Systemic Global Pedophilia / 9/11 terror plot infiltrated by Mossad / Princess Di’s Merc missing chip

Hampstead: Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims
Hampstead: Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims
“The medical reports end any debate regarding the fact that children A and G were the victims of child sexual abuse in Hampstead and underline the criminal nature of the police interviews of September 17th, 2014. The question now is who is being protected? Who has the influence and power to cause the British police such an obvious and inexplicable mid investigation rethink?”
We can only assume that the political establishment is populated either by those who are involved in the cover ups or those who are being threatened to stay silent.

(part of the cover up)
Police hunting runaway mother who tortured her two children into inventing fantasy claims about a satanic sex cult run by their father

Group of women who say they were abused by Sir Edward Heath also claim their parents ran a satanic sex cult that was involved in SIXTEEN child murders

Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush
“‘Call boys’ took midnight tour of White House”

PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

Blockbuster: Wikileaks Suppressed, Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” terrorist operation

Wikileaks Reveals: CIA’s UMBRAGE Allows Agency to Carry out ‘False Flag’ Cyber Attacks
“A new release of CIA documents by Wikileaks indicates that the intelligence agency has the means and the intent to mask the cyber-attacks it commits by making them seem as if they originated from a foreign power.”
“According to a Wikileaks press release, the 8,761 newly published files came from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI) in Langley, Virginia. The release says that the UMBRAGE group, a subdivision of the center’s Remote Development Branch (RDB), has been collecting and maintaining a “substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states, including the Russian Federation.”
“As Wikileaks notes, the UMBRAGE group and its related projects allow the CIA to misdirect the attribution of cyber attacks by “leaving behind the ‘fingerprints’ of the very groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.””
“In other words, the CIA’s sophisticated hacking tools all have a “signature” marking them as originating from the agency. In order to avoid arousing suspicion as to the true extent of its covert cyber operations, the CIA has employed UMBRAGE’s techniques in order to create signatures that allow multiple attacks to be attributed to various entities – instead of the real point of origin at the CIA – while also increasing its total number of attack types.”

How else are they going to get their budget increased ?

CIA’s Frankfurt Spy HQ Could Be Source of ‘Ties’ Between Putin and Trump
“But according to Alfa Bak, the “odd” internet traffic isn’t even real, and came from “mainland Europe”:”
“The bank told CNN it is now trying to identify the person or entity who disseminated this internet traffic. “We believe that DNS traffic in mainland Europe was deliberately captured – in a manner that is unethical and possibly illegal — in order to manufacture the deceit,” it said.”

Princess Diana’s Death: The Mystery of The Stolen Mercedes (June 29, 2007)
“The car in which the ill-fated couple was traveling, a Mercedes Benz S280, had been stolen some days prior to the crash. This fact on its own is perhaps at best nothing more than pure coincidence but where that event turns decidedly strange is how that very Mercedes was returned a few days earlier in pristine condition save for one very important aspect…”

Pelosi: The People Deserve To Know What’s In Healthcare Bill Before We Pass It
“Back in 2010, amid the furore over the Democrat’s healthcare tax – soon to be nicknamed ‘Obamacare’ – Nancy Pelosi explained to the world, seemingly ignorant of the inaneness of what she was saying, that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.””
This crazy woman was the House Majority Leader.

Leaked CIA Documents Show Government Intentionally Creates Digital Vulnerabilities, then Intentionally Leaves Them Open … Leaving Us Exposed and Insecure

In Case You Forgot There Are Examples Of Our President Caring For Others Before He Was Forced Into Politics
“1996: Trump filed a lawsuit against the city of Palm Beach, Florida accusing the town of discriminating against his Mar-a-Lago resort club because it allowed Jews and blacks. Abraham Foxman, who was the Anti-Defamation League Director at the time, said Trump “put the light on Palm Beach – not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination.” Foxman also noted that Trump’s charge had a trickle-down effect because other clubs followed his lead and began admitting Jews and blacks.”

Trump: The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony
Make every nation great.

Judge Napolitano: For The FIRST Time, We Have A President Who Is An Adversary of the Deep State

“Vault 7 release: Rogue CIA elements may be illegally targeting Americans
“During a live-streaming press conference Thursday morning, Wikileaks Julian Assange revealed that over 22,000 IP addresses within the classified CIA documents are actually inside the United States.”
Isn’t the CIA forbidden by law from operating domestically ?

“They Are Turning People Into Patsies”: FBI Caught Manufacturing Terrorists to Justify Budget (Video)

“The Powers That Be Have Looted Everything.” Greek Farmers Fight Riot Police With Shepherd Crooks

(constitutional crisis) Liberal Gun Control Advocate Stumped By Trey Gowdy
15s “What process is currently afforded an American citizen before they can go on that list ? I’m sorry, there’s not a process afforded the citizen prior to getting on the list, there is a process if they feel they are unduly placed on this list. Yes there is, and when I say ‘process’ I’m actually using half of the term ‘due process’ which is a phrase we find in the constitution, that you cannot deprive people of certain things without due process.”
1m30s He’s fine doing it with the second amendment, how about the first (amendment), how about we not let them set up a website or a google account ? How about we not let them join a church until they petition the government to get off the list ? How about not get a lawyer ? How about the sixth amendment ? How about you can’t get a lawyer until you petition the government to get off the list ? Or how about my favourite, the eighth amendment ? We’re going to subject you to cruel and unusual punishment until you petition the government to get off the list. Is there another constitutional right that we treat the same way for American citizens that we do the second amendment ?”

Prescription drugs declared “one of the most significant perils to human health” by British medical journal

Will medical marijuana be covered by insurance companies?
“In court, a psychiatrist and neurologist testified on behalf of Watson, telling the judge that by using medical marijuana, Watson would be able to decrease his use of prescription opioids, which would in turn lower any potential dangerous side effects and risk of becoming addicted, which has been deemed a nationwide epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (RELATED: Prescription opioid deaths surpass gun-related deaths… Big Pharma literally killing more people than GUNS.)”

VL Exclusive – State Makes Man Choose Between Life Or Death To Keep His Children
“Michael Brooks, father of two small sons, is a resident of a small town in Tennessee where any form of cannabis use is illegal, including medical marijuana. Michael discovered he had Hepatitis C, for which he began taking all of the traditional pharmaceuticals he could in hopes of finding some relief, but nothing helped… until he found out about Cannabis oil. He traveled to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal and began legal monitored treatments of Cannabis oil. After using oil for a short time, Michael was feeling dramatically better and was able to discontinue all of the other medications.”
“Then, one day, at a routine doctor’s appointment a blood test was run, which is standard for those suffering from Hepatitis C. The blood test showed that Michael’s disease was undetectable! However, the tests also reflected high THC levels, as well. These high levels of THC were reported to family services, at which time CPS removed Michael’s two sons – Damon, 18 months old and Elijah, four months old at the time. Family services sites Brook’s cannabis use was the reason. He was forced to move out of his family’s home and to discontinue use of the life-saving Cannabis oil, but the children were still not allowed to stay. AND, to top it off, because he has not been allowed to continue his regimen of the oil, he is now as sick as he was years ago – which is the new reason CPS sites for not returning the children to Michael.”

NO SCIENCE ALLOWED: Science teacher disciplined for demonstrating why vaccines are so toxic to human brains

The Impacts of Vaccines: Aluminum, Autoimmunity, Autism and Alzheimer’s


The Incredible Effects of Cannabis On Weight Loss and Metabolism
One of the many reasons it has to be kept illegal.


NANCY PELOSI Calls herself a minimum wage champion, pays her interns $0. Gets called out by reporter. Becomes angry and ends interview. PATHETIC.

The ability to call the press out for their partisan framing of the news is what pisses off the media the most about the internet.

(constitutional crisis) SCOTUS legalizes theft by police
“In refusing to hear a challenge to Texas’ asset forfeiture law last week, the U.S. Supreme Court has officially legalized theft by police. Now police can steal your property for any reason or no reason at all, something they have been doing with little challenge for years.”

Bitcoin Tumbles Below Gold As China Tightens Regulations
“As The Wall Street Journal reports, the move to regulate bitcoin exchanges brings assurance that Chinese authorities will tolerate some level of trading, after months of uncertainty.”
Bitcoin is self-regulating and this is not bitcoin being centrally regulated and the decentralised bitcoin exchange bitsquare cannot be centrally regulated. This is just another buying opportunity.

FBI Deputy Director Did Not Include Wife’s Ties to Clinton Ally in Financial Disclosure Forms

Montana Man Fined $85,000 by FDA for Making Natural Products that Harmed No One
“A Livingston, Montana man has been faced with fines of $85,000 by the Food and Drug Administration for developing and selling topical bloodroot and graviola products, even though no one was injured in the process of either the manufacture or sale of the products.”
“Although manufacturers of dietary supplements and topical therapies are not required to obtain FDA approval, products with unsubstantiated medical claims are considered new drugs and therefore require considerable proof of safety and effectiveness prior to sale and distribution. The FDA contends that the “new drugs” sold by Risingsun Health are unsafe and ineffective in treating the diseases they claim to treat.”
“The FDA has a history of approving drugs that have no only not worked, but made people sick, even kill tens of thousands of people every single year.  That’s according to the FDA’s own website.”
The FDA are the ones making an unsubstantiated claim.

Anti-Soros Uprising Spreads Across Europe, Media Blackout
“Liberal media, in thrall to the globalist masterplan, is suppressing news that George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is being banned across Europe.”

Netanyahu said to have offered Lewinsky tapes for Pollard

BEX ALERT – Just A Reminder That Trump Has Still Provided Zero Evidence Of Voter Fraud

India: Still the Fastest Growing Large Economy?
“It has now been four months since Narendra Modi declared about 86% of monetary value of currency illegal.”
“The worst losers were the poorest people of the country, who are lucky if they have a toilet. 50% of Indians still relieve themselves out in the open. Tribal people who never got to know about the ban, people who were too sick, or people who had forgotten their cash are now left with paper that can land them in prison. Modi has made ownership of more than ten of the banned bills illegal.”
“Income tax authorities have been given free reign to knock at one’s door without having probable cause to make such a visit. Modi is hiring more than 100,000 people to work for the tax department. In the last four months India has rapidly become a suffocating police state. Banks and ATMs still suffer from a shortage of cash. Queuing up at banks is a mandatory part of life in India.”

The U.S. receives a D for infrastructure by the American Society of Civil Engineers

BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile

That Soros guy has got to go.

Trump issued an executive order to REDUCE the scope of the executive branch. liberals think that a man trying to reduce his own power is a fascist. Let that sink in.
“eliminate unnecessary agencies”
Start the abolishments with the ABC agency and end them with the XYZ agency.

Clinton Fired 93 US Attorneys in One Day, Trump Only 46
“Former President Bill Clinton asked 93 politically-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign in 1993, which didn’t prompt as much media outrage as when President Trump did it.”

(constitutional crisis) Congress Created a Monster
“Those of us who believe that the Constitution means what it says have been arguing since the late 1970s that congressional efforts to strengthen national security by weakening personal liberty are unconstitutional, un-American and ineffective. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Congress passed in the aftermath of President Richard Nixon’s use of the CIA and the FBI to spy on his political opponents, has unleashed demons that now seem beyond the government’s control and are more pervasive than anything Nixon could have dreamed of.”

American Corporate MSM Is Merged With CIA And Has Been Since The 1950s

Compilation of CNN Cutting Off Feeds Of People Who Go Against The Narrative

THEY DID IT AGAIN: CNN Feed Goes Dead As Obamacare Victims Begin Speaking

Brighton & Hove infants asked to choose gender on primary school form
“Children aged four have been asked to choose the gender “they most identify with” on a council form.”
Is this child abuse ?

SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s Home Looking for Unarmed Homeless Man
“Jessen says he had no idea what the officers meant until he went inside and found his home destroyed. Officers had ripped out the wrought iron doors to their home office and laundry rooms, pulled the office wall off the foundation, teargased six rooms, flash-bombed two of them, shattered a sliding glass door, broken seven windows and destroyed more than 90 feet of fencing with a SWAT vehicle.”

America Has Lost Its Guiding Light, Its Citizens’ Bill of Rights
“Today, the greatest threat to the rights and freedoms of American citizens derives not from a foreign power but from a corporate/billionaire controlled government in Washington. Because most members of Congress and the President must rely on corporate money and billionaires to finance their political campaigns, citizens’ rights have given way to the advancement of corporate rights to abuse the citizenry.”

Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts Involving His Homemade Salves – Faces Up to 48 Years in Prison
“Sam refuted the claim that the Amish were physically intimidating. He explained that they would never intimidate or threaten anyone. Anybody with even a passing familiarity with the Amish would know that to be the truth. He also stressed that nobody cursed at the FDA agents, as that is something they do not do.”
“We cannot believe the FDA has gone to these lengths to silence someone becasue they are making a natural health product. Do not believe for one moment they are trying to save or protect anyone from harm- they are silencing and potentially putting an Amish man in PRISON for healing people without the help of pharmaceuticals. That is the extent of it. Quite frankly is shameful.”

Research continues to prove Vitamin D’s critical role in disease prevention

“USA: Highest Vaccination Rate in the World Has the Worst Health
“That “worst health” label includes a ranking of 34th in the world with infant mortality.”
“In other words, the USA has the 34th worst infant survival with its highest rate of vaccinations. Some are directly from multiple vaccinations administered.”

Another state appears ready to legalize the sale of raw milk
Restoring America as the land of the free one state at a time.

Inventor of the World Wide Web issues dire warning on its 28th anniversary and says fake news and government surveillance threatens to destroy it
“He also expressed his concern about governments monitoring citizens internet usage, and alluded to WikiLeaks’ disclosure of CIA surveillance documents, saying that he thinks ‘watching everyone, all the time is simply going too far’.”


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