Planting ‘evidence’, DC stealing public lands, MS stealing elections / Looting: $1M Post-Blizzard parking tickets / Oilmageddon






Triple f**king absolute f**king disgrace.

First absolute disgrace is agents of a criminal government planting ‘evidence’.

Second absolute disgrace is the agents of the District of Criminals stealing public land. I remember a scene from the 1970s film ‘Oliver Cromwell’ where King Charles I was stealing public land in the 1640s and for all of his crimes against the English people he lost his head.

Third absolute disgrace is the corporate criminals stealing the Iowa caucus from Trump and from Sanders.


Shocking New Secrets on the FBI-Sanctioned Assassination of LaVoy Finicum (Video)

In a recent post, Blaine Cooper Said, ”Finicum Left His Firearms at Refuge the Day Police Killed Him” (Audio). Adding fuel to the fire that the FBI’s version of the story is BULLSH** is their story about Finicum reaching for a loaded semi-automatic 9mm in his pants, when everyone that knew Finicum know he didn’t own a 9mm semi-automatic.

Finicum only carried a Colt revolver, and only used shoulder harnesses, something the FBI wouldn’t have known immediately in the aftermath of the assassination when they made their BULLSH**  statement. Then, let’s not forget the never ending effort by the FBI to Shut Down All Alternative Media Regarding the Oregon Standoff (Recorded Call).

“You will see BLM officials plot to defraud the United States Government while paying far below market value for properties they want to seize, so that people like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton can profit by selling the mineral rights to the Chinese and Russians.”


From Jail: A Statement From Ammon Bundy to the Public Today, Feb 4 2016

“Hundreds of people were freely coming into the refuge to get education on their rights. Many group presentations were given each day. On Saturday, the 24th, ten ranchers from Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona nullified their grazing contracts with the BLM and U.S. Forest Service. On Saturday, the 24th, grand jury administrators from Nebraska and Florida were forming a grand jury to review the abuses in the Hammond case. Tuesday, the 27th, the day LaVoy was killed, we began releasing documents exposing criminal acts by the government. The evening of the 27th, a meeting was scheduled with Grant County residents to give a presentation with those at the refuge. To give their presentation to hundreds of people in the county, including the county Sheriff.”


Another Criminally Federal Murder?


“This nation cannot afford to ‘overlook’ the last month of shadowy confrontations, that has served as cover, to build up the military-forces in Oregon who perpetrated the assassination of LaVoy Finicum in order to keep the Constitutional Defenders in Oregon from moving into a second county in the same state. What makes this so important is that that county is being protected by a Constitutional Sheriff: That’s where Finicum was going: He was not running away from the traffic stop he was running toward the Constitutional Sheriff’s county, because that two vehicle caravan had been invited into that Sheriff’s district ­ that’s why neither the Feds, nor the Governor of Oregon could ever allow that meeting to take place.”

A criminal government planting ‘evidence’.


Reports LaVoy Finicum Was Killed In Cold Blood



“This could explain the ridiculous drone footage that the public was offered of the event. For one, the shortened “edited” version the FBI put out is in higher resolution, while the full-length version is low resolution and others have pointed out it appears parts are missing. Secondly, with the sound missing entirely, it’s impossible to tell when the first shots were fired or really what exactly is even going on. But based on the way Finicum acts in the video, it would appear he was shot well before the final blow that knocks him to the ground, which would explain the strange dance he does right after raising his hands in an obvious surrender motion while knowingly surrounded by armed agents (not a time anyone would suddenly “go for” a gun).”


Eyewitness Says Feds Ambushed Bundys, 100 Shots Fired at Passengers, Lavoy Finicum Killed With ‘Hands Up’

“According to numerous mainstream media reports and local media outlet Oregon Live, ‘federal sources’ are telling the media that only “3 shots were fired”, but a new eye witness testimony by one of the vehicle’s passengers tells a very different story.”

“While the mainstream media is still referring to the event as “a shoot-out”, according to this latest eye witness account at the scene – no shots were fired by vehicle passengers.”

“Sharp confirmed that the passengers never drew weapons and attempted to get out of their vehicles before federal agents fired “at least 120 shots altogether” at the vehicle carrying her party.”

IMPORTANT NOTE (UPDATE 1-30-16): Mainstream media reports that Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer was present at the FBI-OSP roadblock on Highway 395 appear to be fabricated. According to this recent report by Pedro Quintana from Central Oregon local affiliate News Channel 21, Sheriff Palmer was not at the federal roadblock and had no prior knowledge of the FBI ambush of the Bundy convoy. According to the chat session relayed in Pedro Quintana’s report, Palmer was asked in an online chat, “Did you witness Lavoy shooting, or no?”, to which Palmer replies, “NO… The shooting from what I hear was close to 4 and I heard of it at about 5:45pm.” News 21continued:

“Palmer responded he had no knowledge of anything about the plans or who was coming to the public meeting. He went on to say that the “FBI and Oregon State Police know me, they shared nothing with me and they know I wouldn’t have allowed it.”

Lie after lie after lie after lie from the government and corporate news media.


REPORT: ‘Federal Government Escalated the Violence in Oregon’


Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group

“Militia member speaks by phone with an eye witness to the murder of LaVoy Finicum. The man confirms that all of LaVoy’s guns were left at the Refuge before he was killed. He concludes the call asking for prayers on their behalf.”

“Local Burns resident on HAM radio is furious at murder of LaVoy Finicum. He says that the town is virtually on lock down. He says that he cannot leave the town because all the roads leading out of town are closed and that what is being reported in the media is absolutely false.”

“Locals report that deputies have been stopping “strangers” all week in Burns who have been acting suspicious and following around residents… and in almost every case the strangers turn out to be undercover feds”

“These same local residents said that the problems started with the sheriff’s department failing to follow the mandatory due process of law in handling the official and legal petition for a redress of grievances presented to them. The refusal of the Sheriff to do his duty eroded the public’s trust in the system and led them to escalate their actions to demand that the Sheriff obey the law.”


Nazi Occupation Storm Troopers Have Taken Over Eastern Oregon

5m40s “I guess that’s maybe why 400 people were going to a meeting where these guys were going to speak. They were educating people. That’s what the government was truly afraid of.”


Federal grand jury indicts 16 people in Malheur refuge takeover

“I wish the USC # was in here so we could read the law they are charged under. Also unless it is a mistake,they indicted a 15 year old girls as being one of the ringleaders. This whole thing smells bad.”

“Ammon Bundy and 15 others accused in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge have been indicted in court on charges of conspiracy to impede federal officers through intimidation, threats or force.”

“A federal grand jury returned the indictments Wednesday, and they were unsealed Thursday morning.”

“It accuses Ammon Bundy, the leader of the monthlong armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside Burns, and the other key players of conspiring to prevent employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from working at the refuge, taking over the property armed with firearms and intimidating the people of Harney County.”

The people were actually being educated and not being intimidated.




What is the best method of rebellion against tyranny? (Educate the people)

“The reality is that action is easy. Patience and planning are difficult. Emotional reaction is simple. Quiet professionalism is complicated. This is the dynamic that is plaguing the liberty movement today; the battle between our emotional drive to jump headlong into conflict with our progressively corrupt establishment, and the absolute necessity for intelligent strategy and proper timing.”



Feds tell Texas ranchers the government owns their land despite owners having deeds, paying property taxes on the land

“A group of Texas ranchers are furious after representatives from the federal Bureau of Land Management made claims that their land doesn’t actually belong to the ranchers, but rather it belonged to the federal government. The federal officials claim that despite each rancher having a deed for their property and having paid property taxes on the land each year, the land should never have been sold, as it is actually federal land. However, at least one rancher, Ken Aderholt, isn’t giving up his property without a fight. Aderholt notes that his family has lived and raised cattle on the land for the past 70 years, even building a home on the property that the government now claims it owns.”

“According to KAUZ, the situation only gets worse, as Aderholt says the government has noted that they could take the property from him legally. The government has yet to say what they will do with the land, but it was noted it may be used for public bird watching, horseback riding, or it could even be condemned. It was noted that the BLM could lease the land back to Aderholt but would have no obligation to do so and could even lease it to someone else entirely.”

“Under the Constitution, the Federal Government is only allowed to own the land under Federal Buildings, and Federal infrastructure such as harbors, airports, and military bases. The Founding Fathers included that Enclave Clause to prevent the government from “solving” its self-made economic problems by plundering the property of the people.”

Has the federal government purchased this land by the consent of the legislature of the state as demanded by the law ? If so then where is the receipt ?

District of Criminals stealing public lands and I imagine that all of those property taxes that would now be owed back to the rancher will not be paid back to the rancher.

And has anyone ever heard of land being condemned ?



Sen. McCain leads planned theft of Apache sacred lands for copper mining



Fighting Back: Utah’s Governor Calls On States to Take Back Lands from Feds



Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore


An American Amritsar – Judge Anna Von Reitz

“We should have heard it at Ruby Ridge, and somehow, despite the facts, did not. A young Mother shot to death along with her baby and young son and the family dog for no reason by FBI Agents.”

“We should have heard it again at Waco, Texas. A private community of people invaded, gassed, fire bombed— again, with no credible reason by federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Exactly where were the stockpiles of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms at Waco?”

“And now, a caravan of peaceful Americans on their way to a public meeting to discuss unlawful actions of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)– ambushed, murdered in cold blood, and subjected to false arrest by members of the FBI and “STATE” police. What “STATE” of Oregon would that be? A bankrupt corporate franchise of the French Corporation known as the UNITED STATES, or the actual state of the Union owed to the people of Oregon?”


Bundy’s Militia: “Feds Are Pressuring DCS to Remove Our Kids From Home To Force Surrender”


NY Times – Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal


Sinister Plot EXPOSED To RIG IOWA CAUCUS? (And Steal Victory Away From Trump)

“Software giant Microsoft, which volunteered to provide the technology to tally caucus votes in these close elections, is a major political donor and pro-amnesty advocate.”

“Because of Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) role in the “Gang of 8” amnesty legislation, they have become Rubio’s second largest contributor. Since 2011, they have already donated $33,100.”



Voter Fraud and ‘Missing’ Precincts: How Clinton Stole Iowa



IOWA – Bernie Sanders supporters are outraged claiming caucus chair Drew Gentsch and precinct captain Liz Buck did not conduct an actual count of Clinton supporters. The pair are accused of deliberately misleading the caucus at precinct #43 in Des Moines.”


Six Caucus Coin Tosses In Clinton’s Favor Give Her Tiny Lead


The Des Moines Register demands audit of Iowa’s Democrat caucuses: It ‘reeks of autocracy’
Sanders, Trump Double Lead Over Rivals in New Hampshire




New Poll Shows Sanders Tied with Clinton Nationwide – Hillary’s 30 Point Lead Evaporates in 6 Weeks




Countering Clinton’s Super PAC Loot, Sanders Campaign says, “Bernie Doesn’t Want Billionaires’ Money”


Hillary Clinton Won’t Allow People In Her Administration To Operate On Private Email Servers

This from the person who ran a private email server for official messages when she was secretary of state.


Hillary Claims She Is “Not In The Pocket Of Anyone” After Receiving $6 million From Soros Just Last Month


Hillary Supporters Endorse KARL MARX as Her Pick for Vice President!



22 Clinton Emails Deemed Too Classified to Be Made Public



MSNBC: Obama Admin Has Sent People To Jail For Mishandling Classified Information, Like Clinton Did




Tony Blair BLASTED for giving ‘superficial’ evidence to probe into IRA’s links with Libya

I do not doubt for 1 second that this ‘evidence’ is bogus.


Newly-declassified report shows U.S. invaded Iraq with no hard evidence of WMDs

“I hate to say I told you so, but … no … wait … actually I rather enjoy it! :)”


White House: Claims of Putin’s Corruption Are ‘Administration’s View’

Try f**king looking in a mirror federal government or do they think the public are this moronic ?


Corrupt US Government Accuses Putin Of Corruption


Dear Mr Putin, Please Save Us From Wall Street.



DC Pillages Citizens: $1 MILLION In Post-Blizzard Parking Tickets

The looting continues.


Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance Cost Fiasco: “100 Times More Expensive Than A New Turbine Itself”!

The looting continues.



WTI Crude Crashes Back Below $30

“After a 26% spike off the late-January lows, WTI Crude is now down 14% from last Thursday’s highs…”


BP Profit Falls 91%, Missing Estimates, as Oil Slump Deepens

“While Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley has trimmed billions of dollars of spending, cut thousands of jobs and deferred projects in response to the plunge in crude prices, BP’s cash flow still doesn’t cover spending and dividends. The CEO said in an interview that he’s re-tooling BP to balance cash flows at below $60 a barrel. The slump has driven BP’s market value below $100 billion for the first time since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010.”


How Much Global Oil Output Halted Due to Low Prices? Just 0.1%

The plunge in the price has only just begun.


Citi: ‘We Should All Fear Oilmageddon’


The Full Summary Of U.S. Banks’ Energy And Commodity Exposure

“As this website exclusively reported three weeks ago, under explicit guidance by the Dallas Fed and associated regulatory pressure, US lenders have been instructed to not only not accelerate energy company counterparty defaults but to suspend energy loan book MTM entirely in distressed cases to avoid contagion concerns.”

An EPIC bloodbath is on the way.


Credit Suisse Posts Loss on Impairment, Trading Downturn

“Credit Suisse Group AG slipped into a loss in the fourth quarter as it wrote off goodwill and set aside provisions for litigation, while trading losses also contributed to a slump at the investment-banking divisions. The shares slumped.”


Dollar Dumps Most In 7 Years After Dudley Doldrums




Thirteen Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

“Powell told the world unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, an assertion that history has proven categorically wrong”

“But within the intelligence community, many people knew the appalling truth immediately.”

“We give absolute power to control the money supply (and hence manipulate the price of nearly everything) to unelected bureaucrats who have a track record of failure.”

The truth matters not to these psychopaths.


State Department John Kirby goes full Iraqi WMD, says no evidence needed. (massive facepalm)

The truth matters not to these psychopaths.


Excellent Interview with Director of New Film About Neocons (Video)

“No matter who occupies the US presidency, it seems the neoconservatives always occupy positions of foreign policy power. A neocon like Robert Kagan, for example, is perfectly comfortable going from a senior position in the GW Bush administration to another senior post in Barack Obama’s State Department. When their failed policies wear out the name of one of their institutes, like Project for a New American Century, they simply change the name without losing a beat, in this case turning into the “Foreign Policy Initiative.””

“Filmmaker Robbie Martin has done a terrific job looking into the neocon domination of Washington in his three-part documentary film, A Very Heavy Agenda.”




Paul Craig Roberts: There Is No Freedom Without Truth

Conspiracies are real. There are many more of them than people are aware. Many government conspiracies are heavily documented by governments themselves with the official records demonstrating the conspiracies openly available to the public. These conspiracies alone are sufficient to chastise those uninformed Western peoples who go around saying, “our government would never kill its own people.” False flag attacks are used by governments in order to pursue secret agendas that they cannot publicly acknowledge. It is late in the game. If you do not stand up for truth, you will have no freedom as there is no freedom without truth.


How Much of Our Cancer Epidemic is Due to SV-40?

“In 1960 Bernice Eddy, a top NIH (National Institutes of Health) government agency scientist warned, “If you continue to allow these contaminated [polio] vaccines to go out, I guarantee you that over the next 20 years you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen.””

“Bernice was fired and lost her lab for this testimony. But it has since been corroborated and substantiated from other sources that she was right. The contaminant was SV-40, or Simian (monkey) Virus 40. It first appeared in the polio vaccines of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, and it has been traced to several cases of cancer since then.”



Are vaccines the cause of the baby brain deformity in Brazil blamed on Zika?




Researchers develop method to liquefy tumors using sound waves, safely treating cancer without chemo or radiation



New Forced Vaccination Doctrine in California (SB 277) is Blatant Violation of AMA Code of Medical Ethics

“Welcome to California, a U.S. state that will now be experimenting on children with unproven vaccine technology without anyone’s consent, including the parents of those children. These vaccines contain known carcinogens, deadly neurotoxins, aborted human fetal samples, genetically modified bacteria, monosodium glutamate, mercury, aluminum and even embalming fluid, better known as formaldehyde. No vaccine has ever been proven effective, safe or beneficial in the six decades they have been administered, and now they will be forced on all children of the state, without the consent of the patient or the patient’s parents, or they will not be allowed to attend any school, whether public or private. All of this will be performed against the American Medical Association’s (AMA) own “Code of Medical Ethics” which is posted on the AMA website”



U.K. Town Moves Forward with (TOXIC) Fluoridated Milk for Children




Doctors subject early-cancer patients to excessive radiation because it makes them more money




Adderall Side Effects Include Memory Loss And Brain Damage – Here are Natural Alternatives

“Adderall, the most popular drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has been used by many of the 6.4 million American children currently diagnosed with ADHD but also misused by 20-30% of all students who are trying to gain better concentration for taking tests in college.”



Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds

Or can raise the risk of mass shootings.


SSRIs And Antidepressants Increase Mental Health Issues Confirmed

“Something of pharmaceutical concern that the holistic/alternative medical community and the alternative press have been alleging for numerous years now, finally is being confirmed by a British Medical Journal paper published January 27, 2016. Professor Peter C Gotzsche, MD, and several students published “Suicidality and aggression during antidepressant treatment: systematic review…”

Medical onslaught.


Why doesn’t the U.S. government track prescription drug death statistics more diligently … since they spend so much time surveilling everything else?



“In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration banned the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles, sippy cups, and infant formula packaging. Manufacturers had already dropped the use of BPA after studies linked it to early puberty and a rise in breast and prostate cancers. “BPA-free” became all the rage, but even in 2014, there were hints that BPA alternatives were not as safe as presumed. Anew study by UCLA researchers is adding to the evidence that BPS—the most common alternative—is most likely no safer than BPA.”



“Regular Bilderberg attendee and associate editor of the Financial Times Martin Wolf insists that the “global super elite” must stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.”

Humanity need to show this global super elite that humanity chooses our leaders.


Did Terry Wogan Admit David Icke Was Right Before his Death?

“David Icke was correct on Jimmy Savile and all the others, especially those in the halls of power”




Pete Santilli’s January 26th Arrest

“Santiilli was taken into custody while trying to ask permission to drive down to the Malheur wildlife refuge and peacefully remove the occupiers.”


New Law In London Would Fine Homeless £1,000 For Sleeping Outside Or “Loitering”

“The homeless people in Hackney, London are facing expulsion from the street due to a new law will allow the police to give out fines and other legal penalties to homeless people who are found loitering, begging and sleeping in commercial places.”

“This “Public Space Protection Order” which was introduced by the council of Hackney will place a fine of £1000 on homeless activities. The order has been met with numerous criticisms, with many pointing out that the new laws effectively outlaw homelessness…”

The looting continues.


Saudi Arabia Bombs Day Care Centre for Blind Children in Yemen, U.S Silent



Media Ignores Dozens of Blackwater Mercenaries Killed in Yemen



UN exposes ‘widespread’ Saudi strikes on civilian targets in Yemen, UK arms exports questioned


Watch bizarre moment top Tory denies receiving UN report on Saudi bombing – while waving it in the air

“A Tory minister took a leaf out of TV farce The Thick of It by saying he hadn’t received a leaked report – while seemingly waving it in the air.”

Who gave this retard a government ministry ?


They Knew: Michigan Officials Started Giving Clean Water to State Employees A Year Ago


Flint Officials Could Have Prevented Lead Crisis for $80 A Day, Broke Federal Law Instead

“We know that not enough phosphates were added to the water to make it less corrosive,” Amash began. “What’s the cost of treating the water with the appropriate amount of phosphates?”

“When the switch was made, there was actually no phosphate added at all. No corrosion control. Federal law was not followed,” Edwards stated.”


Emails Show Flint Govt Bought Clean Water for Themselves While Residents Drank Poison for a Year


Proof that Snyder’s Emergency Management is to Blame in Flint

“A little over a week ago, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder released hundreds of pages of e-mails related to Flint from 2014 and 2015. One of the attachments, an assessment of Flint’s water system by a private water corporation, is very significant.”


Despite declaring Flint water safe, MI officials trucked their own supply into state building – doc




Gov. Rick Snyder has appointed more than a dozen “emergency managers” to replace democratically elected leaders in Michigan, most of them in majority black cities


10 Horrifying Facts About American Eugenics

“One of the main goals of the Third Reich was creating a so-called Master Race. It was a horrible time in history, and something we can look back on in sadness. But contrary to popular belief, the Third Reich didn’t invent the idea of a Master Race, or of eugenics—America did. Several decades before the movement caught on in Germany, Americans were flaunting their Caucasian genes and the “Better Babies” they would bear, and sterilizing those deemed less worthy of a family. It was a terrible program, about which Hitler would later say, “There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.” And it didn’t even end after World War II.”


Is governor Snyder implementing eugenics on African Americans ?


“Black Americans for a Better Future” Super PAC 100% Funded by Rich White Guys



While Flint Was Being Poisoned, State Workers “Quietly” Provided Water Coolers



There are ‘fracking’ chemicals in your toothpaste, detergents and ice cream



Kellogg’s vows to cut hundreds of tons of sugar from children’s cereals, but only after being financially threatened by the U.K. government



Court Orders DuPont to Go to Trial 40 Times a Year to Face Thousands of Toxic Chemical Victim Lawsuits



New Mexico Will Sue EPA For Polluting A River With Mine Waste




FLASHBACK – (Toxic) Mercury is good for you! – US Mainstream Media Report


EU to step up checks on Bitcoin, prepaid cards to fight terrorism

“BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Commission will propose by the end of June stricter rules on prepaid cards and virtual currencies in a bid to reduce anonymous payments and curb the financing of terrorism, documents released on Tuesday showed.”

Again with the myth that bitcoin is anonymous.


JP Morgan Chase Trials Blockchain Of Bitcoin

“”From banking and payments to notaries to voting systems to vehicle registrations to wire fees to gun checks to academic records to trade settlement to cataloging ownership of works of art, a distributed shared ledger has the potential to make interactions quicker, less expensive and safer,” said a Goldman Sachs analyst to Business Insider last December.”



JP Morgan Chase Blockchain Trial: Bitcoin Server Could Streamline Loans And Settlements, Executives Say



Bitcoin in it’s Current Form Explained Very Well by Max Wright

2m50s “Chatted in a forum, brainstormed an idea to bootstrap a global currency which is pretty amazing thing in and of itself. But they had an idea to create a currency that was completely disintermediated from all, from any human element meaning that unlike the federal reserve and unlike the bank of England and the ECB and all this kind of things where you see every kind of share are waiting to see a panel of human beings are going to decide what to do. Are they going to decide to increase interest rates ? Are they going to decide to quantative easing again ? And everyone is waiting to see what human beings are going to do and bitcoin was designed to be not any of that nonsense. It’s grounded in what’s called Austrian economics and it believes that the market should dictate all of those terms and we should keep governments hands well away from anything to do with money.”


Bloomberg View: Banking’s rocky future as China, UK mull official “Bitcoin”




HSBC scammed £1billion from British high-street shoppers, the media blackout continues



New HSBC Outage Shows How Decentralized Bitcoin Network Is Superior


What A Cashless Society Would Look Like

“If there is an event that disrupts electronic transactions (e.g. extensive power outage, cyberattack, cascading bank failures) people in that economy will not be able to transact and everything will grind to a halt”




Swiss bank Julius Baer, facing a criminal charge, has agreed to pay $547 million and cooperate for three years with American authorities to shut down accounts that enabled wealthy Americans to evade taxes



Christie Whitman says air is safe days after 911

WTC contained asbestos so everyone working on 911 dust should have been wearing masks.


Brother of 9/11 Victim Hopes to Bring WTC Evidence to Court

“In the ensuing years, Matt has been on a quest to find a route to justice for his brother’s murder. He has helped expose the fact that the official story is incontrovertibly wrong — that hijacked planes and fires could not possibly be the sole reason for the destruction of the Twin Towers.”



REVEALED: Here’s what the EU referendum ballot paper will look like – ready for Brexit?

Yes to the nations of Europe, yes to the peoples of Europe, no to the clique dictating to all of Europe.


Bernard Ingham: One foot in the grave if Britain doesn’t vote to leave EU


EU undemocratic & infested with fraudsters – ex-Thatcher aide


6 of 10 Biggest UK Corporation Pay 0% Tax as Economy Continues to Fall!



Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron if ordinary people can pay the same rate of tax as Google

“Corbyn said that millions of people filling in their tax returns before the January 31 do not have the option of 25 meetings with 17 ministers to decide on a rate of tax.”



David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn clash over TTIP. You damn straight they clash because TTIP will dictate to all of the nations of Europe an order of magnitude more than the European Union does.



‘Corporate power grab:’ Govt’s refusal to release TTIP documents sparks outrage

“The government’s refusal to publish sensitive information that could reveal the negative impact TTIP might have on Britain’s health service has been condemned by campaigners, who warn the EU-US trade deal is undemocratic.”


European leader insults Iranian president by pork and wine

This European leadership insults the public with this stupid stunt.


Ex-CIA Agent Convicted in Rendition Case to be extradited to Italy by Order of Portuguese Court

“A Portuguese court has decided to extradite an ex-CIA agent to Italy, where she has been convicted of involvement in the kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric under the U.S. “extraordinary rendition” program, legal papers showed on Friday.”

“Sabrina De Sousa, a joint U.S.-Portuguese citizen, was one of 26 people convicted in absentia on charges of snatching Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr from a street in Milan in 2003 and taking him to be questioned in Egypt.”

When will Obama be extradited for the drone program murdering innocent civilians ?



Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy lied on this video, leading to $500,000 settlement to victim he shot

“Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Franqui claimed the driver was headed in his direction, making him fear for his life. The video, of course, tells a different story.”


Correction to a False Mainstream Narrative: “The world has changed.”

“So often we hear the propagandist tagline “The world has changed.” This vague blanket statement could not be further from the truth. The statement is a purposeful deception. Politicians on every level peddle this idea in order to get others to comply with corrupt policy and accept misintegrated ideologies that force us to relinquish our individual rights as a vehicle for others to consolidate power. Our friends, family members and colleagues repeat this without thought under the pretense that in order to protect ourselves we must be elastic and malleable in our morals and values to be safe in a dangerous world. The pitch is that if the world changes, then we must change the way that we live as individuals and interact with other men in society.”


This State’s Controversial New ‘Gun-Free Zone’ Bill Will Have Libs Everywhere Outraged

“Tennessee State Sen. Dolores R. Gresham and State Rep. Jeremy Faison are supporting legislation that would allow anyone who can’t use the weapons they have a right to carry by virtue of being in a gun-free zone to sue whoever it is that established the gun-free zone.”

“We have entered an age when police departments across America (when they aren’t stealing your property under civil forfeiture or gunning innocent Americans down in the streets) are openly admitting they cannot protect the public from criminals, and urging people to take steps to protect themselves … at the same time the government says we should give up our guns.”


The New Supreme Court Case That Could Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights

“The US Supreme Court may take up a case soon that could lead to citizens being banned from owning stun guns and other non-lethal self-defense weapons.”

“At issue is a case called Caetano v. Massachusetts, in which Massachusetts’ highest court ruled that the Second Amendment right to bear arms does not apply to non-lethal weapons and that the state’s ban on them could stand. That case involved Jaime Caetano, a woman who was carrying a stun gun in her purse for protection from an abusive ex-boyfriend. The ruling was appealed to the Supreme Court, which has yet to determine if it will hear it.”

“The United States Supreme Court already ruled in United States vs Miller that the Second Amendment reserves to the people the same weapons as the uniformed services. If a cop has pepper spray, you are allowed to have it. If the cops have stun guns, you are allowed to have them. If the cops have thirty round magazines … and so forth.”


People Have A ‘Fundamental Right’ To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules

“”In our view, Maryland law implicates the core protection of the Second Amendment — the right of law-abiding responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home,” Chief Judge William Traxler wrote in the divided ruling.”




Whatever happened to the principle that the customer is alright right ?


Russia’s Had Enough: No More ‘Business as Usual’ With US

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a remarkable press conference that was entirely ignored by western media: For Russia, there will be no more ‘business as usual’ with the European Union or the United States. A new stage of history is dawning which can develop only on the basis of equal rights and all other principles of international law.”

“Lavrov’s Russia is calling upon nations to shed their chains, to stop pushing their national interests to one side while listening to instructions from Washington.”

The world has had enough of America’s corporate imperialism, good riddance to it.


Russia may officially recognize Turkey as accomplice of terrorism

“Russia may officially recognize Turkey as an accomplice of terrorism, whereas the Turkish nationalist organization “Grey Wolves” is likely to be banned in Russia. The suggestion was voiced by Russian MP, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Sergei Obukhov, after it was reported that Turkish organization “Grey Wolves” could be involved in the destruction of the Russian A321 aircraft over Sinai. “As for Turkey, given irrefutable evidence of Ankara’s criminal ties with ISISL militants, Russia should have initiated the process to recognize the Turkish Republic as an accomplice of terrorists long ago, with all ensuing international consequences,” Obukhov told RIA Novosti. The Russian administration will investigate the information on the possible involvement of the “Grey Wolves” in the terrorist attack above Sinai, the MP said.”


Is It Time To Panic About Deutsche Bank?

“But the real chart everyone should be paying attention to – we certainly have been for a long, long time – is that of DB’s Credit Default Swaps, the earliest harbinger not of company risk, that has been there for a long, long time, but far more importantly of the market’s realization and admission of this risk, have been blowing up and screaming that something is very, very broken at the bank with the largest gross notional derivative exposure in the world.”


HSBC to Freeze Hiring, Salaries in 2016 Amid Cost Reductions


HSBC Assists Criminals, Royalty, Terrorists, Drug Barons and Pop Stars in Tax Avoidance


Paul Craig Roberts: The West Is Being Reduced To Looting Itself


So It Begins: Bloomberg Op-Ed Calls For An End Of Cash

This is in order that the people can be more effectively looted.


Biometric Banking: Iris Scanners Coming to ATMs, Developed by Company Accused of Election Fraud

“Diebold’s latest solution involves registering transactions with your smartphone, then having your iris scanned at the ATM. Major banks such as Citigroup have begun testing.”

Will this opening people up to more fraud ?


Autism-Vaccine Controversy Continues With Data Coverup


After chemotherapy left man with blisters on his hands and feet, cannabis oil CURED his cancer

A cannabis cure will eat into the $3.5 trillion spent on health and the medical industry can’t tolerate that.


Wrongly In Prison For 18 Years, They Had To Promise NOT To Sue To Get Out


Grandfather who has lived in Britain for 50 years ordered to LEAVE by tomorrow

A pedantic government at it’s pedantic best.


2 FOX News Reporters Jobless After Monsanto & Cancer Milk Story (June 13, 2012)

“One of the first story’s that they came up with was that most of the milk in California and in fact most of the country was contaminated with the artificial growth hormone Posilac. This is injected into cows so that they produce more milk and has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone.”

Corrupt governments and corrupt corporations at their corrupt best.


CDC investigation of Chipotle further supports corporate sabotage (bioterrorism) as likely source of E. coli contamination

“After months of investigation, the CDC has now reached a conclusion that provides yet more support for the likelihood that Chipotle was the victim of corporate sabotage by the biotech industry, which targeted Chipotle because of its non-GMO menu.”


G4S child abuse scandal: Wardens dealing with kids ‘must wear body cameras’ – watchdog


Iceland Forgives Entire Population of its Debt. Total US Media Blackout.




Discrediting Conspiracy ‘Theories’ With MATHS? God Save Us From Academia


Flat Earth Psy Op is the Real Conspiracy

“This is a “PsyOp” which requires large funding from intelligence agencies and governments and corporations. It has become a tool of reverse psychology e.g. if you are broad minded enough to know 911 was a false flag; and now just accept Flat Earth theories. When you engage with this Psyop, a paid shill replies from their “Flat Earth Manual” like some cyborg, there is a mass of paid bloggers on CIA pay roll to push this.”

“The corporate media is losing their audience to the independent media, and the only way to get their audience back is to start telling the truth. But their masters will not allow them to do that, so their only remaining tactic is to try to make the independent media look kooky with claims about Apollo being faked, no plane at the Pentagon on 9-11, chemtrails, UFOs, and so forth. The fact that they are trying to sell this flat Earth crap betrays the degree of desperation they are feeling.”



Targeted Individuals: what the US .01% MUST do to avoid arrests for obvious crimes centering in war, money, lies

“In Cuba the Castros would formally accuse you of such things as “enemy propaganda” and “spreading false news against peace on earth”[cubaencuentro]. It is part of the openly documented penal code (Wow!, no FISA court cr@p in that “dirty, little sh!t communist country”!) The Catholic Church had their very openly advertised and thoroughly minded Index Librorum Prohibitorum. USG likes to boast about not persecuting people for political reasons, when, in fact, regarding some important aspects they are worse, less humane. In Cuba police summoned their targets to explain, discuss with them their repression plan face to face. USG thinks what they do is right because they “freedom-lovingly” do it in covert ways, backed by secret laws (which interpretations are secret), overseen by secret judges, since “in the U.S. there are laws protecting people’s rights.””


Independent Inquiry will counter Canada’s latest attempt to cover up the Disappeared

International Tribunal will investigate “the Disappeared of Canada”, past and present, and lay criminal charges – Canada’s government, courts “too complicit” to conduct such an inquiry



State Police caught on film making up charges for a protestor to “cover their asses”.



Obama creates cancer ‘moonshot’ task force — with Biden at the helm

Sounds great, doesn’t it?!?!?

But here’s the problem, and it’s all about the money; a cure would, in essence, be a one-visit, or several short visits to the doctor, which would provide the cancer industrial complex with far less money than it gets through the regimens of burning, poisoning, or performing surgery to create a state of remission of cancer.

The cancer industrial complex is NOT going to be very happy about that loss of revenue, not one bit.

And in many instances I have seen with friends and family who have been treated conventionally, the cancer comes back, even more aggressively, after the first cancer is alleged to have been successfully treated, and is in remission.

But if President Obama and Vice-President Obama want to do something right now to enhance cancer prevention, here is what they should be doing:

  1. Eliminating all GMOS from American food.
  2. Making sure that glyphosate is not sprayed on cotton, which is later processed into women’s sanitary products, like tampons and pads. Glyphosate is a known carcinogen, and for women to be forced to use products upon which this poison has sprayed is…criminal.
  3. Really evaluating the safety, and efficacy of vaccines before they are allowed to be given to people. The side effects of vaccines have been known to cause autism, and cancer.…
  4. Declaring health care as a basic human right, then educating Doctors, and their patients, about the power of nutrition.

But unfortunately, none of this is going to happen, because the pharmaceutical-industrial complex and the medical-industrial complex, both contribute great amounts of money to political campaigns to see that all that I have outlined… will never happen.

This is why people need to educate themselves on nutrition and wellness, and when a physician wants to prescribe some medication, pointedly ask themselves if that physician is getting any compensation from the pharmaceutical house manufacturing that medication; many do.


Rule 1: Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood … Except Gaza

There are human rights then there are humans who do not have rights. The Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank being one such group.



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