democratic) Iran Is Our Enemy


BRITISH ARMY COLONEL: Good to see some London bystanders followed US Homeland Security advice “Act with physical aggression” rather than UK “Run, Hide, Tell”.
“Would have been much better if they’d been able to turn concealed handguns in large calibers on the Muslim terrorists.”


Terror funding report: Calls grow for release of ‘sensitive’ Home Office document ‘pointing finger at Saudi Arabia’
“Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron among voices urging prime minister to publish delayed inquiry thought to target major UK weapons buyer following latest terror attack on British soil”

Saudis ‘Shocked, Shocked!’ to Discover Qatar Funds Islamists Just as They Do
“The diplomatic conflict between Qatar and a number of other Arab states over the support for terrorist groups shows the hypocrisy of Riyadh, which has been repeatedly spotted funding extremists, analysts told Sputnik.”


George Soros letter reveals globalist plan to destroy the First World by eliminating national borders with global migrant blitzkreig invasions


Wikileaks Proves Hillary Disclosed Classified Secrets To Foreign Leaders For Cash!

Remember That Time Donald Trump Approved Sale Of 20% Of US Uranium To Russia? No, Wait…that Was Hillary

@Liz_Wheeler: We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia… and it is not Donald Trump!
5 “Remember that time Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government when Trump’s company received 35 million dollars from Russia, from a government investment fund named Rusnano that was personally started by Vladimir Putin and has been called Putin’s child ? Oh no, oh no wait, that was John Pedestal not Donald Trump.”
Also 1) a 500,000 speaking fee in Moscow for Bill Clinton, 2) 20% ownership in American uranium deposits sold to Russia approved by Hillary-zilla 3) she said she wasn’t involved in the approval but leaked emails showed that she was involved along with John Pedesta, 4) the $145 million received by the Clinton Foundation from the Russian companies who received 20% ownership of American uranium deposits, 5) the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from Russian oligarchs, 6) Hillary-zilla not disclosing these donations before she become Secretary of State.


Rita Katz; Better than Spielberg
“She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “Helps” her with her information. We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind.”

FBI committed TREASON under COMEY: Surveillance on Americans illegally leaked to other nations
“As the American media machine continues its baseless attacks against President Trump, lobbing unsubstantiated accusations against him on the daily regarding imaginary connections to Russia, there’s a much bigger story brewing that the public isn’t being told about shamed former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey. New evidence has emerged from classified government documents showing that, under Comey’s leadership, the FBI actually committed major acts of treason against the American people by sharing raw intelligence about American citizens with unauthorized third parties, including foreign entities.”

Vladimir Putin roasts the CIA, implicated them in the JFK murder, calls them out for interfering with democratically elected foreign governments, and all-in-all owns the shit out of Megyn Kelly. Golden.

NBC edited out Putin’s hard truths – here’s what you missed

Cut was Putin mentioning the militarisation of American police, the brutality heaped on Occupy Wall Street.

FAILING NEW YORK TIMES: The one sure loser of the (Comey) hearings is @nytimes. Basically they’ve gotten just about everything wrong.


Comey Indicted Himself, Lynch, and the Entire MSM…. Networks To Lose Millions During Today’s Comey Testimony

Rob Schneider: “Thank you Dems & biased/fake news for an ENORMOUS waste of MONEY & TIME! NO COLLUSION!


‘WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 cache shows US – not Russia – hacked past French elections’
“Now, the one thing we do know from this is that the one country that actually has hacked the French election was the USA, and that was back in the presidential election of 2012 where they were not only intercepting the electronic communications, they were actually running human agents in the political parties. We know this because of disclosures through the Vault 7 cache that WikiLeaks put out a month or two ago. For everyone to go around blaming the Russians, when in fact the Americans have been doing this for years, is rather rich?”

Seth Rich #7: It Is Not The Crime, But The Cover-Up


Bitcoin Documentary by Discovery Channel

25m40s “Payments without a middleman, investment without a broker, loans without a bank, insurance without an underwriter, charity without a trustee, escrow without an agent, betting without a bookie, record keeping without an accountant.”


The Math Of Bitcoin And Why One Analyst Says It’s Not Yet In A Bubble
“What makes Bitcoin a better store of value?”
“1. It is decentralized. This is huge! It means that it is not under the control of central banks, and thus cannot be manipulated directly by them.”
“2. Unlike tulips, dollars, or even precious metals, Bitcoin is strictly limited in its supply.”
“3. Bitcoin is a better store of value because it is secure.”
“4. Bitcoin transactions are stored on a public ledger, all confirmed transactions are included in the blockchain.”



‘Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of Democracy is idle and futile.’ — The Right Honourable W.L.MacKenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada (1934)

“Don’t Panic” Banco Popular Tells Employees After Stock Crashes Most On Record

“Banco Popular, until today Spain’s sixth biggest bank, is no more. Its assets, including a massive portfolio of small-business clients, now belong to Banco Santander, Spain’s biggest bank. The global giant now has 17 million customers in Spain, a country of just 45 million people. The price was €1.”
“Citing the aim to improve cooperation between Asset Recovery Offices of the Member States, the Parliament has also proposed setting up and maintaining a central database, “registering users’ identities and wallet addresses accessible to FIUs, as well as self-declaration forms for the use of virtual currency users.””

Hackers could use Amazon voice gadget to steal bank details: Warning electronic assistants pose security risk because they are always listening


A compound in cannabis is ‘significantly’ effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia, study reveals

The power of trace minerals: How tiny elements can do so much for the human body
“Zinc (Zn):”
“Manganese (Mn):”
“Selenium (Se)”

Raw milk on trial in Ontario, court could permanently shut down sales
“Though extra care is needed when handling raw milk, why is it that they ban raw milk while modern, conventional agricultural systems linked to a host of illnesses have not resulted in the banning of these Frankenfoods? There is only one answer to that question: We are being controlled by the government and powerful monopolies that put profits before people.”

Brave Police Save Town From Man Selling Veggies
“The Sheriff’s Department of Alameda County Florida responded on Facebook to the public outrage, including thousands of criticisms posted to their Facebook page.”
“Selling food on street corners violates county ordinances and public health codes. Persistent street vending harms local businesses, especially small, start-up food vendors…”
“There you have it, from the horse’s mouth in plain black and white: the p”int of licenses is protection. You pay to play, if you don’t pay off the city and county, they will send their hired thugs to rough you up and demand the protection money.”
“It harms local businesses: apparently it is the government’s job to make sure there is no competition for certain businesses. God forbid the consumer has a choice.”
“And why isn’t this guy’s produce selling operation considered a small, start-up street vendor?”
“Simple because he didn’t pay for his rights.”
“Yet the Ninth Amendment in the Bill of Rights says, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.””
“And the 24th Amendment outlawed the poll tax, saying the right to vote had been abridged by charging citizens money in order to exercise that right.”

Video Released Of Off-Duty Deputy’s Husband Choking Man To Death
“Newly released video shows the husband of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy applying a chokehold to a man who later died in hospital. Other people are seen threatening the videographer with arrest for recording the incident.”

WATCH: Cops Torture Innocent Disabled Man with a Taser, Break His Hip
“A severely disabled Syracuse man was tased, tackled, and badly injured by police for wanting to stand on the bus because sitting caused him pain.”


More Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016 than were casualties in the Vietnam or Korea wars
“More Americans died from an overdose in 2016 than there were US military casualties in either the Vietnam or Korean wars, according to new data.”

GM foods kept off the menu at Westminster
“The House of Commons is continuing to bar genetically modified food from its restaurants and cafés, despite a drive by ministers for the technology to be more widely accepted.”


Jury finds man guilty of jury tampering after passing out juror rights pamphlets
“A jury of six found Keith Wood guilty within 30 minutes Thursday, convicting him of attempting to influence a jury in Mecosta County.”
“The trial began Wednesday for Wood, who was initially charged with a five-year felony for obstructing justice after handing out juror rights pamphlets on the public sidewalk outside the Mecosta County courthouse.”
“On Nov. 24, 2015 Wood, now a father of eight and former pastor, was arrested after passing out about 50 Fully Informed Jury Association fliers on the sidewalk in front of the Mecosta County Courthouse on the day of another trial. The fliers discuss juror rights including those that are debated and often not read by judges in jury instructions: including a juror’s right to vote their conscience, or jury nullification.”
Apparently some information is verboten.

Financial Times Praises ‘Innovator’ Greek Lawyer For Bitcoin Use
““When capital controls were imposed during the Greek financial crisis last year, Panos Giannissis helped clients to stay in business by converting some of their working capital to Bitcoin, the virtual currency,” it writes.”



One-Third of FDA approved drugs found to have huge SAFETY problems!

Town Mortified As Govt Cuts Down, Destroys Community Fruit Forest Over Permit Issue
“Because the city claims ownership over the property in front of people’s homes where a sidewalk would go, they were required to get permits to have fruit trees in that space — most everyone did. However, because one resident didn’t apply for a permit, the entire area was leveled.”



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