Scarecrow ISIS / Self-appointed Elite Are In A PANIC / Ed Heath, pedo PM / Discharging gun at enemy vs illegally discharging gun on fed property / Investigative Journalism is Treason

British Special Forces “Dressing Up” As ISIS…What Could Go Wrong?

Scarecrow ISIS.

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Head: “It Was A Willful Decision [By America] To” “Support An Insurgency That Had Salafists, Al Qaeda And The Muslim Brotherhood” READ MORE

Scarecrow ISIS.

Obama Authorizes “Defensive” Airstrikes Against Assad Regime In Syria


Scarecrow ISIS.

U.S. Agrees To Act As Terrorist Bodyguard; Open To Attacking Assad Forces


‘Assad Regime is Root of All Evil’ – US State Department Spox

Western oligarchs and their monopolistic mega-corporations are the root of all evil and they want Assad to run the economy of Syria for their benefit.

Bin Laden Plane Crash ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’

The useful idiots of the criminal elite, once they have served their purpose, are of no use to the criminal elite.

WARNING: Alt Energy Insider — ‘The Elite Are In A PANIC’

3m25s “They are buying everything they can get their hands on that’s survival related and of course they don’t want anyone else to know that.”

10m40s “I am being told that when all of their preparations are finished and they feel secure and they’re all protected, that’s when they will pull the plug.”

We the people of planet earth need to de-appoint the self-appointed Elite because all the people must be equal before the law.

The men who crashed the world

You Don’t Own What You THINK You Own — Bix Weir (because CEDE & Co. is the secret entity behind the scenes which “owns” all of the shares)

“But it gets worse. Recounting the massive and blatant criminality of Wall Street, Bix reminds us the on a daily basis BILLIONS of shares are traded back and forth, and millions of those shares go unsettled. The DTCC is essentially a $19 TRILLION private bank which most people have never heard of. The DTCC is charged with settling all daily stock trades within three days, but because of computer and HFT trading the sheer volume of daily trading makes proper settlement virtually impossible. Adding to the confusion is the fact that CEDE & Co. is the secret entity behind the scenes which “owns” all of the shares. So when the system finally implodes you are likely to learn that you don’t own what you think you own.”

Ex-British Prime Minister Named in Alleged Government Pedophile Docs

Part of Assistant whip Tim Fortescu’s job was to cover up all scandals involving small boys and hide the dirty secrets of members of Parliament in a ‘DIRTBOOK’ then blackmail them with the secrets for loyalty to Heath.

Andrew Parker, head of MI5, the agency knew their top politicians were pedophiles. They enabled it, they set it up so they could video tape those politicians to make sure they towed the government line.

DIE LIKE SHEEP! Navy to Prosecute Officer For Discharging Firearm on Federal Property

“Amid the chaos Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, armed with a personal firearm, also discharged his weapon in an attempt to stop the mass shooting. It is not clear whether White struck Abdulazeez, but it can be argued that his actions certainly helped to deter further carnage because rather than walking through a military installation randomly killing unarmed victims, Abdulazeez was forced to engage armed defenders.”

“But none of that matters to Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama. According to a report from former Congressman Allen West, despite his heroic efforts that undoubtedly saved lives, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White is to be formally charged for discharging his firearm on federal property:”

Discharging Firearm at the enemy vs illegally discharging a firearm on federal property – what has become of America ?

History is Repeating – German Government Launches Investigation of Journalists for Treason READ MORE

“Widespread outrage across Germany is erupting following the revelation that the nation’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into treason charges for two journalists working for Netzpolitik.”

The charge is treason. The crime is journalism.

Treason: Exposing the Truth About Government illegality

“The German Attorney General has notified two German bloggers that they could be charged with TREASON for exposing the German involvement in collecting data along with the USA’s notorious NSA. Meanwhile, Oliver Stone has produced a movie on Edward Snowden, due to release by the end of the year.”

FBI Says That Citizens Should Have No Secrets That The Government Can’t Access READ MORE

Government is forgetting that it is supposed to serve the citizen and secrets like what a citizen does that is not criminal in the privacy of their home is none of the government’s business.

The Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights were established because a government was being abusive, first King John then King George III, and this time around is no different.

How the Department of Homeland Security Monitored and Tracked Peaceful “Black Lives Matter” Protests READ MORE

“In fact, as I and many others have stated for years, the primary purpose of the DHS, and well as the other intelligence-industrial complex agencies, is to keep the unwashed masses in line when they wake up to the incredible criminality and theft perpetrated by the status quo. Pointing this out in 2015 isn’t particularly novel, prescient or insightful. It’s just obvious.”

Since 2007: 1.4 Million Manufacturing Jobs Lost; 1.4 Million Waiter/Bartender Jobs Gained

Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 93.8 Million, Participation Rate At 1977 Level

WORLD WAKES UP to WALL STREET Economic TERRORISM: Citadel Account Frozen Amid China Algorithmic Trading Probe

“Citadel Securities, the trading firm started by Ken Griffin, owns one of the 38 accounts frozen by Chinese exchanges as authorities investigate whether algorithmic traders are disrupting the nation’s stock market.”

HIV/AIDS: Unmasking Falsehood, Bringing Truth to Light READ MORE

Man Charged with Jury Tampering for Handing out Flyers on Jury Nullification; So How Will the DA Keep the Jury from Finding out about It?

“The system is so corrupt and ridiculous, it’s eating itself alive.”

CONVICTED: Trader (Tom Hayes) Gets 14 Years For Libor Rate-Rigging

[Ed. Note: Low level foot soldiers will take the fall for multi trillion dollar collusion between multiple international too-big-too-jail bankers.]

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne announces new financial technology innovations

Fed Reporter Pedro Da Costa Is Leaving The Wall Street Journal After Asking Yellen “Uncomfortable” Questions

Laura Poitras sues DHS et al. for records of her airport detentions and searches READ MORE

“In 2006, Ms. Julia Shearson, Executive Director of the Cleveland Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), filed suit pro se against the DHS under the Privacy Act, seeking disclosure of records about why she was detained at gunpoint at the US-Canada border and falsely labeled as a terrorist in government blacklists.”

“In 2008, Ms. Sophie In ‘t Veld, a Member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands, also represented by EFF, sued the DHS under FOIA for records about her travel from the DHS “Automated Targeting System” (ATS).”

“In 2010, Mr. Edward Hasbrouck, an award-winning travel journalist and a consultant to the Identity Project, represented by our parent organization the First Amendment Project, sued the DHS under both the Privacy Act and FOIA

“In 2011, Mr. David House, a computer programmer associated with the Chelsea Manning (then Bradley Manning) Support Network, represented by the ACLU of Massachusetts, sued the DHS for wrongly searching and seizing Mr. House’s electronic devices and data”

“In 2013, Messrs. C.J. Chivers and Mac William Bishop, two reporters for the New York Times represented by the Times’ in-house legal department, sued the DHS under both FOIA and the Privacy Act for records about why the two journalists were targeted for unusually intrusive searches and interrogations at airports”

All 5 are bulls**t.

The Wall Street Titanic and You READ MORE

Ron Paul Nails Gen. Wesley Clark: Is He Kidding, Internment Camps?

“Last week, Retired General Wesley Clark, who was NATO commander during the US bombing of Serbia, proposed that “disloyal Americans” be sent to internment camps for the “duration of the conflict.” Discussing the recent military base shootings in Chattanooga, TN, in which five US service members were killed, Clark recalled the internment of American citizens during World War II who were merely suspected of having Nazi sympathies. He said: “back then we didn’t say ‘that was freedom of speech,’ we put him in a camp.””

Former Merck Employee Targeted After Speaking out Against Forced Vaccinations

CDC Scientist: ‘We Scheduled Meeting to Destroy Vaccine-Autism Study Documents’ READ MORE

Is The U.S. Medical Mafia Murdering Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA? READ MORE

Open letter to Australian PM Tony Abbott: the MMR vaccine

“US Congressman Bill Posey, speaking on the House floor (July 29), read a statement from a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The scientist’s name is William Thompson, and he is a whistleblower.”

“In 2004, Thompson and several other CDC scientists authored a study on the MMR vaccine and its potential connection to autism. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics. The MMR vaccine is mandated for children in Australia, as you know, Tony.”

“The CDC study claimed there was no sign that the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine was dangerous.”

Progression of the Police State Spanish Style: €300 Euro Fine for Calling Police Officer “Mate”; Law of Simmering Pots Read READ MORE

“Today a man was fined €300 for calling a police officer “mate” in the presence of others. The actual word in Spanish that resulted in the fine was “colega“.”

Dead doctors, dead patients and corporate bullying: How FDA is the new Murder Inc

5 Foods That Destroy Your Immune System

Meet the Top Politicians being Paid to Make GMO Labeling Illegal

MUST WATCH: The FRIGHTENING Overt & Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan, A Vaccine Whistleblower

““The intimidation Brandy Vaughan has suffered is quite disturbing and makes you wonder just how far some will go to intimidate, neutralize or discredit those who dare to speak the truth.””

FASCIST MADNESS: HPV Vaccine ‘Mandated’ for All Rhode Island Middle School Students

[Ed. Note: THIS is absolute fascist madness. If you do not understand the dangers, such as sudden death, associated with the HPV vaccine, you ought to wise up immediately. If you live in Rhode Island and you are going to be FORCED to give this “vaccine” to your child, you should MOVE.]

Profit over Safety – Centers for Disease Control Names 271 New Vaccinations

Scientists Warn New Supercharged GMOs Could Be Turned into a Bioweapon READ MORE

Video Games, Predictive Programming, and the 21st Century Skinner Box

“Perhaps the most encouraging development in fostering freedom in our modern era is the rise of effective “counter-propaganda” to the machinations of Globalism, the likes of which have (arguably) not been circulated so widely since the pamphleteers of the 16th and 17th Centuries. The digital era has brought rise to propaganda and psychological warfare’s perfect foil: The alternative media’s adoption of open source intelligence analysis.”

Open source investigations abound on virtually every subject of Deep Political significance today; and, as a result, propaganda can be deconstructed by anyone with an Internet connection. Didn’t know that Ben Affleck was a CIA agent whose handler is Chase Brandon? That information is available to you. Interested in the weaponization of novels, or CDC and Defense Department “assistance” given to big-budget Hollywood disaster flicks? Just point and click.”

Cop Draws Gun on Man for Filming: “You Some Kind of Constitutionalist Crazy Guy?”

“The APB has been put out. So-called constitutionalists, sovereign citizens, patriots and anyone else lumped into the ‘dissident’ category are under watch and preemptive suspicion. Even speaking back or mouthing off shows the kind of anti-authoritarian spirit that is being targeted.”

“Luckily, there was no real action. But the entire incident is a bad charade in an already overblown drama about police abuses of all kinds that have claimed lives, ruined families and trampled rights.”

Showdown: State Reps Rally to Stop VA-Ordered Gun Confiscation of Vietnam Vet

George Soros’ Media Matters Attacks Mark Dice – Liberal Tax Exempt Foundation Targets Media Analyst

Getting the AAA flak because he is right over the target.

False Flag Botched As Four Men Caught Smuggling Uranium In Ukraine

The MH17 Pilot’s Corpse: More on the Cover-Up

There is officially no difference between jeb and Hillary whose biggest donors are the same

DISCLOSURE: New NASA Picture of Crab-Like Object Raises MANY Questions

‘People Are Just Too Stupid to Use Bitcoin Right Now’ (Op-Ed) READ MORE

“Sure, this statement is crass and may sound like the premise of a bad joke, but after giving it some thought, I recognized an iota of truth: the public is ignorant of the other advantages offered by a trustless, decentralized, peer-to-peer system of payment because they do not grasp the inherent flaws of the current financial system and, more importantly, how money is created.”

What is the alternative media?

“On July 7, 2015, James Corbett was asked to present to a course on alternative media in the International Relations department of Japan’s prestigious Ritsumeikan University. The lecture covers how James came to start The Corbett Report, the technology that has enabled the alternative media revolution, and the promises and perils of that revolution.”

Putin Is Right: The National Endowment For Democracy Is The CIA’s Trojan Horse

Did Planned Parenthood Just “Hack” Its Own Website As A Publicity Stunt

If Varoufakis Is Charged With Treason, Then Dijsselbloem Should Be As Well

Police Brutality Exposed Through “Lens of Video”; Cincinnati Prosecutor “When I indict a murderer, I don’t pull punches”

Officer Tensing Pleads Not Guilty in ‘Asinine’ Cincinnati Motorist Shooting; Bail Set at $1M

Shadow of Truth Market Update: Another Nail Is Pounded Into The Dollar’s Coffin

REALIST NEWS – Fake Terror Letters being sent to military wives in UK

Canada is a Tinpot Dictatorship

What western nation is not becoming a tinpot dictatorship ?

NATO-Backed ‘Militia Court’ in Libya Sentences Gaddafi’s Son and 8 Others to Death

The trial was conducted in Tripoli by an unrecognized Islamist government that came to power after forcing a rival government out of the Libyan capital. The trial lasted just two days and can hardly be called fair, lawyer John Jones, who was involved in defending Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, told RT a day before the ruling.”

David Cay Johnston: You Can Only Push People So Far (crony capitalism – american style) READ MORE

““For decades the American financial system was stable and safe. But then something changed. The financial industry turned it’s back on society, corrupted our political system and plunged the world economy into crisis. At enormous cost, we’ve avoided disaster and are recovering.”

6m Removing counter forces – weakening unions.

7m50s Removing counter forces – weakening government.

9m20s Removing counter forces – co-opting government.

11m20s “They have separated reward from responsibility.”

America Was Founded in Liberty, But Now Mired In Tyranny

Three RTs in One… “Senate votes to ban waterboarding”, “Senate threatens to down… Secret surveillance flights”, & “Bush-era officials can be sued”

Jim Dean VT 6-18-15… “Ramsey Clark leads lawsuit against US Iraq War Officials”

Benjamin Fulford 6-22-15… “Bush, Rothschild prosecutions, new disclosures, Greece, all signs of accelerating cabal take down”

RT 6-17-15… “Bioengineers invent engine powered by water vapor, artificial muscles”

“Full ET disclosure plan involves document dumps & whistleblowers coming forward”

“Mission to Mars: Disinformation to Hide Secret Mining of Red Planet”

What America Would Be Like Without the Federal Reserve READ MORE

Four Boys in South Carolina Medically Kidnapped When Parents Ask for Second Opinion READ MORE

Arizona Mother Loses 5 Children Over Incident Family Doctor Calls an Accident READ MORE

Why Do So Many Working Age Americans Choose Not To Enter The Workforce?

China, the Rothschild Fix, and the “New World Currency”

Pentagon Employing Top Scientists to Improve US Propaganda Machine

I have to laugh at these guys.

Bitcoin growing 25% faster than the internet in its early years

Expert: Bitcoin could replace dollar within 10-15 years

Former White House Advisor: Elimination of ‘Double-Spend’ is Bitcoin’s True Innovation

Bitcoin as Halal Microfinancing for Muslims

Former JPMorgan Exec: Blockchain Technology Can Transform Banking

Blythe Masters: Bitcoin Tech has ‘Gigantic Potential’

Winklevoss twins get closer to launching their bitcoin exchange


Let the Spin Begin, Again:

The Canadian media finally “discovers” the mass graves of Indian children

Public TV broadcasts Republic of Kanata notices to millions

The Birth of a Nation

First Constitutional Convention of the Republic of Kanata to convene in Toronto October 30-November 1, 2015

Canada evades its Genocidal legacy to mask its ongoing crimes

When the Killers conduct the Autopsy, don’t expect the Truth!

An Apology Changes Nothing:

Canada and its Churches must be prosecuted and disestablished for their proven Crimes against Humanity

Naming the Child Killers …

“Doppelganger” drama of a post-Revolutionary Canada will begin production this fall

Why is Canada still lying about how four Indian boys died? A Post-Mortem Study of how a Crime Carries On

Vancouver Observer 6-28-15… “Enbridge dead, LNG delayed by ‘historic’ Supreme Court ruling: Aboriginal leaders”

Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-9-15… “Human Elite Attempt to Negotiate Cessation of SSP Alliance Disclosure in Latest Conference” Link

Jim Dean VT 6-14-15… “Snowden leaks forced British spies pullout from Russia and China”


“An Era of Increasing Knowledge for the People of Planet Earth. A Major Update”

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