French president: Macron (ex Inv Banker) or Le Pen / Coercive F.S.B. & B.I.S. cartel immunities

French Elections: Macron is a former Rothschild Banker who was groomed at an elite feeder school to eventually go on to run the country.
“But instead of immediately entering politics, Macron went to work at the Rothschild bank, where he negotiated a sale between Pfizer and Nestle in 2012 that made him a rich man. The estimates of his wealth vary widely, but most place it in the millions.”
The supposed outsider Macron is nothing of the sort.

Meet Emmanuel Macron – The Consummate Banker Puppet, Bizarre Elitist Creation
“Any knowledge you may have about Macron probably comes from mainstream news outlets, which have been uniformly gushing about the socialist-centrist Rothschild protege.”

Who’s behind the mysterious rise of Emmanuel Macron?
“Then, in 2008, he paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract and became an investment banker with Rothschild, where he was highly regarded and quickly made a small fortune. “

Marine Le Pen HAMMERS French ‘OLIGARCHY’ for pledging allegiance to Emmanuel Macron
“MARINE LE PEN has launched a scathing attack on the French “oligarchy” for backing her election rival Emmanuel Macron – who she called “destructive”.”
“The presidential hopeful mocked the centrist candidate and said he had “all the qualities” to be a good investment banker but said he had a disregard for “the human consequences of his decisions”.”

All the Plenary’s Men (H.S.B.C. drug/terrorist money laundering and the resulting sovereignty crisis)
“The question at bar is why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to prosecute any too-big-to-fail banks or—more importantly—their bankers, even for admitted crimes.”
“It’s a crucial question, because after eight straight years of unremitting prosecutorial failure, it looks very much as if a select group of top banks can, in fact, do no wrong. If that’s the case, then our constitutional republic isn’t merely in trouble. It’s dead.”
“A person or group of people who satisfy Blackstone’s criterion for ultimate sovereign power—the power to commit crimes with impunity—can’t exist in a nation where the law reigns supreme. And yet here we are a decade after the financial crisis began in earnest, and not one TBTF bank executive has gone to jail.”
“Legally, the TBTF banks are indistinguishable from the King, since the power to commit crimes with impunity swallows all other sovereign powers; such a power isn’t even supposed to exist in the U.S., and yet it does.”
“Another objection, raised by the DOJ itself, is that it HAS prosecuted TBTF bankers, citing cases like that of Raj Rajaratnam. These cases, however, in fact reveal the DOJ acting on behalf of the criminal global banking cartel.”
“On that score, the DOJ’s abysmal track record is by now so extensive and so thorough that it’s possible to spot legal patterns in the DOJ’s protracted miscarriage of justice, and, as you’re about to see, those patterns are very deeply disturbing indeed. What’s been going on cuts right past a garden variety constitutional crisis like Watergate straight to a crisis of sovereignty.”
2m5s “HSBC has admitted its guilt to the 4 count information filed today which sets forth 2 violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, a violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and a violation of the Trading With The Enemy Act.”
3m0s “By announcing big banks get special dispensation that are never extended to the people or their businesses the justice department openly repudiated the rule of law which had stood for centuries without challenge. The principle that no one if above the law’s authority or beneath it’s protections had driven debates about the law’s application through the generations.”
Make your crime so big that it threatens judicial integrity.
7m25s “The resulting deferred prosecution agreement contains 4 B.I.S. immunities including one that specifically shields ex bankers. When we keep asking what keeps happening to bank prosecutions, these immunities are the answer.”
25m25s “Indeed the F.S.B. set up its initiative on cooperation and information exchange so it can reach out to national authorities for intel and bring non-compliant countries to heel. This information exchange is in fact openly regarded as a tool of coercion even by one of the F.S.B.’s most notorious members. When the International Monetary Fund was invited for membership, it was this information exchange that made I.M.F. hesitate over full membership participation. The I.M.F. itself put it this way ‘of particular concern was the FSB’s `initiative on international cooperation and information exchange` that contemplated the imposition of `coercive measures` in certain circumstances’.
32m5s Put regrettably in unfashionable terms: the H.S.B.C. case was dictated by the Financial Stability Board to a handful of traitors who betrayed their countries trust to advance their only allegiance they have, to a global criminal banking cartel that has nothing but contempt for the nations it systemically loots.”
It is therefore only natural that humanity have absolute contempt for banking executives.
47m5s “Ex presidents unlike ex cartel members are not immune from prosecution, which is why Richard Nixon needed a pardon from president Ford once he resigned but ex cartel bankers don’t need presidential pardons because they’re protected instead by the B.I.S. immunities for ex bank employees. And again, the B.I.S. immunities controlled not only H.S.B.C but every cartel case in it’s wake.”
The soundbite is: Coercive Financial Standard Board and B.I.S. cartel immunities makes errand boys out of law enforcers all over the western world.

Convention respecting the Bank for International Settlements (of 20 January 1930)

page 7 “And whereas the said central banks and a banking group including Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Company of New York, the First National Bank of New York, New York, and the First National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, have undertaken to found the said Bank and have guaranteed or arranged for the
guarantee of the subscription of its authorised capital amounting to five hundred million Swiss francs equal to 145,161,290.32 grammes fine gold, divided into 200,000 shares”
page 8 “The Bank shall be exempt and immune from all taxation”
page 15 “The shares shall carry equal rights to participate in the profits of the Bank”
also page 15 “Shares may be subscribed or acquired only by central banks, or by financial institutions appointed by the Board in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in Article 14.”

Why does an institution such as this have shareholders ?

Protocol regarding the immunities of the Bank for International Settlements (of 30 July 1936)

Treaty Series No. 25 (1937) Protocol regarding the immunities of the Bank for International Settlements,%20BRUSSELS%3B%20PROTOCOL%20REGARDING%20IMMUNITIES%20OF%20BANK%20FOR%20INTL%20SETTLEMENTS.pdf

Bank for International Settlements (Immunity) Act
“government measures”
“judicial process”
“Binding on Her Majesty”
The assumption that there isn’t anyone who is above the law in our society and that everyone enjoys the protection of the law is incorrect and this extra-sovereignty situation regarding the B.I.S. has existed since 1936. Hey, B.I.S. ‘over-lords’, you can most assuredly bite my f**king fat arse.
These so-called protocols/treaties conferring so-called immunity on the B.I.S. are high treason against the people of Britain and all other supposedly sovereign nations of the world into which the B.I.S. has plunged their fangs.

EXCLUSIVE: Baron Rothschild indicted in France over fraud case (18 June 2015)
“French police have been ordered to track down one of Europe’s wealthiest aristocrats over a fraud involving hundreds of British pensioners”
“Rothschild’s product, the Credit Select Series Mortgage Loan, was sold to pensioners as a legal means to reduce the value of their homes for inheritance tax mitigation purposes.”
Why have we not heard from the corporate news media about ordinary pensioners ripped off by this supposed multi-millionaire ?
And do you think his predecessors were able to escape paying an inheritance tax ?

Baron Rothschild finally answers Spain judge over alleged expat fraud (28 Jan 2017)
“The multi-millionaire banking scion has denied any knowledge of the complex case that saw over 100 mostly British pensioners lose millions in an equity release scheme”
So now it’s millions lost not thousands lost.

President Duterte Kicks Rothschilds Out Of Philippines
“President Duterte has vowed to “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality” from the Philippines, announcing that he will no longer respond to pressure or financial blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-controlled global banking institutions.”
Good for the people of the Philippines.

IMF says Greece needs to dig even deeper (burn it to the ground)
“The International Monetary Fund had a sobering message for Greece this weekend: Even if the country secures debt relief from its European creditors — a question that is by no means assured with bailout talks still deadlocked — the nation still needs even more painful economic overhauls than currently planned.”
“Seven years into an economic crisis and another near-term financial emergency looming, that is a message no Greek wants to hear and a key reason why the IMF is also urging Germany and Athens’ other European creditors to give the country hope in the form of real debt relief.”
“The country’s “fiscal and structural reforms…pension reforms, tax reforms, are only a down payment,” said Poul Thomsen, IMF’s European department chief and Greece’s original bailout architect, on the sidelines of the fund’s semiannual meeting of finance ministers and central bankers.”

Greece’s pensioners to suffer MORE: Europe demands austerity as debt hits £268BILLION
“In December German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped into prevent the Greek government making payments to pensioners.”
Angela Merkel is a f**king spawn of satan and as a British citizen I would like to step in to prevent the German government making salary payments to her and also to tell her to bite my f**king fat arse.

Natwest Online Banking DOWN – Mobile app NOT WORKING, customers unable to login
The Bitcoin network is available 24/7.

Andreas Antonopoulos | “Blockchain” or Bitcoin: Understanding the differences

Bitcoin and the Banks – Five Stages of Grief by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

19m5s “The world we live in today where control over money is control over freedom and most of the world live as slaves and bitcoin is going to change that.”

(Bitcoin) Blockchain vs. Bulls**t: Thoughts on the Future of Money

IMF Secret Blockchain Meeting Gets Lukewarm Bitcoin Community Reception
This would be more bulls**t.

10 Ways To Stop Being A Slave And Bring Down The Pyramids Of Control
“There are very real conspiracies in the world, and those conspiracies are always conducted by people “in the know” against those who are ignorant or naive of back-room machinations.”
“1. Media and Intelligence”
“2. Health and Agriculture”
“3. Energy and Technology”
“4. Mobility and Flexibility”
“5. Prepare for the Worst”
“6. Refuse to Pay Unjust Debt”
“7. Create New Banking Systems”
“We have seen economic collapse taking down countries like dominoes across the third world, and now the first.  These money junkies cannot and will not stop.  It is up to us to develop systems which permit us to completely withdraw our support for the current system and shield us from manipulated collapses.  This may be the most productive way to break free from modern slavery; whether it’s switching to local credit unions, storing precious metals instead of cash, engaging in barter systems or using alternative currencies, or supporting full-blown monetary reform.”
Bitcoin is money for the people and is without banks.
“8. Learn a Skill”
“9. Boycott”
“10. Taxes”

“Out Of Cash” – More Than 90% Of India ATMs Run Dry
The Indians need to kick out the banksters.

FULL STORY: Bitcoin (Nov 30, 2013)

10m45s “Sophisticated because bitcoin allows a veil of anonymity to its users and according to the FBI in the 2 and a half years of Silk Road’s running more than a billion dollars of illegal goods was pumped through the site.”
A billion dollars is such a paltry amount and basic users of bitcoin are not anonymous, they ARE pseudonymous with a trail that can be followed to make positive identification.

HSBC Helped Terrorists, Iran, Mexican Drug Cartels Launder ($19B) Money, Senate Report Says (Jul 16, 2012)
“HSBC actively circumvented rules designed to “block transactions involving terrorists, drug lords, and rogue regimes.”  In one case, “two HSBC affiliates sent nearly 25,000 transactions involving $19.4 billion through their HBUS [HSBC’s U.S. affiliate] accounts over seven years without disclosing the transactions’ links to Iran.””
Not accidentally, but actively so tell me again how bitcoin can facilitate terrorist financing and money laundering.
So tell me again how bitcoin can facilitate money laundering.

HSBC Gets Small Fine For Terrorist Transactions
““Those are my transactions, I reported them,” he said, satisfied that the government was taking action. But, he added, “Where I am upset was those were a handful of transactions, and I saw hundreds of millions of dollars” being transferred.”
“Stern said he hopes the government’s enforcement actions against HSBC have not come to an end with the latest settlement. “They admit to financing terrorism and they get fined $32,000. Where if I were to do that, I would go to jail for life,” he said.”

Bitcoin trader Charlie Shrem to serve two years for ‘aiding Silk Road black market transactions’
“A former executive of the virtual currency network Bitcoin has been sentenced to two years in prison for indirectly assisting transactions to the notorious Silk Road online black market.”
“Charlie Shrem, a 25-year-old former vice-chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, pleaded guilty in September to aiding and abetting the unlicensed money transmitting business and was also ordered by the judge to pay out $950,000.”

How a big US bank laundered billions (378) from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs (3 April 2011)
“More shocking, and more important, the bank was sanctioned for failing to apply the proper anti-laundering strictures to the transfer of $378.4bn – a sum equivalent to one-third of Mexico’s gross national product – into dollar accounts from so-called casas de cambio (CDCs) in Mexico, currency exchange houses with which the bank did business.”
So tell me again how bitcoin can facilitate money laundering.

Erick Voorhees: Lawsky’s Bitcoin Crackdown Is Like North Korea, Creates Security Risks
“In Voorhees’ view, the BitLicense that took effect last month collects an “Orwellian” amount of information on users and creates security risks.”
“He said the BitLicense regulations “re-connect” personal information to transactions that would be anonymous otherwise. Hence, he sees these regulations as creating a cybersecurity risk.”

Banking on Bitcoin 2017

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Explained
The decentralised revolution is moving at warp speed.

IBM Spells Out Its Views On Blockchain     In Three ‘Key Elements’
IBM’s blockchain will be a permissioned blockchain not a permission less blockchain which spectacularly misses the point.

FRENCH ELECTION LATEST: Voters think media is AGAINST Marine Le Pen

Database Tracks History Of U.S. Meddling In Foreign Elections
Excludes coups like 1953 Iran, 1973 Chile.

US Intervened Over 80 Times In Foreign Elections


No Constitution In the American police state
“We’ve got serious problems in this country, and they won’t be solved on the golf course, by wining and dining corporate CEOs, giving local police forces more military equipment, locking down the nation, or pretending that the only threats to our freedoms are posed by forces beyond our borders or by “anti-government” extremists hiding among us.”

POLL: Most Americans Say There’s a ‘Deep State,’ Believe It’s a ‘Major Problem’

(Constitutional crisis) First Wikileaks, then the New York Times “A conspiracy to commit journalism”

Establishment Press Slanders Wikileaks Ahead Of DOJ Prosecution

Dick Morris: Bill Clinton Advised Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1996
“President Bill Clinton meddled in Russian affairs in the 1990s and helped Boris Yeltsin get elected to a second term, political analyst Dick Morris told Newsmax TV.”

Russian Interference In US Elections? Maybe. But The US Did Help Boris Yeltsin Get Elected
“As reported in Time magazine’s cover story from 15 July 1996, Yeltsin found much-needed help – in the winter before the Russian election, his approval rating was in single digits – from a group of American political consultants for close to four months. Yeltsin’s campaign was guided by these consultants in complete secrecy, producing a shock victory in which Yeltsin came out trumps over his communist rival Gennadi Zyuganov by a margin of 13 percentage points.”

“Russia Hysteria Is Making US International Laughing Stock”- Chomsky

(Independent) Bernie Sanders’ Popularity Continues to Soar While Steve Bannon Is America’s Least Popular Political Figure
“Among registered voters, Sanders is viewed favorably by 57 percent, including 80 percent of registered Democrats. Only 32 percent of voters have a negative view of the 75-year-old.”

New Poll Bernie STILL Most Popular Politician In The Country

DNC Chair Gets Booed On Unity Tour

Keith Ellison Scolds Progressives– “Buck Up!” And Take It! (and gets scolded right back)

FDR Reminds Us To Criticize Corporate Democrats
“The party has failed consistently when through political trading and chicanery it has fallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values.”

FDR’s Letter To Corporate Democrats Will Blow Your Mind

(Constitutional crisis) Someone Finally Read Obama’s Secret Trade Deal And Admits The TPP “Will Damage This Nation”
“That’s by design—anyone who has read the text of the agreement could be jailed for disclosing its contents.”
Where does the constitution give any government the authority to keep secret the text of a proposed treaty ?

The Secret Global Court: Why Corporate Criminals & Corrupt Politicians Desperately Want TPP

Obama Fails Again With Out-Of-Touch Speech That Proves How Bad He Is

6m15s “This is what we’re left with in America, 2 parties of war, 2 parties of wall street, 2 parties of fossil fuels.”

Real Journalist Shreds CNN On Air Over S-y-r-i-a Coverage

11m40s “That’s how I felt before the Iraq war. I’m going crazy or the world is crazy. Turns out the world was crazy and willingly crazy. So its happening again and I feel like he does, I feel like Mr Scahill does here, thats how I feel. What the f, do you guys not see ? He’s basically saying to Feltzer how far up your arse is your head ?”

Howard Dean’s Disgusting Smears Of Tulsi Gabbard Call For Peace

Progressives Say “We’re Proud Of Not Voting For Hillary!”- W/Mike Figueredo

The democratic party leadership gave the membership a s**t presidential candidate such as Hillary-zilla then blamed those members who in the general election voted third party for handing the republicans victory when the blame is with the s**t presidential candidate.

Big Pharma conspired to destroy supply of life-saving cancer drugs by putting profit before people
“After getting its hands on leaked internal documents, including emails and presentations, The London Times recently revealed that one of the world’s leading drug companies created artificial shortages and threatened to destroy supplies of life-saving cancer drugs to drive up prices in Europe.”
Give us more money otherwise you will die – that is what these motherf**kers, in effect, are saying.

FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
“The documents argue that on the basis of the evidence provided by the FBI, there is no basis for the indictment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The FBI’s evidence clearly concludes that the bomb was in a black knapsack, but the photographs used to establish Dzhokhar’s presence at the marathon show him with a white knapsack. Moreover, the knapsack lacks the heavy bulging appearance that a knapsack containing a bomb would have.”
With the Boston bombing black is white.
“Sheila Casey walks you through the hoax. I am convinced that the only victims of the Boston Marathon bombing were the framed Tsarnaev brothers. The older brother was murdered in captivity. The younger brother was also supposed to be killed in the alleged shoot-out with the police, but the operation was botched. The younger brother survived a second episode of police shooting. He was taken into custody, held incommunicato, and assigned an attorney who participated in his conviction. He now awaits execution as his appeals are denied. No one has ever heard his story. We only have alleged confessions, including one allegedly written in his own blood in total darkness as he lay bleeding under the boat where he was found and shot again.”

Our State-Corporate Plantation Economy (cartel economy)
“The core feature of this Plantation Economy is the privileges of accumulating capital are all in the hands of the state-cartel elites. The foundation of classical capitalism is the accumulation of capital, which in our era is not just cash, factories, mines, etc.–financial and industrial capital–but knowledge capital: intellectual property, knowledge of processes, creation and control of content, research and development, control of information streams (that is, maintaining information asymmetry) and so on.”
“Those with unlimited access to low-cost credit can buy up or control all productive capital, including the labor of knowledge-based workers.”

funding of the Nazi Party by American bankers between 1929 and 1933
“The so-called “Sydney Warburg”, presented by the translator of 1933 as the son of a great American banker of Kuhn, Loeb & Co[20] (Felix Warburg), describes a meeting had taken place in July 1929 with a “Carter” (John Ridgley Carter, who married Alice Morgan) the president of JP Morgan’s Guarantee Trust, the leaders of the Federal Reserve, “the young Rockefeller” (John Davison Rockefeller Junior) and “Glean from Royal Dutch” (Henri Deterding). It was decided that Warburg who spoke German, had to travel to Germany and ask Hitler how much money he needed to become head of state. The only condition was that Hitler would take a “aggressive foreign policy”. The intention of the sponsors of Warburg is not to cause a war between France and Germany, but to cause a threat of war on France for engagement as possible to support the financial affairs of the United States and Great Britain.[21]”

CPS seizes child after parents challenge ADHD diagnosis
“The Maples are still fighting to get their son back and wonder if they fell victim to a money greedy school that wanted funding by having him diagnosed as a special needs child.”

Is This The Beginning Of The End For U.S. Empire?
“Four months later, the deep state got exactly what it wanted. Trump’s weaknesses have been identified and exploited, and he’s successfully been manipulated into neocon foreign policy like George W. Bush and Barack Obama before him. I’ve spent much of the past several months warning about exactly what happened last night, but the die is now cast. There’s no turning back from the path we’re on.”
“U.S. leadership is an absolute joke and will drive this entire country into a brick wall in the years ahead. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, are you kidding me? They remind me of George Armstrong Custer, and we all know how that turned out.”
“The media is even worse. In what Glenn Greenwald accurately called “one of the sickest things ever to appear on US television,” MSNBC’s Brian Williams gushed about the “beauty” of U.S. cruise missiles.”

(Constitutional crisis) Oregon Man Fined for Talking About Traffic Lights Sues
“Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying fined Jarlstrom after finding his public discussion of the formula for traffic-light timing was “clearly not protected speech.””
“But Jarlstrom says his critique is exactly the kind of speech protected by the First Amendment.”
“The next year, Jarlstrom sued Beaverton, claiming the Portland suburb programmed its yellow lights to be so brief that drivers didn’t have time to make it through an intersection before the lights turned red. Jarlstrom claimed the lights put drivers in danger of wrecks and said extending the length of yellow lights would dramatically reduce the number of tickets the city issued for running red lights.”
Bite my f**king fat arse.

(Constitutional crisis) Coalition Forms To Stop Trump Admin From Forcing Travelers To Give Up Passwords
Bite my f**king fat arse.

(Constitutional crisis) Paul Craig Roberts Warns “Trump Now A Captive Of The Deep State”
“The gullible Western populations would believe anything that they were told.”
The deep state can bite my f**king fat arse.

Why We (Americans) Have A 2nd Amendment: Venezuela Plans To Give Firearms To Loyalists To Purge Growing Resistance

No One Has Asked for Antidotes or Medicines Around Location of Alleged Idlib Chemical Attack

The nerve agent attack that did not occur: Analysis of times, locations of critical events on April 4 in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria
“The next figure shows the earliest photograph we have been able to find of an individual standing by the sarin-release crater where the alleged release occurred. The photo was posted on April 4 and the shadow indicates the time of day was around 10:50 AM. Thus the individual was standing by the crater roughly 4 hours after the dispersal event.”
“If the dispersal event was from this crater, the area where this unprotected individual is standing would be toxic and this individual would be subjected to the severe and possibly fatal effects of sarin poisoning. As a result, this throws substantial suspicion on the possibility that the crater identified by WHR would be the source of the sarin release.”

Former CIA Officer: “The Intelligence Confirms The Russian Account On Syria”
“There is also an internal dispute over the intelligence. On Thursday night, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. intelligence community assessed with a “high degree of confidence” that the Syrian government had dropped a poison gas bomb on civilians in Idlib province.”
“But a number of intelligence sources have made contradictory assessments, saying the preponderance of evidence suggests that Al Qaeda-affiliated rebels were at fault, either by orchestrating an intentional release of a chemical agent as a provocation or by possessing containers of poison gas that ruptured during a conventional bombing raid.”
“One intelligence source told me that the most likely scenario was a staged event by the rebels intended to force Trump to reverse a policy, announced only days earlier, that the U.S. government would no longer seek “regime change” in Syria and would focus on attacking the common enemy, Islamic terror groups that represent the core of the rebel forces.”
“The source said the Trump national security team split between the President’s close personal advisers, such as nationalist firebrand Steve Bannon and son-in-law Jared Kushner, on one side and old-line neocons who have regrouped under National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, an Army general who was a protégé of neocon favorite Gen. David Petraeus.”
“White House Infighting”
“In this telling, the earlier ouster of retired Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser and this week’s removal of Bannon from the National Security Council were key steps in the reassertion of neocon influence inside the Trump presidency. The strange personalities and ideological extremism of Flynn and Bannon made their ousters easier, but they were obstacles that the neocons wanted removed.”
“Though Bannon and Kushner are often presented as rivals, the source said, they shared the belief that Trump should tell the truth about Syria, revealing the Obama administration’s CIA analysis that a fatal sarin gas attack in 2013 was a “false-flag” operation intended to sucker President Obama into fully joining the Syrian war on the side of the rebels — and the intelligence analysts’ similar beliefs about Tuesday’s incident.”

As Trump Relishes in Establishment Praise, NYT Admits Assad Didn’t Do 2013 Sarin Gas Attack

Syria Chemical Weapon Attack: Another BBC Guest Refuses To Go Along With The Propaganda!

Poll: Americans See MSM ‘Fake News’ By Overwhelming Majority – President Trump Trusted More Than The Media

George Soros Accused Of “Puppeteering” Government In New Lawsuit

(200-year constitutional crisis) What Comes Next?
“Of course the threat of major warfare, possibly even nuclear warfare, looms large these days, not least on and around the Korean peninsula. The United States and its allies are right now building up a very large military force,  and bruiting their plans to imminently “resolve” the North Korean “problem” via military means, though an objective observer strains to identify even one case of the allegedly war-like North Koreans invading another country, while the USSA has willy-nilly been destabilizing, invading and destroying one nation after another for the better part of two centuries now, directly or in league with proxies and mercenaries, beginning with the Native American peoples of North America, and then continuing on to menace the entire planet: the Philippines, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Cambodia, Iraq, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, (what used to be) Yugoslavia, Yemen ….. It never ends, and now the USSA is on the verge of launching another major war in East Asia.”

Make America Neocon Again

It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong: The Case for Personal Freedom

“The judge offers eye-opening, sometimes frightening examples of how, time and again, the human liberties we are guaranteed in the Constitution are vanishing before our eyes. He asks: where does freedom come from? How can government in America exercise power that the people have not given to it? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom? This back-to-basics on freedom addresses hard questions:”
“What is a Constitution, and do we still have one?”
“What are the limits to government power in a free society?”
“Why does the government attack, rather than defend, our rights?”
“If our rights are inalienable, how can the government take them away?”
“Do we really own any private property?”

Is the Western Medicine “Standard of Care” really eliminating disease? Are we better off than we were a century ago or are we being drugged for profit?
“Sometime about a hundred years ago, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations decided to “reform” medical education in America by engineering medical school curriculum through their grants and donations. When money comes from a donor—the curriculum and the outcome is logically going to be what the donor wants it to be. Carnegie and Rockefeller bestowed literally hundreds of millions of dollars on these schools to “standardize” care to patented, petrochemical drug intensive treatment to the exclusion of all others.”
“Natural healing, that had brought humanity to this point since the beginning of time, was summarily bastardized, the wisdom of ancient healers forgotten, and anyone who didn’t graduate from a highly controlled, drug intensive, pharmaceutically funded Carnegie—Rockefeller approved medical school was prosecuted for practicing “quackery.” Needless to say, the Boards of Directors of these schools were the very same people on the payroll of the donors.”

How would you feel if your doctor were bribed to give you a drug?
“Hello, Novartis. The pharmaceutical giant has just been fined $50 million by the government of South Korea for bribing doctors to prescribe the company’s drugs.”

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests all new psychiatric drugs”
“Approval from the FDA means that a psychotropic drug is effective long-term”
“Approval from the FDA means that a psychotropic drug is safe long-term”
“Mental illnesses are caused by brain chemistry imbalances”
“Anti-depressant drugs work like insulin for diabetics”
“SSRI discontinuation syndromes are different than withdrawal syndromes”
“Ritalin is safe for children (and adults)”
“Psychoactive drugs are totally safe for humans”
“Mental illnesses have no known cause”
“There is no connection between psychotropic drugs and the increase in disabled and unemployable American psychiatric patients”
“Bipolar disorder can suddenly emerge in patients who have been taking antidepressants and SSRIs.”
“Anti-depressant drugs can prevent suicide”
“America’s mass shooters are untreated schizophrenics who should have been taking psych drugs”
“If your patient hears voices it means he’s a schizophrenic”

SHOCKING Autism Cover-Up: The CDC studied the links between vaccines and autism and when they found definite links, they changed the protocols 17 times to hide them as well as destroyed evidence.


Vitamin D may be your best defense against respiratory infections, new science finds

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV

CBD oil helps autistic boy speak again
“Then the Santiago family read about the potential of CBD oil in the treatment of autism and decided to try it. The CBD oil they purchased was derived from hemp oil, which is legal in the U.S. After giving Kalel the oral CBD spray twice a day for two days, the results were nothing short of miraculous”

There are far more vaccine-damaged children in America than chemical weapons-damaged children in Syria
“President Trump’s explanation for the attack included these words:”
“Assad choked out the lives of innocent men, women and children. It was a slow and brutal death for so many. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of god should ever suffer such horror.”
“If you replace the word “Assad” with “CDC” or “the vaccine industry,” it all makes even more sense. Vastly higher numbers of children right here in America have been “cruelly murdered” in the “barbaric attack” of toxic vaccines than have ever been killed by chemical weapons in Syria.”

Is Long-standing Vaccine Case Law Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905) Obsolete?
“That common welfare apparently gave rise to what’s become the ‘herd immunity’ theory, now being reclassified as “community immunity,” “population immunity,” or “social immunity.”  However, there seems to be a qualitative and technical difference arising legally insofar as vaccines originally were promoted and mandated against the spread of infectious diseases, e.g., smallpox and mumps in the 1905 case, but numerous vaccines since then have come into the marketplace to prevent non-infectious diseases.”
“The argument HLR makes is that “vaccine law must be updated.”   To which I add, especially the 1986 “get out of jail free card” Congress gave to vaccine makers when it passed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34), which currently is being used to mandate vaccines for adults.  That 1986 law dealt with children’s vaccines and has been botched up most effectively at the Vaccine Court (Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims) where harmed vaccinees’ claims are rejected in droves.”
“Frankly, it is incomprehensible that any court, especially SCOTUS, would mandate neurotoxic and hazmat ingredients, as found in present day vaccines [3], must be injected into infants whose immune systems aren’t fully developed until around two years of age.  That’s chemical child abuse the legal system must address when revisiting Jacobson and NCVIA.”

Raw Cabbage Juice alkalinizes the body, stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria and viruses, heals ulcers, prevents cancer

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica… Revealed

Why Hasn’t America Rebelled Against Big Pharma?

FDA Warns 14 Companies over Questionable Health Product Claims
And yet the toxic s**t from big pharma gets a pass.

Teen DENIED life-saving double lung transplant after testing positive for marijuana
The message is do not self-medicate with cheap alternatives to the expensive toxic s**t from big pharma.

Papaya Seeds Detoxify Liver & Kidneys, fights Cancer and helps with Digestion

Saudi Arabia is the 12th Worse country for Women yet receives a spot on the UN women’s rights commission

WATCH: ‘Brave’ Cop Protects Society By Smashing Tiny Woman’s Face in the Ground
“Of course, the Ft. Collins Police Department is standing by their boy in blue. According to Denver’s News 7, “Fort Collins Police says one of their own used what they say is standard procedure when an officer slammed a woman to the ground in order to subdue her during an arrest Thursday evening.”
“Another observant Instagram viewer may have heard the woman asking the police officer (if he can be called that) a question. “Listen closely! The poor girl is asking “what did I do” and then gets her face slammed into the ground! Pathetic Pig,” the viewer commented.”
It would appear that in Amerika you are not supposed to ask what you did to cause the arrest.
Those good cops, which do not include the guy in charge of Fort Collins Police, need to challenge these bad cops.

MUST SEE! How Newton’s laws solve 9/11 (the terrorists defeated the third law of motion: every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, the law of momentum conservation)

Combat utilization of chlorine irrational for Damascus, Russian Foreign Ministry says
“”It is only too obvious for us that the utilization of chlorine as a chemical weapon does not make any sense for Damascus either militarily or politically, as it has other far more efficacious instruments for incapacitation,” the ministry said. “For anyone with a bit of common sense and for the governments of sovereign countries it should absolutely clear that only terrorists, extremists and the irreconcilable, as well as those who are standing behind their backs have a need for chemical provocations of this kind”.”

Daily Mail deleted article about US plan to stage chemical attack in Syria
“RIA Novosti has asked Daily Mail to answer why and when exactly this article was removed from the website.”
Good luck getting a response from the lying journalists.

No UK single market access WITHOUT accepting EU court, MEP says ahead of Brexit talks
The UK can have access to other markets around the world without accepting a foreign court and the losers will be the other participants in the European single market.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Force K9 to Maul 70-Year-Old Man’s Head Over a DOT Sticker
“Battered and bloody, Gebelein was booked into jail for resisting arrest, fleeing an officer, and failure to obtain the proper licensing for a commercial vehicle — which Gebelein said he doesn’t even have.”
“Gebelein suffered pain, permanent scarring to his head, medical expenses, and business loss, according to the lawsuit. He is asking the court to determine the amount of damage he should be awarded, according to the Daily Herald.”
“As the Daily Herald reports, Jerome Tlusty, Gebelein’s attorney for his criminal case and one of the attorneys for his civil case, later argued in court documents both the stop and the search of the vehicle were illegal.”
“Fortunately for Gebelein, the court agreed with Tlusty and all charges were thrown out. However, none of the officers involved in the assault were held liable for the injuries they caused this innocent man. In fact, Capt. Sean McCarthy said the department followed proper procedure when forcing their K9 to maul a non-threatening senior citizen.”
All of these police officers should have known the law and that this guy was not breaking any laws.

This court just ruled Coca-Cola products are POISON
“Regular consumers of these soft drinks, however, have more to worry about than just its high sugar content. A Nigerian High Court judge has ruled that some of the soft drinks sold under the Coca-Cola brand could be poisonous when consumed alongside vitamin C-rich foods, drinks, and supplements.”


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