Human’s inherent autonomy vs Wolfowitz doctrine / U.N. internet Galileo-like censorship, Agenda 2030, blood moon / Visa bureau chief & Reuters: terror groups creation of intel agencies
 Defending national sovereignty from the NWO

“Citizens must come to embrace their Inherent Autonomy. Throughout all of history, force and coercion has been the primary tool used by governments to compel a given population into compliance.”


How to Understand US Action in the Middle East -The Wolfowitz Doctrine


Forget the New World Order, Here’s Who Really Runs The World

[Ed. Note: If the author of this article (Jake Anderson) actually believes that the term “New World Order” is a “sophomoric conspiracy theory entertained by minds that lack the sophistication necessary to understand the nuances of geopolitics”, then may we suggest he get off his high horse and LEARN that George Bush Sr. referred to “the New World Order” more than 200 times as President. And by the way, the term “Deep State” was coined by Peter Dale Scott, so a little credit where it’s due please.]

“For decades, extreme ideologies on both the left and the right have clashed over the conspiratorial concept of a shadowy secret government pulling the strings on the world’s heads of state and captains of industry.”

“The phrase New World Order is largely derided as a sophomoric conspiracy theory entertained by minds that lack the sophistication necessary to understand the nuances of geopolitics. But it turns out the core idea — one of deep and overarching collusion between Wall Street and government with a globalist agenda — is operational in what a number of insiders call the “Deep State.”


The UN unveils plan pushing for worldwide internet censorship

“On Thursday, the organization’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning “world-wide wake-up call” on what it calls “cyber VAWG,” or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is “a problem of pandemic proportion” — which, nbd, we’ve all heard before.”

Cyber VAWG (violence against women and girls) but who will get to decide if someone’s speech is advocating VAWG ? I have no doubt that false accusation will be flung about and will be arbitrarily actioned upon without judicial oversight.


The Pope’s 3 Biggest Hypocrisies Since He Came to America

“As he pontificates to us about the threat of global warming and criticizes climate deniers, he does so while traveling the world in his Boeing 777.”

“The pope’s flights from Rome to Cuba, Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and then back to D.C. and to Rome will total around 11,500 miles, so overall the pontiff will emit around 572 tons of CO2 during his trip.”

When the high-walled Vatican City relaxes it’s immigration policies that are the strictest in the world then a Pope can preach to the rest of the world on relaxing their immigration policies.

The people of the world should be outraged at the blatant hypocrisy of the Vatican.

Pope, put your own house in order first or shut the heck up would you please.

The weekend of a blood moon, beloved by the occultist, has the Pope visit the United Nations.


Vatican bank

While the Vatican has a bank that has more wealth in than most billionaires then a Pope cannot preach to the rest of the world on austerity or on combatting poverty.

The people of the world should be outraged at the blatant hypocrisy of the Vatican.

Pope, put your own house in order first or shut the heck up would you please.


Pope Francis to Lecture Congress on Morals Today As Priest Victims Say Abuse Rages On

When the Vatican deals with child molesters in their ranks as the criminals they are then a Pope can preach to the rest of the world on morality.

The people of the world should be outraged at the blatant hypocrisy of the Vatican.

Pope, put your own house in order first or shut the heck up would you please.


Murder Highlights Pedophilia and Liberalism in Vatican

“Ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski died mysteriously two weeks ago at age 66 before he could testify about a pedophile ring operating in the Vatican.”

Mystery surrounds the sudden death August 28, 2015 of ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, accused of pedophilia, whose court case was postponed in July for health reasons. This is the first case of pedophilia to take place within Vatican court walls.”

Pope, put your own house in order first or shut the heck up would you please.


UN launches a ‘new universal agenda’ for humanity (Agenda 2030)

“One of the biggest steps toward a one world government that we have ever seen is happening this week, and yet barely anyone is even talking about it.  In fact, it is even being called a “new universal Agenda” for humanity.  Those are not my words – those are the words that the United Nations is using.  If you don’t believe this, just go look at the official document for this new UN agenda.  You won’t have to read very far.  The phrase “new universal Agenda” is right near the end of the preamble.  Officially, the name of this ambitious new program is “the 2030 Agenda“, and it is being hyped as a way to get the whole world to work together to make life better for all of us.  And a lot of the goals of this new agenda are very admirable.  For example, who wouldn’t want to end global poverty?  But as you look deeper into what the UN is trying to do, you find some very disturbing things.”

A “solution” for the elite 0.01% only.


Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order


Officials: Islamic State Arose from US support for al-Qaeda in Iraq

  1. Michael Springman, former head of visa bureau in jedda, the intelligence agencies have been creating and funding and supporting all these terror groups since the 1980s.


Reuters: Russian Boots on Ground in Syria Seeking to Destroy Western Created ISIS


Russia Now at War With the West As The Fall Crisis Period Begins


Russia, Syria and Iran are working together in Baghdad to co-ordinate Shia militias fighting ISIS, say US intelligence as Moscow continues to increase its military presence in the region


BLUFF CALLED: Putin Plans To Strike ISIS With Or Without The U.S.


SYRIA: Obama vs. Putin at the U.N.

[Ed. Note: At the UN Obama sounded like a rehearsed corporate war propagandist, while Putin sounded like a forthright peace maker. Putin’s comments appear at 14:20]



“Look at Iraq. The situation is terrible. Look at Libya and what you did there, that got your Ambassador murdered. Was it us that did this? You must do the opposite. Rise above the endless desire to dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions.“


“Democracy” – Obama Vs Putin



‘Wherever the US used force bypassing UN, COUNTRIES SUFFERED’ – Lavrov to RT

“As world leaders converge on New York to discuss global problems during the 70th United Nations general Assembly, RT’s Gayane Chichakyan has an exclusive one-on-one with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.”


America’s Proxy War in Syria: Are Washington War Hawks Losing their Grip over Middle East Politics?


Washington’s War Party Is Being Handed Its Head In Syria



Factory Slump Intensifies——Six Months Y/Y Is Now Down 7.5%



America the Pitiful: Who Will Dare to Wake Up?


Vladimir Putin – Agent of the Awakening?


The Mind Of Mr. Putin (America’s Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy Tradition Exposed)


Paul Craig Roberts On Russian Bombings In Syria – Putin Sent A Decisive Message To The West


Who Owns Your Presidential Candidate?

Hint: it is not the people.


U.S. Bombs Afghanistan Hospital, Kills At Least 9 Doctors And 3 Children, Calls It “Collateral Damage”

“Less than a day after US ambassador to the UN, uber-warhawk Samantha Power informed Russia of the latest US foreign policy stance by tweeter, when she called “on Russia to immediately cease attacks on Syrian oppo[sition and] civilians” in the latest desperate attempt to halt the Russian campaign against US-created ISIS which may wipe out the terrorist threat in just a few short days, it was the US itself which admitted that early on Saturday the US airforce bombed an Afghan hospital run by the medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors without Borders, in the Afghan city of Kunduz in an air strike that killed at least nine people and wounded 37.”

I suppose these innocent civilian deaths are good as opposed to any innocent civilian deaths that occur from Russian military action in Syria.

Could this be punishment on France for siding with Russia on the Syrian situation ?



Airstrikes By U.S. Ally Have Killed 500 Children Since March

I suppose these innocent civilian deaths are good as opposed to any innocent civilian deaths that occur from Russian military action in Syria.


38 Dead After Saudi Arabia, Head of UN Human Rights Panel, Bombs Wedding in Yemen


US Drones Responsible For More Civilian Deaths in Yemen than Al Qaeda


ISIS Works with Saudi Arabia to Kill Yemeni Women and Children


U.S. and Its Coalition of Mid-East Dictators Kill 13 Times More Yemeni Civilians than Al Qaeda


Nearly 10 million children are in danger in Yemen


Why Is Saudi Arabia Trying to Prevent UN Investigations Into Its War Crimes in Yemen?


Payrolls Disaster: Only 142K Jobs Added In September With Zero Wage Growth; August Revised Much Lower



“They Just Don’t Want A Job” – The Fed’s Grotesque “Explanation” Why 94.6 Million Are Out Of The Labor Force

Job vacancies do not exist.


The Farce Is Complete: Stocks Soar Most In 4 Years As US Job Market Disintegrates


Is Glencore The Next Lehman? The World’s Largest Commodities Trading Company Is Toast

“Are we about to witness the most important global financial event since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008?  Glencore has been known as the largest commodities trading company on the entire planet, and at one time it was ranked as the 10th biggest company in the world.  It is linked to trillions of dollars of derivatives trades globally, and if the firm were to implode it would be a financial disaster unlike anything that we have seen in Europe since the end of World War II.  Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to an inescapable death spiral for Glencore at this point.  The stock price was down nearly 30 percent on Monday, and overall Glencore stock has plunged nearly 80 percent since May.  There are certainly other candidates for “the next Lehman” (Petrobras and Deutsche Bank being two perfect examples), but Glencore has definitely surged to the front of the pack.  Right now many analysts are openly wondering if the firm will even be able to survive to the end of next month.”



Caterpillar revenues tanking each of the last 33 months. Petrobas, with $134 billion debts, tanking. Glencore, with $93 billion debts, tanking


Forget Glencore: This Is The Real “Systemic Risk” Among The Commodity Traders


Member Update 9/28/15 Glencore Grab


This Is For The ‘Nothing Is Happening’ Crowd…

“A lot of people out there expected something to happen in September that did not ultimately happen.  There were all kinds of wild theories floating around, and many of them had no basis in reality whatsoever.  But without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.  As I warned about ahead of time, we are witnessing the most significant global financial meltdown since the end of 2008.  All of the largest stock markets in the world are crashing simultaneously, and so far the amount of wealth that has been wiped out worldwide is in excess of 5 trillion dollars.  In addition to stocks, junk bonds are also crashing, and Bank of America says that it is a “slow moving trainwreck that seems to be accelerating“.  Thanks to the commodity price crash, many of the largest commodity traders on the planet are now imploding.  I wrote about the death spiral that has gripped Glencore yesterday.  On Tuesday, the stock price of the largest commodity trader in Asia, the Noble Group, plummeted like a rock and commodity trading giant Trafigura appears to be in worse shapethan either Glencore or the Noble Group.  The total collapse of any of them could easily be a bigger event than the implosion of Lehman Brothers in 2008.  So I honestly do not understand the “nothing is happening” crowd.  It takes ignorance on an almost unbelievable level to try to claim that “nothing is happening” in the financial world right now.”


The “Hard-Landing” Has Arrived: Chinese Coal Company Fires 100,000

40% of its entire 240,000-strong labor force.


ECB Will Boost QE By 120% To €2.4 Trillion, S&P Predicts


(2013) New Discovery: NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere

In point of fact it acts as a coolant because it absorbs infrared from the sun and then radiates back out into space.


Goldman Strikes Again: Did A Probe Into “Global Warming” Fraud Cost A Prime Minister’s Job


Obama Touts Religious Liberty to Pope While Litigating to Force 15 Dioceses to Cooperate in Abortion


VW emissions scandal: other manufacturers deny cheating

“Official statements on emissions test cheating from BMW, Ford, Mercedes, JLR, Peugeot, Citroën, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and Renault”

All car manufacturers have been finding ways to get around the vehicle emission requirement.

Germany moves away from the USA anti-Putin alliance, joins forces with Russia in the coalition to defeat ISIS, cue an American NGO reporting VW, BMW and Mercedes were cheating on their emission numbers.

Apparently the deaths from the faulty GM ignition switch is being trumped by the cheating of VW, BMW and Mercedes with regard to the emission numbers.


Students in Full Revolt Against Michelle Obama’s Horrible School Lunch Mandates!

Michelle Obama School lunches are junk, inedible, mouldy but are not for the Obama children


Silver Squelchers Twenty Nine – Miscellaneous Members of The Pilgrims Society Part IV Pharma Kingpins & Other Shady Operators!


ANALYSIS: BBC Pictures Show 53% Migrant Kids, Just 36% Men – Hugely Out Of Step With Official Stats

The bbc have been overstating the number of children in the Syrian refugee


Western Propaganda Machine Kicks Into Overdrive As UK Brands Assad “A Butcher”, France Bombs Syria In “Self Defense”



Putin says the United States’ support for Syrian rebels violates international law and the UN Charter.


US Gov’t Agents Involved In Almost Every Major Terror Plot Since 9/11


Oregon UCC Shooting: Armed Vet On Umpqua Campus Was NOT ALLOWED to Assist Victims

This is not a case of shooting yourself in the foot, it is a case of allowing someone else to shoot some other person in the foot.

Gun control propaganda.


More on the Oregon Shooting: Not Looking Good, Active Shooter Drills in Same Place Lat Week

[Ed. Note: In 2013, the US government suspended laws which prevented it from using propaganda against the American people. Fact. Every single one of these “events” needs to be researched and examined in detail.]

Spain Defense Minister Warns Army May Intervene Unless “Catalonia Obeys The Rules”

“With Spain’s Catalan region on the verge of electing pro-independence parties and seeking autonomy from central rule, the government (clearly worried) has ramped up the rhetoric on what consequences lie ahead. In a rather stunning outburst for a supposed democracy, CNA reports, the Spanish Defence Minister, Pedro Morenés, assured that the army won’t act in Catalonia as long as “everybody fulfills their duty.” The Catalan minister for the presidency exclaimed Morenes statement was “out of this world,” and could only be made by “someone who is afraid of democracy.” The army will “enforce the Constitution,” Morenes concludes, unless “members strictly obey the rules.” As one pro-independence minister opined, “threatening and trying to intimidate means that you are only left with stupidity.”


Bank of Spain Responds, Promises It Is Not Confiscating Catalonia’s Gold

Translation: the gold is gone.


The Imperial Banana Republic: 75% Of Americans See Widespread Government Corruption


Kentucky politician files law suit claiming a first amendment right to accept bribes

This is the freedom of speech first amendment that the government is busy trashing ?


Why Have We Allowed These 5 Crimes to Happen?

“Picture yourself still alive in the future. Perhaps after the new world order is fully operational (2030 or beyond). By then perhaps it’s too late. Humanity had become enslaved forever. Imagine a large percentage of humanity is now dead and gone. Billions succumbed to various diseases all linked to toxins and diseases that you now realize could have been easily avoided. The human species, you now realize, became victims of their own corruption, greed, subsequent policies and mind games. The species had become so locked in to their predetermined paradigms that by the time enough people began to think on their own too many of them died off one way or another.”

“The “war on terror” that never did seem to end turned out to be the perfect tool to rationalize permanent war against everyone, anywhere, everywhere and at anytime. The human species essentially killed itself off. All along while one tiny segment of the planet known as the globalists, financial elite or Illuminati operating under the guise and interest of nation states all danced along to a script they had laid out many years prior. The script told the story of how they were going to kill everyone off to conquer the world. The generations that lived during that time, as a whole ignored the warnings. Truth seekers, revolutionaries, independent journalists and alternative news entities kept warning for years about this out of control top-down corruption and many other ongoing conspiracies, but the overall complacency of the species did not allow for quick enough significant action to take place to stop this agenda.”

“1. Over a decade of geoengineering and in-your-face weather manipulation.”

“2. A generation without justice on 9/11 crimes.”

“3. Open genetic (GMO) contamination of the food supply of the species.”

“4. Tons of toxin-laced vaccines injected directly into newborns … no accountability, no proof of safety, no problem!”

“5. Choosing impractical top-down tyranny over small/self-governance”

“Of course larger government inevitably brings more corruption. Only the market itself can winnow out corruption. Government BREEDS corruption. And the more corruption that is bred, the more we are told that the significant solution is additional forms of government that can challenge the corruption manifest in other parts of government.”

“This is just like central banking itself. Over and over central bank strategies cause economies to implode. At which time we are told we need MORE central banking and better bank strategies to avoid a repeat of what has just happened. Not to mention central banks, like the Federal Reserve, were explicitly created in order to stop economic crises… which they cause.”


Deutsche Bank: The Blockchain is a ‘Truly Disruptive Idea’


Greece Looks to Bitcoin as Austerity Bites


Can Bitcoin Challenge the State’s Monopoly on Money?

“HIstorically the breakdown of exchange controls led to state monies becoming increasingly open to competition with other currencies. But now, through technology, state monies are facing a new kind of competition with private sector monies, although this competition is very limited at present.”

“Bitcoin is a private cryptocurrency; a form of highly anonymous computer currency based on the use of cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money. The significance of private monies, such as Bitcoin, is that their existence is a form of currency competition. Any market competition is seen as a positive as it is generally agreed that competition results in gains for the whole economy, through promoting consumer sovereignty.”


Imperial College London Opens Cryptocurrency Research Center


Vaultoro Seeks to Provide a Store of Value to the Underbanked World Using Gold and Bitcoin


Transaction Remote Release, a Tor-Inspired Proposed Change to Bitcoin Protocol for Anonymous Transactions

“It’s well known that bitcoin transactions are not anonymous. Every transaction and the full transaction history of any bitcoin address are permanently recorded in the tamper-proof public blockchain and open to analysis. A bitcoin addresses isn’t explicitly associated to its owner, but blockchain network analysis can often de-anonymize bitcoin users.”


Keiser Report: Cryptocurrencies & Online economy (E816)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the days of rage and killer cereal as apps and ponzis are the only avenue to wealth. In the second half, Max interviews Matt Harms of StartChat about cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands, crowdfunding innovation and bypassing the banking system to create an online economy.”




Bank of England Chief Economist: Blockchain-based Digital Currency Issued by Central Banks Could Replace Cash


Central Banker Sees the Future of Money in Bitcoin


How Wall Street is embracing bitcoin

“”You have the problem still that it is susceptible to rogue agents at any of the banks,” he told CNBC via telephone, name checking Nick Leeson, the former Barings Trader.”

Without a coin the blockchain is open to rogue agents.


Blockchain Identity: Solving the Global Identification Crisis


Why Bitcoin Can Flourish in China


Bitcoin is a radical change in the history of money


Bitcoin About to Go Mainstream


Three reasons the global adoption of bitcoin is inevitable

“1. Nobody controls bitcoin.”

“2. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins.”

“3. Bitcoins can be sent to anybody, in the world, in real-time and for free. ”

“In fact, the poor of the world are the worst effected by having cash as their primary currency. Bitcoin can reduce the risks of operating in a cash world, yet have all the benefits of cash. Close to 5 billion people will be using cell phones by the end of 2015 and in the developing world you’re more likely to have a cell phone, than a toothbrush, electricity or indoor plumbing. All anyone needs to use bitcoin is that cell phone…. this tells us what the possibilities are.”


Banksy’s Dismaland ‘gave Weston-super-Mare a £20m boost’

Banksy is spot on.


Jade Helm Will End When World War III Begins

“The derivatives debt, introduced by the elite bankers have bankrupted the central banks. As a result, the central banks of each country are looking to exploit the resources of the other central banks and their respective nations. This has put the world on a collision course with World War III. All and I mean all of the national economies are on the verge of collapse. Ultimately, the U.S. must conquer Russia and China to preserve the Petrodollar and maintain their dominance of the United States privately owned banking system.”


6 major elements to overcoming cancer ignored by conventionally-trained cancer physicians


This Police Department Just Challenged Big Pharma and Won

“Yesterday, I reported at Natural Blaze that a Gloucester, Massachusetts police department fed up with Big Pharma posted the top 5 CEO salaries and emails online. Their Facebook status erupted with cheers in the comments and many shares. The department bemoaned the city’s drug problem and took aim at Big Pharma’s role in creating addiction through prescription opioid painkillers.”

“The Big Pharma salaries were as follows:”

5. Eli Lilly – John Lechleiter $14.48 million 317-276-2000”

4. Abbott Labs – Miles D. White $17.7 million 847-937-6100”

3. Merck – Kenneth C. Frazier $25 million + cool private jet. 908-423-1000”


Ahmed Mohamed: Handcuffed for Making a Clock?


Don’t Trust the Media: Supplements Aren’t Going to Kill You



Following Public Fury, Jim Cramer-Trained CEO Who Raised Price Of Drug By 5000%, Agrees To Lower The Price


Like The BLOB, Your Government Will EAT YOU ALIVE — Mike Maloney


UN AGENDA 21: Preparing America For POVERTY


The Pope Misrepresents The Bible To Fit Agenda 21


A THREAT TO BANKSTER TYRANNY: Corbyn’s QE FOR THE PEOPLE Jeopardizes the Bank of England’s “Independence”


3 Means of Waging Personal Financial Revolution Against the Banksters

“The good news is that the task of migrating an entire civilization from one economic system to another is so enormous that as individuals we don’t have to feel encumbered by the pressure of having to come up with the one and only solution to save all of human civilization. We can instead be empowered by the knowledge that any meaningful adjustment we make in our personal lives is a contribution to the future realization of a greater shift for the better, sometime in the future. Our role is merely to be the trim tabs, and when enough momentum builds, watch the ship change its course.”


It’s Not Just Animals Anymore, Now There is a Massive Die-Off Of Trees — Get Ready


Fears mount that the USDA’s organic certification process is being hijacked by corporate interests



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