Crimes of George H.W. Bush and DEEP backstory of 9/11 / ScrewTube (formerly YouTube) / Imploding Hillary-zilla

TREASON: Who Did 9/11 And Why Did They Do It?

TREASON: Who Did 9/11 And Why Did They Do It?

“Do you think you know all the facts surrounding 9/11? If so, think again and take time to read this important article that you will want to follow as We the People get busy prosecuting these criminals against humanity. We have no choice. Once you read this article, even if all you can do is scan the headers, you will also see that we can no longer ignore evil in our midst or we will all be exterminated or made into economic slaves.”
“We ALL need to be fully aware of the depth and magnitude of the crimes that have been committed and do something about it so that all people, from all countries around the world, can be free of the nightmare we have been living for the last one hundred years. The evidence is overwhelming, and it is our patriotic duty as a citizens of the United States to know the horrific DEEP backstory of 9/11 and to demand that these criminals, no matter what illustrious their titles and positions, be put on trial—for the whole world to see.”
“After 9/11, the FBI, ONI, SEC, and all other government agencies now grouped under Homeland Security focused much of their efforts on “terrorism.” These investigations included: the theft of national treasuries of Russia and the Philippines; the use of heroin sales proceeds to fund covert intelligence operations in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.; illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs from major corporate financial contributors to the Bush campaigns, as well as directly from George Bush Sr.; illegal gold and money laundering operations; and $280 Billion in fraudulent Brady Bonds issued to Russian criminal oligarchs.”
“Conveniently for the culprits being investigated, the two WTC airplane strikes were direct hits on the largest traders of U.S. Securities, which were the only trades that were made on the morning of 9/11. The FBI center holding the records of the investigations exploded before the first plane struck. Rescue teams had already reached the FBI offices before the first plane struck.  Towers 7, 4 and 6 all exploded, and the records in those towers were also destroyed. The $2.3 trillion that Rumsfeld announced the day before can be traced to some of these investigations. There was much to be lost by many bankers, brokers, and CIA politicians and operatives in those investigations.”
“Their objective was to bring to an end numerous U.S. investigations into secret Swiss bank accounts and Deutsche Bank transactions which would have exposed numerous criminal activities by the Russian mafia and the George HW Bush Sr. intelligence operations going back as far as 1991.”
“Those investigations would have exposed:”
“illegal theft of national treasuries of Russia and the Philippines;”
“the use of heroin sales proceeds to fund covert intelligence operations in Central Asia (mostly in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.);”
“illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs from major corporate financial contributors to the Bush campaigns, as well as directly from George Bush Sr.;”
“illegal gold and money laundering operations; and”
“fraudulent Brady Bonds issued to Russian criminal oligarchs.”
“Like the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980’s, George Bush Sr. used a wide array of illegal activities to fund intelligence operations for a foreign policy he deemed appropriate, and decided to pursue, without Congressional confirmation, and in violation of the law. His administration’s foreign policies were nothing more than illegal activities developed to take over the Central Asian and Russian oil and gas fields of the former Soviet Union through use of privately funded armies and financial fraud – just as he had illegally funded covert activities to promote foreign policy in Iran and Nicaragua. Illegal activities also included Bush’s payoffs to Russian oligarchs with ten-year Brady Bonds to ensure the collapse of the former Soviet Union.”

The Clinton-Bush Criminal Deep State is on the Ropes! — Ole Dammegard
“Ole Dammegard, one of the world’s most prolific and dedicated truth tellers joins me to discuss the U.S. criminal deep state and two of its controlling entities – the Clinton and Bush families – who are being exposed for their corruption and TREASON at a pace never before seen. The world is waking up, and there seems to be a vibrational shift occurring which is causing truth to be recognized and dispersed like never before, leaving these cockroaches scurrying for darkness.”
2m45s “The only thing I have done is to follow truth and today that is an act of terrorism.”

Fraction Magic – Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration

15m authentic at 76%
16m45s rigged to be 80%

Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas

Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas

“Another autopsy revealed that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and that Kevin Ives had been beaten with a rifle butt. In other words, the kids had been murdered — murdered in an area known as a drop zone for drug smugglers.”
“The rise of the Clinton’s political fortunes tracks back to the CIA’s illegal gun and drug-running operation out of Arkansas into Nicaragua, that eventually became known as the Iran-Contra scandal.”

Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’ Movie Pushed to Fall 2017, Gets New Title
“American Made stars Cruise as real-life American pilot and hustler Barry Seal, who ran drugs in the 1980s for cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and was recruited by the CIA to run one of the biggest covert operations in history. (Cruise himself is a trained pilot.)”
As in Mena, Arkansas under governor Clinton.

Getting Started with YouTube Heroes
The thumbs up/down currently indicate a 4 vs 1 dislike and the comments are disabled so it looks like this has gone down with the viewer community like a lead balloon.
Youtube videos will be carpet bombed with the mass flag under false pretences.
Has the dislikes already mass flagged the YouTube Heroes video ?
Well done YouTube, for f**king up your platform even more that is already is.
The providers of content to YouTube will get f**ked even more than already are.

Getting Started with YouTube Heroes (Parody)

YouTube HEROES ☢ Deleted Version

From WikiLeaks – Worse than Treason

From WikiLeaks – Worse than Treason
“Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in order to retrieve US-made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission. Hillary brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own military. It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the missile and the Chinook didn’t explode, but had to land anyway. An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA.”

Rudy Guialani – Crooked Hillary Should Be Charged With 16 Felonies

The Smoking Gun: Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta “We Need To Clean This Up – Obama Has Emails From Her”
“he has emails from her – they do not say”
“That, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that the president not only lied, but did so with the clear intention of protecting the Clinton campaign.”
Obama may be the first black president but he lies just like all the rest of the political establishment.
Chaos On The Hannity Set! Judge “arrest her, indict her, send her to jail”! Immediate Grand Jury!

“It got a little crazy on Hannity last night! The pitchforks are out and Hillary is the pig! String her up immediately! This is much bigger than anyone knows! Does anyone really believe that Comey all of a sudden stumbled on this information? Or, is it much more likely that agents in the FBI or other organizations had the information all along and threatened Comey with either coming clean or they would leak it! Really! I don’t believe for a New York second that Comey was not already aware of this.”

Wasn’t Trump supposed to have ties with Russia, according to the democratic party ?

FBI Finds No Links Between Donald Trump & Russia

Hillary is a democrat on social media running for President failing to break 1k RT’s 11 days before an election. Her campaign is imploding… Florida Rally — HRC = 30, TRUMP = 20,000!


Former US Attorney for DC: New Hillary Email Probe Was Result of ‘Revolt’ Inside FBI

Newt Gingrich: “WikiLeaks…is ripping the scar off the largest amount of corruption in American history.”

Ex-FBI assistant director calls the Clintons a ‘crime family’ and claims their ‘foundation is a cesspool’

This is massive! The Chairman of Homeland Security just said that Clinton’s actions amount to TREASON.

FBI: Cheryl Mills Illegally Deleted Hillary Emails After Scandal Broke

Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election
“Hillary Clinton received foreign policy directives and coordinated on domestic policy with Soros, along with receiving tens of millions of dollars in presidential campaign support from the billionaire, concerns are growing that these shadowy players may pull the strings behind the curtains of the upcoming presidential election.”
“As Lifezette reports, the fact that the man in control of voting machines in 16 states is tied directly to the man who has given millions of dollars to the Clinton campaign and various progressive and globalist causes will surely leave a bad taste in the mouth of many a voter.”

Sources Claim Hillary’s Server HACKED By FIVE Foreign Countries

BREAKING: Sources Claim Hillary’s Server HACKED By FIVE Foreign Countries

Tanden To Podesta: “Whoever Told Hillary She Could Use A Private Server Should Be Drawn And Quartered”

Artist’s Impression Of “The Clinton Machine”

Woodward On Clinton Foundation “It’s Corrupt”

Woodward On Clinton Foundation “It’s Corrupt”

Resignation letters piling up from disaffected FBI agents, his wife urging him to admit he was wrong: Why Director Comey jumped at the chance to reopen Hillary investigation

Clinton headlined fundraiser for campaign group which gave $500,000 to wife of FBI boss who investigated her emails – and it’s closely linked to Hillary’s bid for power

Citigroup bank chose Obama’s 2008 cabinet – WikiLeaks

FBI Insider: Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex Ring

Podesta Spirit Cooking Emails Reveal Clinton’s Inner Circle as Sex Cult with Connections to Human Trafficking

FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government

FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government

Tom Cotton NUKES Clinton Foundation: ‘Largest Money Laundering… Operation In The World’ [AUDIO]

Tom Cotton NUKES Clinton Foundation: ‘Largest Money Laundering… Operation In The World’ [AUDIO]

CNN: FBI Agents Tell Us DOJ Put Up Politically Motivated Roadblocks During Clinton Foundation Probe!



Love Him Or Hate Him: Trump Is The Revolution Against The Establishment
Trump is sticking it to ‘the man’ – aka ‘the political establishment’.

Campaign Wars: The Donald Awakens

HILLARY 2013: “I Would Like To See People Like Donald Trump Run For Office; They’re Honest And Can’t Be Bought”
What difference 3 years make.

The elite one-percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ exposed… you won’t believe this!

The elite one-percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ exposed… you won’t believe this!



Russia Kicked Out Of UN Human Rights Council; Saudi Arabia Reelected
“As RT notes, the elections took place against a backdrop of criticism from non-governmental human rights organizations, who say that the body has been hijacked by oppressive regimes looking to deflect criticism and drive their own agendas. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International produced a joint statement earlier this year condemning Riyadh for “an appalling record of violations” in Yemen, where it has conducted a bombing campaign against Houthi rebels since 2015, which has resulted in the deaths of up to 4,000 civilians. The two organizations called for Saudi Arabia, a member of the UNHRC since it was created in 2006, to be suspended – to no avail.”

Pentagon paid firm millions of dollars to create false flag

Pentagon paid firm millions of dollars to create false flag

Remember When The Media Sold Us The Iraq WMD Lies? It’s Happening Again
“Ever since the Arab Spring, the Obama administration has beat the war drums against Russia by pushing for more U.S. presence in Syria via official and unofficial means. And like what happened prior to the Iraq war, the U.S. government — and the Fourth Estate — are working tirelessly to sell the public on yet another unjustified war. Luckily, Americans aren’t as gullible in 2016 as they were in 2003, as many now keep up with the news by seeking more independent channels. But will the next administration bother to ask us our opinion before launching into another war?”

Bernie Sanders Calls For Stopping Dakota Access As Obama Waffles

“Now, thousands of American Indians, from more than 300 tribes spanning the continent, have joined with us to stand against this violation of our tribe’s rights under federal laws and regulations. Twenty-one city and county governments have also joined us to stand in opposition to this pipeline.”

“The company building a controversial oil pipeline north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation failed to immediately notify state regulators after finding four stone cairns and other artifacts during construction in Morton County as tensions grew
Think this could happen to an anglo saxon burial site ? Think again.

The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!
BREAKING : The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!
“New York NY- United Nations expert Grand Chief Edward John will visit Standing Rock to gather information on Human Rights Violations Resulting from Pipeline Construction”
“Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota, United States: On Saturday October 29th, 2016 Grand Chief Edward John, member of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will arrive in North Dakota, USA at the invitation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault.”
“As a United Nations (UN) expert, he will be visiting in his official capacity to observe the continued impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction such as threats to water, Treaty rights and sacred areas.”
“He will also collect information and testimonies on the escalating levels of repression, violence and intimidation against Tribal members and their supporters by state law enforcement, private security and the National Guard which have been widely reported on social and other media. Roberto Borrero representing the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) will accompany him as a human rights observer. IITC Board member William Means of the Oglala Lakota Nation is already on site.”
When the last drop of water has been poisoned by greedy corporations, where will the people get fresh water from ?

Obama Asked About The North Dakota Pipeline in Laos

President Obama speaking hollow words.

Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million

As Pipeline Construction and Repression Grows, DAPL Protest is Looking More Like a Mass Movement

As Pipeline Construction and Repression Grows, DAPL Protest is Looking More Like a Mass Movement

“The protectors want the pipeline rerouted — if not cancelled outright, which is looking more unlikely by the day— in order to protect the main water source for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the more than 17 million people downriver.”

Military Veteran: Standing Rock Is The First Time I Actually Fought For The People
“Matt and I also agreed that after our military “service” and multiple deployments to two wars, this was the first time we served the American people. After going to a few nonviolent direct action protests against the Black Snake, we realized what it actually meant to stand by the American people and fight in their interests. We suddenly had this feeling of honor, something we never had from our deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan.”
“We agreed that the only “people” we served overseas fighting were the likes of Halliburton, KBR, AECOM, DynCorp, Raytheon, Environmental Chemical, and so many more. We know that our own government lied to us. We know that the world is not a safer place than it was before the United States illegally occupied Iraq and Afghanistan; we understand that militaries don’t bring peace. Looking into the eyes of the police at Standing Rock, we saw ourselves.”

Pipeline Protest Reporter Shot With Rubber Bullet Mid-Interview, She Says

‘Anonymous’ Threatens North Dakota Governor After Pipeline Employees Caught Infiltrating Protests To Incite Violence
“Dakota Access Employee Tries to Incite Violence, Sheriff’s Department Makes False Report That He Was Shot by Protesters”

“Land Of The Free” Protects Thieving Corporation

The profit of corporations is paramount and the people and the water are left in the dust and how will the corporations compensate the people when the oil spills poison the water ?
Hashtag CorporateProfitsAlwaysMatter.

Police Ramp Up Violence Against Protesters At Standing Rock

“The possible threat to the water sources there. The fact that the pipeline is going to travel directtly under lake Oahe and their concern that if there is leaks that could contaminate their sole source of water.”

Report from Standing Rock: 100+ Militarized Police Deployed Against Native American Water Protectors

Shailene Woodley’s Speech at the 2016 Environmental Media Awards

7m25s “Go to standing rock, each and every one of you.”

Actor Shailene Woodley On Her Arrest, Strip Search and Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance

“At least 27 people, including Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, were arrested during the Standoff at Standing Rock on October 10, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, while attempting to blockade the Dakota Access pipeline construction at two separate worksites. Footage of Woodley’s arrest was streamed live to roughly 40,000 viewers on her Facebook page. She was later strip-searched in jail. She says her dedication to protest with indigenous people who are at the forefront of the fight remains strong: “Every time we allow another pipeline … we are endorsing the fossil fuel industry and only prolonging the time it is going to take to switch to renewable energy.” Woodley recently starred in the new Edward Snowden film, “Snowden.””

Why Is North Dakota Strip Searching Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Charged With Misdemeanors?

“Resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline has been met by an ongoing crackdown on water and land protectors by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. In recent weeks, there has been widespread use of strip search in the Morton County jail. Democracy Now! spoke with Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chair Dave Archambault II about whether he had been strip-searched after he was arrested at a protest and with Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle, a pediatrician and a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who also says she was strip-searched after she was arrested on August 11, taken to Morton County jail and charged with disorderly conduct.”

Like A “Concentration Camp” Police Mark DAPL Protesters With Numbers And Lock Them In Dog Kennels
“After facing off for a couple hours, these militant cops began closing in on the water protectors to shut down the Treaty of 1851 camp — in reference to the Fort Laramie Treaty of that year, which established a large parcel of land designated exclusively Native American territory not to be disturbed by the U.S. government.”
“Water protectors, in the meantime, are left to deal with absurdly disproportionate state violence — and the altogether unacceptable, disrespectful, and demeaning insult of being relegated to dog kennels after being arrested for exercising their rights.”
“As Lakota Country Times editor, Brandon Ecoffey, wrote in an editorial Thursday,”
“Over the course of the last several months the abuse of detainees by Morton County Law Enforcement has overstepped every boundary guaranteed by the American constitution. Water protectors have been seen being bound and hooded by police. People are being stripped searched and abused within their jail for misdemeanor crimes. And police have employed the use of mass surveillance through drones on the protector camps. This isn’t a war zone this is North Dakota.”

10/26/16 – 330pm LIVE Blockade Update – Oppressive Police – Standing Rock – #NoDAPL – Unicorn Riot

26m15s “Confiscated all the journalist’s camera and equipment.”
The cameras must taken from these journalists so the world will not know what will happen when this government decided to use excessive force to end this peaceful protest.

Look how big the #NODAPL camp is! you won’t see this on the mainstream media

Skip to 3m.

Police Trained to Treat Keystone XL Protesters as ‘Terrorists’ (View TransCanada’s PowerPoints)

BRAVE Environmental Lawyer Explains Standing Rock Legal Issues

7m55s “The collusion between corporations and the state is just overwhelming at this point. Some of these corporations give money to the cops to support their policing efforts.”
How can corporate funding of police departments that be legal ?

U.S. Policy Towards Taliban Influenced by Oil – Say Authors (2001-11-15)
“They affirm that until August, the U.S. government saw the Taliban regime ”as a source of stability in Central Asia that would enable the construction of an oil pipeline across Central Asia”, from the rich oilfields in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the Indian Ocean.”
“Until now, says the book, ”the oil and gas reserves of Central Asia have been controlled by Russia. The Bush government wanted to change all that’’.”
“But, confronted with Taliban’s refusal to accept U.S. conditions, ”this rationale of energy security changed into a military one”, the authors claim.”
“”At one moment during the negotiations, the U.S. representatives told the Taliban, ‘either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs’,” Brisard said in an interview in Paris.”

After Malheur, patriot groups claim common cause with other protest movements
“The patriot groups voiced sympathy for such diverse potential allies as the Standing Rock Sioux, who are challenging federal land use decisions in North Dakota, and Black Lives Matter activists in Baltimore, who have taken on law enforcement’s abuse of authority.”

What’s next for acquitted wildlife refuge occupiers?
“Medenbach said the verdict has emboldened him to continue to advocate for federal land to be handed over to local control. He said he’s going to speak with county commissioners and legislators.”

Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?
“When we think of Amish people we think of a simple life, free of modern advancements. Most of us view them as foolish for not using the advantages of convenient technology and even look down on them for not conforming to the norms of mainstream society. But if we look at the statistics, the Amish are much healthier than the rest of America. They virtually have no cancer, no autism, and rarely get sick. What are they doing different from the rest of America?”

Bitcoin Is Soaring: Up Over 10% In One Week On Chinese Buying Spree

China Prepares To Impose Curbs, “Capital Controls” On Bitcoin
“According to Bloomberg sources, Chinese officials are considering policies including restricting domestic bitcoin exchanges from moving the cryptocurrency to platforms outside the nation and imposing quotas on the amount of bitcoins that can be sent abroad. Further indicating that Chinese regulators were “just a little behind the curve”, they allegedly noticed only recently that some investors bought bitcoins on local exchanges and sold them offshore, evading rules on foreign exchange and cross-border fund flows, the report further reveals.”
Once the Chinese owner of the bitcoins has withdrawn their bitcoins from their exchange account to their machines bitcoin wallet they can then transfer those bitcoins to any other wallet in the world – problem solved.

US Clients of Swiss Banks May Turn to Bitcoin As Swiss Stop Accepting US Clients

The Prospects of Bitcoin Debit Cards

The Govt. Realized Bitcoin Could Not Be Shut down, Says U.S. Federal Prosecutor

Andreas Antonopoulos: We Should Be Applauding Bitcoin Mining Centralization in China

Three Quarters Of Americans Oppose Gun Control

Three Quarters Of Americans Oppose Gun Control

“The findings represent a four-point increase on the same survey from last year, in addition to an all-time high for the past three decades.”

Mainstream media silent as CDC documents prove link between autism and vaccination

Former DEA Prescription Head Drops a BombShell — Congress Protects Big Pharma & Fuels Opioid Crisis

“This Is About Whiteness” UC Berkeley Students Segregate Campus, Block Bridge With Human Wall
California sure as heck is the lunatic asylum of America.


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