212k deaths f/ legal drugs vs 10+ deaths f/ mass shooting / Cancer: $100b pa vs $0 cure / 3-yo “extremist” vs cocaine Lord / Developing Your BS Detectors / CIA funded Libyan coup by al Qaeda



The FDA Is the New “Murder Inc.”



If 10 was the average death toll from the mass shooting events that make gigantic headline news on corporate news media then this would equate to 0.000047% of the annual death toll due to FDA-approved prescription drugs. The drug dead are equally dead so we are being sold an agenda.


REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push


“One of the world’s most lucrative industries, spending on cancer drugs reached an all-time high last year, as it was valued at more than $100 billion. Spending on cancer drugs increased 6.5 percent annually over the past five years and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 8 percent each year through 2018, according to figures provided by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.”

“That’s one profitable industry; however, it could all be completely dismantled by one thing: a cure.”

$100 billion per annum vs $0 cure


Chemotherapy: Another Study Shows that it ‘Just Doesn’t Work’ with QOL during Stage 4 Cancers



North Carolina pushing bill to eliminate free speech, prohibit sharing of nutritional information for sick children


How can this not be in violation of the first amendment right to freedom of speech ?


If Vaccines Don’t Cause Brain Damage, Why is GlaxoSmithKline Paying Out $63 Million to Vaccine Victims?



Vaccines, Mercury & Dirty Money – A Message From Robert Kennedy Jr.



Rhode Island Mandates 7th Graders Get Dangerous HPV Vaccine – Adverse Reactions Hidden from Parents

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/rhode-island-mandates-7th-graders-get-dangerous-hpv-vaccine-adverse-reactions-hidden-from-parents-2/ READ MORE

“The HPV vaccine has become very controversial, particularly outside of the United States, due to the large amount of injuries being attributed to the vaccine, and in some cases, also deaths.”

“Sadly, parents are generally not warned about the serious adverse reactions to the vaccine.”


Connecting the dots on crimes against children: Abortion organ harvesting, forced vaccinations, medical kidnapping and CPS child abuse



Medical Kidnapping is a Terrible Problem in the United Kingdom

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/medical-kidnapping-is-a-terrible-problem-in-the-united-kingdom/ READ MORE

“One case to have hit the headlines recently is the case of Kerry McDougall. In April 2015, Mrs. McDougall, a 22 year-old woman with moderate learning difficulties, gave birth to a third child in Ireland, after having her first two children forcibly removed from her care because social workers believed that she was “too dumb” to be a mother.”

““In 2010 Fife social workers shocked Britain by ruling Kerry, who used to have a cleft palate and has moderate learning difficulties, was unfit to wed or be a mum.”

What comes next ? A question like ‘Is Kerry unfit to live ?’


Devastated Parents of Children Medically Kidnapped in Virginia Fight Back

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/devastated-parents-of-children-medically-kidnapped-in-virginia-fight-back/ READ MORE





On the Unexpected Death of Another Great Holistic Cancer Treatment Pioneer, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez



8 Dead Doctors, 5 Missing. You Wont Believe What They Knew, Who They Encountered And Why They Were Targeted!


“Over the past few years there have been countless reports of dead bankers and scientists, however just this past month eight doctors have been found dead and five have gone missing after run-ins with the Feds. Including a doctors who linked vaccinations as a cause of autism and holistic doctors.”


How Fluoride Damages Pineal Gland Health



Are Pesticides Really in Breast Milk? Monsanto-Study Says No… …But other research finds the opposite is true



REAL FOODS That Destroy Inflammation in Your Brain And Clear Brain Fog



British Bodybuilder Consuming 7-8 Energy Drinks Daily Dies from Liver Cancer


“Rochdale, England resident Dean Wharmby wanted the perfect body. The bodybuilder crammed 10,000 calories a day into his dietary regimen, daily chugged 7-8 energy drinks, and gorged on fatty foods. For a time, he even took steroids to bulk up and build his dreamed-of washboard abs.”

“On Sunday, Wharmby’s health habits finally caught up to him. He died of liver cancer at only 39 years of age. [1] In 2010, doctors found a large tumor on the fitness fanatic’s liver. He took the natural route instead of undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and completely changed his diet. He cut out red meat and sugar, and took a mixture of natural treatments and vitamins to combat the disease, but it was too late.”


3-Year-Old London Child Deemed “Extremist”; Placed In Government Reeducation Program


“Never fear good citizens of Great Britain. While your government actively does everything in its power to protect criminal financial oligarchs and powerful pedophiles, her majesty draws the line at toddler thought crime.”

The fact that this story broke on the same day that chairman of the UK’s Lords Privileges and Conduct Committee, Lord John Sewel, was caught on video snorting cocaine off the breast of a prostitute with a £5 note, is simply priceless. You just can’t make this stuff up.”

Who does cocaine and hookers ? Lord Sewell, deputy speaker of the house of lords, that’s who.


Police are investigating the peer Lord Sewell over allegations of drug-related offences


Deputy speaker of the House of Lords – I am suitably speechless, speechless, speechless.

Should we be thankful this wasn’t also a pedophile scandal ?

However, it would not surprise me if this guy is also a pedophile because our diseased political class is full of them.


Developing Your BS Detectors


“So much deliberate disinformation and crap everywhere.”

“We know that the MSM is totally agenda driven and never tells the whole truth and they even say that they telling you “the story”. So we turn to the alternative media to try and find some truth, but that too has become almost as bad if not worse due to all the paid trolls and disinformation agents purposefully confusing and implanting total fabrications into the system. Where you even have to or should I say “especially” have to be careful. Careful of so called whistle blowers who just happen to confirm the stories of other whistle blowers, meanwhile it is all crap. Distraction and confusion taking up our precious time. Time which they want to control, because it takes time for us to join the dots and figure things out. Keeping us under stress, fear and occupied with as much shit as possible to prevent our awakening and eventual freedom.”


President Jimmy Carter Speaks TRUTH: “The United States is an Oligarchy” with ““UNLIMITED Political BRIBERY”


President Jimmy’s BS detector is in proper working order.


‘Terror’ Watchlists Erasing American Rights: Feds to “Revoke Passports Without Charge or Trial”



Congress Passes Bill In 15 Minutes To Revoke Americans’ Passports Without Due Process


The magna carta and the bill of rights was necessary because governments have routinely abused the authority delegated to them and this illegal bill is just another example of government being abusive.

And so despite the immense harm that the bulls**t ‘terrorist’ ‘no-fly’ list has caused to innocent people without any link to ‘terrorism’, a more harmful piece of bulls**t is being introduced.


Oligarchy In D.C. To Create Insidious New DHS Gov Agency: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)


More bulls**t from D.C.


The DHS & FEMA Plan To Round Up ‘Extremists’ – Sponsored By The US Congress


If no one believes their bulls**t any more then this will just be another piece of toilet paper with a “law” written on it.

If an innocent non-violent sceptical American can be labelled a violent ‘extremist’ then America is becoming more like Nazi Germany.

The real threat toward the American people is from the fascist corporate government.

The phrase ‘believe is a threat to nation’ translates as ‘known to be a critic of the war party’ that is running this fascist corporate government.


Pentagon Employing Top Scientists to Improve US Propaganda Machine


How will polishing the bulls**t help less people spot it for the bulls**t that it is ?


The march toward civil war is rapidly progressing


“The opportunity to remove Obama nearly presented itself in September of 2012 with the murder of Ambassador Chris Stephens. It has been well established and well-documented on the common sense show that Stephens had participated in the overthrow of the Libyan government through funds raised by drug dealing , arms peddling and child sex trafficking. Stephens doubling as a CIA plant was fermenting a regime change in Libya then Syria from funds raised from these nefarious activities.”

CIA drug dealing & child sex trafficking funded Libyan coup by al Qaeda.


Revelations in the Maidan Massacre Trial in Ukraine Go Unreported in the West


“A delayed trial of two Berkut police members in the Maidan Massacre case [1] have produced striking new revelations providing further confirmations of major findings of my Maidan “snipers’ massacre” study about Maidan snipers killing both police and protesters and subsequent cover up and falsification of the official investigation.[2] But these striking revelations have not been reported by the Ukrainian and Western media, even though the trial proceedings were open to the media, were streamed live over the Internet and their recordings were posted on YouTube.”

Someone else has to tell me if the corporate news media is still silent on this because I try not to listen to the whores that are the corporate news media.


“Support MH17 Truth”: OSCE Monitors Identify “Shrapnel and Machine Gun-Like Holes” indicating Shelling. No Evidence of a Missile Attack. Shot Down by a Military Aircraft


The idea that Russia was responsible for the loss of MH17 is more bulls**t.


Fabrication in BBC Panorama “Saving Syria’s Children”: Substitution of “Napalm Bomb” Footage


“The below admission from the BBC that its substitution of Syria footage between two 2014 broadcasts breaches its own Editorial Guidelines on accuracy is a modest victory in the battle to attract scrutiny to the wider charges that one of the reports in question (at least) was largely, if not entirely, fabricated.”

More bulls**t from the BBC.


“Western Central Banks Have Set Us Up; You’ll Hear The Printing Presses From Mars”


The bank for I.S. has said that what the private central banks are doing does not work but it is up to the government to fix the mess.

The conclusion is that the non-federal non-reserve has been bulls**ting the American people since perhaps as long ago as 1913.


Banks Squirm As Congress Moves To Cut The 6% Dividend Paid To Them By The Fed


Any congress person who votes in favour of this bill the criminal elite will mostly likely have them or their family meet with unfortunate accidents.


Donald Trump to Anderson Cooper: “The People Don’t Trust YOU, and the People Don’t Trust the Media”




http://www.brotherjohnf.com/shocker-louisiana-shooter-was-on-psychotropic-drugs-was-denied-a-handgun-permit/ READ MORE


Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation



Greek Capital Controls To Remain For Months As Germany Pushes For Bail-In Of Large Greek Depositors



What’s Really Killing Capitalism


Zombies and cronies stifle the process of growth and wealth creation.


Osama bin Laden Sister, Stepmother Killed In Private Jet Crash


The aeroplane crash is the favoured method of assassination of the criminal elite so these people won’t be telling any story contradicting the official bulls**t..


IBM To Sponsor India’s First Bitcoin Hackathon HackCoin



UK Is Leading The Way To Become A Global Bitcoin Hub



Accenture: Blockchain Has Great Potential, Currency Needs to Go


The currency is the incentive for remote computers to join the network to distributively validate transactions on a consensus basis removing the need for trusted parties without this incentive there won’t be any remote computers joining the network so transactions can only be validated non-distributively thereby restoring the need for trusted parties.



http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/46430 READ MORE


Canada Describes Bitcoin as ‘Special Foreign Property’

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/46429 READ MORE


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