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13m25s “HUD is being run as a criminal enterprise.”

Perhaps every unconstitutional agency like the HUD is being run as a criminal enterprise.

15m45s “They are now empowered to run a hidden finance system using organised crime, narcotics trafficking, mortgage fraud and the loot thereof in partnership with the people we were fighting during the wars, so you’ve got the Japanese Yakuzi, the nazis, the different groups.”

25m15s “All the wires run back to the federal reserve, they know where every (laundered) dime is.”

Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 1

Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 2

Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo 4

Zero Point Energy: The Power Source Behind the Secret Space Program — Mark McCandlish

What’s Up Underground? with Richard Dolan

“This week on The Solari Report, I will be speaking with publisher and scholar Richard Dolan about underground bases. Richard and I both spoke at the Secret Space Program last June. Those videos are now freely available and I hope you will access them.

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

“Although France has taken the lead in this inter-governmental effort (see below), the preliminary assault began this past fall with British Prime Minster David Cameron publicly announcing on two separate occasions, that all of these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ (anything which challenges the official orthodoxy) should be deemed as “extremist” and equivalent to “terrorist” and should be purged from society on the grounds of ‘national security’. The first came with Cameron’s warped speech at the UN, and afterwards, a similar charge was made by the UK leader against anyone who dares press the issue of institutional paedophilia and child abuse.

The British PM wants us not press the issue of institutional paedophilia ? I have two words for the PM and the second one is ‘off’.

The oligarchies in Europe have lost the minds of the people because the governments lied about Saddam’s non-existent WMD, lied about Saddam’s troops throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, lied about the Lusitania not carrying military equipment when the Lusitania was carrying military equipment, lies, lies, lies.

With a government that lies, honesty is an act of treason and revolution.

When will we have truthful governments ?

It is because we untruthful governments and untruthful corporate news media that an independent news media has grown up that has now overtaken the untruthful corporate news media.

This is a case of the fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force it to act like one.

Two foreign powers that covertly subverted governments of all nations to their diametrically opposed ideologies was the fictional Babylon 5 story and all hell was let loose: wars and genocide.

We seem to have life imitating fiction since our governments are operating foreign ideologies such as favouring monopoly corporations over free markets and now excusing paedophilia.

For wanting to excuse paedophilia, I have to wonder is British PM Cameron not a human being ?

Seed Sharing is Illegal in Nearly 30% of US States

Monopoly corporations making the people dependent on them for food.

Canada: Outrage boils over as B.C. government plans to sell groundwater for $2.25 per million litres

Drowning in crony capitalism. Staggeringly under-priced. Everything for the monopoly corporations, nothing for the people.

Peak Crony Capitalism: First Citi Writes US Financial Laws, Now Boeing Tells Ex-Im Bank What To Do

“Today’s most under the radar news, just as Citigroup was to Congress, and the swaps push out language, so Boeing, that primary recipients of the generosity of America’s Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank, has been caught red-handed drafting the rules of none other than the Ex-Im bank itself! According to the WSJ: “when the Export-Import Bank sought to respond to critics with tighter rules for aircraft sales, it reached out to a company with a vested interest in the outcome: Boeing Co., the biggest beneficiary of the bank’s assistance.” Or nothing more than a criminal conflict of interest, which, once again, is at the expense of America’s infinite bailout piggybank: it’s taxpayers.

While Clinton Hid Emails, $6 Billion Went Missing in Her State Dept.

Hillary’s State Dept. Forced The Resignation Of An Ambassador For Using Private E-Mail

Hillary Broke The Law With Secret Emails? But What Damn Difference Does It Make?

Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed

NATO Launches “Wide-Scale” War Games Near Russian Border, Creates “Line Of Troops”

NATO is in the midst of conducting large scale military maneuvers along the Russian border in a move Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says encourages “Kiev to pursue a military solution.” Over the course of 10 days, NATO will parade 120 combat vehicles across the region in an effort to prove how quickly the West can confront perceived Russian aggression.

Perceived Russian aggression versus actual neocon aggression.

Just as the financial system is about to implode our governments are preparing to war on the rest of the world – Russia, China, Asia, South America, Africa.

HSBC chief executive says he only put his £5million into secret Swiss bank account at centre of tax avoidance scandal ‘to keep it private from his colleagues’

“Do As I Say, Not As I Do” HSBC’s ‘Reforming’ CEO Sheltered Millions In Swiss Bank Accounts

Banking Giant HSBC ‘A Criminal Organization’

Next time I am walking past a branch of HSBC I will pop in and ask one of the tellers can I open an account like the one their CEO has to avoid his taxes.

Making Me Pay For My Crimes Would Send “Message of Uncertainty to the Markets”: Bank President to Spanish Judge

These guys were criminals back in the 1930s, they have always been criminals going back to biblical times. We apparently never learn from history.

HSBC Documents Show Bank Helped Clients Hide Billions From (Canadian) Tax Man

“British bank HSBC helped hundreds of Canadians hide Swiss accounts from authorities to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes, CBC News has learned.”

George Osborne says HSBC tax evasion prosecutions not his job

Germany Has Had Enough With US Neocons: Berlin “Stunned” At US Desire For War In Ukraine

Ukraine to Spend Last of Its Money on New Arms – German Media

‘Kleptrocrats who run Ukraine economy will grab IMF cash & run’

Confirmed by Kiev: Ukrainian Land Being Transferred to Oligarchs and Seed Companies

“Ukraine’s fertile land is now the property of oligarchs and European businesses.

Top Ukrainian General Admits: Russian Forces Not in His Nation

“Top Ukrainian General Viktor Muzhenko admitted on Ukrainian television that the Ukrainian army is not fighting Russian troops in Ukraine, thereby proving that the reason given by the Obama administration for imposing sanctions against Russia is a complete lie.”

Ukraine Lies Are Iraq Lies All over Again

BEX ALERT – In Midst of War, Ukraine Becomes Gateway for Jihad

“And I did tell you this piece of propaganda was going to happen sooner or later.”

E. Ukraine artillery withdrawal focus of FMs meeting – as Poroshenko buys UAE weapons

Wikileak Cables: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Washington’s Pocket Since 2006

Poroshenko is not working for the Ukrainian people but for the criminal cabal in Washington DC.

Ukraine: Emergency Measures to Build Totalitarian State

How much of this s**t will the Ukrainian people tolerate ?

NWO Genocide in Ukraine: Victims Pleading for Help

“In February 2015, millions of peaceful people are living in hell in eastern Ukraine while the national government starves, freezes and murders them because it benefits the New World Order. The Kiev government and United Nations investigators have been hiding reports of genocide, claiming that between April 2014 and February 4, 2015 the overall death toll in the bloody civil war in Ukraine stands at 5,358.”

Dailykos’s Cover-Up of Obama’s Ukrainian Atrocities

“Generally speaking, the falsely-called ‘liberal’ (some even call it ‘progressive’) website dailykos (founded and owned by the ‘formerly’ far-right Markos Moulitsas Zuniga) has ignored President Barack Obama’s coup a year ago in Ukraine, which violently overthrew that country’s unpopular but democratically elected President and replaced him with a racist-fascist (i.e., ideologically nazi) anti-Russian regime. It’s a regime that quickly set to work on a euphemistically called ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ in its far-eastern region Donbass, where the voters had voted 90% for the very same man whom Obama’s State Department and CIA had just overthrown — an ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ that kills its ‘Terrorists’ (i.e., the residents there) en-masse by firebombing, cluster-bombing, and shelling, the cities, towns, and villages, throughout the region.”

British Foreign Office Wants UK Journalist Graham Phillips out of Donbass

Could it be that Graham Phillips is providing truthful coverage of the Ukrainian war ?

Savings of Ukrainian Jewish refugees from Donetsk stolen in Kiev

“According to a letter obtained by the Ukrainian Jewish website, Pinchas Vishedski, Donetsk’s rabbi, accused the SBU, the Ukrainian Security Service, of stealing the funds.”

The thieves that have been given government office in Kiev.

82% of viewers LITHUANIAN TV “RUSSIA telling the truth” (Feb 23)

Jack Straw to take job for firm he lobbied for in Commons

“Jack Straw is to take a job with a firm which won a £75 million government contract after he lobbied a minister on its behalf, The Telegraph can disclose.”

Would it be unkind to whores to call Jack Straw a whore ?

The Kazakh despot who bought Blair for £16million (and Cherie for £320k): How ex-PM sold himself to a ‘virtual gangster’ linked to torture, money laundering, bribery and murder

Most of the British people know that Tony Blair is a P.O.S.

What deflation? Cost of buying UK politicians up 80% in 5 yrs.

OLIGARCHY: Top British Politicians Offer Influence For Cash

“The very fabric of British political society is being torn into pieces with an apparently never-ending stream of scandals.”

more than 60 percent of Germans believe there is no genuine democracy in their country because industry has too much political influence

When The World’s Reserve Currency Flash Crashed: “I Haven’t Seen Anything Like It Since The Financial Crisis’

So to summarize:

  1. the stock market flash crash of May 6, 2010
  2. the Treasury bond flash crash of October 15, 2014
  3. and now the US Dollar flash crash of March 18, 2015

Another Media Psyop? The Ancient Statues ISIS Supposedly Destroyed Were All FAKE

There our governments go again with their lies.

ISIS militants raze Iraq’s ancient Hatra city

A lot of people are probably wondering why ISIS, in the middle of war, is wasting time, money, and explosives demolishing ancient archaeological ruins.”

Have people forgotten that American troops, during the 2003 invasion, rushed to guard oil resources but not museums which were subsequently looted ?

Iraq Arrests ISIL’s US, Israeli Military Advisors in Mosul

The Iraqi forces said they have retrieved four foreign passports, including those that belonged to American and Israeli nationals and one that belonged to the national of a Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) member-state, from ISIL’s military advisors.”

CONFIRMATION – American and Israeli military advisors were arrested while aiding Islamic State terrorists in Iraq.

Peak Idiocy – Obama Suggests Making Voting Mandatory

Vote for the non-oligarch puppet candidate. Oh wait, there are all of oligarch puppets. Then vote for the none-of-the-f**king-above (NOTFA) candidate.

Young (UK) voters shunning major political parties as 70% say they wouldn’t vote for any of them

There is hope for the people after all.

The problem with politics is that the politicians have all been bought by special interests and are incapable of serving the people.

SGT – Paradise stolen – the myth of overpopulation

What this world is overpopulated with some oligarchs who want the rest of humanity to live in poverty. I say ‘some’ because any oligarchs that are good should be calling out the bad oligarchs.

(Female) Iranian VP: CIA Behind Islamic State

“In America we value our independence from the government, not our dependence on it” — @ScottWalker

Add monopoly corporations into the sentence.

Are Conspiracy Theorists Nuts?

“The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories.”

“But those were the bad old days …Things have now changed.”

“The CIA Coined the Term Conspiracy Theorist In 1967”

Nothing has changed between now and the ‘old days’.

Finally! The US is busting Israeli banks

So, from 1989 to 2015, the US Government knew that Bank Leumi was helping American Jews avoid taxes, AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!”

Paid By Monsanto

“I want food that Grandma ate. How hard is that to understand? I don’t want it chemically lobotomized and coated with poison. I don’t want it genetically spliced to become something between a salamander and a tomato. I don’t want it radiated and mutated. I don’t want a virus inserted in its DNA.

Best anti-GMO/Pro Organic commercial ever

Trapped in Israel

“Hana is in a really difficult position now. It is not known how much we can do without pressuring the authorities at the highest level. We not only want to help Hana, but she is also learning about all the other mums and dads in Israel who cannot afford help to save their children. We have opened a fundraising campaign here. Children need their parents.

Another media blackout.

Born in Israel, property of the government.

Amid Media Blackout, Lawsuit Challenges Banker Rule

“A landmark Canadian federal appellate-court ruling could conceivably lead to the cancellation of Canada’s debt-based money system, and its repercussions are expected to be felt by central banks around the world.

New evidence uncovered suggests that a dangerous hacking collective is actually the National Security Agency

Medically kidnapped teen and family escape Canada: speak out on abuses

Read this story and then tell me if you think Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia was this evil.

US citizens 55 times more likely to be killed by police than terrorists

When a government militarises the police then the people in general will become the enemy of the government.

What happens when the police become terrorists

“This weekend as folks commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Marches in Selma and in particular Bloody Sunday, what should not be forgotten is that at the core of these events was police terrorism… From the moment organizations like SNCC and 2 years later when Martin Luther King and his organization SCLC came on the scene to register folks to vote, police and their terroristic actions were the big obstacles to overcome.

CHP Investigation Finds Officer Aiming Weapon at Protest Within Policy

NYPD Says Innocent, Unarmed People Shot By Cops Are ‘Walking Into Police Bullets’

Yes, because a person can move faster than a pedantically slow bullet.

By Demanding Encryption Backdoors, US Government Is Undermining Global Freedom & Security

Cyber criminals will find all of NSAs backdoors.

Policy on citizens filming police being considered

“The draft policy notes that citizens “have an unambiguous First Amendment right to record officers in public places, as long as their actions do not interfere with the officer’s duties or the safety of officers or others. Officers should assume that they are being recorded at all times when on duty in a public space.”

If the police are doing nothing wrong while discharging their public duties, they should have nothing to fear or to hide.

Deutsche & Santander Fail ‘Stress Tests’ – Risk of Bail-Ins

The Government Is Getting Ready For Widespread Banking Failures, Are You? The Federal Reserve And The Bank Of England Have Already Rehearsed The Theft Of Your Bank Account

More than 1,000 quizzed already in sex abuse allegations: Detectives raid homes of Leon Brittan and ex-head of the Army

Scotland Yard Chief Wants CCTV Cameras in EVERY Home

How about investigating all the paedophile politicians ?

SHOCKING! Thatcher Didnt Turn Blind Eye To Pedophile Politicians, SHE PROMOTED THEM!

In Great Britain, Powerful Pedophiles Are Seemingly Everywhere and Totally Above the Law

Cabinet office in child abuse cover-up: MoS beats attempt by No10 to gag VIP file that shows Thatcher knew about paedophile MP Cyril Smith-

The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC: Savile whistleblowers see careers nosedive

“Nobody from John Humphrys in the morning to Evan Davis at night dares mention a scandal at the BBC. It undermines their reporting of every abuse whistleblowers reveal. It reinforces the dirty common sense of British life that you must keep your head down if you want to keep your job.

F**k keeping your head down when little children are being sexually abused.

British Police Roll Out New ‘Precrime’ Software to Catch Would-Be Criminals

“Below, we can see how enthusiastic US, European and British police forces are about allowing the computer think for them. It’s more than a little disturbing, but sadly, this is where modern policing is headed. Remember the USA’s notorious anti-terror “No Fly List”? Yes, that’s right – the one which grew from a few thousand in 2002, to a monster list containing roughly 1.5 million names of US citizens in a few short years. According to security agencies, if you are on the list this means that, according to the computer, you pose a public “security risk” and therefore should be denied access to air travel. It’s preposterous, but that did not stop them from using for all sorts of political purposes including harassing journalists. If today’s technocrats have their way – advanced A.I (artificial intelligence) computers and software will be both compiling AND administrating those lists.

CNBC talking about $7T Debt time bomb

What about the $1,000T derivative debt time bomb ?

BBC Handed Explosive Evidence of Biggest Political Corruption Scandal In British History


“Legislators in the U.S. state of Virginia voted Thursday to allow compensation for victims of forced sterilization, though few survivors are alive today. “I think it’s a recognition when we do something wrong we need to fix it as a government,” said Democrat delegate Patrick Hope. “Now we can close this final chapter and healing can begin.””

Governments do get things wrong.

Marijuana is ‘significantly’ SAFER than thought: Cannabis is 114 times LESS deadly than alcohol, claims study

Documentary: The History of Cannabis and the Truth Behind Its Prohibition

There’s a reason cannabis is illegal and no, it isn’t because you might “get high” off of it. Cannabis is a huge threat to many mega industries, everything from Big Ag to Big Pharma to Big Oil, right on to the fake economy that’s been built around the “war on drugs” and the ever-burgeoning prison-industrial complex.”

This film about cannabis, True History of Marijuana, discusses the incredible number of uses for this amazing plant.”

Flu deaths keep mounting in people vaccinated against the flu

The vaccine witch hunt is on: Arizona doctor under investigation for not conforming

“Free speech seems to be on its deathbed in the United States of Censorship, where blind conformity is now the only accepted form of expression. One of the few brave voices of honesty and reason amidst the current measles hysteria, Dr. Jack Wolfson, is reportedly under investigation by the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners after he vocalized opposition to vaccines on national television.”

If vaccines work so well, then why does the science have to be FAKED?

Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia

“But as physicians, we have very little good information to go on. Even our most prestigious journals publish research based on falsified studies, according to Charles Seife, a journalism professor whose class spent a semester trying to figure out why the data don’t get corrected once research fraud comes to light. “As a result,” Seife writes, “nobody ever finds out which data is bogus, which experiments are tainted, and which drugs might be on the market under false pretenses.””

Dr. Andrew Wakefield reveals shocking news about MMR vaccine in the Vaccine World Summit audio series available now

“If you’ve never heard Dr. Wakefield tell the story about his widely cited work (which the mainstream media untruthfully claims was discredited) in his own words, then this interview is a must-listen, especially if you’re on the fence about MMR. Dr. Wakefield’s altruistic work on behalf of child safety was just that — an honest, science-based effort to find truth.

U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism

“Presiding Judge Nicola Di Leo considered another piece of damning evidence: a 1271-page confidential GlaxoSmithKline report (now available on the Internet). This industry document provided ample evidence of adverse events from the vaccine, including five known cases of autism resulting from the vaccine’s administration during its clinical trials

Aluminum is Toxic to All Life Forms: So Why is it Used in Vaccines? READ MORE

Gov’t Admits Vaccine Cause Brain Damage

WHO Puts Kenyan Tetanus Vaccine Under Police Guard to Avoid Testing

This tells me that it is a weapon.

Are fluoride levels in drinking water associated with hypothyroidism prevalence in England? A large observational study of GP practice data and fluoride levels in drinking water

Thank Donald Rumsfeld for Aspartame in our food

March 2015 Settlements in Vaccine Court: 117 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Big Pharma Giant Guilty of Selling Tainted Children’s Tylenol – Knowingly Read More

One Man Holds a PATENT That Could Crush MONSANTO and Change The World

Like this patent of Paul Stamet’s. Paul has figured out how to use mother nature’s own creations to keep insects from destroying crops. It is what’s being called SMART pesticides. These biopesticides provide a safe & nearly permanent solution for controlling over 200,000 species of insects, and it is all thanks to the ‘magic’ of mushrooms.”

FDA “Corruption” Letter Authenticated: Lawyers, Start Your Engines!

Truth is treason in an empire of lies. Slowly but surely, all the lies and easy money propaganda is falling apart.

Former FBI assistant director: to keep budgets high, we must ‘Keep Fear Alive’

All In The Family: Tamerlan’s Uncle Ruslan Married to Daughter of Top CIA Official

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 3

“This lack of structural integrity and stability is hidden from the general public quite deliberately by way of central bank money creation that enables government debt spending, which is counted toward GDP despite the fact that it is NOT true production (debt creation is a negation of true production and historically results in a degradation of the overall economy as well as monetary buying power, rather than progress). Government debt spending also disguises the real state of poverty within a system through welfare and entitlements. The U.S. poverty level is at record highs, hitting previous records set 50 years ago during Lyndon Johnson’s administration. The record-breaking rise in poverty has also occurred despite 50 years of the so called “war on poverty,” a shift toward American socialism that was a continuation of the policies launched by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’.

Testers Monitor Student Social Media: First Rule of Common Core, Don’t Talk About Common Core

Our DISTORTED FASCIST Economic Reality

Tax Official Dies in Office, Co-Workers Don’t Notice for Two Days

I imagine no one talks at all in these tax offices.

Didi you know…. Just months before 9/11, the world trade center’s lease was privatized and sold to Larry Silverstein. Silverstein took out an insurance plan that ‘fortuitously’ covered terrorism.

Ecuador Alerts Public to CIA Actions Across the Continent

“The Foreign Ministry is backing a new book outlining CIA actions in Ecuador to raise public awareness of interventions committed by the organization.

WTF? DNA Says He Ain’t The Father Judge Makes Him Pay Anyway

The Constitution does not permit ANYTHING to be “stamped top secret” and kept from the PEOPLE.

NATO & the IMF Just Suffered a Disastrous Military Defeat

“There’s no denying it: the IMF is the world’s foremost predatory lender. Every “loan” is a complete surrender of sovereignty in disguise, as attached to all that new-found digital credit, are bankster talons that lock into a nation’s soil, its resources, its inhabitants, its dignity, even its very national spirit.

Dark Legacy: GHW Bush’s Role in the Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

“A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. You must see it to believe that former president George Herbert Walker Bush was connected to the assassination of JFK. Once you see this documentary though there should be no doubt in your mind that it’s true. The evidence is overwhelming and as the author of this documentary, John Hankey says, “If we could present this evidence to a jury in Texas, he would pay with his life”.

U.S. declares Venezuela a threat, sanctions top officials–sector.html

Obama Declares “Oil Rich” Venezuela A Threat To U.S. National Security

Are you kidding me, Mr President ?

Venezuela’s Maduro Mocks Obama

Officers suing after they were fired for not writing tickets; it is time to dispel the myth that cops exist to stop crime. They are the armed enforcers of the state

FATCA is the Most Destructive Law Perhaps in History – “soft fascism”. The US taxation on worldwide income violates Human Rights for it rejects that Americans are free & can live where they choose…

Keiser Report: War on terror – self-leaking ice cream cone

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the business model of the war on terror in which the droning of wedding parties is nothing personal just business. Same goes for de-dollarization as China builds an alternative to SWIFT – nothing personal, just business. In the second half, Max interviews former CIA agent and open source advocate, Robert David Steele, about false flags and moral hazard.

Martin Armstrong Asks: “Rothschilds – Fact or Disinformation to Protect the Guilty?” Read More

Within the anti-establishment world in which I proudly reside, many people look for simplistic narratives. Ironically, these narratives are often as silly and narrow-minded as those who pledge allegiance to the fraudulent Republican or Democratic parties. For some, it’s the Jews. If you don’t think the Jews run the world and are the root of all evil, you must be a CIA shill or “working for them.” For others, it’s the Arabs or Muslims, and so on and so forth. Another bizarre obsession is this notion that a small group of families hiding in the shadows hold all the real money and power on earth, and that these are the ones actually ordering the billionaires around. The family most often named as the kingpins of this pyramid are the Rothschilds.”

An Oligarch Dilemma – Recent Poll Shows 42% of Republican Primary Voters Couldn’t Support Jeb Bush READ MORE

5 Books the Secret Government Hopes You’ll Never Read READ MORE

4. The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World

From his insider position, Prouty shows how former CIA head Allen W. Dulles and his allies lobbied for the National Security Act and the creation of the CIA itself, then transformed the agency from a restrained intelligence-gathering operation into an unleashed, unaccountable paragovernment entity that carried out countless coups, assassinations, and black ops both foreign and domestic.

Retired Arizona Judge Reveals Corruption in Legal System READ MORE

“An excerpt from the book has been published and copied in many places on the Internet today, reprinted in accordance with the “fair use” provision of Title 17 U.S.C. § 107. It is an amazing expose on just how corrupt the American Judicial System is today, and it perhaps gives us a better understanding on how so many judges in family or juvenile courts across the United States are able to successfully remove children from the custody of their parents in medical kidnapping cases.”



“Think of it as a knock-off of the Bitcoin Blockchain, only to service the central banking system and those who have become beholden to it. Bitcoin technology creates a better mouse trap, and the central bankers discuss with IBM “How do we make our funny money currency work like that?””

RED ALERT – IBM Moves to Create a Centralized, Central Bank Controlled Blockchain for Currency Control

“Do you want a decentralized, dynamic, free market system controlled by no one, or do you want a centralized, banker controlled, closed and potentially totalitarian currency system? The real battle has now begun.

Bitcoin is being used by African migrant workers to send money home READ MORE

“It’s also cheaper: that 3 per cent fee contrasts sharply with an average 12.3 per cent paid to money transmitters by Africans living abroad, according to figures by the Overseas Development Institute. The ODI said that total annual fees to money transmitters amount to $1.4 billion.

MAR 9 DIGEST: uTorrent pulls Litecoin miner, 10,000 Spanish ATMs accept Bitcoin READ MORE

“Following a partnership between BTCPoint and national Spanish bank Banc Sabadell, Spanish Bitcoin users will now be able to use 10,000 ATMs to withdraw BTC into Euros. The service works by the user sending BTC funds to a central account in return for a pin code to enter on the terminal, meaning they won’t require a bank card or account.

Wow, wow, wow – won’t require a bank account – wow, wow, wow.

Bitcoin 101 – A Million Killer Apps – Part 2 – Blockchains & A Global Shared History

“History has always been written by the victors. But beginning in 2009, this limitation has been disrupted. Designed to be electronic cash, Bitcoin has proved to be so much more. In this video we focus on re-thinking the blockchain, and understanding why this technology can prove to be revolutionary for how humanity records, remembers and keeps track of itself. Indeed by providing an immutable and transparent database, open to anyone, blockchain technology is destined to disrupt deeds, journalism, scientific publications, patents, artistic rights, and history itself. This is much more than a public ledger or proof of publication, this is a global shared history.

19m45s The world’s first permanent and public memory.


Whenever I need a laugh, I read a mainstream publication’s assessment of Bitcoin, from the outside looking in. Many are merely mouthpieces, printed microphones for the current ruling global elite. They tell the masses what to believe, give them ten percent of the story, from the current ruler’s purview, and then call it a day. Television, print media, cable, it’s all the same. And that’s why ad revenue, viewership, and circulations are dropping in mainstream media worldwide. The smart investment for your media time is online, alternative media, like CCN, for example. Things here will definitely be pro-Bitcoin, but at least you get the other side of the story. Which brings me to the UK’s legendary Financial Times.

Block Verify Turns Bitcoin Into a Life-saving Technology READ MORE

“Improving anti-counterfeit measures can only be achieved by using a decentralized, scalable and tamper-proof solution. Block Verify will make use of a private blockchain, a highly scalable transparent protocol, in order to assign every manufactured product as an asset. All of these assets will then be added to this blockchain and assigned a unique identification number [called “hash”].

F**king genius.

De-Dollarization Encircles The Globe: China Completes SWIFT Alternative, May Launch As Soon As September

These guys should try bitcoin.

Man in Switzerland arrested for “insulting a foreign government”

City of Cleveland: 12-year-old Tamir Rice caused his own death by failing to ‘avoid injury’

“The incident was captured on video, but neither Officer Loehmann nor his partner knew that when they gave investigators their initial statements, in which they claimed that Rice was with a group of young boys and was waving the gun around with the intention of shooting someone.

The Good, the Bad and the Preposterous – The Metamorphosis of Vladimir Putin

“Suddenly last summer, Vladimir Putin, formerly once a decent enough Russian leader (with a few unsettling quirks), turned into a malevolent, almost demonic, force.

Do they think people did not notice the switch ?

Two thirds of Britain’s laws ‘made or influenced by EU’

Every nation of Europe needs to leave the European Union.

MIT States That Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto

Thousands of Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside of Underground Bunkers In America


Senior counter-terrorism official: ‘Women may not be allowed to leave London, terror to blame; passports can be revoked’

The reason we have the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from this kind of monarchical overreach disarming citizens.

Food Network Airs Monsanto Advertisement

Maybe the Food Network should change their name to the Poison Café – after all, they are helping Monsanto with their PR campaign by airing commercials with the same message as their Prop 37 No to GMO Labeling Campaign. The same Monsanto ads appear in their magazine. Its time to unsubscribe from a Network that tries to sell GE seed and glyphosate through slick ads from one of the most hated companies in the world.”

Obama wins back the right to indefinitely detain under NDAA

41-minute video: History, meaning, and purpose of the 2nd Amendment: NEVER disarm to government

DHS: ‘Violence stemming from sovereign citizen extremist ideology to ramp-up in 2015?

False flagging their way into a civil war with the American people.

The most powerful Democrat in Congress could be unseated for the first time in nearly 3 decades

This is what I call progress.

Only 20-30% EU Food Exporters Will Be Allowed Back into Russia after Food Ban Is Lifted

Brent Bozell: The use of IRS, FEC And FCC To End Free Speech

There Are Several Chicago Style FEMA Camps in Every State

Trace Amounts: The Documentary The CDC Doesn’t Want You To See

“During the past two decades, the diagnosis of autism occurring in children has risen dramatically from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68 and our scientific community is no closer to determining a cause. But one thing they automatically do is emphatically deny a possible link between autism cases and something found in our vaccines.

I Am Spartacus

“Like Spartacus, the Chinese author of this letter has an indomitable spirit which yearns for freedom. In her letter, this Chinese freedom lover proclaims to have come Unit 8, Department 2 of the Masanijia Labor Camp in Shnyang, China. The letter was mostly written mostly in English. One very disturbing quote in the letter read “Sir, if you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization. Thousands people here who are under the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank you and remember you forever.” Further, the author of the letter described 15 hour work days, no days off and payment of only a $1.61 per month. It also described the 1-3 year average for labor sentence without any due process and spiritual groups are banned.

“I stand with the Chinese slave labor girl. I refuse to shop at Chinamart (aka Kmart), or Chinamart II (Walmart) and support slave labor. In this New Year, will you have the courage to proclaim

President Bush, I am neither with you or with the so-called terrorists – I am Spartacus.

Chemtrail Crimes: Human Hybridization and Aerial Vaccinations

“I warned you that this was going to be dark, but most of you reading this are familiar with Morgellon’s disease, the lesions that have been appearing on people’s bodies that won’t heal where actual synthetic appearing fibers can be pulled out of the skin. It’s horrific and has been appearing for over a decade. No government official medical study has been done and the cases brought to them have been dismissed for a variety of bogus reasons.

Currency Wars Continue As IMF Concedes End To Dollar Hegemony


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