Financial dominoes / Death, drugs and HSBC / MH370, an important patent and Rothschild / The Age of Cartels / keep the false flag flying / Vaccine damage censorship


The Austrian Black Swan Claims Its First Foreign Casualty: German Duesselhyp Collapses, To Be Bailed Out

“has “run into problems” due to its exposure to Austrian lender Hypo Alpe Adria’s “bad bank” Heta.


“Recent reporting on illegal tax evasion by the world’s second largest bank, HSBC, opens a window onto the pivotal role of Western banks in facilitating organised crime, drug-trafficking and Islamist terrorism. Governments know this, but they are powerless to act, not just because they’ve been bought by the banks: but because criminal and terror financing is integral to global capitalism. Now one whistleblower who uncovered an estimated billion pounds worth of HSBC fraud in Britain, suppressed by the British media, is preparing a prosecution that could blow wide open the true scale of criminal corruption in the world’s finance capital.

Conflict of interests? BBC Trust chief earns £10K per day from HSBC

Details Of Tax Avoidance Schemes For Wealthy HSBC Clients Revealed

A cache of secret documents has thrust HSBC, the world’s second largest bank, into the limelight for helping international clients dodge taxes. A series of articles published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is finally pushing reluctant governments to act almost eight years after the original leaks.”

Banking Is A Racket by Alan Greenspan

Banking is a racket

Insider Alan Greenspan Warns of Explosive Inflation: “Tinderbox Looking For a Spark”

We Are About To Witness Orchestrated Financial Destruction And Social Unrest That Is Beyond Imagination

The MOST Amazing Chart EVER!

The MOST Amazing Chart EVER!

Rothschild, Snubbed Again! Omitted From The 2015 Forbes Billionaires List (NOT TRILLIONAIRES)

“Researcher Fritz Springmeier carefully dissected the extent of Rothschild Power in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati: “It was estimated that they [The Rothschilds] controlled half the wealth of the world,” Springmeyer notes.

Boeing MH370 Disappearance Made Illuminati Member Jacob Rothschild Sole Owner of Major Semi-Conductor Patent

The Liberty Brothers interview G. Edward Griffin

These days, it is painfully obvious to most anyone that America has been taken over by Corporations. From food, energy, medicine, entertainment, banking and so on, we are truly, as our guest G. Edward Griffin stated during his interview on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, living in The Age of Cartels.”

“Ed Griffin is an undisputed pioneer in what is now characterized as the Liberty Movement. When one speaks about those few individuals who were speaking out when no one else was, Ed Griffin’s name is scarcely left off the list; and Ed’s masterpiece on the FED, The Creature from Jekyll Island, is the proverbial “gold standard” when it comes to explaining how one private agency has gained a stranglehold on the American population.

Rothschilds busy working on the next trillion of their wealth.

This story is true; the facts have been fabricated to keep the false flag flying

Charlotte Observer Reports on Child Crippled by Vaccines and Awarded $2 Million in Damages

“The Charlotte Observer has done something that is quite rare: they have reported the truth about a child who received the recommended childhood vaccines, and then became brain damaged. The family was awarded a $2 million settlement in vaccine court, which the Charlotte Observer also reported.

“Will this story remain on the Internet, or will it face the same fate as a recent Toronto Star investigative report about girls damaged by the Gardasil vaccine? The Star editors bowed to pro-Pharma censorship pressure, and removed the story from their website. It is currently still available (for now) on the Internet Archive website here.

Gardasil Vaccine: Spain Joins Growing List of Countries to File Criminal Complaints

“Spain now joins a growing list of countries where criminal lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of the HPV vaccine, which includes France, India, Japan, and many more.

Government Moves on Nationwide Adult Vaccinations

“Published on February 6, 2015 amid the “measles outbreak” media frenzy, the HHS is accepting “public comment” on its Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) until March 9, 2015. Under the NAIP, all adult American citizens will be compelled to receive current and retroactive vaccination regimens that may amount to several dozen “shots” per individual during their “catch-up” phase. Under the federally-mandated immunization schedule children presently receive 49 vaccines before the age of six.

That is a lot of toxic mercury being pumped into the body of a child.

Biologist explains how marijuana causes tumor cells to commit suicide (1998)

“The therapeutic potential of cannabis appears limitless, extending far beyond just relieving nausea or pain in the terminally ill. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist from Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, has been studying the molecular activity of cannabinoids for more than 10 years, and during this time she and her colleagues have learned that tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, induces tumor cell “suicide” while leaving healthy cells alone.

“This amazing discovery was somewhat unexpected, as Sanchez and her team had initially been studying brain cancer cells for the purpose of better understanding how they function. But in the process, they observed that, when exposed to THC, tumoral cells not only ceased to multiply and proliferate but also destroyed themselves, both in lab tests and animal trials. Sanchez first reported on this back in 1998, publishing a paper on the anti-cancer effects of THC in the European biochemistry journal FEBS Letters.

Anti-Cancer Effects: Green Tea Destroys Oral Cancer Cells

The End Of Trust Now Ends America: Government, the courts, the media, all facets of civilization are crumbling under the weight of lies, deceit and corruption of a wicked generation

Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail How HSBC hooked up with drug traffickers and terrorists.

The obvious way to stop terrorism would be to stop HSBC from financing them.

Actress Emma Thompson and her husband refuse to pay ‘a penny more’ in taxes until HSBC tax evaders go to jail


QE Inventor: It’s EASY to Create a Full-Blown Recovery, But Central Banks Chose to Make Banksters Rich Instead of Helping Main Street

You’re 55 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist

Ukraine Agrees to Monsanto Land Grab for $17 Billion IMF Loan

Not Science, Just Lies and Propaganda: The Massive Fraud Behind GMOs Exposed

“This is not what the GMO industry wanted to see: banner headlines today in major newspapers and across the internet exposing the fraud behind GMOs. But this constitutes much more than a PR nightmare. The story behind the headlines shakes the very foundations upon which the industry is built.

“The US Dollar payment system is essentially a system for looting. This, Globalization and Neo-liberal economics are tools of American economic imperialism. Countries are beginning to realize this

You cannot have an unbridled military industrial complex, welfare, corporate, or police state with an asset backed currency…The money runs out in about a week. Under a fiat regime, ANYTHING is possible until it’s not.

Bank of England investigated for fraud

Dog bites man, criminal bank being criminal.

Britain’s Elite Still Enjoying a Tax Break 100 Years Old.

‘I sat in that place for three days, man’: Chicagoans detail abusive confinement inside police ‘black site’

“The first-hand accounts of two white protesters who “disappeared” at the police warehouse in 2012 set off political and civil-rights outrage this week, and multiple protests have now been scheduled by organizers including the Black Lives Matter movement.

Americas of all colours have a common enemy.

The Rise of a ‘Democratic’ Fascism

Traditional fascism is defined as a right-wing political system run by a dictator who prohibits dissent and relies on repression. But some analysts believe a new form of fascism has arisen that has a democratic façade and is based on relentless propaganda and endless war, as journalist John Pilger describes.”

IPCC to investigate police ‘cover up’ of eight year old boy’s murder

“The official police watchdog is to investigate claims that Scotland Yard covered up the murder of a young boy at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring.

“The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) will examine whether corrupt Met Police officers ignored clues to the death of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra in 1981.

Drug Found In Chinese Herbs Seen To Effectively Treat Ebola

“U.S. and German researchers say calcium channel blocker Tetrandrine has the ability to constrict the Ebola virus inside a cell, preventing it from further infecting or damaging the cell.

1968 magazine article shows how control of gold is main mechanism of imperial power

‘They looked like Isis’: masked raid led to ‘kidnapping’ at Chicago police site

“It was September 29 2011, and it was just the beginning of an ordeal Vergara and Garcia say led to police holding them – along with the sandwich-shop owner and two others – for eight or nine hours, without any public notice of their whereabouts, without a visit from their lawyers, or without even a phone call.

Without any public notice of their whereabouts.

Without a visit from their lawyers.

Without even a phone call.

King John of England would be proud.

War on drugs ‘abject failure,’ say Richard Branson & Nick Clegg

Businessman Sir Richard Branson and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have branded the UK’s ‘war on drugs’ a “colossal con” and laid out their case for decriminalizing the use and possession of almost all drugs.”

Video Exposes Lying Cops After they Break Handcuffed Man’s Skull Open & Claim he Did it to Himself

Catholic Doctors Speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control?

Giving five doses of tetanus vaccination every 6 months is not usual or the recommended regime for tetanus vaccination. The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.”

When tetanus is laced with HCG and administered in five doses every 6 months, the woman develops antibodies against both the tetanus and the HCG in 2 – 3 years after the last injection. Once a mother develops antibodies against HCG, she rejects any pregnancy as soon as it starts growing in her womb thus causing repeated abortions and subsequent sterility.”

I know we reported this yesterday, but I want to hit this hard. This is the third exposed case of this clandestine population reduction program in the third world; possible evidence that National Security Study 200 is once again official US policy.”

The Satanic NSS200, again.

Nancy Grace Learns On Air That Families Cannot Sue Pharma For Vaccine Injury or Death

CNBC Reports Vaccinated People Spread Disease, More Red Flags Raised

Big Pharma’s Mass Vaccination Agenda: Propaganda Assault on Informed Consent

Big pharma would be instantly bankrupt if vaccines were to go away.

Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

“The research is hard to ignore, vaccines can trigger autoimmunity with a laundry list of diseases to follow. With harmful and toxic metals as some vaccine ingredients, who is susceptible and which individuals are more at risk?

Study finds nearly one million U.S. children may be misdiagnosed with ADHD

‘Suppressed’ EU report could have banned pesticides worth billions

The science paper, seen by the Guardian, recommends ways of identifying and categorising the endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that scientists link to a rise in foetal abnormalities, genital mutations, infertility, and adverse health effects ranging from cancer to IQ loss.

Quebec man charged for not giving up phone password at border

“Rob Currie is the director of the Law and Technology Institute at the Schulich School of Law. He says under the law, travellers crossing the Canadian border have a reduced expectation of privacy.

What the f**k has privacy got to do with catching criminals ?

Customs is seeking new powers requiring a person to provide a password or access to their electronic devices.

“A discussion paper on changes to the Customs and Excise Act has been released, outlining a number of changes the agency wants considered. Currently, when Customs examines a person’s electronic device the owner is not legally obliged to provide a password or encryption key.

“It is relatively uncommon for people to refuse to provide this, Customs notes in the discussion paper, but “the number who refuse may increase as technology continues to develop”. If people do refuse, Customs notes it “can mean we have no way of uncovering evidence of criminal offending even when we know the device holds this evidence”.

So which is it ? Reduced expectation of privacy or uncovering evidence of criminal offending ?

If a police officer knows there is evidence of a crime then that police officer can get a search warrant.

Should the Winklevii twins give up the encryption key to their bitcoin wallet credentialling millions of dollars of bitcoin ?

The Danger of Government Encryption Backdoors

As you may have heard, the law enforcement and intelligence communities have been pushing strongly for backdoors in encryption. They talk about ridiculous things like “golden keys,” pretending that it’s somehow possible to create something that only the good guys can use. Many in the security community have been pointing out that this is flat-out impossible. The second you introduce a backdoor, there is no way to say that only “the good guys” can use it.”

ISDS: The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause that everyone should be against

“ISDS would allow foreign companies to challenge US laws — and potentially to pick up huge payouts from taxpayers — without ever stepping foot in a US court. Here’s how it would work. Imagine that the United States bans a toxic chemical that is often added to gasoline because of its health and environmental consequences. If a foreign company that makes the toxic chemical opposes the law, it would normally have to challenge it in a US court. But with ISDS, the company could skip the US courts and go before an international panel of arbitrators. If the company won, the ruling couldn’t be challenged in US courts, and the arbitration panel could require American taxpayers to cough up millions — and even billions — of dollars in damages.

Corporations ruling over elected governments.

Warren: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch Received $6 Trillion Backdoor Bailout from Fed

Obama Helps FCC Pass Net Neutrality… Find Out What that Could Do to Freedom on the Internet

“Under Obama the NSA has picked up an incredible amount of personal information about private citizens, so privacy has already been done away with. If the government is in control of the Internet, that means they might be able to control who’s allowed to own a website, what websites you’re allowed to go to, and it might even open up the door to possible censorship of dissenting opinion.

The fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force it to act like one where everybody can see it.”

Family Suing Police After 17-Year-old Girl Shot Execution Style By Police While Kneeling Down

Oregon Deputies Shoot Family’s Miniature Pony, Leave Body in Neighbor’s Yard and Lie

Killing family pet dogs is so last year, killing miniature pony is now the thing.

Family’s Beloved Pony Gets Lost, Found By Police Officer — Who Shoots And Kills It

All Buildings in Debaltseve Ukraine Were Destroyed or Damaged by the Occupying Ukrainian Army

Is this a crime against humanity ?

Ukraine will close 500 universities and colleges. No, it’s not “evil Putin” but friendly and caring IMF ultimatum

Ukraine Bans Gold Transactions Over $125, Currency Derivatives and Interbank Purchases Exceeding $10,000

Anti-Media Journalist Arrested by LAPD as Attack on Independent Media Continues

Canadian Faces $20k Fine & Jail Time For Refusing To Unlock Phone At Airport Check

Flu vaccine paradox spreading globally as more vaccinated people catch the flu

Recently vaccinated children a threat to public health: Evidence shows they can SPREAD disease and CAUSE outbreaks

Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm

“Canadian physician Dr. Andrew Moulden provided clear scientific evidence to prove that every dose of vaccine given to a child or an adult produces harm. The truth that he uncovered was rejected by the conventional medical system and the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, his warning and his message to America remains as a solid legacy of the man who stood up against big pharma and their program to vaccinate every person on the Earth.

“Dr Moulden died unexpectedly in November of 2013 at age 49.

“Because of the strong opposition from big pharma concerning Dr. Moulden’s research, I became concerned that the name of this brilliant researcher and his life’s work had nearly been deleted from the internet. His reputation was being disparaged, and his message of warning and hope was being distorted and buried without a tombstone.

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

“Today, the MSM are not talking about this case any more. Yesterday, they wanted us to believe that Joseph Moshe was a nutcase and a terrorist, arrested for threatening to bomb the White House. Interesting detail about his arrest (the “Westwood standoff”) was that he seemed to be immune to the 5 cans of tear gas and 5 gallons of law-enforcement grade pepper spray they pumped into his face. He very calmly remained in his car, as the video footage of his arrest shows.

Over 500 Pakistani parents arrested for children’s failure to get polio vaccine

500 more political prisoners.

Brazilian Farmers Occupy and Cancel Approval Meeting for GMO Trees

Goodbye Monsanto.

Calls for ban on ‘toxic’ GM corn after tests reveal wind can carry it 2.7 MILES, not 65 feet as previously claimed

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule,

Shin Bet Secretly Arrests IDF Druze Soldier Suspected of Exposing Secret Meeting Between Syrian Rebels, IDF Intelligence

Grant Bayldon: Nothing to hide, nothing to fear?

“There’s a little-known paragraph in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that reads, “No one shall be subject to arbitrary interference with his privacy.”

It sits within the declaration – which all states must agree to uphold to join the United Nations – surrounded by other much better known and loved rights like: innocent until proven guilty, freedom of speech, and bans on slavery.”

Hear Why He Calls The HPV Vaccine a Crime Against Kids!

Vaccinated Farmed Fish Have Side Effects

US government openly admits vaccines can cause polio, seizures and death in published ‘Vaccine Injury Table’

Joseph Moshe Exposes Vaccination Genocide by Baxter Pharmaceuticals – VIDEO

Does this sound like an insane conspiracy theory? Sure it does. Due to the scarcity and anonimity of the sources we would dismiss it as exactly that, if it werent for some uncomfortable facts: Baxter Pharmaceutical has been caught, red-handed, in spreading a live, genetically engineered H5N1 Bird flu vaccine as a lethal biological weapon all over the world, destined to be used for human vaccinations. This happened just a few months ago. And only luck prevented a global catastrophe of epic proportions.”

How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring

“A newspaper editor was handed startling evidence that Britain’s top law enforcement official knew there was a VIP pedophile network in Westminster, at the heart of the British government. What happened next in the summer of 1984 helps to explain how shocking allegations of rape and murder against some of the country’s most powerful men went unchecked for decades.

Almost 100 families evicted daily in Spain – statistics

“At least 95 families were evicted every day in Spain in 2014, fresh statistics say as Spaniards struggle to meet mortgage payments. Home foreclosures have become a stark symbol of the 7-year economic crisis, with 2014 seeing a further rise in numbers.

Peter Joseph: The true terrorists of our world do not meet at the docks at the midnight, or scream “Allahu Akbar” before some violent action. The true terrorists of our world wear 5000 dollar suits and work in the highest positions of finance, government

TIME Poll: Drudge, Food Babe Far More Influential Than Obama

“Alternative media pioneer Matt Drudge and health activist Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, are far more influential than President Obama, according to poll respondents.

Parents who let kids walk home alone found responsible for ‘unsubstantiated’ neglect

And can someone please tell me how the sam hill the state can charge the parents with “unsubstantiated child neglect”?!? The word “unsubstantiated means that there is no tangible proof of child neglect.

F**k unsubstantiated neglect, are you f**king kidding me ?

Corexit, the chemical dispersant used to “clean” the bp oil spill, is known to have high levels of toxicity in humans, with known links to lung damage, cancer, and other chemical poisoning effects

RT Must Be Punished for Its Warmongering, Lies and Child Abuse Cover-Ups

Our media has lied about Libya, our political class is riddled with pedophiles.

No Such Thing as Free Speech with “Holocaust Denial”

“Sylvia Stolz is an outspoken, 51-year-old lawyer in Germany. At the end of February 2015, she was condemned by Judge Martin Rieder of the Munich State Court to 20 months in prison for alleged denial of the so-called Jewish holocaust during World War II, and for “inciting racial hatred.” But there is just one problem with Stolz’s “guilt”: she never denied anything.

“Judge Rieder, however, in true clairvoyant fashion, claimed to find the criminal act in what he said was the “meaning and purpose” of a talk Stolz gave in 2012 at a public conference in Switzerland, albeit the “denial” was “not at all so openly addressed.” Instead of judging words and actions, he presumed to judge an unspoken intent—the ultimate in thought-crime prosecution.

Former German Lawyer Imprisoned for Holocaust Denial for Second Time

Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.”

Mosul: Isis Destroys 2000-Year-Old Assyrian City of Nimrud


Not a Single Police Officer Has Ever Been Killed by So-Called ‘Cop Killer’ AR-15 Bullets

Not an iota of logic coming out of the White House proposed ban on AR-15 bullets.

‘Excessive and Unprecedented’: Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Sounds Alarm on Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Legislation

“’In a country governed by the rule of law, it should not be left for national security and other government agencies to determine the limits of their own powers.’—Commissioner Daniel Therrien

CIA Asset Joins Islamic State in Libya – Abdelhakim Belhadj Worked with U.S. and NATO to Overthrow Gaddafi?

Two Administrations and Congress Dismantled the Constitution – How Can It Be Restored?

Western Medicine Under Fire: The Death of Informed Consent

breaking most of the Nuremberg Principles/Code

Video: In 2007, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denounced the Bush administration practice of hiding official correspondence from the public using private email servers — a practice she replicated less than two years later. .

Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution

“”You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people

The role in the Bolshevik Revolution of some people who happened to Jewish is not the fault of all Jewish people.

Judge rules NYPD violated demonstrators’ First Amendment rights

It is irrelevant if you agree with what these people were saying, their right to say it is who we are as human beings.

Cop Pulls Assault Rifle, Threatens Protesters For Their ‘Constitutional Bullshit’

Did public servants swear an oath to something called the Constitution ?

Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ a Mental Disorder

Having any opinion will soon be a mental disorder.

The USDA approved two new varieties of GMO apples, engineered by the Okanagan Specialty Fruits corporation, with an untested “gene silencing” technique that some scientists believe could have negative consequences on human health and the environment.


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