Authority as truth or truth as authority / Wealth transfer to JPM / Oil Price Blowback / ‘Following’ Kouachi Brothers / shooters in Paris are criminals, nothing more



Teaching Children How to Think Instead of What to Think Read More

“Right now our education system is doing more to indoctrinate our children than to educate them. In fact, that has been the case for quite some time. Our young minds are being told to accept authority as truth instead of truth as authority, and teachers talk at the students instead of with them.”

Authority as truth or truth as authority.


New law: Teachers to spy on children with ‘terrorist inclinations’ READ MORE

“It’s been 66 years since George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 was published.”

“In it, Orwell depicts a future where the UK (and the whole world really) descends into a totalitarian regime that’s in a perpetual state of war, propaganda, and persecution.”


Is Nothing Sacred at JPMorgan? Read More

“JPMorgan appears incredibly adroit at ever creative means of running its reputation through the mud. Last August the Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis filed a lawsuit in Federal Court alleging that its endowment funds meant to feed and shelter homeless families and children, keep food banks stocked, and give exhausted pastors a sabbatical, ended up as a wealth transfer scheme at JPMorgan.”


Senator Elizabeth Warren Destroys CNBC Anchors About The Banksters

Let the banksters keep gambling with the people’s money until it is all gone.


Oil Price Blowback: Is Putin Creating A New World Order?

This is why Putin is Public Enemy Number 1. It’s because he’s blocking the US pivot to Asia, strengthening anti-Washington coalitions, sabotaging US foreign policy objectives in the Middle East, creating institutions that rival the IMF and World Bank, transacting massive energy deals with critical US allies, increasing membership in an integrated, single-market Eurasian Economic Union, and attacking the structural foundation upon which the entire US empire rests, the dollar.” Up to now, of course, Russia, Iran and Venezuela have taken the biggest hit from low oil prices; but what the Obama administration should be worried about is the second-order effects that will eventually show up…


Behold! The ‘Visible’ Algo Hand Of Crude Oil “Spoofing”

“Since regulators are so busy focused on the interest rate, FX, credit derivative, and commodity market manipulations and rigging, we suspect they missed the oh so visible hand of “spoofing” that is occurring today in Crude Oil. As Nanex so brilliantly exposes (once again), large orders ‘spoof’ the depth of the market before disappearing entirely as liquidity approaches and demands a trade…”


Another market being used as a chew toy by the criminals on Wall Street.


CFR: French Admit To ‘Following’ Kouachi Brothers Before Magazine Shooting


When We Call Criminal Acts ‘Terrorism’ We Destroy Our Rights And Sacrifice Our Principles

The shooters in Paris are criminals, nothing more.


Just As The Islamic State (ISIL) Gets Exposed As A Fake US Enemy, A “Wag the Dog” Terrorist Attack in Paris? By Joachim Hagopian


PARIS SHOOTING: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence of Deliberate Staging



France to Palestinians: ‘Don’t resubmit U.N. statehood resolution’

It is curious how this attack followed France voting in favour of this resolution.


Police State France by Stephen Lendman

“this is what happens to US allies just as they cool on pursuing the US agendas”


Paris Attack: Gunmen Showed “Advanced Military Skills”

Are we being bulls**ted again ?


Paris Shooters Just Returned From NATO’s Proxy War In Syria Read More

“In an all too familiar pattern and as predicted, the shooters involved in the attack in Paris Wednesday, January 7, 2015, were French citizens, radicalized in Europe and exported to Syria to fight in NATO’s proxy war against the government in Damascus, then brought back where they have now carried out a domestic attack. Additionally, as have been many other domestic attacks, the suspects were long under the watch of Western intelligence services, with at least one suspect having already been arrested on terrorism charges.”


No Blood? Reporter at Paris Shooting Aftermath Says “You Can See the Blood on the Ground Which Has Been Put There” Read More


The farce of Western free speech

“A satirical magazine championed by Western war criminals for its “free speech” to dehumanize Muslims is hailed as “heroic?” While an informative, serious news channel like Press TV is banned. Now that is farcical cartoon.”


Glenn Greenwald: With Power of Social Media Growing, Police Now Monitoring and Criminalizing Online Speech

“To put it mildly, not all online “hate speech” or advocacy of violence is treated equally. It is, for instance, extremely difficult to imagine that Facebook users who sanction violence by the UK in Iraq and Afghanistan, or who spew anti-Muslim animus, or who call for and celebrate the deaths of Gazans, would be similarly prosecuted. In both the UK and Europe generally, cases are occasionally brought for right-wing “hate speech” (the above warning from Scotland’s police was issued after a polemicist posted repellent jokes on Twitter about Ebola patients). But the proposed punishments for such advocacy are rarely more than symbolic: trivial fines and the like. The real punishment is meted out overwhelmingly against Muslim dissidents and critics of the West.”

“In sum, this is not merely an attack on free speech but on specific ideas. Writing about Ahmed’s case in The Guardian, Richard Seymour described him as “the latest victim of a concerted effort to redefine racism as ‘anything that could conceivably offend white people.’””


MUST LISTEN: Unraveling the Charlie-Hebdo Massacre FALSE FLAG — Webster Tarpley & Jeff Rense


Royal Family / Elite Secret Pedo Network Exposed

“One of Margaret Thatcher’s closest confidantes raped a teenage boy 30 years ago but escaped justice when Scotland Yard covered up the crime, it has been alleged.”

“Police are investigating claims that Sir Peter Morrison lured the 14-year-old to London and sexually abused him in a guesthouse reportedly used by a Westminster paedophile ring.”


A Public Peek Into The Pedo Perks Of The D.C. Power Elite READ MORE


Empirical Proof Of The Giant Con

“For those of you not familiar with the giant con, it is the idea that our economy is growing when, in fact, it hasn’t had growth in decades with the exception of the late 1990?s. The giant con is entirely a function of debt. The cost to the working class of falsify economic growth is beyond redemption. In the end, the path is set and there is no escaping from the debt trap in which we snagged ourselves. And so we bide our time until the weight of exponentially increasing debt collapses in on us. But then we rebuild.”


In the Race to ‘Medicalize’ Cannabis, Big Pharma Stumbles

Free-Market Analysis: The big problem with modern Western medicine is that everything has to be turned into a chemical before it can be marketed. No chemical, no profit, as no one can patent a plant. But if you can mimic the effects of that plant, without using the plant, or use the plant in another form that is radically different, then maybe you can patent the outcome and make a lot of money.”


Minnesota mom faces up to 2 years in prison for saving son’s life with cannabis oil


More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money READ MORE


Medical Tyranny: Supreme Court Just Ruled the Government Can Force a 17-Year-Old to Take Chemotherapy READ MORE

“The Connecticut Supreme Court has now ruled that yes, the government has the power to force a minor to undergo chemotherapy treatments even if she doesn’t want to.”
It would not surprise me to learn that these judges own shares in the businesses that produce the chemotherapy machines which must have increased in price on this news – kerching.


THE AMERICAN DREAM: More Jails Than Colleges


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