Trading Halted 1,200 TIMES – OMG / Goldman Sachs, king of bribes / Hillary For Prison 2016, Benghazi 2012 / 10 True Conspiracies / Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq / Cancer activating vaccines ?




Trading was halted 1,200 times Monday


FREE MARKETS? U.S. Stock Market Trading Was HALTED 1,200 Times on Monday


Jim Rickards: There Are No Markets Left In The World


During Every Market Crash There Are Big Ups, Big Downs And Giant Waves Of Momentum


It Is Time To Kick Prepping Into Overdrive, Because This Stock Market Crash Is Just The Beginning


Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks


It’s Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington


China Is Headed For The Exits

“I have maintained that part of China’s “hidden” agenda in devaluing its currency is to let the air out of its bubbles ahead of every other asset bubble-infested system – the U.S. assets bubbles being the biggest (ignore the western propaganda slamming China).””


Why The Great Petrodollar Unwind Could Be $2.5 Trillion Larger Than Anyone Thinks


California Droughtrage – LA County Supervisors Have Cars Washed 3 Times A Week

“Great news – Californians have managed to reduce water usage by 31% in July, surpassing the mandated 25% reduction amid the worst drought in centuries. However, this dramatic reduction is in now way thanks to local government in Los Angeles, where, as Daily News reports, the majority of LA County supervisors have their take-home cars washed two or three times a week, service records show, and actually washed them more frequently than before Governor Brown’s orders. Once again – do as I say, not as I do!


California To Confiscate 300 Farms By Eminent Domain, For Unapproved Water Project


Global Trade In Freefall: Container Freight Rates From Asia To Europe Crash 60% In Three Weeks


Bitcoin Backers Propose Solution to Split That Threatened Disruption

“For now, signs are pointing toward a resolution that will keep bitcoin intact. Andresen and Hearn reacted positively to the letter, saying that it addresses the main issue they raised.”

Bitcoin is not going anywhere unlike fiat currencies.


Austrian Economics Is Now Equivalent To Terrorism Thanks To Latest Islamic State “Gold Standard” Propaganda Clip

“What better way to mute demands for a return to sound money and the gold standard, than by making them equivalent to jihadist terrorism? Why, there are none, which is why some were thoroughly amused to see that yesterday the Islamic State’s so called media center, the al Hayat, released a video whose production qualities are nothing short of Hollywood (or San Fernando valley at worst), in which the latest and greatest “jihadist terrorist group” that was a byproduct of US intervention in the Middle East, announces it is preparing to take on the Fed itself with, drumroll, “the return of the gold dinar.””


Since 2014 Foreign Central Banks Have Withdrawn 246 Tons Of Gold From The NY Fed

The current system is a pyramid scheme that is doomed to fail.


Mass Protests Sweep Malaysian Capital As Anger At Goldman-Backed Slush Fund Boils Over

“Tens of thousands of demonstrators poured into the streets of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak whose government has been accused of obstructing an investigation into how some $700 million from the Goldman-backed 1Malaysia Development Berhad mysteriously ended up in Najib’s personal bank account. Meanwhile, the country stands on the precipice of an outright financial meltdown.”


Malaysia Bans The Color Yellow As Protests Swell Into The Hundreds Of Thousands

To hell with freedom of speech when it is the recipients of bribes from criminal banks being protested.

Are the people of Malaysia putting the people of the west to shame for not calling out the criminal banks.


Global destabilization: Huge demonstrations past 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Beirut and Baghdad


Hillary For Prison 2016 Signs Starting To Go Up


Sanders Surges As 1 Million Fake Hillary Followers Exposed


Hillary Clinton is Done. Get Ready for Elizabeth Warren.

“How bad is it? No one is even mentioning the Clinton Foundation – where she accepted $2 billion in bribes … I mean donations … while serving as secretary of state, much of it from foreign governments, while quickly awarding contracts to those same countries and companies. Isn’t that called treason?”


Bill Clinton Attempted to Give Paid Speeches to North Korea and the Congo While Hillary was Secretary of State


Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn’t ‘switched sides in the War on Terror’ and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report

“The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented – if the U.S. hadn’t been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier.”

“‘The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,’ Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.”

“’Some look at it as treasonous moves,’ said Wayne Simmons, a former CIA officer who participated in the commission’s research. ‘And our men and women had to follow what many purport as, qualify as treasonous moves.’”


10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Number 10: The Lusitania was carrying weapons.

Number 9: The Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag.

Number 8: The FBI poisoned alcohol during prohibition.

Number 7: Asbestos corporations suppressed studies.

Number 6: The CIA controls the media.

Number 5: The US fakes terrorist attacks.

Number 4: The FBI suppressed civil rights activists.

Number 3: US officials conducted unethical medical experiments.

Number 2: The FBI fakes witness testimonies.

Number 1: The CIA directs the global drug trade.


The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

“Consider the coverups of election fraud in 2000 and 2004, the events of September 11, 2001, the invasions Afghanistan and Iraq, the destabilization of Syria, and the creation of “ISIS.” These are among the most significant events in recent world history, and yet they are also those much of the American public is wholly ignorant of. In an era where information and communication technologies are ubiquitous, prompting many to harbor the illusion of being well-informed, one must ask why this condition persists.”

“Wisner maintained the top secret “Propaganda Assets Inventory,” better known as “Wisner’s Wurlitzer”—a virtual rolodex of over 800 news and information entities prepared to play whatever tune Wisner chose. “The network included journalists, columnists, book publishers, editors, entire organizations such as Radio Free Europe, and stringers across multiple news organizations.” Pease, “The Media and the Assassination,” 300.”

Thoroughly corrupted.


Crimes against Humanity: The Destruction of Iraq’s Electricity Infrastructure. The Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts October 27, 2013

“The UNDP report [2] emphasized that about 70% of Iraq’s installed power generating capacity was damaged or destroyed during the 1991 Gulf War. All major power stations were damaged and nearly 80% of the gas turbines units were affected.”

“Gellman also wrote that “we have to emphasize here that the periling planning for the bombing campaign began before Iraq even invaded Kuwait last Aug.”] [4].”

“This is all indicates that the major goals of the bombing was not liberating Kuwait or Iraq, rather, it was the total destruction of the civilian infrastructure. With the combined impacts of the comprehensive economical sanction & the deteriorating health care system, a crime of decimation and depopulation was put into place and committed.”


Neocons to Americans: Trust Us Again

“Marching in lockstep with Israeli hardliners, American neocons are aiming their heavy media artillery at the Iran nuclear deal as a necessary first step toward another “regime change” war in the Mideast – and they are furious when anyone mentions the Iraq War disaster and the deceptions that surrounded it.”

This is how stupid they think the general public is.


REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push


US Congressman Calls for Investigation of the CDC’s Deception about MMR Vaccine

“US Congressman Bill Posey of Florida speaks on the House floor about CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thomson, who exposed the CDC’s deception about the MMR vaccine and disclosed the CDC’s attempt to destroy research findings that showed potential injuries resulting from this vaccine.”


CDC vaccine whistleblower: the silence that kills

It’s now been a year since William Thompson, long-time CDC researcher, publicly admitted he concealed evidence that indicted the MMR vaccine for its connection to autism.”


8 Dead Doctors, 5 Missing: Now We Know Why! Coverup of The Century “Vaccines As A Weapon”

“Synoposis: GcMAF (macrophage activating factor) protein that we need in our bodies and the Nagalese enzyme, which is being activated in our bodies by vaccinations, and inhibits GcMAF absorption, thus suppressing the immune system and promoting autism, cancer and all disease. GcMAF is IN THE Vaccines!”




Ben Carson: No One Has Right to Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations

Since Ben has used the word ‘right’ the 9th amendment comes into play which does not deny other non-enumerated rights that are all retained by the people.


Why Big Pharma hates legalized marijuana; painkillers, chemotherapy and psych drugs could be made obsolete


Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells, Admits the U.S. National Cancer Institute


CDC Whistleblower: Submit to a Live Interview and Open Source All Documents


Another Vax Whistleblower Medical Doctor Loses Career

“If a medical doctor, after years of hard work and expensive professional training, sacrifices a lucrative career standing up for the truth about vaccines, don’t you think we had better read what she has to say?”


Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World


About That Airplane Part That Was Supposed to Solve the MH370 Mystery …

Another fake.


Activist Held Against Will Over Fake Tweet Created By Secret Service

Another fake.


Exposing The Astronomical Amount Of Fakery That Exists In Our World Today …


Meet Virginia “TV shooting” Actor ANDY PARKER, Star of ‘Les Miserables’ & ‘The Merchant of Killogue’

[Ed. Note: Before any newcomers to this site get upset about these types of “conspiracy theories”, you MUST understand this extremely critical FACT: The U.S. Has REPEALED Its Domestic Propaganda Ban, Now Spreads Government-Made “News” to Americans. Because our government is now CRIMINALLY using PROPAGANDA domestically, we MUST question and investigate every “event”.]


Police Order BBC Journalists to Delete Footage of Virginia Shooter’s Car Crash

“BBC journalists Franz Strasser and Tara McKelvey were reporting from the scene of the crash when one of the officers approached the pair and ordered them to delete their footage. “Just at the scene of the suspects [sic] shooting on I-66. Police told me to delete footage or lose camera,” Strasser tweeted. “Reason for confiscating camera was that it was evidence. Threatened to tow the car because it was illegally parked,” he said in a follow-up tweet about an hour later.”

How illogical is police requesting that evidence be deleted ?


Is There A Virginia Journalist Shooting DISCREPANCY? Shooter’s Hand Appears To Be WHITE, But Dead Suspect is BLACK [NOTE: NOT GRAPHIC]

This hoax did not last long at all. The criminal elite have gotten very, very, very sloppy.


ALL THE HALLMARKS OF A CONTRIVED ‘MANIFESTO’? Virgina Killer Sent “Suicide Note” To ABC, Says Massacre Is “Race War” In Reaction To Charleston Shooting


EYE BEHIND THE EYE: Virginia Shooter, Savannah Shooter, Race Wars, and Global Surveillance


9 ‘Healthy’ Brands Owned By Coca-Cola You Might Be Buying

“Did you know that many ‘smaller’ and even ‘health-conscious’ food brands are actually owned by mega-conglomerates like Coca-Cola? Not only are these huge companies trying to get a piece of the health-market with ‘healthy’ brands, but they are doing so while striking down our right to know what’s in our food via GMO labeling.”

“Time to make your money talk and tell the Coca Cola Company that you won’t be supporting their aims to kill GMO-labeling initiatives. Sure, their soft drinks are bad enough, but it isn’t just America’s soda habit that is contributing to the decline of the food supply.”


Filth-Mongering! Coca-Cola Pays Scientists to Fool You READ MORE

“They’re attempting to spread this drivel despite the scientific evidence showing sugar-saturated concoctions…”

“Wreck your insulin sensitivity (causing you to store more fat).”

“Increase your child’s risk of obesity 60% for every serving they drink per day.”

“And put you on the fast track for Type 2 diabetes.”


Farmers are drenching crops with (CARCENOGENIC) glyphosate for faster harvesting


How Monsanto’s GMOs and glyphosate are killing off honeybees and leading to global ecological collapse


Nearly 70% of physicians say GMO foods should be labeled


GMO Propagandist Who Said ‘Trust Science’ Got Funds From Monsanto


GMO industry set to flood U.S. food supply with endless torrent of toxic chemicals


VA Administrator Reveals that 240K Vets have DIED Waiting for Any Health Care! Easy Immediate Solution Won’t be Signed by Obama!


Donald Trump: “WMD’s were a lie, the invasion of Iraq was a lie, everything in Washington has been a lie”


Top Fund Raisers Abandon Bush

“What our computer has been forecasting for 2016 is unfolding right before our eyes. It is a product of the trend within the economy.Many Republicans I know are saying the last thing they want is another Bush. The establishment just do not get it. They have been assuming Trump is just another Ross Perot who will fade quickly. But they are wrong. Many people, Democrat and Republican, will vote for Trump BECAUSE he is not own by someone and speaks his mind. They do not fear him taking office for the job will restrain anyone who is there.”



The Corruption Of American Freedom

“Our form of government today allows revolution (theoretically) through the ballot box rather than on the battlefield. But nonetheless, the message for our political elites today is much the same as it was in 1776: They ignore the people’s contempt at their own risk.


Godfrey Bloom, Anti-Politician READ MORE

“Godfrey Bloom was UKIP’s party whip for a long time, and for many years served as a member of the European parliament for UKIP. Ironically, although the party has solid electoral support in the UK, it has yet to make an inroad into Westminster due to the “first past the post” electoral system. It has always had a much greater representation in Strasbourg – at an institution it would prefer to abolish.”

“Similar to UKIP boss Nigel Farage, Bloom has always been quite outspoken. If you think Donald Trump is non-PC, you probably haven’t heard Bloom yet. He is an anti-politician in a way – in fact, he doesn’t believe “politician” should even be a job, and we can only agree wholeheartedly. Bloom lost his party whip status at UKIP and later left the party, after he slapped a journalist with a brochure, called women “sluts” (actually, this incident has to be contextualized as you will see – he told a joke – but it certainly was an impolitic “foot-in-mouth” moment) and objected to the UK government borrowing huge amounts of money and then sending aid to “Bongo-Bongo Land”. He was perfectly right of course. No aid should be sent to bongo-bongo land (further below we are letting him explain why).”


US Falls Behind Canada, Finland, And Hong Kong In Human Freedom Index

The United States lags far behind other developed countries in terms of personal, civil and economic freedoms, according to a study released this month. Its neighbor to the north, for example, ranked 14 spots ahead of the so-called “Land of the Free.””


Adolph Hitler’s Connection to Planned Parenthood Explained


Put Margaret Sanger Bust in a ‘Deep Hole,’ and ‘Apologize to the Dirt’

“At a press conference outside the National Portrait Gallery on Thursday, ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell said it would be best to remove the bust of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, from the National Portrait Gallery and put it in a “far off place,” in a “deep hole,” and then “apologize to the dirt.””


AP Sues US Gov’t over Fake FBI News Article Booby Trapped with Surveillance Virus


Unmarked Graves Outside Former Eugenics School

“These belonged to people who lived and died in The Ladd School, once an institute for the “feeble minded” during the eugenics era. Founded in 1908, the institution’s forefather, Dr. Walter Fernald, “was a famous eugenicist whose doctrine was to remove the feeble-minded from society in an effort to cleanse the nation’s population of inferior and ‘defective’ genes.” It was a place they put people (and especially kids) that were deemed otherwise unfit for society to segregate them, ensure they would not reproduce, and ultimately forget about them. The developmentally disabled, promiscuous teens, unwed mothers, alcoholics, the poor, you name it… Once in, they were left there for life. It was finally shut down in 1993 following decades of scandals due to overcrowding and reports of abuse. After visiting the grounds of the now demolished school, we decided to pay our respects to those who died there at this small unmarked cemetery plot.”


War On Whistleblowers: Speaking Truth To Power Was Never So Important


‘Body-in-a-bag’ MI6 spy: Was he killed by secret service after uncovering money laundering?

“Fresh revelations relating to his death surfaced Saturday, after a source told the Daily Mail that Scotland Yard officials believe an agent from another secret service broke into his apartment to conceal the evidence.”


Confirmation Tianjin Was Nuked?


The Nuking of Tianjin – Frame by Frame Analysis

“In the end, the warehouses that “blew up” are still standing but nothing else exists…”


New Zealand Labour MPs’ TPP protests under fire

It is the TPP that should be going down in flames.


The Rise of the “Permanent Prisoners of War” in America


French Woman Wins Disability for ‘Wifi Allergy’

“In recent years there have been growing fears towards the possible side effects of some electromagnetic waves, such as cell phone radiation and wifi. Even the World Health Organization has classified cell phones and wifi signals as “possible carcinogens.” To date however, the scientific community hasn’t found what they would consider to be, irrefutable proof that these energy fields are hurting people.”


HSBC system failure leaves thousands facing bank holiday without pay


RBS, Barclays, HSBC, Goldman: White Collar Criminals In Rigged Foreign Exchange Scandal Must Face Jail Time, Say UK Experts

“He expressed little hope that financial penalties for Forex rigging will breed the root-and-branch reform that is required to clean up Britain’s banking sector.”


How Western Governments Will Steal Your Land, Part III
“The Rothschilds were universally acknowledged as the wealthiest clan on the planet in the 19th century. They never lost that wealth. We simply lost all knowledge of it. The House of Rothschild has effectively erased itself from our (so-called) history books. That takes power.”

“Are children taught in our classrooms that most of the (endless) wars between European powers during the 19th century were examples of House Rothschild already “playing” the governments of Europe against each other, like puppets? Are the children taught that a basically unknown cabal of bankers created the Bank for International Settlements in the early part of the 20th century, so that these Western bankers could do the money-laundering necessary to allow Western industrialists to supply armaments to the Third Reich?”

“They certainly aren’t taught that one of those “industrialists” – Prescott Bush – was convicted of “trading with the Enemy”. Because if they had been, clearly it would not have been possible for both his son and grandson to be elected as presidents of the United States, where they could serve the bankers.”

“The bankers also have near-absolute control of state/provincial/regional governments, across the West. We saw this on display when (finally/eventually) the One Bank strong-armed all of the U.S. state governments into an omnibus mortgage-fraud “deal” with the U.S. Big Banks, which essentially granted them full amnesty for 10’s of millions of documented acts of criminal fraud – all for mere pennies in “fines”.”


Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging and Moving to the Next Level

“The so-called rulers have no interest in our petitions, protests and even demonstrations of disapproval. While supposedly being elected to represent our interests, those concerns we have are clearly the last thing they have in mind. It couldn’t possibly be any clearer than it is today.”

Apathy will not save us.


Egyptians fear ‘republic of darkness’ under new terror law

“The legislation is aimed at cracking down on jihadist insurgency in the country, and includes fines of up to $64,000 (£41,000) for journalists who contradict official reports on terrorist attacks.”


The UK’s Breaking Paeophile Scandal Continued: Mainstream Newspaper Reports Of Child Abusers By Politicians And Elites


BEX ALERT – The Clean Power Plan Is Barely Better Than Kyoto; IPPC Says: We Must Remove CO2 From the Atmosphere

“If carbon dioxide is removed form the atmosphere plants will start dying off, there will be mass famine, and the chain of life will collapse.”


Former UK Official Warns: Stock Up on Canned Food & Cash NOW


Benjamin Fulford: A Review of the Current Alliances of Secret Societies


Persecution Of Constitutionalists: Coming To A Sheriff’s Office Near You

Nazi Germany did the same bashing of their constitution and look how wonderful that turned out for Germany.


Obama Just Had His Hand Slapped Hard By Fed Judge Who Blocks This ‘Inexplicable’ Overreach

“The Times article notes the critics’ argument that “the EPA would control lands near ditches with no possible connection to the rivers and lakes that the [original] law was designed to protect.””

Treating a tiny puddle as a lake is definitely too much a stretch of English language and the EPA violates the enclave clause that the federal government has only exclusive jurisdiction on land that federal buildings sit upon.


Retired Army General Says He’s ‘Ashamed To Be An American’ After Brutal Arrest By Police

“But neighbors who witnessed this incident say it was “just blown out of proportion,” by the police, according to a neighbor who spoke with local WSB-TV.”


Biz owner says IRS wrongfully seized his buisness’ $65K


NFL Player, Wife Will Keep Unborn Baby Despite Defect: ‘Who Are We to Determine a Baby’s Life?’


September 23, 2015 The Crowning of Nimrod’s Tower

“Major portions of Jonathan Kleck’s work “One World Freedom Center Exposed: Crowning the Tyrant” have been utilized in this video. Other clips from CBS and ABC have also been used. Please note that all credit goes to the original sources for these clips.”


POLICE STATE: US Secret Service Wrongfully Held Activist In Mental Ward For 10 Days – Massive Lawsuit Pending

“Tyrone Dew; a man who was institutionalized for 10 long days at the Washington Psychiatric Institute, for merely handing out literature and talking to people about the government’s past, present, and future mind control programs. Tyrone was held against his will, threatened with forced medication, and forbidden contact with the outside world, friends, and family.”


Precious-Metals Trading Is Probed by EU After U.S. Inquiry

“Prosecutors have been examining whether at least 10 banks, including Barclays Plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Deutsche Bank AG, manipulated prices of precious metals such as silver and gold.”


JPMorgan Sheds $27.18 Billion in Market Cap in Three Trading Sessions


Meanwhile In Greece, Pension Funds Tap Emergency Loans

The insanity continues.


Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations

“One of the greatest tricks that the New World Order (NWO) did to enslave the people of the world was to secretly create a corporate version of counties, cities, states, and countries. By doing this, the leaders of the NWO and their minions were able to trick us to unknowingly agree to be “agents” or “employees” of these corporations through the use of fraudulent contracts (i.e., birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license).”


The United States is a Private Corporation Not a Public Government


The Life & Death of GADDAFI’S LIBYA – A Study of the Libya That No Longer Exists (1969 – 2011)…

“In 2008 or 2009, the BBC made a documentary on life inside Libya: I remember it because I watched it at the time of its broadcast. Up until the beginning of 2011, that video was available on You Tube.”

“Once the international community had made up its mind – after years of back and forth – that Gaddafi was ‘evil’ and a war had to be waged on Libya, all versions of the documentary were removed from the web.”


U.S. military cancels hearing for September 11 suspects

“The U.S. military has canceled a pretrial hearing for suspects in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, a military spokesman said on Sunday, in another setback for the government in its efforts to try the five men being held at Guantanamo.”

“What is likely happening is that the case against these men, framed for the crime Israel and the US did, is falling apart, and stalling their day in court is the only way to keep this from being a total melt-down.”


Chinese Stocks Are Crashing; Yuan Devalues, Deposit Rate Spikes To Record High, Japan Denies “G7 Response” Planned

What with the Shanghai Composite down 25% between Aug 18 and Aug 25, it appears that currency devaluation does matter.


Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 67 – Another sign of potential delay for the NWO rollout


FLASHBACK – The Death of Vincent Foster


National Anti-‘Police Terror’ Activists Call For Massive Demonstrations In New York City This Fall


We Are the Government: Tactics for Taking Down the Police State


RAW: Pennsylvania police assault, wrestle down 61-year-old man singing in public


This is What an Arrest for a Bicycle Helmet “Violation” Looks Like in a Police State


American Journalist Kicked Out Of UK For Investigating VIP Child Abuse and Edward Heath

“Leah McGrath Goodman, an American journalist expelled from Britain for investigating abuse allegations against Edward Heath, speaks to LBC.”


Central Banks Have Become A Corrupting Force — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler


SWAT police raid wrong house in Worcester READ MORE




Russell Brand exposes UK’s pedophile politicians


James Perloff “On 9/11, The Flight 11 Crew KNEW They Were Taking Part In a Terror Drill!”

“Our thesis will be: Ong and Sweeney (Flt 11 flight attendants) believed they were participating in a hijacking drill. Those familiar with 9/11’s backstory know that NORAD and the Air Force were engaged in military exercises that day, including simulated hijackings. Information about this can be found abundantly on the Internet.”


UN Watchdog Says Access to Suspected Iran Nuclear Site Meets Demands

“It should be remembered that when Iraq was undergoing inspections, the American inspectors were accused of planting traces of weapons-grade uranium on the Iraqi sites. The other inspectors demanded the reference samples the Americans had to see if they were identical, and the Americans promptly destroyed their reference samples.”



“Before we listen to the lies about Iran, let us remember the lies about Iraq!”


Neocons To Americans: Let Us Lead You Into More Unnecessary War


Americans Don’t Know that the Rest of the World Views U.S. as Biggest Danger, Rogue State


FLASHBACK – The Boot That Stamps On Your Face

“1645: Portuguese Jewish bankers in Holland Solomon de Medina and Fernando Carvajal secretly fund Oliver Cromwell to readmit the Jews to England, where they had been banished for loansharking for almost 400 years. This drama leads to the killing of the king, the debauching of Ireland, and the capture of the British treasury by the Jews, which is why the [Rothschild] City of London is the power center of the world today.”

Now the 1688 glorious revolution and the 1694 establishment of the bank England make sense.


These alarming new passport laws are being snuck through Congress right now

“Just the other day we wrote about a U.S. House “suspension” bill that would give the Secretary of State the authority to cancel your passport if he decided that you had “aided” an organization that he rules is terrorist.”

“There is no definition of what “aided” means, no chance to dispute the Secretary’s decision, no trial or presentation of evidence, and in fact any evidence the government has can be classified as secret so that you may not see it. In effect the Secretary of State can unilaterally consign you to internal exile and there is nothing you can do about it.”


Stocks plunge in global sell-off posting their worst week of 2015

Earth being hit by a planet killing meteorite

Earth being hit by a planet killing meteorite


British Government: Benjamin Netanyahu immune from arrest

“As the petition for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reaches in excess of 75,000 signatures, the British Government has issued an official statement which clears the war criminal of any wrong doing, despite tens of thousands of UK citizens calling for his arrest for the massacre of more than 2000 civilians in 2014.”


Israeli Military Admits to Supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)


Israel Fires Rockets Into Syria, Claims Targets Were ‘Iran-Backed’. Are They Playing With Fire?

This is how stupid these people think the general public is.


Israel Set on Eliminating Syria, Iran for Regional Dominance?




Israel Confirms ‘Widespread’ Strikes Against Syria

“The Israeli military is confirming that is it launching “widespread” artillery and air strikes against Syrian military targets across the Golan frontier, saying the attacks are meant to send a “strong message” about cross-border fire that landed in an empty field in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.”

“They seem to have settled on blaming the Syrian government, for convenience if nothing else, as it gives them a bunch of easy-to-hit military targets all over the frontier. Since Israel attacks Syria on a fairly regular basis, and often without even this much pretext, it was likely just the simplest course of action for them.”

“The timing is interesting, as Israeli media reports have talked up the possibility of launching an outright invasion of Syria in recent days, and are presenting the latest incident as the first time fire from Syria has landed inside Israeli territory in over 40 years.”


Walk4kids September 2015

“1. To begin a drive for change by showcasing to the world that Israel, despite being the world leader in welfare issues taking children, is also the country which wants to express to the world the need for FAMILIES TO STAY TOGETHER WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT.”


Exarchia, The Town In Athens Greece That Is Keeping The Government Out And Starting Anew

“As the economic and political systems continue to crumble and collapse in Greece, a district in Athens is growing in strength and independence after large numbers of individuals began to keep the government out and empower their own community.”


Extortion Inc: Spain’s Financial Regulator in the Hot Seat – Forgery, Bribery, Extortion, Threats, Money Laundering, Involvement In Organized Crime.


Fined $900 for Posting Illegal Police Activity on Facebook


FLASHBACK – SMOKING GUN! US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

“US Intelligence agencies were fully aware that weapons were moving from the terrorist stronghold in Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans…”

“September 16, 2012 DIA Memo copied to the National Security Council, CIA, and others concluded the Benghazi terrorist attack was planned at least ten or more days in advance…”

“The memo also tied the attack to 9-11… No discussion of a demonstration or anti-Mohammad video.”


VIDEO: CIA Gun Runner: Hillary’s Benghazi Crimes Confirmed


Hillary For Prison! 18 USC Sec. 793 covers national defense information and people who misuse it to injure the United States or benefit a foreign power. Those convicted of violating that law face fines and up to 10 years in prison.


Judge Napolitano: It’s A Question Of When, Not If, The Government Charges Hillary Clinton


Secret Service agents: Behind the scenes Hillary Clinton – self-proclaimed middle class champion – is nasty and abusive toward her own detail

“While Hillary Clinton claims she will be the champion of the little people if elected, the truth is that behind the scenes she is so nasty and abusive toward her own Secret Service detail and treats them with such contempt that being assigned to Hillary’s detail is considered a form of punishment within the Security Service.”


Watch The EPIC 95-Second Video That Exposes Hillary So Powerfully It Could Cost Her The Race


Hillary Clinton Calls For “Toppling” The 1%… While Being Bankrolled By The 1%



“He went into great detail about corruption in government and business.”

“So, let me get this straight. People who are funny, and tell the truth about this government in a funny way, have been designated “terrorists” by the American government since 1969?!?

“Carlin was far more than just a comedian; he, in many ways, was a prophet, and looking at the complete dysfunction of US Federal government , he was absolutely right on so many levels.”


‘Yemen After 5 Months Looks Like Syria After 5 Years’: Red Cross Chief

“The war in Yemen has pushed the country to the brink of famine, with both commercial food imports and aid deliveries held up by the fighting and millions of hungry women and children facing possible starvation, the United Nations said Wednesday.”


Why Are We Ignoring the War on Yemen?


Saudi Airstrikes Against Yemeni City of Taiz Kill at Least 65 Civilians


U.S. Official: Saudis Have Used Cluster Bombs in Yemen

“The U.S. knows the Saudi government has employed cluster bombs in its ongoing war against Shiite Muslim rebels in neighboring Yemen, but has done little if anything to stop the use of the indiscriminate and deadly weapons during what has become a human rights catastrophe in one of the Arab world’s poorest countries.”


Two Reports on Yemen Ignore Obama’s Aggression

“UNICEF reports 900 hospitals and health facilities closed since March along with 3,600 schools. US supported Saudi blockade created a humanitarian crisis. Small amounts of aid only are allowed in – way too little to matter, a deliberate attempt to starve people to death or kill them for lack of medical treatment for wounds or diseases.”


Yemeni People Vow to Give Harsh Response to Saudi Invaders

“Yemeni people gathered in downtown Dhamar city to express support for their revolutionary leader, Abdulmalik al-Huthi, and to stress that Riyadh is to receive their full-fledged response if it continues its aggression against their country.”


New Aussie Film on Ukraine Civilian Bombings: a PR Disaster for The US / EU


Everyone must fear Russia! Nobody knows why, but if the Pentagon says so then it must be true, right?


Everything Western Media Report About Russia Is a Big Fat Lie


Ukraine Oligarch Steals $1.8 Billion From US. US Pretends It Didn’t Happen


US media outrage over Russia incinerating contraband food ignores fact that FDA did EXACT same thing to Rawesome Foods in California


Police hit organic farm with massive SWAT raid for no reason, taxpayers to be held liable

“In an effort to protect the citizens of Texas, a massive military-style raid was conducted on the Garden of Eden organic farm and commune.”


Anti-Vaccine Doctor, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Explains He’s Under Attack – Targeted by TPTB

“America is threatened with radical risks from mandatory vaccinations politically imposed by drug industrialists with direct links to the Nazis of World War II. After all these years, the poisoning of people’s bodies and minds for profit and population control–global genocide–is alive and well in the “National Public Health Service” and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) complicit with Big Pharma in committing mass murder and consumer fraud.”

“In this Special Warning–a public service message–from world leading vaccine industry whistleblower, Dr. Leonard Horowitz (a Harvard-trained public health and consumer safety activist), reveals the outrageous truth about vaccination risks grossly neglected, and purposely concealed, by health officials, politicians, and the corporate-controlled media promoting mandatory vaccinations for all school children.”


FDA Is Killing Our Freedoms and Destroying Our Health

“And only a defense of medical freedom can stop them.”


EU Commission Says None Of Your Business On Glyphosate Risk Assessment

Like hell it is.


Narcolepsy, brain damage, and autoimmunity: the dark side of the vaccine agenda

“The truth of the matter is that one in five Americans now suffers from one or more autoimmune conditions likely caused by vaccination. Autoimmune disease is now a leading killer of girls and young women. In fact, and 32 million American children, or some 43% of individuals under the age of 18, now suffer from one of 20 chronic illnesses, not including obesity.”

“Compared to their parents, children today are four times more likely to suffer from some form of chronic illness, and this statistical likelihood is constantly increasing. Roughly 25% of children today take one or more prescription drug regularly, and many struggle with inexplicable health afflictions like chronic fatigue and inflammatory bowel disease, not to mention gluten intolerance and Celiac disease, that leave them weak, frail and in some cases unable to function without constant care.”

The nations of the west are fast turning into nations of cripples.


2mn people in California, Midwest drink uranium-contaminated water – study


Indian Government sues Nestle for $99 million after finding lead in instant noodles


California To Take Away Land From 300 Farmers



“While Monsanto played God during the 1990s, the Clinton Administration had its back — a policy consistent with its corporate-friendly approach to environmental issues. When, for example, the French balked at allowing GMO corn into their country, the president, the secretary of state, the national-security adviser, and assorted U.S. senators pleaded Monsanto’s cause.”

F**king whores for Monsanto.


Watch: Man paralyzed by vaccine tells story of Senator Pan’s corruption; former Merck salesman reveals his kids are unvaccinated


This Country Said No To Mammography Screenings. And That’s Amazing.

“Last year the Swiss Medical Board conducted a review of mammography screening and their findings exposed something rather unexpected. They assessed that these screenings cause more harm than good. In fact, via their studies, they found that the screenings really only saved 1 in 1000 women who died. On the contrary, the failure of the process, or unsafe side effects, were the actual greater concern.”


Western medicine abandoning all medical ethics: forced vaccinations, abortion profiteering and the silencing of dissenters


Doctor’s death just ruled as suicide, local news calls investigation a “mess”

“I first wrote about Jeffrey Whiteside MD just days after he walked away (on foot with no car) from his family on Monday June 29th of this year never to be seen again. Coincidentally that is the very same day Teresa Sievers MD was found murdered in her Florida home. The local paper is calling the whole investigation a “mess” which I detail below. I also do a video [below] about this which I highly recommend you watch.”


Scientists under Attack

“The scientists dared to question the reckless deployment of GMO technology and their careers have been ruined.”


TALK: We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo – Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11


Has The Unrepresented Majority Finally Reached Its Boiling Point?


BBC among broadcasters to repeatedly breach Ofcom code over propaganda content

“News films and documentaries were acquired for nominal fees and the identity of the funders not disclosed to the audience – in what has been dubbed a “£1 programme scandal”. Ofcom has uncovered nearly 50 breaches of its code by CNN, CNBC and the BBC after a four-year inquiry into the global news channels, which are beamed into hotel rooms around the world.”

One reason I don’t watch the BBC anymore.


Fraud was Worth It for Citigroup; Pays Only $180 Million after Gaining $3 Billion from Hedge Fund Investors


Sanders Vows to Smash Biggest US Banks at Campaign Rally

“If a bank is too big to fail it is too big to exist”


Sen. Bernie Sanders: From Greece to Puerto Rico, the Financial Rules Are Rigged to Favor the 1%

“Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders recently convened a panel of economists in Washington to discuss the debt crisis in Greece and throughout the world. In his opening statement, Sanders talked about the debt crisis in Greece as well as in Puerto Rico. “It is time for creditors to sit down with the governments of Greece and Puerto Rico and work out a debt repayment plan that is fair to both sides,” Sanders said. “The people of Greece and the children of Puerto Rico deserve nothing less.””


The Wall Street banks, who own and control the Federal Reserve, are free to charge 18% on credit card balances while paying .25% to savers


In 1933 America’s most senior, most decorated Marine, General Smedley Butler, told the House of Representitives that wealthy businessmen tried to recruit him to overthrow President Roosevelt in a coup, and install a fascist government.

Those conspirators should have gotten the electric chair or lethal injection, starting Prescot Bush, the father of George Bush.


How could American voters even consider putting America’s #1 crime family into the White House?


John McAfee Launches Encrypted Email On Blockchain Technology


US Patriot Act vs Hitlers Enabling Act of 1933


Russian Unemployment Nears Historic Lows Despite Sanctions


7th Shocking Video Catches Planned Parenthood Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive



BLOOD MONEY: Planned Parenthood Has Politicians Completely Paid Off, Media In Its Pocket

“Forty-five of the 46 Senators who voted against defunding Planned Parenthood recently have accepted cash donations from the abortion group, an investigation has found.”


Germany to propose update of glyphosate’s hazard classification


Father Says He Cured His ‘Incurable’ Cancer With Cannabis Oil


US Now Lists Marijuana as Effective Cancer Treatment on National Cancer Institute Website


Marijuana Kills Cancer, Says National Cancer Institute

“The institute recently updated its ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page about marijuana to include various studies revealing how cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow” while also protecting normal, healthy cells.”


Research: Some Cancer Diagnoses Kill Quicker Than The Cancer


CNN: Obama’s played more than 1,000 hours of golf as president

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama golfed while America declined.


Banks Are Sending Notices Of Account Closure Out To Small Businesses Across The Country, To Clients They’ve Done Business With For Years, Even Decades. The Reason? They Often Don’t Provide One.


Blighted houses still mar New Orleans a decade after Katrina


TPP Stumbles, Puts Sovereignty at Grave Risk

“A funny thing happened on the way to global governance. Just when the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was supposed to move one step closer to world corporatocracy, it stumbled over nationalism and fell. It may soon rise up again—all too soon—but the world’s plutocrats took a pace backward in failing to reach agreement on the final text of the proposed “free trade” treaty at the end of July in Lahaina, Hawaii.”

“The TPP is meant to bind irrevocably the 11 largest non-United States economies around the Pacific rim, except China, to U.S. hegemony. But despite super secrecy and some 650 U.S. government shills for Big Business—plus 150 reporters and hundreds of lobbyists euphemistically called “stakeholders”—the internationalists were unable to leap key hurdles in their race to control mankind.”


Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience


Price for TSA’s failed body scanners: $160 million


Photo of Liberals and the Definition of “People” is Going Viral


Moms Demand Action: FAIL on Simple Math, Which Is Greater – 500 or 760,000?

“Like all murders, each of these 500 a year is tragic. But this number literally pales in comparison to the number of lives saved through the use of guns in self-defense each year. In February 2015, approximately 22 years after beginning scholarly work on defensive gun uses each year, Florida State criminologist Gary Kleck confirmed that 760,000 defensive gun uses a year is the number no one has been able to refute.”


We Are All Terror Suspects Under the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism Program

““Using cash for large transactions” is another no, no. But my credit card was stolen the other day at the restaurant and so now I pay in cash. I hope that has not been made illegal by Congress. But if I purchase a home entertainment system, etc., for cash, am I to be reported to the FBI for such a large transaction by the young person behind the cash register who wants to prove he or she is a loyal citizen?”

“Always paying in cash at an internet café is clear evidence of a suspected terrorist, we are told. Especially if you are a Comcast or AOL subscriber or believe in privacy and do not allow anyone to look over your shoulder to read what you have on your screen. And do not read the New York Times on line there because you can be reported for focusing too much on terrorist attacks. So what if the Times reports such things almost daily worldwide? The police have nothing more important to do than check out what you are reading in the paper, according to the FBI.”




‘You hate America’: Cenk Uygur rips Kansas Repubs who fired woman for not going to church

“This woman has one hell of a lawsuit here, and I hope that she will find a pro bono attorney who will point out, in the lawsuit, that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has absolutely no right to attempt to force someone into a house of worship.”


Notes on Police Violence in America: St. Louis Police Kill 18-year-old, Send SWAT Teams against Demonstrators

“The rapid police suppression of this minor protest in St. Louis reveals the advanced state of decay of democratic rights in the United States. When a crowd gathers to express anger and protest, the response of the state is increasingly to send in heavily armed, militarized police to intimidate protesters and quell social opposition.”


Why US Police Are Out of Control

“America is clearly an outlier when it comes to police brutality. According to The Guardian’s highly useful “Counted” website, U.S. police kill more people in a typical day than police in England and Wales kill in an entire year. Where police in Stockton, California, killed three people in the first five months of 2015, police in Iceland, which has roughly the same population, have killed just one person since the modern Icelandic republic was founded in 1944.”


Stockton Police Unload 600+ Rounds During Bank Robbery/Hostage Situation, Including 10 Shots That Killed Human Sheild


9 Year Old Killed In Ferguson And No Black Lives Matter Tweets


9-Year-Old Shot Dead in Ferguson While Sitting in Bed Doing Her Homework


Viral: Must Watch Video on the Hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter in Ferguson


The Shoah: The Biggest Hoax of the 20th Century?

“Eric Hunt is a filmmaker whose documentaries include “The Last Days of the Big Lie,” “The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax,” and “The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth.” Hunt is with us to talk about the important research and work he has contributed in exposing the “greatest hoax of human history.” He has not only examined the “testimonies” and “evidence” of the so-called extermination program of the National Socialists in Germany during the 1930s/40s, but has also studied the propaganda that has been released to perpetuate this story. Eric talks about the ever-changing death toll numbers at Treblinka and Majdanek, and he points to other serious holes in the official narrative where gas chambers disguised as shower rooms are credited for the homicide of millions.”


MEGA PUKE FACTOR 9 BEX ALERT – Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children’s genes


Unless the world wakes up and realizes that total evil has the reins in the West, humanity has no future.


‘Foreigners out!’ Anti-refugee protest turns violent in Heidanau, Germany

The military actions of western nations have destroyed the nations these refugees have come from.
War Begets War Refugees: the Moral Bankruptcy of Italy and NATO


Poll: Most black people prefer ‘all lives matter.’


Alert: Something Massive Is About To Happen In Over 300 Cities That Could Change Countless Lives


Mom Outraged to Find This Sticker on Her Son’s Textbook Addressing Abortion and Sex


These Questions on a Fourth-Grader’s Homework Have Sparked a Public School Investigation


Children given lifelong ban on talking about fracking

“Two young children in Pennsylvania were banned from talking about fracking for the rest of their lives under a gag order imposed under a settlement reached by their parents with a leading oil and gas company.”

“The sweeping gag order was imposed under a $750,000 settlement between the Hallowich family and Range Resources Corp, a leading oil and gas driller. It provoked outrage on Monday among environmental campaigners and free speech advocates.”

“The settlement, reached in 2011 but unsealed only last week, barred the Hallowichs’ son and daughter, who were then aged 10 and seven, from ever discussing fracking or the Marcellus Shale, a leading producer in America’s shale gas boom.”


Dismaland: Banksy opens ‘bemusement park’ in England


Leading Democrat Elijah Cummings Threatens Planned Parenthood Whistleblowers


Chicago Parents Launch Hunger-Strike for Community Input in School’s Future

“Chicago Parent-activist Jitu Brown and professor Pauline Lipman say the fight for community input in the future of Dyett High School mirrors those happening across Chicago and the country”


Crippling court costs force poverty-stricken people to ‘plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit’


Veterans Will March & Surround John McCain’s Office On September 5th

“Alex has been homeless by McCain connections.”


Co-opting Consciousness at Awakening’s Door

“The concept of deliberately controlled opposition eludes public awareness to an amazing degree. It’s similar to the brazen reality of false flag operations, the epitome of carefully planned societal manipulation by unseen forces who have no regard for the human condition other than to control it – those who are more than willing to attack their own to provoke a desired response.”

“This is so very similar to the slogan of the nefarious Mossad: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” The Jesuits are no better and on the same page. Nor is the CIA and a plethora of other deliberately obscured agencies.”


WATCH: Rapper Wiz Khalifa thrown to the ground and cuffed by LA airport cops for riding hoverboard

“The rapper and activist claims he was standing on his board — a levitating board similar to a skateboard — when confronted by the airport cops and instructed to dismount to which he refused.”

What is this ‘instructed’ bulls**t ?


Christian pastor lashes out at ‘false reverend’ John Oliver for mocking predatory televangelists


“Homegrown Terrorists”: New US Draconian Laws Usher in the New World Order


Lower Manhattan Federal Building Shooter Was Government Whistleblower


About-Face: Autopsy Shows Police Shot St. Louis Teen in the Back

“Police claimed that two suspects had been attempting to flee, when the young man pointed a gun at officers and refused to drop it, prompting them to shoot and kill him. The other man remains on the run.”

Another lie.


More Arrests Needed as Western Megabanks are Stealing (Benjamin Fulford)


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