U.S.A./E.U. merge, TPP/TTIP end sovereignty / Sandy Hook hoax ? / McCain, ISIS & anti-life globalists / Collateral theft made lawful & DHS


Why a European Super State Must Be Resisted


“The European Union is a centralised super state trading block whose conceptual origins lie in the Third Reich of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.”

“The concept of ‘global trading blocks’ was already well established under Hitler’s regime, but their origins go back further: to the British Royal Society. Post British Empire colonial ambitions were hatched around the desire to form a number of global trading empires whose leadership would be essentially elitist and corporate, with banks mostly at the helm.”

“Here lies the origin of the ‘free trade’ concept. A trading pattern which is anything but ‘free’ due to the fact that it is designed to prevent any one country stopping any other country from resisting the import of products that it has no need or no wish for: I.E GMO maize and soya, beef raised using growth hormones or sweat shop mass produced cheap goods that undermine the ability of the blocking country to fairly trade its own quality home-made items.”

The next step following solidifying the European Union is to merge it with the united states of America.


‘We DON’T want IN United States of Europe’ Lord Lawson in passionate Question Time speech


“LORD Lawson has urged Britons to quit the European Union with a passionate attack on “undemocratic” Brussels bureaucrats.”


70% of Germans oppose TTIP, survey says



German Government Turns Against TTIP Despite Merkel’s Support



Obama: TTIP Necessary So As to Protect Megabanks From Prosecution


“On May 7th, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or German Economic News, headlined, “USA planen mit TTIP Frontal-Angriff auf Gerichte in Europa” or “U.S. Plans Frontal Attack on Europe’s Courts via TTIP,” and reported that, “America’s urgency to sign TTIP with Europe has solid reason: Megabanks must protect themselves from claims by European investors who allege that they were cheated during the debt crisis. … The U.S. Ambassador to Italy has now let the cat out of the bag on this — probably unintentionally.””


‘People before profits!’ Thousands rally against TTIP, US corporate rule, GMO & wars in Rome (VIDEO)



Italy: ‘People before profits!’ Thousands decry TTIP in Rome



European Parliament Orders MEP To Take Down A Video About His Attempt To Visit The ‘Reading Room’ For Trade Documents


“We’ve written many times about the insane levels of secrecy around various trade agreements, including the TTIP agreement that is being worked on between the EU and the US. Basically, everything gets negotiated behind closed doors — though certain lobbyists get full access — and then it will be presented as a final document when it’s too late for the public to actually weigh in. It’s the ultimate in corrupt processes. In the past, the USTR has admitted that it demands such secrecy because if it had to reveal its positions publicly, the public wouldn’t support the agreement. In the US, this has led to ridiculous situations such as when Senator Ron Wyden, who at the time was the chair of the Senate’s subcommittee on international trade, was not allowed to bring a staffer of his, who is an expert in international trade, with him to read the latest text of a trade negotiation. Because that went against the rules.”


TPP: What media?! — The whores of the 4th Estate



The Brexit Noose Around The Neck Of The NWO



Former Bushie Pippa Malmgren On Brexit, Obama And TTIP



TTIP Killed By Leaks & German Public Opinion


Good riddance.



Trump backs Brexit, brands migration crisis a ‘horrible thing for Europe’



QUEEN PANICS: ‘Brexit’ Could Trigger WWIII, Warns David Cameron


The people of Europe will come into conflict with the dictatorship that is the European Commission, they will not come into conflict with any of the other peoples of Europe.


Crumbs! EU to launch kettle and toaster crackdown after referendum


“Scottish UKIP’s David Coburn says it’s time to get power back to Westminster and Holyrood so we can get some proper toasters”


EU to sanction Spain & Portugal over lack of economic reforms – report


One more reason for Spain to leave the European Union and for Portugal to leave the European Union.


The British market sitting virtually empty after £4million revamp thanks to EU rules that ban premises from having TILLS



Iain Duncan Smith says the EU helps the rich at the expense of the poor




Man faces hate crime charge in Scotland over dog’s ‘Nazi salute’


Has Scotland had their great sense of humour surgically removed ?


HSBC Judge Approves $1.9B Drug-Money Laundering Accord (July 3, 2013)


“HSBC Holdings Plc’s $1.9 billion agreement with the U.S. to resolve charges it enabled Latin American drug cartels to launder billions of dollars was approved by a federal judge.”

“HSBC was accused of failing to monitor more than $670 billion in wire transfers and more than $9.4 billion in purchases of U.S. currency from HSBC Mexico, allowing for money laundering, prosecutors said. The bank also violated U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma and Cuba, according to a criminal information filed in the case.”

$1.9 billion versus $670 billion and without any executive getting a prison sentence.


Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms


“The agency, in a statement, said it was worried about the chance that animals’ “cognitive state” could be altered if they ended up with human brain cells.”


Infowars Is Destroying The MSM Narrative


“Alex Jones breaks down how Infowars is the true media and the public is waking up to the soft-kill mind control of the globalist controlled dinosaur media.”

10m “Infowars and you the listeners are leading the charge, every day, every week, every month you see us punching through the Berlin Wall of disinformation, changing the narrative, our terms used all over the world. You know who listens more than anybody ? The militaries, not just ours, the militaries. You know who else listens the most number two ? The police.”


Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media – The Full Story


“CIA’s control of mainstream media exposed. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact that the Central Intelligence Agency pays off reporters, producers and the heads of most major media outlets in America. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.”


Italian Banks Are Crashing (Again) After Bad-Loan Writedowns Soar



This 65-Year-Old American Lost His Life’s Savings For Failing To File A Form


It wasn’t until around 2010, when the US government finally realized they were flat broke, that they started making a big deal about offshore reporting requirements and penalizing people with undisclosed accounts.

Gubser maintains that as soon as he found out about the requirements, just like most people, he immediately began to file the offshore disclosures.

The federal government took a different view, dinging him with a penalty of $1.35 million, roughly half of his life’s savings.

As they say, of course, ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

And Gubser is paying a $1.35 million penalty because he didn’t know.

Neither did Tim Geithner, as it turned out. Several years ago the former Secretary of the Treasury was found to have “accidentally” underpaid his taxes.

In this case, ignorance of the law was a perfectly valid excuse. Geithner was only required to pay back what he owed without additional consequence.



The Writing is on The Wall – President Trump Derails The NWO


1m20s “When he becomes president of the united states, I said a year ago, if he’s serious about being president, he will rock not only the united states of America, he will rock the world. Five months ago he said he’s going to punch Putin in the mouth, if you recall. Six days later, Putin says ‘I like that man’. What does tell you, Brian ? What does tell the people listening ? what ? Respect gets respect instead of all this political horses**t.”


Proof That Donald Trump IS THE REAL DEAL!


“Trump is not part of the Carter/Ford/Reagan/Nixon/Clinton/Bush/Obama Family. Proof Here! Trump will not sign the membership! Trump will not pray to an owl.”

That owl being that piece of s**t ‘moloch’.


Trump Trolls Charles Krauthammer With Perfection



“This is funny stuff. Trump uses comedy to troll the neo-con.”


Obama Issues Executive Order On Transfer of Power, Prepares Emergency Exercises


“White House Version- President Obama has initiated an enhanced transition of power process through an executive order directed toward the assembly of a cross functional transition team from all cabinet members.”

“Regular Speak Version – In case Trump wins this thing we’d better have an efficient process in place for shredding the evidence (of treasonous behaviour), and keeping all executive leadership from prosecution.”


Roger Stone: The Battle For Trump Presidency Has Just Begun


4m “The populism, the almost 3 million new voters coming in, even better than Reagan at this point.”




friends6xvcbvnmmmNew Picture (4)

The very first thing that a dutiful human being must do is ask themselves: is humanity being deceived ?





Sandy Hook Justice Report by Wolfgang Halbig – May 6, 2016 – Episode 8


53m20s “Why would you bring porta potties to an elementary school that’s got hundreds of toilets ?”




“In a weak effort to smear Rand Paul, war hawk Senator John McCain attempted to argue that the Kentucky Senator doesn’t have the authority to disagree with US policies regarding ISIS because he hasn’t met up with members of the terror group, unlike McCain himself.”




The Caliphate Project, Made in America. Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS


The government just produced documents to Judicial Watch in response to a freedom of information suit which show that the West has long supported ISIS.   The documents were written by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on August 12, 2012 … years before ISIS burst onto the world stage.

“This is a big deal.  A former British Army and Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism intelligence officer and a former MI5 officer confirm that the newly-released documents are a smoking gun.”


State Dept clowns caught in a lie once again, this time by the Defense Department


15s “Its primarily Al Nusra that owns Aleppo. And of course, Al Nusra not part of the cessation of hostilities”

45s “Colonel Warren, a couple of days ago when he was talking about Aleppo, he said that Aleppo is primarily is in the hands of Al Nusra.”


Army Refuses To Lie for Obama About Al Qaeda In Syria


10s “State department clowns, that is ring wraiths, caught in a lie once again, this time by the defence department

6m50s “Its primarily Al Nusra that owns Aleppo. And of course, Al Nusra not part of the cessation of hostilities”

7m20s “Colonel Warren, a couple of days ago when he was talking about Aleppo, he said that Aleppo is primarily is in the hands of Al Nusra.”


‘Rebels’ admit to targeting School and Hospital in #Aleppo



State Dept Rep: It’s up to Syrians to decide on their future, except Assad and federative status


It is 1776 and colonial Americans can decide on their future, except they must keep the monarchy and the usurious currency act.


Globalist Death Plan: What The Elite Are Hiding


9m “Its anti-life on this planet and its rewriting and taking everything over.”


Journalist Can’t Contain Laughter As State Dept Claims US Doesn’t Back Coups


2m10s “Iran in 1953 a non-democratic regime change supported by the united states (CIA), Guatamela in ’54, Congo in 1960, the Dominican Republic in 1961, South Vietnam in 1963, Brazil in 1964, Chile in 1973.”

Major General Smedley Butler, USMC on Interventionism: “I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.” (link)


Who is US Ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford? The Covert Role of the US Embassy in Supporting an Armed Insurrection


The author was in Damascus on January 27, 2011 when Washington’s Envoy presented his credentials to the Al Assad government. (See photo below).

At the outset of my visit to Syria in January 2011,  I reflected on the significance of this diplomatic appointment and the role it might play in a covert process of political destabilization. I did not, however, foresee that this process would be implemented within less than two months  following the instatement of Robert S. Ford as US Ambassador to Syria.

“The reinstatement of a US ambassador in Damascus, but more specifically the choice of Robert S. Ford as US ambassador, bears a direct relationship to the onset of the protest movement in mid-March against the government of Bashar al Assad.”

“Robert S. Ford was the man for the job. As “Number Two” at the US embassy in Baghdad (2004-2005) under the helm of Ambassador John D. Negroponte, he played a key role in implementing the Pentagon’s “Iraq Salvador Option”. The latter consisted in supporting Iraqi death squadrons and paramilitary forces modelled on the experience of  Central America.”


The David Icke Videocast: What Is Really Going On In Syria?


2m “If anyone ever needed confirmation, and of course we don’t, that we live in a lunatic asylum then the events of Syria are the confirmation/”

Syria is looking more and more each day like it will be the graveyard of the New World Order.

4m20s “We have a situation where one of the greatest oppressors of humanity on the planet – Saudi Arabia – which executes someone on average about every 2 days at the moment is part of the coalition to stop oppression in Syria.”

5m40s “They are bombing mercilessly civilians in Yemen without a murmur from the moral west that arms them and allows them to do it. So it’s pretty bloody clear that the cover story of ‘we must help the people of Syria’ is a load of frigging bollocks.”

24m30s “When you look at ISIS you are looking at the blueprint for the world they (globalists) want everywhere.”

32m20s “And it is creating mayhem. Why ? Because it is simply a fiefdom of the house of Rothschild and as that house of Rothschild controls America and controls Britain and controls Israel, (the government of) Israel gets what it bloody well likes and can do what it likes whereas other countries would be condemned for doing a fraction of what it does.”

38m45s “’President Assad unleashed chemical weapons on his own people and the death and destruction in Syria is appalling and at unprecedented levels’ Ms Bishop said recently in an address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.”

40m20s “In hearing these remarks I can’t help be reminded of the outrageous claims and bold face lies which led to the war in Iraq in 2003. Whatever happened to all those weapons of mass destruction which Saddam was stockpiling ? Was he able to secretly shield them from U.N. weapons inspectors with an invisible cloak, perhaps the same cloak that doctor Assad is using to hide his chemical weapons arsenal. Which official chemical weapons inspectors said was dealt with long ago and no longer existed but he somehow still uses it, what ? Or that Iran is evidently using to conceal its uranium enrichment program. Yeah, these invisibility cloaks, you can’t trust them. ‘Not to put a too finer point on it’, he said ‘but when the leading, one of the cheerleaders, calling for the removal of the legitimate government of a sovereign nation state which currently enjoys 80% support of its people, is the executive director of Human Rights Watch then you might wonder if we’re being told the whole truth’. Now executive director of Human Rights Watch that he’s talking about, Human Rights Watch which is calling for the removal of Assad, the overthrow of Assad, and obviously will have to be violently, is a guy called Kenneth Roth. Don’t laugh, this is serious. He said he was drawn to human rights because of his ties to the CIA. He’s also got ties to George Soros and George Soros, this Rothschild billionaire front man is one of the prime players, in many ways the prime player organisationally, in the so called Arab Spring.”

54m10s “And even members of her own party, Angela Merkel’s own party are saying ‘what she doing just allowing all this and embracing all this. Well, we can’t cope’. Well, chancellor Merkel is absolutely wielded to this hidden hand that I’m talking about.”

1h5m10s “Corbyn told young labour supporters on Monday that the national curriculum should include lessons on how the British empire expanded at the expense of people. Oh no, can’t tell them that, it’s the truth.”

1h6m20s “Britain’s rise for 200 years was financed by its depradations in India, we paid for our own oppression, it’s a bit rich to oppress, maim, kill, torture and repress and then celebrate democracy at the end of it. Its the same recurring story, right to present day. He further said that Indians had paid for their own oppression by buying British goods, arguing that by the turn of the century they were the biggest buyers of British products in the world. And the British empire is just a name given to a recurring hidden hand empire, the Babylonian empire, the same bloodlines created the Roman empire, the same bloodlines created the British empire, the same bloodlines are behind the American empire and what they want is a global empire, that’s what’s all about.”

The privately owned British East India company busy at work.

1h12m35s “Zuckerburg pauchant for censoring speech deemed political incorrect is unsurprising given his meeting late last year with Lew Way, the czar of China’s authoritarian internet censorship system. And that’s what they want everywhere.”

1h13m5s “Because, ultimately, the same source and the same force is behind it all and that’s what the mainstream media will never tell you and that’s why people like me do what we do. See you next week, bye.”


Grandmother, 73, to be deported (link) but we must let in refugees that the 95% non-Syrian Syrian ‘rebels’ have created.


Britain To Send Troops To Libya Without Parliamentary Approval



journalist threatened By Allies Do Not GO AGAINST NATO PROPAGANDA OR BE KILLED (Aug 22, 2011)


“International mandate to “protect” civilians is and always was a complete hoax”



EU to fine countries ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ for refusing to take refugees


When the Vatican city lets in refugees then so should the nations of Europe and only then in the same proportion as the Vatican city lets in versus the size of their population.


US State Department Spokesperson Loses Composure Under Heavy Questioning Full 10 Minute Version


“The reporters question highlights the hypocrisy of the US government who have stated previously that sovereign nations have a right to keep other countries militarys outside of their territorial boundaries. During recent events in Turkey and Ukraine, the US has stated this position, however, the RT reporters question highlights the US State Department hypocrisy when it comes to Iraq. The US is talking out of both sides of its mouth when it comes to Iraqs sovereignty and also that of Syria and Yemen who are all being illegally invaded by other militarys and militants that have US backing and are killing innocent civilians on their sovereign territory. That is what is at the heart of the reporters question. It’s unfortunate that US reporters do not dig as deep as the RT reporter. Where are THEIR hard questions about THEIR own governments nefarious actions?”

“It is also worth noting that Kirby states an outright lie when he says that “Turkey and Iraq are working out their differences so everyone else can focus on fighting IS — “which, by the way, the Russians aren’t doing.” This is factually incorrect. Russia has provided a 22 minute drone and satellite video presentation showing their massive bombardment of ISIS oil facilities and convoys proving that the US did not target ISIS or their oil facilities for the entire past year and that the US only commenced bombing ISIS’s infrastructure after Russia started effectively destroying them. This exposure has angered the US and highlighted that they know NATO ally Turkey is profiting from ISIS oil sales, thereby highlighting that the US is unwilling to go after the head of the hydra when it comes to ISIS. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States continue to get a free pass.”


Paris False Flag Exposed – John Pilger, Ken O’Keefe & Gearoid O’Colmain


“John Pilger, Ken O’Keefe and Gearoid O’Colmain discuss the causes/government complicity in the Friday 13th, 2015 false flag Paris terror attacks and the absolutely incontrovertible facts that make clear that so-called ISIS is an extension of western so-called “intelligence services”… and therefore, any attack by “ISIS”/“IS”/“ISIL”/ etc is in fact an attack by our own western governments against the people of the nations these traitors are meant to represent.”


DHS to orchestrate fake terror attack, release gas in NYC subway for bioterrorism drill


Hey, cabal. Don’t go live with that drill.


German Study Proves It – 95% of (€215.9 billion) Greek “Bailout” Money Went to the Banks


The bankster occupation and looting of Greece continues.


Greece Again Shut Down By Protests And Strikes Over Pensions


“The changes expected to be approved by MPs include tax hikes and pension cuts. Greece has been unable to unlock the next loan installment of €5bn (£4bn) after clashing with its creditors over the need for more reforms.”

The pension of people like Christine Lagarde will never see cuts and people like her have a tax free salary.


Wells Fargo Told Staff To Keep Quiet About Missing Deeds And Other Documents



$12 Trillion Looted from Developing Countries and Hidden Offshore


“Tax Justice Network’s James S. Henry says authoritarian regimes account for over $11 trillion of “missing” offshore financial wealth from emerging economies”


BEX ALERT – Search the Panama Papers database


“They hoped to keep their business private, but some of the world’s richest citizens are instead having their finances opened to prying eyes this afternoon.”

“Confidential details of more than 200,000 offshore accounts in the Panama Papers — including the names of at least 625 Canadians — are being revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in the hope that public scrutiny of the material will generate hundreds of tips about possible corruption and tax dodging.”


“A reader pointed out that even though Putin’s name is not in the Panama papers, the CBC cannot resist using his picture to imply guilt without proof.”


Panama Papers Leak: Saudi King Funded Netanyahu’s Rise To Power



Offshore Tax Haven Leak Implicates Seven-Figure Pro-Clinton Donor




Did The Fed Just Signal The Next Banking System Collapse?


Like a Mafia Don protecting his “family,” the Fed is implementing another layer of “protection” from collapse for the Too Big To Fail Banks.
“This latest deal will prevent bank counter-parties from pulling collateral from a collapsing bank.
“This latest legislation is a MASSIVE warning signal that the global banking system is  BARRELING toward another devastating financial collapse

“The new rule will prevent the TBTF bank counter-parties from taking their collateral away from the bank when the bank is collapsing.  When a fund enters into a derivatives trade with a bank the fund is required to put up collateral, generally in the form of Treasuries.  The bank is then free to hypothecate that collateral, or make use of it for its own purpose.  But if the bank collapses and the fund is in a “winning” position on its derivatives trade with the bank, it’s in the fund’s best interest to withdraw its collateral.  The new Fed rule will prevent this.  The rule extends beyond derivatives, to securities lending agreements and repo transactions. But the truth is that this Fed rule is aimed squarely at derivatives.”

Collateral theft made lawful possession is 9/10 of the law.


REALIST NEWS – The Fed Just Signaled The Next Banking System Collapse


20m10s “They’re the force that ultimately is going to deal with you when you get out of line because you are so furious at what happened to you. And it’s a top down system, you’ll have the Department of Homeland Security, they’ll end up federalising the police departments because they’ll be bankrupt. Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security tells the city cops, the sheriff departments what to do, the pecking order, here’s the new pecking order. That’s how that will go and then you’ll find out why the Department of Homeland Security was created in the first place. That’s about the time you’re not going want to be a citizen of this country. Great pain must come, take care.”

The federal government, that is making sure everyone will be made bankrupt in the next crisis, is going to try to pose as our saviours.


Martial Law: “Those persons determined to be enemy combatants”


Will all 300 million Americans and the other 7 billion humans on planet earth be determined enemy combatants ?

The federal government, that is making sure everyone will be made bankrupt in the next crisis, is going to try to pose as our saviours.

And anyone who objects to being ‘saved’ will be determined enemy combatants, is this how it will work ?


Andrew Jackson’s Speech Against Central Banksters as True Today as in 1832


“A BANK of the United States is in many respects convenient for the Government and useful to the people. Entertaining this opinion, and deeply impressed with the belief that some of the powers and privileges possessed by the existing Bank are unauthorized by the Constitution, subversive of the rights of the States, and dangerous to the liberties of the people, I felt it my duty, at an early period of my administration, to call the attention of Congress to the practicability of organizing an institution combining all its advantages, and obviating these objections. I sincerely regret that, in the act before me, I can perceive none of those modifications of the Bank charter which are necessary, in my opinion, to make it compatible with justice, with sound policy, or with the Constitution of our country.”

“Every monopoly, and all exclusive privileges, are granted at the expense of the public, which ought to receive a fair equivalent. The many millions which this act proposes to bestow on the stockholders of the existing Bank must come directly or indirectly out of the earnings of the American people. It is due to them, therefore, if their Government sell monopolies and exclusive privileges, that they should at least exact for them as much as they are worth in open market. The value of the monopoly in this case may be correctly ascertained. The twenty-eight millions of stock would probably be at an advance of fifty per cent, and command in market at least forty-two millions of dollars, subject to the payment of the present bonus. The present value of the monopoly, therefore, is seventeen millions of dollars, and this the act proposes to sell for three millions, payable in fifteen annual installments of two hundred thousand dollars each.”

“It is not conceivable how the present stockholders can have any claim to the special favor of the Government. The present corporation has enjoyed its monopoly during the period stipulated in the original contract. If we must have such a corporation, why should not the Government sell out the whole stock, and thus secure to the people the full market value of the privileges granted? Why should not Congress create and sell twenty-eight millions of stock, incorporating the purchasers with all the powers and privileges secured in this act, and putting the premium upon the sales into the Treasury.”

“It has been urged as an argument in favor of rechartering the present Bank, that the calling in its loans will produce great embarrassment and distress. The time allowed to close its concerns is ample; and if it has been well managed, its pressure will be light, and heavy only in case its management has been bad. If, therefore, it shall produce distress, the fault will be its own: and it would furnish a reason against renewing a power which has been so obviously abused. But will there ever be a time when this reason will be less powerful? To acknowledge its force is to admit that the Bank ought to be perpetual; and, as a consequence, the present stockholders, and those inheriting their rights as successors, be established a privileged order, clothed both with great political power and enjoying immense pecuniary advantages from their connection with the Government. The modifications of the existing charter, proposed by this act, are not such, in my views, as make it consistent with the rights of the States or the liberties of the people.”

“Is there no danger to our liberty and independence in a Bank that in its nature has so little to bind it to our country. The president of the Bank has told us that most of the State banks exist by its forbearance. Should its influence become concentered, as it may under the operation of such an act as this, in the hands of a self-elected directory, whose interests are identified with those of the foreign stockholders, will there not be cause to tremble for the purity of our elections in peace, and for the independence of our country in war. Their power would be great whenever they might choose to exert it; but if this monopoly were regularly renewed every fifteen or twenty years, on terms proposed by themselves, they might seldom in peace put forth their strength to influence elections or control the affairs of the nation. But if any private citizen or public functionary should interpose to curtail its powers, or prevent a renewal of its privileges, it cannot be doubted that he would be made to feel its influence.”


People are tired of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking Cartel controlling the government & scamming Americans



Deustche Bank Brokers Jailed After “Prolonged, Persistent Bad Behavior” In Biggest Insider Trading Bust Ever



Bitcoin Breakthrough: Cryptocurrency Welcome in Zug, Switzerland


“BERLIN — A Swiss town is banking on bitcoin.”

“Residents of Zug will be able to use the cryptocurrency to pay up to $205 for some public services beginning July 1.”


Bill Bonner: The IMF – the world’s most powerful mafia



Regulators Want To Know What Goldman Was Doing In The Panama Papers Database


“What investigators found from the recently published Panama Papers database and other leaked documents is that none other than Goldman Sachs and three other banks that are licensed by the state of New York had set up Panamanian shell companies. The other banks are BNP Paribas SA, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Standard Chartered Plc.”


What Will The Global Economy Look Like After The “Great Reset”?


A very common phrase used over the past couple years by the International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde as well as other globalist mouthpieces is the “global reset.” Very rarely do these elites ever actually mention any details as to what this “reset” means. But if you take a look at some of my past analysis on the economic endgame, you will find that they do, on occasion, let information slip which gives us a general picture of where they prefer the world be within the next few years or even the next decade.”

A few goals are certain and openly admitted. The globalists ultimately want to diminish or erase the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. They most definitely are seeking to establish the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights basket system as a replacement for the dollar system; this plan was even outlined in the Rothschild run magazine The Economist in 1988. They want to consolidate economic governance, moving away from a franchise system of national central banks into a single global monetary authority, most likely under the IMF or the Bank for International Settlements. And, they consistently argue for the centralization of political power in the name of removing legislative and sovereign barriers to safer financial regulation.”

These are not “theories” of fiscal change, these are facts behind the globalist methodology. When the IMF mentions the “great global reset,” the above changes are a part of what they are referring to.”

“That said, much of my examinations focus on these macro-elements; but what about the deeper mechanics of the whole scheme? What kind of economic system would we wake up to on a daily basis IF the globalists get exactly what they want? This is an area in which the elites rarely ever comment, and I can only offer hypothetical scenarios. I am basing these scenarios on the measures that the establishment most obsessively chases. If they want a particular social or economic change badly enough, the signs become obvious.




Marco Saba, the President of the Italian Institute of Superior Studies on Economic & Monetary Sovereignty, joins me to discuss the LIE that the international criminal banks are insolvent — it’s all part of the Rothschild money creation trick to ensnare and enslave the world. Marco asks, “How can a bank that is allowed to create money out of thin air ever be insolvent?” The secret of how money is created needs to be revealed to all of the people on earth. The power of money creation has made the Banksters more powerful than any nation, in fact the international Banksters which comprise the IMF, BIS and central banks like the Federal Reserve are the shadow government which control nation sates all over the globe.”

26m “The biggest tax haven in the world is Delaware, it’s not Panama.”


Forget About Income Inequality: Bloomberg



Every State Should Own Their Own Depository Institution


“You need to know this. In 2014, the state Bank of North Dakota was more profitable than Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. And, that’s why every state should own their own depository institution. Most people attributed the Bank of North Dakota’s success with the oil boom in that region, but their latest report shows that last year was their most profitable year ever, despite the fact that their state’s oil boom has become an oil bust.”


London Property Bubble Bursts


“The London property bubble shows renewed signs that it is beginning to burst. Property sellers in the UK have reduced their asking prices and London property prices have fallen by 7.8 per cent on average and as much as 30% in some areas according to City AM today.”



“The Death Of The Gold Market” – Why One Analyst Thinks A Run On London Gold Vaults Is Imminent


“We suggest readers set aside at least an hour, and two coffees for this “must read” report. For those pressed for time, the executive summary is as follows: using data from the LBMA and Bank of England on gold stored in London vaults and net UK gold export data from HM Revenue & Customs, Mylchreest calculates that the “float” of physical gold in London (excluding gold owned by ETFs and central banks) has recently declined to +/- zero.

London Gold_0


Not Just Surveillance — 3 Current Phenomena Exposing 1984 as an Instruction Manual for The State


““Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia,” Orwell wrote of two of the three remaining nation-states on the planet. Though it analogizes Russia’s mercurial relationship with Nazi Germany, the same volatility aptly fits U.S. involvement in the Middle East — where, though propaganda would purport a decisive enemy, the truth remains far murkier. A constant state of undeclared but active war rules foreign policy — driven almost exclusively by the war machine’s profiteering from plundering of foreign lands’ natural resources.”


Britain’s Labour Party in an “All-out McCarthyism against Outspoken Critics of Israel in its Ranks”


The British Labour party, it is becoming clear, is now indulging in all-out McCarthyism against the most outspoken critics of Israel in its ranks. And almost no one seems to have the guts to call out this dangerous farce.

“It has been widely reported that the Labour party has suspended (at the latest count) 19 activists – a tiny fraction of its more than 400,000 members. But aside from Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone (see my observations about their treatment here) there has been almost no serious coverage of who these people are and what they have supposedly done wrong.”

“One of the earliest casualties was Tony Greenstein, a Jewish anti-Zionist who, as well as being a fervent supporter of Palestinian rights, has been a vociferous campaigner against Holocaust denial and anti-semitism. He has not even been told the grounds for his suspension.”

“The latest victims include David Watson for calling Zionism a “racist ideology” – the official position of the UN General Assembly from 1975 to 1991, when the US was able to exert pressure to overturn the resolution following the fall of the Soviet Union.”

“Even more ludicrous is the suspension this week of Jackie Walker, who is both black and Jewish. Her offence was to talk about her own Jewish ancestors’ involvement in the slave and sugar trades, and point out that an exclusive focus on the Holocaust (of Jews) marginalised another terrible holocaust by Europe – of Africans.”


Zionism is Racism


““Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination,” reads UN General Assembly Resolution 3379. The measure was adopted 40 years ago, on Nov. 10, 1975, and the majority of the international community backed it. 72 countries voted for the resolution, with just 35 opposed (and 32 abstentions).”





Counter-Propaganda, Russian Style


“Listening to the western corporate media one would get the impression that the Kremlin controls all the Russian media with an iron grip and that not a word of criticism of Russia, never mind Putin himself, is ever allowed. So bad is this situation that the AngloZionists are now funding new “information” efforts to counter-act the Russian propaganda machine and bring some much needed information to the Russian people who clearly do not realize that they are being lied to and deprived from any truthful or even alternative information.”

“In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.”

“First, while some Directorates of the KGB have been renamed and reorganized, the Directorate in charge of dissidents, “other thinkers” and assorted ideological “enemies of the state” (the 5th Main Directorate) has been disbanded completely. So there is no “ideological police in Russia”.”



The New Normal: Cold War 2.0


We are all living in Hybrid War time. From R2P (“responsibility to protect”) to color revolutions, from currency attacks to stock market manipulations. From judicial-financial-political-media enabled “soft” coups – as in Brazil – to support for “moderate” jihadis, multiple stages of Hybrid War now cross-pollinate and generate a vortex of new mutant viruses. This is the new normal; Cold War 2.0, 24/7.”


Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Snared In SunEdison Stock Scandal


“House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought up to a quarter million dollars of stock in SunEdison, a now financially troubled green energy company just weeks before it announced a major 2014 acquisition that sent its stock price soaring. SunE’s 2014 purchase of wind energy company First Wind “further bolstered the reputation of the company,” wrote one market-watcher at the time. “Perhaps unsurprisingly, SunEdison’s stock soared 29% on news of this acquisition alone.””

“Pelosi’s office did not respond to questions about the timing of the purchase and whether she or her husband had any advance knowledge of the deal.”


When They Killed JFK They Killed America — Paul Craig Roberts



Reporters Without Borders – not independent but “strictly linked to US foreign policy”


“The Guardian revealed in January 2015 that the British intelligence agency GCHQ described journalists as a “potential threat to security” and that huge quantities of emails of many journalists were among  interceptions that went as far back as 2008. It was only the result of the Edward Snowden leaks that as many as 70,000 emails from journalists captured by Britain’s surveillance agency became known.”

“On the 15th October, Gordon Raynor, Chief Reporter at The Telegraph said– “Investigative journalism will be stopped dead in its tracks and local newspapers may be driven out of business when new laws restricting Britain’s free press come into force next month.” He continues – Media organisations face “the most substantial threat to press freedom in the modern era” as a result of the “menacing” laws passed in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry.”

“An independent report into the implications of the Crime and Courts Act, which came into force on November 3, says that The Telegraph’s landmark investigation into what turned out to be the most explosive political scandal in decades over MPs’ expenses would have been all but impossible under the new regime.”


Overthrow Assad, Let in Refugees, and Fight Russia…or Else!


“But make no mistake: Inside Ambassador Bell’s velvet glove is an iron fist, poised to strike should Washington’s annoyingly independent-minded Fidesz-led government step out of line on the big issues. And by “big” issues it should be understood that the US means the issues it considers in the interests of its own foreign policy, not those in Hungary’s interest.”

“ISIS has flourished in Syria, she told the Hungarians, because it “exploits the chaos of civil war in Syria, a conflict that has now claimed more than 250,000 lives.” But she does not mention that it was US backing for “regime change” in Syria — beginning at least in 2006, as we learn from a critical Wikileaks-released US Embassy Damascus memo – that created that very chaos she blames for the rise of ISIS.”


Coup in U.S.: Army Has Overthrown Obama! – Double Secret Martial Law Activated


5m5s “Do you remember they were talking about an audit of federal reserve and that it had never been done ? Yeah, I’ve been on the front edge of that for a long time but yeah I remember that. Well, they never announced what the audit found, did they. Well, that’s because they never did the audit. Ah, well guess what. They did do the audit and I’ve heard reports of as much as 800 trillion dollars being found held by the banks and the federal reserve.”

I will believe there has been a coup when the political crime families are all in prison.


Facebook Censors: Will Donald Trump Stop Martial Law / Global Depression



The EU won’t sacrifice its high food safety standards for better US auto market access in a transatlantic trade deal being negotiated, German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt said Friday.



The Business of War is the Cause of War


“If you objectively and consistently observe the mainstream media and its interpretation of global events, its omissive and deceptive character soon becomes abundantly clear. This could hardly be called incompetence. The coverage, which is popularly called “news”, is in fact nothing but a propaganda mechanism, designed to persistently shape public opinion in favor of war. Although most prefer to believe government propaganda is a thing of the past, history shows us that it is an inherent part of any wartime society, obscuring facts and motivations in favor of those who initiate — and benefit from — war.”


Civil Engineers Find Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Funding Gap


“Not funding the gap could cost the economy almost $4 trillion by 2025, group finds”

“The U.S. needs to invest $1.4 trillion in infrastructure between now and 2025 and $5.2 trillion by 2040, a civil engineering trade group said Tuesday, almost double what the country is projected to spend over that period.”


‘Pentagon wants to implement Kissinger’s world domination plan’



In the Putin Era Russia Has Built More Mega Bridges Than in Its Entire Prior History


“16 of Russia’s 25 longest bridges have been built in the Putin era”

How many bridges have been built in the Obama era, in the Bush era, in the Clinton era ?


For Russia & China, It’s “Accept American Hegemony” Or “Go To War”


“In the United States truth-tellers are persecuted and imprisoned, or they are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-semites,” and “domestic extremists.” The entire Western World consists of a dystopia far worse than the one described by George Orwell in his famous book, 1984. That Russia and China permit Washington to operate in their media, in their universities, in their financial systems, and in “do-good” NGOs that infiltrate every aspect of their societies demonstrates that both governments have no interest in their survival as independent states. They are too scared of being called “authoritarian” by the Western presstitute media to protect their own independence. We predict that Russia and China will soon be confronted with an unwelcome decision: accept American hegemony or go to war.”


Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan Agree on Game-changing Transportation Corridor


“All but overlooked by Western mainstream media in their focus on the recent flare-up of military tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the simmering conflict over the mountainous enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh is the announcement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, following talks with his Iranian counterpart, that work will now begin on a long-discussed North-South Transportation Corridor along the Caspian Sea. Significant is the fact that Azerbaijan has also agreed to participate in the project. If so, it suggests that Russian diplomacy and economic infrastructure development have again trumped the Washington urge for wars everywhere to hold their grip on an eroding global superpower hegemony.”


US Deploys Apache, Black Hawk Choppers in Southern Yemen



80 Countries Just Slammed the US Over Habit of Bombing Hospitals


“One egregious example came at the end of April in the conclusion of an investigation into the targeted bombing of an MSF hospital facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan, on October 3 of last year. Though 16 U.S. service members were found responsible for the attack, accountability in the form of punishment lacked the severity warranted for the deaths of 42 medical staff, patients, and civilians.”

““The 16 found at fault include a two-star general, the crew of an Air Force AC-130 attack aircraft, and Army special forces personnel, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the internal investigations” with the Los Angeles Times. “One officer was suspended from command and forced out of Afghanistan. The other 15 were given lesser punishments: Six were sent to counseling, seven were issued letters of reprimand, and two were ordered to retraining courses.””


Trump considering removing the USA from the UN



50% of Bernie Voters Pick Trump Over Hillary



Major Hillary Clinton Donor Caught Up in Fresh Panama Papers Scandal



Bombshell Report: Crooked Hillary Took $100 Million From Middle East Regimes: “Massive Conflicts Of Interest”



Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden Goes Public: ‘Every Foreign Intelligence Service In The World Was Thumbing Through Hillary’s Email Server’



Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War



Wall Street ‘Whistleblower’ Analyst Exposes Clinton Foundation As “Charity Fraud”



Revealed: Four Clinton Foundation Trustees Charged or Convicted of Financial Crimes


“Shocking revelations show that at least four members of the Clinton Foundation board of directors have either been charged or convicted of financial crimes, including bribery and fraud.”

“This newest, startling revelation is just one more of many in Peter Schweizer’s bombshell book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, the book that has sent the Hillary Clinton campaign and the media scrambling.”


State Dept Spox Grilled after Admitting ‘No Intention’ of Examining Undisclosed Clinton Donors



Bill & Hillary Clinton TOTALLY EXPOSED – The New Clinton Chronicles – FULL Extended Version


“This is the extended version that has about 30 minutes of extra footage. What state and local police in Arkansas say about Bill Clinton when he was governor of that state is just jaw dropping, from cocaine trafficking to underage prostitution rings. Hillary is NO better and she is just as corrupted as her husband ever was.”


The Great Unifier (And Why Bush Republicanism Is Dead)


“Graceless, yes, but not unexpected. The Bushes have many fine qualities. Losing well, however, is not one of them.

“And they have to know, whether they concede it or not, that Trump’s triumph is a sweeping repudiation of Bush Republicanism by the same party that nominated them four times for the presidency.”

The Bushes do not have any fine qualities. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Trump Presidency Under Full Assault By Neocon Establishment!



Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders — and cast themselves as saviors



More proof the Clean Food movement is winning: Del Monte joins fast growing list of corporations eliminating GMOs from their products



MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Hemp cannabidiol (CBD) product approved by Brazilian government for treatment of cancer



FDA admits drug, medical device approval process is a bribery system based on who pays the most


Because nature cannot bribe the corrupt government agencies, nature’s blessings are outlawed.


DOJ Drops Prosecution of Biggest Medical Marijuana Dispensary in US


To ask a government controlled by the pharmaceutical industry to use products not of pharmaceutical origin in order to keep healthy makes slaves of humanity.


Terminal Cancer Patient Says Cannabis Stopped Brain Tumour Growing



Sanders: Too many Americans have seen their lives destroyed because they have criminal records as a result of marijuana use. That’s wrong. That has got to change.



Former Flint official says mayor funneled lead water crisis donations to her PAC



Study: Mammography screenings responsible for causing more mastectomies and breast cancer



Doctor goes from coaxing parents into vaccinating kids to defending their right NOT to vaccinate



California State Senator Richard Pan (remember SB277?) runs away like Pink Panther in evading the VAXXED film producer Del Bigtree [VIDEO]



High schools suspend 591 students over vaccination records



New Jersey hospital opting for holistic treatment in the emergency room instead of using deadly, addictive opiods



VIP child sex abuse: Is Cliff Richard on verge of being charged?



World’s Highest Paid CEO Makes His Killing from Cancer Patients


“Natural and affordable cancer remedies seem to be continually ignored by the mainstream cancer industry as alternatives to chemo, radiation and designer drugs, because of one simple fact: cancer and cancer research is a huge industry. According to Bloomberg’s rankings, the highest paid chief corporate officer is Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of NantKwest Inc., a cancer research company, which delivered him a $147.6 million pay package in 2015. That’s more than the CEO of Google, who took home a whopping $100.5 million last year.”

“The Bloomberg Billionaires Index reveals that Soon-Shiong’s net worth is $9.8 billion. His company NantKwest went public in 2015, and now Soon-Shiong’s compensation is tied to reaching “strategic milestones.” Does that mean actually finding a cure? Maybe the company’s marketing team will tell you so, but typically, milestones for publicly traded companies are exclusively tied to revenue growth and profit.”



First The Microbiologists Noticed (Dead Microbiologist Master List)



VaXXed – The Cat is Out of The Bag to stay


“The “VaXXed Cat” is out of the bag and Big Pharma and the Medical Industry pro-vaxxers will never be able to get it back in.”

“Each week more and more Cities, States and Countries are showing VaXXed on “the big screen.” And as movie Media Critics see the screening and understand that it is not an anti-vacci movie, but an expose’ of cover-up at the CDC, creditable reviews are appearing in print and being broadcast over the airways.”


After warning people to never see VAXXED, establishment science trolls are now telling people they shouldn’t watch ‘Climate Hustle’ either… ever wonder why?



VAXXED is now playing in Los Angeles



Mumps Being Spread by and Among Vaccinated People



Schizophrenia and Autism Linked to Low Levels of B12 in the Brain



Big Pharma knowingly created prescription drug epidemic and raked in billions: report


“An investigation by the Los Angeles Times has revealed that the pharmaceutical company that sells the opiate painkiller OxyContin knew the drug was highly addictive — but pushed it anyway.”

“The Times obtained thousands of pages of confidential Purdue documents and learned company executives have known about the problem for decades.”





‘Attempt to Move Turkey Into Dictatorship’: Davutoglu’s Forced Resignation



Pentagon Continues Secret Work on Internet Voting System that Would Make it Easier to Rig Elections





“Rick Friday, a cartoonist with Farm News for 21 years got fired for a cartoon that put Monsanto, Dupont, John Deere in negative light.”


Chicago illegally shortened their yellow lights by .1 second, which increased their ticket revenue $8 million over 6 months



Outrage erupts at Paris police’s ‘brutal’ search of triple-amputee man at train station (VIDEO)


We don’t like abusive public servants. When public servants are NOT, NOT, NOT abusive then we like them again.

This behaviour is not worthy of the French people, this behaviour is not worthy of the European people, this behaviour is not worthy of the people of planet earth.


judge gets owned – straw man vs natural human being


“guy owned a judge and walks out of court when she goes out for one minute”

3m10s “I am not the registered crap. I am a living man and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry.”

Magnificient, magnificient, magnificient.


WATCH: N.J. troopers arrest woman for remaining silent during traffic stop (and then inform her of her right to remain silent)


“She claims at least three troopers insisted during the ordeal that her refusal to answer questions was a criminal act.”

Someone either has a right to remain or they don’t – which is it ?

What next from public servants like these – that black is white ?


Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China — Can the World WAKE UP??


“On September 19, 2000, going on 16 years ago, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph reported:”

““Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.”

““The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.””




“4. The BLM demanded the right of censorship over all news reports leaving the area. The BLM required reporters to be escorted at all times and only those reporters approved by BLM were allowed to observe the roundup. The BLM officials indicated that it was for the protection of the reporters. We have reporters embedded with troops in free fire zones all around the world. If you limit which reporters are allowed in and which areas they can report on, and censor what is reported is this not an abridgement on a free press?”

“5. The BLM has charged Mr. Bundy’s cattle with trespass. The state trespass law states it is the responsibility of the landowner to fence out cattle. Fencing in the cattle is not the rancher’s responsibility. According to state law, there can be no damages collected for trespass unless the cattle have breached a “legal fence.” A legal fence is defined in NRS 569.431.”


Justice Department says it will no longer call criminals “convicts” or “felons”. Apparently they will start using the more descriptive terms of “Wall Street banker” or “politician”





AHEAD: Violent Gold & Silver Break Out | Jim Willie (Part 1)



Doug Casey– Scary Rise in Gold Prices is Coming. More Explosive Move Coming in Silver



Australian Regulators to Bring Bitcoin Under AML Laws


Bitcoin has often been referred to as a way for criminals to launder money or fund terrorist, yet neither of these claims has ever been validated properly. Due to the transparent nature of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it has become rather easy to publicly track funds in real-time. However, it seems only reasonable governments around the world want to make sure Bitcoin is part of their AML regulation. Moreover, this decision indirectly gives cryptocurrency the label of “money” in Australia.”


Media Fails In Attempt To Destroy Bitcoin In Favor Of Blockchain


“Unfortunately for the media, it is time for the shenanigans to come to an end, and the cold hard facts have to be faced. Developing a blockchain for a bank or any other financial firm is not the same as a distributed blockchain found in the Bitcoin ecosystem. In fact, one could argue that distributed ledgers for the financial ecosystem are nothing like the blockchain every company claims to be working on.”

A central party would be in control of these blockchains, not a decentralised network.


Journalist who exposed Cruz-JFK connection and Rubio bubble bath party found dead



‘Fringe’ Website LibertyFight.com Breaks Truth Wide Open In Leak of Secret Internal Police Memo, Sheriff’s Dept. ‘Frustrated’


“The establishment corporate media were forced to cover the release of a secret leaked police memo yesterday, after the LibertyFight.com expose on the matter went super-viral worldwide. The article was first linked to Mike Rivero’s top-rated independent news website WhatReallyHappened.com Friday morning. In response, Sheriff Ryan Zollman claimed that the memo was “old news,” after hiding it from the public for nearly four months. In reality the ‘Officer Safety’ Notice, issued by the Ada County, Idaho Crime Analysis Unit last January, was not ‘old news’ to the public at all. On the contrary, it was brand new news, because no one ever told the public about it. Channel 7 TV news in Idaho ran a breaking 6PM news story on it last night. According to channel 7, the Ada County sheriff’s Dept. was “frustrated” over the leak of the confidential memo, which police officers are supposedly forbidden to release.”

The fringe media has become the establishment media.


Family gets $1.5M after Little Rock cops enters man’s home without warrant, fatally shoots him


“Neither of the officers, who are both white, was criminally charged. Both remain on the Little Rock police force.”

The cops need to be disarmed, for sake of saving lives of innocent Americans and of saving taxpayers funds.


Man Ticketed For Broken Windshield While He’s Getting It Fixed


1m55s “The more and more police officers see their role as ticketing as opposed to protecting and preserving public safety, that has a tendency to erode the public trust.”

Where is Robin Hood when he is needed ?


Innocent Man Stands Up to Entire SWAT Team Raiding His Home With No Warrant — He Wins


“Ector County SWAT team was assisting the DEA in a raid on Tripp Avenue when they simply decided to move to the next house and attempt to enter without a warrant. The next house belonged to this innocent man, who was angered by such a vulgar display of incompetent power.”

Who likes being disturbed in the early hours of the morning ?


Michael Emry, Proprietor of TVOI News Arrested


“It’s with a heavy heart that I have to report that Michael Emry, Proprietor of The Voice of Idaho News, The Voice of North Idaho and The Voice of Grant County Oregon was arrested yesterday morning in John Day Oregon.”


“To bring you up to date…”

“On November 1st, 2015, Jack Yantis, an Idaho rancher, was called by the Sheriff’s Office because one of his bulls had escaped the field and been struck by a car, and was wounded and aggressive. Yantis showed up with his rifle to put the bull down and was promptly shot and killed by two of the very Sheriffs whose department had requested his presence! The official story is that Yantis, with no prior trouble with the law, suddenly decided to fire at the Sheriffs rather than put down the wounded bull.”


CBS News Caught Blatantly Distorting Cannabis Study, Says Legal Pot Doubles Fatal Car Crashes


When are we not being lying to ?


Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Immigration Records Reveal FBI Bombshell – Important New Info on Boston Marathon Bombing


“WhoWhatWhy has discovered that the FBI secretly flagged at least one of the “Boston Marathon bombers” as a terrorist threat in his immigration records, despite publicly denying it had done so.”

When are we not being lying to ?


Utah prosecutor wants grand jury probe of Harry Reid, Mike Lee, feds, others



The Right To GROW A GARDEN Is On Trial In Crazy-But-True American Court Case


“A judge will hear a case this month to determine if a Florida couple can grow vegetables in their own yard.”

Americans are free except to grow vegetables on their own property. What nonsense is this ?


Wyoming rancher gets state permit for stock pond – then EPA fines him $37,500/day & adds criminal charges!


The f**king looting f**king continues.


Police have apologised for making a fake Islamist suicide bomber use a “religious phrase” during a counter-terror exercise in Manchester.


“The simulated attack started on Monday night, when a man dressed in black walked into the Trafford Centre and shouted at the crowd.”

“Moments later an explosion rocked the food hall and hundreds of volunteers, wearing ear defenders and safety glasses, dropped to the floor and ran into shops and cafes screaming.”


US columnist resigns over “gag order” from pro-Israel mogul Sheldon Adelson


“John L. Smith, long the most widely read columnist at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, has resigned over what he termed a “gag order” placed on him by the newspaper’s new owner, the pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson.”

“Smith’s resignation on 26 April came in the same week that the think tank Freedom House downgraded Israel’s press freedom ranking because of Adelson’s influence on its media.”


Larry Silverstein – New WTC7 designed in 2000



FLASHBACK 2005 – Ministers Were Told Of Need For Gulf War ‘Excuse’


“MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.”


ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov’t Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse


“In the suicide note, the officer revealed what he claimed are terrifying plans the feds have been finalizing:”

“”If the American people knew what this government is planning, they would rise-up and overthrow it. If I or anyone else in the federal government revealed what is coming, we would be killed anyway, so now I will reveal what I know.”

“We in federal law enforcement have been drilling for several years to control riots and uprisings from a coming financial collapse and widespread bank failures. The drills involve life-sized images of American men, even women and children, whom we are told to shoot for “practice” and to “get used to it.””

“We have been told that the economy is terminally ill and will fail in 2016. We are also told the banks are all insolvent and the FDIC doesn’t have nearly enough funds to bail out depositors.  We are told these events are unavoidable and it is imperative that the government survive when people rise-up over this.”

“When the collapse takes place,  detention camps created under the FEMA REX-84 program in the 1980’s to house illegal aliens whom we were going to deport, will instead be used to imprison American Citizens whom the government feels constitute a “threat.”  American citizens will be rounded-up without warrants and imprisoned without trial for God knows how long.”

“These camps have been equipped to carry out Hitler-scale killings! An actual “purge” of Americans citizens by the very government which they, themselves, created and pay for!  I cannot be party to this.””

When more people become awake to the criminality of our government overlords then there would simply be too many targets for the traitors.


Australian government boasts of helping US kill its own citizens in Middle East


“This development demonstrates the readiness of Australia’s ruling elite to abrogate even the most fundamental legal and democratic rights as part of the fraudulent “war on terrorism.” Officially, the death penalty has been banned by Australian law for more than four decades, but these young people were summarily executed, without trial.”


‘Unprecedented’: UK activist fearing US extradition, 99yr sentence awaits landmark court ruling


“Love is due to return to Westminster Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday morning, where the judge will decide if the NCA can use his civil property suit to force him to hand over his encryption keys. The NCA is adamant that Love must surrender the passwords to secure the return of his property, despite the fact no charges have been brought against him. Such a move would enable the law enforcement body to scrutinize his private data without evidence of wrongdoing.”


Michigan Senate Committee Passes Bill to End Common Core After Child’s Compelling Testimony




Drone ‘Kill List’ Could Leave MPs, Military & Spies ‘Facing Murder Charges’



Court Rules It Is Illegal To Film Police Officers On Cellphones, Regardless Of Whether Cops Are Acting Unlawfully.



Judge Says Public Has No Right To Record Police On Cellphones


“U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney in Philadelphia says citizens have no constitutional right to record officers unless they explain they are recording for the purpose of criticizing police, which then would be protected by the First Amendment.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s illegal to record, but his opinion could open the door to that possibility.”

““We find there is no First Amendment right under our governing law to observe and record police officers absent some other expressive conduct,” Kearney wrote in an opinion in February in two cases involving Philadelphia police.”

I don’t see any conditionality on ‘congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press’.



Chicago cops shoot man then enter his room and get him to confess; the only problem was that nurses say he was sedated and unconscious


“”(The judge) is making a credibility determination based on the totality of the evidence,” Valentini said of Obbish’s decision. “That doesn’t necessarily rise to the level of the person being a liar.””

Translation: a public servant can say total bollocks and still be considered to not be a lying piece of s**t.


I identify as a horse. No, really. I do.


““Faced with two estranged parents in utter disagreement about their daughter’s wish to be a boy, a British Columbia Supreme Court judge has appointed the child a legal guardian to protect her interests… The father not only wants his daughter to cease taking hormone blockers but also to cease all contact with transgender activists or transgender-friendly therapists…Though the case is about whether the 11-year-old can give informed consent to such serious medical treatment, which is intended to delay the onset of female puberty, the judge appears to have already conceded the point by referring to the girl by her preferred, male, initials, J.K., and accepting her male self-identification.” (lifesitenews.com, “Court orders dad to start treating his 11-year-old daughter as a boy,” 5/6/16)”

“I’ve decided I’m Nyquist, the winner of last weekend’s Kentucky Derby. This in no way subtracts from, or replaces, the Nyquist who ran the race in 2:01.31.”

“I just want to be Nyquist in my own way. So I’ve moved into a barn in Kentucky (undisclosed location), with other horses who will not be named. They are, for the most part, friendly. I believe they’re on the way accepting me as one of their own.”


This is what governments do to people who try to change the world (for the better)


“Modern justice increasingly holds some people responsible for crimes committed by others. The idea is that if you know that someone might be committing a crime, you may be as culpable as the person actually acting.”

“In all four cases mentioned above, the US government attacked entrepreneurs (mostly) for the activities of those who used their services.”

“This line of attack is dangerous because if you extend it, you end up in a position where both government and mainstream corporations can be attacked on the same grounds.”

“What about a car company that puts an extremely strong engine in an undersized car? Are company executives culpable for accidents that may occur?”



The sorry facts which show the BBC has moved beyond bias, into pure propaganda


“The BBC and its political editor Laura Kuenssberg are under fire this week, following local election coverage which has been dismissed as nothing short of propaganda by people across the country. But how did we get here?”




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