French election stolen by NWO / NSA built hacking tools / IMF “suggesting” a 10% tax on all ‘money’

Thousands of torn Le Pen ballots discovered in the French presidential election, all invalid and disqualified
It looks like someone did interfere with the French presidential election, just not Russia.

France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges
“On Friday night, as news of what has been hashtagged as @MacronLeaks on twitter spread, Florian Philippot, deputy leader of the National Front, tweeted “Will Macronleaks teach us something that investigative journalism has deliberately kept silent?” In a tweeted response, Macron spokesman Sylvain Fort called Philippot’s tweet “vile”.”

Largest French Newspaper Explains Why It Won’t Cover The Macron Leaks
“One wonders if this embarrassingly pro-establishment behavior by an apparently ‘free press’ will smash France’s rankings in the World Press Freedom Index even further (already below Lithuiania and Slovenia and just above Belize…)”

“Worst-Ever Recorded” Ransomware Attack Strikes Over 57,000 Users Worldwide, Using NSA-Leaked Tools (demanding payment in bitcoin)
How secure is your data when the NSA hacking tools can breach the security protecting your data ?
I am waiting for the demonisation of bitcoin to start but if a ban is forthcoming it will not solve the problem cause the hackers will still be able to hack and they will respond to any ban on bitcoin by finding another method of payment.

Roomful Of Regular People Proclaim Disgust At Democrats

9m15s “These are the people who aren’t going to vote for your corporate bulls**t any more.”

“Iraq threatened the ability to American financial institutions and arms dealers to expand with impunity because Iraq by 2003 had been cut off from the western financial and corporate apparatus. Iraq didn’t threaten anyone’s security, but it did threaten the expansion of certain western interests in the region. Could this be the ‘security’ about which Miss. Rice spoke?”

Well Duh! 14 Years Later, Condoleezza Rice Reveals Real Reason for Iraq Invasion
All the recent wars are fought for economic imperialist reasons with the plunder going to the mega corporations.

IMF “suggesting” a 10% tax on all money on deposit in banks throughout Europe
“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is always the cheerleader to raise taxes to support government they are instructing Germany to raise taxes and also talking about just imposing a 10% tax on all money on deposit in banks throughout Europe. Yes – you read that one correctly.”

George Carlin – It’s a big club and you ain’t in it

Humanity needs to become independent of this big club which includes the IMF.
Thomas Jefferson: “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”

‘Brussels-ordered COUP’ Thousands REVOLT over ‘EU meddling’ in another European country

Martin Armstrong Asks “Is Soros At it Again…Trying To Overthrow The Polish Government?”

Federal Suit Hits Soros For $10 Billion For “Political Meddling…Motivated Solely By Malice”

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The (ultra low profile) Rothschild Family

1. Incest, 2. Financed the Napoleonic wars, 3. Have far more money than they’re willing to reveal, 4. Creepy secret parties, 5. Said to have manipulated the gold market for 2 centuries, 6. Beginnings were humble, 7. Nazis seized Rothschilds artwork, 8. Sold an estate of 35 farmhouses for £24m in 2015, 9. Nathan Rothschild referred to the king of England as a ‘puppet’, 10. Some believe that the Rothschilds are responsible for the recessions and depressions of the past 2 centuries, 11. Amschel Rothschild hanged himself after a meeting about a merger, 12. Kate Rothschild divorced Ben Rothschild, 13. Dave Mayer de Rothschild once sailed a boat made from plastic bottles from California to Sydney (rejected the family business), 14. Funded Britain’s stake in the Suez canal (in return for what I wonder), 15. Nathaniel Rothschild supposedly sharing a sauna with a Russian oligarch and 1 of Britain’s richest men.

Who Controls the Money Controls the World

6m5s “Only 16 years after the federal reserve was in power America experienced the great depression. My research revealed that before the big crash in 1929 the elite bankers pulled their money out of the stock market. After the crash they used that money to buy up cheap stocks and smaller failing banks for pennies on the dollar. Among the bankers who consolidated their wealth this way was the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and Morgans. A similar scenario played out in the 2008 collapse with the same bankers benefiting.”

The Curse of Cash
“The world is drowning in cash—and it is making us poorer and less safe. In The Curse of Cash, Kenneth Rogoff, one of the world’s leading economists, makes a persuasive and fascinating case for an idea that until recently would have seemed outlandish: getting rid of most paper money. — Princeton”
“As Rogoff shows, paper money can also cripple monetary policy. In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, central banks have been unable to stimulate growth and inflation by cutting interest rates below zero for fear that it would drive investors to abandon treasury bills and stockpile cash. This constraint has paralysed monetary policy in virtually every advanced economy, and is likely to be a recurring problem in the future.”
Bitcoin is a vote against the corrupt money junkies.

Illusion of choice: 6 corporations control 90% of US media outlets, 10 corporations control almost every product bought by consumers globally, 1 non-profit institution controls US presidential debates, 1 family owns the banks in all but 3 countries across the globe…

Republicans Busy Helping Banks Screw You

4m50s “The Financial Choice Act would remove the ability of the federal government to liquidate banks that are judged to be ‘to big to fail’.
5m “It would allow banks and credit card agencies to increase debit and credit card fees.”
Where are the choices being offered by the Financial Choice Act ?

Why you can’t ignore Puerto Rico’s ($75B) bankruptcy
“Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They are suffering under the weight of heavy debt, government bureaucracy, high taxes and poor access to economic opportunity.”
“This bankruptcy may lead to their pensions and health care insurance taking hits, while services could also suffer cuts. Fabian estimated that some pensioners may get cuts of up to 20%”
“The case could lead to a political eruption in Washington.”

Is this 1917 law suffocating Puerto Rico’s economy?
“The Jones Act, which requires everybody in Puerto Rico to buy goods from an American-made ship with an American crew, limits business owners and jacks up prices.”
Such an act constitutes government mandated monopoly.

On CPS And Other Examples Of Totalitarian Government Monopolies
“And take “Child Protective Services.” (Please.) CPS bureaucrats are really part of the judicial system, as everything else seems to be. This article on Activist Post describes the ordeal that Jeffrey and Erica Henderson went through. The government police broke into their home without a warrant, beat up Jeffrey and charged him with “resisting.” Eventually their kids were taken from them, their possessions and finances stolen from them. All this based on an anonymous tip from a “neighbor” who wanted to accuse them of “endangerment.” In the article, a statement from Mrs. Henderson includes: “The officers searched our home, strip searched and interviewed our children and found no evidence of abuse. I was never arrested or ticketed.””

YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS – George Carlin (just ask Japanese Americans interred in 1942)

George Carlin – List of people who ought to be killed

Central banks beat Bitcoin at own game with rival supercurrency (13 March 2016)
“The RSCoin is deemed more likely to gain to mass acceptance than Bitcoin since the ledger would remain exclusively in the hands of the central bank, with the ‘trust’ factor of state authority. It would have the incumbency benefits of an established currency behind it.”
What a load of s**t.

Bitcoin “Speculatory Object” From “Unknown Actors”: German Central Bank
What a load of s**t.

10 Major FBI Scandals on Comey’s Watch
“2. Shortly after the NSA scandal exploded in 2013, the FBI was exposed conducting its own data mining on innocent Americans; the agency, Bloomberg reported, retains that material for decades (even if no wrongdoing is found).”
In other words, the human right of being free from unreasonable searches supposedly guaranteed by the fourth amendment. This one is my favourite.

James Comey EXPOSED by Trey Gowdy – So Are You Gonna Lie to Our Faces?

What are the odds that Trey Gowdy will be the next FBI Director ?

INCREDIBLE! Trey Gowdy Replaces James Comey!

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure (D+, Obama’s legacy, Bush’s legacy, Clinton’s legacy)

Greek Stocks Soar To Longest Winning Streak Since ’99 (Despite Unconstitutional Bailout Demands)
“The pension cuts the government and its creditors have agreed on in the Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding on May 2 2017 will affect more than one million Greek pensioners who will see further cuts up to 18% in their main and the supplementary pensions respectively. The pensioners will suffer losses from 45 to 350 euros per month.The total annual loss could reach 3,000 euros, that is a loss of up to 2.5 to 3 monthly pensions per year.”
“Exempted from the cuts are neither low-pensions nor widow or invalidity pensions.”
“It will be the fourth or fifth cut in pensions since 2010 when the International Monetary Fund arrived in the country together with the first bailout.”
The banksters want all the pensioners dead.

Welcome To The Corporatocracy
“America’s large corporations and its government have merged. Or was it an acquisition? If the latter, who acquired whom? Unfortunately, the labels affixed to purely corporate combinations lose their analytical usefulness here. While the two retain their own distinct legal structures and managements, so to speak, such a close community of interest has evolved that it’s no longer possible to separate them or delineate their individual contours. Political labels are no help; the ones most often used have become hopelessly imprecise. The Wikipedia definition of “fascism” is over 8,000 words, with 43 notes and 16 references.”

Is The Blockchain About To Disrupt This $7 Trillion Industry?
“The traditional analogue solution involved hundreds of documents. And it took at least three hours to complete each trade.”
“But on this trip, each trade took less than 25 minutes.”
“The name of the project that made a 25-minute trade possible is Easy Trading Connect. It’s a partnership between Société Générale and ING.”
“And it works by moving the transactions to a private version of the Ethereum blockchain.”

America has always been in a constitutional crisis.

REPORT: Anti-Trump Senator Mark Warner Made $6 Million in 2012 From Russian Tech Business
“Hardcore anti-Trump Democrat Senator from Virginia and Russia conspiracy theorist, Mark Warner, made $6 million from Russian search engine and tech company Yandex back in 2012.”
“GotNews reports that the $6 million he pocketed represents 10% of his entire net worth. This is corroborated by the Christian Science Monitor, which reported his net worth to be around $80 million.”
Don’t you love the hypocrisy ?

Just When President Trump Launches Probe Into Fake Votes, A Brave Journalist To Hand Evidence Of Mass Voter Fraud To Him
13m45s “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do s**t.”

Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient (and one to massive fraud)
“Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.”

Ron Paul Warns “We Are In The Last Stages Of The Welfare-Warfare State”
“The root of the current crisis is neither political nor economic but philosophical. Too many have bought into the lie that government can protect us from life’s misfortunes and stamp out evil around the world without endangering our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity. Convincing a critical mass of people to reject big government is key to our success.”

United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons
Those 2 attacks in March 2013 and August 2013, they were both ‘rebel’ attacks.

‘Greatest threat to US democracy is its sham two-party system, not Russia’
“Annie Machon is a former intel­li­gence officer for MI5, the UK Secur­ity Ser­vice, who resigned in the late 1990s to blow the whistle on the spies’ incom­pet­ence and crimes”
“FBI Director James Comey also described Russia “the greatest threat” to US democracy. What are your thoughts about that?”
“AM: I think that in America some of the greatest threats to their democracy is, first of all, the two-party system which is actually a sham in a sense that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the same government administration will get in. And the fact that most of the candidates who are put up for election to president in the US tend to be very heavily backed by big lobby organizations, by Wall Street. So, vested interests tend to be running a very corporatists state in America.”

Wikileaks: “What CNN didn’t show you: CIA is known to have interfered in 81 national elections (not counting coups)”.

Julian Assange Just Destroyed The FBI, CIA And Fake News In An Epic Tweetstorm
“But when reporters confronted The Sun on the story’s apparent inaccuracies, the newspaper then changed the story as well as the author’s name. “Shortly after the correction was published, the article was heavily revised and Christodoulou’s name replaced with the name Eileen Weybridge,” writes Shootthemessenger.”

Comey Says (Hillary-zilla’s ex CoS) Huma Abedin Sent Anthony Weiner Classified Emails
“Kennedy then pressed Comey into admitting that if Weiner had read the emails, he would’ve been committing a crime. What comes next can only be described as pavement ape logic, where the FBI chief said he didn’t think Weiner “ever read the emails.””
Is this the leadership of the free world outdoing the worst of third world corruption ?

First on CNN: Rice declines Senate request to testify on Russian hacking
“Graham first told CNN before the letter was sent that he had invited Rice to address the Senate panel to determine whether the Obama administration “tried to politicize intelligence” — part of his broader investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections.”
Is this a replay of the ‘sexed-up’ intelligence on the non-existent WMD in Saddam’s Iraq ?

The Existential Question Of Who To Trust (the non-existent WMD in Saddam’s Iraq)
“Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the United Nations on Feb. 5. 2003, citing satellite photos which supposedly proved that Iraq had WMD, but the evidence proved bogus. CIA Director George Tenet is behind Powell to the left”

In Yemen, Shocked to His Bones
“Yemen stands as the worst-threatened of four countries where impending famine conditions have been said to comprise the single-worst humanitarian crisis since the founding of the U.N. On May 2nd, 2017, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs published a grim infographic detailing conditions in Yemen where 17 million Yemenis – or around 60 percent of the population – are unable to access food. The U.S. and its allies continue to bomb Yemen.”

Compound in turmeric found to suppress viruses, including hepatitis, herpes, chikungunya, influenza-A, HIV and HPV

“At the rate things are going, we might expect the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay out around $220 million or more by the close of FY 2017. To clarify, US Fiscal Year 2017 runs from October 1st, 2016 to September 30th, 2017 – there’s still over four months remaining to rack up more carnage.”

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism

First Vaccinated Versus Nonvaccinated Peer Review Study Published

School Bans Unvaccinated Kids After Immunized Children Start Chickenpox Outbreak

Forced Vaccinations Violate Constitutional Rights, Sweden’s Parliament Declares
“Furthermore, this must be noted by all countries forcing mandatory vaccinations of children and adults, especially the USA, where a police-state exists regarding fraudulent vaccine pseudoscience:”
“NHF Sweden also shows how frequent serious adverse reactions according to the rate at which FASS specifies in the package leaflet of the MMR vaccine, when you vaccinate an entire year group.”

HPV vaccine turns young woman into a shriveled, tortured vaccine victim with severe pain that never goes away

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has been ordered to return more than $100,000 seized from a medical marijuana businessman and his family, 15 months after drug agents raided the company and didn’t charge anyone with a crime.
“Hottot said Monday that law enforcement agencies exploited the asset-forfeiture rules to boost their own budgets. The rules allow police and sheriff’s departments and the District Attorney’s Office to retain a portion of assets they seize.”

Plants Native Americans Use To Cure Everything – Miracle Plant That Cures Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver, Kidneys
“Hummingbird Blossom (Buck Brush)”
“Qua lo ga (Sumac)”
“Big Stretch (Wild Ginger).”
“Jiddu Unigisdi (Wild Rose).”
“Squirrel Tail (Yarrow).”
“Kawi Iyusdi (Yellow Dock).”


Susan Sarandon Slams Chris Hayes: “You’re A Journalist, Right!?”

This is one woman I would love to see become president of these united states of America, you can forget Hillary-zilla.

Surf freely. No DNS redirects. No Logging.

Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick / Part 2

“They Know Something That We Don’t” – Corporate Insiders Are Dumping Their Stocks “At Levels Rarely Seen”
Do they know another 1929-style crash is coming ?

ISIS Apologized To Israel For Attacking IDF Soldiers (WTF)
Obamacare “Death Spiral”: Maryland Insurer Seeks 50% Premium Increase For 2018

Obamacare Implosion: Last Major Healthcare Provider Pulls Out Of Iowa Leaving No Options In 2018

How GOP Sides With Corporations To Destroy Internet Privacy (by selling user data they host)

“But what distinguishes this latest vote is that this pretext is unavailable. Nobody can claim with a straight face that allowing AT&T and Comcast to sell their users’ browser histories has any relationship to national security. Indeed, there’s no minimally persuasive rationale that can be concocted for this vote. It manifestly has only one purpose: maximizing the commercial interests of these telecom giants at the expense of ordinary citizens. It’s so blatant here that it cannot even be disguised.”
“That’s why, despite its devastating harm for individual privacy, there is a beneficial aspect to this episode. It illustrates – for those who haven’t yet realized it – who actually dominates Congress and owns its members: the corporate donor class.”
Has the swamp swallowed Trump ?

Corporate Democrats Inspire New Ride At Disneyland!

The political establishment in America is an absolute laughing stock.

Eurostar sold off (£757m) despite ministers believing its value would rise – report
“Labour said the NAO report showed the public purse had “suffered a considerable net loss”. Lilian Greenwood, the shadow transport secretary, said it was unacceptable the decision to sell was driven by the election and that taxpayers would never recoup their £3bn investment.”
“Mick Cash, the general secretary of the RMT said: “However you dress it up, the fire sale of the UK’s Eurostar stake before the election has cost the taxpayer billions in wasted investment and lost future profits.”
The British taxpayer was just looted of £2.2bn.

‘I’m an attorney, but also a human’: Police officer assaulting teen at high school caught on camera

Child tried to use her constitutional rights and the school says NO!

“I dont think taking a picture of you and your friend by the locker after class is a justifiable reason for the school to confiscate my childs phone for 14 days, because she chose not to allow illegal seizure she is being suspended for 3 days! She was not disrupting class. Yet she was charged with insubordination.”

United CEO Repeatedly Blames Passenger For Beating

This CEO needed 3 attempts at an ‘apology’ and the third ‘apology’ still has problems not least of which when he says ‘no one should ever be mistreated this way’. ‘Treated’ is the word not ‘mistreated’. Does this CEO need an english language lesson ?

Will You Flight United Airlines Again? Dragged Vietnamese Man Witnesses Asked in CNN Interview

The answer should be ‘no’ but then United Airlines is the third largest carrier in the world and there are only 5 other major carriers who might not have the route you want.

Delta Supervisor Threatens Parents With Jail Then Kicks Them Off Plane (and kids into foster care)

2m55s “He has to stay in your arms the whole time.”
The family agrees to this but they throw the family off the plane – WTF.

Adam Carolla on the Couple Kicked Off Delta Airlines with their 2-year old (After Being Told to Give Up Their Child’s Seat)

Mother sues American Airlines for losing her daughter’s ashes

Young Mom Dies in Jail Cell as Video Shows Officers Laugh & Gawk at Her — Lawsuit

In Oklahoma, an anti-protest law to bankrupt groups that organize political protests
“A section of the law defining “critical infrastructure” includes various types of fossil fuel facilities. Oklahoma is a center of the oil and gas industry and home of the self-styled “Pipeline Crossroads of the World” in Cushing. The state has seen a dramatic increase in earthquakes since the nation’s fracking boom began, as companies began pumping wastewater produced from hydraulic fracturing underground. The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association is a supporter of the legislation.”
These corporation must be allowed to make their profits at the expense of the people and the environment.

DEA Breaks the Law with Special Prosecutors to Rekindle Drug War
“According to National Public Radio, Uncle Sam’s leading drug enforcement hammers quietly announced a plan last month to recruit a slew of new special prosecutors for the sole purpose of nailing drug offenders to the wall. The agency said its intention was to employee as many as 20 legal eagles, all of whom would be paid through funds provided by the pharmaceutical industry, that “would be permitted to represent the United States in criminal and civil proceedings before the courts and apply for various legal orders.””
The merger of corporation with government.

American Academy of Pediatrics declares “no science” needed to prove vaccines are safe, because they BELIEVE
How very unscientific.

The Death Of Facts
“Of course, the students at Claremont go farther than this. They make claims about people that are lies, yet state them as though they are categorical truths. And then they declare that “truth” is a “construct” — and one that they do not believe in. Their letter makes that plain, without them having any need to state the fact. But that they have stated it is convenient; it saves any honest observer from having to expend much energy considering the validity of their other claims. Anyone studying the decline of education in privileged Western democracies in the early 21st century will find documents like this immensely rewarding as historical testaments, and also a warning of what can happen when the thinking goes wrong.”

The Cult Almost Everyone is a Part Of

1m35s “One group tells the other group where they can live, where they can work, what they can eat, what they can drink, what they can drive, who they can work for, what work they can do and other nonsense. One group takes and spends trillions of dollars of what the other group earns. One group consist entirely of economic parasite while the efforts of the other group produces all the wealth. It’s a big club ad you ain’t in it.”
‘We are the government’ is incorrect, it should always be ‘we are the people’.


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