Six felony Hillary and war criminal Tony / Beggar thy neighbour policies have no way out / ISIS has a Death Star, honest

Hillary Clinton is disqualified from holding public office under U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2071

FBI Recommends “No Charges” Against Hillary Clinton
“In a surprising statement which concluded moments ago, FBI director James Comey announced that Federal officials have decided not to pursue federal charges against Hillary Clinton for her private email setup, an announcement that will send a shockwave throughout national politics. “

Huma: Hillary Flouted Protocol, Used Burn Bags To Destroy Documents Prohibited By Federal Regs

Huma: Hillary Flouted Protocol, Used Burn Bags To Destroy Documents Prohibited By Federal Regs

Hillary’s Seven Biggest Lies Refuted By The FBI, And The “Smoking Gun”
“”I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email””
“As the Hill reminds us, this was one of first claims that Clinton made about her email setup, in a press conference at the United Nations shortly after it was revealed last year. We now know that more than 2,000 emails now contain information considered classified, but most of that was upgraded after it was sent.  According to Comey, a total of 113 emails contained information that was classified at the time the messages were sent or received. Among those are eight threads containing 22 emails classified as top secret — the highest tier of classification.  “There was classified material emailed,” Comey told the House Oversight Committee on Thursday.”
Does Hillary ever tell the truth ?

“To Reassure The Public” – Paul Ryan Asks That Hillary Not Receive Any Classified Data
I think the public is best reassured by starting an impeach Hillary movement and to also include all of the empty suited public servants who are supporting Hillary as accessories after the fact to Hillary’s espionage.

Corruption Climax: CLINTON, CARTEL, COLLAPSE. — Rob Kirby

In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies 6 Criminal Laws
“If we are a nation “of laws, not of men”, then Ms. Clinton will be prosecuted, at least through the grand jury stage, on (at least) those grounds. The decision regarding her innocence or guilt will be made by jurors, not by the broader public – and also not by the nation’s Executive: the President and his appointed Administration. That is what it means for a government to be a functioning democracy. Any government which violates this principle – that it is “of laws, not of men [including women]” – is not functioning as a democracy: it’s something else.“

C-SPAN Callers “DISGUSTED”, “ASTOUNDED” by FBI Decision To Let Hillary Clinton Go “Scot Free” — “Would our founding fathers have stood for this??”
It is gratifying to hear that ordinary Americans are completely disgusted.

Americans React With Fury: ‘If Hillary Doesn’t Follow the Law, Why Should I?’

Americans React With Fury: ‘If Hillary Doesn’t Follow the Law, Why Should I?’

‘Very dark day for Department of Justice, FBI’: Judge on Hillary Recommendation

‘Very dark day for Department of Justice, FBI’: Judge on Hillary Recommendation

Comey Oversaw Drug Cartel Money Laundering Operations As aTop Executive At HSBC Bank

Comey Oversaw Drug Cartel Money Laundering Operations As aTop Executive At HSBC Bank

“My best insider source states that FBI Director James Comey has absolutely no law enforcement background, and is not qualified to run the FBI. To add insult to injury, the FBI Director held an executive position at HSBC Bank, while extreme money laundering operations where being carried out by the Mexican Drug Cartel and their terrorist allies with the direct assistance of HSBC banking officials. I asked my source if Comey would have known, and he replied “he would have to have been drunk 24/7 to not know what was going on”. “

Martin Armstrong: “James Comey Had No Problem Keeping Me In Prison Without Any Charges”

Judge Napolitano: “It’s more likely than not that there was a CONSPIRACY in the office of Secretary of State to EVADE FEDERAL LAW”

FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government

FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government

The empty suited public servants can only have themselves to blame when this house of cards government comes down.

Why Do The Russians Understand Hillary’s Criminality More than the Average American?
“Below us a breakdown of the complicity of silence in the American media as it relates to Hillary Clinton. With Putin’s help, soon the world will know the type of criminal that this country is getting ready to elect to be the next President of the United States.”
I think free thinking people all around the world fully understand Hillary’s criminality.

Peak FBI Corruption? Meet Bryan Nishimura, Found Guilty For “Removal And Retention Of Classified Materials”

Senator Admits The FBI Is “About To Ask Putin For His Copies Of Hillary’s Emails”



“Uncounted!” – The True Story Of The California Primary
““I can tell you this: Senator Sanders won California. Let me do the math for you. Most of those late mailed-in ballots were what are called NPP, No Party Preference. These independent ballots were the ones that came in late because people had to switch their ballots. It’s a complex process, in California, that’s all I can tell you. The late ballots are Sanders ballots.””

Hillary 2016!

45 “At long last our wealthy paranoid narcissistic power hungry president will have a vagina.”

U.N. Official ‘Accidentally’ Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinton
“John Ashe, a former President of the United Nations General Assembly, was found dead Wednesday just a few days before being set to testify against Clinton in a corruption case. While the U.N. claimed that he had died from a heart attack, local police officers in Dobbs Ferry, New York, later disputed that claim, saying instead that he died from a workout accident that crushed his throat.“
One more entry to go on to the Clinton body count
Fortunately for Huma, she has already blabbed a piece of Hillary damning evidence otherwise she might be next to be added to the Clinton body count.

F. William Engdahl | The Lost Hegemon, The Oligarchs’ Decline, Clinton, & Trump
7m25s “They took the Saudi money, the oil money and built a network worldwide     in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in the united states even and so forth of today of what is islamic terrorism. And Al Qaeda came from that, Osama bin Laden was brought into Afghanistan.”
15m50s “Osama bin Laden was sent to the border on the Pakistani side of Afghanistan to prepare a plan that was developed by Zbigniew Brzezinski when he was security adviser to Jimmy Carter in 1979. He said if we do this right we can induce the Soviets to militarily come in to stabilise Afghanistan and that will give us the excuse to launch a major vietnam (-like war) against the Soviet Union which is what happened of course. It took 8 years, the biggest covert operation in CIA history.”
21m10s “Her career wit Bill Clinton when he was attorney general and governor of Arkansa covering up for CIA cocaine money flows from Columbia through Mena, Arkansas airport and getting piles of hundred dollar bill payoffs for that. She was involved in covering up for murders that she and Bill arranged through the organised crime mafia to eliminate people who were about ready to who cover that in Arkansas politics.”
30m55s “Gadafi and the president of Tunisia, neighbour of Libya, named Ben Ali, and the president of Egypt named Mubarak were about to create a unified currency region with a gold backed dinar. Gaddafi had the gold from his oil sales and he was going to sell the oil of Libya only for gold dinars.”
40m5s “Creation of a 21st century universal fascism, a return to the dark times of the middle ages but on a world scale. One world that would be controlled by very rich western families whose agenda was total control over the world and reduction of the global population through eugenics, war and terrorism.”
53m45s “3 trillion dollar national infrastructure deficit, railway lines, bridges, highway bridges, sewer works, water ways, electricity grids that urgently needs renewal but we spend it on bailing out thee brain dead banks on Wall Street.”

Chilcot Report: UK Oil Interests Were Lead Motive For Iraq War.British government officials involved in the events that led up to the war, the war itself and the following restoration period pursued as a main objective the corporate interests of energy giants BP and Shell.

Tony could not tell the real reason for the Iraq war which was that it was for the banksters otherwise he might end up dead like our 1812 anti-war Prime Minister Perceval or suffer the fates of numerous anti-bankster American presidents. See ALL WARS ARE BANKERS’ WARS |



Kyle Bass Shares The “Stunning” Thing A Central Banker Once Told Him
“And in China, the credit excesses are already built. They’ve got, we can go into numbers, but they have asset-liability mismatches in their system, in the wealth management products, that are more than 10% of their system. And our asset-liability mismatches were two and a half percent of our system, and you know what they did. So their excesses are already, they’re already so far ahead of the world’s excesses in prior crises that we’re facing the largest macro imbalance in world history. And to this day, I can’t figure out why people don’t see it for what it is.”
“Kyle: Look, I had a fascinating out of body experience meeting with one of the world’s top central bankers in a private meeting about three years ago. And he said, “You know Kyle, quantitative easing only works when you’re the only country doing it.” He would never say that publicly. And I’ll protect his name, because it was a private meeting. But it was one of those moments where I…it was one of those epiphanies almost, where it’s something you and I knew, but hearing him say it, call it one of the four top central bankers in the world, it was a jarring experience for me, because when I look around the world  today, everyone’s in the same boat. So we’re all trying…we’re attempting through our treasury and our Fed to get the rest of the world to not devalue against us, while we quietly attempt to devalue ourselves against them, and it’s all this…it is the race to the bottom, it is the beggar thy neighbor policies that we all talk about. And I believe that there is no way out.”

Bear Stearns 2.0? UK’s Largest Property Fund Halts Redemptions, Fears “Vicious Circle”

Domino #2: UK’s Aviva Property Fund “Frozen” Due To “Lack Of Immediate Liquidity”

Domino #3: M&G Suspends Trading In $6 Billion UK Property Fund

“The Dominoes Are Fallling”: Three Largest UK Property Funds Freeze $12 Billion In Assets, More To Come

Domino #4: Henderson Suspends $5 Billion UK Property Fund Over “Exceptional Liquidity Pressures”

More Dominoes : Panic Withdrawals Force Three More UK Property Funds To Freeze Assets

Domino #7: In Dramatic Twist, UK Property Fund Cuts Value Of Its Assets By 17%

As Redemption “Panic” Accelerates, Two More UK Property Funds Slash Value Of Their Property Assets

Italy Just Bailed Out Another Failed Bank, May Use Pension Funds For Future Bank Rescues

“We Won’t Be Lectured” – Italy’s Renzi To Defy Brussels Over Banking Bailout
“As we noted previously, Brexit will be just the scapegoat used by Renzi and Italy to circumvent any specific eurozone prohibitions. And if it fails, all Renzi has to do is hint at a referendum of his own. Then watch as Merkel scrambles to allow Italy to do whatever it wants, just to avoid the humiliation of a potential “Italeave.””
““Mr Renzi has bristled at suggestions he is ignoring rules, saying he will not be “lectured by the school teacher”.”

Italian Banks Tumble, Monte Paschi Plunges To Record Low After ECB Letter

Italy Bans Short-Selling Of Imploding Monte Paschi
”Having collapsed 99.7% from its July 2007 highs at EUR93, Banca Monte dei Paschi Siena – Italy’s 3rd largest bank – is in dire straits. And in confirmation that the fecal matter is about to strike a rotating object, Italian regulators just ‘temporarily’ banned short-selling of BMPS stock.”

Italy Bans Short-Selling In Monte Paschi For Three Months, Forgets To Ban Buying Of CDS

A Furious Italian Prime Minister Slams Deutsche Bank As Europe’s Most Insolvent Bank

Gundlach: “When Deutsche Bank Goes To Single Digits People Will Start To Panic”

90% Of June Job Gains Went To Workers 55 And Older

Paper money, a Chinese invention?

Paper money, a Chinese invention?

“During the Song Dynasty (960-1276) booming business in the region of Tchetchuan likewise resulted in a shortage of copper money. Some merchants issued private drafts covered by a monetary reserve which initially consisted of coins and salt, later of gold and silver. Those notes are considered to be the first to circulate as legal tender. In 1024 the Authorities confer themselves the issuing monopoly and under Mongol governement, during the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1367), paper money becomes the only legal tender. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) the issuing of notes is conferred to the Ministry of Finance.”
“On all notes issued between 1380 (13th year of the Emperor Hung Wu’s reign) and 1560 the names of Hung Wu and the Minister of Finance can be read. Those notes were issued in values of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 wen and 1 kuan or 1000 wen. Thus one kuan had the same value as 1000 copper coins or 1 liang (1 tael) of silver; 4 kuan equalled 1 liang of gold.”
“Unfortunately, those notes were issued continuously without redrawing from circulation the old ones. This practice of course led to an inflationary spiral: in the beginning, in 1380, one guan was worth 1000 copper coins, in 1535, one guan valued merely 0,28 copper coin!”
Paper money is a pyramid scheme.

Bankers Push “New Global Monetary Order” That Would Hold Nations Hostage

Bankers Push “New Global Monetary Order” That Would Hold Nations Hostage

“The price for bucking their system of power is economic collapse – currencies and markets are all subject to rise and fall, and gestures of sovereignty are likely to set off crashes. Everything is connected, everything is on edge. The tremors are becoming stronger.”
“In yet another recent article Bloomberg calls for central banks to “kiss their domestic bias goodbye”; arguing that national economies are now so “intertwined” that central banks all need to work off a single set of guidelines in support of the global economy rather than individual national economies.”


10m10s “First of all, the people keeping this secret transnational, they have representations, covert, deep cover in your country, they have technologies that you cannot believe and they have reconnaissance over France that will know everything that you are going in real time so nothing will really be done secretly.”
And such reconnaissance capabilities mean that all of these terrorist attacks would have been observable in real time and would have been child’s play to interdict, to prevent.

A Chemical/Biological Attack Upon America Has Been Planned by the Elite
Who would believe the criminal so-called elite’s mouthpieces should they ever say that ISIS has a Death Star ?
Not me, that’s for damn sure.
Psychopaths exist and they want what they want and some of them will try to use government to get what they want. When humanity recognises this fact then we will be less gullible as a society.

All Our Children Are Now FBI Terrorism Suspects
“As I explained previously, the dangerous speech which the FBI wanted our neighbors to report included, for example, (1) posting anti-government or environmental slogans, banners, or signs that imply violence; (2) spraying anti-government graffiti; (3) downloading material of an extreme or radical nature with violent themes, or preoccupation with press coverage of terrorist attacks; (4) making unusual anti‑U.S. comments; or (5) making extreme racist or religious statements coupled with sentiments which appear to condone violence. As can be seen from this list of overbroad, vague and legally protected activities or speech which the FBI claims are red flags for terrorism, the FBI has little concern for our Bill of Rights, such as the right to speak freely or to read what we want.”
Have these public servants forgotten that the American declaration of independence says ‘to secure these rights, Governments are instituted’ ?

Satanic Ceremony at Opening of Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel

1m15s “They had a group coming through dressed as workers representing the workers in the tunnel and they walked through as if they were zombies. Another was they had a representation of the masses who would use the tunnel, they were dressed in white underwear only not even t-shirts with them in ad they were kind of milling around and bumping into each other as representative of the masses if you will I guess as the impression of what the based are in the mind of the elite.”
2m25s “And you see the head of states of Italy and Germany and France were there.”
Zombies representing the workers – check.
People in underclothing representing the passengers – check.

TIME Suggests Another 9/11 Is Necessary to Re-direct American Anger

TIME Suggests Another 9/11 Is Necessary to Re-direct American Anger

An individual should decide for themselves what to be angry about.
If I was an American I would be angry at Hillary for her crimes in ‘mishandling’ classified information.

The Saudis are chumps so the trail will lead out of Saudi Arabia towards the real culprits.

Psychologists Explain Why People Refuse To Question The Official Version Of 9/11
“At this point we have nine years of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government theory about what happened on September 11th, and yet people continue to be either oblivious to the fact that this information exists, or completely resistant to looking at this information. So the question becomes, why? Why is it that people have so much trouble hearing this information?”
“From my work I think we would be remiss not to look at the impact of trauma. – Marti Hopper, Ph.D.”
Governments throughout history have become rebellious toward the people. It happened during the 17th century in Britain with King Charles I who had his head chopped of for his crimes against the people.

How To Spot A False Flag Event
“It’s time for those of us who have been reluctant to consider the possibility that our own government could actually be complicit in domestic terrorism in order to further a nefarious agenda to at least stop accepting the government and media’s version of these tragedies at face value. For the most part, the mainstream media is little more than a propaganda ministry for the federal government.”

‘CIA killed 9/11 author in black ops hit’

“Philip Marshall was killed in a black operation over confessing to having worked with CIA drug smugglers and the potential exposure of 9/11 secrets. In the background to this, former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen says the 9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children were killed in a “black ops hit” by the CIA, dismissing the suicide hypothesis. Marshall was afraid of being silenced for his revelations about 9/11, Madsen said, noting that a side door the investigator never used was wide open when his dead body was found. Marshall believed the former US President George Bush had pulled off the 9/11 attack to foment a government coup. In his fourth book, he was supposed to disclose blockbuster information.”
Here is someone who was likely silenced for trying to inform the public of a few traitors in government.

There Is Not A Racism Problem In America, There Is A Stupid Problem

Due Process? A Drone Was Used To Blow Up A US Citizen Without Trial This Week
“African-American Dallas protester Mark Hughes was wrongly identified by Dallas Police as a suspect in the shootings. Police tweeted photos of Hughes marching with protesters openly carrying a rifle, as is permitted in Texas. Police claimed was involved in the shooting. He was a suspect just like Johnson was a suspect. During questioning they told Hughes that they had video of him shooting people, which was a lie. What if police had sent in a drone to take out Mark Hughes? What will happen in the future to a future Mark Hughes, falsely accused by police of being involved in a shooting? Will we come to accept murder without trial?”

California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

Have these people heard of equal protection of the law ?

Horrific new video shows police shooting dead an unarmed California teen, 19, as he lay on the ground

“Please, don’t tell me my boyfriend’s gone,” Reynolds pleaded while sitting in the backseat of a patrol car with her young daughter. “He don’t deserve this, please. He works for St. Paul Public Schools. He’s never been in jail, anything. He’s not a gang member, anything.”

Government Insider Has Video Evidence 9/11 Was Absolutely an “INSIDE JOB”

A Former NYMEX Trader Explains “The Mechanics Of Silver Manipulation”

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Greater Weight Gain than Sugar, Yet Another Study Reveals


The Silent Puerto Rican Debt Default – Nathan McDonald

The Silent Puerto Rican Debt Default – Nathan McDonald

France: Protestors Rise Up In Their Millions Against Ruling Class
“The government have also tried to make protesting illegal, while they attempt to push the new laws through the lower house without a vote using a constitutional manoeuvre. With the two chambers unlikely to agree a final version, the lower house will have the final say, and the government is expected to use the same manoeuvre to pass the bill into law without a vote.”
“According to an opinion poll published on Tuesday, 73 percent of the French would be “shocked and appalled” by such a move.”

Brexit: A Reaction Against the Globalist Parasites and Scavengers

Brexit: A Reaction Against the Globalist Parasites and Scavengers

Desperately Trying to Salvage Canada-EU Trade Pact after Brexit, EU Escalates Assault on Democracy

Desperately Trying to Salvage Canada-EU Trade Pact after Brexit, EU Escalates Assault on Democracy

America Should Exit From NATO & The National Security State
“I wonder if deep down, those who are lamenting and groaning about the Brexit vote realize that: If there had been no U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, no regime change in Libya, no U.S. and NATO bombing and interventionism in Syria, there wouldn’t have been a massive refugee crisis in Europe and, almost certainly, a rejection of Brexit by a majority of British voters.”

FEMA Investigator’s Shock 9/11 Claim: ‘Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack… They Knew It Was Going To Happen’

FEMA Investigator’s Shock 9/11 Claim: ‘Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack… They Knew It Was Going To Happen’

FEMA CAMPS and locations (800 of them) and Obama’s Executive Orders during Martial law. Field of coffins owned by the CDC.
“The ironic part about Rex 84, which many wingnuts seem not to grasp, is that the program was targeted against civil rights groups, anti-war groups, organized labor, immigrants, and minority communities in support of hegemonic, capitalist, right-wing American business interests (see Allen Dulles). FEMA camps are not, as conspiracy theorists would have it, some grand plot against conservative American patriots; rather, the only administration to seriously consider interning dissidents was planning on doing so against the sorts of left-wing activists that the American far-right despise the most (next to the federal government, the NWO, and the “international bankers”, that is).”

“Swiss Bank Account in Your Pocket”
“The currencies that stick will do so because they are the most equitable. They serve the most people. They solve problems and restrictions placed on the many rather than the few.”

Puerto Rico Defaults on Debt: Invest in Bitcoin Instead

Bitcoin Ransomware May Soon Become a Thing of the Past

Ethereum Is Not a Government, It Is a DAO

Ethereum Is Not a Government, It Is a DAO

“I’ve personally struggled with this issue. Blockchains are such a mind blowing, world-view changing technology that everything you thought you knew about systems and power dynamics, about communication and money, gets shredded by Satoshi’s brilliant imagination and reconstructed with subtle yet deeper resolution.”

Ethereum’s DAO Forking Crisis: The Bitcoin Perspective
“Bugs in Bitcoin will occasionally cause a fork in the chain at which point miners need to reach a consensus on which path to follow. But what the Ethereum community is contemplating is a fork of the chain to bail out the users of a specific contract. The closest analogy would be the Bitcoin block chain forking because someone erroneously sent bitcoin or accidentally destroyed bitcoin. That has happened many times and no one has ever seriously suggested the Bitcoin chain should be forked as a result.””

Bitcoin’s Ethereum DOOMSAYERS: Justified?!

Family wants apology from Livonia police

“The family of a special needs woman wants an apology from the police for how they handled an accusation of shoplifting against her.”
It seems clear that these unprofessional public servants have a lower IQ than this special needs woman who has an IQ of an 8 year old.

Ohio mother detained for momentarily turning back on children

Brunswick woman’s critical video of police goes viral, police weigh in

In Unprecedented Decision, Europe Will Sanction Spain, Portugal Over Deficits While Ignoring France, Italy

Man Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop In Minnesota, Governor Reportedly Evacuated

What You Need To Know About The (Police) Shooting Of Alton Sterling

4m5s “Restaurant manager said later ‘I was just trying to help the police with their investigation. I didn’t know they were going to delete it’. I mean we wouldn’t know about this if a bystander hadn’t wipe out a cell phone.”

Mass Protests Planned Following Castile Shooting, As Minnesota Governor Blasts Cops
“Once again America is outraged, this time not over one but two police shootings in as many days, the second of which was particularly chilling because as we reported earlier today, the victim’s girlfriend posted live video on the internet as it was happening. The demonstrations over the deaths of Castile, Sterling and other black men killed by police are now planned for St. Paul, New York, Chicago and several smaller cities on Thursday evening, according to organizers posting on social media.”

19-year Old Paralyzed Cancer Patient Brutalized by TSA
“Confused and disoriented from the alarm, she tried to move away from what was clearly a stressful situation, at which point she was tackled, thrown to the ground, and arrested, her face bloodied and bruised.”
A ‘terrorist’ this innocent American is most assuredly not, so you have to wonder if the TSA really are this stupid or is the objective of TSA to terrorise innocent Americans ?



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