One-off raid of Cypriot depositors in 2013 may happen again to Greeks in 2015 / insufferable TPP/TIPP: Uniting people of world against political class, now meet TISA



Greek Banks Considering 30% Haircut On Deposits Over €8,000: FT


THINK YOUR CA$H IS “SAFE” IN A BANK?? Bank Cuts Insurance on Deposits to £75,000 For 1st Time Since Financial Crisis


This Is Why The Euro Is Finished

“It’s simple, the euro is finished. It won’t survive the unmitigated scandal that Greece has become. Greece is not the victim of its own profligacy, it’s the victim of a structure that makes it possible to unload the losses of the big countries’ failing financial systems onto the shoulders of the smaller. There’s no way Greece could win. The damned lies and liars and statistics that come with all this are merely the cherry on the euro cake. It’s done. Stick a fork in it. The smaller, poorer, countries in the eurozone need to get out while they can, and as fast as they can, or they will find themselves saddled with ever more losses of the richer nations as the euro falls apart. The structure guarantees it.


China state official hints Beijing may bailout Greece


Russia Gets Involved: Tells Europe To Respect The Greek Choice

My respect for president Putin continues to increase.


EU parliament president tells Greece: time for another puppet government

Mr Schulz, f**k off.


Europarliament President Threatens Greeks With Armageddon If They Vote No

Again, Mr Schulz, f**k off.


Nomi Prins: In A World Of Artificial Liquidity – Cash Is King

“The Federal Reserve and US government led policy of injecting liquidity into the US and then into the worldwide financial system has resulted in the issuance of trillions of dollars of debt, recycling it through the largest private banks, and driving rates to 0% — or below. The combined book of debt that the Fed and European Central Bank (ECB) hold is $7 trillion. None of that has gone remotely into fixing the real global economy. Nor have the banks that have ben aided by this cheap money increased lending to the real economy. Instead, they have hoarded their bounty of cash. It’s not so much whether this game can continue for the near future on an international scale. It can. It is. The bigger problem is that central banks have no plan B in the event of a massive liquidity event.”

“The notion of a bail-in, or recourse to people’s deposits, is related to the idea of restricting the movement, or existence, of physical cash. Bail-ins, like any cash limitations, imply that if a bank needs emergency liquidity, your deposits are the place to find it, which has negative repercussion on your own solvency. This is exactly what the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, coupled with the creation of the FDIC sought to avoid – banks confiscating your money at the worst possible times.”


Varoufakis Reveals Europe’s Stunning Denial Of Greek People’s Right To Vote

“We are watching the total collapse of Democracy and the birth of a new era – Economic Totalitarianism from Arrogant people who are totally clueless beyond their own greed for power and money.”


Yanis Reveals EU Denial of Any Right of the People to Vote


Athenian Democracy vs. Neoliberal Gods

One may be tempted to invoke a post-modern Diogenes, the first homeless philosopher, with a lantern, looking for an honest man (in Brussels? Berlin? Frankfurt?) and never finding one. But instead of meeting the greatest celebrity of the day – Alexander the Great — let’s imagine another encounter as our post-mod Diogenes suns himself in an outdoor court in Athens.”

““I am Wolfgang Schauble, the Lord of German finance.””

““I am Diogenes the Cynic.””

““Is there any favor that I may bestow upon you?””

““Yes. Stand out of my light.””


MUST HEAR – A LESSON FOR HUMANITY: The Secret of Iceland’s Economic Miracle: NO BAILOUTS!! JAIL CRIMINAL BANKERS, Let Banks Go Bust

Iceland economic 'miracle'


IMF admits: austerity measures would still leave Greece with unsustainable debt

“Secret documents show creditors’ baseline estimate puts debt at 118% of GDP in 2030, even if it signs up to all tax and spending reforms demanded by troika”

The documents show that the IMF’s baseline estimate – the most likely outcome – is that Greece’s debt would still be 118% of GDP in 2030, even if it signs up to the package of tax and spending reforms demanded. That is well above the 110% the IMF regards as sustainable given Greece’s debt profile, a level set in 2012. The country’s debt level is currently 175% and likely to go higher because of its recent slide back into recession.”



“Our friend Harley Schlanger, Historian and national spokesman for LaRouchePAC is back with us to process the developments in Greece as it defaults on IMF austerity and usury in favor of a future for its people over the criminal international Banksters.”

“Harley notes, “This is the worst case scenario for these Bankers. The reality is there is something new on the horizon. A new financial system outside of the control of what George Herbert Walker Bush called the New World Order. It’s fragile, but it’s coming into existence. And this is what the Banksters fear more than anything else.””

“Harley asks a very important question as we approach what is fondly remembered as “Independence Day” on July 4th: “What will the United States do? Where we are under the same captivity of an austerity driven global Bankster domination. Will the American people recognize that the Greeks should be our allies, the BRICS nations should be our allies? Or will we continue to go along with this London-Wall Street DICTATORSHIP?””


Keiser Report: On the Verge of Despotism (E777)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that Aristotle predicted this day of financial and economic despotism. In the second half, Max interviews Nozomi Hayase about bitcoin and blockchain technologies enabling evolution of the human species which is presently kept enslaved by financial weapons.”


Good On You, Alexis Tsipras (Part 1)

“Late Friday night a solid blow was struck for sound money, free markets and limited government by a most unlikely force. Namely, the hard core statist and crypto-Marxist prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras. He has now set in motion a cascade of disruption that will shake the corrupt status quo to its very foundations.”

“And just in the nick of time, too. After 15 years of rampant money printing, falsification of financial market prices and usurpation of democratic rule, his antagonists—–the ECB, the EU superstate and the IMF—-have become a terminal threat to the very survival of the kind of liberal society of which these values are part and parcel.”


ECB Says “Greek Bank Holiday Now Necessary”


“Spread Bet” Early Market Opening Indications: Stocks Tumble, Europe Crashes


GreeceFire Has Been Ignited

“For months the European institutions have acted on the belief that despite the election of a government in Greece that took as its mandate the cessation of austerity and repudiation of illegally contracted “bailout” debt they could continue to force Greece to accept ever-tighter restrictions in an attempt to “make good” debt that was known to be trash at the time it was contracted.”


Democracy Is Dangerous – It’s Not For Greek Grandmas

“What does she know? Politics should be decided by politicians. Well, and bankers of course.”


Greek Capital Controls Begin: Greek Banks, Stock Market Will Not Open On Monday


Truth is a Crime Against The State — Paul Craig Roberts


Citigroup Just Cornered The “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market

Citi Precious Metals 2_0JPM commodities_1_0


There Will Be a NEW WORLD Monday Morning! — Alasdair Macleod


BTCGreece Founder: Bitcoin Demand Has Risen by 400%




‘300% Increase in Bitcoin Buys’ Across EU as Greece Falls into Arrears


Capital Controls in Greece Trigger Flight to Bitcoins




BNP Paribas: Bitcoin’s a Disruptive Invention ‘Like the Steam or Combustion Engine’


Eight TPP Facts the Whole World Can Get Mad About (Pt. 2) READ MORE




“Here’s what he wrote in his letter to Congress:”

““I am writing to call to your attention a serious, but previously undiscussed constitutional problem with the investor-state-dispute-settlement (“ISDS) provision of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (“TPP”). They would allow foreign investors to challenge laws, regulations, and court decisions of our federal, state, and local governments, not in our court systems, but before three privately appointed arbitrators. Such arbitration tribunals would be empowered to order the United States Government to pay unlimited sums in damages to the foreign investor if the investor could convince two of the arbitrators that the challenge to a governmental action violated any of its substantive rights provided by the TPP.”


ONE: The Constitution vests all judicial power in a supreme court, and inferior courts as the Congress may ordain. (Article III Section 1)”

TWO: The Supreme Court has original or appellate jurisdiction over all cases arising under the Constitution. (Article III Section 2)”

THREE: And the Congress has the power to constitute tribunals INFERIOR to the Supreme Court. (Article I Section 8)”


LEAKED: How the Biggest Banks Are Conspiring to Rip Up Financial Regulations around the World

Bitcoin comes with unbreakable self-regulation so the people can transact in bitcoin and ignore the legacy financial system as it crumbles into dust.


How the TPP is Going to Affect YOU

“The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) has moved one step closer to becoming law in the US after the Senate voted to give Fast Track authority to the President. The TPP however must really be considered as 1 of 3 mega treaties designed to give unprecedented control of the world’s trade to giant multinationals including there Big Pharma and Big Biotech companies. The other 2 parts are the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and the TISA (Trade in Services Agreement); together the TTP, TTIP and TISA form the 3 T-Treaties to cement the corporatocracy as our global ruler. The TTP is focused on 12 countries in the Pacific which contribute 40% of the world’s GDP (US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei) while the TTIP harmonizes trade between the US and the EU. The TISA included the US, EU, Australia and other nations (totaling 24) and aims to privatize the worldwide trade of services such as banking, healthcare and transport.”

Now meet TISA.


‘Blind agreement’ and closed-door deals: Report slams TPP negotiations…The Deal Could “Attack Internet Freedoms


On 9 July 2015, the European Parliament might destroy photography.

Sign the petition


Since 2007 The US Has Lost 1.4 Million Manufacturers, Gained 1.4 Million Waiters And Bartenders


Your PROFOUNDLY CRIMINAL Gov’t: New Pentagon Manual Declares Journalists can be Labeled ‘Enemy Combatants’

“The Pentagon’s new thick book of instructions for waging war the legal way says that terrorists also can be journalists.


They Want To Use ‘Hate Speech Laws’ To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In America (and the rest of the so called free world)


Happy Fourth Of July?

To begin with, the founders created a republic, and all of the founding debate in the late 18th century used the language of the republic from ancient Athens and Greece. And one of the key qualities of the republic was resistance to corruption. Now, they did not define corruption as bribery. They defined corruption as placing special or personal interests ahead of the common good — or today what we would call national interest. And when you apply that standard to politics in America today, we are a massively corrupt republic.  –  Gary Hart, former Senator from Colorado and 1984 Presidential candidate”

“I’m not really sure why we celebrate the 4th of July anymore. What is it exactly that we’re celebrating? The fact that we’ve been stripped of the rights – the Bill of Rights – and the guarantee of those rights – by the most ruthlessly corrupt Government in history? Are we celebrating the fact that the police in this country get away with killing an average of 1 person every 7 hours? Perhaps some of you are cracking a champagne bottle over the fact that the business and political elite running this country are allowed to operate free from any fear whatsoever of violating the legal constraints originally put in place to prevent their unfettererd wanton acts of political rape, financial pillage and unbridled wealth theft.”


My Independence Day Open Letter to Government

“Independence Day in America is indeed a special day. I’m thankful that we still celebrate this day even if government and its mouthpiece media gloss over it because it represents everything opposite of what they are trying to do to humanity now. I’m also thankful that I can still write this open letter and express my gratitude freely.”

“I know that if government has their way all forms of free speech will soon be silenced. I know that freedom is not free and governments never stop reaching for more and more power and control. I absolutely realize the fragile nature of freedom and government control. The pendulum can swing in any direction from one day to another.”


Independence Day, Twice Removed

That like it or not, this is where the democracy was born that allowed for America to become a nation of free people. The same democracy celebrated from sea to shining sea every Fourth of July. And also the same democracy that is under threat, in Greece, in Europe as a whole, and very much in the US too.”


Refusing to renew the charter for the first bank of the United States of America that expired in 1811 and the Anglo-American war of 1812

“Founded in 1791, by the end of its twenty year charter the First Bank of the United States had almost ruined the nation’s economy, while enriching the bankers. Congress refused to renew the charter and signaled their intention to go back to a state issued value based currency on which the people paid no interest at all to any banker. This resulted in a threat from Nathan Mayer Rothschild against the US Government, “Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.” Congress still refused to renew the charter for the First Bank of the United States, whereupon Nathan Mayer Rothschild railed, “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!””


COMER VS Bank of Canada: The TYRANNY of Money Created By PRIVATE Banks


PM: Fight against IS is struggle of our generation

Just as the pyramid financial system starts crashing anew, here come the terrorist attacks.

The banksters who benefit from the pyramid financial system must distract the public with the idea that these terrorists are our enemy when the banksters are our enemy.


The U.S. STAGED (FAKE) Massacres 100 Years Ago…


Multiple False Flag Set Up: “Perfect Storm” on Fourth Feds Warn


State department terrorism report a witches brew of confusion, contradiction, exaggeration and hypocrisy


ANONYMOUS: Pentagon Take Note, We Can Defeat ISIS [Which Was CREATED BY The West] w/o Guns


Speculative terror threats now routine in america




Mandatory vaccination: California is ordering genetic alteration


The CIA: long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated society

“Long ago, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the book that exposed the CIA’s MKULTRA mind-control program. He told me that in 1962, when MKULTRA supposedly ended, the CIA actually transferred the program to its Office of Research and Development, where it went completely dark. A CIA representative told Marks there were a hundred boxes of material on the ‘new’ MKULTRA, and he, Marks, would never see any of it, no matter how many FOIA requests he made.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)”


Why SB 277 will totally backfire on the vaccine industry and uncover the truth about vaccine science fraud

“But readers of Natural News and other intelligent, independent new media publishers are already well aware that most infectious disease outbreaks occur among children who are already vaccinated! The pharma-controlled false narrative that “unvaccinated children are spreading disease” is just a marketing lie designed to convince more parents to pay for more vaccines. In truth, it’s the vaccinated children who are shedding viruses and spreading disease among each other — the kids who have weakened immune systems that have been suppressed by all the toxic chemicals intentionally added to vaccines (mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, etc).”

“In the post-SB 277 era, the fact that vaccines often don’t work will become abundantly obvious. And then the whole world will be able to confirm exactly what Merck virologists have already stated in a federal False Claims Act testimony: that vaccine manufacturers routinely fake their test results in order to continue to receive FDA approval for vaccines that simply don’t work!”


Tim Donnelly Begins Effort to REPEAL California’s MANDATORY Vaccination Bill


Controversial autism vaccine researcher found dead from suspicious gunshot ‘suicide’


Vaccines, Junk Science & The Very Mysterious Death Of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, The Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism


Wave of medical refugees to flee California as SB 277 transforms state into autism capital of America

“Claiming that the legislation is necessary to support “science,” the bill’s supporters are hailing its passage as a boon for public health. But the opposition, many of whom have witnessed first-hand the damage caused by vaccines, are furious about this monumental affront to health freedom. Many parents are pulling their children out of school rather than vaccinating them, and some are even threatening to move out of the state.”

“Autism risk is one of the major concerns surrounding forced vaccinations, and rightfully so as the autism rate has skyrocketed right alongside the ever-expanding government vaccination schedule. Countless parents have had to watch their children’s lives unravel immediately following childhood vaccinations, and rather than have their voices heard and their rights recognized, these same parents are now having to watch as the few remaining vestiges of medical protection are stripped from the books.”


Alternative Health Practitioner’s Death is Third in Past Two Weeks

“On Monday morning, police found the body of Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, 46, at her home in Bonita”


U.S. Jails Lone Vaccine Researcher, While Fraud Remains Epidemic: “Perhaps Half May Simply Be Untrue”

At least this guy wasn’t killed.


Federal judge erases Maui voters, bows to Monsanto


Is Saudi Arabia Leaving The U.S. Behind For Russia?


The Future of the Web Looks a Lot Like Bitcoin




It’s Official: BackPage Forced into Cryptocurrency-Only Business

“The personal ad site Backpage has just had its payment processing terminated by both Visa and Mastercard, following termination by American Express last year. This week, a few phone calls from Chicago-area bureaucrats were enough to get Backpage officially sanctioned by nearly the entire banking establishment.”


SnapCard Announces MassPay, a Cross-Border Payment API


DDT Exposure Linked to 4-Fold Breast Cancer Increase


New Evidence Links Fluoride to Increasing Cases of ADHD


New Scientific Review: ‘No Evidence’ Water Fluoridation Prevents Cavities


DTaP Vaccine Is Causing Whooping Cough Resurgence


Joel Salatin: The Pursuit Of Food Freedom

“The bottom line is our industrial system (or, as Joel puts it, the “fraternity”) seeks to protect itself and its existing revenue streams. Research is commissioned to discredit the claimed benefits of organic farming. FDA nutrition guidelines favor the mono-crops grown by factory farms, despite mounting evidence these guidelines are not in the public health’s interest. ”


With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges “Save A Life – Surrender Your Knife”


A FEMA Camp on Every Block and the Construction of Mass Burial Sites by Jade Helm Personnel

“And it is not just abandoned strip malls that FEMA camps are appearing. Three years ago, Simon Properties, the largest owner of malls in North America signed an agreement with DHS to allow their facilities to be used as detention centers.”


Mother Arrested for Letting 7-Year-Old Play in Park

“The playground was only a few hundred feet away, and could be seen from her front porch.”

Give me a f**king break.


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