Restore bank of Canada / Is sole purpose of UK gov to assist ultra-wealthy avoid tax ? / More Ukraine fakery / Is DHS a terrorist org ? / Journalist decks being cleared for next big lie



Suing The Bank – What’s Next For The Canadian Money Masters?

“The Bank of Canada is facing a lawsuit which seeks to restore it to it’s originally intended purpose…how will this impact the international bankers and is this going to truly benefit Canadians who are seeking to “take the power back”? To discus this and more Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews economist and documentary filmmaker Bill Still.”

Restore the bank of Canada.


Lawyer Sues Bank of Canada – You won’t believe what happens


The Case Against The Bank Of Canada


The Breaking HSBC Scandal Reveals UK Govt Is Chief Henchman Of The Mafia Banking System

Is sole purpose of UK government to assist ultra-wealthy avoid tax ?

The longest run up to a general election is now being inflicted on us Brits and the hashtag #AskTheLeaders has been launched. The name of this hashtag should be #IgnoreTheCorporatePuppets.

Will the secretive TTIP corporate take-over of sovereignty be an issue this election ?

I learned about the TTIP treaty or the TPP treaty not from the corporate news but from the internet so would this be why governments are demonsing the internet ?

We live in the world of the pass unread legislation and secret treaties, not in the world of the free and informed.


This Is How HSBC Celebrates 150 Years of Banking Crime & Corruption: Happy Birthday Read More

“I’d like to begin with one of the most ignominious – and hence most forgotten – episodes of British colonial history: the Opium Wars against China.”

“In the mid 19th century the British economy was close to bankruptcy, thanks mainly to its massive trade deficit with China. Put simply, the British couldn’t stop drinking Chinese-produced tea while the Chinese government had no interest in importing anything from Britain. The Manchu emperors believed that the Middle Kingdom already possessed everything worth having, and hence needed no barbarian manufactures. All they wanted was silver, of which the British were fast running out.”

Bankruptcy, ignominy, opium and silver.


Lawyer moved Halliburton subsidiary bribes through secret Swiss HSBC accounts

Not so secret now is it ?


Banking Giant HSBC Sheltered Murky Cash Linked to Dictators and Arms Dealers Read More

“The leaked files, based on the inner workings of HSBC’s Swiss private banking arm, relate to accounts holding more than $100 billion. They provide a rare glimpse inside the super-secret Swiss banking system — one the public has never seen before.”


Kubrick Warned Us In ‘Eyes Wide Shut’… Former IMF Head: “I Only Had 12 Sex Parties In Three Years” Read More


Senator Inhofe releases fake photos of Russian troops in Ukraine

APEC 2014 big_0

More Ukraine fakery.


BBC Report Finds Maidan Sniper Bullets Came from Protesters Too


The Untold Story Of A Ukrainian Sniper Who Took Part In The Maidan Massacre


Is Department of Homeland Security a Terrorist Organization?

“Here is a short preview of a two-part Full Disclosure Network series covering how the Department of Homeland Security terrorized a Federal Border Encorcement Officer who reported to the FBI, the unscreened, illegal entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries.


Jon Stewart to Replace Brian Williams as NBC Nightly News Anchor?

More fakery, this time from Brian Williams. The journalist decks are being cleared for the next big lie.


Joe and Mika: Brian Williams Shouldn’t Be Judged on ‘1 or 2 or 3 Mistakes’ Read More


EU lays out plan to control and censor internet content under guise of combating radicalization

To make it easier for the false flag to be accepted after the internet gets censored.


Move Over Syriza and Podemos – Revolutionary Indian Political Party Sweeps New Delhi Elections Read More


U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism Read More

“On September 23, 2014, an Italian court in Milan award compensation to a boy for vaccine-induced autism. (See the Italian document here.) A childhood vaccine against six childhood diseases caused the boy’s permanent autism and brain damage.”


Entire National Media Calling on Doctors to Violate Fundamental Medical Ethics in Push for Vaccines


Science Proves Vaccines Cause Disease – Nutrition is the Key to a Long, Healthy Life


Being Health Conscious Makes You The New “Conspiracy Theorist”!! Read More


Nigel Farage: EU faces Greek democracy in great euro poker game


Should I Trust The Government?

Is this a trick question ?


How Wall Street, In Broad Daylight, Took Over The US Government


France: Police Catch 73-Year-Old Jew Spray-Painting the Word “Jew” on 20 Cars


‘Stop Demolishing Palestinian Homes!’ — Over 500 Rabbis Urge Netanyahu


The Secret Space Program: Peter Levenda – Full Documentary


U.S. SECRET SPACE PROGRAM? Shadow Of A Man Fixing Curiosity Rover ON MARS – Or Just Yet Another Of The MANY MARS “Anomalies”?


Yes, ISIS Burned a Man Alive. White Americans Did the Same Thing to Thousands of Black People

And this isn’t a good enough reason to go blundering into another foreign nation.


Nina Matviyenko “I know who the real enemies are” blames the elite including Poroshenko for the war

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