Kiev promising an act of genocide in E. Ukraine / Is Rita Katz website pushing another fake ISIS beheading ? / G20 2014: banks to steal deposits / Deceiving by way of agent provocateurs



Ukraine scraps human rights treaty for rebel areas, cuts services, freezes banks

“Kiev has suspended the protection of human rights and ordered the withdrawal of its institutions from areas controlled by local militia in the nation’s east. Rebels have branded the decree, which hits the population on winter’s eve, an ‘act of genocide.’”

When did the humans inhabiting eastern Ukraine become non-humans ?


New ISIS video claims beheading of American hostage Peter Kassig

“The authenticity of the footage has not been verified. National Security Council spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said in a statement that intelligence officials were “working as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity.”

“I will save you the time and tax dollars. If Rita Katz and SITE had anything to do with it, it is a fake.”

Is Rita Katz website pushing another fake ISIS beheading ?

Is this more bulls**t ?



It is now legal for banks to steal deposits.


YouTube takes down account that had the “HAPPY HALLOWEEN WRH LISTENERS !!!” video!

“We are down to the “Let’s throw tantrums because we can’t figure out anything else to do” phase of the decline of the US.”

Drawing attention to this dumb censorship is an example of forcing a tyrannical system to behave like a tyrannical system being the surest way to bring down a tyrannical system.


“We Deserve a Better Banking System” Read More

“So here’s an utterly frustrated banking reporter who’s just had it with this endless wrongdoing and impunity.”


For the first time in 170 years the British Parliament is going to debate how money is created. Amazing!


Private banks lend money into existence that the public pays them interest on – how is this not renting the economy from the banksters ?


More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations

“Sadly, merely looking is not all they do. These infiltrators often cause trouble to justify the police shutting down the protest or allowing the media to demonize the protesters without addressing the issues they raise.”

“We saw that many times in the Occupy protests, and I was personally at one of the best-documented examples of this practice, the day the Hippies took over Disneyland in 1970. This was an FBI operation, ordered by the Nixon White house, to discredit the anti-Vietnam peace movement. As detailed during the COINTELPRO scandal during the 1980s, FBI agents which had infiltrated the college campuses (heads up students, they are still doing it today) first organized the peace march, then turned it violent in front of the media cameras.”

“The government loves to play dirty!”

Deceiving by way of agent provocateurs.


Government agents ‘by the thousands’ infiltrate U.S. populace


‘Syrian hero boy’ is a FAKE: Norwegian director admits that footage of youngster dodging sniper fire to rescue girl was actually shot on Gladiator film set using professional actors


2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’

When will the federal government rewrite the text of the declaration of independence where it says ‘endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights’ to say ‘endowed by their government with certain unalienable Rights’ ?


Hillary Clinton operatives’ emails leaked: ‘Punish those voters’

The political duopoly of America sinks even further down the toilet pan.


Can vaccines cause autism, cancer, other deadly diseases? What does that mean about Ebola vaccine? Read More

Cancer Vortex provides similar powerful history of the medical oligarchs who block medically and legally proven cancer cures in order to protect industry profits in the annual billions (here, here, here, here).”


10 things about Gaddafi they don’t want you to know

“1. In Libya a home is considered a natural human right”


Another NSA Whistleblower Steps Forward

27m55s “They allegedly found 5 documents that were not marked as classified, took them the NSA which obligingly retroactively classified them. And those were the main 5 charges against him and they built on those and they said that he had obstructed justice by trying to delete some things from his computer, normal deletions.”

Completely fabricated evidence.

31m35s “I contend that government and business spying both is rampant and is totally out of control and we need to focus on this at the state and national levels. Terrorism is never going to conquer the united states, we have to get this in perspective, it will never bring us to our knees, but this will bring us to our knees, it will destroy our republic, it will destroy our lliberty.”

33m30s “There is no politician you can trust with this power.”

The Constitution, the Magna Carta is what we should trust, not any politician.

35m35s “When General Patraeus was kicked out of the CIA, as head of the CIA, because of the affair he was having Jim Risen said to me ‘the surveillance state has started eating its own’.”

All corrupted, unprincipled regimes eventually start imploding.


Ottawa False Flag Killings covered “huge scandal”: ITCCS Breaking News, November 4

“Senior Canadian cabinet minister exposed as participant in Ninth Circle sacrificial cult along with mafia-tied catholic Cardinal – Both men named at February 22 cult ritual in Rome”

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s senior cabinet minister for Quebec and the head of the powerful Privy Council, Denis Lebel, was present at the cult ritual killing of a child in Rome on February 22 of this year, according to evidence given to ITCCS officials last week by an eyewitness.”

A den of villainy and child sacrifice.


Silver Update 11/5/14 Disconnect Starting

Part 2 13m5s “We have a lot of stories of people who had mini contracts of silver or full contracts of silver and gave notice for delivery and got a mysterious phone call saying ‘are you sure you want to do that ?’ or ‘why are you doing that ?’, ‘what do you want the silver for ?’.”

These people standing for delivery want the proverbial carton of milk, they don’t want a piece of paper with a promise of a carton of milk printed on it.


ABSOLUTE MUST LISTEN — Jim Rickards: Comprehensive Review of Gold Manipulation, Techniques & Proofs

[Ed. Note: This is a MUST LISTEN. However, although there are some bombshell hardcore facts shared here, with Rickards one must always tread lightly because we know he represents the establishment. Case in point: MUST WATCH: Jim Rickards Visits Keiser Report & Exposes Himself as an Establishment Shill Covering Up CIA Involvement in 9/11 Insider Trading, Calling It “IRRELEVANT.”]

Hat Tip: From SGT Report reader Frank Zak… Start 10 minutes in for total and complete explanation of metals manipulation & why GLD will break and gold take a moon shot. Learn why and how they manipulate the Comex, and why when China gets 8000 tonnes they will let the price zoom up with Fed’s permission.”


NGDP Is a Concept Constructed By Economists

“Suppose the following transactions are the only ones that occur in an economy in a year:”

“   March: Farmers sell 1 million units of wheat at $1 per unit to millers.”

“   June: Millers sell 1 million containers of flour at $2 per container to bakers.”

“   September: Bakers sell 1 million wholesale loaves of bread at $3 per loaf to grocery stores.”

“   December: Grocery stores sell 1 million loaves of bread at $4 per loaf to consumers.”

“Obviously the above scenario is ridiculous in many respects, but no matter what I do the story will be unrealistic, so I decided to make the math nice and simple.”


Was Maastricht another Versailles for the German nation? A reply to Klaus Kastner READ MORE

The opponents of Maastricht fear that the common currency and the new Central Bank will fortify the superiority of the D-Mark and the Bundesbank. But the exact opposite will happen. If it comes to Maastricht, Germany will have to share its financial might with others. ‘Germany will pay’, they said in the 1920s. Today Germany does pay. Maastricht is the Treaty of Versailles without a war.


Obama’s Czar Holdren Takes Heat For Advocating Forced Abortions, Global Warming

“Holdren supports U.S. takeover by a “planetary regime” practicing population control”

Of course the criminal elite would be exempt from the regime.

“neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution mentions a right to reproduce”

The tenth amendment says that anything not prohibited is automatically guaranteed. Why would the right to your life not include the right to reproduce ?


Kill the Messenger Official Trailer #1 (2014)

“A reporter becomes the target of a vicious smear campaign that drives him to the point of suicide after he exposes the CIA’s role in arming Contra rebels in Nicaragua and importing cocaine into California. Based on the true story of journalist Gary Webb.”

The criminal government could not have another criminal scandal so this guy was killed.


Judge Rakoff Blasts the Injustice of America READ MORE

“The legal system in the United States has collapsed into a horrible pretense of justice. On top of that, every law that is passed they include the standard language of fine and imprisonment. This turned into a huge fight with Obamacare. In the first draft buried within the 33,000 pages was the standard clause that the could throw you in prison for not having health insurance even if you could not afford it. Well it certainly would have gotten all the homeless off the streets for they would be in prison getting free healthcare then – all be a sad excuse for a real doctor.”


Unconstitutional Obamacare Death Panels Wreak of the Nazi-Style Extermination Process READ MORE

“We all remember the passage of the monstrosity called the “Affordable Care Act” orObamacare. We remember how it was passed, who passed it, and the infamous words of Nancy “we have to pass it to know what’s in it” Pelosi. Many spoke out about the so-called independent review board dubbed “death panels” that would be used to ration care for the nation’s unconstitutional socialized medical insurance plans. Obamacare proponents labeled those speaking out about such a “panel” as being against medical care for the masses or seeking to deny healthcare to those less fortunate than others. Those same proponents denied there was such a thing dubbed a “death panel” further labeling those speaking out against “socialized” medical insurance plans as fabricating rumors in order to obstruct Obamacare and its namesake.” Read More


Bitcoin vs. War: Can Bitcoin End War?

1h20m45s “No war, no taxation, no national debt, no banksters.”


The Bitcoin Phenomenon



2m25s “It’s hurtful that a Jew – Rothschilds – loaned money to Adolf Hitler.”


Mexico Is Trying To Overthrow student-killing Government


School Defends Drill That Had Police Busting Into a Classroom With Weapons Drawn, Terrifying Students and Parents

“The news station reported that two police officers, one armed with an AR-15, rushed into Lauren’s classroom during the drill.”


Kenyan Tetanus Vaccine Is Laced With Birth-Control Hormone Read More


SPOT ON: Russell Brand on Revolution — “It Is Inevitable”


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