$180b QE pm / 60 false flags / Treason of Clinton cash vs Trump Americanism, not globalism / Syrian ‘civil’ war helps elite of Israel

Global Central Banks Are All-In: QE Running At Record $180 Billion Per Month (And Rising)

ALERT: Monte Paschi Fails Stress Test Miserably – Small Bailout Won’t Last Thru the Week
“Even leaving out all this there were ten banks that either failed or are close to failing including some of the largest derivative holders in the world: Deutsche Bank, RBS, SocGen, Commerzbank and Barclays.”
“With a little drama of an announced “bailout deal” for Monte Paschi moments before the release of the results, the terms of the bailout deal are sketchy and not likely to support the failing bank for very long. Come Monday – when the BIG money try to get everything they can out of Monte Paschi – their doors will likely shut for any major withdrawals.”
“What does it all mean?”
“It means the “Stress Test” that was designed to build confidence in the banking system has just destroyed confidence in it.”

IMF Studies Sovereign Debt Restructurings, Admits Its Policy Was Responsible For Greek Depression

IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro and apologises for the immolation of Greece
“The International Monetary Fund’s top staff misled their own board, made a series of calamitous misjudgments in Greece, became euphoric cheerleaders for the euro project, ignored warning signs of impending crisis, and collectively failed to grasp an elemental concept of currency theory.”

IMF says EU on brink of collapse and ‘untenable’ Euro may have to be SCRAPPED

RBS Warns Clients May Face Negative Interest Rates

Royal Bank of Scotland joins Natwest in warning customers it may set NEGATIVE interest rates for accounts for the first time in UK history.

It Begins: Dutch Bank ABN Amro Will Charge Negative Interest On Deposits

Hungary Becomes First European Country TO BAN ROTHSCHILD BANKS!
“In 2013, Hungary began the process of kicking out the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and agreed to repay the IMF bailout in full in order to rid the country of the New World Order banking cartel.”
One less nation enslaved to debt.

Banks abandon the Caribbean, local bitcoin exchange experiences 33% increase in users every month since February

Visa Europe Partners for Bitcoin Micropayments Trial

India’s Digital Payment Ecosystem Can Thrive With Bitcoin

EU to Register Digital Currency Users, Record Bitcoin Transactions
“The EU Commission’s ambitious plan to create a centralized database of decentralized digital currency users presents two core problems: violation of personal data and their disturbingly poor quality of cyber security.”
“European government agencies, law enforcement, and non-profit organizations have been targeted by thousands of public data attacks since 2004. Amongst those attacks, the number of publicly recorded data breaches is estimated at 229, exposing the vulnerable and outdated IT systems of Europe’s government-backed agencies.”
Bitcoin transactions are already being recorded on a public ledger.

EU Proposes New AML Regulations for Bitcoin Exchanges and Wallets

““The chaos that one day will ensue from our 35-year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value. We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or euros. The sooner the better.”
Ron Paul”

Bitcoin Becomes The New Hot Commodity For Large Investors
“Not too long ago, investors were hesitant when it came to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The apparent lack of regulation raised more questions than answers, forcing investors to look elsewhere for diversification. But with the majority of exchange platforms subject to regulation, that mental entry barrier has been lifted.”
What regulation is being referred to ?

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money 4

24m40s “The current world monetary system is based on a 300 year old design meant to enrich a few at the expense of the many.”

60 False Flags Admitted By Presidents, Politicians, Generals And Spies

“2 Dec. – General Hein Ter Poorten, the commander of the Netherlands East Indies Army gave the Winds setup message to the US War Department. The Australians had a center in Melbourne and the Chinese also broke JN-25. A Dutch sub had visually tracked the attack fleet to the Kurile Islands in early November and this info was passed to DC, but DC did not give it to HI. The intercepts the Dutch gave the US are still classified in RG 38, Box 792.”
“2 Dec – Japanese order No. 902 specified that old JN-25 additive tables version 7 would continue to be used alongside version 8 when the latter was introduced on December 4. This means the US read all messages to the Striking Force through the attack.”
“4 Dec. – In the early hours, Ralph Briggs at the Navy’s East Coast Intercept station, received the “East Winds, Rain” message, the Winds Execute, which meant war. He put it on the TWX circuit immediately and called his commander. This message was deleted from the files. One of the main coverups of Pearl Harbor was to make this message disappear. Japanese Dispatch # 7001. In response to the Winds Execute, the Office of US Naval IQ had all Far Eastern stations (Hawaii not informed) destroy their codes and classified documents including the Tokyo Embassy.”
“4 Dec. – The Dutch invoked the ADB joint defense agreement when the Japanese crossed the magic line of 100 East and 10 North. The U.S. was at war with Japan 3 days before they were at war with us.”
“4 Dec. – General Ter Poorten sent all the details of the Winds Execute command to Colonel Weijerman, the Dutch military attache’ in Washington to pass on to the highest military circles. Weijerman personally gave it to Marshall, Chief of Staff of the War Department.”
“4 Dec – US General Thorpe at Java sent four messages warning of the PH attack. DC ordered him to stop sending warnings.”

Lusitania divers warned of danger from war munitions in 1982, papers reveal
“Foreign Office officials also voiced serious concerns that a final British admission that there were high explosives on the Lusitania could still trigger serious political repercussions with America even though it was nearly 70 years after the event.”

“The fuses carried in eighteen cases as cargo aboard the Lusitania were far from complete fuses and formed part of a mixed consignment of percussion fuse mechanisms for the British Army’s 4.5-inch and 6-inch calibre high explosive shells, and the 13-pounder shrapnel shell. Despite being incomplete, they did contain a small quantity of explosive, which is why all eighteen cases were stored in the ship’s magazine, aft. The gun-cotton was quite a large consignment and was stored in part of the new space created by the Admiralty, forward on E deck.It is worth recording that this large consignment was not packed in the proper containers usually employed to transport this explosive, due to a sudden shortage of them.”
Who are the psychopaths within our government who allowed civilians to board the Lusitania     a military target ?

Man identified as Bastille truck driver is ALIVE and was nowhere near France that night.

Another false flag.

“Bertin claims that she was “harassed for an hour” by the official who wanted her to detail the presence of local and national police at the fireworks event where the carnage took place.”
Put a name to this piece of s**t.

US Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey
“Campbell also managed more than $2 billion money transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey.”

Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps

Newsbud Demands Public Retraction from NBC News for Unethical False Reporting
“On July 15, 2016, as an attempted coup unfolded in Turkey, a report began to circulate widely that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had fled the country by air and was requesting asylum in Germany. The apparent origin of this report was NBC News. A tweet has also been cited in many articles from MSNBC Segment Producer, Kyle Griffin. Griffin’s tweet stated, “senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.” ”

The Message About Government in the New ‘Jason Bourne’ Film
“I saw the new Jason Bourne film released yesterday. It’s a pretty good action film but most fascinating is that it has an exceptionally decent “don’t trust the government” theme.”
“It shows some government officials as very bad guys. There is even a scene where a government hit is made to look like it was done by a lone nut Middle East terrorist.”

Terrorist Cell Exposed As Canadian Government Operation

Another false flag.

Operation Gladio: CIA Network of “Stay Behind” Secret Armies
“These “stay behind” armies colluded with, funded and often even directed terrorist organizations throughout Europe in what was termed a “strategy of tension” with the aim of preventing a rise of the left in Western European politics. NATO’s “secret armies” engaged in subversive and criminal activities in several countries. In Turkey in 1960, the stay behind army, working with the army, staged a coup d’état and killed Prime Minister Adnan Menderes; in Algeria in 1961, the French stay-behind army staged a coup with the CIA against the French government of Algiers, which ultimately failed; in 1967, the Greek stay-behind army staged a coup and imposed a military dictatorship; in 1971 in Turkey, after a military coup, the stay-behind army engaged in “domestic terror” and killed hundreds; in 1977 in Spain, the stay behind army carried out a massacre in Madrid; in 1980 in Turkey, the head of the stay behind army staged a coup and took power; in 1985 in Belgium, the stay behind attacked and shot shoppers randomly in supermarkets, killing 28; in Switzerland in 1990, the former head of the Swiss stay behind wrote the US Defense Department he would reveal “the whole truth,” and was found the next day stabbed to death with his own bayonet; and in 1995, England revealed that the MI6 and SAS helped set up stay behind armies across Western Europe.[2]”

By mega Coincidence same Israeli Photo-propagandist that Filmed France Truck Attack also filmed German Mall Shooting.


Grinning Obama JOKES During Statement for Munich Mall Attack
What does he have to grin about ?
Is he grinning because this is another false flag ?

(Buh/Blair) Their Day Has Come,— And Gone!
“That is the meaning of the two releases this month, the one of Britain’s long-delayed Chilcot report into Tony Blair’s criminal responsibility for the illegal Iraq war, and the other of the long-suppressed 28 pages of the report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, documenting the Saudi hand behind that butchery. It means that time is up at last for those blood-drooling dinosaurs Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama, after fifteen years of wars based on lies. They have destroyed the Middle East, drowned Europe in desperate refugees, and caused blood to be spilled on the streets across Europe and the U.S.,— all based on lies.”
“At that moment, Herrhausen was one of those, like Lyndon LaRouche and his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who were moving to insure that the then-ongoing fall of the Communist system, lead to high-technology, high-productivity joint development of the countries which had been on both sides of the so-called “Iron Curtain.”  In October, 1988, Lyndon LaRouche already know that the Berlin Wall would fall, and Germany could be reunified, before virtually anyone else did. At that time, he spoke publicly in Berlin to urge that Germany assist in the agro-industrial development of Poland, to launch such a unified East-West process of development. Within three months, LaRouche was framed and thrown in prison by George H.W. Bush.  One year later, Herrhausen, in his turn, was assassinated five days before he was scheduled to give a speech to precisely the same effect, calling for the establishment of a development bank for Poland, modelled on Germany’s postwar reconstruction bank, itself modeled on Franklin Roosevelt’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation.”
Bush/Blair’s false flag trundles on.

We’ve got 6 mega-media companies, about 8 mega-banks, and about 10 mega-processed food companies. The oligarchs give you the illusion of choice.
How much easier to control what the people know by consolidating the mass media.
How much easier to control wealth of the people by consolidating the mass media.
How much easier to control what food the people can eat by consolidating the food industry.
Bollocks to them all I say.

Richie Allen On The Single Greatest Lie Ever Told By The Media & Why People Must Learn The Truth!
32m50s “George Soros was stirring up opposition to Bashar al Assad and getting his lackeys in the western media to sell the monumentally bull**t story that there was a popular democratic uprising in Syria when there wasn’t one.”


5m5s “It’s really not the fault of the African people, it’s largely the result of the kind of system that’s been perpetuated there. You have these oligarchs which dominate these countries that often times have natural resources that can be very lucrative and these oligarchs strike deals with foreign corporations or foreign governments who in effect prop them up and put them in power and in exchange these oligarchs give these entities access to rich mineral deposits.”
8m30s “Business in Africa means the you’re dealing with dictators who are going to give you access to, say, mineral rights or oil drilling rights but you’re going to have to pay them off. The Clintons partner with foreign entities who want access to Africa and specifically mining companies or energy company who need to get concessions for access to oil or natural gas or the rights to mine for gold. Those two make a powerful alliance because these companies will give money to the Clintons, either in the form of speaking fess or in the form of donations to the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons will in effect do their bidding before the halls of power and corridors of power in Africa and they will go to foreign government and encourage them to do business with individuals who are putting money in their pocket.”
13m55 “So in the case of Nigeria they received hundreds of millions of dollar in U.S. foreign assistance. They’ve not made progress  in being more transparent and of course they’ve got exemptions from Hillary Clinton. What’s so curious about this is what was happening commercially with the Clintons while this was going on. Bill Clinton for the first time ever gets paid highly lucrative speeches in Nigeria which had never happened before.”
29m10s “It was a true disaster that followed the earth quake natural disaster. This was the man made Clinton caused disaster in relief that lead to the wasting of enormous sums of money, the enrichment of elites that were friends with the Clintons and the Haitians were left in a situation where their life was really not much better than it was the day after the earth quake happened.”
29m40s XL Pipeline.
34m45s “While Bill Clinton has been given enormous amounts of money over the years to give speeches, on average he gets a little over 200,000 dollars per speech. But something happened in late 2008, his spelling fees sky rocketed after he had been out of office for years, the reason was his wife had become secretary of state. In fact 11 of the 13 speeds Bill Clinton has been paid a half a million dollars or more occurred precisely when Hillary was the most powerful diplomat in the world.”
35m15s Ericsson.
37m20s Columbia.
42m10s India.
49m10s Russia.
49m35s “This is a story about a Russia state nuclear agency, American uranium, 145 million dollars in cash and the Clintons.”

Clinton Cash: “Devastating” Documentary Reveals How Clintons Went From “Dead Broke” To Mega Wealthy

Clinton Foundation Is Robin Hood in Reverse
“Financial expert Charles Ortel says “The Clinton Foundation is the biggest charity frauds in history.” Ortel, who does high powered research for top Wall Street investment firms, applied his skills to analyzing the Clinton Foundation and contends, “I feel one of the things that makes this country exceptional is the charitable spirit. . . . Charity is a noble thing, particularly when you do it for no recompense. The Clintons are out there holding themselves out as if they are charitable philanthropists, and in reality. . . . I argue they are really Robin Hood in reverse. They are stealing from the poor to reward the rich, and I find that reprehensible behavior.””

Hillary Clinton Still More Evil Than Exposed in This 2008 Banned From Theater Film

8m25s “Every time Hillary’s been caught in a scandal, she really did it, no one made it up. She’s deceitful, she’ll make up any story bout anything as long as it serves her purpose at the moment.”
25m20s “I finally parted company with Hillary Clinton when I saw how she was using private detectives to investigate the woman who were linked to her husband, not to change him, not to reform him, not to take him a better person but to cow the woman into silence so that he could get elected president. I do not want that woman controlling the IRS or the DEA or the NSA or the FBI or the CIA, not in a democracy I don’t.”
46m35s “When the American farmer is eligible for food stamps, there’s a problem, which I am.”
47m35s “Where have you seen the government make anything more efficient and less costly and more effective by its presence, where have you seen that ?”


Wall Street for Hillary — Clinton has $48.5 Million in Hedge Fund Backing, Compared to Trump’s $19K


“MASSIVE Election Fraud Seen In Primaries – A Full Summary”

Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion
There has been a plot designed to smear Bernie Sanders and to hand the Democratic nomination to Hillary on a silver platter
There has been repeated collusion between the DNC and the media
There has been questionable fundraising for both Hillary Clinton and the DNC

Democrats Accuse Russia Of Hacking DNC Server To Help Donald Trump
You will notice that the puppet masters in the democratic party are not denying their conspiracy to disenfranchise the Bernie Sanders supporters.
To flipping heck with having the grass roots of the party pick the candidate, the leadership must throw it to Hillary.

Russia Foreign Minister Responds To Allegation It Is Behind DNC Hack: “I Don’t Want To Use Four-Letter Words”

Democracy Lost: A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries
“On April 19th, a judge in New York grudgingly agreed that someone may have tampered with Alba Guerrero’s voter registration. Judge Ira Margulis changed his decision from moments earlier that Guerrero would be denied the right to vote in New York’s Democratic primary, after evidence emerged that Guerrero’s signature had been forged, switching her to Republican without her knowledge or consent. Had she not been willing to take several hours to appear before a judge that day, Alba would not have been able to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders.”

If this video goes viral, the DNC is done. Share like a virus on all social media platforms.

A New Low in US Presidential Politics: The Anointment of Hillary, the Neocon “War Goddess”
“Anointing her by electoral rigging to lead one wing of America’s duopoly system reveals the deplorable state of the nation – tyranny posing as democracy.”
“A new low in presidential politics was reached with a candidate representing Washington’s lunatic fringe, a neocon war goddess drooling for endless conflicts.”

Clinton shared secret Greek info while son-in-law’s hedge fund placed bailout bets

Media Blackout: Massive Election Fraud All in Favor of Hillary Clinton
“A study done on the Democratic primary is pointing to signs of election fraud in multiple states.”
“Two statisticians studied exit polls and other data and compared them to actual election results. Axel Geijsel of Tilburg University in The Netherlands and Rodolfo Cortes Barragan from Stanford University in California published the study on June
7, the day the last six states held their primaries and caucuses.”

The Democratic Party has never been more divided: People were literally screaming Bernie while Hillary was holding her acceptance speech.
“The walk-out by Bernie Sanders delegates immediately after the roll call vote was arguably the most significant act of defiance on the floor in recent convention history.”
This division will be solved by the Sanders supporters leaving Hillary’s Democratic party to form another party.

The DNC Demonstrates That Revolution Is Near

The DNC Demontrates That Revolution Is Near

“Detroit is America’s first Third World city, but certainly not the last. This is the symbol and lasting image of what all of America will look like. Detroit is the poster child for what free trade agreemnts are doing to America.”
“The DNC Is Stupidly Alientating Its Celebrity Base”
“Former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, a stuanch supporter of Sanders, was slated to be a nominator. However, she was denied the honor at the last minute.”
“Susan Sarandon and Dany Glover, both Sanders supporters, immediately held an impromtu press conference in the media tent and announced that they were done with the Democratic party.”

Donald Trump Celebrates “New Media,” Calls For New Foreign Policy In Reddit AMA
““Americans in every party are tired of our rigged system and corrupt politicians, and want to reform our government so it no longer benefits the powerful at the expense of everyone else,” Trump wrote. “They know I will fix it so it works for them and their families. Hillary Clinton’s message is that things will never change. My message is that things have to change, and they have to change right now.””
“Trump discussed how US foreign policy has led to “economic disaster after another.” He said US “economic policy…has failed our poorest citizens. We will never fix a rigged system by relying on the people who rigged it in the first place.””



About Us

“Award winning role play actors and film makers specially trained in disaster and crisis management.”

75 Percent Positive Response to Donald Trump Speech — So CNN Trashes Its Own Poll

Trump Enrages the War Party : How sweet is that!

Trump Enrages the War Party : How sweet is that!

“He’s challenging 70 years of US foreign policy – and they hate him for it!”
“This election season is so much fun because Donald Trump keeps enraging all the right people – and his timing is perfect.”

Trump Policy Will Unravel Traditional Neocons

6m20s “He said he was going to run a policy to employ American labour and put it back to work on infrastructure.”
Decades of neglecting infrastructure will be coming to an end.

Amazon’s Alexa can lock your front door if you own this smart lock
Not smart.

HIGH TREASON: Hillary Sells Arms to Qatar, Transfers 20% of US Uranium Production To Russia, Sides With BLM Over Land Grab, Receives TONS of Money from Nigerian Terrorist Billionaire

Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel

Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel

“A newly-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the “best way to help Israel.””

Shocking footage: USA bombed Syrian town into dust, relatives of the killed damn America (PHOTOS, VIDEO 21+)
“That is why Manbij liberation from ISIS* comes at a price of huge losses among civil population. Even the Western media could not keep silence when on the 19th of July at noon NATO coalition planes hit At-Taukhar village which resulted in 160 civilians’ death including women and children.”

Wikileaks Reveal Clinton Ties To Rothschilds

Wikileaks Reveal Clinton Ties To Rothschilds And Occult Cabal

“Lending further credibility to the idea that Presidents are not elected but are selected by a global shadow government, the Wikileaks email dumps expose Hillary Clinton’s close relationship with the infamous Rothschild banking family and hints for a potential Rockefeller-State partnership.

From Socialist Utopia To Slave-Nation – Venezuela Unveils Shocking “Forced Labor” Law
“As Vice News reports, President Nicolás Maduro signed a new law last week that requires “all workers from the public and private sector with enough physical capabilities and technical know-how” to work in agricultural fields on demand.  The new law mandates that citizens can be required to work in the agricultural sector for a period of 60 days which can be extended “if the circumstances require it.” “

Secret Space Program and a Television Show Pilot too Hot to Handle

1m5s “Everything you know is wrong, what you think is real is not, what you have been told are lies.”
5m30s “The whole reason for the cover up is economics and money. If you do’t have to pay for fuel then the world changes dramatically.”
16m15s “NASA tells you that yo’ve got to play ball with they world view or else. They basically excommunicated me and I have a history of being threatened.”
30m5s “We have had anti-gravity and we have had zero point energy for over 40 years.”

The Sinister History of America’s Top Secret Space Program [FULL VIDEO]

Jacob Rothschild Says Putin “A Traitor To The New World Order”

Jacob Rothschild Says Putin “A Traitor To The New World Order”

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Says His Next Leak Will Virtually Guarantee An Indictment Of Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Says His Next Leak Will Virtually Guarantee An Indictment Of Hillary Clinton

Wikileaks Emails Bring New Attention to Hillary Victory Fund “Money Laundering” Charges
“The DNC’s own charter demands that it treat all Democratic primary candidates fairly and impartially, but top DNC officials made a mockery of that mandate. In addition to conjuring up ways to smear Clinton challenger Bernie Sanders during the primary battles, the leaked emails show a coordinated effort to cover up what the Sanders camp called “money laundering” between the Hillary Victory Fund and the DNC.”

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii nominates Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention

Kaine Implies Hillary Should Be Prosecuted For Mishandling Classified Information

4, 6, 2-minute videos: ‘We the People’ finding voice at Dem convention? Booing Hillary at every opportunity for e-mails, War Crimes, constant lying. Facts are ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ obvious for anyone caring to look

4, 6, 2-minute videos: ‘We the People’ finding voice at Dem convention? Booing Hillary at every opportunity for e-mails, War Crimes, constant lying. Facts are ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ obvious for anyone caring to look

Assange: Why I Created WikiLeaks’ Searchable Database of 30,000 Emails from Clinton’s Private Server

IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

We’re Sorry! – DNC Apologizes To Bernie For “Inexcusable Remarks”
“Facing an already rambunctious crowd – chanting ‘Bernie’ at every mention of Clinton – The DNC has been forced to issue a formal apology to Bernie Sanders (and presumably his supporters)…. “the inexcusable remarks… do not reflect the value of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process.””

‘RIGGED’: Trump slams DNC for ‘vicious plan to destroy’ Bernie exposed in WikiLeaks emails

BIG MOTHER: Hillary Clinton Demanded Passwords to Every Social Media Account of Veep Candidates’ Family Members… Trump: Corruption Has Reached a Level Like Never Ever Before in Our Country
Who in their right mind would agree to this ?

96-page report finds that Bernie lost 184 delegates to DNC election fraud


The Democratic Party Is Self-Destructing-America Has Been Given a Second Chance to Survive

Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party

Green Party’s Jill Stein Crashes the DNC. Bernie Delegates Walk Out!

IMPLOSION: Democrats RUNNING ADS on Craig’s List for “Actors to Fill Empty Seats” at Convention: $50 a Day to Applaud

Bernie Supporters Pissed After Finding Out He Actually Won The First Roll Call

Bernie Supporters Pissed After Finding Out He Actually Won The First Roll Call

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Human Disposal Operations (Part II)

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Human Disposal Operations (Part II)

“ISIS is just another top secret KM human disposal operation, with associated multi-faceted secondary goals”

TOM DELONGE & UFO DISCLOSURE: ROCKING THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS BOAT\http://sgtreport.com/2016/07/tom-delonge-ufo-disclosure-rocking-the-secret-space-programs-boat/

Abortion Drugs Found In Bill Gates’ Tetanus Vaccine

EU Chief On Terror: Turn Europe Into Surveillance State Rather Than Close Borders

White House Petition – Elimination of the electronic voting machines nation wide

PA Man Arrested And Jailed For Flying A Flag Upside Down Gets $55,000

I wonder what the cost is nationally ?
And I wonder how soon police brutality would come to an abrupt end when the individual police officers are personally financially liable.

Twitter Suspends Woman’s Account For Complaining About Getting Death Threats from Men

Anonymous – Chasing Edward Snowden Full Documentary
10m25s “With a mandate to stop at nothing to stop terrorism.”
When they become obsessed with the enemy, do they become just as dangerous as their enemy ?
Would they stop at the murders of innocent civilians ?
11m15s “How can someone justify the violation of the rights of an entire nation without even a law to lean on ?”
50m20s “My government went to other European governments and because of their control over airspace     forced the president’s plane to land.”
This would be the ‘stop at nothing to stop terrorism’ and this is an action of the supposed leaders of the free world. My f**king fat arse.
56m “It would alienate this body of people on whom both safety and liberty of my nation depends.”
The American people are at liberty to be spied on without there being reasonable suspicion of having committed a crime.

Councilman Says City Retaliating Against Residents Who Dare to Complain about Bad Road Work
“Valla began receiving notices of code violations at multiple properties, often for the most trivial of things. This included a barbecue pit left near a trash can, tenants having tires parked partially on gravel, having a portable basketball hoop and an old toilet being left in plain view while one property was being renovated.”
“Valla was ordered to stop work at the property until she got a permit to replace the toilet. She promptly went to get the ridiculous permit to avoid further costs in construction delays.”
“In May we described how government takes away your right to do something and sells it back to you as a “license.” The same applies to the notion of requiring a “permit” for everyday things such as toilets.”

Latinos For Trump Destroy Racist MSM Narrative

Vaccines Blamed for Alarming Increase in Seizure Disorders Among Children

How antidepressants affect the brain and make people more likely to kill
“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admitted back in 2004 that SSRIs, SNRIs and other “new generation” antidepressants like the kind Bain was using can, in fact, worsen depression symptoms, and in some cases cause users to become suicidal or homicidal. The agency three years later issued a “Black Box” warning for these same antidepressants, suggesting that all users up to age 24 be monitored for extreme side effects including agitation, panic attacks, anxiety, hostility, impulsivity and akathisia.”
“As to why these drugs do this, researchers say it’s predicated upon a variance in how they’re metabolized by individual users. So-called “ultra-rapid metabolizers,” for instance, absorb the drugs’ active ingredients much more quickly than others, putting them at a higher risk of experiencing wild behavioral and mental fluctuations. There’s also the genetic factor; certain gene variations can precipitate variances in how antidepressant drugs affect users’ brain chemistry.”

REVEALED: Vaccine ingredients cause tumors to grow
“Furthermore, Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues found that an enzyme/protein called nagalase, made by cancer cells and viruses, stops vitamin D from binding to the Gc protein, stripping the human body of its natural ability to kill cancer cells.”
“Nagalase has been found in high concentrations in children with autism. As nagalase has never been found in newborns, it must somehow have been introduced into these kids’ bodies later in life.”

Top 10 inexpensive food items that can PREVENT nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind
“#1. Oil of oregano”
“#2. Licorice root”
“#3. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil”
“#4. Coconut oil”
“#5. Aloe”
“#6. Lemon juice”
“#7. Kombucha”
“#8. Ginger”
“#10. Chia seeds”

Five ways delicious organic plums can benefit your health

Glyphosate disrupts DNA function, causing ‘medical chaos’ in the form of multiple diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, say researchers

Glyphosate disrupts DNA function, causing ‘medical chaos’ in the form of multiple diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, say researchers

62-year-old man REVERSES type-2 diabetes by cutting out pasta, bread

Frankincense oil kills cancer cells while boosting the immune system, studies show

Texas sheriffs raid raw milk exchanges… real country FOOD from a cow is now illegal in Texas
“The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) admits that buying raw milk directly from the farm is perfectly legal, as is having one person go to pick up that milk for a larger group of buyers in order to distribute it more efficiently. But, because the practice has gotten so popular – retail raw milk sales are illegal in Texas, increasing demand for exchange clubs – the DSHS is intervening.”
It is long past time for Americans to take out restraining orders against outlaw bodies of government like this one.

Outrage as Milton Keynes Council admit it destroys homeless people’s tents
“Residents and councillors added to the outrage of this, with Councillor Alice Jenkins, from the Danesborough and Walton ward, giving an emotional comment that: “If the Council can spend £2.5million on air conditioning they can find money to help the homelessness”
Banksters who

Guantánamo Review Board refuses to release ‘mistaken identity’ prisoner after 9 years
“A little-known Afghan prisoner has been refused clearance to leave Guantánamo Bay, despite an apparent case of mistaken identity by the U.S. government.”
“Guantánamo’s Periodic Review Board (PRB) ruled this week that Haroon Gul, 33, must continue to be detained indefinitely without charge or trial because his plan for what he would do post-release was insufficient. The Board also seemed unimpressed by Mr. Gul’s insistence that the government’s allegations against him are false.”

UK poll shows Corbyn heavily favored over rival in leadership race

UK poll shows Corbyn heavily favored over rival in leadership race

“The online survey conducted by Opinium Research shows Corbyn enjoys more than twice the support of Labour Party backers with 54 percent favoring him compared to Smith, who is favored by only 22 percent of party supporters taking part in the poll, the Guardian reported Saturday.”
With their vote of no confidence in Corbyn the labour party MPs are at odds with the Labour party grass roots perhaps these MPs should be deselected.

Colorado Bill Would Fine Police $15,000 for Interfering with Citizens Filming Them

Colorado Bill Would Fine Police $15,000 for Interfering with Citizens Filming Them

Lawyers ‘get £2.5million of Jimmy Savile’s estate leaving just £1million for the paedophile DJ’s victims’

Italian Catholic Priest Defends Pedophilia During TV Interview, Says it’s the Child’s Fault

James Perloff “The Rothschild Banking Elite Are Manipulating The Weather & Profiting From It!”

12m “Something called `weather derivatives` which I had never heard of but it turns out that weather can be traded like a commodity.”
17m55s “Evelyn de Rothschild had acquired a 70% stake in `Weather Central` in 2011.”
22m30s “Albert Wigan who was chairman of Chase National Bank which was a Rockefeller bank, he shorted 42,000 shares of his stock to contribute to the panic.”

What do Janet Yellen and Cinderella have in common?

What do Janet Yellen and Cinderella have in common?

“After eight years, with estimates over $2 trillion in interest that should have been paid to savers being diverted back to the banking system, “the financial stability of the United States” is still at risk? Frightening indeed!”
“For almost seven straight years Ms. Yellen engineered interest rates to historical lows. Instead of tax cuts, she wants consumers to prime the spending pump with borrowed money. Many corporations borrowed just as she theorized – not to build factories to sell more cool stuff and create jobs, instead using the money to buy back their stock. That does not start the cycle.”

As Protests Sweep Country, New Video Shows Off-Duty NY Cop Fatally Shooting Black Man Delrawn Small

“On July 4, off-duty New York police officer Wayne Isaacs shot and killed Delrawn Small, an unarmed African American man. Police officers initially claimed Small punched officer Isaacs in the face following a driving confrontation. But surveillance video that has just been released counters that claim, and instead shows the off-duty officer shooting Small within one second of Small approaching the vehicle. For more we speak with Roger Wareham, the attorney representing Delrawn Small’s family.”
1m35s “The grainy black and white video shows the officer shooting Small as soon as he approached his vehicle. It does not appear to show Small punching Isaac.”

When Cops Prepare To Shoot You And The War Of Fatal Force

When Cops Prepare To Shoot You And The War Of Fatal Force

CENSORSHIP ALERT – Alzheimer’s and dementia can be prevented, slowed down and even reversed, despite what you’ve been told by conventional medicine!


“Are you concerned about brain health? Or, of one day not recognizing your closest friend? If so, or if you care about friends and family members dealing with poor brain function, don’t miss The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit. Brain disorders, including memory loss, are fast becoming the single biggest health problem in the world.”
“I am posting this here at WRH because apparently the organizers of this convention a professional marketing firm in New York to help them share the news about this event, including a massive advertising campaign on Google and Facebook.”
“Within 48 hours of placing the first ads on the internet , they were taken down! The marketing firm, which spends a lot of money on Google ads every month, said that this has NEVER happened to them before! Apparently the possibility that Alzheimer’s and Dementia might be reversible through natural means was a threat to someone’s profits!”

Turkish Protesters Are Spray Painting “” and “” On Walls — Here’s What It Means
“As hard as the Turkish government might try, shutting down Twitter isn’t as easy as it seems. At 11:30 p.m. Thursday the Turkish government officially blocked the country’s 33 million Internet users from Twitter, but clever, tech-savvy Turks are sharing a simple and effective method to help fellow citizens bypass the ban — and they’re sharing it everywhere.”
“Just hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “root out” Twitter, graffiti has been popping up around Istanbul with two IP addresses anyone can use to circumvent the government’s ban. The two numbers — and — refer to Google’s Public DNS, which can be easily utilized to maintain access to Twitter.”

Erdogan Shuts Down 1,000+ Private Schools, 1,200+ Charities, 15 Universities

Erdogan Shuts Down 1,000+ Private Schools, 1,200+ Charities, 15 Universities

How the Australian, British, and US Governments Shamelessly Helped Kill Countless People in Indonesia in 1965
“The Hague-based International People’s Tribunal has ruled that the Indonesian regime that replaced Indonesian President Sukarno committed crimes against humanity in 1965. The governments of Australia, Britain, and the United States have also been pronounced guilty as complicit partners in the massacre of 500,000 to 1000,000 people or more in Indonesia. People were murdered in Indonesia due to their principles, political ideology, ethnic backgrounds, and opposition to foreign influence. Albeit the ruling is an important historical acknowledgment, the assistance that the Australian, British, and US governments provided to the coup and played in the massacres is not a secret.”

Article 50 was designed ‘NEVER to be used’ – says the man who wrote the EU divorce clause

Britain’s economy will be STRONGER after Brexit, business leaders confirm

With friends like Brussels, who needs enemies? EU to fine Greece for saving ship builders

Donald Trump’s Road To The White House — Roger Stone
“The news cycle over the last week has been flooded with fascinating stories all related to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Famed political operative Roger Stone joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the long read to Donald Trump’s entry into electoral politics, the political suicide of Ted Cruz, the role of Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and Don, Jr. during the Republican convention, the Melania Trump plagiarism controversy and the truth about the confrontation between Roger, Alex Jones and The Young Turks!”


£18mn investigation into historic child sex abuse case delayed again


In First “Emergency” Decree, Erdogan Seizes Thousands Of Hospitals, Schools, Charities
“The farce wouldn’t be complete without continued Turkish support to “democracy” – speaking at a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bankers in China on Saturday, Reuters reported that Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said Turkey would strongly adhere to democratic principles and the rule of law.
“Meanwhile, the comedy for public consumption hit new highs yesterday, when the European Union urged Turkey “to respect under any circumstances the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms”, foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini and enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn said in a joint statement. They slammed as “unacceptable” the sacking or suspension of tens of thousands of people in the education system, judiciary and the media and said they were monitoring the state of emergency “with concern”.”

“New evidence has emerged that the Turkish government under President Erdogan is covertly providing direct military, financial and logistical support to ISIS, even while claiming to fight the terror network.”

The Coup That Sank The American Ship (or has it? )
“The wars that the central bankers of the US have waged and are still waging against Iraq, Libya and Syria are due to many reasons but one common reason is that these countries were selling their oil for currencies other than US dollars. War has been threatened against Iran for the same reason. The bankers are very sensitive about this issue because the issuance and subsequent use of US$ is the foundation on which all the power that the bankers have in and over the nations of the world is based. The declining use of US$ means a declining power base for the bankers.”

David Icke HD On Agenda 21

27m55s “And he also understood how to create free energy, like I say accessing the natural power and sources of power in the universe and turning it into usable power and warmth without cost and without, if you like, carbon dioxide. Now, the same bloody people that we must do all this to save the world from carbon dioxide are the same people that have been suppressing this technology for bloody decade after decade after decade.”

David Icke, Why The System Is Falling Apart

1h18m35s “What are you doing serving a control system that wishes to impose a fascist state on your families ?”

Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Military To Fight US Citizens

Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Military To Fight US Citizens

“President Obama has signed an executive order that allows for the US military to use force against American citizens for the first time in history.”
“The order was signed on July 1st, 2016 and is titled “Executive Order — United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force“.”
“The order looks like the rules of engagement between the military vs ordinary US citizens have significantly and unconstitutionally changed.”

2016 & The World According To Rothschild — Bix Weir

Their Day Has Come,— And Gone!
“That is the meaning of the two releases this month, the one of Britain’s long-delayed Chilcot report into Tony Blair’s criminal responsibility for the illegal Iraq war, and the other of the long-suppressed 28 pages of the report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, documenting the Saudi hand behind that butchery. It means that time is up at last for those blood-drooling dinosaurs Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama, after fifteen years of wars based on lies. They have destroyed the Middle East, drowned Europe in desperate refugees, and caused blood to be spilled on the streets across Europe and the U.S.,— all based on lies.”

No Charges For Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets At An Innocent Mom And Daughter

No Charges For Cops Who ‘Accidentally’ Fired 107 Bullets At An Innocent Mom And Daughter

“Exposing the double standard between police and civilians, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that no criminal charges will be filed against the eight LAPD officers responsible for nearly killing an innocent woman and her daughter. Although the cops ambushed the unarmed women without warning and fired over 100 bullets without provocation, the district attorney justified the case of mistaken identity due to the fact that the officers involved were afraid and incompetent.”

Eduard Popov: NATO’s ultimatum for Russia – surrender or have a Maidan
“What is NATO counting on? Perhaps Brussels believes that Russia might go on the retreat. Indeed, some facts could be interpreted in this vein, such as Russia’s patient attitude towards Ukraine’s violations of the ceasefire, its stubborn clinging to the Minsk Agreements which are observed only by the Donbass republics; the unexpected reconciliation between Moscow and Ankara after Erdogan’s quasi-apology; and Moscow’s participation itself in today’s NATO-Russia Council meeting. After all, Moscow very well could have taken a tough stance following the alliance’s offensive declaration recognizing Russia as world threat #1.”


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